6:35 pm

I didn’t pick any clovers today.  I made barbecued country-style pork ribs and potato salad.  I did another  salad from sweet potato and a beet left over from when I made borscht last week, and feta cheese.  Salad dressing from tomato soup with cider vinegar etc, celery seed, etc.  George put sour cream in his.  Just like borscht.  My sons liked it without the sour cream.  I’m tired but I’m not achy all the time.  I’m sluggish and slow and tired.  And grateful.

6:26 pm

I honestly did not ever see human love in my whole life.  I’ve been playing catch-up, but I can’t even yet grasp how I could grow up in the bosom of the ‘church’ and never see love.  I married two men who, for disparate reasons, did not love me, and I didn’t even know the difference.  Much worse however, is my recognition that I did not even know what I loved myself.  Human love seems to be rare and poorly defined and neuter.  Human love wants NOT ONLY WHAT IS BEST for the lovee, which is the first and most important characteristic, but human love also wants appreciation, attention, and affection.  I’m a nun.  Things look very different from over here.  BUT, I do now know that human love is not a myth.  It’s just not divine either.  So far.
Little Jimmy Dickens – May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
(Sometimes you gotta wonder if Western ‘culture’ is worth fighting over.)
15 Common Sense Reasons To Free Yourself From Politics

“Our continued participation in this circus performance we call politics feeds the illusion of its legitimacy.”

When even the highest agencies of the law cannot prosecute the political elite for their crimes, and when no mainstream media organization is willing to press for truth on obvious election fraud, it’s naive to expect the political system to improve just because we got involved and cast a vote for the least terrible of two shady candidates.
“#6 – Politics gives us false impressions about what it means to be civilized. For example, it is not civilized to allow yourself to be raped by even the most polite of rapists, yet the success of politics relies on violated people being kind and patient with those who would selfishly saddle our futures with unbearable debts, endless wars and unacceptable restrictions to our personal liberty.”
“There is a chamber in my heart where the voices of hell call out to me. I cannot escape it.  It is my creation and it is oh, so painful, nerve-wracking and shattering.  But, it is there and I am continuously aware of it.”  (Jesus, to Sister Clare)

Rob Skiba proves the Chicago skyline (as seen from the other side) is NOT a mirage

“Prayer works, man.  Prayer works.”

10:32 am

I love you too , my dear sister !🐦🐦🐦

(I do so have a friend.)  (She’s just a few time-zones away.)

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Lyrics!! – 


10:15 am

“It started with me, with a little voice in the head.  A little whisper…”

Worldcach.com’s Leo Angesleva (Sweden) about Mind Control and the Transhumanist Agenda with Alfred Lambremont Webre
“this project is linking brains and technology to research how the brains’ functions in order to make a global language…” 

9:34 am

I just thought of the funniest thing:  Isaac actually thinks I could have done this blog by myself.  Some computer expert.
Now those who trusted only the written Word had a problem all along, but they wouldn’t believe it when we told them.  The Bible is utterly useless without the Spirit of God moving over those portions meant for you at that moment.  (Worse than useless, because satan’s minions can also use it to shame you or confirm your bigotry.)  The pertinent fact is, that when Holy Spirit moves on ANYTHING AT ALL, it becomes holy and it becomes scripture depicting anything He may choose to demonstrate.  HE IS GOD.  The book isn’t.  All those long hours studying logos and rhema and commentary by (gratefully) obscure DENOMINATIONAL THEOLOGIANS.  God said we should ask Him.  How hard is that already?

9:17 am

HEY, my friend from Belgium answered right away…she doesn’t have a home so her computer time is limited and she has MUCH WORK ALWAYS so she can EXPOSE COVERT HARASSMENT:

No , it is not frightening me – it shows me clear the end time  and  how peoples life’s get destroyed. 

Thank you for the words about Jesus : About one year ago i was listening Jesus he told the same : EVERY KNEE WILL BOW  TO HIM !  ” I will force you to knee ! Jesus told it  to the inhuman beings and to all they are the cruel accomplices . 
I just have again to come through the new technology  from the implant. 
I just want to forgive me the suffer from Jesus , from my mother ….from the Nature , children , plants , animals and adults.  
14.7. i will get the biopsy result , i am quit shore it is new melanoma in my down eye lid. Than will try again the enemy to destroy me more than before… God is bigger ! 
In Jesu , 

9:13 am

I wonder if Satan is supposed to make all the words of the King James Bible line up to HIS REALITY in order to win.  He’s already got the fake-jesus telling his fake-disciples to kill their enemies.  HE’S ALMOST FINISHED ALREADY!!!

9:03 am

Does this ‘Random Mandela Effect’ actually have a POINT ALREADY?
“House of Jacob”.  O, MAN, I think it’s important!  “House of Isaac” includes Ishmael!  Isaac and Ishmael share the same generation and the same father.  Ishmael’s mother was a bond-woman and Isaac’s mother was free.  Isaac and Ishmael struggle over the birthright the same way Jacob and Esau struggled beginning right in the womb.  I think it is very important to understand in light of the Islamic invasion.  The anomalous verse I noted is:
Now therefore hear thou the word of the Lord: Thou sayest,Prophesy not against Israel, and drop not thy word against the house of Isaac.
I don’t know what to think about current events.  I wonder if ‘Goldthorpe’ is Jewish after all.

8:46 am

My tortured friend in Belgium updated me about her medical condition.
Copy of her message responding  to another acquaintance:
The operation was very painful and it had not to be painful because i received two strong injections with anesthesia in the down left lid  .  As well i don’t understand  why the Doctor used to go with some needle or instrument deep in the eye and tumor !  Biopsy is normally to take carefully  small tissue from the tumor  out side and not to go deep with the needle  through the tumor in the eye – this is the absolutely danger for metastases ! Today i have control of the eye in Erasme and i will ask the Dr why and for what he did .  
I am shore Maria was with me – bat where is Maria is Jesu closed to her !
Thank you you are thinking about me in the time of the   “torture” .
In Jesu , 

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

8:40 AM (2 minutes ago)

to andrea


I can’t imagine how frightening it must be to have those things happening to you.
Jesus is more than close; He is WITHIN YOU and every knee WILL BOW TO HIM.
Keep faith.  It’s close.  We’re going to see amazing miracles and we’ll laugh together like two old soldiers.
Love, Linda
Targeted Listen, please compartmentalization is who it’s done.
“It’s exactly how I feel, that.  Eminem, a skillful rapper.”
Comey’s life must have been threatened. He was telling us HRC was broke the law right to our faces when he said she used “extreme carelessness.” This exactly means Gross negligence which is exactly what title 18 U.S. Code § 793(f) requires to break it.
CIA director John O.Brennan admits to chemtrails (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection)
Record Numbers of People Entering The US Illegally And Feds Arrest Reporters For Reporting on Open Border
The first time I ever felt my bed vibrate I was twenty years old and living alone in the Soo. It was the most frightening experience of my life to that point.  I’m eager to know just when I was targeted.  Law school was ENTIRELY ANOMALOUS and a number of long-term ‘effects’ began then.  I thought I was in love then though, so I didn’t take notes.

COINTELPRO: The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent

As long as James Comey is destroying the public image of the FBI, it is worth recalling that the FBI has never lived up to its public image as the good guys. They are in fact the US version of the Gestapo; there to enforce the will of the rulers.

7:55 am

Satan is attacking true Christians with false accusations and lies.
“We are wrestling with spiritual wickedness in high places.”

7:01 am


Or he could call me and we could compare notes.  906-586-4629:


This day (7-6-16) has found a very forceful energy “blasting” me onto the floor. So I’ve done very little, posted very little, and have definitely felt more than a little “out of it”.

Someone else had told me yesterday that they were “flattened”, energetically. I was feeling quite fine and alive. Today was a different story.

I’m not explaining these things. And I can give no “rationale” for them. They just happen. And I do not try to resist them. I guess maybe I’m just allowing them to “flow through me” even though it sometimes seems like they are “blasting” me apart… or onto the floor.

READ MORE AT:   https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/kp-message-7-6-16-those-more-than-a-little-out-of-it-energies/

6:47 am

God used me to challenge the power of hell.  As I type, I see in my mind the curtains around my bed and windows violently billowing,  and I see a slowly spinning whirlpool of air and dust.  I was to be blinded, and I was to prove God.  (I think only a blind person can do that.)  When you don’t see your enemy, it’s [relatively] easy to look into your dad’s eyes and challenge him.  You can challenge a human when you believe it is him to whom you issue that most serious ultimatum.  BUT, humans are prisoners of war and just because you joined ISIS by choice, that doesn’t mean you won’t  get cast in the team’s next infomercial, as the head in a bucket.
When you’re blind, you don’t know when you’re in a shit-storm and you don’t see your way out.  I’ve been the senseless cue ball on a pool table I ordered up myself.   I chose Truth and He knocks you around.  I challenged the Father of Lies and I didn’t even know he uses my dad’s desk.  I looked into my father’s eyes as I challenged his fraudulent self.  I think we were even on the phone, but I saw him and he saw me.  (That should have tipped me off that I was entering a fray of non-corporeal conflict.)  Actually, nobody should need to be alerted to the war.  We all either attack or are ambushed every single day. We flail around, we don’t engage, we don’t know what hit us.  When we’re blind to it, it can easily destroy us.
For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!
Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.
OK, as if Prophet ‘Jeremy’ wasn’t bad enough…
I’m running on rote,  as is anybody else who ever studied the King James Bible.  I keep seeing little inflections of meaning that do not seem right…but I can’t remember the exact words.  It’s sliding away from us.  God prophesied a FAMINE IN THE LAND FOR THE WORD OF GOD.  The only PREPPING POSSIBLE is to learn His voice.
(If I can keep hearing Him I will soon be the most popular woman on Earth.)
(And to think I can’t get a new pair of sandals.  Beautiful on the mountain are the feet of him who brings good news.  It would be a shame to cover them up.)
Here’s what I saw and it doesn’t ‘seem’ right.  I don’t know for sure every word I red!  Does ANYBODY?
Anyway:  I don’t remember my old Bible ever referring to the Hebrew-chilluns as the ‘House of ISAAC’.  It was always Jacob, wasn’t it?  Or ‘David’s’.  I don’t ever remember the [surely, lovely] Isaac when describing the people.  I SURE WISH SOMEBODY WOULD TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS STUFF.
(Sometimes I’d love to be proven wrong.)
Here’s the verse:
Now therefore hear thou the word of the Lord: Thou sayest,Prophesy not against Israel, and drop not thy word against the house of Isaac.
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
‘Sorry’ State Of Affairs: Adultery Site Ashley Madison Under FTC Investigation
(It was a FRAUD!  There weren’t any unhappily married girls looking for a good time!  It was a big fake video game!)  

“After the giant leak last year, it was revealed that male accounts on the website were disproportionate to female representation. The site’s male-female ratio was five-to-one. In addition, it was revealed that more than 70,000 female users were allegedly fembots.”

DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0: ‘Assange, Snowden, Manning Are the Heroes of the Computer Age’

The anonymous hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 who claims to be behind the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer network breach has released more information on Thursday, including a third batch of documents and FAQ-styled text that names Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning as “the heroes of the computer age.”

In the new blog post, he dismisses claims by CrowdStrike, the security firm hired by the DNC, of links to Russia: “At first I was annoyed and disappointed. But now I realize they have nothing else to say. There’s no other way to justify their incompetence and failure. It’s much easier for them to accuse powerful foreign special services.”
Gregory Mannarino: Collapse of Empire is Upon Us! When Debt Bubble Pops Millions Will Die