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I give up.  He’s deaf.  I may sue him.  I refused to do that since the Bible says not to sue a brother.  He is NOT A CHRISTIAN, and  the scripture that says NOT to sue a “brother” also prescribes the other things I’ve done.  (Like take my dispute before the witnesses, then the church.  Nice try.)  After that, I may SUE HIM IN HUMAN COURT.  I really didn’t want to do that.  I’ll do whatever it takes to see my children free of his dishonest influence.  Amen.



2:47 pm

“The time to act is now, there may be no tomorrow.”  John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute

Privacy as we once knew it is dead. We now find ourselves in the unenviable position of being monitored, managed and controlled by our technology—specifically the technology employed by the government against the American citizenry. As a result, warns John W. Whitehead in this week’s vodcast, we are becoming a nation where even the most virtuous citizen risks becoming an outlaw.

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5:06 pm

I and others like me are racing in the rain and mud by the side of the road, waving at the people passing in the cars. The traffic is backing up, so it is possible to actually bang on the windows as we scream that the bridge is out …but all we get is the finger.

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Psalm 126 1  When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Turn again our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the south.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.


10:01 am

Wouldn’t that be something if my very own family was some big-shot illuminati bloodline and I never knew it? They’re just as evil.  How does one apologize for taking a selfie at a disaster-site?  How does one even PRESUME… that it is possible… to apologize for such an obtuse… breach of…even…basic… human sensation? If you say you’re sorry, does that mean you’re an OK person, after you desecrated hallowed ground, with your personal aspirations, to be seen on Facebook?   I think of my selfish niece a lot.  I pray that God will give her reason that ALL PERSONS should be attended.  She means to be a doctor after all.  How will she decide which pained souls to turn away?  I fear for my niece who believes compassion is to be distributed based on merit defined by educated salesmen.  I do so fear.  This child should apologize to me.  Not that it would change my situation but it would assuredly change her own.


4:43 am

Smothered indignation vs forgiveness.  It’s hard to differentiate, even when forgiveness has been the informed exercise.  This is BECAUSE of demons.  Even when we’ve accomplished the right heart-condition, they can sneak around from behind and plant feelings of CONDEMNATION.  “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.”  (Definition of “walking after the Spirit”: SEEKING REVELATION IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.  It is refusing to believe one’s mind in deference to the voice of the Spirit which is REVELATION.)
My mother is really a piece of crap.  The revelation just hit me and it took my breath away.  “God have mercy on her selfish soul and her judgmental, hypocritical heart.  Give her the gift of vision, before it is too late to see.”  Her little girl complained of being RAPED and she just turned around to the stove and didn’t say a word.  I should have stopped worshiping her way back then.   Whew.  Things look very different from where I aim to be.  It’s  already looking pretty funny that a full-of-shit  mother has been always ready, able and willing to take away my dignity… by any means in her limited arsenal.  Wow.  Freedom smells really nice.
I suspect, and I’m just guessing because I have no companion to bounce ideas around with, but it really looks to me that the main-stream media is becoming really funny.  I’ve been called deficient  so I’m never sure if I’m right, but if my ideas of humor were also humorous to other people… it seems to me that the news nowadays is off the charts.  Dollies  talk about “first-strike-nuclear-attack” as though they would still have a job the following morning.  How can people SAY THOSE THINGS and not vomit all over themselves?  I am horrified and terribly amused.  When the dust clears the only carbon-units left standing will be the truth-tellers and everybody in any arena of influence knows that for a fact.  The “journalists” will plead subservience, but you can’t claim you’re so stupid you follow other people,  when every day you insist that the plebs all follow you…That would be hypocritical, would it not?  Nuremberg or Hollywood, everybody gets to recite his very own piece.  We might claim that we were mind-controlled but they know everything we ever said and I suspect we went along with a lot of crap we KNEW TO BE crap.  They’ve got us.
Truth is the only way out.  To initiate truth, one must be prepared to abandon ALL PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS. Otherwise, you’re a liar and do not want truth at all and since Truth wins I guess it doesn’t take a prophet to describe your waning energy and resolve.  I’m so hyper I can’t stand it.  I’m rarin’ to go.  Wish I knew where and with whom.  God is not boring and I will not be disappointed.  I have also been perfectly prepared, I know this from experience and by faith.  I am yet unable to see the purpose of my years of various inconveniences and establishments.  He’ll give me a friend pretty soon.  He will give me a friend because he caused me to want one so badly.  He “gives” us the desires of our hearts, and then he gives us the “desires” of our hearts.  (If we delight in him.  Seriously, what else is delightful in a world where parents condone sexual assault of their own offspring?)



9:06 am

It’s my fourth day without a cigarette and I haven’t gotten crabby or anything.  I think that’s because it feels like I’m only fasting.  When I want a cigarette I just say “I’m giving this to you, Lord, please give me grace to continue without smoking…etc.”  A fast knows there’s an end in sight.  That’s the difference between “fasting” and “laying down your life.”  I can fast forever, if I know at the end of my fast I’ll open a shiny package of Newports.  Newports are warriors’  cigarettes.  Even happy-healthy-Isaac wants a hit of a brand new shiny Newport.  He says, “I know they’re cigarettes-for-thugs… but there’s nothing like it.”   I think, to become a truly non-smoking human, I need to formulate a decision of an entirely different quality.  I need to choose to be a non-smoker forever,  and so far I can’t do that.  As of right this minute, if I do not smoke for 75 years,  I will still be a smoker because I have not decided that I do not wish to smoke.  I’m like the unhappy skinny-girl lusting after the chocolate cake.  EXCEPT, she thinks that for as long as she doesn’t surrender, she’s still a good person.  This is mind-control and self-hypnosis.  I am free from the bondage of chocolate addiction, praise Jesus.  I don’t even look at junk food, and when I’m on the road I frequently go 24 hours without any food at all.  “My food is to do the will of my Father…etc.”  This is not a metaphor, nor is it an over-hyped Disney depiction of how the other half lives.  This is the absolute fact of life within the Spirit and it’s WAY better than Cheetos and Tim Hortons.  “Dear God.  Thank you that for four days I have not desired a cigarette.  I’d like to never desire one again, but even that is not good enough I think.  “Lord, may I please have the ability to smoke a cigarette when I’m sharing an experience with another and it’s good fun and it’s mentally healthy to be neglectful of the matrix’s determinations about what is good for my body..  Let me prioritize according to your determinations of relative value.  Thank you for tobacco.  Thank you that I am (presently) a non-smoker.”
Fasting is all well and good, and God attends those who torment and subdue the flesh to get attention; but this is not a determiner of commitment.  Death.  Now that separates the men from the boys, does it not?  When one says, with full recognition of the gravity encountered, “I GIVE YOU MY LIFE…on behalf of another’s freedom”… you really can’t take it back.  It’s seed that’s been sown in the earth it was shown.  “Love the one in front of you.” That’s how Heidi Baker became responsible for 30,000 churches in Mozambique, and how she hobnobs with aristocrats.  Love one person.  Love the one you’re with.  (In the Biblical sense.)



3:38 pm

When I speak about surveillance and torture by unseen forces, I am  HONESTLY not trying to make any sort of impression.  (If my phone rings once a month I’m tickled.)  I do not care, in the least, if I’m right, or if you care.  I merely wish to provide assistance (ahead of time, sorry for that, do not go so slow, one day you’ll know)  to people who will soon become aware of interference within their own minds.  (Chuckle.  As if ANYBODY can actually say, “my” … “own mind.”)  I will be very popular because 1) I know A TINY BIT of what they can do, 2) they never killed me, “Thanks, guys”, and 3) I will not stop until energy-weapons are disintegrated into tiny bits of flower DNA and oxygen, pure as snow.  (What else is there to do?)  Be there or be square.  This is going down and a lot of people know it.  If you do not know it, perhaps there are other things you also do not know which might prove to have been important.  Selah.

4:47 am

There is proposed legislation in Europe to outlaw the manufacture and use of directed energy weapons.  Yeah, right.  God has to explode them I think, because nobody is EVER going to give them up.  They’re the god-like joy-stick.  Anything you want, from anybody, any time.  You think any pervert will ever relinquish the magic wand?  Let my dad touch one…then watch if he can EVER LET GO.  I’m just right about this and I know it for a fact.  He’s seen things he shouldn’t have seen but he can’t take his eyes away.  I know him.

EUCACH: Melanie Vritschan homage to Dr Rauni Kilde, whistleblower against Transhumanist Agenda

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MUSIC BREAK–from the second album I ever owned.




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To John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute:

Dear John Whitehead:  
I know you’re very busy defending my world and I’m grateful.  I would not bother you if I did not believe I could offer ammunition for your well-directed campaign.  I attended your president’s conference as a law student and a  Rutherford Institute officer.  I spent much time with Dave Melton, who was recently married and bubbly; I am also from Michigan.  (Your speaker didn’t show and we heard Jerry Falwell.) Since then, I ran for Congress and was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul in 2008.  My life became very interesting and I kept good records of gangstalking, cyberstalking, V2K and electronic rape.  I also sent 2 years of journals to an ethical activist, and I swore to them and notarized them before sending the last volume.  (Long story.)  ANYWAY, I have tried everything from publishing a book…to spraypainting my father’s snowbank and nailing (LITERALLY) a notice of my controversy on the church-house door.  Not a soul will discuss my torture including this rural Baptist community and my own neo-con parents. (Another long story.)  I do not know where to take my very fine evidence of covert harassment of political dissidents.  In November I was privileged to attend the Conference Against Covert Harassment in Brussels.  I met many people with stories very similar to my own.  They all travel with their evidence.  We all know that what we know is very important.  I believe God may have organized mine in a super-special manner.  I’d like to know if a fellow warrior agrees.  May I speak to somebody you trust?  (Or you?)  Thanks in advance.
Linda Goldthorpe
Resident of Michigan, Congressional District 1, USA
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  (On Amazon)


10:29 am

The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One

Franklin Graham, the heir to Billy Graham’s evangelical empire, offered up this “simple” piece of advice for “Blacks, Whites, Latinos, and everybody else” hoping to survive an encounter with the police:

Most police shootings can be avoided. It comes down to respect for authority and obedience. If a police officer tells you to stop, you stop. If a police officer tells you to put your hands in the air, you put your hands in the air. If a police officer tells you to lay down face first with your hands behind your back, you lay down face first with your hands behind your back. It’s as simple as that. Even if you think the police officer is wrong—YOU OBEY.

“Clearly, Graham’s message resonated with a core group of Americans: almost 200,000 individuals “liked” the message on Facebook, with an astounding 83,000 fans sharing his words of advice with their own friends, none of whom seem to recall that Jesus Christ, whom they claim to follow and model their lives after, not only stood up to the police state of his day but was put to death for it.”


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Three of my favorite preachers, just last month.  The army is rising.  (The first part isn’t much preaching but it’s worth watching because the end is really good.)

6:40 am

6:12 am

Some Christians get to be with other Christians all the time.  For years, the only vacations we ever took were to attend prophecy conferences.  (Not the best vacations for children, according to the children.)   I wanted to be around other Christians so badly that I tried to turn George and Josh and Isaac into my desire.  I wanted us to nurture one another in the truth of my developing relationship with Jesus.   They were not experiencing the same things, obviously.  I do not question God’s hand on their lives, and I was controlling and that was wrong.  They permitted me to obey the voice I loved and that’s a blessing, but I’ve been unable to share my heart for many years and those opportunities have always been rare.  Then I was tortured and my father lied about me so they see very little value in my habitual walk with Christ.  They may call me brilliant or a beautiful person.  They are unable to call me whole and truthful.  I’d like to blame that on my father’s psychopathic interventions in a life that was not his, however, it’s God’s fault.  And it will be God’s great pleasure to stand me on my feet again.  I gave my life to him every day for many years.  He knows my selfish heart, and he knows what I would be if I could.  Everything’s up to him.  
God is adjoining his army and I’m sweating in the barber chair.  I’ve been shaved free of my earthly covering and I can’t imagine what comes next.  I know what God will do but I have NO IDEA HOW HE MIGHT DO IT.  1) He will fulfill Bible promises.  2)  He will fulfill his words to me when I was in his manifest presence.  3)  He will provide opportunity (again…) for everybody to be happy and fulfilled.  4)  He will demonstrate his intent and power on me.   Other than that, I don’t know what to do from one minute to the next.  I’m distraught much of the time.  I NEED contact with other people who recognize  the times in which we live.  God knows what we have need of before we ask and often when it seems as if nothing is happening, he is doing the most amazing things.  I’ll wait.  “God, please give me grace to wait.  FILL ME with your Spirit!  I am not sufficient to do the most menial chores.  I am useless and VERY IMPATIENT.  Please, claim me?  May I please have a friend who hears you?  Please put me where I belong.”



10:58 am

Did you ever read about the child-abuse-activities at the Governor’s mansion on Mackinac Island?  I must have mentioned it…

Cathy O’Brien: CIA Mkultra Survivor Talks To The Richie Allen Show About Mind Control

10:47 am

Kiddie porn is where it leads, traveling the road of self-gratification-at-the-expense-of-others.  It’s just a given destination.  A lot of guys, at that point, eat their own faces off so we seldom see the murders they intended.  When we do see, we thrust off understanding by grasping at psych-terms and NGO-speak.  We make excuses and suffer bewilderment,albeit most quietly.  Nobody stands up to say NO!  “NO.  You will NOT violate an innocent child on my watch!  Take me first but take your vitamins before that.  NO, NO, a thousand times no!  I’d rather die than say yes!”  We say yes by our silence.  We approve all manner of defilement and destruction.  We are toast.

Child porn on the rise in our government halls

“What the hell is up with our government’s love for KIDDIE PORN?”


10:32 am

Arundhati Roy

“Perhaps the biggest display of morality in the world.”

“Dick Cheney said he would do it over again in a second.  We are dealing with psychosis, a psychopathic situation…it is psychopathic…immorality, violence…”

“I don’t feel reasonable about this anymore.”


“There is a connection between all these wars and people being thrown out of their homes in this country.

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This is from the first album I ever owned:  “Come and See the Peppermint Tree.”

I sing these words in my head a lot.

7:57 am

Thoughts on Eccentricity
There are three kinds of eccentric people:  1) those who have seen enough truth that they don’t give a shit what anybody thinks and will just say and do what needs to be said and done, 2) those whose erratic brain-farts occasionally influence their behavior but not in a focused manner, and 3) those whose eccentric behavior is contrived to be provocative and to perplex the observer.  My dad was into pink socks for a while.  (That was better than the polyester Kim Jung Il leisure suit with the short sleeves.)  He gave pink socks to lots of pastors just to get a rise out of them.  His eccentricism is always geared toward self-entertainment.  He is not eccentric when he is manipulating for a purpose; then he is very calculated.  Hyper-vigilance is the torment of the psychopathic mind.  He must stay several steps ahead, in order to achieve his goals. (Turning eccentricism off and on stems from a character flaw.) Hyper-vigilance also results from surveillance and its associated embarrassments.  Hyper-vigilance is our new reality, unless we choose to be led by the Spirit.  When you combine the striving of hyper-vigilance with the pervasive mind-control mechanisms that we should have been fighting for a generation, you’re pushing the envelope of civil behavior.  I do not expect my father to become a zombie, but only because of things God has shown me.  I expect people like him will become zombies pretty soon.   Their human minds will not be able to keep pace with the demon-group-mind and they will consume themselves.   At least that’s how it happens in the movies.  We’re starring in the world’s greatest epic
blockbuster and we can choose how we appear in the credits.



6:31 am

I could chew off my own hand, I could really do it.   I never could understand how rockclimbers who got stuck,or lions caught in a trap, could desire freedom enough to maim themselves with no assurance of survival.  I could
understand the moms trapped beneath car-wrecks who slashed their own veins to nurture their equally-trapped children… Jews chewed the fingers from their train-mates’ bodies to buy a cup of water, or so I’m told.  When do things become horrendous enough that we will learn what we are willing to sacrifice, and what things we are capable of doing?   I’ve experienced sacrifice and done things previously unimaginable.  I will be far more comfortable, no matter the circumstances, than my family who choose to remain dependent on the false-matrix of orchestrated reality.  I am so stymied and frustrated that even deprivation is more attractive than further imprisonment.  I wouldn’t know how to chew off my hand if I tried, where to begin?  My life has been sabotaged since at least 2009 and maybe much longer.  I WILL HAVE THE DETAILS of my incarceration.  I’ll do whatever it takes to give my sons truth about their history.  Without truth they do not stand a chance and my sons have been raised for “such a time as this.”  I don’t know what they’ll do, but they’ll do it in TRUTH.
Mutually-assured construction.

5:19 am

I am not a courageous person, and I’ve consciously sought to become brave since I was 21 and moved out of my friend’s house into my own apartment because I was scared to live alone.  I woke up one night with a man pulling the covers off  me, and that was helpful.  When I protested he ran away, and later begged me not to press charges.  For a fearful person, becoming brave is surprisingly easier when one recognizes the cowardice of others.  While there is strength in numbers, and a sort of gang-gutsiness, true courage only develops when one is alone. Courage is like faith because you don’t develop it by watching it; faith and courage only come with practice and proving.  Several years ago my dad called me a “gutsy lady.”  I’ve learned much since then, and nurtured my courage.  My family are very timid people.
Frightened or negligent?  Too busy to think, or too lazy to care?  Obviously,they lack love sufficient to consider their children’s world, or mine, or the sinister lives forced on other targeted individuals.  Not interested in learning what is happening and will happen to people, including themselves even, should they survive.  Pitiful, cowardly people!  We’ve been put on this planet “for such a time as this.”  Failure to lift one’s head to peer over the walls of our failure-contrived maze is choosing to be fodder for the evil-doers.  This issue will not go away and will not be mitigated  for our children unless we do the mitigating.  I don’t want to watch when my family’s lives are displayed on the cosmic whiteboard because it would hurt a lot, and Jesus is going to eliminate my pain.  For twenty-five years I’ve been telling them about this time and how important it is,for them and for humanity.  This time is also very important to Jesus, who wants a spotless bride who has made herself ready. “For the joy set before him, he endured the cross.”   The “joy set before him” is US.  The “joy set before him” is NOW.  The “joy set before him” is mighty puny so far.  He will have a spotless bride and Him-willing I will be in that number.

I am on a treadmill and it’s very frustrating.  It is far better than treading water though, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak truth, even if only the cloud is listening.  I wish to be joined to Jesus and to do so I must assume his characteristics and his priorities.  (I pray always to 1] not believe anything that is not true, and 2] believe EVERYTHING THAT IS TRUE.)  If my Baptist holier-than-thou brethren in the flesh do not care to discern the “times and the seasons” it’s not my problem.  But it is a heart-ache.



7:59 am

Get out of the line of fire. Do not support our lying father if you wish to remain untouched by the fire of truth.

Linda Goldthorpe <>

7:56 AM (1 minute ago)

to Margaret, David, Isaac, Joshua, George, Alfred, ANDREA


7:29 am

(Bump to the top.)

Josh says I’ll never foment a revolution from my seat, but I beg to differ.  Even if my recruitment attempts have gone unfulfilled, I’ve helped delineate the parties.  I propose that in this most crucial time of human evolution, we must contend for the Golden Rule and “everybody happy.”  Failing to join up with me is obviously choosing the wrong side of history.  This is very obvious, without scripture references, to even the most disadvantaged schoolkid.  My father transgressed the Golden Rule, if nothing else.  He said, “You have a place to live.  You’re fine.” …after he took my home, my earning potential, my family, my friends, my confidence.  I daresay, if someone treated him that way he’d be a mite offended.  A line has been drawn.  Stand up.  Or do not.  It’s your future you’re establishing.  “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.  Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”  I’m joyfully anticipating the harvest.

“He who sows in tears shall reap in joy.”



2:59 pm

Wow.  Josh did a LOT of carrying and folding and didn’t even complain when I woke him up.  We used 7 triple-load washers and 4 double-load.  It cost a hundred dollars to wash it all.

SPECIAL EVENTS within the next 30 days:

From Friday March 27th 2015 through Sunday March 29th 2015

Scandinavian Dance and Music Weekend with Scandinavian–Boulder Scandinavian Dancers
Scandinavian Multi-Day Event, 7:00 pm Friday- 4:00 pm Sunday
Cost: $110 before Mar. 7, $135 after
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Sheila Morris: 303-469-2484 –
BSD’s annual Scandinavian Dance and Music Weekend. This year the focus is on Norway, with the ever-popular Knut-Arne Jacobsen and Brit Totland back again with Valdresspringar!  Our fiddler is Laura Ellestad.–Saturday March 28th 2015

Scandinavian Concert/Dance with Scandinavian–Boulder Scandinavian Dancers
Scandinavian Dance, 7:30 pm
Cost: $10
Location: The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact: Sheila Morris: 303-469-2484 –
As part of our Scandinavian Dance and Music Weekend, our visiting Norwegian dancers will do a short presentation of Norwegian folk-dance and music. After the performance, there will be open dancing–expect lots of pols and springar, but there will be plenty of Swedish music on the program as well. You do NOT need to be enrolled in the workshop to attend this evening event!—————————————-

9:47 am

  • I’m going to get George and Josh up at ten.  We’re going to the grocery store and the laundromat.  Both men agreed last night although Josh was up until 6 this morning so he will not want to go.  I loaded 6 garbage bags and over-loaded three laundry baskets of dirty clothes and brought them upstairs.  I will remind him that 9/10’s of the laundry is his.  I will look to George to support my demand that Josh wash some clothes…and remind him that Josh has six days off from work in a row, and can certainly catch up on his sleep.  I’ll hold my breath and mentally tap my foot.  We’ll see how this goes.
  • “A person who condemns something with their mouth but supports it with their actions is a hypocrite.”
–Dear Goon, please turn off the little dots to the left of what I type.  Thank you.  L
Isaac won’t wash Josh’s clothes.  Isaac is a man.


8:44 am


Every Life Is Precious – Rethink Homelessness

Rethink Homelessness, an initiative of the Central Florida Regional Commission on Homelessness, recently asked a few homeless people to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them. Their answers may surprise you.
This should happen everywhere… people need to see homeless people for what they are; people.
If you found this video to be eye-opening or otherwise helpful, please consider sharing it with others.

8:16 am

Hey, guess what!  They offer SWEDISH LANGUAGE CLASSES just a couple blocks from Isaac’s house!  Josh has been studying Swedish but it’s hard to learn with nobody to talk to.  Colorado has a tremendous Swedish heritage.

Svenska Skolan Colorado

Swedish School of Colorado

Swedish School of Colorado offer classes in the Swedish language every other Sunday from 3pm to 5pm in Augustana Church in Denver. Augustana Lutheran Church i Denver, 5000 E. Alameda Ave., Denver, CO 80246.
  • Nordic Course Listings | GSLL…/nordic-course-listing…

  • University of Colorado Boulder
    • Beginning Swedish 1 DILS (Directed Independent Language Study) Provides practical, communicative … Boulder, CO 80309-0276. Telephone: (303) 492-7404
    • University of Colorado Boulder

      Non-credit language classes are available each semester through ALTEC. … University of Colorado faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees, as well as … Swahili – 2Thursdays: 5:30pm-7:30pm; Swedish – 2Thursdays: 6:00pm-8:00pm.


7:26 am

Former Canadian Acting PM Paul Hellyer: “USA in grave danger.” Exposes Cabal, calls for New Energy, ET Disclosure, Cabal ouster in 2016 Election (Video)


“The ‘shadow government’ is in control.”

PNAC-  Project for a New American Century  (The neocons.)  (GW Bush)


See more at:

I think I’m finally understanding Josh’s rules for conversation.  He told me what topics are off-limits.    For instance:  I may not talk about my dad or his.  The prohibitions vary at times, for instance, I may not talk about sex unless he brings it up, and I am expected to  laugh at his occasional off-color punchline.   I may laugh when he talks about most things, but not in the wrong place or too soon.  (He measures my response time and takes it personally if I’m too slow or too quick.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I can’t count well enough to respond as expected, I expect.)  He’d like if I paid less attention to him, than he thinks I do;  but those quantities are pretty much impossible to determine since neither of us can yet actually read minds.  I told him I’d like to be happy but I can’t do it until he has an opportunity to be happy first.  He went swimming.  It was sixteen degrees and Connie and I followed him to the opening in the ice where he submerged his entire body and head and impulses.  He’s very tough and strives to become more so.  He’s the only person in the neighborhood who actually does that.  He’s a fish out of water and he said:   “It’s only when you don’t have anybody who thinks like you that there’s no point in existing.”
“The secret of being immortal is not living forever…it’s living with YOURSELF forever.”   (Josh)



9:04 am

A lot more people will soon be waking up and Isaac knows they’ll come to us and they will want to eat.  He works very hard seeking a method to provide sustenance to those whose awakening has disrupted their normal systems. He is very detail-oriented and reviews every possibility, sometimes for a year.  I tend to believe that since he is doing God’s work God will give him the money without such effort but sometimes I wonder if I should try harder to do my part.  When I consider the value of my extraordinary evidence it’s hard to wait for God to use it. Should I get myself on the talk-show circuit?  Should I send detailed accounts to the Attorney General and the Rutherford Institute?  Maybe I should contact journalists with Spirit?  No matter how hard I think, I come up with the same answer:  Wait for God.  I’ve been getting the same answer since 2009 as my body of evidence flourished and my conviction solidified.  I’m watching my destiny from the wings and I don’t wanna miss my entrance.



11:27 pm

George thought I might like to take a shower before I went to the laundromat because I didn’t use deodorant for two days because I gave mine to Isaac because he had a rash and I got it in Belgium because it was for sensitive skin.  George was trying to provide for me, not  trying to make life harder.  I know that.  Somebody should tell him I’m not a bitch from hell.  He believes Dad yet.

11:13 pm

Ten minutes in the house and already my name is a curse word.  The washer is broken.  George and I revealed the floor of the laundry room a couple weeks ago, then Josh  piled it waist-deep again.  George went down to do laundry…today…although I’ve been gone for a week…and found it waist-deep again.  George ordered a new part, a week to get here then whenever he gets to it, so I asked Josh if he would accompany me to le laundromat, and carry baskets of his own clothing and toxic skin cells.  He said yes.  I told George we’d have the laundry done tomorrow and he suggested getting some towels out of storage.  (My parents left THOUSANDS of second-hand hotel towels in every cabinet when they discarded this house.)  I told him it was a lot of work to narrow down the linen closet so it works properly, and so that I do not REWASH FOLDED TOWELS because they hit the floor.  Josh just reorganized it last week.  I spent a week doing it in 2012, when I was energized because I thought my incarceration would soon end…because I DIDN’T GET KILLED and I was coming to grips with my father’s hand in our difficulties.  It was a very good year.  BUT, time rolls on and now every towel that had been assigned to routine rotation is dirty and… I WILL TAKE JOSH TO THE LAUNDROMAT.  He is an adult.  He should have that experience.  Then it might become easier for him to appreciate me.  He should live with Isaac.  Isaac is a grown-up.  Around here he rubs shoulders with the likes of his boss, my dad, the WELSCHER OF BETS.   (Selah.)   Isaac’s house contains TWELVE people and it is so orderly it borders on the severe.  He likes living with women because they laugh.  They are also very trite.  Josh should experience that stuff too.  He doesn’t get it here.
Oh, yeah, ‘less I be misunderstood, by stating that George used my name as a curse word I am not saying that we were cross with one another.  He says my name far too often and it annoys me.  When I am right about a thing (this time:  Josh and I should go to a laundromat so we don’t have fourteen times as much work in two weeks when the washer gets fixed and we have run out of socks and wear the same underwear every day..),  he says, in his most ingratiating voice, “YES.  L-i-N-d-A.”   He whines like I’m a tyrant–  but I’ll be damned if I ever saw a SINGLE TIME when he endeavored to learn truth about anything.  You can’t argue with a stick, and without argument we don’t ever find the truth.    (For now!)
It seems to me, that if you love another person, you wish for that person to become everything God intended that person to be.  It seems to me, that if you love another person, you wish for that person to develop  his/her passion, and to enjoy his/her life.  It seems to me that I talk far too much.





11:00 am

A few days sans dishwashing has done me no harm, and my nails are finally clean since I haven’t been required to periodically ram them into grubby deerskin gloves to tend the woodstove.  I took a bath, and even splurged on a razor which was very hard to come by in this town of health-food stores.  We ate calamari!  First time in years, and Isaac said it was perfect and I agreed.  We had dinner at an Italian restaurant with three fire-features!  One is an outdoor, open conversation-pit.  Another flame burns within the wall itself and flickers over the parking lot behind striking glass.  It’s good to know these things still exist in the world beyond my compound.  For five years I’ve gone to Newberry twice a month and rarely anywhere else.  “Thank you God, for that life insurance policy that has freed me for months.  Thank you for the trips to Curtis and the gifts for Josh.  Please give me funds to pay back the cash I took from my father’s bet that I would die.  Please do not allow me to be a thief.”
(Also, I really loved having dinner amidst velvet pillows and zebra-stripe setees.)
“When I am responsible for money, may I please use it to expand possibilities for isolated people?”
“May I also use some to rehabilitate DISCARDED-BY-GOLDTHORPES people?”
2:46 am
I lost my computer cord and I can’t get online at my hotel anyway so I bought a bunch of notebooks.  I followed a car with a license plate that said:  REBOOT.  I think that’s what I’m doing.  It’s great to have good conversation with thinking people, especially Isaac.



11:16 pm

So much to say…so dangerous to type while driving.  True Christianity is not about rules, not even about healthy life principles because really, any principles intended to improve this earthly life are religious masturbation. Christianity is living the life of ANOTHER through you.  It is abandoning earthly considerations when the SPIRIT tells you what to do.  That’s how Jesus lived, and people hated him a lot.  They called him a DRUNK!  “The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God.”  My entire life was spent playing dance music for Baptists who disapprove of dancing.  Jesus is a very fine dancer and the Holy Spirit led him when his body was on Earth.  Jesus did not perform miracles because he was God.  (Although, “Dear Jesus, we know that you are.”)  Jesus did miracles to DEMONSTRATE how all men  are expected to live…through the power of the Holy Spirit.  (Look it up.  He talked about it a lot in the Bible.)  To deny the absolute humanity of Jesus is to give ourselves a get-out-of-jail-free card.  “WELL, I can’t be expected to do miracles like Jesus…I’m not God.”  But Jesus (GOD)  said, “Greater works than these will you do.”  I’m really ready for that to happen to me.  And for me to happen to others, but I’d prefer not to piss them off,  or to make my father so frightened for his mortal soul that he starts smearing me again.   He must keep his mouth shut about me or he will be reprimanded.  (Actually, I expect that he will be SERIOUSLY reprimanded already.)
I am in Nebraska and just had a nice chat with a fellow traveler who brought two very tired chihuahuas into the Motel 6 on leashes.  Connie’s parentage is a good ice-breaker with any dog lover but chihuahua-lovers really like it because they know those little rats are amazing.  I also talked to a very nice woman at a gas station today. She changed my whole mindset.  (Also sunshine and 82 degrees helped.)  It’s nice to be around people who do not worship my clay-footed father.  I’d like to live in a world where lying influences have been eliminated. Wouldn’t you?
Isaac asked if anybody followed me.  WEIRD question, and it sounded like my father may have been putting bugs in people’s ears again.  I WAS followed in 2012 and I documented it.  I have not noticed anybody following me for a couple years.  I like the cyber-stalker because I really need the help, and I’d like to know if he also helped write the book.  ( I recorded that passages  disappeared as I typed.)   Things still disappear, and the exclusions are always right.   I need not only spell-check and grammar-check, but also heart-condition-check.  and sometimes the goon encourages me  to take the high road when I’m feeling pissy about how my father stole my life.   Dad  could give it back, that’s the pissy part.  Instead he continues to feed people little hints, always with his chin lowered and his eye-brows raised.  He says things like, “I’m worried about your mother…”  BULLSHIT.  He’s worried about his disintegrating reputation,  and since image is all he’s got going for him, he might rightly worry.




1:00 pm

I can’t keep up with Josh’s laundry and I shouldn’t have to.  MOUNDS of towels and bedding and multiple clothes that were worn for a couple hours.  He’s got to grow up.  George should grow up first.
Josh saw his mom get raped, now everything is dirty all the time, even his own timely sensations.  CORRUPTION from my father and the perverted hackers at the NSA. They wish to DESTROY EVERYTHING PURE, be it heirloom vegetables or protected sexuality.  They are the enemy.  Please, pay attention.


12:52 pm

“Get out of this house.”  I keep hearing, “Get out of this house.”  I will do that, as I’m able.  God says I never have to hurry and so far I haven’t.  These men might keep a fire going and they might not.  My brother might enable me to sleep in a hotel room tonight, and he might not.  Whatever.  “My life is not my own, to Jesus I belong, I give myself, I give myself away.”  Good song.  Difficult concept.


10:38 am

How could George have lived with me for twenty-five years and yet know nothing about me?  I asked for reimbursement for groceries I purchased from my dwindling life-insurance-policy-that-my-dad-bought cash-out.  He asked for receipts so I left them on the counter.  There was a fifty-dollar bill on top of them this morning.  My father destroyed some beautiful things.

10:24 am

I WILL HAVE  my appointed destiny.  My father is and always has been, a stumbling block to my 1) spiritual growth, 2) intended assistance to the world, 3) ability to OBEY GOD, 4) sustaining relationships, and 5) soon-coming affluence.  My father is standing in the middle of my road in a government-issued kevlar vest… but kevlar does not withstand kryptonite.  Or adaminium. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HAPPENS HERE when I continue to speak truth to self-made “power.”  Truth has already won and everybody who is PAYING ATTENTION knows this fact. They are hunkering accordingly.  My kin don’t even know enough to lower their heads.  Their trinkets might draw some attention, in days of universal famine.   Their government will not protect them from the zombies, zombies being part of the depopulation-equation.  Suck-ups die first because nobody respects them.  That’s just how it is.



9:54 am

I’m going to be transfigured, I’ve known that for a long time although I never really had doctrinal basis until the past couple years.  My belief stemmed from one verse only, …”He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.”  I’ve been given many miracles in my physical body and I’ve naturally grown to expect eventual perfection.  Can you imagine being transfigured in the arms of your soul-mate?  Now there’s a giant step above human porn.
“Earth is the first colony of Heaven, first of many.”
Access to home.  I have no access to home down here.
“The screen is neutral, the projectors are not.  You can project onto that screen,  that’s called imagination.  The Holy Spirit can project onto that screen, in visions and dreams.  Satan and the demons can project onto that screen.”  –Neville Johnson
(And SO CAN THE NSA.  We should probably sanctify our imaginations.)
Every answer in the world is on the internet.  You just can’t find it.  I’ve been very blessed to be led through the cyber-library by some kind of expert.  I do not LOOK for an article on any particular issue.  I wouldn’t know how.  (Except I did just find a lot of articles answering my question about why animal skin is looser than human skin.  I didn’t read even one of them.  Siri, where art thou?)  Every day I “run across” articles that propel me further into my search for truth.  I never looked up psychopathy but just bumped into articles that described my father!   Isn’t it great that you can read an article,  and look up words or prior articles with a single keystroke?
 I’m absolutely addicted to this medium but I’ll be glad to see it go; and I’m eager for the day when answers will appear in my head whenever I need them.  It’s been great, but I still think it’s far too much work and I want immediate access to the entire consciousness.  I think some people already experience that, and I think that some always have.  (Not individually “always have.”  For each person so gifted, many years of pain preceded the blessing, I think.)  I’ve had a lot of pain and I lost every single person from whom I drew support.  I’m operating pretty much by the Spirit all the time, and I’m in a tremendous battle I’ve only recently realized.  It’s reassuring to know my life matters.  How much more can I believe that I have done hard things for God and at his request sacrificed everything I valued?  He won.  I don’t have to fight anymore.  I think I’m going to take a drive to Boulder.  I had a dream that I was driving blind with all my family on board and I gave the wheel to Jesus because I couldn’t see.  He stopped us all, right before we hit a big rock.  A frickin’ boulder.
I don’t always hear things in order!  Isn’t that strange?  Is that like psychic packeting?
“We Christians will not be rescued (ie. “rapture”), we are the rescuers.”
“If you’re living in the outer court you will not survive what is coming on the earth.”
9:34 am



5:00 pm

Josh is learning a new recipe tonight:  grilled ham and cheese.  All the components are on the counter with sheets of deli paper thoughtfully spread.  I displayed 6 different mustards, and I will tell him I prefer to dip my sandwich into the chosen mustard after it’s been grilled, but he can do as he likes.  He makes grilled peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, so this should be easy.  (We previously called grilled peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches “White Trash Suzette” but I don’t encourage that anymore since I was targeted by an elite.  They actually buy into those words so I’d better not perpetuate their perverted paradigm.)  The lights were out all afternoon, or I’d not require boy-wonder to fend for himself.  I was a lady of leisure, with no electricity I knit two inches on my gift-to-be baby blanket.  I expect to be the stepmother and stepgrandmother of girls, so I should get accustomed to knitting with pink.  It’s not my favorite, and I prefer to knit with wool because it has a natural stretch to the fiber…but I’m knitting acrylic because babies make messes and acrylic is easily washable…  I liked pink when I was sixteen.  I made myself an entire pants-suit out of pink broadcloth, with a perfectly-matching pink satin vest.  I felt like a queen.  Until my father said, “Yeah, of course you got ‘Potato Queen’.  You’re the one who looks the most like a potato!”  It’s a good thing I was never entrusted with a girl-child, so far.



10:46 am


Ron Paul predictions back in 2002…….Still think he is crazy?

“I have no timetable for these predictions, but just in case, keep them around and look at them in 5-10 years. Let’s hope and pray that I’m wrong on all accounts. If so, I will be very pleased. “


9:48 am

MUSIC BREAK:  This one goes out to my former best friend, Adam.

Nobody who ever works with me is ever gonna lose.  I think I’ve proven that.

And, nobody who ever works with you will ever regret it.

(I never know if what I hear is God or bullshit, God forgive me.  But, I would REALLY LOVE to appoint you Secretary of State.  Godspeed.)

(Did I just  call you a loser?  Unintended.  But everybody knows how little I actually intend.)

(Do you think 3.5 is enough?) 

Patti Lupone – “Everything’s Coming up Roses” (LIVE)

(Do you think 3.5 is enough?) 




6:15 am

Old Joe Kennedy lobotomized his own daughter, in Wisconsin I think.  The boys did alright for themselves though.  Until they got killed.  Or killed somebody else.  Same difference spiritually, I expect.

6:01 am

If you big tough millionaires can’t stand up for truth against your own father how do you think you’ll pull it off at the gallows?

5:19 am

Letter to my sister, Dr. Christine Rattin who I understand now lives in Marquette and I do not have her phone number.
Dad just decided that I was no longer going to be part of the family and he did whatever it took to make that a reality.  (Surprisingly little.  I’m disappointed in your scientific mind; you should do some research.)  Fukushima is extinction on the hoof and it is time to look up.  (My family’s denigration and would-be destruction may weigh you down a bit, but endeavor to lift your head.)  Isaac says you are spiritual and have some interesting beliefs.  I’d love to talk to you sometime.  When we have time, which we no longer do.  (There’ll come a time, however, when we will relax and actually get to know one another.)  I stood up for you when you and Rich were first getting married and Dad pulled that stunt with a credit check.  I was still a world-class  psychopath-psychophant …but I supported you.  Might you consider supporting my quest for truth and justice?
I never even knew, until you told me, that Dad is unduly controlling.  I was so hooked on his bullshit I actually believed myself to be deficient.  Since I won the bet he made with me, I’ve realized his deficiency of character (no real surprise there…) but also I saw his ignorance and susceptibility  to morons who lie.  I’d like to discontinue airing his dirty laundry but he cannot be permitted to stow it away again full of stink and pathogens.  Do you love Dad?  Will you help me love Isaac and Josh?




7:04 pm

Minor melt-down, I took a ride around the lake and prayed.  When I came in I apologized like this:  “I’ve just been left out of everything for so long because you guys believed a psychopath, that when you left me out of Isaac’s life too, I felt sorry for myself.  I’m sorry I felt sorry for myself.”  Josh said, “Now that’s a legitimate concern.”  George of course said nothing.  Some tawdry incident from Isaac-land and they were hooting like first-graders about how they couldn’t tell me.  I’ve about had it with slaving for these two with no light in their eyes.  My father stole their faith, beginning with their faith in me.   God says they will be very proud of me.  I can hardly wait.  I feel like I’m going to explode.  It is so unjust and small-minded that my parents will not set me along to help other targeted individuals!  Petty people who value their social-reinforcers so much that they will not help the entire world!  I’m aghast, and like I said, pretty hyper.  I’ve prayed for years that God would fill me with so much of his love and his glory and his Spirit that it just burst through my skin onto everything in its path.  Now that exploding seems imminent, I’m feeling more hesitant.  God says he’s never late but I’m really just hanging on.  Justice.  “I cry for JUSTICE.”


5:10 pm

The cabbage salsa got raves from George; I made crema from Greek yogurt and it set up really nice.  The meat is in the oven and Josh gets home in 10 minutes.

Dear David, perhaps my previous message sounded dickish; that’s not my intent.  My intent is to rip the scales from your affluent eyeballs so you may recognize that I have been the family target for decades because I am 1) smarter than our parents, 2) a CHRISTIAN, and 3) mouthy.  OPEN YOUR EYES, BABY-DOLL. Jesus doesn’t forgive intentional ignorance, error is sin.  Isn’t that scriptural?  (References available on request.)  Dad took everything I had and gave it to you.  Right?  Are your balls really that big?  The prophet told me a dirty joke; it was the first dirty joke he ever told me; we don’t even talk about sex.  He said, “Junior went running home to Mama saying, ‘They’re having a contest and whoever has the biggest wiener wins a turkey!’  Mama said: ‘OMG you are not going to take your wiener out and show it to everybody!’  JUNIOR SAID, and I’m with you here:  ‘No.  Of course not.  I’ll only show them enough to win the turkey.’”  Love you David.  You’re one of the finest people I know, so is George.  You should both become also fine men.


3:41 pm

To my BROTHER, DAVID FYVIE GOLDTHORPE, 906-235-1102, whose phone doesn’t always receive text messages:

“I’m still waiting to get my LIFE BACK and I’ve been waiting since 2009.  I wait every single second of every single day while you’re out having fun.  YOU KNOW I AM NONE OF THE THINGS DAD SAID ABOUT ME.  ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS LYING FAMILY…or are you just planning to discuss my claims when you see Jesus?”


1:23 pm

We’re all going to be in history one way or another, because we live at the most crucial time in humankind.  We can choose how that plays out.

This is an effigy of “John Ever-Afraid.”   His story is very ancient

18-foot giant puppet representing John Ever Afraid in the Berkshire Parade.

1:09 pm

Entire Neighbourhood Secretly Learns Sign Language To Surprise Deaf Neighbor

Can you imagine how that must have felt?  Can you imagine what it’s like to have lots to say and nobody to talk to?  Can you imagine how special that guy is that everybody wanted to communicate with him?  This is the best story I ever red!

(Except it was for a commercial so they probably got paid.)

This goes to show how important it is to break down communication barriers…

See more here:





9:47 am

What a schmuck.


Mother of Cosby victim writes letter to his wife Camille urging her to speak ‘the truth’


She said she watched her daughter go from a sparkling, ambitious teen to a woman ‘with an inner light extinguished’ after the incident in the 1980s.

Only recently has Jennifer Thompson emerged from under ‘the dark cloud,’ said Judy Thompson, who included a Psalms prayer in the letter.

‘Your husband crossed boundaries that never should have been breached,’ she wrote to Camille Cosby. ‘He shattered her innocence.’

Judy Thompson said she prays daily for the Cosbys and ended the letter by writing, ‘May you and Bill speak the truth and be afforded peace for your souls.’ 

Read more:
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3:44 am

YEAH!!!  Kevin Bacon is nearly as old as I am.  God is disregarding gender and age and things will only get better from here.

Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance

“NO DANCING ON THE TONIGHT SHOW!  WE MUST OBEY THE RULES!”  (My dad didn’t like me going to dances.  They were a lot more wholesome than the porn he left around.)

3:00 am
What do you make of this?  Could people inhabit the same world and yet see things so differently?  Is there a lesson somewhere?

Three Amigos- Bar Scene (My Little Buttercup)


3:28 am

“People think I’m trash, but they’re wrong.  One day I’ll be a stadium.”  (Ad for recycling aluminum cans.)
Every day I know some things of which I cannot maintain knowledge between the periods of knowing.  Maybe this doesn’t make sense to a person who does not observe his thoughts.  I choose my thoughts from what’s happening between the satellites, but sometimes they’re stolen and I must CONSCIOUSLY remind myself of what they were.  It’s really tedious.  But it a necessary practice to maintain faith in the revelation of God’s will which Satan seeks to portray as ridiculous and juvenile.  Evil-thinkers believe themselves to be rudding-observant and they mistake their cynicism for truth.  Ouch.  There is a difference between magic and sorcery and I believe the distinction to involve a spirit of witchcraft.  I had one.  It made me wish to control others’ behavior and even their opinions.  Especially opinions of myself.  (I also had a whole lot of pride.)  I asked God to take me lower and slower, since humility is the way to greatness in the Kingdom of God and he’s giving me my heart’s desires and I don’t want to EVER think I had anything to do with the great wealth and blessings I will receive, so I pray:  “Please take me lower and slower.”  He ALWAYS answers that prayer and today was no exception when my OLDER friend’s nurse asked if I were his mother.

2:49 am


Three Amigos – “Look Up Here” – Steve Martin

2:23 am

I want to help people and I wish to be happy doing it.  I want to obey God perfectly.  I want to live in the secret place of his presence and nowhere else.  (In his presence is “fullness of joy.”)  I was taught that I was so pathetic that maybe God might use me a tiny bit if I acted really Baptist, but I could never expect to be happy. This doctrine pounds the pitiful populace into a man-subservient amalgamation of pain and abusers.  “Do unto others before they do unto you.”  We’re frightened of one another because we know the evil in our own hearts. My father wouldn’t eat my food for a couple years after I caught on to his antics.  (I failed chemistry and couldn’t poison anybody even if I wanted to.)   He knows he’s capable of murder and so he anticipates evil from everybody else.  His mindset is not only destructive to himself, but he’s messing with my world by encouraging/being fear instead of love.  His ilk will be eliminated pretty quick.   I’d really like it if he chose to accompany the rest of us to Nirvana.  I have no desire to control his life; truth be told, I’d really like to never deal with him after my children are provided truth about their history.  I’d love to live some place where I do not overhear his name at the gas station.  He’s been embarrassed by my existence.  That’s a hoot.  If he could only understand the SHAME he brings to my family and to my race!  EVIL INTENTIONS come from fear.  How could my dad become free of fear?  “Truth will set you free.”




9:54 am


George is thinking about gutters for the eaves before the rain comes.  He said, “I’ll ask your dad.”  It has not yet occurred to him that my dad gives us poor advice, or no advice at all.  He chose to believe a psychopath rather than his truthful-at-that-time-wife.  This is a problem but it is not insurmountable.  I pray that he will embrace truth once again.  Our children have no choice.  They will see truth.

Linda Goldthorpe <>

9:09 AM (44 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, Alfred, ANDREA, Isaac, Joshua, George

“TRUTHFUL”…”at that time”…”wife”
Not “truthful at that time”…etc.
I guess that’s obvious.


9:37 am

My dad waxed crude when I told him, some years ago, “The people who watch us like me better than you.”  He said, “I suppose they would”, referring to my gender.  He didn’t understand, yet again.   What I should have said, and do now attest, is:  “The people who watch us can change the world.  When they do, I will have their backs, and they know it.”  (How could that not be attractive?)   (Gender-neutral.)   However, my father is a decrepit white-boy wielding an irrational sense of entitlement.  He may not fare as well as I.  A female.  With fully-restored modesty and newfound power.  My father was never very interested in politics, merely in maintaining the status quo.  He should have paid attention.  (In church too.)


8:57 am

When I settle down and read these things I write,  I laugh a lot.  I never had a ball between my teeth before and I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  “Thank you God, for the goon who thinks for me”

8:10 am

I have nothing that anybody wants; therein lies an under-appreciated font of freedom.  Even though I owe hundreds of thousands of dollars for my student loans, I own no property or assets, so unless my blood type is extremely rare, I am an “uncollectable.”   I haven’t filed a 1040 for years, because I’ve had no income.  (Actually, “income” was previously a term of art describing business earnings.  No private individual really incurs “income.”)  I gave away my diamonds;  George gave my wedding rings back.  He refused to return the ring I had a jeweler make for him from an investment diamond I’d squirreled from the old-days before my family stole my identity.  My family IS my identity and that’s one good reason to demand that they become truthful, human-loving citizens.  My car now has nearly 250,000 miles on it, but it always starts in the morning.  I’m going places again, nearly every day.  (It was SO HARD to go ANYWHERE while I was being denigrated by the Goldthorpes!  I imagine I learned some things that will help them cope, when they are exposed.)    My father should buy me a car pretty soon.  He knows it and that necessity torments him.  He has so many cars.  I don’t have a good car.  He destroys lives.  I take chicken soup to the neighbors.  He says he’s a Christian.  I say I am too.  He will bend because:  I AM A CHRISTIAN.  And, regrettably so far…he is not.  Selah.




5:36 am

Less than 200 words, grammar counts. (I am intentionally forcing grammatical  evolution merely by the volume of my work-product  and I suppose I could explain that sometime.)
“Why I would like to own and operate a country inn:”
…That would be, because I was once an innkeeper, and I liked who I was back then.  My great-grandpa’s house, a former store/post office; five rooms with 40 seats for dinner.  Then I married a lunatic, and that changed a lot of family dynamics.    My dad sold it & I STILL LIVE NEXT DOOR!   I went to law school. I ran for Congress and was endorsed by the VERY BEST diplomat  in American history.  I raised milk goats and homeschooled two sons.  I published a novel.  I’ve been a lot of different things, but I’ve never liked being those things.  (OK, I kinda liked writing a book.)  I started pouring coffee at fourteen and I miss it.
The family  businesses now belong to my brother because I was a girl.  Best job ever?  Graveyard shift at Sambos.  When they were deemed racist it was very hard to get a W-2.   [I don’t file taxes anymore;  I suppose I’ll have to reconsider my policy in ME.]   [Does that abbreviation count as a word?  I should keep track, so I’m “legal.”]   I write a political blog, and I enjoy watching revelations of truth.  Thanks for offering me the world.

PS- Plus “Newhart” was a great innkeeper show, and he was a writer so maybe I belong in your inn.  (Your former inn.)

PPS-I think white and green is perfect.  (My dad’s places are always taupe-and-puke-pink.)  Is there an historical reason for the color-code?  I’d love to tell the story to our guests.

PPS-Will you teach me to cook a lobster before you leave Dodge?

PPPS- Hey, Godspeed.  Heartfelt Godspeed.  Very creative and altruistic and pragmatic and I look forward  to meeting  you.




7:17 pm

“Many of God’s people who have sought to be faithful through various hardships and trials are now going to experience a long awaited refreshing and restoration, which will revitalize and reposition them towards their appointed destinies. At the same time, dark and hidden things that the enemy has kept concealed within the Church, will now begin to come to the light and be exposed. For that which is in darkness and operates through deceit, must be revealed. For the Lord is removing mixture, and even wrong motives are going to become obvious for those who have spiritual sight and ears to hear. For the refining fires of purification must increase, in order to bring forth a Bride who will reflect His Purity and Glory.”
See more from March 8, 2015, at:
Today, as I laid down to rest, I heard a 5-alarm siren going off in the Spirit. Instantly I am standing in heaven on one of the streets in the midst of the heavenly city. I see a lot of activity, but it was not hurried. People were standing and talking in various places. Angels were busy with duties and going to different places. As I watched, I heard the 5 alarms going off, one by one. As they blew loudly, everyone stopped talking on the street. The angels also stopped, and then they began to hurry off in the direction of the blasts.

I asked one of the angels who sped by what was happening. He stopped to answer me. He said, “It is the signal for the release of the 5 alarm fires. It is coming to the earth. It is on the way.” I asked him, “Where is the fire going to be?” He smiled and shook his head. He said, “No…It is going to be everywhere. It will be in the wind. It will be in the rains. It will burn up all that still restrains. Prepare for great Glory and for great Change, the fires will thoroughly rearrange.” Then he took off running down the street. – I was back in my room.

Read more from March 9, 2015 at:

6:34 pm

I would like to have an inn.  I used to almost.

Win an inn! Owner of historic Maine inn holding essay contest and the winner gets to take over the property 

  • Janice Sage, current owner of the Center Lovell Inn, won the inn in a 1993 essay contest
  • After running the inn for 22 years, 68-year-old Sage is ready to retire
  • She expects to receive 7,500 applications by the May 7 deadline

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4:25 pm

(I put this on the “Settlement Negotiations” page.  I cc’d my dad:  “Do you think I’m a stupid fat ditz anymore, Dad? “)

The Mamas And The Papas ::: Words Of Love.

4:12 pm

I burned my wedding dress in one of the fires Dad’s employees created on my lawn when Dad was fixing up EVERYTHING on the property, before he took my house and tried to kill me again because he recognized I did not understand his part in the implosion of my life on every level.  I burned some books Dad left, he never red them and I wouldn’t waste time with the Reader’s Digest condensed editions.   I burned some of them in the fireplace, when we were very cold.

To have their way, American neocons starve children in countries whose tyrants will not submit to mind-control and body-control and economy-control and social habits-control and natural resources-control by “Westerners” who murder innocents from the sky with flying robots controlled by a kid in Nevada who pukes now, when he plays a video game featuring digital blood.  A lot of drone-murderers have seen the error of their ways, or rather the EVIL of the ways of those they trusted.  Can you imagine giving up a lucrative career as a murderer?  I can.  I pray that God will provide for them.

I formerly served as a psychopath-suck-up, and God has provided for me since I gave up  that line of work. Now, I still work seven days a week but I’m paid.  Ten dollars a day.  (Plus room and board and all the bandwidth I can suck up before somebody else does.)  I get up at three every day and I work nonstop.  I am overpaid.  When I am rich, I will say that again but with no more conviction.  Truth is its own reward.  Jesus is my inheritance.  Currently, as time is calculated within the matrix, I am isolated and destitute and nobody in my family has spoken to me since my father the psychopath mounted his extraordinary smear campaign.  He’s been smearing me for my entire life, and recognizing this fact is the most liberating experience I’ve ever been granted.  He’s a flaming pervert, a liar and manipulator;  he pays his minions and I could never get on the payroll…THANK YOU, GOD!  I would have done whatever he asked, and often did!  What a fraud!  When he needed a brain he’d come get me for a day.  DEAR ME!  Then he called me defective if I ever had an idea of my own and some of them worked out really well.  He’s been scared of me since the moment he faced my mom’s late period.  This is very empowering knowledge.  He should have thanked me though, after I wrote nasty letters to Jack Welch about the GE heat-pumps that kept dying.  I understand he was compensated.  He never told me.  My mother even had SURGERY without telling me when I was in high school.  I found a pillow signed by all her work-buddies wishing her success on her ass-cleaning.  I wasn’t worth telling.  But, God says I was.  “Thank you Lord, for redistributing wealth on our planet.  Also thank you for dying for us and that your blood will never lose its power.  Anoint me again, and let me rise above these smoking ruins of human endeavor.  You are God and my father is not.  Thank you once again for putting me in his home.  You meant it for good.  Amen.”  “I am SO IMPATIENT!  Please, send more fire of truth onto all of us raspy hearts!  Please, give my dad the gift of repentance so 1) my boys will know the truth about what happened to their God-fearing family, 2) my father will not suffer for the evil he has caused, and 3) really so, I can get out of DODGE!  Amen.”

3:37 pm

EUCACH Melanie Vritschan: NSA is remotely assassinating me as it did Dr. Rauni Kilde

European Coalition Against Covert Harassment officer who organized the conference I attended in Belgium.


8:18 am

The Reengineering of Life – and How to Prevent It

“Clearly these owner-controllers fully believe their personal vision of ‘the perfect life’ to be greatly superior to any other. But no megalomaniac knows that he is a megalomaniac, so unless physically removed from their position of influence – much damage can be expected to result.”


” …various forms of intellectual laziness are – and have been – fashionable for a long time. And if people don’t want to be seen as ‘different’ they will go to great lengths to fit into the accepted pattern of the day, decade, century.”


“The largest royal blood-line fiefdoms are quite literally isolated from the outside world. Thus they ‘become the world’ for those that inherit and maintain them. Such people form the core of most political think-tanks of Europe and North America. They go to the same universities, share the same clubs and mix within the same social milieu. ”

“Thus one gets the ‘two world’ phenomenon that divides by money and class, the societies of the Western world and beyond. It is here where the divisive and sinister get to work.”


“However, it is not inevitable that whatever or whoever occupies the vacant seat must be a life exploiter rather than a life supporter. Neither is it inevitable that the majority of human kind should spend the greater part of their lives in a state of abject slumber.”


“If you have any financial resources, other than what is needed for day-to-day necessities, use them to support that which is humane and opposes the neo-liberal globalised free trade scam that finances the re-engineering of life on this planet, and steam-rolls into oblivion everything of value that stands in its path.”


“This truth is uncompromising and unavoidable. We must act on it – and act now.”


More here:

8:00 am

James Corbett On Anarchy And Voluntarism

(James Corbett is my favorite journalist.  He’s VERY smart and diligent and respectful.)

By Dan DicksJames Corbett of “The Corbett Report” explains how the awakening process that he underwent while diving deep into research eventually lead him to the belief that “the only valid basis for human interaction among adults is voluntary participation”.


See more at:

4:40 am

The human race has dropped the ball.  A Nobel-prize-winning neuroscientist said that the TESTS OF NEW BRAIN TECHNOLOGY ARE NOT ETHICAL!!!  I’ve presented evidence in cogent manner for 6 years straight.  This mess is EXPOSED and ignorance is no excuse.  We are watching the government-sponsored-biggest-brain-fuck-in-history become exposed on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.  We’ve recorded DARPA scientists and brain-weapons manufacturers’ patents, gang-stalkers’ remorse and targeted individuals’ fears for their lives.  Remote assassins.  Prophets.  What will it take?  Our synapses are weakening, the lights are flickering ever dimmer and darkness looms once again over the face of the deep.  WAKE THE FUCK UP BEFORE YOU NO LONGER CAN!!!  Remember Lazarus and the rich guy who died?  The dead rich guy begged for his former SLAVE Lazarus to go back to Earth (apparently Lazarus’ post-death accomodations provided more LIBERTY than that afforded the dead rich guy.)  He yelled, “Hey Lazarus.  Go back and tell them about hell and that they maybe don’t want to come here.”  God intervened:  “If they don’t believe me and the prophets they wouldn’t even believe if I sent that guy back from the DEAD!”   (He knows because he already tried that.)   Lazarus. You remember the story.


When he returns will he find faith on the Earth?


“Colleague”  is a great word.  The few Europeans I know use it regularly; and it’s descriptive and pertinent I think.  “Colleague” is how great relationships start.  Parties are equally motivated by their passion.  I was introduced around Brussels as my kind friend’s “colleague.”  We cried together and supped at a soup kitchen.   I thought it was great; in the US if a homeless person claims a “colleague” we kinda nudge one another and wonder about delusions of Wall Street.  But, we have to start out as colleagues if we’re ever going to be anything more, and we were intended to be SO MUCH MORE!  The BEST relationships we’ve ever seen don’t even hold a candle to the kinds of thrilling connections he’s imagined for us!  He set them up because he actually thought that humans ought to take care of one another and not destroy everybody else.  Silly.  But He still thinks that.  Now that we see where the alternative time-line has deposited us, God doesn’t seem so silly anymore.   We’re being propelled to Hell by our own choice and at our expense in every way!  We eat Soylent Green and wonder where the neighbor went.  We’re destroying ourselves.  We must either begin to love others as ourselves…or WE WILL SOON SEE ZOMBIES IN THE STREETS!  (You know it’s true; people are getting stupider every day.)   My colleagues are being attacked and I’d like to assist them.  In God’s time.

I love Firefly, it’s so sarcastic.  “Paranoid and crotchety.”  ( “Train Job.”)

Somebody has GOT TO WANT TO TALK TO ME PRETTY SOON.  I can hardly stand this.  I feel like one of those people in their hotel rooms on Phuket watching the wave come in but they can’t communicate with the poor suckers down on the beach.




7:18 pm

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly finally bites the dust — more newsroom liars exposed

“CNN’s Brian Stelter jumped in during the broadcast adding his two-cents, saying, “What’s striking about O’Reilly’s response is the anti-Brian Williams; Brian Williams apologized and went silent–O’Reilly started calling your [Shulman’s] colleague David Corn a gutter snipe, a piece of garbage, a liar, a left wing assassin.” in what appeared to be a rampage spawned by fear.”

“And for any Bill O’Reilly lovers out there who believe that the man is actually an angel–here is a clip you need to watch–it explains it all. Enjoy.”

See more at:




5:59 pm

George and I took the butt-lifting chair to my friend and it fit right in the  car and the transfer went very smoothly. The chair will help him a lot.  We stopped in Curtis to buy some lunch meat for sandwiches, and I learned that my sister now lives in Marquette.  I haven’t known her address for years.  She knows mine; she grew up here.

2:42 pm



12:36 pm

Here’s my really really biggest heart-felt issue:  Could I possibly be attractive to a man with a brain, when I have so willingly submitted to mind-control?  Whew.  That feels better.  I really have a LOT OF PERSONAL ISSUES that require input from others to alleviate.  (My dad tried to kill me.  That’s a good place to start.)   I command myself daily:  “STOP WHINING.”  This has been my practice for years.  I could have discharged the unusual voices in my head but God kept saying, “Just go with it.  Let it flow.  I’ll explain later.”  WELL.  I’M STILL WAITING FOR A LOT OF EXPLANATIONS.  I REQUIRE several conversations with several gentlemen who took it upon themselves to destroy my life.  “Stop whining.”  “Yes, sir.”  I could have cut it off at any time.  I see that now and I sorta knew it then.  However, if I had said, “NO!  I will not watch myself masturbate in a mirror…”   If I had, then I would not understand all the SHIT THAT THE GOONS CAN DO.  I also would not possess the BEST EVIDENCE IN THE WORLD AND YOU ALL SHOULD TAKE A LOOK.  God said I’d have my modesty back.  I’ve missed it very much.


12:07 pm

The only way to survive while knowing the things I know is to rise above them and to see the world through God’s eyes.  I can’t tolerate even my puny personal conundra, in my own mind.  The topsoil is shallow and the light’s no good.  I can’t survive in the Matrix authentically, because to interact with its contrived constructs requires veils and camouflage.  I can’t wear camouflage any more than I could carry a gun.  I put away my camouflage pants after a visit to Gettysburg.  Militant.  I am most utterly militant.  I am not military and I disrespect those who’ve chosen the way of the sword.  I can’t believe I’m writing this because my roommates are military men.  I do not see their allegiance to the sword as character flaw, merely intent-perversions.  Their hearts are to do good, but they’ve been duped.  We do not win by defeating our enemy.  We win, by lifting him up.  I don’t think that’s wrong.  When we do good things for our enemy we “pour hot coals of fire on his head.”  We lift him up and we hold him to the same ever-expanding standard set before ourselves.  We allow him to tell his story.  WE ALLOW OUR ENEMIES TO TELL THEIR STORIES.  Maybe we’ve finally gotten to Rule #2.  This one is merely civil procedure.

A psychopath with good intentions.  Now there’s a cat we will soon witness .  What if a person 1) had all the finely-honed skills of a successful psychopath, 2) was way smarter than the rest of us, and 3) used his powers for good?

9:15 am

Isn’t It Time to Admit that We Live Under a Criminal Enterprise System Ruled By Sociopaths?

“Every advancing tyranny has two distinct stages. In the first stage, the “enemies” of the state are identified. Lists are created and distributed among law enforcement. These lists are often leaked to the public to serve as a deterrent against any thoughts of engaging in anti-government behavior. There is typically a prolonged period of demonization followed by formal labeling.”


“What can an American do to end up under the watchful eye of the NSA? The recent release of information with regard to this question led to the discovery that their agency concerns  extended to those who worship in a mosque, people who write and read articles which criticizes the government, speaks publicly about their opposition to various government policies, publicly profess a belief in the First Amendment and anyone who works as a journalist.”


See more at:


8:49 am

po-lice state


A totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

tyranny slaves

8:34 am

What is the purpose of gender-specific restrooms in public places?  Is it not to preserve our modesty from those who might look upon us in a sexual manner?  I knew a lesbian who was continually appalled that men were required to pee at common urinals.  I know some men who don’t like doing that.  Small peanuts from a gentler age of urination.  Now there’s a big brouhaha about some man, dressed like a woman, entering the women’s facility, and roused a ruckus.  (I wonder if he chose his outfit specifically for ruckus-rousing?)  It’s stupid to let deviants (that observation is statistical and not pejorative…) get their jollies at others’ expense…and then make the others  pay for it.  How many bathrooms should my father’s government require a small business to install on-site?  Bathroom requirements:  1) women, 2) men, 3) men who self-describe as women, who like men, 4) men who self-describe as  women, who like women, 5) women who self-describe as men, who like men and 5) women who self-describe as men, who like women.  That single (unconsidered…) consideration should take care of eliminating a bunch of businesses.  We can’t allow any competition for the mob-government-corporate anti-industrial military complex.

We could win back the world without firing a single shot.  Victory by sane words fitly spoken.   When our FEW remaining grown-ups decide to call a time-out it will just happen.  Somebody has to put a foot down.  Humanity has missed the high calling of stupidity and we are flung-afar toward annihilation-by-spontaneous-brain-extrusion-due-to-intentional-ignorance.  We have much catching up to do and our brains will HAVE to GET BIGGER… because for as big as they are, we’re as stupid as we can get.  When the parents and the school administrators and the successful entrepreneurs and the preachers and the whore-doctors and the politician-avatars act like two-year-olds …we have to recognize a much bigger problem. They can’t be permitted behind the wheel.


7:52 am



In The Garden–

Dolly Parton with Alison Kraus & Suzanne Cox 

The “garden” is within us.  The NSA knows it but the Baptists don’t have a clue.

7:49 am

RFID MICROCHIP IMPLANTS ARE HERE – Era Of Widespread Biometric Identification

“RFID microchip implants and other forms of “wearable technology” are increasingly being viewed as “cool”, “trendy” and “cutting edge” by young people that wish to “enhance” themselves. And”RFID m of course the mainstream media is all in favor of these “technological advancements”. For example, the BBC just published a piece entitled “Why I Want A Microchip Implant“.


Dr Carl Sanders The Designer Of The Mark Of The Beast Exposes The Truth Pt 1

(I have cassette tapes of Dr. Sanders’ total story from TWENTY YEARS AGO at a “Preparedness Expo.”  I’ve copied them lots of times and I’d do it again if I can find a tape-player.  906-291-1376)

5:13 am

What arrogant presumptions we make, we humans who dare  to change the temperature of a small body of air for our health and comfort.  The powers that shouldn’t-ever-be want us to release no carbon into the atmosphere. Nada. They’re criminalizing heating.  But, only for us cocky carbon-unit humans;  there are no restrictions for the corporate paper-man.  What do I want to be when I grow up?  A corporation:  all of the benefits of human-hood but none of the obstacles.  Jesus was a real man, and he built fires.  He even cooked!  The screen of paper legitimacy can’t possibly last much longer.  Life finds a way.  Biological organisms will do darned near anything to stay warm and loved.  Corporations cannot love.  They cannot be (Josh’s term for me…) cryo-phobic.  I don’t want to freeze …and I won’t allow corporations to steal my fire.  I also wish for love, but one takes care of one’s most basic needs first.  Maybe I’ve got this all bass-ackwards?
Being true to one’s body.




11:37 am

Our communication will be cut off.  At one point, some of us will no longer be able to communicate with some of you others.  I guess this is necessary as we progress.  It’s sad to watch people choose death, but failure to listen eventually results in failure of ability-to-hear.  I’m assured that people I love will try to listen.  I have no physical evidence that they ever have. This is faith, to ask for more Spirit.  Asking to see things through God’s eyes, rather than one’s own, is risky business, unless one loves God more than anything else.  How can you give up your own delusions and mind-controlled values?  Unless there’s something better?  Unless you’ve seen it?  After which, how in the deluded-world can you not recoil at your recognition of the things valued by others?  It’s not even funny anymore, that my family loves junk and circuses.  It’s just disappearing.  I’m living in another world, it’s called:  “The Kingdom of God.”
10:32 am

Tell me please, about your better options?

11:19 am

US State Department asks extra $20 million for anti-Russian propaganda

“GIVE us MORE of your money so we can LIE BETTER!”

“The Kremlin’s pervasive propaganda campaign poisoning minds across Russia, on Russia’s periphery, and across Europe,” US Assistant Secretary of European Affairs Victoria Nuland said speaking before US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The State Department is vastly increasing its budget for battling such propaganda, she added.”


I know of lots of truth-tellers.  They don’t need to be paid…


Read more at:

9:56 am

Josh wants to read Don Quixote.
“If a man is left without tragedy he’ll just sit on his ass all day long.”
I’m baking sourdough bread this morning.  I won’t make the rye bread again, but maybe I’ll try to incorporate some of the recipe techniques the next time I make raisin pumpernickel for George.  I might start it today.  I’ll use additional gluten.   (I don’t keep bread flour around but augment all-purpose flour for the bread-job at hand.)   I keep lots of flours anyway:  My pantry contains:  all-purpose flour, cake flour, soy flour, brown rice flour, rye flour, whole wheat flour, corn flour, almond flour, and vital gluten.  It holds different grain products, multiple types of rice, and bulgur.  Baking is science.  Leavened dough is a living thing and living things require nutrients and sustainable environs.  Living things require sufficient time to digest.  Living things are unpredictable, but that’s why we have science, to predict the unpredictable.  Or the unspeakable.  Science says:  “When you do it according to ‘Method x’, the following results will occur.”  Without painstaking observation and remembrance, we’re back to scraping our cowpatties out of the campfire.  We, also living things, in order to survive, must dine well.  “Failure to learn history means you will repeat it.”



4:45 pm

Praying for my dad…

At the mercy of the lynch mob: New pictures show how thousands joined gang which kidnapped ‘rapist’ from Indian prison – then stripped him naked and beat him to death

  • Violent mob broke into prison in Dimapur city and kidnapped alleged rapist
  • Stripped and dragged four miles while being beaten and pelted with stones
  • Man believed to be part of the mob died in hospital after police opened fire
  • Crowd filmed the shocking incident on their phones as man died of injuries
  • The 35-year-old  raped a student from a local women’s college last month  
  • A film about the 2012 gang-rape of a girl has been banned by authorities

Read more:
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Shocking: The man allegedly raped a student from a local women's college multiple times in February and he was arrested a day later

4:12 pm

“All that have come against you will be put to shame, for I will uncover all unrighteous deeds. I Am a God of the heart and I know those who have evil intentions and their plans will not come to pass.”

But this day there is a change in My people, there is a longing to be more like their God, their Father, and I Am granting the request and I Am giving you a quickness of your feet, to recognize when you are being led the wrong way by deceit and trickery, by all of the enemy’s ways and allies.

My plan for you will seem to come quickly now. It will be sped up by your quick attention to My wisdom that you will apply. Bands of tight cords that seem as if they have weaved indecision and immobilized you from moving the way that I planned for your success, will begin to lose its power. You will dance a new dance of freedom in a new area, for the next level will be yours, I Am enlarging you.”


Read more from 3/6/15   at:


2:20 pm

I think the following is the most important thing I’ve ever posted.  Please watch the video.  (Unless you don’t plan to live more than a month or two more…)
2:03 pm
(You heard it here first.  I mean, you shouldn’t have but I know some people did.)
(Other supporting documents on “Mind-Control Matrix” and “Gangstalking Round-up” pages of this site.)

12:54 pm

We can do this, and we really have to.  This is a time of tremendous fear (intentional fear is the product of LEGALIZED (2012?) PROPAGANDA…) but it is also a time of supreme opportunity.  I have earthly reason to be afraid.  Even my own father!  But, SO WHAT?  We have been chosen to inhabit Earth during its defining moment.  I don’t want to miss a thing and I refuse to fear holographic constructs of impending doom.  I pray for wisdom as I have done for years and I also pray that I will  1) not believe any falsehood, and 2) not ever REFUSE to believe any truth.  He’s gathering his army and I’m excited to get this show on the road.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing matters if we cannot have truth.  Nothing matters if we cannot have truth.  I know others recognize this imperative and soon they’ll be my friends.

11:18 am

My friend with the new titanium knee  needs our chair with the electric butt-lifter.  Since his surgery he’s been sitting on a flat bed with nothing behind his back and that would make me sore in an hour.  (I am a very experienced sitter and I know.)  He’s having pains from his neck down his spine and this recliner with the electric butt-lifter would help him a lot.  (He’s probably 6’3″ and when he stands up he has pretty far to go.)  The wound on his knee is amazing, and a couple years ago I could not have looked upon it.  It looks really clean though, and he gets the staples out today.  I asked the wrestler about using his truck to deliver the chair and he said his truck’s not running well and he hasn’t even been using it.  Otherwise he’d go drop the chair off for me.  My father has lots of trucks.  My father does me no favors.  He did call me at the airport when I was stranded for a second night and demanded that I run through several terminals to [presumably] take some expensive shuttle to some expensive hotel room that his expensive American Express card had secured.  I think it really shook him up when I went to Brussels.  I loved my final scene with him before I left, and I hope they don’t leave it out of the movie:  ME:  “Dad, I’m leaving.  Give me the money you said you would give me.”  DAD:  “No Lin, and I’ll tell ya why…drawl, spit, shuffle…  ME:  “I don’t really care why.”  Then I went to Brussels.  He’s going to be so very embarrassed if he doesn’t decide to assist my truth-quest pretty soon.  I warned him.  I’ve warned him about a lot of things and he thinks about them all the time.  He told me my first book was exceptional; then he tried to kill me.  He told me I was a “gutsy lady” when I left to live with a man I met on Craigslist.  (Quadriplegic, but how did I know that for sure?)  He handed me a thousand dollars when I left and he thought he was getting off cheap.  A FATHER should have tried to counsel me.  An accused murderer would think he was getting off scot-free.  Do all Scots expect to go free?  I drove a paralyzed man to Florida in a conversion van and he was alive when we got there.  I even inserted a catheter in an emergency situation!  God said, “I’m giving you confidence.”  He’s still piling it on.  It’s not about “Truth or Consequences.”  (My dad’s favorite TV show before satellite-smut.)  It’s about:  “Truth” IS “Consequences.”
Maybe I’ll text him and ask him to run a mission of mercy to my friend’s house;  his employees go by there every day.  I’m tired of asking him for things he 1) knows he should do, 2) would recognize if he had a relationship with me, and 3) ignores.  “Dear God, please give my dad LOVE and if you have to make him stop being a psychopath in order to do it?  Do that too.  Thank you.  Amen.”  “PS-  Don’t give him my love.  He don’t like it.”

7:41 am

Architects of Control: Mass Control and The Future of Mankind

Psychic Weaponry.

Architects of Control: Mass Control and The Future of Mankind

Listen up if you still can.


7:28 am

Last night when George came home from work  the fridge contained the following fully-cooked options:  Beef Vadas and noodles, fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and cauliflower, green beans, cooked hillbilly-style, with onions and bacon, roasted butternut squash, crusty Italian-seasoned chicken, wild rice with peppers and onions, strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits and whipped heavy cream…and he ate what?  The almost last cheese-filled hot dog we got  from a package in the marked-down meat-case.  We wouldn’t want it to go bad, now would we?   He is a very nice human but he cannot feel me.

6:24 am

I don’t think people long to feel, as much as they long to be felt.  Why else would those Asian artists spend eons painting faces on plastic sex-dolls and dressing them up like real people?  We can all feel but nearly everybody has difficulty finding another person who actually feels him/her.  Programmers can algorhithmize every possible human reaction to every potential human stimulus…but they can’t ever make that sex-doll feel its operator.  I believe that’s true. This is just a guess, and I submit that it’s none of my business, but I don’t think a psychopath (I’m thinking of my dad…) can ever be felt. That’s by their own will, yet they want to be felt  no less than the rest of us.  Psychopaths intentionally control others, and when you do that, even to your lovers, you are subjugating their will and it is patently impossible for them to approach you with “unconditional positive regard.”  (Carl Rogers should be sainted.)  Psychopaths intentionally cut off the source of what they seek.  To all psychopaths:  You CANNOT get love from a robot. Your chosen life-mission is to create you-serving robots.  Therefore, you will never be loved.  To be loved you must expose yourself.  Otherwise your lover is loving a fictional construct.


5:34 am

Poor-Parenting Prognosis


The medically recognized antidote for poor parenting is (EXTREME) late-term abortion.
This condition manifests differently if one has  1) been a poor parent him/herself, or  2) been raised by poor parents.
1)  RECOGNITION that one has been a malignant, pissy poor parent, and RECOGNITION by others, that thou art such?  Symptoms?  Ramifications of a self-indulgent lifestyle are immediately considered.  Means of escape are examined.  Eventually the sufferer recognizes what others have long recognized:  REPARATIONS are required. What to do when you have intentionally, systematically fucked up the entire lives of children to whom God has entrusted thouself?  The fulfillment of reparations-requirements is God’s business.  “Vengeance is mine.  I will repay.”  Thus sayeth the Lord.

5:17 am

I just saw an ad for a medication and it was a CARTOON!  They’re selling drugs with cartoons and hard-ons!  It is astonishing that people aren’t lynching  the doctors!  The drug pushers, well-educated salespersons with nice shoes who always go in first even if you have an appointment…  I don’t miss doctors’ offices.  I actually had a conversation with a 17 year-old girl…about Viagra.  She said, “Some guys need it…”  I said, “If he can’t get it up then what’s he even doing there?”  Her new man showed her porn and it shocked her right out of her phone-habits for a week.  He was apologetic, apparently, but she kept telling me, “EVERYBODY does it.”  I assured her that she was mistaken.  I could imagine “Everybody does it” on the lips of her boyfriend and in the naked dresses of the celebrities.  I think it’s funny that the women who wear the least over their bodies…wear the most make-up slathered over their faces.  We’re being intentionally corrupted and we’re 1) accepting it, 2) promoting the process on others, and 3) losing our ability to feel anybody else.  When I was a kid I thought boys just naturally came with a hard-on, it was a given.  What’s happening to us is not nice.  It doesn’t have to be this way, and for a bunch of us it won’t.  Help us reach the 10% tipping point for truth and human-ness.  Geeze, I sound like a chip-in account, and I suppose I should.  We’re looking for a commitment, all of us, God and the witnesses and the goons and myself.  (Half of us already know what you’ll say.)  Not only that, you’re turning our race into a mass of wimps with medical excuses for every lapse of behavior or judgement.  We must get beyond medicine so we can get beyond.

3:55 am

NDAA permits indefinite detention of US citizens and Michigan’s legislature voted against it UNANIMOUSLY.

My Congressman DEFIES the will of Michigan!  (And generations of jurisprudence and basic concepts of liberty and justice…)



Call Representative Dan Benishek at 877-376-5631 or 202-225-4735 to demand (nicely) that he grant Bobby Powell 10 minutes for an interview.

Michigan Passes Law Nullifying NDAA Indefinite Detention

See more at:

Michigan House Unanimously Passes NDAA Nullification Bill

See more at:



4:18 pm

“It’s disgusting, it’s reprehensible,” said Patti Blum, an attorney who worked with the families on a civil case for the Center for Justice and Accountability. “To use the death of four women who were in El Salvador just to do good for your own self-aggrandizement is unsavory.”

Reporters And Lawyers Who Worked On Murdered Nuns Case Blast O’Reilly’s Tall Tales

“Bill O’Reilly’s false claim that he witnessed the brutal 1980 murders of four American women in El Salvador — and his excuse, after his lie was exposed, that he meant he saw photos of their bodies — is drawing harsh criticism from journalists who covered the story and lawyers who worked with the nuns’ families to bring justice in the case.”


Read more at:


3:28 pm

For tonight I’m making wild rice.  Josh’s favorite, and I’ll combine it with  peppers and onions and I’m thinking marjoram.  A whole chicken, I’ll roast it but first brown it under a brick so it gets crusty.  George and I will eat fresh green beans.  Green beans being the only food Josh won’t touch, he’ll probably get a spinach salad.  (He’s eaten dried beans every week of his life.)  Strawberries were on sale so I’m baking strawberry shortcake, and a couple loaves of my regular bread.  Pickled herring was marked down, probably from Christmas but it wasn’t past date so I got some.  I’ll give it to Josh in the morning and he’ll ask for lingonberries.  He should be some place where lingonberries are available.


9:11 am

We are not “represented” by a person who does not agree with us.  Isn’t that basic linguistics?  
George worked two double shifts in a row so I haven’t seen him for two days.  I’m going to Manistique in search of a haircut before he gets up, and I’ll be in bed before he gets home from work tonight.  Breathe.  He’s not hard to get along with; only he lives on a different plane and it’s exhausting to jump from Spirit to mundane over and over. (I’ve always believed that some part of him exists on another, much-higher plane.  That’s yet to be demonstrated.)  I’ve noticed that since I mentioned my belief that my parents are still in contact with my tormentors, I haven’t experienced torment.  Only one time, it wasn’t a circumstantial “doubt-dip” but an assault on faith in the Spirit, Himself.  It was one of those “thus hath God said?” situations, so maybe it wasn’t human. Keith Alexander’s Ragtime Band doesn’t understand faith well enough to mount a believable assault.  I’m really looking forward to knowing what “messages” came from which sources, to see if the Spirit was right.  (I will also like to know which of my messages were received by which “targets.”  I’ve been planting words non-stop for a lot of years with no fruit to give to Jesus.  That’s going to change.)


3:52 am

“If you know the truth…what are you waiting for?”

“What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?”

This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case.

Do what consciousness tells you.

There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears.


See more at:

2:51 am



More at:

2:23 am

Doesn’t anybody want to be happy?  This is astonishing!  I’m almost there!  I encountered TREMENDOUS obstacles!  (TREMENDOUS obstacles.  Rape.  Psychopaths.  Politics.)  I cannot get there alone!  I NEED people (and, oddly, they need me too.)  My parents NEED me.  I think that pisses them off.

1:59 am


Phoebe Snow – Let The Good Times Roll


1:20 am

I sure am grateful that my father’s government never took my kids.  I was a generation early for the real round-up.  My kids are free in a way their contemporaries would have to channel-surf to realize.  God has been very good to me.

LA County to pay family $800,000 for kidnapping their unvaccinated children without a warrant

In their lawsuit, Sebastian Xoss and Mirtha Lopez accused the county of the “baseless, unreasonable, and unlawful” removal of their 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son from the hotel where they were staying on Feb. 10, 2011. They had gone to the hotel in part to escape suspected abuse of the daughter by a relative of Lopez, according to the lawsuit.

“Also, the suit said the deputy mocked the parents for not immunizing their children based on their religious beliefs and for homeschooling their kids.”

Learn more:


Learn more:

Learn more:




8:47 am

“Many of you will experience a SUDDENLY! You will look around you and say, “Where has my enemy gone?” It will be as if you are in a dream because you will be loosed from your captors. Not only will your enemy be like dust but you will receive full recompense for all that has been lost.”

“Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”   Isaiah 61:7

Kathi Pelton


The Light Responds to the Dark

After it seemed that the darkness had all but exhausted their cruelty, it was time for the light army to take a turn. Their weapon of choice was also their words.

But, oh what words they used!

Choosing their words quite intentionally, these great warriors understood the power of the words they used and the effectiveness they possessed. Starting slowly, they swiftly gained momentum, for they well knew the superior nature of their weapons.

They were possessed by the power of the Father’s love, for He had equipped them with immeasurably powerful weapons that would literally change the world.
The Father armed His soldiers with a tidal wave of His love – He had drowned them in it. Then He drowned them again, only to repeat it until they were completely enveloped by it.

As they were infused by His great love, He transformed all the previous efforts by the enemy to destroy their destiny. All the wounds and insecurities were turned into armor to protect them – they were prepared for war!

Truly, their words carried the weight of the Father as if their words originated in Heaven, and were felt immediately by the hearer. The blessings of the Father were suddenly made tangible and had the power to strip the dark of its grip and bring light to even the most wrathful person. These warriors had been prepared by the Father for this day.

Again and again, the words of the army of light were catapulted over to the enemy’s captives held in darkness. Words of light – love, peace, and joy – landed with great brilliance on the heads of those held captive by the darkness, and they had a breathtaking effect on the receiver.

Launching the strength and power of Heaven into the darkness, it seemed to paralyze its targets at first. Then, slowly, it began to melt away the anger they felt, turning it into glorious peace and remorse. Penetrating the darkness, their words expelled the lies of the enemy and healed the wounds entangling them.Truly, darkness did not have a chance against the power of the Light.

As you can imagine, with the light army’s superior weaponry increased by the authority of the Father, it would seem this war would more greatly resemble a massacre of the powers of darkness than a true war. Indeed, it was play time to God, and He’s been excited to finally share it with His beloved children.

Building an Army

For years, the Father has watched as the weight of doubt has bombarded your faith. He’s watched as you’ve faithfully fought against it, and your endurance through the battle has pleased Him more than words can say.

Truly, He’s seen how you’ve been treated and belittled by those who should know better, but there is a victory in it, you dear one. For, the greatest buildings need a very firm foundation, and the most essential soldiers need intensive training. That is what He’s been building in you – His mighty warrior!

He will start by awakening His Bride and preparing her for war by bathing her in His love. She will no longer look the same. She will speak with the tongue of His Spirit, and the darkness will indeed shudder.

But, the renewal of His saints will only be the beginning, because when they are prepared He will bring home the prodigals.

The Father loves His prodigals; they are His secret weapon, and ours as well. Truly powerful, the prodigals know the secrets of His heart and also the secrets of the lost. They are the bridge that will link the two together.


More at:


2:53 am

My country has been insulted!  Individuals, like John Kerry and that whore who got beat up in Nevada, not Boehner, I get them mixed up, the one who doesn’t believe cattle have a right to live on my land out there somewhere.  They all get offended all the time.  Our governments haven’t progressed any further than hissy fits that demand satisfaction.  We’ll never get past being children when not only the individuals who run our lives, but even the INERT ORGANS of GOVERNMENT… can be “insulted.”  If our most tyrannical-brethren can’t bear to hear trash-talk without getting upset …face-palm.  I laugh when I hear, “Speak truth to power.”  It’s more like, “Let’s go over it again.  Sit down or I’ll  have to separate you two.”  It’s parenting 101.  Somebody has to parent those spoiled brats in Washington.
They name their meetings, like the little rascals.  their programs have advertising campaigns    they dress up in Chinese costumes   They ignore dark faces usually, in the movie clips we’re shown.  They do photo ops and selfies.


1:49 am

Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails [Excerpts]



4:12 pm

I’m making Josh some fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and cauliflower.  He’d prefer broccoli but he’ll take what we got.


3:14 pm

I’m thinking that when God’s SONS are revealed, they will be classy.  They might not look too nice but they’ll be pretty fun to hang with.  “SONS” are not children.”  They are real-live grown-up baby-Jesuses.  (That was very hard for me to say.  I am at peace in my Spirit doing so.  We are wrong to maintain ANY SIN CONSCIOUSNESS.  To do so is 1) unbelief, 2) unhealthy, and 3) it keeps us from HEARING GOD, without which we WILL BE CONSUMED HERE RIGHT QUICK.)  Do your homework in the Hebrew…yeah, as if I did.  I believed the Hebrew-scholar-“Christian”-Bible-TEACHERS WHO ARE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN I.  But, I DO KNOW, by my own study, that there are MULTIPLE DEFINITIONS for many, many words in the Bible.  Just because the English translator who was humping King James said that a word should read “thus”:  it is not necessarily true.  Several words are translated-English “sons”…yet they have different meanings.  Hebrew customs are different than ours and ADOPTION to God has a seriously different meaning than ours which means taking your pick of the litter that my father’s government has kidnapped and sold into slavery by which status they are required to consume constructs proven poisonous to mind and their tiny fragile bodies!  OK.  I’m thinking the real McCoy will be VERY CLASSY.  I do acknowledge that they will be almost consistently rude.  Following TRUTH eventually leads one into a position of disgust when faced with lies.  Cannot be helped.  I choose truth over pleasant table manners.  Good thing; I’ve been eating in front of a computer screen for two years NSA be damned.  I do NOT CHEW WITH MY MOUTH SHUT.  But, when I first realized people could SEE ME…I bought a bra.  I would not let them see my nipples.  TOUGH SHIT!  I GOT TO THE BIG-Time!  (Lower case.)  TTYL
The cloud possesses photos of me, in my car, taken by my computer, with my hands far from the keyboard.  OMG.  (I suppose they thought I’d wet my pants.  Nice try.)  I always use the same password but God Bless AMERICA:  that stuff doesn’t go away.  Right?  I should ask my goon.

9:06 am

These guys aren’t even very critical of bald-faced lying on the part of BILL O’REILLY.  They say, “Yeah, we know O’REILLY is entertainment…but SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM.”  

Phone call recording confirms O’Reilly is a liar…

Looks like  Bill O’Reilly exaggerated  his reporting when covering the JFK assassination. CNN’s Brian Stelter investigates.

O’Reilly wasn’t even THERE when he said!

Audio Tapes Disprove O’Reilly’s Reporting


Listen here:

6:04 am

The pastors have been trained to calm everybody down, when my father’s government splits up families.   (They’ve been conditioning us for a long time to trust government over God, so this should be easy.) Personally, after [not] dealing with my family since I was targeted, I’d like to see a few new faces but alas, I shall not be rounded up…and those who are won’t be able to call me.  So, everybody’s on their own…with lots of influences to deny God.  (Some of these influences will not be discernible but if you hear a buzzing in your left ear you may wish you had chosen to talk to me.)   Fear will be the enemy then, as it is now, but more easily recognized.  You’ll wish you had feared less, what other men think and say.  You’ll wish you had listened more closely to what they DID SAY.  You’ll fear for your physical life if you don’t have any other.  You’ll recognize the false god you served, when you see that…the only TRUE God is TRUTH and lots of people serve him who’ve never stepped foot in a Baptist church, or any “house of worship” for that matter.  Following Jesus himself is a tremendous privilege and you don’t get there without following his servants on the way.  His servants serve HIM. They serve TRUTH.  I’ve found very few pastors who value truth, and I’ve annoyed a lot of them in my search.  It’s a really good thing God directed me to look elsewhere.
“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”    John 16:13


5:28 am

This is the AMERICA my father defended from the commies!  The few PHYSICALLY INCARCERATED citizen-victims don’t amount to a hill of beanshit.  My father’s government …TORTURES ALL OF US AND WE’RE TOO STUPID TO NOTICE!

Homan Square Black Site Allegation: Cops Used Heroin to Force Confessions

“The police began asking him questions about narcotics deals. Jose couldn’t answer the questions not just because he wasn’t really involved in drugs, but because the Jose Gonzales the cops were looking for was born in the 1960s. Jose is currently 27. The police weren’t happy with Jose’s constant denials and statements that he didn’t know anything. He repeatedly requested a lawyer, but he was never allowed one. That’s when they told the handcuffed and shackled Jose that they were going to inject him with heroin to make him talk.”


“The fact that John Hubbard is alleged to have died at Homan Square site, due to an “accidental” heroin overdose, cannot be separated from the allegations made by Gonzales.”

“How is it that while being detained at Homan Square Hubbard was able to shoot up?”





4:32 am

Today is my father’s birthday.
He was born in 1937.
He was a fat kid and his dad didn’t like him much.
His dad didn’t even recognize him when he came home from Korea because he was thin.
He thinks every place American military has gone is better for it.
When his mother was on Earth, he gave her flowers on his birthday.
His father didn’t have a clue how smart he was. (I almost wrote “is”!)
He continues the family tradition.
I made stellar Sarah Bernhardts for my dad’s birthday and George left them in his garage.
I lined the aluminum pan (I keep lots of carry-out containers around…) with peachy-orange tissue, then white deli paper, and I wrapped it with a kind of a purple-burgundy paper on the outside, with the pale-orange corners sticking through.  I tied it with orange ribbon.
I don’t suppose he’ll call.
I hope he has a nice birthday.


7:33 pm

“Religion is for people who want to pretend to know what is going on but are too lazy to go out and actually find out anything because it is easier to burn the heretics.” — Michael Rivero

Read more:

7:26 pm

‘I’m Condemned to Death’ – WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Julian Assange still remains holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London. The WikiLeaks founder told RTS the US government would never let him off the hook for publishing top secret US military documents leaked in 2010.”

“Nobody in Europe is sheltered from US surveillance programs, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Swiss broadcaster Radio Television Suisse (RTS) in an exclusive interview.”

Read more:

Read more:

4:19 pm


Sometimes a good conversation is better than sex.  It wasn’t the first thing I said, but George’s ears perked up when I said, “Your SON (Isaac) is a dissident.  His mother is a dissident.  Everybody we loved while I was running for Congress are dissidents.”  He remembers when we learned about FEMA camps.  He remembers all those things we studied twenty years ago.  I told him that Obama had outlawed an ammunition type that is supposedly important.  He confirmed its importance.  (Like a beginner military gun.  “Oathkeepers'” first purchase.)  Then he looked up the news regarding our dictator’s unlawful acts.  I told him that drones fly over countries…even YEMEN…and shoot up weddings.  Then they wait until loved-ones inspect the bodies and SHOOT AGAIN!  I reminded him that good men must stand up or evil men overtake us.  The “black sites” where they kill people are NOW LEGAL.  (I told him about NDAA.)  Josh got his notice to register for the draft.  I argued that if he did not comply, nobody would come for him right away.  In the event of conscription, the first guys they will seek are those who DO register and DO NOT show up.  (It’s one step of legality…)  Those who do not register, will be sought later.  (Josh will NEVER fight for the US as it stands.  His words.)  I figure not many eighteen year-olds are concerned with the mail.  I figure that most eighteen year-olds are not as conscientious as he.  I figure my government figures a lot of stoners don’t read their mail.  I figure he’d have more time.  I yelled “NON-COMPLIANCE IS ALL WE GOT RIGHT NOW.”


3:31 pm

“So, if the parent is scared to listen to a child, and the child becomes scared by the parental failure to listen, the child might simply learn to do what they are told because this is less frightening than standing up to their parent. This will certainly be the case if early experiences of being assertive are met with violence (euphemistically called ‘punishment’).”

Why Do We Fear Challenging Authority?

“Have you ever noticed your own inclination, or that of other people, to believe what you/they are told by someone seen to be in authority?”

“For example, did you know that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the 911 destruction of the World Trade Center buildings 5, 6 and 7 was a false flag operation?”

Read more here:


11:27 am

The rye bread has incredible texture, and it’s really good but it’s not black.  I’ll have to keep trying.  Amaretti are in the oven and I’m making truffle for Dad’s Birthday-Sarah-Bernhardts.  I rolled the pork; the filling smelled amazing.  (Goaty.   I’ve made a lot of goat cheese but mostly cottage cheese and mozzarella.  I never aged any. I’d like to try that sometime.)  Josh loves goat cheese, he had some in Toronto one time.  He also had five year-old aged cheddar.  He loves sharp cheese and he loves Toronto.  This bread calls for stiff French Canadian pea soup or smoked fish with cream cheese and capers. Maybe I’ll see what I can drum up.


10:42 am

Simon & Garfunkel – My Little Town

“In my little town, I never meant nothing I was just my father’s [son]…”

9:27 am

Today George has another day off and I butterflied a boneless pork loin which is currently in salt brine; I will roll it  with arugula, goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.  (I might throw in some bread crumbs if the filling is too runny.)   Two loaves of sourdough black bread are rising and butternut squash is in the oven.  I was going to make risotto but it might be too rich with the pork and we’ve had rice for a couple days anyway.  Roasted potatoes I think, with rosemary.  I’m knitting a baby blanket for a friend, she’s 40!  I told her a year ago she would have a baby.

5:28 am

The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever.”

“Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.”    Micah 2:9-10

“And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s,

 “But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.

 “But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.”   Mark 10:29-31


4:58 am

“Who shall contend against me, says the Lord? For they will be uncovered in this time of great Light.”

“My word of wisdom is coming forth now that will pour out answers to those who have cried out. Time is now converging with the fulfillment concerning a people’s destiny.”

“For I will lead the procession breaking down every struggle and hindrance that has tried to keep my people from walking in freedom. Issues that have tormented people will be removed, deliverance will come for those who longed to be changed as they are touched in My Glory.”

Through Phyllis Ford, “The Word of the Lord for March, 2015”



4:44 am

Microchip hand implants offered to Swedish office staff – video

You can’t use the copy machine unless you take the mark of the beast.

See more here:



6:33 pm

How did a middle class woman with nine siblings lay dead and unnoticed for FIVE YEARS?

(I only have two siblings but I could take a guess…)

Tragic story of Michigan woman found mummified when her home was seized over unpaid bills

  • Pia Farrenkopf of Pontiac was found mummified in the backseat of her car 
  • Investigators believe she died at 44 in 2009 but it wasn’t until 2014 her body was discovered
  • Relatives and a friend described Farrenkopf, who lived alone, as smart and fun but often solitary
  • Her remains were in such a state of desiccation that the medical examiner was unable to conduct a full autopsy and the cause of death is unknown 
  • She was only discovered after bank foreclosed on her house 

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A family member even tried to phone in 2012 to tell Farrenkopf her mother had died, but never got a response.

Read more:
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1:28 pm

Pastors to Help DHS in Arrests and Detention of Americans in FEMA Camps

The fact that FEMA has recruited up to an estimated 28,000 pastors, as a low end estimate, to as many as 100,000 pastors, as a high end estimate, in order to form the clergy response team is very disturbing, not to mention frightening.

The reports of pastoral betrayal are now coming in from multiple sources, and there is no denying where this is headed

Stunning Interview with Pastor/Congressman Admitting DHS/IRS Is Telling Pastors What They Cannot Say from the Pulpit

MSNBC interviewed a pastor, who also happens to be the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO.). Representative Cleaver stated very clearly that Preachers are being muzzled by the 501c3 regulations being enforced for the Justice Department and the IRS.

Pastor Mansfield attended several briefings and he could barely believe his ears. He learned of the government’s plan to enact martial law as well as to implement forced population relocations. Mansfield emphasized that when martial law is enacted, the enforcement would be immediate. In other words, family members will be separated from each other and part of the training that the clergy received was how to comfort separated family members.

Pastor Mansfield also stated that pastors will be utilized as informants. This violates the legal privilege of confidentiality between pastor and church-goer that is currently recognized by law. All church-goers can no longer trust the sanctity of personal confessions and revelations made to pastors, priests or rabbis.



Read more at:


12:34 pm

They’ve been looking for this guy for ten years!

The ABWE rape victims will have justice too.

US ‘pastor’ detained in Brazil on sexual abuse allegations

US media reported that two women came forward to investigators reporting that they had been assaulted at ages 12 and 13 by Barnard, while part of his “maidens” group.

“As soon as I got the news (of Barnard’s arrest), I started crying. It feels so surreal. I knew the day would come, but it finally came and it’s almost numbing,” she said.


Read more at:



9:39 am

The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back.

There Is No “They” – Oh Really?

This is often the final breakthrough point for many people. As the true picture starts to crystallize, the horrific realization that the “powers that be” are fundamentally a clandestine cabal with front men comes into focus. These are powerful minions, more interested in total control and weakening and subjugating humanity via health degradation, dumbed down education, mindless “bread and circus” government controlled media, depraved violence and sex oriented entertainment, and a draconian militarized police crackdown. The ugly truth then comes to the fore.

Many good people are performing wonderful services within this overarching societal program thinking it can be changed constructively. What we’re addressing are the overarching deceitful and destructive powers and mechanisms at play that are attempting to bring humanity into a weakened subservient role to some sort of worldwide fascist control state, eliminating personal and national sovereignty to support and obey a very few powerful self-appointed elites.

We Have to Find Out for Ourselves

An essential element to a true awakening is investigating and learning for ourselves. One of the main control mechanisms has been teaching humanity to only trust what they’ve been told by these same agendized so-called authorities. How many times have you heard, “If 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, surely it would have been on CNN. If something was really wrong surely someone would have said something.”


Read more at:


5:04 am

I’m baking some bread slices to make black bread with my new sourdough starter.  You soak the darkened bread in coffee for 12 hours.    It’s kind of nice not to have smoke alarms anymore.  If something spills over in the oven it doesn’t wake anybody up.

4:03 am

68 degrees in the house!  I don’t know how to dress for outings in the living room.

Day after tomorrow is my dad’s birthday so I’m making Sarah Bernhardts.  I’ll probably give them to him early so it’s a better surprise.



8:11 pm

I tried to watch Game of Thrones, Josh told me it wasn’t a good idea:
I have a real problem with pornography.  I don’t think it’s healthy for ANYBODY.  My acquaintance with porn began before I knew about anything at all.  I learned about sex at a very young age from vile materials belonging to my father.  I was also raped as a child and my parents did not think my experiences were important enough to discuss.  (At all.  I tried.)   Dad kept nude pictures of my mother in frames…even in the living room. In his home I watched the only porn movie I’ve ever seen, “Behind the Green Door.”  His fancy  TV system pumped a porn channel into every room of his house.  When my nieces were little and I found pornographic materials in his home I begged him to protect them from learning about sex as I had.  (I don’t think that endeared me to him at all.)  The only “sex toys” I’ve ever seen  belonged to my parents.  I have always liked sex, and as a young person I spent much time liking it but I think our world has cheapened what God intended to be an incredibly unique experience.  I know my parents cheapened it for me.
I asked to watch “Game of Thrones” with George and Josh;  they’re big fans.  I couldn’t take it.  Beheadings, persons-as-commodities and “FUCK THIS GIRL” …”FUCK LOTS OF GIRLS”…and sex scenes.  (I was prepared for sex scenes, Game of Thrones has spawned memes that I’m exposed to every day.)  I got to thinking though, about the people involved.  They’re whores.  The actors are whores.  Think about the little guy:  the story line goes that he’s incredibly well-endowed but although (I’ve heard…) the program (good term…) contains full-frontal male nudity, Josh said they never show the dwarf’s penis.  Do you suppose they never considered it? (Craigslist listed a personal ad for a sex-dwarf in the UP.  It’s a popular idea.)  Do you suppose he and all the other studs stood in line to be examined?  “Which dicks end up on the cutting room floor?”  How is this a healthy thing?
North Carolina says it’s legal for lobbyists to provide prostitutes to the lawmakers they wish to influence.  (Once they’ve done so, the influence could be that much more juicy…)  How will we ever rise into the spiritual possibilities we were created to inhabit?   How can we commoditize people…and still call ourselves respectful fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth?  How can we think ourselves better than pedophiles or rapists or NSA JERK-OFFS WHO FORCE  DISGUSTING PICTURES INTO OUR HEADS…if we do not stop accepting that it is ok to evaluate people by their (surgically-augmented…) body parts or  sexual “performance.”  Why the fuck do we call making love a performance anyway?  Kim Kardashian is a star because she screwed a guy with the camera running.  Many little girls would like to be as fortunate.  (????) Young girls in Central America have their ribs removed so they will look better in a swimsuit hoping they can maybe win some podunk beauty pageant and marry a rich drug lord.  In Brazil they sometimes have their intestines shortened to make their tummies tidy. Girls, TEEN-AGE girls (I don’t remember the country, I reed a lot of stuff…) are having plastic surgery on their VAGINAS so they will “look” better!  (I find it really creepy that young girls have seen enough other vaginas to compare with their own. Also, shouldn’t an improved vagina FUNCTION better?  Maybe that’s one situation where transhumanism could do some good…)  THIS IS WRONG. THIS IS UNHEALTHY. Our bodies are vehicles to carry WHAT WE REALLY ARE.  Can’t be much of a person inside some of those people, and that’s a shame. They’ve been stolen away by the Jeffrey Epsteins and Robert Goldthorpes of the world.
I am not unaffected by explicit sexual material.  If that were the case, I’d probably not bother yelling.  I recognize the influence it has over people and I reject it.  That’s a hard thing to do when some of the most highly valued activities in the world are performed in minimal clothing with a camera running.  At least the Rockefellars never make me see them naked when they fuck people.
I made the worst pasty I ever made in my life.  I don’t do good work on George’s days off and I  pray for God to change me.


1:45 pm

I think my dad and mom are still expecting me to die.  I believe they’re still in contact with those who torment me. (I suspect their waiting has been even harder than I think mine has been.)  My dad knows and has known many things that he could not have known otherwise.  I’m sure they believe that no matter how foolish they now look, nobody would ever mention my complaints again if I were dead.  I know they’re wrong.


1:06 pm

Ninety-nine bottles of lies on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of lies…
Take one down and slosh it around…ninety-nine bottles of lies on the wall.

(I didn’t put this story on one of my “LIAR” pages.  It’s on “The BRAVE.”)

99 times Bill O’Reilly lied to America


O’Reilly bragged that, woops, he actually had won a Polk Award hosting Inside Edition. He won zero of those, too. To be specific, the show did win that award—a year after O’Reilly stopped hosting.


O’Reilly bragged repeatedly he won two Peabody Awards hosting Inside Edition in the 90s. He won zero.


In 2006, O’Reilly boasted that he gets 6 million viewers every night. He got 2 million then. Today, he’s posting “huge numbers” because he’s addressing the Argentina controversy—so he’s getting about 3 million viewers on a night.


See more here:


5:26 am

Even  families have their 1 percent…

Dr. Michael Parenti discusses what the ultimate goal is for the ‘one percent’.-   “There’s only one thing they want, and that’s everything. They don’t want is countries where the people have a high sense of entitlement, where the people have a high level of expectation about the decent life they and their children could and should live. They want you hungry, they want you desperate. They want you knuckling your forelock and wringing your cap, and toeing the turf and standing there and saying, “Yes sir. Yes sir. Oh, please hire me. Please sir. Oh yes, I’ll work at starvation wage. It’s the only job available.” That’s where they want us. They’re winning some very real victories over the last number of years.”



6:41 pm

Day dreaming…

Some of the letters are from family members, such as this touching one written to a daughter from her father


3:19 pm

I made banana cranberry bread for George, and took a loaf of sourdough bread to an old friend whose parents ran a bakery.  She said it looked perfect.  Tonight we’re having sweet and sour pork and homemade egg rolls.  I made a half batch of sauce because I got the recipe from the dietitian at a residential school where I worked and it makes a LOT.  

I think my parents would like it a lot if I were president.  They’d be poorer, but they’d be happy.  Really, isn’t that what excess money is all about?  I’d never tax them because they would share freely, because it would make them happier

2:35 pm


People are too self-centered to produce any complicated law that is internally consistent…or even makes sense.  Whenever a bill navigates according to input from more than one source…we get foolishness and incongruence and bullshit.  Every tiny scientist who quotes statistics has some horse in the race.  He’s beholden. Every accountant-type participant is writing a new grant proposal and can’t hardly say anything that might adversely affect his petition.  All the keyboard jockeys know where their bread gets buttered, and the bigwigs who sign off on reports are grateful for their pens of power…and they remember all those favors they owe.  The politicians must sell the product and the grunts aren’t even responsible for anything.  They’re patsies and scapegoats just the same.  We’re really stupid to allow this to continue.  Even if I were not a fledgling voluntariest I can see the writing on the wall.  We are all criminals, potential criminals, assumed criminals…and it’s only a matter of time until the robots do our job better than we do.  We’re expendable and they’re firing up the gas chambers. (We can now be convicted for violating laws that ARE SECRET!  Does that bother anybody?  Also the DOJ and our President acknowledge intentionally killing American citizens.  It’s legal now anyway, NDAA says they may.)  Our executioners don’t even hate us, isn’t that terrible?  We’re just extra mouths to feed and to stuff gags into. They’re just really selfish.



1:10 pm

Bill O’Reilly busted again: Former colleagues dispute his LA riots story

“Earlier this week, he told broadcaster Hugh Hewitt: “We were attacked, we were attacked by protesters, where bricks were thrown at us.”


“However, six people who covered the riots with O’Reilly for CBS’ Inside Edition at the timetold the Guardian they did not recall an incident in which, as O’Reilly has claimed, “concrete was raining down on us” and “we were attacked by protesters.”


Read here:   {embed][/embed]

READ MORE: Bill O’Reilly busted: ‘Phony’ Fox News star ‘lied’ about JFK murder witness

10:33 am


DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism

DHS just admitted it:  They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls.

Read that again – let it sink in.

Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism.

Inside your shopping malls. For at least 2 years.  Got that?

DHS just admitted it:  They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls.

Read that again – let it sink in.


“Two years of “shopping mall shootings” were “REAL” until this week – when Jeh Johnson was forced to admit they were “FAKE.”


Read more at:



7:20 pm

Waylon Jennings – Good Hearted Woman

7:18 pm

Freddie Fender Before The Next Teardrop Falls (with lyrics)


5:46 pm

There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.

– Lord Acton, in his famous letter to Bishop Creighton, 1887

2:55 pm

My daddy’s smoochie-face:

‘The segment was about evil and how hard it is for folks to comprehend it. I used the murdered nuns as an example of that evil. That’s what I am referring to when I say ”I saw nuns get shot in the back of the head.” No one could possibly take that segment as reporting on El Salvador.’ (WOW. A metaphor. I guess. Or lies? Not if O’Reilly says not…)

Now Bill O’Reilly is challenged over claims he ‘saw nuns being executed in El Salvador’

  • Allegations came days after questions over O’Reilly’s claim that in 1977 he witnessed the suicide of a friend of JFK shooter Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Doubts over his reporting in Argentina during the Falklands War 

Read more:
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Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

(This is supposed to be an introduction point.  Please look beneath.  Maybe I’ll change it if enough people don’t read the following frequent updates.)  He doesn’t come around because his tricks don’t work on me anymore and he doesn’t have any idea how to act.  One could almost pity a career liar facing forced retirement



2:13 pm

“I’m hanging in the balance of a perfect finished plan.  Like every sparrow fallen.  Like every grain of sand.”

Every Grain of Sand

1:36 pm

Who would choose an occupation that prohibits the natural function of one’s body and even one’s psyche?   God made us; would he require that?  Why should we ever assume such folk are better than we, and that we should attend to their ideas?  Should we believe their instruction about God?  How could we assume (and pay…) for them to access God in our stead?  Why do we think it rational at all, that adult men should desire the bodies of young boys, or even young ladies?  Does a billionaire have anything in common with a paid-for teenage masseuse?  Does he hope to share his soul with a young girl?  Do they have anything in common, and does he WISH for there to be such ground for connection?  NO.  A billionaire cannot (and would not) share his heart with a girl who hasn’t sprouted breasts much less adult brain-synapses.  He DOES NOT WANT TO CONNECT WITH HIS SEXUAL PARTNER.  (Perhaps he is afraid of what “connecting” might turn up.  That’s not my concern.)  An adult man who RAPES a young person is gratifying merely his body, be he a priest or a rich bastard with private airplanes.  An adult man who LOOKS AT A CHILD AS A SEXUAL PROSPECT…is looking at all humanity as his toy.  To be bought.  And to be quiet.  And to not expect anything in return.  (Can you blame them for that?  What do they have to offer?)
The Baptist “missionaries” my father supports are much like him.  Young girls were RAPED then REQUIRED TO CONFESS TO ADULTERY when these “god-fearing” “missionaries” raped them!  Baptists are just the same as the Catholic perverts.  Those who rape children in the name of God will be eliminated pretty soon.  It must be so, for truth to be established.  Don’t you think so?
ABWE rapes children!!!!   MY FATHER BUYS THOSE GUYS HOUSES.  It’s 55 degrees in my (sons’…) home where I live, because my roommate believes my dad who doesn’t like what I have to say.  I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS  OF NAKED CHILDREN TAKEN BY MY FATHER. What am I to think?  What should EVERYBODY THINK?


10:44 am

TEXT TO DAVID:  I’d rather live in a tent than a house that’s not what it’s supposed to be.  It’s 55 in here.  You wanna believe Dad without looking at the evidence?  Nice knowing you.

10:00 am

George is awake.

All I have to do is be patient.  That’s almost the hardest thing in the world for me but I’m going to give it all I got.  I have been RIGHT and also righteous, in my dealings with my fellow-man, and GOD IS IN CONTROL.  I do not wish to see my parents revealed for the fraudulent control-freaks that they have been.  I’d much prefer to present our family as an example of what GOD CAN DO.

9:44 am

Rolling Stones-Time Is On My Side

9:27 am

9:26 am Down to 56 in the living room. I did what I could. (No txt)


9:17 am

Today is one of those mornings where I’m grateful for every single one of those 55 degrees in my bathroom.

8:53 am

I’m making my bed again, I’ve neglected it  because I’ve been busy.  It’s pretty colorful; it could be a crazy woman’s bed, from the looks of it.  (But I’d really like to meet a girl like that.)  To refer to a person’s labor as a “masterpiece” implies a number of things:  it implies that 1) the observer recognizes the artist’s work as a progression, 2) the observer sees merit in the artist’s aims toward best-ness, and 3) the observer recognizes quality.  (Maybe more.  That’s all I got right now.)  My mother knows I strive to do things better every time.  She knows a lot of things about me that she refuses to acknowledge.  I started some new bread.  I’ll use more salt this time and maybe brown sugar.  If I cannot be better every day I do not exist, as myself.  My mom sees me. She will tell the truth about the evil perpetrated against me and my boys, who are also ever-reaching artists, and always desire that things be better and prettier and truthier.  It’s only a matter of time.

Maybe my mom does love me?  Maybe she can’t say so because of 1) bigotry, 2) DAD’S BULLSHIT, or 3) fear for her mortal life which could be replaced with the eternal version if she got her crap in a row.



7:23 am

“Now I don’t believe what I read in the papers.  They’re just out to capture my dime.  And I ain’t worried, and I ain’t scared, and  I’m havin’ a good time…”


“And God bless the goods we was given.  And God bless the US of A.  God bless our standard of livin’..let’s keep it that way.  And we’ll ALL have a good time…”

Paul Simon Have a Good Time with Lyrics

6:53 am


OMG!!!  I haven’t been able to access my email for days and when I did? >>>omg, an email from my mom re: the sourdough bread.  She said it’s a masterpiece!  It’s still an observation of material matter but it’s a start. Thank you, Lord@!!!!!


6:29 am


“Your Parents Love You”  (Margaret Goldthorpe, in her last email to me.  I didn’t read the rest because I couldn’t see the keyboard because I was wiping tears from my eyes due to laughing.  [That’s a simile.  I didn’t really cry.])
Regarding my Declaration From the Consort of the King:
She speaks for the collective.  She speaks authoritatively.  She speaks…in the third person!  Not even any pronouns!  You can’t tell somebody you love ’em without an  “I” and a “You.”  (You could demonstrate it though, but you’d  need to get really personal.)  My mother does not know what love is!  (I should not be surprised, she’s “married” to a psychopath.)
 Love is “gentle regard” (God’s words…) for another individual.  A group is incapable of love.  (Well, maybe not, if each individual actually LOVED, then maybe, whatever…)  A  “love” STATEMENT from a group is a comical caricature of things of which the staters have no understanding.  I’m praying for my mother, and for George.  Love to them is work.  To me, love is easy.  PROVING love: now there’s some labor.
But, it isn’t necessary for us to prove love in order to  initiate good things for our love-target.  It’s all vibrations and intent.  The scientists say so.  My intent, and thus my vibration (references available on request…) is for good things to happen to my mother and father.  I do not like them very much, but my love is overwhelming me.  They’re intentionally stupid, because they have chosen to run their lives by materialistic observations, and desires.  They’d really like me better than all that junk.  I love them very much.


5:34 am

“Those in pursuit of power are seldom satisfied. They always want more. In a seemingly never ending act of compulsive consumption, they seek to dominate or destroy all that stands in the way of their thirst for power. The forces that currently hold a controlling influence over this world are of this stable. Their goal of ‘full spectrum dominance’ or ‘total domination’ of various aspects of this planet is not the summation of their ambition, it is a mere stepping stone along the way.”

On the way to what?

On the way to becoming masters of the Universe.


More at:



5:01 am

Bump to the top from:   2/4/14

2:14 pm

My brother and I were both given jobs in the family company at about age seven.  (I was seven before he was.) His job was at the commercial end of things and I babysat him and cooked and cleaned because my parents were gone.  My brother received paychecks that were smaller than other boys employed with him.  I received no paycheck.  My brother’s puny pay increases operated on a geometric multiplication system.  It’s like if you take a penny and double it every day.  Now my brother is rich.  My paycheck operated differently, “Let’s see, if you take nothin’ and multiply it by nuthin’ you get… nuthin’.”  (Jane. “Serenity”)  I am now and always have been destitute.  God sees that I lack for nothing, but I also  have nothing.  This is not a  complaint. This is a fact.

Can you see me yet Dad?  




1:59 pm

It’s almost like every new scandal is just for me.  Bill O’Reilly is my dad’s idol.   Despite protestations to the contrary, O’Reilly spins.  Guess maybe that explains things.


“O’Reilly has bizarrely inserted himself into de Mohrenschildt’s story, claiming in books and on Fox News that he was outside the house seeking to interview de Mohrenschiltd at the time of his death. O’Reilly is under heavy criticism and scrutiny for his false claims about his 1982 Falklands War reporting.”

O’Reilly Lied About Suicide Of JFK Assassination Figure, Former Colleagues Say

“Bill O’Reilly has repeatedly claimed he personally “heard” a shotgun blast that killed a figure in the investigation into President John F. Kennedy’s assassination while reporting for a Dallas television station in 1977. O’Reilly’s claim is implausible and contradicted by his former newsroom colleagues who denied the tale in interviews with Media Matters. A police report, contemporaneous reporting, and a congressional investigator who was probing Kennedy’s death further undermine O’Reilly’s story.”


See more at:

6:33 am


“What happens if my concerns are completely unfounded?  Nothing.  But what happens if my concerns are justified…and ignored?  NOTHING GOOD.”    (Dr. Ron Paul)

Negative energy.  And I was having such a good morning.  God bless my dad and all pathological liars in the world amen.
What if the world were the way that I’d like it?  What if my friends brought me gifts and good times?  What if my family wept long at my torture?  Would I absolve them of guilt for their crimes?
Would I desist, all my griping and whining?  What if I did, could I then have a friend?  What if I didn’t care where this is headed?  Would they remain?  All those friends?  At the end?
What if the nation is staggering hell-bound?  What if your sister was given a key?  What if that key could unlock ev’ry my’stry?  Would you not use  it?  (Eighth-notes…) [I mean]… if you were me?
What if eternity started last Thursday?  What if you missed the most GREAT show in town?  What if I have better things to do…