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Gov. Snyder lied: Flint water switch was not about saving money, records suggest

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“One chief cause of the amount of unbelief in the world is that those who have seen something of the glory of Christ set themselves to theorize concerning him rather than to obey him.” — George MacDonald

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Tavistock & Media Deception ( Surfing the Apocalypse) – World Beyond Belief 199

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On the Process of Awakening

What interests me is how the epidemic of pain and alienation that characterizes our society is the direct result of how our economy and social order is structured. Incoherence, self-destruction, pain and alienation are the only possible outputs of the system we inhabit.

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Clinton Foundation “Largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted” Cumulative May Exceed $100 BILLION


How To Receive My Anointing For Your Life Everyday

“Don’t allow fear and scrutiny to get in the way.  Just write what I am saying to you.”
“When you’re done typing, go back and read what you wrote, and use the rules of discernment you’ve learned on this channel.

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I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

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I shaved my legs and clipped my fingernails.  I probably won’t be allowed to handle blades of any kind.  Or metal flatware or ceramic coffee mugs.  I’m trying to be happy about going, and sometimes I actually am.  It’s not like God has forgotten all the prep work he did on my story.  It’s not like He’s gonna not use it; it’s not like His words to me are any less predictive programming.  “Lord, I pray for Your Words to come to pass concerning me.  Please may I see a million people converted to You?”
This is entirely about my faith and nobody seems to think I have a right to believe as I do.  I don’t get it.  How can my sons be so obtuse?  I had an obtuse spirit; that surprised me because I’ve called George obtuse.  That SHOULDN’T HAVE SURPRISED ME, because I’ve called others of God’s children obtuse.  I CANNOT CURSE PEOPLE.  I do not wish to open a doorway for demons to come back into me.
There’s a kind of horror that keeps grabbing at me, when I think of going so far for so long.  I bound it this morning and I think pretty soon it’ll quit trying to make me panic about going to Colorado.  I WANT TO BE only WHERE GOD WANTS ME TO BE.  If that be Colorado, then OK.  It doesn’t feel that way yet.

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I picked 5 four-leaf clovers.

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It’s not like God is going to stop transforming me if I’m not right here.

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END TIMES Come Lord Jesus Prophetic Conference w/ Neville Johnson and Bruce Allen
SEPT 2016 DAY 1
“If you don’t have any persecution at all, you must be going the same direction as the father of darkness.”  (Bruce Allen)
“Brother, don’t you read your Bible?  Jesus came not to bring peace but a sword!  LOVE TELLS THE TRUTH;  it doesn’t coddle an error or a lie.”
I really think those skinny-leg  pants look foolish on a guy. Especially with a jacket.  
The worst part of loneliness is not having somebody to tell your best secrets.  You can’t tell just anybody about your best stuff because the responsibility of hearing it is way too big for most people.  It is VERY FRUSTRATING for a disciple of Jesus to be unable to impart an understanding of the supernatural peace and provision He brings.  I wanted to share myself once, with an atheist but there wasn’t any way possible.  He COULD NOT bring himself to believe even enough to listen to words.  Total brick-wall to spiritual things, and that was all my very best stuff.  It’s always that way though.  People seem to like your stuff until your stuff messes with their chosen beliefs and bigotry.  I always gave Isaac my best stuff, and Josh too, until he lost respect for me when we were targeted.  
A Bible teacher told of moving from a satisfactory mission location to a different continent and before he left, God asked whether he were willing to ‘give his best’ for the new field and for the people.  Of course he said yes, and it wasn’t until some years later when the coldness of his heart and the separation he felt from Jesus demonstrated that he had truly given ‘his best’.  He had assumed Jesus wanted his best efforts, best teaching, all of that.  But, He wanted his VERY BEST.  This man’s VERY BEST THING was the time he spent alone with Jesus and it’s the same for me.  Whenever will we be changed into His likeness and live in His presence forever? It is terrible to wait more.  
Here’s another big requirement for happiness:  NO OPINIONS.  Dead people don’t have any opinions and if I don’t have any opinions then I’m more likely to do things according to JESUS’ opinion.  You can’t tick me off if I’m not expecting anything in particular.  Happy is a whole lot easier if you don’t get ticked off.  The nurses at the psych ward talked to me about not getting ticked off.  They thought I was unusual because I did not.  Now that I’m happy, I can only imagine it will become more natural for me, to not get ticked, off.

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I picked 3 four-leaf clovers.

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I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

I prayed with Neville Johnson who was preaching in Sydney and talked about the coming harvest.  He’s really excited about what’s to come.  I asked for a crown of wisdom.


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I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

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JESUS SAYS… Have unconditional Trust in Me!

“From My point of view, I can tell you, you are all cowards.  So get over it and be real with one another.”
“It is when you don’t rely on MY WISDOM that you fail.”
“I can see what your senses, your wisdom, are raging at you; let’s not leave out the enemy, he is doing his thing.  You are in a battle Clare, and your only hope is to totally abandon yourself to me, in complete trust.”
“You are reasoning this again in your pride and intellect.  They are a very strong force Clare, and very much opposed to the simplicity of a little child who trusts her daddy unequivocally.”
“I have offered you my peace, so put aside all your reasonings, and cleave to me with all your heart.  Abandon the purse of your own opinion.”
Alarming at the Highest Level! People Are Being Herded Into DeRadicalization Centers in Europe! (Sobering Video) X22Report!
“Imagine what will happen if this system does collapse, which is what many in the ‘truth-movement’ are calling for.”
“We have got to put away the things of this world and the patterns of this world and turn to God and rely on Him, and His Word, and His Truth which is found in the Bible.  And rely on the sound foundation which is JESUS.”
II Timothy 4:4
“They will turn away their ears from hearing truth,  and shall be turned unto fables.”
“The power, majesty and eternal presence of the almighty God is a wonder beyond words and which should be sought with all determination more than everything else put together. It is reasonable to expect that you will finally get there. If one does not quit then one cannot fail.”
(Les Visible)

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I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

I’m trying to organize myself to leave but I can’t really focus and I feel like something is dying inside of me.  The rejection and condemnation is more than I can bear and I think it might be the end of me.


 I hope so.  I hope my PRIDE IS COMPLETELY DYING and that I LOVE MY SONS ENOUGH to walk to the gallows if need be, in order to secure their DESTINY AND ETERNAL DESTINATION.


“Jesus.  Please fix me more.  Amen.”

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I meant to stop posting.

I really did try, but I’m being taken to the funny farm tomorrow and writing is the only thing keeping me from dissociating entirely.  I’m praying a lot.  I can’t believe people think it is OK TO FORCE YOUR WILL ON OTHER PEOPLE.

I have to give it all up

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“I don’t want to go.  I don’t want to be hated anymore.  I don’t want to be forced to listen to worldly philosophies.  I don’t want to go to Colorado.  I want to be with CHRISTIANS WHO PRAY AND DON’T LIE ABOUT OTHERS or MANIPULATE THEM.”
“I don’t want any of this, Lord.  I don’t want to look at Isaac’s wild eyes anymore.  I don’t want to walk by the couches where my sons spend their days playing games and watching me.  I don’t want them criticizing me for the small things that bring me joy, like picking clovers.  I don’t like that they believe I do not deserve any joy.  I do not like being continually condemned by them and I do not like that they choose lies,
and I really do not like what my FATHER DID TO MY FAMILY.  I do not like that nobody is interested in my kindly-intentioned letters to him, early-in-my ostracism, before-I-knew-of-it, or the fact that he would not provide me shelter, when I tried to fix this family, back when I was selling marijuana day and night  for George, and also I was being tortured, and Josh was abandoned and Isaac became a drug-user.  I REALLY DISLIKE THAT THEY THINK GRANDPA CARES FOR THEM.” 
“I have to LOSE MY LIFE to ever get it back.  But, to look at it like that is clinging in itself!  I WANT JOY AND HAPPINESS AND LOVE FROM OTHER HUMANS.  I want a friend who knows my TRUTH and wishes me well.  I want SOMEBODY who does not condemn the things I value most, and does not condemn me.  Jesus went to the cross alone and I’ve been alone for so many years.” –
“Lord, please give me grace to submit to my sons and not to judge Isaac for manipulating us.  Have Your way with me and with them. I gave them to You when they were babies and I sang ‘Victory in Jesus’ over their cribs.  I give them to You again.  Do not allow me to maintain any false responsibility for them and do not allow me to retain any condemning vibes from them.  Forgive them for falsely judging me.  Forgive them for rejecting you, and forgive George for not caring that they have done so.”
“What does George think?  Does he think that faith in You doesn’t matter anymore?  Does he think they can avoid eternal suffering without you?  WAKE HIM UP!  What kind of father has he become?  How can he be one who does not care about his sons’ immortal souls and instead SHOPS for JUNK  and DOES EXERCISES ALL THE TIME?  He used to LOVE YOU, I thought.  Now he doesn’t love anybody, because he chose to believe I WAS A LIAR.  THEN HE BELIEVED I WAS CRAZY.”
“Now, he believes he deserves my life, my house, my sons and my original family.  He believes I do not deserve even a safe corner to catch my breath from Isaac chasing me.  He knows I’m going away with a temporary crown on my tooth and an outstanding notice from the court regarding a fifteen year-old debt of only TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.  How did I become entirely unworthy of human care or assistance?”
“I have SO MUCH RESENTMENT!  I am so lonely, and I am tired of trying to do right in the face of utter rejection.  Please, take it from me.  Bring me LOWER AND SLOWER so I do not see the things that offend my flesh.  Allow me to see these men as your unruly children.  May I see them through YOUR EYES and love them as You do.  May I be cut off from my personal feelings for and about them?  I wish to see them as you do, and I wish to see myself that way.  Forgive me first though, please?  I’m SO SORRY I LET THESE SLIGHTS BOTHER ME.”
” George told you he’d give me up when you asked, that same time he told You he’d give You his life. Although he did not do those things, he is not my husband and has no obligation to help me.  I just thought he would.  Don’t let me think.  Don’t let me feel.  I am dead to this life and risen in new life with You.  Allow me to act that way.  Please, send us MUCH MORE TRUTH.  Amen.”
“Ah dear.  All in the life of a gang stalking target.  Even treating other people normally can be used as a weapon against you.”

Persecution ? Are You Persecuted For Christ In Your Life?

“The reason why there is not much persecution here isn’t due to the fact that you can believe whatever you want.  The reason is because people are not choosing to live righteously.  See, it doesn’t matter where you live, the devil can still persecute you, and he has people who are sided with him.”
“You will suffer persecution if you preach righteousness and live righteously for Jesus.”
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
And labour, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it:
“If you are not being persecuted for your Christian faith, as a Christian who is living righteously,  then yours may not be the Kingdom of Heaven, you may not be a child of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Narcissistic Elders Become Defiant and Stubborn When They’ve Been Proven Wrong

Narcissists’ Ultimate Fail: Codependency
“Have you ever considered that narcissists are nothing without ‘supply’?  I mean,  without our positive energy they withdraw and disintegrate.”
“This video is about removing myself from the narcissist’s supply chain, which leads to the ultimate narcissist’s fail.”
“Narcissists will fail and they know it.  For instance, a narcissist will do whatever is necessary to avoid being exposed for who they are, and the consequences of what they do.  When exposed, the narcissists become angry, or hostile, if their gaslight or manipulations are challenged.”
“All it takes is a person to awaken, to question, to be bold, to live a different, and positive life.
Overcoming Fear
from Manipulations and Abuse
“Fear limits victims’ ability to understand what’s happening, in order to break free from manipulation and abuse.”
“Abuse trauma creates a complete loss of self-identity.”
THE APOLOGY: Narcissistic Projection vs Self-knowledge
“Whenever someone starts a conversation off …TELLING YOU who you ARE…WOW.  Major problem.  This is EXTREMELY TOXIC BEHAVIOR.”
(That applies to EVERY MAN IN MY LIFE and a couple women too.)
“I have done this […] and I felt sick to my stomach.”
CERN & A Short Course In Demon Management World Beyond Belief
You WON’T BELIEVE Illuminati Plan for 2016 (R$E)
Idealize and discard.
Psychopathic and black magic and witchcraft.
Nanny state/Police state.
Same tactics for individuals and society at large.
“Emotional abuse can be simplified onto a very personal and local level.  And it is exactly the same traits, that if this happens in a child’s life, then the chances are when they grow up, that child is going to defend those boundaries that were JUST TRASHED as they were DEHUMANIZED and THREATENED and INTRUDED ON.”
“So then, another form of emotional abuse; again, with this UNDERMINING and CREATING INSECURITY, depersonifying, dehumanising…
It’s a term called INFANTILIZATION.”
“And you can see here how it’s talking about there’s an overlap between the terms ‘infantilization’ and ‘patronization’.”

BOMBSHELL: Haitian Senate President EXPOSES #ClintonFoundation at #Trump event: “Hillary tried to bribe me!” He saved all documented proof


Former Haitian President of Senate is speaking out to tell the truth about Clinton Foundation at a Trump event! The former president said that Clinton was trying to buy him. She tried to appeal to him (bribe him).

She defrauded the people of Haiti. He spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti. A week later the embassy called him and told him that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him. He came and told him to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make him the richest man in Haiti. He told him he is a principled man and he will not sell out. He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010. He is explaining it very detailed.


“Unless you have seen the other realm, then it won’t make any sense to you.”

Divorced for four years and he won’t leave the land my GREAT-GRANDPA settled in the eighteen-hundreds!  They say I’m the one with a problem.
I did a resume and applied for jobs after the campaigns.  I didn’t start losing confidence until I WAS UNDER SURVEILLANCE AND MY DAD STARTED TELLING PEOPLE I WAS CRAZY.  It is a chicken-egg thing and that’s gonna be demonstrated.  I feel like I was born-again, again.  It felt like this when I got the baptism in the Holy Ghost but it was way more hyper.  I still had SO MANY DEMONS.  They’re getting pretty sparse now and I’m grateful.  BUT, my attitudes are paramount.  I REFUSE TO OPEN DOORWAYS FOR NEGATIVE ENERGY-ENTITIES by maintaining unforgiveness for anybody.  I’ve been working on myself for so long!  I remember the first time I drove to Manistique by myself after the torture abated.  I have a GREAT BIG PILE of REALLY INCREDIBLE RECORDS AND EVIDENCE.
They can only tell you you’re shit so many times before it begins to cling.
That’s what I’ve observed.
I am happy, not manic.  I rise early and I retire early and I am utterly dependable and boring.
Maybe I’m disappointing them.
I did something important, I already did it.
I’m breathing.
I get to drive cross-country with my two not-boring sons and I get to face my SECOND WORSE FEAR which has always been…horseback riding.  Long story.

5:26 pm
“Keeping the main thing the main thing.”
I spoke too big, I bit off too much and I can’t bear the suspense. My eyes were bigger than my stomach.  I need some help from JESUS or I’m not going to maintain.
I can’t bear the condemnation by myself, but I know that he has begun a good work in me and as soon as He completes it, or even some aspects thereof, nobody’s going to call me diseased any longer.
They will come to me with QUESTIONS when they realize how badly we Earthlings have been duped.
Unless we permit the shaking-up of all our precious things we aren’t going to get to see GOD.
We have to let go of what we’re holding in order for God to give us something better.
That means me, too.
(We always preach to ourselves first.)
I’m taking my hands off the strap.
“Lord give me balance to stay upright as the train bumps around.  Make me like you so I can see You every day for all eternity.”
“I don’t want to DEFEND MYSELF or even AVENGE MYSELF.  I want YOU to live more fully in me.  Please help me to feel that degree of consecration, always.  Amen.”
“Give me ABSOLUTE FORGIVENESS for my sons and George and my dad.”

90-year-old Florida man arrested for second time in a week after feeding the homeless again

When 90-year-old Florida resident Arnold Abbott said following his arrest on Sunday that police couldn’t stop him from feeding the homeless, he apparently meant it.

Abbott was charged again on Wednesday night for violating a new city law in Ft. Lauderdale that essentially prevents people from feeding the homeless.

“I expected it” he said in a Sun Sentinel report. “At least this time they let us feed people first.”

I knew that eventually I’d have to fly solo.
I hope God will fill me with enough of His Spirit to see me through until we meet again.
I wonder if this is a new test and if I am supposed to take dictation without a computer.
I guess I’ll find out at the funny farm.
If I hand-write full essays without any corrections I’ll probably have to scan them and put them online when I’m free again.
I guess that would be still free.
I follow the peace, I escape bad vibes, and I attest this to be the way of happiness.
Once a person has hope.
You need hope first.
God gave me hope in late 2008 I think.
I’d have to look it up.
“Lord, please forgive George and my sons for not allowing me to be well.  They don’t know what they’re doing, because they do not believe.”
“Embed it in my soul!  Make it a part of me!  Make me be a fully-melded carrier of your WORD!  Let me never say a thing that is not desired by You and let me not give into self-pity EVER.  MAKE MY FACE LIKE FLINT!  Do not allow me to gaze to the left or to the right but only to follow YOUR FOOTSTEPS and looking always to your BEAUTIFUL FACE.”
” Lift me above indignation into the peace of your WILL FOR ME.  ALLOW me to see how you used EVERY ATTACK OF THE ENEMY to re-create your face on me.  Thank you, Wonderful Jesus.  Let me see my life from YOUR VANTAGE ALONE. Let me never bear a grudge, and let me always be thankful and ALWAYS BELIEVE YOU.  Do not allow deception to take root in me.  Thank you. Amen.”

DNC Committee Acknowledges that They Created ISIS in New Guccifer2.0 Reveal

“Lord my heart hurts with this newest rejection.  Please make it bigger.  Amen.”
“TAKE ME UP!  TAKE ME ABOVE BELIEF TO WHERE BELIEF ISN’T NECESSARY!  Take me to the place in YOUR SPIRIT where there is nothing but YOU and my life is lived totally according to your plan for my incredible destiny!  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you that my heart is swelling up so big!”
“The Bible says my “children are for signs and wonders”!  Dear Lord, I believe your WORD IS TRUTH!  I believe my sons are become SIGNS AND WONDERS OF YOUR LOVE AND GLORY AND TRUTH!  I declare that I believe WHAT YOU SAID when you said that I would be a sign and a wonder!”
“And I thank you JESUS!  I thank you for every little bit of slander I’ve weathered and suffer.  THANK YOU FOR ALL THOSE BETRAYALS!  I offer them to you for your use and may it somehow ease what you feel as you love those who will shortly perish.  ONE MORE MINUTE of CONDEMNATION means more of your beloved EARTH PEOPLE into Heaven and out of the clutches of the archons and the father of lies.  Give me GRACE LORD to carry my cross so you will have the bride you died for.  A bride without blemish and without spot and with doves’ eyes, eyes of single-focus-love, love for only you!”
“THANK YOU JESUS for enabling me to stand for so long without other believers!  Thank you for providing a mental babysitter for me and thank you for walking me back out of induced psychosis!  Thank you that Josh and Isaac belong to you and no matter how hard they squirm you will NEVER STOP CHASING THEM because you love them that much and you love me that much too.”
I saw an accident on the top of Watson Hill.  In a vision I mean.
“I’ve tried peace, Jesus, again and again.  YOUR enemies won’t stop pushing me.  Please stand up for me and my sons.  Give them truth about what happened to us and neutralize their offense at me.  Please show them how I’ve been fighting for them this whole time.  Show them how I had to divorce their dad to do what I’ve done.  Give them respect for you, Lord, and could they love me?”
“Lord, I can’t wait to get away from this pressure my sons and George have kept against me this entire year.  Forgive them for pushing me back down over and over.  Thank you that they did.  Show them your glory in my life.”
Isaac’s drinking Jaegermeister.  A lot.  He doesn’t like my life.
Poker House By Tiny House Nation
“Thank you JESUS that every single bit of every single attack against my destiny HAS BEEN USED TO CATAPULT ME INTO IT.”

NOTHING that has been sent against you has been wasted. I am using it ALL to form you and shape you and am now leading you into the greatest crossover you have ever experienced. You are moving from the wilderness into a whole new land of promotion. I am changing the guards in the Body of Christ right now, and I am about to strategically place you, My prophets of purity, in new positions that will see a pure flow of My Spirit in intercession and the prophetic arise.”

“I am about to lead you, My purity prophets, into a realm of KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING My heart and My ways in a way you have never experienced before. I am about to lead you deeper into a season of Amos 3:7, ‘For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets.’

“I Am Orchestrating a Divine Return and a ‘Selah’ Moment”

“There is a ‘change of direction’ about to take place swiftly across the Body of Christ. I am going to bring a divine change into the Body of Christ that is going to see the manifestation of what I have been orchestrating: ‘THE DIVINE RETURN.’ The return to Me as the first love. The return to Me being your greatest love, your greatest affection and your greatest delight.
“This divine pause of acceleration of momentum is NOT a negative, it is the most GLORIOUS POSITIVE. It will bring to the surface things in hearts and souls that have been hindering, things that have caused any entanglements, any roots of striving or competition, any lies, oppressions or chains will bubble to the surface; as they do, the most glorious move of My Spirit will take place in hearts and lives to bring LIFE CHANGING, SIGNIFICANT FREEDOM.”
“In this divine pause of acceleration momentum, if you, My people, embrace it and do not fight against it, you will receive the greatest gift of all – ME. You will receive MORE of Me. It does not mean your breakthrough is further away, it means that I am taking you deeper than you have ever been so that when I remove the ‘PAUSE’ you will go further, higher and be carried by the winds of My Spirit faster than you have ever been with foundations and roots stronger in Me than ever. I want to show you My glory, My beauty, and love for you like you have NEVER seen it before.”

My sons say in three months I may come back here to live and they’ll be done pushing me around.

Isaac has made promises before.

In January he told me I wouldn’t have to come home from the hospital, he’d find a place I could stay.
Then he went to Costa Rica.
Then he started to help me find a place and THEN he went to Montreal.
I know he’s not LYING THIS TIME.
I actually NEVER HAVE.
CERN Breaking News: LHC Set to Discover Doorway to Other Universes and 5th Dimension! Look Out it’s About to Hit the Fan!
It’s kind of nice that God has allowed the pressure to stay against me all this time.  If He hadn’t, maybe I would have stopped fighting to be heard.  Maybe I would have dropped the ball.  I might have stopped DECLARING THE WARNING.  I would have had BLOOD ON MY HANDS but now I know that if anybody cares about what happened to me and my family, or perhaps what is happening to themselves or somebody they love, they will find enough resources on my website to lead them to some answers.  I did good.  I chose ALWAYS to forgive, even if I was not always able to pull it off.  God looks at the heart and I wish for mine to be perfect before Him.
From October 2011.
(Before I researched GANGSTALKING AND REMOTE-ELECTRONIC TORTURE OF US CITIZENS and still believed my torment was caused by just spirits.)
I demanded (again) that the atheist make a call on my mental health.  So far I haven’t heard back.  Here’s what I wrote:  “I always pictured you and me in a restaurant, maybe 10 years from now.  I’d say, “Soooo…… how’ve you been?”   Now, you’re gonna shoot me or I’m going to turn myself inside out.  If I get much more honest, I won’t have any skin left.”  He’s the only one who could make the call between insanity and the existence of demons, in this particular case.  I told him that evidence demands a verdict.   
I wrote lots more:  “YOU started this.  I was getting better.  I still am, truth be known.  And tougher.  I know what I know and scientists know and (some) Christians know and shamans know and Wiccans know.  YOU’RE MISSING THE BOAT!  (So are the Baptists, but at least they believe in forgiveness.) “
The “pathways to well-being and virtue” are studied by some scientists. Psi.  Out-of-body experiences, ESP, global-consciousness kinds of stuff. Real scientists.  Some other scientists don’t like what they do, but their papers are scholarly and documented.  The Institute of Noetic Science bibliography has 6,000 references of meditation research alone.  A girl from high school dropped by.  She wants me to read some legal papers.  We decided that neither of us feels as though we have any purpose.  We decided to find one.  We met up with another gal, she’s purposeless, too.  She said that’s why God gave men two heads, their brains would rattle around too much in the big one.  
Our government has been banning dust.  There is a law before Congress that would prohibit our government, from banning dust.  The layers of legislative bullshit, one law to outlaw another law, that might affect a law that hasn’t even been written yet..offer me no hope.  This thing cannot be dismantled.  Pull out one card, and the rest of the pile falls down.  We got big government for the duration.  But I expect that to change, when people wise up.  I hope I still believe what I still believe.  Unless I can, it won’t come about.
It’s the end of October, and I’m still feeding that one bluejay.  Months of struggle, and he hasn’t learned that he cannot possibly access the food he wants, without my help.  He’s never been skittish, and he’s plenty used to me now.  The pain in his voice still breaks my heart.  I haven’t seen him around for a while.  He showed up again and I’ll help him.  He thinks I play games.
I’ve been trying to listen to a tape Growmaster made.  He wrote on the case, “Shit my dad did.”  It’s taken me weeks to get through the shit his dad did.  They lived really far in the woods, and when Dad left for the day, they were completely isolated.  I had a hard time with the story of how their father held them by their ankles outside a second-floor window.  (This was not a fit of passion.  He held each of them, in turn.)  When a gunshot went through the bed, I turned off the tape-recorder. The bullet passed through a wall and a dresser on the other side.  (Growmaster’s sisters were in that room.)   He remembers going to school for a couple years, here and there.  Growmaster still takes his baby to visit the old man.  It’s 100 miles, one-way.  I get to see that baby too, tomorrow.
My dad apologized last night.  He said he was sorry he’d been a “bad dad” and that you don’t get to have your babies over again.  I told him that I’d like to be his friend.  He said I was “scary”.  Whatever.  He’s said that before.  One time I asked him, “Why can’t you just let me love you like I want to?”  He said, “It’s scary”.   It was scary for me every time he woke me from the bedroom door, pitching a shoe at my head, so I guess we’re even.  
He made three trips bearing leftovers from a Halloween party.  He brought huge tubs of ice cream and 1/2 gallon of hot fudge.  I was so amazed at his second trip, that I cracked a joke looking around for hot dogs in his car.  He went back and got some. (Maybe he even stopped to buy some, they didn’t look like a commercial package.)  My dad does things like that.
He’s always the first one at an accident, and he saves people’s lives.  He’s the most generous person I know, other than George and Isaac I guess.  He loved his mother very much and every year gave her roses, on his birthday.  The best presents ever, he takes people places all the time.  He researches cool things. (If he and Isaac ever got to spend much time together, they could teach each other a thing or two.) 
Isaac reports amazing smart things that Wonderful tells him.  It surprises him how many principles of business stewardship I already understand.  Wonderful knows I do.  I listened to my dad, even though he wasn’t talking to me.
My dad was not a bad dad.  My dad was a lonely dad, and it made me lonely too.  I always wished he would yell. He wouldn’t slam a door, he closed  them with static precision that stole my air.  He’d walk very softly, still does, as though he must defend each footstep.  I’ve seen him bite the nipple from an exquisite European truffle and throw the rest out the window.  To prove he was in control.  (Sometimes chocolate calls him.  He told me that.)  It’s a hard way to live.
We were watching family videos the other day.  I wanted my babies to be perfect.  I had waited a long time and was jaw-set to do things right. (I cried in a Big Boy parking lot because my mother commented on how much food we got on the floor.)  This video though, was gorgeous boy-baby, lying on his back and refusing to perform.   My hands were in his face the whole time.  I was tapping his cheeks and demanding:  Smile!  Smile!   I was just like my dad. 
 George says, that if I got my journals back, he could remember enough detail to write his own version. “Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall a matter be established.”
Sick, I was as sick last night as I’ve ever been in my life and it was frightening.  I was instantly drenched, the deluge left hot-flashes in the dust.  Mud.  I was losing consciousness, other times I’ve always been conscious, and I never, ever felt what my heart and breathing did.  I was ripping off clothes and calling George to come pray for me.  Then I couldn’t talk.  My limbs started jerking at one point, oh it was so scary.  As George prayed for me there were some guttural vocalizations, my breathing calmed down and eventually the palpitations and sweating stopped.  He put “Calamity Jane” on TV as I recovered, and started working at a nearby computer.
I asked him, “You know I’ve been really struggling since the haunting left.  I haven’t interacted much with the spirit realm, and I’ve questioned my definitions.  But this time, I really was attacked, wasn’t I?”  His answer shook me up.  He said, “I didn’t want to tell you this, but all day long your neck and face looked like you weighed twenty pounds more than you do.”  By that time I could sit up and he looked at me.  “You look completely normal now.” He still believes in demons too. 
Back to 2016
“All your children will be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace.”
George and my sons are ‘concerned’ that I ‘deal’ with being RAPED AS A CHILD.
They’d be amazed how much good APOLOGIES DO.  AND REPENTANCE.
It’s funny how the VICTIM is the one who gets punished.
Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.
8:23 am
I decided to hang up the computer yesterday.  I barely lasted 9 hours.

Where did I leave off? Chapter 1

7:42 am
Oh, yeah.  Destitute and despondent.  So I ran for Congress and got myself targeted.  I lost every relationship, my bar license, all my worldly goods, I am homeless now, and have even been involuntarily detained in a psych ward and poisoned,  by my sons, with my dad egging them on.  I need to write a new book.  Also, I just shuttered my old website.  It’s a great relief.  I’m not going to email anymore either.
If opportunity shows up with my name on it I WILL KNOW that God sent it.  (Right after I pray a lot to make sure.)  I became VERY PARANOID and extremely diligent in my head.  I’m tired, but I’m growing stronger.  What I believed to be demons in “Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself” were ACTUALLY THE EFFECTS OF ELECTRONIC WEAPONS.  (And ALSO demons.)
Man, do I have a story this time.
(Jesus is Lord.)

Why did the man take away the girl’s house?

So she wouldn’t have one.

This is very basic and it is a question my sons do not ask as they REPEATEDLY KICK ME OUT OF MY CHILDHOOD HOME THAT I GAVE TO THEM IN OBEDIENCE TO MY DAD.

I’m packing.  AGAIN.  I can’t stay gone.  Something always changes and I have to come back.  This isn’t pleasant when nobody wants to see you.  I haven’t had pleasant in YEARS but I am, for the VERY FIRST TIME, happy.  Happy seems to be like extremely powerful hope, coupled with the inability to get annoyed.  Really great to live here, even if I am sleeping in my car occasionally.  I mean in my dad’s old car.  I don’t own a car anymore.  I own three rings and a bunch of ill-fitting second-hand clothes.  I got really fat on the meds from the psych ward, and due to the fact that I quit smoking almost exactly one year ago.  I’ve been getting better since I visited my friends in West Virginia, and they did some ministry on my RESENTMENT AND ANGER concerning my father.

BUT, when I got home from WV, right before I stopped smoking because he asked, making me consider for the first time, “Is that [smoking cigarettes] who you are?”:   ISAAC CAME HERE FROM HIS HAPPY LIFE IN BOULDER, SO HE COULD NEUTRALIZE ME. He’s been working on it ever since, and each milestone along my year to emotional health has been countered by his cries:  “MOM IS CRAZY!  MOM IS UNHAPPY!  MOM IS DELUSIONAL!  LOCK HER UP IMMEDIATELY!”  He’s yelled at EVERY AGENCY IN THE COUNTY and even signed papers.  Wow.  I didn’t know you could get such an amazing flying monkey!  My dad hasn’t had to lift a finger!  “Jesus, please forgive Isaac and my dad.  Help me write this book as YOU WISH.  Thank you.  Amen.”

It makes me wonder sometimes, how people can know that GOD INVENTED SEX,  and yet not believe that He might know the best ways of doing it?  How could we have missed that?  Oh, yeah.  satan.  And the NSA.  Our government does, actually, knowingly, intentionally put DEMONS INTO PEOPLE.  That’s all that the electronic weapons are really intended to do; all the marionette-rapes-with corresponding plots and accompanying physical effects,  are just window-dressing and a perk of the job for the perverts.  What’s REALLY HAPPENING is that nasty disembodied spirits are finding homes just as fast as CERN is pumping them from hell into our reality.  DEMONS ARE HUNTING FOR REAL ESTATE and we open the doors and show them around.  Ever know people like that?  I don’t know where they come from, but there’s a sub-culture of caucasian Americans who habitually show a guest EVERY SINGLE ROOM IN THEIR HOMES.  I always hope I’m not inadvertently offending one of them, when I do not usher him into my powder room.  Who’s to say what might offend some guys?

I expect the demons want bodies to more fully participate in the war.  Also, a body’s other inhabitant, the former ‘self’ becomes a prisoner of war.  Mind control ensues, and soon the former self is UTTERLY AMAZED by the things he does. “That’s  just not like him at all.”

You can fit a whole bunch of spirits into a single body.  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  ALL OF THEM.

“It is not what you have done for the Lord.  It is who you HAVE BECOME that counts.”  (Neville Johnson)

The disciples I listen to are all glad when God reveals some impurity in their lives and in their hearts.  I am too.  Jesus told me once, “You choose to be perfect before Me.  Only I can make it so.  Don’t strive.”  I do that, I strive.  I strive over EVERYTHING and I try to perform tasks more efficiently each time.  I’ve never felt worthy so I had to work harder than everybody else.  That’s a nice thing about Jesus,  you couldn’t EVER work hard enough to impress Him.  But, also I’m not nearly big enough to disappoint Him.  He’s teaching me patience.  The SLOW way.
Getting Home During A Crisis – Footwear, Water Sources, Wild Edibles, and Security
Dixie from Homemade Wanderlust joins us to discuss what it took to trek over 2,000 miles along the Appalachian Trail. Footwear, Food, Illness, Tools and all of the things that you can do to prepare yourself for a long journey home during an emergency.
I wanna go camping, and I want to hike someplace cool and not too hot.  I want to extend myself and I want to see new things.  I wonder if Josh would think it a move toward housing-independence if I tried sleeping in a tent for a couple nights? I wonder if he and Isaac would come with me?  I tried to take them camping when they were little in the middle of 20 acres I owned from my grandpa.  We didn’t have much provision; no tent, and we were trying to sleep in the Jeep Wagoneer when somebody rolled off a seat and spilled a container of orange juice and we ended up going home in the middle of the night. Good times.  We didn’t try camping again and that’s a pity.
I don’t have an illness.  I have an issue they refuse to talk about.  I MUST GO TO COLORADO, and I must leave day after tomorrow.  I wish God would give me an option before then.  NO WAY OUT.  They’re SO CONCERNED about me that they will not help me do anything I WANT TO DO.  I submitted three months of my life and cogent brain activity beginning with my abduction in January.  George sees nothing wrong with their continual threats.  Isaac is going to hell if he dies anytime soon.  I told him this story:

It’s like when I worked for the paralyzed guy.

He’d yell at me when I did something wrong.

I’d just shake my head.

How can you yell at a person whose ONLY GOAL is to do things exactly your way?

My sons can’t name a symptom I still exhibit.

I was fixed by God in the first week of August.

Also, even before that I’ve agreed to change or I have changed every objectionable behavior they mentioned, right up to the point of not leaving my bedroom and offering not to make coffee in the morning because the smell disturbs young men who don’t go to bed until I’m getting up.

Never enough.

Isaac believes if he does this one to me, the monkey will be off his back.

He also believes I won’t stand up again.

He’s wrong.
A thousand dollars and I could have my own life and be out of their way.
I gave Josh my word I’d go but I thought he’d wise up to Isaac.
They say my life is terrible that I research all the time.
I think their lives are terrible because they play video games and plot against their mother’s freedom.

I’m tempted to email the Colorado woman again.  I figured that Isaac would take her words to heart, when she said, “Live your own life and let your mom live hers.”  If she was good enough to submit your mom to 30 hours a week of psychobabble and additional hours for a 12-step program when i quit in a single step, well then if she said “mind your own business” then I guess you would.  So I thought.  I’m not permitted a Christian alternative.  Not permitted any choice at all and the brake froze up on that beater car again.  I can only submit.  And pray for a miracle.

I don’t want to go.

I’m being punished.

I’m not sure if Josh realizes it but the other two sure do.

I told them I’d stop emailing so I’m not doing it.
I sure wish somebody would step up for me.
I don’t need much, but I need a hand up.
I’m tired of being pushed back down every time I try to stand.
This house won’t have any prayer when I’m gone.
(Except I’ll pray for it and there’s no distance in the spirit realm, nor time.)
Isaac will be more comfortable when there is less Holy Ghost around.
I picked 2 four-leaf clovers.

It’s pride, isn’t it?

I don’t want to go to the funny farm because of pride.

The fact is, diagnosis doesn’t mean a hill of beans if Jesus wants me in a specific job or environment.

My life is His, and He knows where He wants to be in me.

I really have to just submit this.

I have been diagnosed mentally ill.

I have been fighting this moment since my dad set the cops on my in 2009 and we made a bet.

I really do not want to be known that way.

I would prefer to be known as a Truth-seeker-speaker; that is authentic.

Did Dad really win?


He changed my reputation and relationships and lifestyle and sustenance.

Jesus changed me.

And He’s not finished.

Also, my dad is going to cough up 3 and a half million dollars toward rehabilitation and restitution.
I pray to distribute it wisely and according to GOD’S WILL.
I know what my destiny is and so does Isaac and that’s why he insists I become mentally ill.
I’m going to reveal the sell-outs.
All of them in Michigan and some others.
2:32 pm

I just learned more and Jesus gave me peace:


What we’ve done will trickle down until EVERY SINGLE SELL-OUT

within the sound of my fingers will be exposed.

This is going to be great!

I guess I can take a couple months off and visit with some smart women; they’re pretty rare.

For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength…
I want to be exactly where God wants me to be even if going to ‘treatment’ is my own personal rat-in-the-facemask.  Just like school.  Every day of school was the worst day of my life.  
Isaac wins.
(I already did what I was supposed to do.)
(They’re closing the door after the horse split.)
(That’s a really narcissistic practice
What they’re doing to me is what I’ve feared since Dad set the cops on me in 2009.
They know it, too.
That’s only one way I know I’m being punished.
I wonder if George will still be here when I get back; he’s said, even recently, that he was leaving.  
We’ve been divorced for four years next month.
I’ll believe it when I see it.
“Pain, loss, utter confusion, shock…” 
(Consequences of rejecting Jesus)
I’m happy now.
It’s not about me; Isaac is messing up his life in a lot of ways.  
He can’t stand that I never sold out.

The Bohemian Escape By Tiny House Nation

I like being away from Isaac and Josh and George.  I don’t feel ANY CONDEMNATION!

We’re supposed to take George’s car to Colorado but he just pulled into the garage behind me and I thought it was one of the diesels!  It’s loud.

George said that I shouldn’t feel like he hadn’t stuck up for me.  He said, “I did.”  I forgave him then, because if he BELIEVES he did then I can’t ask for any more than that.  If in his heart he MEANT TO stick up for me, then that’s good enough.

Jesus has GOT to deal with me.
I’ve claimed His name for years through MUCH ACCUSATION and I did my best to obey Him.
He has to show up and either accept my offered life or demonstrate I’m a fool.
I just have to be patient.

How We Have Eyes To See & Nonbelievers Do Not





Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.
National Gallery of Canada

WikiLeaks’ Guccifer: Obama Sold Off Public Offices 2 Donors – MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY

“I don’t know why you do it. Perhaps it is because you are bored and want to generate some excitement. That does not make you too different to me does it? The need to excite, the need to cause a reaction. I know why I do it. First and foremost I am entitled to succeed and I must always be seen to be winning. Secondly, the expressions of dismay and indignant protests at my conduct (especially since I am untouchable) cause me to surge with power as they fuel me. Now, you must excuse me; I have some money markets to rig and they close in an hour.”

This Is How the Resistance Will Be Won!

“We are so entrained to see might as right, but you can right here in this photo truth is revealed. Power based on violence is a facade, it is a mask covering fear.”
“Interplay between opposing forces.”
(I saw a huge stone door today.  I was pushing against it and bodies were being pushed backwards along with it.  I declared “Open up ye doors, and be ye listed up ye almighty gates.  LET IN THE KING OF GLORY.  Who is this King of Glory?  The Lord MIGHTY IN BATTLE.”)
(Then I prayed for the biggest angels to throw in with me.)
“The self-delusions are blown apart by her conviction.”
Isn’t this beautiful?

BREAKING: Julian Assange Offers To Surrender In Exchange For The Freedom Of Chelsea Manning.



9:34 am

Jesus Speaks on THE GOD DIMENSION & Video Games

9:33 am



9:29 am

I just tasted licorice.  I smell nice things a lot, things that others don’t catch a whiff of.  I think I’m handing over the computer.  I haven’t asked if that act of submission would grant me assured lodging until January 1, but I think if I truly trust Jesus I’ve got to do it.  I’d like to figure out some way where I could still visit just a couple sites a day, to see what Jesus has been telling others, but I can’t actually figure that out.  I’d still see news stories and I don’t think I should do that anymore.  I don’t think I should antagonize my sons anymore either.  I want them to heal and feel love, I want that more than anything.  You don’t have real LOVE without TRUTH though.  They’re the same guy.
“Dear Lord.  This is a very great test for me because my brain is very busy.  I’m trusting you to supply all kinds of fresh manna for me to think about.  I’m expecting to hear YOUR VOICE all the time, OK?  I’m expecting to see your face, as I devote myself more fully to your purposes and your joy. “
“Show me how; this is an undiscovered country.  Please bless and protect my readers and my witnesses, as I go dark.  They could call me up, if you moved somebody to ever call me up.  Please, don’t let me feel disconnected or lonely.  You are all I need.  I know that.  I expect to be inebriated in your love.  Amen.”

9:12 am

Psywar – Full Documentary

8:58 am

I am chastised already.


“So that woman is a little sneaky.  That’s NOTHING like the demons WANTED HER TO BE and TAUNTED HER…”  (Paraphrase)

If a person is born with few graces, but uses them well, like deciding to be MOSTLY HONEST and KIND,  then that is WAY BETTER

than  a person born with many advantages HE DOES NOT USE.

I Am Clothing You In My Lowliness

“I want My Brides, My Blessed ones, to go around elevating others above themselves, in their thoughts and actions. (not verbally) I want them to take the last place, to be the lowest and to seek the interest of others rather than their own. Tall order? For some, yes. Lacking in grace? No, I am providing it as these words are received into your hearts, as you say ‘be it unto me according to your will,’ this grace is being given and taking root.”

8:50 am

Your Lowliness,Your Lives Thru My Eyes

“All that is done with a pure motive will stand. All that is done in vainglory will fall, it’s just that simple. (vainglory, inordinate pride in oneself or one’s achievements; excessive vanity.) Most of the world is motivated by this need to exalt oneself. When I came to this earth I went out of My way to debase Myself. I washed the feet of My disciples. Those who were looking for a king to rule over them missed it. Those who were looking for the true substance of the faith, recognized Me immediately. They were weary with the posturing of important persons and hungered to be set free from their sins. To have peace, to be right with God. They sought a kingdom not of this world and that is why they recognized Me.”

8:41 am

I can see the doctor with a gun to her head.

A voice says, “How should I know what you gotta write, sista?    Just make it say she’s fit to serve…”

Hillary’s Doctor Releases Her Latest “Medical Records”

“Fit to serve,” are the three little words that Dr. Lisa Bardack chose to sum up Hillary Clinton’s post-collapse, post-pneumonia, post-coughing fit medical test. Bardack concluded that“the remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition.” Of course, the big question is, will Hillary be healthy enough that Bardack does not need to walk arm in arm with her in public during Hillary’s next appearance, while checking to make sure her pulse is still there.”

See at:

8:38 am

Fukushima Backlash Hits Japan Prime Minister. Fukushima is NOT under Control

Nuclear power may never recover its cachet as a clean energy source, irrespective of safety concerns, because of the ongoing saga of meltdown 3/11/11 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Over time, the story only grows more horrific, painful, deceitful. It’s a story that will continue for generations to come.

“Here’s why it holds pertinence: As a result of total 100% meltdown, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) cannot locate or remove the radioactive molten core or corium from the reactors. Nobody knows where it is. It is missing. If it is missing from within the reactor structures, has it burrowed into the ground? There are no ready answers.”

See more:

8:34 am

Radioactive Food and Water the New Normal in Japan

Japan has an amazing food culture thanks in part to the rich volcanic soil and ample rainfall, despite the lack of spacious farms. As it stands, Japan can feed approximately one third of its population from domestic production.

If you watch Japanese TV from time to time, you will see a bizarre and disturbing fetishization of food that borders on the insane. The media and in turn consumers are obsessed with food as not only a source of nutrition and social cohesion (all for the good), but as art, fashion and status symbol, a celebration of gluttony and greed; an infantile obsession with eating for self satisfaction.

I love good and healthy food and appreciate Asian cuisine, but we eat to live, not live to eat. This social pathology affects other cultures as well as seen by increasing rates of extreme obesity especially in Western countries due to the proliferation of shopping malls, junk food and high fructose corn syrup.

How ironic then that a “high food” society like Japan would have to suffer the insult of radioactive contamination. This is not a tuna melt sandwich but a nuclear melt-down sundae.

Read more at:

8:18 am


“Dear Jesus.  This letter to Isaac is extremely harsh.  I find it difficult to deliver.  If you mean for him to see it, please give me grace to push the buttons.  Soothe his pained heart!  Give him peace!  Show him love!  Free him from the bondages his sin has forged!  LOVE ON HIM, please?  Amen.”

Dear Isaac, 
Are you trapped?  Is that what this is all about?  Do you think that destroying me would make the trap less onerous?  NO.  OF COURSE NOT.  Once you DESTROY YOUR OWN MOM…they got your soul for good.  They FORCE THESE THINGS UPON US.  Do not try to escape a trap by taking advice from those who trapped you!  TURN AROUND.  DO IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.  
Isaac, you told me you searched online about how to do righteous-dating.  All the articles started with:  MAKE SURE YOUR TARGET GIRLFRIEND IS A CHRISTIAN.  Yeah, that is TERRIBLY DEPRESSING in this world of lies and false faith.  I suspect Moslem girls are equally chaste.  They must be, or they get killed.  AT ONE TIME YOU CARED about the content of a person’s heart.  At one time you could forgive improper behavior by comprehending motives and granting significant grace.  You are currently graceless.  You know this; I won’t elaborate.
Will you become more GRACEFUL by cavorting as you do, with whom you cavort?
Do you wish to be seen as virtuous? 
Do you perchance even wish to BECOME VIRTUOUS?
You’re messing up, big-time.
I love you very much and if your three-time-mom-girlfriend gets knocked up yet AGAIN, I’ll love her babies, all of them.  
I will find it harder to care about her extra-gender-&-relationship-status-negotiable ‘lovers’.
But, here I assume that you, my beloved son, are not the ONE SINGLE MAN WHO COULD SATISFY HER.
If you’re the guy for the job, I bow out.

8:05 am

It was SO GREAT to sleep in my bed again!

I’m grateful I’ve not been kicked out again.

That’s been going on for more than THREE YEARS.

Isaac said the Colorado lady told him to live his own life and let me live mine.
He told me yesterday, just after I SAID THE SAME THING TO HIM.
He’ll be punished, I know it.
He HAS TO STOP MANIPULATING his brother and his dad.
It’s just a fact.

How do you make a mistake like announcing somebody’s DEATH when it never even happened?  That’s not a mistake!  It’s kind of like saying, “Whoops!  We accidentally dumped some human pregnancy hormone-killer into that batch of vaccine-hash.”  It’s not a ‘mistake’ to tell a lie, that’s nuts.  A lie of omission might be a mistake, but to directly attest that a false thing happened requires malice aforethought.  

7:36 am

The pursuit of wi-fi…

A Day in the Life: Travelling, Working & Living in a Van – Van Life Vlog

7:33 am

Pedestrians, drivers shocked at ‘furious moon’ rolling along across Chinese streets

OMG.  This looks a lot like my dream with the boulder in the road.


7:30 am

Ford Tells Detroit: “Adios”

7:22 am

Dr John Hall Interview : Gangstalking, Surveillance, Targeted Individuals, Crimes

“A satellite-based tracking and harassment system, based on directed-energy weaponry and microwave weaponry used by the government…”


7:09 am

Pull a Camper with a Prius if you want

Meet Curtis & Tour his Runaway Camper


Don’t You Wanna Runaway?

$8,000 for a stand-up height model.

Any car can pull it!

See at:

7:07 am

 Radio Frequency  Weaponry (1985)

CNN Special Report

6:51 am

“God, forgive him.  GIVE HIM TRUTH PLEASE.”
I listened to a dear man talking to a mutual friend.
He is involved with GASLIGHTING and CRAZY-FYING others.
He admitted lying for his girlfriend,
as she LIED TO HER GIRLFRIEND on Facebook…
Just for shitz and grins.
He does the same to me.
He’s on the WRONG SIDE and he’s fully aware of that fact.
He said his girlfriend got sick and wondered if it was because of her EVIL BEHAVIOR.
He said that means she believes in God.
(He seemed to think that made it OK TO TORTURE OTHERS AND MESS WITH THEIR REALITY, as though I would APPROVE.)
And they ‘tremble’.

6:45 am

Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Diagnosis – No Such Condition As “Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia” in ICD-10…

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD), an ObamaCare standard, is designed code all medical diagnostics.  According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as “non contagious bacterial pneumonia“.

Dr. Bardack apparently made it up.

Read more at:

6:39 am

NIST finally admits free fall of WTC7

(National Institute of Standards and Technology)

(Building 7 was the THIRD SKYSCRAPER TO FALL ON 9/11.  NO PLANE HIT IT.)

Elon Musk is Looking to Kickstart Transhuman Evolution With “Brain Hacking” Tech


The concept was first thought up by Iain M. Banks in his Culture novels. In these novels, a neural lace is a mesh-like device that would be implanted in a person directly through the bloodstream, controlling the release of certain neurons using the power of thought.

Musk’s version of the neural lace doesn’t work exactly like that. Musk’s lace seems to be a mesh that would allow such AI to work symbiotically with the human brain. Signals will be picked up and transmitted wirelessly, but without any interference of natural neurological processes. Essentially, making it a digital brain upgrade. Imagine writing and sending texts just using your thoughts.

(This is bullshit.  They don’t need to use any kind of appliance to accomplish the mind–meld.  Musk is propaganda.)

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In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:

(1)  In 1697, native American conspirators admitted
in court that Iroquois leaders convinced a Piscataway tribesman to
murder an Englishwoman in Virginia  for the purpose of igniting a war
between the English and the Piscataway – thus weakening both parties –
and allowing the Iroquois to seize Piscataway lands.

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German drugs and crop chemicals company Bayer has won over U.S. seeds firm Monsanto with an improved takeover offer of $66 billion including debt, ending months of wrangling after increasing its bid for a third time.
The $128 a share deal announced on Wednesday, up from Bayer’s previous offer of $127.50 a share, is the biggest of the year so far and the largest cash bid on record.The transaction will create a company commanding more than a quarter of the combined world market for seeds and pesticides in a fast-consolidating farm supplies industry.-There’s one way to rehabilitate a tainted brand-name.  Maybe they’ll re-name ROUND-UP.-See more at:

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Ending a relationship with a Narcissist is not like walking away from a normal relationship with a broken heart – you are walking away with a broken SELF. The vicious cycle of this abuse is really a manipulative trap that keeps you running in circles until it completely disables your reality, erases your personality, and then it ends and your abuser destroys YOUR integrity so they can move on to start this cycle up AGAIN with some new and unsuspecting person.

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The Propaganda Machine Strikes Out Against Targeted Individuals

Ah, yes, the New York Times has revealed the astonishing truth:  The most serious problem that has emerged as a result of the unconstitutional gangstalking program is that not enough victims of organized government harassment are being assured by competent mental health professionals that they’re hopelessly delusional.  If only psychiatrists dictated the content of the internet, a new day would soon dawn in America….   
The unsettling fact is that most targets of gangstalking would be relievedto discover they’re suffering from clinical paranoia. 
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Robert Guffey w/ George Knapp on Surveillance, Gangstalking, Targeted Individuals, DHS, Military ..

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A 243 Sq Ft Daniel Miller Tiny House

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Yes, Mainstream Media Bias is Getting Ridiculous…But Why?

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Top US athletes deny cheating after hackers show usage of banned substances

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What do Jews in Israel think about Jesus Christ the Messiah and God in the Flesh

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World’s first large-scale tidal energy farm launches in Scotland

The launch of the world’s first large-scale tidal energy farm in Scotland has been hailed as a significant moment for the renewable energy sector.

A turbine for the MeyGen tidal stream project in the Pentland Firth was unveiled outside Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

After the ceremony, attended by Nicola Sturgeon, the turbine, measuring about 15 metres tall (49ft), with blades 16 metres in diameter, and weighing in at almost 200 tonnes, will begin its journey to the project’s site in the waters off the north coast of Scotland between Caithness and Orkney.

The turbine will be the first of four to be installed underwater, each with a capacity of 1.5 megawatts (MW), in the initial phase of the project.

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How Narcissists Took Over the World

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A 200 Sq Ft The Lucky House

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Smoking Marijuana is 114 Times Safer Than Drinking Alcohol – Study

In fact, alcohol was found to be the deadliest drug on an individual level, at least when it comes to the likelihood of a person dying due to consuming a lethal dose. Heroin and cocaine were the next most deadly substances, followed by tobacco, ecstasy, and meth. Trailing up the rear was marijuana.

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Dana Durnford “Fukushima Fallout Will Kill Millions Of People Over The Next Five Years!”

on the Richie Allen Show

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Hillary Bagged and Perp Walked. Gratitude to US Special Forces.

Can this be so?



 Supreme Court instructs them to disclose info


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The Tony Robbins Experience – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 40

“The energy at the event was like a raging river of passion and excitement.”

11:44 am

I’m sorry I called the Colorado lady a twinkie.

That was unloving.

Please forgive me.

11:37 am

I’ve got to remember to tell George what I think.  He is much of the reason I am happy now.  I suffered from a lot of physical ailments during most of our relationship.  He fasted 1/10 of AN ENTIRE YEAR for me, right before I got Holy Ghost and lost arthritis and migraines.  He ‘tithed’ of his life!  For me!  He was always sure to say that he was asking God not merely to heal my health problems, but that HE WOULD HEAL EVERYTHING ABOUT ME.  That being translated has to mean:  HAPPY.  I’ve got to thank George again.


I think it is important to note that Isaac confessed last month (date on request) to his KNOWLEDGE THAT I SUBMIT EVERY DECISION AND BEHAVIOR TO MY GOD.  Also, my sons presented me this lovely skit on 11/8/15:
Scene 1, Act 1
We’ve got to get the hell out of here and Jesus said to bring a lot of muffins.  
“Linda and Jesus, Jesus and LInda…
Gettin’ shit done every day…”
That’s the theme song for the cartoon my sons are writing about me.  Terribly irreverent but It was actually pretty catchy.  The story-line follows my life down on Earth, and Jesus’ life up in Heaven.  He comes to Earth and we do stuff and have adventures.  Apparently they’ve written a couple episodes but they won’t tell me much detail.  One has muffins.
Pilot episode, screenplay submission #1:
Segment 1:
(Linda is in the kitchen frantically pulling pans of muffins out of the oven as her sons walk by.  She interrupts them and she asks them to take muffins to the car and to get jackets and shoes.)
 “Don’t ask questions.  Because Jesus said to.  We’ve got to get the hell out of here and Jesus said to bring a lot of muffins.”
Segment 2:
Slap slap slap,  (sandals),
Linda is outdoors on the deck typing as Jesus approaches her from behind and puts His hand on her shoulder.
(Note to producer:  See about possibility of making Jesus’ hands invisible like Obama’s hands on that youtube clip of his speech recently where his nose grew longer and his face transformed like a demon.)
Jesus:   “Hey Linda, what’s happening?”
Linda:   “Oh hi, Jesus, you’re pretty funny, you always know what I’m doing; I’m just writing and waiting for you.  What do you want to do today?”
Jesus:   “I do have an idea.  Your kids think Heaven is endless rows of pews full of duty-bound sinners singing hymns to an unseen distant throne.  How about I make your life Heaven on Earth so they can see the goodness of God?  Then, when they know that their lives were messed up for a beautiful purpose,  they will trust me again.  They resent me, you know that right?”
Linda:   “Yes, Jesus.  They resent you because you did not make things all better for me when I begged you to change the torture and I still trusted you.  If you took care of that misperception, I’d be very happy.  Tell me what to do.”
It’s time that everybody decides what they will do with Jesus, and they have a couple options, but it is seriously time.  He has been appearing to a lot of people a lot of different ways for a lot of generations.  Now more than ever, we need a savior.  Will we ask Him?  They just closed down the crab fishery in California, the day before it was supposed to start and a bunch of salmon DISAPPEARED up north of there.
Dana Durnford was arrested for his work exposing the death of the Canadian western shoreline.  If I’m not mistaken, he’s a paralyzed person and they arrested him for telling the truth.  If the powers don’t like you they can arrange for a cyclone to hit your house.  They can legally disappear you forever and ever amen.  We must decide what to do with the claims of Jesus, the Christ, and we must do it pretty quick because they’re stealing our ability to hear Him speak,  and destroying those small few who hear His voice and dare to tell the Truth.
“I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous:  ‘try being rich first.’  See if that doesn’t cover most of it.  There’s not much downside to being rich, other than paying taxes and having your relatives ask for money.  But, when you become famous, you end up with a twenty-four hour job.”   (Bill Murray)
I’ve been asking myself a question, as I recognize how far into Linda “utterly complete vindication” we have progressed:  “Would you rather be exonerated first, or get some of your way-past-due-and-payable money?”   For years, I needed a reputation-rehaul more than anything; I dreamed of taking showers or baths with tons of people around and I could never get clean.  But, now I’m pretty sure I want money.
I ate a cinnamon roll that just came out of the oven in time for Isaac to get up.  I didn’t try any of the gingerbread, sourdough bread or zucchini bread, and I left the remaining piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake for Josh’s lunch tomorrow.  Today I’m making chiles rellenos, lasagna with slices of butternut squash instead of noodles and lots of mushrooms and home-ground pork sausage seasoned with a lot of sage, I haven’t made the sausage yet but George ground the meat yesterday and I will use part of it for Chinese dumplings or egg rolls.  I’ll do egg rolls if I think I may want to deep-fry something tomorrow and I could reuse the oil.
George and I went shopping again yesterday, and I found an inexpensive bag of Italian almond cookies I’ll use for Sarah Barnhardts for my Dad for Christmas.  I made my own amaretti for his birthday batch.  I hope he liked them;  he never called.  I hope he liked the cheesecake I left for him last week, too.  George and our sons thought it was good but I was fasting.
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These feelings become so overwhelming that without us realizing it we start giving EVERYTHING to not get them upset or angry, even the slightest annoyance they feel, we feel too.

While we can romanticize this phenomenon, what is actually happening is the empath is fading away into oblivion. The feelings and emotions that we feel become insignificant, and we really start believing that our own feelings don’t matter at all.

The truth of the matter is (most of) our loved ones are not inherently bad. It usually happens without them even knowing it. It might start with us insisting that they pick the restaurants and the entertainment, because “we just want to make them happy”.

“Little seemingly inconsequential gestures set the precedent of how you are allowed to be treated. In other words you are setting the precedent that they are more important than you, and therefore why would they respect you.”

See more here:

Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike after being offered gender surgery

This is good news, I guess?

How much better for Jesus or the NSA to make her love himself?

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israel eyeing Gaza-bound ‘women’s flotilla’ setting sail from Barcelona

Israel eyeing Gaza-bound ‘women’s flotilla’ setting sail from Barcelona

Despite the recent reconciliation of ties between Israel and Turkey, it appears that the controversial Gaza-bound flotilla movement has yet to subside.

An activist flotilla sailing under the banner “Mujeres Rumbo a Gaza” (Women’s Boat to Gaza) was set to anchor off from Barcelona on Wednesday evening toward the Gaza Strip

The small fleet of two vessels was slated to carry dozens of women from various nations, including Israel, with the aim of breaching and boycotting Israel’s naval blockade of the coastal Palestinian enclave

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Josh says that I’m hiding my anger.  He says I seem happy but he knows I’m angry underneath.


They say they want me happy, but that is demonstrably untrue.  (I’ve kept records for 8 years.)
Religious persecution, plain and simple, immoral and illegal.  

10:27 am

Isn’t it funny that ANYBODY would think that a treatment center could improve on the life of a woman who PICKS FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS EVERY SINGLE DAY?

I’m obviously where I’m supposed to be.

I pick them wherever I go.

Except Texas.  I didn’t see any clovers there.

10:14 am

Jesus is praying for me.  I spun the wheel again.  I can’t ever get enough of Him and I always pray that He’ll increase my capacity.

Philippians 1:9
And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more
in knowledge and in all judgment.

10:08 am

My sons know this is RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION even if George doesn’t see it.  I told Isaac my faith had cost me every relationship and every thing of value.  He said, “I know that.”  He stands not against me, as he seeks to take also my liberty, he stands AGAINST JESUS.


9:52 am

I know that no free-thinking Coloradan facility would want to partake in RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION for reasons of conscience, and not just because they probably get federal funds and are required by law to permit and not prohibit expressions of personal faith.

(“Nevertheless, not my will but THINE be done.”)


9:01 am

I’ve been bringing the funny farm lady up to speed before our conversation tonight.  I’m to ‘Skype’.  This is very high-tech for me.  I sent her this:

Just once more to Marcie?

I promise I’ll stop.
I forgot to answer your question!
I am FINALLY becoming happy with where my life is at!
I see my destiny unfolding and I am PERFECTLY PREPARED.
I just need a couple quiet months to pick clovers and process the things God is teaching me about what I am becoming.
I was very traumatized but I am healed now.
I really don’t want to mess with my therapy.
I’ve never been happy before in my life.
PS.  Do you know that Jesus loves you so much he’d do ANYTHING AT ALL to make you happy?

8:35 am

You’ve GOT TO GET DELUSIONAL in the world’s eyes or you will never see the deeper things of God.  It’s just a fact.

The WORLD is INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to keep us from recognizing the supernatural that surrounds us.


There is a rough question before me this morning.  I’ve felt for some time that I was to limit my exposure to the evil engulfing my world, and I blog about it ’round the clock.   Also, seeing God’s words come to pass on the news has been VERY NECESSARY to build my faith and keep me from coming unglued when people called me crazy.
There is a rough question before me this morning.  I do believe Josh would like what’s best, but he’d also like me to stop antagonizing people with my blog.  And emails.  God said to give my life and that’s what I’ve done since I began journaling in 2009 when I ran from my dad’s ambush.  I’ve recorded my entire life.
Does God wish for me to stop posting it?  
I have a rough decision to make.
Perchance my sons might permit
me to stay in my room for a couple months as God continues making me happier and capable-er.
Do I dare to live without a computer?
Do I dare to proffer this only physical connection to the world and to other disciples of Jesus?
Is JESUS really POWERFUL ENOUGH to show up when I need Him with what I need in order to continue to grow in grace and get happier?
I don’t think I do.

I used a feature on a website this morning.

You’re supposed to talk to Jesus, then push the button.

Whatever comes up is His word for you.

I spun the wheel and I got:
Mark 9:41
For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name,
because ye belong to Christ,
verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.
(I suppose that would apply to somebody giving me use of a couch and wi-fi, too.)
I tried again:
“All of you are seriously damaged soldiers. The difference between those who deeply know Me, is that they have had tremendous measures of healing and the bitterness and fear that mark those still wounded in battle, isn’t there anymore. They also know themselves very, very well.”
“To know oneself is to be humble. Extremely humble and quick to find fault with yourself, rather than others. When I see My People making excuses for the shortcomings of others, I delight Myself in their presence. It is truly a rare and fragrant offering of self for the love of others.”
“Much of it is the fault of the culture. Simply put, Americans by and large are spoiled from childhood. True maturity comes at quite a cost. In other countries you find this kind of maturity at the age of 11 or 12. They have already learned many of the really hard lessons of life and have been seasoned in the Faith, knowing My character more deeply because they have to rely on Me to survive from day to day. Even the victims of violent countries are more mature. You would see this if you traveled the world.” “But you know that I will complete the good work I have begun in you. I will bring to maturity all those who call upon My Name and choose to be holy. Not one will perish from My Hand, all who come to Me with a sincere heart, I cherish and raise up into maturity, meekness, and uncommon kindness.”
“But in this world you are but a doormat to the success of others. You are used and tossed aside, after you have been thoroughly despoiled of the joyful life I imparted to you. What I am saying here?
Love one another as I have loved you. Cherish and support one another. Never speak harsh words when it can be avoided. Always admonish and lift one another up, even and especially in conflict.” “Very often you are provoked by lies to judge others when they are at their lowest point and can’t handle one more blow. How many times has that happened to you, Clare?”
“Yes, Lord, I have experienced that and I surely have seen how I have done it to others. I pray that you bring me to the fullness of the Love you have in Your Heart Lord…as much as is possible in a weak and frail mortal. Forgive Me, Lord, for my childish attitudes.”
“This prayer I will answer. Go now and love one another as I have loved you.”


(Or does God USE MY WORDS for good?  Perchance?)

(I’ll have to decide, won’t I?)


HERE  (Scroll down for the English version.):



8:02 pm

The Ampersand House By Syl Vardos

“VARDO” is the word (Romani?) for ‘GYPSY WAGON’!

7:55 pm

Scientists have found the gene that “makes a psychopath” # rs4714329 #ASPD #JeffreyDahmerGene

7:36 pm

We’re In Serious Trouble! Major Warfare Just Issued, And It’s Worse Than You Think!!



As of Monday, August 15th, 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), under the Federal Register’s Vol. 81, No. 157 released a cryptic document entitled “Control for Communicable Diseases.” Although this action is only deemed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), what this will do if signed into law is grant the CDC full super-constitutional powers in the event of a major quarantine that only the health agency can call. Comments will be available to the public until Friday, October 14th, 2016.

In other words, if this rule is signed into law, the CDC will be granted full authority over all Americans during the event of a disease outbreak, which could lead to a mass quarantine. Such mass quarantines would entail enforced vaccinations, further surveillance, more of your already-little-to-no freedoms stripped away, and much more control of your every move.

Read at:


FOX NEWS Economist prove MARTIAL LAW happening in U.S. (All USA people need to see this) 2016

John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit

See here:

Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones

Read more at:

7:34 pm

Employee Badges To Monitor All Conversations Within Work Place

Read here:

I knew it.  It’s working JUST EXACTLY AS I DECLARED:  the worse people treat me, the happier I get.  It’s like codependency-jujitsu.


7:30 pm

PATHETIC!! FBI Mistakenly Gives 27 Clinton Emails To Congress, And Then Asks For Them Back

Read here:

7:27 pm

BANK OF AMERICA analysts claim there’s 50% chance we live in ‘Matrix reality simulation’


7:25 pm

STUDY: 1 in 5 CEOs psychopaths

See more at:

6:52 pm

If I could sing I’d get Isaac to sing this song with me.

He’ll sing it anyway.

Lord I Know You’ve Been So Good-Hasan Green & Martha Holloway

6:49 pm


One Day At A Time-Hasan Green

6:43 pm

My sons are letting me sleep in my bed tonight!

I love that bed.

My water broke on that bed when I had Isaac.

I picked 2 four-leaf clovers.
I gave them to the successful one.
I said, “Jesus loves you so much
that if you were the only human on the planet,
he would have gone to the cross
…just so he could be with you.”
Jesus isn’t an imaginary friend anymore.
I’ve proven him and he’s VERY POWERFUL.
9/13 /16
5:48 pm
So I got into a fight with the preacher-lady.  She said I was rude and that I didn’t understand scripture.  (She is absolutely right.)  THEN she started talking about the ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AND TARGETING…from her wealth of actual knowledge.  THIS IS GREAT EVIDENCE.
She and I are obviously having our differences, only ABOUT DOCTRINE.  She attacked my Bible scholarship (as she is most welcome to do anytime and I’ll cook dinner even, God bless her most sincerely…)  THIS PRINCIPLED WOMAN WAS NOT REFUTING MY COGENT and DOCUMENTED ASSERTIONS ABOUT TARGETING OF U.S. CITIZENS AND ELECTRONIC TORTURE, but rather accusing me of having drunk more deeply of the kool-aid than I admit!  She’s awesome!
This is a very good day.
(Nasty emails available on request.)
5:30 pm
They say you can tell a narcissist by asking a suspect what aspect of his self, of his person, is he working on right now?
I tried it.
He’s working on the same things whatever I ALWAYS TALK ABOUT MYSELF WORKING ON.
Sheesh.  No examples of course.
5:16 pm
So I said,

“George.  OUR SONS HATE JESUS.  How is that OK?  They grew up in a praying home.  They hate JESUS because I told them He had a reason for all the crap we went through and that He would use it for an amazing purpose and us too.”

 (I did not say, “You dropped the ball.”  But, clearly that’s the case because I still got mine tucked up tight even though FAKERS TRY TO STEAL IT FROM ME ALL THE TIME AND I HAVE NEITHER BACK-UP NOR ANYBODY RUNNING INTERFERENCE.  Except my goon.  God save the goons.)
They don’t wanna do it.  They don’t wanna change the world, just like their dad.  And looky here, this is the FINAL BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.  This is TEOTWAWKI.  
Oblivion.  And they denigrate drug addicts.
George said, “Now Linda.  I. Don’t. Think. They. Hate. Jesus…”
How did I get sons with no spine for Truth?
It’s unimaginable.
4:56 pm
I told them they’re doing evil.
I have GOT TO BE DELUSIONAL…or there is a day of dark reckoning beckoning.  These young men about town have staked their claim to the wrong side of historical real estate.  They picked the dark side and now Isaac’s dating a gender-bender and clearly knows that some moral issues withstand his pride.  IF JESUS BE REAL, then mama was right.  If Jesus be real, THEN SO IS HELL.
Wasn’t I right about 90 % of our book published in October 2011?  
Do you remember all the people who stabbed me in the back at the same time?
I’m to do a Skype call with the head twinkie.  Josh asked for good behavior; I didn’t know if they would not bundle me into the car right this minute, a Skype call is hardly an intrusion.  Isaac enjoys seeing me begin to shake again.  We’ve been through the tremors with his contributions…numerous times.
I am being punished for something I did not do.
My sons are sinners who deserve hell and they know it.
If they continue to use violence and threats against me I cannot be responsible for what happens.  One gal shot herself in the head.  She was very mean to me.
I went to tell the Weed Fairy that I was being taken to the funny farm and my sons will pay a price.  
She offered to help me make a run for it, but I AM A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST JESUS, AND I KEEP MY WORD…and I also document it numerous places.  
If I am to go to the funny farm I’ll go with a song in my heart and an adventure to suit my palate just gesticulating down the line.  
For the price of a few weeks of horsey-back I could have an entire new life. 
People prefer that I DIE.
Isaac has wasted an entire year…managing me down.
He admitted as much a dozen times.
He can have a life, once I am neutralized.
He can have as many vile sexual perversions assault his ETERNAL SOUL AND CONSCIOUSNESS as his bisexual already -involved -a -couple- ways ‘girlfriend’ might imagine…without mama to nudge his conscience.


4:02 pm
I picked another four-leaf clover.
I asked George if he remembers when Jesus asked if he would give Him his life.
He said, ‘yes’.
I asked if he remembered what he said and he didn’t,  but I know and it’s in my book that HE SAID YES.
Then, we stopped praying.



If I am not delusional, then THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR SINS.
They have to take me down or GOD EXISTS.
Tough spot.
Hope I can remember how to mount a horse when I get to the funny farm..
I don’t think I’ll take yoga, if I may opt out.
It’s a pagan religious practice, right?
3:46 pm
I prayed a prayer I’ve prayed a zillion times.
I hope I meant it this time because if not
this whole accusatory-lock-me-up bit would hurt so bad I don’t know how a person could recover.
I said:
“God, please make me like Heidi Baker with no ‘NO’ left in me.
Allow me to bask in your peace even if my dad drives me to the funny farm.
He’s wanted that pleasure since at least 2009.
Give me grace.
How else were you gonna get me out of here?
I don’t have any desire to go to Colorado but
I sure want to go someplace.

Calling Out Toxic Behaviour Means You’re Disordered?


Sympathy For The Devil: Narcissists Take Pleasure In Your Pain

3:37 pm
I picked 2 more four-leaf clovers.
George is working out.  He asked how I am.  I said, “I am great.  I do not have a disease.  I have an issue that nobody will talk about.  AND, if they don’t, they won’t be able to pretty soon because their brains will be electronic mush.”
I asked how he is.
He said, “Better.”
I asked, “Better than what?”
Better than ME because he doesn’t feel he has to fix the world.
That’s better how?
3:12 pm

In Over My Head

Lana Vawser, “There is a HUGE door of the NEW before you, but to enter it, it requires your complete “YES” of trust. In this NEW door before you, in this place of “letting go” and “relinquishing control” He is going to show you again, His faithfulness, His extravagant provision, His strength, His alignment, His promotion, His favour, His healing and His goodness and neverending, mind blowing kindness.You are going to be IN OVER YOUR HEAD at the GOODNESS and KINDNESS OF JESUS!”

3:09 pm
My sons aren’t back yet.
I picked 2 more four-leaf clovers.
I wish God would hurry up.
2:54 pm
 I picked 3 more four-leaf clovers.
I think it’s a good thing that I won’t be around the internet for a while.  I learned that it is possible to be up-to-date about all the things the devil is doing without watching God create new wineskins for His new wine.  I’d rather watch what God is doing I think.
2:36 pm

 I picked 3 more four-leaf clovers.
2:29 pm
My sons left, presumably to consult with my dad about my pending incarceration.
For that amount of money I could buy a cheap trailer and a couple years’ worth of coffee and fuel.

After sleeping in the car it was nice to get home and take a shower.

Then I picked 3 four-leaf clovers.
2:14 pm

Isaiah 56:10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

“Dear Lord, please give me more love for souls than I have love for being right.  Amen.”
Well, I got home and Josh is all packed.
I asked where he’s going and he says we’re going to  Colorado.
I was surprised that he was going and he said, “…all of us.”
I wonder if my dad is planning to watch my strip-search this time.
He showed up before daylight to see me taken away in January, and he hadn’t talked to me hardly for seven years!
He loves this because WE MADE A BET.
–I love it too, because no matter what he does to me…Jesus is STILL LORD OF HIM AND ALL OF US.
Shouldn’t the funny farm have a list of things to bring?
Like summer camp?
2:10 pm
The preacher doesn’t approve of my doctrine.
It was nice to have a friend for a bit.
I always get too excited.  That’s a codependent thing.
9:06 am
My conversation with a PREACHER!  YEAH.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Linda Goldthorpe <>
Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 9:00 AM
Subject: Re: My sons say I must do a phone interview with the funny farm. I picked 1 four-leaf clover. (no txt)Heidi Baker is the reason I went to Toronto and she gave up a million dollars in  orphanage support to go there; it’s a great story.  Sadhu Selvaraj used to preach against Toronto until God showed him the verse about ‘making his servants as barking dogs.’.  God told him not to judge just because he hasn’t experienced things.  I used to be very afraid of even the Baptism in the Holy Ghost when I was Baptist.  I was very careful about Toronto.  It would be great to talk about it with you sometime.-The GWEN tower guy ran for Congress after me.–My friend (who I haven’t even seen for 7 years) worked on my campaign.  He ran Ron Paul’s Michigan campaign and I was endorsed by Ron Paul in 2008.  We spent a lot of time together, usually watching political lectures!  Anyway, I began to have pictures of him in my head, sexual, and also electrtonic rapes began.  He was an apostate Jew and had already been targeted by the Zionists when he was 22 as a self-hating Jew because he cares about the Palestinians.  He’s a computer engineer, and he hacked me a lot so when I got a message that I was under surveillance and my folks had set it up, I began a really long partnership with a faceless computer-goon.  He kept me alive.  I’m looking forward to seeing him so I can say thank you and learn what we’ve accomplished.  Soon after he hacked me the stun-gun stopped and I didn’t vomit every day anymore and the rapes stopped too.  They were, I suppose, trying to take advantage of a major opportunity with our friendship.  They could have messed up Ron Paul’s reputation very bad if they had gotten us to have an affair.–OH< YEAH.  When I started seeing that internal-porn, I KNEW it wasn’t me because I’d spent many years ‘bringing every thought captive’ and did not fantasize about men other than occasionally my husband.  SURELY, he’d believe me!  Surely, he knows I never lied to him in 25 years.–Whatever.Isaac sold out and he hates me because I didn’t.I always asked, “How sell out?  I never got an offer)They know us so well, they don’t make offers to somebody they know will not accept.They set them up in a honey pot, instead.Isaac is my son, Mr. Wonderful (Glenn Wilson) owns the cell towers, and Adam is my political friend, and my friend from law school who is now a federal judge is named Trish.God asked me if I were willing to ‘hold him’.  (Adam) when I was at a major prayer meeting in Washington and I’d only known him a couple weeks.  God said, “Trust him. He’s an angel.”  He was an atheist apostate Jew.He helps me write GREAT BIBLE STUDIES NOW.(I mean, the goon who chaperones me writes great Bible studies.  I can only believe it to be Adam.)–

Isaiah 30:20-22King James Version (KJV)

20 And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers:

21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

I’m so grateful for your prayers!  I don’t know another Spirit-led Christian in my whole state.



On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:02 AM,

Ok, I want to make sure I understand something the man you mentioned that your friend called from law school, is this the man that owns all the gwen towers?  Is he the one who ran for congress as well?


He ran for Congress as an independent and I worked on his campaign too, after the primary in 2010.

Was that Isaac or the gwen towers guy?   Trying to get it straight.  😉


I mentioned Linda Kirby because if you have skype capability she may be interested in doing an interview with you.  Couldn’t hurt anything.


Yep, I’m with you, I believe the targeting started in law school too.  Too many “coincidences” and we know those don’t exist.


MICHIGAN is a hot bed for the elite.  Cathy O’Brien talked about some of that.  I has always stuck in my mind and so has Norfolk, Virginia not to mention Washington.


I’m sure you have heard of the kundalini spirit that was poured out at the Toronto airport church. Curious to know what time frame or what year it was you were going there.


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Subject: Re: My sons say I must do a phone interview with the funny farm. I picked 1 four-leaf clover. (no txt)


I’ll look up Linda Kirby, thanks.


I think I was targeted in law school but I didn’t know it.  My best friend from law school set this off by calling the man I mentioned and setting us against one another.  She is now a federal judge.  When I graduated, her mom was on the board and they got an extra couple signatures on my diploma…one was the chief justice of the Michigan supreme court.

A couple years ago when I started my blog and was figuring out what happened to me, I contacted the Targeted Individual group in my state.  Maybe a dozen people?  FOUR OF THEM WENT TO MY LAW SCHOOL.


I’m pretty sure I’d only need a couple weeks.  This is nuts, and also things are changing so fast!

Yes.  When God gave me that prophecy I was driving and I had to pull over.  It was WORD FOR WORD.  Since then I’ve seen so many miracles.  My handwriting changed overnight even!  I have THOUSANDS OF FOUR LEAF CLOVERS.  I don’t get migraines or arthritis…my sons have seen AMAZING THINGS.  I was in Toronto at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship when God asked me if I’d bring his bride from government.  On my knees sobbing…I love going to that place.  I REALLY MISS WORSHIPING WITH PEOPLE!  When my sons were small we’d worship morning and night.  I was the church pianist.  The church has totally rejected me, Dad pays their bills.  I had a vision where I was driving a flatbed truck with all my family on it and an explosion happened behind us and the light made it impossible to see so I gave the wheel to Jesus, I said, “You drive, I can’t see a thing.”  THEN when we stopped…it was right before we hit a big rock.  I’ve clung to that.  I think my dad is the rock.  He ran me down so much I lost EVERY RELATIVE because he always buys dinner.  When I was a kid he’d go a whole month without talking.  He’s sick.  I’ve always been the scapegoat and I’ve always confronted him about his double life.  I learned about sex when I was a little girl from the porn under his mattress.  He is not what people believe.  I think Isaac made a deal with him.  He’s obviously covering for somebody.


Thanks for the encouragement.  You encourage me just by doing what you do.  Thanks.  L



On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 9:30 PM,

I remember you sharing that with me.  Oh trying to keep it straight.  I remember the targeting started when you were running for congress.  In your heart when God spoke to you telling you that Isaac and Josh and George are His, you felt He was saying in the end of all of this mess that they would repent and be saved???  Is that what you received from His words?  How did  you hear Him?  In your heart?


Yeah, agreed, working for the mason didn’t help anything, rubbing elbows in the government opened doors too.


Amazing what God said He would use your targeted friend to do.  Also, same with you, He has a purpose with all of this and you are in a high profile position to speak to so many when this all breaks in God’s timing and in His way.


I’ll quit grilling you. J  Just think you are like Paul, being whipped and imprisoned and ship wrecked and snake bit and fasting and all of it.  Keep going.  Keep preaching.  Keep believing.  GOD IS FOR YOU!!!!  NO ONE CAN BE AGAINST YOU!!!!


You have been on my heart and yes, I have been racking my brain thinking, I wish I knew someone or some place you could stay.  So let’s give it to God and pray and listen for Him and trust Him to show the way.  I’m proud of you, I can’t imagine living through what you are going through.  But look at what God has spoken to you, He asked you to bring His bride out of government!!!!!


Do you know of Linda Kirby’s youtube channel??  She does skype interviews.


Praying for you and the whole situation.  You are on the battlefield.  They don’t like this kind of fighting, but it is the most powerful.


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Subject: Re: My sons say I must do a phone interview with the funny farm. I picked 1 four-leaf clover. (no txt)


Thanks .  I was a lawyer but stayed home with my kids and homeschooled.  We quit the Baptist church and then I got the Holy Ghost and they did too but apparently they lost their faith.  We were targeted TERRIBLY.  For two years I was knocked immobile every day.  Sometimes I’d be down for hours.  I was electronically raped repeatedly and the ‘program’ included a man who worked on my campaign.  My sons believe I had some an improper relationship with him but I did not.  He was also targeted.


God told me in 2007 this:


Linda, my pride, my beloved, WITHSTAND.  WITHSTAND.

What is to come is ordained by me for my glory.

You will be misunderstood again.  So am I.

You are mine.

Your children are mine.

George is mine.

You’ll look in my eyes soon.

I am your strength.



My father tried to murder me.  I didn’t get it.  He asked me to sign my house over to my sons in 2012 and I always did what I was told.  Then he stopped talking to me and started a major smear campaign.  Isaac, my eldest, was also involved in politics and quite beligerant about the status quo.  Then he went to work for a masonic guy who owns THE MOST GWEN TOWERS IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY.  He ran for Congress as an independent and I worked on his campaign too, after the primary in 2010.


God has set me up for something amazing.

He said my friend (the other target) would lead a million people to Jesus.

He asked me in 2006, if I would ‘bring His bride out of government.’  He said, “They don’t know who they are.”

I plead the blood every day, I bind and declare as the Spirit leads me.  My father is wealthy and called the cops on me in 2009 before he started this.  They’re Baptists and they’ve had me ostracized in the entire community.  The house I gave my sons is the house I grew up in.  They prefer their father live there.


I don’t suppose you know an old lady who could use somebody to clean house and cook in exchange for sleeping on her couch?  I’m a great cook.

Thanks for the prayers.  I’m on the road with 70 dollars.  God is in control.  Love, Linda


On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 2:35 PM, Cherie J Beltram <> wrote:

So far with the people that have talked with me about their targeting it has been by strangers.  Some have family members in on it but they are more distant.  This seems strange that they are targeting you directly like this in the same house so blatantly.


Have you all had a dysfunctional family?  Was there love?  Have y’all tried to talk about why they feel so hurt to openly treat you like this?  Can there be forgiveness?  This is a strange case for sure.  Were you there for them as children?  Were you a working mom, career oriented and no time for them?  What has triggered them to do this so easily?  What kind of church have they gone to?  Have they ever really known Jesus?


I would bind the ruling spirits over the city where you live.  Bind the ruling spirits over the house you live in and over their houses too.  Bind the spirits in them and at work against them.  Do all of that in Jesus’ name.  Then I would plead the blood of Jesus Christ over them and ask God to open their hearts to Jesus.  Ask Him to do a great work in their lives by His Holy Spirit.  Ask Him to send His warring angels in to cut and severe the ties with the kingdom of darkness that are at work in their lives and in this situation.


Speak in faith scriptures and things you want to come to pass, things in line with God’s will.


Pray and love and bless them and keep doing it.  I believe we will see change.  I will fight from this side too. I will put this on the prayer list too.


Stay tucked under Jesus’ wings!!!



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To: Margaret Goldthorpe; David Goldthorpe;; Eric Cadeau; Tom Backers; jim mckindles; ANDREA LAROCHE; Alfred Lambremont Webre;; Kevin Keizer; Tom Anderson; Tom Bridges; Rob Truax; Josiah Sharrett; Congress Glenn Wilson; Linda Goldthorpe; Isaac Miller; Joshua Miller; George Miller; Cherie Beltram
Subject: My sons say I must do a phone interview with the funny farm. I picked 1 four-leaf clover. (no txt)

7:14 am
I just looked up the place they want to send me.
It’s an addiction place.
I even quit tobacco!  A year in a couple weeks.
I haven’t had this band around my chest for almost all of August until now.
I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m to be punished more.
I’ll probably go home.
Josh said if I go away for a while I can live in my house again.
I don’t trust Isaac at all;  he changes his story.
I didn’t feel God guiding me at all as I drove yesterday.
I’ve been praying all night but I slept a lot too.
The only guidance I got was:

He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever willlose his life for my sake shall find it.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.
He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.
That’s what I’m doing.
I’m trying to save my life.
Aren’t I?
I’ll give Josh what he wants.
I’ll go home and they can send me away again.
I think that’s what Jesus would do.
Until he gives me something else to do, that’s the best I got.
My sons and my parents do not believe Jesus is God.
They believe my dad is.
How could they not hate me?



9:53 pm


I answered questions like this:

I’ll look up Linda Kirby, thanks.

I think I was targeted in law school but I didn’t know it.  My best friend from law school set this off by calling the man I mentioned and setting us against one another.  She is now a federal judge.  When I graduated, her mom was on the board and they got an extra couple signatures on my diploma…one was the chief justice of the Michigan supreme court.
A couple years ago when I started my blog and was figuring out what happened to me, I contacted the Targeted Individual group in my state.  Maybe a dozen people?  FOUR OF THEM WENT TO MY LAW SCHOOL.
I’m pretty sure I’d only need a couple weeks.  This is nuts, and also things are changing so fast!
Yes.  When God gave me that prophecy I was driving and I had to pull over.  It was WORD FOR WORD.  Since then I’ve seen so many miracles.  My handwriting changed overnight even!  I have THOUSANDS OF FOUR LEAF CLOVERS.  I don’t get migraines or arthritis…my sons have seen AMAZING THINGS.  I was in Toronto at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship when God asked me if I’d bring his bride from government.  On my knees sobbing…I love going to that place.
  I REALLY MISS WORSHIPING WITH PEOPLE!  When my sons were small we’d worship morning and night.  I was the church pianist.  The church has totally rejected me, Dad pays their bills.  I had a vision where I was driving a flatbed truck with all my family on it and an explosion happened behind us and the light made it impossible to see so I gave the wheel to Jesus, I said, “You drive, I can’t see a thing.”  THEN when we stopped…it was right before we hit a big rock.  I’ve clung to that.  I think my dad is the rock.  He ran me down so much I lost EVERY RELATIVE because he always buys dinner.  When I was a kid he’d go a whole month without talking.  He’s sick.  I’ve always been the scapegoat and I’ve always confronted him about his double life.  I learned about sex when I was a little girl from the porn under his mattress.  He is not what people believe.  I think Isaac made a deal with him.  He’s obviously covering for somebody.
Thanks for the encouragement.  You encourage me just by doing what you do.  Thanks.

9:40 pm

‘Hillary Clinton Dead’: New York News Station Reports of Her Death In Error?

9:35 pm

You do it because I have been so loving and charming to you. You do it because I have been so brutal to you yet you still want to please me. Whichever stance I adopt, seduction or devaluation, I secure the desired result. The win.
This is another win as I marvel at my power over people. Nobody has the presence of mind to direct their anger towards me. Oh no, I am too clever to be sucked into that and I can stand and observe the bitter recriminations all stemming from my behaviour. 
How can it be right that you, the one who gave everything and always behaved so properly is left distraught, confused and bereft whilst I waltz around town without a care in the world? Why am I never upset or miserable?  It seems unjust and unfair. Why do I always seem to win? Why do I get the cream, win the main prize and have the golden ticket? It is because of how I am designed. I am designed to win. That is my sole focus. By winning I gain admiration and power which gives me fuel.
Unlike you, I have been created with the skill sets that allow me to behave without integrity, to function without a conscience and to sail through life untouched by moral concerns. Normal people are upset and troubled by my machinations, but I am not hampered by such concerns. 

9:19 pm

The 13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments on Humans

(I’d say “thirteen of the most evil experiments on humans.”  There have been other equally evil.)

See at:

9:10 pm

“This is a Season of Rewind – I Will Restore!”
by Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak, TX

For the Lord says, “This is the season of rewind. This is the season where I’m allowing you to go back to a place where you felt that you totally destroyed your life, or times and seasons where others brought destruction into your life, and I will restore. I am able to do this miraculously,” says the Lord.

“If you believe in Me, if you trust in Me—just as the little child, when the father says ‘Jump!’ the little child would freely jump from a high place into the arms of the father, and the father would say, ‘I would catch you.’

Do you believe I will catch you? Do you believe that no matter what your circumstances, whatever is happening to you, that I have the ability to catch you, to hold you and to keep you safe? For I will do this,” says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “This season of rewind will bring you to a place where you will not be lower than you were, but you’ll find yourself coming to a large place.

You will find yourself coming to still waters and green pastures, for this is My nature as a Father,” says the Lord.

See more at:

8:58 pm

If I were at home, I’d be tucked into bed now, still working, but warm and snug with Connie under my bed and probably a bunch of people in the other room.  Two dogs spent the night last night and three of my sons’ friends.  There was dog poop on the rug this morning.  It was nice of George to work so hard on cleaning the rug.  We served kids meals for the whole weekend.   I’m sorry I didn’t finish mowing before I had to leave.  I’m at a Burger King.  I borrowed Isaac’s secondary computer which I’ve been using at home.  I’m sure that didn’t make him very happy since getting me off the computer (stopping my communication/isolation/separation from Christian input online) “is kinda the point.”
They’ll need to get in touch with me when it happens.  They’ll call for me to come home.  It’s a pity things had to get this bad before they’d see Truth.  MY SONS BELONG TO JESUS.  They don’t like it even a single bit.  But, they will be very grateful to Him. They will thank Him for me!  I can’t wait for them to respect me.  But, patience is my road into my destiny.

5:54 pm

Well, I’m gone.  I can’t imagine this makes them feel any better when they don’t know where I am.  My sons were doing dishes when I left.  They always do dishes after they have a scene and make me leave.  Then when I come home, they stop.

(I mean, when I go to THEIR HOME.)

12:42 pm

It doesn’t seem quite obvious yet.

God said when it was time for me to leave, it would be very obvious.

Ultimata and being evicted isn’t even obvious enough.

What am I waiting for?

12:36 pm

I packed a little.

I picked 3 four-leaf clovers.

God says He’s never late.

12:11 pm

Well, it was a nice month+.  I’m glad I didn’t commit suicide weeks ago.  I’m happy now, but I’m homeless again.  They wish for my faith to be dismantled and/or replaced.  Josh said, “You can’t get better just sitting by yourself” but that’s what’s happened.  I watched videos of people who hear from Jesus and I pray a lot and I got free of some demons.  These guys don’t really believe in demons.

I MUST leave today since I refused to go to the funny farm in Colorado since my father was involved.  He is very dangerous.  Not to me, but to anybody who does not know what he is capable of doing.

I’m packing.  Josh said, “YOU HAD A MONTH TO PACK”  but I used that month to STOP HYPERVENTILATING AND STOP SHAKING.  I started shaking a bit just now as they lied about me but…I’m not anymore.  I can’t wait to get on the road.  My car is supposed to have the brakes looked at tomorrow since they locked up this morning when I was trying to go to Manistique to buy Isaac a pipe.  Oh, well.  God is in control.  I’m sure glad it’s not Isaac,  and I pray that Josh will see truth.  (Isaac too, for that matter.)

11:38 am

On the conference call to the funny farm, I mentioned Isaac knocking me out.  Josh said he didn’t remember.  I looked up my journal entries TO REMIND HIM.

FROM  9/21/14:


4:36 am

(THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWS!  THANKS VERY MUCH.  I haven’t had a phone call for weeks, that would be nice too.  906-291-1376)

These notes and prayers are  from the day Isaac knocked me out.  I wrote them after the boys left and I was pretty loopy, so I had to clean them up a little.  Original is on another page of this site:  Kingdom Court Documents  (Those are things I’ve served on my parents and Clive Ellis over months.  And presented to God for justice.)

Court Document 4    Transcript of Testimony–Mother.  Father.  You did this.

-(No service on Defendant’s “pastor”, who has received the url.  All other parties have been served.)

Made banana cake for George’s birthday.     The boys came out for lunch and Isaac complained that I’m so busy I don’t talk to him lately.  So I did.  Then he threw me against a wall.   I can’t use my right arm.  I hit my head pretty hard and couldn’t open my eyes for awhile.  Jesus will make me ok.  Isaac thinks I’m lying about my father.  He wants me to just forget, but he doesn’t know we’re in world war three.  He is very controlling.  I don’t actually hurt too bad.  Not even inside.  It only happened about fifteen   minutes ago and Im a

I asked Jesus to take me lower still.

Guess if he can take me at my word, I can take him at his Josh took care    hit my head pretty hard.  Isaac hit his heart.  He says he must hate me to do such a thing.  I told him it was just demons.

Josh  took care of me while i was down, and after.  My arm is pretty numb.  Josh wants me to patronize so Isaac won’t feel so bad.  Lying to make somebody feel better is not love.  they left me here.  that’s not love either.  I know what i know.  hope i dont have a concussion bu god made my brain so i know he can fix it.  my dad must tell the truth.  or not.  either way it wont be because i didnt try.

My arm is working so I texted Isaac  that news, and said I won’t tell his father.  He said I was his best friend.  He’s been my only friend and I love him.  I love truth more.

That was quite a stunt.  People on tv shows die from just that sort of maneuver.  Josh lifted my head and put a white towel underneath to see if there was any blood, I couldn’t move for a while.  It was nice to have him touch me.  He thinks I’m lying.  Somebody knows I’m not.  God, I give this all to you again.  I’ll wait for your justice.

I rebuke self-pity in the name of Jesus.  I want loving relationships, not fake ones, and lies make them fake.  Isaac was angry with me because I won’t accept his “everything is alright because I’m alright” doctrine.  Other people MUST KNOW ABOUT THE POWER OF JESUS.    He said,  to “be the change”.  He said I focus on the negative, yet for the first time, I’m able to watch negative without getting ill, because I know Jesus has a plan for all of this, and many people are embracing truth.  I told him I finally have a purpose, and I’ve wanted one all my life.    He wants to be a “team”  He ain’t on my team if he wants to ignore lies and to pretend.  He just wants peace.  I want peace AND FREEDOM FOR EVERYBODY.  One minute he’s mister new-age, with all the answers and pitying me, and the next minute he threw me against the wall.  He’s in a real crisis.

“Please go to him, Lord.  Fill him with TRUTH!  He’s had the “love”.  Didn’t do much.  Give him the real thing!  Give him YOU YOU YOU.  My dad took you from his life.  My dad is not as big as you are.  I’m a daughter of THE KING!  Set Isaac afire!  Burn out everything that does not comport with your KINGDOM.  Show him my father, as my father actually is, when he doesn’t have a present in his hands.  Show him TRUTH!  Show him my devotion, please?  Sorry, self-serving.  Show him You, and he’ll then see me, I expect.  (Personally I’d love it if you used him to tell my dad off good and proper.  But your way is always better than mine.  Is Alexander still alive?  Oh, well.  Whatever.)”

“Thank you that Josh’s tender heart is resurfacing.  Speak to him, will you?  Truth.  He MUST HAVE TRUTH.  My father cares nothing about those boys, except as a potential legacy.  Their hearts belong to you!  I gave those boys to you before they were born!  You promised me in 2007 that they were yours!  Go, do what you must.  I won’t stand in your way, as you give me grace!  I have no desire to control them, or my father…but I MUST REPRESENT TRUTH!”

“Dear Jesus, my government did a terrible thing.  My father did terrible things.  My friends betrayed me when I was obeying you.  Take this thing and make magic, like you always do.  Thank you.  Amen.”

“I’m feeling better and the numbness is almost gone.  Thank you Jesus.  I love you.”

(George’s birthday is 7/10.)

6:14 am

Here’s what I wrote to Isaac when he called to check on me after the incident:

Document 5     Admission of ex parte communication:


          Thank you for calling. Like I said, I was almost asleep when you called, but I got up to make myself a sandwich, which is probably good.  I don’t think I have a concussion.  Do not fret.  Lots of families have episodes like that.  They usually respond in one of two ways.  They might get all pissy and go to the cops.  Or they might push it under the rug
and pretend it never happened.  I will do neither.  We can choose our destinies, no?
          I love you more than nearly anything.  I do not love you more than truth, which to me, is a person.  I love Jesus more than you and I always will.  If you can’t live with that, then it’s not my problem.  Jesus wants me to continue confronting my father, and many others.  That’s my purpose.  When I’m off duty, I’d love to hang.  I will not tolerate a lie, and neither should you, but you’re your own boss.
As you said, “God’s will” and I never for a single second believed anything different.  You do not mean to harm anybody!  You mean to be free.  I mean to do all I can so that EVERYBODY can be free.  Love to you, so very much.




2:18 pm

The god I serve is God and He’s a very good god.  He’s WAY better than the Baptist god.  Josh wanted “Old Man’s Beard” for a project and the prophet said it grows high in trees and it’s very hard to find.  God sent a windstorm and dropped it right where we live.  He’s given me food when I had no money and He’s guided  me all over the place.  The Baptist god teaches that humans should figure things out for themselves,  and evaluate others.  My God does the figuring and the evaluating.  The Baptist god is exclusive but my God loves Josh and everybody.  Everybody. He’s making me be like Him.  Wish He’d hurry up.


Baptists should test their god, I think, like I tested mine.  (Or rather, He tested me, because I wanted all of Him.) They should go dangerous places, and do without…just to check.  They should actually believe and perform tough Bible passages to see if their god has the right stuff.  One prophet did this.  He asked God to tell him when the stoplights would be either red or green. After a while he didn’t have to look, but it took time and lots of trials. This is a kind of  “virgins and the oil” thing.  “You Get What You Play For”   (REO Speedwagon)  “Not everyone who says  ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the Kingdom.”  I asked for lots of oil and I begged to know Jesus very, very well.  It took many years and much prayer to get what oil I have, but this I know:  when Jesus shows up, I’ll know Him.  When Jesus comes back, what if He doesn’t look like the Baptist god at all?


12:56 pm

Josh is home from work. He’s going to grate zucchini.  I found more lichens for him, and picked some wild blackberries.  I’m going to pull the lichens from the branches and spread them on a towel so they can dry out.  I showered, after I finished the dishes, and supper is in the works.  I’m brining chicken breasts which I will skillet-brown, then finish in the oven.  I’ll serve them with pesto and peas.  (Basil is wonderful with peas.)  I’ll make zucchini bread or this great zucchini cake.  My finger isn’t closing up at all and when it’s damp the top layer kinda slides around.  Very painful.  Josh was probably right, it should have been stitched.  It was so funny that he thought my dad would pay for it.  My dad wouldn’t even speak to me when Isaac pushed me into a wall and knocked me out cold!  (He didn’t like that I called Dad a liar.)  Dad knew all about it.  He knows lots of stuff and so do I.  Too late for stitches now.  I’ll have a reminder of the time my dad finally met his fate.  Until Jesus transfigures me, I suppose.

My parents were both out of sorts in the summer of 2012.  Near the time my dad said “fuck”, my mom screamed.  (She does that a lot but this time was different.)  She kicked me out of Dad’s office yelling, “WE HAD TO DO IT!”  (It might have been the very same week; I’d have to look it up.)


9:57 am

I’m reminded of the summer of 2012.  That was the only time I ever heard my dad say “fuck.”  (That was when he was trying to have me locked up again.)  He spent most of that summer badgering my children to tell him what I accused him of doing.  He never asked me.  (The boys didn’t know of course; filicide is a terrible accusation to make about their grandfather.)  I was distraught about conditions in my home, and couldn’t get anybody to take me seriously.  I accused him, vaguely, “You NEED my family to be fucked up to cover your ass.”  He JUMPED from his chair and spit “fuck” like a watermelon seed.  He never asked, “Whatever do you mean?”  He has never asked me a single question.  But he gives me money now, and he answered a text day before yesterday, even if he lied.  I’m used to that.  (I’d have to look up all the dates.)  (Most people find easier ways to engage politically.  But, some do kill opponents.  Look at Pinochet.  Or George Bush.)

My mother says “fuck.”  She used to call students  FUBAR:   Fucked Up Beyond All… I don’t remember the “R” word but it means they’re hopeless.    Maybe “redemption”?  (She really dislikes children.)






11:34 am

I told her that Isaac  gets violent with me.


Guess what!  Isaac even had the TWINKIE LADY talk to my psychopathic parents!
I’m the only one happy in this house.
Isaac made a deal with the devil.
He’s covering his ass.
And my dad’s.
We had a short interview.  My entire life is recorded.  Is she wants to read the blog, well she can ask questions then.

Image result for image my other computer11:09 am

My sons say I must do a phone interview with the funny farm.

I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

9:04 am

The Islamic connection to Freemasonry and thus a multitude of your politicians , judges and police

Candidates for induction into the Shriners are greeted by a High Priest, who says:

“By the existence of Allah and the creed of Mohammed; by the legendary sanctity of our Tabernacle at Mecca, we greet you.”

The inductees then swear on the Bible and the Koran, in the name of Mohammed, and invoke Masonry’s usual gruesome penalties upon themselves:

“I do hereby, upon this Bible, and on the mysterious legend of the Koran, and its dedication to the Mohammedan faith, promise and swear and vow … that I will never reveal any secret part or portion whatsoever of the ceremonies … and now upon this sacred book, by the sincerity of a Moslem’s oath I here register this irrevocable vow … in willful violation whereof may I incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea until the flaming sun shall strike me with livid plague, and may Allah, the god of Arab, Moslem and Mohammedan, the god of our fathers, support me to the entire fulfillment of the same. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

See more here:


8:19 am


DEA Spokesman Says They Will Start Making Busts After Kratom Ban Takes Effect & Thinks It’s Funny That People Are Stockpiling

Read at:

7:53 am

How hacking has become the greatest security threat of the 21st Century


7:48 am

God will use Women

in this season

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj,


7:46 am

Due To Religious Intolerance Facebook Bans All Christian Themed Content

Christians are ‘bullies’.


7:34 am

Freemasonry, UN and the

Occult Agenda Deceived and Conquered

7:26 am

“Why didn’t you sell out?”

“I could turn you into an assassin in less than three days”  (Barrie Trower, microwave-weaponry researcher)

Being that this  battle is (finally) between good and evil, WOULD I WANT to NOT BE TARGETED?

What does it mean for a person to live in safety and peace when those who are righteous do not?

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

I strive.  I’m still striving; I think I must fight my own battles.  My prayer is often striving even.  I strive-pray, when I’m not praying in tongues, and when I’m praying in tongues sometimes I’m doing it to gain merit because I MUST STRIVE.  I am unacceptable and un appreciated and under the gun and I STRIVE.  
I don’t hurry anymore.   God told me a couple years ago I’d never have to hurry again so when I catch myself hurrying I stop.  I still like to move fast, but I don’t hurry.  
Striving though.  I want to please Jesus.  I used to want to please everybody and the fact that my goal was IMPOSSIBLE didn’t affect me a bit.  Over my head, that fact that it cannot possibly be done, for one to please everybody.
The successful one stayed again last night; I went to bed before the picnic was over.  George and I produced a real spread, again.  The successful one rises early, because he has a job, and we drank coffee.  He’s been maligned so much I can hardly believe his good-nature.  He’s been VERY DOWN.  Another of my sons’ friends attempted suicide a couple weeks ago.  Again.

I asked  the successful one,

“Has anybody ever told you that Jesus loves you so much that He’d do ANYTHING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY?”

He said not, and also that he’d like to be happier.

I said, “It’s true.  Look what He did for me!  My kids still hate me but Jesus made me happy!”  

It’s an absolute fact.
I have nothing but Jesus.
That is WAY BETTER than everything I had before.
Thank you Dad, NSA, Isaac, Tom Casperson, Mr. Wonderful and all the other little people responsible for making this happen.

I’m happy.

I don’t know another human who can claim that stake.

Not hereabouts, anyway.

6:54 am

Big Pharma’s Patents on Kratom Alkaloids

“The DEA announced last week that Kratom would now be classified as a schedule 1 substance. In lamens terms, this means that it is as restricted as restricted gets, as schedule 1 controlled substances are considered to have no medicinal value whatsoever.”

Read at:

Wilde, Weed & Kratom

(Wow.  We’ve got Truth pouring out all over the place.)

I came to know about Kratom some time ago. People started telling me they used Kratom and not Cannabis, since Stuart was clearly against weed, and stated that it was ghoulish and opened a door of possession and such. The effect his view on this had/has on his followers was basically that they put away the weed, also the ones that needed it medically and tried out alternatives like: Kratom and Kava Kava.

There are big differences in these three compounds, and yet they somehow correspond. Learning that by doing could be a fair road to take, since the more personal benefits seem to differ. Personally I cannot deal with Kava Kava, since it is too low of a frequency, but maybe that’s just me and that is my point in all this.

I have touched on my dialogue with Stuart on this before, where I would write him: How can you say that Stu, it is one of the most healing medical plants on the planet?

He never got into detail as to why, but he softened up a bit.

And here it comes: Maybe Stuart should have told his followers that he himself used weed, like in joints, like in order to chill way up to his departure from this planet. And whoops, there went another 500 readers of mine.

But you know, we have to stop this: Blindly Following. One of Stuart’s catch phrases was: Free thinking helps. He did not introduce an exception like: Free thinking helps, but doesn’t apply to me.

“I mean, I have people in healings and writing me: “I have cancer and I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I dare go with cannabis oil, since Stuart warned about cannabis.” Jesus. I mean: Jesus. Get on the Oil: ASAP!!!”

Read at:

Will A.I. Harm Us? Better to Ask How We’ll Reckon With Our Hybrid Nature

At what point did we create an artificial intelligence? Was it when we first chiseled on rocks the memory of our debts? Was it that point when we enhanced reasoning by exploring possibilities in the arena of a game? Or when we solved a problem of inference beyond our merely fleshy ability to calculate? The dream of a fully autonomous artificial intelligence, stuff of infinite science-fiction prognostication, has blinded us to the incremental nature of artificial intelligence. The deep intellectual and ethical question facing our species is not how we’ll prevent an artificial superintelligence from harming us, but how we will reckon with our hybrid nature.

This dual nature of ours has been evident for centuries. In the 14th century, Chaucer, author of The Canterbury Tales, prepared a treatise for his son in which he set out in meticulous detail the operations of an astronomical machine—the astrolabe—designed to assist in the identification of planets and stars and provide a calendar of their motions. The astrolabe was in effect an artificial astronomer, a mechanical expert that mariners carried on voyages in lieu of libraries, charts, and mathematicians.

The astrolabe captures three properties essential to what Donald Norman, the director of the Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego, has described as “cognitive artifacts”—a store of memory, a mechanism for search, and an instrument of calculation. The use of physical objects and machines as “amplifiers” or “trainers” of cognition has, in fact, a long and celebrated history. In her magisterial study of memory in antiquity, The Art of Memory, Frances Yates describes the tale of Simonides of Ceos who once used the positions of seats around a table to recall the identities of a dinner party crushed by a falling roof. Yates dispassionately concludes, “Orderly arrangement is essential for good memory.”

Read here:

6:50 am

Consciousness Is Made of Atoms, Too

I thought it was just me.

Read more:

6:46 am

The Limits of Formal Learning, or Why Robots Can’t Dance

What makes a dancing robot interesting?

Human learning is always social, embodied, and occurs in specific practical situations. Mostly, you don’t learn to dance by reading a book or by doing experiments in a laboratory. You learn it by dancing with people who are more skilled than you.

Imitation and apprenticeship are the main ways people learn. We tend to overlook that because classroom instruction has become newly important in the past century, and so more salient.

I aimed to shift emphasis from learning toward development. “Learning” implies completion: once you have learned something, you are done. “Development” is an ongoing, open-ended process. There is no final exam in dancing, after which you stop learning.

That was quite a shift from how AI researchers traditionally approached learning, wasn’t it?

This seems to be a recurring theme in your work: we want the world to be rigid and absolute, whereas in fact it’s complex and non-uniform.

Yes. My recent work on “meaningness” suggests working with the interplay of ambiguity and pattern to enhance understanding and action. It’s “practical philosophy” for personal effectiveness, drawing on work I did in AI, and the academic fields I mentioned earlier. It has a learning dimension, too. Research on adult development shows that people may progress through pre-rational, rational, and meta-rational ways of understanding. The middle stage is overly rigid. It imagines that the world can be made to conform to systems. That can become heavy-handed, inefficient, and brittle.

See more here:


6:31 am

“I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him:

‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God’.”

“That is the one thing we must not say.

A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher.

He would either be a lunatic ­ on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg ­ or else he would be the Devil of Hell.”

“You must make your choice.”

“Either this man was, and is, the Son of God,

or else a madman or something worse.”

“You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but…

let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher.”

“He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

(C.S. Lewis)


“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

– See more at:

6:27 am


(This is getting WAY TOO NUTS.)

An arrest warrant has been issued in North Dakota for Democracy Now! host and executive producer Amy Goodman. Goodman was charged with criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor offense. A team from Democracy Now! was in North Dakota last week to cover the Native American-led protests against the Dakota Access pipeline.

On Sept. 3, Democracy Now! filmed security guards working for the Dakota Access pipeline company using dogs and pepper spray to attack protesters. Democracy Now!’sreport went viral online and was rebroadcast on many outlets, including CBS, NBC, NPR,CNN, MSNBC and Huffington Post.

See more:

6:17 am

Photographer Who Confessed Shocking 911 Criminal Conspiracy Complicity Silenced, Targeted


Gordon justifiably believes his information is not meant to be exposed due to his being silenced. His testimony proved that 911 was orchestrated by U.S. officials and that he helped ensure their plan that involved many other people succeeded.

Richard Gage’s leading 911 ‘Truth’ group has dismissed Gordon’s testimony that he had foreknowledge of the 9/11 mass murder and was indirectly complicit in it, as were an untold number of others, most unknown to each other, yet to come forward 15 years later.


“Architects for 911 Truth do not want to investigate this, even though it shows years of architectural planning went into 911,” Gordon told Dupré.

Could Gordon’s assertion about Architects for 911 Truth be accurate?

“I am copying and pasting the following from my friend Jeff Prager‘s Facebook,” The Project Avalon Forum’s Dennis Leahy wrote as a lead to his posting Dupre’s original Tom Gordon interview article. “Note. I think of Jeff as a one-man 9/11 research army, absolutely determined to discover every bit of information possible about the crimes of 9/11, and he would quickly remind you that there were multiple crimes, (including major financial crimes), not just the murders and the towers and even the pretext for wars.”

Leahy continued: “Jeff believes Richard Gage [head of Architects for 911 Truth] is a gatekeeper, and my gut is that Gage is deflecting evidence he sees as extraneous to the core case of 9/11 building demolition.

“If my gut is correct, and if all of Jeff’s research is correct, then Gage has blinders on, attempting to focus on the case he believes is critical to open the eyes of the majority of American citizens (which is theoretically where the pressure of a new investigation would come from.) If my gut is wrong, then Gage is the lead of the 9/11 truth limited hangout [controlled opposition] – attempting to help hide the nuclear nature of the building demolitions as well as the immense financial crimes.”

See more here:


6:00 am

Watch 911 WTC Buildings Being Covertly Wired for Demolition in Stunning Video

During the weekend immediately preceding 9/11, security cameras were powered down and the normal patrols with bomb sniffing dogs were curtailed. “That’s an indisputable fact,” says Brasscheck TV on Sunday.

The question of the century is: Did a single weekend give enough time for the two towers (and WTC 7) to be wired for demolition?

Covert wiring for demolition is a common tactic used by special military forces, according to Dupré’s source.

One other insider, a photographer, told Dupré that the Twin Towers were built with demolition in mind. The crime plan was ten years in the making. [Photographer Who Confessed Shocking 911 Criminal Conspiracy Complicity Silenced, Targeted]

“As soon as I learned the North Tower had been hit, all I could think of was that I had personally seen the faces of those directly in charge of this operation,” Tom Gordon told Deborah Dupre in an exclusive interview.

See at:

5:55 am

15 Years Later, Physics Journal Concludes: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due to Controlled Demolition : Daily Coin.

Read at:

What Happened on the Planes on September 11, 2001? The 9/11 Commission “Script” Was Fabricated

Global Research, September 12, 2016
Global Research 10 August 2004

The following article published twelve years ago, in August 2004 refutes the 9/11 Commission script as to what actually happened on the planes.

Much of this  detailed information was based on alleged cell phone conversations between passengers and family members. Yet the technology to use a cell phone on a plane above 8500 feet did not exist in September 2001.  

A revised version of the article was subsequently published as a chapter in my book entitled America’s “War on Terrorism”, Montreal 2005, which can be ordered directly from Global Research   

Read at:

5:40 am


In late 2000, lead singer Liam Gallagher visited New York to promote the album. Part of an interview exchange:

Interviewer (Carson Daly): The cover of the album why the New York Skyline?
Gallagher:  “Yeah I thought I’d pay you a bit of respect n that before they blow you up n that.”
This one was an ad for osteo-arthritis.
The towers have weak bones inside.

5:17 am


In 1975 Senator Frank Church convened a joint senatorial/congressional inquiry into the egregious human rights and civil liberties violations of the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”), National Security Agency (“NSA”), as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) against people both foreign and domestic. Such blatant transgressions included the “neutralization” and “elimination” of political dissidents, “enemies of the state,” real or imagined threats to National Security, and anyone else on the proverbial shit list of the Military Industrial Complex (“MIC”).

The Church Committee was the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church (D ID) in 1975. A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegality by the aforementioned agencies after certain activities had been revealed by the Watergate affair.

The end result of the Church Committee Hearings was the outright banning on CIA assassinations as well as the FBI/DOJ COINTELPRO gang-stalking programs. In 1975 and 1976, the Church Committee published fourteen reports on various U.S. intelligence agencies’ formation, operations, and the alleged abuses of law and of power that they had committed, with recommendations for reform, some of which were later put in place.

(2) Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups.

They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls.

They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for activists.

They used bad jacketing to create suspicion about targeted activists, sometimes with lethal consequences;  […]

See more at:

5:08 am

“The truth is that this has ALWAYS been a desperate relationship where you were always feeling vulnerable, worthless, hated, constantly explaining yourself, silenced, punished, invisible, and traumatized. What is it that you are actually doing wrong? Nothing! So WHY do you keep returning then?”



8:50 pm

Scientist Barrie Trower Targeting US UK citizens with Microwave weapons Cancer

with Deborah Tavares

8:27 pm

Now here’s some ruby slippers I could dig.

There’s no place like home…:


roller48:07 pm

(I’m not the only one trying to arouse the hackers to the call of their  better angels.)

“Those who hack and those who leak documentary evidence of the world’s evil conspirators are helping rid the world of the endemic danger of invalid, mindless opinions. These backstage players must be now acknowledged for what they are: Journalists. Damn good reporters of vital news. In the current war against media lies and their fraudulent, manipulating effect on opinion, like the front-line, hard-nosed news men of old, the work of these anonymous cyber-heroes shows a dedication to the full truth in a world of half-truths of gray; a dedication to a higher moral standard in the face of an amoral world; and a dedication to both these two mandates despite little reward and serious risk to personal and family freedoms. Yes…journalists!”

“So, hackers…beware. You have joined a fight so few grasp in earnest, even fewer follow with sincerity and almost none attack unfailingly with a passion, a vengeance, a conviction. A fight that will not surrender to a standard so clearly beneath us.”

“Welcome, Brothers! The gauntlet is now at your feet.
It is time!”

7:57 pm

Of hacktivism, hackers and leakers: Reset the bar of real journalism

America is the origin of media lies and a willfully ignorant public that believes them

In a world of slanted journalism that pervades not only main stream media offerings but also the majority of “progressive” and “alternative” media, it is the hackers and leakers of vital information that are now providing a new and desperately needed return to real journalism. Recent examples of courage and risk in pursuit of full disclosure which counters media distortions of fact, must be followed. Hackers and leakers are — as shown this month — providing the public service mandate once enveloped within the vaunted parchment of the First Amendment — an obligation far too long forgotten.

The remaining free world should be holding up many hackers as strong examples of moral, social and geopolitical outrage, as once they did the forgotten journalists of a similar dedication.

This last month, thanks to a plethora of hacks and leaks, has been an epiphany for many Americans and a vindication for good journalists too easily minimized regardless of their careful presentation of fact.

“But the best came last, as “The Shadow Brokers” hacked and released legitimate hacking tools from the NSA’s own special-ops entity, the “Equation Group.” While it is debatable whether this was a hack or a leak[link] by a new NSA whistleblower, regardless, when the NSA’s own elite top-of-the-line IT op is itself breached, that is one very stiff middle finger at Uncle Sam’s cyber arrogance [link]. It is also an implicit promise of very good things to come.”

Read more at:


Ron Paul: Vote all you want, the secret government won’t change

“The Deep State does not consist of the entire government…”

Former congressman Ron Paul is outspoken. When he retired from Congress, he called lawmakers psychopathic authoritarians to their faces. He’s also called Donald Trump an authoritarian and asserted Hillary Clinton could have run as a Republican. And just last week, Paul took aim at the foundational structure of American ‘democracy.’

See at:

7:43 pm

Antidepressants kill over 500,000 people annually – report

See more here:




Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.32.51 AM9/11/16

7:40 pm

In January 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation—tied with U.S. Marshals Service—as the number two threat to privacy and communications on the Internet.[6]


6:56 pm


What Can I Do For You?


Toronto 1980

Bob Dylan

Journalist Swarmed By Cops, Arrested For Asking People About Tower 7 On 9/11

Bob Tuskin, former radio host for Free Thought Project Radio and co-founder of the Free Your Mind conference, was conducting street interviews with folks outside of the Florida Gators game this weekend, when he was swarmed by cops and arrested — without reason.

Outside of the stadium, multiple other political and religious groups were demonstrating peacefully. However, only Tuskin was targeted. There were Trump supporters, religious speakers, and various other groups who the police completely ignored.

Tuskin was not harassing anyone, nor was he causing any problems whatsoever. Tuskin simply asked passersby if they would like to watch a video of a building collapsing — and for this, he was kidnapped by armed agents of the state and put in a cage.

See more at:

5:57 pm

I baked some cheddar-garlic biscuits and mowed the rest of the way around the house and down to the lake.

3:30 pm

We had three extras for waffles; I just did the dishes.

They’re all coming back for a picnic tonight so I made baked beans and a blackberry cake.

Then I picked a four-leaf clover.

Now I’m going to mow grass.

George has been cleaning the upholstery on chairs.


1:27 pm

SHOCK VIDEO:  Hillary Clinton Collapses Leaving 9/11 Memorial

I can’t believe it.  I’m praying for Hillary.  She looks very troubled.


12:51 pm

I made waffle batter and mowed north of the house, and the northwest portion.

The successful one slept on the couch last night.

Another has been invited for waffles.

George is cleaning carpeting.

11:55 am

I mowed up by the road.

I picked 1 four-leaf clover and thanked God that I now sleep all night.  It’s been many years.


11:20 am

I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

11:05 am

This is the bet my dad and I made and this is the bet that Isaac made and this is the bet that Adam, the atheist, made,  and I won,  and nobody will come crown me victor of all things terrestrial. Sigh.  I don’t really want that of course, but my story is amazing, throbbing with power and love.   A demon told me once, that he could make me president and I laughed in his face.  I said, “I’d only take that job at the hand of Jesus, the Christ.”  That demons still shows up.  Last time I saw him I offered him a four-leaf clover and he shook his finger at the house and called me weird.  Then he got into his new truck and drove away.  I’ve been looking for a way to shut him up for years.  
THIS IS THE BET made by every denomination that denies the gifts of the Spirit.  THIS IS THE BET made by every materialistic materialist living in a material world.  
“The fool hath said in his heart:  THERE IS NO GOD.”  
My daddy didn’t raise no fools.  
“But Tony, dogs can’t talk!”
“H E ‘ S A    T A L K A    T O    M E !” 
(LADY and the tramp)
Did you know, the NSA bet with me?  They are not stupid, not a tiny bit.  DECEIVED, oh, yeah, but they see spiritual things that the populace does not.  I bet my book is really scary to them.  I hope not.  I do not wish for them to live in fear as I have done.  I do not with to become them.
THE NSA actually, did not ‘bet’, in the actual sense, since their do-dads keep them abreast of developments in ranges surpassing our own abilities to ingest.  The are the ‘watchers’ and the ‘see-ers’ and the ‘shamans’ and they are utterly sold out to the dark side.  THEY KNOW GOD IS REAL and they know He speaks.  They also know the innate desire of BIOLOGICAL HUMANS is to cry out to GOD when they have an orgasm and when they die. They used that against us.
And now we can’t distinguish between God’s voice and the TV set.  


10:49 am

I forgot to define the offensive part of my faith, and it is also major, the most pertinent issue within Christendom and without:



I’ve bet everything, even my own sons.






PS-10:46 am

I ALSO BELIEVE that my sons’ behavior was NECESSARY to make me into Jesus’ likeness and I do thank them from the bottom of my heart.  My heart is not a concern to them.

Their own hearts are their imminent business.

10:43 am

God reminded me to ‘believe more’.  Here’s what I’m believing:

My sons do not mean to subject me to offensive detention and brainwashing, not even with ponies and mountain views instead of suicide-checks every fifteen minutes and FORCIBLY-ADMINISTERED POISONS.

(I think mountains are overrated.  I prefer large bodies of water.)

I BELIEVE that when they threaten me, my sons are MERELY TESTING MY FAITH just one more time.

I BELIEVE that they both understand that I have loved, and shall continue to love TRUTH more than I love them.

I BELIEVE that they know I have lost every relationship and every item of earthly value DUE TO MY FAITH.

I BELIEVE that they understand that they have been a STUMBLING BLOCK to my spiritual progress, and I BELIEVE they will make recompense for


I BELIEVE they probably don’t want me to talk on the telephone to the HEAD TWINKIE from the funny farm in Colorado.

I BELIEVE political retaliation and religious subversion and narcissistic control-abuse and physical violence and misogyny would offend any self-respecting twinkie of note.

10:05 am

The NSA and the 9/11 Deception

Published on Jan 26, 2014


As the public finally becomes outraged over the NSA’s illegal spying, members of government and the corporate media wage an information war to misdirect that anger to issues of less importance. To counteract this, a bold new citizen-led initiative to nullify the NSA is now gaining momentum around the United States. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

ECONOMIC AND DEMOGRAPHIC DATA MAKE IT CLEAR IT IS GAME OVER FOR THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA | The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status | GERMANY MAKES GAME CHANGING MOVE, PREPARES FOR WAR TO DEFEAT KHAZARIAN MAFIA | Khazarian mafia bosses offer to return Tsarist gold to Russia in exchange for shelter

Here’s hoping:

#EURefugeeCrisis FINLAND: Hold protest as anti-immigration protests are becoming commonplace in many EU countries against Europe’s #Refugee policy as they want to stop #Muslims being given #asylum – @AceNewsServices

See more:



10:00 am

Seriously ‘Sinister’ Big Pharma: Opioid Maker Bankrolls Opposition to Pro-Pot Referendum

See more:

9:58 am

With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early:

for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

9:50 am



#Brittius says Pacific Ring of Fire is virtually alive, and now Africa Keep a lookout for the New Madrid faultline. If that blows, half of America, is finished – @AceNewsServices

“Lord, I hope it’s not wrong of me but I LOVE SEEING YOUR HAND MOVE OVER THIS PLANET!

Your word says something about ‘woe to those who look for your judgment’ —

but also it says something about how righteous folks ‘talk about your judgment all the time.’

You PREDICTED THIS STUFF and I can’t help but get a little worked up when I see it come to pass.



See at:

9:47 am

How a leading American fashion model came to be experimented upon by the CIA mind control team

While preparing for bed, Candy began speaking again in the voice Nebel had heard earlier. Even more alarming, this strange personality within Candy had a completely different attitude towards him; ‘she’ sounded cruel, mocking and cold. When Nebel asked her about it, Candy was astonished; she hadn’t noticed the emergence of another voice or personality.

However, a few weeks after their marriage, she did tell Nebel that she had worked for the FBI for some time, adding mysteriously that she might have to go out of town on occasion without giving a reason. This left Nebel wondering whether there was a connection between the ‘other’ personality within Candy and the strange trips she said she made for the FBI.

Donald Bain shows that when sex and glamour are mixed with conspiracy and science (in this case experimental narco-technology), a ‘reality’ is enthroned which begins to look like a cover from the kind of science-fiction magazine both Jensen and Nebel must have read in their youth. On these covers, beautiful female bodies are snared and entangled with wires, consoles and aerials, well-endowed girls in torn blouses run from clanking cyberclones, and lizard-like figures wield hypodermic needles.

Read at:

9:44 am

Central Intelligence Agency

A Look Back … Julia Child: Life Before French Cuisine

Julia Child is probably best known for bringing French cuisine into America’s mainstream. But, few know that she had a dynamic career as an intelligence officer before she became a cooking icon.

She was born in Pasadena, Calif., on Aug. 15, 1912. Arriving at Smith College in 1930, Julia was an active student throughout her college career. She was a member of the Student Council, played basketball, and worked for the Dramatics Association. Julia experienced her first culinary moments at Smith, as chair of the Refreshment Committee for Senior Prom and Fall Dance. After graduating from Smith in 1934, Julia wrote advertising copy for W. & J. Sloane, a furniture store in New York City.

Soon after the United States entered World War II, Julia felt the need to serve her country. Too tall to join the military (she was 6’2”), Julia volunteered her services to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the forerunner of today’s Central Intelligence Agency. She was one of 4,500 women who served in the OSS.

She started out at OSS Headquarters in Washington, working directly for General William J. Donovan, the leader of OSS. Working as a research assistant in the Secret Intelligence division, Julia typed up thousands of names on little white note cards, a system that was needed to keep track of officers during the days before computers. Although her encounters with the General were minor, she recalled later in life that his “aura” always remained with her.  

See more at:

BUT, I thought Japan tried to surrender BEFORE EITHER BOMB FELL?

9:24 am

DEPLORABLE! I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73….it never goes away.

Juania Broaddrick, here:

Police in England and Wales consider making misogyny a hate crime…but Muslims raping your children not important enough to investigate

“Nothing’s changed” in Rotherham with “rampant” child sex abuse despite victims report

Nothing has changed, not in the slightest. It’s still the same scale as before,” a girl identified as Lizzie, said.

You hear about new girls being abused “on a daily basis,” she added.

Another victim called Ellie told that “raping of white girls by these men is still going on.”

“Some, I know, have had to wait months before they’re even asked to give a statement [to the police]. It’s shockingly bad still,”she added.

See more at:

Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” Comment Proves She Thinks This Election Is Rigged for Her

Melissa Dykes



Jill Stein Calls For New 9/11 Inquiry

Jill Stein has called for a new inquiry into the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, saying that she believes the previous official investigation was deliberately undermined by the Bush administration. 


The Green Party presidential candidate issued a statement on her website saying that the 9/11 Commission was stonewalled by the previous administration, claiming the report “contained so many omissions and distortions”.

See more at:

James Comey’s Ties To Clinton Foundation Is A Conflict Of Interest

According to a recent review of James Comey’s previous and current business relationships, the FBI Director has deep personal and professional ties to The Clinton Foundation that pose a significant conflict of interest. 


The findings reinforce the idea that Comey whitewashed the investigation of Hillary Clinton due to the fact that he is entrenched in big-money nepotism with Washington’s elite.

See more here:

9:18 am

“Dear Lord, I ask you to intervene on behalf of all those who burn to know what happened on 9/11.  Please comfort their hearts and disclose all Truth concerning that treason and murder.  Thank you, Amen.”



I just had a mini-vision of myself cooking on a huge grill.  I was making omelettes with a ring mold and I held commercial tools and I knew how to use them.  I was right there at the Big Boy flipping like a fool.  Those spatulas were so comfortable and the plates were beautiful.

Re-Vamping Everyone’s Value System, Huge Upgrade and Overhaul Phase Now

This is the BEST PROPHETIC SERMON I’ve heard in a long time!

(I’d change some of the terms a little, since I grew up on the KING JAMES BIBLE, but the message is spot on.)


“Impurities of unconsciousness.” 

Great term for the sin of error.


8:55 am

Narcissists Constantly Change Their Viewpoints To Win Arguments and To Look Superior


8:52 am

Narcissists Have Petty and Bizarre Trust Issues

A Narcissist’s Harassment and Aggression Is Mistaken For Passion By Everyone


8:37 am


HEY ISAAC. Have you thought of this?


Linda Goldthorpe <>

8:36 AM (0 minutes ago)

Have you considered how petty and foolish you will look to my witnesses and readers if you send me for BRAINWASHING… because YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT I SAY?


Not a good place for a guy who wants to be a somebody in the ‘freedom’ paradigm.

8:30 am


HEY Isaac. Check this out. Wanna join the Random Resistance?


Linda Goldthorpe <>

7:37 AM (53 minutes ago)




I included in my last email, links for SIX VIDEOS.

When I sent the email, it appeared with links for SIX VIDEOS.
BUT, there were little picture-links to SEVEN VIDEOS.
WE are not alone.
Please, do not stay in the dark place.
Do not any longer attack the only person you know of who is fighting for your soul.

7:57 am

Hackers are the most popular guys in town.  I knew it would get this way.  Hackers are the ‘IT guys’.  Hackers are courted by extremes of both the light and the darkness.  There is no middle ground for a hacker; to be so skilled is to be suspect.  

HACKERS  RUN THE WORLD and the world is running scared.

I feel like Ernie Harwell, or maybe Trey Gowdy.   I’m watching this stuff and I write it down and then it comes to pass and nobody will talk to me!  And I could help somebody maybe, with what I see.  And also maybe somebody could help me;  I don’t understand MANY THINGS. 
Hackers are hunted, we fear their race now.  They will be owned, each and every one of them.   (Also everybody else with ANY OTHER MEANS OF INFLUENCE.)  
Hackers are in the crosshairs of a deeply-embedded satanic/masonic plan.
I, and others like me, oppose that plan on behalf of Jesus, who freed us from both satan and freemasons.
Both sides of this conflict are in it for the duration.
This is the final battle between good and evil because:  


They’re the gods whose light must be extinguished for lucifer to actually seem sorta-maybe godlike.  Even he needs hackers.  We all need hackers.  Sigh.
Hackers are hunted and hackers are had,
Will they be good?  Or will they be bad?
The world holds its breath,
I’m typing the news,
…[to be continued]
It’s the singularity.
The road splits, just here.
Time is done.
The only safe place for a threatened self-consciousness is in the arms of Jesus.
(“Leap and the net will appear.”  –Jason Mraz, musician and thought-leader)

7:08 am

KISS did a concert and stopped for the Pledge of Allegiance.  My entire youth was a sham.  Is it possible that Gene Simmons who embodied all that was defiant…is merely an actor?  Could the same be true for Alice Cooper and Ozzie Osborne?  Did anybody actually ever bite the head off a rat onstage?
AND COULD IT BE POSSIBLE, that those trendy thought-leader-stars that the young people now admire are not truly musical geniuses,  and (shudder) might they also be fake?  And if they are, who made them into trendy thought-leader-types?


…only wanna be a ‘star’? 

I’m very disappointed.

I observe often, the only thing that gets a guy off his ass

is the (frequent)


How to Avoid Capture if You Are on the Red List

(I didn’t reed this article because I expect to be popping in and out of situations supernaturally.  That’s what Jesus and the apostles did and now we have NEW WINE and will see miracles every day.  But, somebody might need to know this.)

6:55 am

Using Pot While Pregnant Not Tied to Birth Risks

See at:

6:53 am

IF YOU’RE THINKING of running for office…

Why, you might ask, do I need to please the Jews?

Don’t you know that every single component of political machinery is controlled by Jews?

Even Jimmy Carter, tarred a ‘Jew-hater’ for it, said, “The Israel Lobby is so powerful that all US politicians are beholden to the Lobby’s agenda.”

Better take a lesson in how the world works. Jews control it all, even world trade.

So here’s a list, you can check it twice, it’s really quite naughty, but Jews think it nice:

Study Finds Lifelong Cannabis Users Are Healthy

“In a study of nearly 1,000 New Zealanders tracked over 40 years, people reporting nearly 20 years of consistent pot smoking did not show any signs of a decline in lung function, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other deterioration of physical health.”


6:42 AM

“If the male population in the non-Islamic-world does not come together to end RAPE as the weapon used against Western civilization: Then the mongrel-barbarians have already won their current WAR against the World!”

“RAPE is one of the most egregious crimes used, yet non-humans in the West are reducing ‘rape’ to less than a misdemeanor because they fear reprisals. If anyone should fear reprisals, it should be the rapists at the hands of furiously-violated citizens of the nations they have invaded…”

Check out this outraged Western man.  He is upright and opposes the use of RAPE to subjugate a population.  He warns us that RAPE will be used against the WESTERN FOLKS by strange other men.





“Non-humans in the West” are SUPPORTING RAPE HERE AT HOME and it’s a bit uninformed and self-righteous to preach about those offenders who actually FACE THEIR VICTIMS.






HEY.  I found a glitch in the matrix.  Or maybe they cloned John Hinckley because he was SEEN OUT AND ABOUT (in New York maybe?)    I red about it a couple weeks ago.  I wasn’t surprised, because I also red this in July:

The John Hinckley Release Is an Assassination Warning to Donald Trump

Thursday, July 28, 2016 11:53
Yesterday, the attempted assassin John Hinckley was released to the custody of his mother. Hinckley, of course, was the individual who attempted the assassination of Ronald Reagan. Isn’t it interesting that Hinckley was released at a time associated with anti-Trump sentiment? Reagan was a reformer and Trump is a would-be reformer. After this many decades, why was Hinckley only released now at this point in time? 

Then this morning I learned that those things couldn’t have happened because:

Reagan’s would-be assassin released today

By JOEL GEHRKE (@JOELMENTUM) • 9/10/16 5:24 PM
“The man who shot Ronald Reagan was released from a mental health institution on Saturday, pursuant to a judge’s ruling that John Hinckley, Jr. is not a danger to himself or others.”

5:57 am

Fantastic Tales Americans Must Believe To Be Admitted to Polite Society

“Americans have lost jobs and even been killed by their government because they were unwilling to at least appear to believe Fantastic Tales that couldn’t possibly be true. But we are rapidly approaching a transition period when we will be able to actually Tell the Truth in public.”

See at:


9:47 pm


via Great Big Story, Thanks to Woo Woo Media

Growing up in a family of 13, Phillip Vowles learned to appreciate the effort it took to feed all his brothers and sisters. So when he started harvesting his own crop, he decided to supersize his venture. As Phillip says, “big vegetables feed big families.” Today, his giant veggies top-out at over 100 pounds and can feed more than just a few families.

9:35 pm


See more:

“Fake Paradise” is a track from Dub FX’s new album, Thinking Clear.
Directed by: Bruce Gil and Dub Fx
Dop/Vfx/Editor: Bruce Gil

9:19 pm

The Narcissistic Family Dynamics

“You’re THERE to serve your parents.”

(Isn’t that funny?  I grew up that way so it’s natural that I still live it out.  A co-dependent needs to serve somebody, since she’s useless,  and she also craves the random acts of cruelty.)

  (Now George and I are HERE to SERVE OUR SONS!)


Brown University distributes free tampons to men’s rooms because ‘not all people who menstruate are women’

See at:


9:13 pm

The Nixie Has a Few Space-Saving Tricks Up Its Sleeves

This one is great.  I love the bathtub.



8:58 pm


See at:

8:47 pm


Sure, it’s a commercial, but it’s not fiction. This really is how obliviously lost in the Matrix the youngest generations in our tech addicted society are. You’ve seen it with Pokemon Go. It’s just sad we’re to the level that, instead of parents telling their kids to put down their devices and come eat dinner, parents are going to buy more devices to combat the devices they won’t make their kids put down when they come eat dinner…

6:48 pm

There were five extra young people here.  We managed to feed them all, I had fried fish on the menu and shrimp cakes for George.   He bought some buns and I sliced up potatoes and we served french fries and fish sandwiches.    We’re good hosts for our sons’ friends.

Gowdy: “They got it wrong. They blew it. FBI, DOJ gave immunity to the triggerman. Prosecutor 101: you don’t give immunity to the person who robbed the bank.”

We’re learning this morning that the IT specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server was granted immunity by the Justice Department.

According to the New York Times report, the immunity deal was made with Paul Combetta, who worked for a Colorado company called Platte River Networks, a private firm that managed the server.

Most Transparent Administration Ever! $400 Million? No. $1.7 Billion? Nope. – U.S. may have paid Iran as much as $33.6 Billion.

4:19 pm


“He still loves you, no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done.  and no matter how long it takes you to find him,  he’s still waiting for you.    And whether you have any hope in Him or not, He still has hope in you.”

4:15 pm

Is it right for my sons to insist that I need ‘help’ to become “well”  without looking at my records of 1) my ongoing efforts to become a better person, and 2) my insights and revelations and their applications to my life, along with the results of my efforts?    (Always positive.)



4:03 pm

I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

3:32 pm

I’m not hanging on for no reason.  George was done with me years ago.  My sons don’t want to live with me and Grandpa gave them that option.  God’s got some place set up for me.

But, I truly don’t feel peace about going to Colorado.  Not even a little bit.

How is it that my feelings do not enter into my life at all?  Oh yeah.  I’m dead.  I’m dead in CHRIST and the life I now ‘live’ is JESUS LIVING IN ME.  Whatever happens is what He wishes.


2:34 pm

I’m so glad my sons are doing the Jezebel-spirit control-thing on me again.

How would God know when to PROMOTE ME if He didn’t give me SOME TESTS?

2:24 pm

Isaac knows fully well I am not mentally ill, and he knows I’ve never been so.

He knows HOW I WAS TRAUMATIZED and I’m trusting that he will speak up on my behalf.

2:23 pm

You know, it’s very freeing to not think I must be hurt again.  It becomes a bit of a responsibility, like good hygiene.  We figure:  MY SONS DID ME BAD AGAIN, so, I MUST RETALIATE AT LEAST INTERNALLY.  Some improvements being accomplished, then when MY SONS DID ME BAD AGAIN, I now think:  THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HURT SO I’LL GET MY FEELINGS HURT.  But, I can choose not to feel hurt.
I didn’t hurt the other day when I was making stuffed peppers.  I was parboiling green pepper-cups and one of them twisted in the tongs as I lifted it from the water, consciously holding it upside-down.  The boiling water filled the cup and it dumped all  over my forearm.  It didn’t even hurt but it was sore afterward and left a nasty red patch.
I choose not to take offense.  The demons want me to be offended at my beautiful sons.  Nothing has changed.
God still knows my deadline even if I am not permitted to know when it approaches, or to influence my life in any appreciable manner.  God is in charge of me.  Not my sons.

2:16  pm

Jesus asked, just last week:

“For, what is it to you, my servants?  Whose word do they oppose?  Is it your own?”


Big Fat:  NOT.


2:14 PM

What I really long to do is to go to my condo in Toronto and begin learning stuff and connecting with other SPIRIT-LED CHRISTIANS.

Somebody cares what I want.  It’s OK for me to want some things now.  I’m pretty sure.

1:48 pm

I have an opportunity for a job in Chicago beginning pretty soon.  (The manager is moving on Friday.)

I still am slated for the funny farm.  No parole.

1:39 pm

“Thank you Lord, that my sons persist in BLAMING A VICTIMIZED SOLDIER OF THE CROSS.

I hope this time you’ll make me a size 6 and give me an airstream trailer.  I know you’ll think of SOME BLESSING THAT SUPERSEDES EVERY HORRIBLE THING THEY CHOOSE TO BELIEVE ABOUT YOUR SERVANT.

Thank you that my sons retain error in their lives and in their judgment.

Thank you that they persist; thank you that I AM A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.

Please forgive them for ATTACKING ME OVER AND OVER.




1:36 pm

It’s quite obvious they do not wish me to be well.

They wish for me to be GONE.

Just like their grandpa.


Josh said ‘no’.

I may not stay any longer

in the house

I signed over to them

when my dad told me to just before

he declared me persona non grata

and  just before I became homeless.

Josh  said I must go to the funny farm in Colorado.

I did not give him my life, when I gave him my home.

When I begin to heal…they mess it up.

This is an inexcusable pattern.




12:47 pm

1973 Airstream Argosy 22 – Michigan

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  • Listed by: Ishchic
  • Member Since: September 5, 2016

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1973 Airstream Argosy 22 - Michigan




I love our trailer but it has to go. We purchased our trailer a few years ago and haven’t had the time to use it like we would like to. The refrigerator works on both electric and gas perfectly. The stove work well also. The people we purchased it from winterized it and since we stay at parks with showers/toilets, we never used the water or sewer. We love the vista view window and get many comments and visitors when we go camping.
Sorry for how the pictures uploaded.
Thank you for your interest.
9/7/2016. Sale is pending


12:33 pm



The Pacer for 1960 at 16 ft is among the superstars of the vintage trailer world. Ridiculously cute and irresistibly charming, the Pacer is simply magnetic.
Whether towing or camping, the Pacer is sure to garner attention and this original example is no exception.
From it’s polished exterior to it’s wide whitewall radial tires. It is a blast to own and a pleasure to share with others.
Inside the interior remains original and impeccably clean. The floor plan is the more desirable full time corner bed with the separate dining that converts to sleeping if needed. The appliances, cabinetry and sink are in amazing condition.
This model came with a porcelain toilet only, no shower.
No old trailer odors here.

(I was born in 1960.)


Take note of the details in this beautiful 1964 Airstream Globetrotter with all of its original charm plus many updated systems.
This coach has been in our non-smoking, no-pets family and extended family for nearly 20 years. We have the original owners manual showing delivery date and first owners. Original equipment includes bath sink and shower, cabinetry, refrigerator and window hardware, all in the original layout. Both large closets for hanging clothes are intact, as are the under-gaucho original removable bins. Hand a bin to each kid and tell them to pack their stuff and bring the bin back full and you are packed! […]

12:29 pm

Corbett Report presents – 911 A Conspiracy Theory

12:18 pm

Cerebral Narcissists Are Not Really Smart

“Share your thoughts and feelings!”

“People waste their money donating to Republicans and Democrats…”

North Korea

Sarcasm Ban

Signals Future

Of Media Suppression


Who are the North Korean ‘moderates’?

“I’ve honed my weapon!”

I WANNA GO JOIN UP and fight that tyrannical regime!

(If I join the ‘moderates’ my government won’t object, right?)

My Husband’s Message

to Lukewarm Christians

(Essentially.  That’s his thesis.)
“Relationship with the Lord is an every-day-thing.”