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State Legislatures Considering More than 200 Bills to Block Federal Power

“Less than one month into the 2015 state legislative season and the Tenth Amendment Center counts more than 200 bills seeking to block or limit federal power.”


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The Libertarian Principle of Secession

“Decentralization is portrayed as unsophisticated and backward, while nationalism and centralization are made to seem progressive and inevitable.”


“But when we set the propaganda aside, we discover that support for secession means simply this: it is morally illegitimate to employ state violence against individuals who choose to group themselves differently from how the existing regime chooses to group them.”


“Ludwig von Mises gave succinct expression to the libertarian view of secession when he said, “No people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want.” Simple.”


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West Virginia Bill Would Block Unconstitutional National Guard Deployments

“House Bill 2168 (HB2168), the Defend the Guard Act, was introduced by Del. Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock, 1), a former Air Force intelligence officer who did tours in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and cosponsored by ten other delegates. If passed, the bill would block the federal government from deploying West Virginia Guard troops overseas unless there is a declaration of war from Congress, as required by the Constitution.”


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Four and Counting: States Consider Bill to Turn Off Resources to the NSA

“Just two weeks into this year’s legislative season, and with many legislatures not even in session yet, legislators in four states have already introduced bills to ban material support or resources to any federal agency engaged in warrantless spying. ”


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“I-594 outlaws private gun sales in the state by requiring “universal background checks.” Under the new law, it is not legal to even lend a gun to a friend without going through a background check, except in cases where the friend needs the gun because of an imminent threat against his or her life.”


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Minnesota Bill Would Ban NSA Activity Called the “Biggest Threat Since the Civil War”

SF33 stipulates that “a government entity may not obtain personal identifying information concerning an individual without a search warrant. A court order granting access to this information must be issued only if the government entity shows  that there is probable cause for belief that the individual who is the subject of the personal  identifying information is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a criminal offense.”

Under the new bill, a citizen could rarely be sure whether recording any given conversation without permission is legal. The bill would make it a felony to surreptitiously record any “private conversation,” which it defines as any “oral communication between 2 or more persons,” where at least one person involved had a “reasonable expectation” of privacy.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  Congress just said that the NSA can retain EVERY PRIVATE COMMUNICATION?


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