Kingdom Court Documents


7:39 am

By the time I’ve saved up a hundred fifty dollars to file my lawsuit against my dad, mother and brother (I haven’t figured out how to include their corporations but I suppose I should do that.), I should have my first set of interrogatories ready to file right away.  I’m categorizing them according to ‘creepiness’ level.  I will begin asking questions about the most creepy things they did over the past few years.  It was pretty creepy every time I asked questions and my mom screamed at me. Kicking me off their property was creepy, and I’m pretty sure I remember the topics they were rejecting at the times I was thus discharged.  There was the time my dad took pictures of me as I begged him to just shoot me instead of leaving me in family-limbo.  Who was he going to show the pictures to?  What was he wishing to document?  That he had seriously TRIED REALLY REALLY HARD to make me crazy?  I suspect his failure to do so has caused him discomfort with the controllers. I will ask what my mother meant when she yelled:  WE HAD TO DO IT;  and the time my father encouraged me to disrobe in public stands out.  It was creepy when they knew things about my life that they had no observable way to know.   This will be a REALLY FUN court case!


4:55 am


State of Michigan, yada, yada…
Plaintiff and two defendants live in Luce county.  The third defendant resides in Mackinac county but owns corporate stock pertaining to businesses in Luce county.  The tortfeasers feased their torts also, in Luce county.  The plaintiff seeks an amount greater than $5,000, and equitable relief.
1)  In 2009, during February, the defendant approached the Michigan State Police and plaintiff’s doctor with lying accusations about the plaintiff.
2)  Between 2009 and 2015, defendants have continually slandered the plaintiff, to family, friends, acquaintances and the general populace.
3)  In Autumn, 2011, plaintiff wrote a book, about her unique experiences as a Congressional candidate who was targeted for observation and abuse and later learned that the defendants were involved with her torture.
4)  After reading forementioned book, defendants behaved humanly, until they recognized that the plaintiff had no idea what they’d a) done, b) lied about, and 3) continue to conceal.
5)  In 2012, defendant asked plaintiff to sign her home over to her children.  Plaintiff always did what her daddy asked because she wanted him to love her really bad, so she complied, giving ownership of a valuable property to teenagers  who had no way to pay property taxes.
6)  Then, defendants attempted AGAIN to have plaintiff locked up.
7)  Defendants lied to ALL of plaintiff’s a) friends, b) family, and c) political/business acquaintances, about the plaintiff.
Due to the tortious actions of the defendants, plaintiff seeks relief for the following:
1)  Invasion of privacy
2)  Alienation of affection
3)  Slander
4)  Conversion of property by false pretenses
5)  Misuse of legal procedure
6)  Intentional infliction of emotional distress
7)  Intentional interference with advantagous relationships
8)  Loss of consortium
   (Can election tampering be a personal tort?)
Plaintiff prays this honorable court grant:
1)  That defendants pay the plaintiff 7 million dollars,
2)  That defendants must post notice in the Newberry News attesting to the extreme regret experienced by the defendants, when they saw that the plaintiff had been right for twenty years.
3)  Whatever other relief this honorable court deems just.
Respectfully submitted,
though undoubtedly imperfectly drafted.  I haven’t written a complaint for years and I beg the court’s indulgence as to form,
Linda Goldthorpe
(I no longer have a  P-number.  I couldn’t pay my bar dues after my dad slandered me because he disliked my politics.)

11:51 am

Now we got eighth-grade kids doing psych evaluations for us.  Lindsey Graham’s niece said the ‘shooter’ was unsocial.  She should know by that age, I expect, since they’d been drumming it into her for 13 years already.  We just know, don’t we?  We’re being nothing but honest, when we judge others, because we just know how people should behave and what they should value.  It never occurs to us to consider where our ‘ideas’ of ‘normal’ came from in the first place.  We’re pathetic.  It’s really thoughtful of God and the NSA to eliminate any delusion of ‘normal’.  None of us will have group-think to fall back on, when every individual’s personal foibles are available at which to snicker.  Seriously, this ‘conflict’ is over, and the gates of hell have not prevailed…in the community-sense.  Individuals however, have not yet begun to fight.


I forgot to write about the damages on my complaint:
Due to the wrongful actions of the defendants, plaintiff has suffered the following damages:
She lost her 1) marriage, 2) the affection and trust of her children and all other family members, 3) her home, 4) her earning potential at the point where she was the most marketable ever in her life (People were sending me campaign donations from all over the country.), 5)  her friends, 6) her allies, 7) her confidence, and 8) her freedom.





5:31 pm

People are getting pissed.  It can’t be about me, I only tell the truth.  (That being truth as I know it.)  But nobody is even willing to correct me if I might  be wrong!  I bless and pray for everybody!  My family will only criticize and chastise.  I don’t know what to do!  “God, may I demonstrate that love does not exist in the presence of lying.” (Or you do it.  I’d rather have it be that way.)  I DECLARE:  “All religious spirits making us (people I know and people in Michigan and people in the liberty movement) feel bad about ourselves, and you dirty rotten spirits of fear, I bind you in the name of Jesus whose servant I am.  He said we could do this and I’m going to learn about spiritual authority if it kills you!”


I’ve got to feel confident to do what I’ve got to do.  We all must have confidence in our divinity and personal God-given power.  We cannot back down from lies, and we cannot recline into institutional  mindsets.  We don’t get to say, “I don’t like you because you’re not like me.”  This is over and done with.  I DECLARE!  We must work together on one very serious problem.  We are mind-controlled.  We are mind-driven, and mind-condemned. We must move into a more spiritual position or the powers-that-be will have us micro-chipped and rounded up. There is only one way out of mind-control.  Up.  We have to see further than the boys with the gamebox.   (This is so scriptural I’m loving it.)


Egg tastes better when it’s not on your face.  I am not being unkind to my father.  I’m being most forgiving.  He must speak up because I am destitute, because he’s a liar.  When Zuckerberg gets my subpoena, my life will be exposed to my family for the first time ever.  My Facebook track record is a thing I cherish.  I counsel a number of people, draw strength from others, and only talked about sex one time in all these years. (They say if you use a feather it’s normal but it’s kinky if you use the whole chicken.)   I want my family to know that I regularly encourage others to be stronger and better and more  sure of themselves.  I want all the  neighbors  who eat my food to see my name in the paper.  I want this to end.  I DECLARE JUSTICE.  Justice for Linda, servant of the Most High God.


(Feels pretty  funny to be saying that on behalf of myself.  “Thank you, Your Honor.”)

(Dad, the spies know all about me.  I think that’s why they don’t like you.)





2:29 pm

My parents’ secretary gave me a birthday card last week with a hundred dollars in it.  I was also given two dividend checks with value totaling $4.80.  I’ll deduct this too.  I used the money to visit a friend who has recently been divorced.  Then I spent 8 dollars at Salvation Army to buy a few sweaters.



9:34 am




4:52 am

God says I can ask for a trust account for maintenance of this house too.  As far as I know it has no insurance and the taxes are unpaid.  My father was extremely unkind to give the responsibility for this very fancy house, to a 21 year-old boy who wonders how he will support his father.  My dad chides the boy about these issues although I’ve told him of my son’s burden.  The house has deteriorated during our tenure, due to lack of funds (before we moved in I told Dad we couldn’t afford to maintain it), laziness and the torture and groupstalking we suffered.

God said to keep telling the truth and he’ll take care of this.



6:02 am

Settlement Negotiations

OK Dad, so here’s what I’m thinking.  I’d like to get out of your face while you rebuild your confidence.  How ’bout you set me up in Toronto so Josh and I can reconnect at a Swing Dance Class and when I come back we’re friends.  Then we  can save America.  What do y’say?

10:27 am

I read the above to Chayla who commented:  “I  like that because it’s the first time you’ve ever mentioned your  dad without including the words ‘anal-rape’ or something.”

She’s not usually so risque, but I don’t believe she could have said it better.



9:32 pm

Motion to COMPEL Performance of JUDGMENT

“If I call any one of My children to give anything – at any given time – it is for
this one purpose  and this one purpose only: that they might continually sow the
“necessary” seeds that I instruct them to sow – in order to bring them into a state
of “continual increase” and My greatest blessing in their own life and ministry”

More at:



8:30 am

“Jesus, my Dad hasn’t made a settlement offer yet…”



3:56 am

“Judge Jesus, I apologize that I forgot to name the main defendant.  I’ve asked for your judgment against “flesh and blood.”  I especially ask for your judgment against the father of lies and the accuser of the brethren.  I ask you to restore everything he has stolen from me and from the other defendants.  I ask you to multiply this restoration to include everything he stole from our ancestors and the martyrs.  I ask for the million souls you promised me, many times over.  Thank you, Your Honor.”



4:00 pm

3:26 pm



2:25 pm

  If I’m feeling charitable later, I’ll make a salad and some mashed potatoes.  I made stuffed peppers and  barbecued pork ribs.  There’s cabbage salad left over, and I baked blondies.  I’m going to make some Snickers bars and I suppose I should start a loaf of bread.  God says I’m a servant.  He says that’s good, but he doesn’t look at my work.  He looks at my heart.  So to be accurate, sometimes I am a servant.  I’m always good.
                    I defy anybody to tell me that hours spent in church are not the boring-est of the week.  (Maybe not for Catholics. They have lots of stuff to look at.) This hypocrisy alone, makes my dad a tremendous liar.  He is bored at the fireworks!  He is bored in Singapore.  He is habitually bored.  (This is not a criticism.  I just recognize it because I’m even bored at Macy’s where he lives and starts to spittle a little.  I am joining the “Church of–STOP SHOPPING”!)   Ah, the times  I’d look at my dad during the  five thousandth identical sermon we’d heard together and… he would not even roll his eyes.  He is the biggest liar I know.  And I’ve met the governor.  (He wouldn’t pay for my drink after I called him a Nazi.  He’s more honest than my dad.)
                    I will to not ever be a liar again.  The NSA and the haunting made me recognize that I am a liar.  I was a liar.  If I lie now, I fix it.  Glory be to God.  “Do not allow me to stray even one step from your perfect will for my life.  Amen.”  If my dad would pray that prayer once, I’d be settled in Toronto in time to enroll Josh in something he loves.  He no longer loves his mother.  That must change.  My dad holds two keys that belong to me.  (At least that’s all for now.)



2:24 PM

“There have been times in my life when I have felt it necessary to get out of the USA because of the negative energy and cynicism which seems to have come to define the thinking of folks across the political spectrum.”

More at:



6:26 am

Computation of damages, continued.

I was really hoping you wouldn’t make me do this, I’m not very good with numbers.

If A equals the number of times I stuck up for you and

B equals the number of times you denigrated my reputation

then, wouldn’t the sum of the integers be a negative number?



7:58 pm

Every  day’s  delay ups the ante.  The damages continue, until my name is cleared.  I am embraced by old acquaintances with conciliatory expressions as they ask, “How are you?” Every additional day an individual thinks I’m crazy is costing you money.  Selah.

This is between you and God.

9:37 am

My miracle car is getting rusty.  Our settlement will be sufficient to replace it.  I need new Sorels too.  Mine are way too big.  A woman can’t do a man’s work wearing man-sized boots.


November 25, 2013

2:32 am

Luke 1:17

“And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”


November 15, 2013

2:09 pm

I just remembered my dad lent me some campaign money that I was unable to pay back while I was being tortured and then on my truth-quest.  We can deduct that.


November 10, 2013

5:07 am


November 10, 2013

My leftover spaghetti doesn’t taste too good.

Let’s go over this million-and-a-half thing.  As you know, I live in a house where “if I don’t do it, it ain’t happening.”  You know this and have enjoyed it.  Spaghetti’s tasting better.  You put me out of commission for a couple years.  My services were not received.  I should have been serving Josh, and Isaac, and the property, and George and myself.  This offense continues because I was also unable to train Joshua.  He should be replacing me with things like firewood, and dishes, and laundry.  You denied him the opportunity to learn, and you also denied my benefit of his services.  Shit.  I could go on forever…

I have no idea what you’re worth because you never ever told me even one thing about your business.    Except once a year when you were desperate  to write a letter that was above your intellectual-pay-grade.

I had hoped not to do this in public, but I’m ready if you are.  You and I both know that one big reason you called me crazy is because you didn’t want people to find out I’m smarter than you.  That’s pathetic.

I don’t care if David and Isaac hate me forever!  I love truth more and I always will.  This is NOT going to go away.  Selah.

Happy Sunday.


October 21, 2013

JOINDER,  addition of Defendant  “Lakefield Baptist Church”

Lord Jesus, Divine Judge of the Universe, I tried to explain how their destruction of lives by calumny, is MURDER.   They don’t seem to get it.

I showed them your miracles;  I haven’t heard from anybody.

They LIED about me, corporately and in many cases individually.

I respectfully request that you grant judgement for the Plaintiff and make them  1) eat their words, 2) declare me competent and sane,  3) apologize to my family,  5) make my dad tell the truth,  4) offer me the pulpit, and 5) whatever other relief you say.




Recent texts to my dad:

“Josh was really excited about having had a snack at your house.  Thank you.”
“I’ve been working ’round the clock for six months.  My blog has fifteen hundred posts…that means I’ve read at least five thousand articles.  I’d rather be making connections with “swede-toronto-dot-com” and getting Josh enrolled with his tutor.  He is not even expected to turn out a light here.”
My mother just brought Josh a “quiche”.  I sent the texts to her, too.
Then I sent to her:  “Josh taunted me with his quiche.  He said it’s not gooey like mine.  Thank you for making him feel special.”
Then I sent her Jeremiah 8:7




(Daddy, I love you so!  I always have!  I did what you said!  You fucked me up the ass and I wrote it down.)  (Lord, I tried.)

(New documents first, reverse order, I’ll fix it when I figure it out.)

There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice. — Charles De Montesquieu

There IS a crueler tyranny.  That which is perpetuated under the shield of family /and or church and in the name of love/and or Jesus.  ( Goldthorpe, Linda Jean)

9/28/13  6 am


One of my sons and I were in a public kind of building on a campus somewhere. All of a sudden people were watching me and getting out of the way as I approached. I looked out a window and saw military trucks coming down the street. The building was filled with guys with guns and they were running all over…looking for us!

A big door opened and I kind of hid behind some guys who were watching…in came MY DAD! He was furious! He said, “She ruined the plan my mother and I had for her! She doesn’t want fifty thousand anymore…she wants a MILLION DOLLARS!”   He stormed out after commissioning the military to find me.

I took my son and we ran, but I just kept talking to so many people I couldn’t get very far. I ended up in a small beauty parlor where a soldier-boy held a weapon right against my head and shot it. It didn’t hurt, and I could still talk so I started chatting with him. Turns out we had worked at the same school for autistic kids. He laughed when I told him I had been there when they were setting up the department we both remembered as “Bloomingdales.”  Lots of hardware and building equipment in a very tiny building.

Those weapons can steal your thoughts, and they can put new ones there. Glad the guy liked me. Fun dream.

(PS-  I can’t remember how much God said my father would give me, it was a while ago…He said 1.4 million or 1.5.  I can’t remember between 4′s and 5′s very well.  Dad already gave me a thousand dollars and an ugly synthetic pullover.  So I guess 1.5 or 1.4 minus 1,000, minus a buck eighty nine.)

(PPS-  Oh, yeah, the military trucks were FLYING!  I tried to show my son but he was too frightened at the time to listen to me.)

(PPS-  I got a business card from the old lady who owned the beauty shop.  I’ll be going back there.  I pick up useful information from all over.  I learned the habit from my dad.)


August 30, 2013          Settlement Negotiations


“In all my years serving God I have never seen the Enemy fight against anything more than Kingdom-finances getting into the hands of the righteous, and believers entering into true unity and one accord – the true unity and one accord that produces a corporate anointing [of Kingdom-power] that he has absolutely no way to defend against. This is a very critical time – a time in which God is going to unfold His plan in an accelerated manner through a holy people. Many have been in a life and death battle to enter into the fullness of their precious destiny in Christ but although, at times, it “seems” like the Enemy is winning, he is NOT! God is setting him up for a VERY large fall in the area of finance [and every other area for that matter].”  (Glenn Jackson)

I’m trying to think about what I would do if I had a lot of money. God says I will. I can’t think of a thing I’d do different, right now.  I can’t think of a single thing I’d buy. I’d fill up my gas tank, and visit people I haven’t seen for a while, I expect.  I’d take them food, like I always do.  I’d give some money to my boys, because I owe them both, and buy Josh some new clothes because he still wears shorts that Isaac wore ten years ago..  I’d send seventeen dollars to reimburse Dan for sending my coat back after I left it at his house a year ago.  I’d buy Glenn a camera and a portable display booth for Rick.

OK, now I’m getting into this. I could figure out how to spend some money.  I would take Josh to all the museums he’s always wanted to see.  We’d start at the Henry Ford, and I’d take him out to dinner at Red Lobster.  (I’ve always wanted to take my family out to dinner.  I did it one time, at the Rustic in 2008.)  I’d see that Isaac got the operations on his feet, now that he’s decided to go through with them.  I’d buy them each a new computer.  I’d get Isaac his very first printer.  I’d get all the cars fixed so the dashboards don’t light up like Christmas trees and find transportation for Josh.

Then I’d hire somebody to fix all the punched-holes in the drywall around here.  I’d buy wood for the winter, and install insulated stove-pipe.  I’d get rid of all the broken things rotting in the carport and get one of the lawnmowers fixed.  I’d buy a snowblower.  I’d buy a new scoop too, with a really solid handle. Maybe I’d buy an old truck with a snowplow so I could make a little money.  ( guess if I had some money, I’d just use it around here and to help people who shovel.)  I’d get a water filter so we could use the dishwasher. I would pay taxes and get insurance on the house, so Isaac doesn’t carry such a burden of worry.  I’d relieve my family’s concerns about many things.

I’d probably buy a real phone so I could make all the calls I’ll need to find the place to tell what I know.  Then I’d take Josh to Washington with me, so he could see all the Smithsonians.  I would go to one of Isaac’s conferences with him, so he would have somebody to share with when he got home.  I’d search and search until I found a good lawyer, and pay a retainer so I could call when troubled people come to me.  I’d buy some new underwear and throw away the rest of my huge panties.  I’d get the boys underwear too, so I wouldn’t need to patch theirs anymore.  I’d replenish my spice closet and buy a gallon of that Thai chili sauce we’ve been missing. I’d buy all the books that have been languishing on my list. I’d buy Isaac’s books too.  I’d buy Josh the books he’d like to read.  I’d find a community for him.  Then maybe I’d go to a mall and look at all the things I don’t need. I haven’t been to a mall for years.  They used to make me laugh.

I would give some money away.  I would give Kasper some money for legal defense.  I’d give Rick some money so he can get on the road to minister to strangers like he loves to do.  I’d buy Steve something he never thought he wanted.  I’d rent a cottage from Eric so Glenn could come up any time, and I’d give him bus fare.  I’d fix the sauna and install bunks in the shed.  I’d fix a lot of things. I would not pay taxes to the anti-christ government, but they don’t expect taxes on gifts anyway.  I’d take Isaac to visit Kuala Lumpur, where he thinks he belongs.  He should see it first. I’d like to help him arrive in the right place.

I’d organize a love-fest, right here.  I’d help people get here if they couldn’t afford to come, people who have been waiting for this end of time and long to hear others’ stories of the transition.  People who love God more than anything else.  People who have been obedient unto death.  They could bring their friends.  I’d be God’s party-planner.  I’d pray about every single thing I did.  I’d have a large garden.  (Guess I’d buy a roto-tiller, too.)  I’d learn a bit of Russian. I’d go to Minnesota and tell Belva about all that happened to us.  She deserves better than she’s had.

If God doesn’t give me the money right away, it’ll be fine.  I won’t be bored because my neighborhood is going to become very interesting anyway.  The church is going to explode and I’ve been praying for that place for years.  I know a guy who prayer-walked around it a lot. I know children who had visions of glass blowing out of the windows.  I myself, had visions of cars falling from the sky and crashing outside the building, as the “members” picnicked.  I will watch this and remember God’s words to me.  I am grateful that God tells me what to expect.  I’m also grateful that He doesn’t divulge all the details right away.  It’s like a puzzle. He’ll keep me entertained until I can afford to start fixing things.

Fixing things is God’s work anyway, and I’m all about God’s work. I have no wishes of my own, other than to see His name glorified and to bask in His presence.  I’d like my family and former friends to do the same, they’d need nothing else. They’re very needy at present, so I’m looking forward to the coming months. I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING!  I’m looking forward, to the time they all become honest and open and recognize the falseness of our current world.  I hope they’ll pray with me again,  “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  I hope they’ll be on the right side when He answers that prayer.  Heaven is not a pleasant place for liars and hypocrites.



Dear Dad,

I guess it’s clear that your iniquitous attempts to control other people will soon be exposed.  I’d like to mitigate the pain you will suffer.  I’d like to help you be happy.  I know that you will never be happy unless you decide to confess and repent.  I hear from my relatives about the “hate” letters I send you.  I have copies of loving letters.  I haven’t shown them to anybody.  Not even when Mom contacted Kevin Keizer.  She did not tell me she was doing so; I told you every time I mentioned you to another person.  (Except when I told David what you’ve said about your regret at not having a son with characteristics you desired.)  I have been upright and Godly in my attempts to communicate with you.  I do not wish to see you as embarrassed as you will be.  I did not wish for this to go so far.  I have no say in the matter, since every single day I give my life to God.

I attempted to obey you every day of my youth.  I came to you first, whenever I had an idea.  You never one time gave me encouragement.  Not once.  You never spoke to me about my choices, but criticized them later, and attempted to sabotage my attempts to gain knowledge and courage.  I do not hate you for this.  I pity you.

It is hard not to hate you for what you have done to my family.  Isaac is one of the best men I’ve ever known, at 21.  I encouraged him to think and to try new things.  Joshua is stunted.  Your fault.  He is far brighter than you or I, and he will recover.  You, however, have little time for such remediation.

I do not care how frightened you are.  I do not care that you do not like me.  I do not care that you will lose most of what you “own”.  God owns it all.  Your failure to recognize this fact is the root of your problem.  “Love of money”.  Money is an illusion, as will soon be demonstrated when the economy becomes one of bartered necessities.  I can enjoy that, I’m certain.  I’ve been prepared by deprivation and innovation.  I will be fed by the hand of God.  You may not survive.

“Iniquity” means “lawlessness”.  Is there any law you obey?  Any at all?  Isaac chuckles about your schemes and maneuvering.  I do not like this tendency, but his life is not my business.  His life is God’s.  Your life belongs to an arena I’ve struggled to escape.

Thank you for trying to help Josh get his drivers’ license.  He stole your papers because his dad is “doing it”.  It began in March and I stopped asking about progress months ago.  You have allowed a seriously diseased situation to fester.  You have encouraged the dissolution of your own family.  The Bible has many things to say about men such as yourself.

I do not care that I have no influence here.  I’ve asked that Jesus take over this family for many years.  You got in the way.  You should be fearful, as you are.  This is a loving warning.  If you can not distinguish between love and hate, you have no business in the Kingdom.  The world, as you know it, is over.

I DO care, however, that I have no place in this world.  You stole everything from me.  You stole everything from me, in your attempts to elevate yourself.  Selah.

Dear Dad, please get on your knees and repent for the evil you did to me and my family.  It will make no difference to me, no difference at all.  It will make an eternity of difference for you.  You run people like they were cattle, and make them be grateful for your manipulation.  You know this to be true, and I know you.  I know you and I love you and if you died today…as you fear…I would mourn.  Only not for long.

Do you think, that if I hated you I could not have devised unique and subtle means of harming you?
Am I not smart enough?  Am I not connected enough?  Am I not energetic enough?  Do not call “love” “hate” anymore.  I bought it and it caused me harm.  Thanks to men like you and Clive I could not recognize love when I finally saw it.  I will not live without love anymore and I certainly will not call it by another name.  I pity you more than I can say.


Brandon texted me and told me basically to cut it out with my parents.  He said, “‘Sweet Linda’  you must forgive and cherish the time remaining with your parents.”  1) I am not, nor have I ever been with my parents.  And, 2) Time Is Over.  I’d like to have a genuine relationship.  I’d like to have an eternal relationship.  I’d like not to kick myself in a week or two because I had not been even more offensive than I am!  Mother, father, you are so important to me that I’ll be a fool for you.

Anyway, I said to Brandon:  THE SURVEILLANCE WILL NEVER STOP UNLESS TRUTH IS REVEALED!   I said, “For such a time as this.”  I haven’t heard back.  I texted a copy to my witnesses, and my father.  I don’t have Clive’s number.  God is merciful.



Plaintiff’s Closing Argument               8/15/13

William Shakespeare ­
“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

“I have often advised my psychologically traumatized patients who were physically, sexually or emotionally abused in childhood by parent figures to only give respect and forgiveness to them when they have truly earned it and therefore deserve the respect and forgiveness.”  (Dr. Gary Kohls)

Respect and forgiveness are two very different things.  In this same manner do respect and love differ. Love and forgiveness do not require a worthy object.  Offering either is an isolated decision, requiring nothing of the forgiven, or of the loved.  Respect must be earned.  Much that passes for respect is nothing of the sort.  People are “respected” for traits they do not possess, or due to money or pedigree.  Most “respected” people enjoy their status on hear-say alone. These have been granted a “respectable” reputation.

We all have within our minds, a list of characteristics which are “respectable”.  Few people evaluate their list, which makes sense because they never saw it developing.  It just is.  Although this internal standard has not been intelligently considered, it is still the dogma of social interaction.  It is sacrosanct.  Respect is thus misplaced, and destructive.
Forgiveness and love are not subject-oriented.  They can manifest spontaneously, and must.

Forgiveness is necessary for the forgiver, and for the forgiven.  We are required, for our own soul’s redemption, to forgive everyone.  We are required moreso, if we dare to claim the name of Jesus the Christ, to forgive even those who do not request it.  This is called “remitting” the sin.  It’s in the book.  Christians are required to do this, and commanded not to curse with their mouths, the life of another.

I guess that you fine Christian people of Lakefield Baptist Church have a dilemma.  You
took my children’s faith in Jesus the Christ away from them.  Surely, as true believers, you must recognize this as a very grave situation.  The Word says: millstone around the neck, etc.

The fire is growing hotter and already much closer than you imagine.  You must make this right, even if only as a prudent bet.  If odds are better that the Bible is true, you have some explaining to do.  You should try and get my boys back to Sunday School, don’t you think?  Personally this does not worry me because 1)  God told me in 2007 that my children belong to Him.  (You have a copy.)  and 2)  I KEPT RECORDS!  Josh has an entire suitcase full of notebooks full of drawings full of SPIRITUAL SCENES.  All four of us 1) prayed in tongues, 2) saw visions, and 3) loved Jesus.  I alone am left to tell the tale.

What you did to me destroyed my credibility with these children.  You NEVER EVEN ONCE came to me to discuss your concerns about my mental health.  You talked about me.  Steve Taylor, the mayor of this community has said to me on more than one occasion,  (…but I never thought you were crazy.”  DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY TIMES HE DISCUSSED ME…BECAUSE OF YOU?  Slash and burn.  Slash and burn, boys, you tried to kill me even if I’m wrong about the NSA.  Ouch.

I cried over your “quote” “unquote” “church” many long teary nights.  I prayed for Melody’s family for hours on end.  I prayed for my “quote” “unquote” “parents” since I can remember.  They were always gone and I was always scared.  When I grew some, and realized they were full of shit, I began to pray for their immortal souls.  That was many years ago.

Mother, I told you God says you are no longer my responsibility.  Sheesh.  ‘Bout time.  Father, you admitted that I “love you more than any woman ever has.”  (My government has your admission on video.)  Clive, you love your past.  You cling to pain and condemnation like a life vest.  Melody, you were called to preach.  Selah.

Hope David doesn’t say I’m a terrible person for restating what each of you already knows.  This is prophetic.  This is truth.  You know Truth, a little.  I beg to be so totally entwined with His person that you can’t tell where I end and He begins.  I beg, and have done so since 2001, for MORE of this wonderful SPIRIT that you Baptists deny.  I ask Him daily, to draw me higher so I can see y’all from His vantage point.  I ask for more fire on me and on you and on everybody with whom I have to do.  I want so much divine love pulsing through me that it bursts through my skin in a thousand points of light.  I want to do BETTER THINGS THAN HE GOT TO DO!  I want to change the world.  Jesus wants that too.

Why does Jesus, creator of the universe want to change this tiny blue planet?  You know the answer.  Love.  He loves you so very much that He wants to live forever with you enfolded in His bosom. You taught me that.  You do not believe that.

Your crimes against me have been many and grievous.  Your crimes against my children are punishable by horror and pain. Your crimes against those who submit to your control have been incalculably destructive. Every person in the community has entered your door one time at least.  Many have been “saved”, some baptized, and some even entered into your “fellowship”  They depart, more ready for hell than before, BECAUSE YOU JUDGED THEM!

Your worst crime of course, is that perpetrated against your own souls.  You burn day and night, with fear and regret, then you laugh at your own superiority.  This gentlemen, is psychosis.  This is the true “mental illness.”

“Crime” does not begin to describe the severity of your offense against God.  You CHOSE to take control over something that not only belongs to Him, but is the very same thing He died for.  You raped his bride.  Selah.


Intermission  (Laugh please.  Jesus wants us to live in joy.)


Plaintiff’s Evidence in Support of Motion to Compel Answers         8/11/13

I used to think I wanted to know everything, but I’ve changed my mind.  I have lots of reasons,  first one being this: most information is not wholesome and nurturing.  I want to be whole and nurtured.  Our thoughts become reality, and I want to create for the betterment of myself and others.  Even a 3-D printer has to have something to print on, does it not?  Are we the Jetsons?  We start with something.  That’s how God does it too.  He thinks into creation.  Can’t help it.  (I suppose He could, but I can’t possibly think about that.)

Another very good reason to not know everything, is that it is easier to hear your spirit when you’re not  processing all sorts of data. I choose to focus, and anything facilitating that state, I’m all for.  I want pin-point accuracy.  God’s like that too.  When He chooses to say something to me, I choose to be in the best position to hear Him.

I think, instead of knowing everything, and the labor associated with filing and maintaining it all. I’d rather allow enlargement of my creative potential.  My mind must be free to explore.  When I need to know a thing, God will tell me. (If I keep the clutter down so I can hear him.) Also, He has much more interesting  ideas than my own, and if I’m going to explore creativity, I really want His thoughts. They’re fun.

Knowing facts is a burden.  Facts weigh you down.  Truth is the product of perfect thinking, but the fun of creation is in the process of connecting.  This is true when creating anything, music, or cooking, or knitting, probably even a spreadsheet!  Leaping from idea to idea, always remembering facts just in time to inspire an even bigger jump. Exercise of the senses to discern truth. There are lots of ways to arrive at truth, but you always know when you get there.  The community just feels like home, even if you don’t know your way around at all.

Instead of “knowing everything”, I’ve decided to focus on perfect thinking.  I’ve been training my thinking for years.  (Bigotry is a really big obstacle.)  I do projects all the time.  (I don’t plan these projects; some of them turn out well anyway.)   Right now I’m considering the difference between “love” and “niceness”.  (When really focused, I can see little correlation.)

Perfect thinking, I think, would not require that every thought be perfect.  Every thought should be evaluated, and repaired or applauded.  I never knit a perfect garment, but you can’t tell by looking.  If you notice you dropped a stitch, and fix it right away, you never have to see the spot again.  Ignore a hole?  Then it starts to run.   White-out can stop a run in your pantyhose, but the mental variety makes a mess, and patching neglected thinking-holes is a full-time project, leading to insanity.  God knew what He was talking about when He told us to “bring every thought captive.”  Many think that means you shouldn’t ogle girls.    It means many things.  (The Bible is true, but for anybody to think he knows what it means?  Hubris.  Sloppy thinking and bigoted judgment of others.)

Acts 24:16 …herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void to offence toward God, and toward men.

The fitness of our thinking  is under evaluation.  When it’s understood that others read our thoughts, we will see some startling things.  Slim-trim thinkers will have more confidence than Rambo.  Couch-potato thinkers will be so embarrassed they won’t leave their homes.  (Just like the fat lady who grew into her easy chair.  Her husband didn’t even notice.)   Many “thinkers”, whose reputations depend on “good thinking”… will descend the socio-economic ladder pretty fast.  They’ll remember the first one who told them, “Be nice to people on the way up, because you’ll meet them on the way back down.”

I love my mental work-outs.  I’m trying to perfect the brain-busting-balance “beam”.  That’s when you’re supposed  to “know” a fact, but the facts don’t support  the fact you‘re supposed to know!  Here’s an exercise that gives me such difficulty it makes my eyes water.  And I practiced a lot, even as I was already running the treadmill:

1.  People set into motion, a set of circumstances that left me for dead, and they followed suit.
2.  My family was abused.
3.  Forementioned people are thought to be “Nice” and “Loving”
4.  The facts do not support  this contention.

“The ability to simultaneously entertain conflicting thoughts is the sign of a healthy mind.” (da Vinci)

Guess I have more work to do before my thinking becomes perfect.  I did some things very right.  Am I truly grateful, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?  Or, is it pride that put a smile on my face for the first time in three years?

I struggle to know if my joy is self-exaltation, or merely appreciation of justice.  ( I see much justice, I read the news a lot.)

“Please, Lord, do not let me be proud.  You HATE the proud!  Do not allow me to ever, even one time, believe a lie.  Please define hypocrisy for me?  Define it your way?  Thank you.  L”

David Goldthorpe, the adjoined defendant, has called me many of the same names that my father has called me and has refused to talk to me for over a year.  He cites, as authority, “Jesus”.  I will not bother him again.


Motion to compel answers


“We’ve had the baptism by water.  We’ve had the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Yonder comes the fire.” (Howard Pittman)

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo were political dissidents thrown into a furnace heated seven times its normal temperature.  The guys who threw them in there were burnt alive.  Jesus showed up and hung out in the furnace for awhile. The fire didn’t hurt any of them, but merely  burned through the boys’ bonds so they could walk out.  The fire did, however kill the guys who bound them.

Fire requires three things:  Oxygen, fuel and heat.  Too much air, and the fire can blow out.  Too much fuel piled up, and the reaction might get smothered…and go out.  Applying enough heat overcomes these possibilities.  With enough heat, you can burn ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.  (Even skyscrapers.)

“God is a consuming fire.”  He burns continually,  the hearts of men.  Some he burns with passion, and love.  Some burn in shame and impotence.  It has always been this way.  He aims for “transparency”, and must burn the crap.  Burning hearts though,  has been insufficient, because hearts are hard, and the Spirit rejected…and nobody can take the heat necessary to ignite granite!

Joyner dream
FISA history kill list, etc.

I just cannot become completely honest.  I maintain subterfuge, even in my thought life.  I judge myself, as I “correct” my responses to impulses.  I’ll have a thought and immediately say, “forgive me, God.”  This is dishonesty for which I repent.  Lord, I want to be entirely filled with your Spirit to such an extent that there is no room for any dishonesty at all.  Any goon who would mess with this poor paranoid man, whatever.  I also consider how I appear to others, more than I’d like.  I’d like to consider myself, not at all.  How could you possibly get freedom from angst if you consider yourself more deserving than anybody.  If you don’t go there, you can’t get offended.  No more having to repeat prayers of repentance for taking offense.

Josh is talking to us all, about everything.  I never had that experience one time in my childhood.  He’ll be OK.  He mowed for my father, which is good, and he broke my father’s fancy pants mower.  I’ll not make a value judgment about that.  I had the best sandwich ever in the world.  Home-smoked pork loin with Satay rub, homemade mustard/vinegar barbecue sauce, steamed jasmine.  Wow.  I started writing about lunch, and I end up writing about last night’s dinner.  I’ll not comment on this either.
My life is changing very fast, even as I slow down even more.  I Am getting stuff easily accomplished, even as I wait for rare moments of motivation.  I’m pretty orderly.  I go to sleep very early and I get up very early.  Spontaneously.  I do not worry.  I guess that’s probably the best part of this blessing I’m receiving.  I don’t know anybody who has reported anything like this.  I will.  I know that.  I know lots of things I have no way of knowing.

Scott is recognizing much supernatural too, and is connecting and more things make sense.  He’s becoming more relaxed, and “there remaineth rest.”  I am going to be perfectly comfortable, at every moment, no matter what happens.  That’s a pretty good place to begin a new life, I figure.  Won’t be too impossible at that point.  I guess playing with people must still be OK, because I don’t see it abating at all.  Must be OK.  Maybe I’ll indulge.  I am astonished that I can be hearing this stuff, that seems pretty amazing to me, and not be annoyed at this hours-long conversation.  There was a time, I would be pretty pissy about now.  I like not getting pissy.  I dislike being dismissed as “mean” and bitter spirited.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Everybody is merely getting the chance to either 1) lie, or 2) admit to lies.  Nothing personal.  I no longer care much about what people think of me.  In every encounter of my life, I attempt to point people to a more loving position, and to a more intimate encounter with Christ.  I know this to be true…so I am holy.  I am humbled and shocked as I type those words, but I am instructed to do so.  I have not attained anything at all, and ask the Lord to keep me low as He gives me his words.  These are the words that slice between soul and spirit.  The written word can contain the WORD, but it doesn’t always.  It is always true.  It is not always pertinent.

Scott doesn’t like the smell of babies so I washed the pukey blankets.  We’ll have to get the point, I’m seeing, where we have no single thought for ourselves.  If everybody does this, there will be no need to have thoughts for yourself, because everybody else will be looking out for your best interests. That’s the turning point.  God told me that when I was ten and I didn’t remember it until right this minute.  I told you prophecy was concentric circles.  I started at the end.  The process is one of  the “word of God” severing between soul and spirit.  At that point nothing about our physical lives will matter, so we’ll be getting new bodies then.  People will drop off.

I’m alone!  I hadn’t even noticed!  I’m beginning to think about things I’d held off-limits until this point.  The colors are great.  Absolute confidence despises bad temper.  I think I’d like to give a speech.  I know why they want marijuana illegal now.  It is the drug of the modern-day shaman.  They don’t want us peaceful.  They don’t want us to ever, ever forgive.  That is because forgiveness is necessary to enter the Kingdom.  Non-forgiveness is anti-truth, and anti-truth is anti-christ.  God keeps me with just enough weed to break the monotony, but not enough to ever, ever fail to know my joy comes from Him alone.

I have learned, that if I had not gone through the “mind exercises” I’ve joyed, I would, right at this moment, be a murderer.  Had I not had to notice every thought, I’d have murdered.  Calumny is murder.  I came dangerously close.  Had I not been truthful in my report, I would be a murderer.  God, thank you for your blood and your mercy.  Do not allow me to rise up.  On the other hand, don’t let me be too shallow either.

Despite my numerous, often unusual attempts to initiate dialogue with a number of people, nobody will yet talk to me.  This is getting really dull, Lord.  I think I’m even going to get married, right?  This is not a possibility I ever seriously considered.  I’m not sure it’s the guy I want, but whomever the goon, he seems nice.

I’m getting much better use of my brain.  It’s nice to dip in there.  On a clear day you can foresee forever.  My hardest mental activity is trying not to think about things I’ve been told not to think about.  I scoop with an icy, cold scoop.  I’m exhibiting a lot of “time punctuation”.  These are points in time so perfectly right, that everything stops.  Nothing else matters but that touch of God.  That’s where we all live if we overcome.  We shall.  Gotta be present tense.  That point is all that exists.  It is the source.  It is love.  It is Jesus.  “Be still and know that I am God”, is not an “if-when” question.  It is  conditional, it is an “if-then” question.

I’m growing impatient as I evaluate recently remembered revisions.  I think when some supernatural experiences are inserted into this dimension, it changes the future.  It is creation as with God.  I can’t believe I wrote that and will have to pray a lot.  With time nonexistent, anything is possible.  We are that ball of light with the gazillion line segments shooting out in every direction.  I was called a prophet today.  First time.  Unless you call being called John the Baptist. being called being a prophet.  God said that’s what he was making me, some kind of political prophet.  It seems to be looking that way.  I ask Him to show his glory to us all!  I’ve been asking that for years.  I ask Him to pour so much of His Spirit on all flesh that we all have an encounter like Him that cements our faith for all to come!  I ask for so much healing, and joy and peace that the whole creation is finally satisfied at the revealing of the Sons of God.  I ask to become that light that has guided me to a place I never knew.  All that I see is mine, and I give it back to your keeping Lord.  You are far, far wiser than I.  Thank you.  You never, ever lie.  You alone are worthy to open the book, and I’m looking for you to do it.  Rays of your light are displaying the contents of men’s hearts for all the world to see.  Surely as we surf, the tidal wave is already beneath our feet.  All we have to do is stay on the right side of the board.

This spirit of impatience, is a holy thing.  It is I, with creation, groaning and travailing for your revealing!  It is all who are creation, and not the “created”, longing for You!  It is the rocks crying in astonishment that all men do not praise you!  It is “Heaven and Nature Sing!”  It is Heaven on Earth!  It is the Kingdom!  It is the Bridegroom’s cry.  It is His heart’s desire, and He will have her.  He paid the price.  “If you want a woman who can take no for an answer, you gotta work for it.”  (Goldthorpe)  He’s coming around to get what he paid for.  All creation has been invited to the reception.  The caterers aren’t too worried about coming up short.

All you people who won’t talk to me, this is tragic.  I could tell you things that would help your lives and we would have fun and good food.  I am not a threat to anybody, and curiosity killed the cat.  I know what people are waiting for and that makes them zombies.  Zombies are outlawed.  Don’t feed them.

DO NOT WATCH TV!  DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN OR WHAT?  It is hard enough to stay in your chosen reality as it is.  Do not make it harder for yourself.  Thinking about things makes you that thing.  You got better things to think about.  Exciting things to do with your time!  You have the chance to be absolutely happy and free.  Happy Independence Day.

Commitments made between people from here on out are very serious things.  Look before you leap.  God will lead you.  Whether you like it or not.  Trust Him.  “Trust him.”  Animal laws are going to diminish naturally as creation begins to get along again.  There will still be people poisoning the earth for a while, but they’ll pick each other off if we ignore them.  Wild animals will lose their shyness of us, and will become our friends without any ownership issue.  Even animals will be respected, and fulfilled.  No more “smiling faces lying to the races.”  (Mavis Staples)

The love will be intoxicating at first, and we’ll act very silly.  It won’t matter though, because nobody will feel embarrassed, and nobody will judge anybody else.  As we grow to rely more thoroughly on the love experience, our powers will increase.  Love never fails.  More love has no place to go but up.  If you’ve been given assurance of perfect victory, you can start dreaming about the frills.  Man has never been here.  We’re boldly going where no man has gone.  I couldn’t even do a crossword puzzle before.  I’m liking the far -out country.

I have no word from the Lord regarding the United States.  I represent Michigan in prayer. Liberty Activists.  I represent non-conformists.  That’s all so far.  I will talk to Justin Amash and Mike Rogers.  And the pastor from Benton Harbor.  Pinckney, maybe?  I won’t care if you don’t want this to happen.  It won’t bother me one way or the other.  This is a great summer to be a Republican.  I can’t believe I wrote that either.  More prayer.

The news stories are astonishing, are they not?  We must have a place to record all the details of the revolution and the establishment of the Kingdom.  Open source news, or something.  When we all trust each other, it will work.  We have to stop trusting electronics and begin trusting people.  GPS just led a man into my driveway.  This is not Larry’s Campground.  Far too dependant.  Dependant is not free.  Think about it.

I’m shocked at the audacity of my words.  I do not believe I am mistaken.  I would be pleased to hear it, if I am.  (Insert:  “Theme from the Jeffersons.”)  I long, I do mean long, to be told to sit down and listen.  I am a very good listener and somebody has a very good story.  I wait, with bated breath.  Only once in a while.  Most of the time lately, I’m having perfect moments.  I think to go from a lump of coal to total transparency, takes a lot of pressure.  I aim to be perfectly clear.


Defendants having failed to respond to pleadings, the Court moves to discovery:


(Insert:  “When you gonna wake up?”  Dylan)

IT SHOULD BE SIMPLE.  I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS IF YOU WATCH ME.  DO YOU STILL GET OFF?  (Sorry.  Is that too personal?) (Goldthorpe, paraphrasing  Orwell)
I showed you mine.  Etc. etc. etc…

I have no longer any sense of “normalcy”.  I sleep when I must, and write because I must.  I am obsessively compulsive, but I’ll be glad I was. This is going to be the best thing ever.  I obeyed EVERY SINGLE thing I was “compelled” to do.  Love to you all.  This is going to be good!
Somebody must tell the truth on my behalf or you all go to Hell.


I’m not going to like that, but you won’t ALL die, SOMEBODY will speak for me.  If truth comes from here or there, it’s not my business.  It is although, the concern of forementioned “here” and “there”

I do not own a spear but my son does!  His spears are perfect and I once reported that my sons would lick my father’s blood.  Father was put upon.  He’s sensitive.  “I say it here, and it comes out there.”  (Broadcast News)

Pretty soon I won’t eat blood at all.  I know this, Isaac does too.  When the lion eats grass like an ox, I don’t suppose I’ll be craving meat.  This change will provide not only sufficiency for all, it also requires us to eat new life every day.  Vegetables always different, and no animal will be harmed during development.  This should make everybody happy.  (That’s the goal here, by the way.  Everybody happy.)

That being said, may I repeat:  Everybody is going to have to either 1) lie.  Lie like a dog.  Or 2) Admit to wrongdoing in a previous life.  Simple.  Lie or tell the truth.  (I know this is not easy.  My lies got told for me.  Imagine that.)

That also being said, I confess that I crave red meat.  I like to eat meat.  This is not a character flaw, as I’d imagined.  This is appropriate for the season in which we live.  I am armed to the teeth!  I am “prepped” very well.  I can tell the truth without gagging.  I will have fun in the new world.  I am not zombie-food.

“God, you said you’d restore “the hearts of the fathers, to the children.”  You said You’d pay me back multiple times over, for my obedience in the face of persecution.  You said, my family would escape.  I call these things to your remembrance.  I ask you to fulfill your word over my life, and the lives of my acquaintances.  MORE FIRE.  Thank you.”

Seriously disoriented.  I’m cooking great, and doing yard work, but I forget if it’s morning or night.  I go to sleep in the daylight and get up in great darkness.  It rains every day.  I’ve heard more thunder this summer, than in my entire life before.  “This is a new army.  We’re all adapting.”  (Dan Akroyd.  Sargeant Bilko)  We must not judge one another, or ourselves.  The biggest obstacle to positive world-change is our personal sense of inadequacy.  We feel guilt over misplaced keys!

You are not evil, and I am not evil, and God even said so.  We are deceived.  We are deceiving ourselves!  We’re like Data with his emotion chip!  We can’t handle this crap we receive!  God can handle it.  Give it away.  Give it up!  Get over yourself!  (I’m preaching to myself.)  Spies gave me the crash course in self-awareness.  Knowing others are aware of you, makes a TI very aware of himself.  You made me better at being myself!  I could never pull that off.  You will do this, voluntarily or under extreme duress.  You will expose yourself for all the world to see.  It’s not fun, but well worth its intrusion.   Like I said, the goal here is “Everybody Happy”.  If you can’t get with the program you’ll have to leave the party.
And, always remember:  “A disconnected person can never be whole.”


Notice of JOINDER, addition of defendant, SUBPOENA, service of complaint, summons and supporting testimony to:

David Goldthorpe, my brother,  “documentedly”  a Christian man  (906-643-9700)         7/31/13

Thank you for the text in response to my (documentedly) many texts, and to the service of process you’ve received regularly.  It surprises me that this is the first time in a year and a half, that you actually asked what I accuse our father of doing!    You’re on notice.

Love, Linda


My Digital Footprint

By Linda Goldthorpe

I’m exceedingly grateful that my ISP and my government and “whosoever will” have taken notice of my habits and my deficiencies.  This is important, and will be more important, in days to come.  I am grateful for my father, and his undue attention to my habits and my life.  I am grateful for every geek who ever got bored at work, and decided to watch me.  I am grateful to God Almighty, who chose me to be (apparently) one of the (apparently) few, who “walk the walk.”

I’m grateful for electricity and internet service and for my computers, which I have attempted repeatedly to discard, and for the fact that I Hide Nothing.  Hiding nothing is actually pretty easy for me, because I Have Nothing To Hide.  I share everything with everybody, and I  DETEST liars.   (I have chosen to eliminate “hate” from my vocabulary, even from my thought-life, but “detest” implies a degree of concentration that I indulge, and a product, that I embrace.)  I DETEST liars.  King David did too, and if I had an internet connection, I’d quote chapter and verse.  The effort would be wasted, of course, since everybody, even those who claim to revere the BOOK, would laugh it off.  The BIBLE is true, and becoming more pertinent every day.

I have been abused by:  my “church”, my “family”, my “government”, and myself.  I quit abusing myself, when it became evidentially obvious that  I’m right.  I am not right because of any inherent rightness in myself.  I am right, because I Listen to God!

Resolved that:
One cannot simultaneously be:   1) a good American and  2) devoted to Jesus the Christ

“Choose ye this day, whom you will serve.”

Clive:  YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT AND YOU KNOW IT. (God sent me to you FIVE TIMES so you could get free of the abuse you suffered.)  (You don’t deserve Melody but she’s growing to deserve you.)

Robert:  YOU PUMP SHIT WHEREVER YOU GO.  (You brag about it…)

Observers:  PLEASE,  ALSO WATCH CLIVE ELLIS AND ROBERT GOLDTHORPE.   (As if you weren’t already…if they’re afraid of you, haven’t I ALREADY made my point?)
Future in America:  When people (read: YOU) understand that others can read their thoughts?  ZOMBIE WARS!  Do you actually believe, that if the neighbor knows what you REALLY THINK OF HIM, he will  not …EAT YOUR FACE OFF?  Also, he’s gonna be pretty hungry anyway…

(Gentlemen:  I am preparing a treatise on “listening to God”.  It is valuable, having been delivered through blood, sweat and tears, none of which I dismiss.  Ask me.  I’ll tell you.  I’ll tell you everything…as God wills and as He instructs.  YOU MESSED UP.  TIME IS FLEETING.  Time is all you got, presently.  It won’t last “forever.”  DO NOT REQUIRE ME TO CAMP OUT ON YOUR LAWN BEFORE YOU TALK.  906-291-1376)


Document 1:


Jesus’ Kingdom case # 13-0000001
Hon. Jesus the Christ, presiding

Affiant swears,

Robert and Margaret Goldthorpe did willfully and knowledgeably commit the following offenses against Linda Goldthorpe:

1.  Slander
2.  Defamation of character
3.  Alienation of  family
4.  Intentional interference with profitable relationships
5.  Loss of consortium
6.  Dereliction of duty
7.  Lack of love

Additionally, Robert and Margaret Goldthorpe committed the following offenses against  God:

1.  Fear
2.  Self-importance
3.  Disbelief
4.  Lying
5.  Attempting to camouflage lies by influencing behavior of others
6.  Conspiracy to defraud
7.  “Offending a little one who believes in (God).”

Statutory Violation

The following statues were violated:

1.  Matthew 18:6
2.  Mark 9:42
3.  Luke 17:1-2


Receiving the evil directed towards her, Linda Goldthorpe suffered the following damages:

2.  Subservience.
3.  Loss of intimate fellowship
4.  Gossip
5.  Disruption of profitable expectation
6.  Loss of self-confidence
7.  Loss of family
8.  Loss of friends

Prayer for Relief

Plaintiff/affiant prays this honorable, and honor-worthy court grant relief as follows:

1.  Truth
2.  All other compensatory advantages this court deems just.
3.  Fear is sin, and has been cancelled administratively.  Plaintiff/affiant repents and no longer fears a thing.
4.  A beer with her dad on HER deck.
5.  Upon offer and acceptance of truth, “millstone around his neck” can be evaluated during plea negotiations.

Signed and sworn to this 23rd day of June, in the year of Our Lord, 2013.  No notary is available on Sunday but I have a great cloud of witnesses.

Linda Goldthorpe



Document 2



It has been my observation, that people live in this world without seeing it.  I used to think that my hyper-observation of things, and sounds, and methods and idiosyncrasies, made me weird.  I believe now that this efficient-appreciative-energy is a gift, and makes me gifted.  People DO NOT SEE THE EVIL.  They are not moved by fetal-baby-dismembering.  They do not see the children of prisoners, who must visit Daddy in the “pen“.  They do not see that some people count out change for every single purchase in their lives.  They do not see, that if your mom bought you slippers instead of real shoes, you can’t walk as well.  Or as far.  And they never see the cobbler’s kids running barefoot, although that’s often the reality.

People also do not see/hear/smell/taste/caress the good things in the world.   OUR FOOD DOES NOT SATISFY US!  Hear this!  If your tongue dances around your mouth and your jaws jig the right steps of  mastication-awareness, you REALLY LIKE THE FOOD!  Everybody wants to enjoy things.  Very few people take the time, and most lack the emotional clarity to appreciate anything.  Nobody is grateful.  Without gratitude, a relationship with Jesus is impossible to maintain.  Without Jesus, we’re doomed.

The cloud lifts, when we consciously choose gratitude.  Anti-depressants diminish the capacity to feel, so druggies can function more “appropriately”.  “Appropriateness” is a value judgment that will soon disappear from the remnant.  God is NEVER “appropriate”, according to human prejudice.  He’s always out of line, and those who hear him are out of line as well, because they follow Him.  Those who desire rules need not apply.

Freedom = absence of rules.  Isn’t that simple?  That doesn’t mean you are free to do bad things, because you’re in love!  When you love somebody so very much, you want to please that person.  You do things your lover likes, and find things offensive to him most distasteful.   Jesus likes all the right things, and when you see him, you will love him!  You’re changed by love.  It’s coming.  Everybody is going to see him and I can’t wait.  Do not fret about sins or addictions or habits.  They are NOT an issue.  The issue is your heart, and always has been.

Physical discomfort is a harder issue, for most people, I’m guessing.  Pain is not nice.  Pain cannot be avoided  just yet, but it fades.  Fatigue goes away, if you ignore it.  Pain will diminish and disappear in the Kingdom.

“Out of control, self-serving government” will EXPLODE IN A FERVENT HEAT!  I’M GOING TO WATCH IT HAPPEN AND CRY WITH JOY!  JESUS SAYS I MAY!  He sent me to y’all.

He sent me to tell the truth but you rejected me, watched me, laughed about me and   RAPED ME.  (He doesn’t like that very much.  Selah.)  He’s in charge now.  Got a rosary or something?  (At least you can take comfort in the fact that you are not my father.)

You are my brethren.  I pray for your souls and your families and I kinda hope Alexander dies, but Jesus says not to want that so let me know and I’ll pray for him too.

Everybody’s heart is attacking him/her, and it’s not going to stop until everybody is either a believer and follower (and lover) of Jesus the Christ,  or  he/she “BURNS IN A FERVENT HEAT”.  Thus sayeth the Lord of every single thought you ever squeezed out of your compromised “brain”.   I do not know who I address, but I know very well whom I represent.  So do you.  Selah.  I dislike playing games.  Ask my family.

You must immediately stand down.  You know WHO you’re dealing with, but you piss-ants have no idea HOW MAD HE IS!   I shit you not.  I know this guy, and he makes Chuck Norris call Superman for advice.    (I know another man with similar attributes.  He is a FREE MAN.)   Paychecks are the most minimal consideration at this point.  Guantanamo.  DO IT!


Kingdom Document #3

Opening Statement

My father is a terrible tease.  Once my little brother wanted a doll.  Not just any doll, we had to order a beautiful purple baby that talked.  She’d say, “My name is S H R I N King V I O let.”  The boy still hears about it 40 years later.  Dad told of an imaginary doll for me.  The “Linda” doll also had a string, but when you pulled it, she would just “sit there and stink.”  (He got a lot of laughs talking about both of us.  He never laughs anymore.  In his best moments, he can barely smirk.)  I’ve thought of the stinking-Linda doll as I lay in pools of unexplained sweat and terror.  (We all speak prophetically.  Even my dad.)  Nobody pulls my strings too much anymore.

Fear stinks.  It smells to hi-Heaven.  The zen of Paradise can‘t withstand even a whiff.  . Each earthly passion has it’s own smell.  Soaking in fear is really noxious.  Angels can’t remain in that pigpen very long.  What if the human-stink rubs off?  How could they go home?

My dad told me lots of crazy stuff.  He said it’s easier to make a girl baby than a boy baby because the guy has the pattern right in front of him.  (Compensatory mechanism?   My dad fathered girls who are better men than he is.)  He said if you eat the right foods, your shit won’t stink.  (He also said I’d never have an original thought.  That part was true, but I pick them like 4-leaf clovers. Good enough for me.) Dad eats a lot of junk food.

Some emotions smell really nice to the spirits.  Love smells best. Humans once knew how to smell it very well.  Pollution mixed us up, though.  Manmade rewiring of a predisposition.  We think love chemical,  but ignore the formula.  Fear tainted the solution.  Yet, everybody still wants it!  Everybody wants to soak in it!  But when today’s “love” shows up?  Sloppy labwork makes for disappointing relationships.

Counterfeit “love” is the failure of humanity, and this stinky experiment must be discarded in a toxic waste dump.  “They’ll know you are Christians by your love.”  (Bible)  “I would be a Christian if not for the Christians.”  (Ghandi)

“Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.”
“Start in my house.”  (Goldthorpe)

Legal theory–

My life feels like a Robert Ludlum novel.  This is preposterous.  I am utterly without resource, and everything goes right for me!  I believe if I were thrown into the water under indictment for being a witch, I would float.  This is the coolest time to be alive, and I chose wisely.  I prayed, way back when, that God would allow me to participate in this end-of-time stuff.  I asked him to “draw” me to himself, for the Bible says that no man can come to God without being “drawn” to God.  I asked him to ALWAYS show me that mercy.  I wanted to be an “overcomer” and to receive the Seven Spirits of God.  I asked him to do something really important with my life.  I depended on those prayers while I was being tortured.

I say again:  I will hold up my life before any tribunal whether legal, or federal.  You have to love me.  That is the bottom line.  Nobody who doesn’t love me will last a minute in the KINGDOM.  He made me the fulcrum.  I knew he was setting me up.  But, I’m not sorry.  I am in line to receive everything I ever wanted.
I seem to even be improving my computer skills.

OK, I live with a roommate who loves me.  My ex-husband still loves me and we get along.  This would be “divine” love.  He wants nothing from me and he feeds me, and we get along.  We are both obviously in the Kingdom.  It functions here.  You’ve heard us both pray.  Pay attention.

My father tortured me a lot.  Stockholm Syndrome took me over when I realized that my NEW torturers were better people than my father.  We’re living in a jurisdiction, that is forcing everybody to either 1) lie, or 2)confess to lies.  It’s pretty simple.  Love me, or tell me you don’t.  (I knew He was gonna make you do it.  That’s another promise I held on to.)


Court Document 4    Transcript of Testimony–Mother.  Father.  You did this.

(No service on Defendant’s “pastor”, who has received the url.  All other parties have been served.)

Made banana cake for George’s birthday.   While we were eating, _________ came to talk to George.  He has nobody to talk to and _________ is doing bad things.  Guns, suicide threats.  The boys came out for lunch and________ complained that I’m so busy I don’t talk to him lately.  So I did.  Then he threw me against a wall.   I can’t use my right arm.  I hit my head pretty hard and couldn’t open my eyes for awhile.  Jesus will make me ok.  _____ thinks I’m lying about my father.  He wants me to just forget, but he doesn’t know we’re in world war three.  He is very controlling.  I don’t actually hurt too bad.  Not even inside.  It only happened about fifteen   minutes ago and Im a

Iasked Jesus to take me lower still.  G

Guess if he can take me at my word, I can take him at his_____ took care hit my head pretty hard.  ______ hit his heart.  he says he must hate me to do such a thing.  i told him it was just demons.

_____ took care of me while i was down, and after.  my arm is pretty numb.  ___ wants me to patronize so_

___ took care of me while i was down, and after.  my arm is pretty numb.  ____ wants me to patronize so___ won’t feel so bad.  Lying to make somebody feel better is not love.  they left me here.  that’s not love either.  I know what i know.  hope i dont have a concussion bu god made my brain so i know he can fix it.  my dad must tell the truth.  or not.  either way it wont be because i didnt try.

My arm is working so I texted___ that news, and said I won’t tell his father.  He said I was his best friend.  He’s been my only friend and I love him.  I love truth more.

That was quite a stunt.  People on tv shows die from just that sort of maneuver.  ___ lifted my head and put a white towel underneath to see if there was any blood, couldn’t move for a while.  It was nice to have him touch me.  He thinks I’m lying.  Somebody knows I’m not.  God, I give this all to you again.  I’ll wait for your justice.

I rebuke self-pity in the name of Jesus.  I want loving relationships, not fake ones, and lies make them fake.   (          )was angry with me because I won’t accept his “everything is alright because I’m alright” doctrine.  Other people MUS KN about the power of Jesus!  He said, “  to “be the change”.,”Iwas.”  “ somebody to know.  He said I focus on the negative, yet for the first time, I’m able to watch negative without getting ill, because I know Jesus has a plan for all of this, and many people are embracing truth.  I told him I finally have a purpose, and I’ve wanted one all my life.  He wants to be a “team”  He ain’t on my team if he wants to ignore lies and to pretend.  He just wants peace.  I want peace AND FREEDOM FOR EVERYBODY.  One minute he’s mister new-age, with all the answers and pitying me, and the next minute he threw me against the wall.  He’s in a real crisis.  Please go to him, Lord.  Fill him with TRUTH!  He’s had the “love”.  Didn’t do much.  Give him the real thing!  Give him YOU YOU YOU.  My dad took you from his life.  My dad is not as big as you are.  I’m a daughter of THE KING!  Set ___ afire!  Burn out everything that does not comport with your KINGDOM.  Show him my father, as my father actually is, when he doesn’t have a present in his hands.  Show him TRUTH!  Show him my devotion, please?  Sorry, self-serving.  Show him You, and he’ll then see me, I expect.  (Personally I’d love it if you used him to tell my dad off good and proper.  But your way is always better than mine.  Is Alexander still alive?  Oh, well.  Whatever.)

Thank you that __’s tender heart is resurfacing.  Speak to him, will you?  Truth.  He MUST HAVE TRUTH.  My father cares nothing about those boys, except as a potential legacy.  Their hearts belong to you!  I gave those boys to you before they were born!  You promised me in 2007 that they were yours!  Go, do what you must.  I won’t stand in your way, as you give me grace!  I have no desire to control them, or my father…but I MUST REPRESENT TRUTH!

“Dear Jesus, my government did a terrible thing.  My father did terrible things.  My friends betrayed me when I was obeying you.  Take this thing and make magic, like you always do.  Thank you.  Amen.”

“I’m feeling better and the numbness is almost gone.  Thank you Jesus.  I love you.”



Document 5     Admission of ex parte communication:
          Thank you for calling. Like I said, I was almost asleep when you called, but I got up to make myself a sandwich, which is probably good.  I don’t think I have a concussion.  Do not fret.  Lots of families have episodes like that.  They usually respond in one of two ways.  They might get all pissy and go to the cops.  Or they might push it under the rug and pretend it never happened.  I will do neither.  We can choose our destinies, no?
          I love you more than nearly anything.  I do not love you more than truth, which to me, is a person.  I love Jesus more than you and I always will.  If you can’t live with that, then it’s not my problem.  Jesus wants me to continue confronting my father, and many others.  That’s my purpose.  When I’m off duty, I’d love to hang.  I will not tolerate a lie, and neither should you, but you’re your own boss.
As you said, “God’s will” and I never for a single second believed anything different.  You do not mean to harm anybody!  You mean to be free.  I mean to do all I can so that EVERYBODY can be free.  Love to you, so very much.

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