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Hospital fires leading cancer surgeon for telling the truth about medical establishment

A vicious hate campaign has been waged against an internationally renowned cancer surgeon named Joseph Meirion Thomas. At first, his superiors in the medical system tried to silence him, but now they’ve resorted to firing him.

The courageous 69-year-old surgeon has been fired from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London because he started speaking the truth about the faults of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK while questioning the quality of care that general practitioners provide.

The more he told the truth, the more backlash he received from the medical establishment. Hospital chiefs have not only called Thomas’s criticisms a “misrepresentation of facts,” but they have resorted to name calling. One attack came from Daniel Sommer, a doctor at London’s Charing Cross. He said that Dr. Thomas should “shut the f*** up!” and added that he is nothing more than a “clueless xenophobe who is completely out of touch with reality.”

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A worker puts the finishing touches to the viewing platform, over the Karst Valley in Wulong National Geological Park, south-west China


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Stomach-churning moment daredevil teeters from the top of 381ft building before running along the outer edges of it

  • Thrill-seeker free-climbed the Nevsky Prospect building with friends
  • This is the second time the group has attempted the dangerous stunt
  • Video shows man running between narrow iron rungs above the city
  • Security guards are investigating how group gained access to building

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Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier serving a 35-year military prison sentence for leaking official secrets, has been threatened with indefinite solitary confinement for having an expired tube of toothpaste in her cell and being found in possession of the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair issue, according to her lawyers and supporters.

Manning, a Guardian columnist who writes about global affairs, intelligence issues and transgender rights from prison in the brig of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, has allegedly been charged with four violations of custody rules that her lawyers have denounced as absurd and a form of harassment. The army private is reportedly accused of having showed “disrespect”; of having displayed “disorderly conduct” by sweeping food onto the floor during dinner chow; of having kept “prohibited property” – that is books and magazines – in her cell; and of having committing “medicine misuse”, referring to the tube of toothpaste, according to Manning’s supporters.

The maximum punishment for such offences is an indeterminate amount of time in a solitary confinement cell.




5:59 am

Surgeon Blows Whistle On National Food Takeover

…the brand new must-watch video below from Josh Tolley who is joined by a surgeon who details for us a ‘national food takeover’ in America that has left him fearing for his safety, we’ve decided to double down on this warning in hope that those who are not taking ‘food security’ seriously will begin to do so, before it’s too late.

With the recent actions by Congress attempting to pass ‘The DARK Act’, a law that would destroy state efforts to label genetically modified foods, we have to ask why this surgeon would actually fear for his safety for merely speaking up about this issue?




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The moment a man played the banjo for a SWAT team in two hour stand-off before he was shot with a rubber bullet and taken down

  • Vancouver police named the man as Andrew Helmsworth
  • Authorities said a call came in which revealed ‘a naked adult male was out on the street and armed with a knife’ 
  • Helmsworth shut himself inside a home, and later emerged with the banjo
  • Police arrested Helmsworth, who is currently inside the county jail

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The Supreme Leader of Iran tweeted this picture and a message criticizing President Obama's comments about why the Middle Eastern pariah should be afraid of the US military




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French MP visiting Crimea buys T-shirt that says ‘Obama, you’re a schmuck’

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Almost all psych drug use is unnecessary, claims doctor researching medical holocaust of over 5 million psych med victims


Published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal), an eye-opening paper by Professor Peter Gotzsche reveals that most antidepressants and dementia drugs are generally useless when it comes to providing tangible relief. The drugs are also vastly overprescribed, he says, and they come with such a high risk of adverse effects that it isn’t even worth it for the average person to try them.




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At major Harvard-affiliated Boston hospital: Physician expelled from staff for telling the truth about homosexual behavior and criticizing hospital’s involvement in “Gay Pride” events.

Hospital says physician’s statements on homosexual behavior constitute “discrimination,” ”harassment,” and “unprofessional conduct.”

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DOD whistleblower threatens to spill the beans on MK-ULTRA- ‘the next generation’,   if the government doesn’t confess by September.

(He says he has records that reveal  much.  This tape of Michael Jackson is his proof.  God used to have me pray for MJ when I was in law school and I never knew why.  I wasn’t much of a fan.)

(He also quotes scripture.  “If you know to do right and do it not it’s sin.”  He says he no longer lives in sin.)

We have talked before about the U.S. Government’s secret mind control program named MK-ULTRA. The program had its tentacles in the music industry, and the illuminati had their sights on Michael Jackson for a long time.

An ex government agent has come forward claiming that he was part of a plot to kill “The King of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson apparently knew about this plan, and hours before his death told his former manager that a group of people wanted to get rid of him, saying “It’s not the Government, it’s more than the Government“.




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Man who took to the skies in lawn chair tied to 100 BALLOONS is forced to parachute to safety – after he looked down and saw a 747

  • Dan Boria of Calgary had hoped to fly a balloon chair across the city and crash a local festival
  • The chair which was tied to over 100 balloons began to ascend too rapidly, and soon he saw an airplane flying below him
  • He then jumped out of the chair and parachuted to the ground, missing his mark and getting arrested by police 
  • He was charged with mischief causing danger to life and injured his ankle but said ‘it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done’

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Homophobia is one of those ugly cant-words — like racist and sexist — that no self-respecting speaker of the English language would use. (Try to imagine Abraham Lincoln calling someone “homophobic.”) It’s a verbal badge of groupthink.

(Joe Sobran)



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The most terrifying hotel in the world? Welcome to the Skylodge – three transparent pods clinging to the side of a 400ft cliff in Peru (and you have to scale a sheer rock face to reach them)

  • The Natura Vive Skylodge is made up of three clear capsules hanging from a cliff in Peru’s Sacred Valley
  • Fearless travellers can spend the night dangling precariously, 400-feet over the heartland of the Inca Empire
  • To get there, you must first climb a cliff face, and in the morning, a zip wire takes you back down again

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Living on the edge! Stunning images show daredevil couple cling on to Rio de Janeiro’s 2,769-foot Pedra de Gavea to ‘feel alive’

  • Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, and Victoria Medeiros Nader, 18, fearlessly hang off 2,769-foot-high Pedra de Gavea 
  • They climb up the rock and dangle off it in a series of breathtaking images with Rio de Janeiro in the background
  • Leonardo said they do it for a thrill: ‘I know people think it’s dangerous and crazy but it makes me feel alive’

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Victoria Medeiros Nader, 18, hangs off Pedra de Gavea with her left hand on the rock and boyfriend Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, holding on



10:34 am

A Former Baltimore Cop Just Tweeted All the Horrible Shit He Saw on the Job




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Fury after idiots film themselves ‘surfing’ on the back of a rare whale shark while being pulled by speedboat

  • Two men shown riding the majestic creature, the largest shark in the ocean
  • But he dips deeper below the waves to rid himself of his unwanted cargo
  • London’s Marine Connection has now called for them to be prosecuted 
  • Whale sharks are protected and classed as ‘vulnerable’ to extinction

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Consequences: Wildlife activists have called for the men, thought to be in Venezuela, to be prosecuted



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Ramsey Clark leads lawsuit against Bush officials over Iraq war

Senior members of the Bush administration are being sued by an international team of lawyers, led by former attorney general Ramsey Clark, over the illegal war in Iraq.

The lawsuit was filed May 27 on behalf of a single Iraqi mother, Sundus Saleh, against former US president George W. Bush and his vice president Richard Cheney, secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state Colin Powell, and  deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz.


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Decorated Green Beret whistleblower reveals he could have saved US hostages in Pakistan but was foiled by ‘dysfunctional’ government coordination

  • Lt Col Jason Amerine told a Senate committee Thursday he had crafted a trade for several hostages that was overruled by the State Department
  • Amerine’s deal would have secured the release of several Americans and Canadians held in Pakistan
  • An eventual deal for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl was reached in 2014 that saw the release of five Taliban prisoners that had been held in the US
  • Another hostage, Warren Weinstein, was accidentally killed in a US drone strike in January 

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The documents were published by Polish businessman Zbigniew Stonoga, who has been fighting a long-running battle with the authorities since running into trouble with Poland’s inland revenue. Photographs of each page of the files appear on Mr Stonoga’s various Facebook and blog pages.

Thousands of pages of confidential reports from an investigation into Poland’s secret tapes affair – including top secret information about the personal details of state security officers – have been published online, in what the head of the office of the prime minister has called ‘the biggest leak in history’.


As well as the personal information, the files include full records of interviews with witnesses in the case, as well as with senior businessmen and politicians whose conversations were recorded illegally in two Warsaw restaurants. In all, there are more than 2,500 pages.

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Black Pastor EXPLODES on Al Sharpton After The Rev. Asked For Cash at Non-Violence Rally




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What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews

Without even realizing, until that moment I had been holding tightly to an impression about a people with whom I previously had no contact.  When face to face with the real live version, the perception within my mind had no choice but to fade away, replaced by this much more accurate, vibrant and lustrous version.

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Texas Judge Refuses to be a Part of Traffic Ticket Scheme, Blows the Whistle on Policing for Profit

Retired municipal court judge David Viscarde has recently come forward to expose the use of quotas on speeding tickets. In an exclusive interview this week, Viscarde told WFAA that the police department and the local courts were involved in a revenue collection scheme where officers had quotas for speeding tickets, and judges were pressured to rush the cases through the courts.

Viscarde was a volunteer municipal court judge for over 15 years.

“When I first became a judge, we had one reserve officer. That’s all he did on Friday and Saturday every other weekend. He’d write 100 citations,” Viscarde said.

“Their municipal court is their cash cow,” he added.





7:40 am

SHOCKING!! Mainstream Media Tells House Oversight Committee to Begin Jailing Obama Administration





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Longtime Bill Clinton sex-assault accuser says Hillary ‘enabled it to happen again and again and again and again’

  • Kathleen Willey claimed in 1998 that Bill Clinton fondled her and put her hand on his genitals during a 1993 Oval Office meeting
  • She came forward after the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal broke
  • Willey, a Clinton organizer in Virginia during the 1992 campaign, now blames Hillary Clinton for covering up Bill’s sexual conquests
  • Hillary, she said Sunday in a radio interview, ‘chooses to go after the women that he hooks up with, to ruin them again and again and again’
  • Willey, now 69, wants to see Republican Carly FIorina elected: ‘She’s got more cojones than everybody in Washington combined who’s running’

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Feminist slams homosexual couple as one “husband” is named “mother” on their sons’ birth certificates

Germaine Greer has hit out at Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish, after they chose to name David as their sons’ mother on their birth certificates. The feminist author, 76, claimed the concept of motherhood had “emptied out”, and went on to launch an attack on the process of IVF.

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Clarkson&Co would be proud: Cargo crew’s nail-biting attempt to load a truck onto a ship using two thin planks has crowds gathering to see if it falls in…

  • Onlookers can be heard screaming as the trucks begins its deadly crossing
  • It is unclear where the video was filmed but it has already gained over half a million views online
  • Some users have also criticised the video, suggesting it might have been faked or digitally edited.

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Only one of the most brave or reckless drivers would dare attempt such a perilous crossing.

8:03 am

“The rebel, possessed by inner demons and angels, is driven by vision. I do not know if the new revolutionary wave and the rebels produced by it will succeed. But I do know that without these rebels, we are doomed.”Chris Hedges


5:22 pm

Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False

In the past few years more professionals have come forward to share a truth that, for many people, proves difficult to swallow. One such authority is Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of the Lancet – considered to be one of the most well respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world.

Dr. Horton recently published a statement declaring that a lot of published research is in fact unreliable at best, if not completely false.

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” (source)



7:31 am

Heartbreaking Confession of US Soldier Deployed in Iraq

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Navy whistleblower on run after exposing alleged Trident safety failings

Speaking to the BBC, McNeilly said: “I’m not hiding from arrest; I will be back in the UK in the next few days and I will hand myself in to the police.  Prison – such a nice reward for sacrificing everything to warn the public and government. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in. I know it’s a lot to sacrifice and it is a hard road to walk down, but other people need to start coming forward.”

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Senator Reads the TPP and Exposes Its Contents; Other Elected Officials Should Do the Same

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is one of the few members of Congress who has taken the time to jump through the hoops and read the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But, he has gone a step farther than other members – he told members of Congress what he read. He told the truth about what the TPP says and why Congress should oppose it in a five page letter to his colleagues.

Sessions’ action flies in the face of the threats made by the US Trade Representative to prosecute elected officials who tell people what is in the trade agreement. Others should follow his example and get out the truth about the TPP.

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The Power of Truth and Conviction in Action – Ken Jebsen in Berlin

“So the system is demasking itself.  The value of a human life depends on how it can be used.  And you should not let them USE YOU.”  “You are a citizen too.  You are a father too.  Refuse to participate.”  “We will stand behind you once you desert.  We will hide you.”   “Run away!  Come to me, OK?  I will not give you away because you have resisted to kill people.”

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2:08 pm

New Gaza flotilla: ‘We are not scared of Israeli brutality’

A flotilla carrying humanitarian aid has set out from Sweden on its way to Gaza which is under and Israeli maritime blockade. The ships are carrying pro-Palestinian activists aiming to break the blockade. Two other vessels are expected to join them later. The Foreign Ministry of Israel has described it an unnecessary provocation, saying the boats will be denied entry, and if you want to send aid to Gaza – do it via Israel.

Up to 10 people were killed 5 years ago when Israel tried to block the first flotilla bound for Gaza.

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My sister sells statins.  She works for Big Pharma and they send her on trips and give her money so she will sell more statins.

Dr. Peter Gotzsche

“Two years ago  I found out that our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.  Our drugs kill around 200,000 people in America every year, and half of these people die, while they do what their doctors told them.  So they die because of the side effects.  The other half die because of errors, and it’s often the doctors that make the errors, because any drug may come with twenty or thirty warnings, contraindications, precautions and…no doctor knows about all this.”
“The other thing I found out two years ago was, much of what the drug industry does, fulfills the criteria for organized crime in US law.  And they behave in many ways like the mafia does; they corrupt everyone they can corrupt.”


11:52 am

Top Election Regulator: I Have ZERO Power To Regulate Elections

“The likelihood of the laws being enforced is slim,” Ann M. Ravel, the chairwoman, said in an interview. “I never want to give up, but I’m not under any illusions. People think the F.E.C. is dysfunctional. It’s worse than dysfunctional.”

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Courage Is Contagious: Manning, Snowden, Assange Stand Up for Freedom

May Day saw the Berlin unveiling of Anything To Say? , a public art project and “monument to courage” featuring life-size bronze statues of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, all of whom have “lost their freedom for the truth.” The installation in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz , a project conceived by American journalist Charles Glass and created by Italian sculptor Davide Dormino, features the three whistleblowers upright on chairs, with a fourth empty chair inviting passersby to express their solidarity or their views, to “stand up, get a better view and share their courageous stance.” Says Dormino, “It is for you.”

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10:07 am

Bernie Sanders: It’s Time To End Orwellian Surveillance of Every American

I welcome a federal appeals court ruling that the National Security Agency does not have the legal authority to collect and store data on all U.S. telephone calls. Now Congress should rewrite the expiring eavesdropping provision in the so-called USA Patriot Act and include strong new limits to protect the privacy and civil liberties of the American people.

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4:37 pm

See you in Hell: Explorer becomes the first person to descend into Turkmenistan’s 1,000C pit of fire which has not stopped burning since 1971

  • World renowned explorer George Kourounis, 44, has become first person to descend Turkmenistan’s ‘Door to Hell’
  • The gas crater has burned at temperatures of 1,000C since Soviet engineers set it on fire in 1971
  • Spectacular photos show him abseiling into the fire pit wearing a heat resistant suit and breathing apparatus

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Explorer George Kourounis rappels down into the massive crater, which has burned for more than 40 years

9:14 am

Citizen Pulls Over Off-Duty Cop for Speeding, Cop Says he Can Speed Because, “I’m the Police”

“I called the police to try and file a formal complaint and both times got transferred multiple times until they hung up on me. I have that recorded (and told them the call was recorded) as well. Police require we “pay” them money when they do wrong. While I don’t expect this police officer to pay me $145 for catching his 20+ mph speeding violation (or there abouts), I do expect an acknowledgement that he was doing wrong and an apology.”


7:31 pm

Breaking the Silence: Army Deliberately Targeted Civilians

Breaking the Silence, an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers, harshly slammed the Israeli army for its operational policy during last summer’s aggression on Gaza, saying it led to “immense and unprecedented harm to the civilian population and infrastructures in the Gaza Strip,” Monday reported the Israeli daily Haaretz.

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UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops

Anders Kompass said to have passed confidential document to French authorities because of UN’s failure to stop abuse of children in Central African Republic

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9:11 am

‘Democratic Socialist’ Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will run for president, joining Hillary Clinton and running far to her political left

  • Sanders is a liberal among liberals in the US Senate
  • Will issue a statement announcing his candidacy on Thursday and then hold a formal kickoff event a few weeks later in Vermont
  • Sanders caucuses with Democrats although he’s technically an ‘independent’
  • Describes himself as a ‘democratic socialist’ 

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The Whistleblower’s Tale: How An Accountant Took on Halliburton

 It’s a story of what it takes to be a whistleblower in America – and what it takes out of you.

Many whistleblowers come undone after they launch their fights. They have trouble keeping their jobs, their marriages, their sobriety. Even friends who are sympathetic often see them as pains in the ass. They are forever marked by a scarlet “W.” And while whistleblowers naturally start off more skeptical than the average, the experience pushes some into often justifiable paranoia. If you want to know why whistleblowers can seem a little crazy, it’s because anybody who is not a little bit crazy would back away from the ordeal of confronting a corporate behemoth or grinding government bureaucracy.

There’s nothing crazy about Menendez, however, beyond an optimism that persists even when the facts don’t warrant it. Throughout the whole struggle, he just knew that somehow, sometime, the world would come around to seeing he was right about Halliburton.

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9:13 am

Hollywood producer Nathan Folks Blows The Whistle On Boston Bombing FALSE FLAG

“Folks says that he knows some of the people “who were involved” in the Boston “hyper-reality filmmaking.” He defines “hyper-reality film-making” as a “very common thing you do in the military” where filmmakers create a “hyper reality scene” that is made as real as possible so that the military “can be well adjusted to a real scene in Iraq or any other kind of war zone.” In a hyper-reality scene, people can see and feel and help what appears to be a real injured person, but the “injured person” is actually an amputee crisis actor, with help from a makeup artist. (See)”

“Folks: “I’m not fooled and I’m not going to let everyone else be fooled. Someone has to speak out against it and they can follow me, they can do whatever they want, but at the end of day, the truth has to come out sometime.””

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7:08 pm

“Not Just a Few Bad Apples,” Bill Maher Calls Out Police Across the US

After the recent police killing of Walter Scott, controversial talk show host Bill Maher took aim at one of the most common, and absurd, arguments put forth by police brutality apologists; that there are just a few bad apples.

“How do you explain a police officer, who up until that moment doesn’t seem like a crazy person. Who then just goes to; “Hey this is the United States of Saudi Arabia and if you run from a cop I shoot you,” Maher commented.



4:20 pm

‘How he was able to do that with restraints was pretty creative’: Oregon inmate drops his pants and flashes judge… and earns himself extra 30 days in jail

  • Dustin Irons was appearing in court via video-link on a large TV screen
  • Indecently exposed himself when he was unhappy with court proceedings 
  • Unamused judge added 30 days to his sentence for the lewd gesture

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10:13 am

“I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” — Thomas Jefferson

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Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s not yet willing to endorse her for president but wants to see a ‘progressive taxation’ plan

  • De Blasio, Clinton’s campaign manager during her 2000 Senate run, said on Sunday he will not give up endorsement until he sees a vision from her
  • He also said that Americans are demanding candidates to have a plan for addressing ‘out of control’ income inequality in the country
  • Plan should include increases in wages and benefits and willingness to tax the wealthy
  • De Blasio said Clinton is ‘one of the most qualified people to ever run’

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5:25 pm

Evo Morales Slams Washington During Speech at Summit

“Bolivian president Evo Morales harshly condemned the United States Government for creating chaos, for promoting destabilization, and for attacking the sovereignty of nations as it continues to move forward with imperialist attitudes against countries around the world.”

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2:34 pm

serving the country


7:19 pm

The Last Man in Fukushima – Kindhearted Local Remains in Radioactive Zone to Feed the Animals


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1:21 pm

Massive Bust Honoring Edward Snowden Appears in New York City

“New York residents awoke to find a mysterious new monument erected in a Brooklyn park on Monday morning, after a group of anonymous artists illegally installed a 100-pound bust of whistleblower Edward Snowden.”

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A group of anonymous artists illegally installed a 100-pound bust of whistleblower Edward Snowden.


12:46 pm

Baby-faced teenager who dreams of becoming police officer arrested for impersonating one at ice cream shop

  • Chase Lacasse, 19, of New Hampshire, arrested for impersonating police  
  • Teenager posted images of himself as officer on Instagram, owned gun
  • Customer at King Kone thought the costume was an April Fools’ joke

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Chase Lacasse, 19, was arrested and charged with felony impersonation of police after visiting a New Hampshire ice cream stand in full uniform


6:00 pm

An Oregon software programmer is calling on President Barrack Obama to arrest him for possibly violating an executive order which the 27-year-old believes prohibits citizens from providing cyber currency to intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

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11:44 am

CIA Whistleblower John C. Kiriakou: the Gonzo Today Interview

Q3: I have to ask this with admitted trepidation: what are the chances of consequences for either of us for speaking out on any topic, right here, right now, and in the future?

I found when I was in prison that the bigger the noise you make, the safer you are.  Our government likes to work in the darkness.  When there’s light, they generally stay away.  We should be ok.

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2:45 pm

“The time to act is now, there may be no tomorrow.” John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute

Privacy as we once knew it is dead. We now find ourselves in the unenviable position of being monitored, managed and controlled by our technology—specifically the technology employed by the government against the American citizenry. As a result, warns John W. Whitehead in this week’s vodcast, we are becoming a nation where even the most virtuous citizen risks becoming an outlaw.

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3:34 pm

A Revolution Requires Acts of Civil Disobedience

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5:03 am


Six Americans raised by homosexual parents sent a letter of support thanking openly gay fashion legends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for their recent remarks defending the traditional family. (Photo via LifeSiteNews)

Gay activists, spearheaded by singer Elton John, have condemned the pair and urged a boycott of their fashion line after they told the Italian magazine Panorama that they oppose gay “marriage” and adoption, find in vitro fertilization unnatural, believe procreation “must be an act of love,” and that “the only family is the traditional one.”

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4:41 am

Enemy of the State: The Western Persecution of Whistleblowers

What? Western Persecution. Where? United Nationals Human Rights Council Meeting, Geneva. Why? ‘The increasing attacks on Western whistleblowers, journalists and publishers pose a threat to democracy and human rights.’

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7:21 am

Former Canadian Acting PM Paul Hellyer: “USA in grave danger.” Exposes Cabal, calls for New Energy, ET Disclosure, Cabal ouster in 2016 Election (Video)

“The ‘shadow government’ is in control.”

PNAC-  Project for a New American Century  (The neocons.  GW Bush)

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9:18 pm

TV News Journalist Exposes Big Pharma, & The Drugs Behind The School Shootings Violence



3:17 am

Why my own Royal Society is wrong on climate change: A devastating critique of world’s leading scientific organisation by one of its Fellows

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  • The Royal Society’s motto is ‘Nullius in verba’ or don’t take another’s word
  • It is the world’s first scientific organisation in the world
  • Prof Michael Kelly fears that on climate change, it is ignoring the science 
  • He accuses the organisation of becoming dogmatic about climate change 

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9:32 am

‘Excessive and Unprecedented’: Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Sounds Alarm on Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Legislation

“The scale of information sharing between government departments and agencies being proposed in this bill is unprecedented. The new powers that would be created are excessive and the privacy safeguards being proposed are seriously deficient,” he writes.

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1:10 pm


“A voice that needs to be heard, so please, please circulate this information, and subscriber to Gwen Olson’s channel; links are below.”


6:09 pm

FCC Commissioner: Internet rules based on ‘ideological agenda’

“This conspiratorial and wide-ranging thinking on the part of FCC is not a bug, but rather a feature. O’Rielly openly said that “it’s intended to catch everybody”. Pai noted that the FCC was going to centralize powers over what infrastructure was deployed and where through the use of statutes and other laws; O’Rielly mentioned specifically that the FCC was going to “use Section 201 [of the Communications Act] to do it’s dirty work.”

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1:04 pm

Ninety-nine bottles of lies on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of lies…
Take one down and slosh it around…ninety-nine bottles of lies on the wall.

99 times Bill O’Reilly lied to America

O’Reilly bragged that, woops, he actually had won a Polk Award hosting Inside Edition. He won zero of those, too. To be specific, the show did win that award—a year after O’Reilly stopped hosting.

O’Reilly bragged repeatedly he won two Peabody Awards hosting Inside Edition in the 90s. He won zero.

In 2006, O’Reilly boasted that he gets 6 million viewers every night. He got  2 million then. Today, he’s posting “huge numbers” because he’s addressing the Argentina controversy—so he’s getting about 3 million viewers on a night.

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11:16 am

Niels Harrit Sues Danish Newspaper for Libel — Will Present Video of WTC 7 in Court

“Under Danish libel law, Villemoes has the burden of demonstrating a factual basis for his claim. As a journalist, he must also demonstrate that his reporting meets the standards of good journalism. At the first trial, he did neither. Still, the judge egregiously ruled in his favor.”

“In the High Court, Villemoes will have a much harder time because Dr. Harrit is being allowed to submit more evidence — namely, the video of WTC 7’s destruction, as well as an actual sample of the WTC dust, which Dr. Harrit will use to demonstrate the dust’s authenticity, and therefore his good scientific conduct.”

See more here:[UNIQID]


5:10 pm

A Ukrainian’s Letter to John Kerry

“I am a citizen of Ukraine – a poor country, located in Eastern Europe. They say that George Bush Jr. couldn’t find it on the map. Maybe that’s why the war here began only now, after Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries were freed from authoritarianism and to which the great USA brought democracy and prosperity.”

“You don’t seem to trust those Germans much, but their intelligence claims that during the Ukrainian civil conflict there have been already some 50,000 casualties. Mainly, these have been civilians.”

“Nevertheless, you, Mr. Kerry, representative of a country which is today such an irreplaceable role model for Ukraine, may well become the ‘Achilles hell’ of our government’s campaign for the military draft. Our insidious peace-mongers have discovered that many years ago, you joined an organization called “Vietnam Veterans Against the War.” This organization, according to the late President Richard Nixon, played an important role in the ‘subversive’ anti-war movement. Back then, you actively campaigned against conscription and sending conscripts to participate in the ‘anti-terrorist operation’ against the ‘so-called’ Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Obviously, your actions effectively aided and abetted the hidden policies of the Kremlin.”

“Mr. Secretary of State! In the current situation, I must urge you to voluntarily turn yourself in to the Ukrainian justice system to face punishment for your criminal, antiwar propaganda.”

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8:57 am

“Victims are victims precisely because they are afraid. Once they cease being afraid, once they quit allowing their fears to control them and become intimate with Fear instead, they cease being victims and become warriors. Shamans are spiritual warriors par excellence precisely because they are healers of fear. They help people move from a state of fear and expectation to a higher state of awareness where imagination is free to reimagine itself. Like Stephen Levine said, “To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.”

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6:25 pm

WA State citizen stops Police Officer for driving an unmarked vehicle in violation of WA State Law

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9:54 am

‘Nation’s top censorship officer’: Targeted NYT journalist rebukes Eric Holder over press freedoms


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11:40 am

Minnesota Newspaper Hurls Obscenity at Obama Over Selfie-Stick Video

The selfie stick: The gadget designed for those who want to pose for a picture while being both the subject and the photographer – and widely condemned as a device used by shameless fools.

The selfie stick – or “narcisstick,” as CNN’s Zoe Li called it – makes you look like an “assclown,” according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota. Even if you’re the president of the United States.

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5:31 am

“I file no Federal Income Taxes (1040 Form) since the year 2000. (No filings in any form.)(Always demand a 6203 Assessment when confronted.)  I do not pay STATE income tax, or sales tax on major purchases. I pay no COUNTY property taxes though I owned over 28 properties (28 buildings). ( I believe I have discovered a “filing for record” process that takes my Land off the tax roles. ) I do not vote for UNITED STATE, or NEBRASKA STATE, County, or City governing officers. I am a sovereign American by birth right. (Not a US citizen.) I believe in full support of the “perpetual Union” as found in the second of four constitutions, “Articles of Confederation”.  I have discovered that a “free American” has the lawful standing to choose to live independent of the corporate US governments, and its legislative statutory courts in the vast majority of his daily life, and to be forced to do otherwise is slavery.”

Paul John Hansen,  here is a bit from his blog


12:39 pm

Congressman Takes on AIPAC and Gets Thrown in Prison

In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange speaks with James Traficant who was thrown in prison for nearly 8 years after taking on the Israeli Lobby.

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11:13 am

Bump to the top: Photostory: Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist


Rachel Corrie.  RIP.

See here:


8:16 am

Anonymous are about to wage war on the rich and powerful covering up child sex abuse

Masked protesters will march on the homes of “elite” paedophiles and public figures they claim have been involved in the “nightmarish” cover-up of child sex abuse.

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10:54 am


5:18 pm

“I have studied the 332-page plan in detail, and it is worse than I had imagined.”

Republican FCC Commissioner: Public Is Being Misled About Net-Neutrality Plan

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1:48 pm

FBI monitored activities of dozens of well-known black writers for decades and even read work such as A Raisin in the Sun before publication

  • FBI was going to imprison some writers if there was a national emergency
  • Lorraine Hansberry and Ralph Ellison’s works read before publication
  • Washington University in STL professor discovered 14,000 pages in files
  • Authors who went abroad put on ‘stop orders’ if they returned to the US 

The average length of files with page numbers, some of which monitored writers for more than 40 years, was 300 pages.

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4:49 am

Graffiti artist arrested for spraying his name around his ex-girlfriend’s neighborhood

  • A heartbroken vandal spray painted his tag nearly twenty times around his girlfriend’s Queens neighborhood after a drunken spat
  • Mohamed Rasul scrawled his graffiti moniker, ‘Sonik,’ in bright, blue and yellow paint on homes, businesses, and telephone poles

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10:13 am

“Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well”.

“Finally, a military pilot steps forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers. In so doing he has risked his life and the life of his family.”


Read and watch here:


9:30 am

“Ukraine’s top general is contradicting allegations by the Obama Administration and by his own Ukrainian Government, by saying that no Russian troops are fighting against the Ukrainian Government’s forces in the formerly Ukrainian, but now separatist, area, where the Ukrainian civil war is being waged.”

Ukrainian Government: “No Russian Troops Are Fighting Against Us”. Sanctions against Russia based on Falsehoods

“If what General Muzhenko says is true, then he is a hero for having risked his entire career by having gone public with this courageous statement. And, if what he says is false, then he has no place heading Ukraine’s military.”

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6:31 pm

Gay Oregon couple who bought domain name in 2008 refuse to sell it to him… and plan to use site to promote LGBT issues

  • CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater bought site because they continued to see gay rights being challenged 
  • ‘Felt sure’ Bush would run in a future election when they bought the site
  • Site is running with ‘work in progress’ message promising ‘more to come’ 
  • Bush was fiercely against legal protections for gay couples in 1994
  • Said last week he believes same-sex marriage is a ‘state issue’  

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4:56 am

Climber braves treacherous 180-foot wall of ice to become first man in history to scale frozen Niagara Falls

  • Will Gadd, 47, already world-renowned for his feats, used the opportunity to take on the ice of the 180-foot high gorge working his way up just feet away from the Horseshoe Falls
  • As the popular tourist area experiences such heavy ice in winter, it is closed to the public
  • There is estimated to be about 150,000 tons of water pouring out over the park’s crest with speeds reaching as high as 70 miles per hour

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6:59 am

Former Pro-GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs Aren’t Safe, Refutes Claims By Monsanto

“I refute the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, that they require less pesticide applications, that they have no impact on the environment and of course that they are safe to eat.

There are a number of scientific studies that have been done for Monsanto by universities in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Most of these studies are concerned with the field performance of the engineered crops, and of course they find GMOs safe for the environment and therefore safe to eat.”

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10:18 am

KFC launches a heart-stopping hot dog using fried chicken breast in place of a traditional bun

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It is only available to 50 customers at selected stores in the Philippines over a two-day period, ending today


11:06 am

Torture Paralyzes Chinese Lawyer Who Defended Falun Gong

“Wang Yonghang, winner of the Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Association’s “Ten Best Human Rights Defense Lawyers Award,” has become paralyzed below the waist as a result of prolonged torture in a Chinese prison, wrote Human Rights Lawyer Tang Jitian in his post on the popular Chinese social media website Weixin on Jan. 14.”

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6:10 am

CCTV – Fearless shopkeeper snatches gun out of robber’s hand


7:50 am

David Clarke, Wisconsin sheriff: ‘Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from’

“I don’t expect anything intelligent to come out of the mouth of Al Sharpton,” Sheriff Clarke said, Mediaite reported. “We know he is a charlatan. Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from. The police officer is owed a lot from him, Eric Holder and the president of the United States.”

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11:59 am

Pictured: The incredible moment that a smartly-dressed City worker takes on smash-and-grab jewellery shop raider brandishing a MACHETE

The have-a-go hero gets on the man's back, but is then threatened by the robber, who then runs off

  • Armed gang on mopeds raided central London watch and diamond shop before attempting getaway on mopeds
  • A brave member of the public – believed to be the shop’s owner – attempting to wrestle one robber to the floor
  • The have-a-go hero was threatened with a two-foot machete by a masked robber, who managed to run off
  • At least two of the robbers are still at large. Police say a suspect was arrested in a nearby car park

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8:06 pm

Former Khmer Rouge Child Soldier Has Spent the Last Two Decades Cleaning Cambodia of Mines, Alone and without Protection

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7:12 am

Mark Udall Promises America Will “Be Disgusted” at CIA Torture Report And that he’ll use every power he still has to declassify it.

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8:01 pm

Three-hundred-and-twenty-five-pound Patriots star rescues woman trapped in crashed car on his way home from winning AFC Championship game

  • Vince Wilfork reached into an over-turned Jeep and pulled the driver out with one hand 

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8:09 pm

Schoolboy handed ‘Banksy’ print by train passenger claiming to be artist who told him ‘this will be worth about £20,000 – have a good life’

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5:14 am

Turkish President Says the Unsayable: ‘West is Behind Charlie Hebdo False Flag Attacks’

This is a very worrying development. Not because of what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, but because it signals that the ‘gloves are off’ now.

“The Turkish President has called out what many already know and understand – that the US (full list here), NATO (GLADIO and MH17) members and Israel (USS Liberty slaughterand other attacks) have engaged in the past in false flag attacks. That is not debatable – that is historical fact.”

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9:06 am

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi


5:53 pm

Town rallies around teen who was ridiculed for her weight after posting picture of herself in her prom dress to Facebook

  • Kristen Layne, 18, posted a picture to a local listings page on Facebook in an attempt to sell her junior prom dress
  • But some men on the page started joking about her size
  • She politely told them to stop and other users jumped to her defense
  • Strangers have now raised more than $2,000 online so she can buy another dress for her senior prom 

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7:39 pm

Man dangles 80 feet in the air for nearly an hour after a zip line attraction malfunctions

  • A Canadian tourist was stuck dangling from a Las Vegas zip line attraction for nearly an hour Friday 
  • The man took off from the 12-story zip line slot machine and the trolley that ran along the cable jammed 
  • The company gave the man a full refund and offered him and his wife a nice dinner at a local restaurant  

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3:57 am

“Understand that you have the power to make the world beautiful and prosperous. Even the smallest acts of kindness make an incredible impact! Imagine if we all took just a moment of our time to help someone else in some way. Imagine a society in which we value each other more than we value material objects. Imagine what else awaits to be discovered.”

Anonymous Annual New Year Speech (2015)

“We are Anonymous, we are legion.  We never forget.  Expect us.”

(It’s a weird world when you trust hackers more than your government.  No.  Perhaps worlds are weird when they’re the other way around?)


4:49 am

Outgoing senator urged to release full CIA torture report

If he doesn’t take this opportunity, will his life have mattered?  Will his brother’s life have ended well?

Senator Mark Udall, of Colorado:

Calls for Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) to reveal the entire, unredacted CIA torture report have increased, with a group of former intelligence analysts issuing a memo that urges the outgoing legislator to read the report on the Senate floor.

“You seem on the verge of leaving the Senate without letting your fellow Americans know all they need to know about CIA torture,” the memo continues. “In the eight weeks since you lost your Senate seat you gave off signs that, during your last days in office, you would provide us with a fuller account of this sordid chapter in our country’s history, exercising your right to immunity under the “Speech or Debate” clause in Article 1 of the Constitution.”

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3:13 am

Secret hiddencam conversation with a CHEMTRAIL PILOT POISONS IN OUR AIR


10:26 am

“As the body of Christ in the United States, we confess that by not speaking truth to power we have failed to follow the call of Jesus to serve God with love and compassion for all people. We have failed to challenge our government’s policies. Rather than acting as an honest broker in negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, our government has consistently supported, both financially and diplomatically, the actions of Israel that have brought suffering to Palestinians, continuing insecurity to Israelis and the declining prospect of a just peace. As individuals and as church institutions, we have supported a system of control, inequality and oppression through misreading of our Holy Scriptures, flawed theology and distortions of history. We have allowed to go unchallenged theological and political ideas that have made us complicit in the oppression of the Palestinian people. Instead of speaking and acting boldly, we have chosen to offer careful statements designed to avoid controversy and leave cherished relationships undisturbed.”

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11:17 am

Brandon Bryant, a former US-drone pilot, speaks at ECCHR in Berlin


“You watch them for days and months and years.  Intimate voyeurism.”

6:59 am

Outrage as Republican father-of-five says abortions should only be allowed if women have written permission from the father… except in cases of ‘incest or legitimate rape’

  • Missouri state Representative Rick Brattin has proposed a bill that would require pregnant women to get abortion consent from the father
  • Brattin’s proposed legislation only makes exceptions for incest and what he calls ‘legitimate rape’ 
  • Says he was inspired when he went in for vasectomy and had to get written permission from his wife 
  • Brattin, 34-year-old father of five, is worried women use abortion as a type of contraception 

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6:45 am

“The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men, by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile.”  (Napoleon)


7:37 am

Congressional staff protest deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner

Congressional aides and some of the lawmakers they work for protest the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. (J. Scott Applewhite, AP)

“The walkout came as both houses of Congress attempt to pass a spending measure and avert government shutdown”

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4:26 pm

‘Each time police shut Pirate Bay down, we will multiply other servers’

“The Pirate Bay and several other torrent websites temporarily disappeared from the internet on Tuesday. Reports say the sites were downed in a raid by Swedish police, which seized the servers, computers, and equipment of previously elusive web pirates.”

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9:13 am

HEY!  Listen to Milli Vanilli’s real voice!  (Near the end of the clip.)

Need More Proof That The Music Industry Is Fake? Here You Go.


10:12 am

Life In The Fast Lane: Indian Daredevil Pulls Yoga Poses On Motorcycle At High Speed

“Sometimes I get scared when I perform stunts but it makes me feel happy too.”

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7:19 pm

VIDEO: How Germany Uses ‘Anti-Semitism’ To Stifle Criticism Of Israel

“It was perfectly acceptable for the children and grandchildren of Nazis to call me an anti-semite in Germany because I define my Jewish identity outside the frontiers of Israeli nationalism.”


Stand aside Lewis! Incredible moment 16-tonne transporter JUMPS over moving F1 car in record-breaking stunt

  • Stuntman Mike Ryan jumped the truck a record 83 feet and 7 inches
  • He hurtled towards the ramp at 70mph before clearing the Lotus F1 car
  • Martin Ivanov who has driven in Bond films was the behind wheel of Lotus
  • It is the first time the jump has ever been attempted with a lorry and trailer 

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7:01 am

Dr. Wakefield files official complaint with CDC over ongoing vaccine fraud

“In a show of support for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield has filed aformal complaint[PDF] with the acting director of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).”

Learn more:



5:31 am

The couple who went for a drive and didn’t come back for five years: Their biggest challenge in 136,000 miles and 66 countries? A row over the toothpaste lid

  • Jayne Wilkinson, 56, and David Turner, 54, went on a five-year road trip
  • They travelled 136,000 miles through 66 countries on a £50-per-day budget
  • Couple bought a Land Rover Defender, which they christened Lizzybus
  • They only argued over Mr Turner’s inability to put lid back on toothpaste
  • Ms Wilkinson was bitten by a snake and fell ill with malaria in Africa

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Feeling festive: Jayne Wilkinson, 56, and David Turner, 54, celebrated Christmas in Acapulco, Mexico 


(These are actors…but doesn’t that boy ACT BRAVE?)

5:12 am

Brave Syrian Boy Dodges Sniper Bullets and Plays Dead to Save Sister

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2:22 pm

One World Trade Center window washer recalls heartbreaking phone call he made to his wife saying he didn’t think he would make it as he dangled 69 stories high

  • Juan Lizama was one of the two window washers trapped on One World Trade Center when their scaffold broke on Wednesday
  • The two spent 90 minutes dangling in the air before they were rescued by members of FDNY

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7:51 am

Across the Victoria Falls on the high wire

“Lukas Irmler from Germany had the sort of view of the famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe that not everyone would want. He crossed them bare foot on a high wire.The 26-year-old student and professional tightrope walker took two years preparing for the challenge.”



4:31 am


“Daredevil Nik Wallenda wowed Chicago and the world Sunday with two hair-raising skyscraper crossings on high wires without a safety net or a harness, and performing one blindfolded.”

“The Discovery Channel used a 10-second delay for the broadcast, which would have allowed producers to cut away if anything went wrong. Chicago city officials ignored a state law requiring safety nets for aerial acts higher than 20 feet, saying the law wasn’t intended for “elite” performers.”

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8:49 am

What was he THINKING? The moment a man climbs on top of a dead whale as a school of SHARKS close in for a feeding frenzy

  • The whale’s carcass has been floating in the ocean off the coast of West Australia for several weeks
  • Harrison Williams jumped off a boat and swam to the dead whale and climbed on top

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8:59 pm



5:06 pm

“It almost looks like the FBI was designed to spy on Americans who might be disagreeing with policy, especially foreign policy.” -Ron Paul 1988



6:21 am

Looking for the Nerd Rapture

I don’t think God is a great fan of debt.  He outlawed usury and established “Jubilee” whereby all debts are cancelled every fifty years.  A “mortgage” is linguistically a “death contract.”  The outstanding balance on my law school loans is three times what I borrowed; student loans are bondage.  Once a graduate has a couple kids and a medical condition, he’s pretty much in the system for life.  For the smartest kids, it’s even worse. Computer skills are the new warfare and hackers often sign death contracts with an intelligence agency or a defense contractor.  “Security clearance.”   There’s no going back.
What’s a principled hacker to do when he/she sees corruption?  How about seeing your colleague jerk off with surreptitiously-gleaned selfies  of your sister?  What about the kook who keeps tabs on all his personal enemies?  How about that guy you knew at Langley… who disappeared?  You’re compromised and you’ve got a choice:  pay my child support vs. life in prison or being “extraordinarily rendered”?   These guys are in prison already.  But, they are also the only ones with means of escape…for themselves and for the rest of us.
General Keith Alexander cannot do the things hackers do.  If you put them on a deserted island with a Swiss army knife and some bandwidth,  they’d order pizza. Dr. Death himself couldn’t function without these guys, and they all know it.  I figure it’s a stand-off about now.  Hackers hold all the cards but they can’t play them without risking EVERYTHING.  I suspect one of them knows of my own small stand-off, and its implications.  My perfectly-documented story could run interference for some brave soul.  At that point the Snowden-effect might fill a few more hearts with geek-courage.   Somebody KNOWS that his employer tortured me and that it was VERY WRONG.  And he might change the world.  Obama needs gamers to shoot his drones and kill people in Pakistan!  What if they all took a break?  There’s the revolution.  Without firing a shot.



10:05 am

Who did you notice more?



9:12 am

A moment they’ll never forget! Brave safari tourists on safari as 5-ton African Bull Elephant charges them

  • Raging mammal approached group in Kruger National Park in South Africa
  • The onlookers had been watching the creature safely from a distance
  • The fiery beast blasts its trumpet in a tense, and frightening stand-off
  • Guide points rifle at the head of the creature before it took off into bush 

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5:27 pm

‘You raped women, Bill Cosby’: Comedian Hannibal Buress lashes out against legendary sitcom star, 77, during stand-up performance in Philadelphia

  • Buress, a former SNL writer and voice star of Angry Birds, brought up allegations of sexual assaultagainst Cosby in his hometown of Philadelphia 
  • In 2006, the married 77-year-old comedian settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who accused Cosby of drugging and assaulting her 
  • Buress called out Cosby as a hypocrite for urging African-American men to ‘pull up their pants’  

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12:23 pm

German journalist and editor Udo Ulfkotte says he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance ran the risk of being fired.

German journo: European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure (VIDEO)

More at:



4:40 pm

Doctor, 59, running as Libertarian candidate in Iowa Senate race dies in plane crash

  • Dr Douglas Butzier’s single-engine plane crashed a mile from Dubuque Regional Airport after missing the first landing approach on Monday
  • The cause of the crash remains under investigation
  • The married dad-of-two, who worked as an ER doctor, was running as a Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate in Iowa
  • His opponents U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley and Republican state Senator Joni Ernst expressed their sadness at the doctor’s death

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2:03 pm

‘Ebola? It’s population control’: R&B singer Chris Brown ridiculed for bizarre outburst on deadly epidemic

  • Chris Brown tweeted that Ebola epidemic was a ‘form of population control’
  • He quickly backtracked, adding: ‘Let me shut my black a** up’ 
  • The first message, which had 9,500 retweets, led to ridicule from hundreds

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4:52 pm

Anti-Obama artist targets Gwyneth Paltrow’s home with scores of parody posters before the star blocks off her street for fundraiser

  • The star’s Hollywood home has been targeted with anti-Obama posters ahead of fundraiser being attended by the president on Thursday night
  • Posters are the work of a Republican artist called Sabo
  • One poster features an image of Paltrow with the phrase ‘Obama drone’, while another uses her infamous ‘conscious uncoupling’ phrase
  • Tickets for the Democratic National Committee event range from $1,000 to over $32,000

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9:04 am

Can man live on meal substitutes alone? They’re full of vitamins and promise all the benefits of a balanced diet. But when one volunteer tried to survive on bars and shakes for a week, he was shocked by the results…

  • Sales of ‘meal replacements’ have grown by 85 per cent this year
  • NICK HARDING swapped real food for meal supplements for seven days
  • Read what happened to his body during one week on shakes and bars 

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8:18 am

9/11 activist hands himself in over Cameron remarks

“In response to Cameron’s remarks equating people, who question 9/11 and 7/7 attacks in the US and UK as well as the West’s policy towards the Middle East, with Takfiri preachers who radicalize extremists, Nick Kollerstrom handed himself in.”

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6:03 am

Why Civilians Must Acknowledge the Individual Cost of War

“It’s not the president or general who’s far-removed from the battlefield, it’s the individual who’s right there in the trenches or in the foxholes, that’s what brings war to life,” says Carroll.  He hopes that these letters will humanize the men and women in uniform so that “[Americans] no longer see them as just soldiers, airman, marines, or sailors, but as somebody’s spouse or child or parent or best friend.”

See more at:



6:33 pm

Just chill out man: A guitarist strums a tune while all around him the high wire experts relax. But how did he get the guitar there?



7:20 pm

Single mother with terminal cancer has dying wish granted as her nurse agrees to raise her son

  • Tricia Somers, who is dying of terminal liver cancer, asked her nurse, Tricia Seaman, if she would raise her son after she passed away 
  • Seaman, who has four children of her own, said she and her family would be happy to welcome eight-year-old Wesley in
  • The Seaman family was planning on adopting another son when they were asked to take in Wesley
  • Wesley and his mom now live with the Seaman family as her chemotherapy has left her so weak 

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11:24 am



10:55 am

Issa subpoenas Obama’s chief of staff for documents

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5:13 am

Moment a Chinese fighter jet hot-shot did a Top Gun-style barrel roll just 20ft from a US jet in ‘very dangerous’ stunt

  • Intercept occurred in international air space about 135 miles east of Hainan Island, China, on August 19
  • Armed Chinese fighter came made ‘several passes’ and came within 30 feet of a Navy P-8 Poseidon plane – a surveillance aircraft
  • At one point performed a barrel roll over the top of the U.S. plane
  • Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said the maneuver was ‘very close and very dangerous’

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5:24 am

George Galloway answers BBC claims that he would be arrested:



7:41 pm

Bikini Atoll, nuclear bomb test



6:55 pm

‘I’m sorry’: Man who invented the pop-up ad begs forgiveness after creating one of the Web’s ‘most hated tools’

  • Ethan Zuckerman helped created the ad in the mid-90s while on staff at
  • Said it was originally a way to separate a car maker’s ad from a site with adult content
  • Zuckerman has come to believe an ad-based Web is ‘broken and corrosive’

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5:38 pm

Concert violinist diagnosed with a tremor plays during career-saving brain operation to help surgeons locate the exact spot to fit his implant

  • Roger Frisch, a concert master with the Minnesota Orchestra, was diagnosed in 2009 with essential tremors
  • The condition occurs when sections of the brain that control movement start sending abnormal signals
  • Frisch agreed to undergo experimental surgery which involved tiny electrodes being implanted into his brain
  • In order to determine if the electrodes were being positioned correctly, Frisch played his violin during the surgery in the Spring
  • A month after the operation he was performing again with the orchestra and can now control his tremor with the flick of a switch

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6:31 pm

‘Never in a million years!’ Kris Jenner stuns herself and gets high with her mom Mary Jo eating medicinal marijuana gummy bears

(Bruce Jenner doesn’t like it.)

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3:30 am

“(The) Israeli army is not just an organization of self-defense, it’s not just a military, it’s a melting pot.  It’s an agent of social change.  The values taught in the Israeli army are diametrically opposed to the values of Judaism.  Their Jewish heroes were our Jewish villains.”
“The same reason the Persians and the Greeks and the Romans could not assimilate us and make us into them–the Zionists now see, they can’t make us into them either.”  — Orthodox Rabbi, Yaakov Shapiro


6:03 am

‘I’m just happy holding hands with my grandchildren’: Irrepressible quadruple amputee, 68, who underwent landmark hand transplant STUNS doctors by learning to play the piano with his new fingers

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11:13 am

Australian father-of-four on track to become the world’s first ‘bionic man’ with surgery to give him his legs and arms back

  • Matthew Ames had all four limbs amputated in June 2012 after contracting toxic shock syndrome
  • The Brisbane father-of-four has had rods implanted into the bones of all limbs and will soon have bionics fitted to them
  • He currently wears ‘training arms’ and ‘stubbie’ legs to strengthen his body
  • Matthew and Diane have released a book about their experience

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1:19 pm




9:02 am

The secrets of courts, like individuals, are always their defects.

(Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower who leaked the  Pentagon Papers)



6:14 am

Pouty Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

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3:59 pm

Israeli Academics Condemn the Slaughter and Endless Oppression of the Palestinian People

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7:36 pm

U.S. Navy nurse becomes first to refuse force-feeding of Guantanamo Bay detainees on hunger strike after deciding practice is a criminal act

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4:21 pm

Man arrested after stabbing watermelon with butcher’s knife to ‘passive-aggressively threaten’ a woman

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8:44 am

“Soldiers and police officers must not abandon their own judgement, even if it means they sometimes have to disobey the ill conceived or mad orders of their political commanders.” — Sun Tsu



10:46 am

Feds Threaten Medical Staff With Arrest, Take Cell Phones, “Immigrants Have More Rights Than Workers”

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3:04 pm



12:51 am



8:09 am

“At the time, the instructions seemed logical, and we carried them out without question. Only toward the end of my service did my comrades and I recognise that there was something immoral about what we had done.”

As a former Israeli soldier, I had to speak out about the injustices I participated in

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4:53 pm

I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.–Margaret Thatcher



12:41 pm

Putin’s message is clear: “You want to play? O.K. The first rule is: we don’t use your worthless Monopoly game money anymore. Alright? Now it’s your turn.”

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10:06 am

Mexico’s Teenage Angels Risk Their Lives in the Name of Peace

“It’s inspiring to see people have not lost their faith and are risking their lives for peace in the face of such horrific violence, but whether they will prevail against the numerous criminals that have made Juarez their home remains to be seen.”


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“…surviving the ups and downs of material circumstance doesn’t have a lot to do with being frugal or sensible or whatever the prevailing wisdoms of the times recommend. It has to do with perseverance and the certitude that given there is a plot and there is a director, then there’s a point to the affair “

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5:52 am

Whistleblower, aeronautic engineer installed devices in planes to spray POISON & Polymers into the air.



9:01 pm

“Sue me”




9:36 pm

“The ludicrous contends with the ridiculous and that results in a stalemate of mediocrity.”

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10:26 am

Henry Gruver prayer-walks the world. He taught me how to do it. Four hours before the Japanese earthquake that set into motion the Fukushima catastrophe, God talked to him and had him on an airplane from Japan towards Los Angeles.

People should listen to Henry Gruver.  He had dreams about conflict with Russia and China many years ago.



10:07 am

“Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand,

But I know who holds tomorrow, he’s the one, who holds my hand.”  (Unknown author.   Leeann Rhimes did it recently.)



10:06 am

“The grimmest dictatorship is the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy” – George Galloway

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9:36 am

Ammon Bundy: “Men must decide if their rights and freedoms are God-granted or are assigned by a federal government” 

“Our innocence has left us now, we have experienced first-hand the breath of force upon our necks. We have gasped in desperation as our lives and agency were threatened. Our cries have been ignored by our guardians in the next room.”

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3:09 am

Romans 8:14  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry,  Abba, Father.



10:18 am

Thomas Jefferson said      “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice can not sleep forever.” 



The Declaration of Independence! Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor!

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6:21 pm

Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World’s End (Part 1)



12:20 pm

The Astounding Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton

“Mark Gorton does not have a reputation as a crackpot. Quite the opposite. He’s been favorably profiled in the New York Times for his business acumen and charitable deeds. His experience as the head of Limewire—which disrupted the music industry and then lost a $100 million lawsuitas a result—was closely followed by the press. And when Michael Lewis’s blockbuster new book about high frequency trading was published recently, prominent media outlets turned to Gortonto learn what HFT firms are really like. The Huffington Post even dubbed him “the new face of Wall Street.” He is a very respected and very wealthy man.”

“This week, we were forwarded documents that Gorton was sending out to employees at Tower Research. These documents—embedded at the bottom of this post—are essays by Mark Gorton, laying out his theories on the secret high-level murderous criminal “Cabal” that is responsible for, among other things, the JFK and RFK assassinations, the presidential careers of the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 plot, and the murder of countless witnesses, politicians, and journalists who sought to expose them, including Sen. Paul Wellstone and even Hunter S. Thompson. Everything, according to Gorton, has been an inside job.”

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2:27 am

Bankers Being Killed Could Top 100 Plus

Banker death squads?



9:16 am

“Almost exactly a decade ago, Vice President Dick Cheney greeted President George W. Bush one morning in the Oval Office with the news that his administration was about to implode. “

“Such a mass resignation would certainly have led immediately to high-profile hearings on Capitol Hill, though the intense press coverage probably would have exposed Stellar Wind before they could be convened—exposed it and likely severely curtailed or ended it, given the circumstances: senior Justice Department lawyers, who resigned rather than violate the law, criticizing advocates of a secret program that snooped on Americans’ telephone calls and e-mails without a warrant.”

“It is a truism and a quite inadequate one to say that Richard Bruce Cheney was the most powerful vice-president in American history. It was Cheney’s singular genius to take an oddly archaic constitutional office that had at best been regarded as a useful if perilous stepping stone to a presidential run and at worst as “not worth a bucket of warm piss” (in the imperishable words of James Nance Garner), and to reshape it, by force of will, quiet audacity, and a peculiar institutional brilliance, into the most powerful position in the American government.”

“It goes on still. This is the way of the post–September 11 world, where whistleblowers and news organizations reveal what would have once been considered illegal and then, years later, find themselves “revealing” it yet again, and then again. So it has been with torture and extrajudicial killing and warrantless wiretapping. We might call these frozen scandals, which begin in revelation and white-hot controversy and end with our learning to live with secret wrongdoing that is in fact no secret at all. This is our new normal—and a vital attribute of the world Dick Cheney bequeathed us.”

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2:41 pm

Sounds like God prepared this guy’s evidence ahead of time just like he did for me.

The Price of Telling The Truth…. An Abusive IRS Audit

March 9, 2014 by Dr. Janda



   In July of 2009, I was invited to be the keynote speaker at a Congressional Dinner at The Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. .  The topic of the presentation focused on The Power of Prevention and it’s critical role in health care reform.  In the question and answer period, The Congressmen asked for a review of the two phase legislation known as Obama Care. It was defined as two phase due to the fact that half of Obama Care was hidden in the Stimulus Bill ( Phase 1…. passed in February 2009 ) …. the other half was the Health Care Bill ( Phase 2…. passed in March 2010 ).
At the conclusion of my presentation to members of Congress and their staffs I was asked the question….. ” When I am asked by the press what is the one word to describe Obama Care what do I say?”  My answer was NOT pretty…. but it was truthful.  Based on the facts that any provider who does not follow the government protocol for treatment can be fined tens of thousands of dollars on the first offense and on a second offense could pull jail time…. plus…. the fact that the public would be fined and penalized for not signing up….. plus…. the fact that Obama Care would be implemented and overseen by The IRS….. my answer was based on an approach my Mom, the History teacher, taught me about decades earlier. ” Authoritarian Nationalism that penalizes and punishes anyone and everyone who opposes the state  = Fascism ” My answer to the Congressman….. “The one word is Fascism “.
Let’s now fast forward to June of 2013….. following my Congressional presentation and then having been interviewed and given dozens of presentations on the hazards of Obama Care and what is needed for true health care reform, as well as hosting The Operation Freedom Radio Show  since 2010, the letter we received from The IRS  on June 13th, 2013, unfortunately, confirmed my diagnosis 4 years earlier that the current administration worships at the alter of Fascism.
The past 9 months dealing with The IRS has been “enlightening” to be diplomatic and to be blunt…. they are the modern day Gestapo of a criminal syndicate and the syndicate’s current puppet….. Obama. After over 9 months and thousands of dollars in accountant and legal fees it is over from the IRS’s standpoint.  And the public wonders why physicians are retiring and closing their practices so they do not have to deal with The IRS who will administer Obama Care ???
It became obvious from the outset of “the inquisition”, when the auditor was asked why we were being audited and her answer was… ” It starts with the radio show.”, we knew this was going to get ugly very quickly.  I am sure it was pure coincidence that the radio show started in 2010 and that was the first year the audit would focus on. She then asked for our returns from not only 2010, but also 2011 and 2012….. our accountant asked….. “why do you need their returns they have sent them to you every year on time?” Her answer: ” We have a problem with our file system,  just resend them.” Which then lead to our accountant to ask….” how can you ask for an audit without having seen the returns ? ” Her answer: ” just resend the returns.”
 From the outset, It became obvious that the audit was politically motivated and would be based on harassment and abuse. It also became obvious their goal was to shut down” my public voice “, to deny my Freedom of Speech and  to imprison both Lib and me on unreported income issues. The good news is they found zero….. zero unreported income….. for all three years.  When they realized the ” Go to jail…. go directly to jail card “ could not be played they then launched on the harassment approach.
There is a laundry list of what they tried to pull over the past 9 months to harass us but this will give you an indication of how desperate they became. They demanded all receipts from my speaking related travels in which I was not reimbursed.  Receipts that we had previously given them…. nothing better than bureaucrats wasting your time in duplicating what you had already provided. We provided the receipts in great detail to their chagrin.
 They then wanted programs from the events over the past 3 years to prove that I actually spoke at the events. Luckily for us…. bad for the fascists… I had saved them.  ( I did withhold one set of programs due to the nature of the entire conference. I spoke on health care but a number of other speakers listed were and are active in the intelligence and military communities and I did not want to compromise their safety by turning documents over to an agency that has a track record of compromising the safety and security of Americans who The IRS disagrees with.  We did  however provide a letter from the conference director of my topic of presentation) Then The IRS stated just because I was on the program did not mean I actually spoke at any of the events.… they then wanted letters from the Conference  organizers to prove that I had spoken at all of the events. We then  provided notes I had saved with the redacted names and redacted e-mail addresses from the organizers who had thanked me for my presentations and confirmed the dates and locations.…. that really upset the fascists. But they were not done…. they then  asked for  lists of people who attended  my presentations on health care reform …… We refused .  They failed again…. they were provided zero names.
 They then launched on several other fronts such as to deny all business expenses and most charitable contributions….. they have failed miserably on that front as well. We will contest the few they summarily dismissed despite clear documentation of the deductions. We are now discussing with our legal counsel and accountants about the most effective means to flip the tables on the Gestapo….. and they will be flipped. The team we have assembled is second to none in the art of “what goes around…. comes around.”  The IRS is of the belief that the filthy taxpayer, as they see ALL of us, has no recourse against the Goliath of The IRS.  I was not named David for nothing.
What also became clear during the past 9 months was the disdain the IRS and the Obama Administration has for any and all charitable organizations. They see charities as infringing upon their “turf.” It did not take a rocket scientist to realize they intend to harass taxpayers who donate to charitable organizations and the charitable organizations themselves.  To them, it is NOT about helping others ….. it is about them being able to control others through government  purse strings. It became clear…. they see charitable organizations are their competition.
 When all is said and done with this “experience” I am thankful. I am thankful for a great and supportive family, friends, great accountants and legal counsel that were there to get us to the winners circle.  In particular I am thankful to our accountants Don Madhaven and Steve Janulius…. our legal counsel Steve Grob…… Fred Calderone for his steadfast support and counsel…. our close friends Patti, Duane, Amanda and Tim Schroeder ( Amanda gave me some of the wisest insight… ” The reason they are doing this to you is because you are  right…. they are wrong and they can’t fight you on what you have exposed with Obama Care…. they fear you and the truth.” )…. my immediate bosses at work Cathy, Karen & Donna…. Thayrone and Linda Hughes at WAAM Talk 1600…..  all of the folks that work for the charities that we support who had to document and re-document our gifts to their organizations…… and of course Libby, Allison and Katie who were on the frontline of the War.
In the end it came down to Faith…. my Faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…… they were with me every morning when I woke up, all day long and every night when I went to bed…. ” The Lord is my light and my salvation…. whom shall I fear.”
It is my hope that the fascists who comprise the IRS and their boss…. Obama…. decide to focus on their failed policies and what needs to be done to resurrect Our country from their 5 years of destruction.  As opposed to their current focus, which is to harass and abuse  Patriots that are doing everything in Our power to help EVERY American maintain,enhance and restore Our Freedoms, Liberty and Our country.  I look forward to April 15th.…. nothing better than paying for the bullets that are then fired at every American and Our Freedoms by The IRS and the fascists of the current administration.
Dave Janda



5:48 pm

World Bank whistleblower Karen Hume has amazing things to say…

Corruption!  (Like that surprises us.)  Much more…

(I know about 80% of what she says is true.  The other 20%?  Well, I know about 80% of what she says is true.)

Read here:



8:51 am



8:17 am

The proverbial cleft in the rock is sometimes surprising.



7:56 pm

Trust.  Ask.  Trust.  Ask.


12:25 pm

“You say that you are my judge. I do not know if you are. But I tell you that you must take good care not to judge me wrongly, because you will put yourself in great danger. I warn you, so that if God punishes you for it, I would have done my duty by telling you!” — Joan of Arc


3:47 am

When facing a corrupt system, provide for yourself and your community those necessities that the system cannot or will not. Become independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. If you and your community do this, the system will have one of two choices:

1)  Admit that you do not need them anymore and fade into the fog of history, OR…

2)  Reveal its tyrannical nature in full and attempt to force you back into dependence.

– See more at:



8:26 am

“This state of awareness just happens and it doesn’t go away. It is the beckoning finger of change and it has come knocking at our spiritual door…for everything in the universe is in constant motion.”


“This sudden spiritual estrangement from those we love is the shock of shocks.”

”We know that everything’s changed and we can’t go back—we’ve moved on, and our friends and loved ones have  remained behind.  Something has shifted in our inner space…”

– See more at:



7:32 pm

I think I know some things about God that are not in any holy book, lots of people do.  In my holy book it says, “Delight thyself in the Lord and he will give ye the desires of thy heart.”  It does not say, but I believe it to be true, “Obey the Lord and he will give ye the “requires” of thy heart.”  He did promise to provide everything we need and even knows what we need before we do.  He set me up perfectly to survive what I was not intended to survive.  He intended for me to survive.  He intended me to do something important with the lessons I learned. He intended me to represent him.  Wow.  He also permitted me to lack any joy, so he was my only source.  I’m grateful I was tortured, for I enjoyed God and only him.  Now, I’ll enjoy many things.  Everything I ever wanted!
                            OK, Dad, I’ve been demonstrably sane for a couple years.  What if I could remain cogent for ten years or more? Who knows, maybe I’ll never be crazy for my entire eternal life?  (That’s what the book says.)  It’s possible that I will  never become crazy enough to cover your ass.  What about this?  I don’t believe you really want us to suffer. You  just want us to look like we’re suffering.  (We don’t look like that usually because  we smile too much.)   You had to demonstrate us suffering so you could be right about all the slanderous bullshit you said about us.  If you could have accomplished that without depriving us of family respect and human contact  I suspect you might have done it.  You couldn’t.  So, you made us suffer.  This is a forgivable offense, I mean I know you’re a scared psychopath.  You must however, tell the truth or you will suffer for all eternity while we’re smiling.  This is a no-brainer.  (Karma, Golden Rule, Law of Attraction, etc…)  Now, PSYCHOPATH RICH FATHER:  I am cold.  May I please borrow your wood-splitter?  (For the fiftieth time…I kept notes.)
                          Chayla got down on her knees and begged me to please, please, please  keep writing.  She even spit a little pronouncing  the “P’s.”   We’re doing something important.  She brought two roast beef subs that were going to be thrown away  at Steve’s.  I toasted one and we split it  with a lot of horseradish.  We drank gin and tonic and she said my boys were fine. She always says that.  She also  said she will be willing to answer any of their questions about her electronic rape experience…if they do their homework first.  She’s right.  She won the “last grown-up on earth” game.  Maybe she lost.  At least I’m not doing it.



6:36 am

Photo: <3 Liberty Girl



1:02 pm

“First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.  Then they fight you.  Then you win.”  (Gandhi)



10:48 am



3:44 am

                           When people start to understand this electronic rape stuff, I’d like a bubblebath and maybe a cheesy magazine. I think I’d like to take a day off, I haven’t done that since May.  I am extremely diligent, for a crazy lady.  My detractors seem to think they are dealing with a paranoid woman.  They are [endearingly, not…] dealing with a  formerly-paranoid woman.  Actually we are two formerly-paranoid women. We know what goes on and we [and they] have nothing left to lose.  The harder they grasp at straws the more paranoid they become.  This is really, really real.
                         I have no vision of what direction our powder-keg will blow.  I was hoping for male guidance from a knowledgeable source.  So far, no good.  Wouldn’t you think they’d at least wanna hear about sex from the sky? Chayla and I are not boring.  Somebody ought to tell us what to do so we can change the world.  If men like it as it is, with no regard for what it is becoming, that means they’ve already accepted death.  They will escape before civilization reaches critical mass.  Death will save their lives.  Puke.



8:58 am

Disciples as activists.
                         Former colleagues in the freedom-fight have suggested I get my head examined.  If I had insurance, I might indulge the idea.  These fine men are like Baptists, who find a chunk of truth and fasten themselves for the duration.  I joined the Rutherford Institute in 1990 and served as an officer in law school, even attending their presidents’ conference.  I’d had a miscarriage the week before.  They talked about stopping abortion and I was then convinced-by-mourning, that my “fetal tissue” was a person.  Their issue was mine.  I continued to pursue truth, and discovered other issues of corruption and deceit that did not affect me personally.  I took notes, but not much more than that.  Activists pick a topic, much as churches imbed a doctrine.  (Did you like the “I”?  “Imbeds” are rampant and ignored.)   I continued to learn and I’ve trusted God to direct my activism.  He gave me a doozy this time.
                         Gentlemen, I do not criticize your criticism of me.  You have every right.  I am saying things that if true, will affect you and your progeny forever.  However, you do not get bonus points for being rigid.  (Oops.)  Activists, like disciples of Jesus Christ, must follow the Spirit of Truth or they are fraudulent.  Perhaps they’ve never taken the time to study the things I know?  What were they doing?  Playing Mafia Wars?
                         Many years ago I knew about the technology I’ve now experienced.  Did you?  Chad, you’re the Liberty-Library. Do you believe what you know or do you know so people will know you know?  Daar, dear-heart.  Let it go.  We do not settle on a method, we settle on principle and the method will appear.  Tom Stillings, here’s your chance at glory.  And you could help fix the world.  Rich, I don’t blame you one bit.  Tony, you cradle-robber, I love you more than I can say.  This is happening.  I could help you and you could help me and we could help my lonely (attractive) collaborator.  Are you men or are you mice?  I don’t know what to do with what I know and the TONS OF EVIDENCE I’ve collected.  You’re the go-to men in issues of conscience.
                         I’ve had to deal with many issues at the same time.  My own father tried to kill me.  My family is becoming conscious, finally.  My sons are stupendous discerners of truth.  My reputation is unwarranted, and false.  God is working these things out.  You, however, will have much to answer for if you do not recognize truth in my words.  He wants to change the world. He needs people.  I have no people anymore.



2:10 am

                         My collaborator is badass.  When she learned that we inhabit a mind control matrix, she took drastic steps. She got her own 501(c)(3) and set up shop.  She experimented with imbeds and sound bites.  She watched uniformed men with handheld devices immobilize the herd at a Costco store.  Everybody stood still.  She’s seen an entire lane of cars pull onto the right shoulder at the same time.  She fills in my gaps of understanding.  I am like a small child, Jesus holds my hand.  I don’t dare open my mouth unless he tells me to.  He gives me words above my pay-grade.  My collaborator has earned her right to speak.
                         She cooked for me, her grandma’s turkey-melts.  Black olives and pineapple.  Magic.  My collaborator is currently my most respected human.  I’ve seen the scar from when she committed hari-kari.  It is golden and very beautiful.  I saw a vision where my scars glowed gold too, but mine were only lion-scratches.  Hers are very deep and they will dazzle us.

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