Visions of the night

7:22 am

Vision. Of me!


Linda Goldthorpe <>

7:14 AM (6 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
I see myself, tall and strong, I’m standing up in the goo.  My hands tear the membrane from my face and I take a deep breath.  Strands of goo hold me back as I make a mighty first stride; the goo is peppered with my small brethren, and my sons.  Their fingers stick the goo to my ankles and gooey arms encircle my waist.  The adhesion is torn from my shoulders as I MOVE PURPOSEFULLY FORWARD.  Some small brethren are clinging, hanging from my forearms; others’ feet are burrowed deep into the goo we just escaped, and their fingers slip from my clean skin, and they fall behind us.
6:07 am

I dreamed about my mom yesterday morning.  I got up very early, about 1.  I worked for some hours then went to sleep, and I was in a huge confusing place, with many people that I was unable to  talk to.  I had suitcases and I was trying to escape.  (Escape  is a very common theme in my dreams.)  I struggled and packed and restruggled and repacked.  Then my mom put out her hand towards me.  She gave me a card and some bank notes, they were New Hong Kong Dollars.  (Is that the Hong Kong currency?  I think it used to be?)   My mother does not talk to me, but my mother has a conscience.  My mother may not recognize lies anymore, but she still recognizes injustice.  I’m praying for her.

9:02 am
I took a nap and had another dream.  I was hanging out in my new home with Josh and I felt a pain in my right arm, the upper part.  My arm was was swollen terribly, and inflamed with a huge head on it, like a big round cyst. I pressed around the head and expected to see a bunch of puss come out but instead…OUT POPPED AN EYEBALL!    I was so shocked I looked around to show Josh (he’s my medic) and on the way I ran into other people and told them the story.  When we looked at my arm it was all swollen up again, so I pressed on it and it delivered another eyeball, less gruesome than the first, and a woman took it from me and popped it into her mouth!   I did it a few more times and the eyeballs began to resemble small boiled eggs, and people were eating them all. Eventually I stopped pressing on the wound because it was getting really sore but I knew I had an endless supply of eyeball-eggs.  When Josh and I were leaving, I found a pair of brand new white sandals in a box.  I knew they were my mother’s but she’d never even tried them on.  They were too small for her anyway, I checked the size because I could really use some new sandals.  They were WAY too small for me.
I get to go to Marquette today to pick up Josh at the airport.
3:55 am
Rounding up Polar bears with Kid Rock
My heart is still pounding and I’ve been awake about twenty minutes.  I dreamed I was in a big house, rather like mine, but it wasn’t mine.  There was a big polar bear loose in the house and I was responsible for it.  Lots of people were around, but nobody seemed concerned about the bear but me.  It didn’t seem to be dangerous, but I knew it could be.  It just kind of lolled around from room to room, but I kept warning people how dangerous it was.  Then I saw a cub too!  I was trying to figure out how to round them up and every time they were in a portion of the house that could be closed off, I’d try to get people to close the doors, but nobody paid any attention.  Then I saw another cub, and a brown bear too.  (The brown bear wasn’t a bear of the brown bear species, it was lighter colored and very cuddly looking. All the bears looked really cuddly but I was plenty concerned.)  Finally somebody paid attention to me and said, “Don’t worry.  Kid Rock knows all about animals and he’ll come round them up for us.”   When he got to the house, everybody was really excited, of course, but he didn’t seem to do much.  By then I had lost count of how many bears were around and stood off to the side talking with two sisters who were my friends in high school.  I apologized for not having seen them in a long time, and they were forgiving.  The younger said, “You go when and where you can go.”  I said, “I’ll be able to come see you now because I have a new car and it gets good mileage.”  I noticed all the younger girls had gotten gussied up and were hanging around Kid Rock.  I started to feel jealous of their looks until I noticed they were all wearing red eye shadow and it wasn’t very flattering.  I turned to the older sister and asked, “Do you think red eye shadow looks nice?”  I don’t remember what she said because I was looking at her skin, and it was terribly pock-marked, and I was thinking that she never had acne in high school and wondering what had happened since.
I woke up in a panic, because I heard a loud crash, because Gaddafi (the cat)  had knocked down the barricade in the doorway to Josh’s bedroom.  The door has been closed while Josh’s been gone, but I wanted to get some heat in there because he’s coming home today, so I put two kitchen stools in the space, side-by-side, and laid a third on top so Connie couldn’t jump over it.  I covered the whole thing with a sheet so they wouldn’t know they could go through the bottom between the stool legs. I was panicked at the crash but George didn’t even budge from his room.  He can sleep through anything.
7:19 am

Dream:  I was in a crowded waiting room, like one I’ve been to, at the Veteran’s Hospital where I drove a guy with a broken foot.  Industrial, it had a glass wall running between itself and the hallway.  It was a very narrow room, and  in my dream, I was sitting on the floor up against a wall at one end.  Adam walked by and beckoned through the doorway that I should follow him.  I got up and joined him but before we got to swap stories, my aunt Ebba approached us in a furry jacket.  (She’s my mother’s aunt, and she’s dead.)  I hugged her and greeted her then noticed all the women from my mother’s family sitting around a table drinking coffee, so I went to greet them.  To the blind ones I’d say, “I’m Linda…remember me?”  Introductions all around.  She has a lot of aunts and I haven’t seen any of them since they died.–

2:27 pm
I had a dream just like this one time.  I was driving a truckload of asses…
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4:06 am
I had a dream last night, it was a large place again, with lots of food and color and lights and people and different rooms, and even buildings this time, like a street festival.  I spent most of the time talking to one of my witnesses, a man I knew in high school.  (I also saw, for the third time, a high school boyfriend, and again we just greeted one another but didn’t speak.)  I kept losing my witness, so I spent a lot of time working my way through crowds and picking up abandoned baby birds and looking for him.  When I found him, he was always feeding people, and I did a lot of that too.  At one table he was feeding orphans and he just dumped a small boy into my lap as he went to feed others.  My parents were at the party, but we didn’t speak until I overheard somebody say the building we were in belonged to my dad.  I thought, “It figures.”  Then I saw him and I pushed him over onto a table or bed or something and I put a white cloth over his face and pushed down on it, ending with a big squeeze to his nose.  (As usual, I was thinking:  Why in the WORLD am I doing this?)  When he got up he was OK.  I think I said something like, “I’ve loved you and loved you and there’s not enough love in the world to reach your heart.  It’s going to require something else.”
7:38 pm
'Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that beat as one', reads this one
12:04 pm

High Noon

I took a nap and dreamed about a big place, not really a hotel this time but a multi-purpose living facility for lots of people.  There were different kinds of activities going on, families, music, food.  I ran into a small boy, maybe two or three.  He had beautiful yellow hair and bright blue eyes and we smiled at each other right away.  He seemed to be alone so I started my quest (customary, in dreams…)  to find out about his people.  I was surprised that nobody could tell me about them, and I saw lots of people as I looked and it was a good environment.  I remember thinking, “I should adopt him.”  Then, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  You just raised your own kids and you don’t need to be thinking about that!”  Then, “I just raised my own kids; I could easily take on a charming boy like that.”  I was still looking for answers when I saw him through a window, he was all alone in a room on a high bunk, and he was just dropping off to sleep.  I rounded the corner and went down a level to the doorway of his room and was standing by his bed when a woman came into the room with a big TV and opened a closet door to maybe put it away?  I started to say, “Don’t you give this kid any respect?  Don’t you knock before you walk into his bedroom…is that how to treat people…”  But then he lifted his head and when he saw me he jumped up on the bed with his arms outstretched towards me and a big smile on his face.  I spread out my arms, expecting him to put his around my neck and jump into my arms but instead he lifted my arms over my head and started leading me in a dance to the music that was playing.  He kicked his legs one at a time, like maybe a Cossack, or a Jewish dance.  We laughed a lot before I woke up.  Now, George and I are going to town but I don’t remember why.

——————————————- end transmission

7:06 am

I’ll String Along With You – Jo Stafford & Gordon McRae

7:30 am
12:21 pm
I dreamed I was in a big place with a lot of people and I don’t remember what we did but it was long and detailed. I was supposed to take a math exam for my law degree and I hadn’t been to class all semester.  I was just dozing off in a borrowed bed, and it occurred to me that I needed to take that test and I didn’t know where or when…but I knew it was imminent.  I had a big struggle finding shoes, but finally left to figure things out.  I had to go to some building to find out about the exam, then to another building to take the test, and I was certain I was late. Struggle!  Struggle!   Then I remembered:  I already HAVE my law degree…and  I REALLY don’t want any more vapid credentials.  Math wasn’t required before and certainly,  since I DON’T EVEN HAVE A LAW LICENSE ANYMORE…I didn’t have to give a rip.  I don’t need to take any more tests!  (I felt bad leaving the borrowed bed unmade because I was in a hurry but its owner had another room anyway.)
9:23 am
4:59 am
“This is a Spirit that you have identified that is sweeping the Christian Community!
I am seeing this same thing in close community situations and families.This is Biblical of, “brother against brother”, families turning on family members, those that say they are of the Faith; but are not.Now, this is a “Spirit”.
“This is the FUD Factor. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt…so be safe and turn on someone.
Turn against others so, “YOU FEEL SAFER”.
9:23 am
I had a very long dream but all I remember is the end.  I was at a big fancy banquet and nobody would let me sit at their table.  My mom’s table was the last one I tried; she was seated with women, in matching shirts, and her table was decked out like the head table, but it was at the back of the room.  The table was half empty and my mom said, “The best of us aren’t here.”  She wouldn’t let me sit there either and I put my finger on her nose and said, “Nobody will let me sit at their table because you lied about me.”  I pushed her nose right into her face like she was an inflatable clown.  I remember thinking, “Why in the WORLD am I doing this?”   (I often think that in dreams when I recognize I’m doing something I wouldn’t normally do.)
6:42 am
4:38 am

I’ve had hardly any dreams for some months, I’ve been praying about it.  Last night I remembered one:  I was at some kind of event and saw an old boyfriend from high school.  He looked just the same, not the way I saw him at our ten-year reunion.  He was waiting for me when I passed through a doorway and we spoke for a few minutes.  He had small children with him.  I don’t remember a thing we said.

Hey!  I didn’t dream about trying to take a shower!  That’s usually what I dream about after I haven’t dreamed for a while.

10:32 am
Hands Haircut
2:06 pm
“Kwako spoke of a woman who had an uneasy relationship with her father, whom she saw as domineering. In a dream, she talked to her father and experienced a kind and soft side of him. This helped her see these qualities in him in waking life as well. The dream helped change her view of her father, and their relationship improved greatly.”

Profound Dreams That May Be More Than Dreams—and Their Unexpected Uses

10:45 am
Last night I dreamed I was cooking a wonderful dinner for Trish and Karen.  I kept messing everything up.  They didn’t mind though.
10:25 am
From night before last:
David’s birthday.  I dreamed about him.  It was a long convoluted dream but I don’t think it was all from God except one part:  An angel gave me a magic tablet.  It told me where to go when we were lost in New York.
I knew he was an angel because of all the things he knew about us.  David and I were shocked when he asked with a twinkle, “Hey David, how are you coming  along  with that bed-wetting”?   (I don’t know if David ever wet the bed when we were little  but in the dream we BOTH knew he did, and we were BOTH amazed.)  The angel had great sparkling eyes and gave us hope because we had been very lost.  I told my mom the guy was an angel and she said:  “You ALWAYS say people are angels.  How many angels have you talked to?  Do you really believe…(yada, yada…)”  .Then I showed her what the magic tablet could do.  It looked a lot like hers but hers didn’t show the information you needed just by thinking.  If I moved it around it showed me scenes from my past, only real-time.  It had a title at the top of the screen, “Linda Goldthorpe” but when I turned it,  the title changed to “Linda Miller” and I saw a newspaper ad from when I had a law office.  On the other side was a video clip…from then.  Every time I turned it, something new popped up.
I also saw a little girl eating a piece of roasted meat on a stick.  I leaned over to talk to her and was surprised to see it was a penis.  (I suppose they eat them  somewhere.)  She had gnawed off the foreskin and was just about to chomp the glans.   I told her that she saved the  best for last.  My dad kept telling us he had a tart but would never answer what kind it was or where he had it.  When Mom and Dad caught up with us, they were staying in a really shoddy old building so we helped them move out.  (It was hard to sleep last night with all the firetrucks around.  I prayed for fire on Helmer, I’ve prayed for the fire of God’s truth around here a thousand times.  Maybe Steve could reopen in the Helmer House?)   In my dream my mother was starving to death.  She was demanding that we go to Outback.  I thought Dad should share his tart but he wouldn’t answer any questions.
Wow, it’s not David’s birthday!  How did I do that?  I’m usually very accurate.  Steve told the lady from the store in Curtis that she should double up on her  liquor order because he must have forgotten to push the send button or something.  His liquor order never went in.   That’s a good thing, at least, in this catastrophe.  People are driving by very slowly, like a funeral procession.  I thought I saw my dad’s car but I wasn’t sure.   I prayed for him anyway.
I woke up to flashing lights in the window and traffic at the bridge.  (They fill up firetrucks there.)   I  put on my raincoat and went to ask what was going on and a kindly fireman told me Helmer Grocery burned to the ground. He said nobody was hurt and that it was OK for me to walk up and have a look.  It was strange walking along the road because private vehicles were parked here and there with headlights on and there were many, many fire trucks.  It was thundering,  and lightening was flashing as I walked.  Now we have firetrucks turning around in the driveway.  It’s pretty exciting.  Connie only barked once then got overwhelmed.  I started pumping gas at that store  for Emil in 1975,  and it’s since become my church.  My only social life.  Wow.  Steve’s in jail tonight.  I wonder if he knows.
8:33 am
Dream:  We were going to Mackinac Island and it was taking a very long time to get on the road.  I was holding Isaac’s old bike, waiting for our ride to the ferry.  There were many people around me with bikes.  I got impatient.  Then a guy showed up with a van, he was a shuttle-service to the dock. I stood patiently while he explained the rules.  He kept going on, and on…Frustrating.  So I rode the bike up near where he stood, just outside of my garage.  ( Correction:  my SONS’ garage) and I indicated that we were getting antsy.  He gestured for  me to be patient so I got off the bike, a little embarrassed because the seat is too high and I’m not very graceful on the dismount.  He continued with more rules.  I moved closer, and indicated our impatience.  He gave me an aside, so I stood still while he explained potentially-necessary life-saving skills we must know.  I expected him to give us some CPR trick but instead he had us practice a very strange movement:  we were to turn our hands over and slam the butt of our palms  into the imperiled person’s chin!  We were to save others by ramming their chins into their sinus cavities!  I went inside.  I went to the top of the stairs and saw George and Isaac (Isaac had his hair covered with a bandana) standing beneath me on the stairs  They were discussing other ways to get to the island.  George said, “I don’t want to be late for anything.”   Outside the van-driver just went on and on and on…
1:25 pm
4:34 am
From 7/15/14
10:52 am:
I just woke up!  I got up before two and worked until six and thought I was supposed to go back to bed to have a dream.  I did.  Nothing there.   Then I went back to sleep and had a doozy!
I was in Escanaba.  I was supposed to play piano at a wedding but I never got there.  My parents’ home was on the street, very modern, very beautiful.  It seemed to be on a single floor.  I never saw much of it because I was ushered into an adjoining restaurant, also beautiful, lots of glass and pale wood.  The DELI COUNTER was really also the kitchen.  It had easily sliding drawers of pale wood with white enameled bottoms that were FILLED with gorgeous breads, right up near the storefront window.  (The windows were ceiling to floor.)  I snuck a piece of dark bread with wonderful cream cheese filling.  It was soft and fresh although there were no airtight covers on any of the baked goods.  The glass counter ran from the front to the back and it was filled with amazing foods of all kinds.  Behind the counter were full-height glass coolers, also filled.  Colors, light, the place was awesome.  One cooler had perfect steaks hanging in rows on hooks. ( I didn’t yet know it was a restaurant and thought it was just part of my parents’ home.  It was very impressive.)
Somebody told me that I had to make brunch for some special people and I went through a door into a dining room, further along the street.  It was very nice with big glass windows on the street-side.  I chose a table and began to set it for the party.  I thought about what to make, but I don’t remember what I decided on.  I knew nothing about the kitchen, not even how to make coffee or where anything was stored.  It was very difficult to prepare and then some of the people came!  I wasn’t ready!  (I’ve had days like that waiting tables at different places.  The absolute worst one was at the old Homestead in St. Ignace on the Fourth of July one year when it got unbelievably busy.  People would sit at a dirty table for a time then give up and leave.  Other grumpy people would replace them!  The boss always fires you after a day you can’t keep up, even when it’s not your fault. The Homestead is now the Gold Mine. It’s on State Street. The Homestead was a nightmare.)  I was trying to get beverages for these special people, and more kept coming.  I wondered how I’d be able to prepare food while I was running trying to address each one as he arrived.  Then a waitress showed up!  (She looked like Alicia Silverstone)   AH HA!  This is a restaurant!  A man I had tried to pacify came into the kitchen and gave me two huge beautiful glass bottles, one looked to contain perfume and the other some kind of beverage, I didn’t have time to determine if it was alcohol or some exotic nutrient drink.  They were both half full.  He hugged me for a long time and I finally said I really had to get back to work.  (One of my favorite waitresses never got fired.  She would hold her hands out to the boss and say, “COUNT THESE!”  She also only rang up a portion of the bills. She pocketed the rest.)
I decided to take orders from the menu, but I didn’t know anything about the menu.  Also,  the participants at my special table kept wanting different things and I didn’t know what they meant.  Some reported taking trinkets and even shoes from a gift-shop-corner and I could only record their choices along with the food orders.   I kept writing things down but never had a chance to do any cooking or to take any cash for the merchandise.
My stomach really hurts.  I never hurt anymore, ever at all usually.  (I had diarrhea right after my dad left on Sunday though.  It was like my insides emptied out in a single minute.  It didn’t hurt a bit.)  My first dream was also in Escanaba.  I was at the house of a politician I know although I’ve never been to his house.  It was kind of ramshackle, he didn’t even have any coffee.  He had ice cream though. His wife pointed out some shutters that she said came from their old house.
5:37 am
4:48 pm
I wish I had my notes, this was the first prophetic dream I ever had,  maybe fifteen years ago, before I even got the Holy Ghost, I think:
I was at the ACE store, shortly after Tim took over.  I remember a customer asking me a question and I told him I didn’t know the answer because I didn’t work there.  We chatted and I told him my dad owned the store.  He said, “Do you get stuff for free?”  I said, “My dad helps me with the big stuff, but the little stuff I get on my own.”  Then something happened and we all went running out the back door.  We jumped into a big flatbed truck, I was driving and my entire family was in the back.  We pulled away from the building (we ran over David’s wallet) and then the entire store EXPLODED!  The explosion was so bright it kinda sucked all the light into it and I couldn’t see where I was going at all!  I took my hands off the wheel and said, “You’re gonna have to drive, Lord, because I can’t see a thing.”  We drove until the light returned to normal and the truck stopped.  Then I could see that we had stopped right before hitting an enormous rock.
I woke up and went to the bathroom, kinda stunned.  I knew the dream was from God but I had no idea what it meant so I asked him when I got back to bed.  He said,  “ACE is the church,”  and he explained some other things to me that I don’t remember.  I do remember this, I asked, “But, Lord, my dad doesn’t own the ACE anymore.”  He said, “Do you think I own the church?”
7:49 am
I got up at two, worked a few hours and became sleepy.  I dreamed I was in another huge hotel, although from the curb it looked like a cross between the Longbranch in Newberry and a residential home.  It had a long sweeping wooden porch like one of the houses at Bayview, MI.  I came in from the back so I never saw the porch until I left.  There was lots of food around, the place was a native-operation, most people were dark-skinned and friendly.  It was housing a lot of sick children, like a makeshift hospital and I was trying to help them.  I opened door after door.  Sometimes I walked in on hookers with guys in bed. (Sometimes those people left their doors open so I didn’t go in.)  A tall Indian started following me around and telling me jokes.  He was really funny but I overheard others talking about his speech impediment.  I overheard him tell one guy, “I’m gonna marry that girl”  but I didn’t even know him.  He guided me to a big staircase leading to the doorway.  I overheard him ask a guy, “You people still have that tunnel under here?  There aren’t any police down there, right?”  As I went down the stairs all the little children were poking their heads through  the rails so I stopped on each step to talk to each one.  When I reached the bottom, a grandmotherly native came out of the dining room and handed me a wonderful sandwich in a plastic bag.  The bag was very long and although the pieces of sandwich were cut in a shape that looked like quarters of a slice of normal bread, I could tell this bread was unusual because there were many quarters. The sandwich was stuffed with all kinds of veggies.  I remember shredded red cabbage and sprouts sticking out.  I started munching a piece and shared some with my escorts, familiar people but I don’t know them in real life.  We went out onto the porch and there was nobody lounging there although it was a perfect day and a perfect lounging-porch.  I got into a car with my acquaintances, we sat in the back.  The driver was an old friend I haven’t seen for years and we took off from the east side of my Grandma’s old house in Newberry, toward Truman Avenue.  I looked into the rearview mirror and I could see my friend looking at me really snotty.  I also saw the stop sign so I reminded her to stop.
(Deepwoods  OFF makes my fingers stick to the keyboard.)
7:46 am
Ham’s done.  I had a bit earlier but left it in the oven while I took a nap.  I went  OUT and dreamed really hard.  It was terrible.  I was in a huge hotel, it had an elevator like the Wonka elevator, that could go anywhere but I didn’t get to that part until the end, and just before I got to say where I wanted to go, I woke up.  I remember a guy in the elevator had a stick with a huge blob of chewing gum on the end  that he reached towards me.  I took my gum from my mouth (everybody in the whole PLACE had chewing gum and they were leaving it around everywhere!) and when I touched his improvised gum disposal,  some of the mess got stuck to my hands.  I looked at the guy and at the exact same time we said, “Everybody in this place is going to get typhoid.”  It was really funny.
The hotel was huge and opulent with lots of events going on, there was  a bunch of elegantly-dressed Shriners.  I was there to work of course, but I kept missing what was going on.  I remember asking everybody for an agenda but they just kept pushing me around.  Chewing gum all over, crowds…everything I did was wrong.  I was grubby and the klutziest I’ve ever been.  I dropped things and tripped people.  I would drop something and when I went to pick it up, I’d drop other things.  I lost my phone and a couple small items and had to dig them out of a garbage can, leaving a few behind because of all the chewing gum.  Eventually it got so funny I just stood in the crowd and laughed out loud.  I even pulled off a doorknob!
Eventually my escorts said, “It’s time to go to the ball.”  I said, “Not me, I didn’t even take a shower today. Where can I get an agenda?”  One girl was really nice and chatty she gave me the key to my room but I didn’t know where it was.  She said she was engaged to Adam and I felt bad because I had expected to see him sometime that day.  When I did it was only for a second.  I sat down on his right and  the girl (she reminded me of George’s niece Amy, chin-length hair though) was sitting on the other side of him.  I had just turned to speak to him but surprised myself by leaning to give him a quick peck on the lips.  (I’ve never kissed him, except one time I kissed him on the forehead when he was asleep and I was leaving his house. God told me to kiss him just like that.  I used to kiss my dad on the forehead and he didn’t like it because he said it makes him feel old.)  The girl leaned around him and said, “That didn’t take her very long.”  I felt embarrassed.  She said, “When we get married we’re going to live up here.”   “Up here” usually means UP to me, but I didn’t know what she meant because this fancy place was obviously not in the UP.  I think my room number was 370. I had the key to it, already on a key chain with my own keys, but I never got there because of the elevator hilarity that woke me up. (The girl said she had a dog the same size as […].  Single syllable name I don’t remember but she said it like I’d know the dog.)
I remember knowing two things after talking to Adam the first time:  1) I have to talk to this guy  every day, and 2) I’m going to cry at his wedding.
6:36 am
I dreamed I was unpacking a big box of groceries from Steve’s.  There was a bag of flour.  I saw bugs, huge bugs!  Creepy beetle-bugs like trilobytes or something.  A couple different kinds.  They were everywhere.  My mom was cooking and I felt guilty about that.  Eventually I sprayed them with poison and they started to break into pieces.  Nobody was noticing them.  Then my dad offered me my choice of presents.  He presented me with a lot of options, one was a bottle of face-cleaner with no cap.  I hadn’t chosen when I woke up.
12:36 am
I dreamed I was at my father’s house, planning to cook beef stew.  My mom and dad were getting in my way.  Then the house split open and the floor dropped about 3 feet.  I couldn’t find meat anywhere.  I looked in the freezer and saw a couple packages of hamburger but the freezer was huge and went off to the right, way over my head, like an attic cubby-hole.  I got a bit irked because I couldn’t get the meat without finding a ladder and crawling right into the freezer.  My dad was holding a huge slab of beef but when I touched it I found out it was artificial, like cardboard.  The house kept falling apart, one wall in shambles revealed a pillar behind it and then the pillar broke too!  At first I was thinking that my dad should be paying attention but I settled myself down thinking, “He built this house, surely he knows how to put it back together” although I couldn’t imagine how he could jack the entire thing up again, when the foundation was falling apart.
8:55 am
I have a chill this morning that I can’t shake.  It’s sixty degrees in the house so I shouldn’t feel cold.  I wrapped myself in a blanket and fell asleep.  Here’s what I dreamed:
I was with a bunch of people in a large building, we seemed purposeless.  People came and went, some looking for prior residents I didn’t know.  Nobody seemed to know me.
They spoke of threats that I didn’t understand, Josh was with me but he was a baby.  Maybe a year old.  They wanted to put a video of him on TV to somehow belie the threats.  I realized that he hadn’t had his diaper changed and hadn’t eaten anything so I went to get him food.  I was going to make him a bolongna sandwich and cut it into quarters.   I encountered many impediments to my goal.  At one point I was in a dark basement and people were calling down to me that the house would be demolished immediately.  I didn’t get scared and climbed out of the basement to the kitchen.   I was struggling through other people’s remains to perform my task, and I splashed some of their food on the front of my shirt.  A black woman came up to me from across the counter and took my hand.  She was startled when she touched me and her glance made me look at the food on my shirt.  It was glowing green and twinkly.  The spot was moving and shrinking.  She turned to another woman and said, “She’s so low!”  By the time I woke up people were calling me “Linda Goldthorpe” all the time.   Not just Linda.  It was like, “Watcha gonna do now, Linda Goldthorpe?”  The woman meant to change my DNA but she only changed the DNA of the crap on my clothing.  When my roommates said “Linda Goldthorpe”  it was with respect.
2:47 pm
10:12 am
I dreamed that I was in a big fancy building, like a hotel or something but it was more residential.  Opulent.  An big old  fat guy with a cane was wandering around with an enormous  bottle of scotch in a presentation box under his arm.  He was looking for me and  said he wanted to drink it with me.  I’ve never tasted scotch but I figured I could hold my own and agreed.  But then I couldn’t find him and when I did, he was too busy eating.
My first husband was in the dream too but I don’t remember what he was doing.  When I knew him he looked exactly like Edward Snowden, even the glasses.  (My ex was skinnier.)
6:00 am

                          This morning I dreamed  I was driving on a road with lots of trees, through a forest really.  I watched  to my left, a Michigan State Police car flying through the sky toward me.  Gently floating.  It got closer and I wanted to  get away if I could.  The Michigan State Police car was maneuvering toward me when suddenly it went nose down.  It floated nose-down until the bumper  gently touched the ground and it rolled over on its top.  I started to speed up but then I wondered if any of my civil servants had been hurt and I figured I should look.  There didn’t appear to be anybody in the Michigan State Police car  so I drove away.  A dummy light in my car lit up with the word:  “Terrored.”  

                          I got to my house (it wasn’t my real house but I knew it was supposed to be my house) and a small guy followed me in the front door.  He was dressed like a munchkin city council member, I’m thinking green and bright orange.  I don’t remember what he said but he looked pretty comical.
8:05 am
I had a dream once where I was standing outside in a rain of ping-pong balls, just like on Captain Kangaroo but these balls were all different colors.  God told me it was a friend’s love and I thought about that for a bit.  I never thought about how all the balls were bouncing off of me.
1:26 pm
Sometimes I dream about saddling horses, not a particular horse, because I never loved one.   I never enjoyed saddling horses, but I could do it in my sleep, and often do.  Horses are rarely as bright as we’ve been led to believe.  The knot for the cinch-strap is similar to the Windsor knot for neckties, but more flat.  I can feel my hands on the leather band as I pull and pull (horses take in deep breaths and hold the air to avoid being cinched to death…can’t  blame them)  to  fashion the perfect impediment to their free will.  I do it right every time, although I haven’t touched a horse for years.  I always remember to be very careful not to wrinkle the saddle blanket, which is necessary to cushion their confinement.  Horses can carry a surprising amount of weight, but only if there’s no wrinkle in the saddle blanket.
4:28 am
From October 2011
In my dream I was in Josh’s room, sitting on his bed up against the headboard and preparing to read some papers.  The bed was in a different part of the room and there was a lamp and a bunch of stuff to the north.  Suddenly a woman jumped up out of the stuff and broke a lamp and her glasses. She had been destroying my clothes, piece by piece.  I never figured out why.  I grabbed her roughly, took her cell phone and considered calling the police.  I really wanted to know what she was doing there, why did she break into MY house?  Her husband showed up.  I think I let them leave but I never learned anything and it left me feeling violated and scared.
7:30 am
Orbs of light in a cave.  I’ve seen these a lot.  One time I watched hundreds fall from the sky.  I even followed them around my house.  They came from the Northwest.
3:37 pm
I had a vision once of my heart being knit to another heart.  You can’t really knit two solid things together, but you could crochet them if you punched holes.  I saw knitting needles with hot pink yarn joining our  hearts.  Then I saw them go into a lockbox or a safe, something like that.  Then in a bigger safe, then in a closet, then in a secured room then concrete and sealing wax.  I saw the enclosure of our hearts get bigger and tougher and then there were missiles!  Planes and guns shooting at the hearts.  Nothing ever touched them.
5:32 am

“Up in the seats was ‘a Southern Baptist, self-described conservative, non-prophetic pastor’  who lifted his iPad over his head to take a photo.”

“He looked down at the screen to see a strange glow on the stage that sent chills down his spine. He then showed the picture to the man standing next to him, and proceeded to take another picture of the stage. When he looked at the second picture and saw the same image, he was overwhelmed with emotion, as he was convinced that what he saw in these photos was an angel.”


I had a heart orgasm once.  Very pleasant, spasms the whole shot.  Weird as possible.  I don’t know if a spirit was loving me or if the goons aimed wrong before shooting the stun gun.  I have much to learn.
1:02 pm
Yesterday morning, very early and dark, I turned off the computer and lay down on the couch where I was working.  I turned off the lights and began to pray.  After a bit my computer speakers made a noise and I opened my eyes.  EVERYWHERE, everywhere I could see was filled with sparks of confetti-glitterlights.  I shut my eyes but I could still see them and when I opened them the lights were still there.  Then I began to see shapes, like shadows although they were not shadows because there was no light and I could still see them  with my eyes closed.  I’m starting to see the great cloud of witnesses and I’m glad.  I’d like to know who I’ve been dealing with all this time.  I was so peaceful it felt like floating in butterscotch pudding.  The peace kept me going all day long.
7:57 am
I had two dreams, or visions, I think they were dreams.  I walked up a path, kind of like the “yellow brick road” and I entered the heart of a friend.
In the first dream his heart was completely lined with mirrors.  As I stood in his heart, no matter where I looked, I saw myself.
In the second dream his heart was completely lined with mirrors.  As I stood in his heart, no matter where I looked, I saw myself.  And behind me I saw George, Isaac and Josh.
Another time I saw my friend enter my heart.  He was pushing a wheelbarrow full of priceless objects.  I think he had a suitcase too, but I’d have to check my notes.
5:30 am
                    I had a dream in 2008 or 2009, it’s in my journal.   I was standing in a small courtyard, kind of long and narrow.  I was wearing a beautiful wedding dress and was looking down the front of it.  I’ve never worn a beautiful dress like that.  The neckline was kind of off-shoulder and an angel was adjusting it on my right side.  I was facing the entrance to the courtyard.  Suddenly my best friend was in front of me and slapped me across the face.  INSTANTLY the angel had him pinned up against the wall to my left with a hand around his throat.  He dropped to the ground sobbing.
                    Next scene, and it was pure Hollywood.  Close-up of a right hand in a green latex glove with the fingers of the left hand pulling it down over the wrist.  Snap!  Camera moves in behind an angel-surgeon down to the operating table where my friend was lying.  I saw another angel, on the other side of the table put his hand into my friend’s chest and pull out his heart…it was black and had red blood oozing from cracks all over.  It reminded me of Hawaii pictures of lava hitting the ocean.  The angel pitched it into a garbage can after the camera got a good close-up.  (I think the garbage can may have been operated by a foot-pedal.  It was shorter than those I would picture in an operating room.)  Then the angel raised up a new heart, much smaller and it was gold.  He dropped it into my friend’s chest by a golden chain and when he waved his hand over the wound to seal it back up, the end of the chain was protruding from the healed wound.
                    Next scene, looking over my friend’s shoulder as an angel pushes him down the hospital corridor in a wheel chair, for some reason I see his left foot elevated.  We turn into a room on the right, it’s the last one in the hallway.  Through the doorway I see first the right side of a hospital bed.  We make a sharp turn around the foot of the bed, angel is pushing, and pull up beside an arm, at wheelchair height, that was bandaged from a hand amputation.  Camera still following my friend, he looks up and I see myself in the bed.  My friend stands up with some difficulty and leans over my face.  As he does, the chain from his heart hits my chest where the tattoo says “Jesus.”  (I was so amazed when I watched Matrix 2 last year!  I never saw it even…)
                    Next scene.  Wheelchair is back at the foot of the bed, my friend is seated in it and I’m on his lap.  We’re both wearing hospital gowns and not too stable.  The angel pushes us into what looks like a pre-fab closet but it turns out to be an elevator.  The angel pushes the wheelchair into the wardrobe…and we go up.
                    (I warned my friend at the time that if he didn’t pray for me I was going to wind up on his lap.)
5:35 am
I had a dream I was at church in the front row.  The Spirit filled me and I began to sing in tongues, worshiping Jesus with abandon.  People got very upset and a man came towards me with a big blanket held up like he was going to restrain me with it.  I was so peeved I threw my hands up in the air and turned around to the congregation.  (It was small.  I saw my mother there.)   I said, “Alright then, I’ll just do it in English” and I began to preach about the hypocrisy of calling me crazy for believing what they teach, and about the evil of “quenching” the Spirit.  I believe they got it.
2:17 am
                    Chicken Cacciatore for supper last night. It was very good.  I dreamed long and hard.  I was traveling around a town with my mother, on foot.  I was reprimanded for jay-walking and commented that I hadn’t been in a town for a while.  I tried to shower two times.  I don’t remember much about the first shower, but the fixture was in front of a big old-fashioned store window right on the sidewalk.  Lots of people coming and going.
                    The second shower was in a stall right in the middle of a room full of people.  Billie Jo was sitting in a folding chair with another lady.  I think she was knitting.  George Edwards, a pk from high school who I didn’t even know came by and opened up the door to say hi.  The stall barely came up to my shoulders and I had a hard time maintaining my modesty even when people didn’t open the door.  It kept coming apart at the corners and I struggled to pull it back together and wash at the same time.  My possessions were being trampled all over as people moved around. My favorite bra got hooked to something on Billie’s chair and I pulled and pulled from the shower trying to get it free and still stay covered up.  She got it loose and examined the damage saying it wasn’t too bad.  I couldn’t get clean.  This shower was entirely insufficient.
3:57 am
I’ve been remembering a dream I had maybe four years ago.  I don’t have my notes from that time so I don’t remember all the details but it went kind of like this:
I walked into a house where they were having some kind of event, I believed it to be a funeral.  Inside the front door I saw my angel-person with a woman, kinda busy up on a table, so I went by into another room.  The house belonged to Kathy.  Tiny rooms upstairs, I passed by quite a number of people.  Downstairs my father and Tim were loitering in a large lobby, dressed in suits.  I was told I couldn’t get into the shindig because I didn’t have $75 dollars.  A woman with dredlocks approached me and whispered that I had blood on my skirt and she shinnied me into a bathroom and helped me get cleaned up.  Then she gave me $75 dollars and said, “Go get him.  You’ve been standing up alone for so long.”
(I’ve met the woman now but her dredlocks have been cut off.  I also smashed up my nose in early October and DRENCHED a skirt in blood…right before I started menstruating again.  It’s been a few years.)
I also remember a dream where fifty dollar bills came out of my nose, folded into tiny squares.  I spent all my time unfolding them and laughing.  My dad and I were standing on a beach and he was very amazed.
6:00 am
                    I was frantic again, in an opulent hotel where I was attending some kind of event. I was trying to get ready and I couldn’t because I kept running into people I knew from all over.  I saw my ex-husband who I haven’t seen for twenty years and we decided to have dinner and catch up.  ( I didn’t notice while dreaming, but he was walking.  Last time I saw him in regular life he was in a wheelchair.)  I expected him to pay for the meal.  All through the dream I was starving and looking for the dining room.  I ran into lots of law school people, some I didn’t remember, but they kept me from finding food.
                   Finally I was in the dining room at a big table where a meal had already taken place and I was scavaging the remains.  A meeting was going on at a nearby table, very high-class.  Trish Morris was there.  A waiter came and kicked me out.  Another woman from Trish’s table came to me and put $250 my hand.  She said, “You can pay it back whenever.”  I asked her how and she said she was Peg Potoczak’s daughter.  She was kind of sheepish.  A young man gave me his address on a piece of paper but it blew away.  These were the only nice people as I was thrown to the street.
                    My belongings were strewn around me on the pavement at the entrance to a parking garage.  They weren’t all there so I asked about the rest and was told I didn’t deserve to have them.  People were watching as I turned over this piece and that of broken memorabilia.  One thing remained intact but I didn’t remember it being mine.  It was an ornate upholstered little address-book gadget, like a mini-cedar chest.  I opened it and saw my mother’s handwriting.  It had only one address…a man’s name.  The date was 1982.  Then I had an orgasm and it woke me up.
Neville Johnson’s dream of upcoming currency collapse and the end-time transfer of wealth.  Gold and silver values increased four-fold.

Haggai 2:8

“The silver is mineand the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.”
“We must have a global world-view of his house.”   “How are we going to feed those people?”  “I believe God will enable his people to speak to entire nations.”
(Neville Johnson)
5:46 pm
12 midnight
Another cabin…this was a large one that sits next to my house and belonged to my great-grandfather.  I was in the kitchen with my new friend who is a former street preacher.  I was on the floor on my face with my hands down.  They lifted off the floor a bit so I got up on my toes and they lifted up too.  I was hovering about 4-5 inches off the floor so I called to my friend in amazement.  I decided to see if I could move around that way and pretty soon I could control my hovering and could even go up a wall, always maybe no more than six inches from the surface.
There were some men staying at the cabin too, and we were supposed to feed them.  Every time we started to prepare something, we’d find that there wasn’t enough.  Outside at a picnic table by then, she nudged me and said, “Get out the grinder sister,” and handed me a package of pickle and pimiento loaf.  We were down to bologna salad.  I got the grinder but when I returned to the table I saw that Connie had taken a big bite out of the bologna so we couldn’t even make that.
1:58 pm
I was staying with Kevin in a hotel in Marquette.  My brother said I could get some food at this other hotel so I went there and met a small Chinese cook who made me an insufficient plate of half-good food.  He said my brother had set it up.  I didn’t have any money so I assumed he’d be paying.  I ended up talking to all the staff where they took their lunch on a bed that filled an entire room.  When I was done eating I looked for more and saw that the hotel was serving a lunch buffet that was wonderful.  One table was filled with all kinds of fish dishes that I wanted to try, but I had to find out if my lunch had included the buffet.  I had to find my brother and when I did, we were on H-33 just after the Triangle.  I was driving south and I met my dad (driving several cars) and my brother driving north so I tried to pull over but couldn’t for a bit because of a lot of road construction.  When they approached me, on foot, my brother said he’d already given me fifty dollars and my dad dropped a bunch of quarters into my hand.  Somehow I had bags of Chinese food in the car and jostling around the construction (there was a bridge over the road) it had gotten messy with spilled sauce.
I dreamed I finally made it into a bathroom.  I had my messy Chinese food and I was washing the little waxed bags and paper containers and had them spread out over the counter and in both sinks.  A very beautiful young blond woman came out of the stall.  Her hair was pulled back very smooth and she was dressed in business clothes.  Her skin looked flawless until she moved under the light and I could see some plugged pores glistening gold on her nose.  I apologized for taking up the entire room and began to move my food from one of the sinks.  I was apologizing over and over but she just stood there looking really snotty.  Finally I said, “can’t you even be nice when I’m trying so hard to clean things up for you?”
We moved over to the other sink, she was behind me and started talking lawyer-stuff.  I wondered if she knew I had been a lawyer…she was chiding me about “Walter Martin” and saying how he was such a crooked prosecutor and hurtful to Jews and lots of negative stuff I didn’t want to hear.  (His name was familiar in the dream but not until I googled it just now did I remember a Christian apologist I used to study many years ago.)  I asked her to stop talking bad about a lawyer and said I didn’t want to be responsible for knowing that stuff.  We got in a fight…an actual physical altercation.

I also found

Walter Martin Jr. Attorney

  • 803 Court St
  • Saginaw, Michigan 48602-4223
Phone (989) 793-9180
1:30 pm
I know I’m supposed to keep recording this stuff..what if it actually means something?  I usually find out after the fact  that I was right about something or other.  This could be really accurate since I’m remembering so many details and having dreams every couple hours.  I’m looking forward to being right again.  All my life I’ve been trying to be “right” to any stinkin’ single person at all!  At all!  I hope I don’t enjoy this too much and fall into sin.    Walter Martin, I picture him burly but not too old.  That one’s a shady lawyer.  I’m eager to know what that means.
1:36 pm…there’s another Walter Martin lawyer in Houston.  Maybe the old man set up a practice near the vacation home.
725 am
               I was in a huge commercial  single-building-complex, looking for a bathroom.  I tried everywhere but there were none.  A small community college only had a men’s room.  I couldn’t find a bathroom anywhere.  One wing was a small hospital and I was certain I’d find one there.  Down the hallway all the way to the end…there was only a window.  I couldn’t leave.  Back up the hallway I asked a nurse and she said there were no bathrooms there.  I was carrying a tote bag and stuff started coming out of it so I sat down to push things back in.  A guy came by and said that if I didn’t want to look like a Republican, I shouldn’t drink that kind of beer.  There were a couple cans near me and I didn’t remember drinking from them but figured they were mine so I shoved them into the bag.  He said something about Ron Paul and we spoke for a minute.  Then I started off again to get out of the building.  I looked and looked but every time I saw an exit, I couldn’t reach it.  By then I was stuffing things into a couple different bags as they flowed all over.  I had a pair of pantyhose over my arm and was trying to find my car keys for when I got out, but I had no idea where I’d left my car or even what it looked like, although I knew it was red.
               I finally found an entrance and went down a couple steps only to find that the door was about six feet off the floor and I couldn’t reach it.  Another time I saw a door below me and there were no stairs, so I had to squeeze myself through these three narrow windows and found myself hanging about 20 feet off the floor.  I crawled back up, by then I had a garment bag too and stuff kept spreading around me.  As I’m shoving all this stuff back I noticed a stairway that the other people had used to reach the door level and could see them going down as I sat on the floor and stuffed shit into luggage.  I realized I’d better get my act together or I’d be called crazy again and I overheard a passerby suggest counseling.  No bathroom, no egress.  I was on the stairs, by then I figured I was in Lansing, and a couple women stopped to speak to me.  One said very proudly that she had been the lead “anchor” of the network.  Her hair was very smooth and dark, chin-length.  They tried to be helpful and I asked them for a ride.  The other woman said she had two children and didn’t think she’d have room but agreed to take me…I told her west, past Okemos.  (This is the wrong direction and I figured I’d go to my former mother-in-law’s house but she doesn’t live there anymore anyway.)  Then standing on the stairs trying to stuff my stuff together and sling the garment bag over my arm, preparing to run after the women who were already leaving, from out of nowhere I had an orgasm and it woke me up.
               Then my “stomach became bitter” and my “bowels turned to water within me.”
               As wet dreams go, I’d say this was a doozey.
“Sometimes a dream is only a dream.”  (Freud…Saturday Night Live)



8:37 am



I had two dreams this morning, both about cabins:

               I don’t remember anything about the first dream except that it took place in a roughish cabin in a very empty, stark place.
               The second dream felt like hours of existence at a party at a cabin that belonged to my dad.  It was pretty small and filled with people and animals…lots of them had three legs.  There was even a cow in the cabin.  The grounds were wooded and there were tables around and couches.  My mother was hustling around and not having too much fun.  Gagnons were there…kids, adults, etc.  Fires here and there, it was like a campground.
               I was hungry and looking around for food but could only find a cheeto here and there amidst the clamor and motion.  I found a raw chicken and I seasoned it but I couldn’t find an unoccupied grill or fire to cook it.  I started to gnaw on it but realized I didn’t want to eat raw chicken so I asked my mom for some food.  She handed me a chicken breast…also raw.  My upper lip suddenly became really swollen…all the way up to my nose.  It was difficult to talk and I remember considering what I had done to deserve it…I didn’t think it was an allergic reaction or anything.  Chris Nance’s dog “River” had three legs.
               I found a baby left on a table.  He was sliding off so I caught him and held him for a while.  I talked to my dad a bit about him lying about me but my lip made it hard to talk.  He and I were lying side by side on a bed.  People all around us.
               A woman and a young man came down from the hill and called to me.  Apparently I was supposed to know them from when I was involved in political stuff.  They were glad to see me and I sat them down at a table, wondering how they had known I was there in the dark woods.  The whole time I was looking for food and trying to talk to my dad and looking for food and looking, they were waiting for me.  They had left by the time I got back to the table and I felt really bad about abandoning them.
               At one point I went into a little camp store and bought a pack of cigarettes.  It was unusual because it had 32 in the pack.  It cost nine dollars.
               My best cabin dream:  (From last summer, my record was lost in my last computer meltdown)
               The cabin was narrow, one room wide and three rooms long.  It was on a high bank over a river.  I kept thinking it was like Jimmy’s cabin on the Two-hearted river, but I was only there once when I was a little girl. (It burned down, I heard.)
               I entered on the river side, from a porch through a door at the center of the middle room, the kitchen.  I could see another door directly opposite.  It had a window in it and there was a table in front of it.  I looked to the right, at the bedroom.  There was a bed running across the short way, covered in a handmade quilt of red and blue squares.  The squares were too big to be totally pleasing in appearance, but the colors worked in the room.  At the foot of the bed, with about 3 feet passage space, was a huge window.
               The kitchen had no running water, but was sufficient to do what needed to be done.  I went back out and sat on the porch for a long time.  I put my feet up on the rail over the river.  I stayed a long peaceful time.
               When I went back in, I looked to the left.  The “living-room” area was filled with interesting dark antique furniture. All the pieces had glass items on them, art glass, nice stuff.  Suddenly a light came from somewhere and made all the glass sparkle in different colors.  I knew then, that it was MY CABIN.
I don’t remember if this was a dream or a vision, when you’re in the Spirit it makes little difference if you’re sleeping.  This was several years ago and is not in my journal.
               I was being penetrated by a huge penis.  It went all the way through my body and out the top of my head.  It was covered with stickers, like the old fashioned travel stickers put on suitcases.  These stickers did not depict tropical destinations, but evil tendencies and character malfunctions.  As the penis had its way, all the stickers scrubbed off.
(These were REAL character malfunctions, not behavioral stuff…like LYING, and Self-Righteousness…and judging others…)

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  1. Then cremated using the grit for toilet bowl cleaner. What other lumber companies and employ would you add to this list. They ate the future of the USA. Are U missing a 1,000 acre virgin forest in the Midwest or anywhere? They come around only once in eternity. Can U wait 5,000yrs. for another one?

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