To my partner in peace


6:35 am

From Bob Jones, according to his widow:

His timing is always perfect; never early, never late but always on time. I believe the army of God that received their draft notice in 1981 came into their place of maturity in 2011. However these past three and a half years have been a time of God sifting them to determine who would remain faithful till the end.

They will be the army of “greater works” fully equipped in resurrection power and glory. This army carries a breaker anointing to break the chains of offense, oppression, lawlessness and religion.




12:01 pm

I am a champion.  You should replace my home.  Or not.  I’d still invite you to my better home.  You’re always welcome because I love you.




3:25 pm

 Rapid Roy (That Stock Car Boy)

Jim Croce



9:05 am

A Case of You



6:46 pm

The Real Meaning Of Teaches



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Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks Whenever I call You Friend




5:55 am

Do you get those weird messages too?  Do you get thoughts and feelings that don’t belong together?  What do you do?  It’s a pain in the ass.  I’ve begun saying “that’s not real” and it’s quicker than praying and usually settles it FOR A MINUTE…  What do we do about that?  Is it demons or microwaves?  When we see totally through the father’s eyes it will just be funny, I know that, but it’s REALLY ANNOYING.  I heard a congregation declare war yesterday, on the residents of the second heaven.  Is there scriptural basis for the notion that we may rise above demonic influence prior to abandoning the ridicule of our race?  Step by step, good discussion on The Anarchast.  I think that guy smokes for effect; he doesn’t love it like I do.  Like Adam joining Eve in her sin.  He knew the real deal but he loved her.  Go figure.



9:26 am

Nobody who ever works with me is ever gonna lose.  I think I’ve proven that.

And, nobody who ever works with you will ever regret it.

(I never know if what I hear is God or bullshit, God forgive me.  But, I would REALLY LOVE to appoint you Secretary of State.  Godspeed.)

(Did I just  call you a loser?  Unintended.  But everybody knows how little I actually intend.)

(Do you think 3.5 is enough?) 


Patti Lupone – “Everything’s Coming up Roses” (LIVE)




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The JeffersonsTheme Song



11:45 am

‘Home is the place where, when you have to go there,
They have to take you in.’  (Robert Frost.  “The Death of the Hired Man.”)




5:30 am

Did God ever fix your handwriting like he did mine?  (I have an envelope somewhere, I wrote the address and you wrote the return address and there wasn’t any difference.  I never sent it, probably because nobody else could read it.)  I’d like to see the original of that prophecy God gave me in 2007.  I’d like to see the two journals where my handwriting changed.  I’d like to review all the miracles I experienced.  I’d like to talk to you too.



5:56 am



8:34 pm

They always say there is no chance for victory, because they’ve given up on their own lives, they’ve made their own internal compromises, they’ve sold themselves out over and over, they’ve bargained away their last chip of power and imagination, and they want companions in their spiritual narcosis.  

-Jon Rappaport



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9:27 am

A photo of Amelia when she was a child cuddling up to a primate  

“Yeah.  You might try, but you better think about it.”



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3:13 pm

I trust you.  I always trust you to do the right thing.




4:50 pm

“Milk and honey flowing, that is where I’m goin’,  Caananland is just in sight!”


9:45 am

“We need righteous groups on the ground.”

“Maybe this is what you were meant for.”

Video: Wake Up! Governments Are Backing Staged Protests Across the Globe!


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Marvin gaye Keep on dancing





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KC and the Sunshine Band are unusual.  Everybody smiles all the time.

KC & The Sunshine Band – Keep It Comin’ Love






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“You’re my lady, I’m your fool.”




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