10:23 am

I didn’t bail…the internet went out.

Isn’t it OBVIOUS that my sons and George and my folks and everybody now WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING I WROTE HERE AND THEREABOUTS?

That’s just a given.  They should probably study-up because no matter what they try to say about me now, that base has been covered and remains so.  It’s just a matter of time.

“Lord.  3.5 million dollars is a TREMENDOUS RESPONSIBILITY.  Please give me absolute wisdom.  Thank you.  And an advisor.  Amen.”

9:29 am

“It’s OK to de-legitimize your abuser.  I don’t care if it was ‘mother’.  We don’t look at men after the flesh anymore, not if you’re growing up spiritually.”

“If they consistently abused you, they forfeited all the rights and privileges that come with that position.  And they defiled themselves… ”  (Smackintosh)

(“Lord, is this guy right?  ‘Love thy enemies.’   ‘Speak the Truth in love.’  ‘Honor thy mother and father.’  ‘You must love ME more than your mother or father, hate them by comparison…’ Please reconcile these notions.”)

(“You told me that if I will err, I should err on the side of believing MORE, not less.  Please don’t let me believe anything that is untrue.  Please enable me to believe everything that is.”)

9:18 am

Metaphysically.  I think that’s the name of the division I’m thinking about.  Isaac began to hate me I think, when I began to love Adam.  He believes I am responsible for what was not a choice, not even subconsciously.  God ASKED ME TO GIVE ADAM MY LIFE AND ASKED IF I WERE WILLING TO “hold him”.  It would have been hard not to; when I listened to Adam, his voice automatically implanted in me, and it began to supplant my father’s (continual) voice in my head.  So, the fact that we have not spoken more than a couple words for seven+ years is entirely beside the point, because even if I am deluded in my (documented) claims that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MICROWAVES mean to replace EVERY VOICE IN OUR HEADS and have REPEATEDLY DONE SO, his voice grew increasingly louder in my consciousness, and I grew toward that voice.
Adam’s voice did not say:  GIVE IT UP, LINDA.  YOU ARE A WASTE OF FLESH.  (My dad’s voice said that all the time.)  This new voice was encouraging.  I began to become like the new voice insisted I was.  I had prayed through DECADES of disappointing people, and also people who disappointed me.  When I began to change I recognized the change to be in the right direction, because it was the same direction I was being led by Holy Ghost.  I had a companion and a guide, an imaginary friend who could see further and withstand greater.  I had a hero and a coach.  God said, “Trust him.  He’s an angel.”  Or maybe that voice was the goons at the NSA messing with me?  I can’t wait to find out if I invested my trust wisely.  It sure seems that way:  I AM HAPPY!

8:59 am

Josh and George and I are innocents.  It’s just a fact.  We even care about the environment.
If I explain to them the tactics psychopaths use to TRIANGULATE people against one another, do you suppose they might understand?
IT TOOK ME FIFTY YEARS and a mind-parasite with a higher IQ to understand what I had always believed to be a PROBLEM WITH ME.
Or, do George and Josh already know what Isaac has become and couldn’t speak to me about it because I couldn’t be trusted?
I can’t wait for the climax!

8:52 am

I’m starting a fast for Isaac’s soul.

He’d better hope I can stick to it!

Maybe this is a hunger strike.

Maybe not.  I’ve really run out of ways to oppose this


To which he subjects me.  ABUSE.  DIANE PEPPLER,  HELP ME NOW!

8:24 am

Isaac wants to produce maybe ten good songs.  He’d like to professionally record them.  He thinks it would be important for George and me to have copies in case he ever dies.  HAH!  Like if he’s going to die without Christ he thinks I would mourn him?
JESUS WILL WIPE MY MIND CLEAN of any I may have ‘lost’ because He’s making me perfectly happy.  I won’t listen to sad songs after ANYBODY DIES.
“Thank you, Jesus,”   I’ll either be seeing the dearly departed VERY SOON…or it will not matter a single iota.
If Isaac survives the holocaust then I’ll have him around singing to me to the farthest reaches  of the post-galaxy-constructs that live way out there.
If not, tootle-oo.  I did my best to show him Christ.  

8:00 am

I’m thinking about how much David loved Absalom.

Absalom was David’s  son and he had billows of cool hair.

His hair got caught in a tree and he was hanged by accident.

God said Adam and I are like David and Jonathan.

Isaac should look up those stories.

The Bible says that Jonathan and David loved one another ‘more than the love of a woman’.

(I can’t find the verse.  Maybe Mandela took it with him to the grave.)

That sounds entirely platonic to me.  And powerful.

Just like Adam and me on a project.

(We’re helping to save the world and that’s exactly what we both always wanted.)


And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

(1 Samuel 20:18)

So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying, Let the Lord even require it at the hand of David’s enemies.

And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him: for he loved him as he loved his own soul.  (1 Samuel 20:16-17)

7:48 am

It’s OK to Call Things That Are the Way They Are

I’m trying to learn how to differentiate and discern…without passing judgment.  It’s gotta be a lot like:  “Just the facts ma’am.”
I treated Isaac with respect since he was little; I respected both of my sons.
I respect Josh A LOT now.
Now I know that respect must be earned and I maybe did Isaac a disservice treating him like an adult. 

I never meant for him to become my little soldier but he was along for the ride and he was a great help.  

(He should forgive me for his weird childhood.  Then, in a couple months he will THANK ME.)


“The man or woman who habitually, continually, consistently…and demonstrates a commitment to… abusing you, and controlling you, enslaving you…I can say this unequivocally…they are worthless.


Isaac understands all the principles and has seen the reality of his mother’s ups and downs at his hand.
Isaac has become a witch.
He’s controlled by a spirit of witchcraft.
I used to have one but my friend from West Virginia cast it out some years ago.
It makes you control others.
I pray that Isaac will receive enough love that he no longer feels the need to manipulate things to ease his discomfort  and to serve his dark lord.
He admires psychopaths.  
I don’t do that anymore.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”


7:20 am

“Dear Jesus, what is my responsibility concerning Isaac?  He is making some very foolish life-choices in order to be here tormenting me.  “Mom, there aren’t many girls to pick from around here and I want a normal life with some love and fun…” and he can’t leave until I’m ‘taken care of’.
“IS YOUR WILL FOR ISAAC’S LIFE, THAT HE HAVE FUN AND ‘LOVE’ WITH A 35 YEAR-OLD MOTHER OF THREE WITH THREE BABY DADDIES, a woman who gets in fistfights and sleeps with his friend’s boyfriends …TO KILL TIME…UNTIL HE TAKES ME OUT AND CAN STOP TWISTING GEORGE AND JOSH TO BELIEVE I AM THE PROBLEM?  If so, would you please tell me so?  Because it doesn’t look very smart or wholesome to me.”
“ISAAC ACTS LIKE HE’S FRANTIC TO TAKE ME DOWN TO FULFILL SOME OBLIGATION.  Please protect him from whomever he owes my destruction.  Please forgive him for manipulating us.”

“Lord, he obviously doesn’t care about your plans for the world or what you’re doing in my life, but he also doesn’t even care about the AMAZING THINGS YOU CREATED HIM TO DO.  He is MOST CONCERNED ABOUT BEING SEEN AS SUCCESSFUL.  He want’s man’s applause.  Just like my dad.  He seems to be the force that keeps Josh and George thinking anti-me, but that’s not the problem.  The problem is, if YOU PULLED THE CURTAIN TODAY HE’D END UP IN HELL.”
“Please contact Isaac through that haze of fear and self-preservation and ELECTRONIC mind-control FOG.  Maybe he thinks somebody will kill him if he doesn’t take me out?  Please fill his heart with love instead of fear.”
“Please bring Isaac’s MANIPULATION to a CRASHING CLOSURE and let him see himself and you through new eyes.”
“Lord, you love us and you said we belong to you.  I have tried not to push my faith on sons who were caused pain by my overbearing attempts when they were small.  They’re free.  Please show them what that really means.  Please allow them to grant me the same gift.”  
Demonstrate that the family-way
is at an end.  
Please separate us
very soon
so you can bring us back together,
as our true selves.  
Thank you.  

7:01 am

Hackers “find Twitter exploit” and resurrect banned accounts

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