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Safari under the stars in a ‘bush bedroom’: The South African hotel that offers breath-taking Big 5 views from the comfort of a luxury tree house

  • The Lion Sands Game Reserve, with its four lodges and three luxurious tree houses, is the ultimate exotic escape
  • As well as private terraces and plunge pools, guests can also book one-night stays in one of three tree houses
  • All of the romantic tree houses are elevated for safety, almost entirely open-air and lit solely by candle light
  • It’s located in the private Sabi Sands Game Reserve, adjacent to the famed Kruger National Park, in South Africa 

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The Kingston Tree House is situated next to a magnificent rock and also has a bathroom space, which is glassed in from the outdoors

The walkway leading to the picturesque Kingston Tree House looks positively magical when illuminated in the evening



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Sunday Kind of Love – Kenny Rankin.



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Hackers And Feds Clash In Las Vegas, Defcon and Blackhat




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“This is a great chef’s culture…but that comes later.”

The Layover Season 01 Episode 06 Montreal – Anthony Bourdain




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San Marino




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Anthony Bourdain No Reservations — Istanbul



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Being one of the oldest cities in North America, St. John’s is the fascinating capital city of Newfoundland. With a history dating back to the 1400s, the city boasts the stunning architecture scattered throughout the beautiful streets. This is one of the most amazing architectural and colorful cities in Canada.

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada




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Would YOU be brave enough? Incredible video shows revellers flying off gigantic ‘Royal Flush’ water slide in Texas

  • The Royal Flush in the BSR Cable Park has opened and looks like the ultimate boredom buster 
  • High-definition, slow-motion footage shows bikini-clad daredevils being launched into the air off the three slides
  • The Texan video has only been on YouTube for a week, but already has over 5.5 million views  

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The chute features huge ramps at the end that propel riders tens of feet into the air



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In Catalonia, guests have the opportunity to take up residence in a medieval palace, which dates back to the 14th century.

Just one hour north from Barcelona sits this large, historically relevant castle, which boasts amenities like Roman Baths and a steam room.

There are a total of 10 spacious rooms for rent and can house up to 25 people at any given time. 

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Developed by Foster Huntington, the home also has several built-in terraces for panoramic views

Suspended spheres, elevated lodgings among cherry blossoms and a hotel built around a Chilean oak tree: These are the world’s most amazing treehouses

  • Now, you can realise a childhood dream and spend the night in a treehouse
  • In Panama, the Canopy Tower is a favourite among bird lovers everywhere
  • Japan’s fantastical Teahouse Tetsu sways amid the cherry blossom trees
  • The 55-room Nothofagus Hotel in Chile was built around an ancient oak 

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The seven-storey hotel is built around an ancient oak tree and boasts 55 rooms with ensuites



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Paradise for a pittance: Hardy tourists venture to crime-ridden Venezuela where a black market exchange rate means hotels cost £3 a night and beer ‘just pennies’

  • Exchange controls are skewing the economy in favour of tourists with foreign currency 
  • Enjoy a beer for 15 pence or a trip to a Caribbean island for a mere £10 ($15) a day
  • The government can’t meet demand at official exchange rates so the black market satisfies those prepared to pay
  • In Venezuela, the level of crime normally puts people off, plus shortages of basic products such as milk

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tripadvisor 2015 hotel of the year Gili Lankanfushi Maldives (19)

This Maldives Resort Was Just Named TripAdvisor’s Best Hotel of 2015

tripadvisor 2015 hotel of the year Gili Lankanfushi Maldives (11)

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tripadvisor 2015 hotel of the year Gili Lankanfushi Maldives (3)



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The Fancy Indian Temple That’s Also a Giant Community Kitchen

That’s the Harmandir Sahib in Punjab, India, the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion and home to a kickass lentil soup. The “Golden Temple” also offers free bread and rice 24 hours a day, every day, to anyone who wants it. About 75,000 people eat there on an average day.

Seriously, you simply go in, sit on the floor, and get served some delicious munch. All they ask in return is that you take off your shoes, dress sensibly (no sequin capes that say “Pussy Master” on the back), and don’t bring in cigarettes or alcohol.




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Essential Shanghai Street Food: 14 Must-Eat Dishes

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A bridge too far? China set to open the most terrifying walkway in the world, stretching a quarter-of-a-mile across a canyon at a dizzying height of 980ft… and it’s made of GLASS

  • The Zhangjiajie skywalk is set to open in July hovering over a 980ft drop
  • The transparent bridge stretches 1410ft across the Hunan province scenery
  • It dwarfs America’s Grand Canyon Skywalk which sits 718ft above ground

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From my friend in Belgium.   Wouldn’t it be great if I could go there and rent her a room so she could do her work without being picked up on the street?:

andrea maria laroche<>

6:44 AM (2 hours ago)

to me, goldhorpelinda



Linda Goldthorpe<>

9:24 AM (0 minutes ago)

to andrea
Dear Maria, I pray for you every day.  I don’t know how I could help you but Jesus does.  He loves you very much and so do I.  I’m glad you can use a computer.  L

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‘Mirror Lake’ – On a stretch of road between Söderhamn and Gävle on the Swedish coast, i noticed this small island reflected in a lake. There i drove to a nearby parking area and walked a few minutes for the perfect view. I put my camera on a tripod and made a long-exposure shot for a better ‘mirror’ on the lake, because it was not windless. Picture: Torsten Mühlbacher, Winner, Austria, National Award / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

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‘Winter dream’ by Yasen Georgiev, Bulgaria, 1st Place, Travel. “I was on a skiing holiday with friends in Borovets, which is one of the most famous ski resorts in Bulgaria. The last night before we left I was looking out of my hotel room and dreaming of staying few more days. I wanted to catch the snow and bring atmosphere to the photo so I turned the flash on.” Picture: Sony World Photography Awards 2015


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At least four Florida companies approved for ferry service to Cuba

For the first time in five decades, the U.S. is allowing ferry service between Florida and Cuba.

At least four companies said they were notified Tuesday of approvals by the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments, the first since Washington imposed a trade embargo on Cuba.

Licensed were Havana Ferry Partners of Fort Lauderdale, Baja Ferries of Miami, United Caribbean Lines Florida of Greater Orlando and Airline Brokers Co. of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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A village in a Fjord! Furore in Italy is a brightly coloured settlement tucked away in the mouth of the fjord 

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A village in a Fjord! Furore in Italy is a brightly coloured settlement tucked away in the mouth of the fjord 

Gorge-ous views! Tiny hilltop village, Rougon, boasts panoramic views of the surrounding Verdon Gorge in the south of France 

Gorge-ous views! Tiny hilltop village, Rougon, boasts panoramic views of the surrounding Verdon Gorge in the south of France 

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Road to the Isles Glenfinnan, Scottish Highlands,

Running from the base of Ben Nevis to the port town of Mallaig, the Road to the Isles is a 46-mile scenic drive that takes in historic sites as well as beautiful Scottish countryside. At Loch Shiel you can stop by the Glenfinnan Monument – where Bonnie Prince Charlie launched his campaign for the crown in the Jacobite rising of 1745 – then at Morar you can enjoy the white sands of the almost tropical beach. Adding to the picturesque nature of the route is the occasional sighting of the Jacobite steam train – a world famous railway ride in that takes you over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, best known for its role in the Harry Potter films. All in all, it’s pretty magical.


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Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the CN Tower offers sweeping views of Canada's largest city and Lake Ontario 

Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France

To the south-east of Chamonix, the 12,605ft peak is home to a cafe and gift shop, and attracts nearly half a million visitors each year


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AirBnB just Launched in Cuba, these are some quirky apartments to rent




More at:   8 Quirky AirBnB apartments in Cuba found on Thought & Sight.


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Sustainable Wild Leek Harvesting (Wild Ramps)


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Airbnb Expands to Cuba

“We couldn’t be more excited that, starting today, licensed U.S. travelers will now be able to experience the unique culture and warm hospitality that makes the island so special through our new Cuban community,” said Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk.

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Work Should Be More Like a Café

The original model for the “thinking space” was the café.  Born in 17th century London, the modern café allowed thinkers to spend the day contemplating new ideas for the price of a drink.  As hubs of human activity, patrons could also find others with whom to share and debate their thoughts.  Cafés created the first “social networking sites” where innovators interacted in depth and in real time.

Each of us needs privacy to cultivate our own unique voice and generate ideas, but we must refine those notions through conversation, brainstorming, and exchange with others.  Without that balance, great ideas can suffer in silence or be subsumed in groupthink.

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Mirador del Río is a viewpoint situated on an approximately 475 meters high escarpment on the Canarian island of Lanzarote. The location was created in 1974 by the local artist César Manrique in his typical style, consisting of a balustraded cafe, a souvenir shop and a platform on its top which are integrated in the lava rock. From here guards watched for secretly landing ships in former times. 

Mirador del Rio, Lanzarote



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Win an inn! Owner of historic Maine inn holding essay contest and the winner gets to take over the property

  • Janice Sage, current owner of the Center Lovell Inn, won the inn in a 1993 essay contest
  • After running the inn for 22 years, 68-year-old Sage is ready to retire
  • She expects to receive 7,500 applications by the May 7 deadline

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How to make an all natural antibiotic ointment aka natural Neosporin

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  • 1/2 c. coconut oil
  • 1/2 c. almond oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil
  • 1/2 c. healing herbs of your choice (chamomile, calendula, comfrey, lavender, plantain leaves)
  • 4 Tbsp beeswax
  • 2 tsp witch hazel
  • 15 drops lavender or tea tree essential oils (optional)


  1. Put herbs in a glass jar and pour oil over herbs. Make sure they are submerged.
  2. Put glass jar into a saucepan half filled with water. Heat on low heat for 30 minutes. Stir often.
  3. Strain the herbs from the oil with a coffee filter, cheesecloth, t-shirt, etc.
  4. Place strained oil in the jar back into the saucepan with water.
  5. Add the beeswax. Stir well.
  6. Take off the heat once it is fully melted
  7. Add witch hazel and mix
  8. Once cooled, put into a container of choice.

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Gypsy Wagon Correct one!

6:01 am



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Tahquamenon Falls.  We used to climb around under the ice when we were kids.

No, it’s not a mirage! The amazing oasis town that flourishes in the middle of the driest place on Earth

  • The tropical settlement of Huacachina, in Peru, is nestled in the middle of one of the most barren places on earth 
  • The town is home to 96 residents, and has rustic hotels, shops and even an oasis library
  • Visitors can enjoy watching the sunset over the dunes, before sandboarding down to the oasis

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Nestled in one of the driest locations on earth, is Huacachina; a town complete with trees, hotels, shops and even an oasis library - tranquil!

An aerial view of the Huacachina oasis in Ica, Peru, 300 km south of Lima. The settlement is home to 96 residents, who live around the lagoon

The lake is believed by some to have healing powers, and in the 1940s, wealthy Peruvians would travel to the location to bathe in its waters


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There’s MUSIC when the RAIN FALLS!  (And I even like the color.)


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kokomo by the muppets

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Stop cooking with radiation.


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The ride of their lives! Female stunt driver plays ‘dumb blonde’ with blind dates before leaving them speechless with her rally tricks

  • Ford recruited a professional female driver to take several unsuspecting men on blind dates at a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas, before offering them a lift home in her 2015 Mustang GT
  • Secret cameras show her playing a ‘dumb blonde’, before she gets out into an empty car parking lot and shows what she can do
  • A look of deep concentration suddenly washed over her
  • The men are lost for words as they’re flung back in their seats at speeds of up to 195mph

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Getting into the spirit: 'Oh yeah baby That's what I'm talking about!' one of her passengers exclaims

Wings & Slicks Stunt-Driving School…Toronto, Ontario

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The left-handed pitcher from Johnson City, Tennessee spends his time camping in mountains and driving on the open road with Shaggy when he is not playing baseball (above the player gets ready for bed as the sun sets)


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The Rhone Glacier in the Swiss Alps


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Get your ski trip off to a flying start! Cable car 9,000ft up in the French Alps turned into a luxury room for overnight stays

  • The unusual accommodation will be available in a cable car above stylish resort of Courchevel, France
  • The room is being offered as part of a competition by travel firm Airbnb for one night only
  • Guests must explain why they want to spend night in the Saulire cable car to win the chance for a stay
  • The winning entry will be able to take three guests to the car on March 6 for a night above the mountains

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The hotel room, which offers guests the perfect location to hit the slopes the next morning, is being offered by accommodation website Airbnb

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the company say that the cable car, which is being equipped with a bed and a living room, is there highest ever European listing



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corbusier-inspired chaise bathtub le cob bath by omvivo

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26 Photos Of The Unbelievable Creations From This Year’s International Ice And Snow Festival

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Heaven Is the Food Court at a Suburban Japanese Supermarket

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At This Chinese Restaurant Good-Looking People Eat for Free

Book table here:

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This is a sauna.  (Not: sa-nah.  But:  sa-oo-nah.  Finns pronounce every letter.)

This is  an unusually fine sauna.



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Would you dare go dumpster diving for skincare? What happened when one FEMAIL writer trawled retailers’ trash in the hope of free beauty treasures

  • Journalist PJ Gach has found Creme de la Mer, Estee Lauder and Dior products in garbage bags around New York City. She took FEMAIL’s Erica Tempesta on a tour of her favorite hunting spots to show how it’s done. 

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Peter Pan’s Hideout is now available to Rent on AirBnB

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I’ve never been in a human-hive.

 Each is also equipped with is a plug socket, smoke detector and a fan. There's even a wireless network for those who wish to stay connected

China's minute capsule hotels are gleaning popularity with young travellers due to their very affordable price tags


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Actually, this looks a lot like my bedroom.  The fabric is similar, I used old tablecloths except for the canopy which is made of a mid-century sheer beige stuff.


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Dolmabahçe Palace

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In the spacious kitchen area there is also a fridge and a number of storage units to fit vital camping supplies 

‘Who knows where I’ll end up!’ John Mayer shows off his $500k custom off-road RV (with spice rack and espresso maker to take the edge off even the toughest adventure)

  • Singer-songwriter uploaded image of his new purchase on Instagram  
  • Said he was the ‘proud owner of this most formidable go-anywhere’ 
  • The EarthRomaer XV-LTS is described as an XV or ‘Xpedition Vehicle’ 
  • There is enough room inside to fit eight people including the driver   

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Cold comfort: Sweden’s ice hotel celebrates 25th season with 16 art suites and bar made from 1,600 TONNES of snow and ice

  • Over the last few weeks, 42 artists from around the world have constructed the Icehotel for the 25th time
  • Located in the village of Jukkasjarvi, the hotel uses 1,600 tonnes of ice and snow from the nearby Torne River
  • The ‘pop up’ hotel will open its doors on December 20 and close when it melts away in March

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Shut yourself away from the world outside with the cabin-like Orwell Sofa: Futon transforms into private urban fort

  • Orwell Sofa is a cabin-like futon that features a roll-down ‘blind’
  • Roll-down curtains shut out the light and insulate against sound
  • Created by two young designers to ‘recapture that intimacy in our homes’

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14 Sights to Catch Before Cuba Changes Forever

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I don’t know where Zagreb is.


1. Prague

2. Lisbon

3. Riga

4. Budapest

5. Warsaw

6. Berlin

7. Bangkok

8. Sofia

9. Vienna

10. Dublin

11. Shanghai

12. Madrid

13. Beijing

14. Zagreb

15. Bucharest

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Adventurer spends four years and just £13 a day to visit all 203 countries in the world (and he aims to return home to his girlfriend in late 2017)

  • Torbjørn Pedersen left home in Denmark at 10.10am on October 10, 2013
  • Has visited 70 countries out of 203 in his quest to travel the world 
  • Shipping consultant has vowed to spend at least 24 hours in each nation 

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The Incredible Hermit Caves of Romania


“Think about that for a moment.  Imagine being more than ten minutes at a running pace from anyone else in the world, surrounded by solid rock and more than 13 feet up a sheer rock face, and that’s how you live, day-in and day-out.  No power, no plumbing, no heat, just you, in a hole, praying.  A lot of people are uncomfortable being without human contact for more than a few hours, though there are probably a few people who read that description and consider it to be heaven on earth, myself included.”

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Masca is a hidden gem on beautiful Tenerife. The trail to this village on the monumental Macizo de Teno mountains is a 3 hour hike each way, meaning that very few people ever make the journey.


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Are you brave enough to try a waterslide LOOP THE LOOP? Thrill seekers prepare for world’s fastest wet ride featuring a 90ft vertical drop

  • The SkyCaliber waterslide, developed in Missouri, is set to break three Guiness World Records when it opens 
  • The thrilling ride reaches speeds over 50mph, and its 30ft vertical loop is the world’s tallest in a waterslide 

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The SkyCaliber loop de loop waterslide on a testing ground in Missouri, USA which is set to break three world records when it opens next year


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Vintage Hotel For Sale, straight out of a Wes Anderson Film Set



It’s being sold by its current owners, Karen Cross and her sister Cindy Simpson, who ran it with their late mother who passed in February 2012. Business has clearly slowed down in recent years and this is definitely what you might call a “fixer-upper”, but I think this place has bags of potential.


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Chaffey’s Lock, Ontario

Between Toronto and Ottawa


12:18 pm

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, BC


4:01 am

Mont St-michel, France

Mont Saint-michel, France


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World’s highest swing opens sending daredevils flying 1,640ft across picturesque ravine … from a 558ft-high bridge

  • SochiSwing opens at adventure park in Sochi, Russia
  • Video shows thrillseekers riding the attraction, from 558ft in the air
  • Swing takes daredevils across 1,640ft-wide Akhshtyrsk ravine 

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I’m going to Brussels tomorrow.  It isn’t on my list but it’s not far from places that are.


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I wonder if they have wi-fi?

All aboard the Tehran express: Why tourists are paying $40,000 to travel into the heart of the hard-line Muslim state – and the majority are Americans

  • Iran experiencing a tourist boom as vacationers, especially Americans, flock to see its hidden wonders
  • Capital city Tehran is the final stop on a historic train route from Europe
  • The train takes two weeks to wind through the 7,000 kilometer journey across the Balkans, the Bosphorus and eastern Turkey to arrive in Iran 

Decadent: The luxury train connecting the capitals of Hungary and Tehran had its maiden voyage in October (pictured)

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Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path Makes Bike-Riding At Night An Enchanting Experience

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'I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder': Villagers in Monsanto, Portugal have made their homes around ancient boulders

They’ve been living under a rock! The stunning medieval Portugal village build in and around gigantic 200-tonne BOULDERS

  • Mountaintop village of Monsanto, in eastern Portugal, sits 2,486 above sea level 
  • Locals have adapted homes around the enormous boulders, rather than attempting to move them
  • Some of the granite stone houses date back to 16th century 

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Medieval: The ancient village, formed out of the granite rocks on the mountain, has stood the test of time



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Spain to reopen 'world's most dangerous walk'

After five deaths in the gorge in 1999 and 2000, the Andalusian government announced fines of up €6,000 ($7,800) for trespassers. Screengrab: Danien Lahnen/YouTube

Spain to reopen ‘world’s most dangerous walk’

“In some sections, the path is missing and you have to climb or scramble over rocks even though there’s a massive drop right next to you.

“It’s not that actually difficult: the path is more a mental challenge than a physical one.”



8:20 pm

The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses [Xi’an, China]



7:32 pm

O boating on the rivers,
The voyage down the St. Lawrence, the superb scenery, the steamers,
The ships sailing, the Thousand Islands, the occasional timber-raft
and the raftsmen with long-reaching sweep-oars,
The little huts on the rafts, and the stream of smoke when they cook
supper at evening.


9:57 am

Austria: The world’s first FLYING CAR has arrived… Hitting roads (and skies) near you…




10:48 am

Disappear inside the Secret “Sinners” Cave Temple





4:29 pm

Kaleidoscopic Light Sculptures Fill The Room With Hypnotizing Color Patterns

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“Not only whistle blowers, activists and political opponents are targeted, but also thousands of innocent civilians are subjected to non-consensual testing and mind control experimentation by a myriad of non-lethal weapons and covert community harassment by government and non-government agencies. The conference addresses these issues on individual and global scale, and is also about trying to find solutions for all those targeted, which soon will be all children of our world.”

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10:48 am

The Everlasting Lightning Storm of Venezuela


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The kit folds up to the size of a suitcase (pictured) in order to fit inside the boot of a car and can be unfurled in five minutes to transform a vehicle into a place to sleep, cook and eat, the company claims

Now THAT’S a convertible car! Fold-up kit transforms any vehicle into a double bedroom with a kitchen and dining area

  • The Swiss Room Box is modelled on a foldable Swiss army knife
  • Basic kit includes a double bed, table, chairs and camping stove 
  • Room Box can be assembled in five minutes without tools, company claims
  • It folds up into the size of a suitcase, which can be stowed in a car boot 

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Eiffel Tower’s new £24m glass floor as tourists queue up to test their nerves

  • Glass floor is part of a £24m refit that includes new solar panels, museum 
  • Eiffel Tower is the most popular paid-for tourist attraction in the world
  • Built for the 1889 World’s Fair, almost seven million people visited last year

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5:05 pm

The coffee machine that fits into your POCKET: Hand-powered portable espresso maker makes hot drinks instantly

  • Minipresso relies on a user pumping it to brew coffee to their liking
  • It uses coffee grounds in a pressurised system to mimic a larger machine
  • Dinky device is less than 10 inches (26cm) tall  has a built-in cup 
  • It’s available to pre-order for $39 (£24) from Hong Kong plus shipping

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Would YOU brave the world’s longest footbridge? 1km-long path opens in Russia’s treetops and even boasts a 650ft bungee jump

  • The incredible SkyBridge crosses the Krasnaya Polyana valley, a deep gorge near to Sochi in south-western Russia
  • It opened to visitors in July, and is already offering daring travellers the opportunity to leap from its viewing platform
  • The longest pedestrian suspension bridge on the entire planet, the SkyBridge stretches out for almost a kilometre 

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A widescreen panorama: The SkyBridges is built across the Krasnaya Polyana valley in south-western Russia



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Richard Branson’s place in Morocco.   My boys know a guy who knows Richard Branson, he’s going to work for him in outer space.

Library: when the man himself does he likes to sleep in Room 31 now named Tarrat, which is – aptly - the Berber word for Virgin.

 The height of luxury: each of Sir Richard's Berber tents has a king bed, terrace, view of Mount Toubkal, the Atlas' highest peak, and most come with a Jacuzzi



10:45 am


Otherworldly: The travertine terraces of Pamukkale, Turkey - a Unesco World Heritage Site - have been created by the carbonate mineral in flowing water building up



7:07 am

St. Petersburg



1:05 pm

Airbnb for MEALS: EatWith lets wannabe chefs throw dinner parties for strangers

  • EatWith was created by California-based Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz
  • It connects diners in 28 countries with hosts who want to cook for them
  • All hosts are vetted to make sure they can cook, and are friendly
  • Hosts are also rated by users – and soon hosts will be able to rate diners
  • Site was set up to help people enjoy local, home-cooked food when travelling
  • Host can set the price of attending an event, or suggest a donation amount 

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Experimental living…creating, adapting spaces and materials…



12:26 pm

Greetings from Hicksville, California: Trailer Trash Chic & Ghostly Wild West Playtowns



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The Vessel is suspended in the air like a hammock to create the ultimate feeling of relaxation  

Hanging out with a rubber duck: The bath that thinks it’s a hammock

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12:05 pm




10:39 pm

LeCrans Hotel, Switzerland


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore




6:58 pm




5:14 am

Encounters with The Lion of Judah by Neville Johnson Shawn Bolz Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and Anne Elmer



4:52 pm

Video that makes a splash! Daredevil wingsuit diver beats the heat by jumping 2,050ft to fly through a waterfall 

(Well, it wouldn’t be my FIRST jump.)

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Commune With Nature In These 6 Productivity-Boosting Offices



3:20 am



8:20 am

It is only 484 square feet but it is beautifully located in the Alps with amazing views.

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5:35 am

Jay Bakker’s church





12:16 pm

“For 15 years, this traveling feast has been inviting diners to eat on mountain tops, islands, ranches, in sea caves, greenhouses and vineyards.”

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11:26 am

A night in Gladstone’s library: Victorian PM’s Hawarden home becomes a literary hotel

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1:38 pm

Cinque Terre, Italy



5:58 am

Dazzling: Visitors to the Bambu Indah hotel in Bali can step out of bed onto a glass floor above a stunning underwater panorama of a fresh shrimp pond



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9:59 pm

Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey


Over millions of years, the hotsprings in Pamukkale have transformed the landscape. Although it may look like these terraces are made of ice and snow, Turkey has bikini weather all year round. The ground is just coated in white limestone.



2:58 pm



5:05 am

Upstream Ministries–California

Dance With Me


Was thinking about the video I had seen of the woman with the dancing horse.  Bev & I had just prayed, as she’s been battling severe attacks of witchcraft all week,

“Arise and Thresh daughter of Zion, for I am putting a bigger sword in your hands. I will strengthen your hands & arms to be able to wield it gracefully for you will dance with me a mighty sword dance in the spirit! Those spirits which have come against you & tormented you and pressed you down will be annihilated & crushed to pieces.” 

“You will dance & dance & dance on injustice! And you will become ONE with Me in the dance!!! Joy will fill your heart. The enemy is enraged with the woman but I AM enraged with Him and I will be Your Protector & Your Shield!”



11:14 am


All this aside, you probably won’t find a teahouse like this anywhere else, set on the peak of a sacred mountain 7087 feet in the air.”

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6:38 pm

 Sony World Photography Awards 2014: Winners Revealed



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6:00 pm

The Italian Hotel built inside Abandoned Medieval Grottos

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DTS network update: Dave’s hugelkultur bed experiment

Hugelcultur beds have many benefits:

  • Grow food in inhospitable climates (drought) and terrain (rocky and hard clay)
  • Self watering – decaying wood acts like a sponge to hold and release moisture plants need
  • Decomposing wood releases heat to extend growing season in cold climates
  • Decaying wood prevents nutrients from being washed away into ground water
  • Air pockets are created in the raised bed to keep soil from becoming compacted
  • Creates a microbe rich environment for mycelium
  • Releases nitrogen which plants love
  • Makes good use of fallen trees and branches from storms that don’t make it into your supply of firewood
  • Works in deserts and backyards
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Graham Hughes visited 201 nations, including the 193 members of the United Nations, Taiwan, Vatican City, Palestine, Kosovo, Western Sahara and the four home nations of the United Kingdom.

Territories are marked with a ‘T’ before the number.

The countries are listed in the order they appear in the video, not in the order he visited.

Graham Hughes' adventures were even turned into a National Geographic documentary

Graham Hughes’ adventures were even turned into a National Geographic documentary


001 Brazil
002 Uruguay
003 Argentina
004 Paraguay
005 Bolivia
006 Chile
007 Peru
008 Ecuador
009 Colombia
010 Venezuela
011 Guyana
012 Suriname


013 Trinidad & Tobago
014 Grenada
015 St. Vincent & The Grenadines
016 Barbados
017 St. Lucia
T01 Martinique
018 Dominica
019 St. Kitts & Nevis
020 Antigua & Barbuda
T02 St. Martin/Sint Maarten
T03 British Virgin Islands
T04 US Virgin Islands
021 Dominican Republic
022 Haiti
023 Jamaica


024 Mexico
025 Guatemala
026 El Salvador
027 Nicaragua
028 Honduras
029 Costa Rica
030 Panama
031 Belize
032 The United States of America
033 The Bahamas
034 Cuba
035 Canada

Not every stop needed his fedora for shade from the sun, as seen here in Canada

Not every stop needed his fedora for shade from the sun, as seen here among the rocky landscapes in Canada


036 Iceland
T05 The Faroe Islands
037 The Netherlands
038 Belgium
039 France
040 England
041 Wales
042 Ireland
043 Northern Ireland
044 Scotland
045 Luxembourg
046 Germany
047 Denmark
048 Sweden
049 Norway
050 Finland
051 Estonia
052 Russia
053 Latvia
054 Lithuania
055 Belarus
056 Poland
057 The Czech Republic
058 Slovakia
059 Hungary
060 Romania
061 Moldova
062 Ukraine
063 Bulgaria
064 Greece
065 Macedonia
066 Kosovo
067 Montenegro
068 Serbia
069 Albania
070 Croatia
071 Bosnia & Herzegovina
072 Slovenia
073 Austria
074 Liechtenstein
075 Switzerland
076 Italy
077 Vatican City
078 Malta
079 Tunisia (Africa)
080 San Marino
081 Monaco
082 Andorra
083 Spain
084 Portugal


085 Morocco
086 Western Sahara
087 Mauritania
088 Senegal
089 Cape Verde
090 The Gambia
091 Guinea-Bissau
092 Mali
093 Guinea
094 Sierra Leone
095 Liberia
096 Côte D’Ivoire
097 Ghana
098 Togo
099 Benin
100 Burkina Faso
101 Niger
102 Nigeria
103 Cameroon
104 Chad
105 Central African Republic
106 Equatorial Guinea
107 Gabon
108 Saõ Tomé & Principé
109 Congo
110 Democratic Republic of Congo
111 Angola
112 Namibia
113 South Africa
114 Botswana
115 Lesotho
116 Swaziland
117 Mozambique
118 Zimbabwe
119 Malawi
120 Zambia
121 Tanzania
122 Comoros
123 Madagascar
T06 Reunion
124 Mauritius
125 Rwanda
126 Burundi
127 Uganda
128 Kenya
129 Ethiopia
130 Djibouti
131 Somalia
The four-minute video gives a small taste of Graham Hughes' global adventure, including a quick look at Lebanon

The four-minute video gives a small taste of Graham Hughes’ global adventure, including a quick look at Lebanon


132 Saudi Arabia
133 Egypt (Africa)
134 Sudan (Africa)
135 Jordan
136 Palestine
137 Israel
138 Syria
139 Lebanon
140 Turkey
141 Iraq
142 Cyprus (Europe)
143 Libya (Africa)
144 Algeria (Africa)
145 Georgia
146 Armenia
147 Azerbaijan
148 Kazakhstan
149 Uzbekistan
150 Kyrgyzstan
151 Tajikistan
152 Turkmenistan
153 Afghanistan
154 Iran
155 Kuwait
156 Bahrain
157 Qatar
158 United Arab Emirates
159 Oman
160 Yemen
161 Eritrea (Africa)
162 Pakistan
163 India
164 Bangladesh
165 Bhutan
166 Nepal
T07 Tibet
167 China
168 Mongolia
169 South Korea
170 North Korea
171 Japan
172 Taiwan
173 Vietnam
174 Cambodia
175 Thailand
176 Laos
177 Burma
178 Malaysia
179 Singapore
180 Indonesia
181 Brunei
182 The Philippines
183 East Timor
The Seychelles, on the Oceania leg on the tour, took seven attempts to enter because of fears over Somali pirates

The Seychelles, on the Oceania leg on the tour, took seven attempts to enter because of fears over Somali pirates


184 Papua New Guinea
185 Solomon Islands
186 Australia
T08 New Caledonia
187 Vanuatu
188 Fiji
189 Tuvalu T09 Wallis
T10 Futuna
190 Kiribati
191 Marshall Islands
192 Samoa
T11 American Samoa
193 Tonga
194 New Zealand
195 Nauru
T12 Northern Mariana Islands
T13 Guam
196 Micronesia
197 Palau
T14 Hong Kong
T15 Macau


198 Sri Lanka
199 The Maldives
200 The Seychelles
201 South Sudan

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11:25 am

Sunwapta Valley



9:47 am

40 Incredible Secret Places Most Travelers Don’t Know About.

See here:

Aescher, Switzerland



6:45 am

“Once you get in the door you’re in a pleasant, fishy-homey atmosphere that surely recalls what the city was like a century ago. In the back a man brandishing a wicked little knife carves fish fillets. Behind the counter two women with paper hats and aprons are packing up orders. The glass case shows off meaty slabs of salmon and cod, bowls of mussels mixed into a salad, eel slices arranged like jewelry. The women banter with customers in the flat twang of the old Amsterdammer accent, and the air is scented by kibbeling: battered chunks of deep-fried fish.”

6:48 am

“The non-Amsterdam method is, in a word, just wrong: The “diner” holds the fish aloft by the tail, tilts his or her head back, opens the mouth, and slowly lowers the thing in. Unseemly, no? In Amsterdam, the herring comes on a dignified paper plate, cut in slices, or (my preference) on a roll: a broodje haring, or herring sandwich. Traditionally it’s served with chopped raw onions and sweet pickles, and that’s how I get it. Each of the three flavors is strong, their interaction is just right, and a canalside bench is precisely the spot to enjoy it.”


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