Settlement negotiations: a Ditz-Free-Zone


4:08 pm

Wow, my dad came down again.  He put the two checks that I signed,  totaling $5.40,  in the mailbox.  He signed them this time; hand-signed, not a stamp.   Is he being nice or is he being a dick?  He owes me 3.5 million.


3:43 pm

If Dad and I didn’t share history and remarkable DNA, he’d hire me.  He’d track me down and stalk me until I was working for him.  I didn’t want to be his daughter.  I remember when Mom told us that Dad had been married before.  I was really excited for a minute, thinking maybe he wasn’t really my father.  Then I realized that my mom would have never married him if he wasn’t the guy who knocked her up.  Why ELSE would a smart girl do such a stupid thing?

I disappointed my dad because I was born with a conscience.  That’s really  a blessing, to my so-very-cursed conception.  He talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk and I’ve always pointed that out.  When I was small, I couldn’t help it.  Now that I am large, I can’t help it.  But, God in his great wisdom says that I’ll be my father’s assistant.  (I have attempted to fulfill my purpose since forever.)  My dad got rich by claiming to follow God.  He did not follow God, but he followed somebody who 1) made him rich, 2) chose for his interventions to be attributed to the REAL GOD, and 3) likes it when people call him God.  I know who it is that my dad serves.  He knows me too.  But, if Dad would hire me!  Such a concept, nirvana and prosperity and four-leaf clovers all around.  I only want what’s mine.  I own him.



8:14 pm




7:27 am

Dad could save some money by transferring my condo before the value drops.

Toronto’s Epic Condo Bubble Suddenly Turns into Condo Glut

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11:57 am

In Toronto, the average price of a detached house was $1.15 million in May: +18.2% YoY.




2:59 pm

The necessity of replacing my home is a no-brainer,  but perhaps the many benefits of giving me the condo in Toronto (with a trust account for the boys’ house, a trust account for the condo and me, and probably some metals) are not as apparent.  First of all, I’d really like a place where Isaac or I could go outside of the US, in the event that it might become prudent for us to do so.  Isaac was giving speeches against the RINO’s when he was fourteen.  He is on the red list.  Also, moving MONEY out of the country is very smart, considering the new laws inhibiting off-shore accounts.  Josh NEEDS SOME OPTIONS…and there are NONE HERE.  Had I not been tortured for years, I would have taken him to museums and some concerts.  Maybe we’d have even gone to a ball game.  I’ve been WORKING for the FAMILY ever since Dad put out a contract on my life and livelihood.  I would very much like to learn some new things, and to begin helping people who can help DESTROY THE NSA.  I lost many contacts due to slander and Toronto would be a very fine place to begin replacing them.

1:56 pm

Connie acted like a lady today, and my young friend even had along her pet chicken.  If I spent time alone with her in a decent climate I think she could learn to fly quicker.

It was a turning point when I kicked our guest out of the house a month ago because he exposed his body repeatedly to my sons and me and crawled into my bed once when I was already asleep, and who has owed a TEENAGER 400 dollars for a year without a payment.  I realized that I don’t have to be treated poorly; I don’t treat others poorly.  I’ve spilled blood for that man, I got him out of jail and I stuck up for him with the authorities.  I deserve some respect.  I deserve respect from my father, and it’s been a long time coming.  My life has been directed by principles that he cannot fathom, and it’s high time he recognizes that fact and reimburses me accordingly.



9:02 am

“America is in decline because wealth and power has been redirected from those who make stuff to those who make stuff up.” — Jeff Drum

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7:51 am

I always wanted to be happy (although I was taught not to expect it and that I didn’t deserve it) but now I’m finding my own vindication insufficient.  I can’t enjoy dreaming of my soon future-freedom when so many others are not free and it’s within my power to assist them to some measure.  Complete happiness requires freedom for  1) my family who are false Christians and will spend eternity without  the presence of God, 2) my sons who are operating (well.) within a context of lies, and 3) PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD WHO ARE BEING REMOTELY-TORTURED WHILE OTHER PEOPLE LOOK THE OTHER WAY.  Our masters have overplayed their hand and are being led to the door, but the exodus is far too slow for Targeted Individuals.  Where is my friend in Belgium; I haven’t heard from her for several days.  Have they abducted and ‘medicated’ her?  What about the organizer of the conference I attended?  Is she still alive?  Has she been permitted to see her son?   How is Reverend Pinckney, who is active in Michigan’s covert harassment support group?  He’s in prison.  (Conscience-led preachers go to prison in the US.  Google:  Kent Hovind.)   How are the other HALF DOZEN GRADUATES OF COOLEY LAW SCHOOL who are also targeted in this state?  If we compared notes, could we determine the source of our targeting?  These answers are available to one with the means to ask the right questions.
My disclosures about those who owe me LOTS OF MONEY have been dealt circumspectly, over a period of years.  I’ve been patient; many times my finger has hovered above the ‘send’ button.  My goal has been to merely encourage my debtors to do the right thing, for themselves and the world.  If they desire to see their entire lives explode, that could be arranged, but I’m still hoping they’ll see the wisdom of CHOOSING to be truthful. (My affidavit-journals contain LOTS OF INFORMATION about them that I’ve not yet divulged publicly.   If they will not do what’s right, perhaps they will do what will most effectively cover their asses.)  I’m still praying that my brother or my father will speak to me.  I’m still praying they will repent before God…and send me on my way.  Their DESTINY is to be happy and fulfilled but rich Baptist schmucks don’t seem to consider destiny.  They will eventually watch their coveted status-rewards devolve into caricatures of dark portent as guide-posts to those seeking Truth and freedom.  “Another Baptist spiked and mounted at the gates of Rome.  Guess we’re going the right way.”



3:47 am

I’ve labored under a number of assumptions about my family which I recognize were far too generous. For one thing, I expected that when it became obvious that we could no longer pretend with any conviction, that our patriarch is a stalwart moralist, we would assume the necessary posture before the world at large.  Image-conscious people who do not look to their image is a paradox  I’d not considered.
I assumed that women in my family would recognize, that as I demand justice from a misogynistic psychopath, I’m serving their best interests.  Somebody should explain those big words to that sweet young doctor-wannabe, who doesn’t even think her grandfather should care about one he has intentionally harmed, let alone a helpless woman of his own family.  (Perhaps she’ll find a med school with compassion on the syllabus.  No matter though, because I expect at commencement they’ll hand out conscience-condoms so she can thoughtlessly begin fornicating with big pharma and godless government in the S&M menage a trois that kills MILLIONS of people each year.)
I assumed my family-of-origin would feel remorse that they had abandoned my children, in a time of great need. I assumed they’d make amends, to my fine men, with apologies and restitution.  Even if they believed for a single moment that I was diseased, their neglect of my sons has been horrific, especially so, in that far-fetched scenario. What loving family leaves young teenagers in a home where even a purportedly crazy mother says the environment is not healthy?  I assume this would be only a family who KNEW VERY WELL WE WERE BEING TORTURED, but that’s God’s business and I ask his mercy on me for prior false assumptions. And I ask for mercy on them.

I’d assumed they’d be sympathetic, and choose to comfort me as I was raped, slandered, gang-stalked, impoverished..yada, yada.  My bad.  I should have stopped expecting warm fuzzies from them through years of wearing their hand-me-downs and washing their dishes.  I also assumed that when their number was up, and the old man could be jailed at any moment for infractions ranging from kiddie-porn to attempted murder, they’d make amends, but maybe they don’t know how?  This is the assumption I wish to negate.

I require,
2) My condo in Toronto,
3) A car that has not been driven to death by multiple previous owners,
4) A trust account for my sons,
5) A trust account for myself,
6) A home for George should he desire one,
7) An immediate sum for a) clothing, b) grooming, and c) travel.
(I just ripped out the sleeve on my favorite Goodwill shirt.  You always hurt the ones you love.)


5:48 am

I gave wrong numbers about a couple things; I’m very poor with numbers and I ask forgiveness for lying:
1)  The car my dad gave me does not have 214,000 miles on it.  It has 212,…something.
2)  It looks like I filed suit in the Court of Jesus Christ on JULY 26, 2013, not July 17, 2013 as I previously stated.
3)  Reviewing my records, I learned that I was not mistaken concerning the THREE AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLAR DEBT I’M SOON TO COLLECT.
I apologize if my inattention to detail has created any misunderstanding.  LG


4:20 am

UPDATE:  “Zilch”


3:25 am

MOVE OVER by Janis Joplin

Great colors, eh?  I don’t remember the sixties like that.  My childhood is gray.


4:19 pm

The Mamas And The Papas ::: Words Of Love.

“Words of love, so soft and tender won’t win a girl’s heart anymore…

if you love her then you must send her, somewhere where she’s never been before…


8:44 am


“Prices rose 7.8 per cent to an average of $596,163, the Toronto Real Estate Board reported. In the city, average prices for detached houses jumped nearly 9 per cent in February from a year earlier to $1,040,018.”



3:25 pm

Meet the world’s richest women worth a combined $220 BILLION (from companies founded by their late fathers and husbands)

  • Christy Walton is the wealthiest with $41.3billion from Walmart fortune
  • Five out of nine women on the list are American, with two Germans also represented
  • Laurene Jobs, 51, youngest on rich list with average age of 69 
  • Seventeen per cent of world’s women billionaires are self-made  

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7:46 am

Note:   It didn’t start out at  three and a half million.  It was raised a few times when Dad was particularly egregious.  I did let him know when it went up.  I kept records.

4:53 am

I met with a guy a couple months ago, about being on his radio show.  Then I dropped the ball because DADDY STARTED BAD-MOUTHING ME AGAIN.  (To George.  It’s in my journal.)  Now, DO I HAVE TO SPEND FOREVER PREACHING TO THE CHOIR?  (“Dear God, that’s funny so MANY ways.”)  Or, may I please TELL SOME TRUTH TO THE MASSES?  Family, this has to end.  You have acted like children and I forgive you.  Now, get Dad to tell the truth and I’ll be on my way.  Soon, please?

What would it be like to have everything you need?  How would it feel to know that if you got a run in your pantyhose…you could just get another pair?  I often pondered these questions as I watched my siblings and my parents.  How would it feel to be warm all the time?  Do their bedroom thermometers ever register in the 50’s? My family is an alien race, and they’re racist.  Not recognizing the diverse marching orders handed out to the rest of us, they assume affluence is a badge of honor, a right, and must be carefully guarded.  God have mercy on their souls which seem to be, 1) obtuse, 2) staggering under the weight of false-entitlement, and 3) selfish.  Also, they 1) lied about me and cast me out of the family, 2) talked me down to the neighborhood, and 3) stole a lot of things from me that are translatable to CASH VALUE.  3.5 million.  That’s what I heard from the God who KEPT ME FROM DYING!  It’s pretty hard to believe that I may one day not have to stoke the outside stove every five hours for 8 months of the year.  But, God has given me hundreds of four-leaf clovers…even on request.  Let’s see what he’s got.


8:11 am

“Too many people are only willing to defend rights that are personally important to them. It’s selfish ignorance, and it’s exactly why totalitarian governments are able to get away with trampling on people. Freedom does not mean freedom just for the things I think I should be able to do. Freedom is for all of us. If people will not speak up for other people’s rights, there will come a day when they will lose their own.” — Tony Lawrence ( 12/28/95

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4:10 pm

In February it will have been six years since I started recording my life.  I recorded it all, and the only crazy thing I did in six years was to obsessively record all the normal things I did.  (The practice has proven profitable; I am convinced I’m pretty cool.)   It’s time to get this over with…and it’s time for me to live an authentic life.  I’ve portrayed a caricature and spread ’em for all the world to see.  If nobody wishes to see, then they should stop talking me down.  My father’s obstinence is exhausting.   He owes me 1) a home, 2) a whole lot of money I might have if he hadn’t a) caused me to be tortured, b) caused me to lose my bar license, c) caused me to be divorced, d) caused me to lose any marketability from recognition as a former congressional candidate, e) caused me to lose respectability, and  f) caused me to lose confidence, and 3) TRUTH.  He owes my children and ex-husband a lot of similar things for related reasons.  Josh takes a shower then goes into the kitchen to wash his hands.  He started doing that when I was being RAPED and he was told I was EVIL and he believed that his family was POLLUTED and he also STOPPED BELIEVING IN GOD.  I expect that when he is told the details of HIS MOTHER’S VIOLATIONS, he will no longer consider her a pervert, and probably will no longer find it necessary to wash so much.  IT IS TIME FOR TRUTH.


1:27 pm

A favorite, in the ditz-free zone

1:18 pm

What is contained in my (approximately) 30-volume sworn-affidavit, comprised of dated notes from 2/2009 through 2/2011,  and why my dad should buy it for 3.5 million dollars.
 by LInda Goldthorpe
1)  The journals contain:
    a)  prayers
    b)  descriptions of every political person I ever met
    c)  descriptions of the events of the Michigan first district 2010 Republican Congressional primary
    d)  descriptions of the haunting
     f)  memories from my childhood
    g)  transcriptions of conversations I had with my dad while he was lying about me
    h)  the steps God used to make me able to forgive
     i)  begging.  Lots of begging, because I thought if Adam prayed for me the haunting would leave
     j)  crappy poetry
     k)  song lyrics that really made sense at the moment I recorded them
     l)   MORE PRAYERS
     m) electronic visions that were supposed to convince me they were my own sexual fantasies, and the reasons why I knew this was not the case
     n)  my spiritual dreams and visions, and proof that I chose to believe them
      o)  bitching.  I bitched all the time for the first couple years of my father’s abhorrent current episode of pointless and obsolete psychopathic manipulation of the bodies of eternal beings who have transcended his bullshit.
      p) my love for my father, recorded in prose on every page with cherry blossoms
      q)  my father’s infrequent felonies, his predilection for pictures of naked children, and his sadistic tendencies in the home during my formative years
      r)  records of all the objectionable incidents of my father’s attempts to kill me and/or destroy my life
       t)  records of people who betrayed me and what became of them
  u)  menu plans and shopping lists…
                   (God told me to give Adam my whole life so I did.)
2)  The journals’ content is valuable to my father because:
3)  The journals’ content could change the world by:
4)  The journals’ content will make me love Jesus more because IT PREDICTS A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF THAT HAS COME TO PASS.  I’d really like to see them again.  Hope Adam didn’t burn them or something.


1:55 am

“Dear Dad,

I’ve been in this house where I do not belong, for years, waiting for you to tell the truth so I can fulfill my obligation to SEE THAT MY CHILDREN HEAR TRUTH THROUGH YOUR LIPS OR IN SPITE OF YOU.  I am alone, you’ve bought every affection dangled between you and myself.  I am penniless.  I am homeless.  Still I’m better than you because you’re heartless.  You’re heartlessness does not hurt my feelings but it limits my aspirations.  I’m broke. I should do these things.  You KNOW I should do these things.  If you do not help by 1) recognizing my missionary motivations and deciding to support me, or 2) recognizing that since you took EVERYTHING I HAD, you have an obligation to support me, or 3) experiencing genuine legitimate remorse and supporting me because you wish to be a real-live human man, then I’m sorry for you.  That’s all I got.”
Can you believe it?  At the same time my dad was telling me “no” about paying for  Isaac  to come home for Christmas…he was sending him the money?  Can you believe that at the same time my brother was telling me “no” about a company telephone…he was negotiating with Isaac about getting a new one?  LIARS.   Misogynists.   Losers.


6:08 pm

“In for a penny, in for a pound.”  I am not a gambler.  I do not play the lottery and I do not go to casinos (except Jesus made me go a couple of times when I was praying in my car all night around the UP.  He said, “Go in there and lose five dollars.  Watch everybody around you.”  Stuff like that; he’s always training me.)  I only EVER bet on a sure thing.  That’s what I did with my dad.  I knew he was a fake Christian and when he refused to apologize for putting me on the terror watch list and abducting my children and bullying a gentle person like George, I knew I had to stand up for my faith.  I had to stand up for Jesus who TOLD me to run for Congress even though my corporal sperm-doner did not like it.  Am I crazy?  I can prove not.  Am I stupid?  I think not.  Am I backing down EVER?  What do you think?  3.5 million.  It’ll hurt like hell but not so badly.  Nor for as long a time.

You know what I saw at the casino?  My dad’s same demons.



7:55 am

Anchoring bias

People are overreliant on the first piece of information they hear.

In a salary negotiation, for instance, whoever makes the first offer establishes a range of reasonable possibilities in each person’s mind. Any counteroffer will naturally react to or be anchored by that opening offer.

“Most people come with the very strong belief they should never make an opening offer,” says Leigh Thompson, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. “Our research and lots of corroborating research shows that’s completely backwards. The guy or gal who makes a first offer is better off.”

Read more:

I texted Dad yesterday about his car, which has been with me.  I thanked him since it was the middle of December, then asked if Isaac  could use it while he’s here.  No response.


1:28 pm

My dad texted me again!  He said I could keep that car until mid-December.  So I responded:

“Thanks.  Is the seat broken?  I like to sit up really straight.  Also may I have a phone like Isaac?  And will you pay to bring him home for Christmas?  And will you give me two hundred dollars to repay what Josh lent me for emergencies?  And will you buy me some clothes from “Anthropologie”?   (I misspelled that.)  And will you get Josh his passport and let us stay in Toronto?”

He said:  SORRY.

I said, “Not yet?”

(He was prepared to dump all kinds of money to get me to a hotel when I was stranded at an airport.  What is his problem now?)



6:31 am

This sure is taking a long time…but I can’t blame it on my lawyer’s indifference!

Dad offered me 9 days in Europe with 100 dollars spending money each day.

I will accept…

3.5 million, and an apology in the Newberry News.



6:27 pm


Dad gave me 800 dollars and Mom gave me one hundred.  They gave Josh a job and a car.  They gave us a bag of apples and took Josh out to dinner.  They refused multiple times to buy him a passport.

Belva bought George a new car and sent Isaac 1,000 dollars.


3:12 pm

OK, Dad,

I’m not good with numbers, but I’ll take a crack at it.  When you took my home away, it was probably worth half a million.  (Not anymore.)  That’s 250,000.  Right?  (George owned the other half.)  My law license was worth a million at the age I was.  1.25.  Right?  My marriage had sustained for twenty years, let’s give it 10 thousand a year.  (Excuse me.  I have to find a pencil.)  Is that 200 thousand?  OK, we got 1.45 million.  The affection of my children, how is such a thing to be valued?  A MILLION DOLLARS!  My reputation was my only ticket in this world of trust and paychecks.  ANOTHER MILLION.  OK, that’s 3.25.  Pain and suffering.  Punitive damages. Interest on sums unpaid.  I’m willing to round it off.  3.5 million.   Thank you very much.  (Minus the thousand you gave me when I went to serve the paralyzed man, 10,000 for my first campaign, 800 for clothes, and five dollars and eighty five cents once every three months for two years.  (What an asshole.)   (And adding  3.5 million for George.  He used to be my other half. UNTIL YOUR EFFORTS DESTROYED MY FAMILY.)
Totaling:  6,988,152,20    (I’m easily correctable.  Tell me where I erred.)
You’ll notice I did not include compensation for attempted murder.  That’s God’s business.
(Excuse me now, I have to go put more logs on the fire.)


11:16 am



8:07 pm

I sent this text to my ex-boss.  We’re going to be best friends and I told him that a long time ago:

Hey Shawn,

May I buy you dinner sometime?   My father owes me 3.5 million and I can barely add.  I promise I won’t ask about Iraq.  Linda Goldthorpe

8:18 pm

(Shawn keeps a crucifix in his Cadillac.  He’s a Chaldean, yet he suffers as a Muslim.  I’d like to see him  set free.)



5:29 am

I found my picture boxes but I don’t think I’ll show Josh any pictures.  It wouldn’t be right for him or for Megan.  My father knows how defensive I was about her purity and how I often asked him not to let her learn about sex the way I did, from his porn.  His repentance must come from his heart rather than fear of exposure.   I think I’ll destroy the photos.



12:52 pm

“The fact that Abigail would gather supplies in defiance of her husband’s wishes and ride out to meet David herself implies that she was not a woman oppressed by her culture’s patriarchy.”

Abigail and David – Abigail Was King David’s Wisest Wife

Read more at:



12:14 am

Just stuck one of these to my dad’s office door and one to his house door.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll drop off copies at all the banks so they can file them just in case.  Maybe some other places too, if the Spirit moves me:

Disavowal of Purported Agency Relationship
Hereby is notice given, to whom it may concern:
1.  Robert D. Goldthorpe has attempted to enter into at least one contract in my name.
2.  He did so without my knowledge or approval.
3.  I disavow any and all statements made by Robert D. Goldthorpe.
4.  I disavow any and all liabilities incurred by Robert  D. Goldthorpe.
5.  Any third party depending on fraudulent representations will not be held harmless for such reliance.
Sworn  8/24/14, by
             Linda Goldthorpe
             2693 CR 377
             McMillan, MI  49853



6:37 pm

–5:49 pm

I just talked to my dad.  I called to see if Megan is alright because there was an earthquake.  He made me an offer.

Why would an innocent man offer me a  credit card in my name that I would not have to pay on?  Why would he do such a thing without wanting to discuss all that  I’ve reported about him?  (Shouldn’t he be a little pissed, even though I  told the truth?)  My dad should replace the house he took from me, and put the ad in the Newberry News saying I am not a murderer and that my mental prowess is consistently exceptional.   He wouldn’t be setting me up, would he?  He already talked to the bank.  He’s narcissistic and inappropriately controlling and disrespectful.

Text to my dad, 6 pm:

“I don’t think I want a credit card.  I want to use yours.  And I want the condo.  Thanks though.”

(He’s not guilty of identity fraud now too, is he?)



2:25 am

Thank you Dad, for giving Josh a job and a car.  That’s a beginning.



4:52 pm

“Perhaps most disturbingly, Mr Elmer has said that for months he and his family were trailed and subjected to intimidation by private detectives who had been hired by Julius Bär, leaving his daughter traumatised. She received an undisclosed sum as part of a settlement with the bank over the alleged harassment in 2011, according to court documents.”

Read more at:



2:39 pm

Man misdiagnosed as delusional for 20 years sues

“Montin is seeking more than $22 million in damages for incorrectly labeling him mentally ill, unnecessarily holding him and subjecting him to treatments he didn’t need. He’s also seeking $760,000 in lost wages and $10 million in punitive damages.”

Read more at:

Let’s see:  Five years times  22 million divided by 20 means …3.5 million is a bargain!!



4:27 am

Bump to the top:

August 30, 2013          Settlement Negotiations


“In all my years serving God I have never seen the Enemy fight against anything more than Kingdom-finances getting into the hands of the righteous, and believers entering into true unity and one accord – the true unity and one accord that produces a corporate anointing [of Kingdom-power] that he has absolutely no way to defend against. This is a very critical time – a time in which God is going to unfold His plan in an accelerated manner through a holy people. Many have been in a life and death battle to enter into the fullness of their precious destiny in Christ but although, at times, it “seems” like the Enemy is winning, he is NOT! God is setting him up for a VERY large fall in the area of finance [and every other area for that matter].”  (Glenn Jackson)

I’m trying to think about what I would do if I had a lot of money. God says I will. I can’t think of a thing I’d do different, right now.  I can’t think of a single thing I’d buy. I’d fill up my gas tank, and visit people I haven’t seen for a while, I expect.  I’d take them food, like I always do.  I’d give some money to my boys, because I owe them both, and buy Josh some new clothes because he still wears shorts that Isaac wore ten years ago..  I’d send seventeen dollars to reimburse Dan for sending my coat back after I left it at his house a year ago.  I’d buy Glenn a camera and a portable display booth for Rick.

OK, now I’m getting into this. I could figure out how to spend some money.  I would take Josh to all the museums he’s always wanted to see.  We’d start at the Henry Ford, and I’d take him out to dinner at Red Lobster.  (I’ve always wanted to take my family out to dinner.  I did it one time, at the Rustic in 2008.)  I’d see that Isaac got the operations on his feet, now that he’s decided to go through with them.  I’d buy them each a new computer.  I’d get Isaac his very first printer.  I’d get all the cars fixed so the dashboards don’t light up like Christmas trees and find transportation for Josh.

Then I’d hire somebody to fix all the punched-holes in the drywall around here.  I’d buy wood for the winter, and install insulated stove-pipe.  I’d get rid of all the broken things rotting in the carport and get one of the lawnmowers fixed.  I’d buy a snowblower.  I’d buy a new scoop too, with a really solid handle. Maybe I’d buy an old truck with a snowplow so I could make a little money.  ( guess if I had some money, I’d just use it around here and to help people who shovel.)  I’d get a water filter so we could use the dishwasher. I would pay taxes and get insurance on the house, so Isaac doesn’t carry such a burden of worry.  I’d relieve my family’s concerns about many things.

I’d probably buy a real phone so I could make all the calls I’ll need to find the place to tell what I know.  Then I’d take Josh to Washington with me, so he could see all the Smithsonians.  I would go to one of Isaac’s conferences with him, so he would have somebody to share with when he got home.  I’d search and search until I found a good lawyer, and pay a retainer so I could call when troubled people come to me.  I’d buy some new underwear and throw away the rest of my huge panties.  I’d get the boys underwear too, so I wouldn’t need to patch theirs anymore.  I’d replenish my spice closet and buy a gallon of that Thai chili sauce we’ve been missing. I’d buy all the books that have been languishing on my list. I’d buy Isaac’s books too.  I’d buy Josh the books he’d like to read.  I’d find a community for him.  Then maybe I’d go to a mall and look at all the things I don’t need. I haven’t been to a mall for years.  They used to make me laugh.

I would give some money away.  I would give Kasper some money for legal defense.  I’d give Rick some money so he can get on the road to minister to strangers like he loves to do.  I’d buy Steve something he never thought he wanted.  I’d rent a cottage from Eric so Glenn could come up any time, and I’d give him bus fare.  I’d fix the sauna and install bunks in the shed.  I’d fix a lot of things. I would not pay taxes to the anti-christ government, but they don’t expect taxes on gifts anyway.  I’d take Isaac to visit Kuala Lumpur, where he thinks he belongs.  He should see it first. I’d like to help him arrive in the right place.

I’d organize a love-fest, right here.  I’d help people get here if they couldn’t afford to come, people who have been waiting for this end of time and long to hear others’ stories of the transition.  People who love God more than anything else.  People who have been obedient unto death.  They could bring their friends.  I’d be God’s party-planner.  I’d pray about every single thing I did.  I’d have a large garden.  (Guess I’d buy a roto-tiller, too.)  I’d learn a bit of Russian. I’d go to Minnesota and tell Belva about all that happened to us.  She deserves better than she’s had.

If God doesn’t give me the money right away, it’ll be fine.  I won’t be bored because my neighborhood is going to become very interesting anyway.  The church is going to explode and I’ve been praying for that place for years.  I know a guy who prayer-walked around it a lot. I know children who had visions of glass blowing out of the windows.  I myself, had visions of cars falling from the sky and crashing outside the building, as the “members” picnicked.  I will watch this and remember God’s words to me.  I am grateful that God tells me what to expect.  I’m also grateful that He doesn’t divulge all the details right away.  It’s like a puzzle. He’ll keep me entertained until I can afford to start fixing things.

Fixing things is God’s work anyway, and I’m all about God’s work. I have no wishes of my own, other than to see His name glorified and to bask in His presence.  I’d like my family and former friends to do the same, they’d need nothing else. They’re very needy at present, so I’m looking forward to the coming months. I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING!  I’m looking forward, to the time they all become honest and open and recognize the falseness of our current world.  I hope they’ll pray with me again,  “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  I hope they’ll be on the right side when He answers that prayer.  Heaven is not a pleasant place for liars and hypocrites.


5:06 pm

My dad and I have a lot of hours of planning and number-crunching coming up. (I’m looking forward to spending time with him after all these lonely years.) I am grateful for his 1) confession, 2) down payment, and 3) cup of coffee. However, there is a requirement that is far more immediate. My reestablishment as a trust-worthy human suffers an ongoing impediment. I will be very grateful when he takes care of this good-faith necessity. I am not nor have I ever been 1) a murderer, 2) crazy, or 3) willing to accept the reputation my father forced upon me when he was unable to 1) kill me, 2) drive me crazy, or 3) make me give up. When I see that notice in the Newberry News I will be much relieved. (So will he.)
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6:08 am



12:24 pm

My mother is also a fraud.  She is the education-guru but she never helped me with my homework–ever.  (To be fair, she couldn’t have helped because she wasn’t around.)  She never counseled me about college— or even basic hygiene!  (When my older girlfriend started her period I was shocked.  So was she,  at my ignorance.)  When I was raped at seven years old I went to my mother for assistance.  Etc.  (Do you REALLY want me to go on, Parents?)



11:19 am

Text to my dad:

“Tick, tock, tick, tock…”



8:01 pm

“I still see the same people on the corner that were there when I was eleven years old. It’s tough to evolve when your surroundings never change.”  (Humans of New York, Facebook)

Isaac is here.  He and Josh are eating turkey drumsticks and baked potatoes.  It’s 90 degrees in his apartment.  He is trying not to think about Boulder.  He says if he leaves, Josh will have nobody…and I will have nobody.  I told him the logical solution is for Josh and me to go to Toronto where he plans to spend time no matter what.  Josh can travel between here and there.  So can George, if he wishes to.  This did not make much sense when God told me that my dad would give me his condo.  Now it makes perfect sense.

8:57 pm

I’d like to spend time here too, if it wouldn’t offend anybody.


4:31 pm

I’d sing a dirge if I knew a dirge.  (I’m not Catholic.  Thank you, Lord.  I guess it makes sense that the first organization to face the fire is where the Pope sits. )   I would force all faces towards our maker, and to what remains of his truth and justice.  I would insist that humanity don the glasses,  and I’d implore people to look through them good and hard.  I would and I do!   I will never desist persisting, and “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. ”   Stubbornness cannnot.  Nothing is more common than richfolk with stubborness. Reputation will not.  Reputations are like piecrust.  Not many women can do it, but even when they succeed the results are very easy to shatter.  Money cannot, unsuccessful men with money are almost a proverb.  And upon this point we come to the subject of interest accrued against the convicted defendant due to Plaintiff for nonpayment of judgment damages…   I’ve been seeking truth since 2009 when I first became aware of my government’s prurient interest and unique capabilities.  (I filed suit against my father and my brother and Lakefield Baptist Church in the Court of Jesus Christ in July, 2013.  The Bible doesn’t permit me to sue my brethren in human courts.  I did everything according to Scripture’s civil procedure.)  When my father soon capitulates, those who have eyes to see will suffer.  Then they will become so full of love that love-light pushes right through them,  to embrace those of us who need embracing,  those of us who have been neglected due to ignorance or greed.  We will all be freed from  the darkness in our suffering souls.  I’ll serve refreshments.  (I also lost my law license when I was being tortured and I was too sick to get off the couch.)  Goldthorpes are smarter than they have been; also they are kinder.   We will behave in a manner that provides the most benefit to the most people.  “Benefit” will be subjectively determined by the subject whose life is in question.   (I’ll be free for dinner after the twentieth.)



6:03 pm

The government strips unconvicted women and leaves them naked for hours in public jails.  They ram their fingers into innocent vaginas alongside busy highways.  Their fingers penetrate anuses and coerce doctors to do the same, then send a bill to the victim.  The government rips apart idle vehicles.  The government throws flash grenades into babies’ cribs after breaking down doors in the middle of the night.  The government shoots puppies.  The government creates false-flag operations for a single  individual.  The government burns mentally ill people in hot showers until their skin peels off.  The government spends my money to assault my peers.  The government watches everything we do.  The government is well-paid.  I dare say they are poor stewards of our money.
When I began my political blog a year ago it was because I needed something to do.  I have been waiting since 2009 to understand the things the government did to me.  I have been on a truth-quest and I got what  I bargained for.  The truth of the matter is that we are ALL potential victims of rapes we will eventually pay for ourselves. Jesus will change this, but not until his body wakes up.
Christian people I know support the government.  Christians submit to the materialistic, sexualized programming of the government.  Every day Christians watch murders and rapes on TV, and they applaud.  Christians are the most bi-polar people on the planet.  David said, “I will put no evil thing before my eye.”  I did as David, for a long time.  I am very sensitive and could find no peace with “entertainment.”   When I began my blog, God made me tough and now my toughness has matured.  Although I will not watch TV, I can read the TRUE STORIES because I know that he intends to change these things.  Christians were never told to mindlessly obey humans, yet they do.  This is the great pity of our time.
Pity to penitence.  Penitence to purity.  Purity to prosperity.  I have never desired monetary prosperity, but I now see its value.  People who prosper are pardoned and promoted.  Poor people’s progeny pay per diem, and have no value to the TV watchers.  I know many things that would benefit others.  I’d like to help people.  People choose to believe rich people.  Therefore, I must have some money.  Selah.  I do not doubt that Jesus can multiply the bread in my hands, I have fed many people for many years.  I do doubt that Jesus’ people can recognize value absent a substantial bank account.  More’s the pity.

(That’s not entirely true.  People who have sold their souls to a man-made missionary organization are also respected.  Even when little girls are raped.)



6:31 pm

Still no new offer.  I brought my parents fruit tart and Mom said it was good.

My father is looking at a tremendous debt and I don’t blame him for taking his time.

But, time is money…



11:27 am

Still haven’t heard back…

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – C.G. Jung



11:08 am

Haven’t heard back.  Time is money…



6:11 am

Keep on keepin’ on, here goes:

My friend sometimes works for Goldthorpes and he likes that because he says he knows he’ll always get paid.  I enjoy that reputation, and so does my dad, however:

“Dear Dad, are you going to allow all these people to know that you are a fraud?  A man who pays his public debts but welsches on his personal ones is a fraud.  Practically definitionally. ”

“Lord Jesus, you were there when my dad and I made a bet.  It was ‘his religion vs my faith’.  Our wager is recorded in a notarized affidavit.  My father lost big-time, as we knew he would.  He will not pay up and his whole life has been devoted to establishing a business reputation as a trustworthy deal-maker.  As I view my father from your position [“Take me higher Lord, and allow me to see everything from your position.”] he looks like a fraud.”

“Lord, I will joyfully reside in a pup-tent with a man who will stand for truth.  Many people would benefit from my father’s decision to disclose information you’ve chosen to provide no other way.  You could speak a phone number into my mind (as you frequently do…) and I would not need my father’s input.  You could change America without him.  I consider that you may choose the other way around.”

“Give my dad balls of copper, that changed the world!  You said, in the Bible that the copper was as valuable as the gold!  Copper is a working-man’s metal.  The working-man’s mettle is far more valuable than we think.  Cover my dad with your precious blood shed on his behalf, and give him courage to do the right thing.  Allow him to love himself,  soul and body, and give him recognition of the power/rights/authority inherent to the Sons of God.  Renew his youthful pursuit of higher air.  Give him compassion, and burden him with the necessity of providing opportunity for those to whom he has denied even free thought.  Break his heart.  At your leisure.”

Amen.  “I love you Lord, and I lift my voice!  To worship you, oh, my soul rejoice.  Take joy my KING!   In what you hear!  Let it be a sweet, sweet sound, to your ear.”

Amen, again.



9:31 am

It was nice to see my dad and mom over the weekend.  My mom hugged me!  And my dad brought me four pounds of extraordinary strawberries which I immediately made into a tart for our Mothers’ Day company.  He also brought me a rose corsage that I wore all day pinned to an old shirt of Isaac’s.  Neither has spoken to me about my issue.

“Dad, people approach Isaac on the street and ask if you really raped me.  Wouldn’t you like to tell him that you merely paid for my violations?  Wouldn’t you rather tell him yourself?”

All I want is a tiny ad in the Newberry News:  “My daughter, Linda Goldthorpe, is not nor has she ever been crazy.  I was out of line to attack her because I did not like her politics nor understand her faith.”

And I want everything you stole from me and my family.



5:31 pm

Having received no further communication from the defendants,  I find it necessary to continue:
For convenience, lets divide the injuries caused to the plaintiff into three time periods:  1) those that occurred prior to filing of this action, 2)  those that arose during the pendancy of the proofs, and 3) those that are ongoing.  Different factors are considered when establishing culpability, than those that come into play for determining damages.  Lots of new things must be considered.  (When I consider damages, I am reminded that there are [at least] four other potential plaintiffs who could establish their rightful claim to related injuries. This could be accomplished based on my evidence alone.)
We’ll start with number 1.
Number 1. Subpoint A…
(Before my father called me crazy STRANGERS  were actually sending me MONEY in the hope that I might represent them in CONGRESS!  I got a five-dollar bill wrapped in tinfoil from Hawaii with no return address!  My dad owes me SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!   I can’t believe he really wants me to do this.  The “Great Cloud of Witnesses” is watching!)
Respectfully submitted to the Court of Jesus Christ, the Just and True, this Seis de Mayo, in the year of our Lord, forementioned, by Linda, his servant who prays every day to personify divine love for those who have wronged her. And also prays for pinpoint accuracy.  Amen.
Thank you for you prompt attention to this matter.  Selah.



I received an offer last night.

 I’m grateful that my dad offered me money.  I begged him to let me live in a closet three years ago so I could rebuild my  life when I  “spontaneously stopped vomiting every day.” He knew I needed to  rebuild my relationship with Josh.  I begged him to help me get Josh out of George’s Marijuana Emporium.  I begged and begged and begged.  (God took care of that part.  I have records.)   It’s relaxing  here at Isaac’s and I wish I could have a place of my  own.  That being said, I’m also lonely.  I really wish I could talk to somebody about all this political-spritual stuff but I expect that’s coming soon.   Between Fukushima and World War III the fireworks can’t be far off and my story is pretty important.
Isaac paid the property taxes.  He’s kinda  down; his back hurts and he’s pressured wondering how he will have enough money to fix up the house and to support George in his old age.   The other day I was upset and he said it’s not right for divorced people to live together.  If George left he’d take Josh.  We wouldn’t want that.  I prayed for Isaac and I broke down crying.  (My first husband was just the age Isaac is now.  Isaac seems decades older.)   “God, I’ve begged for years that I could pay Isaac  back all the money he’s given me and for all he’s done for me.  The best thing I could do is become independent and I hope that’s your plan after you give me the truth I need to do your will.  Amen.”
I don’t know of a person around who I could talk to about the things I really care about.  Isaac and I share enough interests to enjoy each other but  our passions are intense and different.  I get frustrated when he talks about politics when he’s less informed than I’d like.  He gets frustrated when he talks about his business venture because I  kind of dismiss the money side.  I know he really wants to work on building the tribe-connections.
He’s just very concerned about money.  (He’s lonely too, God bless him, but if  he lived somewhere else and didn’t worry about making money he’d meet lots of people.)  He hasn’t paid my dad rent for several months and he believes Grandpa probably thinks him irresponsible when he takes Josh on trips.  This is far from the truth.  He is rehabilitating Josh as he has rehabilitated me.  (He had help with me though, from the Angel-goon.)  My father has much to answer for and much recompense to perform and distribute.  I’m praying that God will soften his heart.  I’ve prayed that all my life.
“Dear Jesus, I humbly submit my position, as I wait for my dad to proffer all you said he would.  I’m holding you to your promise that he and my family will escape before the civil war breaks out in the church.  Cover them with your blood and draw them to you so they will escape what will shortly happen.  I love you.  Thank you for teaching me about torture so that you can use my life to help people who don’t know what hit them.  Thank you that I’m becoming innocent again, thank you that my modesty will be returned to me.  Thank you that I will have respect in my family.  Thank you that every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that YOU and You alone, are LORD.  Thank you for exposing the illusion of time to those who love you, so we can know that these things are already a dun-deal.   Thank you, wonderful Jesus.  Amen.”

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