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Labeling people.

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Boat Builder’s Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home



This is the situation I have repeatedly brought to the attention of the local board member of ABWE and those who finance the bandits.  I’ve prayed a lot for these women.

Two of the victims are daughters of my neighbor, the board member I’ve so often spoken of, as he called me names on various occasions.  My father’s childhood friend.


THE RAPIST cho-mo MISSIONARY DOCTOR FROM BANGLADESH WHO WORKED FOR ABWE is under investigation in Michigan.  Thank you, Jesus.

“There is no justice without vindication.”

Wood TV Reports: Ottowa County Sheriff Investigating Ketcham

BREAKING NEWS | Wood TV is reporting that allegations against Ketcham were made to Ottowa County Sheriff in 2011 by a 1999 victim on US soil, but were never pursued. With the publication of the Pii Report there is new interest in those allegations and the statements made by the victim to police in 2011. Ottowa County Sheriff is currently investigating.

Please read Michigan journalist Ken Kolker’s report HERE.


Wood TV Airs Report on Donn Ketcham

UPDATE | The following 12-minute report aired live on Channel 8 (Wood TV, NBC) in Grand Rapids on Monday night, August 8th. Click the link for the written report or scroll to halfway down that page to view the video, as reported by Ken Kolker.

“Missionary Doctor’s Secret Sins: Decades of Alleged Abuse and Cover-Up”

target 8

See more at:   https://bangladeshmksspeak.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/wood-tv-donn-ketcham-abuse/



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JESUS Explains… God’s Correction – Message from Jesus on May 4th, 2015

“And to those of you who feel it is your job to reveal error in my servants, be ever so careful.  For I alone am qualified to judge–lest you step into My place and usurp My authority.”  (Jesus.  Who exposes the secrets of my heart.  I’m sorry I was so judgmental and critical.)  
“Please, please, take heed:  Do not go on recklessly injuring others.  There is a price to pay and I prefer to love you with blessings, than to correct you with chastisements.”  (Jesus.)

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I saw a Targeted-Individual Self-help website.

I told Isaac I wanted business cards three years ago.

I’d be a GREAT consultant.  I even have a psych degree.  I wrote a book.

We could have been rich by now.

The guy gets $50 to consult and also sells products like “TI’s and Bladder Control”.  (Inside joke.)

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‘NSA ‘beaming energy into you and into the computer systems around you.’
All of us who have been learning God’s voice suffer the same deficiency, and we make the same request:  MAY MY EMOTIONS REMAIN CONSISTENT WITH MY UNDERSTANDING AND CHOSEN BELIEFS?  PLEASE.  SOON.
We trainees WISH to hear His voice,  but we do not always hear.  Until we do, we remain fast.  We do not move.  Inwardly, we are troubled. Our faith is puny and the rewards are few.  But, we stand firm.  We take each hit to Jesus,  and we review the battlefield. This isn’t really a battle; we hold.  WE HOLD, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER because the high waters are coming again, so we stand. Having done all, we stand.
Then, HE comes to us with fresh courage and His love which compels all diligence and hope.  We renew strength to hold the ground He purchased, until He comes again.  Then we wait once more.  This whole exercise will be obsolete and unnecessary when we can actually FEEL ALL THE TIME, those things we know to be true. Then, we will not grit our teeth and bury our fingernails into the bedrock truths of humanity’s one hope as the doomed slip past us downstream.  Then, we will toss them to the shore;  then, we WILL LAUGH.  Our Captain’s priority is finding those slipping souls for which He died, and giving them another chance to become immortal.  It’s worth some efforts.

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Cell Towers and Cellphones. Microwave Radiation, Electromagnetic Pollution, Impacts on Human Health

“A new study from the British Medical Journal led by Dr. Enrique Navarro concludes that living near cell towers inhibits brain functioning, diminishes memory, disrupts the normal sleep cycle and causes widespread irritability. And an analytical review of all research conducted a half dozen years ago determined that 80% of all studies have determined that a direct correlation does exist between tower proximity and adverse symptoms, tumors and cancer.”

The most appalling realization is these dangerously higher levels of radiation emanating from weaponized cell towers have absolutely nothing to do with cell phone transmission, but everything to do with democide. They prove that the US government has shifted its soft kill eugenics plan to a faster hard-boil roast of the American population.

Read more at:   http://www.globalresearch.ca/cell-towers-and-cellphones-microwave-radiation-electromagnetic-pollution-impacts-on-human-health/5540490

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I picked three four-leaf clovers.

Almost all the souvlaki went last night,  when my sons and George got back from blueberry picking. I made pastry dough and bran muffins yesterday; I’ll bake a pie and make maybe chicken curry today, I’ve got mangoes for chutney.

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This Is A New Day, We Have 3 Years Before the Rapture…

Oh, wow.

“We are going from glory to glory.”

“We’re cleaning up our wedding gowns.”

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This is such a cool trick:  I almost feel like a geek.  ❤

+bbb103 Im a TI. I have a radio show called “The Red Pill show” at KROV 91.1 FM & KOYO-LP 107.1 FM.. I talk about these abuses done to us. If any TI’s out there would like to share your experiences please contact my assistant at 530-693-1921. text your name and number and we will get you booked on the air!
“Just simple things can cause serious, serious harm for regular people that are working for some kind of truth-telling.”
“Control of people through the machines they use.”
I could feel sorry for Hillary.  She’s being forced to run for President, whether it’s by nefarious sorts to whom she is indebted, or by her own vacuous ego; she’s not doing what is in her personal best interest and that’s got to eat at her.  I wonder if anybody loves Hillary?  I wonder if anybody ever did?  Did Vince Foster love her?  Did Web Hubbell? Does Chelsea?  Does love enter into their relationships at all?  I was a converted BAPTIST MOM, and love never entered into very many of mine; understanding that makes me wonder about others I’ve witnessed.
Mothers will eat their children.  Given hard enough circumstances, even ‘mothers’ love’ can succumb to self-interest.  We don’t eat our children because we’re hungry, but because we can’t tolerate watching them starve.


“But the food at the restaurant, which opens for breakfast at 8 a.m. and offers dinner, isn’t the only draw.”
“Everyone there is very cool-looking,” says Tribeca native Jessica Leone, 20.

Media Silent as US Announces Unprecedented Move to End Drug War

Should it follow through with decriminalization as Brownfield described, the U.S. government would be marking the first effort to weaken the now-massive prison-industrial machine — including the controversial, corrupt, private prison corporations that now dominate the criminal justice landscape.

“What was it about YOU that was lacking or was so wrong that made the NARCISSIST become so negative and unhappy with your relationship?”

“Nothing.  Because it is always the same coefficient, or a personality-disordered narcissist that was constantly managing you down and making you believe that you had issues as well as constantly blaming and shaming you.”

“You were made to believe that you did not deserve their love unless YOU CHANGED!”
“This is emotional abuse and control and not ANY KIND OF A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP.”
(Greg Zaffuto)
Hidden science: Library intern discovers long-lost rainmaking device invented 70 years ago
Breaking News… Judicial Watch Forces The Release Of 171 Emails From The Server Of Huma Abedin
See at:   

The Narcissist Marks You Like Territory

“He could not have been prouder of himself.”