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‘Upstanding citizen works his life away, lives in miserable squalor and forgoes human relationships for years. How is this an inspirational story?’ asked a commenter named Parker Johnston, according to the Globe and Mail.

Love him or hate him? Frugal homeowner, 30, gets TROLLED for boasting about paying off his $255,000 mortgage thanks to Kraft dinners, no social life and three jobs

  • Sean Cooper, 30, was able to pay off his mortgage on his $425,000 bungalow in Toronto
  • He was able to put almost $100,000 a year towards his mortgage through frugal living and constant working
  • Cooper worked 100-hour weeks at three different jobs
  • He never socialized and only took one ‘vacation’ – a quick bus trip to Wisconsin  

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Russian Scientist Claims Ancient Race Drove Giant Cars on Earth and the Tracks Are Still Around

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Mysterious translucent sphere in the form of gigantic bubble detected at a depth of 22 meters under water near the coast of Turkey



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Will the Mark of the Beast Change Your DNA? (Lecture)




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So . . . Does this mean that Clinton’s top secret State Department emails were actually less secure than her private server ones?  Oops.

China’s cyber spies have accessed the private emails of “many” top Obama administration officials, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official and a top secret document obtained by NBC News, and have been doing so since at least April 2010.

The email grab — first codenamed “Dancing Panda” by U.S. officials, and then “Legion Amethyst” — was detected in April 2010, according to a top secret NSA briefing from 2014. The intrusion into personal emails was still active at the time of the briefing and, according to the senior official, is still going on.

In 2011, Google disclosed that the private gmail accounts of some U.S. officials had been compromised, but the briefing shows that private email accounts from other providers were compromised as well.

The government email accounts assigned to the officials, however, were not hacked because they are more secure, says the senior U.S. intelligence official.




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Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

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Is our universe FAKE? Physicists claim we could all be the playthings of an advanced civilisation

  • Physicists say there is a possibility that our world is merely a simulation
  • They claim there may be evidence of this if only we know where to look 
  • For instance, some of the laws of physics may not quite add up, they say 

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Is marriage the key to beating alcoholism? Saying ‘I do’ leads to ‘dramatic decrease in drinking even among severe addicts’

  • New study shows tying the knot can cause dramatic reduction in drinking
  • Found even those with severe drinking problems reduced consumption
  • Hopes findings will help improve treatments and targeted interventions

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The Curious Case of Lois Lerner’s Physically Damaged Hard Drive

New documentation released by the House Oversight Committee this week again raises questions on how Lois Lerner’s hard drive was physically damaged and whether there was some kind of deliberate act to destroy data on it.

The House Oversight Committee report cites an officially transcribed interview with John Minsek, senior investigative analyst with the IRS Criminal Investigations (CI) unit. Minsek examined the Lerner hard drive in 2011. In the transcribed interview, he notes Lerner’s hard drive contained “well-defined scoring creating a concentric circle in the proximity of the center of the disk.”

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Why do women think THIS is the face of beauty? Tandoori tan. Towie-style locks. Eyeliner galore. Tilda Swinton’s makeover and a troubling question….

  • Pictures of Oscar-winning actress in her new film caused a commotion
  • In Trainwreck Tilda Swinton, 54, stars as a tough magazine editor
  • Film’s make-up artists revealed it took an hour-a-day to apply the fake tan 
  • Known for her physical transformation, but described her latest as ‘pretty extreme’ 

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If vaccines don’t cause brain damage, why is GlaxoSmithKline paying out $63 million to vaccine victims?

Since the swine flu panic that was widespread in 2009, prompting more than 60 million people to get vaccinated against it, countless amounts of individuals – predominantly children – have developed a range of health conditions. Mainly, brain damage has been the issue; everything from sleep disturbances and memory impairments to hallucinations and mental illness have been experienced by those who received the swine flu vaccine.

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50 Cent declares bankruptcy days after losing $5M sex tape judgement… just two months after being valued at $155M

  • Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday  
  • The rapper-actor was ordered to pay $5M to Lastonia Leviston, who has a child with Jackson’s rap rival Rick Ross
  • He could be hit with a bigger bill after jury deliberate on punitive damages 
  • The rapper posted a 13-minute video of Leviston with ex Maurice Murray
  • He superimposed his ‘Pimpin’ Curly’ character in the doctored footage
  • He included crude commentary aimed at taunting Ross during a dispute 
  • Leviston was left humiliated and horrified after the video went viral in 2009 

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Disappeared, Dead Doctors Climbs To Eight, Wrong Corpses, Frightening Links To These Mysteries

Adding to mysterious deaths and disappearances of three American holistic anti-vaccine doctors in one state over the past two weeks plus three Mexican doctors and their two employees recently disappeared, supposedly found dead in the back of a pickup on June 19, are two more doctors missing, possibly disappeared in the US. Earlier this year, another holistic doctor met an untimely death after months of pleading for help as a self-identified Targeted Individual, as reported by Deborah Dupré. It has emerged that most of these had at least one common link.



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Why Have 74 Prominent Scientists Been Murdered In The Past Ten Years?

Friday January 12th 2015, renowned scientist Alberto Behar crashed his small plane in the streets of L.A. shortly after he had taken off. Alberto worked at NASA’s ‘Jet Propulsion Laboratory’ and Arizona State University; he was one of the leading scientists responsible for discovering that there was once water on Planet Mars.

Glenn Thomas was a World Health Organisation spokesperson; he was reportedly an expert on Ebola and AIDS, he was aboard MH17 when it was shot down with approximately 100 other researchers.




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Why would you even want an organization that doesn’t believe in homosexuality to perform your wedding if you’re gay?


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Is Our Universe a Hologram? Some Physicists Think So.

It’s strange to think that not too long ago, the idea that time is an illusion wasn’t taken seriously by the scientific community. Now it’s a widely held belief, especially among physicists. Time may indeed be nothing more than a mental construct; a mere perception. But what if other aspects of our reality are equally illusory. What if something as fundamental “space” is also the product of our perceptions? What if what we see and feel in our everyday lives, or even what we can see under a microscope, is only scratching the surface?

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Jade Helm 15! Russia to aid Texas in seceding from the union?!

Oh wow.




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Wouldn’t this be nice?

In a recent interview with David Wilcock, Insider ‘Drake’ stated a comprehensive plan to arrest all corrupt globalist, banksters and the political elite within a 72 hour period involving the closing down of U.S. borders and satellite communications to prevent and out of country money transfers.  Drake added that a transition plan is already in place to convert the U.S. dollar to one that is not based on fiat currency.  Additionally, we can expect to see the release of many suppressed technologies that will make our modern life seem like the Stone Age.

Imminent Mass Arrests Of Globalists, Bankers And Political Elite For Real!

In regard to the elite, Drake stated that “There’s gonna be some hangings.  There’s gonna be some people jumping out of windows” but added that he does not want to see the riotous lynch mobs emanating from our society.



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Why Are We Building a Research Center Full of Deadly Diseases in the Tornado Capital of the World?

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More water to be stolen from the Great Lakes?

Flint, Michigan.  FLINT, MICHIGAN.




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“But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?” — Mark Twain, Neider, Autobiography

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Will Humanity Respond to Imminent Doom?

A voice from the future in the movie Tomorrowland with a powerful warning: “In every moment there’s a possibility of a better future but you won’t believe it!”




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1 halstatt

The real Hallstat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria. The Chinese Hallstat is a similar mock-up town built in Guangdong province, China. The town, which cost about $940 million to build, looks like the real Hallstat, including its roads, church tower, and wooden houses. The town’s construction was sponsored by a Chinese millionaire, and it caused quite a stir among residents of the real Hallstat who were not aware of the project.

Residents of Austria’s Hallstat (including the mayor) later visited the town. They said they were proud that their town was copied (it wasn’t like they could do anything about it), but they did not like the way the Chinese went about it. They were supposed to have met with the owners of the buildings they copied and asked if they were comfortable with the idea of replicating their buildings elsewhere, rather than just building them. The company that built the mock-up town, called Minmetals, had sent several of its workers to Austria’s Hallstat where they took pictures of places to replicate.


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Are Judges and Lawyers Around the Country Finally Realizing Its Game Over? | Pennsylvania Court…

The worst form of abuse and criminality is from those who are empowered and paid to uphold the laws, the rights of the innocent, and due process.  The lies, betrayal and abuse by those in this system carrying out these crimes is inexcusable.  The truth is the truth! 


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Who or What Is Killing the Bankers of Wall Street?

…for the first time in two centuries, iconic Wall Street banks are being serially charged with committing felonies. These banks have known for the same 18 months that bankers have been dying under suspicious circumstances that felony charges were coming. After a series of deferred prosecution agreements, two weeks ago on May 20, five global banks pleaded guilty to criminal charges of conspiring to rig markets. Two of those were U.S. banks, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, where recent unusual deaths have occurred.




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Is WalMart an Arm of the Government? YOU DECIDE

This video is well worth the time watching it.

Please just answer one question after watching.

Who has the power or capability to force an institution to absorb those kinds of losses in operation, THAT much money, other than the government?



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Is Our Universe A Matrix-Like Computer Game Designed by Aliens?




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Autonomous Killer Robots Almost Here: “3rd Revolution in Warfare After Gunpowder, Nuclear”


According to Nature, the experts bringing AI and robotics to full power must make a decision – before it is too late:

The artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics communities face an important ethical decision: whether to support or oppose the development of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).


The AI and robotics science communities, represented by their professional societies, are obliged to take a position, just as physicists have done on the use of nuclear weapons, chemists on the use of chemical agents and biologists on the use of disease agents in warfare. Debates should be organized at scientific meetings; arguments studied by ethics committees; position papers written for society publications; and votes taken by society members. Doing nothing is a vote in favour of continued development and deployment.


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Many questions are raised by these facts.Why has the US and Russia built these transmitters worldwide? Knowing these are great men of science are we to believe that they are unaware of the brainwashing effects of the ELF waves they are producing? .Or is this pattern effecting our minds to the point we will not even ask the question or look into it further or simply not care? Marijuana has been proven not to work as we saw earlier in brainwashing techniques. It was tried and dropped by Sidney Gottleib and others. It is proven by university research to be beneficial to the body and to move the brain from an Alpha brainwave patter to its proper Beta brainwave pattern. Is this the reason what has been labeled by leading university research, as being the safest and most beneficial drug on earth has been deemed illegal?

“HAARP is officially claimed to be an ELF radio research project. ELF radio has an interesting history and some useful attributes that give it military value. Project Sanguine by the US Navy once used ELF radiation in the 40-80hz range to test communications capabilities. Evidently these tests were successful because they later upgraded the 45 km (yes that’s kilometers) Project Seafarer antenna an Clam Lake Wisconsin with a 222 km one. Another 90 km antenna was constructed at KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Michigan.”


TAOS HUM – CAUSED by HAARP like this one
2 posts by 2 authors
Patrick Goodhall

Two points – regarding Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and ELF and/or

“HAARP is officially claimed to be an ELF radio research project. ELF radio has an interesting history and some useful attributes that give it military value. Project Sanguine by the US Navy once used ELF radiation in the 40-80hz range to test communications capabilities. Evidently these tests were successful because they later upgraded the 45 km (yes that’s kilometers) Project Seafarer antenna an Clam Lake Wisconsin with a 222 km one. Another 90 km antenna was constructed at KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Michigan.”


TAOS HUM – CAUSED by HAARP like this one
2 posts by 2 authors
Patrick Goodhall

Two points – regarding Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and ELF and/or HAARP:

Background:  I have never heard ‘the hum’ but have met people who have – in Michigan.  I was born there in 1961, graduated BSc. Engineer in 1984, lived in Milwaukee and Detroit thru 2001, however spent many weekends and all vacation there (back home on the farm is in the middle of the UpNorth vacationland, so why not).  My farm is in Iron County to the east of the ELF installation about 30 miles in Stambaugh Township.

2004:  I witnessed a bizarre atmospheric event during mid-summer thunder-storm season.  Looking north-west from our farm is looking across the north-end of the ELF installation, which may or may not be significant.  As a ‘severe thunderstorm approached’ per the local TV station out of Marquette and showing on the radar (always from the west in this area), the storm slid north east as if following the ELF antennae and stopped in the area of the NE end of ELF system.  The storm started acting exactly like a Tesla Coil instead of a T-storm.  There was no sound of thunder, there was no vertical sky to earth lightening but rather it was all ‘horizontal’, the clouds were stationary (on or near the NE end of the ELF) for at least 3 hrs and the ‘lightening’ persisted the entire duration, and the ‘lightening’ was nearly constant and even ‘multi-layered’ and ‘multi-directional’ at times.  In this area the usual t-storm is very mild compared to other areas I have lived, currently in SW New Mexico and one summer in Yellowstone for resort services, and otherwise on the shores of Great Lakes as follows: southern Lake Michigan (Milwaukee), betweeen Lake Huron/Eerie (Detroit), plus considerable time on northern Lake Michigan (Menominee,MI).  In all of these other areas, T-storms are typically much more severe than ‘inland’ where our farm is, as are these monsoons here in SW New Mexico, yet on this one occassion this ‘bizarre event’ was far, far more ‘electrically active’ than anything I have ever seen anywhere.  I beleive this was caused by built-up ‘ELF-residue’ that finally found a way to release itself from the earth, an ELF and/or ELF/HAARP experiment, or a HAARP experiment.   On thing that happened was that during that summer we experienced more drought and hot and dry weather than I have seen here in SW New Mexico for 4 yrs now, even as bad as this year was.  I believe that ‘bizarre storm’, whatever it was, modified the weather in that area that year and caused a complete and total drought.  At the time, which was before I heard of THE-HUM or HAARP, I joked that it was a special cloud that was there to hide a UFO mothership, because it looked similar to the hollywood production of ‘Close Encounters’.  Maybe it was one of these 3 things or not, but for certain, something very different occured that night and the local weather that summer was totally different than usual.  It also easy to believe that this type of thing could affect hearing and/or health in general.

2011:  I work in mining so I have an interest in potential mining, especially in northern Michigan where I could get a job and go live ‘back home’ with friends and family.  A few weeks ago I was looking at Google Earth at the mining operations in Upper Michigan, and in one case there is a large operation near what was KI Sawyer AFB (a SAC base now closed) which is now a commericial ‘international’ airport.  I remembered there was another USAF base about 200 miles east which was called Kinchloe, also no longer a USAF base, and I decided to pan to the east and take a look at what that looks like in Google Earth.  About 140 miles east of Marquette, right along the south side of the east-west highway, M-28, I noticed a GIGANTIC and NEW installation.  I have no idea if this is USAF or if it is a HAARP installation, but no way does it look like anything ‘private’ in that area.  It is a GIGANTIC egual-sided-triangle ‘installation’, with 3 identical ‘runways’ that look like 1.0-1.2 miles in length, and each ‘runway’ is about 5 times wider than the 2-lane highway.  There appears to be ‘hangers’ and other ‘outbuildings’ around that triangle, what looks like fuel tanks (all round, about 10 of them).  This COULD be a USAF installation to service the B-2, and I have heard of people claiming they heard noises at night that a B-2 might sound like.  Or it could be HAARP as this ‘installation’ with its perfect isocoles triangle could generate powerful ‘HAARP-signals’.  A geologist looked at it and joked that it looked like a ‘partical beam accelerator’.  This part of the upper peninsula is oddly very very flat and is perfect for a B-2 base – very remote location even though right next to the highway.  I will keep researching to try to find out what this is – it sure is different.

I am looking at Google Earth right now and there is a label I see that says “TRW Automotive Test Facility” – but I really don’t think so, although parts of it look like maybe it once was that.  Some parts that look old and look like an automotive test track are figure-8 and looped shaped, but the new stuff dwarfs these test tracks and is very weird and gigantic isocoles triangle.  Weird looking thing and it is certainly in a good location for a B-2 support facility, but it could be anything – kinda looks like a gigantic crop-circle or something like the ‘nasca lines’ in south america !!!???

So this is little other than support for your plight and circumstantial evidence of possible sources in regards to the suffering from the hum, but it might help you in research.  Cheers.

Interesting two posts Patrick- detailed overviews may not quite be ‘Science’ -but they are very important additions both in the overall pushing back at ‘the system’ – and making people feel it’s worth fighting back.Victimhood leads to depressions.
We know that secret weather modification is going on anecdotally, like in the Bosnian conflict and elsewhere over the years, so your observations don’t seem far fetched, at all.
On the military build- this too has to be secret, but can never fully hidden with all the surveillance about.
People are very handy these days with digicams -and the net to view & discuss. The PTB must be wondering how long they’ve got 🙂
A slow awareness is seeping into the general public that we hum hearers have been living with for some time.
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HAARP is an acronym for “HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM”.According to the government’s official web site concerning HAARP, it is a research station located on 30+ acres of land owned by the U.S. Department of Defense.We are also strangely informed by the same official site, “Technical expertise and procurement services as required for the management, administration and evaluation of the program are being provided cooperatively by the Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory) and Navy (Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory). Since HAARP consists of many individual items of scientific equipment, both large and small, there is a considerable list of commercial, academic and government organizations.”

One might ask, “What is a research facility intended to simply study our atmosphere doing on DoD property?” The answer may well lie in revealing what HAARP’s actual functions. HAARP consists of a phased array of 180 towers placed 80′ apart in a 1000′ by 1200′ grid. 2 antennas that transmit ELF and VLF waves, ranging from 2.8 to 7 Hz (VLF) and from 7 to 10 Hz, (ELF) into the atmosphere top each tower. The array is powered from 30 shelters, each responsible for powering 6 towers. Each shelter contains 6 pairs of 10 kW Transmitters, allowing for a 3600 kW transmission from the array. The signal can be focused strongly to a single area or dispersed over a wide range. There are several such sites placed around the world elf wave transmitting sites worldwide.

Most who are familiar with HAARP however, are usually only familiar with the one Alaskan facility, thinking it to be the sole such facility. Nearly No one is today aware of the many other sites such as the ones located in Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the several in the former Soviet Union. It is an interesting side-note that the project was conceived and experimented with beginning in the 1950’s according to our own government. Not coincidentally this is the time frame that MK Ultra was operating carte blanche and in full swing. What is the significance of this (HAARP) in respect to mass mind control? The answer lies in the effect of ELF waves on both the human brain and the human body.

To understand the effect of elf waves on the human brain, we need to understand first a little bit concerning the differing patterns and wavelengths, which we as humans normally function in.

 brainwaves are in the 0.5 to 4 cycles per second range, and are generated from the forward part of the brain. This pattern is normally associated with very deep sleep and some eastern mystics achieve this state while awake but in a very deep meditation. 

 brainwaves are in the range of 4 to 7 cycles per second. This pattern is associated with light sleep and deep rest. Creativity and inspired though often accompany this state. How often have you almost been asleep and an idea or solution suddenly hit?

 brainwaves are almost non existent in children under 10 years of age. This wave pattern is generating at 7 to 12 cycles per second. This is a very interesting pattern. It is a pattern, which prevents concentration. It is highly susceptible to suggestibility. In other words a person operating in this pattern is easily led, even against their will. It can be pleasant and even euphoric. For some reason these days most men and women are operating throughout their waking hours in the alpha wave state. 

 brainwaves run a wide range from 13 to 27 cycles per second. These waves should seemingly be the optimum pattern for humans to walk and work in during their waking hours. These patterns allow us to analyze things and situations and more readily allow the human brain to focus on external stimulation.It is associated with alert mental activity. 

 brainwaves are sometimes called hyper-beta waves and operate above 27 cycles per second.These can be associated with hyperactivity or quick sudden bursts of physical activity. 

Bearing these in mind, it is important to know that both the brain and the body become effected by outside ELF stimuli. Differing frequencies have differing effects as well from a feeling of euphoria, to extreme dizziness and sickness and confusion, to the accelerated growth of cancerous cells, sometimes as much as 6X or more. One of the more interesting effects is the fact that frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz can actually “entrain” the human brainwave.

What is meant by the “entraining” of one’s brain? If one’s brain is operating at 15 cycles per second, we saw that they are operating in the “Beta” brainwave pattern. This also as we saw it the optimum pattern for analysis and thinking and examining outside stimuli. If this normally operating brain is then exposed to elf waves in the frequency of 8 to 12 cycles per second, as a chameleon changes its color, so too does the brainwave change from Beta patterns to an Alpha pattern, exactly matching the pattern of the outside source. This change takes place in some brains immediately upon outside contact.

What is the significance of these findings?

The brain should normally work in the Beta pattern through normal working hours. However an outside source emitting ELF waves can throw it into an Alpha pattern which is a pattern which disallows concentration and focus and deep examination, throwing the subject into a state that is very easy to lead by suggestion. In other words a person in this state is easily brainwashed. They cannot focus on the realities of the things that are going on about them and scrutinize them. One living in this state lives a shallow life of eat drink and be merry, are easily entertained and distracted. Some sit in front of the television soaking up any and all propaganda they are fed. The live a mentally shallow life and do not even realize it because it becomes a norm. The HAARP transmitters, as well as similar transmitters worldwide transmit varying frequencies. The frequencies most used are within the range that would effect the brain throwing it from the Beta state to the Alpha. To see the effect all we need do is to look at the easily influenced zombified society we live in.Another interesting side-note. Many of the readers will remember the old commercial about marijuana, where we see EEG results being displayed. We see high consistent spikes and hear the words, “This is your brain”.

Next we see the spikes level off until all we see is nearly a straight line as we hear the ominous words, “This is your brain on Marijuana”. What is NOT being explained is the TRUE effects of marijuana on the human brainwave patterns. What we see being displayed in that commercial are ALPHA waves. According to ALL reputable studies from the likes of Cornell University and many many more, marijuana does lower the Alpha pattern BUT it throws the brain back into BETA where it performs its BEST thinking and in depth examination. It allows for deeper scrutiny.

It has also been shown to improve the malignant effects of lower frequency ELF wave on the human body such as in the fact it is a cancer retardant.

Many questions are raised by these facts.Why has the US and Russia built these transmitters worldwide? Knowing these are great men of science are we to believe that they are unaware of the brainwashing effects of the ELF waves they are producing? .Or is this pattern effecting our minds to the point we will not even ask the question or look into it further or simply not care? Marijuana has been proven not to work as we saw earlier in brainwashing techniques. It was tried and dropped by Sidney Gottleib and others. It is proven by university research to be beneficial to the body and to move the brain from an Alpha brainwave patter to its proper Beta brainwave pattern. Is this the reason what has been labeled by leading university research, as being the safest and most beneficial drug on earth has been deemed illegal?



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The “New Jerusalem” of Ethiopia

No one knows for certain why the Lalibela churches share many similarities with Judaism, but scholars propose a handful of holy theories

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What if Putin is Telling the Truth?

On April 26 Russia’s main national TV station, Rossiya 1, featured President Vladimir Putin in a documentary to the Russian people on the events of the recent period including the annexation of Crimea, the US coup d’etat in Ukraine, and the general state of relations with the United States and the EU. His words were frank. And in the middle of his remarks the Russian former KGB chief dropped a political bombshell that was known by Russian intelligence two decades ago.

Putin stated bluntly that in his view the West would only be content in having a Russia weak, suffering and begging from the West, something clearly the Russian character is not disposed to. Then a short way into his remarks, the Russian President stated for the first time publicly something that Russian intelligence has known for almost two decades but kept silent until now, most probably in hopes of an era of better normalized Russia-US relations.

Putin stated that the terror in Chechnya and in the Russian Caucasus in the early 1990’s was actively backed by the CIA and western Intelligence services to deliberately weaken Russia.

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Was the Real Matrix Disclosed in 1977?

Philip K. Dick, renowned author of science fiction, recounts his experience with what he claimed as the real matrix.

Neo?  A prophet? more:

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What Is Causing The Strange Trumpet Sounds In The Sky All Over The World?

“In addition to being heard at locations all over the United States and Canada, these sounds have also been recorded in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, England, Costa Rica, Ukraine and France.  If you go to YouTube and type in “strange sounds”, you will literally get hundreds of results from all over the planet.”

The following theories were put forward by the Daily Mail

Tectonic plates grinding – Tectonic plates are pieces of the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle, together referred to as the lithosphere. The plates are around 100 km (62 mi) thick and consist of two principal types of material: oceanic crust (also called sima from silicon and magnesium) and continental crust (sial from silicon and aluminium).

Atmospheric pressure – Atmospheric pressure is defined as the force per unit area exerted against a surface by the weight of the air above that surface.

Trains shunting – Self explanatory – noise comes from trains in reaction to the track and overhead wires.

Construction – Building works, especially if going on at the same time across a specific area, can led to similar sounds.

Aliens – Can this be an alien lifeform in the sky, perhaps scouring out Earth?

HAARP weapon – Rumours persist that the U.S. government uses secret weapons in the sky for defence and weather modifying, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This wouldn’t explain the sounds in other countries however…

The Apocalypse and the Seven Trumpets of Heaven – Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. Somewhat more worrying as it would signal the end of the world…




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Five pieces of evidence suggesting that California drought may be a HAARP-manufactured event

California is embroiled in a crisis of epic proportions as it continues to struggle through one of the worst droughts in state history. But emerging evidence suggests that the Golden State’s water woes aren’t a natural occurrence at all, and that a covert military operation involving “chemtrails” and other weather modification weaponry may be to blame.

A recent episode of The HAARP Report, which tracks the activities of the U.S. military’s so-called “High Frequency Auroral Research Program” (which the federal government falsely claims has been shut down), provides five pieces of compelling evidence from recently captured satellite imagery that points to deliberate weather modification as the cause of California’s drought.

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WTF? ‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

WTF? ‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign | True Activist.

“Fear nothing, we’re always reaching out to you,” says the secret society’s TV commercial.


 Is it satire? A hoax? It’s hard to say, but whatever the case, the Illuminati‘s new website is the strangest thing we’ve ever come across. More worryingly, this unlikely ad campaign seems to have been taken very seriously by tons of people on the internet, who are signing up to join the secret society in their thousands.

The Illuminati (‘the illuminated, or enlightened, in Latin) is a secret society that can be traced back to Bavaria, Germany, in 1776, with ties to freemasonry and the Jesuits. Since then its existence remains shrouded in secrecy, only gaining notoriety in recent years with the explosion of the internet and so-called conspiracy theories which have grown in popularity since 9/11. But what exactly does it mean?

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Rhinestones, Diamonds and Hard Baked Earth Syndrome.

One of my favorite wide spread delusions is the one where people make assessments of others based upon themselves. If they have no personal evidence of something then… no one else could either. Another of my favorite states of denial… and I have seen this a number of times is the one where someone says, that “all these facts about 9/11 couldn’t be true and EVEN IF THEY WERE, I wouldn’t believe it anyway” How do you get your head around a statement like that?

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Suspicious! Commuter Train Struck Minutes Before Amtrack 188 Crash

Minutes before a deadly Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia, a local commuter train was halted in the same train corridor by a projectile that went through the engineer’s window.


4:46 pm

Has the human race become demonic?

A man was caught eating the face off another, both stark naked; another was selling powdered babies, another was carrying roasted human foetuses because he was selling them as a source of dark power. Some say it is the zombie apocalypse. I say it is plain demonic evil.

What is wrong with the human race? We have governments nowadays arming terrorists, sending terrorists into civilian areas to run amok, to cut people into pieces, set fire to them, cut their lips off, rape them, impale them with iron bars, steal, loot, torture (the FUKUS Axis in Libya). We have governments spreading lies to create the conditions for public opinion to give the go-ahead for invasions and acts of slaughter.

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Who really are the deadringer brothers of dead Challenger astronauts?

9 days ago, I did a post, “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?,” on the astonishing similarities between the crew members of the Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger who all died in the tragic explosion on Jan. 28, 1986, and people alive today.

Not only are the doppelgängers of the same ages of the crew members if they had lived, the doubles also have the same names as the astronauts.

In the case of Challenger Mission Specialists Ronald McNair and Ellison Onizuka, their respective doppelgängers are their brothers, Carl McNair and Claude Onizuka.

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Do You Have Implants or Tags?

Again, take what you need and leave the rest. There is much to be learned from personal experience although just like with anyone most of the time we do not have a clue what is real and what is a part of the matrix.

Teleportation and Time Travel

Larry Basiago, Candidate for President, 2016

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Are You THC Deficient?

Cannabinoid substances don’t just grow in marijuana plants. Your own body produces them.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the most important components of the human body. The number of physiological processes it is responsible for or involved in is truly amazing. The ECS plays an integral role in biology and appears in many surprising and unexpected places.

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Shirtless man wielding hammer gets stuck UPSIDE DOWN in basketball hoop

  • Man was rescued by Seattle police and firefighters at Cal Anderson Park
  • At one point he even stuck his head into the rim to try and untangle himself
  • Officers had to restrain his three free limbs while firefighters cut him down 
  • Police department joked on Twitter he may be arrested for ‘goal-tending’

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Is Limited Government an Oxymoron?

Tom Woods and famed investor Doug Casey are interviewed

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You see, the human mind is the last great unexplored continent on earth. It contains riches beyond our wildest dreams. It will return anything we want to plant. So you may say, if that is true, why don’t people use their minds more?

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Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?   (There’s a face between them.)

Featured Image

“My thought (apologies to the wedding couple): I wonder if the couple had had an abortion.”

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Second Navy SEAL dies after being found unresponsive at the bottom of a swimming pool following ‘training accident’

  • Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Brett Allen Marihugh, 34, of Livonia, Michigan, died Sunday after being found unresponsive Friday
  • The other SEAL, 32-year-old Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Seth Cody Lewis of Queens, New York, died on Friday

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This blank card poses, 'Who the devil are you?'


7:32 pm

Do Wikileaks NASA Docs Prove The Moon Landings Were A HOAX?



9:12 am

Will little girl’s nightmares help catch her mother’s killer? This U.S. woman’s crash death was ruled an accident until her 3-year-old daughter started sharing disturbing dreams about a mystery white van

  • Natali Castellanos-Tyler, 30, married mother of three from Virginia, was killed when she crashed into tree February 21 
  • Daughter Elisa, now 3, was in backseat of Tyler’s Ford Explorer and survived crash 
  • Police ruled that it was a one-car collision caused by sleek road
  • Craig Tyler, victim’s husband, says little Elisa has been having recurring dream featuring a white van at crash scene
  • White box truck has been tentatively linked to three hit-and-run incidents in neighboring communities between March 29 and April 3
  • Each time, truck side-swiped passing vehicle and sped off; April 3 crash involved a school bus filled with students  

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125 Scientists, 75 Bankers and Journalists RIP: What Did They Know That We Don’t & Who is Behind It

How did they become deceased?  Interesting stories.

“Suicide.  Sudden Death.  No cause given.  Freak accident.  Suicide, missing, suicide…”



8:59 am

“This is where the rubber meets the road. There comes a time we need to crystallize all that’s being plainly revealed into a very clear picture that brings personal action and a conscious response. The global engineers are enacting a full spectrum attack on humanity, to not just subdue, control and transform the world’s populations, but to reduce it by slowly maiming and killing it off.”

How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action?

“Courage is the absence of letting fear rule our lives. Doing the conscious and responsible thing is the duty of every living creature, not just “activists”, another term used pejoratively to keep people from doing the obvious.”

“If we don’t respond consciously to this invasion on our kind we’re not worth our salt. Doing what we can restores confidence and an innate sense of who we are, and spurs many others on to do the same.”

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8:21 am



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How many hours should I be working for ten dollars a day?


7:07 pm

Indiana’s Famous Grave in the Middle of the Road

grave in the middle of the road

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Mystery black ring in sky hovers, then vanishes


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Major controversy: Last year, Victoria's Secret came under fire for releasing this Perfect Body campaign, which features tall and slender models. The brand eventually changed the slogan to A Body For Everybody

Natural beauty: Justine Legault wore her hair swept back as she posed in a black bra and underwear combination for the campaign


11:44 am


1:04 pm

Why would popular culture, generated out of the cesspool of poisoned minds, manifest in visible violation of all their other efforts to the contrary? It is applied schizophrenia as a business model for social and political control.

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Are you Christian or Muslim? What Al-Shabaab gunmen asked Kenyan students as they went door to door during university massacre killing at least 15 and injuring 60

  • Gunmen stormed the campus of Kenya’s Garissa University in dawn raid 
  • At least 15 people have been killed and 60 others have been injured
  • Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the latest terrorist atrocity in Kenya
  • Government claims 280 students rescued while 615 are still missing 

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I called my mom a piece of crap then my dad showed up bearing flowers.


6:05 pm

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We’re on the verge of something. I don’t know if anyone else is feeling what I am. Let me try to describe it. It is a giddy state of heightened sensitivity. It is uncomfortable now and again but… I am told it is always like this during the transitional stages; transitional stages of what? Aye… that’s the question. It’s difficult to process but… not as difficult as it was a couple of weeks ago (grin). I’m guessing this has less to do with the world situation than it does with a collective elevation in consciousness.

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“Hey, maybe Jesus will make the legs grow back, so we gotta check, right?” — Official White Horse Souse

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Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You


5:50 am

Can you define ‘Babylon’?


7:43 am

Are the Elite Going Into Hiding Because World War III Has Finally Begun?

“Paul stated that he had reports that four American Air Force planes had been shot down and there were Americans who were killed in action (KIA’s). The location(s) of the event were still unknown. One unconfirmed report is not something that I would act upon even when it comes for a trusted source. However, less that two hours later I received the following written press release from my friend and former broadcast colleague, ex-Green Beret,John Moore, as he stated the following in a press release late in the day on March 20, 2015:”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the last day, or two, four U.S. Military aircraft have been shot down by Russia. There are American K.I.A.’s (unknown number) , W.I.A. , and P.O.W. numbers (if any) are unknown, as well.

He ends his rather cryptic report by saying the war has started.

Hopefully, on one hand, I hope this report will prove to be a matter of fiction. On the other, I trust my private source enough to want to get this raw, unverified, intelligence out.

May God save us.


John Moore”

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If the War on Terror was winnable, why not start by stopping the War of Terror that is the center piece of aggressive projection of bellicose power?



3:02 am

What do you make of this?  Could people inhabit the same world and yet see things so differently?  Is there a lesson somewhere?

Three Amigos- Bar Scene (My Little Buttercup)


6:22 am

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who lives 2 hours away from the nearest Walmart are you doomed to die a horrible death?

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“If you know the truth…what are you waiting for?”

“What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?”

This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case.

Do what consciousness tells you.

There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears.

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How does my rice steamer know when the rice is done?  It’s very low-tech, mechanical controls.  No matter whether I start with hot water or cold water the rice is always perfect.


4:54 am

Before saying YES to a meeting, YES to a project, YES to a person, YES to something I think I really seriously want in life, I let these questions be my guide:

  • Will doing this make me feel more like myself?
  • Will doing it allow me to learn and grow and make progress?
  • Does the day-to-day of doing this light me up and tap into my natural strengths?
  • Am I willing to work through any challenge or obstacle that arises in the face of doing this?
  • Does doing this have the potential to move, touch and inspire others?
  • Do I feel in full alignment and integrity around doing this?

(Amber Rae)


4:15 am

Ringo says Paul died in 1966

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Does the House of Windsor Have Right to British Throne?

The history of Queen Elizabeth II’s family is shrouded in mystery: citing the results of DNA tests as well as hereditary genetic disease, experts suggest that the House of Windsor has no rights to the British throne.

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Why Would MO Auditor & Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Schweich Kill Himself Right After Inviting Reporters to His Home?

“It’s odd timing considering not only his recent announcement that he would run for Missouri governor, but Schweich had scheduled interviews later that afternoon at his home with both The Associated Press and St. Louis Post-Dispatch to break a story.”

“In fact, Schweich had just called St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Tony Messenger seven minutes before the 9-1-1 call went through from his home.”

“He was better than that. He wanted a party and a state that was better than that. He believed in honesty, integrity and good government. He may not have looked like a giant, but he might have become one.”

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Scientists Baffled by Mysterious Light on Distant Planet

“Ceres, a dwarf planet in the same category as Pluto and the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is shining two bright lights at a NASA spacecraft as it approaches.”

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Two bright lights on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres


9:06 am

Isn’t it funny that the censors censor the unimaginative stuff?  They don’t KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING!  This is great.  They shot themselves in the foot by abolishing lying…but it’s funnier that they don’t even hear the words of the truth-singers…


6:09 am

“What happens if my concerns are completely unfounded?  Nothing.  But what happens if my concerns are justified…and ignored?  NOTHING GOOD.”    (Dr. Ron Paul)


11:35 am

Snowden Calls for Disobedience Against the U.S. Government

“Our rights are not granted by governments. They are inherent to our nature. But it’s entirely the opposite for governments: their privileges are precisely equal to only those which we suffer them to enjoy.”

Will we see a “Snowden cult”?   Could he be talking so revolutionarily that he means to make those who haven’t already done so, to raise their heads?   Will he be championed (on-line…) and will more people see the red “x” in front of their houses?  Is Snowden kickin’ up the rabbits?  I guess we’ll learn.

(I can’t much fault the notions he expresses, but he’s a spy.  They could stop his heart in a heartbeat…like they did to Dr. Kinne in Finland.)

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Mandatory vaccination of adults is being discussed, by those who inoculate-for-dollars.  If they were to take DRAINO off the grocery store shelf… and hold you at gunpoint… while they funneled it down your baby’s throat..would you even comment?  Would you clear your throat?  (me)


8:36 am

Doesn’t it bother you that you’ve become just what they wanted?  Aren’t you irked that they told you what they were going to do beforehand, and then they did it right on your head?   Isn’t it embarrassing that your habits were predicted and are prescribed?   Don’t you just hate it that your life is nothing but repetitions of learned responses to false stimuli?  


1:40 pm

So, the revisionist historian should begin with this question: what aspects of a particular event could not possibly have taken place? This leads to the next question: what questions have the historical guild deliberately refused to ask? Why?

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Third banker mysteriously dies this year, joining 36 banker deaths from 2014

“On February 18, 2014, the New York Post reported that a third JPMorgan finance professional, 33-year-old Li Junjie, had leapt to his death, jumping from the 30-story roof of the financial giant’s Hong Kong office.”

“As reported by Zero Hedge, the latest casualty is Chris Van Eeghen, 42, of Amsterdam firm ABN Amro, who reportedly committed suicide, though it came as a major shock to most who knew him. What’s more, Van Eeghen is the fourth ABN Amro banker to “commit suicide” in the past few years.”

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Learn more:

9:07 am

“Unjust laws exist: shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once?” — Henry David Thoreau

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6:41 am

What would it be like to have everything you need?  How would it feel to know that if you got a run in your pantyhose…you could just get another pair?  I often pondered these questions as I watched my siblings and my parents.  How would it feel to be warm all the time?  Do their bedroom thermometers ever register in the 50’s? My family is an alien race, and they’re racist.  Not recognizing the diverse marching orders handed out to the rest of us, they assume affluence is a badge of honor, a right, and must be carefully guarded.  God have mercy on their souls which seem to be, 1) obtuse, 2) staggering under the weight of false-entitlement, and 3) selfish.  Also, they 1) lied about me and cast me out of the family, 2) talked me down to the neighborhood, and 3) stole a lot of things from me that are translatable to CASH VALUE.  3.5 million.  That’s what I heard from the God who KEPT ME FROM DYING!  It’s pretty hard to believe that I may one day not have to stoke the outside stove every five hours for 8 months of the year.  But, God has given me hundreds of four-leaf clovers…even on demand.  Let’s see what he’s got.


9:03 am

GMOs and Unintended Consequences

“We don’t know what GMOs will actually do to the ecosystems they are grown in, how they will affect other “normal” fruits if there is cross-pollination, or how they will affect the human bodies that consume them. No amount of lab studies can predict any of these things with any degree of certainty, even if lab studies were unaffected by the huge amount of money flowing from Monsanto and its ilk.”


6:39 am


5:01 am

It’s terrible that young people are sexually victimized.  It’s also terrible that those entrusted with their welfare also victimize people.  What is obscenely terrible, is the frequency with which an authority figure entrusted with assisting a particular victim…also assaults that same victim.  EVERY DAY I read about cops raping a victim.  So often.  Once you’ve been raped you’re fair game for further violation.  I could write a book.


5:47 pm

This is designer clothing.



4:47 am


3:59 pm


3:37 am

“Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved.” — Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson

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Why Does The FDA Allow Additives in Our Food That Are Banned in Other Countries?

“You have to ask why the United States still allows proven carcinogens to be added to our foods. Why they allow arsenic in chicken feed, and why it allows companies to lure in children with bright attractive packaging when they know those kids are going to be guzzling flame retardants.”

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5:12 pm

“Don’t you like how cats get their claws stuck in your clothes then act like you’re responsible?”  (Joshua Miller)



10:40 am

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Is CANNABIS the secret to acne-free skin? Brand launch range with curious ingredient that promises to sooth skin conditions

  • Products contain cannabis sativa, which has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Not same species as the marijuana that people smoke
  • Has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any vegetable oil

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9:41 am

Crimes against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free?

“Henry Kissinger was national security advisor and one of the principle architects – perhaps the principle architect – of the coup in Chile. US-instigated coups were nothing new in 1973, certainly not in Latin America, and Kissinger and his boss Richard Nixon were carrying on a violent tradition that spanned the breadth of the 20th century and continues in the 21st – see, for example, Venezuela in 2002 (failed) and Honduras in 2009 (successful).”

“It can thus be  reasonably extrapolated that probably more than a million, and certainly hundreds of thousands, were killed while Kissinger and Nixon were in power.”

“Studies by a variety of organizations including the United Nations also indicate that at least 25,000 people have died in Indochina since war’s end from unexploded US bombs that pocket the countryside, with an equivalent number maimed. As with Agent Orange, deaths and ruined lives from such explosions continue to this day. So 40 years on, the war quite literally goes on for the people of Indochina, and it is likely it will go on for decades more.”

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12:04 pm

The Same Girl Is Photographed Crying At The Boston Bombing, The Aurora Massacre, and the Sandy Hook Massacre?


4:36 am

What is/was  the holocaust?



8:06 am

For Some Reason, This Guy Is Filming Himself Just Sitting and Smiling for Four Hours a Day


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9:15 am

What was the most anomalously cold place in the whole world for the entire 2014 year? The eastern half of the North American continent as the map below clearly shows. The “GISS” map also shows “departure from normal high temperatures”, but for the entire 2014 year. The constant engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US is a psychological operation in every sense of the term.

2014 map


12:43 pm

Why Won’t Walmart’s Ice Cream Sandwiches Melt?

Learn here:

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‘Why have I always got to do the orgasm face?’: Ruth Wilson says it’s ‘unnecessary and unfair’ that actresses must be the focus in sex scenes

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