Questions for my goon-angel


3:34 am

Did youtube change something?  Or am I being jerked around?  Am I not able to embed videos anymore?  Is there another way to do it?



8:27 am

Did you veer a timeline for me?  Is that what happened?  Teach me how!



12:18 pm

How is it that I know things I do not know?  Would you please step it up a notch?



5:30 pm

Dear Goon,
You know my target audience better than I, because you have toys and the algorithms.  You also know, personally, my family and all other readers, and you know the notions to which they attend.  You know their birthdays and their passwords.  I will no longer be pushy to make things pretty.  It’s useless.  Therefore, I will no longer complain about formatting, or your preference to leave such a great volume of my own work on the ‘front page’, that I suspect not too many people ever get to see the over TWENTY THOUSAND NEWS STORIES…very much like my own work.  You know best.  I’ll keep on keeping on until I’m finished.  It would be nice if that were soon.
Love and kisses, Peter.



6:41 am

When a chunk of text disappears, what am I supposed to think?  I know I get carried away, but my superlatives pale before the eloquence and TESTOSTERONE that sometimes bears my name.  Am I not to write about that particular topic?  Am I to phrase differently, my contempt for corrupt human government?



6:09 am


You KNOW I refuse to look at the site-stats, even when I’m ‘encouraged’ to do so.  You also know that when I get a spike on the stati-dummy-light, my brain waves also spike. I dislike my response to obviously manipulated stimuli.   I WILL NOT be either encouraged or discouraged by the number of people who read my words.  My words (“My words.”  That’s another story.) will be received by whomever God INTENDS to hear them.  The spikes are for each hour?  And I’m to believe that in a single hour the site-views have increased by many thousands percent?  SO MANY IN FACT, that it overwhelms the “48-hour average” by some thousand percent?  “I walk by faith, not by sight.”




1:17 pm

That’s very cool when you link three different url’s at the same time.  Can’t do it with Sputnik though?



9:55 am

Do I need to worry about this?

Hackers target critical XSS vulnerability in millions of WordPress sites

Read more:



9:21 am

 Pinball Wizard

 Tommy – 1969

The Who

“There has to be a twist.”

“How do you think he does it?”



9:09 am


Thank you for adjusting my margins.


3:09 pm

Did you know how long this would take?  If so, it’s a really good thing you didn’t tell me.



1:22 pm

There has got to be a way to speed up the pages loading.  Would it cost money?  Are they just slow because of my poor internet?  How come the speaker sounds are the same pitch whether on the phone or the clock or on the speakers?  When it was on a schedule for  those first months, was that just supposed to freak people out?  (Some people did get freaked out when they were here,  and talked about when it happened to them.)  I remember taking the speakers other places like the town hall one time, and hearing the same timed-pattern of squeals.  That was pretty freaky.  When the stairs in the living room began to squeak at the same pitch even a friend noticed that it sounded like the speakers.  I like in now when text disappears, it’s like a fresh page.  There is a pulse sound outside, but not all the time.  Like a rhythmic whoop. Is the pulsing I hear indoors just wi-fi or something additional?  Can you really hear people through compact flourescent light bulbs?   I’d like to know about the technology I’ve helped to demonstrate.
Have I actually been conditioned to respond to obstructions as positive reinforcement?  That’s a great strategy for developing tenacity.



7:05 pm

Thank you for making the margins nice today.

Will you please write me a really good essay so I can enter a contest and win an inn in Maine so I don’t have to live here anymore?



5:54 am


Documentary – The Real X-Files – America’s Psychic Spies – Remote Viewing

(I can’t believe they’d let you play with those really  good toys.)

(“Men Who Stare at Sheep“?)


4:59 pm

Also, do I EVER think of anything myself?  Did Walter Payton EVER catch a pass?  (Or did he throw them, darned if I know.)  Sometimes I reed things and I’m stunned.  I do not ever disagree, but I’ve rarely been as cogent.  Also, I kept notes; I know myself was augmented at times.  Remember that day I worked for 24 hours straight building the cantina?  I drank a fifth of tequila.  The next morning I sketched some very recognizable vegetation although I’ve only attempted to draw maybe five times in my life!  (I dated the pictures.  I also recorded everything I did before I picked up the pencil.)  I REALLY NEED to know what’s left of me.  I’ve been cooperative.  I will be rewarded with truth.  And, together you goons and I will change the world.



8:47 am

What’s up with this?

“Which brings us up to the present, when the Broadcasting Board of Governors, Radio Free Asia and its offshoot, the Open Technology Fund, find themselves in bed with many of the very same privacy activist figures whom the public regards as the primary adversaries of outfits like Radio Free Asia and the BBG. And it’s technology that brings together these supposed adversaries — the US National Security State on the one hand, and “hacktivist”, “anti-government” libertarian privacy activists on the other:

“I’m proud to be a volunteer OTF advisor,” declared Cory Doctorow, editor of BoingBoing and a well-known libertarian anti-surveillance activist/author.

“Happy to have joined the Open Technology Fund’s new advisory council,” tweeted Jillian York, the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. (York recently admitted that the OTF’s “Internet freedom” agenda is, at its core, about regime change, but bizarrely argued that it didn’t matter.)”

More at:



10:33 am

Why does that “amp” thing happen sometimes with  “&”?  And am I being conditioned to ignore  Activist Post?  That was very cool linking the video AND the article.  I’ll get lazy.



5:41 am

Also this:  how is it that I can sometimes watch videos for 24 hours a day and still not get into my email?  I am WELL familiar with the foibles of limited-access satellite-provided internet-service and my usage of same has, for the past two years been:  1)  unlike that of my roommates, 2) STELLAR, and 3) extremely selective.




2:54 am

Some pages freeze up if I attempt to change something whilst something else is in transit.  Others let me mess around for no result.  Is the first better coding?  Is it another level of control by the unseen hand?  How can the spell-check reference dead space?  A space with no entry?  Why can pasted text sometimes be altered and other times not?  What happens to the keystrokes I make before the computer catches up?  They’re recorded elsewhere, right?  How come from some websites the address link is separated from the text I “cut”?  Other times it’s right against it.



5:32 am

How can a new post not appear on my working page but still show up on the actual page?


10:44 am

Yeah.  When do I get into somebody else’s head?  I wouldn’t be a brain-raper.


10:24 am

If you teach me how to do those things then I could haunt somebody else.

10:03 am

Maybe this is unnecessary to ask, since it’s so obvious, but:  DO YOU SEE GOD IN MY BRAIN?

7:23 am

Does coding really have an intervening unknown?  Does hardware?  Did Gates do it?


7:51 pm

When I cut and paste something, why does ‘bold’ and ‘italics’ sometimes show up on the copy and other times not?
Why does the line-spacing on Evernote not stick when I put it on WordPress?  Why does WordPress scrunch the lines together?  Does a link get stuck to my finger, or do you have to put it back on?
OK, you read my thoughts without an interface at least part of the time.  I want to know how much of the set-ups are electronic, this is really bugging me.  Like when I get a song in my head, and it kinda fits some thought pattern and I’ll look it up, when I go to a page to see it, there is something planted there that is EXACTLY what I want to use although I never even got to the place I intended to go in the first place. There are a lot of verbs in that sentence and my willful-me is not responsible for all of them. My curious-me would like to hear from some  prepositions.  Also it applies to real-life as well as the virtual.  And physical too.  I have a zillion questions and I hope Big Brother will share his knowledge with me.  I’ve been real agreeable about this augmented reality bit and I think I would like to look into somebody’s eyes.


9:11 am

To the goon:  What’s with the “transhumanist” page?  You’d have to be a machine to read it!    I REALLY dislike the margins.  Maybe you could teach me to format sometime?



7:24 am

How do  you turn that “like” button blue?  How long, maybe a year since I’ve seen that?  I recognize that I’ve been taken through many steps of behavior modification,  and they’ve conditioned me to respond to increasingly finer things.  I also recognize that I have been conditioned right backwards-out-of… aspects of trauma-based mind control.  I am grateful. Am I to be the test case?  I recognize that I’ve had more than my fair share of attention.  I’d like to know when I was targeted, and by whom.  Is that very much to ask?  I’ve provided entertainment for generations of dorks.  Eh?  I’d like also, to see the NSA implode.  If I could assist in any manner, the hackers who will accomplish this, I’d be pleased to help. If people could see the GOOD that this brain-science could do, maybe they’d stand up for themselves?  “It is the goodness of God that brings men to repentance.”  The best teacher doesn’t make you feel stupid.  The best teacher teases you and makes you want to know more.  Like Jesus does.



9:12 am

Thank you for not logging me out for a long time.

And what does Glenn Wilson have to do with all this?



2:32 pm

How come sometimes the links are different colors when you hook them to my cut portion?



4:23 am


What does “dpuf” do at the end of a link?



8:13 am

Where can I listen to music?  I hate to waste bandwidth watching a youtube of some dumb song I’m wanting to hear.  Ever since Spotify and Pandora BLEW UP IN MY FACE during that time I was being led around by false intelligence.  (Read:  AI) I have been unable to self-medicate with the oldies.  Please assist?



8:25 am

Sometimes, why doe the “cut and paste” keep connected to the supplied-link through two ‘cuts’? Why does it not hang on other times?  I presume some web-sites are more conducive to linking-to-cuts by a third-party,  than others are?  How can two different url’s go to the same page?  Why do some pages not have various addresses?  Why do the margins have to look so crappy?



9:37 am

Why the UGLY MARGINS?  I assume there is a reason but I get disappointed when I post a really good story and CAN’T EVEN READ THE TITLE.


1:27 pm

Did you make me my very own holocaust-hoax website for my birthday?

5:43 am

What is “browser hijacking?”  Is that what happens when I see the gray page beneath the screen I’m working on?  Why can I only slide to the gray page once in awhile?  Is it like a filter, because the gray page is always just one page behind what I’m doing; how do I know what is being posted? Who approves my work?   How do I know anything is being posted? (Well, people read stuff so I guess I know something is out there…)  Is “browser hijacking” what happened to me that first time when I spent thirty hours being led to EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE OF EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW…even when 1) I had never typed their names, even once, 2) I had no knowledge of their favorite pages, and 3) the computer flew through password-requirements?



8:31 am

Spell-check.  Is that a code?  Is it to see  whether I recognize spelling errors?  (There aren’t too many…)  Is it another of those frustration-tests?