8:58 pm


See at:   https://matrixbob.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/hillary-clintons-email-found-showing-instructions-for-killing-ambassador-chris-stevens/

8:47 pm


Sure, it’s a commercial, but it’s not fiction. This really is how obliviously lost in the Matrix the youngest generations in our tech addicted society are. You’ve seen it with Pokemon Go. It’s just sad we’re to the level that, instead of parents telling their kids to put down their devices and come eat dinner, parents are going to buy more devices to combat the devices they won’t make their kids put down when they come eat dinner…

6:48 pm

There were five extra young people here.  We managed to feed them all, I had fried fish on the menu and shrimp cakes for George.   He bought some buns and I sliced up potatoes and we served french fries and fish sandwiches.    We’re good hosts for our sons’ friends.

Gowdy: “They got it wrong. They blew it. FBI, DOJ gave immunity to the triggerman. Prosecutor 101: you don’t give immunity to the person who robbed the bank.”

We’re learning this morning that the IT specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server was granted immunity by the Justice Department.

According to the New York Times report, the immunity deal was made with Paul Combetta, who worked for a Colorado company called Platte River Networks, a private firm that managed the server.

Most Transparent Administration Ever! $400 Million? No. $1.7 Billion? Nope. – U.S. may have paid Iran as much as $33.6 Billion.

4:19 pm


“He still loves you, no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done.  and no matter how long it takes you to find him,  he’s still waiting for you.    And whether you have any hope in Him or not, He still has hope in you.”

4:15 pm

Is it right for my sons to insist that I need ‘help’ to become “well”  without looking at my records of 1) my ongoing efforts to become a better person, and 2) my insights and revelations and their applications to my life, along with the results of my efforts?    (Always positive.)



4:03 pm

I picked 1 four-leaf clover.

3:32 pm

I’m not hanging on for no reason.  George was done with me years ago.  My sons don’t want to live with me and Grandpa gave them that option.  God’s got some place set up for me.

But, I truly don’t feel peace about going to Colorado.  Not even a little bit.

How is it that my feelings do not enter into my life at all?  Oh yeah.  I’m dead.  I’m dead in CHRIST and the life I now ‘live’ is JESUS LIVING IN ME.  Whatever happens is what He wishes.


2:34 pm

I’m so glad my sons are doing the Jezebel-spirit control-thing on me again.

How would God know when to PROMOTE ME if He didn’t give me SOME TESTS?

2:24 pm

Isaac knows fully well I am not mentally ill, and he knows I’ve never been so.

He knows HOW I WAS TRAUMATIZED and I’m trusting that he will speak up on my behalf.

2:23 pm

You know, it’s very freeing to not think I must be hurt again.  It becomes a bit of a responsibility, like good hygiene.  We figure:  MY SONS DID ME BAD AGAIN, so, I MUST RETALIATE AT LEAST INTERNALLY.  Some improvements being accomplished, then when MY SONS DID ME BAD AGAIN, I now think:  THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HURT SO I’LL GET MY FEELINGS HURT.  But, I can choose not to feel hurt.
I didn’t hurt the other day when I was making stuffed peppers.  I was parboiling green pepper-cups and one of them twisted in the tongs as I lifted it from the water, consciously holding it upside-down.  The boiling water filled the cup and it dumped all  over my forearm.  It didn’t even hurt but it was sore afterward and left a nasty red patch.
I choose not to take offense.  The demons want me to be offended at my beautiful sons.  Nothing has changed.
God still knows my deadline even if I am not permitted to know when it approaches, or to influence my life in any appreciable manner.  God is in charge of me.  Not my sons.

2:16  pm

Jesus asked, just last week:

“For, what is it to you, my servants?  Whose word do they oppose?  Is it your own?”


Big Fat:  NOT.


2:14 PM

What I really long to do is to go to my condo in Toronto and begin learning stuff and connecting with other SPIRIT-LED CHRISTIANS.

Somebody cares what I want.  It’s OK for me to want some things now.  I’m pretty sure.

1:48 pm

I have an opportunity for a job in Chicago beginning pretty soon.  (The manager is moving on Friday.)

I still am slated for the funny farm.  No parole.

1:39 pm

“Thank you Lord, that my sons persist in BLAMING A VICTIMIZED SOLDIER OF THE CROSS.

I hope this time you’ll make me a size 6 and give me an airstream trailer.  I know you’ll think of SOME BLESSING THAT SUPERSEDES EVERY HORRIBLE THING THEY CHOOSE TO BELIEVE ABOUT YOUR SERVANT.

Thank you that my sons retain error in their lives and in their judgment.

Thank you that they persist; thank you that I AM A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.

Please forgive them for ATTACKING ME OVER AND OVER.




1:36 pm

It’s quite obvious they do not wish me to be well.

They wish for me to be GONE.

Just like their grandpa.


Josh said ‘no’.

I may not stay any longer

in the house

I signed over to them

when my dad told me to just before

he declared me persona non grata

and  just before I became homeless.

Josh  said I must go to the funny farm in Colorado.

I did not give him my life, when I gave him my home.

When I begin to heal…they mess it up.

This is an inexcusable pattern.




12:47 pm

1973 Airstream Argosy 22 – Michigan

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1973 Airstream Argosy 22 - Michigan




I love our trailer but it has to go. We purchased our trailer a few years ago and haven’t had the time to use it like we would like to. The refrigerator works on both electric and gas perfectly. The stove work well also. The people we purchased it from winterized it and since we stay at parks with showers/toilets, we never used the water or sewer. We love the vista view window and get many comments and visitors when we go camping.
Sorry for how the pictures uploaded.
Thank you for your interest.
9/7/2016. Sale is pending


12:33 pm



The Pacer for 1960 at 16 ft is among the superstars of the vintage trailer world. Ridiculously cute and irresistibly charming, the Pacer is simply magnetic.
Whether towing or camping, the Pacer is sure to garner attention and this original example is no exception.
From it’s polished exterior to it’s wide whitewall radial tires. It is a blast to own and a pleasure to share with others.
Inside the interior remains original and impeccably clean. The floor plan is the more desirable full time corner bed with the separate dining that converts to sleeping if needed. The appliances, cabinetry and sink are in amazing condition.
This model came with a porcelain toilet only, no shower.
No old trailer odors here.

(I was born in 1960.)


Take note of the details in this beautiful 1964 Airstream Globetrotter with all of its original charm plus many updated systems.
This coach has been in our non-smoking, no-pets family and extended family for nearly 20 years. We have the original owners manual showing delivery date and first owners. Original equipment includes bath sink and shower, cabinetry, refrigerator and window hardware, all in the original layout. Both large closets for hanging clothes are intact, as are the under-gaucho original removable bins. Hand a bin to each kid and tell them to pack their stuff and bring the bin back full and you are packed! […]

12:29 pm

Corbett Report presents – 911 A Conspiracy Theory

12:18 pm

Cerebral Narcissists Are Not Really Smart

“Share your thoughts and feelings!”

“People waste their money donating to Republicans and Democrats…”

North Korea

Sarcasm Ban

Signals Future

Of Media Suppression


Who are the North Korean ‘moderates’?

“I’ve honed my weapon!”

I WANNA GO JOIN UP and fight that tyrannical regime!

(If I join the ‘moderates’ my government won’t object, right?)

My Husband’s Message

to Lukewarm Christians

(Essentially.  That’s his thesis.)
“Relationship with the Lord is an every-day-thing.”