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Homeland Security Threatens Consequences If Funding Bill Isn’t Passed

Johnson warns that if DHS were to be funded by a short-term funding bill known as a “continuing resolution,” the department would not be able to fund “new non-disaster grants to state, local and tribal governments, law enforcement, emergency response officials and fire departments.”

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“Gaining real-time information can make a tremendous impact on response times and strategies, and rendering the necessary assistance. It’s for these very reasons that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) developed a specialized social media monitoring and data-mining capability.”


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Polaneczky: TSA jails innocent traveler when he asks to file a complaint

“Roger Vanderklok was detained for 23 hours by TSA for allegedly acting in a threatening manner and making terroristic threats at Philadelphia International Airport – despite the fact that video surveillance shows him doing no such thing. At trial, he was acquitted within minutes. He is now suing for the violation of his constitutional rights.”

Report: Federal Government Issued Nearly 5.5 Million Work Permits to Foreign Nationals Since 2009

“Data uncovered from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency reveal that approximately 982,000 work permits were given to illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals unqualified for admission, most of whom crossed the border without inspection.”


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Air marshals claim TSA hiding evidence of wrongdoing, silencing employees.

“The allegations revolve around TSA management’s overuse of an agency-specific designation called Sensitive Security Information (SSI). Though it is not classified, information deemed SSI is supposed to be kept from the public because it would harm transportation security. The marshals claim that the TSA has repeatedly abused the SSI classification, even going so far as to use it on fictitious information, in an effort to keep the public in the dark.”


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“”It’s the Border Patrol stations that are doing the actual collections” of iris and face images from individuals processed through Customs and Border Patrol stations, Ken Fritzsche,director of the identity technology division at the DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management, told Nextgov. He spoke Tuesday at the 2015 Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement conference.”


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“…what would be wrong with applying the principle of defense to our country by bringing all the troops home and having them defend the United States?”

“But the big reason they would be bored is that there would be no more terrorists attacking the United States. That’s because the troops would no longer be in Afghanistan and the Middle East killing, torturing, and abusing people.”

“That’s right: I am saying that this entire “war on terrorism” has nothing to do with Islam and the Koran. After all, let’s not forget that the troops have been killing and dying to protect official Islamic regimes that they have helped to install in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Google the constitutions of both countries.)”


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College Student Detained by TSA for Arabic Flash Cards Wins Settlement

“I was carrying a set of English-Arabic flashcards that I had put together for one of my classes, as well as a book critical of U.S. foreign policy (written by a former secretary of commerce under President Reagan– not exactly a radical treatise). It should go without saying that this is perfectly innocuous, First Amendment-protected activity.”

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