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The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to U.S. Empire

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange dissects, what he calls, “the US Empire”

by Julian Assange

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Digital archives NOW AVAILABLE on Fukushima documents. A GOLD MINE FOR RESEARCHERS



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10 Most Life Changing Books I’ve Ever Read

Zen Gardner

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Vatican Library Puts 4,000 Ancient Manuscripts Available Online For Free!!




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Bastiat’s ‘The Law’ – The Moral Case for Liberty




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This book is really good and I highly recommend it for those who will survive

Now what if after WWII the Nazi‟s had the last say? They could have cloned a sociopathic Nazi mindset and started copying it to the entire world. Do you see the urgency to expose and stop this research especially if you are Jewish?

There is another hypothesis that is greatly disturbing that we must consider as a possibility which is a result from the bazaar (sic) and grotesque research of the cognitive modeling and neuroscientists who have worked for the “conspiracy”. That is a nearly perfect simulation of a demented mind has been created. That single model could be reused by a computer during these EEG cloning experiments. That demented mind model I will refer to as the mind virus. It is the most perfectly mentally deranged psychopathology that the CIA/DoD monsters could come up with. That simulated mind virus could be “grown” into anyone


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“Dear God.  It’s obvious from reading this book with the background you’ve given me, that your entire body on Earth is under mind-control of the enemy.  (I know there are some who are not and I long to meet them.)  You said there would be a civil war within the ‘church’ and you said the conflict would be over the SPIRIT and you said that your real church would arise.  I stand on your promises and await my marching orders.  And gas money. And new underwear.  Thank you.  I’m sorry that my brethren are selfish.  Please do not permit me to ever be selfish.  Forgive me if I was.  Amen.”

The „Me‟ meme selfish gene „generation‟ would be an example of an imbalance occurring between the survival advantages of altruistic ideas that benefit the whole and selfishness which benefits the individual at the expense of the whole. Altering an enemies country‟s culture so that it becomes more selfish, superstitious, or criminal would be a use for mememic warfare for example. 

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A New World Order Reading List

James Corbett’s recommendations


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The Frightening GMO Food Fraud

The nub of his argument is that genetically engineered (GE) food products, as brand new substances produced by a means that is radically different from traditional plant breeding, are on the market illegally because American law requires that such new products be extensively tested before they can be sold.  To do the required testing over the extended time period required, however, would make the whole GE venture uneconomic, so the law has been skirted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The skirting has been done by treating GE foods (now generally called genetically modified organisms or GMOs, originally meant to be a euphemism because it sounded better than “engineered”) in the same way as we treat foods that have stood the test of time and are simply generally recognized as safe (GRAS). 

Even if it didn’t deal with a topic of such surpassing importance, I would encourage everyone to read Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public just on the basis of power of the logic and the clarity of the writing on display.  Reading it, I felt privileged to be in the company of a man of such a rare combination of intellect and principle.  Author Steven M. Druker, a public interest lawyer, builds his case in support of the book’s extended title systematically, chapter by chapter, until he has constructed an edifice of persuasion as solid as an Egyptian pyramid. 

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The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena Paperback – June 30, 2009

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Award-winning author reveals the government’s war on the American people in new eye-opening book

In Battlefield America: The War on the American People, John W. Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, a non-profit civil liberties and human rights organization, says governments on all levels are essentially changing the rules to favor them and hinder a citizen’s right to waver, dissent or simply refuse to go along with unconstitutional edicts.

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“Humanity hangs in the balance, with secret, powerful forces aligned against it. Angel Wars reveals the truth, and shows how you can prepare for the monumental war that will determine whether you’ll retain your freedom and whether your children and grandchildren will grow up as serfs or free people. Or even whether they’ll live or die. It’s a conflict that will be hard fought. And it’s a confrontation you cannot afford to lose.” – Stephen Quayle

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These three books reveal the sinister agenda of Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Biotech

Filling the media with constant waves of advertisement, pharmaceutical companies train consumers to accept disease as a normal way of life. As Big Pharma’s messages infiltrate minds everywhere, they convince people to accept drug management for life. A continuous loop of side effects keeps consumers struggling.

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Six Prophetic Sci-Fi Novels That Predicted Our Strange Future

“For this book, it’s not so much what it predicted, as what it didn’t predict. Stand on Zanzibar was written in 1968, and takes place in the year 2010, in a world where the nations of Europe have banded together in an economic union, and the Soviet Union has been displaced by China as America’s chief economic rival. Terrorism has become a widespread problem and school shootings are rampant.”

“Africa is a collection of basket case nations that lag far behind the rest of the world, (keep in mind that at the time, most African nations had just achieved independence) Israel is a major point of conflict in the Middle East, and Detroit is in ruins after the manufacturing industry went belly up. Due to health concerns, tobacco sales are falling while marijuana has been decriminalized. The institution of marriage is crumbling and people use pharmaceuticals to aid their sexual performance.”

“And to top it all off, America has elected a president named Obomi.”

“Even the writing style of the book, which is chaotic and fragmented, feels right at home in our modern world of instant gratification and short attention spans. If you’d like to have your mind thoroughly blown, then look no further. The eerie accuracy of Stand on Zanzibar will do the trick.”

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Journal of the Unknown Prophet

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Eye Opener . Will never be the same …. February 27, 2006
I was humbled, rebuked, encouraged and shocked at the details Wendy potrays in her journal. I couldn’t relate to the intimacy she has with the father(maybe becuase I’m a guy or simply not spiritually mature enough), but you can’t walk away without a feeling of jeoulosy(or longing) at how some people are so much in tune with what God is doing and saying on earth and in the heavenlies.When you read the book, you’ll no doubt feel multiple waves of conviction, relief and reflection and the Fathers voice resonates in your own spirit. You world view and priorities are guaranteed to definately change.Warning….You’ll need some time to grieve over your own shortcomings but you’ll feel encouraged to sharply focus your life in a brand new direction and with greater and meaningful purpose…Definately highly recommended !!!
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this book revolutionized my life.the lord gave it to me at a very difficult time in my life and woh!it literally took my breath away,the lord was speaking to me through this awesome’s so fantastic and so life-transforming.the part about the end-time seduction of jezebel was’s a right now prophetic word to the church and to the nations and also to me as an individual.To God be the glory for using wendy alec so powerfully.the experience she had with the father in the book where he hugged her was jesus!,so overwhelming,it brought tears to my eyes.the anointing in this book is so powerful,it’s a book that you’ll need to read over and over again.Wow! i definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves jesus,i’m telling you you’ll never be the same after you finish this book,i mean it,it will transform your life forever and you”ll just stand back in wonder at our beautiful lord jesus has God’s hand and fingerprint all over it.awesome,absolutely awesome.
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1.0 out of 5 stars A false prohet August 16, 2009
After reading Wendy’s Chronicle of Brothers books I wanted to see what else she had written. I had contemplated reading this book for over a year and finally broke down out of curiosity. Within two days I threw the book out and even considered burning it because of the stark differences in the Gospel and the new way that she claims Jesus revealed to her. The first section of the book reads like a self help book for every kind of struggle people go through in life. Ms. Alec even invokes the same manner of speech that Christ used to convince you it is legit. The second section discusses how new heavenly signs will be given through evangelists. The phrase that convinced me she was a false prophet was “the word used to be enough manna.” (paraphrasing) She claims that Jesus told her that the Gospel used to be enough to fulfill people, and now they require more than what is in the Bible. I stopped reading after this. If you are curious as well, please do some research on the author. You will find stories about her claiming to belong to a group of prophets. When since the Apostles has God spoken to people through prophets? There is even a youtube video of here predicting Christs personal appearance at the Lakeland revival in Florida? Guess how they turned out. Please take my review into consideration, and above all let the Holy Spirit guide you.
Get a load of that last review, but the Bible says:
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
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Denzel Washington: The Bible is ‘The Answer People Are Looking For … Give It a Shot’

“In explaining why the Bible is a best seller year after year, Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington said there is something “tugging” inside of us, “telling us to believe in something,” which is God, and that the Bible provides “the answer people are looking for” even if they do not realize it at first.”

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30 of the Best Parents in Literature


Talk about free-range parenting. When Sam Gribley gets tired of living in his large family’s overcrowded New York apartment, he does what any self-sufficient 12-year-old would do: Teaches himself wilderness survival from a book he found in the public library and sells magazine subscriptions until he can afford a bus ticket to the Catskills, where he plans to live off the land at his family’s abandoned farm. And his dad lets him. No, really. But what could have become a tale of terrible parental irresponsibility is, in fact, a story of one boy’s self-reliance and passion for nature and the parent who trusted him enough to let him dive off the grid. In the end, Dad Gribley, inspired by Sam, decides that living in the city is no place for a family and moves the entire brood up to the abandoned farm. Fresh air for all!

(One of my FAVORITE books of all time. )

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LRC Best Selling Books – March 2015
March 30, 2015

Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Effortless Healing: 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight and Help Your Body Fix Itself – Joseph Mercola

New Nation: A History of the United States During the Confederation, 1781-1789 – Merrill Jensen

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin – Timothy Snyder

Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America – James Ostrowski

Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion – Thomas E. Woods Jr.

The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling – John Taylor Gatto

One Second After – William R. Forstchen

The Pearl Harbor Myth: Rethinking the Unthinkable (Military Controversies) – Dr. George Victor Ph.D

Fugitive Essays: Selected Writings of Frank Chodorov – Frank Chodorov

1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers – Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof

The Bad War: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II – M S King

Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty – Andrew P. Napolitano

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History – Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk

American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World – Eric Margolis


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GAME OVER: GMO science fraud shattered by stunning investigative book worthy of Nobel Prize – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

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5 Books the Secret Government Hopes You’ll Never Read



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Six Books on Plant Foraging You Won’t Want to Miss

“Of all the skills a prepper might attain, I think the ability to forage for plants may be one of the most coveted. Not because it’s all that necessary, but because it’s one of the more difficult skills you could master. We all know it’s something that could come in handy one day, but with our busy schedules, sometimes it’s hard to justify learning such an extensive subject.”

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The surprisingly robust genre of prison survival guides.

“Last week, The Marshall Project published a pair of extraordinary 20-minute videosabout what inmates must do in order to avoid becoming victims of sexual abuse. The videos, which were produced through a federal grant under the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, will be shown in institutions across New York state and feature incredibly detailed advice from inmates, some of whom have been sexually assaulted, about how to protect oneself from predators while incarcerated.”

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Free: Gatto’s Underground History of American Education

John Taylor Gatto is a great advocate of home schooling.

Three times, he won teacher of the year in New York City. Then he won teacher of the year in New York State. Then he quit teaching.

He started writing books on why tax-funded education is a disaster.

He wrote a classic book on the history of America’s public schools: The Underground History of American Education. Lew Rockwell posted the chapters on his site.

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The American Police State: The Government against the PeopleHardcover – September 27, 1988

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Modern Poetry: Dead or Alive?

Poetry can exist in many shapes and forms as it reflects a way of seeing life. Traditional verses in Japan and China will differ dramatically from the poetic masterpieces of Europe. Find out how the beauty of the verse can be kept in translation by tuning in to Looking Forward.

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Shadow of Tears’ is the true story
of how Ole Dammegård in 1984
went alone on an old bicycle from
Sweden towards South Africa, but
ended up in war-torn Iran (1984).
Here he became very close friends
with some Iranians, of which one
was suddenly brutally murdered.

Ole then decided to risk everything
and set out to smuggle one of his
new friends out of super-controlled
Iran, the empire of the ayatollahs,
via former Soviet Union and East
Germany to lingering freedom
in far-away Sweden.

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Must-Read Works of Liberty

“I have two suggestions for you, and they both involve new books by Tom Woods.

More important is Tom’s first print book in nearly four years: Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion. Tom tells me it’s his favorite of the dozen books he’s written.”

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‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ author Harper Lee to publish ‘Go Set a Watchman’ — featuring ‘Scout’

Pulitzer Prize winner Harper Lee famously published just one book, “To Kill a Mockingbird” in 1960. Now, there will be another, “Go Set a Watchman,” which she finished in the 1950s and never published. The lost book, rediscovered last fall, will be released by publisher Harper July 14. It’s a sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird”…

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No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State Hardcover by Glenn Greenwald – download pdf



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Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

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“Freedom From Conscience:  Deliverance From Evil”

A fictional account of psychopathy by Michael Cross.

This is him:


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“Mohamedou’s book takes us into the heart of this man the US government tortured, and continues to torture with indefinite detention. We feel, smell, even taste the torture he endures in his voice and within his heart. It is a book everyone should read.”

Guantánamo Diary exposes brutality of US rendition and torture

Memoir serialised by Guardian tells how Mohamedou Ould Slahi endured savage beatings, death threats and sexual humiliation

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One of the best books of this year is entitled Mary’s Mosaic by Peter Janney.  It is not only a courageous book but a personal challenge to Janney because he exposes his own father who was a high level CIA executive as at least of being in the know about the murder by the CIA of an American citizen in America who was a family friend.  I will talk more about the book later, but I want to give you this quotation from the book about patriotism:

“Patriotism–real patriotism–has a most important venue, and it is not always about putting on a uniform to fight some senseless, insane war in order to sustain the meaningless myths about freedom or America’s greatness.  There is a higher loyalty that real patriotism demands and encompasses, and that loyalty is the pursuit of truth, no matter how painful or uncomfortable the journey.”


10:07 am

It is well known that a small dose of sound money theory and American historical mythology ignites the mind, and permanently opens an intellectual door that inevitably swings back hard on the collective backside of the modern American statist. Those awakened souls tend to ask too many questions, laugh at the wrong times, and be less impressed than they should at intellectual pomposity.

“It could be that when power is radically scattered and diffuse, and when bureaucracies of business and government decay down to their most lean, responsive, and cost effective, that the result is prosperity and peace. Certainly without massive government connected businesses and banks, state-leveraged media, and the state itself, the great wars and exploitive empires of recent centuries would have been difficult to launch, and impossible to maintain.”

What the Statists are Reading

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Where to get real alternative news

Here’s a list of some of the best alternative news sources which also support liberty and real freedom for the republic. I obviously can’t endorse every single article at every single website listed here, but overall these are sources that will give you the most accurate, reliable and lifesaving information on everything from the coming economic collapse to preventing disease and living off the grid:

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Paul Joseph Watson
Robert Scott Bell
Sayer Ji
Jefferey Jaxon
James Corbett
Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change:
Pete Santilli
Ben Shapiro

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How Books Became a Critical Part of the Fight to Win World War II

When Books Went to War, a history of the American military’s huge World War II program of printing and distributing books to service members.”

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“The book is a powerful discussion of the nature of the development of government. Hoppe examines, in a manner that any clear thinking person can understand, how wise men settlers of disputes, evolved into feudal lordships, then constitutional monarchies and finally into democratic governments. He examines each step of this evolution and why things moved from good to bad to worse.”

From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy: A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay Paperback – 2014


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Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark

The exposure of undercover policeman Mark Kennedy in the eco-activist movement revealed how the state monitors and undermines political activism. This book shows the other grave threat to our political freedoms – undercover activities by corporations.

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark documents how corporations are halting legitimate action and investigation by activists. Using exclusive access to previously confidential sources, Eveline Lubbers shows how companies such as Nestlé, Shell and McDonalds use covert methods to evade accountability. She argues that corporate intelligence gathering has shifted from being reactive to pro-active, with important implications for democracy itself.

About The Author

Eveline Lubbers is a Research Fellow at the University of Bath, and an independent investigator with SpinWatch and privacy advocates buro Jansen & Janssen. She is the contributing editor of Battling Big Business: Countering Greenwash, Front Groups and Other Forms of Corporate Bullying (2002).

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100 LEGAL Websites To Download Literature For Free!


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Coming Out of the Ice: An Unexpected Life Paperback – June, 1984

Victor Herman

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The Open-Source Everything Manifesto

Transparency, Truth, and Trust

Written by Robert David Steele, Foreword by Howard Bloom


What the world lacks right now—especially the United States, where every form of organization from government to banks to labor unions has betrayed the public trust—is integrity. Also lacking is public intelligence in the sense of decision-support: knowing what one needs to know in order to make honest decisions for the good of all, rather than corrupt decisions for the good of the few.

The Open-Source Everything Manifesto is a distillation of author, strategist, analyst, and reformer Robert David Steele life’s work: the transition from top-down secret command and control to a world of bottom-up, consensual, collective decision-making as a means to solve the major crises facing our world today. The book is intended to be a catalyst for citizen dialog and deliberation, and for inspiring the continued evolution of a nation in which all citizens realize our shared aspiration of direct democracy—informed participatory democracy. Open-Source Everything is a cultural and philosophical concept that is essential to creating a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for one hundred percent of humanity. The future of intelligence is not secret, not federal, and not expensive. It is about transparency, truth, and trust among our local to global collective. Only “open” is scalable.

As we strive to recover from the closed world corruption and secrecy that has enabled massive fraud within governments, banks, corporations, and even non-profits and universities, this timely book is a manifesto for liberation—not just open technology, but open everything.

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Neil Sanders The Author

Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own

NeilMind Control is a documented fact. The control of the actions and emotions of an unsuspecting victim has been a reality since at least the 1950’s.Drawing on declassified documents, interviews with the doctors’ involved, scientific papers and mainstream media reports, Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own shows the origins, objectives and architects of mind control.

Neil Sanders holds an MA in Film Studies, studied Psychology and Media Production for his BA Honours and is a qualified hypnotherapist. Neil is considered an expert on the subject of mind control and has been studying the history of this dark art and its application by military and government intelligence agencies across the globe for many years. Neil has appeared on several television shows and made numerous radio appearances in Europe and the USA and is the author of Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Volumes one and two.

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LRC Best Selling Books – October 2014

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Most Dangerous Superstition Paperback – January 1, 2011



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LRC Best Selling Books – September 2014

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Marching Orders for the End Battle: Getting Ready for Christ’s Return



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Birthing the Miraculous: The Power of Personal Encounters with God to Change Your Life and the World

by Heidi Baker

God has promised us miracles. Are you willing to do what it takes to see them through?

Available here:



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Seeing the Voice of God Video Book Trailer (Dreams & Visions)



10:51 am


In most cases if the word God is mentioned, one’s mind automatically shifts its focus directly toward religion. Why is that? The reason is, that our understanding is completely fixed on the belief that any revelation concerning God has been delivered to us through the medium of religion. The form of religion, particular system, or faith is not yet at issue here, only the fact that, the concept of God, when we are confronted with it is immediately processed through our psyche via the filter of religion. — excerpt, “God Is Not Religious”

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

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9:06 am


Excerpt from the book: “The Heavenly messenger showed me all of California, Las Vegas, New York and Florida, and said,
This is Sodom and Gomorrah!
All of this – in one day IT WILL BURN!… ”
For 25 years, Dumitru Duduman was a faithful pastor and Bible smuggler in his native land – Romania.
In 1984, after years of persecution and torture, Dumitru and his family were exiled to the West.
This is the true-story of the man and message God has given him…

(I heard Dumitru Duduman speak many years ago.  His grandson was his translator and now runs “Hand of Help” ministries.  I’ve heard him speak, too.)



7:50 am

“I truly believe that if we have no path but the right path, the best path, then that would present a kind of ultimate and all-encompassing relief,” Wise Man Eamon Bailey, standing in for the role of Internet missionary, tells Mae. “We can cure any disease, end hunger, everything, because we won’t be dragged down by all our weaknesses, our petty secrets, our hoarding of information and knowledge.”

“Among American adults on Facebook, forty-four per cent update their status at least weekly, fifty-three per cent comment on a friend’s status, and forty-eight per cent comment on a photo. Sites that tell users they’ve only filled out a limited percentage of their personal pages—Where did you go to high school? Are you in a relationship?—encourage more disclosure, no matter how seemingly mundane.”


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“Secrets of the Most Holy Place”

a Prophetic Parable of Life within the Veil

by Don Nori

“Here is a prophetic parable you will read again and again. The winds of God are blowing, drawing you to His Life within the Veil of the Most Holy Place. There you begin to see as you experience a depth of relationship your heart has yearned for. This book is a living, dynamic experience with God!”



8:02 pm

“No Place to Hide”

The story of Edward Snowden written by his journalist contact, Glenn Greenwald.

CapitaLetters Review of ‘No Place to Hide’

“Whatever else anyone thinks about Edward Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald, as well, they have forced the public to ask itself what kind of world it wants to live in, how important privacy is, what kind of First and Fourth amendments they wish to endorse and enforce, and the level of surveillance they would countenance (without reasonable checks and balances) to monitor it.”



9:46 am

“The United States pretends to be a home of freedom and democracy. In fact, the US is rapidly degenerating into a police state and a worse dystopia than George Orwell imagined in his book, 1984.”

“We’re hurtling down a one-way road toward the Police State at mind-boggling speeds, the terrain is getting more treacherous by the minute, and we’ve passed all the exit ramps. From this point forward, there is no turning back, and the signpost ahead reads “Danger.” – John Whitehead

– See more at:

A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State



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Seven books every sovereign man should read




2:38 pm


The Scribe Angels
(A profound Word from God)

To Him who sits upon the throne, we give Praise, Honor and Glory forever and ever, that He would desire to reveal His home in the Heavens to the men of the Earth.  Rejoice, O Earth, Rejoice!  For Heaven is about to kiss you and when it does, the Fire of His Passion will consume every living being.  He will forever leave His mark on the hearts of millions and they shall come to know Him as their Savior.  Be thankful citizens of Earth that you are living in this day and hour, when the Glory of the Lord will cover the whole Earth.  How magnificent in His ways, how mighty in His acts is the hand of Him who sits upon the throne.  In eternity they shall sing about these days – the great and powerful days before the end comes.  All things will be shaken and all things will be restored to and through God’s faithful believers!

Prepare, O enemies of the Most High, to be made His footstool!  None will escape His Glory and there will be no place to hide from His Light!  He who has chosen this handmaiden to reveal the hidden things, the precious things, and the treasures stored up in His Heaven for those who love Him and love the coming of Him!  We, His faithful Scribes, created by Him in the beginning to serve in His celestial realm and to record the words of those we are sent for; and to deliver and release His messages to those whom He trusts – are grateful to be a part of His divine plan in revealing Heaven.

Prepare you faithful ones, whom have stood under much warfare and devastation of the enemy.  Prepare to receive great reward, now, in this lifetime and in the glorious life to come.  You are about to see the power of your God released, and you will truly know that He is in control.  Behold, His fire comes to blaze across this world and into the hearts of men, to push back the great darkness and claim His creation back to Himself.

Prepare men and women of God, those who watch over the souls of their congregations – to yield to the Holy Spirit of God when asked to lay down your plans, man’s plans, and allow Him to take control during this hour.  For those who yield, there shall be great increase of anointing in your ministry.  For those who refuse to yield, your place shall be given to another and some will even sleep early!  Prepare your hearts, for He must first visit His leaders and then His church body.  Will you all be able to stand and carry this Glory, or will you be exposed by its coming?

The bowls before the altar are tipping and the veil of flesh has been torn; nothing or no one can stop what is about to happen!   Manifestations of His power through signs, wonders and the miraculous will happen everywhere – no buildings will be able to contain them.

He will no longer be put in a box, nor will He wear any man’s tag, but He will unite His true Body of believers and the World will know them by their love for each other!  Prepare to hear a new sound – the sound of Heaven!

This is a glimpse into Eternity!   Prepare to read.   Prepare to be forever changed.  Prepare people of Earth, for in the year 2007, God is REVEALING HEAVEN!


(Dictated to Kat Kerr in 2006)



Emancipation of Robert Sadler, The: The Powerful True Story of a Twentieth-Century Plantation Slave Paperback – January 1, 2012

Over fifty years after the Emancipation Proclamation, Robert Sadler was sold into slavery at the age of five–by his own father. This is the no-holds-barred tale of those dark days, his quest for freedom, and the determination to serve others born out of his experience. It is a story of good triumphing over evil, of God’s grace, and of an extraordinary life of ministry. An updated edition of a classic title.



10:45 am

“A New Breed:  Satellite Terrorism in America”

by Dr. John Hall

Product Details



6:20 am

“The Age of Manipulation:  The Con in Confidence, the Sin in Sincere”

Product Details

Wilson Bryan Key, PH.D.  (Chayla has talked to this guy a lot.)



8:36 am

The most prophetic album I ever heard.



10:56 am

Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed Paperback

Volume 2 details the CIA’s practices of interrogation and cybernetic mind control in their pursuit to weaponize neuropsychology. It covers the art of bio-communication war. Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered. Mind control and brainwashing have been perfected in the last 60 years. Hacking computers and hacking into individual minds are similar. The 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men.


8:26 am

I’ve read this book four times.  It is a great argument against “prepping” and I was a prepper before they invented the term.

“Sally Trench’s task was to get children out of the war-torn country and adopted by British and American families, or failing that, to get food, medicine and other supplies into the worst affected areas. This autobiographical account tells the moving story of civil war in Bosnia, written through the eyes of a fictional child.”


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