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Exclusive – Anon Sources Within Government Leaking Info –

Christians Are Being Targeted

And More –

4:49 pm


Light ones and dark ones.


4:29 pm

Baked beans in the oven, with a loaf of sorta-sourdough bread (I added yeast) and a small pork roast and a small beef roast coated with Memphis spice rub, for pulled barbecue. There is potato salad left over from yesterday.  I made lemon bars.

Over 2,500 emails from George Soros’ account have been leaked, revealing that he has funded political-advocacy groups, journalists, and social-media projects to influence politics in Europe, Russia, and the US.

3:16 pm

Manufactured Civil Unrest And Regime Change: Is America Next?

Dallas Police Department Attempt To Block Release Of Info Related To Bomb Robot

This marked the first time a police department in the United States used a robot to kill an American citizen. Following the killing of Johnson, city and police officials have been inundated with public information requests from journalists seeking more information about how the robot works. The city of Dallas is attempting to suppress the data. Courthouse News reported on the situation:

Dallas Police Department officials want to block the release of “highly intimate or embarrassing” information regarding the use of a bomb disposal robot to kill a sniper who murdered five officers last month, saying it is of no legitimate concern to the public.

City officials asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for an advisory opinion on July 19, in response to at least 17 public information requests by journalists. The requests want access to robot and body camera footage, among other things.

3:05 pm


Really good rant.  Kids think it’s cool.


Ultimately, the spirit is energy, and what we call “supernatural” is nothing more than the manifestation of different energies in the world. This was known in ancient cultures from every continent, but science has decided to ignore it and only few scientists dare to address these issues, for fear of criticism and rejection by the scientific community.

JESUS EXPLAINS… How to hear and see Me

“I need to know how much I am wanted.  I need to see a relentless bride searching hi and low for Me.  Then I shall surprise her with My presence.  Most people give up way too easily; this is the majority of the problem.”
“Soap operas are the epitome of sin, and extremely noxious to me.  Like your nose in fresh dog excrement noxious.  I mean very, very bad.  These things not only offend me but also the Heavenly court, the angels and the saints.  Yet in your world they are matter of fact part of everyday life.”  (Jesus)
Wow.  When satan’s put pictures into our minds they are torturing Jesus who sees all that we see.  How can we not stand against this evil?

65 Thousand Protest Against U.S. Military Rape & 34 Bases in Okinawa

Vladimir Putin: George Soros Is Wanted “Dead Or Alive”

1:12 pm

Sen. Harry Reid: Give Trump fake CIA intel briefings

Reid is calling somebody a ‘loose cannon’?

12:58 pm

I picked another four-leaf clover.

Snowden Claims Russia Can Expose U.S. Meddling In Foreign Elections

Edward Snowden has warned the United States that the recent hack of NSA tied cyber spies was not designed to expose Hillary Clinton, but rather a display of strength by the hackers, showing they could eventually unmask the NSA’s own international cyber espionage and prove the U.S. meddles in elections around the world.

Commentators had framed the latest hack as another political attempt to smear Hillary Clinton. However in a series of 10 tweets, former National Security Administration (NSA) contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden explained that the situation was likely much more nuanced and complex than that.

Pilot Orders Obama Off Of Chopper For Disrespecting A Marine

Justice Department Says Poor Can’t Be Held When They Can’t Afford Bail


10:26 am

I picked six four-leaf clovers.

9:36 am

Reflections on institutional managing-down of society’s problem children:
We aren’t even self-serving, that would be an improvement.  WE are outward-focused and if what happens out there doesn’t support the narrative we’ve checked out of the library for internal adoption then we must alter ANYTHING AND ANYBODY who gets in the way of our story.  WE MUST BE VALIDATED and the more power we’ve adopted about us then the MORE WE MUST BE VALIDATED to support all that illegitimate power.  WE MUST TAKE POLLS OF OUR POPULARITY and we must mess with the lives of those who vote against us.  Or even those who might vote against us.  Or those who thought one time of voting at all!  WE DESTROY OTHERS BECAUSE WE KNOW WE’RE INVALID.  If we destroy them first then maybe they won’t have a chance to tell anybody about our fraud and then we will die last and nobody will ever know the TRUTH.
Worse even, is the fact that those most DEPENDENT ON MANAGING DOWN OTHERS don’t have the BALLS to do it themselves.  That’s where we get INSTITUTIONS.  Control-freak-wienies.  Institutions of all kinds are formed by people who wish to control how other people behave.  I think that’s true.
Isn’t that obvious?
We’re measured by the size of our foes.

9:17 am

Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes on LG G5

There would be no game of chess if the pawns refused to play : Another angry voice.

It’s obviously a lot easier for people to adopt the self image of a morally superior taxpayer who is being exploited by a disgusting underclass than it is for them to accept the reality that they are actually part of an underclass that is being exploited and manipulated by a self-serving and seemingly untouchable establishment cabal above them.
In reality the furious right-wing indoctrinated blowhard who has been riled up into directing their anger at other pawns in the establishment game of chess has far more in common with the unemployed people, the sick and disabled and the immigrants that he has been programmed to hate than he does with the super-rich establishment class who don’t give a damn about how their obsession with hard-right economic dogma and their self-serving behaviour impacts the lives of pawns like him.

BAPTIST megachurch Pastor Likes Trump More Than Jesus!

— Jeffress warns of letting Jesus Christ

— or anyone like him

— anywhere near the halls of power in his “Christian” nation

“I wonder if he or some of his sheeple were at this debate booing Ron Paul for FOLLOWING CHRIST!”  
“I want the biggest, toughest son of a you-know-what…and I believe that’s Biblical.”

How do I know my abuser has repented?

He’s hurt you. Lied to you. Beaten you down with words or with fists. Been violent sexually. Stolen from you. Picked fights. Given you the silent treatment. Blamed you for things you’ve neither said nor done. And he’s done these things again and again and again.

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of the man you once believed him to be. A turn of the head, a smile, a shared joke, concern that seems genuine; it’s enough to cause you to hope.

But you probably shouldn’t hope. Abusers can change, but most don’t.


Source: Mint Press

Beginning Tuesday evening, a small group of activists held a 24-hour vigil near FCI Englewood to raise awareness of the whistleblower’s plight.

Arn Menconi, the activist and Green Party candidate for Senate who organized the vigil outside FCI Englewood, told the Independent that Sterling is one of many victims in a federal war on whistleblowers.

“Americans should know that President Obama has indicted more whistleblowers than any president in history and this is to send out a signal so that others working in security will not come out and reveal what our government is doing,” Menconi told the Independent.

A September statement from Reporters Without Borders emphasized that the treatment of whistleblowers like Sterling was a major factor behind the United States’ poor standing in the organization’s annualPress Freedom Index. Currently, the U.S. currently ranks 41 out of 180 countries.

Delphine Halgand, U.S. director of Reporters Without Borders, said:

“Is a relationship with a reporter the new catalyst for government prosecution of whistleblowers, whether alleged or actual? If anybody can be sentenced in the United States just because he was merely talking to a journalist on a regular basis, where is press freedom heading in the country of the First Amendment?”

BREAKING: Guccifer Leaks Show ENTIRE “Shipment,” Clinton Muslim Network EXPOSED


Realistically, when our body refuses to do what we want it to, metaphysically, it is not actually broken. It is doing its job. One of its functions is to carry messages from the higher energetic planes to us. It is then up to us to interpret these messages and take action.

Lower Back; The Lower Back represents support; financial support, emotional support of family and friends, and support of God or the Universe. The Kidneys are located in this area and Kidney dysfunction results in Fear/Fright/Phobias.

A sore lower back may indicate that we have taken on more than we think we can handle. This is a dysfunction, only if it is not the Truth. If we have indeed taken on too much, that would be indicated by a physical trauma to the back and all we need to do is lighten the load.

Chronic low back ache, though, not associated with any trauma is the one with the Metaphysical application, and the one related to Kidney depletion. Kidneys are considered to have a central function relative to other organs since it is where Yuan Qi or our Primary Essence is stored.

Yuan Qi is also known as Primary Qi or Congenital Qi. It is the Qi you are born with and determines your relative strength in the world. It is considered to be quite difficult to strengthen an already weak Yuan Qi, but it can be done. Low back pain is often diminished by strengthening the Kidneys. In short, Low back pain, generally refers to a lack of trust in the Universe to protect and support. Louise Hay suggests Fear of money is indicated.
(My back gets sore when I pick a lot of clovers.)

9:02 am

The lights went out so I took a soak outside with the rain and the wind.

Then I picked a four-leaf clover.

Then when I came back inside the lights were back on.



Book 1

By Frances Metcalfe


“By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see
death; and was not found, because God had translated
him; for before his translation he had this testimony,
that he pleased God. (Hebrews 11:5)

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and
with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall
rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall
be caught up together with them in the clouds, to
meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be
with the Lord.” (I Thessalonians 4:16,17)

“Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all
sleep, but we shall all be changed.” (I Corinthians 15:51)

The revelations set forth in this booklet were given during experiences of “rapture,” beginning in January, 1942, and continuing for several months.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, I have made an earnest attempt to interpret these heavenly experiences in earthly language.  Needless to say, the testimony falls far short of the reality.


Then the Lord showed me a large chalice.  “The cup I drink, are ye able also to drink it?”  He asked.  I remembered when He had questioned me in a similar way after I had been baptized with the Holy Ghost.  Then I answered, as the disciples did, “Yea, Lord, we are able.”  I had little dreamed what it might mean,  I felt that I had drunk it; but now I saw that it was more than spiritual suffering and death to self.  It was an actual death – as a sacrifice.  I hesitated, knowing that I dared not trifle with so sacred a matter.  “By Your grace, Lord, I will drink this cup with You,” the Spirit moved me to answer.  I took it from His hand with trembling and raised it to my lips.  I tasted of it, expecting it to be very bitter; but, to my amazement, it became as the most mellow and delicious wine!

Then He smiled and seemed to laugh openly with joy.  “This is the cup of full salvation,” He said, “I drank all the bitterness of death, so that you might drink of My Divine, everlasting life.  This is the cup of redemption.”

More at:   http://www.yhwh-glory-end-time-ministry.com/index.php?p=1_131_Rapture-Translation-Book-1



More information on Frances Metcalfe and the remarkable ministry of the Golden Candlestick fellowship can be found in the books, “Ladies of Gold” compiled by James Maloney.  This three volume set contains a history of the group and a collection of all Metcalfe’s writings. To order from James Maloney’s website click on www.answeringthecry.com.

I confused love with being nice.  That’s the biggest news to me after many years of shocking stories.  Isn’t it weird that I figured being nice was being loving when all the people who said they loved me weren’t ever very nice?  I never knew nice or love!  Until I met George.  He’s the nicest man ever.
This Baptist guy says that Trump would be a better president than Jesus.
He is a rebellious opponent of the new regime and he’s gotta go.
Isn’t that obvious?
  This Baptist guy
 IS IN DIRECT DEFIANCE of the King of the Kingdom which is now and WITHIN US.
He’s chosen a different kingdom and a different king and he can no longer be permitted to pretend he serves the REAL KING.
How could a king of even minor
 magnitude permit this to continue?
Enemy of the state.
A state of grace.
Time’s up.
I’d like to have access to a real fine studio where I could go to make clothes.
I think Isaac ought to have a recording-studio-slash-mobile-tiny-house that he could take to artists and innovators and dreamers and he could document music and ideas and he could set a new standard for media content that touches hearts.  He could define media, and he expects to do that.
Josh’s apartment should be over a stable of Arabian horses who ride without instruction.  He should slide down a pole into a pile of hay and mount up with arms at the ready.  His perch is immaculate and orderly and considerate and well-considered.  Others follow him but few ride along very far.  He’ll know his own when they show up.


MARS ROVER HOAX: Rovers Discovered, Staged at Devon Island, Canada – NASA Lies.

5:15 am

Four Leaf Clover on LG G5

FontCandy (153)

How the Narcissist manages you down!

“A Narcissist’s actions, promises or reality in every situation are totally out of alignment. They ALWAYS say one thing and do another.

For example, they preach morality BUT they have no morals and act on their impulses regularly. They may PRETEND to follow a religious doctrine and praise themselves for religious values but actually possess NONE of these values whatsoever.

In actuality they ARE the very sinners that they are denouncing, preaching about, and pointing fingers at. They will condemn YOU for the very things they are doing and always leaving you with your jaw dropping to the ground wondering what they are accusing you of and why they are doing it. The Narcissist I dealt with was/is infamous for this!”

See more at:   https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/how-the-narcissist-manages-you-down/

Temple Institute Opens School for Levite Priests in Preparation for Third Temple

BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS – The Temple Institute has brought the Third Temple one step closer by establishing a school for Jewish priests (kohanim) to learn how to perform the Temple Service. A group of students, certified as being from the priestly caste, stands ready to learn all of the details of this complicated task, which may become relevant sooner than anyone thinks.

Four months ago, the Temple Institute established a registry of Kohanim, a list of men who have a clear patriarchal heritage from the priestly class. The Kohanim must fit certain criteria, in addition to having priestly heritage: they must have been born and raised in Israel, and have observed the laws of purity incumbent upon priests.

This excludes anyone who has come into proximity with the dead, so priests who were born in hospitals, have visited hospitals, or have entered cemeteries are not eligible.

See more at:   https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/temple-institute-opens-school-for-levite-priests-in-preparation-for-third-temple/

Is It Time to Reestablish the Davidic Kingdom in Israel?

BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS – It might come as a shock to many to learn that hundreds of descendants of King David are alive today, with verifiable family trees dating back 90 generations, and that the royal Davidic dynasty could potentially be established today in Israel.

Though some may be skeptical of the genealogical proof, many secular researchers of genealogy have studied the line of David. The research is facilitated by the fact that a number of European monarchs throughout history have gone to great lengths to prove family ties to the Davidic Dynasty, and a solid ancestry has been established.

Within the Jewish community, genealogical studies have shown several families that can claim descent ben akhar ben (father to son) in a direct line, most notably the Dayan, Shealtiel and Charlap/Don Yechia families. Most of these families come from Aleppo, Syria.

“Just as the Kohanic tradition is accepted, the same should be true for the descendants of King David, but even more so,” Rabbi Dayan said. “We have written family trees, and our tradition is engraved on gravestones for the offspring to take note of their ancestry.”

Breaking Israel News asked Rabbi Dayan why he thought there exists so much resistance to acknowledging the Davidic Dynasty.

On why there exists so much resistance to acknowledging the Davidic dynasty, Rabbi Dayan explained, “There is a basic error in understanding the Kingdom of David.

“The Moshiach is already here. Moshiach in Hebrew means ‘anointed’. It is not a miracle. The family of David exists and is waiting for Israel to choose one and anoint him.

“By claiming incorrectly that there are no living descendants of King David, the Moshiach becomes dependent upon a miracle from heaven, thereby absolving the rabbis from any responsibility for taking action to bringing the Messiah.”

See more at:   https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/is-it-time-to-reestablish-the-davidic-kingdom-in-israel/

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.
And king Solomon shall be blessed, and the throne of David shall be established before the Lord for ever.
For thus saith the Lord; David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel;
Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes on LG G5

DARK AGENDA – SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: Nano Technology And GNA (Synthetic DNA) In Chemtrails Are Changing Humans and Animals At The DNA Level

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “5th top DNC official has resigned as a result of DNC emails publication according to Politico #DNCLeak”


This guidance document provides basic broad principles for a spokesperson of any health authority on how to respond to vocal vaccine deniers.The suggestions are based on psychological research on persuasion, on research in public health, communication studies and on WHO risk
communication guidelines.
Alive and swell.


It was established by the United States in January 2002, as a place for the US authorities to hold people perceived to be ‘enemy combatants’ in the ‘war on terror’. The first detainees were transferred on 11th January 2002 to the prison camp immediately after it was finished.

The US government chose the island to hold detainees in a place neither where US nor international law applied.

The facilities at Guantánamo have become emblematic of the gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the US government in the name of terrorism. A 2013 “Institute on Medicine as a Profession” report concluded that health professionals working with the military and intelligence services “designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees”. Medical professionals were ordered to ignore ethical standards during involvement in abusive interrogation, including monitoring of vital signs under stress-inducing procedures.

In total, 779 men have been taken to the facility. Of these, only seven have been convicted, a conviction rate so low as to be ludicrous. Even then, of that seven, only one Guantánamo detainee has been transferred to the US mainland for trial in a civilian court.


Police entered his home in Wellsville, New York, on March 5 to find his ankle bracelet connected to a contraption that was designed to make it look like he was walking around his home. 

Ceglia claims that he had a ‘very credible’ threat that he would be arrested on new charges, jailed and killed – and had to flee before that happened. 
4:53 am

Shocker In Oregon! Pete Santilli Bullhorns the Injustice Center Downtown Portland!

Here we have activist journalist, Pete Santilli, incarcerated at MCDC in Portland, Oregon, for months. He has been in one jail or another, in one state or another, since January 27, 2016 when he was arrested. He was going to the state police as he had learned of the assasination of LaVoy Finicum. He went to ask to be allowed to remove women and children from the Malhuer Refuge which was under seige by the FBI.  They arrested him.  He has been denied pre-trial release 4 times.  Monday, August 22, pre-trial hearings begin; jury selection starts on Sept. 7; trial begins Sept. 13.

More and more people have been showing up with signs, flags, bull horns and live streams to support those inside; especially Ryan Bundy recently abused by prison “guards”. He remains in solitary with the evidenciary bullet still in his body. Click on my “More Stories” for additional reports regarding Ryan’s situation.



7:39 pm

We Came to Armageddon, just to Find the Battle Won.

The hand of the ineffable moves inexorably toward the lever that switches the course of force from the hands of the servants of the infernal, into the hands of servants of the supernal. In a moment, everything is changed. We wait upon this moment with both faith and certitude. God is not mocked, nor can the lies that entangle us, or our fellows, prevail over the course of humanities struggle to be free of them. We shall be free. In fact, all we need do is to recognize that we already are. It is much like the fear of Armageddon and the supposed battle that is the hallmark of the event. The battle has already been fought and won.

See more at:   http://www.visibleorigami.com/2016/08/we-came-to-armageddon-just-to-find.html


7:07 pm

I picked another four-leaf clover.

Supper was great.

12:45 pm

I baked a blueberry pie and took shrimp and calamari out of the freezer.

I picked two four-leaf clovers.


9:48 am

NSA alive & well at colleges: code MDA-904

At Wikileaks, Julian Assange posted an overview (10/7/2007), “On the take and loving it—academic recipients of the US intelligence budget.”

Consider Assange’s stunning conclusion: “Over the last decade, U.S intelligence funding of academic research has taken on cavalier, even brazen qualities. This article reveals over 3,000 National Security Agency and over 100 Defense Intelligence Agency funded papers and draws attention to recent unreported revelations of CIA funding for torture research.”

Torture research. If people need evidence that the CIA’s MKULTRA is still alive, there it is.

Read more here:   https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/nsa-alivewell-at-colleges-code-mda-904/

9:27 am

“If we don’t change now, one by one, somebody else will change us.”

MIND WARS: OPERATION THIRD GENOCIDE (3G): Psychotronic Warfare Mind Control and The Wireless Society

MIND WARS: OPERATION THIRD GENOCIDE (3G): Psychotronic Warfare Mind Control and The Wireless SocietyJUNE 11, 2012 BY ADMINThis is Part One of a short series we are working on about “The New Mind Control Technique’s and Delivery Methods”This is only a small part of it. It also seems to involve TV and Computer Screens and something new called “Direct Thought Insertion”.

Source: MIND WARS: OPERATION THIRD GENOCIDE (3G): Psychotronic Warfare Mind Control and The Wireless Society

“The dumbing-down of humanity is Luceferian.”

6:35 am

Why do we fear narcissism?

The narcissist is like John Milton’s Satan, who speaks in chiasmi: the mind, Milton has Satan argue, “can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”. Evil is our word for a lack of empathy, for deception, for falseness, but the feeling of evil can also come when the world as we know it might be upended, or so we fear.

But sometimes, just before we shut it down with the word, is the realisation that someone is seriously messing with our sense of what truth is.

 The word as a description of the feeling of the centre shifting out from underneath you, as it does at that dinner table when your friend goes on and on and you fade into the wallpaper behind you, as if unseen; the feeling of history passing you by as you become invisible, and unable, any more, to speak.

If the narcissist challenges us to reckon with the possibility that empathy is something that can be performed, so does every post on our Facebook feed. Behind our computer screens, who knows what is going on? Some of my most empathetic and generous friends post the most selfies; maybe some of the people who never do, but post constant outward-seeming messages about injustice, are secret assholes.
The word narcissist asserts that our values are different from those of the American politician, the internet, the young, the dinner companion — that we have empathy, and they don’t, but sometimes what it covers over is our fear that we are a little like them, for we are called upon to do the very same things. Like every apocalyptic story, the story of the narcissism epidemic gives us a way out, a way to differentiate ourselves, asserting a kind of decency that is in danger of making us as self-satisfied as the ones we fear.
(This has been me:)
 There wasn’t a discernible difference between her arrival and the commencing of the monologue; barely a greeting, in fact, just wave after wave of language, stories whose subject is the same (how she’s been maligned or overlooked, perhaps), and she is not even pausing to breathe, and your breath shortens, as if it’s physically possible for a human being to suck the air out of another human being’s lungs from across the table.

5:31 am

Of all the violent destruction instructed and condoned by God in the Bible’s Old Testament, He never, ever, ever told His people to TORTURE OTHERS.  Not even once.  He is love, and at times it is loving to separate torturers from the tortured and He dispatches them to their deserved corners and we shirk at the violence and accuse God of being unloving.  However,   GOD DOES NOT TORTURE… and Israel does, while claiming to be His people.  He told us how to recognize real Jews and He warned us about fake ones comprising the “Synagogue of satan.”
(Who would name his daughter ‘Jihad’?)
“Jihad said. “My work is very hard – I have to carry steel and stones every day, putting them on my donkey and then going to the market to sell them, and this many times per day,” Jihad explained. “However, I still do not have a stable income – it all depends on how much steel I can find or how many hours I am able to work before me or my donkey are exhausted.” ‘Poor conditions’ Jihad and her family live in very poor conditions, aggravated by the lack of available electricity. Since an Israeli airstrike in 2006 hit the Gaza power plant, Palestinians in Gaza face regular power cuts.”
“Repeated Israeli offensives Recurrent Israeli offensives on the coastal enclave and the illegal Israeli blockade on land, air and sea, entered its tenth year in June 2016, remain today the principal causes of the socioeconomic and psychosocial crisis in Gaza. The restrictions on the movement of people and goods continue to collectively punish the civilian population, affecting every aspect of life in Gaza, undermining the local economy and threatening the enjoyment of most human rights, in clear violation of Israel’s legal obligations under international humanitarian law.”
“If Christians aren’t allowed to be in schools and CHRISTIANS aren’t allowed to be in the military, then WHY ARE THE sATANISTS ALLOWED TO GO WHERE THEY WANT?”


 “Over my dead body will they kill off Christianity in my lifetime.”
4:20 am

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld exposed themselves as shills for Democrat Hillary Clinton during an extensive primetime town hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Weld defended Hillary Clinton on her private email scandal and played attack dog on Donald Trump.

Johnson seemed sleepy, but he answered a question at length about THC amounts in marijuana and another from a young man asking about legalized prostitution. Johnson only lightly and perfunctorily criticized Clinton, instead focusing most of his low-energy attacks on Trump. He also revealed a personal gluten allergy and said that he himself would not patronize the services of prostitutes.

These two marginal politicians are clearly enjoying the spotlight that the pro-Clinton media are finally giving them in their effort to stop Trump. (Something tells me the folks at CNN have not secretly been reading Reason magazine all these years.)
“Bill Weld has called Clinton “by and large a good secretary of state,” and Johnson has called her “a wonderful public servant.”
They Steal the Children of Activists in Ft. Collins: Where’s Jaden?

The triumvirate consisting of former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, globalist Judge Julie Field and globalist Pat Stryker’s ICLEI interests, have been involved in a series of “amazing coincidences”, which culminated in the neutralization of Stacy Lynne as their main ICLEI/Agenda 21 opponent. This was accomplished by the stealing of Lynne’s son in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever witnessed in a family court. All three parties are inextricably tied to ICLEI/Agenda 21 interests. The conflicts of interests between Ritter, Field, Stryker interests, and ultimately the 8th District Court of Larimer County are numerous and a matter of public record. Subsequently, this is when the ICLEI dominoes began to fall.

On December 21, 2011, Stacy’s son was removed from her custody by Field. Yet, there was no evidence presented which proved Lynne was guilty of neglect, abuse or any other parental misbehavior that would warrant such an action by any court. In the trial, Field refused to allow Lynne to call witnesses on her behalf and when the citizens in the court gasped with amazement, Field cleared the courtroom so this miscarriage of justice could continue away from the watchful eye of the public. Field’s custody ruling allows Stacy one supervised visit, every two weeks, with Jaden at the Harmony House, located in Fort Collins, where Pat Stryker was listed as a financial contributor. In my days as a nationally certified mental health counselor, I have seen more lenient parental rights granted to convicted pedophiles than I have to Stacy Lynne.

Why would Field misuse her judicial authority against a woman whose only “crime” was to oppose the insidious invasion of her community by ICLEI interests? Simple, Field was also an Agenda 21/ICLEI 
Former Big Pharma Rep: The Drugs Are Dangerous- We’re Trained to Lie