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In January 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation—tied with U.S. Marshals Service—as the number two threat to privacy and communications on the Internet.[6]


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What Can I Do For You?


Toronto 1980

Bob Dylan

Journalist Swarmed By Cops, Arrested For Asking People About Tower 7 On 9/11

Bob Tuskin, former radio host for Free Thought Project Radio and co-founder of the Free Your Mind conference, was conducting street interviews with folks outside of the Florida Gators game this weekend, when he was swarmed by cops and arrested — without reason.

Outside of the stadium, multiple other political and religious groups were demonstrating peacefully. However, only Tuskin was targeted. There were Trump supporters, religious speakers, and various other groups who the police completely ignored.

Tuskin was not harassing anyone, nor was he causing any problems whatsoever. Tuskin simply asked passersby if they would like to watch a video of a building collapsing — and for this, he was kidnapped by armed agents of the state and put in a cage.

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I baked some cheddar-garlic biscuits and mowed the rest of the way around the house and down to the lake.

3:30 pm

We had three extras for waffles; I just did the dishes.

They’re all coming back for a picnic tonight so I made baked beans and a blackberry cake.

Then I picked a four-leaf clover.

Now I’m going to mow grass.

George has been cleaning the upholstery on chairs.


1:27 pm

SHOCK VIDEO:  Hillary Clinton Collapses Leaving 9/11 Memorial

I can’t believe it.  I’m praying for Hillary.  She looks very troubled.


12:51 pm

I made waffle batter and mowed north of the house, and the northwest portion.

The successful one slept on the couch last night.

Another has been invited for waffles.

George is cleaning carpeting.

11:55 am

I mowed up by the road.

I picked 1 four-leaf clover and thanked God that I now sleep all night.  It’s been many years.


11:20 am

I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

11:05 am

This is the bet my dad and I made and this is the bet that Isaac made and this is the bet that Adam, the atheist, made,  and I won,  and nobody will come crown me victor of all things terrestrial. Sigh.  I don’t really want that of course, but my story is amazing, throbbing with power and love.   A demon told me once, that he could make me president and I laughed in his face.  I said, “I’d only take that job at the hand of Jesus, the Christ.”  That demons still shows up.  Last time I saw him I offered him a four-leaf clover and he shook his finger at the house and called me weird.  Then he got into his new truck and drove away.  I’ve been looking for a way to shut him up for years.  
THIS IS THE BET made by every denomination that denies the gifts of the Spirit.  THIS IS THE BET made by every materialistic materialist living in a material world.  
“The fool hath said in his heart:  THERE IS NO GOD.”  
My daddy didn’t raise no fools.  
“But Tony, dogs can’t talk!”
“H E ‘ S A    T A L K A    T O    M E !” 
(LADY and the tramp)
Did you know, the NSA bet with me?  They are not stupid, not a tiny bit.  DECEIVED, oh, yeah, but they see spiritual things that the populace does not.  I bet my book is really scary to them.  I hope not.  I do not wish for them to live in fear as I have done.  I do not with to become them.
THE NSA actually, did not ‘bet’, in the actual sense, since their do-dads keep them abreast of developments in ranges surpassing our own abilities to ingest.  The are the ‘watchers’ and the ‘see-ers’ and the ‘shamans’ and they are utterly sold out to the dark side.  THEY KNOW GOD IS REAL and they know He speaks.  They also know the innate desire of BIOLOGICAL HUMANS is to cry out to GOD when they have an orgasm and when they die. They used that against us.
And now we can’t distinguish between God’s voice and the TV set.  


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I forgot to define the offensive part of my faith, and it is also major, the most pertinent issue within Christendom and without:



I’ve bet everything, even my own sons.






PS-10:46 am

I ALSO BELIEVE that my sons’ behavior was NECESSARY to make me into Jesus’ likeness and I do thank them from the bottom of my heart.  My heart is not a concern to them.

Their own hearts are their imminent business.

10:43 am

God reminded me to ‘believe more’.  Here’s what I’m believing:

My sons do not mean to subject me to offensive detention and brainwashing, not even with ponies and mountain views instead of suicide-checks every fifteen minutes and FORCIBLY-ADMINISTERED POISONS.

(I think mountains are overrated.  I prefer large bodies of water.)

I BELIEVE that when they threaten me, my sons are MERELY TESTING MY FAITH just one more time.

I BELIEVE that they both understand that I have loved, and shall continue to love TRUTH more than I love them.

I BELIEVE that they know I have lost every relationship and every item of earthly value DUE TO MY FAITH.

I BELIEVE that they understand that they have been a STUMBLING BLOCK to my spiritual progress, and I BELIEVE they will make recompense for


I BELIEVE they probably don’t want me to talk on the telephone to the HEAD TWINKIE from the funny farm in Colorado.

I BELIEVE political retaliation and religious subversion and narcissistic control-abuse and physical violence and misogyny would offend any self-respecting twinkie of note.

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The NSA and the 9/11 Deception

Published on Jan 26, 2014


As the public finally becomes outraged over the NSA’s illegal spying, members of government and the corporate media wage an information war to misdirect that anger to issues of less importance. To counteract this, a bold new citizen-led initiative to nullify the NSA is now gaining momentum around the United States. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

ECONOMIC AND DEMOGRAPHIC DATA MAKE IT CLEAR IT IS GAME OVER FOR THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA | The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status | GERMANY MAKES GAME CHANGING MOVE, PREPARES FOR WAR TO DEFEAT KHAZARIAN MAFIA | Khazarian mafia bosses offer to return Tsarist gold to Russia in exchange for shelter

Here’s hoping:

#EURefugeeCrisis FINLAND: Hold protest as anti-immigration protests are becoming commonplace in many EU countries against Europe’s #Refugee policy as they want to stop #Muslims being given #asylum – @AceNewsServices

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Seriously ‘Sinister’ Big Pharma: Opioid Maker Bankrolls Opposition to Pro-Pot Referendum

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With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early:

for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

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#Brittius says Pacific Ring of Fire is virtually alive, and now Africa Keep a lookout for the New Madrid faultline. If that blows, half of America, is finished – @AceNewsServices

“Lord, I hope it’s not wrong of me but I LOVE SEEING YOUR HAND MOVE OVER THIS PLANET!

Your word says something about ‘woe to those who look for your judgment’ —

but also it says something about how righteous folks ‘talk about your judgment all the time.’

You PREDICTED THIS STUFF and I can’t help but get a little worked up when I see it come to pass.



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How a leading American fashion model came to be experimented upon by the CIA mind control team

While preparing for bed, Candy began speaking again in the voice Nebel had heard earlier. Even more alarming, this strange personality within Candy had a completely different attitude towards him; ‘she’ sounded cruel, mocking and cold. When Nebel asked her about it, Candy was astonished; she hadn’t noticed the emergence of another voice or personality.

However, a few weeks after their marriage, she did tell Nebel that she had worked for the FBI for some time, adding mysteriously that she might have to go out of town on occasion without giving a reason. This left Nebel wondering whether there was a connection between the ‘other’ personality within Candy and the strange trips she said she made for the FBI.

Donald Bain shows that when sex and glamour are mixed with conspiracy and science (in this case experimental narco-technology), a ‘reality’ is enthroned which begins to look like a cover from the kind of science-fiction magazine both Jensen and Nebel must have read in their youth. On these covers, beautiful female bodies are snared and entangled with wires, consoles and aerials, well-endowed girls in torn blouses run from clanking cyberclones, and lizard-like figures wield hypodermic needles.

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Central Intelligence Agency

A Look Back … Julia Child: Life Before French Cuisine

Julia Child is probably best known for bringing French cuisine into America’s mainstream. But, few know that she had a dynamic career as an intelligence officer before she became a cooking icon.

She was born in Pasadena, Calif., on Aug. 15, 1912. Arriving at Smith College in 1930, Julia was an active student throughout her college career. She was a member of the Student Council, played basketball, and worked for the Dramatics Association. Julia experienced her first culinary moments at Smith, as chair of the Refreshment Committee for Senior Prom and Fall Dance. After graduating from Smith in 1934, Julia wrote advertising copy for W. & J. Sloane, a furniture store in New York City.

Soon after the United States entered World War II, Julia felt the need to serve her country. Too tall to join the military (she was 6’2”), Julia volunteered her services to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the forerunner of today’s Central Intelligence Agency. She was one of 4,500 women who served in the OSS.

She started out at OSS Headquarters in Washington, working directly for General William J. Donovan, the leader of OSS. Working as a research assistant in the Secret Intelligence division, Julia typed up thousands of names on little white note cards, a system that was needed to keep track of officers during the days before computers. Although her encounters with the General were minor, she recalled later in life that his “aura” always remained with her.  

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BUT, I thought Japan tried to surrender BEFORE EITHER BOMB FELL?

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DEPLORABLE! I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73….it never goes away.

Juania Broaddrick, here:

Police in England and Wales consider making misogyny a hate crime…but Muslims raping your children not important enough to investigate

“Nothing’s changed” in Rotherham with “rampant” child sex abuse despite victims report

Nothing has changed, not in the slightest. It’s still the same scale as before,” a girl identified as Lizzie, said.

You hear about new girls being abused “on a daily basis,” she added.

Another victim called Ellie told that “raping of white girls by these men is still going on.”

“Some, I know, have had to wait months before they’re even asked to give a statement [to the police]. It’s shockingly bad still,”she added.

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Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” Comment Proves She Thinks This Election Is Rigged for Her

Melissa Dykes



Jill Stein Calls For New 9/11 Inquiry

Jill Stein has called for a new inquiry into the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, saying that she believes the previous official investigation was deliberately undermined by the Bush administration. 


The Green Party presidential candidate issued a statement on her website saying that the 9/11 Commission was stonewalled by the previous administration, claiming the report “contained so many omissions and distortions”.

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James Comey’s Ties To Clinton Foundation Is A Conflict Of Interest

According to a recent review of James Comey’s previous and current business relationships, the FBI Director has deep personal and professional ties to The Clinton Foundation that pose a significant conflict of interest. 


The findings reinforce the idea that Comey whitewashed the investigation of Hillary Clinton due to the fact that he is entrenched in big-money nepotism with Washington’s elite.

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“Dear Lord, I ask you to intervene on behalf of all those who burn to know what happened on 9/11.  Please comfort their hearts and disclose all Truth concerning that treason and murder.  Thank you, Amen.”