11:43 am

Next week it will be 11 months since I smoked a cigarette.  I’m thinking I’ll give up weed, at least for a while.  I never thought I’d say that based on principle alone.  It’s not OK for government to tell me I may not grow and use a PLANT.
But, I’m aiming for the highest heights, and the bride of Christ must be purely dependent on HIM alone. I think He is sufficient and willing for the task of maintaining my equilibrium; I hardly ever even eat chocolate.   I’m not irritable and angry anymore, and I lived MOST OF MY LIFE WITHOUT CANNABIS…while at the same time I was VERY ANGRY.  It should be a whole lot easier to abstain now that I’m happy.
Cannabis is an AMAZING PLANT and it really helps a person focus. Also, it makes us nicer.  AND, I’ve read that it messes with the DIRECTED ENERGY MIND-CONTROL EFFORTS,  but I’ve only read it a couple of times so I’m not sure.  It helped me a lot.  I was EXTREMELY TRAUMATIZED.  God sure is good to make a plant that helps traumatized people to feel better until they can become better.  Isn’t He good to make me better?

10:43 am

On Monday, an official FBI alert from August 18 was leaked to Yahoo News. The alert stated the FBI had uncovered evidence showing that at least two state election systems were penetrated by hackers in recent weeks. The FBI quickly issued warnings to election officials across the country to ramp up security on their systems.

It appears from the Flash Alert that the public was not supposed to know about it.

This FLASH has been released TLP: AMBER: The information in this product is only for members of their own organization and those with DIRECT NEED TO KNOW. This information is NOT to be forwarded on beyond NEED TO KNOW recipients.

“The FBI then goes on to describe the nature of the attack and lists the IP addresses associated with the intrusion.”

See at:   http://www.activistpost.com/2016/08/leaked-fbi-alert-admits-hackers-penetrated-us-election-systems.html

10:32 am

Huffington Post TERMINATED Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health

Deleted his articles even.

He’s afraid of having some kind of ‘accident’.

10:28 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

Julian Asange is FREE as of Aug 21st – and a UN ruling in his favor

9:50 am

I picked 2 four-leaf clovers.

8:22 am

“You see, religion and God bear no resemblance to one another.  Religion is a system fostered by men to get closer to God.  Whereas, I embrace you without the rules and regulations, even without the knowledge of My name.”

“There are those who know Me in their hearts and spirits and follow all I ask them to do.  Then, someday when the time is ripe, I reveal myself to them.”

JESUS is CALLING OUT To You… COME to ME My Lost & Lonely Ones

“There are many who blame Me for every bad thing that has happened in their lives, because they don’t want to give up their sin.  Somewhere, inside their hearts they hear my voice–but the world and its allurements overpower them,  and they ignore it until it is too late.”

“That is why I’m constantly admonishing you to love the unloveable.  They are the most destitute of all, even and especially those who have known wealth.”

“Just tell me you are tired of being hurt.

Tired of hurting others.

That you are sorry for the sinful things that you have done.

Ask my forgiveness–then hand over your life to me.

I will cherish you.

I will lead and guide you.

I will never forsake you.

I will lead you by the hand into eternal joy in My Father’s kingdom in Heaven, forever.”  (Jesus)

8:12 am

“Those of us who grew up in narcissistic homes don’t want gifts.

We want love.”

“Getting me socks is just fine.  Just love me.”

” If we were loved as children we wouldn’t need to ask or even beg for other people to love us as adults.”

Narcissistic abuse – “Just get me a pair of socks”

8:06 am

“Judgment opens the door for demons.

Demons bring sickness.

And I cannot keep a door closed that you are continually opening.”


(“Please allow me to remember and internalize how offensive it is to you when I judge other people and condemn them.  Please cleanse me from this ongoing sin in my life.  Please make my heart pure so I can receive EVERYTHING YOU DIED FOR ME TO HAVE.  Thank you.  Amen.”)

7:48 am


CIA Manchurian Candidates

Source: RT News America, December 1, 2010

“Starting back in 1950…”

7:40 am

Peru’s Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies–Homo Sapiens Before the Flood

7:31 am

What the  negative ‘energetic entities’ do to us is soul-rape and perpetual bondage.  They (ie. DEMONS, ARCHONS, DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS, Djinn, ‘inter-dimensional tourists’, fallen angels, principalities, things present, things to come, the ghost of Christmas-past, ETC.) know us intimately, because they study us because they’re fascinated that a race so gifted as to CREATE REALITY can also be SO OBTUSE that we don’t even know when we’re being scanned and scammed.
Demons and demonic microwave goons  search our gray-matter-hearts for soft spots.  Once they locate our tenderest areas of lack and self-pity, they pick off all the scabs.  Then they rub salt and lemon juice into our achey-breaky-hearts  and our left-behind hopes.
‘Energetic entities’ have always attacked us the same way, even before they engaged us HUMANS TO DO IT TO OURSELVES WITH EVIL TECHNOLOGY.  They did, and we do ENHANCE ALL PAIN ASSOCIATED WITH OUR VERY TENDEREST VULNERABILITIES, they attack that point where we are MOST LIKELY TO SEEK GOD. Then they turn up the volume on the DEW’s so we can’t hear God and that’s how they hide Him from us.
Diabolical and effective.
And we even choose our own channels to binge-watch
and we pay the cable bill with joy and gratitude.

THEY HIDE GOD so we will have no hope.  Energy-entities have MUCH TO FEAR from a CREATIVE RACE with HOPE.


7:16 am

Pensioner, 78, with no musical ability comes round from a stroke to find he can suddenly play the piano

  • Roy Calloway, 78, had never been skilled with a musical instrument 
  • But then after recovering from a stroke he discovered he could play 
  • The pensioner was left a piano which he has now replaced with an organ 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3761320/Pensioner-78-discovers-play-piano-stroke.html#ixzz4Iidn3zjL
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

7:12 am

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

The Dalai Lama Speaks About the Mass Brainwashing of Society

“As the Dalai Lama touches upon, we are conditioned and made to believe that military service is something to be proud of. Sure, these men and women may be entering into the service in order to serve their country, with a tremendous amount of bravery and good hearted intentions going into that decision, but what they do not know is that this global war on terrorism is a complete fabrication. The enemy they are made to believe they’re defending their country from is actually a product of their own country.”

“The extent of this brainwashing is quite massive, and if we are going to stop the murder of other human beings and war in general, it is that ‘brainwashed’ soldier that needs to wake up. It is a human being pulling the trigger, it is a human being giving the orders to do os, and it is a human being thinking that they are doing something good. We are the reason war exists in the first place; we created it, we participate in it, and we prolong it. Just imagine what would happen if every human being on the planet refused to participate in war?”

See more here:   http://wakingtimesmedia.com/dalai-lama-speaks-mass-brainwashing-society/


5:36 am

“Will you, or will you not, carry this cross?”

“That night he received a healing, body, soul and spirit.”

Healing & Walking in Victory/Spiritual Warfare 6

5:15 am






4:55 am

Federal government is a ‘parasite on society’ … new mini-documentary reveals why government CREATES problems in order to act like it’s SOLVING them

“In fact, the primary role of government today is to create large-scale crises in order to keep the population in a constant state of emergency or dependence. Nearly all the big problems now ravaging modern society — debt bubbles, racial animosity, failed health care and the risk of international war — wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for government.”

See more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/federal-government-is-a-parasite-on-society-new-mini-documentary-reveals-why-government-creates-problems-in-order-to-act-like-its-solving-them/

4:43 am

No room for increments of improvement; I must be COMPLETELY TRAUMA-FREE, and it must be now.   It seems I am encouraged to get gone and get a job… so that Josh and Isaac can remove from their seats on the couch,  and do something also.  I am logging VALUABLE DOCUMENTATION OF THE REVOLUTION.   I quit smoking and I quit drinking and I quit getting pissed off.  I do all the mowing and I do lots more stuff and I contribute two hundred dollars a month in groceries with my welfare card.  I loan my car and I contribute my ten dollars a day, to joint cause.  I am becoming progressively more capable and confident.  I entertain ill will against nobody and my BOOK IS FINALLY SELLING so I found a bit of money in an account I’d forgotten about.
  YET, I am still facing eviction.  This is a spiritual issue obviously, because it has NO BASIS IN PHYSICAL REALITY. 

4:09 am


Ancient Aliens? Fallen Angels? Demons? advanced civilizations? Annunaki? Hollow Earth Theory? Could an advanced race of beings actually be influencing the human race from under our feet? What did Admiral Richard Byrd really see in the South Pole? And why did Adolf Hitler feel he could locate “Shangri La” at the North Pole? What is the truth behind “Operation High Jump”? Where they really searching for a place to set up a military base? or was America really looking for the New Nazi base?

Could the biggest cover-up of all time be that there in fact is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, whose civilization’s name is known as “Agartha” (variations: ‘Agharta’ & ‘Aghartha’). This may be very hard to believe, but could actually
be true. The first public scientific evidence occurred in 1947 when Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew directly to the North Pole and instead of going over the pole, actually entered the Inner Earth. In his diary with other witnesses, he tells of entering the hollow interior of the Earth, and traveling 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life. He tells of seeing monstrous animals resembling the mammoth of antiquity moving through the underbrush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization…

“Satan covets worship.”

“How long is it gonna be before they bring these things together?”

See more at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU4E5e_aHPs

3:32 am

Jesse Jackson is key police-CIA operative responsible for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr assassination

Pretty credible.  Ole Dammegard.

“Coup d’etat.  All over the world.”


2:39 am

Signs You Are Beginning To Heal After Exposing The Narcissist/Psychopath

“You’re kind of coming out of the corner that you were painted in by the narcissist or the psychopath; and you’re beginning to spread your wings a little bit.”
“Don’t be afraid of those people who you’re going to disappoint, because really it’s in that disappointment that your healing is going to occur.”
“Don’t doubt yourself.  You know what you need.  And oftentimes it’s emerging from that denial of what we need, that begins that first journey, those first couple steps to healing.”