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‘My sons never forgave me’: Bernie Madoff says the pain he inflicted on his victims is ‘nothing’ compared to the pain of losing his children

  • Madoff sent NBC an email from prison in a bid to clear his sons’ names
  • He said he struggles knowing that they never forgave him
  • His son Mark, 46, killed himself in 2010 on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest for the massive Ponzi scheme
  • Andrew Madoff, 48, died last September after a long battle with cancer
  • The men, who both worked for their father’s company, were not charged in the scheme but questions remain over what they knew 

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I won’t feel guilty taking your money.  You never felt guilty taking mine.





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Like hell, my dad supports missionaries.  He supports ass-kissers.



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“I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too.” — Steve Martin

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Psychopath school:  “When caught red-handed, say that your victim was a danger to self or others.”  (My dad’s alma mater.)





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Proverbs 25:2    “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”



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What my parents are doing, by refusing to speak truth to me and my children about what was done to us, is perpetuating their legacy of lying relationships and false reputations. This is terrible in the macro view;  I mean, don’t they give a shit about anybody but themselves?  But they are also ensuring that their own children and grandchildren will never have honest personal relationships.  A lot of  people will damage the general population, but treat their OWN people differently.  My parents aren’t morally equipped to even recognize that their own offspring matters!   They strike at their own, succeeding generations be damned.  They’ve chosen to leave this world much worse than they found it, even for their own family.  Bet they’re singing   “Joy to the World” right this minute.  Gag.



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You tell people a woman is crazy.  Meanwhile, that woman does things better than anybody else.  Who is crazy?



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BUMP TO THE TOP,  From 2/27 14


Text to my father, my mother and my brother:

“You got that trust account ready yet?  I’d like to stop.  367-72-9730.”

My brother texted:  “no.”

I told him to take his time.  His response was unkind so I said,

“You’re a millionaire.  Dad called me crazy so I can’t even be a waitress.”

(I sent that to my mom, my dad and my rich selfish brother.)



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From FACEBOOK, 3/8/14

I just had a vision of me smacking my dad across the face.  I was standing lower than he, and my fist was formed perfectly just like Adam White taught me to do.  I didn’t hit him with the business part though, it would have crushed his jaw.  I swung my right arm from behind me like a pendulum-stiff and it hit my dad’s chin with the palm-part, where my fingers were folded.  Knocked his head around the bottom oddly, and swung his face up to his right.  I’ve never actually punched anybody before, and this really wasn’t a punch, but it was physically educational just the same.  I’ll do it better next time.
I know my father has good reasons for keeping me and my children in an abominable situation for years.  I know those reasons involve secrets and blackmail and sex that he shouldn’t even be thinking about much less engaging. He is going down and God will not require me to throw a single blow.  God said I will be a lady again. My father took everything away from me, and although my life is not about me, the servant is worthy of his hire and Jesus is giving me my modesty back.
My father will fall to his knees in front of my boys and admit what he knew about what was happening to us and what was done to us and to  RAPING ME OVER AND OVER.  This is not my desire.  This is my prediction.  “Lord have mercy on my father once again.  I don’t care how he is being blackmailed or by whom.  I want you Jesus, and you’re truth.  I want you to touch everybody I know…that would mean everybody will receive truth, and everybody includes my father.  I do not wish to strike my dad but it’s pretty clear his sordid past has come home to roost.  Take him out.”
Family, dear-hearted stupid people…(it’s funny how the rich ones seem stupider…)  I don’t give a fuck if you believe anything I say.  When they put your alma pater in belly-bands maybe you’ll listen to me.  Maybe I’ll still be around.  (Even if I’m gone Jesus will hear you wailing about your creepy-ass-grandpa-who-will-no-longer-pay-for-dinner.  Get used to it.  I did.)





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“But once one has invested oneself in the grisly torture business and has the blood and shit on one’s soul there seems no turning back.”

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Look at this picture.

This woman is a rapist.


She gets an arm around her shoulder.

Maybe her people aren’t  FAKE CHRISTIANS.


Guilty: Simon, 35, was found guilty on four of the five charges against her, three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of accosting a minor for immoral purposes

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10:16 am

My dad’s drug of choice:

To hold absolute power over others, to define what they should love or fear, to decide if they were to live or die and thereby to ravage the whole of their beings—that was a sensuality that made sexual passion look pale by comparison. It was a noneconomic conception of existence. The rewards for those followers who deserved them did not cost one penny; the only price attached to rewards was the abject suffering of some individual victim who was dominated by the recipient of the reward of power…. No, they were not dumb, these [subordinate power wielders]…. They knew a thing or two about mankind. They had reached far back into history and had dredged up from its black waters the most ancient of all realities, man’s desire to be a god…. How far wrong most people were in their appraisal of dictators! The popular opinion was that these men were hankering for their pick of beautiful virgins, good food, fragrant cigars, aged whisky, land, gold…. But what these men wanted was something much harder to get and the mere getting of it was in itself a way of keeping it. It was power, not just the exercise of bureaucratic control, but personal power to be wielded directly upon the lives and bodies of others. – Richard Wright, The Outsider, pp. 198-199




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George Bush said this:

“Torture anywhere is an affront to human dignity everywhere,” he said, adding, “The United States is committed to the worldwide elimination of torture, and we are leading this fight by example. I call on all governments to join with the United States and the community of law-abiding nations in prohibiting, investigating, and prosecuting all acts of torture.”

…as his cronies were waterboarding and starving and freezing and RAPING people.




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“Why do people lie to themselves? There are any  number of reasons. Sometimes it is because a clearer awareness would compromise one’s pursuit of self interest.”  (Les Visible)



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Dream ad in the Newberry News:  “Yes, community, I lied about my daughter because I was embarrassed that she beat me on a bet about God.  She has never been crazy, is way smarter than I am, and has my blessing and financial support.”



This is What Happens When You Call The Cops



9:19 am

We’re supposed to be building the Kingdom of God.  We’re at the border of the promised land, and we must step into the water.

9:18 am

How is it that my father can LIE, LIE, LIE about me, steal my home and marriage right out from under my feet, DESTROY MY CHILDREN’S FAITH IN JESUS, TORTURE ME…and he just doesn’t have to talk about it?  Is this the world we’re living in?  I chose two honest Christian men and one agreed and the other one didn’t say no…to be judges.  I believe Christian brothers should hold him accountable.  He can’t just not talk about it for six-plus years.  I’m not kidding, this is very wrong.  I gave him an extra whole year, God told me to do it and Dad knows I did.  I submitted to his false accusations and attacks…for him.  He must speak up.  He’s shrinking, day by day.  To encourage my dad to face my allegations is not an affront to him.  It is the most loving thing we could do.

2:02 pm

“When you make a tyrant act like a tyrant, that’s when the tyrant actually falls.”  (James Corbett)

My dad is such a perfect metaphor for the police state.  I’m chuckling all the time.




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Does Dad have any life insurance policies on me?  It might be interesting to know.



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The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done




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Text to my smarter-than-everybody father-slash-entrepreneur:

“Josh wants ten days off.  David talked about snow-angels.  Glad you got a boy.”





3:48 am

Occasionally my dad would pay me a compliment;  I lived for his rare kindness.  I didn’t ever go see my dad unless I was showered and lipsticked.  (He was the only man I painted my face for.)  I washed his feet in scented water.  (I wanted him to notice me really bad.)  I wasn’t good enough for my dad so I learned I wasn’t good enough for anything.  I learned that no matter how hard I tried, it would never be good enough, so I stopped trying.  I have never tried to win a single thing in my life.  My one determination was that my children love Jesus, and I DID TRY to be the best Godly mother I could be.  I tried to obey God every single second, so my children would be Christian men.  Other than that, I never tried…
…until now, “Men and beasts attend my words”:  I am absolutely RIGHT about the condition of human governance and I am also absolutely RIGHT about God’s intention to replace the “kingdoms of the world” which SHALL SHORTLY “become the kingdoms of my God, and of his Christ.”  (“Christ”= “anointed”.  “Touch not the anointed of the Lord.”)  (My dad is so dumb, he taught me, “Touch not the HIRELINGS of the Lord.”)   I get impatient.  I have been defending my book for three years and my father will still not grant me audience concerning my issues of contention.  I don’t blame him, and I’ve been REALLY patient, for me.  I recognize that he will be very embarrassed when everybody knows he tried to kill his daughter who washed his feet.  “Dad.  Tough shit.  Get over yourself.  You made me do it and I’m grateful…”




4:44 pm

David, I was raped.  My father doesn’t care and my ex-husband doesn’t care and my sons care more than they can deal with.  Will you help us?




3:51 pm

Dear David, last time I saw you you asked, “Why so negative?”  I didn’t have time to answer because Mom was kicking me off her property.  (I’m used to it.)  I sound negative to people who do not recognize truth.  I do not choose to be “negative” because I wish to condemn.  On the contrary, I see greatness ahead…only not for liars.  Just because someone is “negative” does not mean that he is wrong.  I love you very much.  I love your children, even if you haven’t taught them to love others.  (Lauren loves.)  Your time as golden-child-who-craps-on-whomever-Dad-says is coming to an end.  I’d prefer that you end on your feet.  I would like our psychopathic father to go to Heaven.  He is negative.  I wish him to be otherwise, for his own sake and yours.   (I’m having a good time whatever he chooses to do.)







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Stonewalling = the act of refusing communication, stalling, or evading, especially to avoid revealing embarrassing information and escape accountability.

The stonewaller isn’t necessarily a sociopath, but the act of intentional stonewalling contains the cold, callous attitude of the sociopath. Absence of empathy is characteristic of stonewallers, and they may relish a sadistic pleasure in watching their target twist, squirm, and make humiliating efforts and bids to be heard. Stonewallers, whether sociopaths or not, are seriously disturbed communicators. Their indifference to the stonewalled party’s experience, as noted, can be chilling. Stonewalling often reflects character pathology, in which case they won’t change—they will always be stonewallers.





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From “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”

Company Way, How to Succeed in Business, Robert Morse





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“Waking up is a reality bust, a shit storm, a trauma of immense proportions because it changes everything. Denial is no longer possible and it’s an ugly feeling when you start checking out your family and friends, and realise that beneath the polite, smiling, genial façade presented to outsiders…some are monsters.”

More at:

Matthew 10:37(a)

“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me”

John 14:6

“I am the…truth.”  (Jesus)






8:18 pm


I’m a girl.  My life was very different than yours.  Remember when I used to cook you macaroni and cheese with tuna fish and cream-of-mushroom soup?  Why did I cook for you?   You were disadvantaged because YOU WERE A BABY and I loved you. Ever since you got a work permit…I have been the disadvantaged one.  Are you a man now?  Big man?  I remember your diapers.  I work my ass off and DAD SHOOTS ME DOWN.  (You were there, you know I speak truth…)  You a man?   This song always makes me think of you.  Remember when you and I listened to music together?  Remember when YOU SMOKED DOPE?



8:10 pm

Please ask me to speak.  Please be my family again, and pay attention to me.  I’ve been isolated so long that I’ve had a lot of time to learn.  You need me.  You do not need ME…but you need truth, and I see none in your lives.  Some of you parade as Christian people yet support an anti-christ government.  Do you actually SHOP FOR RECREATION?  (I don’t even EAT for recreation.)   PLEASE.     …listen to me…  please.   I do not know what is planned for us by humans but I know that GOD plans great things.  Please, choose his way?

I understand that the fact that Dad tried to kill me rocks your pretty world.  My world was never pretty so the rocking ceased post-haste.  Get over it, be true, go to Heaven, I love you, you’ll understand me there.  JUST DO IT.





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“One common thread runs through the many different stories of denial,” writes Stanley Cohen in States of Denial. “People, organisations, governments or whole societies are presented with information that is too disturbing, threatening or anomalous to be fully absorbed or openly acknowledged. The information is therefore somehow repressed, disavowed, pushed aside or reinterpreted. Or else the information ‘registers’ well enough, but its implications – cognitive, emotional or moral – are evaded, neutralised or rationalised away.”





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“Many scapegoats have reported that the only time they felt their parent supported them (if at all) was when the supportive act fostered and reinforced the scapegoat’s inferiority, dysfunction or weakness.”
“The degree to which they are able to realize that they are mistreated not because they are inherently inferior, but because they are sending messages of vulnerability, is the degree to which they will determine the quality of their future.”





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The Silent Partner and the Silent Majority

The Silent Partner is any relative who stands by silently while you are victimized, or who takes the abuser’s side against the victim. She, or he, can be the other parent, who abdicates from parental responsibility to protect the children, or worse; sacrifices their well-being in order to make her/his own life easier.”

“While encouraging an abuser to operate freely in their midst, they will not be silent when it comes to criticizing the victim. They will look the other way when the victim is being mistreated, never validating her or defending her, and then attack her when she defends herself. The one that they gossip about, smear to others, judge, and condemn will invariably be the victim rather than the abuser. In their sick, evil, twisted minds, it is the long-suffering victim who is the family “trouble-maker”, never the abuser himself.”

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In many instances they are far from silent. Although they might be silent about the actual abuse inflicted upon us, they can be quite vehement in insisting that the victim is wrong for not continuing to accept it.

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A manipulative narcissistic bully is likely to have the support of a protection racket.

The participants; his friends, family, colleagues, or any other people in his proximity who are amenable to his persuasive powers, are the enablers who minimize or make up excuses for his bad behavior. They will side with the bully when he abuses you, and if you complain about the mistreatment, they will berate you and give you the blame. When the narcissist wants to get rid of you, his followers, too, will shun you.






12:53 pm

“Abuse is fundamentally a mentality. It is a mindset of entitlement. The abuser sees himself as entitled. He is the center of the world, and he demands that his victim make him the center of her world. His goal is power and control over others. For him, power and control are his natural right, and he feels quite justified in using whatever means are necessary to obtain that power and control.”
My father did 1) abduct my children, 2) bully George about me, 3) take away my house, 4) report me to to the police,  5) put me under surveillance, 6) try to have me locked up, and 7) try to murder me.   He’s a very sick abusive man.




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Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.
Albert Einstein

– See more at:,%20human%20folly#sthash.y2d1pVL3.dpuf




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Does your real life match up with your persona?   It’s gonna matter really soon.

Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 






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He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.

Albert Einstein




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A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Present World Situation

(How I spent my summer vacation.)




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