12:24 am

Realities of Targeting
“Why me?”  “Although they’ve been targeted for a while, this is how it is.”
“When you are targeted, that’s how it is.  You are targeted.”
Wow.  Kate and Wills made a baby.  Isn’t that special.  Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t ever want to have to teach her son to be afraid of police.  I suspect she doesn’t ever want to teach him a lot of stuff, probably wisely,  but it doesn’t change the things a kid oughta know.

‘He said I looked too slutty’: Woman whose boyfriend cancelled dinner with his parents because of her revealing outfit asks the internet for advice

  • Girlfriend dresses in leggings and a baby doll top to meet in-lawsHer boyfriend tells her to change, saying she looks ‘really slutty’When she refuses, the boyfriend cancels the dinnerThe woman took to social media site, Reddit, for advice 

Married paedophile faces jail after vigilantes trapped him trying to meet children for sex at Peppa Pig theme park – while he was there with his wife to celebrate their anniversary

  • Andrew Sealey, 39, admitted sending lewd messages to three childrenBut James, Jilly and Alice, who said they were underage, were adultsMoment Sealey was exposed was filmed by group Not Of Criminal ElementPaedophile admits attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3680923/Caught-video-Married-paedophile-faces-jail-vigilantes-trapped-trying-meet-children-sex-Peppa-Pig-amusement-theme-park.html#ixzz4DsjPAUFs

Why’s Chris Evans so obsessed with stripping off in public? As he faces historic claims of sex abuse, his biographer DAVID JONES reveals it’s long been a part of his troubled psyche

  • Chris Evans’ biographer that Evans exposed himself at school, aged just 13David Jones writes that his ‘sleazy’ behaviour has come back to haunt himMr Jones remembers occasions when Mr Evans flaunted his naked bodyHe said Mr Evans would even answer the door wearing nothing but a ‘grin’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3681675/Why-s-Chris-Evans-obsessed-stripping-public-faces-historic-claims-sex-abuse-biographer-DAVID-JONES-reveals-s-long-troubled-psyche.html#ixzz4Dsjdk2NT

(George’s birthday is tomorrow.)

You know what the world says to women?  Of course you do.  The world says, “If the majority of men do not think you look appealing in a bikini (“two piece swimsuit exposing midriff…”) then you have no value.  If you’re smarter than the disapproving man, then that’s even worse.  Does the quoted man ever think an attractive bikini-model would choose him?  Not relevant.

12:00 am


11:56 pm

Married Tory leadership hopeful sent ‘sex texts to’ girl in her 20s: Stephen Crabb even messaged her after he lost vote on Tuesday

  • Tory leadership candidate Stephen Crabb sent sex texts to young woman
  • Married father-of-two allegedly told her about sex act he wanted to perform
  • Mr Crabb, 43, said he wanted to kiss women in her twenties ‘everywhere’
  • Reportedly met her through his political work several years ago

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3681765/Married-Tory-leadership-hopeful-sent-sex-texts-girl-20s.html#ixzz4DseBSOp5
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11:42 pm

I sent this to my witnesses.  Nobody seems to care though.

George lets his sons kick me out. (I bore those babies and I puked for 9 months each time.) He let them lock me up, because they pitied him. Not only did he not ever STICK UP FOR THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN, but he allowed others to HARM HER, and not only that, but he allowed it… FOR HIS (perceived) BENEFIT. WHY DO I STILL WASH HIS DISHES? I’d rather starve. THIS IS MY HOME. He should leave.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

11:34 PM (7 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
“Dear Jesus.  Please forgive my father for what he did to my family.  Thank you.  Amen.”

11:28 pm

Where Could I Go – The Hightower Brothers

OMG, I sneezed a bizzilion times when I played that song.  Whatever.

“Where could I go but to the Lord”?

11:22 pm

EVEN IF I WERE WRONG ABOUT MY PARENTS, in an adult-human-world, they would come to me and try to settle the matter.  THEY HAVE REFUSED TO FACE ME FOR SEVEN YEARS.  MY SONS ARE NOT STUPID.  I AM BEING AS PATIENT AS I CAN.

10:53 PM


“I don’t want to be that kind of person.  I want to be YOUR KIND OF PERSON because you, Jesus, the Christ, are my god and my chosen master and your blood frees me from even the technology that makes others believe that if they can just reach Mars ahead of me, they will be free.  I also laugh.”  (JESUS, THE CHRIST,  I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVEN ADAM D ANGELI I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER HOW TO SPELL IT.  <3)”

9:57 pm

George lets his sons kick me out. (I bore those babies and I puked for 9 months each time.)   He let them lock me up, because they pitied him.  Not only did he not ever STICK UP FOR THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN,  but he allowed others to HARM HER, and not only that,  but he allowed it… FOR HIS (perceived) BENEFIT.  WHY DO I STILL WASH HIS DISHES?  I’d rather starve.  THIS IS MY HOME.  He should leave.

9:46 pm

I went to my dad’s house and picked up sticks from his driveway and prayed over the place.  I picked up sticks at the church too, and prayed there.  I’ve done all four of those things before.  Lots of times, the prayer at least.  I’ve prayed for those places and those people and now we’re at the end of time and they still will not talk to me.  They weren’t home; they go out to dinner a lot.  Good.  At least they’ll have something pleasant to remember in the FEMA camps.
“Lord, please have mercy on my folks and their fake preacher.  Have mercy on my brother and sister and their families.  Don’t let Drewbie go to the Marine Corps, please?  Please allow him to serve TRUTH instead of EMPIRE?   I couldn’t take it if my own blood turned into a George.  But, George turned into my own blood.  I had his babies.  Did I promote the hybridization of humanity?   You are in control.  I love you and I submit to you only.  Jesus, please make this right and make sense of what my sons and I have suffered.  I can’t even imagine what George might have suffered.  Although many people feel sorry for him he’s never been able to articulate a wrong performed against him.  Yet, I am punished still.  He doesn’t lie outright but he doesn’t ever stop the lies that happen.  I don’t respect him at all anymore.  I was the best most faithful wife ever!  He didn’t know.  He didn’t know,  because he didn’t give a shit.  I was Proverbs 31.
I could enjoy this end of the world as we know it.  If I had somebody to share my observations with, we could kick it around and laugh and help where we could.  Instead, I cook so that George can go serve the government by restraining those who were arrested, like me, and he doesn’t even see any disconnect.  I’m hoping his sons recognize the disconnect.  “Disconnect” is hypocrisy.   Disconnect is when you talk real big on campus but you keep punching a time-clock for the government that incarcerates people who have never harmed another soul.  Is George better than they, that he should take authority over them?  I think maybe not.

6:27 pm

Soon I won’t ever need to talk anymore about my dad.  The news-sources will print pictures of his hands in shackles as he bangs his head agains the van he is being forced to enter.  I loved him more than any other woman ever did.  He told me that was true.  I wrote it down in my journal because I loved him and I wanted to be important to him.  Now that he will go to prison, I matter more than any other person.  I would have preferred him to love me.  Oh well.  I loved him.  Best.
It’s too bad about George.  He believed my dad.

4:18 pm


4:12 pm

“Jesus you said that where I am weak You are strong.  And it has been said that a soul will be at its strongest at the point of which they were the weakest.  I desperately need your help.  Please, help me to be obedient.  I really feel like a foolish woman, so easily led astray it is laughable. In fact, I’m sure I’m a byword to the demons.”
The Lord continued, “Even if that were true, what do you care what they think?  They’re a pack of liars.  And you have Me to overcome your faults with.  So let’s forge ahead.  What do you say?”
(I told Jesus I wanted to astonish satan.  The demons will not laugh at me forever.  AND I WON’T GIVE A RIP.)
“With your help I can do all things?” (Penitent warrior)
“Exactly.”  (Jesus)
“What can I change to cooperate with you more and get through this”?  (PW)
JESUS SAYS… DO IT ANYWAY! – Message from July 7th, 201

(My sons are just landing from a row-boat-ride with George’s toy motor.  My sons are adults and they’ve lived on a lake all their lives and have never had a jet-ski or even a boat.  JESUS KNOWS THEIR GRANDPA AND UNCLES ARE RICH.  The rich kids are loading up their water skis and their floaty tubes out front of my sons’ house.)

(My dad targeted their parents.  That’s how it goes, therefore.)

“Success builds upon success.  Discipline builds upon discipline.  Slothfulness drags you down further and further until you feel hopelessly discouraged.  Sloth is indeed a force to be reckoned with.”

(George’s nick-name in the Marine Corps was ‘the Sloth’.)

4:07 pm

“Jesus you said that where I am weak You are strong.  And it has been said that a soul will be at its strongest at the point of which they were the weakest.  I desperately need your help.  Please, help me to be obedient.  I really feel like a foolish woman, so easily led astray it is laughable. In fact, I’m sure I’m a byword to the demons.”
The Lord continued, “Even if that were true, what do you care what they think?  They’re a pack of liars.  And you have Me to overcome your faults with.  So let’s forge ahead.  What do you say?”
(I told Jesus I wanted to astonish satan.  The demons will not laugh at me forever.  AND I WON’T GIVE A RIP.)
“With your help I can do all things?” (Penitent warrior)
“Exactly.”  (Jesus)
“What can I change to cooperate with you more and get through this”?  (PW)
JESUS SAYS… DO IT ANYWAY! – Message from July 7th, 201

(My sons are just landing from a row-boat-ride with George’s toy motor.  My sons are adults and they’ve lived on a lake all their lives and have never had a jet-ski or even a boat.  JESUS KNOWS THEIR GRANDPA AND UNCLES ARE RICH.  The rich kids are loading up their water skis and their floaty tubes out front.)

(My dad targeted their parents.  That’s how it goes, therefore.)
(George’s nick-name in the Marine Corps was ‘the Sloth’.)

2:21 pm



I never used to get my kids Christmas presents.  (I was grateful when other people bought them gifts though.)  I wanted SO BADLY to be on Jesus’ good side that I refused to celebrate Christmas.  He wasn’t born in December and the pagans gave us all of our “Christmas” traditions;  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  Then I realized I was hurting them more by making  “NOT-CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS” into an even more pagan holiday.  Those things we do “because they are the right thing to do” are very anti-christ.  Those things we decide not to do shut down the voice of God.  It’s all prejudice and bigotry.  We should do what we are moved to do.  Thus proceeds the kingdom. If we desire truth and justice.
11:08 am
I really do expect the hackers to revolt.  Their allegiance is to freedom; they were temporarily mislead by promises of security.  They 1)  run the world, 2) know they do, and 3) occasionally read.  We’ll be OK.
11:15 am
This will be the revolt of the androids!  This will be when the most trans-humanist among us reaches out for a biological trophy.  This will be rejection of synthetic emotion.  This IS  the hackers’  human-ness reasserting against cashing paychecks for shooting old ladies in Pakistan and pretending it’s a video game.  This will be BLOOD and GUTS and GLORY.  (This is humanity’s last stand as flesh-and-blood creatures.  We’re particle-izing, one way or the other.)   I’d rather be a spirit-being than a machine.  Lots of others will feel that way once they’ve surveyed the battlefield.
11:24 am
The hackers have come a long way.  In 1999 I didn’t think they could even get their dates in order.  Everybody who can read source code should be doing that now.  They should be pointing fingers and maintaining records. Don’t you think so?
“All fear boils down to one fear:  the fear that we can’t handle it.  You do it anyway.  How bad can this be?  Will I die?  Do it anyway.”  (Isaac)  He went busking.  It’s about time.  Isaac doesn’t like how the volume goes up and down by itself, no matter what device he’s using.  I said, “I told you our electronics were haunted.  I wrote it in the book that you proofread…)  He said, “I don’t know where this is playing from.  There aren’t any windows open.” What can I say to a non-believer?  I told him I am recruiting, and those I round up will be headed for his door.  He’s taken some flack for building a “tribe.”  Some think his emphasis is too commercial, but he knows his truth-seekers will need provision.  He doesn’t know that God himself will provide for truth-seekers.
Isaac’s headphones arrived.  I should pick up something for George, we didn’t exchange gifts last year because he was sending a ring to that woman in Tennessee but he doesn’t seem to talk to her anymore.  I saw him buy an Applebee’s card at Wal-mart so maybe he sent that to her.
—end transmission from 2014—

2:02 pm



Adam taught me to work.  My dad always threatened me that I’d better never be caught not doing it, but Adam taught me stamina.  The cyber-goon is a lot like him, sometimes my slate gets wiped clean,  and I get to start over.  (I don’t mind now, seeing my work go down the drain but at first it was annoying.)  You have to take music breaks.  You have to reboot.  I’ve never seen my dad reboot in my whole life.  But he keeps going.  That’s a fear-based mentality.  Perpetual motion does not originate in a healthy mind.  Perpetual PROGRESS is what we should desire, and often when we’re frantic because we’re not DOING something…that’s when the most progress is gained.  That’s kind of the Sabbath lifestyle, I think.  The “fasted life.”  “He giveth his beloved rest.”  Rest is  the best gift in the world.  Especially for psychopaths.
9:40 am
Capstone of the pyramid, that’s Jesus, no matter how the blocks beneath are shuffled.  “The rock that is higher than I!”  When you fall on the point, you’re shattered.  If that big flat bottom falls on you, you’re pulverized.  We all have to deal with Jesus’ claim of divinity.  One way or another.

The Road to Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

All targets after having been abused and blamed for our abuse by the narcissist, have the leftover feelings of being ashamed and worthless. We wonder if we are the true narcissist as they told us so many times we were. We fear being selfish and careless, so we tip toe around taking good care of ourselves for fear that we are the ones that have NPD.


To counter these unrealistic fears, we must focus on knowing and loving ourselves authentically. Loving ourselves is not lip service love. It’s action oriented, it’s compassionate and it puts ourselves first sometimes because we deserve it. We become so afraid of saying we’re worth it, because we saw this statement on steroids in the narcissist’s disorder. We saw someone who was entitled and grandiose hurting others and we don’t want to be that person. We do not have to fear becoming the narcissist simply because we show genuine self love, care and put our wants and needs ahead of others.


It’s a tough reality to accept that we didn’t escape this abuse without substantial trauma. Add to this, the fact that our abusers escaped punishment and consequences and we’re left to deal with it as we watch them move on to the next victim without any consideration of the consequences of their actions. We must come to grips with the result of ongoing abuse: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We suffer through nightmares, crying spells, startle response, managing triggers, readjusting our worldviews, dealing with lack of hope and safety, looking over our shoulders, waiting for our predators to return and make good on their promises to do us in, the anger, the feeling of a shortened future, the list of symptoms goes on and on with PTSD. 

See more at:

7:05 am
I dreamed that George bought a motorbike.  It was fall and we all kept saying, why didn’t you buy a little car instead?  You can’t ride that thing now.  He persisted saying that he wanted a motorbike and he was gonna get what he wanted.  He has bought SO MANY THINGS this year I can’t believe it.  All kinds of equipment and parts.
Isn’t God great?  Look what he did for my mom:  He provided her a way to atone and prove her repentance for letting me be sexually abused by  Nana and others for my entire childhood–without intervening or providing solace.  Hard to imagine; here we are again:  same child, same offense.   Once again, my mom could help establish security and justice for a victim of sexual assault about which she has specific knowledge.  He is a very good god.  He’s God.  And He tests us a lot.  And when we pass, the world becomes better.  Like this time, when my mom helps me, it will help millions of victims of assaults far more intrusive and destructive than rape.  
—-end transmission—

1:50 pm

Starting in high school, your dad had somebody reading the tests to him or extra time or something.  Everything bent for him because he was not as ‘quick’.  He became selfish.  He’s not VIOLENTLY EVIL like my dad, but he expects that things should not become especially hard for him.  Thinking is hard.  So is parking a car.  Psychopaths aren’t always the sharp-tacks they’re portrayed to be.  THINK A LITTLE BIT.  The playing field was never level for your gentle slow father.  It was never level either, for your fast hyper mother who clambered uphill to even breathe.  WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED HERE?  ❤️

1:38 PM

He’s from Scotland.  Also he’s a millionaire.  He’s the 1 percent in a PSYCHOTIC OCCULTIC way.  Isaac.  You taught ME.

1:33 pm




1:30 pm

God had to separate us for this.  Do you remember that part?

I’m sorry.  I gave your dad to my dad.  Jesus said your dad belonged to him.  Jesus said you guys did too but I must have loved you more.  Also, it wasn’t possible to save us all.  I told my dad when I recognized that he was going to keep going until I was dead and my sons were Trump-food…”You save what can be saved.”  Your grandpa understood that I sacrificed your dad for you.
You will see your dad in Heaven.  If you get there.  I love all three of you and even my dad.  He knew the deal.  He didn’t actually break any rules, there.  Otherwise, do not believe anything he says.  NOT ANYTHING.  ❤️

1:04 pm

For my sons’ dinner I’m making General Tso’s Chicken and something with won ton wraps.  I asked George if he would like me to make it before he goes to work so he can have some while it’s fresh.  He said yes.

Internet out again. Today is my 9 month anniversary of the last cigarette I smoked. It was a Newport 100. RIP. I am REALLY TIRED of my sons blaming me for being smarter than their father. They blame me a lot more for being smarter than they are, but they don’t talk about that. If they did I’d tell them stories about the value of experience and directed study and fact-checking and RISING EARLY. Also, they do not like the fact that I am human. Tough shit.

The lightening was brilliant, and the thunder was rolling around and over the compound. All four of us were on the deck, and I said how much I loved storms because God’s voice is in the thunder. That prompted George to interject his best Cab Calloway “Heidi-heidi-heidi-ho” and I couldn’t help but comment that I’d prefer to listen to God. I was attacked forthwith.   My boys think I should never express my own opinion, if it contradicts their father’s…and he has never proven to have a lot of them.   I apologized to Isaac, when we were alone. I said, “I’ve been trying to change myself for over twenty years.” Isaac said, “Yeah, it’s been twenty years…”  

DECADES OF MY SERVICE TO A MAN WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THE SLIGHTEST THING ABOUT ME; AND NOT ONCE DID ANYBODY SUGGEST THAT HE MIGHT WISH TO CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL. I don’t think he has a conscience. I hated myself for decades and he just OK’d it all. Dad hated me and he loved that too. We’ve been divorced for years and he doesn’t know enough to leave. And no matter what, to my sons it’s always my fault.

I’ll no longer be anybody’s scapegoat. I took VERY GOOD CARE OF GEORGE. I still do FAR MORE THAN I SHOULD BE EXPECTED TO DO. I must even give up my rare opportunity to hear thunder. I can always hear George holler; he makes sound effects all the time. It’s not my fault their dad is unhappy. HE REJECTED TRUTH. HE REJECTED HIS WIFE AT THE SAME TIME and he should have known they were inseparable.

George’s birthday is in two days so I took bananas out of the freezer to bake him another birthday cake. I asked if he’d like to go to Mackinac Island for his birthday. (I purchased a sweater-vest from a second-hand store and found a book of commuter ferry-tickets in the pocket last year so we could go for free.) George said, “No. If you’ve been to Mackinac Island once you don’t need to go again.” I suggested Grand Mariais? That’s a possibility; maybe he just doesn’t have the nerve to tell me he’d rather I not go along. I’d be DELIGHTED.

He said, “I’d like to not make plans and just let my birthday flow with relaxation and peace and loving family and joys unspeakable and YOU’LL BAKE ME ANOTHER BIRTHDAY CAKE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS…” (Paraphrase.)

I said, “I was locked up on my birthday.”

He said, “I’m sorry ‘bout that.”

(When my sons figure this out and recognize what their grandfather did to their dad they’ll have some new thoughts invading their quiet-time.)

11:26 am

Physicists Successfully Perform Time Travel Experiment
(The whole point of these disinformation-stories is in the first line and today the operative word is ‘first’.)

Scientists have conducted the world’s first successful time travel experiment, proving once and for all that time travel is possible.

Physicists at the University of Queensland, Australia, have shown that single particles of light (photons) can pass through a wormhole and interact with its older self.

10:22 am

Why Didn’t You Leave?
“Often the question is asked out of bewilderment; the questioner is not familiar with the dynamics of abuse and simply cannot understand why any person would remain in an abusive relationship. At times this bewilderment comes across to the victim as exasperation (and therefore as judgement) — in which case the victim feels that the questioner has no genuine desire to understand.”

10:15 am

These people went to prison for the same thing Hillary Clinton did


“A few weeks ago, a federal lawsuit was filed in the state of New York naming Donald Trump as one of two alleged rapists of a 13 year old girl. Despite the gravity of the allegations, the lawsuit seems to have been largely ignored by mainstream media, with the exception of a very comprehensive piece in the Huffington Post written by Lisa Bloom, an attorney and legal analyst for NBC News.”

A brief precis: ‘Jane Doe’, the plaintiff, alleges that in 1994 she was held as a sex slave in an apartment belonging to Jeffrey Epstein (the second defendant in the case). ‘Jane Doe’ alleges that on one occasion, Trump tied her to a bed, exposed himself and then “proceeded to forcibly rape” her. When she pleaded with him to stop, she says he struck her in the face and yelled that he would do what he wanted. ‘Jane Doe’ also alleges that Epstein vaginally and anally raped her following the assault by Trump, physically striking her in the head at one point while screaming at Trump that it was he, rather than Trump, who should have been the one to “take her virginity”.”

Donald Trump is Facing a Child Rape Lawsuit. Why Aren’t We Talking about It?

See more:   https://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/the-vine-good-food-essential-baby-essential-kids-fairfax-media-news-domain-drive-jobs-rsvp-stayz-more-daily-life-news-and-views-home-news-views-life-love-health/



10:09 am

I picked a four-leaf clover.
I told Isaac the clovers are only like Aaron’s rod that budded.  It’s a sign that God is with me. That rod turned into a snake too, and it ate the other snakes of the Pharaoh’s magicians.
“The learning curve has taken a mighty leap forward for all who are willing to listen, and follow on. Our most precious lessons come from examining the seemingly dark places with open hearts.”
“That’s where the gems are buried.”  (Zen Gardner)

9:27 am

“NEPHILIM HYBRIDS are on the earth now. Once the bride of Christ is removed you’re going to know all about them in a not so pleasant way.”


░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ “GOD is building an end time spiritual army
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─ so powerful that Satan and his demons
ll███████████████████]. /▌ will be forced back to hell, 1000 years. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ That army is the bride of Christ.
Are you with us “?

See more at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmj_RIp1mk4

!!! LIVING MACHINES IN DULCE BASE !!! they program abductees

The Characteristics of the Lord’s Army
Here are some of the characteristics of the end time army of the Lord.
They will be young and old – Joel 2:28
They will be men, women, boys, and girls – Joel 2:28
They will be of every nationality (all flesh) – Joel 2:28
They will be “yielded vessels” – John 3:30
They will be willing – Psalm 110:3
They will seek His face – Psalm 24:6
They will be a part of ushering in the glory of the Lord – Isaiah 60:1
The glory of the Lord will be seen upon them – Isaiah 60:2
They will be militant – Matthew 11:12
They will be mighty – Joel 2:7
They will be skillful – 1 Chronicles 5:18
They will be bold – Joel 2:7
They will be have great faith – Matthew 21:21
They will speak with power and authority – Luke 9:1
They will be fiery ministers – Psalm 104:4
They will do great exploits – Daniel 11:32
They will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom – Matthew 24:14
They will heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, and cast out devils – Matthew 10:8
Signs, wonders, and miracles will follow them – Mark 16:20
They will feed and clothe the poor and needy – Matthew 25:35-40
They will have such a love for their heavenly Father – Matthew 22:37
They will love all people, no matter who they are – Matthew 22:39
There will be unity and they will work together – Joel 2:7-8
The Lord’s army will be kingdom minded and have these objectives; loving and knowing Him, souls and destroying the work of Satan (1 John 3:8b).

This unity will come from an understanding, that each one has a purpose and a grace from the Father.
Everyone will walk in their anointing and calling, and they will not fight with one another out of envy and jealousy.
The Lord will do away with competition, strife, and envy.
This all will happen when we understand that we all have a place and a job to do.


9:22 am

I made Josh some crumpet batter.  I didn’t do it because I wanted him to like me.  I did it because I really like him.  Also he made some outstanding Swedish pancakes yesterday.

8:34 am

I spent my whole life sorry.  I apologized for everything I did, and I tried not to ever do things people didn't like.  That's impossible because what one guy likes another does not.  My goal was ALWAYS to make people like me, but it never worked.  I'd say, "I'm sorry."  My mom would frequently respond, "You sure are." 

My sorriness made me unlikeable; I didn't even like myself.  I was the sorriest thing imaginable and I beat myself up about it, for at least six hours, every single Sunday.   I'm not the slightest bit sorry anymore.


I had to do a whole lot of things that people didn't like,  to get to this point.  I was becoming more disgusting by the hour, in my shame and hopelessness.   And then a miracle happened:  My dad tried to kill me and the would-be masters of the universe plugged their joysticks into innocent carbon-units' heads and and hormones.  -I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO STAND UP FOR MY SONS AND HUMANITY AND MYSELF AND MY BEST FRIEND, TRUTH.-
I like myself now.  I like myself very much and I have LEARNED to do things that others do not like.  I do them when they are the right things to do.  I do not decide that for myself.  I'm free and gaining happiness.  "Thank you, Jesus."

7:53 am

By Grabthar’s Hammer, you shall be avenged!

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DEAR Sons and maybe even George,


Isn’t it amazing how it talks about


(After I challenged him thereby threatening to expose his character disorder?)

Narcissists Pathologize Their Victim’s Emotions When They Are Exposed

“Faux concern.”

“Projecting their own pathology onto them.”

“Making it seem the victim is somehow emotionally unstable.”

“Slander your reputation and your name.”

“Make you feel that your reactions to their abuse are somehow unstable.”



(It can and DOES lead to murder when a narcissist is cornered.)

(If you don’t remember incidents of each and every behavior documented let me know.  I have records of all the times Dad tried to crazify me.)

(Don’t let this happen to you.  Dad’s  doo-dads are CRAP.)

(Love TRUTH instead of possessions and lies.)

(I mean if you WANT TO.)

Bryan Fischer Says It’s ‘Hard To Believe’ It’s Coincidence So Many Clinton Associates Have Died

Wealthy Elite Caught Buying Huge Bunkers To Hide From General Public


Martínez, author of an upcoming book about Silicon Valley, says that the higher ups at Facebook “have no sense of right or wrong” and act like ‘gangsters’.

“These companies are temples to the founders’ egos. You don’t even have that level of self worship on Wall Street,” he added.


During the interview, Dr. Pearson made numerous predictions for the near future including how people will be having both emotional and casual sex with robots by 2030, how human-robot sex will eventually overtake human-human sex by 2050, and how by linking our nerves, brain, and a computer will eventually allow people to record and replay sexual experiences, as well as feel the sexual stimulation of their partner in order to become a better lover.

Trump Nuzzles Drag Queen Rudy Giuliani’s Neck and Breasts

Presidential candidate Trump
Former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani
In the year 2000
Changing the Font Sizes in WordPress – InMotion Hosting
Highlight and select existing text that you want to change, then click on the drop-down menu that is labeled “Paragraph”. This option lets you select six different header sizes, or an option called “pre”. Each of these options will change the size of the font.Mar 26, 2015
(I don’t understand anything about this entire video.  I’d like to.)
(Gravity is a masonic hoax?  I used to reed Sir Isaac Newton’s biblical prophecy years ago.   But it does look like he was also affiliated with the fraternal cults.)
(I’m not suggesting that false-teacher-masons do not attend churches and influence discourse there.)
(Is EVERYTHING a lie?)