8:08 pm

You cannot make people smart.  It can’t be done.  Even when you pick them from their cradle and control everything they see or hear and become a real tyrant. You can’t even so, make somebody be smart.  There is no way to make a person be smart.  You might entice him with ideas or you might coerce him with BULLSHIT LAWS but if a guy has set his mind so-that he WILL NOT EVER BE SMART…then you can’t make him be smart.
Isaac chose to be un-smart.  And he had so many opportunities but instead he SOLD OUT HIS OWN MAMA because he did not trust JESUS to proved since our father was a stupid man.  YEAH?

7:45 pm

I am valuable.  I am stunned to learn that, and I’ve thought I should seek to learn that but it wasn’t ever real even though I tried.  I am valuable.  My lying father can rot in hell but it will not ever change the fact that I AM VALUABLE.  Wow.  I REALLY LOVE Jesus.  I love Adam too.  I am becoming love.

7:36 PM

The Isaacs – Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)


7:16 PM



7:07 pm

The Isaacs – I Know Who Holds Tomorrow



6:56 pm

Isaac is designing a brochure.  It’s pretty old-world and I told him so.  He’s advertising HELMER and he sounds just like Lon Johnson.  I didn’t have to elaborate the reference; he knows what I’m talking about but he will not get on board.
“Wanna sleep in a yurt?  Wanna talk to an angel?  Linda did it.  So did Josh and Isaac.”
“Come to the single place on this troubled planet where such things are predictable and predicted!”
  Isaac is still designing a brochure….

6:38 pm

How might I protect Isaac, and if I did, towards whom would my efforts be responding?  He’s scared.  Isaac is VERY SCARED.  He needs his mama.  His mama needs INFORMATION and then she might be able to assist her scared, stupid offspring.

Or not.  I think I might go to Fort Lauderdale.  George will lend me his new tent and I could stay a dozen different places…unless I’m needed somewhere else?

6:21 pm

I think I might finally be ready to leave.  I know what Isaac is now, and I have no further obligations since Josh hates me.  I’m done.  I told the prophet a few years ago that since my sons kicked me out and my dad tried to kill me, my parenting was done.  But, now I’m really done.  I’m liking this.  It’s too bad they got my house, but I’m eager to be free of their bullshit.  I’m eager to be free of loveless children.  I’m eager to be free of George.  I preached and I lived the life and they did not see me as a valuable participant…because they were covering their asses.  I can’t respect them even a tiny bit.  They shouldn’t have to live with somebody who does not respect them, but that’s the fate of those who CHOOSE TO BE unworthy of respect.
I’d like to be smaller and I’d like to know I will stay that size for a period of time extending to when I will be able to purchase new clothes.  I don’t know what to pack.  I don’t have a clue what I’ll be or where I’ll go.
This is my house.  This piece of the lake is my piece of the lake and the river is my river.  My dad owns it all.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  It’s not right that I am forced to leave.  God will make what is wrong to be right.  I just have to survive until He does.  So does George.

6:15 pm

I picked another four-leaf clover.


6:03 pm

Ludwig The Illuminati Demon Robot for seniors with Alzheimer’s, Dementia EXPOSED

5:59 pm

Canal discovered beneath Mayan temple could be gateway to afterlife


5:24 pm

Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels

(She can’t reed.)

(My sons used to see angels.  They’d even pray for angels to take care of people and then they’d see angels join the people.)

5:18 pm

Dennis died.  He didn’t make it to Ann Arbor.  I’m trying to see the bigger picture and wondering how I could reach out to his family.  They weren’t really a related-family; he lived with a local woman and her daughters.
I talked to him about Jesus, just the other day.  I went to his house to show him the video of Elvis Presley singing with his son and Elvis’ son praising Jesus.  I said Elvis came back as a preacher and I told him Jesus is wonderful.  He agreed with me.  Five minutes of conversation about God…and now he’s dead.  Death really happens fast a lot of the time.
I’m not cooking today.  George cooked breakfast and scrubbed the kitchen.  I don’t feel like cooking for my sons anymore. They’ve been gone all day.  It’s nice that they found something to do.  I’m dissociative.  Actually, this time I’m kind of liking it.  I don’t know how much more rejection I could take.
 “Lord, please take me lower and slower.  Your will be done.  I can’t wait to be a preacher.  But you know best.”  “I’m needing you.  Please love me so it doesn’t hurt anymore to come back.  Amen.”

4:04 pm

I picked one four-leaf clover.

11:53 am

“Project Paperclip…was the selling of America’s collective soul.”


11:42 am

“What the nazis were capable of isn’t even public knowledge yet.  But what they have made their great-grandchildren capable of is astronomical.”

(Steve Quayle)

11:33 am

The underground citadels of the giants.

Hitler, in South America.


PART 2 — Steve Quayle Discusses Fantastic “Empire Beneath the Ice”

11:17 am

Isaac’s eyes do this.  He knows it too; he showed me on a video.  He needs Jesus.


11:13 am


Masonic Private Security Force Open Carrying at DNC Protest In Philly

11:01 am

AND AM I CAUSED TO BELIEVE…that my dad has not yet come to Isaac’s relief although he was carrying the ball for the satanic enterprise?  Ouch.


10:47 am

Isaac over-played his hand, right?  I can’t even add and I really cannot bluff.  Isaac lost through pride, right?

10:28 am


“You let one ant stand up to us and then they all might stand up to us.”


“It’s not about food.  It’s about keeping THOSE ANTS IN LINE.”

(My son bought this line.  To the abandonment of logic and brotherly love.)

10:19 am

OMG.  Tell me it isn’t true, please.  “Nevertheless, not my will but THINE be done.”  Isaac came home for my PROTECTION?

10:14 am

“My story’s much too sad to be told!  But practically everything leaves me totally cold.”
“I get a kick out of you”
Louis Armstrong

(This is what Adam was to me.  Where else did I find impulse or novelty?  Guys,  when it happens to you you’ll know a lot of things and you will love me and REALLY RESPECT ME.)

10:09 am



Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:28 AM (42 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George, Steve
They’re punishing me yet…for what Isaac did.  That’s not quite right, is it?
It’s starting to make sense.  It’s not exactly painful, because I really have been seeking these answers, but I’m still winded. It knocked the wind out of me to learn what Isaac did and what he has become as a result.  I haven’t yet considered Josh’s part but I’m sure I’ll learn some things that help me make sense of the behavior of that most beloved son.  Was Isaac jealous of Josh too?  –
A neighbor rolled one of those little souped-up golf-carts yesterday, out on the highway 1/4 mile away,  and I learned he was airlifted to Ann Arbor.  Nobody is awake yet here to ask for an update.  I drove by the accident and came home a bit shaken, because I hoped it wasn’t the weed fairy.  I’m praying for Dennis.  I just brought him chocolate cake yesterday.  Please join me?
So, I’m to go.  I ripped some of the drapery down from over my bed-slash-workstation.  Isaac has wanted my room for a long time and he won’t need the boudoir-swag.  I’d like to put my fabrics in a box, for when I have a home.  I did that four years ago, when they were before kicking me out.  I took my precious items from the cabinets and I put them in my mother’s old cedar chest in the basement.  Then I came back.  Then they kicked me out again.  Then I came back again.  I said to Isaac, “ALL ALONG I’VE BEEN TRYING TO COMPLY WITH YOUR EVACUATION NOTICE.  GOD JUST WON’T SEEM TO LET ME GO ANYWHERE.”  I can now imagine why that might have been.  Isaac HAD TO COME FACE TO FACE with his true serpent-phile nature.  I know what he is now; and he does too.  My work here is done.
I think that if God blessed me a lot, I could take a box of books and travel for a long time.  If I sold one at every gas station, I could buy some fuel and some coffee and I could make it to the next town.  I’d prefer to have an income, and I’d prefer to have a partner. But I think this could work.  I don’t need to sleep very much and politics taught me to bathe in a rest-area-washroom.  (In Michigan.  Other states’ facilities aren’t sufficient for a whole lot.)

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:35 AM (34 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George, Steve
I’ve never been on a jet-ski.  Not even a single time.  I was always manning the grill.  I’ve never owned a speed-boat although I used to use my dad/uncle’s PBR Special when I was young and svelte so I could have a mooring on Round Lake.  I think I would like a piece of property on round lake, and an electrical hook-up, and a well, and also wi-fi.  I think this spot could be the spot formerly owned by the ANDERSON FAMILY until my dad assumed their blood and life by being superior.  I think I would like it if my cousins could stay on that piece of property any time they wanted to and maybe they should also have a cabin?  Just spit-balling.  We’ll get to the story of BRIAN on oxygen who hangs out at the coffee shop and my dad’s ‘special’ relationship with his late mother.  After-bit.

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:35 AM (34 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George, Steve
*R   ound Lake

5:29 am

“You have seen how brutal people can be when they don’t approve of your faith:  the accusations without cause, without substance, without sense.”

“I don’t want to speak of the punishment here, of those who repress the faith of others.  But know it is severe.”

JESUS SAYS… Prayer & Repentance holds back Judgment & Elects Donald Trump – From July 23rd, 2016

“The Lord has said if prayer, fasting and repentance is on the schedule daily,  we can continue moving forward without everything around us being nuked.”

5:22 am

“I think sometimes of the people I have offended and.. sometimes intentionally, though it might not have looked that way.”

“I had one thing in mind at the time, will they forgive this, or even better, will they see it for what it is and grasp that they were valued enough for it to have been performed on them?”

“In no case yet has that happened, which was proof enough to me that it needed to be done. I have forgiven far worse injuries upon myself and never even thought about it. You can’t get much done here if you don’t offend someone.”

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

-(Les Visible)

5:14 am

“The idea is to distract you to the point that when you find out what you missed, you hate yourself.”

“It is a world of false advertising and it is a spiritual war. Sides are chosen and sometimes those on the wrong side have been chosen for the job by the one who orchestrates the conflict.”

“The point is not who appears to win from either side. The point is where you wind up in the process of figuring out what is going on.”

“Love of the almighty will carry you through every adventure of experience to the ultimate prize because love is magnetic and it unerringly draws you toward the object of your affection.”

See more at:   http://www.visibleorigami.com/2016/07/the-metaphysical-mortgage-brokers-of.html

4:56 am

I planned to write a prayer, just now.  I meant to start with
“Dear Jesus.  What could I say that would soften Isaac’s heart toward me?”
But then I had the answer.
The times in which we live were predicted in the Bible.  We’re seeing a separation take place.  The sheep nations are being set apart from the goat nations.  Also, the tares are being piled up for burning, as the good grain is harvested.
If Isaac is not going to join me within Jesus’ Kingdom, then this breach between us is necessary.
God said Isaac belongs to Him, so I guess I have to trust that He knows best.
I feel like I got punched in the gut yesterday and I’m still out of wind.  Jesus will fix me again.  He will make me well and happy in spite of my sons’ latest betrayal.
They’re punishing me yet…for what Isaac did.  That’s not quite right, is it?
“No more shall you beg; no more shall you plead.  Neither shall you stumble anymore.  Behold, in that day you shall surely sing!  For the fire of My own Spirit shall be established within you and you shall burn bright.”
“Behold, I have given you authority over all who seek to do you harm, for you are My anointed.  You shall also shepherd and bless the flock of the slaughter, for this is My will.”

3:44 am

Healing Process from Narcissistic Abuse – Important Aspects to be Considered

“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”

3:36 am

I hope Isaac gets arrested.

3:32 am

George and I mowed grass yesterday.  I don’t know if my sons left the house.  They maybe have to stay here and guard it from me?  In case I relax and feel at home for a second?

Nice park in Gould City.  I met some nice people there with a big dog.

3:24 am

“Thank you, Lord.  Your Truth sets me free from panic.  Even terrible things soon-to-be are better to think about than this topsy-turvy twisted reality my sons and George inhabit.  They have no routine.  They have only intermittent responsibilities, except George who works several nights each week.  They sleep when they want and get up late.  They’re pointless!  I’ve been doing the same job for ten years and I only become more determined.  How could they rationally think their pointlessness is because of me? 
“Lord, have mercy on this cursed household.  I plead your blood over the compound and over us and Connie.  Please give us more TRUTH!  How can they survive like this?  How can they grasp what is happening, when they can’t even see what is?”
“In the name of JESUS I break every curse, vex, hex, spell, insult, lie, betrayal, attack, and delusion that has affected us.  I plead Your precious blood over us, and over the compound and over Connie.  I claim NO ILL EFFECTS from the years of lies and I claim your promised provision for us.  I claim your LOVE, Lord Jesus, my sons know no love.”
“Give them freedom, Give them TRUTH and send your angels to clean up the mess left over from the barren years.  Bring my sons to you, Lord.  Turn their heads.  Thank you, Amen.”

2:58 am

It’s been six months today since I spent my birthday in the psych ward to promote my sons’ cover-up bullshit scenario.
They don’t get to pretend any more that I am ANYTHING BUT A KIND, DEPENDABLE woman.

I haven’t even lost my temper one time this whole year.

Isaac grabbed me and twisted my collar around my neck and dragged me up to his face.
Do you suppose he’d kill me?
He sure has lied enough.
He said he’d help me find a place to live.
He lies a lot.

He wants me to become corrupted so he doesn’t feel so guilty.

Why else would a man send his mother into the street over and over?


2:43 am


“Trump is dangerous for this country.  So is Hillary Clinton.”