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The Tony Robbins Experience – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 40

“The energy at the event was like a raging river of passion and excitement.”

11:44 am

I’m sorry I called the Colorado lady a twinkie.

That was unloving.

Please forgive me.

11:37 am

I’ve got to remember to tell George what I think.  He is much of the reason I am happy now.  I suffered from a lot of physical ailments during most of our relationship.  He fasted 1/10 of AN ENTIRE YEAR for me, right before I got Holy Ghost and lost arthritis and migraines.  He ‘tithed’ of his life!  For me!  He was always sure to say that he was asking God not merely to heal my health problems, but that HE WOULD HEAL EVERYTHING ABOUT ME.  That being translated has to mean:  HAPPY.  I’ve got to thank George again.


I think it is important to note that Isaac confessed last month (date on request) to his KNOWLEDGE THAT I SUBMIT EVERY DECISION AND BEHAVIOR TO MY GOD.  Also, my sons presented me this lovely skit on 11/8/15:
Scene 1, Act 1
We’ve got to get the hell out of here and Jesus said to bring a lot of muffins.  
“Linda and Jesus, Jesus and LInda…
Gettin’ shit done every day…”
That’s the theme song for the cartoon my sons are writing about me.  Terribly irreverent but It was actually pretty catchy.  The story-line follows my life down on Earth, and Jesus’ life up in Heaven.  He comes to Earth and we do stuff and have adventures.  Apparently they’ve written a couple episodes but they won’t tell me much detail.  One has muffins.
Pilot episode, screenplay submission #1:
Segment 1:
(Linda is in the kitchen frantically pulling pans of muffins out of the oven as her sons walk by.  She interrupts them and she asks them to take muffins to the car and to get jackets and shoes.)
 “Don’t ask questions.  Because Jesus said to.  We’ve got to get the hell out of here and Jesus said to bring a lot of muffins.”
Segment 2:
Slap slap slap,  (sandals),
Linda is outdoors on the deck typing as Jesus approaches her from behind and puts His hand on her shoulder.
(Note to producer:  See about possibility of making Jesus’ hands invisible like Obama’s hands on that youtube clip of his speech recently where his nose grew longer and his face transformed like a demon.)
Jesus:   “Hey Linda, what’s happening?”
Linda:   “Oh hi, Jesus, you’re pretty funny, you always know what I’m doing; I’m just writing and waiting for you.  What do you want to do today?”
Jesus:   “I do have an idea.  Your kids think Heaven is endless rows of pews full of duty-bound sinners singing hymns to an unseen distant throne.  How about I make your life Heaven on Earth so they can see the goodness of God?  Then, when they know that their lives were messed up for a beautiful purpose,  they will trust me again.  They resent me, you know that right?”
Linda:   “Yes, Jesus.  They resent you because you did not make things all better for me when I begged you to change the torture and I still trusted you.  If you took care of that misperception, I’d be very happy.  Tell me what to do.”
It’s time that everybody decides what they will do with Jesus, and they have a couple options, but it is seriously time.  He has been appearing to a lot of people a lot of different ways for a lot of generations.  Now more than ever, we need a savior.  Will we ask Him?  They just closed down the crab fishery in California, the day before it was supposed to start and a bunch of salmon DISAPPEARED up north of there.
Dana Durnford was arrested for his work exposing the death of the Canadian western shoreline.  If I’m not mistaken, he’s a paralyzed person and they arrested him for telling the truth.  If the powers don’t like you they can arrange for a cyclone to hit your house.  They can legally disappear you forever and ever amen.  We must decide what to do with the claims of Jesus, the Christ, and we must do it pretty quick because they’re stealing our ability to hear Him speak,  and destroying those small few who hear His voice and dare to tell the Truth.
“I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous:  ‘try being rich first.’  See if that doesn’t cover most of it.  There’s not much downside to being rich, other than paying taxes and having your relatives ask for money.  But, when you become famous, you end up with a twenty-four hour job.”   (Bill Murray)
I’ve been asking myself a question, as I recognize how far into Linda “utterly complete vindication” we have progressed:  “Would you rather be exonerated first, or get some of your way-past-due-and-payable money?”   For years, I needed a reputation-rehaul more than anything; I dreamed of taking showers or baths with tons of people around and I could never get clean.  But, now I’m pretty sure I want money.
I ate a cinnamon roll that just came out of the oven in time for Isaac to get up.  I didn’t try any of the gingerbread, sourdough bread or zucchini bread, and I left the remaining piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake for Josh’s lunch tomorrow.  Today I’m making chiles rellenos, lasagna with slices of butternut squash instead of noodles and lots of mushrooms and home-ground pork sausage seasoned with a lot of sage, I haven’t made the sausage yet but George ground the meat yesterday and I will use part of it for Chinese dumplings or egg rolls.  I’ll do egg rolls if I think I may want to deep-fry something tomorrow and I could reuse the oil.
George and I went shopping again yesterday, and I found an inexpensive bag of Italian almond cookies I’ll use for Sarah Barnhardts for my Dad for Christmas.  I made my own amaretti for his birthday batch.  I hope he liked them;  he never called.  I hope he liked the cheesecake I left for him last week, too.  George and our sons thought it was good but I was fasting.
RETURN TO 9/14/16

10:47 am


These feelings become so overwhelming that without us realizing it we start giving EVERYTHING to not get them upset or angry, even the slightest annoyance they feel, we feel too.

While we can romanticize this phenomenon, what is actually happening is the empath is fading away into oblivion. The feelings and emotions that we feel become insignificant, and we really start believing that our own feelings don’t matter at all.

The truth of the matter is (most of) our loved ones are not inherently bad. It usually happens without them even knowing it. It might start with us insisting that they pick the restaurants and the entertainment, because “we just want to make them happy”.

“Little seemingly inconsequential gestures set the precedent of how you are allowed to be treated. In other words you are setting the precedent that they are more important than you, and therefore why would they respect you.”

See more here:   https://cultureofawareness.com/2016/09/14/a-letter-to-empaths-remember-this-when-you-feel-completely-drained/

Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike after being offered gender surgery

This is good news, I guess?

How much better for Jesus or the NSA to make her love himself?

See more at:   http://nypost.com/2016/09/14/chelsea-manning-ends-hunger-strike-after-being-offered-gender-surgery/

israel eyeing Gaza-bound ‘women’s flotilla’ setting sail from Barcelona

Israel eyeing Gaza-bound ‘women’s flotilla’ setting sail from Barcelona

Despite the recent reconciliation of ties between Israel and Turkey, it appears that the controversial Gaza-bound flotilla movement has yet to subside.

An activist flotilla sailing under the banner “Mujeres Rumbo a Gaza” (Women’s Boat to Gaza) was set to anchor off from Barcelona on Wednesday evening toward the Gaza Strip

The small fleet of two vessels was slated to carry dozens of women from various nations, including Israel, with the aim of breaching and boycotting Israel’s naval blockade of the coastal Palestinian enclave

Read here:   https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/israel-eyeing-gaza-bound-womens-flotilla-setting-sail-from-barcelona/


10:39 am

Josh says that I’m hiding my anger.  He says I seem happy but he knows I’m angry underneath.


They say they want me happy, but that is demonstrably untrue.  (I’ve kept records for 8 years.)
Religious persecution, plain and simple, immoral and illegal.  

10:27 am

Isn’t it funny that ANYBODY would think that a treatment center could improve on the life of a woman who PICKS FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS EVERY SINGLE DAY?

I’m obviously where I’m supposed to be.

I pick them wherever I go.

Except Texas.  I didn’t see any clovers there.

10:14 am

Jesus is praying for me.  I spun the wheel again.  I can’t ever get enough of Him and I always pray that He’ll increase my capacity.

Philippians 1:9
And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more
in knowledge and in all judgment.

10:08 am

My sons know this is RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION even if George doesn’t see it.  I told Isaac my faith had cost me every relationship and every thing of value.  He said, “I know that.”  He stands not against me, as he seeks to take also my liberty, he stands AGAINST JESUS.


9:52 am

I know that no free-thinking Coloradan facility would want to partake in RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION for reasons of conscience, and not just because they probably get federal funds and are required by law to permit and not prohibit expressions of personal faith.

(“Nevertheless, not my will but THINE be done.”)


9:01 am

I’ve been bringing the funny farm lady up to speed before our conversation tonight.  I’m to ‘Skype’.  This is very high-tech for me.  I sent her this:

Just once more to Marcie?

I promise I’ll stop.
I forgot to answer your question!
I am FINALLY becoming happy with where my life is at!
I see my destiny unfolding and I am PERFECTLY PREPARED.
I just need a couple quiet months to pick clovers and process the things God is teaching me about what I am becoming.
I was very traumatized but I am healed now.
I really don’t want to mess with my therapy.
I’ve never been happy before in my life.
PS.  Do you know that Jesus loves you so much he’d do ANYTHING AT ALL to make you happy?

8:35 am

You’ve GOT TO GET DELUSIONAL in the world’s eyes or you will never see the deeper things of God.  It’s just a fact.

The WORLD is INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to keep us from recognizing the supernatural that surrounds us.


There is a rough question before me this morning.  I’ve felt for some time that I was to limit my exposure to the evil engulfing my world, and I blog about it ’round the clock.   Also, seeing God’s words come to pass on the news has been VERY NECESSARY to build my faith and keep me from coming unglued when people called me crazy.
There is a rough question before me this morning.  I do believe Josh would like what’s best, but he’d also like me to stop antagonizing people with my blog.  And emails.  God said to give my life and that’s what I’ve done since I began journaling in 2009 when I ran from my dad’s ambush.  I’ve recorded my entire life.
Does God wish for me to stop posting it?  
I have a rough decision to make.
Perchance my sons might permit
me to stay in my room for a couple months as God continues making me happier and capable-er.
Do I dare to live without a computer?
Do I dare to proffer this only physical connection to the world and to other disciples of Jesus?
Is JESUS really POWERFUL ENOUGH to show up when I need Him with what I need in order to continue to grow in grace and get happier?
I don’t think I do.

I used a feature on a website this morning.

You’re supposed to talk to Jesus, then push the button.

Whatever comes up is His word for you.

I spun the wheel and I got:
Mark 9:41
For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name,
because ye belong to Christ,
verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.
(I suppose that would apply to somebody giving me use of a couch and wi-fi, too.)
I tried again:
“All of you are seriously damaged soldiers. The difference between those who deeply know Me, is that they have had tremendous measures of healing and the bitterness and fear that mark those still wounded in battle, isn’t there anymore. They also know themselves very, very well.”
“To know oneself is to be humble. Extremely humble and quick to find fault with yourself, rather than others. When I see My People making excuses for the shortcomings of others, I delight Myself in their presence. It is truly a rare and fragrant offering of self for the love of others.”
“Much of it is the fault of the culture. Simply put, Americans by and large are spoiled from childhood. True maturity comes at quite a cost. In other countries you find this kind of maturity at the age of 11 or 12. They have already learned many of the really hard lessons of life and have been seasoned in the Faith, knowing My character more deeply because they have to rely on Me to survive from day to day. Even the victims of violent countries are more mature. You would see this if you traveled the world.” “But you know that I will complete the good work I have begun in you. I will bring to maturity all those who call upon My Name and choose to be holy. Not one will perish from My Hand, all who come to Me with a sincere heart, I cherish and raise up into maturity, meekness, and uncommon kindness.”
“But in this world you are but a doormat to the success of others. You are used and tossed aside, after you have been thoroughly despoiled of the joyful life I imparted to you. What I am saying here?
Love one another as I have loved you. Cherish and support one another. Never speak harsh words when it can be avoided. Always admonish and lift one another up, even and especially in conflict.” “Very often you are provoked by lies to judge others when they are at their lowest point and can’t handle one more blow. How many times has that happened to you, Clare?”
“Yes, Lord, I have experienced that and I surely have seen how I have done it to others. I pray that you bring me to the fullness of the Love you have in Your Heart Lord…as much as is possible in a weak and frail mortal. Forgive Me, Lord, for my childish attitudes.”
“This prayer I will answer. Go now and love one another as I have loved you.”


(Or does God USE MY WORDS for good?  Perchance?)

(I’ll have to decide, won’t I?)


HERE  (Scroll down for the English version.):



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The Ampersand House By Syl Vardos

“VARDO” is the word (Romani?) for ‘GYPSY WAGON’!

7:55 pm

Scientists have found the gene that “makes a psychopath” # rs4714329 #ASPD #JeffreyDahmerGene

7:36 pm

We’re In Serious Trouble! Major Warfare Just Issued, And It’s Worse Than You Think!!



As of Monday, August 15th, 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), under the Federal Register’s Vol. 81, No. 157 released a cryptic document entitled “Control for Communicable Diseases.” Although this action is only deemed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), what this will do if signed into law is grant the CDC full super-constitutional powers in the event of a major quarantine that only the health agency can call. Comments will be available to the public until Friday, October 14th, 2016.

In other words, if this rule is signed into law, the CDC will be granted full authority over all Americans during the event of a disease outbreak, which could lead to a mass quarantine. Such mass quarantines would entail enforced vaccinations, further surveillance, more of your already-little-to-no freedoms stripped away, and much more control of your every move.

Read at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/were-in-serious-trouble-major-warfare-just-issued-and-its-worse-than-you-think/


FOX NEWS Economist prove MARTIAL LAW happening in U.S. (All USA people need to see this) 2016

John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit

See here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/john-kerrys-state-department-funneled-millions-to-his-daughters-nonprofit/

Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones

Read more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/long-secret-stingray-manuals-detail-how-police-can-spy-on-phones/

7:34 pm

Employee Badges To Monitor All Conversations Within Work Place

Read here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/employee-badges-to-monitor-all-conversations-within-work-place/

I knew it.  It’s working JUST EXACTLY AS I DECLARED:  the worse people treat me, the happier I get.  It’s like codependency-jujitsu.


7:30 pm

PATHETIC!! FBI Mistakenly Gives 27 Clinton Emails To Congress, And Then Asks For Them Back

Read here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/pathetic-fbi-mistakenly-gives-27-clinton-emails-to-congress-and-then-asks-for-them-back/

7:27 pm

BANK OF AMERICA analysts claim there’s 50% chance we live in ‘Matrix reality simulation’

SEE:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/bank-of-america-analysts-claim-theres-50-chance-we-live-in-matrix-reality-simulation/

7:25 pm

STUDY: 1 in 5 CEOs psychopaths

See more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/study-1-in-5-ceos-psychopaths/

6:52 pm

If I could sing I’d get Isaac to sing this song with me.

He’ll sing it anyway.

Lord I Know You’ve Been So Good-Hasan Green & Martha Holloway

6:49 pm


One Day At A Time-Hasan Green

6:43 pm

My sons are letting me sleep in my bed tonight!

I love that bed.

My water broke on that bed when I had Isaac.

I picked 2 four-leaf clovers.
I gave them to the successful one.
I said, “Jesus loves you so much
that if you were the only human on the planet,
he would have gone to the cross
…just so he could be with you.”
Jesus isn’t an imaginary friend anymore.
I’ve proven him and he’s VERY POWERFUL.