8:07 pm

NSA Whistleblower Wrongfully “Baker-Acted” by Florida Sheriff’s Department After Providing Hard Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment


NSA Whistleblower and 28-year Intelligence-analyst veteran Karen Stewart was recently wrongfully and deceptively “Baker-Acted” in Leon County, Florida, by local Sheriff Mike Wood’s department, after emails and reports she made on the subject of measurable radiation from directed-energy weapons being used covertly in the county and on her person. Attending medical staff at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Access Center, finding her to be in perfect mental health and “not requiring any help” from them, acted swiftly to sanction her release the same day, pointing up the apparent misuse and abuse of powers by Sheriff Mike Wood, who is seeking re-election this summer.
The Baker Act Seeks to Psychiatrically Commit the Mentally Ill, Not the Perfectly Sane

The Uncovering of NSA-Set-Up Nationwide and Global Stalking Harassment Networks?

In Florida, Karen Stewart reports that she learned NSA Security appeared to have contacted Tallahassee FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) when she began to experience stalking and other kinds of harassment—hit-and-runs, vandalism, and trespassing–from local Infragard personnel.

“In early 2015, it appeared that NSA and their proxy FBI attack dogs had contacted the FDLE’s civilian “Infragard” membership, and told the usual slanderous lies these crooks fabricate under color of law against anyone and everyone they find “inconvenient”, which they use to engage greedy, mercenary, faux-patriot, proxy stalkers into stalking innocent people as a national or community danger.

“The World Coalition against Covert Harassment is committed to raising awareness to the legal systems as well as to the medical and scientific community to the crime of illegal biomedical and weaponry research committed on citizens in the European Union and beyond.”
James Corbett Inerview: CIA, Chemtrails and Climate Modification 

7:25 pm

It seems to me, that when my miraculous recovery has been fully established, my episode in the hands of gangstalkers and Republicans will have proven a number of things.  My life’s toil has not been for naught.  There are even more things that my life may not entirely prove, but for which it makes a very fine case.  Maybe I should start with those?  It’s going to take a while for me to sort it out.  Isaac looked up a Christian funny farm today, and I got fearful, so I approached him right away.  I said, “I told you all along my problem was SPIRITUAL…and I wanted CHRISTIANS who are SPIRIT-LED.  Maybe I could have been better a REALLY LONG TIME AGO.”  He said, “I’ve thought of that.”   There DO EXIST DISCIPLES OF JESUS who could have walked me through my errors.
He reminded me how HARD I TRIED TO FIND SOMEONE TO LISTEN TO ME.  He listened, but his own pain was such that he couldn’t validate.  Maybe when he gets his tribe rolling there will BE SOME PEOPLE WHO WILL LISTEN TO VICTIMS OF MANY ABUSES.  And, hopefully, they will be able to heal them, just as Jesus is currently healing me.  I asked, “Isaac, do you think any one of those places could have given me the insights I’ve received by direct revelation of God over the past three days and would I have repented any sooner?”  Sheesh.  I TOLD THEM JESUS WOULD FIX ME.  I even wrote a book about it.
Isaac has been working on the same project for five or more years.  He engineered a media platform system, and envisions it as a consciousness version of Facebook, in popularity.  He has launched it a number of times, and he pulls it back down; but he still has fifty conscientious followers.  Josh published an article there today, and Isaac’s going to post my piece on the word ‘scientific’. I’m going to start a new website, with no references to my family.  This one remains in the cloud.
Isaac was fretting about how to get certain features of his site coded, and about finding excellent curators for each of his categories.  I challenged him.  I said, “How about you give your entire website and project to Jesus for two weeks.  No stewing about anything.  Pray and say, ‘What should I do next?’ and no matter what you hear, just do it.”  He agreed right away.  I saw light in his eyes for the first time in a long time.  I said, “Give Jesus a try.  Look what he can do for me!”  This is going to be good.

6:39 pm

Transfiguration of Jesus Christ to Transfigure US with Holy Light of HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

(Tomorrow is Transfiguration Day.  I’ve been waiting.)

5:58 pm

This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult

Every move you make. Every click you take. Every game you play. Every place you stay. They’ll be watching you.

Read more at:   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-05/this-company-has-built-a-profile-on-every-american-adult

4:18 pm

If this surprises ANY OF MY READERS …

Well, it shouldn’t.



4:14 pm

I picked two four-leaf clovers.

The innertube-kayak-rowboat-seadog  flotilla has been a lot of fun to watch.  But, I won’t tell you who made it.  They EVEN sing SEA SHANTIES!

3:58 pm

OK, studying ‘non-judging’.  For the first time since early Spring, I wondered whether journalist Pete Santilli was still in jail.  I wondered…based on suspicion of a sell-out, and that was a bad thought about him and judged him.  THEN I googled, and found a story…posted only a COUPLE HOURS AGO…about how he is probably in NEED OF A LOT OF PRAYER REGARDING SELLING-OUT.   
Was I improperly judging when I was obviously drawn to that issue exactly?  Learning to be non-judgmental is harder than you think.
Special Jail Privileges For Refuge Occupiers Remained Secret For Weeks

Jones said he kept the meeting “off the record” based on advice from the county and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Jones said those agencies suggested “special treatment might pose a danger to these defendants and influence other inmates at the jail to request similar privileges.”
All of those men, except for Santilli, have taken plea deals in the Oregon case.

3:46 pm

Now, I understand why the brain-rapers picked me for their project!

1:28 pm

I think the scientific method is obsolete.  It has been,  ever since quantum physics, right?  If the observer can actually MAKE AN OBJECT appear just by applying attention, the game was over already.
But now we know that the MAJORITY of scientific papers cite falsified data, and we KNOW that scientists must finance their ‘research’ and lucrative papers can be purchased EVEN FROM A LOGIS_SPEAK ROBOT spitting boilerplate jargon, and how a Lancet editor even said his publication was fraudulent;  well, then we can easily understand how very EXACERBATED science’s failure is… now that we have the Mandela Effect.  Science is dead.
All questions of the former paradigm are nullified.
There are dozens of ways to alter the results of a ‘scientific’ activity.
‘Scientific’ should be retired.
The word for too long has stood for honest investigation and truthful reporting.
To say a thing is not ‘scientific’ is to relegate it quaint and superstitious.
I suggest that ‘scientific’ will pretty soon be used in sentences as a pejorative adjective.
Time travel, black goo, anti-matter, timeline-tourism, remote genetic modification, ANGELS AND DEMONS,  and other underrated influences,  are liable to change our ‘reactions’ any time at all.  And we don’t get to know about it, much less compensate.
To say a thing is ‘scientific’ in a world where anything can and does happen would be an insult.
It’s a great time to be alive.  We can influence history in ANY AREA, because they’re all being recreated,  and God is using us to build the systems that we will use.  All things new, so even every pre-cursor-system to every system of systems will require creative ideas,  and we’ll build them with miracles.
If we’re into letters we can EVEN INVENT NEW WORDS AND LANGUAGES.  Musical language, emotional language, mathematic languages, beautiful new everything.
It’s a great time, WHEN I REMEMBER WHO I AM.
I’m still being taught about how badly I hurt people.  This should be  review, but I became deceived:
“As I have told you in other messages, when you think a bad thought about a person it wounds them.  If you speak it, it brutalizes them and leaves them in a heap with much injury only the Lord can heal.”
“And if you are criticizing a Christian, you are putting lashes on Jesus Himself.  If you are criticizing an unbeliever, you are pushing him or her away from the possibility of ever being saved.”
JESUS SPEAKS about Ranks & Weapons… SPIRITUAL WARFARE Part 2 – From August 1st, 2016

11:20 am

I went to the bank with Isaac.

I picked a four-leaf clover.


10:01 am


(I got filled with SELF-RIGHTEOUS demons. And worrying about it sure didn’t help anyway.)

Jesus said, “Never have the fear of being wrong.  If you have this fear you are sure to be manipulated by satan.  If you care nothing about being right or wrong,  but care very much about the TRUTH,  the demons will have no leverage on you.”


How WE Can Develop Blind Spots, An Obtuse Spirit

“When a soul becomes convinced of their own rightness, an obtuse spirit gains entry. An obtuse spirit builds walls that make you blind to the truth. Whatever knowledge threatens you, they build a blind spot into your thinking. If it goes on for years and years their world becomes more and more narrow and limited. Please value the truth above being right and this won’t happen to you.”

9:47 am

Revolution Impossible?

As the economy collapses and the police state noose cinches tighter, revolution is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But what kind of revolution is necessary…or even possible? On this episode of The Corbett Report podcast we look deeper into the revolutionary fervour of our times.

9:37 am

Comparing ourselves to others is unwise for a number of reasons.  Obviously, doing so makes you either prideful or dissatisfied with yourself.  I’ve been working to diminish my comparisons for a very long time.  I still don’t have it.
SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS is the darkness that resulted in my life; this, even as I prayed, “Lord, ALL YOUR WILL.  LET ME BE EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED and do it YOUR WAY.”    How can you KNOW your heart is right before GOD? Well, I figured that since I beg all day, every day,  for more of his SPIRIT and more of his GUIDANCE,  and that I also asked that I would not believe anything false…then you knew.  If you knew about your heart that you wanted NOTHING MORE THAN TO BECOME LIKE JESUS, AND YOU KNEW THAT HE KNEW IT TOO, then you knew.
That is you KNOW until you COMPARE YOURSELF TO SOMEBODY ELSE and then you get self-righteous.  Then you’re deceived.  Just like that.  You open doorways for demons to enter and harm you and others through by your hand.
 As I prayed and repented, the Lord would close doorways.  THEN, as I began to vent anger and venom once again, evil entities were free once again to influence me and mock me and make me very afraid.  I couldn’t overcome the fear full-time.  I think I’ll be able to now, as I look to Jesus for more.  You think you’re entirely depending on Him when you have no other friend, but  SELF is always asserting its SELF.  We need the Seraphim to burn through our hearts.  I’m looking forward to the elimination of selfish-self.

8:57 am

They’re now REMOTE-VIEWING each month, during the prior month.  It’s like the New Age Farmer’s Almanac.  They’re actually publishing the results of all their predictions!  Everybody needs to see into the future, I guess.  The prophetic people will be very popular.  Psychics too.  These layers of deception are SO THICK.  When I first began studying conspiracies and false-christian doctrines, I got winded every single time one of my sacred cows was knocked out by Truth. Eventually you decide just to have NO SACRED COWS.  That makes surprises easier to assimilate.
Even so I was STILL DECEIVED.  Being the timid type, I prayed for MANY YEARS that in the last days I WOULD NOT BE DECEIVED.  I studied the BIBLE hard, with some good teachers-on-tape.  They said, “The last days will be marked by a GREAT DECEPTION!  You’d better LOVE TRUTH SO MUCH YOU WON’T LET GO. PRAY FOR GUIDANCE, PRAY YOU’RE NOT DECEIVED.  EVEN GOD WILL DECEIVE YOU IF YOU DON’T LOVE TRUTH!”  (These concepts are delineated in the KJV Bible.)
My mental life became a painful series of considering my thoughts and attributing them acceptability, or discarding them.  With artificial thoughts, that’s the only way; you can’t let your mind wander.  All kinds of spiritual people choose their thoughts to create chosen reality.  With the diminishment of my demon-companions, I’ve been thinking more freely.  I remember times when the Spirit led my every thought for days.  He told me to ‘never leave the SECRET PLACE’.  That’s the spot where you’re always listening for Him.   (It’s kinda like meditation but without the dress-code.)
Mixed Seed: US Gov to Lift Ban on Part-Human, Part-Animal Embryos
About time they made ’em legal.
Now they can vote.
Medical Marijuana Use Saves Lives and Money

DAYTON, Ohio — The debate preceding the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio focused primarily on its risks, but a number of recent studies indicate the benefits of marijuana treatment could mean the difference between life and death in some instances, and even help controlMedicare spending.

In the 17 states and District of Columbia that had medical marijuana laws in 2013, Medicare spending on prescriptions fell by about $165 million that year alone as more people turned to marijuana and cannabis-based drugs to treat symptoms normally treated with pharmaceuticals, according to a recent study published in the journal Health Affairs.

8:09 am

Friday.  I wonder if anybody would take me to fish-fry tonight.  I went by myself last week; I shouldn’t have wasted the money but I had to get out.

I FOUND A four-leaf CLOVER on my DRESSER this morning!

I’ve been like a witch sitting here cursing people because they wouldn’t love or help me!  GOD forgive me and make me right please!

The Lord is teaching me about judgment.
There are many questions.   I know that I must treat negative thoughts– in their infancy–as  though they were poison.  I perform this task ritualistically, in many areas of my thought-life.  I failed to follow the Lord’s clear guidance regarding people who have wronged me and I’m getting on track.
But, regarding the judging prohibition:  what about all the people who are just learning that much of their lives had been falsely realized, as it had been controlled and manipulated by others?  As the fog of lies clears, don’t we all need to remember events of abuse so they can be properly re-categorized?  How about the SCAPEGOATED CHILD? Doesn’t that person have to re-remember EVERYTHING in order to learn who he actually is?
What about flashbacks?  Is it wrong to judge the causative event to be evil?  The evil is the demons, not the people, ‘Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of that’.   But doesn’t it seem there must be some series of understandings whereby panic attacks diminish as the soul progresses towards ‘not judging’? Until they have the ability to remember a perpetrator without anxiety?
It seems the healing process would require various degrees of recognition and judgment.  And how to grow when the torment never stops?  Is it even possible not to judge the cause of terror when one is experiencing it with all the bells and whistles? With Jesus, all things are possible.  He’ll teach me more today.  (I think.)  I think He’ll let me heal others sometime.
I don’t know about this Bible Mandela Effect.  Maybe the Olde English had a different meaning.  I’m not buying this one.