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Polaneczky: TSA jails innocent traveler when he asks to file a complaint

“Roger Vanderklok was detained for 23 hours by TSA for allegedly acting in a threatening manner and making terroristic threats at Philadelphia International Airport – despite the fact that video surveillance shows him doing no such thing. At trial, he was acquitted within minutes. He is now suing for the violation of his constitutional rights.”


Air marshals claim TSA hiding evidence of wrongdoing, silencing employees.

“The allegations revolve around TSA management’s overuse of an agency-specific designation called Sensitive Security Information (SSI). Though it is not classified, information deemed SSI is supposed to be kept from the public because it would harm transportation security. The marshals claim that the TSA has repeatedly abused the SSI classification, even going so far as to use it on fictitious information, in an effort to keep the public in the dark.”


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Under Suspicious Circumstances, FBI Places Brother of No-Fly Litigant on Most Wanted Terrorist List By Glenn Greenwald

“After Kuwaiti officials concluded they had no cause to detain him, the teenager was told that he would be deported back to the U.S. as soon as his family presented a plane ticket. Once they did that, he was taken to the airport, only to be told by United Airlines that he was barred from boarding the plane because he had recently been placed by the U.S. Government (in secret, with no hearing or explanation) on the no-fly list.”


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College Student Detained by TSA for Arabic Flash Cards Wins Settlement

“I was carrying a set of English-Arabic flashcards that I had put together for one of my classes, as well as a book critical of U.S. foreign policy (written by a former secretary of commerce under President Reagan– not exactly a radical treatise). It should go without saying that this is perfectly innocuous, First Amendment-protected activity.”

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The TSA Wants To Read Your Facebook Posts And Check Out Your Purchases Before It Will Approve You For PreCheck

The TSA is disappointed that so few Americans have opted out of its bottle-tossing, package-groping screenings by signing up for its PreCheck program. For a few years now, the TSA has been selling travelers’ civil liberties back to them, most recently for $85 a head, but it’s now making a serious push to increase participation. The TSA can’t do it alone, so it’s accepting bids on its PreCheck expansion proposal. (h/t to Amy Alkon)


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The strange afterlife of banned TSA items

“We all know what happens when a passenger attempts to carry a banned item through security: That person advances to the boarding gate while the prohibited object stays behind. But the flier isn’t the only one anticipating a journey; the unwelcome article also has an odyssey in its future, with a mystery final destination. Depending on certain variables, it could end up in a haz-mat can, or with law enforcement officers, or in the arms of a new owner.”


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A former air marshal who lost his job after telling the media about a problem within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has won his case before the U.S. SupremeCourtin a blow to the Obama administration and a victory for government whistleblowers.


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400 TSA agents have been arrested for theft of passenger items while not one terrorist has been caught.

“Brown was finally caught after selling a camera he stole from the luggage of a CNN producer. When he sold the camera on eBay, he forgot to remove the news networks’ logo stickers.”


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