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Women who suspect they are victims of library boss who took 3000 cleavage photos ‘should be able to view the images to see if they recognise their breasts’

  • Former Queensland library boss Bruce MacGregor took 3,000 pictures
  • The photo collection included the cleavages of female staff and the public
  • Queensland parliament has heard 23 recommendations following a review 
  • It was recommended that female staff be allowed to view the photos 

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If we did that, it would be assault on an officer… Video Shows Oakland Police Officer Spitting At Person Recording Him

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Handwritten letter reveals Prince Charles’ vow of revenge against the people of NEW ZEALAND because they kept teasing him about falling off a horse

  • Prince Charles touring down under when he penned later in April 1981
  • Had just visited Australia where he fell off horse head first playing polo
  • Was his third fall in three weeks and New Zealanders loved to joke about it
  • But Charles was extremely irked by the jibes, vowing to make the country’s people ‘laugh out the other side of their faces’ in retaliation

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Joe Biden’s Son Blames “Russian Agents” For Ashley Madison Profile

Vice-President Joe Biden’s son “Hunter” has unleashed his own set of excuses for member ship of the extramarital affairs website, as Breitbart reports – Biden thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. However, IP mapping suggests otherwise…

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Several US Halloween companies have come under fire after making the decision to sell Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes based on her Vanity Fair cover. Pictured: It is available to buy on Anytime Costumes



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“Actually, his chances are probably more like 1 in 50,” said University of Kentucky professor Al Cross, the dean of the state’s political observers. “He’s kind of disappeared on us.”

That was a short political career.  Read more at:



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Ashley Madison client list includes Louisiana GOP executive director; he says it was for research





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Bill O’Reilly Seeks Gag Order on His Own Wife and Children

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Why It’s Good That Jon Stewart Is Leaving — Luke Rudkowski breaks down the man that is Jon Stewart or Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz his real name. Lots of people are celebrating this pundit now but there’s a lot of information that should be known but is not




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Joe Biden Frequently Swims Nude In Front of His Female Secret Service Agents, Upsetting Them






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Never in a million years would people think Bill Nye “the Science Guy” — who once questioned genetically modified foods and urged against them — would declare his love for altering genes. Yet after a meeting with the agricultural biotech giant, he announced that he was going to update the chapter about GMOs in his book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.

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Testy: Kerry pleaded with lawmakers - often over cross-talk - today not to hold out for a better deal. It won't come, he explained. 'If you kill the deal, you are not making America safer.'



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Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner ‘lands job with top PR firm linked to Hillary Clinton’

  • MWW, which specialises in ‘crisis management’, is to take Weiner on
  • Company’s CEO Michael Kempner is top New Jersey fundraiser for Clinton
  • Weiner will serve on board of advisers despite twin ‘sexting’ scandals
  • Lost Congressional seat and New York mayoral bid over lewd messages 

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Scottish Waiters Stop Wearing Kilts Due to Constant Groping by Women


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‘STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM JULIA’: Creepy email that boss sent to new employee who innocently befriended his crush at the water cooler sweeps the internet

  • Alex befriended new colleague Julia, according to a Reddit user
  • Within days he ‘received creepy email from his senior with a warning’ 
  • The message, posted on Reddit, warns him to stay away from Julia
  • ‘We’re not technically dating but she will see I’m meant for her,’ it says 
  • Reddit users accept it may not be real but swarmed to give advice

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George W Bush charged a charity $100,000 to guarantee his presence at fundraiser for military veterans wounded in the Iraq war

  • The former president offered to charge $100,000 ‘rather than $250,000’
  • Was also flown by private jet to the 2012 event, the charity footed the bill
  • It came a year after his wife Laura received $50,000 from Helping A Hero
  • The Texas-based charity claims his attendance raised an extra $1m
  • But veterans on the board slammed the news as a ‘slap in the face’

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Jeb Bush Made Over $500,000 From Obamacare Law He Criticized




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Forget selfies! Hundreds of fashion-conscious men proudly show off their smart suits for #Suitfie Instagram campaign

  • Dubbed the ‘Suitfie’, the craze sees mainly men taking selfies in suits 
  • Fashion-savvy men pose in smart attire with colourful ties and accessories 

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Huckabee dodges on ‘crazy’ question about officiating at a gay wedding if a campaign staffer asked him to – and won’t even say if he would attend

  • Former Arkansas governor is an ordained Baptist minister and a Republican presidential candidate
  • Said asking him whether he’d perform a gay wedding ceremony for a campaign aide who asked was ‘a crazy way’ to find out his position
  • Also refused to say if he would attend a gay wedding if a member of his staff invited him
  • He acknowledged he has employed gay staffers ‘at every level of my professional life’
  • US Supreme Court invalidated gay marriage bans nationwide on Friday 

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Mr. “I-run-Hollywood” Michael Douglas’ comment when asked about why his wife can’t get a job:

She’s still stunning looking,’ said Michael

‘I think for all young actresses who are beautiful, age is not the most welcoming part. But she’s (Catherine) very comfortable with it and I think she’s comfortable with who she is.’

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Handsome hunk earns internet fame, a legion of Instagram followers, and the title ‘King of Man Buns’ after posting series of topless photos featuring his flowing mane

  • In November, Brock O’Hurn, 23, shared a video of himself pulling his long hair into a bun on his social media accounts
  • The 25-second clip has received nearly five million views on Facebook since it was posted
  • Brock now boast nearly 850,000 followers on Instagram and hopes to use his sudden fame to launch an acting career

“Brock O’Hurn”?  You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Rising star: Brock O’Hurn has become an internet sensation after a video of him putting his hair into a messy bun received nearly five million views on Facebook since it was posted in November 




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‘The pain is astounding!’ Man tries to wear a pair of sky-high heels for an entire day to prove that women are ‘wimps’ – but lasts less than 12 hours before admitting defeat

  • Brandon Cohen, a Los Angeles-based video correspondent, wanted to better understand why woman always complain about wearing stilettos 

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Brian Williams might be in for a frosty reception at MSNBC after staff chanted ‘f***’ the news anchor at party after he slammed the channel on air

  • The former NBC Nightly News anchor announced he will be joining MSNBC after his six month suspension from the network
  • But he may get a frosty reception when he joins cable channel after staff chanted ‘f*** Brian Williams’ at a Christmas party
  • Staff were furious after a 2012 report by the anchor which launched a scathing attack on cable news as ‘corrosive’

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When UN peacekeepers go rogue: Haitian women reveal how soldiers got 231 of them pregnant after trading food, jewellery and underwear for sex

  • Total of 231 Haitians admit having sex with UN peacekeepers in exchange for food or luxury goods such as jewellery, perfume or even lingerie
  • Shock report reveals a third of those who engaged in ‘transactional sex’ are under 18, below the age of consent in Haiti 
  • A number of the women have been abandoned to raise peacekeepers’ children with no financial help
  • The women are now calling on U.N. to help them with child support 

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(I guess there’s a woman too.)




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Obama approves new plane emissions regulations — just after choosing longest airliner ever built for Air Force One

So the Obama administration wants to crack down on emissions from airplanes. Except, of course, if President Obama is aboard. Then, it’s a different story. The Air Force has now chosen a $367 million Boeing 747-8 (before upgrades) that runs 4,786 square feet;Business Insider calls the plane a “palace in the sky.” It’s the longest airliner ever and flies 8,000 nautical miles at a clip. The interiors are glossy and gorgeous, including leather couches, big screen TVs, top-of-the-line side tables, a state room that would make the MGM Grand envious, a huge office, and a conference room.




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This courageous officer’s advice to young people included such gems as “Sit your asses down,” and “Don’t make me fuckin’ run around with 30 pounds of goddamn gear on. . .”

I’ll be up front with you and say that this video is disturbing.

It’s like a bucket of ice-cold water thrown in the face of the dream world that most people are walking through.

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Underage Girl Brushes Off Cop’s Flirting Attempt, So She’s Swarmed by Cops, Groped and Arrested

A teenager from the Bronx was recently paid $45,000 after she was wrongfully arrested and sexually harassed by a police officer. The officer was also assisted by a number of other NYPD cops who helped him take her into custody.

The incident occurred on November 4th of 2013 when a young girl named Natalie Erlich, who was 17-years-old at the time, was walking home from school. During her walk, she was approached by Officer José Peinan and another cop who were not in uniform and did not identify themselves as police officers.




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(She is understood to have avoided spelling the name with a ‘K’ in an effort to create an identity separate to the Kardashian clan).

His son Burt – who along with Cassandra is from his first marriage to Chrystie Scott, touched on Bruce being an absent father, but said: ‘I have high hopes that Caitlyn is a better person than Bruce. I’m very much looking forward to that.’

‘Call me Caitlyn’: Bruce Jenner unveiled as a woman in busty basque on Vanity Fair cover and describes panic attack after 10-hour surgery

  • Reality star set up a Twitter and Facebook account under Caitlyn Jenner
  • Tells the magazine: ‘Bruce always had to tell a lie… Caitlyn doesn’t have any secrets’ 
  • Reveals panic attack after 10-hour surgery in March 
  • Khloe was first family member to react and say she ‘couldn’t be prouder’ 
  • Pregnant stepdaughter Kim Kardashian tweets support to 32m followers, while Kendall and Kylie have also spoken out

(If an Olympic gold medalist can look like that in girls’ clothes then there’s hope for me.)

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Danish politician in very NSFW full frontal poster campaign ahead of general election

Maybe Ed Miliband should’ve given this a go last month… Danish political hopeful John Erik Wagner has stripped down to nothing but a cowboy hat and gun holster for an election campaign poster.

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Portions of the rant are highlighted here at length, because it must be read to be believed and recognized for the absolute narcissistic, psychopathic, arrogant drivel that it is.

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Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS – Netanyahu

Meeting with the visiting US Senator Bill Cassidy (D-LA) Netanyahu again said that a deal being worked on at the moment between P5+1 will be a “very bad”option to take.

“I see no reason to rush to a deal, and certainly not a bad deal that paves Iran’s path to the bomb, but also fills Iran’s coffers with tens of billions of dollars to pursue its aggression throughout the Middle East and around Israel’s borders,”Netanyahu said.

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Hackers Expose Cops and Feds as they Browse for Online Sex at the Taxpayer’s Expense

The men behind the screen names “Eaglesfan_6969” and “Verywilling2011” are looking for sex, and they’re doing it from government-provided email accounts, according to data pilfered from a hacked dating website.

6:39 am

Pentagon Kills Bill To Keep National Guard Troops Out of Unconstitutional Wars

Threats from Pentagon officials doomed a West Virginia bill that would have blocked unconstitutional foreign deployments of the state’s National Guard troops and effectively restored the founders’ framework for a state-federal balance on the Guard.

But while the bill failed to pass, its story reveals the power and potential of this approach.

Opposition and backroom threats wouldn’t have existed if the legislation didn’t actually pose a threat to the unconstitutional status quo.

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Prison guards raped, sexually abused female inmates at Rikers Island: Lawsuit

Seven male guards at Rikers’ all-female Rose M. Singer Center jail complex repeatedly raped female inmates over a two-year period, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the Legal Aid Society in the Federal District Court in Manhattan.

Two female inmates allege they were “repeatedly raped and sexually abused” by correction officer Benny Santiago who warned they would be punished if they resisted or reported him, the lawsuit alleges.

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This is How a Sellout Politician Votes– RANDY PAUL

Keep this in mind: Rand promotes himself as a Constitutionalist, who sees a limited role for the Federal government and that  laws and regulations should be the made and enforced at the individual state level, if it involves areas that are specifically enunciated in the Constitution as areas that the Federal government should play a role in. Just where the hell does he come off voting in favor of workers’ “rights,” consumers’ “rights,” and finance  to be determined, ruled and regulated by a supranational body?

This leads to my point about Rand: He is an establishment man, who can not be trusted to vote on any issue in a libertarian, or even free market manner

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State Attorney clears officer in shooting of unarmed 17 year old with Down’s Syndrome because as the deputy stated, “I was in fear he was going to hit me”. Traffic cameras tell a different story.
“This case is one of the most egregious, one of the most disturbing cases that I have pending in my office,” explained Kaplan.
That’s because traffic camera video from the intersection, Kaplan says, shows an entirely different story.
“The traffic camera clearly shows that Jeremy Hutton apparently was driving away from the deputy but actually turned his vehicle as far to the left as possible to completely try and avoid hitting this deputy so it’s completely inconsistent to what was told by the deputy, it’s appalling,” said Kaplan.



4:36 pm

Why the Rich Don’t Care About the Rest of Us 

Many of us wonder what possible reason could exist for the failure to invest in American infrastructure, to create millions of jobs as a result, and to help everyone in the long run. Analysis reveals personality traits and beliefs and misconceptions that might account for such behavior. Here’s a look inside the billion-dollar brain:

1. It’s All About Me…

“… upper-class individuals tend to be narcissistic, with a clear sense of entitlement. Worse yet, they believe their talents and attributes – genius, even – have earned them a rightful position of status over everyone else.”

(Isn’t it cute when puny millionaires pretend they’re rich?)

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10:11 am

Officer Claims he Stomped Teen’s Face In Because of Nationwide Threat to Police

In yet another disturbing scene captured on camera, a Phoenix Police Officer was caught on surveillance video brutally stomping 18-year-old Patrick D’Labik’s face into the ground, knocking out several of his teeth.

The incident took place in December when the Officer Kevin McGowan attempted to stop D’Labik allegedly to question him about a homicide suspect.  Fearing the officer and having marijuana in his pocket, the teenager ran; ditching the plant as he fled.

McGowan caught up to D’Labik inside a convenience store where the teenager was on the phone with his father.  The officer told him to get down and pulled his gun on the young man. D’Labik is seen with his hands up in compliance and was in the process of getting down on the ground when the officer is seen stomping his face into the floor of the store.


10:15 am

California Senator Dr. Pan bribed by Big Pharma to push elimination of vaccine exemptions

Predictably, but unfortunately, California’s bill to force vaccinations despite religious and philosophical beliefs — ostensibly guaranteed by the 1st Amendment — has been introduced by a pediatrician and state senator with ties to the vaccine industry.

Dr. Pan was among more than two dozen California lawmakers who received campaign donations on record from Merck in the 2010 election cycle, ahead of supporting a 2011 law allowing girls as young as 12 years old to receive Gardasil vaccinations for HPV (manufactured by Merck) without parental consent.

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City council meeting interrupted as mayor uses bathroom with his microphone still ON

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Powering through: As the noises of Mayor Ross relieving himself were broadcast in the city council room, Jonrowe tried to suppress her laughter 


12:09 pm

Rand Paul: ‘I’m tired of us retreating’ on abortion

“Let’s flip the tables on them,” Paul said, noting that “84 percent of America is not comfortable with third-trimester abortion.”

It sounds like maybe he is OK with earlier procedures?   Sometimes the apple falls really far from the tree, a fact that gives me personal comfort.



1:00 pm

AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress

“From the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 to the anti-Apartheid campaigns in the 90s, Senator Ben Cardin has spent his life supporting boycotts as a tool for achieving racial, social and economic justice. That all apparently changed when Palestinian civil society decided to adopt boycotts as a tactic to challenge Israel’s brutal military occupation.”

“During Senator Cardin’s ope”From the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 to the anti-Apartheid campaigns in the 90s, Senator Ben Cardin has spent his life supporting boycotts as a tool for achieving racial, social and ening remarks during the mark-up, he seemed to contradict the spirit and intent of his own amendment, saying, “I think it’s critically important that the provisions that are included in here for good governance and respect for international human rights need to be a principle trade objective.”

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10:19 am

Either we need to make bumper stickers, go to the Police departments, or protest with these signs.


8:29 am

I don’t care how they dress for kicks…but I am offended to be instructed that I must look the same in clothing!  (I mean, if I were fashionable.)

From bearded women to sex-swap actresses: As Andreja Pejic becomes the first transgender Vogue model, the taboo-busting figures changing fashion revealed

  • Yesterday Serbian model Andreja Pejic was revealed as the first transgender model to appear in Vogue magazine 
  • This is the latest step in changes to how the industry represents gender 
  • From drag artists on the runway to women who work exclusively as ‘male models’ we explore the changing landscape of gender in fashion 

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Ben Affleck on slave-owner revelation in TV show: ‘I was embarrassed.’

“You voluntarily provide a great deal of information about your family, making you quite vulnerable. The assumption is that they will never be dishonest but they will respect your willingness to participate and not look to include things you think would embarrass your family.”

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Featured Image


5:39 pm

Cop Who Shot and Killed 7-Year-Old Girl While Filming a Reality Show is a Police Officer Again


8:35 pm

Detroit Cop Arrested for Drive-by Shooting Aimed at a Woman in a Wheelchair

Authorities confirmed the residence targeted by the off-duty officer belongs to a patient of Gullion’s wife, an in-home caretaker. The Sheriff’s Office alleges Gullion was acting in retaliation to “alleged comments made about his caregiver wife.”

8:32 am

Ben Affleck Requested His Slave Owner Ancestor Be Censored From PBS’ ‘Finding Your Roots’

Hacked Sony emails reveal that actor-director Ben Affleck requested that his slave owner ancestor be removed from his family tree on PBS program Finding Your Roots.

In a series of WikiLeaks emails, the genealogy program’s host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. emailed Sony chief Michael Lynton asking “advice” on the actor’s request, according to New York Daily News.

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9:46 am

Reserve deputy, 73, who shot dead suspect after mistakenly pulling out his gun instead of his Taser apologizes to man’s family – but insists the mix-up could have happened to anyone

  • Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office reserve deputy Robert Bates faces a charge of second-degree manslaughter for the April 2 shooting of Eric Harris
  • In an interview on the Today show on Friday, he described his shock and remorse at the shooting and how he never intended to kill anyone
  • He demonstrated that he kept his Taser near his chest and his gun on his right side – but insisted the mix-up could have happened to anyone
  • Bates said he had completed all proper training and was not allowed to ‘play cop’ just because he had donated equipment to the sheriff’s office

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7:25 pm

‘Let it go!’: Senator’s embarrassing ‘Frozen’ ringtone interrupts hearing – and he’s the chairman

  • Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts’ ringtone was ‘Let it Go’ and his phone rang suring a Capitol Hill hearing
  • ‘Aw, come on!’ he said as he reached to silence the ringer
  • Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack couldn’t help but smile during the serious Q-and-A testimony

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“He related that when a male he finds attractive comes to be screened by the scanning machine he will alert another TSA screener to indicate to the scanning computer that the party being screened is a female. When the screener does this, the scanning machine will indicate an anomaly in the genital area and this allows (the male TSA screener) to conduct a pat-down search of that area.”

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3:56 am

‘I wouldn’t have married her if I’d known she had deformed nipples’: Man blames wife’s breasts for ‘doomed’ marriage in attempt to reduce amount he owes in divorce proceedings

  • A man has blamed his wife’s ‘deformed nipples’ for the breakdown of their marriage
  • The couple married in 1972 however he said he did not see her breasts until 1974
  • He said his wife avoided sex as she did not want him to discover for deformity 
  • The man claimed he only stayed with his wife for the sake of their three kids
  • The couple stayed married for nearly forty years  

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3:21 pm

Fired TSA agent, 33, jailed for stalking colleague, making 29 bathroom recordings of her and taking 1,500 pictures

  • Daniel Boykin plead guilty to charges of unlawful photography, aggravated burglary, wiretapping and unlawful telephone recording
  • He became obsessed with a female colleague
  • She discovered he was stalking her after finding photos on Boykin’s phone
  • He had 92 videos of the victim – 29 taken from the bathroom at Nashville International Airport – and 1,527 photos
  • Also broke into her home five times and took photos of her clothes
  • Told the court Thursday he was ‘truly sorry’
  • Sentenced to six months prison followed by five years probation

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3:02 pm

The man who slept his way round trip of a lifetime: Hilarious photos document dozy traveler on incredible Amazon holiday to see sloths and monkeys in the rainforest… who missed the whole thing

  • Alex Elenes persuaded his cousin to go to the Amazon over Machu Picchu
  • He booked many exciting tours including a jungle trek and piranha fishing
  • The traveller slept through the entire trip, missing sloths and monkeys
  • His cousin Roxy de la Rosa posted the hilarious pictures on Reddit 

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8:28 am

(I mean, the COPS)

Biker Threatened with Jail if He Doesn’t Apologize for Swearing at a Cop, He Stands his Ground

The confrontation continues as the officer whines petulantly at Ayers to apologize for his words instead of demanding that his “battle brother” apologize to the men on bikes who could have been killed by his reckless driving.

Approximately two minutes and forty seconds into the video the officer threatens to take Ayers to jail if he continues to call the officer’s coworker names.


3:16 pm

Video shows 9 months pregnant, handcuffed woman punched by Texas police

Robinson, 38, is a decorated Air Force veteran and recipient of the Airman’s Medal for the time she pulled her colleagues out of a burning plane in Iraq. She now lives in Quinlan, with another infant and three step children, aged six to nine. But her marriage had been undergoing a turbulent period lately, which culminated in a shoving match with her husband several days prior to the incident.

Apparently, one of the kids told a teacher at school, who then reported the couple to Child Protection Services.
She was arrested on March 4 on charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and interference with child custody, and spent some six days in jail.

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8:22 am

Rand Paul: 10 things to know about soon-to-be presidential nominee

( I think this guy is a pandering twerp. But I’d shine his dad’s shoes anytime.)

“Paul has indicated of late that he will work to court more conventionally-conservative voters — and big money donors — while attempting to maintain his perceived outsider, libertarian credentials.”

See more here:


1:06 pm

” A divorce lawyer was detained, forced to represent her client restrained in a wheelchair and tortured with sexual humiliation, sleep deprivation and sensory deprivation without being charged, according to a new civil-rights lawsuit that has hit the courts in Minnesota.”

“After the proceedings were over, MacDonald Shimota was wheeled back into the holding area where, the lawsuit charges, the sheriff’s office engaged in seven of the internationally recognized forms of torture: sexual humiliation, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, solitary confinement/isolation, temperature extremes, sensory bombardment and psychological techniques.”

7.5 million


9:21 am

Prince Charles begged people to save energy by switching off their lights… Then jumped in helicopter to travel just 80 miles!



6:57 am

Kim Kardashian reveals how Kanye West lost it with her personal trainer on KUWTK

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‘And Kanye’s like ”Wait a minute, you are the trainer and you’re telling me you can’t imagine her 15 pounds lighter?”’ she recounted.

‘So [Kanye said] we need to get another trainer then, because if I tell you that she needs to lose weight in between her toe[s] you are going to figure out a f****ing toe weight,’ Kim recalled.

Connubial bliss.

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8:30 pm

Pesticide Lobbyist Refuses to Drink Glyphosate After Claiming It’s Safe to Drink

“I know it wouldn’t hurt me,” Moore said, adding that people trying to commit suicide with it “fail fairly regularly.”

“So you are ready to drink one glass of glyphosate?” the filmmaker repeated.

“No, I’m not an idiot,” Moore responded before eventually storming off set.

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7:15 am

Shocking moment ‘bloods gang member’ gets up in class and forces teacher to stop writing on board in blue – because it is the color of their arch rivals Crips

  • Schoolboy approaches the front of the class and asks: ‘What is this?’
  • Another classmate joins in and says: ‘Why is it in blue, put it in red’ 
  • The faculty member obliges and starts to write in black instead  

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1:20 pm

Indiana Dem Rep Justin Moed Apologizes for Being “B*tch Boy” in Sexting Case

– See more at:


11:33 am

‘In this studio, I run the show’: Moment Lebanese woman TV host stood up to sexist London Islamist scholar after being told ‘it’s beneath me to be interviewed by you’ during live interview

  • TV host Rima Karaki was interviewing Islamist Hani Al-Seba’i
  • Al-Seba’i got irate when he was told they were running out of time 
  • He said: ‘It is beneath me to be interviewed by you’
  • Rima retorted: ‘There is mutual respect, or this conversation is over’

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4:25 am

Rahm Emanuel Snaps at Mental-Health Advocates: ‘You’re Gonna Respect Me!’

“Emanuel’s temper is notorious. In 1992, he was Bill Clinton’s chief fundraiser. After Bubba won the White House, it’s said that Rahm went DeNiro in The Untouchables on the people who had opposed them. “Dead!” Rahm screamed while plunging a steak knife into a table. ”Nat Landow! Dead! Cliff Jackson! Dead! Bill Schaefer! Dead!” Rahm’s rage-fueled drive later propelled him to a seat in Congress and the position of White House chief of staff under President Obama.”

More here:


6:02 pm

Sen. Rand Paul Stands with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

“Israel is and has always been America’s friend and ally. I was pleased to hear Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress today, and join him in calling for peace and standing together for our mutual interests. It is important to work together to prevent a nuclear Iran, and the spread of Radical Islam,” said Sen. Paul.

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9:36 am

Asked about ISIS, Walker responded, “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe.”

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2:47 pm

Married TV actor wakes up to find his testicles have been STOLEN after he is drugged in Russian bar by attractive blonde working for organ traffickers

  • Dmitry Nikolaev was approached by a young woman in a bar in Moscow 
  • The 30-year-old enjoyed a drink and a sauna with her before he blacked out
  • Woke the next morning in a bus stop in acute pain and covered in blood
  • Rushed to hospital where he was told that his testicles had been removed 
  • Police believe he was spiked and procedure was carried out in a ‘skillfully’ 
  • They fear that his testicles were removed by a gang selling organs on the black market  

(I didn’t know they could transplant those things.  Where can I get some?)

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11:28 am

Veterans Chief Apologizes For Distorting His Military Past (“Distorting.” That means LYING.)

“In a statement issued Monday by his department, McDonald said: “During my stay in Los Angeles, talking to a homeless to determine their veteran status, I asked the man where he had served in the army .He replied that he had served in Special Forces. From incorrectly I stated that I had been in Special Forces. That was wrong and I apologize to anyone who has offended with my misstatement “.

No.  No, no.  He needs not to apologize to those who were offended; that’s only intended to defer negative reputation influences.  He needs to apologize to THE WORLD.  His lies contributed to the tainted air we breathe.

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9:06 am

I think this was at the Oscars but I didn’t read the story.


5:58 am

Prince Charles ‘Sold Out’ William and Harry To The Tabloids

“The young princes were said to have been stunned and angered when they discovered that one of their father’s advisers had deliberately placed personal and negative stories about them in the newspapers.”

“The first violation of the boys’ privacy came when they were aged 16 and 13, just 10 months after the death of their mother, Princess Diana.”

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1:20 am

Jeb Bush 2016: “I’m My Own Man” While Dragging Along His Daddy and Brother’s Most Anti-Constitutional Pals

“The Jeb Bush roll call of national security and foreign policy experts include loyal Bushies who served Bush 41 and 43: James Baker, Michael Chertoff, Michael Hayden, Tom Ridge, George Shultz and that Iraq hawk of hawks, Paul Wolfowitz. Locking up these GOP establishment figures may help Bush jump out ahead of what is shaping up as a crowded Republican primary field. That’s an inside game.”

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6:25 am

Kim Kardashian shocks fans as she posts picture of ‘daddy’s muse’ North West wearing ‘BULLETPROOF vest’… and of course it was designed by Kanye

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8:52 pm

Bride is badly beaten by her new husband on their wedding night – because he couldn’t take off her dress

  • Amy Dawson was pinned to the floor of hotel room on her wedding night
  • Gavin Golightly beat the 22-year-old because he couldn’t undo her dress
  • She was saved after escaping the room to call a night porter for help
  • Couple had tied knot in County Durham church ceremony hours earlier
  • Golightly, 29, was given a two-year community service order at court
  • Miss Dawson, who has filed for divorce, said sentence was too lenient

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10:31 am

Presidential hopeful Rand Paul tweeted “Proud to sign a resolution welcoming Israeli PM @netanyahu to Congress.”

Rand Paul is not merely a signator of Cornyn’s letter, but is one of the 50 cosponsors of the bill.

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7:43 pm

Russian police who filmed and mocked mentally ill woman after she stripped naked and started dancing at their station face the sack for ‘unacceptable behaviour’

  • Footage showing clearly disturbed woman prompted outrage in Russia
  • She danced around Moscow police station clearly disturbed after arrest
  • But instead of helping her or handing back her clothes, officers laughed
  • Spokesman said it was likely the officer who shot the video will be fired 

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6:02 pm

Devoted husband, 74, has written his wife a love letter every day for almost FORTY YEARS

  • Bill Bresnan, 74, has written more than 10,000 letters to Kirsten
  • The two met in 1974 in a finance class, and the letter ritual began soon after
  • Ends each one with kisses and infinity symbol, says he is ‘crazy’ about her
  • The couple, from Toms River, New Jersey, file away every letter in their attic 

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2:48 pm

Businessman paid $4,500 to extortionist ‘prostitute’ who threatened to share incriminating text messages with his wife and boss

  • Alleged prostitute Satirhea Goncalves arrested and charged with extortion
  • Businessman met woman in Seattle hotel after responding to a web advert 
  • Accused of conning him out of $4,500 by threatening to expose him
  • Goncalves is currently in jail after bail set a $20,000  

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4:51 pm

Men Are Taking Knitwear To The Next Level

6:18 am

Kanye West storms the stage after Beck shocks by beating Beyoncé to best album at Grammy Awards… then brands win a ‘smack in the face’ to creativity during epic backstage rant

  • Beck beat Beyoncé to Album Of The Year for his record Morning Phase
  • Kanye stormed the stage attempting to interrupt Beck’s speech in a nod to his notorious 2009 Taylor Swift moment
  • While it appeared to be a joke at first, he later said backstage that Beck should have handed over the award to Beyonce
  • He branded Beck’s win ‘disrespectful’ and a ‘smack in the face’ to creativity 
  • Kim Kardashian endorsed Kanye but watched on nervously as his ranting escalated
  • Jay Z’s shocked reaction to Kanye’s stage move was caught on camera 
  • Beck has responded saying he thought Beyonce was going to win  

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9:06 am

Rand Paul backs off vaccine comments

“I did not say vaccines caused disorders, just that they were temporally related – I did not allege causation,” Paul said in a statement. “I support vaccines, I receive them myself and I had all of my children vaccinated. In fact today, I received the booster shot for the vaccines I got when I went to Guatemala last year.”

View image on Twitter


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2:37 pm

Lord of The House! GOP congressman defends his office decorated in homage to Downton Abbey

  • An Illinois Congressman who decorated his office in a style modeled after the TV show ‘Downton Abbey’ may face an ethics investigation
  • A group has asked a panel to examine whether Rep. Aaron Schock broke House rules by accepting professional interior design work for free
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington requested an inquiry by the Office of Congressional Ethics

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Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a nonpartisan watchdog group, requested an inquiry by the Office of Congressional Ethics, over the office inspired by the popular PBS show


4:28 pm

Conrad Hilton ordered to surrender his passport for vulgar airplane tirade in which he called attendant ‘f***ing peasants’

  • Conrad Hilton appeared in court on Tuesday after turning himself in over terror flight from London to Los Angeles last July
  • Hilton family attorney Robert Shapiro confirmed the 20-year-old ‘took a sleeping pill before the flight and wasn’t himself’
  • He also checked into a 30 day rehab program immediately after the flight  
  • Hilton said on the flight his family paid $300k for a similar plane incident in the past, this after threaning to kill the crew
  • The first words Hilton said outside the courthouse were to a photographer, telling the man ‘You’re a scumbag’
  • He was released on $100,000 bail and was forced to surrender his passport and remain in California with his next court appearance scheduled for March

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Another source told the site: ‘Conrad grabbed a flight attendant’s shirt and said “I could get you all fired in five minutes. I know your boss! My father will pay this out. He has done it before. Dad paid $300k last time.’

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7:55 am


4:19 am

Armed robber laughed out of store without a dollar as female clerks find themselves in hysterics over his ridiculous blond disguise

  • The unidentified man entered the DonutHole at 1306 W. Pasadena Freeway at 4:54 a.m. on January 7 in the outlandish costume brandishing a gun and demanding cash from the register
  • Was wearing hoodie and blond woman’s wig
  • Clerk, who spoke limited English, thought the robbery was a prank and began laughing 

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6:58 pm

The In Bruges actor thinks it’s a testament to Ewan’s incredible modesty and down-to-earth nature that he isn’t more boastful about the size of his penis.

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7:59 am


If Harrington had gone to trial, he could have faced up to three years and eight months in prison if convicted on all counts, Grove said.

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1:12 pm

Senator Wants DUI Charges Dismissed Citing that Lawmakers are “Privileged from Arrest”

“The Senator was arrested on January 6, by a Kentucky state trooper, just after 9 pm — on the opening day of the legislative session. Smith was charged with DUI and speeding 20 mph over the posted limit.”

9:16 am

The man who’s had TWO sex changes: Incredible story of Walt, who became Laura, then REVERSED the operation because he believes surgeons in US and Europe are too quick to operate

  • Walt Heyer had sex change to become a woman when he was 42 years old
  • After eight years living as Laura Jensen, he reverted back to being a man
  • He believes the desire to change gender stems from psychological trauma 
  • Heyer controversially disputes that Gender Dysphoria is a genetic disorder
  • Now 74, he acts as a counselor to those considering a sex change surgery
  • Psychological vetting of patients before operation is inadequate, he claims 

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Sex change: Walt is pictured here in 1984, one year after he underwent surgery to become 'Laura Jensen'


7:38 am

Over 300 People Put Their Shiniest Fins On For This Mermaid Festival


5:47 pm

Hairdresser creates ‘invisible’ skullcap made from hair samples so Jewish men can cover their head without fear of being attacked following rise in anti-Semitism 

  • Israeli hairdresser has created ‘invisible’ skullcap made from human hair
  • Barber fashioned caps so Jews can cover their head without fear of attack 
  • He has seen particular interest from France following anti-Semitic attacks
  • Caps range in colours, costing £37 for synthetic hair and £60 for natural

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11:40 am

Man Invokes 5th Amendment, Cops Tell Him to “Throw all the Legal Mumbo Jumbo Out the Window”

“If you have nothing to hide…let’s throw all the legal mumbo jumbo out the window sir. Let’s play on big boy terms. Let’s not play the lawyer game and ‘my rights are violated’ game or none of that bullcrap today.”

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6:42 am

Former NSA chief: Sony hack shows ‘we’re not ready’ for a cyberattack

“The Sony attack clearly highlights that we’re not ready,” said Alexander.

He added that the successful hack “shows the way we’re protecting our networks, it’s not working.”

Asked whether the possibility of a serious attack still “keeps you up at night,” Alexander replied that “it sure does.”


Not only is he less than eloquent…he was also in charge of CYBER COMMAND.  He’s the guy responsible for the failures he now uses to float his boat.  Gag me with a spoon.


10:14 am

“…an indignant Dixon begins “when you are allowing, you are allowing everyone else to walk past these barriers to walk in that door, but you get some black mothers here, that are demanding it’s got to stop, killing our children, and we can’t come in?? And we can’t come in??? Fuck you, man!” She then starts to daintily climb over the metal barricade in an act of civil disobedience, and a man (who may be her husband?) helps her over as she swings her legs over the barricade and places her feet onto the ground. There are dozens of cops standing around, all wearing bullet proof vests. The six cops in Dixon’simmediate area watch calmly as the man helps Dixon over the barricade. None of them interfere in her attempt to climb over the barrier in her long skirt, which shows they realize that the petite woman is not a threat. Once she is over the barrier and standing, the police then surround her and start grabbing at her to take her away. A black boy behind the barricade starts to get upset and says what sounds like “don’t touch my mom! don’t touch my mom!” At that point, a freaked-out LAPD cop actually reaches for his gun in response to the youngster.

“The camera then pans to the other side of the courtyard as a young black woman calmly talks to a female officer, saying “you have arrested my aunt and my mother…”

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4:30 pm

Cop Fired For Exposing Department Policy Where Officers Have Sex With Prostitutes, Then Arrest Them

“The way that Former Fort Smith Police Department Sgt. Don Paul Bales’ department had it set up, cops would “prove” that they weren’t really police officers, by having sex with prostitutes. The cop who had just broken the law himself would then follow up by arresting the women.”

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8:19 pm

Close relationship: Secretary of State John Kerry leaned in to embrace French president Francois Hollande on a make-up visit after missing an enormous solidarity march last week


12:57 pm


” Moments later, Zacharias allegedly escalated the confrontation by pulling a gun on the ex-boyfriend and chasing him from the premises.
Figuera describes herself as startled by the alleged incident, and says she was even more surprised when Zacharias went back to his police cruiser, gathered some belongings, and announced he wanted to stay the night.”

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8:48 am

Alan Dershowitz’s Curious Denials

“I’m also puzzled by the statement by Dershowitz’s wife (paraphrased in this article) that Dershowitz “was with her and their daughter at the time of the alleged sexual encounters” and by his daughter’s statement that all three of them “were together … during three of the times in question.” Beyond a broad range of three years or so, the motion doesn’t allege the “time”…

“One has to wonder whether Dershowitz mischaracterizes these allegations in order to be able to deny them with such specifics.”

OH, you mean THAT private island…

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6:55 pm

“Her father said he never suspected she was being abused by Epstein and his friends; adding: ‘At the time we thought it was all OK. Virginia never once said anything about any sexual activity. I never asked her because I did not think that was going on.”

If Andrew had sex with my daughter when she was under age he should be prosecuted, says father of Virginia Roberts

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5:28 am

On New Year’s day, in an unfortunate, home “exercise” accident, USSA Senator, Harry Reid (D-NV) smashed his face, resulting in broken facial bones, as well as broken ribs and a very black eye.

“If you want to do a little digging, you can easily come up with much more. Forget about whatever nonsense you might have learned in your high school civics course, once upon a time. The way that politics really work, the way that government really runs, is nasty and brutish. “

“People get beaten. People get shot. People get killed. That’s the way the system works.”

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11:18 am

“Lauder. Oh, the smell [he’s heir of Estée Lauder.] He’s a billionaire. He buys paintings for millions like you buy a comic book. He puts it over his fireplace, he looks at it and says ‘I’m happy’ and when the fire runs low he throws it in the fire.” View Video & Story Here & Here.


6:42 pm

In a preview clip for the upcoming hour-long episode, Robert is seen dusting himself in baby powder as he prepares to don his Sherry costume.

‘That’s why I do this,’ Robert breathes as he pouts at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, ‘because I think I look amazing.’

He continues: ‘I just can’t believe that’s a 70-year-old man in the mirror and that’s why I do this. If I saw a 70-year-old man in the mirror I would quit this tomorrow.’

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7:37 pm

“It’s All About” Al Sharpton: I got death threats after NYPD cops were executed


3:17 pm

LAPD Chief Disappointed at Lack of Media Fawning Over ‘Unrecognized Kind Act,’ As Officers Allegedly Buy Clothes For Homeless Guy

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8:48 pm

His wife said she wanted a ring for Christmas. She’s getting this cruel prank instead (and hopefully not a divorce)

  • Jonathan H posted a photo of a gag gift he bought his wife
  • What at first looks like a platinum ring with a stone inset is actually significantly less glamorous

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1:19 pm

He can believe whatever he wants.  That he tells us about it puts him squarely on this page.

‘Jumped to a conclusion that wasn’t true’: Brennan Clay apologizes and says his wife did not sleep with his ex-teammate… and posts racy pic to prove it

  • Former Oklahoma Sooners player Brennan Clay, 22, unleashed a string of tweets a month ago claiming his wife slept with DeMarco Murray
  • Posted text messages alleging the two were planning to have sex in his bed 
  • Shared racy photo on Twitter of himself and his wife accompanied by apology for his ‘judging a situation without knowing the facts’  
  • Murray, 26, and Clay both played for the University of Oklahoma in 2010
  • Gina D’Agostini and Clay were married in July
  • D’Agostini, a Dallas fitness instructor, has two children with another man and Murray has a child with soap opera actress Heidi Mueller

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7:44 pm

NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch Is Completely Nuts: A History

Over the weekend, Lynch blamed Bill de Blasio for the Saturday deaths of two Brooklyn cops who were murdered by a lone gunman from Georgia. “That blood on the hands,” he said at a press conference, “starts on the steps of City Hall, in the office of the mayor.”

March 2008: Lynch claimed an art installation called “The Blue Wall of Violence” that addressed police brutality was “promoting hate”:

“You can fill the museum with people of all races and ethnicities who are alive today because of the work of New York City police officers,” Lynch said in a statement. “Taxpayer dollars certainly should not fund any art that promotes hate, and that’s certainly what this does.”

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8:29 am

‘There was a power she had over me that was intense’: 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins blames molesting 3 girls on an older woman who exposed herself to him between the ages of 10 and 15

  • Stephen Collins claims a woman exposed herself to him multiple times
  • He says it provoked exhibitionist tendencies in him to do the same   
  • Actor was first accused of abuse in October, when his ex-wife released a private taped confession from a therapy session
  • Collins has stayed out of the public eye since then, but has now spoken out to admit to the inappropriate acts 
  • He has never been charged for exposure of molestation   

Can we even question that he’s telling the truth?  Sex gives others power over us.  Sometimes they take it illegitimately; the government does that.

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7:40 pm

Well, DUH…

‘Bondage master’ businessman Bob Bashara found guilty of killing wife so he could devote himself to life of domination with upper class suburban women

  • Trial of the 57-year-old revealed his secret life in Grosse Point Park, Detroit
  • Former rotary club president hosted men and women in a sex dungeon
  • Jane Bashara was strangled by a handyman in the couple’s garage in 2012 
  • Her body was then found in a Mercedes-Benz in an alleyway in the city  
  • Joe Gentz said Bashara coerced him into committing the crime 
  • Bashara repeatedly professed his innocence following his wife’s death
  • He even attended a candlelit vigil with his community in the aftermath 
  • The father-of-two was already serving an eight year sentence for arranging a prison hit on Gentz 

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3:26 pm

Hacked Sony email reveals Alex Trebek nearly quit Jeopardy after producers demand he re-shoot segment where little girl contestant, 11, throws a tantrum

  • Trebek was furious that producers wanted him to reshoot a segment ruined when a child contestant reacted poorly to losing
  • The girl’s mother told producers Trebek was insensitive to her child backstage
  • Trebek said he was ‘not feeling support’ from producers after they assented to the mom’s request to reshoot  

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1:49 pm

‘I did something terribly wrong’: Shamed 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins pens confession detailing the multiple times he exposed himself to underage girls

  • The actor was first accused of the abuse in October, when his ex-wife released a taped confession from a marriage therapy session
  • Collins, 67, has stayed out of the public eye since then, but has now spoken out to admit to the inappropriate acts in an essay 
  • The actor has never been charged for exposure of molestation  
  • He will speak about the essay with Katie Couric on Friday 

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7:51 am

“Follmer is marginally verbal and displays no capacity for critical thinking. In most occupations, these traits would be a liability. In law enforcement, they earned Follmer the title of “detective.” More importantly, they equipped him to learn the Killer Cop’s Catechism of Self-Justification well enough to recite it on cue, as he did in an interview last night on MSNBC’s “All In” program.

Cleveland Police Union Thug Cop-splains Blue Privilege

“I think that eliminates a lot of problems….I think the nation needs to realize that when we tell you to do something, do it, and if you’re wrong you’re wrong, and if you’re right, then the courts will figure it out.”

From Follmer’s perspective, the police are never wrong, and when Mundanes are “right” the courts will “figure it out” – posthumously, in an ever-increasing number of cases.

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5:43 pm

Cowboy ‘who groped young woman’ at rodeo SUES the chivalrous man who came to her defense for ‘humiliating’ him in front of crowd

  • Melissa Smith has said her behind was inappropriately touched twice by a man she didn’t know at a September event
  • Onlooker Shane Vernon has said he went up to Smith to see if everything was alright – and that when questioned, Smith told him she didn’t know the man who touched her
  • He then pursued the man and shouted at him and grabbed his belongings 
  • Leonel Olivarez, facing a sexual battery charge, has filed an assault and battery lawsuit against Vernon 

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7:21 am



9:36 am

New York judge ‘forced his secretary to pick up his soiled underwear and regaled her with explicit tales of his sex life then fired her when she complained’

  • Suit claims Brooklyn civil court Judge David Schmidt sexually harassed Sharon Sabbagh
  • Judge Schmidt allegedly forced her to give him hugs and stroked her face
  • Ms Sabbagh says she was fired after she complained to court’s top judge 
  • The Orthodox Jewish says he also insulted her religious head covering 

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7:53 am

Obama: America “Exceptional” So We Don’t Prosecute Torturers

Legal experts and human rights advocates says prosecutions must follow Senate’s report on CIA torture as president says grave violations of domestic and international law should be kept “where they belong—in the past”

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6:01 pm

Obama Launches ‘Profanity-Laced’ Tirades Against Press

The journalist, who retired in August after a 40-year career, revealed to C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb: “I have seen in the last year Barack Obama really angry twice. Both were off-the-record times. One, profanity-laced where he thought the press was making too much of scandals that he did not think were scandals.”

ANN COMPTON: Before I walked out the door on September 10, I was a strong voice for complaining that this particular administration has been more opaque than any I have covered about what the President does in the Oval Office everyday. He is far less accessible on photo-ops with meetings. Even some meetings on the record, meeting in the Roosevelt room with financial leaders from, from Wall Street or on issues with environmental groups, or with issues with environmental groups, with public opinion leaders, I think most presidents have been far more forthcoming than the second Obama term, in terms of what the President is doing every day and we almost never get photo-ops.”

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6:05 pm

‘So I wasn’t surprised that Cara wasn’t walking this year. I bumped into her at the British Fashion Awards and she looked very bloated.’ 

Cara Delevigne was too ‘bloated’ to walk for Victoria’s Secret, claims male model

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1:11 pm

Pastor calls for killing gays to end AIDS

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12:32 pm

When asked why everyone keeps laughing at him, Dr. Phil is kind enough to explain, saying; ‘They’re laughing because it’s ridiculous. They’re laughing because of your absolute and utter lack of insight and narcissistic, self-serving sh*t is more than they can take.’ 

Married man takes his wife and mistress on Dr. Phil to meet for first time and to decide which relationship he wants to end

  • Melvin is married to Rachel but having an affair with Chantelle
  • Melvin met Chantelle when he was separated, and even though he and his wife have reconciled they have remained together for two years
  • He decided to pick one woman once and for all by going on Dr. Phil 

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4:43 am

Texas deputy shot 20-year-old woman in the head for HONKING at him in road rage dispute

  • Deputy Constable Kenneth Caplan charged with aggravated assault in November 11 Houston shooting 
  • Investigators say he shot a 20-year-old woman in the head after she sounded her horn 

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5:30 pm

And I’ll go, ‘Have you been waiting there for 25 minutes? You, really, for 25 minutes in the closet?”‘

‘Justin loves to scare me!’ Jennifer Aniston reveals Theroux’s penchant for hiding in the closet… and jumping out to surprise her

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7:35 am

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source. He ratted out his flesh and blood,” said my source.

“Contacted by the Enquirer for comment, Cosby apparently handed the weekly a story about his then-23-year-old daughter Erinn’s battle with drug and alcohol abuse instead.”

Bill Cosby is a horrible human being — even when he isn’t allegedly drugging and raping women — according to detractors.”

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5:04 pm

German DJs Grow Boobs for 24 Hours to Experience Life as Women

“So what exactly are fake boobs and how do you grow them? Well, it’s quite simple actually – just inject saline solution until the area swells up. The duo had 700 ml pumped into the pectoral area to achieve the desired C-cup breast size. The fake boobs were initially hard as stone, but as the doctor promised, they began to feel quite real just an hour later.”

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Sixteen women have publicly stated that Cosby, now 77, sexually assaulted them, with 12 saying he drugged them first and another saying he tried to drug her.

Bill Cosby’s legacy, recast: Accusers speak in detail about sexual-assault allegations

More here:


10:42 am

Boy, 17, who ‘enrolled as 12-year-old at elementary school is arrested for child pornography along with a man, 28, who pretended to be his father’

  •  Ricardo Javid Lugo, 17, who was arrested for child pornography, allegedly posed as a sixth grader since August 
  • Randy Ray Wesson, 28, was arrested on charges of possession with intent to promote child pornography
  • Lugo was removed on Tuesday by Child Protective Services and as of now there is no indication that there are any student victims

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12:54 pm

Interception! Shameless Saints fan steals football intended for woman in Bengals jersey

  • Jermaine Gresham threw football to Bengals fan after scoring touchdown
  • But Saints fan grabbed it before she could and refused to hand it over 

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4:59 pm

Me and my sex doll: The men who are in love with astonishingly realistic mannequins

  • Realistic silicone love dolls sell for upwards of £1,000 and can reach £33,000 for specialist models  
  • Silicone models often have a metal or PVC skeleton and can have interchangeable faces to alter their ‘moods’ 
  • Other owners prefer softer ‘teddy babes’ which have velour skin and are used for cuddling up to
  • Dolls and their owners were photographed by Copenhagen-based Benita Marcussen 
  • The photojournalist spent nearly a year gaining the trust of her subjects after meeting them online

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Embrace: Photographer Benita Marcussen got to meet some of the owners at a convention in Wales. Pictured is one, 'Shadowman' with his doll Carly at his Welsh hotel. He has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, and besides Carly has four other dolls which are not part of his daily life, but his friends and family know of their existance

Happiness: A doll owner who prefers to be known as ‘Nescio50’ (just seen), with his doll Lily. He has chosen to remain anonymous as he says society still has a hard time accepting his choice to live with dolls. He has told his parents about his dolls, but his mother has told him that she would prefer it if he lived with a real woman. Nescio50 has never had a girlfriend and says the dolls make him happy

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Happiness: A doll owner who prefers to be known as 'Nescio50' (just seen), with his doll Lily. He has chosen to remain anonymous as he says society still has a hard time accepting his choice to live with dolls. He has told his parents about his dolls, but his mother has told him that she would prefer it if he lived with a real woman. Nescio50 has never had a girlfriend and says the dolls make him happy


5:02 am

‘He threw away a career for a $10 DVD’: Florida deputy sheriff charged with theft after being caught on tape stealing a movie from a convenience store while responding to a robbery

  • Polk County lawman Ernesto McCloud, 28, has been a deputy sheriff since May 2013 after three years as a detention deputy
  • He was helping respond to a call of a burglary at Mystic Convenience Store on U.S. Highway 17 on Thursday, Nov. 6, when he was caught on security camera stealing the DVD
  • He has been charged with petty theft and armed robbery as he was carrying his department firearm

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4:17 pm

‘Use intimidation, coercion and threats’: The shocking ‘checklist’ for picking up women posted online by California ‘dating guru’ Julien Blanc

  • Julien Blanc posted image on Twitter with caption: ‘#HowToMakeHerStay’

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10:01 am

‘Deadbeat dad’ who owes support for at least 25 children is wanted in ANOTHER state on payments… after throwing a 700-person champagne birthday bash

  • Terry Tyrone Turnage was wanted two years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, because he owed thousands in back child support to dozens of children 
  • Turnage, believed to be in his late thirties, has popped up again in Forrest City, Arkansas where he owes money to at least two women
  • One mother found out the father of her son was ‘famous’ after a conversation with the child support office

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6:54 am

Caught on camera: Cop kicks down Second Amendment sign


10:33 am

Attorney General Eric Holder: Critics of handling of Fast & Furious gun walking scandal can ‘kiss my ass’

  • Attorney general said prosecutors critical of the department’s handling of the gun-walking scandal could ‘kiss my ass’
  • Fast and Furious was a botched effort by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to track firearms across the Southwest border

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11:34 am

Police hunt twisted thief who feigns shock at sight of woman hit by subway car while slyly stealing her phone using his foot

  • Woman hit by Boston subway car, her orange phone flew out her purse
  • CCTV footage shows man walk over, put foot over it, then pick it up
  • Police have released images of the man and appealed for witnesses

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7:49 am

“Thirty-two-year-old Vance Crowe has his work cut out for him. But he sounded like a good little “better living through (big corporate) science” soldier in an NPR interview last week. Monsanto is just a really, really cool place to work, he told the NPR audience.”

“Monsanto, clearly worried about increasing concern for climate change and personal health among young people, hired a “director of millennial engagement,” to convince them that GMOs are great and Monsanto is cooler than the latest hipster band out of Brooklyn.”

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9:24 am

EXCLUSIVE: John Wayne DID dodge the draft so he could continue his torrid affair with sexy German actress Marlene Dietrich, ‘the best lay I’ve ever had,’ new book reveals

‘When she came into Wayne’s life, she juicily sucked every last drop of resistance, loyalty, morality, and guilt out of him, and gave him a sexual and moral cleansing as efficiently done as if she were draining an infected sore’, writes the author.

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3:46 am

Video: Rand Paul Supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Deal

Is he an idiot?  Or just a sell-out?  He’s lauding Dubya even?  I get a little  choked up listening to Randy.



8:37 am

Man, 18, arrested ‘for holding up FOUR Subway stores because he was furious their sandwich diet didn’t work’

  • Zachary Rapheal Torrance, 18, was arrested Thursday in Hueytown, Alabama
  • Police allege he robbed four local Subway restaurants
  • Torrance told detectives their ‘Jared Diet’ didn’t work and he wanted his money back
  • The diet was first advertised in 2000 and pushes eating two low-fat Subway sandwiches a day

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11:55 am



3:42 pm

Cop created false police reports to get his mistress’s husband thrown in jail

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6:04 am

Palin 2016?: Sarah Palin says she’s ‘hopefully running for office in the future’

  • Palin said in an interview today that she is invigorated rather than discouraged by her critics
  • ‘The more they’re pouring on, the more I’m going to bug the crap out of them by being out there…hopefully running for office in the future, too’

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6:11 am



11:54 am

‘It was your actions that put yourself here,’ he said. ‘Who cares how they feel?’

How the other half live: US prison boss can’t believe his eyes when he visits a Norwegian jail and finds beautiful ten-man apartments with dartboards and recording studios

  • James Conway got the shock of his life after visiting a prison in Norway
  • Retired US superintendent saw the inmates had a large TV and dartboard
  • There was a recording studio and the kitchen had real knives and forks 
  • Mr Conway said he didn’t waste time worrying about well-being of inmates

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10:00 am

Google worker, 23, ‘told woman he was conducting a “breast perception study” to get naked photos of her – before threatening to share the images unless she sent more’

  • Nicholas Rotundo contacted a University of Texas student saying he was conducting a study of ‘the public’s perception of different breast types’
  • Under the guise of a researcher, he offered $8,500 for her to send four naked photographs – and she eventually agreed and sent the images
  • A month later, she received another email from a new address demanding she send more photographs otherwise the images would be leaked
  • She went to cops ‘who identified the IP addresses as ones Rotundo used’
  • Rotundo, who worked as an Internal Technology resident for Google in California, was arrested on October 4 for cyberstalking the woman

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12:24 pm

Canadian Prime Minister hid in a CUPBOARD for 15 minutes as MPs sharpened flagpoles to use as spears against the gunman

  • PM Stephen Harper was placed in a cupboard after the gunfire rang out
  • Source said many MPs did not realise Prime Minister was still in the building
  • Politicians flanked doors of Ottowa building holding sharpened flagpoles
  • Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, shot gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau dead
  • Mr Harper said the Canadian government would ‘not run scared’ to threats

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10:15 am

297 Congress Members Have Earmarked $3.8 Billion for Organizations Tied to Them or Family Members




8:52 am

“The tattooed and pierced longhairs never showed up to see Senator Rand Paul speak with students at the University of South Carolina in Columbia last month. Those in attendance drew instead from the preppy set, with brushed bangs, blue blazers and proper hemlines, some wearing sunglasses on neck straps like jock jewelry. “

I miss the tattooed guys…they used to come out to hear Randy’s dad.

The Reinventions of Rand Paul

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5:43 pm

Man sues for emotional distress ‘after he awoke from surgery to find he was wearing pink women’s underwear’

  • Andrew Walls, 32, claims the underwear was put on his body when he was under anesthesia at Delaware Surgery Center in October 2012
  • Seeking damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Lawyer says he suffered mental anguish and lost wages 
  • Mr Walls was an employee of Delaware Surgery Center 

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8:57 am

“Time for a reality check folks, We are not winning any fight. There is no movement to speak of and Internet-land in no way represents reality. I hate reading on the Internet about how we are making progress and all that. Yeah right. Clearly none of the people speaking of this mythical progress have ever looked at reality and the people we are supposedly trying to awaken; a bunch of fat f*****g retarded brain-dead zombies, otherwise known as the modern day White race. Good luck if you believe that!

There are absolutely no political solutions to the problems we face either. The time for political solutions officially ended in 1945 after our idiot race destroyed the Third Reich instead of supporting it. The fight we face now is so steep it’s f*****g vertical. And are people today anything like the Germans of 1933-1945? Nope. They are completely useless sacks of crap who deserve everything the Jews are gonna throw at them! They are more interested in watching the next episode of “Modern Faggot Family” or “Dancing with the Stars” for f*** sake, than caring about their future.

I don’t know if I’ll be doing anything much on the Internet in the future. ….Brace yourselves for the future. It ain’t gonna be pretty.” 

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8:34 am

Putting themselves in the frame: Blundering crooks take gun-toting selfies with stolen phone which automatically uploads pictures to the internet

  • Two young women, 19 and 20, robbed on the streets of New Orleans 
  • Incriminating pictures then appear on one of the victim’s cloud account
  • Her phone had been programmed to automatically upload pictures 
  • They show the two suspects waving guns and showing gang signs

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7:45 am


“The review board’s report found the plagiarism “egregious.” A review of Walsh’s paper by the school’s director of communicative arts found little, if any, original language or research and that it was “primarily composed of verbatim liftings from other sources” presented as if they were Walsh’s own work.”

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6:56 pm

‘All boys want to brag, but he didn’t expect it to come to this:’ The 16-year-old who had threesome with his two teachers is crushed they could now go to prison, says grandfather

  • The boy who shared the secret of his threesome regrets that his two blonde English teachers may never teach again
  • Shelley Dufresne, 32, a married mother of three, was arrested just days after school officials learned of the allegations
  • She posed in a bare midriff for a diet ad claiming she had lost 10 pounds in 75 days
  • English teacher Rachel Respess, 24, who uses the name CajunBabe, is accused of taking part in sexual tryst at her home, which may have been videotaped
  • Booking records state Dufresne began passionately kissing her co-worker as Respress had sex with the teenager

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4:17 pm

And the lesson for today is my sinful life: Pastor’s sermons reveals he has AIDS but still slept with parishioners

  • Juan McFarland has been removed from Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama after deacons voted unanimously to oust him
  • In a sermon in September, he revealed he had contracted HIV in 2003 and was diagnosed with AIDS in 2008 – and the congregation was supportive
  • But in later sermons he revealed he had taken cocaine, misused church funds and had sex with members of the congregation in the church
  • He knew he had AIDS at the time but it is not clear if he told all of the women he had the disease; at least one said she is getting checked
  • Since being ousted, McFarland has changed the locks on the church 

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4:11 pm

Google me! The moment Cody Gibson gets punched in the face at Las Vegas bar after losing UFC 178 fight to Manny Gamburyan

  • MMA fighter Cody Gibson told man to Google his name after being pushed
  • He was then punched in the face by the man in Las Vegas

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10:10 am



6:37 pm

‘You’ll never get your hands on my money’: Final words of newlywed doctor who shot wife dead and then himself in bitter pre-nup dispute on their WEDDING DAY minutes after guests left

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1:43 pm


8:16 am

Breaking: Holder defies federal court ruling and refuses to obey judge’s order

“In an action not seen in the U.S. Department of Justice in recent history, outgoingAttorney GeneralEric Holder on Thursday refused to comply with a court order to release aVaughn Index ofOperation Fast and Furious documents. Members of a House committee are requesting the federal judge in the case to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of court for failing to comply with a deadline a judge set to turn over documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, according to afederal court motion on Thursday.”

Commencing, cover-your-ass.  It’s happening everywhere!

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12:59 pm

What Happens When Freshman Lawmaker Misses the Memo

How the Israel Lobby Set Beto O’Rourke Right

“I could not in good conscience vote for borrowing $225 million more to send to Israel, without debate and without discussion, in the midst of a war that has cost more than a thousand civilian lives already, too many of them children,” he wrote.

“The final chapter in his run-in with the pro-Israel lobby will be written soon. In the spring, or perhaps even sooner, O’Rourke will join a group of lawmakers going to Israel on a trip arranged by an AIPAC-affiliated organization.”

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4:27 am

Police Officer Goes Crazy When He’s Told He Needs a Warrant to Search Car



8:51 am


“Holder not only did not make any effort to put Wall Street’s banking titans behind bars for their epic crimes, he did not even make them step down from their exalted and absurdly highly compensated executive positions when his office reached negotiated settlements with the banks in civil cases involving those crimes—civil cases that almost always allowed the banks to settle without even having to admit their guilt. (His ludicrous excuse: punishing these criminal executive might jeopardize the banks’ stocks and hurt “innocent” shareholders!)”

“Nor was this legal benevolence limited to purely financial crimes. Banks like Citicorp and HSBC, which were found to have knowingly laundered millions—even billions—of dollars in drug money for drug cartels, were also allowed by Holder to escape with petty fines, and no prosecution of a single bank executive. ”

“In all of this extraordinary list of treachery and cowardice, Holder has played his sycophantic role as a defender of corporate America, of white privilege, and of Washington power. He has been both the John Ashcroft and the Alberto Gonzalez of the Obama administration. (Actually, that comparison is unfair to John Ashcroft, who at least was a man of conviction—repellent as some of those convictions may have been. In Holder’s case, we have a man not of principle, but who is simply a corporate lawyer, ready to do his clients’ bidding, however sordid and corrupt.)”

“God, how far we have fallen from the days when Ramsey Clark was Attorney General, and left to become a leading critic of Washington’s imperial government at home and abroad!”

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11:13 am

In a recent study it was revealed that the number one fear that women have about dating online is that they will meet a serial killer. For men, it is that their date will be fat.

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4:12 pm

Bad game? Foul-mouthed golfer breaks his clubs one-by-one in massive tantrum

  • The man was filmed destroying his clubs and bag outside a Pennsylvania clubhouse apparently after a particularly bad day on the golf course

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1:40 pm

Biden 2012: If Romney’s elected, USA will bomb Syria

This is a pretty funny half minute:




5:58 pm

Outrage as anti-wolf campaigner brags about killing two young animals with sick photo album of his ‘conquests’ on Facebook

  • Toby Bridges posted graphic details of accelerating van to run over wolves
  • He teamed story with album of images showing two dead animals

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3:23 am

This Guy Has Been Saving All His Nail Clippings Since 1978


(I didn’t put the link because…well, you know…)



1:08 pm

Student’s cat-and-lasers portrait WILL make the school yearbook… but only if he will let his principal pose with him in it

  • Draven Rodriquez wanted a photo his classmate’s would say ‘only he’ would think to do
  • Pic of Rodriguez and cat Mr. Bigglesworth was rejected from senior portrait section
  • Principal Diane Wilkinson offered to share her page with him as long as she could bring her mixed chihuahua

Here we got a wimpy-ass woman too.

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5:54 pm

Banker fed up with barking shot dead neighbors’ corgi puppy in front of horrified owners… but he got the WRONG dog

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11:29 am

Rotherham child-sex victim confronts her alleged abuser in the street… but SHE is arrested by a van load of police

  • Victim saw man she says abused her walking the town’s streets
  • The now 28-year-old challenged him over claims of grooming and violence
  • But when police arrived, she was handcuffed and arrested by officers
  • She was ‘shoved into van’ by two officers in ‘thuggish’ arrest, witness says

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10:00 am

A grave error of judgement: Spanish cemetery worker suspended after posing for a photograph with body he had just exhumed… and the dead man’s nephew

  • Gravedigger, Clemente, pictured with corpse of man who died 23 years ago
  • Dead man’s niece took photo while nephew-in-law posed smiling in the shot
  • Man’s body was exhumed as grave was being extended to fit deceased wife
  • After photo went viral online – gravedigger suspended pending final decision 

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7:21 pm

Call me dumb, but why is an “asexual-moderator” dealing in naked pictures anyway?

Pictured: The self-styled cyber warrior who spread hacked photos of naked celebrities viewed 250m times by Reddit users – and now complains HIS privacy has been invaded

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6:42 pm

Look at this picture!  Need I say more?

In stitches: Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush appeared together Monday, to announce a leadership series which will be taught at four presidential libraries across the nation


7:47 pm

Not sorry to burst your bubble! Unruly fan grabs beach ball from children in Arizona stadium and crushes it (and then gives himself a round of applause!)

  • Crowd are laughing and smiling as they pass beach ball around stadium
  • Man aggressively crushes ball in front of young children and angry parents
  • The spoilsport then applauds his behaviour and smiles broadly 

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5:09 am


“I’m working on a story about congressional oversight of drone strikes that can present a good opportunity for you guys,” Dilanian wrote in one email to a CIA press officer, explaining that what he intended to report would be “reassuring to the public”

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1:33 am

Man in court for anger management hearing ‘attacks his female lawyer

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8:43 am

Lawyer dubbed ‘Harry Potter’ by judge for wearing medals stitched into his robe is investigated over claims they are fake

  • Alan Blacker had sewn ceremonial medals and colourful ribbons on gown
  • Legal advocate said he got them for service to the St John Ambulance
  • But he was given a dressing down by Judge David Wynn Morgan
  • The judge described him as looking ‘like something out of Harry Potter’ 
  • Now local St John Ambulance boss says Blacker not a member of its order

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10:02 pm

I’ve had my fill of your cuisine, says US envoy: Ambassador makes a dig at Britain with sly remark about traditional roast lamb (…and says he prefers Ferrero Rocher)

Ambassador's selection: Matthew Barzun serves guests with a tower of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and lager

4:01 am

‘I want this guy arrested!’ Alec Baldwin engages in heated conversation with police in the Hamptons after paparazzo altercation.

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4:56 am

Man who DELIBERATELY sabotaged Starbucks pay-it-forward line that had gone on for 10 hours and 457 customers

  • Peter Schorsch says he decided to end the pay-it-forward chain because it had become ‘ridiculous and cheesy’

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6:34 pm

“A Florida man cut a small hole in the front of his shoe, inserted an iPod, and then went to Walmart and recorded “upskirt” videos, according to police who arrested the pervy auteur.”

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8:25 am

‘I will not leave Berlin without having sex with you’: Successful Tech investor embarrassed by woman after she releases crude hookup email he sent to her after meeting her at networking event

  • Gesche Haas had an informal 20 minute chat with businessman Pavel Curda
  • After the networking event, he sent her emails asking to have sex with her 
  • She said: ‘I was so flustered. I couldn’t sleep for an hour or two’ 
  • Has since received many messages of support on Facebook and Twitter
  • Mr Curda blamed the fact his Gmail account was hacked for the crude emails

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8:38 pm

Con-ception: Maine man features in a mug-shot within a mug-shot after being arrested in the souvenir T-shirt from his PREVIOUS arrest

  • Robert Burt, 19, was arrested for DUI in June and ordered to serve two days in prison
  • He turned up to serve his sentence in a t-shirt emblazoned with his June mugshot
  • He was photographed in the  t-shirt with his jail booking photo 

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8:34 am

Woman discovers her husband is married to three other women in three different states after finding all his wedding photos on FACEBOOK

  • Darnell Pixley, 49, was arrested after wife number three allegedly found out about wife number four and contacted authorities

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1:57 am

Quite the hair-razors! Men shave their chest fuzz to resemble bikini tops in latest wacky social media fad

But first, let me take a selfie: This Instagram snap, taken nine months ago, was captioned, 'It's ok guys and girls. You lose. #awesome #chesthair #chesthairbikini #mankini #thisiswhatbeingamanlookslike'

More here:



4:53 pm

‘This is going to be a long term project’: Obama announces that US military involvement in Iraq will continue for MONTHS… as he jets off for Martha’s Vineyard vacation and the golf course

  • Obama said that rebuilding Iraq is going to be a ‘long-term project’
  • He would not put forward a timetable to resolve the conflict in Iraq because it’s his ‘responsibility’ to make sure U.S. personnel there are protected
  • Obama said he would not move the consulate or embassy in Baghdad ‘any time soon’
  • He reiterated that he would not put combat troops on the ground in Iraq and said ‘right now’ he did not need additional funds from Congress
  • Obama and the first family took off for vacation in Martha’s Vinyard after the press conference
  • The president played a round of golf with ex-NFL player Ahmad Rashad and NBA’s Ray Allen

More here:



8:18 am

Democratic US Senator withdraws from November election following accusations he plagiarized two-thirds of his graduate thesis at the Army War College

  • Sen. John Walsh will not stand for election following his appointment to the U.S. Senate to serve out the term of Ambassador to China Max Baucus
  • The New York Times found in July that Walsh had plagiarized most of the master’s degree thesis he submitted to the U.S. Army War College in 2007
  • Republicans were already expected to pick up the seat in November
  • Among the punishments the college could mete out: scraping his name from the plaques that honor graduates

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7:26 am

Nursing mom’s outrage as guards at the George W Bush Presidential Library force her to feed her newborn baby in a restroom

  • Vanessa Baily was shocked at being told to feed baby in a bathroom stall
  • Mom-of-two hopes experience will help raise awareness of nursing women’s rights
  • Museum apologized and says it has updated staff on its baby policies

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4:53 am

Gaffe-tastic Joe Biden thinks ‘Africa’ is a country, not a continent

  • American VP addressed 50 world leaders – all from Africa – on Tuesday
  • ​’There’s no reason the nation of Africa cannot and should not join the ranks of the world’s most prosperous nations,‘ he said

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7:40 am

NYPD officer charged for breaking into woman’s apartment and beating her up just hours after receiving department’s second-highest honor

  • Eugene Donnelly received the Police Combat Cross on June 10, 2013 for heroic actions in a 2012 shootout with a Bronx teen
  • In the early hours of June 11, he broke into a random woman’s apartment mistaking it for a friend’s, and beat up the 30-year-old woman
  • On Monday, Donnelly was charged with assault and burglary for the incident
  • He has been suspended without pay from the force

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7:46 am

The CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have both released financial disclosure statements, which can be found on the US government’s ethics website. But the repeated denial by NSA to publish its records seems to suggest it’s an exception to the rule.”

Emperor Keith is above the law!  (But not the NEW law…)

According to reports, prospective clients of Alexander’s, namely large banks, will be billed $1 million a month for his cyber-consulting services. quipped that for an extra million, Alexander would show them the back door (state-installed spyware mechanisms) that the NSA put in consumer routers.”

Read more about Emperor Keith and his wimpy-ass prospects here:


1:46 pm

The real life Ken doll: Brazilian model spends £30,000 turning himself into Barbie’s boyfriend… and now he’s bringing out his OWN figurine

  • Celso Santebanes, 20, has spent £30,000 on surgery to look like Ken doll
  • Flying to LA next month to launch ‘Celso Doll’, said it is a dream come true
  • Also vows to join forces with Russian real-life Barbie doll in ‘plastic heaven’ 
  • Admits he is ‘addicted’ to looking in the mirror, more surgery to come Copy Ken: This is one of many shots Celso has taken of him and a Ken Doll looking almost identical

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10:41 am

Miami cop reinstated after blaming positive cocaine test result on an erection-enhancing cream he got from an ‘old Cuban guy’

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6:04 pm

‘Leonardo DiCaprio was even clapping!’ Eyewitness claims Orlando Bloom was cheered on by his A-list pals as he threw ‘more than one punch’ at Justin Bieber

  • Bloom ‘never looked at Miranda the same’ after rumours she got cosy with Bieber after meeting him at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012

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7:05 pm

Emperor Keith is filing for THREE PATENTS! When did he find the time to do all that research?


Former NSA Chief: Why I’m Worth $1 Million a Month to Wall Street

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5:39 am

Judge who had affair with man’s ex-wife while overseeing his child support case cannot be sued, rules court

  • Judge Wade McCree cannot be sued by the defendant of a child support case he presided over
  • McCree had an affair with the ex-wife of the defendant while the case was before his court
  • He sexted Geniene La’Shay Mott from the bench, had trysts with her in his chambers and gave her thousands of dollars
  • He ordered Robert King be tethered and forced to pay child support
  • There is a longstanding doctrine that judges cannot be sued for their decisions in court
  • A judge upheld a lower court’s ruling to this effect, but also said McCree’s actions were ‘often reprehensible’

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8:05 am

He ‘just didn’t know’: Joe Paterno’s son defends legendary coach over Sandusky allegations in new book

  • Jay Paterno has written a new book defending his father Joe Paterno
  • Joe Paterno was fired from Penn State after Jerry Sandusky was found to be a child molester
  • A report commissioned by the university concluded that Joe Paterno helped conceal Sandusky’s behavior to avoid bad publicity
  • Jay Paterno says his father didn’t inform coaching staff about allegations against Sandusky because he didn’t know if they were true
  • ‘I had no idea. I just didn’t know,’ he told his son, according to the book

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5:38 pm

Man hanged himself after a blazing row with his girlfriend over whether they fancied Danny Dyer and Kim Kardashian

  • Dale Challoner, 31, argued with girlfriend after she said Dyer was attractive
  • Partner pointed out he had made similar comments about Kim Kardashian
  • He stormed out after argument and she told him to stay at his mother’s
  • Found dead in community garden in Conwy by electrician walking to work
  • Coroner recorded a verdict of suicide at inquest which was held yesterday

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9:47 am

Michigan cops go on trial after shooting dog in front of owner (VIDEO)

“What the f–k, you shooting it right in front of me,” Preston’s grandfather can be heard saying. The officer replies, “It attacked us, sir.”

“Preston’s grandfather replies, “I don’t think so. You guys ought to go on TV.”

“Not long after, Lexie, still alive but crying out in pain, is shot a fourth time by one of the officers.”

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9:11 pm

Showing his soft side: James Middleton launches mobile marshmallow picture-printing business with help of reconditioned tricycle

  • Duchess of Cambridge’s brother is the man behind new Boomf on Demand
  • Business allows Instagram images to be printed onto square marshmallows
  • Mr Middleton has turned refurbished bike into ‘on-the-go printing machine’
  • Launch of mobile side of business celebrated with London’s Selfridges’ visit

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10:25 am

The crime had his name written all over it: Bank robbery suspect wore T-shirt with his first name on the front – and drove his own car to hold-up

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5:26 am

Obama Explains Why They Stage Fake Shootings



4:12 pm



6:34 pm

Investment banker accuses ex-wife of turning their son gay ‘in order to get back at him’ in bitter court battle

  • Former Goldman Sachs executive Henry Owsley and ex Danica Cordell-Reeh split in 2000
  • They’re back in court a decade after Owsley falsely accused Cordell-Reeh of sexually abusing their twins
  • The estranged high school sweethearts are now battling over Owsley’s claims Cordell-Reeh bilked him out of thousands in false nanny fees

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4:22 pm

The Polluting ‘Rolling Coal’ Trucks Purposefully Created to Anger Environmentalists


See more at:

4:43 am

“I will never apologize for the United States — I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” – George Bush, Aug 2 1988



5:48 pm

Borat would have been proud: Surreal moment Kazakh lawyer slapped judge because he was unhappy with his case

  • Evgeniy Tankov was debating an inheritance case when he lost his temper
  • He told the judge, ‘let’s decide this with flyswatters’, before striking him

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5:50 pm

Chinese man refuses to see his mother  ‘because she is TOO UGLY’ – even after she begs to visit her newborn grandchild

  • Ding Liang, 63, found crying in street after her son refuses let her visit
  • She had travelled for five hours with clothes and presents for the baby
  • He did not answer phone and she did not know exactly where he lived
  • She said: ‘He said I would embarrass him because I’m too ugly’

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5:37 pm

Canadian model hopes random word face tattoos will make him the most famous man in the world (as opposed to just the dumbest) 

  • Says he wants to make an ‘impact’ and be the most ‘famous man in the world’
  • Also has fake chest hair tattooed on his torso
  • Vin Los has 24 tattoos on his face alone, including phrases like 'scream my name' and and 'iconic face'

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4:13 pm

Dozens of Elvises gather in Vegas – just don’t call them impersonators

The correct term, apparently, is ‘Elvis tribute artist’ – or ETA for short. Three dozen such artists took their gyrating hips and curled lips to the Elvis festival in Las Vegas over the weekend, to see who could offer the most convincing portrayal.

See ’em and weep:



4:17 pm

‘Sex is for mortals and I am god so this is a blessing’: Rapper who sliced off his own penis speaks out as he reveals doctors did not reattach it

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6:17 am

Husband treated in hospital after sex with his ballerina wife who was famously fired from the Russian Bolshoi for being ‘fat’ left him injured

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6:03 pm

Judge in Australia says incest may no longer be a taboo and the only reason it is criminal is potential birth abnormalities, which can be solved by abortion

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6:41 am

“Freedom is untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things.”   Donald Rumsfeld


6:11 pm

‘The undercover just walks back and forth in the crosswalk all day long, while the unit pulls over the unsuspecting “criminals” to issue a citation.’

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2:42 pm

I guess a relationship doesn’t count unless everybody gets to watch:

“Cheeky! Chris Brown takes his girlfriend Karrueche Tran for a spin in bright-orange Lamborghini before sharing VERY revealing picture of her online”

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“Pictured: The moment David Arquette proposes to Christina McLarty just SIX DAYS after ex-wife Courteney Cox announced her engagement”

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7:23 am

Manhattan Judge Sues Over Traffic Camera Ticket

Read here:



3:49 am

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization

– See more at:



3:06 pm



9:47 pm

Fox anchor Megyn Kelly unexpectedly snapped, “But time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well sir.”

The Dick Cheney problem

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7:30 am

Denver Police Brutality CLEAR EVIDENCE U.S. Cops Out Of Control And BELIEVE They Are Above The Law!

– See more at:



3:41 pm



2:57 am

How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel – It’s Serious!

Is that Morgan Spurlock?



12:38 pm

“If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be any war.” — Senior Pentagon official, explaining why the U.S. military censored footage showing Iraqi soldiers sliced in two by U.S. helicopter fire.



10:20 am

“If you’re an atheist, you know, you believe, this is the only life you’re going to get. It’s a precious life. It’s a beautiful life. Its something we should live to the full, to the end of our days. Where if you’re religious and you believe in another life somehow, that means you don’t live this life to the full because you think you’re going to get another one. That’s an awfully negative way to live a life. Being a atheist frees you up to live this life properly, happily and fully” — Richard Dawkins

He admits that atheism is a belief system.  He also discounts the possibility that expecting an afterlife may free one from devotion to self gratification,  into a  position of serving others.  He’s as “religious” as I.    And who gave him the right to define “properly”?



2:19 am

Archbishop quizzed in sexual abuse lawsuit claims he didn’t know it was illegal for priests to have sex with children in the 1980s

“Archbishop Robert Carlson, who was chancellor of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul at the time, was deposed as part of a sexual abuse lawsuit in Minnesota involving the archdiocese and the Diocese of Winona.”

Wouldn’t you figure a vow of celibacy would trump human law just the same?

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6:19 am

Firsthand Account Of Man Camp In North Dakota From Local Tribal Cop

“Former Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Chief Grace Her Many Horses took a temporary job working in the Bakken Region near Newtown, North Dakota. This Bakken Basin stretches from Montana to North Dakota and it is rich in shale oil supplies. She began work in June of last year until October of the same year. It was her first experience with Man Camps”

“…they told the men ‘Don’t go out and party. Don’t get drunk and pass out. Because you’re going to get raped”

Read more here:



9:10 pm



3:21 pm



10:35 am

“It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.” — Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945)



10:56 am

Covering Up War Crimes • Federal torturers erasing history of their misdeeds

“While the focus on the torture program under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney remains fixed on the failure to come clean to Congress, it should be noted that those who carried out these terrible deeds spent a decade erasing evidence of their war crimes and destroying the lives of suspects who could testify against them, or to even acknowledge how many black sites were being run or how many people died under torture while in the custody of its operatives, medical professionals and contractors.”

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12:47 pm

I think this is the funniest thing I ever read.  Thank you, Lord.

This Guy Just Made The Staff At Walmart Lose Their Minds…This Is Genius.

Over the past 6 months, I have been playing a fun game with my credit card company. The game finally backfired on me today and led me through the most hilarious moment of my life. Most people would have been embarrassed, but me, I’m a little twisted, so I laughed all the way through it like an ass hole.

With any story, there is a setup process. Here is the setup to this story. About 6 months ago, I was making a purchase with my credit card and when I went to sign the electronic signature machine, it was broken. By broken, I mean that when I touched the pen to the machine, it went crazy and didn’t look anything like my signature. It looked like a drunk 4 year old signed my name for me. It accepted the signature without any problems. So this really made me wonder what I could do to give my credit card company something to laugh about. I mean, they obviously don’t review the signatures since they never called me or declined a purchase. For ****s sake, it could have been a stolen card.

I started out modest by signing with a line or an “X”. Occasionally I would do last name first. After a couple of months, I became bolder. I wrote goofy ****, drew pictures, etc. Here’s a list of some of my favorite signatures over the past few months:



**** OFF

**** YOU








Today at Walmart I went the extra mile. When it came time to sign my name, a thought popped in my head. I should draw a picture. But what picture should I draw? I smirked as something completely juvenile came to me. This is a rough drawing of the signature that I provided:

 been playing a fun game with my credit card company. The game finally backfired on me today and led me through the most hilarious moment of my life. Most people would have been embarrassed, but me, I'm a little twisted, so I laughed all the way through it like an ass hole.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>With any story, there is a setup process. Here is the setup to this story. About 6 months ago, I was making a purchase with my credit card and when I went to sign the electronic signature machine, it was broken. By broken, I mean that when I touched the pen to the machine, it went crazy and didn't look anything like my signature. It looked like a drunk 4 year old signed my name for me. It accepted the signature without any problems. So this really made me wonder what I could do to give my credit card company something to laugh about. I mean, they obviously don't review the signatures since they never called me or declined a purchase. For ****s sake, it could have been a stolen card.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>I started out modest by signing with a line or an

Yes, I know, it’s not my best artwork, but I didn’t have the time to be elaborate with the drawing. I had to look like I was providing a signature. Right after I hit “OK”, there was a pause. The register then said “COMPARE SIGNATURE ON SLIP TO CARD.” One thought popped in my head: “OH *!”

It then printed the receipt and there in black and white was my drawing of cock and balls. The lady at the register didn’t immediately look at it. She asked for the card. I handed her the card and she flipped it over. Then she brought up the receipt and she smirked, but then took a stern tone and said “These signatures don’t match.”

At this point I was in tears from trying to hold back my laughter. I tried to explain to her why I had done it, but it didn’t matter. I probably didn’t make sense as I laughed hysterically through the explanation. She then paged the manager and I erupted in laughter. The guy behind me in line got a glimpse of my signature on the receipt and began laughing. The manager comes up and the woman from the register begins whispering to him. I then hear a few words “he drew a penis…” as she holds up the receipt. The manager blurts out a short laugh and then controls it. He turns to me and I’m out of breath from laughing and I’m still giggling like a schoolgirl.

Manager: Sir, your signature…heh…umm…doesn’t match the signature on your card.
Me: I know and there is a good reason for that.
Manager: (quietly) You drew a penis on my credit card machine.
**The guy behind me bursts into laughter.**
Me: Yeah, I didn’t think this would happen. I’ve been trying to see how far I could go with my signature before the credit card company did something about it.
Manager: I guess you learned your lesson.
Me: Yeah, the credit card doesn’t accept penis.
**The guy behind me now can’t stop laughing.**
Manager: OK, I’m going to decline the signature and have you sign it again.
Me: Fair enough.
Manager: This time, really sign it.

So I had to sign it again and they wouldn’t let me keep my artwork. Those bastards. I had single handedly broken up the monotony of their daily routine and given them something that they will be talking about for years to come and they wouldn’t let me keep it. They will tell their grandchildren about the guy that drew cock and balls as his credit card signature.

So I have a plan now. I’m going to get a new credit card and sign the back with my cock and balls drawing. Then I will consistently use that as the signature. That way, if I ever get caught in the same situation, the signatures will match. That will really **** with them.



7:09 pm

Obama supporters think it’s racist to not like Mexican food.



9:16 am

Pete Santilli discussing Bundy ranch with BLM thug Daniel P. Love whose response is at the end.

“On April 11th, I went to Daniel P. Love for what I knew was my last contact with him.  Although I found him to be such an idiot for making the statements he made to me in the days prior, I sincerely wanted to appeal to his compassion, and possibly break through and disarm what I believed to be a human ticking time bomb.  I was very focused on conveying the following message:  The people who have come here are families; women; children; determined; and will not negotiate for anything which gives up their God given freedoms.  I told him that he should consider and direct to his staff that they have an opportunity — and that the moment I was describing would certainly come; that the people would come unarmed and determined to free the land; free the cattle, and ask them to leave —- he should take the opportunity to consider that the people he would be confronted by are peaceful and constitutional, and he and his people should stand down in favor of the U.S. Constitution & humans exercising their Constitutional rights.” 

“His response is chillingly clear in the audio.  He said, “that ain’t gonna happen, and you better have more people than you do now, because we have enough guys to have you all rounded up and arrested.”  




8:34 am

“If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down in the streets and lynch us.”  — George Herbert Walker Bush



10:12 am

Bill Clinton apologized for electronic torture of US citizens in 1995!



3:50 am

Former NSA head Keith Alexander interviewed by John Oliver

(Head of Cyber Command and the NSA never heard of Pinterest.)



6:51 am

“Now, more victims rise. Confident. Still more. Into his eyes the bully sees the collective stares of his former victims piercing his mantle of terror. Together, all reveal that the American bully is in fact a coward.”

“At ringside the world goes wild, cheering uncontrollably. Mocking the bully they hurl a lifetime of insults, throwing the memory of despair at the bullies lowered head. The roar becomes ever louder. Crumbled pieces of failed empire rain down on the bully. The ring shakes as the crowd pounds the canvas rattling the last remains of his failing arrogance. The crowd spits at his feet. He is done.”

The bully turns. Goes home.


More at:


2:44 pm

How can a man face execution, for telling the truth?

Bradley Manning trial verdict: Acquitted of aiding the enemy, convicted on lesser charges

To me it’s simple:

1.  Mike Rogers,  Michigan representative from Howell, (I’m careful not to drive on Grand River if I have a tan, if you know what I mean…) says Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are “criminals.”  (

2.  Mike Rogers wrote the CISPA  legislation, that called everybody but  basically, him, a traitor…

“In November 30, 2011 Congressman Rogers introduced the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).[9] “The bill would allow the government to share all of its classified cyber-security knowledge with private companies, forming knowledge-sharing agreements that would hopefully keep China (and other countries and hackers) out of American computer networks. The catch is that the information shared is a two-lane street—companies would also be allowed to share private data with the federal government, provided there is a reasonable “cyber threat.””[10]

“In the current version, most personal information would be stripped from data shared with the government, and the bill no longer defines intellectual property theft as something relating to national security “We think we’re making huge progress with the privacy groups, so they understand what we’re trying to accomplish, which isn’t anything nefarious,” Rogers said”–Wickipedia  (Not “nefarious”?  “Methinks (Rogers) doth protest too much…and far too early!)

Read Here:

3.  Mike Rogers’ wife is former CEO of  Aegis, a US defense contractor with fingers in Iraq, Bahrain, look it up.

4.  I say, with unnerving (at least to me) assurance, that hypocrites of his ilk, will not last long in my state…

(I am a “Michigander”, not a “Michiganian.”  The pivotal disposition of this conundrum was expressed by Dr. George Javor, a Hungarian immigrant who washed dishes in the USA before somebody smart recognized that he could teach a dozen languages.  Smart guys used to have some pull here.  For now we got Rogers.  And those who own GWEN towers.)



7:22 am

“Dear God am I ever going to do anything in my life except take care of this tribe?” (Kat Kerr)   I’ve been very blessed, by ignorance.  It is unusual, I think, for a disciple of Jesus to see as little as I do.  He has put me in a place of pure spirit.  I do not see things.  I do not see things.  I hear things and I feel.  I am blind.  I am loving Kat Kerr and I envy her experiences in Heaven.  I do not see things.  I hear things and I feel.  When I get to see what I’ve been traversing I am going to sing in perfect pitch and everybody will listen.  The people I know are so stupid!  My family is stupid…and much worse than that…they’re ARROGANT!  They think they are better than other people!  I am so ashamed to be a Goldthorpe.  My brother is so pitiful, my sister less so but dear me do they even think ever?   My father.  I will not curse him.  I declare that he is the fulfillment of truth and justice!  I declare that my father is the father to nations of cursing and pain.  I declare that my father is a follower of Jesus as he used to be.  (?)  My father is change.  My father is truth.  My father is distribution of monetary wealth to those who are needy and to those who are deserving.  If my father has stolen, he will repay.   My father is my father.  He will be the father he was intended to be.  He will father me.  I’ve never been fathered or husbanded.  My dad will see to this.  My dad will not go to Hell.  God made me annoying enough to keep my dad from hell.  Thank you Jesus.


3:46 am

History Review: George Dubya Bush



5:57 pm

Mike Rogers to retire, heading to radio!!!

He has been a harsh critic of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, suggesting — without offering additional proof — that Snowden was working with foreign intelligence agencies.

Rogers formed a good relationship with Maryland Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger , the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, who has been a staunch defender of the controversial NSA surveillance programs disclosed by Snowden.

Read more:

We should be dancing…yeah…


6:17 am

How Mitt Romney cheated his way to the GOP nomination

They always like to keep Ron Paulers sweating…

– See more at:




4:29 pm

Clergy Response Teams  (“Choose ye this day whom you will serve.”)



10:57 pm   (or 9:57 pm, I’m in the central time zone.)

“According to the Department of Defense’s Military Sexual Assault Report for 2012, an estimated 26,000 members of the United States military, both men and women, were sexually assaulted in that year.”

“During 2012, more than 85,000 military veterans were formally treated for sexual abuse that they suffered  while serving in the U.S. military.’

“The Pentagon survey almost certainly underreports the scale of the issue. Of those sexual assaults, 53 percent (approximately 14,000 in 2012) were attacks on men.”

Read more at:


4:02 am

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — A comment made by Benjamin Netanyahu to Jonathan Pollard (convicted traitor and spy) upon exiting Pollard’s jail cell.



6:26 pm

I tried to listen to Rand Paul  speaking at  CPAC.  I was yelling at the video and I heard George from the kitchen, also yelling…”What kind of shit is that?  Due process only for CITIZENS?”  Rand Paul says he is not afraid of the president and wants to be the president which is kind of perverted when you realize who the president actually is and what the president actually does.  His father never really wanted to be president, he just knew he was most qualified to do it.   (There’s a degree of responsibility that comes along with integrity.  It’s a pain in the ass. )   His son is an eye doctor.  (Aren’t they like podiatrists who envy the REAL doctors?)    When I hear Randy Paul expound on the Constitution and liberty I want to plotz.  Where was he before his dad was famous?  Fitting eyeglasses.

Rand Paul introduced his esteemed father at a session I attended in 2009  in Philadelphia.  I have followed Dr. Paul for decades  and had never heard of his son, “Rand Paul.”  I  guess his father hadn’t either, because after the introduction he said, “My wife and I named him Randy.  Who is this Rand Paul?”  I’m just spit-balling here, but I figure Randy has a randy past and Dr. Paul is between a rock and a hard place.

Watch Boy-Wonder here:



1:42 am

Both my father and I could have enjoyed respect, but he won’t share.  I kept demanding my due; thankfully it’s finally reached the “tipping point.”   (My brother gave me the book.  Malcolm Gladwell is now a Christian.  I enjoyed his TED talk about David and Goliath.)  Isaac says what I did by running for Congress was incredible. He says lots of people are supported by Facebook-friends but I had real-live people.  I miss people.  People will like me again, because I always try very hard to tell the truth and truth is becoming god.  (God is Truth already.) Liars will shiver to death, as observers point and laugh.  This is my dad’s favorite joke:  “What are two things you never do in the bedroom?  Point and laugh.”  It’s a troubling time, when people point and laugh.  (I know this because my dad put me under surveillance and I could hear people pointing and laughing at me. While I was also being electronically raped.)   My father is afraid of the respect he knows I deserve.  He fears it so much that he attempted to destroy its source. He might have killed me but you cannot kill truth.

I’ve got to get this family stuff settled.  I’m always apologizing to Chayla because I’m distracted from our awareness-of-electronic-torture project, by my need to tie up loose ends.  She’s patient because she understands that my father’s input is important to our truth-quest.  She cooked for me, I’ve been really hyper.  I give her the pages to proof and I’m hoping she’ll note comments between my disjointed chunks of text.  This could be a very interesting book and I know it will help some people.  That’s all either of us ever wanted to do. God has given us the opportunity, if not the means. Selah.  Dad, selfish lying father, selah.



4:56 pm

I can’t summon enough magic to overcome the death in this house.  I know I’ll raise the dead but not here and not now.  Before I was tortured and everybody hated me, I might have done it.  I used to make parties out of everything.  Now adults sit.  Adults sit and watch me work.  Adults are connected to electronics instead of other people.  I’m on strike, but it’s not about me, it’s about my issue.  We were targeted.  We all know it.  Some of us are too frightened to even speak English anymore.  The wiser ones chose to move on and I wish them godspeed and great joy.  I remain in the house of death.  It’s not my house anymore, so I can’t feel guilty.  I can only feel sad and expect retribution on behalf of a family that trusted God until my father took it out with microwaves and slander.



6:11 am

“I long to hear that you have declared an independency. And by the way, in the the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make I desire you would remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. Remember all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation” — Abigail Adams, in a letter to husband John, 31 March 1776.


8:46 pm

                         Loving what one cannot respect.  This is difficult but necessary.  I respect very little that I observe.  I respect my boys’ curiosity and principles.  I respect integrity, even if a contended issue reveals my own bigotry.  I can respect an enemy whose position I detest and oppose.  I can respect, and I can love.  When both happen at the same time my world turns upside down.  I guess I should be grateful there are so few respect-worthy positions.  I plead for more love.
                          Loving one’s enemy is difficult to demonstrate.  I must love George, while trying to ameliorate his effects on beings who trust him.  It’s kinda like trying to demonstrate love while at the same time trying to disprove obsession.  Very tricky stuff.  I am offended every single day that my sons’ father will not help them become men.  I am offended every single day that my dad has seen this happening and refused my pleas for masculine leadership.  I am offended at the men with whom I share DNA.  I am offended on behalf of my sons’ DNA.  I am defensive of my own gonads, equally powerful and expressive as any dangling from the walking-corpses of my male relatives.  I am proud of my ovaries, couldn’t be prouder.  This is a false set-up and I have been set-up and my children have been set-up and this is no good.  I do not respect my father.  I do not respect my uncle nor my brother but I respect my cousin a little bit.  (He would not give me a name of a person from whom I could buy firewood when my obsessive-compulsive roommate refused to do so.  I gave him a four-leafed clover just the same.)  I love these men.  I do not respect them.  Respecting men is resorting to fantasy.



5:40 pm

From my journal, 3/31/12

I’m laughing my ass off.  My brother called my son to ask some basic computer advice.  My son told him about the “motivational” conference he was going to attend in Vegas.  White-hat-illuminati doesn’t figure in my brother’s language.  My son was laughing too; he almost dropped the phone.



4:16 am

                          I’ve been called crazy again.  I dislike that, so this time I put my collaborator on the phone.  She sounded very sane and I like hearing her say I am “spot on.”  That we should  know one another is truly unlikely.  Something is happening in Michigan and she came from Oregon to take part.
                             We must acknowledge the depth of evil that surrounds us, and its intended purpose.  The government is not a friend of the individual.  We’re difficult to control and that’s the point of surveillance after all.  We do not give up “privacy” for “security.”  We give up “freedom” for “control.”  That our government uses electronic technology to torment citizens is really big news.  It’s hard to contemplate, for the fearful.  I do not blame anybody a single bit for wanting me to be crazy.  Sometimes I wish I were.  I survived some crazy stuff. And, now there are two of us with identical stories and we’d love to tell the tale.
                         Two Michigan congressmen are key players in the surveillance debate.  Mike Rogers is the chairman of the intelligence committee who argues disingenuously for the NSA.  Justin Amash wrote a bill last year to curb the surveillance.  Mike Rogers’ wife was CEO of  a defense contractor.  Michigan hosted research with energy weapons and my story is here.  Also, Michigan nullified the NDAA*. We could nullify a whole lot more.  Michigan could make a big difference for the rights of states and the individual.
                          *National Defense Authorization Act- Federal law permitting undisclosed detention of US citizens.



6:10 pm

I think this kid does videos almost as well as my kid.  And I love that he’s shaking down his father.  Maybe I should do a video next.



5:56 am

I would do anything in the world for a man.  If he were not stupid.



                         My niece asked me, “Why is it Grandpa’s business to help you?”  Although I’d really prefer if my dad answered that question since he has more information, there remains a single profound fact:  THAT’S MY DADDY!  Her dad helps her.  Mine does too.  He doesn’t help me.  Don’t I get a daddy too?  Spoiled girls do not see deprivation in the lives of others.  My dad hugs my nieces.  They do not realize their coziness is because of the girls’ own expectations.  Their other grandpa gives lots of hugs and they expected the same of my father. OMG, it worked!  Although my dad never hugged me, I’m expecting hugs.  I am so bold, because I watched my nieces get hugs.
                         I saw my brother today and he was very nice.  He could have maybe talked to me since he blocked me from his daughter’s facebook less than a week ago.  He wore his cheesy smile and talked about the weather.  He is maybe incapable of being genuine?  Maybe I should pity him and expect no reality from his whereabouts?  I’m tired of trying to deal rationally with people who cannot express themselves.  I suppose I’ll keep trying though.

(He didn’t even text me back, Dad either, when I requested permission to meet a troubled friend at  their hotel.  I did it anyway.  My mom said I could.  I should have been offered lunch at the family restaurant.  I should be offered the same things my relatives enjoy.)



5:23 am

Do you dare to be a man, of the new species?  Do you dare to expose everything before the NSA does it for you?  I made the choice years before the spies showed up.  My dad paid some.  Ask him.  He won’t answer me.  YOU ARE A MAN and this world REQUIRES MEN!  They think David is a man.  More’s the pity.
The King James Bible says that God will make a new man.  Not Jew nor Gentile.  Not male nor female.  Not old or young or vegetarian or lunatic.  HIS PEOPLE.  I believe you have a specific, appropriate contribution that is required for the world to change.  I see you, the judge, hearing from Jesus when you’re alone, then dispensing justice to those who hurt.  I see you very high.  I see you glow.  I see you.



4:40 pm

 I put a green bean casserole in the oven.  I used one can of “cream of chicken” so it’s not veggie.  Or maybe it is. The chickens aren’t real either.  It’s so easy to cook now.  Open a couple cans and you have dinner.  This is not the shaman way.  Every ingredient should have spiritual significance and blessing.  (Or why bother.)  (Oh yeah, “It’s better than tortilla chips…”)  I can’t wait until everybody realizes that we create reality.  I can’t believe people don’t know this.  I refuse to accept ignorance and its effects on people I love.
                           I love so hard it hurts me.  Even when my family treated me OK, I would still cry.  George always called me the “crying prophet” but then he got lost.  (I expect he goes through some seriously distracting electronic equipment when he goes to work at the prison every day.)  It isn’t rational anymore, to believe that people behave in any manner that can be interpreted as communication.  We are controlled.  The NSA, FBI, CIA, Freemasons, Baptist-sell-outs-to-Homeland-Security can make you do practically anything.  They watch a board with small pins where you are.  They play with my world, they play with those I love.  I do not for a single moment believe my father and mother would be so stupid if they were not being “affected.”  (Ouch.  I can’t help it.  Everything I write means a dozen things…)
                             My brother is a caring person.  He told me two years ago that if I really went through the things in my book he was sorry.  I cried.  I love him.  I love so hard it hurts me.  He never brought it up again and now he blocks me on facebook.  He is in denial and that’s the way to hell.  I do not wish to see my kind-hearted brother in hell but he is not only a Baptist but also a Republican.  I know of which I speak.
                               I’ve written six books; I’m pulling another together for publication.  I’ll quote a number of people who are willing to testify;  they know about mind-control and electronic harassment.  I will hitch-hike if need be, to present my stories of victims to any person who cares about other people and is not too mind-controlled to hear.  I’m packing up.  I’m Eliza Doolittle, I expect great joy in the journey.  My experiences were not about me and I bear no ill will towards my father who called the authorities because I prayed too much and threatened his reputation.
                                  How wonderful if he would help me?  He might do that.  He has a good heart and sometimes he listens to it.  (Most-times he’s the biggest psychopath you ever saw.)  His heart wouldn’t choose to die and leave us in this mess he helped create.  He loves my rejected boys enough to give them the truth they require to survive. (I believe this.)  But.  But.  He could choose to give them the gift of life and truth and love!  He might drive me to the fusion center in Detroit, or to the ACLU.  He might say, “I was mistaken to trust government rather than God when I had questions about my daughter’s behavior.  Maybe she knew what she was talking about.”  I would not rub his nose in his former stupidity.   I’d laugh in the car and tell him stories he would enjoy.  I would behave appropriately as the lawyers  asked me questions.  I  would have hope that my children and my siblings’ children would be free from the control-matrix we inhabit.  We merely inhabit the earth, we do not live here.  Thank God.



9:55 am

               I was taught that to gain love, I must be perfect.  Anything short of perfection was unlovely and unlovable.  As utterly imperfect, I discarded my childish desire for love as impracticable.  I discarded many longings when people told me I didn’t deserve to even entertain them, much less expect their fulfillment.  I was as good a child as I could possibly have been.  I have been as good a friend and wife as I could possibly have been.  I have been a better mother than I thought I was.  It is unhealthy that I am still evaluating my performance.
                          I was taught to monetize myself.  I  was even told which market scale to climb on.  My  cousin was herded through the “good looks and charm” gate.  I was pushed down the  “gotta-be-smart-or-die” chute.  I have many cousins who were culled before assignment.  Two years ago my father and I discussed the dissolution of my family, and I commented  that you “save what can be saved.”   Once again, he chose poorly.  Rearranging deck chairs  on the Titanic might take your mind off the iceberg, but the ship sinks just the same.  The boys in my family did not face slaughter.  The boys were given the keys to their kingdom and my cousins’, and my own.  The boys in my family do not recognize responsibility to those of us born without testicles.  You can’t blame them, they were not taught to criticize their own every breath, as we girls were.  My father and uncle seem to treat their sister well. They are patronizing but kind. The men of my own generation do not speak to the women.
                         I live for now, on the land my great-grandfather bought in the 1800’s.  I do not know that he would have  liked me, he was a man’s man.  I do know that he likes me very much  now, no matter where his spirit lives.  He  is looking at Helmer from a different perspective and whether he’s in pain or much glory, he wishes us to be free.  I have no legal right to be here, my father ensured that, but I have a vision for the homestead.  I’d like to see the property  readjoined, I’d like to see a bridge across the mouth of the creek and outhouses where the state permits.  I’d like to see campsites and families.  I’d like to see bonfires surrounded by brothers and sisters sharing their hearts and reflecting the glow.  I’d like to visit with cousins who have been too seriously traumatized to attend family gatherings for years.  I’d like to see family.  I will see love whether my family permits it or not.


7:04 pm

OK, this guy doesn’t sound wimpy but at least he answers questions:

“The idea that information is alive in its own right is a metaphysical claim made by people who hope to become immortal by being uploaded into a computer someday. It is part of what should be understood as a new religion. That might sound like  an extreme claim, but go visit any computer science lab and you’ll find books about “the Singularity,” which is the supposed future event when the blessed uploading is to take place. A weird cult in the world of technology has done damage to culture at large.”

Read more here:


5:25 am


To date, not a single wimpy-ass man has agreed to an interview.



4:20 pm

I am not afraid of the future.  I am not afraid if  this house burns down and I have to sleep on some  stoner’s  couch.  I am not afraid…but after what you did to a God-fearing family maybe you should be.  You think you should run everybody’s lives.  How about running mine?  Give me what a smart, competent, responsible  woman needs to make up for what her dastardly conniving father took from her.  Allow  her to create a life for herself and her children.  Give me TRUTH!



“The Galilean was a conjuror and a deceiver, a man who forgave the sins of all sinners that He might hear Hail and Hosanna from their unclean mouths; and who fed the faint heart of the hopeless and the wretched that He might have ears for His voice and a retinue at His command. ”

More Kalhil Gibran at:



6:07 pm

I think I’m not going to allow people to not-understand anymore.  I think I’m going to become very belligerent and demand that they take a position.  I can speak clearly.  I can recognize if my words are understood.  After that point, I will take no prisoners.  If you do not give a shit, then stand aside and do not pretend that you do.  This is simple, and implementing it will help all peoples.  Lots of organizations will cease to exist.  Charities for instance, will dissolve if those within, by whom not a shit is given, are eliminated.  This is perhaps necessary.  It is my new modus operandi.  In every encounter, with every individual (except George) I will ascertain if the person does or does not give a shit.  I will ask the Lord to extinguish all bigotry from my evaluation of their shitlessness, and I will trust the Spirit.  I no longer wish to interact with those who do not give a shit.  I am very bigoted concerning my parents’ inability to give a shit.   Maybe they’re more full of shit than I ever thought?


9:02 am

                          If I could speak to my brother  (and he wasn’t talking in that high pitched voice wearing that fake smile,  I can’t talk to that)  here’s what I’d do:
                          I would offer him refreshment.  I always do that, all the time.  I would wipe the dog hair from a chair and offer him a seat.  I would compliment his looks, he’s very attractive so it just comes out.  When he’s finished talking  about sports, I would lean forward and put my hand on his knee.  I would say, as slowly as I could, “David.  You are only seeing part of the world.  There is far more going on, in every area, than we are permitted to know.”  I would look into his eyes to see if it registered.  That being accomplished, I have know idea what I might tell him.
                           (I’d like to interview my sister for the “strong women” page but I don’t even know what state she lives in.)





9:33 am

Please let me interview you!  I’d love to know your take on this:

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”       Henry David Thoreau



6:20 pm



2:43 pm

“Lord, allow me to see my life and my family through your eyes, and to say nothing you don’t want me to say.  Thank you for showing up again.”
                    I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving than in fasting and prayer.  (It’s better than cleaning house anyway, which is what I’m doing.)  I’m sorry for your discomfort, but you’re doing work I only began when I was much older.  I loved God, but I was trying to get along, trying to figure out what to do until I married Mike.  My life turned to hell overnight and I learned to cling to God just for survival.  I prayed all the time but I didn’t trust him.  I begged him to make my life different.  Day and night.  Mike was very mean and manipulative.  I believed I must submit to my husband but whenever I did, he’d change the rules.  He did not want to have things his way,  my belief system made that a foregone conclusion.  He got off on controlling me.  It was a game to him.
                    I met your dad before my divorce was final.  He was very kind.  He was unemployed then and worked off and on until the prison.  He worked very hard when we had animals.  (We got goats because I was concerned about systems crashing and wanted to be able to give you milk.  It was not a lifestyle I had ever desired.)  When the prison opened, a lot of people were getting good full-time jobs but your dad wasn’t interested.  He refused to apply so I did.  Although I had two babies I did an interview, took a test but wasn’t hired for a lawyer job.  Then he decided to go for it.  I was alone with you two, milking the goats while he went to school and then of course, he got the job and has hated it ever since.  I prayed for a different life.  I always assumed it would be with him and that worried me.  I did not believe in soul-mates but it’s tough to live with a man who cannot understand your jokes.
                      My father has never given me advice, but criticized me after I’d done something he didn’t like.  I always went to him first when I had an idea.  Every single time he would laugh at me and say no.  He did not help me with college decisions or expenses. (My mom paid my rent in 1980 when I was at Lake State.)  In short, I’ve never had a life featuring encouragement.    Until you.
                    Your existence encourages me.  Your gentle heart made me able to trust again, after I was tortured.  Your honest evaluation of yourself is necessary pain, and it strengthens me to see you man enough for the task. You are one of the finest human beings I know, and you’re smart too.  I gave you to God when you were tiny.  I’ve given everybody in my family to God many times since then.  I take joy in you.  I do not fear that your motivations will ever lead you to selfishness or vainglory.  You desire to see the glory of God take hold of deadened hearts. You will be satisfied beyond your wildest expectations.  You will laugh like a child as you exude intimate expression of deep-heart-things.  The dark night of the soul is doubt.  It is doubt.  I do not doubt God, and I’ve never doubted you.



10:13 pm


I know a couple sociopaths…you might too.  I used to believe they were all very smart and manipulated people.  Now I know that they manipulate people.

“A sociopath finds it easier to lie, than they find it to tell the truth. If you are an honest person, you would think and act the reverse. You find it uncomfortable to tell a lie, and should feel a sense of relief when telling the truth.”

“The sociopath is reverse in behaviour to this. As he finds it more difficult to tell the truth than tell a lie, he quickly reverts to lies, manipulation and deceit, after a short period of time.”

“The  sociopath has poor impulse control, and finds it difficult, not to cease (sic)  an opportunity. He also has a lack of empathy, guilt remorse or shame. So does not feel guilty if he is lying to you. Even if he knows by previous events how much his lies have hurt you, there will be no change over a period of time. He cannot, and does not feel sorry for hurting you. If he says that he does, he is lying. He might feel sorry that he is about to lose  (a) source of supply, if you are still valuable to him. But that is all.”

More at:

“…yes, sociopaths are generally aware that they are sociopaths. This is one of the differences between sociopaths and narcissists. Sociopaths know they are different from other people, but can force themselves to think and act like a  neurotypical person. Narcissists think they think and feel the same as other people (just better) and are consequently less able to alter their behavior, even if it would be in their best interest — just another reason why sociopaths are better than narcissists.”

More at:


4:15 pm


12:57 am



6:39 pm

Gentlemen, I would speak to you about aspersions.  You have accused me of inferior intellect.  I challenge the noblest among you to debate me.  (On any subject without numbers.  I’d accept economics though.)

Are ye men, or are ye mice?


4:51 pm

Of course, I have supper on the table first…


3:09 am

(None of them have the balls to answer my questions.)


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