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Catch Me If You Can, Dr. Hedgehog

4:02 pm

I picked 8 more four-leaf clovers.


I baked some chocolate chip cookies.

Remind me again:  what did I do that made me deserve to lose my home?

Seems I was ‘preserving’ it pretty well.

Neville Johnson says that it’s not enough to wish to operate in the coming new gifts.
We must have COMPASSION for the sick in order to heal them.  WE, the vessel, must share in God’s compassion for others.
I’ve always suspected that to be true of all the service-graces and our interactions with those who suffer.  We’ve got to become the message and if I want to operate in the degree of power that I expect, then I MUST BE VERY COMPASSIONATE and also very different than I have been.
I remembered something my brother said when I visited him to beg for lodging on the day I almost died before God kicked some more demons out of me.  He said that Dad told him he took my house BECAUSE OF A LIEN.  We’ve NEVER had a lien on this house or even considered getting one.  EVEN WHEN WE WERE STARVING THE FALL BEFORE DAD TOOK THE HOUSE.  It seems more likely even, that two teenagers might decide to obtain a lien, especially since my dad would advise that they need to gain some credit history.
I’m trying to figure things out.  Every time I think a bad thought about somebody I picture myself pulling knives from his back.  I see him bending over my left arm and my right hand is pulling out daggers of my thoughts and I soothe the wounds with my prayers and my hands.  I say I’m sorry to God,  and I bless those I’ve wounded.   Then I ask again how I am supposed to figure all this out without judging others.   I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE because God says I must do it and “all things are possible to him who believeth.”  ALSO, I MUST STOP JUDGING OTHERS because I have to be very pure in order to receive the Seven Spirits of God, and even more-so in order to be chosen as the Bride of Christ.  I’m trusting Him to prepare me perfectly, as He always has and as He knows I cannot.  Glory.  He’s showing us His glory.
So, the answer to my conundrum is, as always, MORE LOVE.  If I were to become divine love, I could remember all the evidence I must, without judging those who falsely condemned me.  I could say, “God NEEDED ALL THOSE THINGS to happen to me, in order to make me pure and worthy of His hand.”  I would then THANK HIM WHOLEHEARTEDLY for things that only months ago caused a continual ache.  He said I ‘had to know how it feels to be betrayed and rejected.’  I hope I passed that test because if not, we’ll just do it again.  He doesn’t mess around.

1:15 pm

I mowed east of the house and the east field,  all around my dad’s cabin, south of the house halfway to the lake and west of the house over the septic tank and to the river.  George moved the boat cover and paraphernalia down by the lake.  I mowed around it all last time because it’s hard to get off and on the mower.  If I were any shorter, somebody else would have to mow.

Josh is folding laundry and cleaning up the house.  When I got up this morning, the clean dishes were put away and the dirty ones were stacked, the sink was cleaned off and the counter was immaculate;  it was a joy to dig into the mess I left when I cut my finger on some aluminum foil day before yesterday and then enlarged yesterday when I cooked again.  Things are looking good around here.

CNN Caught Staging Faked Satellite Interview

CNN and sister channel Headline News have been caught faking a bizarre “satellite” interview between two reporters who were actually standing six car park spaces away from each other in the same Phoenix parking lot.

The two suspects are Ashleigh Banfield of CNN and Nancy Grace of Headline News. At first it seems like a normal TV “remote,” as Banfield interviews Grace from another location. Then the channel’s graphics alert viewers: both anchors are in Phoenix. That’s odd. Also: They’re both outdoors, sitting in what looks to be a parking lot. And is that same building behind them?

It seems that Grace and Banfield are sitting in the same parking lot, facing in the same direction, and judging by the speed of the vehicles in their shots, they cannot be sitting more than 30 feet away from each other,” wrote the Atlantic Wire’s Dashiell Bennett and Philip Bump.

Then things truly get bizarre. Watch the cars moving in the background of both shots:

See more here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/cnn-caught-staging-faked-satellite-interview/

12:55 pm

The Tsunami Of Scandals Hitting Hillary Clinton Right Now


10:04 am

War vs the Truth: Psychological Operations

9:30 am

I picked 7 four-leaf clovers.

8:53 am

Department of homeland security “government-sponsored domestic terrorism against u.s. citizens:” gang stalking, fusion centers, and the post-9/11 corporate police state

See at:   http://911nwo.com/?p=4248

7:57 am

Fusion centers are unholy snakepits of unconstitutional surveillance and ungodly false accusation.

Name of Fusion Center Mailing Address Physical Address

Alabama Fusion Center Post Office Box 1511 Montgomery, AL 36102 201 S Union St Montgomery, AL 36104
Alaska Information and Analysis Center (AKIAC) 101 East Sixth Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501 101 East Sixth Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501
Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) Post Office Box 6638 Phoenix, AZ 85005 16212 N 28th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85053
Arkansas State Fusion Center 1 State Police Plaza Drive Little Rock, AR 72209 1 State Police Plaza Drive Little Rock, AR 72209
Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center 2644 Santiago Canyon Road Silverado, CA 92676-9791 2644 Santiago Canyon Road Silverado, CA 92676-9791
Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center (LAJRIC) 12440 East Imperial Highway Norwalk, CA 90650 12440 East Imperial Highway Norwalk, CA 90650
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) P.O. Box 36102 San Francisco, CA 94102 450 Golden Gate Ave., 14th Floor San Francisco, CA 94102
Central California Intelligence Center/Sacramento Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center 3720 Dudley Blvd. McClellan, CA 95652
State Terror Threat Assessment Center Post Office Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244 3741 Bleckley St. Mather, CA 95655
San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC) 4181 Ruffin Road San Diego, CA 92123
Colorado Information Analysis Center 690 Kipling Street Lakewood, CO 80215 690 Kipling Street Lakewood, CO 80215
Connecticut Intelligence Center (CTIC) 600 State Street New Haven, CT 06511 600 State Street New Haven, CT 06511
Delaware Information Analysis Center Post Office Box 430 Dover, DE 19904 1575 McKee Rd. Dover, DE 19904
Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center 2720 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C. 20032 300 Indiana Ave NW Washington, DC 20001
Florida Fusion Center P.O. Box 1489 Tallahassee, FL 32302 2331 Phillips Road Tallahassee, FL 32308
Miami Dade Fusion Center 11200 NW 20th St Doral, FL 33172
Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX) PO Box 608423 Orlando, Florida 32860 6643 Hazeltine National Drive Orlando, FL 32860
Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center (GISAC) Post Office Box 29649 Atlanta, GA 30359 2635 Century Parkway, N.E. Atlanta, GA 39345
Pacific Regional Information Clearinghouse 500 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI 96813 500 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI 96813
Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center 700 S Stratford Dr, Meridian, Ada, Idaho 83642 700 S Stratford Dr, Meridian, Ada, Idaho 83642
Statewide Terrorism & Intelligence Center (STIC) 2100 S. Dirksen Parkway Springfield, IL 62703 2100 S. Dirksen Parkway Springfield, IL 62703
Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center 302 W. Washington Street Room E243 Indianapolis, IN 46204 302 W. Washington Street Room E243 Indianapolis, IN 46204
Iowa Fusion Center 215 East 7th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50319 215 East 7th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Kansas Threat Integration Center (KSTIC) 2722 Southwest Topeka Blvd Topeka, KS 66611 2722 Southwest Topeka Blvd Topeka, KS 66611
Kentucky Fusion Center Post Office Box 1757 Frankfort, KY 40602 200 Mero St Frankfort, KY 40622
Louisiana State Analytical and Fusion Exchange (LA-SAFE) 376A East Airport, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 376A East Airport, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Maine Intelligence Analysis Center 45 Commerce Drive, Suite 1 Augusta, ME 04330 164 State House Station Augusta, ME 04330
Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC) 7125 Ambassador Road Woodlawn, MD 21244
Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) One Schroeder Plaza Roxbury, MA 2120
Commonwealth Fusion Center 124 Acton Street, 2d Floor Maynard, MA 01754 124 Acton Street, 2d Floor Maynard, MA 01754
Michigan Intelligence Operations Center 714 S. Harrison Road East Lansing, MI 48823
Detroit Southeast Michigan Information and Intelligence Center 28 Adams Ave E Detroit, MI 48226
Minnesota Joint Analytical Center Suite 820 111 Washington Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55401
Mississippi Analysis and Information Center 1 MEMA Drive Pearl, MS 39208 1 MEMA Drive Pearl, MS 39208
KC Regional TEW 635 Woodland Ave., Suite 2105B Kansas City, MO 64106 635 Woodland Ave., Suite 2105B Kansas City, MO 64106
Missouri Information Analysis Center 2302 Militia Drive Jefferson City, MO 65101
St. Louis Terrorism Early Warning Group 7900 Forsyth Blvd St. Louis, MO 63105
Montana All-Threat Intelligence Center (MATIC) Post Office Box 4789 Ft. Harrison, MT 59636 2225 11th Ave Helena, MT 59601
Nebraska Information Analysis Center 3800 NW 12th St Lincoln, NE 68521
Nevada Threat Analysis Center 555 Wright Way Carson City, NV 89711 2478 Fairview Drive Carson City, NV 89701
Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center 6767 Spencer Street, Las Vegas Nevada 89119 6767 Spencer Street, Las Vegas Nevada
New Hampshire Information and Analysis Center 110 Smokey Bear Blvd Concord, NH 03305
New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center Post Office Box 7068 West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068 2 Schwarzkopf Drive West Trenton, NJ 08628
New Mexico All Source Intelligence Center (NMASIC) PO Box 27111 87502 13 Bataan Blvd., Santa Fe, NM 87504
New York State Intelligence Center 630 Columbia Street Extension Latham, NY 12110 630 Columbia Street Extension Latham, NY 12110
North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center 310 New Bern Ave. Raleigh, NC 27601
North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center 400 Fraine Barracks Rd Bismarck, ND 58506
Cincinnati/Hamilton Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group 2000 Radcliff Drive Cincinnati, OH 45204
Strategic Analysis and Information Center 2855 West Dublin Grandville Road Columbus, OH 43235 2855 West Dublin Grandville Road Columbus, OH 43235
Oklahoma Information Fusion Center 6600 N Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73116 6600 N Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Terrorism Fusion Center (TITAN) 610 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 210 Salem, OR 97301 610 Hawthorne Ave., Suite 210 Salem, OR 97301
Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC) 1800 Elmerton Avenue Harrisburg, PA 17110 1800 Elmerton Avenue Harrisburg, PA 17110
Rhode Island State Fusion Center 10 Dorrance St Providence, RI 02903
South Carolina Intelligence and Information Center 1731 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
South Dakota Fusion Center 1302 US 14 Pierre, SD 57501
Tennessee Regional Information Center 901 R.S. Gass Boulevard Nashville, TN 37243
Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center 5320 N. Shepherd Drive Houston, TX 77091
North Central Texas Fusion Center 4300 Community Avenue McKinney, TX 75071 4300 Community Avenue McKinney, TX 75071
Texas Intelligence Center 5805 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78752
Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC) 410 West 9800 South, Suite 370 Sandy, Utah 84070 410 West 9800 South, Suite 370 Sandy, Utah 84070
Vermont Fusion Center 188 Harvest Lane Williston, VT 09405 188 Harvest Lane Williston, VT 09405
National Capital Region Intelligence Center 4100 Chain Bridge Road Fairfax, VA 22030
Virginia Fusion Center 7700 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23235
Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC) Post Office Box 42600 Olympia, WA 98504 1110 Third Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
Southeastern Wisconsin Terrorism Alert Center 749 West State St Milwaukee, WI 53233
Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center Post Office Box 7857 Madison, WI 53707-7857 2445 Darwin Rd Madison, WI 53703
Wyoming Criminal Intelligence Center 316 West 22 Street Cheyenne, WY 82002

7:46 am

Gang Stalking: Nowhere to Hide – with Eric Karlstrom

Published on Aug 11, 2016
When you awaken and start whistle blowing, deep researching and uncovering dark secrets, or just existing they will want to control you and they like to do it by GANG STALKING. If you don´t know what this is PLEASE WATCH THIS INTERVIEW, it concerns what your government or private contractors are about to do to you and your family. They might even torture you by gang stalking you and then demand that you join them in gang stalking other citizens. This is diabolical, mean, heartless and totally illegal and immoral. This has got to be the last straw! Visit http://www.911nwo.com to learn more. And for cheap thrills visithttp://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has joined the celebrity list nobody wants to be on, the list of hijacked Twitter accounts.

On Saturday, his verified account tweeted out a rather premature message about Wales’ demise: “RIP Jimmy Wales, 1966 – 2016.”

Within the hour, as people started to wonder about Wales’ whereabouts and whether they should take the message seriously, the hijacked account followed with a new tweet that read…

I confirm that Wikipedia is all lies, OurMine Team is the true

… along with a link to a website displaying the group’s logo and an ad for social media security services.

Wales regained access to his account later on Saturday, and the tweets were deleted.

But according to Mashable, in addition to the fake messages-cum-marketing, Wales’ Twitter bio had been changed to read “hacked by OurMine.”

See more here:   https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/08/23/wikipedia-co-founder-jimmy-wales-twitter-account-hijacked/

6:50 am

I might get to be anybody at all, now that nobody can dictate who I am, anymore.

6:22 am

How to spot a sociopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a


One of the more offensive duties of being an investigative journalist is taking out the trash — exposing liars, fraudsters, con artists and scammers for the people they truly are. Each time we investigate a sociopath, we find that they always have a little cult group following of spellbound worshippers who consider that particular sociopath to be a “guru” or “prophet.”

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

“When he is accused of sexual assault by one of his own followers (a common occurrence in these circles), he denounces her as an enemy or a spy.”

“The ultimate destination of a sociopath is to destroy himself and take as many willing victims with him as possible.”

“This is the Jim Jones scenario: Drink the Kool-Aid laced with poison, and thereby prove your worth to your entire cult group.”

Tip for exposing sociopaths: Start fact-checking something they claim

One simple method for dispelling sociopathic delusion is to start fact checking their claims. Do any of their claims actually check out? If you start digging, you will usually find a pattern of frequent inconsistencies. Confront the suspected sociopath with an inconsistency and see what happens: Most sociopaths will become angry or aggressive when their integrity is questioned, whereas a sane person would simply be happy to help clear up any misinformation or misunderstanding.

Beware of fact-checking the sociopath by asking other people under his or her influence. A sociopath will usually have a small group of cult-like followers who not only believe their fictional tales, but who actually internalize those fictions to the point where they rewrite their own memories to be consistent with them.

6:05 am

GOOD MORNING beautiful Michigan,    and Happy Birthday to George’s mom.

Finding out I was the SCAPEGOATED CHILD is the best thing that ever happened to me!

I’m so glad I was almost murdered if that’s what it took for me to wake up.

I’m happy, finally, and I learned the TRUTH of what the BIBLE TOLD ME:   I’ve never been EVEN A TINY BIT CRAZY!

Learning about my childhood has been SO MUCH HELP.


“Sociopaths are masters at weaving elaborate fictional explanations to justify their actions. When caught red-handed, they respond with anger and threats, then weave new fabrications to explain away whatever they were caught doing.
A sociopath caught red-handed with a suitcase full of cash he just stole, for example, might declare he had actually rescued the money from being stolen by someone else, and that he was attempting to find its rightful owner. He’s the hero, see?
Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities.
They are masters at turning one group of people against another group while proclaiming themselves to be the one true savior. They are delusional at so many levels that their brains defy logical reasoning.
You cannot reason with a sociopath. Attempting to do so only wastes your time and annoys the sociopath.
Sociopaths never answer facts; they always attack the messenger(s)
 If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!
If you really try to nail a sociopath down to answering a documented allegation, they will quickly turn on you, denounce you, and declare that you too are secretly plotting against them.
Anyone who does not fall for the brainwashing of the sociopath is sooner or later kicked out of the circle and then wildly disparaged by the remaining members of the cult group’. Source
(AMEN.  Buy the books I will soon publish featuring solid anti-psychopath-narcissist spiritual warfare tactics…and also lots of snappy stories.)
#2) Follow your inner truth, not some external guru. Any guru who demands your obedience is a false prophet. A real teacher is one who empowers you and sets you free to explore your life experience with complete freedom tempered by a code of morals and personal responsibility.
See more at:   http://www.naturalnews.com/036112_sociopaths_cults_influence.html