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Trump goes to war with Facebook founder




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Facebook Monitors Your Private Messages and Photos For Criminal Activity, Reports them to Police

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HUGE Security Flaw in Facebook “Support Inbox” — Gives personal info to strangers




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ALERT: FACEBOOK Ft Worth Data A.I. Center



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Big Brother Facebook: Now Can Identify You Without Seeing You or Your Face




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Government Trolls Are Using ‘Psychology-Based Influence Techniques’ On YouTube, Facebook And Twitter

Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll?  Well, there is a very good chance that you were not imagining things.  Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have solid proof that paid government trolls are using “psychology-based influence techniques” on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Documents leaked by Snowden also reveal that government agents have been conducting denial-of-service attacks, flooding social media websites with thinly veiled propaganda and have been purposely attempting to warp public discourse online.  If we do not stand up and object to this kind of Orwellian behavior, it is only going to get worse and worse.

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The future of Facebook? TELEPATHY: Mark Zuckerberg believes one day we’ll be able to send emotions to each other online

  • 31-year-old hosted a question and answer session on his Facebook page 
  • He received questions from the likes of Stephen Hawking and Shakira
  • Comments were made in response to a question about Facebook’s future 
  • Mr Zuckerberg also discussed Facebook’s artificial intelligence plans and why he invented the Facebook Poke

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Did YOU change your Facebook picture to a rainbow flag? Critics claim ‘Celebrate Pride’ tool may be another psychological test

  • Tool celebrates the Supreme Court’s approval of same-sex marriage
  • Critics say Facebook is using it to monitor how views spread online
  • But Facebook has denied using it to collect user data on behaviour 
  • The site has previously come under fire for altered the news feeds of almost 700,000 users in a huge psychological data experiment

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Facebook becomes Godzilla news outlet for disinformation

And now, FB has plunged into the news business, with a program called Instant Articles.

The basic set-up: mainstream media outlets put their news stories on Facebook’s platform…and by that simple transfer, more than a billion FB users will see those stories, absorb them, believe them, accept them. It’s a lifeline for traditional media companies hemorrhaging viewers and readers.

The New York Times and BuzzFeed have already signed up. Soon to follow: The National Geographic, NBC News, BBC News, the Guardian, the Atlantic, Spiegel, Bild. More will come on board.

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You Gave Facebook Messenger Permission To Spy On You Using a Hot Mic (Video)

“We receive data about you whenever you use or are running Facebook, such as when you look at another person’s timeline, send or receive a message, search for a friend or a Page, click on, view or otherwise interact with things, use a Facebook mobile app, or make purchases through Facebook.”





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The Truman Show and the Social Network: Life Under A Dome

Facebook is The Truman Show happening on the Internet. “Celebrate your lives under the dome by connecting with other inhabitants—picnic photos, vacation videos, all the acceptable details of a fabricated existence…and you can demean a few personal and petty enemies along the way.”

The Surveillance State, of which FB is a functioning piece, is The Truman Show control room, where directors and technicians deploy cameras to watch all the Truman Burbanks live out their lives.

By Jon Rappaport, more at:



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Facebook users are about to see a lot more propaganda thanks to new media deal

In what many critics are calling a “Faustian bargain,” nine major media outlets (including the likes of The New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian and NBC News) have agreed to partner with Facebook in providing content for the social media giant’s new scheme called “Instant Articles”.

Facebook will directly host the news articles on its News Feed, which will reportedly mean much faster loading times because users won’t have to click on links that can take up to ten seconds to load on smartphones.

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Law Enforcement Officials Shook Up After Facebook Changes Censorship Policy

Since at least 2011, U.S. prisons have had a special arrangement with Facebook. Prison officials would send links to profiles belonging to inmates that they wanted Facebook to take down. Facebook would then suspend the profiles, often no questions asked, even when it wasn’t clear if any law or Facebook policy was being violated.

Over the last year, we have reported on numerous inmates being punished with solitary confinement, some receiving decades-long punishments, simply for posting to Facebook or even just having their families manage their Facebook accounts for them. Meanwhile, records obtained by EFF showed that Facebook had secretly censored hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of inmate accounts.

To date, we don’t know how many inmate profiles in total Facebook has removed. In every country other than the U.S., Facebook discloses the number of profiles, pages, and posts it censors pursuant to government demands. But here, Facebook has consistently refused to open up and include what appears to be significant government censorship of inmate speech in its transparency report.




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FACEBOOK addiction linked to depression

“If you are introverted and socially shy, then your social skills may not be very good,” he said. “So using your intelligence to navigate the Internet allows you to create an image that may not be very accurate, but that gets you social contacts – it’s like you can kind of live a lie or a fantasy on the Internet.”




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FACEBOOK opens artificial intelligence center in Paris…




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Why Facebook Is the Junk Food of Socializing

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How Companies Turn Your Facebook Activity Into a Credit Score

Welcome to a new age of digital redlining. The term conjures up the days when banks would draw a red line around areas of the city—typically places where blacks, Latinos, Asians, or other minorities lived—to denote places they would not lend money, at least not at fair rates. “Just as neighborhoods can serve as a proxy for racial or ethnic identity, there are new worries that big data technologies could be used to ‘digitally redline’ unwanted groups, either as customers, employees, tenants, or recipients of credit,” a 2014 White House report on big data warns.

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Goodbye, Facebook – Addendum

I personally feel like Facebook hijacked my brain. Accessing the program was always in my fingertips, even though the thought of logging-on hadn’t consciously entered my mind. When opening a new browser window, there are countless times I have caught myself typing ‘fa’ into the address line before I’ve even really thought about what I’m doing.

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Peace, Security and Civil Rights: An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Do you know how many of us cried with joy when you were elected that heady day, in January 2008, when you held the goodwill and hopes of most everyone, everywhere throughout the United States and Europe – and even in Moscow and Beijing? It seemed like the long overdue beginning of a New Age with an imposing, young, erudite, black JFK.

Do you realise what a profound liability you have since become? A tragic disappointment to both Americans and Europeans, Republicans and Democrats, Christians and Jews, Hindus and Muslims, black and white, to those rich and poor, well or sick?

Do you know the bitterness that now abounds amongst those who trusted you to act for peace, security and civil rights but whom you have failed so spectacularly?

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Enraged Ukrainian Facebook Users Declare War on Mark Zuckerberg

A group of Ukrainian social media users have declared their intention to launch a two-day boycott of Facebook beginning Monday over the mass deletion of posts and accounts for hate speech, Ukrainian news hub Obozrevatel reports.

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The Feudalism of Facebook

“The basic problem is that Facebook is trying to become the Internet, so that it replaces the distributive, cooperative model of digital communication with a centralized, privatized system where a for-profit company controls all the levers of the way that we transmit information,” Jim Naureckas, editor at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), told Common Dreams.

“Knowledge is literally power, and to have all that power concentrated into one company’s hands is really a kind of feudalism,” Naureckas added.

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Dear Sir,
I realize belatedly that my previous email was probably offensive.  I apologize.  I’ve been trying to get somebody to look at my evidence for so long I no longer keep a civil tongue in my fingers. My own father put out a contract on me and initiated a smear campaign ensuring my ostracism.  I lost every relationship in my life over this issue.  I get up at 3 or 4 and read articles and write until I go to bed.  I work seven days a week.  I used to pray as much, and it would do me good to do that again, instead.  Please forgive me.
Linda Goldthorpe


4:44 pm

Such a pretty day!  Too pretty to spend it writing letters, but…

Dear Larry Klayman,
They call you the NSA slayer.  I would like to assist your pursuit.  (They aren’t dead yet.)  In 2008 I ran for Congress and was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul.  My life became very interesting and I kept exceptional records of 1) cyber-stalking, 2) gang-stalking, 3) covert harassment, and 4) electronic rape.  I used to be a lawyer and recognize that my records are unusually precise.  I also sent a series of journals to a principled activist, and even swore to them and had notarized the final volume.  I have not seen them, nor spoken to the man who received them, since 2009.  I am the perfect plaintiff, because I am SUPREMELY MOTIVATED.  I wrote a book about my torture, before I recognized it as such.  I am a Christian who prays a lot, and I’m well-accustomed to experiencing unusual things in my body and speech.  My book is written from my former naive perspective, and very genuine.  Please consider representing me.  (I mean, if they do not have the book on you…)
In November last year, I attended the “Conference Against Covert Harassment” in Belgium where I met many people tormented as I.  Bill Binney wasn’t a lot of help; I wonder why he went?  This is certainly the foremost issue of our day, and as you already suspect, I do not have the missing link, and do not know for sure that the NSA is responsible for my torment.  My father knows.  I’m working on that.  Fusion centers nearly ensure that the NSA knows everything that happens in even a podunk town, so I assume we could bridge that gap.  My father will soon tell me the organization/person he engaged to destroy my campaign.  (Long story.)  I think I could pull the necessary pieces together if you’re game.  If not?  No surprise.
Sincerely, and with fondest hopes for a future where my children will not be zombies,
Linda Goldthorpe
2693 CR 377
McMillan, Michigan  49853
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  (On Amazon)

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Facebook Is Eating the Internet

For context: The average American smartphone owner spends more than 42 minutes a day on the site, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an earnings call last year. Facebook accounts for one out of every five minutes spent on a smartphone, he said.

To say Facebook is huge is an understatement. Even to call it “the Coca-Cola of social media,” as Austin Carr did in this excellent Fast Company piece, now seems muted. “The great social network of the early 21st century is laying the groundwork,” he wrote, “for a platform that could make Facebook a part of just about every social interaction that takes place around the world.”

Facebook wants to be the portal by which people go online. And, increasingly, it is.

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Facebook DOES collect the text you decided against posting

Ever written out a status update or comment but decided against posting it? One techie has discovered Facebook collects this content, despite the company’s claims to the contrary.

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Facebook randomly demands photo ID / driver license / passport to gain access to my accounts which have been in good standing for the last 4 years!!!!



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Facebook will now track users’ finances in addition to social contacts, employment, health status, political affiliation

“We use layers of software and hardware protection that meet the highest industry standards,” Facebook said in a blog post. “These payment systems are kept in a secured environment that is separate from other parts of the Facebook network and that receives additional monitoring and control. A team of anti-fraud specialists monitor for suspicious purchase activity to help keep accounts safe.”

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Facebook tracks web users who aren’t registered to social network

“Facebook says it’s begun fixing a bug that tracks web users even when they’re not registered on the social network. However, it rejected other accusations presented in a report by Belgian scholars questioning the legality of the revised privacy policy.”

“The bug led to people who hadn’t signed up for Facebook being tracked – through code stored in their browsers – while visiting web pages that integrated certain Facebook technology. The report on the problem was first published in February and came to light a month later.”

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Facebook hit with class action lawsuit over facial recognition data

“According to a report from Courthouse News Service, lead plaintiff Carlo Licata, of Cook County, claims the social network violated Illinois privacy laws by not providing him with written notification that his biometric data was being collected or stored.”

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“A new report claims that Facebook secretly installs tracking cookies on users’ computers, allowing them to follow users around the internet even after they’ve left the website, deleted their account and requested to be no longer followed.”

“Academic researchers said that the report showed that the company was breaking European law with its tracking policies. The law requires that users are told if their computers are receiving cookies except for specific circumstances.”

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To John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute:

Dear John Whitehead:
 I know you’re very busy defending my world and I’m grateful.  I would not bother you if I did not believe I could offer ammunition for your well-directed campaign.  I attended your president’s conference as a law student and a  Rutherford Institute officer.  I spent much time with Dave Melton, who was recently married and bubbly; I am also from Michigan.  (Your speaker didn’t show and we heard Jerry Falwell.)  Since then, I ran for Congress and was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul in 2008.  My life became very interesting and I kept good records of gangstalking, cyberstalking, V2K and electronic rape.  I also sent 2 years of journals to an ethical activist, and I swore to them and notarized them before sending the last volume.  (Long story.)  ANYWAY, I have tried everything from publishing a book…to spraypainting my father’s snowbank and nailing (LITERALLY) a notice of my controversy on the church-house door.  Not a soul will discuss my torture including this rural Baptist community and my own neo-con parents. (Another long story.)  I do not know where to take my very fine evidence of covert harassment of political dissidents.  In November I was privileged to attend the Conference Against Covert Harassment in Brussels.  I met many people with stories very similar to my own.  They all travel with their evidence.  We all know that what we know is very important.  I believe God may have organized mine in a super-special manner.  I’d like to know if a fellow warrior agrees.  May I speak to somebody you trust?  (Or you?)  Thanks in advance.
Linda Goldthorpe
Resident of Michigan, Congressional District 1, USA
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  (On Amazon)


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Gandhi to Hitler:


9:14 am

Facebook LOCKS account of black youth who said “President Obama, you don’t love America”

“On Friday, C.J. Pearson, the 12-year-old conservative from Georgia who posted a viral video supporting Rudy Giuliani, discovered that his personal Facebook page was locked. In an exclusive interview with on Saturday, Pearson said he received a message from someone about 6 a.m. Friday. That’s when he learned his account and page had been locked for “suspicious activity.”


6:27 pm


Linda Goldthorpe – your email address ‘’ has been successfully verified.

Way to go! You just took a stand against illegal government surveillance. We’ll let you know once we ask GCHQ if you were unlawfully spied on, and if we need more information in the future.

We need more people like you to hold governments accountable for their actions, so we’re going to ask for your help.

The success of this campaign now is in your hands. We need as many people to sign up as possible, so share this link with all your friends and family through email and social media:

And send out this Tweet:

I just asked GCHQ if they illegally spied on me. You can find out too. Join @privacyint’s case: #DidGCHQSpyOnYou

Privacy International is a charity that depends on contributions from people like you. Please consider making a donation to PI to help us continue fighting unlawful mass surveillance.


3:06 am


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Now Facebook can follow you on other sites: Social media network has started harvesting data on links you click and searches you make

  • Facebook now collecting information about other websites its users visit
  • Social media site already harvests details people share on their profiles
  • But it can now track activity outside the website, including online searches
  • Facebook said the changes help ‘to better serve more relevant advertising’

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Over 110k Facebook users infected by porn-disguised Trojan

“According to a warning sent out to the Full Disclosure mailing list last Thursday by the researcher, Mohammad Faghani, social networking users have been falling victim to the attack en masse by clicking on posts purported to contain pornographic material and then installing what appears to be an update to Flash Player, a popular Adobe-made piece of software used to view video footage within web browsers.”


3:36 am


“Facebook doesn’t keep any of your data safe or anonymous, no matter how much you lock down your privacy settings. Those are all a decoy. There are very serious privacy breaches, like selling your product endorsement to advertisers andpoliticians, tracking everything you read on the internet, or using data from your friends to learn private things about you – they have no off switch.”

“Facebooks gives your data to “third-parties” through your use of apps, and then say that’s you doing it, not them. Everytime you use an app, you’re allowing Facebook to escape it’s own privacy policy with you and with your friends. It’s like when my brother used to make me punch myself and ask, “why are you punching yourself?” Then he’d tell my mum it wasn’t his fault.”

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8:35 am

What Facebook Addiction Looks Like in the Brain

“For example,Facebook can hurt a woman’s body image, allow people to obsess over a failed relationship and even lead some people to fall into depression. In fact, so many people end up feeling left out after seeing pictures of friends at a rooftop party or eating opulent meals, for example, that there’s even a word for it: “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.”

“The researchers then used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the participants’ brains while they looked at a series of computer images — some Facebook logos, and others of neutral traffic signs. The students were told to either press or not press a button in response to each image.”

“The higher people scored on the Facebook addiction survey, the more likely they were to quickly hit the button when viewing Facebook images compared to neutral images. Similarly, the participants were more likely to mistakenly press the button when they saw a Facebook logo versus a neutral traffic sign.”

Zuckerberg cut me off, cold turkey.  That was really great.

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7:02 am

Lizard Squad may have hacked Facebook

“Lizard Squad posted a cryptic message on their Twitter feed: “Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, Hipchat #offline #LizardSquad.” The message was tweeted close to noon, IST from their Twitter handle @LizardMafia. The Tweet got nearly 4800 retweets.”

“If only we didn’t use twitter to communicate…” they tweeted soon afterwards, and followed it up with, “More to come soon. Side note: We’re still organizing the @MAS email dump, stay tuned for that.” @MAS is the Malaysia Airlines’ official Twitter handle. The person behind the Twitter account also dared followers with a picture, asking them to “dox” him or reveal his real identity.”

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4:53 am

Letter to the world:

Please Don’t Confuse Us With Those In Charge

“So, you see world… we most likely did not develop into a nation of geniuses.  Many of us did not get a healthy start. Our bodies and minds were poisoned, our environments toxic. Truths were distorted and omitted. We grew into a dumb-downed, unhealthy, uninformed society. But we are not to blame…  for it was very much intended, and our trust was breached.”

“Since 9/11, we have had many of our rights taken away. With all the new laws, many of us have criminal records for the first time in our lives. Nobody can find out what is really happening, because EVERYTHING is top secret. They claim this secrecy keeps us safe from “the terrorists”. Those in charge do not ask our permission to go to war… they do whatever they want to do. Our hands are tied… it is completely out of our control. We have no idea what they are doing, why they are doing it, or how to stop it. Many Americans rely solely on the information coming through their television sets.  So, you see world, we are at a huge disadvantage here… on so many levels”

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6:40 pm

Is Mark Zuckerberg the next Oprah? Facebook CEO starts book club and the first selection is already sold out on Amazon

  • The billionaire’s resolution for 2015 is to read a new book every two weeks and he’s invited 30 million people to join him
  • The book called The End of Power by former Foreign Policy editor Moises Naim
  • Zuckerberg announced his plans in a lengthy Facebook post after asking followers to help him decide on a 2015 challenge

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9:26 am

The Enormous Implications Of Facebook Indexing 1 Trillion Of Our Posts

“Yes, any post by you or any of your friends can now be dug up with a quick search from mobile. But I don’t think people realize how big a deal it is for tomorrow. Facebook just went from data rich to Scrooge-McDuck-swimming-in-a-tower-full-of data rich.”

“The ramifications for advertising, developers, and Facebook itself are tough to fathom. Our most vivid doppelgänger, our digital echoes can now be tracked. They don’t just say who we were, but where we’re headed, and what we’ll want next.”

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4:12 pm

Lying on Facebook May Implant False Memories: Experts

“Researchers said a fifth of young participants admitted their online profile bears little resemblance to reality, and that their recollection of past events has been distorted by their own fabrications.”

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6:27 am

Putting the entire planet online… then controlling everything they see or read.

“Facebook is the pinnacle of social engineering, an online operant conditioning chamber – also known as a Skinner box – that is being used to track, trace, document, and manipulate half of the entire online population.”

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7:58 pm

Facebook facing class-action lawsuit for ‘invasive scanning’ of private messages

FACEBOOK could be forced to pay users up to $US10,000 ($A12,300) each for violating their privacy if a new lawsuit is successful.

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6:41 am

U.S. Postal Service ‘mail imaging’ program used for law enforcement, surveillance— Law enforcement granted unfettered access to individuals’ mail patterns without warrants.

“A second program, called the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking (MICT) program is engaged when there is special interest in a targeted individual. Reportedly, the program allows law enforcement to “track or investigate” the contents of mail connected to specific people.”

See more here:


From 9/9/14

11:03 am

Open Letter to Michael S.Rogers:
(The NSA guy, not the Michigan Rep)
I know you guys are eagerly awaiting the inevitable revealing that you manipulate Americans  with electronic weapons.  (I also know other groups do it too, but I figure you guys will suffer the brunt of the lynchings.)   I am a Targeted Individual,  I am also a praying Christian and  accustomed to many unusual physical effects, so I don’t get too worked up. I wrote down what happened to me, and  published a book, in 2011. (The naivete of my story  makes it pretty credible.)  I also recorded my day-to-day life in explicit detail, for two years during  the torture.  (I have not seen these journals since I wrote them.  I swore to them, had them notarized, documenting an infallible chain of control.)   When Snowden took off,  I began a blog and have documented case studies, patent documents and court cases.  I don’t want to sue anybody,  because I love America and I’d  rather serve my fellow man.
This is a job application.  You need a face for PR.  My unique skill-set  could serve you well.  I know some things that could help TI’s as they become conscious.   (I could also somewhat pacify  their  vengeance.  I figure that’s what  Snowden is doing, right?)  We’d start slow; I could  cry crocodile tears on TV…and you could confess, ever so pitifully, that things got out of hand.  (My compensation is negotiable, but I’d sure  like to see my file.  I’m not  very attractive so the goons won’t miss its porn value. Maybe you could help me find it?)
When my parents called the state police on me, I was running for Congress.  They told the cops I was “rebellious to government,”  isn’t that funny?  (I think it’s pretty rebellious for two people to believe they should control an entire Congressional district!  Also, isn’t election tampering a federal crime?)  It seems to me that I’ve demonstrated unusual commitment to our Constitutional  political process.  If I can be of service to my country, my number is 906-291-1376.
I pray for you.  (And for General Keith)  (And for the other Mike Rogers.  Hope he likes his new job.  Still in the “radio business.”)

PS-  Don’t let the zombies get you.

Linda Goldthorpe
American Citizen
2693 CR 377
McMillan, Michigan  49853
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  by Thatrandom Othercandidate  (On Amazon)


4:24 am

“Veteran Journalist Vic Livingston reports daily about how he’s harassed and neutralized on the net.” “What’s Livingston been investigating and exposing? Cell-tower microwave weapon system.”

“Livingston is an independent journalist who formerly held news reporting and editing positions with major major newspapers and TV stations, including The Philadelphia Bulletin, the St. Petersburg (FL) Times and WTXF-TV, the Fox network affiliate station in Philadelphia.”

Read more



11:09 am

Facebook under fire: Student launches ‘David and Goliath’ lawsuit against the social network over privacy concerns

‘We are only claiming a small amount, as our primary objective is to ensure correct data protection,’ Mr Schrems said.

  • The lawsuit is being taken in the Commercial Court in Vienna against the Irish subsidiary of the web giant
  • Austrian Max Schrems is claiming damages of €500 (£397) per supporter
  • He states the damages are for alleged ‘data protection violations’
  • Mr Schrems criticised the firm for supporting US Prism surveillance schemes

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7:04 pm

To my mother and my father:  “It didn’t have to be this way.”


8:42 am

My mom texted me to say:  “Linda.  Tammy Davis, Pat’s wife is going to clean the cottage today.  The Belonga sisters are renting it over the 4th of July weekend.”

I responded:  “Thanks so much for letting me know.  Tom Anderson is coming today too so I’ll be vigilant.”



9:09 am

I love a spiritual teacher who recently said Louisiana has righteous government now.  They always had weird government, since in the US they are the only state that did not adopt our standard concepts of common law. Their laws originated in French jurisprudence.  (I know nothing about French laws, or Louisiana’s, but it’s an interesting fact.)  Katrina was devastating to Louisiana, not too bad for the rest of us, but it should have been. (Learning from others’ experience is a very high spiritual acumen. Years ago my ex-husband impressed me by his ability to do so.)   “Righteous” and “government” are not words I’ve often seen together.
Dear Sheriff Scott Strait,
I have heard that you are no longer cooperating with SANE.  I encourage you in your efforts to establish new sanity in Mackinac county.  Citizens are people.  Citizens are unable to refrain from exercising people-things. Many things we do are not motivated by criminal tendencies, but by necessity or compassion.  Common law (and God) consider motives.  I am aware that fusion centers observe everything we vulnerable people do, by combining intelligence from local, state and federal agencies.  I would like to see fusion centers erased from Michigan.
After my dad reported me to the State Police, because I pray too much and he does not like my politics, I was subject to surveillance and gangstalking.  I kept meticulous records.  I’d be pleased to share them with you, if you are motivated as I am.
Linda Goldthorpe
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  (Available on Amazon)



4:57 pm

Text to dad:

You too busy to buy me coffee in the morning?  I made you a dad.

4:46 pm

Text to Dad:

I planted the flowers.  Thanks a lot.  Thanks for sending a weed-whacker with Michael.  Much appreciated.



10:06 am

I left this sign on my dad’s office door, he wasn’t around:

“Hey Dad, If you buy flowers for the bridge I’ll plant them.

Also, Connie almost scared Michael to death.  If you’d call first, I’d keep her inside.  906-291-1376   Linda”



Hey Dad, I thought you should know (since you didn’t this morning) that they DO make replacement gas caps for mowers…and they’re on the shelf at your hardware store!  Just FYI.

9:16 am

My dad GAVE ME SOME ADVICE!  I lost the gas cap from the crappy push-mower I was using to clear under the spruce trees that I’m allergic to.  He said I should “get a baggie and put it over the opening with a rubber band.”  I’m very grateful.  (It didn’t work though.)  But, my dad gave me advice!  I’m over the moon!


10:05 pm

Message to my dad, and to witnesses:  “Get your priorities right old man, while there is yet time.  Love you.”


9:10 am

Text to Josh:  “Please forgive me for melting down.  I’ve been standing for truth all alone for a long time.  It gets very lonely.  I love you and do not wish to make your life unpleasant.”


3:59 am

Open letter to my sheriff, Kevin Erickson:
Dear Sheriff Erickson:
I’ve heard a rumor about you and I’d like to confirm it please.  The story goes that you have ceased cooperating with SANE.  I hope you’ve made that sane decision.  As you may know, I have a controversy with government.  I used to be a lawyer, but could no longer lie for a living nor require that my clients do so.  You know very well what I’m talking about.
In 2009 my father reported my consistent prayer-life to government authorities, and I have documented my experiences of surveillance and organized gangstalking ever since.  I understand that many federal, state and local agencies engage in citizen surveillance, and share notes at fusion centers.  Fusion centers are unconstitutional, immoral, unnecessary…and vulnerable to attack via the tenth amendment.  I recorded my experiences meticulously.  My evidence is impeccable and includes a book published in 2011 and a sworn multi-volume affidavit with a documented chain of control.  To date, nobody has seen fit to view my evidence.  (I even threw my computer onto the shoulder of M-28 near Eckerman.  I gave homemade cookies to the nice trooper who returned it. He came by twice but he didn’t want to talk.)
My father has not liked my politics since I chided him for littering when I was ten.  My father does not like my faith in Jesus Christ either, and we made a bet. He chose to improve his odds by enlisting government assistance. The Michigan electronic harassment support group tells me that he certainly knew what would result from his intervention, and he has twice admitted that he tried to have me locked up as though I were mentally disturbed. He’s embarrassed now, and lacks the spine to tell the truth.  I suffer from neither malady.
Although his ongoing behavior has been criminal, I do not ask you to get between me and my rich father, God has him under control…I pray for Luce county daily, and I often pray for you.  I pray that in this transition time, in what is truly America’s darkest hour, you will be on the right side of history.  I pray that Luce county can lead Michigan into freedom from federal meddling. Thank you for your service to my world.  I’d be pleased to meet with you any time but you’d have to pay for lunch.  After my father destroyed my reputation I’ve found it impossible to earn money.
Linda Goldthorpe
“Madness and Politics: but I repeat myself”  by thatrandom othercandidate (Available on Amazon)



5:24 am

Text to my dad, Ken’s funeral was yesterday:

“Your nephews and nieces stayed in one of Soder’s cabins after putting to rest a person who was very important to them.  You’re (I made an error) behavior embarrass (I made another error) me and damages my name.  Goldthorpes should be kind, don’t you think so?”


“I made errors in the last message, did you see them?  Hyper-vigilance is a bitch, isn’t it?”



3:54 pm

The most interesting thing about being a  targeted individual, is that the goons don’t seem to bear me any malice.  I told my dad that , a couple years ago.  I said, “The people who watch us  like me a lot better than they like you.”  His response was not unexpected.  He said, “I suppose they would.”



6:37 am

Open letter to the world’s most successful stenographer…

Zuckerberg thinks I’m fat.  (I think he’s overpaid and pretty duped so  I don’t blame him for criticizing me.)  Why does  he always show me advertisements for fat-lady-clothes?  His algorithms are usually so slick!  How come they’re good enough to watch me reading my recipe for Chinese pot-stickers, then show me an ad for frozen pot-stickers, mere seconds later?  He’s  so good that I can talk to somebody,  (real-world)  bemoaning the water-in-the-basement, then I’m immediately presented with an ad for “basement-water-proofer!”  He knows all about me and he should pay attention.  If he knows my chosen brand of  medicated powder  (for a time I was regularly confronted with online slams about my sweaty body…)  why does he not know my size?   (So far I’m finding the police state a great disappointment.)
“Zuckerberg and all internet-enterprises, hear-ye:  I’ll NEVER buy a dress from the fat-lady company even if they carry my (moderate) size!  Do not give me any more ads for fat-lady clothes, please.”
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.  Amen.



8:17 am

My dad texted back:  “Again would be nice.”

I responded:  “I’d like that very much.”

“Today I will bake an applesauce cake for Billie Jo.  She loved Nana and I can make it dairy-free although it’s better with butter.”



9:21 pm

Text to Dad:  “Thank you for dinner.  It was really nice to get out.  And to hear about the family.  L”

10:34 am




7:24 am

My dad texted me yesterday and said “Happy Easter!”



11:59  am

My dad left George a phone MESSAGE!  He was leaving town and volunteered to let us use a pump in case the basement floods.  What a nice thing to do!



5:35 am


I responded:  “God has a plan for your life that you cannot imagine.  I Corinthians 2:9…then read verse 10.”



To my mother, earlier:

“Don’t sound stupid.  Leave that to David and Dad.  Let’s have dignity shall we?”


7:50 am

Final call:

“I am broke.  Do not waste my minutes  pretending to be  a man.”

6:41 am

My brother didn’t like that I called him a fraudulent Christian so I texted him:

“Jesus is my twin brother and he cares more about my violation than he cares about money.”


5:06 pm

Text to my brother and father and mother:

“George just called the guy who was supposed to bring wood last week and found out he hadn’t  brought any.  We would have run out for sure if God hadn’t given us some.  Did he use you?  Thank you very much.  It was  57  in here today but hasn’t the sun helped?”


4:20 am

Text to my brother:

“I just figured out that you were really being sarcastic.  I thought you cared for a bit.  It was nice.  God bless you and your family.”


8:55 am

text to my father, my mother and my brother:

“You got that trust account ready yet?  I’d like to stop.  367-72-9730.”

My brother texted:  “no.”

I told him to take his time.  His response was unkind so I said,

“You’re a millionaire.  Dad called me crazy so I can’t even be a waitress.”

(I sent that to my mom, my dad and my rich selfish brother.)


5:31 am

Officers, ladies and gentlemen, and thugs,
                          I know some of you know me.  Life has been unusual  since  my father came to you with complaints about my politics and prayer-life.  Some of you know me very well, much better than my father does.  You know things about many people that are indecent for you to know.  You have amazing equipment and it must be fun to use it. However, some of you recognize indecency.
                         I’ve been subjected  to systematized-indecency.  When I first knew  what was happening to me I was flabbergast.  “Who would  DO THINGS LIKE THAT?”  My answer, now well-researched and documented, was:  “All y’all.”  Don’t you guys work for the State of Michigan?  How is it then that you hob-nob with FBI and NSA and Homeland Security and Border Control and DEA?  (Are you not legally accountable to the elected sheriff in your county?   Has Scott Erickson seen in my panties too?)   Fusion centers are unconstitutional  and immoral.  They serve no purpose but to spy on unsuspected suspects.  They’re voyeurism gone mad.  They’re not about stopping crime!  My only crime is praying too much in odd places.  I have a different boss than you.
                         Even if you’re not one of the officers who stomp on pet parakeets and shoot autistic kids playing with Nerf guns, you’re participating in the destruction of humanity.  Personal  dignity is essential for a human to thrive.  It is also an essential element of free society, and your efforts  destroy not only the individual, but contribute to a totalitarian state.  When one of those develops, thugs are necessary…at the beginning.  Much perceived dignity comes with a badge; much of it is undeserved and eventually an authoritarian state turns on everybody.  Your badge will not protect you forever.  You and your children will live in the world you’re helping to create.   Laws do not make things right.   Laws also change.  Nuremberg changed a lot of “laws.”  Cops were held accountable for “lawful” actions that destroyed humans.  This will ever be the case.
                         Simmer down, you did not destroy me and I think God will let you off the hook.  But  you gotta take the hook out yourself.  You may not have too much time to get on the right side of history.
Linda Goldthorpe
American Citizen, Michigan Congressional District 1
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself.”  Amazon


10:41 am


Dear Paul Keith Davis, John Whitehead and Rick Joyner,
                          I’ve a story to tell to the nations.  Mr. Whitehead, I attended your Presidents’ Conference in 1991 and spent several hours talking to Dave Melton.  I was a Michigan law student.  Mr. Davis, I had met Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and was introduced to your work when he visited you in the Spirit and you both began to teach about the 7 Spirits of God.  Mr. Joyner, “The Final Quest” was a pivotal message.  I admire your willingness to engage government.  I was a Spirit-led, homeschooling mom who ran for Congress, was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul, saw a lot of things I’m trying to forget, was betrayed by my Baptist  father who thought my prayer-life to be unusual, and was electronically raped over a period of years.
                          Please, busy gentlemen, tell me what to do?  I have compiled the best evidence ever about electronic torture of American citizens.  (I’m also pretty sure I proved the existence of God. Remote neural monitoring can tell when we hear something.  It’s a new revelation to me that some people pray and never hear back.)   I have a collaborator, also Spirit-led, who has been seeking answers about her own torture for twelve years.  She’s articulate and determined.  My son published my book in 2011.  It documents electronic torture from the experience of a praying-woman-well-accustomed-to-her-body-being-moved.  I described my torment from the paradigm I knew best.  (Also God was walking me through it but that’s a longer story.)   The Lord also caused me to keep a journal for two years, and send them to an upright atheist liberty activist.  I haven’t seen the books or him for several years, but I swore to the final volume and had my signature notarized.  He will be a very fine witness.
                         I recognize that Aslan is back in Narnia and I’m so eager to see the Kingdom established on Earth.  I also recognize that he’s set me up perfectly to take part in the revolution.  I’m waiting for his wisdom.  My collaborator and I are preparing a new book, “Hearing from God in the Mind-Control Matrix:  A madness aversion manual.” We learned things about mind intrusions and knowing God’s voice kept us sane.  People will need this when word gets out.  We’d like to impact the world for Jesus and on behalf of mind-control victims who do not know God well enough to recognize other voices.  We’d like to know the truth of our rapes, and we recognize that’s imminent.
                              Michigan is an interesting state right now.  Justin Amash is from Michigan and so is Mike Rogers.  Michigan nullified the NDAA.  My story is here and I met my collaborator by “accident” when she moved here from Oregon. (Did you know they could physically move people in Eugene, Oregon by waves from Cornell in the 1960’s?)  Any suggestions?  The will of Jesus the Christ be done.
Linda Goldthorpe
American Citizen, Michigan District 1
“Madness and Politics:  but I repeat myself.”  (Amazon)



10:38 am

Text to my father yesterday:

“I have no water so I called Tim and he said it wouldn’t  freeze worse before George gets home.  Is that so?  He’s in Duluth.  (I’ve been so busy working on the book that I didn’t do dishes the whole time he was gone.  My bad.)   It never got below 57 in here so is this my fault?”

I never heard back.


Text to each of my parents.  (I won’t hear back, I never do.)

“The furnace is out.  George is in Minnesota.  I will try to keep the pipes from freezing.   Tim said I could call him about some wood but I lost his number.  Would you please give it to me?”

10:13 am
I’m so tired of heating this stupid big house that is not mine since my father took it away.  I’ve been hauling logs for twenty years.  I’ve been begging for wood for about ten.  I’ve asked my well-connected father for sources of firewood, and ideas about heating this place.  Help was not forthcoming.  10:25 am.  Tim brought a load of wood.  My parents came through.  This is amazing.


10:04 pm

(E) I’m glad you’re well. I have to go to bed so I can get up in four hours and write more incendiary crap about my family so they will take me seriously and allow my boys to hear truth and decide rightly if I’m sane or not.

(D)  After all I’ve been through if the printer messes up I think it’s the NSA.



5:03 am

(T)   I’m sorry I quit. I was being electronically raped on a daily basis.

4:41 am

(T)  To my former campaign manager, a wise and wonderful man:
Yes I have hard evidence and you’re part of it. You KNOW something happened to me. You also know I kept a journal obsessively. I had my journals notarized and sent them to a man I haven’t seen for five years. He’s pretty smart…


5:48 am

(J)  I am so pleased to hear from you. I had to disregard the opinions of people when everybody believed me to be diseased. Now I’m asking God to not let me put too much stock into hearing about my brilliance. You however, are such a blessing.

                         What I know and my dad knows is very frightening. I do not blame him for being reticent. I do blame him for allowing my sons to believe lies for these years I’ve been battling.
                          I lived without any connection of love with any person, after my dad’s slander. I’m loving being a person again. I’m happy for the first time in my life and I wish that for you and for your beautiful family. Thank you so much. L

Why are you not afraid like the others?

I have been in contact with stalwart activists who desire truth and justice.
Just not for me.

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