10:42 am

Isaac didn’t probably have to spend so many hours teaching me about the ‘law of attraction’.  Twenty years ago Marvin Byers taught me, “You get what you want most out of life.”  That’s very scriptural. (ie. pre-Mandela-effect scripture)  I wanted one thing and one thing only, as an overriding interest.  I wanted love.  I red books when I was a child, books about the smart passionate governess who was homely and overlooked.  I wanted somebody to think I was fine and beautiful.  I wanted a man to listen to me and consider my opinions. I’ve never had that experience in my life until I began running for office.  FIRST TIME EVER.  (Except my Uncle Herb.  He loved Jesus and he knew that I did too.  And my Uncle Wilfred.  That’s all.  Nary a man.)
It’s not surprising then, that I did not entertain political activity because I wanted attention or approval.  I had no idea that anybody would listen to me at all.  God set me up.  God used me as bait.
(I can barely contain my suffering suspense.)  (NOT.)
(If my sons don’t know enough to free me into service then I am an unworthy mom and a pitiful disciple.  Then Jesus can just give up on my earthly enterprise and take me to Heaven.  It’s a WIN-WIN.)  –
You don’t get to define love any way you want anymore.
It has a specific frequency, and it will now be recognized for what it really is.

10:10 am

I packed up some bottled water and extra shoes and Isaac’s loner Macbook.  I planned to go away for the day again but I don’t want to leave just because I’m afraid of my sons.  Also, this is where I’d like to be this morning, watching the lake, waiting for my eagle to show up.
Remedial history, for my sons should they choose to engage the enemy:
 I learned about love from Baptists.  Loving is a more onerous sport for women, according to them.  Many more duties, much forbearance.  Men however, demonstrate their ‘love’ by assuring that every other person in their realm behaves as THEY wish.  (I’m really hoping my sons can recognize this constant dynamic.)  My dad said he loved me.  Ooops.  I don’t have to write about him anymore.  “Thank you, Jesus.”
I honestly did not even believe that love should feel nice.  I never sought to ‘fall in love’.  I sought compatibility of faith and general purpose.  I hoped to have good sex.  It didn’t require much to please me that way.  I thought love was hard work and so it was.  But, no matter how carefully I performed my imperatives…it didn’t feel good.
Approval felt good, when I was occasionally offered a bone.   I didn’t notice any envy, and as to the marked differences between how my siblings were treated by my parents, and how I was treated; I chalked them up to my innate inadequacy and basic down-deep-nastiness.  I hated myself.
 I learned to hate myself from those who said they loved me.  I learned to hate myself from the ‘church’ that teaches that God wasn’t done creating man until he also created woman, and informed us that man is not complete without her.  I WAS RAISED ON ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.  My sons were not.
Also, I am not nasty.  I am also not stupid nor do I desire to control any person on this planet;   but I will no longer abide the unrighteous attempts of any who have chosen to control me,  as I live in and learn of love.  Finally.  I belong to Jesus.  My integrity will be defended to the death.

5:11 am

I don’t ever quit.  I have not ever quit, and I don’t do it.   I won’t quit and I’m not going to ever quit.  I have been writing my experiences of CREEP-O MIND-CONTROL since February (I think) of 2009 and I just enjoy my efforts moreso each day.  I STARTED WRITING TO ADAM TO CONVINCE HIM AND I CONVINCED HIM.  I will convince every other pertinent individual.  Because, I’m on a mission from God. Also, I don’t quit.

Fusion Centers Counterintelligence is Wasting Taxpayer’s Money Stalking Innocent Citizens
William Binney’s warnings about targeted individuals who are electronically harassed (called gang stalking) and why he left NSA.

The Killer Grid: has made mind control easier and targeting EVERYONE possible!

It is my humble opinion, that due to Supercomputer Jade Helm, the “Killer Grid” has been fully activated and is intentionally affecting people physically, mentally and emotionally, and the occulted government’s goal is to eventually create a HIVE MIND and total population control.

How to Defend yourself during Jade Helm’s Frequency Weapons and Psychological Warfare


4:50 am

My sons abused me ALL THESE WAYS.  They think they’re nice people.  They don’t respect their father so they think they have to control me.

4:43 am

Also, sons, by now you’re thinking that as all I say actually happened to me, as I have cogently asserted for these intervening many years, then why would not a single person in my world appear to give a fuck?  
Also, why could it be possible that my house was taken out from under me at the exact same moment my sons began to think their CHRISTIAN mother was a whore?
I do not wish to write any longer about my father.  At this point, I don’t think I should have to.
I understand he offered money for my defilement.  

4:17 am

There are so many things I must think about once I have my family back.
SO…I’m thinking that maybe the EEG-cloning of emotions doesn’t make them synthetic.  Superimposed from another being, merely stored on the graphene or silicon, not originating there.  If a particular frequency IS THE VIBRATION of red…there’s nothin’ you can do about it.  You could rename it or repurpose it but visuals aside, it’s still red.  If ANGER vibrates in a specific manner, then to vibrate that way is to BE ANGRY.
Isaac and I were trying to talk about this. He wonders if the same set of physical feelings can be interpreted to mean different states of emotion by differently-biased persons, and can we eliminate painful ones?  You know, the differences between sets of feelings and our reactions to those sets of feelings.  (Here I would argue that reactions become a set of feelings on their own and we would discuss physical senses versus the Spirit.)
His questions are very easily answerable by those who probed my brain.  If they can overlap artificially-introduced love then they are introducing it WITHOUT THE BIASES AND BELIEFS of the organism that receives the ‘blessing’.  But does it contain part of the donor’s soul? It would be fun to know about the research once the perverts have been neutralized.  They can duplicate a person’s frequency too.
The research is immoral though, as it happens.
He said, “I don’t like to think about them doing that.”
(I guess he’s demonstrated that for a number of years.  I might even call him stubborn.)
I say once again, to my sons and all else: 
Also, it’s easier for him than it will be for newcomers because he got a heads-up early on, when his mother was OVERCOME with feelings that were obviously not organically her own, and also counter to her preconceived notions of belief and self.
It was very important I think, for the watchman to be a guilt-ridden, prude-minded, CONTINUALLY-CONFESSING extremely motivated woman, the better to experience the kind of VULGAR SHIT THEY DO.  That’s why my sons think Jesus raped me.  I was on a mission and they couldn’t believe it.
Jesus did not rape me.  I was raped and it was for a purpose just like I told them all along.  Fake love for Adam was countered with the real deal.  The only cure for love is more love and God told me what to do and told me to trust Him and Adam and now I could assist them in changing the world.
If I could just get that condemnation-pain out of my gut that sustains from my sons’ and their father’s false judgment.
Isaac. (and Josh, if you care.)   I never cheated on a man in my life.  Even as a teenager I couldn’t even go out with two guys at the same time, and I never even slept with any of them. I didn’t even have sexual fantasies unless they featured your dad.  THAT WAS NOT AN EASY THING TO ACCOMPLISH AND I MONITORED MY MIND FOR YEARS.
 You think me intemperate.
This is what is known to the thinking world as:  A PARADOX.  
“A paradox is truth standing on its head, trying to attract attention.”
Also you think you have to defend your own father from my perceived indiscretions and they obviously haven’t bothered him a whole lot.  He’s got you guys carrying the ball for him so he can be the wronged-good-guy.  He wasn’t ever wronged. He chose not to participate in most of my life, for most of our married lives.  He also chooses to hang around.
Your father and I did not EVER CHOOSE to bring our offspring into our sexual relationship.  (My dad did shit like that, dirty pictures of mom in the living room, the whole shot.)  Your father and I were private.  Your behavior has not been appropriate in this regard.  Also, quite a bit narcissistic.  And a bit voyeuristic.
Please get TRUE and help me get the band together?
(PS-  The goons taught me something I never knew.  Adam had to tell me what it was.  I DIDN’T RECOGNIZE THE FREQUENCY OF LOVE!  All better now.)
“Do you still maintain your innocence?”  (Isaac.  Directed to his innocent mom.)
Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.
(I confess surprise over Isaac’s disclosure that they have been intentionally punishing me for the past seven years.  Well, what of it?  Do they still retain their offense?  Will they continue to bully me and curse me for their entire lives?)
The only way I’ll get free is from the inside out.  I’ve known that all along but I thought it would be easier.
“Anyone who believes they’ve done wrong to me; I want you to know that I forgive you.  Anyone who believes that I’ve done wrong to them; please accept my deepest apology.”
“We all make mistakes from time to time, some more than others.  And we all fall victim to negative energy.”
“In narcissism, you only love another person if it benefits you.”
Exposing the spirit of Narcissism – Patricia King
For them to ASSUME, not only facts that are FALSE and yet subject to PROOF, is pitiful, since they should behave in a loving manner to begin with, but to ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY OVER THEIR DAD’S SEX LIFE and to PUNISH HIS FORMER PARTNER when it was WITHIN HIS OWN POWER to influence her conduct and HE CHOSE NOT TO EXERCISE INTEREST…then they’re just really embarrassingly out of line and disrespectful.  
I wonder what kind of punishments my sons might have devised for me if I ACTUALLY HAD EVER FOOLED AROUND?  We’ve been divorced for four years and I STILL HAVEN’T had a relationship with another man, but for ALL THESE YEARS, my spiritual-torment has been augmented by their CONTINUALLY CURSING ME. That is not love; it’s not even rational. I’m glad I finally realized their grudge.
-Love has a very nice feeling.  It feels safe and not-judged.  Love feels listened to and not ridiculed.  I used to think of love as a list of rules.  That’s the only kind I ever saw before I met Adam.

2:32 am


from 9/9/14

-Open Letter to Michael S.Rogers:
(The NSA guy, not the Michigan Rep)
I know you guys are eagerly awaiting the inevitable revealing that you manipulate Americans  with electronic weapons.  (I also know other groups do it too, but I figure you guys will suffer the brunt of the lynchings.)   I am a Targeted Individual,  I am also a praying Christian and  accustomed to many unusual physical effects, so I don’t get too worked up. I wrote down what happened to me, and  published a book, in 2011. (The naivete of my story makes it pretty credible.)  I also recorded my day-to-day life in explicit detail, for two years during the torture.  (I have not seen these journals since I wrote them.  I swore to them, had them notarized, documenting an infallible chain of control.)   When Snowden took off,  I began a blog and have documented case studies, patent documents and court cases.  I don’t want to sue anybody, because I love America and I’d  rather serve my fellow man.
This is a job application.  You need a face for PR.  My unique skill-set could serve you well.  I know some things that could help TI’s as they become conscious.   (I could also somewhat pacify  their  vengeance.  I figure that’s what  Snowden is doing, right?)  We’d start slow; I could cry crocodile tears on TV…and you could confess, ever so pitifully, that things got out of hand.  (My compensation is negotiable, but I’d sure like to see my file.  I’m not very attractive so the goons won’t miss its porn value. Maybe you could help me find it?)
When my parents called the state police on me, I was running for Congress.  They told the cops I was “rebellious to government,”  isn’t that funny?  (I think it’s pretty rebellious for two people to believe they should control an entire Congressional district!  Also, isn’t election tampering a federal crime?)  It seems to me that I’ve demonstrated unusual commitment to our Constitutional  political process.  If I can be of service to my country, my number is 906-291-1376.
I pray for you.  (And for General Keith)  (And for the other Mike Rogers.  Hope he likes his new job.  Still in the “radio business.”)

PS-  Don’t let the zombies get you.

Linda Goldthorpe
American Citizen
2693 CR 377
McMillan, Michigan  49853
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  by Thatrandom Othercandidate  (On Amazon)
6:24 pm
“Lord, they put stupid kids in charge, and they left the weapons out!  What will you do about this stupidity of mankind?  You can transport me if you like, to the legendary NSA Starship Enterprise bridge-slash- LARP-club for aging psychopaths, and allow me to speak what ears dare not hear.  They went so VERY far over the line, things are going to be changing.  THEY’RE A BUNCH OF ADOLESCENT PERVERTS, TOO CHICKEN TO TALK TO A GIRL.”  
Sometimes I read things I’ve written and it sounds kinda like Patrick Henry:  This is the big-one guys, there will be none other.  We must make a stand for TRUTH!  They lie to us about  EVERYTHING.  We gotta be on the right side of history.  It is winding up.  This is the last go-round.  “Choose ye this day whom you will serve.”  We’re at the riverbank of the Jordan and we’re stuck on the wrong side of the river because we were SCARED OF GIANTS.  Ya gotta leave Egypt before you even GET TO THE  RIVER!  We’re burning daylight and we don’t got much.
Somebody has GOT to take authority over that problem of how people KILL OTHER PEOPLE FOR A TEMPORARY POLITICAL POSITION OF A TEMPORARY GROUP OF PSYCHOPATHS AT AN ILLUSORY SPACE AND TIME.  We’ve regarded man, and disregarded God.  We are a disgrace!  (I feel like den-mother to the whole world.  Are we really that heartless?)   “God have mercy on my people for all the forementioned.  I’m gonna quit now and read something trivial.  Thanks for your time and attention.  Love, Linda Amen.”
6;12 pm
Hey I’m repenting for my nation.  That’s a pretty cool job!

BACK TO 2016…


8:00 pm

Catherine Austin Fitts -The Debt Game Is Over

-“It’s like we’re all Mena, Arkansas now.”

“I’ve seen …80% of the budget OUTSIDE OF THE CONSTITUTION…but I’ve never seen anything like Loretta Lynch…”

7:49 pm

“Psychiatry’s history of atrocities can be found everywhere.”

Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”

SINGING BATTLE BREAKS OUT IN A BUS: Two Men Compete In Incredible Sing-Off On A Chicago Bus

7:40 pm


7:38 pm


“Boom, bitches, boom.  These Death Towers are much worse than we think they are.”


DOUBLE-BOOM, Bitches.”

“It brings new meaning to the term ‘MATRIX’ and “The Manchurian Candidate.”


6:33 pm


2Things Must be Done to Stop Narcissist Punishment

6:19 pm

I picked a four-leaf clover.
“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

5:23 pm

People think I’m kidding about the hive-mind thing:

Is this the weirdest TV interview ever? Identical twins who say they never spend a moment apart speak in unison and without rehearsing – for an entire four-minute interview

  • Bridgette and Paula Powers speak in unison on Good Morning Britain  
  • Pair from Queensland, Australia, insist they do not rehearse conversations 
  • Twins say they have no time for men and devote lives to their bird rescue 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3696976/Identical-twins-say-never-spend-moment-apart-speak-unison-entire-four-minute-interview.html#ixzz4EtN50d25
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4:32 pm

George brought me a sample of the meat he’s grilling.  His sons don’t even know that married people don’t treat one another as well as we do on our worst days. Isn’t that a blessing?  I mean, that they DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TERRIBLE IT GETS?
I’m going to have a gift for inner-healing, aren’t I?  From what we’ve been delivered, I think we can deliver others.  Finally, I got job security.

Never Quit Due To Narcissistic Abuse

(I’m hoping my sons are learning to love TRUTH so I can relax a bit.
NO BOUNDARIES!   Even with my sons and EX-HUSBAND!) 
“I’ve been completely destroyed by narcs.”
Fox News ‘Terror Expert’ Exposed As Fraud, Sent To Prison
A Fox News expert has been sentenced to 33 months in prison for fraudulently pretending to be a “terror expert”.

Dealing with Death Threats (David Wood) From Muslims

“I regularly get threats, from people who say they’re going to murder me, to chop my head off, or burn me alive or rape my wife, or rape my mother, or slaughter my children.  That’s a way of life for me, because I criticize Mohammed, founder of the ‘religion of peace’.”
“My motto is:  When you get inside someone’s head, stay there.”  (David Wood)

9:22 am

The Lord is a God of War 071716
“This is a time that you cannot run away.
You have to begin now, to know who you are.
The plumb-line is dropping all over the earth.
This is the time for those who have an understanding of faith to stand in the fullness of faith.”



(Two weeks before they abducted me and locked me up.)

I’m concerned that people who should know better are endorsing Donald Trump for president.  Alternative media and even long-time conservative activists
I shouldn’t be surprised that nobody in my family is very concerned about the people around the world who are being tortured remotely via psychotronic weapons.  They do not care about their own kinswoman so I’m being ridiculous perhaps, to look for additional compassion in heads full of gumdrops and roses.  I dislike living with George very much.   I hate it probably.  For about four years, every thought I had about him was followed with an immediate prayer:  “Forgive me, Lord.”  George stood up for this family the last time in 2009 when he warned me not to come home when my dad abducted my sons and set up a trap for me with the state police.   I wouldn’t mind pulling the weight if I didn’t also have to live as his servant.  He just won’t get a life.  That shouldn’t surprise me, he never had one before we met and he never moved in with me.  When the rapes stopped and I no longer vomited every day, as I was cleaning up this neglected house, I found boxes of personal belongings he had moved twenty times and never opened even one time since we were married.  I dug out some items to use around the house, trinkets from his grandparents.  He didn’t like it; I think he felt violated.  I felt violated that we’d lived as man and wife for so long and he never even unpacked.
 George has somewhere to go; I don’t.  I have to beg him for money again because I’m supposed to get a tooth fixed tomorrow and when I cancelled the last appointment I spent the money he gave me on clothes for me and my sons.  Both of my sons own a single pair of shoes.  I cannot buy them shoes but I did give Isaac a pair for a Christmas present.  The priorities are way out of whack here and I cannot influence them and I am deemed problematic for even WISHING to oppose George’s weirdness and I couldn’t pay for food if he every got pissed enough to leave.  How’s that for a prison?  I WILL DEFEND THIS FAMILY AND DEMAND TRUTH UNTIL I GET IT.  We will be vindicated.  We were Christian, worshiping people and my dad destroyed all that faith and unity when he tried to kill me and failing that decided to try to make me crazy…   My sons will live FREE and that takes TRUTH.  Jesus loves them a lot and He’ll make that known to them.
—-BACK TO 2016


8:44 am

Do I dare hope, that my sons may soon consider the excessive TIME their father has USURPED ALL RESPECT and Say-So in this home, based on his purported OFFENSE… at a [non-existent] sexual relationship between Adam and me… that HE PROMOTED.  He got an awful lot of traction over anti-infidelity by a women he has demonstrated, [then and since] that he had no interest in sleeping with anyway.  I hope my sons’ revelations will progress slowly…Assimilation is much easier a little at a time.

8:20 am

That’s not true.  Your death-bed is still your death-bed even if you haven’t died yet.  It’s a time-dimension thing instead of grammar.

8:18 am

Maybe my sons are grumpy because they’re realizing that they locked up and chemically-castrated their own mother’s brain and nobody stopped them…and people watched it.  People with ‘love’ on their lips.  I think my sons will be major players.

8:09 am

Grammatical impossibility:  Nobody has ever yet been on his death bed who is still alive. 

7:51 am

That’s why men hate me!  This is a very big revelation and shall bring me peace and romance.  Men dislike the fact that my fighting-instinct belittles them.  I always thought myself to be non-confrontational; I was a pitiful lawyer.  Chicken-shit.  You can’t be a hired gun if you’re chicken-shit.  But.  I am absolutely cellularly enerviated by TRUTH.  I can’t let go.  I cannot stop.  This war is going to be SO EASY.  We just allow ourselves to be pulled by whatever-the-hell it be, that does in fact pull us.  And I will dance with Jesus, as I saw, years ago, when I ran for Congress without even believing in Congress, but more importantly also with no belief at all, in myself.  He asks ASTONISHINGLY HARD things of us.  But, when He whispers those sweet promises in your ear you’ll always fly another mission.  You’ll give your shoes to the kid carrying the good news.  When you believe He loves you enough to alter His behavior on your behalf and to your benefit?  Then you will alter any and everything for Him.  I think this is love.  I believe my government taught me about divine love.  I can’t wait to lead them to the wedding.

7:36 am

Hey Josh and Isaac.  Remember when I sent that last journal to Adam?  I swore to it and had it notarized.  Do you see God’s hand yet, in our circumstances?  Do you not see opportunity for conquest and great adventure?  Don’t you even see your own mom yet?

(You laughed when your dad said I should have been pilot of a fighter-jet.  I guess the haunting was right.  Your dad is NOT THAT OBTUSE.)

6:36 am

I woke in the wrong world again.  News says somebody is throwing plastic phalluses over power lines in Washington.  That part is obviously the same old world.  But,  the commenter said it demonstrated a ‘great sense of humor’.  I didn’t reed the article.  Maybe he wasn’t referring to the headline.
My sons seemed a bit hostile last night; they’d only respond with single syllables and Josh kept a blanket over his head for most of the day.  Could it be possible, that they are finally facing the extent of the lies about their mother?   I went to my room and stayed there.  They liked the beef and peppers.  I’ll probably go somewhere today so they don’t have to see me.

Tennessee Medical Office Stops Vaccines Because ‘They Cause Autism’

Submitted by IWB, on July 18th, 2016

Franklin, TN – The Cool Springs Family Medical Center just informed its patients that it will no longer be administering vaccines. The amazing letter, posted on the medical facility’s website, gives 8 reasons for the move, including the links to autism, dangerous ingredients, and their agreement with Wakefield.

Its the year 2016 and grown men play BABIES’ GAMES
Pokemon GO…
Church Of Satan High Priest Spills The Beans On The Police Force And The US Military
“They’re all about the signs and symbols.”
Defending freedom of the press: Activists now suing Facebook over censorship

Pamela Geller is an explosive figure who is not daunted by the “politically correct.” In particular, when it comes to discussing the reality of violent Islamic extremism – her bailiwick – she is not only vocal, but relentless.

Only, Facebook can’t seem to handle the truths that she and her supporters put forth. So the world’s biggest social media site tends to block, remove and ban people and posts on the subject, which its censors find injurious to their consciences. And that includes Geller.

Well, Geller has had enough of it. So she’s taking the social media behemoth to court.

In a column she wrote for Breitbart, she explained, in detail, why she’s taking legal action. In a nutshell, she’s tired of being treated like women are treated in Islamic countries.
Tiny House Expedition Takes Using Reclaimed Materials Seriously
8 x 20
Just about right.
Some crazy things are going on in the world that will, in the VERY NEAR future, begin to affect YOU directly. Maybe it’s time we pay closer attention to what’s going on…before it’s too late!!
Hey, they’re saying UN ‘Peace-keeping’ forces MAY BE USED HERE AGAINST U.S. CITIZENS.  (Sorry.  I mean ‘FOR’ U.S. citizens…)

6:25 am

It’s an old boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, also a girlfriend from high school.  God bless them.

I’m thinking it maybe sounded impossible, when I said I could prove I never entertained dirty thoughts about Adam.  There are a number of ways this could be accomplished and if I ever got my hands on my remote-EEG results, it’d be a no-brainer.  HOWEVER, a cheaper method is at hand:  For two years I wrote just exactly what I saw…and why I knew the GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PORN was not originating with me.  I was trying to convince ADAM WHO KNEW WE HAD NEVER RELATED IN THOSE WAYS that somebody was invading my prayer-life.  He was an atheist; it was a difficult task.  It was accomplished.  We have the entire story of what they do to political activists.  Let’s bring it on home.

I guess that one line from Isaac proves that my homelessness problem…AND VARIOUS PAINS FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS…were because I was BEING PUNISHED.
These men who claimed to love me have continually punished me for 7 years.  I can’t get my head around that.  Also, I never even did anything bad!!!
ALSO, these men watched as others denigrated me and tortured me…and they thought I deserved it.
These men should wear turbans and bullet-proof vests.
These men are bigoted and dishonest and unloving.
(I can’t blame them though.  I was that way and I still fight it, and I was their mom and their teacher so who ya gonna blame?)
Man, I hope Jesus catches them up pretty soon.
He’s never late.
So much hostility, and they chose to nurture it and prolong it…because of LIES.  Tsk.
“Dear Lord, please redeem the time and redeem us again.  Thank you.  Amen.”