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Jesus Speaks on THE GOD DIMENSION & Video Games

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I just tasted licorice.  I smell nice things a lot, things that others don’t catch a whiff of.  I think I’m handing over the computer.  I haven’t asked if that act of submission would grant me assured lodging until January 1, but I think if I truly trust Jesus I’ve got to do it.  I’d like to figure out some way where I could still visit just a couple sites a day, to see what Jesus has been telling others, but I can’t actually figure that out.  I’d still see news stories and I don’t think I should do that anymore.  I don’t think I should antagonize my sons anymore either.  I want them to heal and feel love, I want that more than anything.  You don’t have real LOVE without TRUTH though.  They’re the same guy.
“Dear Lord.  This is a very great test for me because my brain is very busy.  I’m trusting you to supply all kinds of fresh manna for me to think about.  I’m expecting to hear YOUR VOICE all the time, OK?  I’m expecting to see your face, as I devote myself more fully to your purposes and your joy. “
“Show me how; this is an undiscovered country.  Please bless and protect my readers and my witnesses, as I go dark.  They could call me up, if you moved somebody to ever call me up.  Please, don’t let me feel disconnected or lonely.  You are all I need.  I know that.  I expect to be inebriated in your love.  Amen.”

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Psywar – Full Documentary

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I am chastised already.


“So that woman is a little sneaky.  That’s NOTHING like the demons WANTED HER TO BE and TAUNTED HER…”  (Paraphrase)

If a person is born with few graces, but uses them well, like deciding to be MOSTLY HONEST and KIND,  then that is WAY BETTER

than  a person born with many advantages HE DOES NOT USE.

I Am Clothing You In My Lowliness

“I want My Brides, My Blessed ones, to go around elevating others above themselves, in their thoughts and actions. (not verbally) I want them to take the last place, to be the lowest and to seek the interest of others rather than their own. Tall order? For some, yes. Lacking in grace? No, I am providing it as these words are received into your hearts, as you say ‘be it unto me according to your will,’ this grace is being given and taking root.”

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Your Lowliness,Your Lives Thru My Eyes

“All that is done with a pure motive will stand. All that is done in vainglory will fall, it’s just that simple. (vainglory, inordinate pride in oneself or one’s achievements; excessive vanity.) Most of the world is motivated by this need to exalt oneself. When I came to this earth I went out of My way to debase Myself. I washed the feet of My disciples. Those who were looking for a king to rule over them missed it. Those who were looking for the true substance of the faith, recognized Me immediately. They were weary with the posturing of important persons and hungered to be set free from their sins. To have peace, to be right with God. They sought a kingdom not of this world and that is why they recognized Me.”

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I can see the doctor with a gun to her head.

A voice says, “How should I know what you gotta write, sista?    Just make it say she’s fit to serve…”

Hillary’s Doctor Releases Her Latest “Medical Records”

“Fit to serve,” are the three little words that Dr. Lisa Bardack chose to sum up Hillary Clinton’s post-collapse, post-pneumonia, post-coughing fit medical test. Bardack concluded that“the remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition.” Of course, the big question is, will Hillary be healthy enough that Bardack does not need to walk arm in arm with her in public during Hillary’s next appearance, while checking to make sure her pulse is still there.”

See at:   https://sentinelblog.com/2016/09/15/hillarys-doctor-releases-her-latest-medical-records/

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Fukushima Backlash Hits Japan Prime Minister. Fukushima is NOT under Control

Nuclear power may never recover its cachet as a clean energy source, irrespective of safety concerns, because of the ongoing saga of meltdown 3/11/11 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Over time, the story only grows more horrific, painful, deceitful. It’s a story that will continue for generations to come.

“Here’s why it holds pertinence: As a result of total 100% meltdown, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) cannot locate or remove the radioactive molten core or corium from the reactors. Nobody knows where it is. It is missing. If it is missing from within the reactor structures, has it burrowed into the ground? There are no ready answers.”

See more:   http://www.globalresearch.ca/fukushima-backlash-hits-japan-prime-minister/5545642

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Radioactive Food and Water the New Normal in Japan

Japan has an amazing food culture thanks in part to the rich volcanic soil and ample rainfall, despite the lack of spacious farms. As it stands, Japan can feed approximately one third of its population from domestic production.

If you watch Japanese TV from time to time, you will see a bizarre and disturbing fetishization of food that borders on the insane. The media and in turn consumers are obsessed with food as not only a source of nutrition and social cohesion (all for the good), but as art, fashion and status symbol, a celebration of gluttony and greed; an infantile obsession with eating for self satisfaction.

I love good and healthy food and appreciate Asian cuisine, but we eat to live, not live to eat. This social pathology affects other cultures as well as seen by increasing rates of extreme obesity especially in Western countries due to the proliferation of shopping malls, junk food and high fructose corn syrup.

How ironic then that a “high food” society like Japan would have to suffer the insult of radioactive contamination. This is not a tuna melt sandwich but a nuclear melt-down sundae.

Read more at:   http://www.wakingtimes.com/2016/09/14/radioactive-food-water-new-normal-japan/

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“Dear Jesus.  This letter to Isaac is extremely harsh.  I find it difficult to deliver.  If you mean for him to see it, please give me grace to push the buttons.  Soothe his pained heart!  Give him peace!  Show him love!  Free him from the bondages his sin has forged!  LOVE ON HIM, please?  Amen.”

Dear Isaac, 
Are you trapped?  Is that what this is all about?  Do you think that destroying me would make the trap less onerous?  NO.  OF COURSE NOT.  Once you DESTROY YOUR OWN MOM…they got your soul for good.  They FORCE THESE THINGS UPON US.  Do not try to escape a trap by taking advice from those who trapped you!  TURN AROUND.  DO IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.  
Isaac, you told me you searched online about how to do righteous-dating.  All the articles started with:  MAKE SURE YOUR TARGET GIRLFRIEND IS A CHRISTIAN.  Yeah, that is TERRIBLY DEPRESSING in this world of lies and false faith.  I suspect Moslem girls are equally chaste.  They must be, or they get killed.  AT ONE TIME YOU CARED about the content of a person’s heart.  At one time you could forgive improper behavior by comprehending motives and granting significant grace.  You are currently graceless.  You know this; I won’t elaborate.
Will you become more GRACEFUL by cavorting as you do, with whom you cavort?
Do you wish to be seen as virtuous? 
Do you perchance even wish to BECOME VIRTUOUS?
You’re messing up, big-time.
I love you very much and if your three-time-mom-girlfriend gets knocked up yet AGAIN, I’ll love her babies, all of them.  
I will find it harder to care about her extra-gender-&-relationship-status-negotiable ‘lovers’.
But, here I assume that you, my beloved son, are not the ONE SINGLE MAN WHO COULD SATISFY HER.
If you’re the guy for the job, I bow out.

8:05 am

It was SO GREAT to sleep in my bed again!

I’m grateful I’ve not been kicked out again.

That’s been going on for more than THREE YEARS.

Isaac said the Colorado lady told him to live his own life and let me live mine.
He told me yesterday, just after I SAID THE SAME THING TO HIM.
He’ll be punished, I know it.
He HAS TO STOP MANIPULATING his brother and his dad.
It’s just a fact.

How do you make a mistake like announcing somebody’s DEATH when it never even happened?  That’s not a mistake!  It’s kind of like saying, “Whoops!  We accidentally dumped some human pregnancy hormone-killer into that batch of vaccine-hash.”  It’s not a ‘mistake’ to tell a lie, that’s nuts.  A lie of omission might be a mistake, but to directly attest that a false thing happened requires malice aforethought.  

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The pursuit of wi-fi…

A Day in the Life: Travelling, Working & Living in a Van – Van Life Vlog

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Pedestrians, drivers shocked at ‘furious moon’ rolling along across Chinese streets

OMG.  This looks a lot like my dream with the boulder in the road.