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Lawrence Summers says BDS movement is ‘persecuting’ Israel

The matter is a moral question because Summers contends that it is anti-Semitic to challenge the “legitimacy of Israel as a state.” He calls the BDS movement a form of anti-Jewish persecution:

American academic community is being implicated in uniquely persecuting the world’s only Jewish state for sins that even on the least sympathetic reading are small compared to those of many other nations.

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A Corporate Coup d’Etat

“Haven’t you heard of the TPP? Dubbed “a corporate coup d’etat” by Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, it’s a grandiose grab for power masked as a trade deal, allowing an unprecedented level of global corporate rule over Americans. One reason we commoners don’t know about it is that the corporate and governmental elites of the 12 nations that have been negotiating this momentous deal in strict secrecy, not only are keeping us in the dark but also Congress.”


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Homeland Security Threatens Consequences If Funding Bill Isn’t Passed

Johnson warns that if DHS were to be funded by a short-term funding bill known as a “continuing resolution,” the department would not be able to fund “new non-disaster grants to state, local and tribal governments, law enforcement, emergency response officials and fire departments.”

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“Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Koskinen has advised employees that the budget cuts will result in reduced services to taxpayers. In an email to employees sent earlier today, Commissioner Koskinen advised that “realistically we have no choice but to do less with less.”


We’re supposed to be threatened into giving them more money so they can more easily take our money?


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OBAMA’S ‘BIG LIE’ SET TO CLASH WITH ‘BIG TRUTH’ –Experts warn fudged economic figures will meet reality

“Williams believes the actual unemployment stands at 23 percent, pointing out the Bureau of Labor Statistics excludes from the labor force anyone who is “so hopelessly out of work that you’ve stopped looking over the past four weeks.”


1929: recession->depression-> currency war->trade war->world war. Sound familiar?

“This is being done on purpose to punish the Russian economy. This is economic warfare 101, and it’s going to lead to a shooting war. Not only is it going to lead to a shooting war, this is the grand plan…What people need to understand is the collapse is here now. World War III has started, so this is it people. There is no more waiting.”


SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options

Sources tell CBS News that the afternoon before the attack, alarm bells were sounding over unusual trading in the U.S. stock options market.

An extraordinary number of trades were betting that American Airlines stock price would fall.


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Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: The Entire Oil Collapse Is All About Crushing Russian Control Over Syria

“Back then we wrote about a certain visit by John Kerry to Saudi Arabia, on September 11 of all days, to negotiate a secret deal with the now late King Abdullah so as to get a “green light” in order “to launch its airstrikes against ISIS, or rather, parts of Iraq and Syria. And, not surprising, it is once again Assad whose fate was the bargaining chip to get the Saudis on the US’ side, because in order to launch the incursion into Syrian sovereign territory, it “took months of behind-the-scenes work by the U.S. and Arab leaders, who agreed on the need to cooperate against Islamic State, but not how or when.”


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“Organized by Bruce Fenton of the Bitcoin Association and Atlantic Financial, participants in the first annual Satoshi Roundtable include top executives from companies such as Blockchain, BitGo, BitPesa, Chain, ChangeTip, Coinapult and MegaBigPower, as well as noted VCs in the space such as Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver.”

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