3:03 pm

You Deserve The Glory – Terry MacAlmon

2:28 am

“Dear Truth, thank you for coming to my planet.  We welcome you and will do whatever you need, so that you may live here forever.  It’s very weird for us though, because many things we believed to be true…are not.  Also,  we still  lie so we can’t trust one another.  Please give us more of your Spirit, so that we may never believe a lie.   Thank you.  Amen.”

“PS-  Maybe, since there are still squatters in your new crib, could you hang out with us in Helmer for a while?”

3:45 pm
I prayed every single day of my married life, that God would do for George, the great favor of …changing me.  It was always understood, that he was perfect and I was the troublemaker.  I accepted that, just as I accepted black-sheep status in my family of origin.  I was valueless to them and their religion; who was I to suggest any different?   We ordinarily assume much of our self-concept through interaction with others.  (Perhaps all of it, to the Godless.)   Without human interaction, you never know if your funny thought was really clever.  When people call you crazy, you’d REALLY like to bounce those clever-wannabes  against a certifiably sane person, but instead they shun you.  Isolation can make a person crazy because if you don’t have God telling you every minute that he loves you and has a plan for your life that will fulfill your heart’s desire,  it’s hard to dream of better things.  And if you do not follow the Holy Spirit who “leads us into all truth”…it’s pretty tough to believe in yourself.  The accusations are the pathogen and love is the remedy.  People pass out a lot more of the former, regrettably.   Jesus touched me, again and again, and told me that he had given me a sound mind and that he would restore all the things taken from me.  Then he loved me without wishing for me to change…because he already knew I wanted that more than anything.  I’ve always wanted to be different than others said I was.  Now I am.  “Thank you, Lord.”
3:55 am

The Peer-to-Peer Economy Goes Mainstream

James Corbett

9:44 pm

Soften the hardened hearts of those black-robed autocrats who labor under the enemy’s deception, Father God. Humble them. Bless them. Direct them.

Even still, we gird for battle should Caesar misappropriate that which belongs to You.

And we will face persecution.

And we will count it all joy.

Because You are sovereign.

And victory is Yours.

More at:

2:55 pm
“Dear Lord, please give me more motivation to live your life.  I’m shortsighted by discomfort with my own.  I’m so tired, and nobody seems to care about truth.  Nobody remembers that YOU are Truth.  Elijah said that, and you told him about others who did not bow a knee to Baal.  Please, may I have a friend who loves you?  Please, may I love you more and myself less?   Please give me patience so I can see the  miracles you planned even before I was born.  Please change this world, and don’t let my whining tired self get in your way.  Amen.”
4:24 am
9:12 am

 Top Of The World 

Carpenters — 1973

(You were a carpenter, no?)

3:21 pm
“Before I eat, I always say something to the effect of, “Lord, please bless and consecrate this food to my body for the completion of the Great Work. Transform this substance into the substance of your being and let it become that in me. Let it transform me into your likeness and make of me the perfect host for your presence. Let it drive all darkness from my being and fill me with the light of your Love. Let it fill my every cell with light and surround me with the aura of your divine protection. Please accomplish the Alchemical Marriage in me.”
3:14 am
5:58 am

“Please focus my mind, Lord, secure it on you and on your plan and on your words.  The world is SO DISTRACTING and when somebody’s in my face it doesn’t matter that it’s an illusion for benefit of demonstration… because it FEELS REAL.  Flood my mind with your blood and flood my mouth with the words of your presence.  Let me BE the CHANGE I seek, and for which I’ve cried. Let me BE your hands and your feet and your Facebook presence (metaphorically…) and let me not be seen for myself at all.  Lower and slower, because I want to be as close to you for as long as I can throughout all eternity and I’ll do whatever to secure that position in your affection.  Please send more fire.  My father refuses to tell my sons the truth and it burns within me.  Does it burn in him?  I haven’t seen evidence that he burns like I do.  Allow me to see my father, and everything else, through your eyes.  Do not let me disappoint you?  OK?  ‘We are more than conquerors.’ Thank you for letting us know ahead of time, otherwise we might get scared.  Will you change this world already?  Please, Jesus, it belongs to you and I’ll do whatever you want to help get it into the fold of reality.  I’m so VERY IMPATIENT and I get all wrapped up in my own puny drama here with this lying-father-whom-you-love-as-much-as-you-love-me.  I’m not jealous.  I am astonished that he doesn’t care.  Amen.”
Confidence is a great gift and it is necessary to gain wisdom.  That’s because we find God in our mouths and if you have no confidence you never open your mouth.
4:06 am
3:07 am
“Please give the hackers guts and vision, opportunity and means, and very great success.  Amen.”

US Creates Cyber-CIA to Fight Hackers

“Right now, cybersecurity is managed by a hodgepodge network consisting of the National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and CIA, but a lack of coordination between these departments is a critical weakness in US intelligence. The CTIIC will, theoretically, serve to pool all of this cybersecurity information in one place.”

This means that they’re RECRUITING hackers.   The police state is dead any time the hackers say so.

– See more at:

4:39 am
“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”Khalil Gibran
10:09 am
Life is Love.  Love is Truth.  Truth is God.  God is Reality. Reality is Light. Light is Love.  Love is Life.  Repeat Endlessly.
9:59 am
“Dear Lord, you have my life again today.  ‘Be it unto me according to thy word.’  I long to see your promises come to pass and recognize that I must be open to them, as I was open to being tortured for your sake.  Maybe today somebody will enter my life with good news.  Maybe you’re softening my father’s heart and he’s preparing a trust account for me, and a party to announce my adulthood to the world. Maybe he’s writing an ad for the Newberry News.  Please forgive me for becoming impatient.  Thank you for your amazing grace that kept me alive, and now makes me hopeful to see justice in the land of the living.  We’re going grocery shopping.  Please help me to choose the right things.  Amen.”
4:58 pm
“Dear God, I’m beginning to sound like a communist.  I was still having trouble sounding like an anarchist.  Please do not allow me to sound like a communist if you don’t want me to sound like a communist.  Amen.”
I read my prayer to Isaac.  He said, “Isn’t that MY prayer?”
1:05 pm

Power of Prayer: What Happens to Your Brain When You Pray? 

“Dr. Andrew Newberg of Thomas Jefferson Hospital has been studying the effect of prayer on the human brain for more than 20 years, injecting radioactive dye into subjects and watching what changes inside their heads when they pray.”

I think they’re much better at brain scanning than they let on.

Read more at:

3:26 pm

Dear God, we’re not supposed to expect them to read the bills they vote on…but they want to watch movies instead?

GOP Senator asks Obama to hold a screening of The Interview at the White House for Congress and a discussion on the ‘strong, substantive retaliatory measures’ the U.S. plans to inflict on North Korea

  • Sen. David Vitter wants President Barack Obama to screen The Interview at the White House on Jan. 5 when he returns from vacation
  • Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman is lobbying Sony to allow the movie to be shown at the U.S. Capitol
  • Asked about the prospect of a screening last week, Obama’s spokesman said, ‘I don’t think we’re going to be showing the film here anytime soon’

Read more at:

5:08 am

You Deserve The Glory {Lyrics} ❦Terry McAlmon❧

8:46 am

KC and the Sunshine Band are unusual.  Everybody smiles all the time.

KC & The Sunshine Band – Keep It Comin’ Love

9:52 am
I want to be with my fellow freedom-lovers!  I want to dance in the streets and stomp grapes.  I want to laugh as I watch the kingdoms of the world self-destruct!  I want to raise the dead for Jesus and demolish every unjustified conflict.  I want to BE his presence everywhere I go, and I want to go everywhere.  I want to believe everything he says (I don’t yet, even after all this time…) and I want to watch my lover be glorified by all inhabitants of the earth, even those we don’t believe can talk, along with lots of spirit beings, whom we will then more easily ascertain.  I’m longing for the revelation of the Lord, Jesus the Christ.  This is an amazing time to be living.  We’ve been very blessed, and when those who recognize that blessing are drawn together, everybody else will see the blessing too.  It’s a fine time to be a servant of the Most High God!
7:53 am
Morning prayer.  The internet has been surprisingly friendly this week.
5:03 am
6:02 am
4:00 pm
“Our Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on us. Amen. This is the letter of Agafia Lykova to brothers and sisters. I wish that God grants you all good health but, first and foremost, salvation of your souls and all kinds of well-being. Another thing I must tell you, my fathers and brothers and sisters in God, is that I live alone, I’m an orphan, my health is waning. My age is advanced. I need a person to help me. Please, don’t leave me, for Christ’s sake, I’m a humble orphan in need. There are still kind Christian people and old believers out there. June 21st, 7522 since Adam,” Agafia’s letter reads.
(Woman living alone in Siberia since her family went there to escape religious persecution nearly a century ago.  She and her siblings were only discovered in 1978)
6:27 am
6:25 am
“The people, Lord, the people!  Not thrones and crowns, but men!”
9:19 pm
3:20 am
9:50 pm
Just one prayer, Lord.  I can’t even fathom what you’re doing:  “Keep me low, keep me slow, keep me yours.”
3:32 pm
“For what purpose is the American Constitution, if not to ensure our freedom to express our own, individual consciences?  Why was it written, if not to ensure that we could be and do what we know we must be and do? How DARE government prosecute individuals who express their sincerely-held beliefs, whether by word or by action? Who does government  think they are?  I OWN my mind –and my conscience is far more sensitive than theirs appear to be.  “Dear God, have mercy on the Nazis.  God, have mercy on my father as well, who believes he knows best for every separate person in every situation he presumes to understand. Forgive America, and forgive my dad!”  (I’ll see you pretty soon, right?)”
(I’m tired.  I want to go home.)
9:13 pm
“I can’t even picture his face anymore.  But he’s the only color I’ve ever seen.  If I can’t be with Adam, may I please come be with you?   My dad saw to it that I’m no use to anybody on this planet.  I could be helpful from the other side, with people who understand me.  If you took me across I would do whatever you wanted.  I don’t want to live here anymore.”  “Thank you for making me love him and keeping me alive by that.”  “Thank you for creating a respectable man.”  “Thank you for giving him to me for a time.”  Amen.
9:02 pm
Psalm 57:1  Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee:
yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge until these calamities
be overpast.
9:38 am
“Teach us to pray”  That’s the sign in front of the church-house this week.  I haven’t met the new pastor yet, but it was good to see a Bible in George’s hands on Sunday before he went to church, and he told me the pastor spoke about the gifts of the Spirit.  (Either he hasn’t been apprised of the local  prejudice against  supernatural experience…or he knows a thing or two).  People asked Jesus how they should pray.  He told them, “Thy will be done.  Thy Kingdom come.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.”  Judging from most Baptist prayers I’ve heard, in Heaven people must spend all their time recounting how they were born again in 1962 and begging for money. Begging that some doctor  be clever enough to outsmart the angel of death.  Requesting “blessing” upon activities advertised in the bulletin.  Baptists pray for salvation of others.  I don’t think in Heaven we will do that.  In Heaven, we will BE that.”
“Lord, may I please have a friend?  May I spend time with another person who loves being in your presence, and depends on you for everything?  I am very lonely, in my stand for truth.  I know your plan is best, and you’ve allowed me to spend years without talking to another Spirit-led person, and I thank you.  I thank you for what you’re doing with my life, and I’m sorry that I’d like to also enjoy it.  I’m sorry I haven’t seen the things you promised, it must be my fault.  What will it take, for your people to seek your face?  Thank you for delivering me from so many things…forgive me for desiring companionship.  BUT, you say that we humans need one another to fully express you, and that’s my only desire.  I am far better-off than so many of your servants.  Forgive me for desiring a friend.  As you wish.”
8:33 am
“Your way Jesus.  Only your way.  I know I’m redundant but it gives me peace to repeat myself.  I give you my life again, I give you every single person with whom I have to do.  I give you Michigan and America and North America.  I ask you to not allow me to look to the right or to the left or into the mirror.  I ask you to guide my every thought and gesture.  I ask you to release your fire of glory on us all.  I ask you to destroy everything that is not pleasing to you, even within myself.  I ask you to take over the entire world, as you will, and for your purpose.  I ask for peace amidst the storm.  I ask for joy unspeakable and full of glory for therein is my strength.  I ask for your manifest appearance so that none can deny or counterfeit your presence.  I ask for you to save humanity.  I ask for you to use me in any way you want, to accomplish your will.  I ask that you will take me lower and slower and not allow me to rise up against dishonesty and  injustice.  I ask you to give me grace to trust you and to depend on those things you’ve spoken, and on your heart of love.  I ask you to make me what I am not, and to use me as I cannot imagine.  I ask for more of you.  Amen.”
5:48 pm
Pressure: Seven leaders demanded an extension to the 12-hour ceasefire as marches gathered around the world, including outside the Israeli embassy in London
5:17 am
Heidi Baker at Mt. Carmel.  Prayers in Arabic, Hebrew, English and tongues of angels, in the name of Yeshua.  7/13/14
2:52 am
2:39 am
6:47 pm
“Please have mercy on all accomplices to my father’s crime!  (Crimes?!)  Amen”
8:00 am
“How long?  How long?  Until I wake in your likeness?
How long?  How long?  ‘Til I become like you?”  (Author unknown)
2:57 pm
I never understood how badly my father had sabotaged my life until I was victim to mind interference. I only thought he didn’t like my prayer-habits and my politics. Thank you God, for General Keith Alexander and all his goons.
4:44 pm
12:19 pm
I’m so glad I’m not Don Sterling.  I’m glad I’m not any of the women in his harem-turned-feral-dogpack.  I am so glad that I will never ever hire a PI to watch anybody I love!  Thank you Lord for making me different than my dad.  Thank you that he never approved even one of my ideas in half a century.  I am truly blessed and humbled.
Can you believe these paranoid suburbanites?
2:36 am
Take me higher, Lord!  Let me see things from your place.

1930s</p> <p><br /> A young girl in London hangs on to the string of a kite.</p> <p><br /> (via Mail Online)

11:27 am
Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
By faith, on Heaven’s tableland,
A higher plane than I have found;
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

My heart has no desire to stay
Where doubts arise and fears dismay;
Though some may dwell where those abound,
My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.
3:57 pm
“Lord.  I am feeling sorry for myself and I repent.  I seem to believe that people should love me and value my input.  This is a sin.  I should listen to you, love myself and behave accordingly.  Please enable me to do these things.  Please put your arms around me and assure me that my life is not fraudulent, nor useless.  I need you.”
7:51 pm
My brother was unwilling to loan money to our cousin who is in pain, so I prayed:
“God, please show David what it is like to be poor.  Teach him love.  Don’t send him to hell because he judges others.  Amen.”
He said my prayer was judgmental so I told him the difference:
“Prayer.  If I were to judge you I’d be far more verbal.  I think you are spoiled rotten and selfish.  You parrot our psychopath lying father instead of Jesus.  I have a broken tooth too.”
5:22 am
“Lord, thank you for all your promises.  Thank you that my children are always honest, kind and unselfish.  Thank you that George has a job and feeds us.  Thank you that it’s 70 degrees in the house today.  Thank you for your prophets.  Thank you for gaining victory over Satan and the world. Thank you for your plan to reveal all TRUTH!  Thank you that injustice will no longer stand!”
“In the precious name of Jesus I remit the sins committed against me.  I ask you to release my parents from the condemnation they’ve garnered by lying about your servants and your blessed Holy Spirit.  Forgive them for lacking compassion for suffering people.  Cover them with your blood and release your goodness upon them so condemnation will not stand in the way of their relationships with you and your people.”
“Please fill me completely with your Spirit!  I know total possession by your love and truth is the only way to change the world as you have longed to do.  (Already did.)  Please lift me above the reproach heaped on me over years.  Allow me to see the world, church and family through your eyes and yours alone!  Forgive me for entertaining provocation!  Forgive me for rising up at injustice and lies, and remind me that my life is not about me.”
“Come, Lord Jesus!  Pour out your Spirit on all flesh as you promised!  Prepare laborers to take these new creatures under our wings and to teach them about the Secret Place of your presence. Teach me the Sword Dance!  I’ve been waiting to dance with you for so long!  Break open the heavens and come to us in fullness and majesty!  Change my heart and change others’ so that you are the only thing that matters.”
10:21 am
5:08 am
“Lord, I hear your Spirit of Truth often from people who don’t value the blood of Jesus.  Please explain these verses to me:”

Joel 2:28

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

6:05 pm
And can it be that I should gain 
	an interest in the Savior's blood! 
	Died he for me? who caused his pain! 
	For me? who him to death pursued? 
	Amazing love! How can it be 
	that thou, my God, shouldst die for me? 
	Amazing love! How can it be 
	that thou, my God, shouldst die for me? 

Thank you, Lord.
7:08 pm
4:53 am
                            “Can we get past computers, Lord?  This is nuts.  This is NUTS!   If I press a  wrong key I cannot be understood! This is bondage to minerals.  If the silicon don’t get me can’t nobody get me?  You gave humans control over the rest of your creation, no?   How about you give me the authority to take control of Earth’s communications?  (Make me worthy first, take me LOWER and SLOWER and make me depend less on my mind and more on the Holy Spirit of God Almighty and cleanse me first of every hindrance and evil in my flesh, and fill me with your Divine Love for every hot-pocket-jockey who will be going through withdrawal.)  This is just an idea, Jesus.  As always, I stand awaiting your command.  (Is General Keith still among the living?  <3)   Lord, I see a little about what you’re doing, but I’m getting really impatient.  Generations have prayed, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.’  Some of them even meant it.  BRING IT!”
                          I don’t want  to command Rupert Murdoch.  North Korea is not my immediate concern.  I am however, demonstrably morally superior to those who attempted to destroy my  life and God has noted this issue. (Actually he set it up before he created the earth but that’s another story…)   I stand aside and ask him to take me lower. I beg my Lord and Lover, Jesus the Christ to take me lower even  than the intent of those who would have lain me flat.  I ask him to shield me with his blood and love me to death and resurrection within his very heart.  (He is amazing.  I’ve done this before.  I do not enjoy having liars tromp over my soul, but his consolation is worth the pain of submission.)   This is going to be the most amazing thing ever.  I’m glad I’m not my dad.
                          “What should I manifest, Lord Jesus?  What should I consider with love and devotion until your will manifests on this darkened planet?  What comes next?”
6:11 am
“Total possession.  I will settle for nothing less than total possession by the Spirit of Christ.  I   trust you,  incomprehensible Jesus, to bring it about.  You have  given me an inkling of the “times and the seasons” and I’m desperate to be prepared.  I want to see you and touch you every day and in order to do that I must be pure of heart,  filled with love, and submissive to your life-giving  Spirit.  I ask you to take me lower, and to give me grace to recognize your hand in every molecule of creation and circumstance. People are getting more miserable every day yet they struggle to maintain the lives that caused it!  God, please open their eyes.  Please allow them to see YOU!  Dear Jesus, your own people can’t see you!  Do this thing, please?  You have mighty miracles in store for those who will actually believe in you.  Please have mercy on those who say they believe but do not.  Supreme mercy is probably necessary.  (I know I don’t like it when people lie about me.)  Amen.”
5:17 am
“Please Lord, make George stop washing dishes.  Make him stop looking for the Keds I like on Ebay.  Free him from me.  He is unable to recognize what I’m doing, wants no part of my thought-life,  but keeps on doing for me.  I do not want to be responsible for another hole in the drywall but I cannot stand down.  I will not stand down, you drive me forward! This man is not in the way but he’ll be mowed down just the same by his inability to recognize the times and the seasons.  Have mercy on George and take me out of his life.  I would have died to free him, I was such a curse.  I am meant to be a blessing.  Take this out of my hands and make it all work please God I love you and I trust you and what I’m hearing about my dad is astonishing. My father is guilty of murder several times over, right?  That’s your business.”
6:29 am
From January  11, 2013:
                        “Lord Jesus, my life has been committed to you for so many years in a manner nobody I know can understand.  Anything. Anything.  Anything.  And look where I am?  No friends, no family that cares, I am a total outcast.  I guess that means I am perfectly positioned for a miracle.  There is no end in sight.  Every day is the same for Josh and me.  Silence.  Politeness, occasionally.  Me jumping at every need expressed by these two guys.  JOSH  is in pain and my mere presence makes it worse.”
                         “Jesus, my life and all.  I have no way to fix anything and no way to escape.  I have no resources.  I have no prospects.  I have no person.  Only you, Lord.  That’s more than enough.  I declare to Satan and all the hoards of hell, “JESUS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!  I am filled with the Holy Ghost and your attempts to destroy me and my destiny have failed!  The blood of JESUS WON!!!  You are defeated and finished!  My boys will love Jesus and love me!   Truth will set them free!  You have no authority over my life!!!  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and he knows the way out of this mess!  HE SET IT UP!  You did not.  I give you far too much credit when I become dejected and pitiful.  I AM NOT PITIFUL!!!  I Won because Jesus defeated you years ago!!!”
                          “I reject self-pity by the blood of Jesus, and in the power of Jesus’ mind, body, and spirit!  I reject resentment.  I reject hopelessness!  I reject loneliness!  I come against every mind-binding spirit in the name and under the shed blood of Jesus!  I reject worry over my children!  They belong to the Lord, he said so in 2007 and again yesterday.  He said he would lose NONE of those the father has given  him!  That’s Josh!  That’s Isaac!”
                          “I declare that truth will be exposed regarding my years of abuse!  I declare that my boys shall see the enemy for what it is…the lie!  I declare that Jesus is Lord!  Even so, Lord Jesus, come”
                           Satan lost.  Satan lost.  Satan lost.
“I want to learn about your authority, Jesus, if I’m supposed to carry it.  But first I want to learn and embody your love.   I want so much of your love that I see my selfish  relatives through your eyes, and also the chicken-shit political people too.  I want to be so full of your Spirit that I am totally possessed and no longer feel a need to defend words that I know came from you.  I want to fly far above the satellites that attempted to take my life.  I want to laugh like a child, as you said I would.  It’s been a difficult period of time and I was tortured and I lost everybody but you kept me  keepin’ on.  Thank you.  I am most humbled at your favor and at your power.  Bring it on home.  Whenever you’re ready.  However you want.  Please, then may I have some family back?”
(“As always I give you my entire life and my family and Adam and George and Connie and Michigan and Mike Rogers and Justin Amash and everybody else.  If I may be so bold.  Amen.”)
12:56 pm
“I don’t care about communists,
I don’t care about populists,
I don’t care about anarchists,
I just want you to give me a kiss.”
4:34 am
“God, bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her,
And guide her,
Through the night with the light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans,
White with foam!
God, bless America,
My home sweet home.”
3:35 am
                           “Play the best song, in the world, or I’ll eat your soul.”  (Tenacious D)  “Oh, Lord, flow through me all the time.  I can’t stand it when I’m not hearing wisdom from your lips.”  (I can stand it when the NSA pumps a man’s name through my head day and night.  I don’t even get wet.  Did you watch that?)  “My  brother is a fraudulent Christian. That’s your business, not mine.”
                           “What I want from you, Jesus, is to spend every moment listening to you.  I want to bow at your feet and to wash the feet of my brethren.  I want to fly with you (I miss that, lately) and I want to raise the dead.  I do not want money but I recognize that I require money and I recognize that my dad fucked me over really badly and he has lots of money and my brother is the only one in the family who benefits from all the work my dad did when we were little and I was changing diapers so my mother could get an education and try to feel valuable in the house of a psychopath and I recognize that money is important to my dad and my dad must make amends and that’s where it hurts worst for a money-grubbing psychopath.  I do not wish to hurt my dad.  I think maybe you do.  I  stand in awe of you, Jesus, I stand and I’ll keep standing just as long as it takes.  I will never stand down, as you provide grace to remain perpendicular.  This is not a test.  (You already tested me.  <3)”
                          “Lord, my brother hasn’t looked in on me for two years  although I’ve been expressing need right along.  He didn’t even know I had red hair for a year!  Please forgive him;  he can’t recognize the fire as it approaches.  He’s not stupid, he’s not unkind.  He is mind-controlled and I pray that you’ll deliver him.  Do not let him suffer for false-religion, please set him straight and love him to death.  Thank you.  Amen.”
3:01 am
“I stand, I stand, in awe of you.
I stand, I stand, in awe of you.
Because to you, all praise is due.
I stand in awe of you.”
4:13 am
“Lord, protect the truth-tellers!  Please cover them with your  love and your blood.  Protect Dawson and Corbett and Visible.  Protect Sibel Edmonds, and John Rappaport and Paul Craig Roberts.  Protect Manning and Kiriakou and Hammond and Snowden.   Protect the Jews, who are really Jews.  Protect the stupid Christians. Drop a veil between the truth-tellers  and the liars.   Give John Whitehead the biggest balls ever.  As you’re removing one veil, please bless the truth-lovers with another.  Truth-lovers are in this for the long haul, and I thank you for their existence and commitment.  Give us  the cloak of invisibility. Give us  joy in the battle.”
5:26 am
 Great God of wonders!  All Thy ways
Are  matchless, Godlike and divine;
But  the fair glories of Thy grace
More Godlike and unrivaled shine,
More Godlike and unrivaled shine.
Who is a pardoning God like Thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?
Or who has grace so rich and free?
4:53 pm
4:24 am
My heart just got bigger. “Thank you God.”  I still have pain in my chest but this is good pain, like stretching.  I can breathe easier and my breaths have more gumption.  I feel like Neo.  I hope I’m breathing this way when those sons-of-bitches wake me up with a panic attack and cold-sweats and pictures from my past and guilt and shame and remorse and FEAR.  I’d like to see the bullets fall.  “You are giving authority to certain of your own.  If I might possibly qualify, I could use a bit.  Please Jesus, allow me to exercise your authority beneath the shield of your precious blood, and only, always only, according to your will.  If it be your will, let me mess with the NSA? Thanks.”
4:26 am
“Thank you Lord, for saving my soul.
Thank you Lord, for making me whole.
Thank you Lord, for giving to me
Thy great salvation so rich and free.”  (Unknown)
6:29 am
“I can’t breathe here.  The deceit plugs up my nostrils.  Let me breathe your air again!  Let me see the incense rise as saints pray to you.  Let me see the earth as you see it, and laugh at man’s feeble attempts to control one another.  Let me see as you move your hand over the earth, causing division and connection.  Let Motorola read my words before they become language and let me laugh.  Many words they hear did not originate in my brain. Even their fancy-pants interpreter machines cannot decipher (although I know they intercept…) your words to me. Let me be grateful for the gift of tongues, and allow me to see (soon) what they see on their pitiful mechanical read-outs.  Amen. “
5:58 am
2:46 pm
“Lord thank you for the baby you gave me who died on this date in 1991.  Lord I believe I need to polish up my forgiveness.  Please grant me absolute love for my dad and those who tortured me.  Divine love for the brethren who slandered me.  Enlarge my heart so I can express your love for those who tell lies.  Do not allow even a particle of bitterness to remain in me.  Do not give my tormentors what they deserve, give them what you purchased with your blood.  Am I wrong to maintain affront for my boys?  Am I wrong to ceaselessly demand truth for my boys?  Do not allow me to be bitter even on their behalf.  Grant me peace and love, and grant it to my chicken-shit enemies.  Amen.”
5:57 am
I prayed this song every day for three years when I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.
“I see you Lord, high and lifted up, seated on the throne of my life.
I see you Lord, high and lifted up, seated on the throne of my life.
And you are holy, you are holy, you are holy, seated on the throne of my life.”
8:06 am
3:35 am
“LORD!  LORD!  Take me lower and slower!  Let me see this political stuff through YOUR EYES!  Don’t let me get in the way with any preconceived notions or agenda or fear or stupidity!  Deliver me from stupid, once and for all!  Protect the moral Jews who will also be hunted.”
4:30 am
I’d like to know somebody prays for me.  I’d  like to know somebody says my name to God and asks that I’m enabled to fulfill my destiny and become everything he ever wanted.  I know many prayers have been submitted on my behalf, most requesting God to make me as the pray-er wanted me to be.  Tyrant’s prayers are curses.
3:05 pm
2:31 am
“Yes, Lord, Yes to your will and to your way,
Yes, Lord, Yes, I will answer and obey.
When the Spirit speaks to me, with my whole heart I will sing,
And my answer will be Yes, Lord, Yes.”
4:53 am
“Dear Lord, I haven’t prayed this in a long time and I used to do it a lot.  Please take away everything that bothers people.  Take away everything that bothers the Baptists and my family.  Take away pain and problems from everybody in Michigan and the United States.  Remove everything that bothers the spies and the hackers and the cops who beat people up.  Increase your peace over the planet so all can be free of bother.  Please send a special EMF transmission that knocks out all the electronic torture equipment on Earth.  Amen.”
3:37 pm
“Lord, thank you for dying.  Thank you for your obedience even unto death.  Thank you for buying this victory for me, thank you for the condo in Toronto and for a really smart man.  Thank you for all your promises, and thank you for your blood.  Your blood is the only thing worth anything.  Your blood is everywhere, and it is available to all.  Your blood is bottled and distributed by those who have no right to contain it.  Forgive them and give them the gift of repentance.  (Alexander too)   Amen.”
6:40 pm
                          What’s the difference between “live long and prosper” and “be fruitful and multiply”?   A couple things:  first, one is self-oriented and the other is other-oriented.  (Multiplication equals “others.”)  Mostly though, I see that the first blessing is defensive, while the second blessing is offensive.  It’s like the Bible story of the slave-owner who left for a bit, and gave his slaves “talents” to invest.  One guy did all he could and returned the boss a sack of money.  He invested offensively.  Another was afraid of the boss, and buried his talent so nobody would steal it.  (Guess he was afraid of would-be thieves too.)  Fear is not grounds for blessing.  Fear is defensive and self-serving.  Fear is the enemy.  Terrorists create fear, of fear.  This is a curse.
                         I was caused to fear my life, every single minute when I wasn’t fearing FOR my life.  I was tortured and tormented and gaslighted and gang-stalked and ignored and ignored and ignored.  I need a hug.  I need somebody to say how sad it is that I was abused for years, and to pity that I still struggle with the fallout.  I need somebody to refrain from pointing fingers at my behavior and to listen to my heart.  I need love.  Lakefield Baptist Church is fresh out.  I need my dad.  He’s not interested.  I need a witness and a warm shoulder.  But, my life is not about me and my needs.  God will fulfill my needs when necessary, and with him there’s always enough to go around.  I pity those who chose not to love.  After all I’ve been through, I pity anybody who doesn’t love me.  Psychopath karma.  “Lord, I plead for mercy on my dad and Hypocrite Hill.  When I was down, they rubbed my nose in it.  And, I was down for you.  Do not allow them to suffer the things they caused in my life.  Amen.”
7:13 pm
“Jesus loves me, this I know!  I just blogged for forty-five minutes.  I heard about death and destruction and people who choose to control others with fake money.  I love you so much!  I’m going to bed now.  Will you please keep Dr. Gunn and Mike Rogers from messing with my head so I can hear you more clearly?  I love you.  Amen.”
6:22 pm
Well I prayed for a body miracle and I got one.  Lord of all Lords!  I knew I was supposed to die but I never realized I should still be dying!  You are magnificent and when I get to know what happened to me I will believe that even more and bow at your feet once again.  Apparently Michigan has some unusual connection to the electronic torture bullshit, specializing in sleep deprivation.  In the last four years I’ve slept for eight hours maybe a dozen times.  I am normally awakened by artificial means, about every hour.  I wake up ten times a night, then I go back to sleep.  (I experience unusual thermal activity too, not pertinent here.)  I wrote about it a thousand times.  I could not sleep in a bed…I guess the “technical” term is “caffeine jolt.”  Caffeine never jolted me any more than anything else so I guess maybe I don’t know.  I wake up praying.  I go to sleep praying.  I didn’t know sleep deprivation of this nature would be a long-term difficulty to the average person.   Sleep deprivation impairs cognitive function and makes you really sick!   I knew I was a miracle and I’m just beginning to see how much of a miracle I really am.  I figure  I’m the safest woman on the planet.  Also my brain works real good.
Jesus loves me, this I know.
PRAYER:    “Lord, please make them show me my EKG or whatever it is.  I wanna see what my brain looks like when you talk to me.  I also wanna see what it looks like when they try to diddle me with whatever it is they think they got.”
“Lord, please apply your blood to my earthly tomorrow.  My cheeks are hot already.  I don’t want to have a difficult day.  I love you.”
HAS THE TIME COME FOR STRICT OVERSIGHT ON THE ACTIVITIES OF THE BIG BROTHER UNINTELLIGENT AGENCIES WHO ARE PRACTICALLY USING ADVANCES NON LETHAL MILITARY WEAPON ON CIVILIAN REMOTELY.WE ARE DEALING WITH A GOVERNMENT MAFIA THAT IS OUT OF CONTROL,USING CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY METHODS AND MILITARY ADVANCED WEAPONS TO ENSLAVE,CONTROL,TORTURE AND INNOCENT LIVE IN DANGERMICHIGAN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITIES HAS NOT BEEN PUT UNDER THE MICROSCOPE YET.Daily Practices includes1-SLEEP DEPRIVATION TERROR PRACTICED DAILY AND ON A WIDE SCALE LEVEL TO TERRORIZE PEOPLE2-SLAVERY IS BACK WITH ELECTRONIC SLAVERY VIA REMOTE ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AND APPLIED ON A WIDE SCALE3-DAILY DANGER TO LIVE FROM HIGH STRESS LEVEL AND DECREASED COGNITIVE ABILITY FROM CHRONIC SLEEP DEPRIVATION;MICHIGAN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IS A PUBLIC HAZARD.4-RACISM,DISCRIMINATION, SEGREGATION IS THE NOT THE ONLY THING BUT EVERY THING.5-MICHIGAN IS VERY DANGEROUS TO LIVE IN DUE TO THE SERIOUS PROBLEMS ABOVE.Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal CourtExplanatoryMemorandum,[citation needed] “are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity orgrave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part eitherof a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice ofatrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. Murder; extermination; torture; rape; political, racial,or religious persecution and other inhumane acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of awidespread or systematic practice. Isolated inhumane acts of this nature may constitute grave infringements of human rights,
or depending on the circumstances, war crimes, but may fall short of falling into the category of crimes under discussion.”[1]
4:14 pm
2:17 am
“My heart has no desire to stay, where doubts arise and fears dismay,
Though some may dwell where these abound, my prayer,  my aim is Higher Ground.
Lord lift me up, and let me stand, by faith on Heaven’s table land…
A higher plane, than I have found. Lord plant my feet on  higher ground.”
(Charles H. Gabriel)
8:35 am
“I have got to be your most resistant of the obedient ones, right Lord?  I always wind up doing what you say but I sure give you a lot of grief beforehand.  Please forgive me.  Let me believe only you and obey perfectly.  I repent.  Again.”
5:36 am
My most frequent prayer:  “Yeah Lord, that’s a pretty hilarious thought.”
5:17 am
“Thank you Lord, for giving me a smart friend.  I’ve always wanted one.  Please allow me to be a blessing to her as she has been to me.  Thank you for all that she has suffered in her pursuit of truth.  Thank you for bringing her though the evil.  Thank you for what you have planned for her life.”
8:27 am
“Lord, thank you for permitting me to record the revolution!  This is the mother of all revolutions and you picked an isolated computer-illiterate to write it down!  (I suppose you have many others with understanding of different countries.)  I started this website only days before Snowden stole the crown jewels.  I’m honored.  You’re perfect and all honor is due you.  Are you going to compile this stuff into a millennium Bible?  That would be so great. “
12:47 pm
“Search me oh God, and know my thoughts today.
Try me, oh Savior,  know my thoughts I pray.
See if there be, some wicked way in me.
Cleanse me from every sin and set me free.”  (J. Edwin Orr)
11:25 am
6:33 pm
“Dear Lord, I’m so lonely.  I want to be around people who recognize the hour we’re living in.  I want to know when I sleep, that they watch my back spiritually and physically.  I want to keep vigil when they need rest.  I want to share and to know I will not do without.  (OK, I already know that…)  I want fellowship.  Guess you know what that feels like.  In your time.  Thank you.”
2:09 am
“Lord, I’ve been reviewing my notes from when I realized about the torture and what I learned.  Please let me tell my story to Paul Keith Davis, Rick Joyner and John Whitehead.”
5:02 am
(I’m going to see if I can manipulate God.  I haven’t seen a body miracle in a while and mine is looking pretty rough. I’m trying this because I know that Jesus wants us to be completely healed.)
“Lord, thank you for the many times you’ve fixed my body.  Thank you for that time I cut two fingers and one of them was healed instantaneously.  Thank you for the other time, when George watched me heal instantaneously and thank you that I recorded them both.
Thank you that I no longer have bald spots like I did after I had Josh.  Thank you that I don’t get pimples anymore.  Thank you that I don’t have migraines!  Thank you that I never have headaches!  I used to have them every day!  Thank you.
Thank you that my colon is no longer “spastic.”  Thank you that I do not get sinus infections 4 times a year! Thank you that I don’t get yeast infections or colds!  Thank you that you promised I’d quit smoking again. Thank you for the time you removed smoking in 1983.  Thank you that my joints don’t groan much when I use them. Thank you so very much that they never hurt!  Thank you that I do not have arthritis in my hip and fingers. Thank you for making my body strong.
Thank you that I had a flat stomach until I had babies.  Thank you that my stomach held three babies.
Thank you that all the wounds on my back healed from when I was being tortured.
Thank you that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
Thank you that you make “all things beautiful in their time.”
Thank you that I don’t  have to worry about consuming  GMO’s or aspartame or alcohol.
Thank you for all the healing miracles the earth is about to observe.”
(Thank you that  Chayla says it’s amazing that I don’t have lines on my face and forgive me for stretching the moment by mentioning a mutual acquaintance who is my age.  Forgive me for judging the woman with lines on her face. )
5:31 pm
                         “OK, God.  What do I gotta do?  What do I gotta do to be completely filled with your Spirit?  I want to be completely possessed with no more of this back and forth stuff.  In your presence I am Superwoman and full of joy.  Then that python spirit comes back and squeezes my chest like the torture does. “
                         “You must have asked me a thousand times:  “What do you want?”  You KNOW all that.  I want to preach the Word, be a consistent size six, live in a gypsy wagon with the man of my dreams and receive residuals from work I finished long ago.  I want to have 9 hour orgasms and eat food somebody else cooks.  I want to cook for others.  But FIRST AND FOREMOST I WANT TO HAVE YOU EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF MY LIFE.  So,  what do I gotta do?”
5:39 am
“Lord, you always tell me that if I must err, I should err on the side of believing more, rather than less.  I can’t believe I’m not a millionaire.  The sum would be a positive number I think?  Double negatives mess with my numerical procession.”
2:30 am
9:25 pm
“Lord, I bow before you in my purple bathrobe  (I could see myself although I wasn’t wearing it) and I humbly ask you for another miracle.  Please embed  deeply into me the knowledge of your finished work, the absolute done-ness of your words to me, and the assurance that I am loved as much as I love, so that I fly.”
8:15 pm
“Lord, if you can save a psychopathic fake-Christian then I guess raising the dead is a no-brainer.”
5:47 pm
11:30 am
1:53 am
Best/Worst prayer I ever prayed:
“Jesus.  I don’t want to just defeat Satan…I want to astonish him.”
8:45 am
“So I guess you made me an anarchist now.  I’m sure glad that your anarchists are not like some others who believe they must destroy what they cannot respect.”
8:28 am
Linda:  “Lord, what am I gonna be when I grow up?”
Jesus:  “Me.”
6:21 am
I asked the Lord to tell me the connection between the Baptists, my government and the electronic torture.   Then I had to ask him to enlarge my heart because he said, “You can’t take it yet, daughter.”   I am strategically handicapped, but “handicapped” is a sedentary attribute.  I am flying with the eagles.
10:33 am
“Dear Lord, please forgive me for drawing back when you give me more truth.  I WILL to understand what you tell me and to behave appropriately.  This is truly the most incredible time in human history and I want to know it all.  I want to see the changes through your eyes.  I want to see every acquaintance and every scientist as you see.  Please give me more of your fresh manna.  I’ll suck it up.”
11:50 am
                 “Dear God, please do not let Russell Brand be my new preacher.  He has a stylist to make him look LIKE THAT?   (I’m a bigot..please forgive me…)”
“Do any of us really think that these transgressions would have been freely admitted if not unwittingly revealed? “
“We are dealing with experts in propaganda who will stop at nothing to see their version of events prevail, and on the rare occasions when the truth emerges, like a hernia popping through gorged corpse, they apologise discreetly for their ignoble flatulence in a mouse-sized font for hippo-sized lies.”
Except for this one thing:  He’s right.
9:57 am
“Lord, here I am alone on Thanksgiving again.  I know it could be the finest day ever.  Any second you could do something amazing that will thrill me.  I’ve spent hundreds of days alone in this house waiting for you to give me justice.  Give me grace to wait as long as you want.  You’re not willing that any should perish, even those who intentionally harm their own children.  Thank you for keeping me safe, and for blessing me with your presence and promises.  I’m waiting for more of your Truth.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for what you’re doing in the world.  Thank you for loving me.”
9:49 am
“Lord, I really hate this song.  Do you?  Can we share a laugh?”
2:39 am
“Lord, I don’t want to do this anymore.  I can’t maintain focus or purpose without your presence!  I must feel you every minute.  Please grant me that.  David wanted to spend all his time in your court.  I feel his words now.  I feel the Bible and that’s pretty good when I can’t feel you.  I would so much rather feel you.”
10:18 pm
“Lord, thank you for making me not be a psycho-path.  I could easily have followed in my father’s footsteps of lies and perversion.  Thank you that I am permitted to feel the pain of others, and that you ease all pains.  Thank you for showing me what love is even though my teachers taught me wrong.  Thank you for loving the unlovable, and especially for loving me.  We’ll get this right or die trying.  The gospel.”
8:17 am
“Dear Lord, you heard this conversation but you’ve taught me to record everything.  Thank you that my father plowed our driveway.  Thank you that he understood me when I thanked him for raking the leaves.  He’s a very perceptive man, and thank you that he has been hearing me through these years when I intentionally rankled him. He asked, “Did Josh get his drivers’ license yet?”  I thanked him again for providing funds for Josh to take the final class he had needed, and told him that Josh passed and merely needed driving hours and a drivers’ test.  Josh quit working last week and my dad said, “Josh is satisfied.”  I said, “No, Josh is in pain.  Josh watched his mother be electronically raped for two years.  Josh is in pain.”  Thank you that the cloud of witnesses knows that my father knows and will not face what he has done to my family.  Thank you that  YOU and you alone are in control.  Thank you that one day my father will bow his knee and repent of treating all people as stupider-than-he, and that he will finally tell the truth.  Amen.”
4: 53 pm
“Dear Lord, if I must have a legacy…please don’t let me be the ‘Top-forty Prophet’.  That ‘s so lame.”
5:43 am
November 20, 2013
8:08 pm
I figure everybody ought to be good-natured.  I don’t think I want any more controlling ill-mannered people around me.  Jesus said I’m getting everything I ever wanted.  I never really believed him but I’m beginning to see the light.  I also believe everybody should be rational.  And they should keep records.  This is a no-brainer and will change the world.  Good night.
PS-If I have not become the most relaxed person in the universe you get no more of my tax dollars for weapons research.  Much thanks.
PPS-Except one thing.  You owe me MILLIONS for all the things you learned about God from reading my brain.    Not my business.
9:19  am
November 18, 2013
“Lord, I don’t know how I’m expected to accomplish what you have for me in an environment where my very passion for your will is deemed a character flaw,  but I know you have a plan.  Please bring it.”
November 17, 2013
11 am
I walked into Sunday School and gave a note to a cancer patient in a wheelchair.
It read:
                “I don’t believe God wants you to be sick.  I’d pray with you if you like.
                  Linda Goldthorpe”
Then my stomach hurt really bad and I found myself thinking self thoughts.  I thought about praying with her and wondered if she’d be healed.  Then I figured she could at least get the Holy Ghost and that would be as good.  I actually thought that would be easier.   As if I HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!
                   Then I asked the Lord to take me lower.



3:50 pm

“Dear Lord, please let me live here!  Let me live in your presence every second (for as long as time persists).  Nothing changes in the physical realm from one minute to another, yet when you show up everything changes.”

“Please  give me wisdom with the money I will control.  Allow me to see through your eyes and distribute according to your priorities.  Thank you for what you are doing on the earth.”




“God has been so good to me…thank you Lord.”


9:54 am

“Dear Jesus, my life and my redeemer, it is a GOOD time to be a servant of the Most High God!  ROFLMAO.  (Especially in this community.)  Amen.”



“Lord, they laugh at my worship.  OK, I’ll stop whining…you laugh at me too.”



2:57 pm


2:21 pm

“Dear Lord I recognize a great increase in your Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.   Kasper says my pineal gland must have decalcified…guess I finally got enough Sun.  Isaac would say I raised my vibration.  I know you will explain all this to me one day.  Until then I just thank you, and recognize you all over the place, and I love you very much.  Please send more fire on me, on my family, on my angel, on the churches who lie about people, on Helmer, on Michigan, on Mike Rogers and Justin Amash, and on the United States Congress, on Guantanamo  Bay Detention Facility, on the Newberry Correctional Facility, the Luce county Sheriff’s department and the local courts.  Please send more fire on industry, and science and art.  Amen.”


2:47  am

“Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for sleep!  Thank you for  the years I wasn’t permitted sleep and for using them to teach me about living in your presence.  Thank you that I no longer fear going to sleep or the terror and pain that woke me every hour or so for those years.

Thank you for my new friend and for my very old Sunday School friend who dropped off a pizza last night.  Thank you that people are reading my blog.  Thank you that one day some human man who claims authority will review my evidence of torture.

Thank you for the years I could not sleep in a bed and you taught me to keep the fire going.   Thank you that I had wood.   I’ll get up any time you say, I love waking up when you whisper in my ear.”



9:06 pm




“Lord, I ask for more fire on Helmer.  The liars surrounding me are messing with my peace.  I need more of your fire to counteract the complacency and stupidity of “your” people.  Have your way in my life and theirs.”

(“Also, you know this…I require a bigger heart.  Whenever you’re ready.”)


3:36 am

“Lord, I give you my life again today.  Fill me with your Spirit so my every cell and vibration radiate your divine love and truth.  Enable me to walk by faith, and not by sight, to respond to things unseen rather than those visible to my senses, to follow the Spirit, and not the flesh.  And allow my brethren to know what these things mean.”


November 11, 2013

5:55 pm



I am not a badass woman.  I have become extremely tough over the years of slander, torture, and imprisonment…


5:29 pm

“Dear Lord, there are three adult men in this house.  May I please have some kindling?  Or any wood at all…”

November 10, 2013

1:38 pm

“Lord, please give me your thoughts and your words.  I am trusting that they will reach whomever you choose.  I will not consider myself.  I ask you to take me lower…I ask for your direction, as always.”

“I recognize an intersection coming up.  I see it in the spirit, but I see little evidence in the natural.  Natural = carnal.  The carnally minded people do not see what’s coming up.  Have mercy on them.  I pity them for their service to a system.  I pity them for their insistence of superiority according to “doctrine.”  I pity them, as you do.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.  They were warned and I have your records.  (I “kept” your records.  This too is in your hands.)”


November 9, 2013

8:08 pm

“I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE!  Dear, Lord!  I keep doing what you say but I have no peace!  Keep me watching only you!  Do not allow me to stray from the path.  WHAT is going ON?”


7:48 pm

“God.  I am uncomfortable and I am stressed.  I do not become stressed.   You’re trying to tell me something.”


7:42 pm


7:39 pm

7:33 pm

“Lord, I am not OK if I’m not praying.  Something is coming down.  I can’t do anything of earthly value.  I’d like to help people.  People are stupid.   I can barely breathe and everything is difficult.  That’s Satan, right?  Intervene, please?”


“I forgot again.  You said that you’re doing this.  I’m breathing now.  Thank you.”


“Peace, peace, when there is no peace.”  GOD!  I am really struggling today.  I am tormented and I haven’t showered.  This is coming down and nobody gives a shit.  They raped me.  They raped little girls.  Your men are ball-less.”

2:48  pm

“Those lying Baptist men took my boy, Lord.  What you gonna do about it?”

5:36  am

“Dear Lord.  One of your children responded!  Thank you and bless her… She wants out.  I don’t blame her one bit.  She knows FAR BETTER THAN I what men do to women in your name.  Please convince her that you are “The Hound of Heaven” and that I am your bitch.”


1:40 am

“Lord, I can’t take it!  The people who know the truth will not speak up!  My heart is bursting…make it bigger, it’s going to explode!  Give me more capacity for love and give me a bigger reservoir!  People are so concerned about their own “comfort”  (as if the US government will allow that to continue…)  If I have to explode then do it.  If I must explode to receive more of your love then pull  the trigger!  I CANNOT TOLERATE THE LIES AND COWARDICE!  Make me YOU!  Make me you.  make me you

1:21 am

“Lord, increase my capacity, enlarge my heart!  I can’t tolerate what I’m hearing and feeling.  It must be bigger.”


November 8, 2013  11:04 pm

“Lord, I sense myself rising up against the stupid and the willfully ignorant.  Take me lower and slower.  MORE SPIRIT PLEASE!  More of your SPIRIT of truth on these people, and on me!  BURN US UP IN TRUTH AND LOVE.”


“Lord, I plead for the souls of men who criticize others who do not place their butts on a pew every Sunday, yet promote the raping of your daughters.


November 7, 2013

3:51 pm

November 6, 2013

12:41 pm


November 5, 2013

1:30 pm

“Lord thank you for letting me preach.  I always wanted to preach, ever since I was a little girl.  It was so hard to give political speeches.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express your love for all creation.  Give me grace to share your presence with those who have never felt it.  That would be the most tremendous blessing in the world.”

“Thank you for giving me my heart’s desire.  Thank you for showing it to me and for putting it there when you were my only joy.”


“Lord, take me lower.  Do not let me enjoy others’ difficulties.  Please draw me closer to you and fill me with more of your divine love for those who harmed me and others.  Have mercy on them.  Do not allow me to take encouragement from my newfound accolades of men.  I choose to do only what you say, without consideration of what any man thinks.  I am yours.”

12:41 pm

A demon just manifested.  In times past, that used to scare me.  Now I find it very encouraging.  People react to my presence.  This is the power of God.  This is the power of Truth and I’m asking for more of it every minute.  God told me he was going to make my life a sign and a miracle, and that how people dealt with me was going to determine something about their destinies.  It was pretty hard to believe that when I lost the affection of every single person I cared about at the same time.  I believe it now.

He also said my brother would lead a million people to Jesus.  I believe that now too.  (Way before that he told me I was going to be 29 again.  That part was easy to believe because he’s fixed my body so many times already.)


November 4, 2013

“Lord, I need you to touch me again.  I know what you said, and I’ve been clinging to it through years of torture and slander.  I’ve watched my children lose their faith because of lazy self-righteous men.  I’ve watched these fine boys grow into men, without the guidance of a single Godly man.  They lack many things.  I gave them to you.  You said you would be a father to the orphan and a husband to the widow.  Here I stand.”

November 3, 2013


November 1, 2013


October 31, 2013

“Thank you Lord, that I can post things to Facebook without actually having to go to Facebook.  Amen.”


October 28, 2013

Proverbs 28:1  The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

“Thank you Lord for giving me boldness to proclaim what you tell me…even when I don’t know what it means.  Thank you for filling me in later.  I’ve heard you say “ASIA” over and over for a year now.  I’m anxious to hear what else you got.  I love you!”


October 27, 2013

“Lord, ‘your’ people refuse to talk to me!  They called me names, destroyed relationships, took my children’s  faith in you!   They LIED!  We need more fire here in Helmer.  We need your Spirit of Truth to make us relate to one another.”

“My father knows that I cannot stand down.  It is not a possibility.  I’ll do whatever you say to reveal his lies.  I really hope you don’t ask me to go to church naked, like you did Isaiah.”  Amen.



“The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker’s must go; out demons out!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!!”

More here:



“Lord, please forgive people for believing my lawsuit has anything to do with money.

Please forgive me for thinking it does not.  You say we always get what we value most in life.  He got his and I’m so very grateful to have you.”



“Dear Lord, thank you and please thank Henry  Gruver for teaching me to follow the peace.  It is becoming easier, now that there is so much less of it.

I recognize this time of great upheaval as a joy to you, even the upheaval soon to overtake my own life and family.  Shaking the world involves shaking all of us.  Have your way.

I pray for more of your Spirit!  Fill me to overflowing!  Burn all falseness from my life and mind.  More of your Spirit to reveal lies in Lakefield Baptist, in Helmer, in Luce county, in Michigan, and in the US.  BURN everything that opposes your plan for the Glorious Church.

I ask you to move me with pinpoint precision.  I ask to see all situations, and all people through your eyes alone.  I ask to think your thoughts and speak your words.  I ask you to take me lower still, so I can always hear your voice of love and guidance.

Give me grace to be quiet when I should.  Give me grace to control my mind more effectively, and to escape ruminating about those things you’ve instructed me not to think about.  That’s been difficult, but I give my mind to you again.  I give my life and body to you. I give you my future and my past, and to whatever extent I may, I give you my acquaintances.

I ask for your heart’s desire to bless every person with whom I have to do.  I ask you to open Heaven over my family, my father and mother and siblings and theirs.  I ask you to bless with peace and joy and truth and love and provision and purpose and wisdom.  I ask you to bless them with all the bounty of your creative grace.  I ask you again, to POUR YOUR GLORY!

Thy will be done.  Thy will, and thine alone.  Bring Heaven to Earth, as you said you would.  Start with me.”


“Lord, what’s on Fox?  I don’t want to watch it.  Does my dad get ANY TRUTH AT ALL?”


God bless Anonymous
Broadband that I love
Stand beside us, and guide us
Through the lies and the crimes of our Gov
From Tunisians, to Egyptians,
To Australians and everyone !!
God bless Anonymous, Shalom Shalom
God bless Anonymous, Shalom Shalom    (Anonymous)





“Lord, I have a tremendous burden this morning.  I am very concerned about my mother.  I know you told me she’s not my responsibility anymore, but I love her, and I see her in your crosshairs.  I know you love her more than I do, so I’m going to ask.”

“My mother is teaching another Bible study.  Your word says that teachers are held to a higher standard, and judged more harshly.  Please have mercy on her?  She doesn’t even know she’s a fraud!  She doesn’t know that your teachers speak from experience, from their relationship with you.  She doesn’t even know what it means to hear your voice!  Have mercy on the ignorant!  Have mercy on those who require the high seats to still the unrest within.  Have mercy on her that she drapes her body with jewels, as your jewels starve.“

“I pray that you give her wisdom.  Fear of you is the beginning of wisdom.  She obviously doesn’t fear you if she’s teaching another Bible study.”

“I pray for all your sheep whose pastors “muddied” the water so they could not find fresh provision.  Ezekiel has been my mission-directive.  I pray for your mercy on them, as I pray that you stop the mouths of all “teachers” who profess to know you but actually trust in the government instead.”

“Show my mother what love is.  We grew up together.  Neither of us ever saw love.  Thank you for allowing me to understand it in part.  Thank you for loving us both.”

“Thank you for what you’re doing in the world.  Thank you that you already won this battle.  Thank you that you are truth and love.  Thank you that no soul that does not embrace truth and love will any longer torment us.”

“Please give me a relationship with my mother, of transparency and mutual respect.  Allow us to see into one another’s hearts, and to forgive.  Allow us to look into each other’s eyes, and see only you.  She will know about love then.  You said you were giving me everything I ever wanted and I always wanted her to like me.”

“Move me on, God, I grow fatigued.  I am so curious about what you’re doing with other people in other places.  I gave my life for the church and my family and Adam and you have other things for me to do.  Please, can my parents just love you so I can have a life”?

“Thank you for my mom and dad.  You put me in exactly the right family at exactly the right time because you want us all to experience joy unspeakable and full of glory.  Please grant us grace to ascertain your highest expectation for ourselves, and for all with whom we have to do.”



Prayer for my remedial Christianity classmates:


I am of the opinion that Joshua would not benefit by being put into a government-controlled environment to be adjudicated on repetition of a set of arbitrary government-prescribed theses.  I would prefer that Josh not subject himself to the brainwashing I endured and my mother dishes out.  However, if Josh would like to avail himself of hubris-defining opportunities, he may.  As joint-custodial-parent I say, he may go to any school he wishes.

I have to pray every day now, that God will enlarge my heart.  I can feel it stretching and it hurts so I ask Him to make it bigger.  My parents decided long ago that I would not be permitted to think or to have my own life.  Dining out with my parents, acquaintances approaching the table would not be introduced.  Never.  They’ve chosen not to respect me.  I am an adult.  One of the finest things about being an adult is that you may require that you be consulted about the things that are your responsibility.  Adults treat adults that way.  Some adolescents treat adults like adolescents.

Well-meaning relatives, and others who suffer nosy controlling tendencies have investigated the possibility that Josh attend remedial education classes.  Neither Josh nor I was told about this.  He heard Tom’s stories of college being “fun” and responded that he’d observed his friends party  a couple grand  in grant money, then return to their mother’s couch.  He knows college is fun.  Zappa said, “If you want to learn something, go to the library.  If you want to get laid, go to college.”  I related that to Josh who smiled and requested another moment to think about it.  Then he said, “But you don’t get anything done.”

My son requires, in my opinion, a man who models “getting things done.”  My son needs to “get things done” and to experience the native satisfaction, from “getting things done.”  He does not need, in my opinion, a report card.  Some men appear to get things done, but they‘re not cooperating with anybody.  Said men are enslaving other people.  They are not “getting things done”, they are forcing their lust for power on everybody else!  These men run much of the world, having their way and sleeping poorly lest their brother help himself to a dangling participle.  Bread and circuses, for the underlings, and government education, lest they think.  These men seek the highest seats, lest their deeds be revealed. Every potential threat considered, evil molding their days.  They’re emotional Lloyds of London.

God reminded me of the difference between “courtesy” and using good manners.  Manners are promoted behaviors that when performed, make one appear to care about other people.  Courtesy is set in motion by a genuine desire to permit others to be as comfortable as they can be.  Manners are rules.  Courtesy is love.  Manners are prescribed by outside influences, cultural differences make the rules various and arbitrary.  Courtesy originates within.

The mannerly will ask for pardon if they fart. (Unless they’re pretending it was somebody else.)   The courteous would probably try to get to another room first.  (Unless they are so very comfortable that they can’t leave their place.)  I think, to fully inhabit your body, rather than to be your body, would keep you from caring if you farted at all.  To fully inhabit your mind, rather than to be your mind, would keep you from caring if anybody else did.  To divinely love yourself and others would eliminate the need for manners, and eventually even courtesy.  Courtesy’s love is shallow and fluid.  One needs only ask a single question, “Why do I wish that person to be comfortable”?  The reasons can be selfish and low.
Higher levels of service to others can be polluted too.  Intent, heart condition, expectations.  Once you go through the list, service often is a misnomer.  Courtesy becomes unnecessary when a person actually commits to accomplish the BEST for the other person, even if it costs something.  That kind of love is only available from God, and it’s a good thing too.

Every parent wants for his child the same thing.  The “best”.   “Best” means different things to different people.  Determining “best” also varies according to the child.  A handicapped child, or one who is a handicap, is treated differently.  Only God knows what is truly “best.”  A non-praying (prayer being many things) person can’t be trusted to throw his weight behind what he THINKS is best for another.  Any man who does not seek God’s best for others, should not be influencing any life other than his own.  Once you have God’s vision of what is best for another, it’s possible to love through anything.  We will all recognize the superiority of His “best” before long.

Sometimes, despite frequent requests, God does not tell you what is best for another.  Sometimes you must watch your loved person sit on his fanny from noon until four am.  When God says, “let him go,” that’s what you do.  Even if God doesn’t tell me, I’ve given my family to Him and He does know best.  I’m learning to distinguish false responsibility.  It has taken years, as many previous years had to be uprooted.  My parents taught me to be responsible at a very young age.  They have prohibited its demonstration ever since.  They have not, nor do they now, know what is my calling.  I do not know Josh’s, entirely, and I pray that God will take me out of the way if I’m inhibiting its fulfillment.  I do not wish for any person in my realm of influence to have less than God’s best.

“Lord, I have this dilemma with my parents.  They treat me like a child, and always have.  They refuse to talk to me about even their schemes in my own life. They called me names and accused me of murder.  They NEVER HAD THE BALLS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!  My dilemma is this:  How can I demonstrate your love to people who refuse to see me?  I do what you say, I’ve gotten past the point where I expect any response at all, so thank you that I’m no longer scared.  I have annoyed them so much!  They WILL NOT TALK TO ME and still talk about me behind my back.”

“I ask you Lord, again, to please burn through my parents’  walls of fear and shame so they can become everything you planned for them since before time began.  Burn off every callous of bigotry and prejudice.  Destroy their foundations of status and wealth.  Burn, with hotter fire.  Fires are catching everywhere, in industry, and science and government.  Your Spirit of Truth will burn every lie!  Please, first burn my parents with your love, so they will not be consumed.  I submit them to you again, and I submit the entire state of Michigan and my country.  Burn all that is not truth.  Thank you for allowing me to record it.  I‘m eager for the day when I‘ll talk about your politics with somebody conscious, and be finished teaching ‘remedial Christianity.'”


August 20, 2013

“Dear Lord Jesus.  I ask this morning, as I do every morning, for your thoughts and your words.  If I have said anything you didn’t want me to say, please show me the error.  I commit to you again, my life and my family and every relationship.  I submit my future and my past. I ask you again, to fully possess me, to do your will.  I thank you for your shed blood and for Truth that is your  very nature.  I thank you that every false thing is destroyed in your light.  I plead for more light.  I plead for justice for my sons.

I thank you that Clive began to answer my questions.  My own father has refused to talk to me for a year and a half, and as you know, I started with pleas for assistance.  Thank you for having me make copies of the kind letters I wrote to him.  Thank  you for having me copy everything.  Thank you for putting me in Robert Goldthorpe’s family so you could demonstrate your majesty…and your justice.  Thank you that Clive called me hateful, so I had to reexamine my heart.  Thank you that I KNOW that I’ve obeyed you every day.  Thank you that I KNOW that my heart becomes more full of your love every day, and I plead for so much of your love that it affects the entire world.  Thank you that I KNOW that love is not platitudes of lies.  Thank you that I KNOW that “kindness” is not love when truth is ignored.  Thank you that I KNOW that I want to have a loving, TRUTHFUL relationship with my father.  Thank you that I KNOW that when I cornered him yesterday for the first time, and he said I should “get help” that he does not really mean that.  Thank you that I KNOW that I offered a year ago, to go to any shrink he wanted.  Thank you that I KNOW that he is not interested in helping me in any manner.  Thank you for loving me, and showing me what love is like, even though I grew up without it.  Thank you that by your grace, I will never mistake it again.  Love is far too important for me to accept lies about it.

Thank you for telling me that you are doing this thing, and I don’t have to worry.  Please forgive me for being offended at my father’s lies again.  He is your business.  Josh is your business.  Thank you for the miracles.  Thank you that I do not have arthritis anymore.  Thank you that I do not have migraines anymore, or sinus infections or yeast infections or pain.  Thank you for taking away so much fat.  Thank you for fixing my handwriting.  Thank you for the eloquence you demonstrate sometimes when I write.  Thank you for the six months last year when I had perfect eyesight.  Thank you for the dreams and visions you gave me that have sustained my courage.  Thank you for my angel.  Thank you for your divine protection every day  as I do things that look weird.  Thank you for preserving my life as I was tortured.  Thank you that I am perfectly anointed to do whatever you want.  Thank you for not telling me what you want of me before I’m ready to hear it.  Thank you for loving my boys, and George and me, when nobody on earth did.  Thank you that I know that I do not have to eat, or sleep, or do any of the things I used to cling to.  I cling to you.  Thank you for clinging back.

Thank you for what you are doing in the world.  Thank you that I no longer vomit reading the news!  Thank you that I don’t vomit!  Thank you that after Adam hacked me, I stopped vomiting for the first time in two years.  Thank you for truth.  Thank you for my government, and its successor.  Thank you that you are using  Lakefield Baptist Church to make a statement that will be observed by many who will bless your name, and come into your Kingdom.  Thank you for my heritage in that church, and for the fact that the church will bust open with love that cannot be contained by walls and doctrines.  Thank you that the false doctrines I opposed will wither, as all believers receive your Spirit and demonstrate the gifts you’ve always wanted them to exercise and enjoy.  Thank you for showing me Heidi Baker, and Neville Johnson, and Glenn Jackson, and Henry Gruver and all those who raise the dead!  Thank you for raising the dead all over Planet Earth! Thank you for putting me in America where people do not believe in such things.  America, where even Christians do not believe in your power.  What you do here will be so much more amazing!  Thank you for answering my little-girl prayer and allowing me to see this happen, as you take over.  Thank you that you will not return for a church, spotted and wrinkled.  Thank you that you will wash your bride, white and clean.  Please start with me.

Please cover me with your precious blood, shed for mankind.  Fill me with your Spirit to overflowing.  Anoint me so it drips off the hem of my garments.  I’ve said things that seem unkind.  Demonstrate your presence in my life, please so non-believing American Christians will choose you instead of government.  Demonstrate your power, so they will not go to witch doctors.  Demonstrate your provision and abundance.  I am perfectly positioned to see your hand, I have nowhere else to go.  I could not purchase psychotropic medication, even if I wanted to.  I could not leave the community.  I could not do anything, if you don’t make the way.  You have my life.  You’ve had it and you have it again.  Thank you for what you’ll do with it, and thank you that it’s already done.  Thank you for allowing us to watch the end of time.

Thank you for your Word, especially your written Word.  Thank you for telling us how to recognize true believers.  Thank you for the signs.  Even as I type this I feel myself rising up against those who claim your name and do not pray in tongues.  Keep me low, Lord.  (Yesterday helped.  Thank you for accusations and slander.)

Lord, I am so very tired of going to my father’s house and bringing him things he does not want!  I shopped so earnestly for Christmas presents when I was under his roof.  I wanted to please him any way I could.  I love bringing him stuffed peppers and chocolate.  I do not enjoy bringing him the things you ask.  Thank you that they are often humorous, that helps.  It doesn’t seem to be helping him.  Thank you for loving him far more than even his unwanted, embarrassing, retarded daughter.  Thank you that he knows that I love him more than any woman ever has.  Thank you that he told me so.

Lord, I give you again, my father and mother.  I give you the pastor and his wife.  I give you Helmer and Luce county.  I give you Michigan.  I give you the United States.  I give you me.  You are running this rodeo, and I submit to your will.  Keep me focused, and do not allow me to say even one word that will (as if I could…) disrupt your plan for anything.  Forgive me for taking my life personally.  I am here for one purpose and one purpose only.  To see YOUR NAME MAGNIFIED and to see suffering people made well.  Forgive me for considering myself.  Forgive me for becoming outraged at lies.  Lies are your business.

I know you don’t like me whining, but I’d really like to see this thing come to an end.  Thank you for sustaining me so long.  Thank you that time is an illusion, and thank you for allowing me to recognize this more every day.  Let me live in that place!  Take me so far above this Satan-fueled delusion that I see only YOU.  Jesus, I long to live with you and see you every second.  I can’t breathe here.  I can’t function, unless I’m in your presence!  Have mercy on those “Christians” who do not ever experience your manifest presence!  How can they live?  How can they breathe?  Have mercy please, and “pour your Spirit out on all flesh.”  I see you doing that.  They don’t even notice.  MORE FIRE ON US ALL!  More fire, please, they’re dying without you.  They think they need medications and IRA’s!  They think their houses will shelter them, if they can keep up the mortgage.  You are the only shelter and we are in a time of very great storm.  You know.  You’re doing it.  You’re pushing every single person to the edge.  I forgot for a minute.

Thank you for allowing me to remember when you told me my dad would only have two businesses remaining.  Big Boy and the hotel next to it.  Thank you for bringing that to my remembrance.  Thank you for telling me what I need to know when I need to know it.  Thank you that all Christians will experience this, when they’ve seen you.  Thank you  that we will live in loving relationships ordained by you, in wholesome communities you’ve established.  Thank you for the purpose and joy we’ll experience, and
nurture for one another.  Thank you that you know what’s to come, and we will never worry about a thing.  Thank you for giving me so very much to worry about, so I’ll appreciate it all the more.

Thank you for the great cloud of witnesses.  Thank you that they know my father tried to have me locked up without ever once talking to me.  Thank you that they know how much I pray for others.  Thank you that they know how many people I listen to, and that I cook for them.  Thank you that they know that I never wanted to be anybody special.  Thank you that they know I only ran for office because I was obeying you.
Thank you that they know that all I ever wanted was love.  Thank you that I know that too.

Thank you for the admission, of anybody who calls me crazy for saying you talk to me, that he or she does not believe in prayer.  Thank you that the great cloud of witnesses hears them, too.”


August 18, 2013

“Only you, Jesus.  Influences badger for my allegiance.  HUMANS, the arrogant fools, try to manifest my behavior, when I long to be only yours.  I CHOOSE YOU.  Again, again, and again.  I choose to be a fool for Jesus Christ, and will submit to none other.  I will do what you say, and I pray for your mercy to direct me thus.  I pray for your mercy on those who would stop your plans for this world.  I ESPECIALLY pray for those who would inhibit you…even as they claim your name.

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney will have much to answer for but I’d rather be either tyrant, than to be a “pastor” who led your people to hell.  At judgment, I’d rather be Henry Kissinger than a father who neither loved, nor assisted.  I’d rather be Pol Pot or Joseph Stalin.  Lord, have mercy on Clive Ellis and Robert Goldthorpe, who know not love, and apparently don’t know you.  Forgive them for pretending alliance.  Forgive me for being stupid, and believing better of those whose works have exposed them.  I CHOSE to follow them, instead of you.  I repent.  I love you .  They would not permit me to see you for a long time.  Have mercy on them.  Stalin and Cheney did not have their advantages.

Clive and Dad claim to be community leaders!  They claim to belong to you!  I can’t laugh right now, but I know you’ll make me laugh later.  I’m appalled!  I’m aghast!  Is it possible for men to so totally deceive themselves, that they expect others to buy into it?  I shall not!  I know Truth.  (A little.  Please, Lord, allow me to see your face.  You’ve kept me blind for so long!)

OK.  I see I must do this.  Jesus.  If my father and Clive will not bow their knees to your [fill in the blank] then please take them out of my world.  My children have suffered at their hand.  My neighbors have suffered at their hand.  You did not give them the right to decide who may have a life.  Take theirs.  (I’d be really pleased if you choose instead, to dispel the cognitive dissonance they assume and exploit.  Mercy?)


These men do not represent you!  These men are frauds!  These men are panty-waists.  I will not follow such men, and I long to follow a man.   (These men long for women who will actually follow them.  Tsk.)

Nahum 1:6   Who can stand before his indignation? and who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him.

Lord, I’m loving your fire.  I’m loving the fact that hot-flashes, whether caused emotionally, hormonally, electronically or passionately, do not get me too upset.  I am grateful that you chose to make me tough, before I had to be tough.  I am grateful that love and Truth always win.  I am grateful that you know what is best for my father and his peon, and you’ll see it through.  Thank you for quietness and rest, from where true Christians obtain victory.  Thank you that I’ll know a true Christian some day.  Thank you for the anointing on women, in this time.  Thank you that some women will recognize it and go for the gold.

What I sense rising in me is not pride, I think, nor wrong.  I sense rising an indignation that comes from you, is that right?  I sense outrage that is not soul-based.  I sense spiritual nausea.  Your representatives make me want to puke.  Forgive me please, if I’m interpreting this wrong.  Forgive me if my discomfort is soul-based, or selfish.  Correct my thought patterns, so I see these men as you do.  Lift me into your presence so I can judge every earthly matter, through your eyes.  Lower and slower, God.  Take me lower and slower, so you’re the only influence I recognize.  Keep me from looking to the left or the right, but allow me to follow your footsteps.  Carry me.  Pick me up and carry me so I do not step on a single mine of personal discontent, or foolish imagination.  Give me the mind of Christ.  Give me the tongue of Jefferson.  Give me the heart of Ghandi.  Give me more of you Jesus.  Give yourself once again, and do not allow me to discredit what you’ve done.  ALL of you, and none of me.

You‘re taking over, just like you promised.  I‘ve longed for this day.  I belong here, I know, but not for long. Your plans for me are far more than I‘d ever considered, even as I begged for change.  Your plans for every person are equally amazing. But they sleep on the couch and watch TV.  They sit in their underwear at the dining room table and run for darkness when somebody knocks on the door.”

Jesus says:  “What is confidence?”  I tried to answer, I’m new to the topic, and I immediately began considering “confident” people I know.  That’s wrong. Most of what passes for “confidence” is merely self-exalting bluster.  Confidence, as a generic term would be something like:  “The facilitation of what a person chooses to do, by a sense of (I evaluated “purpose” “entitlement”, etc.)…timelessness.” Absolute confidence says that no matter what happens now, “Here I stand, and I shall not be moved.”  (Martin Luther)  Confidence encourages courage, stamina, boldness… but confidence is NOT those things, they being merely a product.  Confidence is knowing.

When you hear a thing from God, or the NSA, or demons, whatever, you first must accept the transmission.  Jot it down.  No emotional investment.  Then you watch for miracles.  Acceptance-faith-belief-knowing-TRANSFIGURATION!   That’s the faith sequence of learning.  Confidence is KNOWING.  Confidence is KNOWING.  I know that now.

Father, I’ve bent my knee with scented oil to wash your feet.  Clive, I’d do yours tomorrow.  I clip guys’ toenails, if the guy can’t bend too well.  I do a lot of things for a lot of men.  You should be doing some of those things, and I wouldn’t look so strange!  I am a bar-tending social worker to the world, and I’m on God’s payroll, so why did you men have to take it so personally?  You’re snakes.  You want to control everything!  YOU THINK YOU’RE GOD!

I stand accused of sending “hate mail”.  I daresay, before a year has passed as earthly time is recorded, you will view my attempts to communicate with you as the most loving thing you ever saw.  I love you both.  I pray still, for your souls.


“Gentlemen, (she) said, I don’t need your organization.  I’ve shined your shoes!  Moved your mountains, and marked your cards…
BUT EDEN IS BURNING!  So prepare yourselves for elimination, or your hearts must have the courage, for the changing of the guards.”  (Dylan)


“Love is wasted on those who will not receive.  As I live and breathe.  Love is wasted, but never a waste.  Love NEVER FAILS. Lord, have mercy on my dad.  Have mercy on that squeamish-boy who claims to be a pastor.  Forgive them for my situation.  Forgive them that my boys no longer believe in you. (1)  Forgive them for their concern with reputation  Forgive them for how they treat their families.  Forgive them that they do not actually care about any soul, save their own.  Forgive them for calling themselves men.  Forgive me  for ever seeking to respect the flotsam of procreation that happened to have XY chromosome development.” (Forgive me for dissing your creation.)

(1)  Isaac still believes in you, just not your blood.  Josh is some kind of Scottish Sikh this week.

(PS- I stand corrected about my dissing of footnotes.  It’s not my business.)


July 17, 2013

For what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world, yet lose his own soul…to a cigarette?”

As followers of Christ, we do not have the luxury of choosing to whom we listen.  We follow a single voice, the Spirit of Truth.  He chooses his spokesmen.

Following the Spirit is difficult for those who haven’t trained their ears.  It is impossible for those who deny Him.

The “gifts of the Spirit’ is threshold merely, yet few of us even begin the complex discipline required to move as He does.

Jesus says:

“The spirit of Jezebel seeks to silence the prophetic word.  It shall go forth.  Dogs will eat those opposing the Spirit.

Many follow the Spirit that do not know His name.  Many who claim my name follow their stomachs.  These have taken my name in vain and shall not be held blameless as they presume.   Those who refuse correction are not my sons.

The “church age” has ended, and good riddance.  Time will end shortly.  Those disinclined to turn the page will be left behind.  The gospel of “the Kingdom” will be preached, not the bigoted fragment of self-righteous “converts”.  I redeemed all.  “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”  “What God hath called clean, call thou not unclean.”

The harlot’s legs are spread wide and people enter her with my name on their lips.  Her perversions will cease, as truth diminishes her perceived value.  Know ye not, that friendship with the world is enmity with God?  When I return, will I find faith on the earth?  I speak with stammering lips and other tongues.  I speak in visions of the night.  I speak always and continually yet people choose the tree of “knowledge” over divine wisdom.

Not everyone who crieth, “Lord, Lord” will see my face, but only those who do the will of my father as instructed by my Spirit.  Christ is not my last name.

Examine your hearts as time speeds up and even now my Seraphim set torches to fields abroad.
It is better that you had trusted me, rather than government as shall soon be demonstrated.

Come to me now, that I may bind your wounds.  I desire you as my own bride.  I will have a chaste, passionate bride.  Choose me.  To that end, I shake all.  Choose me, as I have chosen you.  Many are called, but few are chosen.  Few choose.

I choose the foolish things of the world to confound those wise in their own estimation.  I enjoy a joke.  Self-praise stinks.  Allow me to descend from the cross and party with you.  We’ll dance and I will thrill your soul.  Watch with me, as I confound the nations.  Together we’ll feed the hungry and heal the broken.  Together we’ll establish My Kingdom.  Love me in the secret place and I’ll tell you things to come.  Watch the changing of the guard with me, and be forever changed, forever loved, forever happy.”


“Lord, forgive me for not believing everything you say.  Forgive me for allowing thoughts of fear to affect me.  Thank you that they no longer affect me.  Give me absolute knowledge of what you’ve spoken to my heart.  Don’t let me question a thing.  Even when I knew it wasn’t you and obeyed anyway, you had my hand and I was in no danger.  NO DANGER!  I know they tried to kill me.  I know you kept me from knowing.  I know you stopped them.  Thank you.  This all makes my dad a murderer.  I plead for his life.  Irony is nearly the best thing…don’t let me enjoy it.  Let me love with every cell within me.  Fill me with love for every geek who got off watching things he shouldn’t have seen.  Restore the innocence of the hackers!  They know the worst of the worst!  Take the burden from them.  Give them joy in natural wholesome activities.  Give them money so they can survive after they destroy the NSA.  Give them fulfillment and purpose and lots of fun.  Thank you I’m not dead.  Thank you for the NSA.  Thank you for the FBI. Thank you for the agencies so secretive I can’t even spell them.  Thank you for every nerd who works there and occasionally thinks how terrible it is to torture for a living.  Give those guys grace unmatched, and courage unimagined.  Give them the means and the organization to free every tinfoil-hat person in the world.  Take it out.  Spare the people.  Thank you.”

Watch a Baptist preacher personally insult his congregation mid-sermon

We are hard-wired to be kind. Evil is destructive and love is life-preserving.”  (Dave Hodges)


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