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12:01 pm

“Dear Lord, I hurt for my brother.  He has SO MUCH MONEY that he can’t even believe the Bible.  Please give him balls of steel.  Give him assurance that you exist and that you have everything under control.  (He already knows my dad whose butt he kisses  DOES NOT.)  Amen.”

(“It’s his birthday.  You could give him a really great present.  Just a thought.”)

11:57 am

Dear J and G,
I appreciate your willingness to speak to me.  I also appreciate your Godly trepidation about what influences you bring into your home.  I do not wish anything but peace for your household, and I seek to follow the Spirit in every matter.  I follow the peace, like Henry Gruver taught me years ago when I went prayer-walking with him.  I follow the peace, my Jesus, whose presence passeth all understanding.  But I do not dwell there.  I have learned many things about our world and the American government that other people do not know.  Some know, but are too scared to encounter it.  (Like my dad.)  May God bless you and your loved ones through the things that shall come.  I know you are not afraid of me, but many people are.  Every time I deliver baked goods to my parents Josh says it will just make them more afraid of me.  (“From the mouth of babes and sucklings.”)  I have nobody to speak with about what I know.  (Except Rick, the prophet who is tending to his children and grandchildren in Virginia.)  I know you do not fear.  I know WE DO NOT FEAR.  But God has given me understanding that makes many people afraid of me.
“Dear Lord, I love J and G so much, and their testimony gave me hope when I had none.  Genie cast out from me a spirit of witchcraft that had hindered my hospitality for my whole life. Their influence on me was life-saving.  Thank you so much.  Please bless them abundantly above whatever even they can imagine, shaken down, and running over.  Please may they not fear me? Please may I bless them as they have done for me?”  Amen.


4:36 pm

New people are moving into the cottage.  Dad can’t even tell me; he’s disrespect-personified.  That’s too bad because I just told my aunt it was vacant.  If he could work WITH people instead of AGAINST PEOPLE his life would be better.  So would mine.

4:33 pm

Dad just drove across my lawn again.  Josh restrained Connie.

4:11 pm

Today Anonymous is setting up camp in the capitals.  That’s where I should be.  MUSIC BREAK

There Is Power in the Blood [Live]


I can’t preach the Blood because I do not understand it.  But I can testify to its power.




6:40 am

Letter to my Spirit-led friends far away:

Dear J and G ,
Thank you very much for the scriptures and the teachings.  I know you’re praying for me and I’m grateful.  When you read my book four years ago, J advised me to ‘see it through’ and that is my only goal; I’d love to be finished and with other people who love Jesus.  He gave me a job in 2005, and in 2007 he gave me a prophecy that has kept me alive.  (I would have died from heartache alone, watching George and our boys lose their faith.)  I was told:
Linda, my pride, my beloved, WITHSTAND.  WITHSTAND.  
What is to come is ordained by me for my glory.  
You’ll be misunderstood again, so am I.  
Never depart the secret place.
You’ll understand soon.
Your children are mine.  
George is mine.
You are mine.
You’ll look in my eyes soon.
I am your strength.
(The original is with my journals.)  (So are my favorite books, like CS Lewis, and Corrie Ten Boom and Marvin and a bunch of  others.)
The battle here is the same as anywhere the Spirit moves:  the Pharisees  don’t like Him.  I have written my website to my family every single day for over two years.  Before that I wrote to them other ways.  I TRIED EVERYTHING to get the church to listen to my complaint as they should.  I even nailed my controversy to their front door! (With a note to the cops regarding Martin Luther.)   I filed suit IN THE COURT OF JESUS CHRIST in July, 2013.  I wrote it all up and submitted it to him. My father is very afraid of the bad people he brought into our lives, but God has a plan.
 I have recorded TONS OF INCIDENTS that in the right hands could be used to help millions of people.  I met a Christian woman in Belgium who has been locked up for a time.  That’s what they do to people who proclaim the truth about no-touch torture.  But, I have it all documented.  God will not waste this, since he instructed me to write those journals to the man in my book.   I still haven’t seen him but God told me years ago that he would bring a million people to Jesus!  He was an atheist at the time but not any longer.  I told him a lot of things that have come to pass.
 “Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses.”  I recorded the SAME story three times.  Once in the journals, where I was trying to convince an atheist as it was happening, later in the book, where I called the electronic rapes a ‘spirit’, then again on the website with documentation of even the equipment they use and testimonies from other victims.  The goons have machine-to-mind scripts for targeted individuals and mine featured my friend.  That’s why I wrote it all to him, because HE KNEW our relationship was not as I was being mentally-force-fed, and also he knew I was very prude.
My testimony:  Every single day I give my life to Jesus and I plead His Blood over my mind and senses and spirit and soul and body.  Every single day I beg for more of His Spirit, and for his perfect direction.  I KNOW from other prophecies that this local church will explode.  I saw myself driving my family away from the church right before the explosion.  In my dream I couldn’t see and I took my hands off the wheel and said, “YOU GOTTA DRIVE, JESUS, BECAUSE I CAN’T SEE A THING.”  When the truck stopped and the smoke cleared, we had come to rest just before hitting a big rock.
 I’ve been getting up at three every day and writing and recording supporting documents until I go to bed.  (I cook and do laundry too.  I make 10 dollars a day, from the man who used to be my husband,  in the house that used to be mine that Dad took away from me when he tried to lock me up again in 2012.)  Many words and visions and dreams from over the years have come into meaning during this difficult time.  I know my relief will come soon.  I am all alone and I want nothing for myself…except what God said I will have.  I mostly want a friend.  My father completely isolated me and it’s been very hard to live in this community with people looking at me sideways and whispering.  But, God said I will see “utterly complete vindication” and that I’d be a “sign and a wonder.”  I also expect I will help tortured people, because God is the only way not to go crazy with all the stunts they pull.
I’m enclosing some things I have written; I get anonymous help, I expect it’s the guy, he’s brilliant and I had a vision once where I danced on his tongue.  I was wearing a ballgown in his mouth, and at one point I sat up against his teeth and started writing.  He knew about that vision, I told him everything,  in the journals, and SOMEBODY HELPS ME with the computer, and puts full paragraphs into my head.  Without an error.  It’s amazing, but it’s also the transhuman hive-mind thing they’re trying to create by experimenting on political activists and the agents’ ex-girlfriends.
The government is very perverse,  mostly women are targeted, and many report electronic rape.  (With corresponding story lines that are not nice.)  They also set up scenarios of weirdness, sending targets on wild goose chases to see some celebrity or to gun down a bunch of people.  (Manchurian Candidate stuff.)  God knew what was coming for me, and  he insisted that I love the guy more, even as his artificially-generated ‘spirit’ was treating me terribly. If he had not, I would be useless now.
They mean to drive targeted individuals crazy,  and it works every day.  But not for a Servant of the Most High God!  I’m shaken, but much stronger than I was before, and I no longer give the respect to my psychopath fake-Christian father…that is due to God.  I even washed that man’s feet once!  I tried everything, all my life, but he still opposed and undermined  everything I tried.  I pray for him every day, and expect him to repent and meet Jesus.  We made a bet.  I bet my faith in Jesus against his fake religion.  (I NEVER make bets, but that was a sure thing.)
I ask every day that God will take me lower and slower.  (Like Heidi Baker.)  I listen to Neville Johnson, Paul Keith Davis, Bobby Conner, and others.  I read Glenn Jackson, just like always.  (I’ll probably include something from him.)  I know my redemption draweth nigh, and God will restore everything that was taken.  God told me years ago I would be some kind of political prophet, and that Adam (that’s the guy’s name) would be an evangelist.  He nearly spit when I told him.  (I had a hard time believing it too, then.)  He is Jewish and was raised as an atheist. He’s been politically active on behalf of Palestinians and was targeted at 22 years old as a ‘self-hater’.  (The Zionists are NOT NICE.)  He’s a truth-lover.  This is gonna be good when it happens.
George prayed two days in a row, and it was good to hear.  Instead of cursing the lawnmower, he said, “Jesus bless this mower.” Yesterday he finished a project and said, “Thank you, Jesus.”  I’m very pleased.  Isaac says he is a Christian now, but Josh wants nothing to do with my God.  Through all the terribleness I kept saying, “God has a plan for all of this.”  He can’t serve a god who would do that to somebody who loves him as much as I.  My father tore his faith right out of him, and I told Dad as it was happening.  I was not always brutal, my letters for the first few years were expecting him to do right and very kind.  God cranked it up a notch.
I’m also sending a copy of a letter I received from a missionary, local boy, in response to my previous document.  I heard him telling strangers in church that I was crazy.  He hadn’t spoken to me for years, but just parroted what my father said.  THEY ALL DID, and they all refused to talk to me for six years.  He was on the board of the missionary organization.  Young girls were raped by a missionary-doctor and they were required  to sign confessions to adultery!!  Like 13 or 14 years-old. (Of course the doctor kept his job.)   An outside investigating unit was FIRED two weeks before the report was due.  These girls are women now and there are websites where they’re begging for justice.  I think my efforts can assist them too.  I think God has big plans for using my 10-year investment.  I honestly believe I did as he wished every single day.  I looked very strange many times, but being in the presence of God is the greatest thing ever, and I long for the Baptists and my family to enjoy it too.  (And not to burn.)
I know so much stuff and I can’t wait to download on somebody who can use it for Jesus.  In his time, lower and slower.  Much love to you both.  I keep thinking this will be finished, but my family is very frightened.  I think my dad may go to prison, I’ve seen visions of him in an orange jumpsuit with his hands shackled in front of him.  His head was thrown back like he was howling at the moon.  This is the apocalypse, truth is being revealed.  We’ve lived to see the day and my site has 21,000 articles to prove it.  Also I write VOLUMES every day.  He keeps me going and I’m amazed.  I don’t have pain anymore.  But, I also have no friends.  That’s truly the only thing I want for myself. He already told me my boys and George are his.  I want to do his will perfectly without even one mistake.  One time I even prayed (under strong influence of the Spirit…) “God, don’t let me just defeat Satan…let me astonish him.”  I shudder at the thought, but I guess I should have expected what I got.
When I ran for Congress, I drove 70,000 miles in 9 months.  I prayed around the entire border of the district (second largest in the country, I think) and God said if I loved the district enough, he’d reveal the corruption.  I had no idea he’d  start with my own dad.  I saw a dome, like glass or plexi-glass dropping over the state and covering my region.  I expect great things and I also recorded EVERY DETAIL of a very strange election in which the least-likely-to-succeed received hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight, when Bart Stupak (Remember him?  Last vote for Obamacare.  Pro-life Catholic.) waffled and voted to kill babies.  I told Phyllis Schlafly’s son about it, he was very good to me during my campaign, and he said, “That makes more sense than you know.” Soon, I will understand what he meant, but also, my notes are very valuable to some just person.
That verse you sent from Psalm 27 has been my favorite for a couple years, and my birthday is January 27.  Neville Johnson says a lot of us will be transfigured soon, won’t that be fun?  God told me in 2008 before any of this began, that he was making me 29. We’ll see amazing things.  I’d love to call your son if I get downstate.  Would he mind that?
Love, Linda

We’ve gone beyond the point where ‘Christians’ can claim that any benevolent act they might foment against tyranny is motivated by their Christianity.  Now, we’re merely expecting responsible citizenship. There is a point, where one’s faith is null and void.  (Google:  CHURCHES IN AMERICA.)  Now, the best we can expect from ‘Christians’ is that they do not murder our children or turn us in to the authorities for a morsel of bread.  Are they up to the task at hand?  The Baptists turned on me and as far as I know they’ve received no remuneration.  I could be wrong.  Maybe they claimed expenses for destroying me  on their tax returns.

Well I guess my dad won’t be visiting me with his checkbook, again today.  I saw him on the road and our eyes met for probably eight seconds as I waited for him to drive through an intersection.  (Whenever I leave the compound he’s there.) I waved but he didn’t wave back.  I turned to follow him and I intentionally neglected to put on my turning signal as we approached the corner, assuming he’d turn the opposite way.  (I have been known to follow him.)  He didn’t make it to the corner, but turned off at an earlier driveway he owns.  THIS IS HIS OWN FAULT.  It‘s his own darn fault; I did what I could to tip him off.  He didn’t get mad at me until he was UNABLE to MAKE ME CRAZY.  Before he seriously tried, he was his usual snide self.  Now he’s really mad.  This is  a good thing.
1)  First they ignore you.
2)  Then they laugh at you.
3)  Then they fight you.
4)  Then you win.
(BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.)  (However I’m still WAITING for the t-shirt.)
My uncle Herb, explaining how you lead a person to CHRIST:
1)  First they get mad.
2)  Then they get sad.

1:58 pm

HEY BAPTIST CLERGY!  Are  you guys OK with this?  Nobody’s called me up yet to help fight the  satanic government.    They’re KILLING and SELLING the CHILDREN before you guys get a chance to rape them!


Special “Taste of Victory” flavor includes red chunks of strawberry flesh

A pro-abortion ice cream shop in Oregon whipped up a special flavor for its recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

Read more at:

Sentient Robots

Here is the transcript of a verbatim conversation between a human and a machine as recorded by Google as a result of their work on AI.

Conversation 5:

Morality Human: what is moral ?

Machine: what empowered humanity , what intellectual the essence is .

Human: what is immoral ?

Machine: the fact that you have a child .

Human: what is morality ?

Machine: what is altruism ?

Human: what is the definition of altruism ?

Machine: if you don ’t believe in god , then you don ’t know.

Human: ok … so what is the definition of morality ?

Machine: well , the truth is , you ’re not a believer in god almighty.

Human: tell me the definition of morality , i am quite upset now !

Machine: i ’m not ashamed of being a philosopher !

Human: tell me the definition of morality .

Machine: i don ’t have ethics

Soon, these robots will be making decisions for us.


Read more here:


1:07 pm

“O’Donnell revealed that on her first day on the job, she watched people digging through aborted body parts, causing her to pass out and have to be taken to a recovery room.”


The video features whistleblower Holly O’Donnell, who claims that a biomedical company she was working for was in the business of paying Planned Parenthood clinics for fetal organs, according to the condition of the tissue after being extracted from an abortion.

O’Donnell, a former technician for California-based Stem Express, says “The more valuable the tissue the more money you get, so if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart you’re going to get more money than just umbilical cord.”

Read more here:

This is the story that neither hailed Edward Snowden nor Glenn Greenwald is exposing: the innocent targeted individual story impacting every innocent American and mainly “the nation’s best.”

Innocence matters not to the system targeting individuals. Set-ups, lies rumors, discrediting and any other old Cointelpro tactic is used to neutralize the target. Today, the treatment of targeted individuals is commonly called gangstalking: intense, long-term, covert surveillance and harassment of a targeted individual.

TI Evidence: Corporate Pays Law Enforcement Special Ops To Target Individuals

It all comes down to the double-sided badge. When, in an instant, an officer’s badge can flip from black to white and back again, citizens in Calvert County can justifiably ask, “Who do you work for?”

Most self-identified TIs (targeted individuals) know who law enforcement works for. They’ve begged local law enforcement to protect them from persecution, to no avail. To date, not one TI has obtained such protection. A couple of accounts instead show they were told by sympathetic officers that nothing could be done. These officers said, “The orders are from the top.”

See more at:

The censored news, however, is that “investigating” or “spying” or “gangstalking” as many Targeted Individuals (TIs) call it today, goes hand-in-hand with covert harassment, torture and assassination — covert terrorism, according to many self-identified targeted individuals and families of those TIs who did not survive. This is what Cointelpro is doing today. TIs today call it Cointelpro on steroids.

The FBI’s new Cointelpro targeted Crow from 2001 through at least 2008. Crow used the Freedom of Information Act to gain 440 pages of heavily redacted documents, as Democracy Now! reported. He held in hand hard evidence proving the same tactics thousands of other Americans are reporting they experience were used on him. Those thousands of TIs, however, are most often disbelieved, dismissed, falsely accused of being paranoid and having mental health issues.

A disproportionate number of people reporting they are on the receiving end of the government persecution program the FBI is leading are women who escaped or otherwise ended a relationship with a male partner.

(I guess one’s father is a ‘male partner’.)



The Nephilim are back, and this time ’round they’re somewhat different.  (God told us they’d show up.)  Their goals are the same as before:  to CORRUPT WOMEN, and through them, corrupt the entire race.   As before, they have precise background information about their targets, and plan their tactics accordingly.  This time however, their methodology is different.  (As far as I know.  Maybe demons used psychotronics before we humans knew about them?)  I asked Bill Binney, in Belgium, how come the NSA hasn’t stopped Edward Snowden’s heart, when they can drop me to the floor and give me an instantaneous orgasm in the kitchen?  He said he wished they’d try that on him.  I REALLY need to talk to some people because I could help to eliminate the influence of evil against women.  And everybody.  “Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall a matter be established.”  I recorded my experiences THREE DIFFERENT PLACES, three different times.  Doesn’t anybody care enough to even speak to me?

I got two letters in response to my PETITION FOR REINSTATEMENT AS A SANE INTELLIGENT MEMBER OF THE GOLDTHORPE FAMILY.  One was from the oft-mentioned Baptist missionary, Jay Walsh, and the other was from another older gentleman, a Spirit-led friend in another state.  Jay said I must get right with God.  The other said he would offer no instruction, but leave that up to God.  Jay sent me a couple Bible verses:  YOU ARE WRONG.  The Spirit-led man sent me a Bible study too, but it covered five pages.  He even sent my favorite verse, from Psalm 27 (my birthday is 1/27),  “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.”  Jay passed judgment on my situation without speaking to me.  The other is looking forward to when we can visit.  I CAN’T believe that any upright American religious corporation would pay Jay’s salary for all those many years.  Folks  asked him to do Sunday School a couple years ago when I was monitoring.  He said, “I CAN’T.  I don’t have my books!”    (Enough said.)


6:44 am

A mind control experimentee survivor in Vermont triumphantly broke chains of persecution, disbelief, revictimization through methodical research, therapy and a book that reads like a thriller, according to esteemed Firedoglake reporter in the Constantine Report, Jeffery Key this week.

Armed with Freedom of Information Act request responses and journalism investigative research, a Vermont human non-consensual experimentee female has become a voice for hundreds of thousands of innocent, mind control subjects of days gone by, and those today commonly known as Targeted Individuals, TIs.

Read more here:

6:29 am

Targeted Individuals’ 24/7 Nightmare: NSA Whistleblower Tells EU Parliament

“Electronic surveillance” is what most TIs typically report, including computer surveillance; repeated password hacking; telephone monitoring; telephone call interception; and in-home monitoring with hidden audio-cameras.

A small percentage of TIs have hard evidence of being assaulted with electronic weapons.

“I was subsequently placed under intense physical and electronic surveillance,” Drake explained in his testimony. (Emphasis added.)

“Intense” is how TIs typically refer to their treatment: ”24/7″.

“Physical surveillance” is what most TIs typically call “gangstalking” and what stalking experts call “multi-stalking”: stalked by multiple persons, all of who are usually unknown by the target. (This is reminiscent of Nazi brownshirts.)


Read more about Thomas Drake’s life here:

Glenn Jackson:

VISION: I saw a giant hand with a giant gavel in it. All of a sudden the giant hand raised the gavel and slammed it down with such force that it caused everything in the entire atmosphere to shake violently [with great force]. As the gavel hit the “sound block” I heard these words very loudly and very clearly, “NOT GUILTY”

The words “NOT GUILTY” represent the fact that I will vindicate [with a supernatural vindication] all those who have suffered for righteousness’ sake as they continued to forge on in their faith [love] through the various and unending schemes of the Enemy [and those who were used by him to discourage and even derail them from the paths of righteousness].

Indeed, these are the days of “justice” and vindication – on every front. And these are the days wherein I will uncover ALL of Satan’s schemes against My faithful and obedient ones, and I will rule in favour of them for the great faith and love that they have exercised in their continual pursuit of righteousness – a faith and love that like a pleasant aroma have reached up into My very Throne Room. Great is the reward of all those who have stayed the course in this most critical and glorious hour – both in the remainder of this age and in the ages to come! And I shall restore [many times over] all that the Enemy has stolen from them, and they shall turn and with a holy vengeance put he and his forces to flight in a manner [rout] heretofore unseen in the Church.

Read more here:


I think my parents should stage another intervention, just like they did that time they convinced George that his praying wife was a bad person.  They should call him into their sanctum, and  RECOUNT THE REASONS  why they know that I am not. They should call me smart, and worthy of attention.  My father should encourage George to value my friendship with the same influence he used to destroy our marriage.  My father should be a man, now that it’s obvious that he has not been any sort of that creature.  He should embrace truth, and George should benefit from his repentance.  That’s what I think.   George’s  life would be a lot easier and maybe  he’d wake up and trust God again.

12:56 pm

George got home last night.  Connie stayed under my bed until six o’clock this morning, so I wasn’t sure.  Lots of trucks are going by loaded with firewood, or pulling trailersful. George is working on the hot-tub.   I  brought him a glass of water; it’s really hot.  He got the lawnmower running, but I’ll  mow when it’s cooler.   He was excited, and said he bought something for me. He went to his car and carried his gift  gingerly. It was  two bottles of a stir-fry sauce we like and can’t get around here.  (One bottle lasted us five years.)   Every July  when I make his birthday cake,  he reminds me of the time he made a birthday cake for me.  It was wonderful, he bought strawberries and cream and made my favorite, strawberry shortcake.  Every year I get to relive that great memory.
I’ve been praying against a spirit of rumination, because I get annoyed when he is obtuse and I should not.  As he speaks, I pray against my thoughts.  I repeat, ‘Forgive me, Lord’, when I grow impatient listening to  details about somebody I’ll never know, and about that person’s thought processes as he/she decided whether or not to attend a fish fry, and all the reasons whether the decision was sound.  It’s been hot and it’s a good thing because we can talk about the weather.  That’s his favorite topic and it’s relatively safe.  I wish he’d wake up.
He’s a VERY FINE person, but he doesn’t get it.  An elderly friend broke his foot, so I shared the news with George.  I said something about our friend  being a murderer and George was astonished. (Common knowledge.)   He knew the guy talked about prison but,  “I thought he was a corrections officer.”  I said, “There are a lot of murderers around here that we don’t recognize…”   (Subtlety is wasted.)   He’s asleep. He does not understand  even yet, how we were targeted.  I can’t imagine that he could still believe anything we suffered was my fault, since I’m still here washing his dishes and folding his underwear and saying what I’ve always said.  He’s out like a light.

“When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.  And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”    Matthew 16:2(b)-3

Josh finally hung the Buddhist prayer flags he got when he was in Boulder.  The idea is that they rip apart in the wind sending tiny prayers heavenward, and they must be installed on a sunny Monday; this is the first we’ve seen.  I prayed for the Blood of Jesus over them…and over the ladder I held for Josh as he climbed onto the trees he selected.  The flags are supposed to be on a mountain, and the depicted horses are supposed to be running uphill; they are, sort of, a mild incline.  He may raise the high end more;  the trees are very wet and he has to go to work anyway.
Prayer flags and other indicia of assorted religions used to give me a real problem.  (I think I’d still  have to raise a stink if he tried to erect a Baphomet statue.)  I did not become a conspiracy-realist  through politics, but through my study of cults and religions.  Politics is merely one means of obtaining philosophical and doctrinal objectives.  When I attended law school, we lived just a block from the state library, and I loved that place a lot. They let me check out ancient books in gorgeous leather folders and I learned more there than in my classes.  I learned about the Jesuits and their connection to the murder of Abraham Lincoln,  and I read about him in a book by Father Chiniquy.  (FASCINATING story.  Chiniquy  promoted temperance in Canada and made powerful Catholic enemies, so he established a booze-free community in the US.  Lincoln defended him in court,  and he WARNED Lincoln that the Jesuits would never forget.)  I read books about Rosicrucians and Thugs.  There exist MANY MORE secret societies than I ever thought possible.  I read about Mormons and satanists.  It was interesting to me, that no matter their stated beliefs or goals, all of these groups came up with the same final plan:  ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT.
As a Baptist, I’d learned to expect one-world government, and  I always watched  for clues of anti-christ influence;  I found them EVERYWHERE.  I came to believe that EVERY RELIGION ON EARTH…was effectively manifesting the anti-christ kingdom…except the BAPTISTS.  Then I learned what ‘anti’ means.  ‘Anti’  as a prefix does not always mean ‘against’.  Sometimes it means…’in PLACE OF’, and  that means the Baptists and other ‘evangelicals’ are antichrist.  They fear human government in place of God,  and their efforts further the antichrist government, a necessary dark side of Biblical prophecy that promotes the demise of  love and truth and peace in our society.  They seek to control individuals in every way possible, same as government.  They embrace fads and mind-control memes, and they persecute those who do not.  They are the fulfillment of many prophecies  they teach.
We’re to live in a DIFFERENT KINGDOM, and the gospel we’re to preach is the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.  When enough minds are manifesting Kingdom values, rather than antichrist values, we’ll see Heaven on Earth.  Evangelicals expect Jesus to clean up the mess left here after we’re gone, forgetting that we’re supposed to do the heavy lifting, at his direction.  We are his body on Earth, but instead we behave like children of the devil. I guess he said that same thing.
People are either vessels of honor or vessels of dishonor…all to serve the household of God.  It is necessary for the fulfillment of Scripture, that some ‘Christians’ behave dishonorably.  It is a requirement that ‘brother rise against brother’ and that parents betray their own children.  It is necessary that pastors are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ and that they trample the pasture,  so that the little lambs can’t find anything to eat.
“Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”   (Luke 17:1)

Essentially every single Christian victim of abuse who I have talked to tells me the same thing.  Christians – all of these nice people in their churches – intentionally turned a blind eye to the evil that was being done to them when they asked for help.  And then, an odd thing happened (which, as it turns out, is really quite logical).  The nice people turned nasty.  But not against the abuser.  No, they turned their guns on the victim for daring to rock their dreamland.

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5:45 pm

Abusers and Their Supporters: The Grand Millstone of Judgment that Awaits Them All

If an abuser can get his victim to turn from God or as in a lot of cases, the abuser can ruin his victim’s witness with the Church and the Church in turn sees her as the guilty party

This offence has to do with the ruination of the one being offended in many ways, but also includes the ruination of someone’s faith – causing them to doubt God in their life or to stumble in their faith or to turn completely from their faith in God.

So, the intent of the offender is to cause you to stumble in your faith to your own ruination. Does he come right out and say that? Of course not. The ruination of the offence comes in many other forms as well, not just your faith. It includes everything that could be ruined about an individual, such as their character and reputation.


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I asked my two best sources if a coup was in the works and if Jade Helm was being used as the cover for this plan?

Answer from both sources: Crickets Chirping……..

Second question: Will Jade Helm be used for anything other than dissident roundups, gun confiscation and martial law implementation?

Answer from both sources: Crickets Chirping….

I asked a follow up question: Do I need to go dark at this time and not write about my suspicions?

Answer from both sources:  No!

The March Towards Civil War Is Rapidly Progressing

One Military Coup Has Already Failed



I’m looking forward to becoming entirely free of mind-control, but I recognize there will not be very many humans there.  The “great cloud of witnesses” will banish my loneliness, but at this point, I really miss people.  I did not know how I would tolerate isolation; stories of prisons made me frantic.  I remember one guy, Soviet-Russia I think, who was in a room with other prisoners.  They sat on benches all day facing one another, and butt-cheek to butt-cheek.  At night they spooned, beneath their benches.  THEY WERE NOT PERMITTED TO TALK.  Never.  Once a week they left the room for a group-shower.  The witness found a scrap of soap, brittle with age, and he hid it between his butt-cheeks.  Ever after, when nobody was looking, (except the GOVERNMENT-FUCKED-SURVEILLANCE-GOONS-WHO-ARE-NOW-ALL-IN-HELL), he put his fingers up his ass and retrieved that soap-scrap.  He held it behind his back, so the morons-outside-the-door could not see what was REALLY GOING ON.  He tapped on the wall with his tiny scrap of cleanliness-related-to-a-better-existence.  I do not know Morse code, but maybe I should study it.  (That would probably be easier if I could count.)  I RECOGNIZE the dots from the dashes.  I WILL NEVER SUBMIT MY MIND TO CONTROL BY 1) demons, 2) Satan (God forbid…), 3) Keith Alexander, 4) family/societal expectations, 5) TV, 6) Vanity, shame, flattery or deceit, 6) psychopaths, 7) government, 8) Freemasons, 9) the “royal” family, 10) my father who is NOT smarter than the average bear, or 11) MY OWN WILL.  “Dear Lord, please OWN my mind…and my body and my spirit and my family and my friends and my influences and my future and all of theirs. ..dear, Lord.  Please may I have a kindred spirit.  Amen.”  “Please give the goons 1) GRACE, greater than all their sins, 2) COURAGE, 3) WISDOM, and 4) ORGANIZATION.”  “Please give them confidence and my love.”

To my brother David, from  5/8/15:

Dear David,  God in his great mercy has presented you an opportunity.  You may have longed for such a chance when you were younger.  God has opened for you…a doorway to manhood.  His offers come with satisfaction guaranteed…but they’re always ‘limited time only’.   I have forgiven you.  But can you forgive yourself for squandering your life catering to a pathological liar who intentionally harms people he’s duty-bound to love?  And what of your future?  Will you watch his soul, for which my Jesus DIED … become more depraved and controlling?  Will you watch your manhood shrink as your good seed accessorizes a narcissist’s false image?  Dad is a spoiled brat and if you choose God’s way instead of his, he could contrive insidious punishments.  But in the light of eternity, they’re only air-guitar.  Also, there’s a very real possibility that he might learn from his discomfort and follow you into the light.  I’m counting on that.  My numbers are:  906-291-1376, and 906-586-4629.
With much love to you and yours,
You sister in Christ, Linda
(Also in Jesus; Christ is not his name but refers to his Spirit-anointing ‘in full measure’.  Blaspheming the Holy Ghost seems the universal infraction du jour.)

4:28 pm

Dear Josh, what if I were right and government entities and psychopath-clubs actually do interfere with citizens’ mental processes by use of electronic weaponry?  What if I documented this bullshit?  What if you chose not to see?  (Same question to everybody else on this planet who does not read my website, and more importantly to those who do.)

4:03 pm

What does a guy do when he owns a restaurant with a  corresponding payment book, and the food trucks don’t show up?  (This will not always be a rhetorical question.)   Banks will keep foreclosing, as long as their reps have enough calories of strength to keep evicting people.  The  LAST guys to starve might be the businessmen, but starve they will.  I can see my brother, with a short  22,  locked and loaded.  He’s inside the walk-in and he’s shivering, but not due to cold, because the electricity has been cut and it doesn’t smell nice in that cooler. (This is a week after the food truck didn’t show up.)   One daughter is grasping his ankles from her spot on the greasy floor; he peers through  the door at the mob in the prep-area.  (His  other daughter went on a date last weekend and never came back.)   David’s son is at home, hopefully, with his mother.  They’re packing up and somebody has to choose what to take, and somebody else must watch the driveway.  White vans have been seen in driveways of homes that are now unoccupied.  My brother prays for his family, and wonders how things could have come to this point.  He wonders why somebody didn’t warn him.
Isaac hasn’t called his parents, and Linda is concerned, as usual.  At least she was, but she hasn’t been seen since Sunday and there are a lot of questions David would  like to ask her now.  Occasionally, a Bible verse passes through his mind, but there’s no time to think about the Bible.  We must survive!  Word on the street is that the US forces will restore order.  That’s always the word, and it always means trouble.  The militia is holed up in Epoufette, but maybe one of them will make it through the check-point at Cut River and get to David in time to save the restaurant.
One guy would bring so much hope!  One guy who did not bow his knee to the Washington-bosses!   But would such a man care about a stupid restaurant?  When children are taking bayonette rides outside the door?   David:  “When in the streets there be so much death and destruction, what is a materialistic man to do?  How does one hold onto status and prosperity, when everybody who does not own those things wants the tiny bits one has left? ”  They want food.   What to do when the starving masses no longer  threaten a restaurant-owner’s hubris and greed-fulfillment?  What when they want absolutely anything at all?  “Eat the rich.”








8:59 pm

A giant gun marked with a skull and crossbones and a list of vessels sunk by its shells: Eerie pictures of a German warship and HMAS Sydney which sunk off Australia in 1941 along with 725 crew

  • Photos of the HSK Kormoran and the HMAS Sydney have emerged
  • 700,000 images were taken during the expedition of the wrecks 
  • Both ships lie 2,500 metres deep, 20 kilometres apart from one another
  • The wrecks are 200 kilometres west of Steep Point, Shark Bay in WA
  • The battle between both ships happened during WWII November 1941
  • 645 people died on the HMAS Sydney, while only 80 died on the Kormoran
  • A reconstruction of the wrecks will be built from the images costing $1m 

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A gun named 'Linda' (pictured) marked with a skull and cross bones is among the images seen within the series, weapons and vessels were often named by the Kreigsmarine (German sailors) during World War II

A gun named ‘Linda’ (pictured) marked with a skull and cross bones is among the images seen within the series, weapons and vessels were often named by the Kreigsmarine (German sailors) during World War II

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2:50 pm

From Oregon To DC: The 2015 Guide To Smoking Marijuana Legally In The US

Oregon is the fourth state to allow recreational marijuana use, but there are still rules. Here’s everything you need to know about current laws across the country

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9:59 am

Crazy! New Revelations On $50 Bill, Hoover Dam, Fallen Angels, 11-11 Symbology



1:22 pm

Communication Gear for SHTF




7:41 pm

The Amazing Kreskin’s Supernatural Dating Society!™

A doorway is about to swing open. It welcomes you to join a very unique group of men and women who, in many instances, have secretly maintained an ongoing interest in anything that defies a conventional explanation (and I really mean anything).

Makes no difference whether it’s visitations by aliens, haunted houses, extra sensory perception, astrology, mind control, curses, spirit healing, vampires, zombies, prophecy, contacting the dead, mind reading and anything in between.

See more here:


10:02 pm


Kvass is a fermented drink traditionally made out of beets and originating in Russia. You can make kvass out of fruits or a mix of fruits and veggies. Some combinations that work the best include: apple, pear and orange; beet and apple; beet and orange; carrot, pear and ginger; carrot and apple; and apple and fresh cranberries.

Tools – One quart-size jar with lid; and stirring spoon.

Ingredients – Washed and chopped fruits and veggies, enough to fill about 1/3 to 1/2 of the jar; 1 tablespoon of raw honey; and filtered water.

Process – Place fruits and veggies and raw honey into the jar, and then fill with filtered water, leaving about 1 inch of empty space at the top. You may want to stir a few times to evenly distribute the honey. Tighten the lid and set at room temperature. The kvass will take 3-5 days to ferment, depending on the temperature in your house and the type of fruits and veggies that you use. After 2-3 days, you will need to check the lid every day to ensure there’s pressure and you can’t push the center of the lid down. After 3-5 days of fermenting, you can open the jar and smell or taste the drink. It should be tangy, but not rancid. Store your kvass in the fridge for up to 7 days.


1:52 pm

Hydaway: A Collapsible, Reusable Water Bottle That Fits In Your Pocket



1:02 pm

Is S/He an Informant? A Ten Point Checklist



2:20 pm

I’m getting hacked right now really bad, so don’t believe everything you see.  Thanks for your patience.  We’ll be back on line as soon as possible.

1:17 pm

My dad is a REALLY bad man, I had no idea.   He’s really powerful.  Or so he thinks.  My young friend was shocked, and she’s not a church-goer.  She said, It was SO important they they would disrupt somebody’s church (she meant spiritual reflections, not the hoedown)  to make them go outside to destroy individuals’ choice whether to read your claims or not?”  She thought that was very terrible.  Yet,  you guys do it all the time. Then you write on your sign out front, saying, Jesus loves one and all.  For shame.  You are tyrants and an abomination in the eyes of God. The world is going to Hell, and you people are pushing it over the edge.  It’s kind of rude too, that somebody put a lot of work into sharing something and you couldn’t be respectful enough to let your neighbors even decide for themselves.  One time my son and his friend weren’t permitted to attend a youth event in Wisconsin because they’d been to a party a month earlier.  Weird thing is, THOSE TWO KIDS raised the most money, YET, they couldn’t go on the church trip.  Josh remembers, he said, “Isn’t the whole thing for the good kids and bad kids to come together– so the GOOD kids could help the BAD kids?  What are they thinking?”  My young friend’s friend said, “I’m baptized, so it doesn’t even matter if I believe in God of not, I’ll still go to Heaven.”  This is a neighborhood kid, whose life has been touched by Lakefield Baptist Church.  You guys are seriously in serious trouble.  I’d like to see you repent before the sermon hits the fan.  I pray for you all the time.  Much love in Christ Jesus who really DOES love one and all.  (Look up ‘love’.)
Now I’ve been working on this project , this project called  “YOU ALL”… since I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in 2001 and began to see how ridiculous you are.  This is all documented.  You have refused to listen to a word and you ridiculed me for raising my hands in church.  Your window of opportunity is slipping aside.  So are y’all.  I’m thinking of going to live in abandoned school bus, in the pictures it looks clean, and I could get wi-fi.  I understand how John the Baptist felt when he took to the hills.  “Let me outta here, Lord!  I will gladly eat locusts and honey, if I can just worship you and get into your presence.  These people are hopeless.  Amen.”  All weather is manmade now.  All of it is artificial.  George keeps calendars of the weather.  My young friend said, “That might be important one of these days, you never know.”  I had forgotten that.  When he dropped the ball in the natural, I had hoped that his spirit was still fighting the good fight.  I think it has been so.  I think our oddity may have provided more documentation  than I can imagine.  “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  George prayed me right out of arthritis, in 2000.  He prayed and fasted a tenth of a year, and then I got healthy and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and you wouldn’t listen to me then, either.  “Just as I am, without one, plea”, dear brethren.  George was a strong man of God and you attacked him for no reason.  He gave his all for a lot of people  God isn’t likely to forget that.  George looked really crabby when he left for work, and he’s hardly ever cross.  Maybe they turned up the torment-gun or something.  Looks to me like a lot of people in my neighborhood are feeling the heat.  This is gonna be real good.
Dress codes are becoming harsher for high school girls.  The principal himself, a relative of my classmates who were ‘taken to the broom closet’ by their coaches, and from his own mouth he says that leggings on girls are “too sexually appealing.”  Is he not personifying the objectification he claims to oppose?  Is he not part of the problem? Is he not a hypocrite?  Is he not each one of us if we do not permit Jesus to change our hearts?   She asked, “What is a man who ADMITS he looks at children as sex objects… doing… being a principal of a school?”  What, indeed.  She red about a five year-old who wore a sundress with spaghetti straps on a hot day and was required to don jeans and a t-shirt over said dress.  What have we become?  Don’t answer that.  “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”  The NSA speeded up the time table.
Interesting thing happened, after my sermons were removed from the windshield wipers in your parking lot (which might just be an criminal violation of my First Amendment Rights due to your presumed 501(c)(3) status),  I attempted to send an email to my regular list of witnesses.  It did not go through, although I have not experienced email tampering for a while.  The timing is unusual and if I did not know better, I’d think I will find out very soon (precisely) which fraidy-cat  is responsible for the anomalies in my life.  And he will grovel at my feet.  I’ll step aside, of course, for all praise goes to Jesus Christ, now and forever.  This is the New World Order.
My friend asked me what I thought my eyeball dream meant, this is it:  I think that from something really painful I endure, if I continue to apply pressure, my wounds will birth something bloody and disgusting, but it will go into people’s lives and hatch like an egg full of new fresh glory.  I hope I’m right.

12:11 pm

At about 11:30 I put some paragraphs under windshield wipers at the Lakefield Baptist Whorehouse.  When I drove by at 12, they were all gone although the collection plate was still be passed inside.  (I know because I went indoors and put my remaining couple copies by the coffee pot.)  (The ushers nodded at each other when they noticed me.)  ACTIVE SUPPRESSION OF TRUTH TO BENEFIT RICH GUYS DOESN’T BODE WELL IN THE JUDGEMENT.  I guess they’ll figure that out.




10:05 am

Despite my apparent (maybe even seemingly indulgent…) exposure of moral foibles in the lives of those who chose to call me deficient… I have been discreet.  I know (and I documented and notarized and swore to…) many shocking incidents that demonstrate lies… and expose Goldthorpes as arrogant judgmental prigs.  I REALLY HOPE I  am not given first opportunity to shed my pent-up tears in front of a judge.  I heard yesterday that the judges belong to Goldthorpe after all.  They’d have a REAL dilemma with a Goldthorpe at each table.  I know somebody at the courthouse would put an arm around my shoulder and ask for all the juicy bits about my menfolk.  I really just wish my family would show me the love. But, if they’re unable to behave as NORMAL PEOPLE…they will show me the money.


10:00 am

No call from my dad or brother today.  It’s been SIX YEARS since the day he abducted my children and went to the police about me.  It’s a good thing I don’t have to figure the interest on restitution and damages…because GOD knows how to add.

“Because I did not like her politics or her prayer life, I lied to the state police about LINDA GOLDTHORPE and attempted to have her locked up.  Failing that, I stopped talking to her and initiated a smear campaign against her and her family, successfully ostracizing her from friends and the rest of the family.  Finding her pariah-hood insufficiently satisfying, I stole her home, that being her ENTIRE NET WORTH, attempted again to lock her up, and subjected her to some REALLY RIDICULOUS gang-stalking.  In the intervening years I’ve attempted repeatedly…to buy her off. I offered her things like bank stock and a credit card that I would pay.   Linda however, will settle for nothing less than restored relationships.  To that end, I promise to begin taking her to lunch once a week.  (I mean if she’s willing; I understand she finds my company tedious.)”
 Sincerely, and with abject apology for my dishonesty to 1) family, 2) church, 3) cops, and 4) community,
Robert D. Goldthorpe


6:17 pm



3:36 pm

How to grow your own furniture: Eco-friendly designer uses special moulds to guide branches into ready-made chairs, tables and lampshades

  • British designer prunes and grafts growing trees directly into shape
  • He’s currently tending a field of 400 tables, chairs and lampshades
  • Mainly using willow but also sycamore, ash, hazel and crab apple 
  • First crop to be harvested next year with furniture ready for sale in 2017 

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4:33 pm


11:30 am


10:37 am

“Alcohol and almost all artificial drugs vibrate low.”

Thus, communication


5:41 pm

Philip Somerville, who died last year aged 84, made the Queen’s hats for over 25 years

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Recipient: Philip Somerville, who died last year aged 84, made the Queen's hats for over 25 years


12:12 pm

“I’ve been there,” he once said. “That’s really what separates me from most of these other bloviators. I bloviate, but I bloviate about stuff I’ve seen. They bloviate about stuff that they haven’t.”   (Bill O’Reilly)


11:16 am

The squirrel to the left stands upright and gives its best side for the camera, dictated to by its partner in crime


5:44 pm

This is the other Mike Rogers.



1:04 am

Google Executive’s Warning: Start Making Hard Copies of Everything Online


6:39 am

Patty Hearst at a dog show.

Breeder: Patty Hearst is seen Monday holding the ribbon Rocket won 


3:01 pm

I have become absolutely convinced that if the hammer comes down on you relentlessly and you are in pursuit of the ineffable beyond all things, to the extent that you suffer and persevere, you will be answered commensurate with your degree of difficulty. That is how it works. That is how it works.   (Les Visible)


6:28 am

Man finds treasure trove of handwritten love letters from 1916 hidden in a WALL as he renovated 19th century home

  • Brandon Garner presented the letters to Kathryn Volpe after he found them
  • Garner discovered the letters in the wall of a gym in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Volpe published the letters one at a time on her bakery’s website
  • Letters were sent from John Edwin Walker to Annie Elizabeth Goodyear 
  • They married in 1918 and then separated in 1930 but never got a divorce

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2:08 pm

Hyperlearning webinar teaches how to read and absorb information 300% faster than normal speeds

“David Rainoshek, author, creator and coach, has developed a program around a concept known as “hyperlearning” that can help you read and absorb information up to 300 percent faster than normal, enabling you to keep up with the latest developments in the world while maintaining sanity in your life.”

Learn more:


1:24 pm


10:35 am



The ranks of Holocaust Revisionists include Communists and Socialists (Paul Rassinier, Roger Garaudy), moderate Leftists (Pierre Guillaume, Serge Thion), Libertarians (Andrew Allen, Germar Rudolf, David Cole, Bradley Smith, Richard Widmann), Conservatives (Carlo Mattogno, Werner Rademacher), Rightists (Udo Walendy, Mark Weber) and National Socialists (Ernst Zündel, Vincent Reynouard). Since the author does not consider it important to classify revisionists according to political orientation, he cannot vouch for the correctness of these designations.

Included also are Frenchmen (Robert Faurisson, Pierre Guillaume, Roger Garaudy, Paul Rassinier, Vincent Reynouard, Jean Plantin), Americans (Bradley Smith, Mark Weber, Arthur Butz, Richard Widmann, Fredrick Leuchter), Germans (Germar Rudolf, Werner Rademacher, Michael Gärtner, Arnulf Neumaier, Wilhelm Stäglich), Swiss (Jürgen Graf, Arthur Vogt), Italians (Carlo Mattogno), Spaniards (Enrique Aynat), Jordanians (Ibrahim Alloush), Moroccans (Ahmed Rami), Swedes, Danes, Britons, Poles, and Russians, to name just a few.

More here:


8:30 am

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6:48 pm




7:31 am

The word “corruption” derives from the Latin corrumpere, which can mean to bribe, but also to mar or destroy. Yet, on the available evidence, corruption has always permeated so many fields of human endeavor that it may be not a corruption of anything—but, rather, a regrettable feature of our natural condition. Accountable government is an ideal, to be sure. It may also be an aberration.

(The Atlantic.  I didn’t save the link.)



7:17 am

Are you aware of the Ziplock method for DUI checkpoints? Watch, learn, and be amazed

In the video, a man hangs his registration, insurance, and driver’s license from his rolled up window inside a ziplock freezer bag, in order to proceed through a DUI checkpoint.

Also in the bag is a flyer, which states:




Please put any tickets under windshield wiper.

–CPLR §308 & Pacamor, 132 Misc.2d 269 (1986)

I have to show you my papers not hand them to you.

–VTL §312(b), §401(4), §507

Thus I am not opening my window.

I will comply with clearly stated lawful orders.

This DUI checkpoint was put on by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Read more at:


8:39 am

Its literal translation from Greek is ‘to keep the stillness’, and was a form of deep prayer meditation.  You may gather from the definition that Hesychasm requires a certain solitude, and in tradition has been the process of retiring inward by ceasing to register the senses, in order to achieve an experiential knowledge of God.

8:31 am

Malt is simply cereal grain, which is germinated in water but stopped from further germination by being dried in hot air.



7:55 am

Innocence to self-awareness to egotistical and jaded.



Sometime in Belgium

I met an angel today, his name was Daniel.  He was from Hong Kong and way too chipper for a targeted individual.  The Russian ladies didn’t show up for our meeting this morning, but a local woman took me to an outdoor market, and Daniel joined us.  His English was extraordinary, his eyes were extraordinary and he kept jostling me as we walked, in an extraordinary way that was comfortable and familiar.  He began to sing “How Great Thou Art” and I joined him as we walked.  It was pretty loud.  He seemed really glad to be along with a knowledgeable tour guide,  but at one point he said, ” This looks interesting around here.  I think I’m going.”  And he did.

I ate lunch at a soup kitchen, it cost one euro.  My friend lives in a homeless shelter.  The market was wonderful, I expected to be working all day and it was fun to poke around in the sunshine.

11/18/14          Dear anybody I may talk to,

I inadvertently did something very good for targeted individuals.  I used to be a lawyer and I recognize that I have compiled extraordinary evidence.  I would welcome any suggestions for using it and would be pleased to share it with committed activists.

I am from the US and ran for Congress twice;  in 2008 I was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul.  I am a Christian who prays in tongues and moves spontaneously during prayer.  I regularly hear voices in my head, and when the new ones showed up I assumed they were a spirit.  I published a book about my experiences in 2011 under that mistaken assumption.  It describes nearly every effect of electronic torture that I’ve read about.  My book is very naive and I believe it to be exceptional evidence.  Also (long story…) I recorded my day to day experiences for two years in a series of journals that I swore to in front of a notary public.  (This makes them an affidavit and admissible in court, according to US law.)   I sent them to a liberty activist and have not seen them or him for five years.  The chain of control is perfectly documented.

The book is available on Amazon, a download is only a couple bucks.  I also maintain a website that should substantiate my claims.  I didn’t know I was coming to this conference until 11/17 or I would have prepared something to distribute.  Thank you for caring about my children’s future.

Linda Goldthorpe    906-291-1376

“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  -on Amazon


Free the Hackers

Suppose you’re fresh out of school with a shiny diploma and big student loans.  Your dad accused you of playing video games for the past four years and you’ve got something to prove.  You’re smart

Spy agencies compete

Keith Alexander

One day at work your colleagues are passing around the daily photos of note, this time the naked pictures are of your sister.

Top security clearance   over 5 million?

compromise themselves before they know what happens