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‘Very strong’ quake hits New Mexico border — Seismic data spikes at WIPP nuke site — Emergency declared at nearest nuclear plant — “Larger magnitude event could still occur” — TV: “Sounded like a train derailed” — “Very rare… Still trying to figure out what caused it… no known fault lines in area” (VIDEOS)

Learn more here:   http://enenews.com/very-strong-quake-hits-near-new-mexico-border-seismic-data-spikes-near-wipp-site-emergency-decalred-at-nearest-nuclear-plant-larger-magnitude-event-could-still-occur-tv-sounded


Gov’t Expert: Plutonium is certainly being discharged into Pacific Ocean from Fukushima plant; Flowing out of ruptured containments — TV: Reactor water turns into ‘yellowish, fizzing liquid’ from damaged fuel rods… “It actually vibrates” (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Read more here: http://enenews.com/study-plutonium-being-discharged-fukushima-pacific-ocean-flowing-ruptured-containment-vessels-tv-reactor-water-becomes-yellowish-fizzing-liquid-damaged-fuel-rods-actually-vibrates-video

“Massive Change Is Upon Us” – The Three ‘E’s

“This brief condensed look at The Three ‘E’s of – Economy, Energy, and Environment are all one needs to understand the current situation is anything but a sustainable status quo (no matter how reassured by record high stock prices the general public may be).”


Read more at:   http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-28/massive-change-upon-us-three-es

Workers on Detroit water shutoffs: “They are making it so you can’t live”

“Many reacted angrily to the DWSD’s brutal shutoff policy that authorizes up to 3,000 shutoffs per week of households and small businesses, some with bills of as little as $150. Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s office characterizes the cutoffs as a necessary measure to help restore financial stability to the city.”

Read more here: http://rinf.com/alt-news/usa-news/workers-detroit-water-shutoffs-making-cant-live/