Bangladesh Whistleblowers too!



THE RAPIST MISSIONARY DOCTOR FROM BANGLADESH WHO WORKED FOR ABWE is under investigation in Michigan.  Thank you, Jesus.

“There is no justice without vindication.”

Wood TV Airs Report on Donn Ketcham

UPDATE | The following 12-minute report aired live on Channel 8 (Wood TV, NBC) in Grand Rapids on Monday night, August 8th. Click the link for the written report or scroll to halfway down that page to view the video, as reported by Ken Kolker.

“Missionary Doctor’s Secret Sins: Decades of Alleged Abuse and Cover-Up”

target 8

See more at:

Wood TV Reports: Ottowa County Sheriff Investigating Ketcham

BREAKING NEWS | Wood TV is reporting that allegations against Ketcham were made to Ottowa County Sheriff in 2011 by a 1999 victim on US soil, but were never pursued. With the publication of the Pii Report there is new interest in those allegations and the statements made by the victim to police in 2011. Ottowa County Sheriff is currently investigating.

Please read Michigan journalist Ken Kolker’s report HERE.


 Won’t be long before they get the Baptist perps…

“illicit sexual conduct in foreign places”

Alan Dershowitz




11:42 am

(See bottom of this page for background of baby-rape by ABWE, a Baptist missionary outfit in Bangladesh that my local church has supported for years.)

I picked a four-leaf clover.
It’s so muggy I’m going into the lake instead of the hot tub.
Here’s the song:

Sweet & Innocent

Donny Osmond


OK, by SPECIAL REQUEST we’ll do a two-fer:
“I know that your lips are sweet
but our lips must never meet…”

Go Away Little Girl Live

8:52 am

Dedicated to:   Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
“Thank you Lord!  Thank you for busting my dad’s CHOMO buddies!  Thank you for letting me predict that you would give counsel and vindication to their victims.  You are WONDERFUL!!  THANK YOU JESUS!  BLESS THOSE WOMEN!  BLESS THE TRUTH-TELLERS.  Draw me close and speak to me.  Thank you, Wonderful Jesus.”
Skinny old man, worked for my dad;  he will spend the rest of his life in prison because he molested children.
YET, people like my parents who endorse molesters in MANY WAYS are honored as model citizens.
My folks smile and sign checks to support them and their ‘missionary’ work in BANGLADESH and greater Asia.


Jesus doesn’t approve.
We’re living in a time of very great miracles.
(Or they could repent.  Here’s hoping.)
to keep their PERP out of jail
and their ‘ministry’ intact,
I’ve been praying for these victims and confronting JAY WALSH about his part in the cover-up and very great sin.
And, the ‘CHRISTIAN’ organization supported him and several years ago even STOPPED AN INVESTIGATION JUST WEEKS BEFORE DISCLOSURE OF THEIR REPORT.

Baptist agency comes clean about ex-missionary’s trail of sexual abuse

Starting in 1961, missionary Donn Ketcham served at Memorial Christian Hospital in Malumghat, southeast Bangladesh. He was fired in 1989, for sexually abusing an underage teenage girl, who was labeled as a “willing partner” and coerced to confess.

But the new report, released Tuesday (May 10), shows a far wider trail of abuse, which began in 1964 and continued until 1989.

See more at:

ABWE has hired a female psychologist as mediator (to answer questions and communicate on ABWE’s behalf) at this time, if victims do not desire direct contact with ABWE. As we did not have permission from the psychologist or ABWE to give out her contact information publicly, you can receive it by…

  • Asking us at We will give you the contact info for the psychologist, no questions asked. (Use an anonymous email account or have a close friend use theirs if anonymity is a priority for you.)
  • OR contact ABWE headquarters directly. They ought to be willing to do the same.

Choosing whether or not to have contact with ABWE is up to every individual victim, but every victim has the right to know this is happening and how to get the same information that other victims have been given and are being given at this time.

If you are not a victim but know someone who is, please be sure they have this important information.

The ABWE and Donn Ketcham Investigation
The investigation, which concluded in April 2016, confirmed that Donn Ketcham, an ABWE missionary doctor who served in Bangladesh, engaged in the sexual abuse of nearly 20 minors — most of whom were the children of fellow ABWE missionaries — and 4 adult women. The abuse primarily consisted of improper and medically unnecessary examinations at the hospital in Bangladesh, and included sexual assault and apparent drugging.

This statement from ABWE makes me want to puke beginning with the title:  

“Protecting Our Children”

We Commit to Supporting Victims

We are grateful and indebted to the women and men who boldly and persistently held us accountable. From the women who came forward in July 2002, to the contributors of the MK blog, and everyone else who has supported these individuals in their pursuit of truth and justice, we thank you for continuing to demand responsiveness. We thank those of you who have believed us to be capable of change.

We have worked — and will continue to work — to create an organizational culture where the interest of children is paramount. We accept the obligation to continue to admit, confess and repent of our failures and mistakes to those we have hurt.

We Commit to Telling the Truth

If you want to reed the rest, it is here:

Isn’t this pitiful?

This fake ‘Christian’ organization that permitted travesty to continue, after ALLOWING THEIR STAFF TO FILL YOUNG CHILDREN WITH DEMONS  (references available on request) and now wants to help…
(That makes Jesus puke too.)
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.  (Revelation 3:16)

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.  
(2 Timothy 3:5)  (Been there.  Did that.)

“We’re devastated by the negligence of ABWE leadership in failing to remove Ketcham from the field again and again,” said the family of the underage teen survivor. “We wish that ABWE leaders could comprehend the immeasurable pain that this … continues to cause her even to this day.”


“Over the course of his professional life, Ketcham abused at least 22 individuals, the report concludes. Many were his patients, and some (as young as 8) were given unnecessary pelvic and breast exams. There is evidence that several were heavily drugged with the anesthetic ketamine.”

7:40 am

This is the anniversary of my first marriage.  He was a psychopath just like my dad.  (That’s what victims of narcissistic abuse usually marry.)  I pray for him once in awhile.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Talent will not.  Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not.  Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education alone will not.  The world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination are omnipotent.”      (Some long-dead president)  (When I was a child my grandpa gave me a dollar every time I recited that.)
Persistent hoaxes can repeatedly ensnare us.  Or at least they threaten our commitment to Truth. They wobble our stance.  If a narrative is maintained, even if we don’t fall FOR it…we often eventually FALL IN WITH IT.  That’s easier than maintaining vigilance on behalf of TRUTH in the face of painful opposition.
(I didn’t learn this from my family of origin so I’m grateful to know it now.)  
(I’m ALSO grateful to know that dads shouldn’t walk around naked in front of little people all the time,  and they should PROTECT CHILDREN WHO ARE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED BY OTHERS and they shouldn’t make their children go INTO THE BATHROOM with them for a heart-to-heart…while DAD TAKES A SHIT.)
(My dad did that for the last time when I was over 50!  I was so grateful that he was FINALLY going to grant me an audience.  I didn’t even recognize that he was laughing his ass off as he sat on his throne.  Good thing he didn’t flush it.)
(Nobody EVER respected a liar more than I did.)  (I have repented.)
(Isn’t that funny?  Just when DAD LEARNS that  HE is required to RESPECT ME.)
(And everybody else, eventually, hopefully, so he won’t  ROT  IN  HELL.)
(That’s about the best gift I could give him, no?)
Image result for fathers day image

“To completely understand a narcissist you have to conceptualize that EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM IS A LIE.”

“To take it further–not ALMOST everything about them is a lie but EVERYTHING from I love you, I hate you, my family hates you, your friends hate you, the world hates you, you are crazy or mentally ill, etc. etc.”
“Don’t forget all the other day-to-day lies, the lies about stupid stuff, the lies about accountability, the lies about other lies, and every other lie about anything and everything.”
“The narcissist downloads these lies into your head and your heart to manage you down, gain power over you, and control you.”
“The prison the Narcissist used to hold you captive was built from all of their lies – the POSITIVE endearing I love you lies and the disabling ones that managed you down every day to control you and eventually disable and destroy you. Narcissists are VERY convincing and polished liars and EVERYTHING they told you was a LIE!”

Orlando Our Atrophied System Has No Truths – Morris

“That sums up the world we’re living in now.”

“We’re all having to give lip service to things we don’t really believe.”

“ISIS and Orlando are both marketing ploys.”

Praying in Tongues – Key to Intercession, your Spiritual Strength & Destiny in the Endtimes

Speaking in tongues releases life; it has birthing power.
I Corinthians 14:4 He that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church. ( Edifieth Brings forth life)
Financial Material: 
Victory over enemy:
Relationship with God;
Fulfill your destiny Etc
The promise of this is the mark in your mouth,speaking in tongues.
No wonder the Apostle Paul said; I speak in tongues more than you all
God Bless you
N Johnson © September 21. 2007



4:06 am

Prison Chaplain Charged With Rape Studied Minister Accused of Sex Abuse

The allegations were first reported by, which collects stories from more than 30 women who said they had been sexually “groomed” and inappropriately touched by Gothard over the past three decades.

Recovering Grace produced what they say is a Gothard textbook from 1979 that essentially blames victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

(My parents sent me to a Bill Gothard seminar in Grand Rapids when I was a teen-ager.  Figures.)

Read more at:




10:55 am

Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data

HACKERS WHO STOLE sensitive customer information from the cheating site appear to have made good on their threat to post the data online.

A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser. The files appear to include account details and log-ins for some 32 million users of the social networking site, touted as the premier site for married individuals seeking partners for affairs.

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6:11 pm

Lord Janner WILL appear in court tomorrow to face child sex abuse charges – The Elite Pedophilia Ring Unmasked!


9:40 am

Three new women accuse Bill Cosby of sex assault and rape including one former actress who says the comic told her she was ‘blessed’ with his bodily fluids

  • Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer recounted how in 1971 she was allegedly assaulted by Cosby during a job interview on a movie set
  • Eden Tirl, a former model who had a bit part on The Cosby Show, said comic sexual harassed her in his dressing room in 1989 
  • Colleen Hughes, a former flight attendant, said she was drugged and raped by Cosby in the early 1970s after meeting him on a flight to LA
  • Women shared their tales during press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents 21 other Cosby accusers 
  • Bill Cosby, 78, has never been criminally charged with sexual assault  

Read more:
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10:05 am

BOMBSHELL: 60 Minutes exposes child rape & murder by politicians & royals in the United Kingdom!

(The United States has its own history of high-level child rape networks.  Google:  Franklin Cover-up.  Also google:  George Bush pedophilia.)




11:18 am

Former UK Prime Minister investigated by UK police for child abuse

For years, former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath has been linked to the child abuse in the Kincora and Haute de la Garenne homes. Police in London are now investigating an alleged rape by Sir Edward Heath in Dolphin Square, Pilmlico.

Read at:



11:23 am

Bill Cosby ORDERED by judge to give deposition this October in lawsuit of woman who claims she was 15 when he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion

  • Bill Cosby has been ordered by a judge to give a deposition on October 9 in the lawsuit brought against him by Judy Huth 
  • Cosby’s petition to have details of the lawsuit brought against him was denied by the California Supreme Court last month
  • Huth claims she was 15 when Cosby forced her to perform a sexual act on him at the Playboy Mansion in 1974
  • She  alleged that Cosby plied her with beers before she found him waiting for her on a bed when she went to the bathroom
  • Huth’s lawyer in the case is Gloria Allred

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8:48 pm

‘We can’t be disappeared’: 35 of Bill Cosby’s rape accusers come together in powerful magazine shoot to recount their experiences at the hands of America’s once favorite dad

  • Women came forward and agreed to be pictured for the publication 
  • Each one described their encounters with the disgraced TV star 
  • They include waitresses, actresses, Playboy bunnies and journalists
  • The brave group range in age from their early 20s to 80
  • They came forward a week after a shocking deposition from 2005 surfaced 
  •  Comedian admitted he gave quaaludes to women he had sex with 

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The 35 women, aged from their early 20s to 80, have bravely come forward to be pictured for New York magazine and have revealed details of their alleged encounter with the disgraced comedian. The issue is set to be released on Monday 



12:10 pm

Bill Cosby fails to block lawsuit of woman who claims she was 15 when he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion – and he WILL be called in for a deposition

  • Bill Cosby’s petition to have details of a lawsuit brought against him reviewed has been denied by the California Supreme Court
  • Judy Huth has filed a lawsuit claiming she was 15 when Cosby forced her to perform a sexual act on him at the Playboy Mansion in 1974
  • Huth alleged that Cosby plied her with beers before she found him waiting for her on a bed when she went to the bathroom
  • Hith’s lawyer Gloria Allred now plans on deposing Cosby in the lawsuit 

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9:24 am

How I used fame and drugs to sleep with vulnerable women and hush money so my wife wouldn’t find out: Bill Cosby details his pursuit of sex in never-before-seen deposition from 2005

  • The deposition is from a lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand, who accused the comedian of drugging and molesting her 
  • Cosby, 78, denied sexually assaulting the victim, whom he also calls a liar, and other women
  • He also discussed paying off victims through his agent so ‘Mrs Cosby’ wouldn’t find out
  • Deposition revelations come as former Playboy model claims Cosby plied her with drugs to ‘feel better’ after her son died, then raped her
  • The bombshell deposition, unearthed by the New York Times, goes on to reveal how the disgraced comedian:

    • Telephoned Constand and told her to tell her mother ‘about the orgasm’ because he didn’t want her to think of him as a ‘dirty old man’. 
    • Obtained prescriptions for quaaludes by claiming it was for a sore back, but actually gave the drug to women.
    • Paid women off with a private account so his wife, Camille, wouldn’t find out about his extramarital affairs. 
    • Admitted he was ‘making light of a very serious situation’ when quizzed by Constand’s lawyer
    • Admitted to playing the role of mentor when it came to meeting women
    • Blocked a negative magazine article to avoid damaging his reputation 

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12:32 pm

Dear Jay,

I have shown love to my family for years; would you like to see copies of kind letters ignored by my Christian parents?  Ask Dad what I baked for his birthday.  You are also mistaken  about the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, but that’s not my problem and you will know that soon enough.  My father is a fraud, and I believe you support a fraudulent organization.  My Jesus is not about ‘organizations’ but about seeing HIS KINGDOM established on Earth.  (Don’t you Baptists pray the Lord’s Prayer?)  I do not believe that you believe me to be special to God.  I think you believe I am TROUBLE FOR MAN.  I surely hope so.  I do not lie.  God bless you and cover with his blood shed on your behalf, and may he fill you with his Spirit so you can discern lies.  Amen.

Much love, and as much Truth (Jesus) as I may distribute,



PS-  What part of “MY PARENTS HAVE REFUSED TO TALK TO ME FOR SIX YEARS” do you not understand?





6:34 pm

Bill Cosby admitted in 2005 to getting Quaaludes to give to women he sought sex with

  • Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition that he obtained Quaaludes
  • He admitted giving the sedative to at least one woman 
  • The 77-year-old comedian was testifying under oath in a lawsuit filed 
  • He admitted giving the former Temple University employee three half-pills of Benadryl
  • Cosby settled that sexual-abuse lawsuit for undisclosed terms in 2006 

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7:11 am


Major Players Implicated in Organized Pedophilia and Child-Trafficking

However, with evidence mounting, activists working to raise awareness of this horrific situation have become increasingly disconcerted by the apparent inaction of high-level authorities in this matter. Volumes of recent and historical evidence indicates that global pedophilia and child-trafficking networks are not only operating within the ranks of our society’s most influential governing bodies and institutions, but are also being protected from legal recourse by those same institutions.

Implicated by this evidence are countless well-known politicians and officials, educators, entertainers, media heads, and public and religious figures, many of whom appear to enjoy the protections of conspirators within the political, media, religious and justice systems — the systems that are meant to protect our children’s interests, not their calculated abusers.

Read more at:



6:17 am

What more obvious and in your face example can you have than dirty, perverted old, and young, men disguised as “conduits to god” sexually abusing young people? It’s so common it’s become a joke.

Where’s the joke in that? Where the hell is common sense justice and stopping these perverse maniacs from preying on innocent children?

Paedophelia and the Brutal Cover Up – Psychopathy At Large

It’s the bizarro world of muzzle and kill the good people and let the devils run amok.

We’re also talking satanic ritual abuse, supposedly human creatures actually performing sexual and torturous blood sacrificial rituals on innocent children, as well as others.  Routine rape and other forms of physical abuse are merely lower level forms, yet just as horrific, of these same demonic abuses.

That this phenomenon that has gone on for centuries and continues full throttle into today’s world is something the world is apparently not prepared to accept – and therefore complicit in – is only sealing humanity’s own fate if it doesn’t wake up and decide to stand up against it.


See more at:


11:17 am

American Airlines senior IT manager who responded to 9/11 hijacked plane arrested for ‘trying to set up a sexual encounter with a mother and her 10-year-old daughter’

  • Ray Wickliffe Howland, 55, was arrested at a Moon Township, Pennsylvania hotel on Friday in a sting set up by the state attorney general’s office
  • Officials say he communicated with a detective posing as a 32-year-old mother with a 10-year-old daughter 
  • Howland allegedly told the detective that he was going to be in town for business and wanted to have sex with the mother and daughter 
  • For the past seven years, Howland has worked as a senior IT manager for American Airlines 
  • The company issued a statement saying they hold all of their employees ‘to the highest level of ethical standards’  

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6:32 pm

Hastert Allegations Open Window To History of Satanic Ritual Abuse Of Children

Some of these allegations and connections sound eerily familiar to those uncovered during the infamous Franklin Scandal of the late 1980s where a massive Satanic And Ritual Abuse pedophile ring was uncovered by Senator John W. DeCamp and a number of other Nebraska State Senators and investigators. The pedophile ring went from the local oligarchy of Omaha across the state and even to the top levels of American society, including the military and government structures.

There is, however, another connection that bears resemblance to the allegations made against Hastert and the Franklin Case – the connection to a Bush family member.

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10:42 am

A woman who claims that Jehovah’s Witness elders failed to protect from abuse by a known paedophile, has won a six-figure pay out from the church.

Read here:


12:21 pm

‘If someone was to hurt my child, I’ll be honest with you, there would be no judge, no jury,’ said Rose Funari, who claims her brother was also sexually assaulted by Pegg.

Abuse victim brings courtroom to tears as he admits murdering former Boy Scout leader who raped him for years as a child

  • Clark Fredericks of Fredon, New Jersey pleaded guilty to murdering his former Boy Scout troop leader Dennis Pegg on June 12, 2012 
  • Fredericks claims that Pegg raped him for four years starting when he was just eight-years-old
  • Supporters of Fredericks burst into tears as he detailed the sexual abuse he claimed to have suffered at the hands of Pegg
  • The prosecutor accepted Fredericks’ claim of passion provocation as part of a plea deal and he now faces five to 10 years in prison

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10:25 am


The private eye, who requested anonymity, claims he was hired by the defenders of the now 31-year-old Veronica Roberts to assist in the lawsuit against celebrity attorney and former Harvard Law School professor, Alan Dershowitz. The lawsuit claims that Roberts’ assertions that Dershowitz had sexual relations with underage girls at the island paradise of multi-billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when Miss Roberts was a teenager of 15 or 16 are categorically untrue.

“The last thing Bill and Hillary Clinton want Americans thinking about is the image of their own teenage female children being pawed at by the likes of filthy rich, powerfully well-connected people such as ‘Slick Willie,’ Prince Andrew, and the self-righteous, protector of women’s rights, Alan Dershowitz,” said the private investigator.

Read more here:

8:13 am

New child abuse scandal hits Mike Huckabee: Republican White House hopeful’s co-author molested girl, 11, and escaped charges because of statute of limitations

  • John Perry co-authored Huckabee’s 2008 campaign memoirs and is now revealed to have molested girl between ages of 11 and 14 
  • Police concluded abuse had taken place but they were alerted to it after statute of limitations had kicked in 
  • Perry tells Daily Mail Online ‘the parties involved were reconciled and restored years ago’ and abuse emerged because of vendetta 
  • No suggestion Huckabee knew Perry was an abuser but comes after Duggar family revealed to have covered up son Josh’s molestation of sisters

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“illicit sexual conduct in foreign places”



9:18 am

Court hears chilling confession letters from missionary about holding down and raping children while he was volunteering in a Kenyan orphanage

  • Matthew Lane Durham, 20, is accused of sexually abusing up to ten children, ages four to ten, while volunteering in Kenya
  • Durham, of Edmond, Oklahoma, has pleaded not guilty to the 17 charges he faces engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney Don Gifford spent part of his opening arguments reading excerpts of Durham’s confession
  • Durham’s lawyer says isn’t true and was coerced into confessing 

Read more:
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10:45 am

Eyewitness: ‘European royals are killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties’

Read more at:



4:45 am

Busted! Child Sex Sting Nabs Droves of Men, Including Florida Theme Park Workers




12:57 pm

‘He damaged him more than we will ever know’: Sister claims former House Speaker Dennis Hastert sexually abused her teen brother while coaching his school wrestling team

  • Steve Reinboldt was the student equipment manager when Hastert worked at Yorkville High school in Illinois in the 1970s and 80s
  • His sister Jolene Reinboldt said Steve told her he was gay 8 years after high school and at the same time revealed his first same-sex experience ‘was with Dennis Hastert’
  • Steve Reinboldt died of AIDS in 1995. His sister confronted Dennis Hastert with the allegations when the politician turned up to Steve’s funeral  
  • Hastert, 73, has not responded to the allegations
  • He was indicted last week on accusations he agreed to pay $3.5m ‘hush money’ to ensure someone stayed quiet about his ‘prior misconduct’

Read more:
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Read more:
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Read more:
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4:01 pm

Closing in on the Baptist baby-rapers…

Duggar family says real crime is release of molestation records

The incidents of molestation were a well-kept family secret until two weeks ago, when In Touch Weekly published police records obtained through a freedom of information act request.

Jessa also said, “The system that was set up to protect kids, both those who make stupid mistakes or have problems like this in their life and the ones that are affected by those choices. It’s greatly failed.”

“There’s an agenda” behind the negative attention, said Michelle, who also indicated that some of the scrutiny seems motivated by disrespect for the family’s conservative Christian values.

“What was just sad to me… was how willfully ignorant the Duggar parents are about child sexual abuse,” attorney Lisa Bloom said on “CNN Tonight.” “They don’t seem to have educated themselves then or now about the facts.”

Read more here:



1:14 pm

Germany’s Green Party Apologizes For “Massive Sexual Abuse Of Children”, Advocacy of Pedophilia …”Up To 1000 Victims”!

The title may sound stunning, and unbelievable, but it’s true.

It’s also appearing in the main media elsewhere.

Berlin’s leftist daily Online Tagesspiegel here reports comprehensively on the German Green Party’s troubled past involving it’s earlier advocacy of pedophilia and practice by some of its former leading members, see background here, here, here and here.


Read at:





8:58 am


This is a list of Jordan Root’s access to children via employment and volunteer capacities beginning his freshman year of college provided by Jordan’s former wife Karen Hinkley:


  • Daycare in Albany, NY (Prior to 2003 and then off and on until 2007)
  • Daycare in Cedarville, OH (Period of time between 2004 and 2007)
  • Summer Camp at First Baptist Dallas, Dallas, TX (May-August 2008)
  • Dolfin Swim School, Dallas, TX (September 2008-July 2010)
  • In Class Learning Differences Aid, Dallas, TX (September-December 2010)
  • Practicum Counselor at Dallas Life, Dallas, TX (worked with families and children; January-August 2011)
  • Private Children’s Swim Instructor, Dallas, TX (June-September 2011)
  • Mental Health Technician at Timberlawn Mental Health Services, Dallas, TX (November 2011-March 2012)
  • Therapist on the Child and Adolescent Unit at Timberlawn Mental Health Services, Dallas, TX (March 2012-May 2014)
  • A substantial amount of paid babysitting over these years in Albany, NY, Cedarville, OH, and Dallas, TX


  • Informal Children’s Ministry to Refugee Children in Vickery Meadows, Dallas, TX (2008-2011)
  • Lived in Santa Fe Trails Apartment Complex, Dallas, TX; spent a lot of time alone with children (2008-2012)
  • Volunteered in children’s and youth ministries at various churches in Cedarville, OH and Dallas, TX (and possibly Albany, NY)
  • A substantial amount of unpaid babysitting over these years in Albany, NY, Cedarville, OH, and Dallas, TX

Anyone who has seen, suspected or suffered child sex crimes by Jordan Root is urged to come forward and contact local police in order to heal and protect others. In the Dallas area, contact the Dallas police child exploitation unit at (214) 671-4211. Child Help national child abuse hotline is available 24/7: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

– See more at:



6:43 am


‘Not an unusual case; it is simply one that has come, partially, to light’




2:35 pm

Foster Kids Speak Out: Sue Agency over Abuse in “Kids for Cash” Scandal

Kim Baldonado of NBC news in Los Angeles reported this week that several foster care kids have come out into the open to testify about abuses allegedly committed in California’s foster care program. In a press conference, former foster care children who are now young adults testified to horrendous abuses including: being tortured by “specially-made tools,” and being “abused verbally, physically and sexually.”

– See more at:

– See more at:



10:52 am

British Government Pedophile Ring So Far The Biggest Scandal of the 21st Century. Rape, Orgies, Murder

There’s no one
explanation for why so many cases of sex abuse have been ignored for so long. Blame
can be laid on a lack of funding for welfare programs which might have helped
victims; you can also point to an odd form of liberal guilt—the media may have
resisted running with the Rochdale story, for example, because they didn’t want
to get lumped in with the racists in the EDL. More simply, it was easier to be ignorant. But following
the Met Police’s confirmation of its investigation into the murder of three
boys in conjunction with activities at Dolphin Square and other locations, it
is now impossible for anyone paying attention to describe pedophilia as
exclusively the domain of immigrant gangs and perverted celebrities.



2:33 pm

Anti-gay pastor in Michigan resigns after–well, you can probably guess

Secret hypocritical double life? There’s an app for that.

Read more at:


12:38 pm

What Can We Learn About The Past Silence on Child Abuse – Ask The Right Questions Now

“Child abuse royal commission: Priest abused every young boy at regional Victorian school, inquiry hears” ABC headline:

The details are chilling. These are a few extracts:

Ridsdale, 81, was part of a paedophile ring involving Catholic clergy in Ballarat in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.

“…he thought every male child between the ages of 10 years and 16 years, who were at the school, had been molested by Ridsdale,”

All male teachers at St Alipius PS were molesting.

…notorious abusers, including Gerald Ridsdale, Robert Best and Edward Dowlan, were part of a paedophile ring operating in and around Ballarat for years.

The damage is inconceivable. Worse than war.

“There’s been over 40 confirmed suicides where suicide notes have been linked to the abuses…”

Read more here:


1:15 pm

Charles Miller is facing up to 50 year in prison after pleading guilty to manufacturing and possessing child pornography at his Melvindale home

Horrific child porn lair uncovered in Detroit home: Police uncover hidden ‘studio’ for making sick sex videos filled with soft toys and decked out like children’s bedrooms

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WOW!  This place is decorated just like my dad’s restaurant!

The house contained a second-floor bedroom decorated for little girls, painted green and purple, with numerous stuffed animals, some wearing girl's underwear or adult female lingerie; boxes containing condoms, sex 'toys,' restraints, a mask and a leash


7:10 am

We will show you how the al-Saud family has created a land of hypocrites Wahhabis perverts, rapists, pedophiles and sadistic psychopathic murderers

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11:14 am

An Elburn Police Officer is now on paid vacation after it was discovered that he had been raping a young boy for more than ten years. The pedophile was arrested Monday at his home in Campton Hills and being held on a $500,000 bail at the Kane County Jail.


10:02 pm

Ex-Army Chief Lord Bramall Questioned in Pedophillia Investigation

He spent nearly two hours at the police station during which he answered questions. He was not arrested. Lord Bramall told the BBC he had no comment to make. The 91-year-old was questioned as part of Operation Midland.

It is examining allegations that boys were abused by a group of powerful men from politics, the military and law enforcement agencies at locations across southern England and in London in the 1970s and 1980s.

See more here:


12:36 pm

Prince Charles’ best friend abused 22 children at one school

Jimmy Savile Prince Charles

The Surrey force consulted with the CPS but in October 2009 decided no prosecution could be brought because the alleged victims would not support police action.

Jimmy Savile Prince Charles pedophiles

However, Surrey Police did not tell any of them that other complaints had also been made.

The former Top of the Pops presenter is thought to have committed more than 200 offences across 28 police force areas, including 34 rapes.

Three-quarters of his victims were under 18, with 28 alleged victims under 10-years-old.

(Maybe he was a Baptist in a previous life.)

Read more at:



6:45 pm

Disgraced former headmaster of $27,000-a-year elite prep school given 50 year prison sentence for dealing child pornography

  • Christopher Wheeler, 54, worked at the exclusive Tower Hill in Delaware
  • Police discovered 2,000 indecent images on his computers in October 2013
  • Composer and pilot was found guilty of multiple sex offences in December
  • He was headmaster for nine years and earned around $370,000 a year 
  • His attorneys claim the court tried to paint him as ‘Mr Filthy’  
  • Elite school was founded in 1919 by members of the Du Pont family
  • Past graduates include US Senator Chris Coons and TV personality Dr Oz 

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9:27 am

Former teacher at $35,000-a-year girls’ school sued by former student who claims she was sexually abused for a year… and says other staff members ignored accusations

  • Joseph Koetters has been sued by an unnamed Marlborough student, 30
  • Lawsuit alleges that Koetters took part in a year-long sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student, which began in the 2000-2001 school year
  • Lawsuit also claims unnamed teachers and school officials are held responsible for not ending the relationship
  • Woman came forward after another former student wrote an online essay accusing Koetters of acting inappropriately toward her 

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8:40 pm

Worse than Sandusky: School Cop Whose Job was to “Protect” Students, Repeatedly Raped 22 Boys

“The lawsuit details how this serial child rapist would repeatedly walk into classrooms and remove his victims one by one. He would then lock himself and the young boys in the janitor’s closet where the sexual assaults would take place.”

(My high school had a broom closet too.  I also knew the coach who took boys there.  I also knew the boys.)


7:03 am

Political Pedophilia: An open source investigation

“Let’s see if we can push these scandals to their breaking point…”


1:45 am

Baptist missionaries who rape children have not been brought to justice.  Do we suppose them to be better than other violent perverts… because they’re Baptist?  Or because they’re so very Christ-like?

Elite child sex slaves “1981” forgotten documentary


11:02 am

Black Lives Matter Blogger Threatened with Gang Rape by Pastor, Harassed by County Sheriff

As an update and follow-up on a recent blog it has been brought to our attention that Miss Van Fossen of Milwaukee has received harassment and life threatening messages from Evangelical Lutheran Church of La Crosse Pastor Dave Wendt. In an email to Miss Van Fossen, Pastor Wendt stated “OMG, you have to be the dumbest fucking liberal cunt I’ve heard yet… Get off the drugs bitch, and go check yourself into rehab. LOL…Or better yet, you’re pretty hot. So how about if I come over and rape you with a few of my friends. WHEW! At least I won’t have to worry about you calling the police.”

More here:


2:57 pm

Former college women’s softball coach arrested on almost 100 sex-related charges for ‘abusing 13 players at Christian school’

  • Kurt Ludwigsen fired by Nyack College in March after allegations surfaced
  • Police say he kissed, fondled and was inappropriate towards 13 players  
  • Ludwigsen charged with forcible touching, harassment and sexual abuse
  • The 43-year-old father of two is being held on $15,000 bail after arrest
  • Would have been coach’s first season at Nyack, a Christian school in NY
  • Ludwigsen, a career softball coach, lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey 

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5:14 pm

Mother who escaped Warren Jeff’s polygamous cult is confronted by HUNDREDS of his followers in dramatic seven-hour stand-off as she tried to rescue her four kids

  • Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner escaped the Colorado City, Arizona fundamentalist Mormon sect headed by Warren Jeffs eight years ago
  • Last week, the 32-year-old mother gained full custody of her four children, ages 8 to 13 
  • When she tried to pick up the kids from their aunt’s house, she was physically barred by hundreds of cult members 
  • Sheriff’s deputies had to take out a search warrant to reunite the mother with her two daughters and two sons  

“A 32-year-old woman was harassed and intimidated last week when she tried to pick up her four children from the fundamentalist Mormon sect she bravely left to escape an abusive husband.”

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3:23 am

Aristocrats ‘feel entitled to abuse people’ says son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich who was raped by his father as a child

  • Robert Montagu made remarks while discussing book telling of his abuse
  • Said ‘noteworthy families’ are often given more opportunities to abuse
  • He was groomed and attacked by his own father from age seven to 11
  • Confessed abuse to his mother and family doctor but nothing was done 

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10:49 am


“U.S. soldiers and contractors have not been prosecuted for sexually abusing Colombian girls because of diplomatic immunity.   U.S. soldiers and military contractors sexually abused at least 54 children between 2003 and 2007, according to a report commissioned by the Colombian government and the FARC.  “There is abundant information about the sexual violence, which ocurred under absolute impunity because of the bilateral agreements and the diplomatic immunity of United States officials,” said Renan Vega of the Pedagogic University in Bogota, who helped write the report. Vega detailed a case in 2004 in which military contractors sexually abused 54 girls and filmed [the abuse] and sold the films as pornographic material.”

More at:


8:47 am

Google “Bill Clinton rape”

(Google: “George Dubya Bush rape” for that matter.)


12:00 am

Terminally ill ex-lawmaker begs not be imprisoned for child porn because he wants to ‘die with dignity’ – but he is sentenced to eight years anyway

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6:20 pm

Germany’s biggest “anti-racism” crusader pleads guilty to child porn

Once upon a time, the name Sebastian Edathy was never uttered by the German media without being in the context of absolute adoration. He was a long time parliament member for the Social Democratic Party and billed as Germany’s number one fighter against “Nazis” and “racism.”

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4:43 pm

At the mercy of the lynch mob: New pictures show how thousands joined gang which kidnapped ‘rapist’ from Indian prison – then stripped him naked and beat him to death

  • Violent mob broke into prison in Dimapur city and kidnapped alleged rapist
  • Stripped and dragged four miles while being beaten and pelted with stones
  • Man believed to be part of the mob died in hospital after police opened fire
  • Crowd filmed the shocking incident on their phones as man died of injuries
  • The 35-year-old  raped a student from a local women’s college last month  
  • A film about the 2012 gang-rape of a girl has been banned by authorities

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Shocking: The man allegedly raped a student from a local women's college multiple times in February and he was arrested a day later


12:32 pm

US ‘pastor’ detained in Brazil on sexual abuse allegations

US media reported that two women came forward to investigators reporting that they had been assaulted at ages 12 and 13 by Barnard, while part of his “maidens” group.

“As soon as I got the news (of Barnard’s arrest), I started crying. It feels so surreal. I knew the day would come, but it finally came and it’s almost numbing,” she said.

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4:08 am

Who would choose an occupation that prohibits the natural function of one’s body and even one’s psyche?   God made us; would he require that?  Why should we ever assume such folk are better than we, and that we should attend to their ideas?  Should we believe their instruction about God?  How could we assume (and pay…) for them to access God in our stead?  Why do we think it rational at all, that adult men should desire the bodies of young boys, or even young ladies?  Does a billionaire have anything in common with a paid-for teenage masseuse?  Does he hope to share his soul with a young girl?  Do they have anything in common, and does he WISH for there to be such ground for connection?  NO.  A billionaire cannot (and would not) share his heart with a girl who hasn’t sprouted breasts much less adult brain-synapses.  He DOES NOT WANT TO CONNECT WITH HIS SEXUAL PARTNER.  (Perhaps he is afraid of what “connecting” might turn up.  That’s not my concern.)  An adult man who RAPES a young person is gratifying merely his body, be he a priest or a rich bastard with private airplanes.  An adult man who LOOKS AT A CHILD AS A SEXUAL PROSPECT…is looking at all humanity as his toy.  To be bought.  And to be quiet.  And to not expect anything in return.  (Can you blame them for that?  What do they have to offer?)
The Baptist “missionaries” my father supports are much like him.  Young girls were RAPED then REQUIRED TO CONFESS TO ADULTERY when these “god-fearing” “missionaries” raped them!  Baptists are just the same as the Catholic perverts.  Those who rape children in the name of God will be eliminated pretty soon.  It must be so, for truth to be established.  Don’t you think so?
ABWE rapes children!!!!   MY FATHER BUYS THOSE GUYS HOUSES.  It’s 55 degrees in my (sons’…) home where I live, because my roommate believes my dad who doesn’t like what I have to say.  I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS  OF NAKED CHILDREN TAKEN BY MY FATHER. What am I to think?  What should EVERYBODY THINK?


8:14 am

ANOTHER former model comes forward to claim Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1984 while posing as her acting coach

  • Cosby’s latest accuser is Heidi Thomas, 54, a music teacher and married mother of three from Colorado 
  • Thomas claims when she was 24 years old and working as a model, Bill Cosby lured her to a home in Reno, Nevada, and assaulted her 
  • The accuser says she doesn’t remember much of her four-day trip past the point when Cosby offered her a glass of Chablis 
  • The model claims she woke up in bed to find Cosby ‘forcing himself in her mouth’ 
  • Cosby, 77, denies all allegations of sexual assault

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12:59 am

Pedophiles: Hampstead Police, Social Services brainwash whistleblower kids, threaten mother


11:34 am


Rabbi Meir Kluwgant, Australia’s most senior rabbi, resigns after damning testimony at royal commission

“Rabbi Kluwgant gave evidence on Friday, and was forced to admit he had sent a text message to a newspaper editor calling the father of an abuse victim a “lunatic” who neglected his children.”

“The message referred to Zephaniah Waks, father of Yeshivah community whistleblower Manny Waks.”

“The text message from Rabbi Kluwgant to a newspaper editor read “Zephaniah Waks is killing us. Zephaniah is attacking Chabad. He is a lunatic on the fringe, guilty of neglecting his own children. Where was he when all this happened?”

Read more at:


5:59 am



It is believed that he raped the child as many as six times.

The first rape occurred just weeks after her 12-yr-old birthday.

Apparently he was also sending sexually explicit messages to the child, but there are no details as to what those messages were or how they were transmitted

More at:


4:53 am

‘It was no accident’: Husband now implicated in deaths of two wives and who also lost a third is a killer, says sheriff

  • Harold Henthorn told friends that his wife Toni had slipped while trying to take a photograph during their hike in September 2012 and fell 50ft 
  • Toni Henthorn had life insurance policies worth $4.5m and two days after her death, a claim was put in for a $1.5m policy, according to reports
  • In 1995, Henthorn’s first wife was also killed in mysterious circumstances
  • They were changing a tire on a rural road late at night when the car slipped off a jack and crushed her to death, he told authorities
  • Harold Henthorn collected nearly $500,000 in life insurance proceeds from his wife’s death 

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6:24 pm

Playboy film producer who became a pastor to campaign against adult movies is arrested for ‘having affair with 13-year-old girl’

  • Donny Pauling from California, is accused of having sex with two minors 
  • One victim, 16,  told sheriffs the pair had been having a three-year affair 
  • Another said Pauling bought her lingerie and asked her to pose for photos 
  • Produced adult films for nine years before quitting the industry in 2006
  • Turned to God and now makes speeches against impact of pornography 
  • Pauling, 41, has denied the charges and is currently in jail
  • He claims a sheriff’s captain asked him to have sex with his relative, 16 

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6:32 am

“Epstein’s good friend and associate, prominent criminal lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, is accused of fiddling with not only Epstein’s pedophile case, but with many others according to reports, as well as taking advantage of some of Epstein’s under-aged female subjects. If true, this is 360º corruption on the part of Dershowitz.”

New Pedophile Scandal and Cover-up Rocks Australia’s Jewish Community

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6:13 am

Montana man gets 200 years for impregnating 11-year-old


5:19 pm

All aboard the ‘Lolita Express’: Flight logs reveal the many trips Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz took on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with anonymous women

  • Flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ were published for the first time on Thursday
  • They show that former President Bill Clinton boarded the plane with women believed to have been involved in creating underage sex slave ring 
  • Alleged victim Virginia Roberts says she was recruited as a slave when she was 15, and that she was forced to have sex with both Prince Andrew and Harvard law profession Alan Dershowitz
  • The latter, she says, molested her mid-flight on the private jet 
  • Both the Duke of York and Dershowitz have fiercely denied their involvement in the ring  

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11:07 am

Nunavut abuse victim hurls scripture at pedophile ex-priest Dejaeger

Convicted child molester “shall be punished with everlasting destruction,” woman says

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1:53 pm

Cosby’s comedy show axed in his home state of Massachusetts over sexual assault allegations – with refunds on offer for final tour dates 

  • Bill Cosby’s tour lurches from one disaster to the next with February 6 Massachusetts show getting canceled
  • On Friday the comedian was heckled about sexual assault allegations at a show in Canada
  • Two shows in Boston on February 8 are expected to go ahead although further protests are expected
  • Ticketmaster is also offering refunds for two Denver shows, although organizers are insisting that the performances will go ahead

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9:00 am

“After all, Fey called Cosby out for allegedly drugging and molesting a woman even before 30 Rock–all the way back nine years ago during a Saturday Night Live segment with none other than Amy Poehler.”

‘Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby’: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler slam comic in first minutes of Golden Globes

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2:05 pm

“During the criminal investigation of Epstein’s illicit activities at his waterfront Palm Beach home, a lawyer for the businessman explained to police that his client was “very passionate about massages,” adding that they were “therapeutic and spiritually sound for him.” As detailed in police reports, none of Epstein’s young masseuses–many of whom attended Royal Palm Beach High School–had any massage training. Though most did wear thong underwear.”

Jeffrey Epstein And A Long History Of Slime

“Bill Cosby must be jealous of Jeffrey Epstein, the perverted financier.”

“The comedian’s career and public image have been swiftly ruined by allegations that he drugged and molested a series of female victims. Cosby, of course, has never been convicted of a crime.”

“But the secretive Epstein–who paid scores of underage girls to give him naked massages in his Palm Beach mansion while he masturbated and poked at them with a vibrator–somehow remains welcome in society, academic, and philanthropic circles.”

“Epstein refers to himself as a “science and education philanthropist” who sponsors “cutting edge science around the world.” In 2012, Epstein hostedStephen Hawking at a science conference held on his private Caribbean island. The theoretical physicist joined the sex offender, three Nobel Prize winners, and other noted scientists like Lawrence Krauss for a discussion on gravity.”

Read more at:


7:03 am

“Operation Death Eaters” seek to expose “pedosadistic” men of influence and the political powers activists claim help shield them from prosecution.

#OpDeathEaters, as it is known on Twitter by those associated with the hacktivist groupAnonymous, defines itself as “an internationally linked, independent, victim-led paedosadist inquiry/tribunal, which is in no way affiliated with the institutions of power that have created and run this industry.”

Read more at:


3:11 am

Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz named in US lawsuit over underage sex allegations

“British press reports today that a woman  claims that Jewish banker Jeffrey Epstein loaned her to rich and powerful friends as an underage “sex slave.” The woman has alleged in a US court document that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz.”

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6:07 pm

Pedophile’s conviction overturned after prosecutor quoted Confederate anthem Dixie during trial and violated his civil rights

  • Three judges agreed that Prosecutor Erica Kallin erred in citing a song praising what the judges called ‘pernicious racism’
  • In April 2013 James D. Kirk was sentenced to 20 years in prison 
  • He was found guilty of committing lewd conduct against a 17-year-old girl and sexually battering a 13-year-old girl

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5:36 pm

Married Florida doctor accused of drugging three female patients with cocaine and sedatives and repeatedly sexually assaulting them

  • Osteopath Dr Daniel McBath has been banned from treating female patients in light of allegations 
  • Department of Health document claims the Dade City doctor sexually assaulted three patients between 2004 and 2014
  • The married father of two daughters allegedly drugged a 26-year-old intern and exposed himself to her before she lost consciousnesses 
  • A 35-year-old patient with history of sexual abuse was allegedly violated by the physician and his friend until she bled 
  • McBath allegedly injected her privates with white substance to increase her sex drive and told her to rub a cigar over her crotch 
  • The doctor has not been charged with any crime  

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7:44 pm

‘I acted out in those ways but I am NOT a pedophile’: 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins admits he ‘gave in to exhibitionist urges’ with three young girls but that he has ‘moved on’ after 20 years of therapy and church

  • Actor was first accused of abuse in October, when his ex-wife released a private taped confession from a therapy session
  • Collins has stayed out of the public eye since then, but has now spoken out to admit to the inappropriate acts 
  • He has never been charged for exposure of molestation 
  • Full interview with Katie Couric for 20/20 will stream on Yahoo Friday night
  • One woman claiming to be a victim says Collins is lying 

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7:24 am

Former top drug prosecutor who turned fugitive after being convicted of child pornography gets 16-year jail term

  • James Cameron once oversaw Maine’s drug prosecutions
  • He was convicted in 2010 of 13 counts of child pornography and sentenced to 16 years in prison
  • After a federal appeals court sent the case back to federal court for resentencing in 2012, Cameron cut off his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and fled the state 
  • He evaded capture for nearly three weeks before he was arrested at a convenience store in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • On Wednesday he was sentenced to 15 years and nine months, and given credit for about three years he has already spent behind bars
  • Cameron’s attorney, David Beneman, said that Cameron had become depressed several years ago amid family concerns, including his son’s diagnosis with autism and his parents’ deaths

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7:10 pm

You’re never too old for justice.

Former camp counselor and gym teacher, 94, may have sexually abused ONE HUNDRED children as disturbing personnel records suggest authorities knew and preferred to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’

  • William Bricker arrested in September – decades after alleged assaults

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8:10 am

Grand Rapids, MI–A former host at a popular Christian radio station, described by prosecutors as a man “living a double life,” was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison for sexual exploitation of a child and child pornography.

The punishment for John Balyo follows a recent 25-year sentence in state court for sexually assaulting a boy in Calhoun County. The sentences will run at the same time.


4:53 am

Dr Phil November 25, 2014 : My Father Offered Me as a Maiden Sacrifice FULL EPISODE


Christian school teacher, 25, who was caught semi-naked in his car with 14-year-old student admits to having sex with her multiple times

  • Eric Beasley was arrested after he was caught semi-naked with the girl behind a strip mall in Lighthouse Point, Florida in April
  • They initially claimed to be consenting adults who had met online but the girl later admitted he was her ninth-grade biology teacher
  • He admitted to having sex with her multiple times over their six-week relationship and to kissing her during school hours
  • They also texted each other explicit photos
  • He could serve 20 years in federal prison under the plea deal

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Fired: He was suspended from his job at the Zion Lutheran Christian School following his arrest

9:33 am

More than ten women have come forward in the last month saying they were attacked by Cosby, with Renita Chaney Hill, Louisa Moritz and Andrea Leslie the latest additions.

Four of the women claim they were teenagers at the time.

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12:40 pm

Paraplegic US pedophile, 59, jailed for 50 years in Kenya after pleading guilty to child porn distribution

  • Terry Ray Krieger, 59, of Michigan, is a convicted sex offender
  • Abused a child under 13 in 1992 and spent three years in jail
  • Arrested in Kenya in October for distributing child porn online
  • Allegedly abused Kenyan children and circulated the images
  • Victims aged between three and 10 

Read more:
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10:13 am

Traumatic and devastating for victims of paedophile doctor



11:44 am

Paedophile doctor went on church trip to African orphanage days before he abused two young cancer patients

  • Predator is awaiting sentence for abusing 18 boys in his care at hospital
  • He used spy pen to film the abuse, which he has now admitted
  • It emerged today that he went on mission to Africa around the same time
  • He was left alone with orphans in Swaziland as part of church project

“He was arrested in December last year and is to be sentenced after he admitted abusing 18 boys in his care between 2009 and 2013.”

Read more:
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Read more:
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4:25 pm

‘No, first strike, you’re dead. I’m not equipped to diagnose but if you so much as look at a child in a sexual context… it’s the one crime a person should be killed for. It’s the only thing that will stop people from doing it.’

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2:09 pm

The public implosion of Bill Cosby has been nothing short of stunning — a decade-long, slow-motion fusillade of mistresses and no fewer than 16 sex-assault accusers culminating in recent weeks with a series of spectacular, career-threatening p.r. grenade blasts.

“The women victimized by Bill Cosby have been talking about his crimes for more than a decade,” wrote Bowman, who says the legendary comedian repeatedly raped and drugged her in 1985, including in his New York town house, when she was an 18-year-old aspiring actress.”

Read more at:



3:48 pm

Frustrated With the Law, India’s Rape Victims Turn to Revenge Killings

Vigilante castrations, murders and other forms of retribution are becoming more and more commonplace as the country’s rape problem continues

India Revenge Killings 002re

“After dragging Kumar off the girl, the group stripped him, hacked off his genitals with a meat cleaver and threw them in the street—while filming it on their smartphones, of course.”

“If matters are not corrected in time,” she adds, “people get desperate.”

More here:



1:48 pm

New bombshell documentary set to reveal names of Hollywood’s child actor abusers

  • An Open Secret, by Oscar-nominated documentarian Amy Berg, will debut at the DOC NYC festival on Friday
  • It features interviews with men who say they were sexually abused by Hollywood agents or movie bigwigs when they were children

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3:37 am

Paedophile hunters: the vigilantes taking the law into their own hands

“They confronted and filmed Mitchell again, gathered the digital evidence on to CDs, including 3,500 messages sent over one week, and took them to Derbyshire police, which voiced mixed feelings about vigilante groups on Tuesday. A force spokeswoman added: “We would advise to leave any type of investigation like this for the police to deal with. Any information is gratefully received but thereinafter the police will conduct inquiries.”

See more at:


11:31 am

The Jehovah’s Witnesses were ordered to pay $13.5 million to a Southern California man who said he was molested as a child by a church member.

Read more at:



11:07 am

“In an interview with the Guardian, Simon Bailey, chief constable of Norfolk police, who is the leading officer concerned with child abuse within the Association of Chief Police Officers, said that sex crimes involving children had for “too long been a hidden crime”.

Rotherham child sexual abuse scandal is tip of iceberg, says police chief

Read more at:



11:45 am

Toronto child porn case triggers scandal in Britain

(I wonder why the audio is broken in the middle.)



11:57 am

“A Roman Catholic priest was ordered to remain jailed until his trial on charges that he possessed child pornography and travelled to Honduras for sex with children during missionary trips.”

– See more at:



8:53 am

Dramatic moment ‘paedophile hunter’ vigilante confronts potential sex attacker he had lured to his home by posing as a child online

  • C4 film to air tomorrow focuses on self-styled web vigilante Stinson Hunter
  • He entraps internet perverts including teachers by posing as underage child 
  • Footage shows Hunter’s team asking a suspect to explain his alleged crime
  • The man flees, sparking a chase which is captured on shaky hand-held video
  • In another clip, team seen setting up a trap to catch suspected offender 
  • Evidence from former drug addict from Nuneaton has helped 10 convictions
  • One man who was tracked down by the 31-year-old took his own life
  • Former head of child protection agency said the film had important lessons 

Read more:
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10:25 am

“Maurizio would face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place. The pornography charge carries a 10-year maximum sentence upon conviction.”


Learn more at:



7:17 pm

1 of every 4 girls is abused as a child.

See here now:


3:15 am

Try Before You Die – Macabre Festival Lets Japanese Try Out Coffins and Funeral Makeup

(Remember the way you leave Earth is how you’ll be for all eternity!)

Service directory here:


6:29 pm

Up to 800 children could have been abused by a paediatrician who is facing jail after admitting a string of sexual offences, it emerged.

Cancer doctor ‘could have abused up to 800 children’

Read more at:


7:37 pm

Inside the tiny town built for sex offenders: The spiritual ‘safe haven’ in Florida where 200 criminals and their relatives live side-by-side

“And all of them – from those charged with possessing child pornography to ones caught having sex with a minor and molestation – are there to ‘repent their sins’.”

(Maybe there’s not really a hell.  Maybe baby-rapers can go to Florida instead?)

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7:39 pm

She’s a girl.  She got six months.  Men face more arduous sentences.

‘She made a lot of bad choices’: Female teacher who had sex with two students and bombarded them with naked photos is sentenced to six months in jail

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11:43 am




4:09 pm

‘I’m totally innocent’: Cliff Richard’s fury as police raid his £3m home after claims of sex assault on boy at 1980s Christian rally

“The alleged assault is said to have taken place during a Christian ‘crusade’ by US preacher Billy Graham who spent eight days delivering sermons at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane stadium in June 1985.”

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7:37 am

An idea, in case the cops are on your tail:

Cage-fighting, drug smuggling and rooming with prostitutes: Former American pastor who faked his own suicide reveals how he lived while the world thought he was dead

  • Aubrey Lee Price, 47, faked his death in June 2012 after embezzling millions from his clients
  • In a new interview from behind bars, Price tells of his 18 months on the run
  • Says he first went to Venezuela where he worked for a cocaine drug smuggler
  • Returned to the U.S. where he developed love for cage-fighting and marijuana
  • Was eventually arrested after cops pulled him over in Georgia for driving a car with too-dark tinted windows
  • Was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and ordered to pay $51million in restitution to victims

Read more:
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7:33 pm


FLDS pedophile Warren Jeffs’ compound is a B&B

“The Hildale, Utah compound built for jailed FLDS Church pedophile polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs and now owned by his former bodyguard has just opened as a hotel, called America’s Most Wanted Suites and Bed & Breakfast.”

You could raise the money you owe to those girls…

More at:


5:48 pm

Missionary  Matthew Durham is charged with traveling with Intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, engaging in Illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place, attempt and conspiracy and aggravated sexual abuse with children.

Read more:
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9:23 am

Can paedophiles be good people? We flinch, but there are varying degrees

Read more at:



5:59 pm

Florida pastor who founded homeless shelter for women accused of sexually assaulting three of them

  • Petro ‘Pastor Pete’ Custodio allegedly sexually assualted three women
  • The attacks took place in a Florida shelter for homeless women, police said
  • Custodio, 44, apparently set up the shelter himself in 2010 
  • He has been charged with sexual battery and attempted sexual battery  

Read more:
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4:33 pm

Elementary school teacher and ex-pastor is charged with producing and distributing child porn

  • Florida man, Matthew C. Graziotti, 42, worked at Warner Christian Academy in Edgewater
  • He distributed 141 pictures and six videos that depicted sexual abuse and exploitation of children to an undercover FBI agent, according to a Department of Justice statement
  • On Monday, police found thousands of images of child porn on Graziotti’s computer, including one where he is molesting a prepubescent boy
  • Graziotti taught at the elementary school, is the director of the school’s summer day camp program
  • He also previously worked at a church in Edgewater as a youth pastor, the DOJ said

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7:00 pm

Francis said the ‘corruption of a child is the (most) terrible and unclean thing imaginable’ and vowed to ‘confront it with the seriousness it demands’.

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5:20 am

Jesuit Superior Resigns.

Pope May Resign. Child Abuse Scandal Widens. More witnesses coming forward. British Royal Family implicated.

~~Catholic Jesuit Superior Adolfo Panchon announced his resignation this week after the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels linked him to Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult ceremonies. For the last month five judges have “examined numerous eyewitnesses and Vatican archival documentation that clearly link Pachon, Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to the ritual rape and killing of children as recently as 2010″ according to yesterday’s bulletin from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. Last month the ITCCS began prosecuting the case before the five international judges and 27 jury members.

Read more at:



4:28 pm

Abuse victims win landmark lawsuit against Redemptorist Order

“After three months of deliberation, Superior Court Judge Claude Bouchard ordered the Redemptorist Order of Catholic priests, the Seminaire St-Alphonse and Rev. Raymond-Marie Lavoie to pay $75,000 to each claimant.”

Read more at:



12:33 pm

Rolf Harris victim tells how trauma has stayed with her for 28 years

Read here:



6:13 pm

ROLF Harris has been found guilty of sexually assaulting four teenage school girls over an almost 20-year period with a jury unanimously declaring him guilty on all charges in a sensational conclusion to his long running trial.

“Harris, charged last year with 12 counts of indecently assaulting four girls from 1968 to 1986, was arrested in 2012 after woman in Australia, England and New Zealand began coming forward with claims in the wake of the high-profile child sex revelations surrounding British entertainer Jimmy Savile and other celebrities in the UK in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s.”

Read more at:



1:36 am



2:44 pm

All the dead bolts, pulled shades and hidden knives in the world couldn’t protect you from the truth. (Wally Lamb)

– See more at:


4:01 am



1:59 pm


Read here:



7:36 pm

‘I viewed it as a sin not a crime’: Priest admits sexually abusing dozens of boys over DECADES

(Well, maybe it’s not a crime in Asia.  I just sure hope nothing happened to Shelly or Sheryl, or Linda or Diane.  Or Doug or Phil, for that matter.  Really nice MK’s.)

“Former priest Thomas Adamson testified recently in court during a lawsuit against the archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis that he first admitted to abusing children in 1964, but that no action was taken and he remained in the parish.”

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6:14 am

Before the Kingdom of God can be established on Earth, a lot of organizations must come clean, or come down.  I can’t think of a group that is not polluted by a history of exploiting young people.  From the Vatican to Disneyland, children are sexualized and traumatized by those they trust.  The Mormons, the Baptists.  “Presidential models” and mind-controlled government sex slaves.  All the major groups use kids and then dispose of them.  Satanists believe drinking young blood gives renewed life to aging perverts.  (Did you know that scientists say that really works with frogs?)  There is an outstanding arrest warrant for the queen of England because she and her consort walked off with a dozen kids in Canada, in 1964.  The kids were never heard from again.  A guy in Europe nailed the queen’s summons to some door somewhere and is currently detained in a psychiatric hospital.
I think this guy is a lot cuter than Robin Thicke.  Maybe Miley Cyrus should call him up?
“Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”   Jason Crabb


2:44 pm

An MK’s Open Letter to ABWE

ABWE Still Picking Which MKs Matter and Which Do Not


“As it has now been almost four weeks of silence from Duane Early, I sent another email tonight and included more individuals, including others at ABWE and a few leaders of the GARBC [Note: attached to this email–but not shown on the pdf–was my prior email to Duane Early on February 14, 2014]: TAMARA’S EMAIL TO DUANE EARLY AND OTHERS ON MARCH 12, 2014

Read more here:

2:32 pm

“Pope Ratzinger resigned from office the same week of his guilty verdict for Crimes Against Humanity by this same ICLC court in Brussels. Pope Ratzinger’s and 29 other global leader’s guilty verdicts were handed down by six judges from different countries. The cases were prosecuted by ITCCS.”

Read more at:



4:29 pm

Incredible story of how two child victims of sexual abuse caught their alleged pedophile 30 YEARS later after seeing him prey on kids in Central Park

Read more:
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4:50 am

“One  night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble…”



2:46 pm

“Jeffrey Dale Eddie, also known as “Brother Jeff,” had served as the children’s pastor at Highland Park Baptist Church since 1998. He was first discovered molesting a young boy on January 22, 2014, however, it was not until four days later that church leaders notified police of the abuse, which is a clear violation of Alabama law.”

Read more at:


10:00 am

Pensacola is kinda like ABWE…and the TALIBAN!

“Because the administration is more committed to enforcing the honor code than they are to helping victims, they are incapable of giving a victim the protection he or she needs to come forward about their assault.”

“However, when she arrived back on campus with a black eye and a broken arm, her family was confronted by the dean of women and told that Beth was being expelled “because she is a fornicator.”

Read more at:


5:47 pm

Father who raped daughter from when she was 3 years old then fled to Germany is finally convicted after she tracked him down

Hertel doubles up sobbing in court as he was sentenced to 19 to 95years in jail for raping his daughter. It will be 20 years before he is up for parole

“Mrs Orr’s husband Daniel described his wife as a ‘hero, not a victim’ and took the stand to ask the judge to put Hertel away for a very long time.

“He said: ‘She lost her childhood. She should never have had to face anything that she faced.’

“Outside of the courtroom Mrs Orr told NBC4: ‘I want to give a face and a name to women, I want them to stand up and say this is not right what is happening to children and women who are abused.’

Read it and weep:



4:52 am

Hey Dad, tell Jay about this:

Half a billion dollars is awarded to seven former ‘child brides’ of pedophile televangelist who sexually abused them when they were girls

Read more:
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8:33 pm

She says there was a time when she adored her father. “Part of the reason why it was so hard for me to write the piece that I wrote was because once upon a time I loved my father so much.”

“Dylan Farrow says it took all the courage she had to finally pen the emotional open letter she sent to the New York Times detailing her claim that her adoptive father, Woody Allen, had sexually molested her as a child, she exclusively tells PEOPLE.”

“She hopes her open letter will help sexual abuse victims come forward and seek help.”

“I am hoping to help at least one person out there. And that’s why I spoke out.”

Read more at:,,20784292,00.html


7:20 pm




7:04 pm

” I have an extraordinarily difficult time trusting anybody in a remotely sexual context.”

Pedophilia, Sexuality And Rape: A Survivor Speaks Up

See here:



7:59 am



2:43 am



3:58 am

This guy protected children.  I expect his judgment will look somewhat like this:



9 am

“(God) is not a cruel taskmaster, he’s a perfect father who lives to empower children to come into purpose and destiny.”

“Grace does not overlook sin,  it empowers righteous living.”

“The blood of Jesus either works or it doesn’t.”

November 24, 2013

8:39 am


November 15, 2013

4:56 pm


November 13, 2013

10:09 pm

I’ve told my dad numerous times over the past few years that he had left me with nothing to lose.  This only partially describes my motivation:

I will be free.  Jesus promised it to me personally, and in the Bible as you know.

I will do ANYTHING to accomplish this, and I am capable of ANYTHING.  (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)

(Except harm any person or even wish someone ill  or harm an animal etc…)


November 8, 2013

4:30 am

ABWE forced a rape victim, a little girl, to sign a confession…


November 7, 2013

3:37 pm

Jay:    I do not want to do this.  I do not want to read about politics anymore.  I am supposed to be a real missionary and travel around doing Jesus’ work (MIRACLES).

You must confess so I’m not so bored anymore.  (And to save your soul from hell.)

ABWE Mission Doctor Abuses Children in Bangladesh

“This blog is a voice for those of us ABWE missionary kids (MKs) who were sexually molested by Dr. Ketcham in Bangladesh and for anyone who has been abused by him here in the States. We can finally tell “our side of the story.”

More here:

SIM Missionary Kid Survivors

Read more here:


“In 1989 we received a report of sexual abuse of a female minor…”

“DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU JUST READ? This man could have been sent home as early as 1975!! Please, please forgive us. Forgive this mammoth organization for overlooking sin against women and young girls! ABWE CALLS IT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR AND INDISCRETIONS. Where is the outcry from the churches? Forgive them for overlooking this perpetrators sin of adultery and eventually paedophilia. How many chances does a missionary get for sexual misconduct, sin! HOW DID THIS CONTINUE FOR SO LONG!? THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING.”

“What all this shows is there is a job (ministry) always open for the GOOD OL BOYS.”

More at:

Please note the following “Confession” …  it HAS NO SIGNATURES!

ABWE Board and Administration Confession

-More at

OCTOBER 17, 2012 ABWE Administrative Changes

In response, the current ABWE Board has taken the following actions:

  • Terminated President Michael Loftis for a leadership failure, displayed in a loss of confidence on the part of the board and administration. The allegations of Ketcham’s abuse surfaced for the second time in 2002. Dr. Loftis stated that he is solely responsible for his actions in failing to officially inform the board of the situation until March 2011, and not following through to insist that the promised investigation was completed. The blog detailing the sexual abuse by Ketcham and the failed response of ABWE in regards to other victims were not the sole issues that resulted in the board’s unanimous decision to release him, but rather the situation provided a window for the board to look more deeply into Dr. Loftis’ overall leadership.
  • Asked and received the resignation of Russ Ebersole from his position of Vice President of Missionary Ministries.
  • Asked and received the resignation of Don Davis as Corporate Counsel.
  • Asked for the resignations of members of the 1989 board who continued to serve as Emeriti board members. Presently none of the 1989 board members continue to serve as Executive or Emeriti board members.

Again note the ABSENCE OF NAMES in the following article.

Who are the “Emeriti board members” who could have protected kids?


Missionary Group Fires Sex Abuse Investigator

Weeks before the release of a nearly two-year investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of missionary kids, the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) has fired and replaced its investigator, Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE).”

2013.  Still no satisfaction.

Read more here:


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