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Mega Bombshell: McCain, Obama, and Clinton Were “Partners in Creating, Arming and Funding ISIS” Says Senate Candidate

SOTN Editor’s Note:
An Arizona Senate candidate has emerged who is calling a spade a spade.  The following video portrays the most shocking allegations in the history of American politics.

VIDEO:  Senator John McCain is “Directly Responsible” for arming and supporting ISIS — Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward has taken the gloves off where it concerns the service of Senator John McCain.  She has rightly stated the McCain, along with President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, were actual “Partners in Creating and Arming and Funding ISIS”.
“Please Lord, protect this woman.  Amen.”
“And may I please get thin and wear that color like her jacket.”
(But not a jacket.  Something more fun.)
I told Isaac this story today, it seemed to fit our need and hope deficit:  Heidi Baker served Jesus ever since she was sixteen.
She didn’t take care of herself and washed her babies in cold water because the poor don’t get hot water.  Her little girl was even raped in China because they insisted on living with the poor and conditions were dangerous.  Heidi grew up in Laguna Beach with all the trappings; one day she asked for a horse.  The story goes that her mother put her into a car and drove up a mountain bitching about the expense of dance lessons and other little-girl-activities and ‘NO.  You may not have a horse” and she intended to drive off a cliff with Heidi onboard.  The suicide/homicide was avoided but it left a scar anyway.  One time decades later when Heidi was preaching way up in northern Canada a couple American cowboys crashed the meeting. They brought a gift for her, a horse.  She climbed on in the parking lot and talked to Jesus who reminded her of her little girl wish.  I had a lot of little-girl wishes too.  I didn’t get too many,  but He remembers them all and He loves me.  It’s like the night before Christmas.  In a couple ways but not actually literally.  It’s nice to look forward to something rather than continually looking over my shoulder.  I’ll be loved and a million people will come to Jesus and I’ll get to meet them.  The Bride of Christ will flee perverted government and seek to do God’s will.  It will be glorious and I will be very grateful that God used my little life to set into motion such a big mess of fish.  He has a net ready.  I will be loved and trusted because He loves and trusts me and He’s the boss.

9:14 pm

It’s hard enough to heal from lifelong scapegoating and narcissistic abuse and more recent traumatic torture and rape and rejection; coming to terms with false history and unnecessary pain caused by others.  BUT, it’s VERY MORE TERRIBLE when you have to defend yourself for doing so.  I even have to defend myself for being alone!  Solitude is necessary, and I pray a lot.  My recovery is like untying knots; that’s what I told my sons.  I keep ripping them apart and then there are more.  BUT I will come to the end of the knots and there will be Truth and freedom waiting for me.  And a home. And justice for them.
Recognizing Real vs. Artificial Synchronicities

Real synchronicities and artificial synchronicities both have meaning to the perceiver. Both manifest via highly improbable “coincidences.”

Real synchronicities come from your subconscious/HigherSelf/Universe and let you know that a quantum shift in perception is imminent – this can be an emotionally charged situation or a smoother leap in learning.

Artificial synchronicity is engineered by hyperdimensional negative beings in an attempt to suppress, sabotage, drain, distract, or mislead targets on the verge of awakening. This can happen in a variety of ways.

One way artificial synchronicity occurs is by backing disinformation with synchronistic “confirmation” – for example, you can get multiple people at the same time who apparently don’t know each other to tell you about some idea, which in truth is bait to lead you down the wrong path. You may see this odd timing as confirmation that it’s the right path, even though it isn’t.

A common one happens to people who attend UFO or New Age conventions and “synchronistically” meet someone who happens to share odd things in common with their personal history. They believe it was “meant to be” and so often start relationships with these people only to find out too late that they were conned or hooked up with a matrix agent. One red flag is if the person shows no independent thinking and is just mirroring you in a shallow way and carries a glib salesman-like too-smooth-yet-hasty ‘gotta make the sale’ undertone.

Another is experiencing electronic anomalies after doing something that’s on the wayward path. Say you are researching a questionable topic and the computer freezes or shuts down. Some people take that to mean they are on the right path and are being interfered with by “the dark side”, when in truth they are being reinforced in their error. The goal is to get you to ignore your intuition and reason in favor of this “sign.”
(Actually, I don’t really believe there is an ‘artificial’ synchronicity.  ALL SYNCHRONICITY is intended by SOME BEING to indicate something to us.  Some comes from electronic-‘artificial’ sources but a lot of it is just basic natural demons. God uses synchronicity too.  And the NSA.  All the goons.)
“Hostile aliens may disguise themselves as friendly helpers to capture our hearts before ensnaring our minds and souls. If we are to be ready for contact, we must acquire discernment to see through such deception.”
It’s noteworthy that the King James Version is being affected.  I grew up amid the KJV-ONLY debate.  I did my research and made my decision but learned that when you have Holy Ghost explaining things to you He doesn’t need a Bible all the time.
Bill Clinton Videotaped With Sex Slaves on Billionaire Friend Jeffry Epstein’s Orgy Island?
“Illuminati Sexual Entrapment 101”

EPA literally wants you to DIE from radiation: Agency raising the limit of radioactive elements in drinking water by over 3,000 times… to cause widespread cancer and death

“We really have reached a point of such insanity across human civilization that governments have become the terrorists who actively seek to harm and kill off the people. The latest example demonstrating this very point is the fact that the EPA just announced its plan to allow gigantic increases in the allowable radioactivity in drinking water… increasing it by over 3,000 times in the case of radioactive Iodine-131… while calling it “safe” to drink even though it’s almost certain to give you cancer.”

Native Activist Leonard Peltier Calls for Clemency Support

By Derrick Broze

On the 40th anniversary of the gunfight at the Pine Ridge Reservation, imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier is calling on President Obama to grant him clemency before the end of his presidency.

On June 26, 1975, members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) were involved in a gun fight with agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. When the exchange of gunfire was finished three men were dead – Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams of the FBI and Joe Stuntz, a member of AIM.

On February 6, 1976, AIM member Leonard Peltier would be arrested and extradited from Canada after being accused of being the one who fired the shots that killed Coler and Williams…

What are they hiding? A THIRD of health workers including top doctors refuse to admit if they’ve been given lavish perks or payments by drug firms

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3668633/30-health-professionals-refuse-named-drug-firm-payments-database.html#ixzz4DCmdPUFM

I would like this dress:
Wrap Dress; Topshop, £46
In this color:
Strappy Back Tunic; Topshop, £20

7:11 pm

“I felt strongly the need to be present to the Lord as His bride.  I was soon seeing and feeling myself in His arms, moving to the music and really getting ministry from the songs as I sang them to Him in my heart.  I knew He was singing some of them back to me as well, and all my fears and false guilts just melted away.”  
LORD… What are You doing with us in this Hour? – Message from June 29th, 2016
“As your faith increases, so does your hope increase, until you are so full you’re spilling over onto others.  You are radiant with hope, because you know Who you have put your trust in.  This is the point at which you can touch others in the deepest way.”

6:48 pm

I’m so disappointed in Anonymous.  “If we ever have a revolution…”  Revolution is a done-deal and I was counting on them to recognize that fact and put their hacking to good use designing new cities and systems.  I imagine they will before long.
I can’t believe God made me go five years without sex.  I always wondered how the Catholic girls did it but you don’t even notice the time when you have a purpose.  It’s easy not to get annoyed too, when you have a purpose.  When things are chaotic and nonsensical you can ask, “If I make a stink about this, will it help me approach my purpose?”  Usually, it will not help your purpose to make a stink.  BUT, sometimes making a stink IS YOUR PURPOSE and then you can’t ever back down until it’s over.  So, every day is initiated with fresh resolve and our Master’s newest mercies.  It’s over.  We’re just walking the horse around the corral before he goes in for the night.  Nice race, see ya next time.  I’m going to like being on the  winning side.  I always figured I’d take to it real easy.  I’m a natural.  It’s in my bloodline.
I do not know federal election rules but of the few I know, Hillary has broken each and all.
George went to Curtis to visit with my brother, David, with whom he did not wish to visit when they were related.
USA News Is FAKED!! PROOF!! Green screens, CGI & Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!

2:53 pm

I think when I get my gypsy wagon I’ll wallpaper the inside with four-leaf clovers.  Then I can charge more for scrying.

2:51 pm

It’s called ‘soft-kill’.  They intentionally coerce people into committing suicide by destroying their resources and relationships.  It is a documented tactic with documented victims who have documented histories of political dissidence.
If God wasn’t protecting me and if I got killed my sons would feel TERRIBLE.  But they’d probably get saved.
I picked a four-leaf clover and spoke briefly with my aunt.  She has refused to speak to me for a number of years despite occasional letters to her, loaves of bread, etc.  I kept it short today.  I hope she wasn’t disappointed.  She never disappoints me.

1:58 pm


Dear Linda ,
i am very sorry for your difficult situation.
Maybe it will be one good solution to look for some house with  people , where you can rent one cheap room.   Pls  , don’t stay alone and antonym ! Stay together with people .
In the case you will find one room , i hope you can receive the donation for the room. I wish you just the best . I ask Jesus to help you and to save you .
My self i am in very difficult situation , i can not assist you . Could i have money i would like to invite you to Brussels .
Through continually ill treatment , 2016 , i received new tumor in my left eye lid .  It seems it is eye melanoma . On 5.7.16 i have one op – biopsy and one week later i will receive the result of the biopsy .
I think , so i wrote you , your family is not free . The reasons for it i wrote you. My self  / as Human Rights Defender with my own Initiative for Alleviation of Human suffering and for proclamation of Human Rights / I made and i make the dark and very sat  experiences how my mother got forced and psychologically manipulated  against me  .   2014 it speaks all for – my mother got assassinated ,not just to steel my mothers large land owning / and my /  in amount of millions Euro  , my dear mother lost her life because of me.        I am writing on one summary with evidences about the tragically case  for Interpol in Prague and for one international pro bono lawyer and when ready i will send you.  The suffer i have with my mam is very deep . I will do my best that the offenders are coming in front of Justice , to give my mam’s soul the peace .
In the last week i received very positive messages from my colleagues in Germany :
One high officer from Government spoken out about the ” covert crimes ‘ FROM HIGH RANKED CORRUPT CRIMINALS  against citizens , him self got the victim of it.
The goal i found  is one public personality , one historicer in Switzerland who investigated about NATO and who find  evidences about some corrupt NATO members  they are response for cruel crimes against humanity / together with the CIA/  in Europe .  The historicer wrote mostly all in German , one small part is in English .  . I will send you his name from my second email.  In  USA are many brave whistle blowers from NSA , CIA , NASA , Government , US military , Doctors , etc . they spoken out about the destroying of lifes   from citizens and children . Some of them made law suits against the NSA , CIA , etc . ,  in California .  GOD BLESS THEM !
Why i am so glad , that in Europe are grow up the whistle blowers from public institutions . European are not so courageous like Americans , but may be it will slowly change .  The whistle blowers are necessary and from big importance . I have one plan with the whistle blowers   , when i will write my claims to International Criminal Court  against war against population . I would like that the Court invite for my law suit all the whistle blowers from US and Europe and International  as witnesses. .
I am thinking about our so special meeting in Brussels , 2015 and i hope to see you one day again.
Power , Light and Love wish you ,
In Jesu ,
Maria / Laroche /

1:45 pm

Update of targeting in Europe:

Dr Daniele Ganser about NATO / My short summary about Brussels ” Visit card from Brussels “



Jun 30 (1 day ago)

to me, Harald, Jean, Sallybarton, Swetlana, Edward, Lars, Detlef, BEST-GOVERNMEN., Witte, Stopeg, Karlheinz, Waldemar
Dear collegues :
Pls , send my informations to many good people  .
Please , confirm me  that you received my email with the informations about NATO . Thank you .
Bitte , bestattigen Sie mir , dass Sie meine Email erhalten haben . Danke .
Yesterday i send the information’s about  –  DR DANIELE GANSER , SWITZERLAND , HISTORICER   –  WHO INVESTIGATED THE CRIMES ON POPULATION FROM NATO .  HIS PUBLICATIONS ARE FROM BIG IMPORTANCE FOR ALL VICTIMS  AND GIVE THE  EVIDENCE  !   After i send the email with the information’s i had been and i am bombarded with harassment in Brussels where ever  i was and i go  –  good  confirmation about the cruel offenders – some corrupt criminals in NATO ! , they think to frightening me –  i never will stop my work for humanity and for the true ! ,  they  destroy the lifes from  citizens and children  in Brussels and Belgium ,  in Europa ,
in  US , and  global !  The high ranked corrupt criminals in NATO destroy own members from NATO – the poor soldiers They are high military courts for such cases and the military courts have to be used for the claims – crimes against humanity .
!!! VERY IMPORTANT :  PLEASE , SEND MY INFORMATION’S  TO ALL COLLEAGUES   ABOUT –  DR DANIELE GANSER , SWITZERLAND ,  HISTORICER    INVESTIGATIONS  ABOUT NATO’S CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN EUROPE –  . His publications are mostly in German . God bless him for his work for humanity and for his courage
!!!   DEUTSCH :

Dear colegues  ,

so is written in my email I send  yesterday to one colleague in Germany  :
”  Before the small fish can grow up  has to be eliminated ” , – the words spoken the two Ex stasis to me ,  in front of my older colleague / she got very shocked /   and the other formulation of the  death treats against me  like  ” Wenn Sie nicht aufhoren uber manches zu publizieren wird es Ihr sicheres Todesurtail ! ” ,   this happened  2008 / May / Mauerpark in Ex – East Berlin  after i wrote and informed citizens about the Ex stasis criminals and about the Ex -stasis methods they destroy peoples lifes  .   Ex – stasis collaborate with CIA .  CIA   has ‘  contact  ‘  among other things , to  NATO .
  I  think ,    after all my recherche about the evidences about the crimes against Humanity from CIA and about the  law suits against CIA , among other things  , win law suits from the victims of  CIA mind control experiments ,    that the darkest destroyers from our Earths  and  from  the  population in Europe  USA  and global   are  the inhuman  corrupt CIA  agents  .
2008 , Aug. , after other orchestrated criminal activities against my person    i had to leave Germany to protect my live .
7 years i am in Brussels –  NATO headquarter .   The  ” visit card from  Brussels ” :  From 2009 till now more than  35 criminal activities against me as  Human Rights Defender i am  in Brussels ,  the crimes  had been  registered from police ,  emergency room hospitals , doctors and witnesses  .
Brussels : Cover ups  from  the crimes against me , cover ups from evidences about  the criminals .
Brussels : Cover ups  about  organized crimes against me and about fraud and plots from different institutions  against my person and against  the Belgium’s law . Blocked my claims to Belg. Justice , to cover the true  and the scandal  about Brussels  !
Brussels , Belgium :  Heavy life danger medical negligents  in hospitals , in my life danger diagnose cancer  . Dr Rauni Kilde made the cruel experiences  in hospitals  like me and she wrote about it in her last email before she lost her life , 2015 .
 Brussels :  People psychological pressured / brain wash / , forced and black mailed or payed  for collaboration with the corrupt  high ranked criminals in Brussels /  courageous people informed me about the pressure /   and for different criminal activities against me like  harassment  , fraud ,  ill treatment ,  character assassination – lies and negative stories about me   as well orchestrated negative situations against my person   ,  torture ,  psychiatric diagnoses abused against me as well  involuntary psychiatry in political porpoise , 2015 , short time after i was making as Human Rights Defender the claim to European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ,  and  just 2 weeks  after  i send   one complaint  about discrimination and about viollance  against ill , physically disable  and old woman in Brussels   to one minister in Brussels response for the social matter .  Etc.
2009 i came  healthy to Brussels  : Through the organized continually crimes and attacks / mostly by 3  offenders / against my person  after one attempted murder   i got physically disable ,  i received through the heavy  injuries chronic pain in full body  and   through the 3 attacks well directed in my head ,   2014 Jun / Jul /  Aug  i became 3 episodes of brain concussion and  one life danger illness in my left eye . I had to die 2014 like my mother :  2014 lost my dear mother her life in Czech Republic  ,  all speaks for – my mother got assassinated . My mother lost her life not just because of one economical crime  but also because of me – i am working against crimes against Humanity and against the corrupt high ranked criminals , against  one international criminal political organization like mafia  .
The last criminal attack against me  is from 2016 , 6.2.
Greetings  from Brussels ,
Laroche Andrea


On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 6:35 PM, Moon-Gu Kang <moongukang@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Andrea,

thank you very much for your confirmation and support.

Your German is still understandable. People will understand your message.
I’m sorry to hear that this secret service guys even tried to kill you two times! Oh dear, they are not normal. This is so insane and crazy.
I’m glad you survived and I found you on facebook and I subscribed for your petition.

I’ve been always wandering why they are targeting a small fish , not even small, tiny fish like me. I’ve been always thinking that these perps need to go to mental doctor.
But I See, it’s just their job, to kill or finish off small fishes.
It seems I’ve just been at wrong time in wrong place. Who knows.

I wish you a lot of strength as well.

Kind regards


From: andrea maria laroche <andreamarialaroche@gmail.com>;
To: Moon-Gu Kang <moongukang@yahoo.com>;
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Subject: Re:
Sent: Mon, Jun 27, 2016 9:29:45 AM

Lieber Moon- Gu ,

ich bestattige , dass ich Deine Informationen erhalten habe .
Naturlich ist es wichtig , Deine Informationen – Vorsichtsmassnahme  an die  Kollegen zu senden .
In England gab es einen Activist and TI , der mich einmal kontaktierte .
 Er hat  auch  fur jemanden  geschrieben und  bestattigt  , er hat keine Selbstmordgedanken  und er wird nie ein Selbstmord tuen !
Er wurde umgebracht auf Art und Weise , es sah als Selbstmord aus !  Es war gut , er hat seine Besttattigung geschrieben! Aufgrund dessen gab es dann Protesste in England  !
Dies ist keine Enmutigung fur Sie , dies ist nur ein Beweis , es ist gut   logisch  zu handeln und Vorsichtsmassnahmen   zu schreiben.
2008 , Mai wurden gegen mich Mordrohungen in Belin – Mauerpark ausgesprochen , in Gegenwart von meiner alteren  Kollegin – es handelte sich um zwei Ex –  Stasi , die mich aufsuchten und  bedrohten :   ” Wenn Sie mit den Publikationen uber  ‘manches’ nicht aufhoren , wird es Ihr sicheres Todesurteil !  –   ” Befor ein kleiner Fisch wachsen kann muss er eleminiert werden !”   Meine Kollegen aus der Ex – DDR haben mir erklart  , dass solche Formulierungen sind typisch fur die Stasi gewesen . Es sind die Ex Stasi ,   unter Anderem ,   in Unterstutzung von CIA   ,  die in Deutschland  Menschen zerstoren und totten !
Nach den ersten Mordrohungen  wurde ich in Dez 2008 von Menschen aufbesucht die die Kriminallen zu mir sendeten . Mind 4 X wurde mir erklart , wenn ich nicht mit meinen Publikationen und mit meiner Arbeit fur Humanitare Zweke aufhore , dann verliere ich mein Leben .  ” Sie lassen Sie totten !   ” , hiess es .
– 2010 , Jan  in Brussel  gab es einen versuchten Mord gegen mich . 2014 erneut . Nur in meinem Fall handelte sich um klare versuchte Morde .
Die dekadente Kriminalle haben es auch versucht  , 2009 und 2010  mit Herz elektro Schock  und mit Laser / Blue Beam , wahrschenlich / mein Leben zu beenden . Ich bin nach den Lethal weapons Attacken in Erste Hilfe Krankenhaus . Da wurde mir ein Med . Bericht  ausgestellt , das mein Herz sehr verlangsamt  schlug / 53 /.
Wichtig ist , auch wenn man attackiert wird , nicht in Panik zu geraten und   versuchen , mit den Gedanken und Emotion sich schnell von der Attacke abzulenken .  Dann ist die Auwirkung von der Attacke kleiner . Den Schmerz , Angst , Panik steuert das Gehirn . So habe ich in meinem Fall gehandelt   und   alles uberlebt !
7 Jahre habe ich uber –  the Mind is one with the body- von einem Lehrer gelernt – Gurugi Mohan . Dies war sehr wichtig , weil die Kriminallen versuchen unser Mind zu manipulieren und zu zerstoren   und darum ist es gut , uber  Mind und uber das Gehirn zu wissen .
Gurugi Mohan ist in Deutschland sehr beliebt . Er ist tattig als Heiler .  Ich denke , Gurugi / Lehrer /  ist wieder in Deutschland und ich kann  empfehlen  seine Vortrage zu besuchen . Gurugi heiss der Lehrer . Man kann ihn auch in Indien aufsuchen .
Mein Deutsch ist nicht das Beste , da ich seit Jahren kaum Deutsch spreche .
Viel Kraft und Mut
wunscht Dir ,
Laroche  Andrea  ,


2016-06-26 18:35 GMT+02:00 Moon-Gu Kang <moongukang@yahoo.com>:

Die Geheimdienstler haben mir wieder Morddrohungen zukommen lassen.

Falls mir demnächst etwas passieren sollte, auf jeden Fall ist das kein Selbstmord.

Ich habe nie Selbstmordgedanken gehabt geschweige den geäußert. Wenn jemand etwas anderes behauptet, das ist dann eine Lüge.

Falls ich an Herzversagen sterben sollte, so ist das durch einen Laserbeschuss verursacht.

Ich habe kein Verfolgungswahn, keine Angst. Das ist nur ein Vorsichtsmassnahme meinerseits aus gegebenem Anlass.

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Moon-Gu Kang


1:24 pm

My sons are realizing they’ve been duped.
They’re starting to know that my parents do not love them as much as they hate me.
They performed genuflections and locked me up to become initiates in Dad’s  ‘hate/blame Linda’ club.  They’ve not risen in the ranks.
I hope they catch on gently; knowing about him nearly made me mad.
I saw blood in a man’s eye yesterday but it’s gone now.
“Lord, please love them to Truth.  Don’t let it hurt as badly as it hurt me.  Show them who is truly the enemy.  Thank you.  Amen.”

9:43 am

Lord, let me not prepare to die, but let me be prepared.
I will to think of me and you, adventures yet unshared.
Don’t let me see insurance ads for death from Gerber foods.
I won’t go to the blackout house, in weeds, my hairs in snoods.
You conquered death, now claim me too.
The grave and hell both yield to you…
I really think I was poisoned.  I hurt ALL OVER and I never hurt.  I ache, my hands and my ankles and I’m sluggish.  I am spitting out green stuff like the boys and coughing.  I NEVER get sick.  I’m very fat and I have unexplainable wounds on my torso and my ear is all crusty from the other day when it was slit and started bleeding out of nowhere and the bump seems to have moved toward harder cartilage and I’m uncomfortable.  My body is never uncomfortable and I thought after I stopped smoking and drinking beer and taking government-ordered psycho-tropic medications I’d get thinner and strong right away.  I guess it’s time for God to give me a new body.  I hope he doesn’t forget the hair.
If I must die, and I don’t expect to, I’d like it to be totally spontaneous.  I’d like to work to the end and clutch the sword in my hand even as I go.  I don’t believe in life insurance.  I don’t believe in choosing one’s grave-site and reeding articles about ‘aging’ and hospice care and choosing songs for your own funeral.  (Unless you PLAN to die soon and these arrangements would be your ministry to others.)  But, to please oneself, there is nothing possible one could arrange.  At the moment of death, everything falls into perspective and the things we valued are often not truly valuable things.  I’d like to learn that before death takes me beyond reparations.  I’d like to learn to love before I can no longer influence with my love,  even as I find my spot within it’s eternal representation.  No going back.  Probably.
If my claims were true, utterly true and demonstrated.  How should I then live?
Would it be morally-acceptable for me to NOT RAISE HOLY HELL ABOUT UBIQUITOUS MIND CONTROL?
Would the nay-sayers think, when this is proven true to even THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO SLEEP, that I DID NEARLY ENOUGH TO EXPOSE THIS AGENDA?
I hope to tell ya so.
If I know what I know THAT I KNOW,
Jesus has them though.
Or else he’d even wipe them from my mind so I will be happy anyway.
Here’s what’s funny and amazingly supernatural:

by Walter H. Bowert
Note for the second edition
This book contains information that will trigger you. Give it to your deprogrammer, rather than try to read it yourself unless you have a thoroughly reintegrated personality. Some of this information is wrong and can be harmful to you. Inevitably it is impossible to weed out the triggers, since programming varies from person to person, from handler to handler. Thus, know that if you have ever been programmed you may be triggered by information in this book
“It is ironic that the U.S. would begin a devastating war, allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction, when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own backyard. It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy, when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects about which both the Congress and the Commander in Chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.” – Paul Hellyer (Former Canadian Defense Minister)
These programs are referred to as Special Access Programs (SAP), and they are funded from what’s known as the ‘Black Budget.‘ From these we have unacknowledged and waived SAPs. These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as ‘deep black programs.’ A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.”
I was just beginning to consider ‘hollow-Earth’ and now we’re faced again with ‘flat-Earth’.
Also, do reptilians all KNOW they’re reptilians?  What do hybrids know?  The super-soldiers know very well their bassinette was a lone petri dish in the cabbage patch of human evolution.  That speech would be with six figures; if we could get a real-live reptilian to describe its experience then we’d be getting somewhere.  What he eats for breakfast; who launders his hologram-suit; do people scream when you eat them or do you anesthetize them like a tick does before burrowing into innocent flesh?  How do I find out if I’m a hybrid?  My cousin is RH negative and my dad is one swell alien bastard.  What if the antichrist was meant to be a woman and what if it was meant to be me.  Maybe that’s why my life has been one defeat after another with frequent senseless attacks as I longed to grow in grace and freedom.  (I’ve wondered that before about one other guy.  I guess I’ll find out some answers pretty soon.)

Narcissists and Shills: The Fellowship of the Lie
“Shills therefore focus people’s attention on the drama created by the narcissistic abuse…without mentioning how to recover from it.”

7:26 am

What could Bill Clinton tell me that would be worth a hundred thousand dollars?
He is paid six figures…to speak.
What’s he gonna say?
Will he tell us how to become successful, like him?  Do we need his help? Screwing the assistants and raising another man’s daughter born to his own wife are life-skills we could and would all instantaneously present, situation arising whereby we were rendered devoid of conscience and good sense.  We could also figure out how to KILL Ron Brown WITH A DRY ICE BULLET and then neatly eliminate the stewardess who watched.  If we needed to cover our depravity and violence, we’d figure it all out; that goes with the territory.  We don’t need Bill Clinton to teach us how to cover our ass, although he’s very knowledgable and cunning.
Would he maybe discuss US foreign policy?  His wife was secretary of state and she killed people in Benghazi.  Maybe he could talk about that.  Maybe he could talk about Israel or South Africa.  Cecil Rhodes or Carroll Quigley?  He knows SO MUCH STUFF because he’s had SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and maybe he could tell us about CIA drug-running and people who’ve died mysteriously in Mena, Arkansas.  There are many MONEY questions he might answer, and  I’d like him to talk about flying with Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times to the Lolita Island where young girls were lavished with ‘attention’ and did he see Prince Andrew there and how about Alan Dershowitz?  Does the island  have a giant STATUE OF AN OWL anywhere?
Bill Clinton could tell us a WHOLE LOT OF THINGS that would be worth a hundred thousand dollars to somebody, but not unless his satellite-EEG was hooked up to a white board so everybody could tell if he were lying.  Otherwise, listening to anything he has to say is really pointless.  Right?

7:04 am

Here’s how I learned I was a manipulative wannabe brain-washer:  it was a revelation.  I was thinking about how my sons hate having me around so much, yet they couldn’t tell me any behaviors to eliminate. Then I remembered Supreme Court Justice-I just died in your arms tonight-Antonin Scalia.  We studied a case considering ‘obscenity’, whether or not a store was selling obscenity.  I think Scalia’s opinion may have been the dissent, but he said that even if not a single item in the store could individually be deemed ‘obscene’ (that’s a quaint legal term now, no?), their joint-presentation, and the ambiance of the place could very well be obscene.  I explained the case to Isaac,  and I suggested that in my passion to see them reconciled to Jesus I have created an undercurrent of coercive intent and I am guilty of attempted mind-control.  Me, of all people. Isaac said, “Actually, that’s really right.”  We’re all going to eat fish-fry tonight, even George.  He’s been saying ‘no’ for so many years we sometimes forget to ask him along.  The bedroom door just opened all by itself.  I’m still wondering if these things are ghosts or microwaves.
Jesus says that he will wipe clean our memories of anybody we loved who doesn’t join us in eternity.
He said we should feel for Him, because He has to watch those separations commencing.
He is love and it hurts Him a lot.

Slush funds to pay ‘personal consultant’ Huma Abedin, a $34,000 a night Caribbean holiday for daughter Chelsea and payoffs to silence Bill’s sex accusers – How Hillary has used donations to the Clinton Foundation as her ‘personal piggy bank’ 

The Clinton Foundation is ‘a vast, criminal conspiracy’ and ‘a slush fund for grifters’ with thousands of honest people who are victims after contributing their hard-earned money to what they believed would be used for philanthropic causes.

In truth, the money that was donated to help earthquake victims in India and Haiti and HIV/AIDs sufferers in the Third World has mostly enriched the Clintons and their friends through scams spanning the globe, claims author Jerome Corsi in his book, Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, which will be published in August.

Driven by insatiable greed while crying they were near-broke, the couple schemed and Hillary used her position as secretary of state to leverage lucrative deals for the Foundation as well as six-figure speaking fees for Bill Clinton.