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“As a cook, tastes and smells are my memories.  Now I’m in search of new ones.  So I’m leaving New York City and I hope to have a few epiphanies around the world.  I’m willing to go to some lengths to do that.   I’m looking for extremes of emotion and experience.  I’ll try anything, I’ll risk everything, I’ve  nothin’ to lose.”    (Anthony Bourdain)  
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“I’ve never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it.”    Dorothy Parker
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I would speak to my Congress about my government’s  practices of tortureWhen Richard Wurmbrand came to the U S after spending many years solitarily confined in the prisons of Ceausescu’s Romania, he removed his shirt before Congress.  He testified of things he had suffered at the hands of a repressive government.  America permitted him the privilege to display his scars.  He was barefoot, because he couldn’t wear shoes.  His torture came to a demonstrable end, due to the principles held dear by the United States of America.  America now neither values, nor exercises those principles.  America tortures its own.I was the victim of torture.  My long-term torture went unrecognized by those closest to me, because my behavior is frequently unusual.  I interact with a realm my family knows.  I talk to spirits.  They do too.  This fact became apparent to my torturers, and made me a more interesting victim.  It also made me accept their interventions, and to continue in love.  My love has grown tough.  My love of truth became paramount, and indefatigable.  I will have it.Current torture tactics are avant-garde and frequently not recognized by the victim.  I know myself very well. I am obedient.  I usually only obey God, but he told me to obey sometimes, the other voices I was hearing.  They were perverse.   My affidavit and novel, published in 2011, document “compulsions” to which I was subjected.  I suppose a person without God would find these irresistible.  My heart goes out to all thus afflicted.Induced pain and compelled behaviors do not sate the blood lust of  torturers.  All aspects of life, for the targeted individual, must be destroyed:  relationships, finances, health, sanity, reputation, activities, even family members. Torturers target entire families. Electronic torture does leave physical scars as well, although these can always be attributed to natural causes.  Mental illness is not natural but frequently bears much of the blame for unexplainable sensations and actions.“Gang-stalking” takes many forms.  When covert techniques fail, sillier methods are attempted  These are unbelievable and discussing them is impossible.  Resulting isolation is debilitating, for one who is alone.  I was not, and demonstrated the fact to the neural monitors.  I recorded my experiences, swore to my words, notarized and sent them away.  It’s documented that I have not seen them again.Although I often considered the similarity of my torment to the woes of  electronic-harassment-victims I’d studied, I dismissed the concept.  It could not be possible that I was important enough to merit such ministrations.  In America, nobody has the luxury of underestimating himself.  Apparently, we’re all pretty important.  Those often considered weakest, are the most important.As it now stands, and I am indeed still standing, I give my heartfelt thanks for efforts that turned me into my torturers’ worst nightmare.  I was without purpose, and they gave me just that.  It is with little satisfaction, but ultimate confidence that I say, many who read my words will wish they’d never been born.  I am glad they were.  The goons are forgiven, by myself and Almighty God.  So are my parents, who set the hounds on me.  However, this will mean little if each participant refuses to embrace truth.  I await but will not influence the circumstances that will, inevitably, provide that opportunity.  Their fate is in their own hands.  Mine is the property of an entirely different realm, as I have demonstrated.  Soon, I won’t even remember this bullshit.  Before that day, however, I will speak to those who abused me.  I will look them in the eye.  I will not watch them quiver, because Jesus is merciful and knows I don’t like pain.  I don’t like to watch people naked, or at their weakest moments.  I don’t get my rocks off hurting people.  Neither does He, but he’s far tougher than I, and has demonstrated the extent of his commitment to truth and justice.I suspect Edward Snowden hadn’t the stomach any longer, to torture for a living.
I suspect he gave blood at the office, and knows he has no hope for a normal life unless he changes the world.  I know how that feels.  Consider it done.I say on behalf of  Him who has demonstrated his omniscience on my behalf, “It is finished.”Linda Goldthorpe, Michigan Congressional District 1
The United States of America, for now
          I just remembered something God said a long time ago.  He said, “You don’t have to do it.”  I forgot!  He’s doing it.  We will be vindicated and truth will reign!   10 stories in a row on Drudge about all the people watching us on the internet!  I TOLD THEM WE WERE BEING WATCHED!  The headline was, “Internet from Hell”.  (Shit, if one guy in a garret can do the stuff I’ve seen, the goons can do anything.  They should pour my coffee.)
          Why watch me?  I don’t commit crimes!  I use my turning signal even in the middle of the night.  I drive in the right lane even when Marv says I’d get better gas mileage in the left one. Why me?  Maybe something like this: I annoy people.   (It is now a criminal offense to “annoy” a police officer in New York.)   I annoy everyone I know.  I annoy those I don’t know.  (Isaac says everybody likes me…until they get to know me.)  I am an undesirable.  Undesirability is the “why”.  Unfortunately, to the cause of truth, “undesirability” is a fluid concept.  Evaluations of desirability are sin, and will be punished with death.  Or, they can be abolished from the rulebooks and from the hearts of each man.  Your choice.
          OK, I am deemed undesirable by witness of people who have either 1) more money than I, or 2) more chutzpah than they got the foundation for.  My own father says I am not fit to live in this society as a contributive participant.  He thinks the government should give me money to sit still and keep my mouth shut.  My dad has mishandled his affairs and wants a bail-out.  Some “conservative”.  (I annoy my DAD really bad.)
          The stun-guns are a different thing.  It is wrong to induce victims to hear and feel and do things at the whim of others.  ALL the rulebooks prohibit this type of behavior.  My rulebook predicted it.  The Bible says that in the final hours of this planetary life,  this “pre-evolutionary-leap-time”…men will make merchandise of people, buying and selling their very souls.  Some souls cannot be bought. (Some will overcome, those who are pregnant with God’s purpose.  They got that way from spending intimate time with him.)  Stun guns are done.  Those involved will be tried.  Intentional ignorance will be dealt with severely.
          Creepy people are also on the undesirable-list.  This will change abruptly, when everybody sees and hears what the creepy people currently watch and listen to.  Newcomers will be turned inside-out, just creeping themselves out.  This will not be funny, even to those of us who expect it.  We will be very busy because all the formerly non-creepy people will be running to us with questions.  We will always have the right answers, if we seek them from Jesus.
          The new kingdom is Jesus.  His character and will are law.  People will be very happy about this, and begin to believe one another again.  It will start slowly, but there will be a tipping point and those who do not embrace love and truth will not last.  They will cease to exist in our world.  We will finally learn the definition of love.
          Responsibility, and its pains, will be lifted from every shoulder.  As a result, we will become more productive, because love is a far better motivator.  We will share, so personal gain will not motivate us.  With the top human fears conquered, we will never be sad.  We will all know we can never lose life or love.  We will create.  We’ll be like Him.
          “Thank you for allowing me to experience the low place.  Thank you for preparing me perfectly, all alone.  Do not allow me to speak even one word that doesn’t originate in you.  Thank you for guiding me through the darkness and do not allow me to look, even now, to the left or to the right, but directly at you.  I am yours.  Keep me low.  Do not allow me even one thought for myself, because you know best.  I am yours.  Send the fire.”
“Through the Princeton EGGS experiment we now have solid, replicable empirical evidence that humans interact directly with each other and the world in the domain of consciousness, despite physical barriers and separations.”  (Dave Hodges)
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