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11:35 pm

I wanna love Isaac but he really makes me wanna puke.

11:22 pm

I have —


My dad has watched this all.  I’ve sent him copies of every single message.  It is MY FATHER’S WILL THAT I BE HOMELESS.  My own earthly father took away my home and insists that I have nowhere to live so Isaac can be hot shit.  Did I get it right yet?

11:13 pm

A Stranger Got into Aliss Cresswell’s Car & Gave His Life to Jesus | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

11:07 pm

I’m ready to die.  I can’t do this much longer and it sure doesn’t seem to have any point.  I’ve been targeted for death.  Maybe that’s what I gotta do.  

11:02 pm

14 year old Demon-Self proclaimed Psychopath slits throat of brother’s girlfriend

10:54 pm

George made tuna salad.  I came into this house, where I am not permitted to live, and George showed me his tuna salad with jalapenos.  He offered me dinner.  He’s not getting this?  Or am I not?  

12:57 PM


Boyz II Men – Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

12:24 pm

Thank you, Lord, for the kindly jail-keepers.  Is George such a man?  Thank you for every time he recognized injustice and stood it down in whatever manner was available for him.  “Lord, if George is evilly-intentioned,  please tell me because I only know him to wish well for people.  Except and until me.  He wanted me to die, right?  Forgive him.  Thank you.  Amen.”  

12:18 pm

I want Adam so bad I almost don’t care that I’m nearly as old as his mother.  Almost.  But, I’m still working on it.

12:15 pm

“My plan was, we’d make a break for it on a Thursday night.”

(Ron Wyatt)

12:11 pm

George REMEMBERED Ron Wyatt.  I touched base with reality again.  “Lord, thank you for George.”

12:03 pm

I LOVE having George do all the dishes.  My sons must love it too.  George is a lot neater than I am.  OCD.

11:53 AM

A $20k School Bus Tiny Home

11:36 am

“We must allow Him to perfect our character or we will not be among the saved.”(Ron Wyatt)
I first heard of Ron Wyatt about twenty years ago; we bought videos from ‘The Prophecy Club’.  I wonder if George remembers Ron Wyatt?  I wonder sometimes, if George was even along for the ride.  I think Wyatt was Seventh Day Adventist but he certainly knew Jesus.  He was led to NUMEROUS wonders in the holy land.  He found Sodom and he found proof of the Dead Sea crossing. He actually even found Noah’s ARK and they even built a visitor center but then it was closed down.  “Near” Ararat.
Interesting guy.  He took blood from the Ark of the Covenant to be tested in Germany and it had NO HUMAN FATHER.  At least, that’s how the story goes.
 They don’t permit you to talk about JESUS’ BLOOD IN ISRAEL.
In this episode he found the Tower of Babel.
Ron Wyatt Found the Tower of Babel in South Central Turkey (Photos Shown in Video)

8:37 am

Hillary Clinton is absolutely miraculous.  How does she have the nerve to claim things that are demonstrably false?  She has more nerve than any Finlander on the planet!  SHE LIES OUTRIGHT AND ON CAMERA.  She’s an evil woman.

8:16 am

‘Road that leads to hell’ Italy launches project showing horrors migrants face on way to EU

8:02 am

I’m eating my on-the-road food.  I know that instant noodles contain paraffin but.  But.


dissociative.  When everybody who is supposed to love you treats you like shit, you become dissociative.  It’s a done-deal.  It is CRAZYFYING.  CRAZY-FYING  is intentionally introducing false constructs into another person’s reality.  Why would somebody do that?  Well, without the input of my son or my father I’m gonna guess it’s because of fear.  And they should fear me.  And they do.  Selah.

7:52 am

I red words, and I tasted curry.  At the same time.  This is going to be an exciting world.

7:17 am

AND, Isaac. APOLOGIZE TO YOUR FATHER. I am not even shitting you. DO THE RIGHT THING.


Linda Goldthorpe <>

7:15 AM (2 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

7:07 am

isaac you just try to call me a liar i’ve been waiting for this opportunity for all my life (no txt)


Linda Goldthorpe <>

7:00 AM (6 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

6:47 am

SO MUCH DRAMA! You can’t believe my sons! There isn’t a normal thing about them


Linda Goldthorpe <>

6:36 AM (11 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
Now, how does Isaac think he will live the remainder (REMAINDER) of his life, now that he has sold out his own kinfolk and wishes to become a ‘consciousness’ guru?  A moneyed guru?  A guru with property and resources, a guru who can laugh in the face of all that comes, not because of his inner sustenance…but because he’s rich.

Linda Goldthorpe <>

6:38 AM (8 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
Hey.  That didn’t sound crazy.  Did that sound crazy to y’all?

6:04 am

This feels pretty bad.  I haven’t had the shakes for a couple months but now I’m numb and shaky.  How can anybody just demand that their mother leave?  I can’t imagine it.  I couldn’t do it to my mom.  I can’t imagine.  And my dad set it up.  The prophet has a trailer at his place.  I guess that’s where I’m going. He says it’s kind of cruddy.  I ate dinner with him and his grandson and his brother and his mom.  Dennis told me I could stay in his trailer too, but now he’s dead.  George looked me in the eye (I was terribly impressed…) and said, “We just want you to get help.”  Liar.  He never wanted to help me with a thing.  He got my house!  He got my sons.  (Good riddance.)  He feels he has the upper hand and doesn’t even realize he is being manipulated.  Isaac knows.
I wonder how my dad thought this would go down.  He took my home and family away.  I hope he’s loving this.  Somebody should.  SO MUCH DRAMA!  You can’t believe my sons!  There isn’t a normal thing about them anymore.  And George?  Well he pays the bills and buys junk.  God bless him.




“Jewish people have been hung out to dry again and again by these people.”

10:24 pm

“Zionist       do not represent world jewry.


“It’s not what’s right and beneficial for Jewish people.  Jewish people are

10:06 pm

He’s really a waste, right?  I loved Isaac so much that I didn’t seen what a waste he is.  God forgive me.  I loved both of my sons too much.  Isaac is really a waste, and I thought he was very cool.   He kicked me out this morning…but when I came back tonight he requested a bowl of weed.  He’s a waste.  Right?

2:49 PM

I AM BADGERED OUT OF MY HOME AGAIN.  I still don’t know what I did that makes me less worthy of a home than Isaac…




9:04 am

Eminem -Puke

8:51 am

I am an affront to my mother who should appreciate my awareness.  She is the most disappointing person I ever met.

8:26 am

I see how it happens, these layers of deceit and manipulation.  They start with a single lie, and a single wienie.  The wienie doesn’t have the balls to confess to the single lie, so he lies again.  Then there is a next time; he REALLY doesn’t have the balls to stand before his TWO LIES.  So he lies again.  I see Isaac clearly now.  I can’t sleep at night anymore for the seeing of him.

6:47 am

AND IF ISAAC IS GAY I DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  He is he; I am me; together we’re diametrically opposed but WTF.  He’s my son and I’ll love him even as he TRIES TO TAKE MY HEAD OFF.  (Emphasis on the ‘tried’.) Selah.
 (His eyes look so scared and wild!  He’s gotten really creepy.)

6:29 am

I wonder if Isaac is gay?

6:24 am

The prophet’s brother is a predator and he envies the prophet.  I think I’m becoming part of the family because when the prophet and I were drinking wild tea from the woods and his brother noticed my glass on the counter,  he brought it over to me.  The prophet didn’t notice.  His brother slept with his wife!  So much betrayal.  He’s going to rise above his upbringing and he’s going to fly.  The prophet’s son is in jail and he calls EVERY SINGLE DAY and it costs a lot of money.  His son was BETRAYED by his brother and his woman.  Betrayal teaches you the value of being there.

6:05 am


David Icke Stop Playing Pokeman Go Now Why

(He’s really fair, I think.)


7/30/16Do you really think fascism will be this obvious?

5:41 am

Psalm 91:

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

5:02 am

“Break the Cycle and That Which Was Deposited On You”

by Karen Hardin

The Lord Says, “Waves”

“No longer will those things have control over you or continue to manifest in your life, for I am doing a new thing and bringing you out of the things of the past. My blessing that has been withheld is now pouring out in waves. Waves. Like the ocean tide that pours in and crashes against the rocks, so will this change be in your life. It will be so significant that it will seem that the blessing and goodness will come in crashing waves one after another.

“It will be a new thing and so drastically different from what you have experienced. Expect it. Expect the tide to change from withholding to blessing. The past will be past, along with its cycle, as you speak to it and break it off. The root, now exposed and removed, will wither and the cycle will finally be broken.

See more here:

4:41 am

Chelsea Manning could face punishment for suicide attempt — Feds warning other conscience-led whistleblowers

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HORRIBLE! Our reverse-Christian government is treating her/him so severely so no one will ever again dare to expose the evil we do to others!

– –


Chelsea Manning could face punishment for suicide attempt

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning received a document from Army officials today informing her that she is being investigated for serious new charges related to her July 5thattempt to take her own life.

If convicted of these “administrative offenses,” she could be placed in indefinite solitary confinement for the remainder of her decades-long sentence.

I’m praying for her.

Read more at:

4:32 am

End Times General Thoughts Travelling – Morris

(This is fun…he’s riding around Cambodia on a scooter feeding monkeys.)



8:15 pm

Sources claim Hillary Clinton is planning to use food as a weapon to starve political dissenters into submission

Read more here:

I could maybe try to see Greg Evenson.  He lives in the district and maybe he might remember me?



7:54 pm

Hey BOB POWELL.  I have just enough fuel to get me to ALPENA and I’d sure like to talk to somebody about the ELECTRONIC TORTURE I SUFFERED as a candidate for CONGRESS to represent Michigan’s first district which at that time included ALPENA.  May I come to Alpena to talk to you?   Thank you in advance for considering my request.

SHAME! Journalists Targeted By Authorities At Republican National Convention

7:34 pm

This could be my home.  I’m liking this.

Upcycling Project Revamps an Abandoned Vehicle into a Bus Home

7:16 pm

The strength that is to be found in sarcasm.  I know there is a reason I feel this way.  The pain in my chest has localized into two distinct spots about three inches above my nipples.  It hurts.  It does NOT HURT NEARLY AS BAD AS PSYCHOTRONIC RAPE SO I THANK GOD EVERY DAY.  I also give him the pain, for His purpose, and for those who are tortured as I was.  You cannot call my current impediments ‘torture’.  In their dreams.

7:03 pm

This woman is the best thinker I’ve heard in a long time.  Also she’s brave:  she wants us to stand down the psychopaths with love.  Do you think we’re man enough?

Narcissism is not a mental condition, it IS demon influence


6:19 pm

I suppose I should talk for a bit about forced speech.  My experience with non-intentional vocalizations began in the late nineties.  The VERY FIRST time I remember hearing myself say something I did not plan to say was during prayer, and my mouth said, “Thank you Jesus for letting me touch the hem of your garment.”
George disappeared; he’s just AWOL.  I heard his mother is in the area but her grandchildren don’t know about it.  If he went to spend the day with his mom wouldn’t you think he’d take his sons?  I would.  Anyway, Isaac put his shoulder out of socket doing George’s work-out with him.  He has a nifty sling and the walk-in-clinic  gave him a shot of something that’s had him snoring all the rest of the day.  Josh drove home even.  Josh doesn’t like to drive.  Wow. George just LEFT and didn’t even take his kids.  I’m not kidding you.  He’s very difficult to understand.

6:13 pm

I said, “Josh.  Just when I think my heart will burst from your rejection, I  PICK ANOTHER FOUR-LEAF CLOVER and I find the strength to carry on.”

He said, “I don’t know what to say to that.”

I PIcked one four-leaf clover.

5:53 pm

Narcissism is not a mental condition, it IS demon influence

“Because I saw the demons popping out.  There’s a change in the eyes.”

3:26 pm

omg.  I just got a sense of how much my sons will respect me when they understand.  I have to go mow some grass.

3:16 pm

Why do the boats sit right off my lawn?  I’m not paranoid.  I’m crowded.  THEY DON’T KNOW I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING THEY SAY.

2:42 pm

Dale And Grace – I’m Leaving It All Up To You

12:12 pm

Buddhism Exposed: Secret Ties to Demons, Dragons & Mystery Babylon

12:09 pm

Becoming un-crazy in a world where everybody is invested in making you be that way.  Volume 2.

11:25 am

Michigan’s attorney general has charged six more state employees with crimes related to the lead-contaminated water crisis in Flint.

The Flint Journal reports a judge Friday authorized the charges filed by the office of Bill Schuette. He plans to formally announce the charges at a morning news conference.

All are charged with misconduct in office, willful neglect of duty and various conspiracy counts.

The poor, majority black city of 100,000 used the Flint River for tap water for 18 months to save money. Residents used improperly treated water that coursed through aging pipes and fixtures, releasing toxic lead.


–Read more here:


11:21 am

“Thank you Lord, that my sons are not stupid!! Dear Lord, it is wonderful to be freed of the tormenting thought that they might BELIEVE THE CRAP THEY ESPOUSE.  Thank you, JESUS!”

10:56 am

Isn’t this just like Jesus?  No drama.  Just a systematic unfolding of reality that will soon permit my fingers and toes to discontinue the numbness that resulted and persists.   It’s just done.  I just walk into that reality.  Dad and Isaac just lost really bad, and I can still love them and I shall.  I just keep walking.  It doesn’t hurt that bad.  Jesus is in me.  Whomever says otherwise is anti-christ.

10:32 am

 My son, Isaac, is playing his guitar, plaintively.
Man:  “Will you sleep with me for a dollar?”
Whore:  “of COURSE not…”
Man:  Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?
Whore:  “OF COURSE.”
3.5 million
Toronto, pretty soon
I’ve earned a chance to breathe.

10:17 am


Woman’s self-built/designed Sheep Wagon Home (Tiny House)


(“HALFWAY, OREGON”?  Give me a friggin’ break already…)



9:47 am

 ‘I Am Woman’ (Live) 1975

Helen Reddy

(and me)


9:10 am

Flip Wilson Show The Church Of What’s Happening Now

“THERE’S SIN IN LAS VEGAS!  If I can’t stop it, at least I’m gonna slow it down.”

9:03 am

Another reason my sons do not wish for me to be safe and happy is because Adam makes me safe and happy.  I haven’t even seen him for seven years and I’m still running on that tiny spurt of SAFE AND HAPPY.  Did I finally sum it up?


8:59 am


When you see an honorable man, give him your fealty and your honor.   Give him your life.  That’s the pyramid scheme upside down.  I couldn’t give your father my life, because I couldn’t exactly trust him to have our best interests at heart.  Isn’t that an odd thing for me to think of now?  I couldn’t submit…well, of course I couldn’t submit because he never told me anything to submit to.  But, that aside, I never actually thought he had it all together, did I?  Is that a ‘sameness’ bias?  I felt I could relax around Adam because he was more hyper-vigilant than I.  That’s pretty sick.  I felt safe, for the first time ever.  How could an addiction to safe-feeling be wrong?  The first one is free.

8:51 am

Bravo.  Absolute masterpiece, in two lines.  I didn’t write about the delivery truck because I wasn’t even here and I couldn’t imagine a better commentary on the idiocy of my leadership and the unfathomable stupidity of those who sold my reputation and the past-tense of my position.  I just loved it and I laughed on all the channels.  That was the first time in a couple years I bet; I never laugh like that.  God said I will “laugh like a child.”  My laughing just now still bore a hint of adult cynicism and not a little scorn, but it was fun, and it was progress.

8:41 am

Yesterday,when I was young:

Hey, GUESS WHAT! The delivery-truck brought George MORE CRAP!! Aren’t we happy now?


Linda Goldthorpe <>

12:27 PM (20 hours ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

Linda Goldthorpe <>

9:00 PM (11 hours ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
I didn’t write that.  I wasn’t here at 12:27.  We’re under surveillance.  They like me better than George.
On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Linda Goldthorpe <> wrote:

8:31 am

I’m stunned by the knowledge of how badly Isaac despises his dad.
SO MUCH DESPICABLE DESPISING…that I had to bear the guilt of it.
Absolutely astonishing.  I didn’t ever denigrate George…I MARRIED HIM.
Isaac is in a terrible state, I think.  He has chosen to exercise manipulative control over my ex-husband.
I spent decades FIGHTING THE URGE TO MANIPULATE HIM.  (I can even prove it.)
I ALWAYS ran EVERY IDEA BY HIM FIRST.  I thought he agreed!
I was so very stupid.  But, I was kinder than Isaac.

7:28 AM

“This is the environment the demons plant their seeds in.  Discontent opens the door to sin, retaliation, gossip, stealing, plotting evil, and cheating.  Your lives become a tangled web for unclean things, and soon the fragrant garden you once had is turned into a wretched tangle of darkness, where demons defecate to fertilize roots of bitterness growing all around you–until all your good intention is snuffed out and you are controlled by SELF-DEFENSE, BITTERNESS and FEAR.”

7:16 am




7:09 am

“Lord, I am sick at heart for those who turn away from you.”

“I can’t do this on my own; I’m not capable of resting.  Please take this sword from my heart and give me your rest.”

JESUS Explains… ‘How Bitterness can change your Destiny & DNA’


6:19 am

I sometimes picture my witnesses reeding my words.  They’re all fine people…and they share humor.  I can picture Tom Bridges snickering and I can see Tom Backers throwing his head back.  I am grateful for you all.  Thank you for listening.  I’d be dead.  I guess you know that.  You guys saved my life!!!!!

6:16 am

Oh, to feel a young man’s testosterone surging through one’s loins and biceps!  What a rush!  To love oneself for what one is not.  

5:55 am

I wonder if this woman would be my friend?  I could really use a friend.


Amazing dream!!!!!’s about our hearts!!!!

5:42 am


7×18 Man Cave Tiny House Final Overview


5:21 am

Over 55,000 Americans injured, killed by USA police in just 1 yr – study

Read more:


9:20 pm

Dear Jesus.  You make me look stupid.  I understand that when I type these things that I will be denigrated and ap…
‘Thank you Lord Jesus; may I tell them how it is for those of us who have been tortured?  Or would the knowledge of what they did to me make their torment worse?  Please, give them mercy.  Please, also give them a brain?”

8:56 pm

The prophet has an appointment downstate on the first of August, or the second.  I told him my sons didn’t mind if his grandson were to stay here.  The prophet minded.  He knows MY SONS ARE VIOLENT AND HE DOESN’T TRUST THEM WITH HIS GRANDSON.  He also advises me to stay away.

8:52 pm

I spent the afternoon with the prophet, and his grandson, and his brother.  He advised me to STOP GIVING A SHIT ABOUT GEORGE since I did what I could, while I could, as he (the prophet)  is my witness.



12:28 pm

Hey, GUESS WHAT! The delivery-truck brought George MORE CRAP!! Aren’t we happy now?


Linda Goldthorpe <>

12:27 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

12:11 pm

I don’t care what Isaac did.  I don’t care what my dad did.  I care more  that they harmed my beloved Josh, and that because he also does not care. My dad won.  He took my blood-stream and he made them perverted materialistic frauds.  He made my sons to be Isaac.  I don’t hate him.  I pity him.  I pity George a lot more.  I was a VERY FINE WIFE and he chose to follow a stinking’stupid man.  I don’t hate George.  That would be a waste of energy.

12:05 pm

Malignant Narcissists and Their Enablers

“The narcissist’s enablers are people who have been selected by the narcissists to fulfill their every need and to endorse their every move, no matter how sinister it might be.”


YEAH, go here.  I don’t believe even a single person in Michigan gives a shit.  


11:36 am

I mowed south, also east.  Is it possible that I have been their only hope?  Did my compatriots know before me,  that Isaac was a Benedict Arnold in our midst?  How is it OK that I’m the best hope they have?  I’ll take him out.  Of course.  If he is anti-truth he is a forgone conclusion.  I’ll destroy him.  Easily.  I told him when he PUSHED ME INTO A WALL AND KNOCKED ME OUT…that “I love truth more than i love you.”  He heard me.  I love truth more now, and I love Isaac less.  He maybe thinks I play games?  ASK ADAM.  Does Isaac believe himself to be stronger than the former-apostate-jew-slash-atheist who now guards my flanks?  Maybe?


10:37 am

Dedicated to my daddy.

Isaac could probably define the terms.



Google him.  I think he lives in Michigan.




I Can’t Believe I’m Not A Millionaire (clip)


9:45 am

“Dear Lord, forgive me for AGAIN taking things personally!  I was all caught up in what ISAAC DID TO HIS MOM.  Please forgive me.  What ISAAC DID TO HIS YOUNGER BROTHER IS WAY WORSE!   Josh KNEW I loved him.  EVEN WHEN HE HATED ME HE KNEW I LOVED HIM.  Isaac should probably ROT IN HELL but Lord, have mercy!  Please release him and Josh from lies.  Don’t hold it against ISAAC THAT HE MEANT US ALL TO DIE IN LIES SO HE COULD REVEL.  Amen.”
I mowed some grass but that prayer came so loudly over me I left the mower on the South lawn.  I don’t expect it to go anywhere. (yuck.)

9:14 am

I wonder if God just gave me a new gift?  I saw a woman, she was conscious and presentable…and I saw a ring on her finger.  Immediately I assumed she was a lesbian.  I wondered about that, obviously, since I strategically question my FIRST OBSERVATION of any person.  The ring was very plain.  It was smooth and if a man REALLY LOVED HER that ring would have had a lot of embellishments.  Men love the frills.  That’s why [lots of ’em] love women.  They want color and variety and discourse beyond the realm of the internet.
Men aren’t easily appeased.  The men who live with me are very disappointing in that regard.  They think if they DESTROY ALL THE COLOR IN THEIR LIVES (read: ME, the WOMAN) then they will be happy.  I’m happy already.  I’ll be happier when they’re in my rear-view-mirror.  My mirror fell off.  I DROVE TO TEXAS without a mirror.  DO YOU THINK A MAN IN MY LIFE WOULD RE-AFFIX THE MIRROR?  Well, then, ‘hah on you!’)

9:05 am

I’ve been serving my country; isn’t that so?  By forcing my ‘men’-folk to the edge of lie-sustainability, I’ve done service to America.  That’s all I ever wanted.  Except also world peace.  And this lamp.  Wow.

9:01 am

I feel like I’m starring in a Cary Grant movie.  I mean, I feel that way when I’m not expecting to have my THROAT SLIT in my sleep.  (no txt)

8:51 am

They’ve been following ISAAC; as I first presumed, they don’t give a SHIT about me!
How is it possible that the immigration-nazis chose not to put him in jail and instead helped him look for his lost car keys on the Michigan/Ontario border which is a ‘Constitution-FREE-zone’?
I wasn’t planning to puke today.
He REALLY sold out.
Oh, Lord.  That trooper in Gaylord…
Isaac wanted to be a player!!!!!
“Lord have mercy.  Give me grace.  Do not allow me to believe even one thing that is not true and don’t let me miss even one thing that is.  Adam works for whom?  <3”

8:41 am

So now I am also understanding that Isaac is utterly abandoned in the ongoing attempts to stop Linda’s mouth?
“Honor among thieves.”
Guess Isaac is smarter now.
They left him all by himself to put a sock in it.  They have expectations.  Tsk.

8:18 am

There’s a scripture passage, in the Bible of yore, that endorsed the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT.  (I can’t find it right now.  I can’t wait ’til God gives me the gift of SPIRITUAL-GOOGLING.)  This passage said, to this effect:



I always liked that part but you can’t imagine the HOGWASH the Baptists preach from that passage.  I took notes.  Idiots.  (“The fool hath said in his heart:  THERE IS NO GOD.”)

8:15 am

When the fake-fear is overcome, it is always accomplished the same ways.  Firstly, I KNOW THEN that the riches God has deposited in my heart are bigger and more important than any attack against me.  I understand then, how JESUS’ righteousness has enabled me to evade every attack of satan.  I know who I AM and I know that I am.  I AM very satisfied at that point, even though my kin seek my physical death.  George, too, his shallowness and betrayals just roll off my back.  Jesus paid it all.  All to Him I owe.  Sin had left a crimson stain:  HE WASHED IT WHITE AS SNOW.
Oh yeah, the other way God gets me back on track is by making me believe Adam loves me even though I haven’t seen his face since 2009 when he was also engaged in DESTROYING MY LIFE.  (It’s pretty hard to drum that one up so I usually default to the fact that I NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG.)

7:54 am

Now that I’ve expended the relief of learning that my life REALLY DOES MAKE SENSE because Isaac sold me out, I’m feeling something that feels a lot like fear.  I think it’s for him.
Now that I realize that the reason my sons would not listen to me for all these years is because at least one of them knew I was rightfully describing my experiences, and he was afraid of being charged with attempted murder for his part in the scheme against me, I’m really ready to leave their presence.
Now that I understand that my slow-death was to be the sacrifice for Isaac’s crimes, I am REALLY MORE DISAPPOINTED with the Sunday School teachers.  JESUS ALREADY DID THAT.  No more sacrifice is required,  and to seek one is to pile condemnation upon the original sins.  OVER AND OVER…until you beg for death.
“Managing somebody down” is murder.
I’m really ready to get away from Isaac.
He turned out to be a ‘junior executive’ after all.
He’s just like my dad.


I Stand In Awe
“Holy God, to whom all praise is due…
I stand in awe of you.”
– Terry MacAlmon
RAW: Pope Francis falls during Mass in Poland

This ad was posted shortly after all the delegates walked out of the democratic convention in Philadelphia. They tried to later erase it, but it is forever archived on the web. They were even offering $50 a night for people to sit and cheer for Shillary!

DISGUSTING: Obama VA spent $16 MILLION on artwork while veterans languished and died!

The taxpayer watchdog group Open the Books teamed up with COX Media Washington, D.C., for an oversight report on spending at the VA, finding numerous frivolous expenditures on artwork, including six-figure dollar sculptures at facilities for the blind.

“In the now-infamous VA scandal of 2012-2015, the nation was appalled to learn that 1,000 veterans died while waiting to see a doctor,” wrote Adam Andrzejewski, the founder and CEO of Open the Books, in an editorial for Forbes. “Tragically, many calls to the suicide assistance hotline were answered by voicemail. The health claim appeals process was known as ‘the hamster wheel’ and the appointment books were cooked in seven of every ten clinics.”

Wikileaks has just released hacked audio recordings of voicemails obtained from the Democratic National Committee

Voicemails show former ambassadors calling DNC officials for time with Obama.



First, the person loading the voting choice data on the SD card they use can actually set candidates with a negative vote total from the very start to deflate a candidate’s vote count they don’t want to win.

Second, the people setting up the machines can manipulate them by not calibrating the touch screens properly so that when you touch a spot on the screen, it actually activates the touch as two inches down or to the right or wherever you want it to be. This is easily done during the touch calibration where it asks you to simply touch points it displays to calibrate it in which case you would touch down or to the right of those points to commit fraud.

Abortion Drugs Found In Bill Gates’ Tetanus Vaccine

(I wrote about that in my first book.)
But it is the five vaccination regime that is most alarming. “The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.” (Source)

DNC Emails: Clinton Stole Fundraising Cash To Meet Elton John

Leaked DNC emails reveal how the Democratic party desperately attempted to hide evidence that Hillary Clinton misused State funds in order to attend lavish parties and meet fellow celebrities. 

The Democratic National Committee hid details of a joint fundraising agreement they had with the Clinton’s that funneled money undetected through various state Democratic parties. reports:

But during the three-month period when the DNC was working to spin the situation, state parties kept less than one half of one percent of the $82 million raised through the arrangement — validating concerns raised by campaign finance watchdogs, state party allies and Bernie Sanders supporters.

The arrangement, called the Hillary Victory Fund, allowed the Clinton campaign to seek contributions of hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend extravagant fundraisers including a dinner at George Clooney’s house and a concert at Radio City Music Hall featuring Katy Perry and Elton John. That’s resulted in criticism for Clinton, who has made opposition to big money in politics a key plank in her campaign platform.

6:09 am

JESUS SAYS… You were created for Me alone

“Truly, I feel fifteen again.  I feel innocent and pure again and I feel profoundly loved and profoundly in love again.”
“Undoubtedly, more than anything in the world I want to make You known, Lord for who You really are.  I want to bring people into Your arms that they may discover the REAL JESUS.”
“Although I do miss creating music, it is work too.  Everything has its challenges.  But my understanding about Heaven is that the challenges won’t exist anymore.  All things are accomplished totally naturally, with hardly any effort.  Wow!  Do I look forward to that!”

Chemtrails: Italians Blow the Lid Off of the Chemtrail Secret War

The Marcianos, of the Italian website Tanker Enemy ( have produced the documentary film, Chemtrails: the secret war (below) to show scientific evidence related to the chemtrails phenomenon. While much of the documentation has been presented in previous years by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, head of Global Research, no film captures the covert war against We the People as well as the Marcianos do.

“Weather manipulation is only one (collateral) aspect of this phenomenon,” say the Marcianos. “What is at stake is a covert military agenda.”

7 Types of Mentally Toxic People to Avoid

6. People who lack dreams.

This basically refers to the robots; those who wake up, go to work, come home, eat food, go to bed, and do it again. They’re content with this life, can tolerate little discomfort, and don’t want to have to work harder than needed. That should sound familiar to at least some of you. This type of person can easily fit in with “the bummer.”

7. People who don’t believe in your dreams.

If people don’t want to believe in your dreams, fine, but they need to keep that opinion to themselves. Too many crushed dreams have resulted not from a lack of accomplishment, but because people were convinced they couldn’t before they even had a chance to try.

“I’m Not A Bum – I’m A Human Being…”

“It’s really humiliating to be shaking a cup 24 hours a day and people looking at you like you’re some kind of bum. I have people who walk past me and say ‘Get a job, bum.’ And I say, ‘wait a minute, I’m not a bum, I’m a human being,’” Davis said beginning to choke up. “At the end of the day, when people go home and everybody gets on the Metra train …and then I just feel so bad that I can’t be going home,” he said apologizing to the person filming him because he was starting to get teary. “It’s really emotional because I’m really trying to get myself together and get off this street.”

False Accusers, Slanderers, Talebearers & How to Deal with Them

Matthew 5:11
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

5:13 am

My Mother Was the Victim of a U.S. Drone

My family deserves an apology–and justice

See more at:



8:08 pm

You cannot make people smart.  It can’t be done.  Even when you pick them from their cradle and control everything they see or hear and become a real tyrant. You can’t even so, make somebody be smart.  There is no way to make a person be smart.  You might entice him with ideas or you might coerce him with BULLSHIT LAWS but if a guy has set his mind so-that he WILL NOT EVER BE SMART…then you can’t make him be smart.
Isaac chose to be un-smart.  And he had so many opportunities but instead he SOLD OUT HIS OWN MAMA because he did not trust JESUS to proved since our father was a stupid man.  YEAH?

7:45 pm

I am valuable.  I am stunned to learn that, and I’ve thought I should seek to learn that but it wasn’t ever real even though I tried.  I am valuable.  My lying father can rot in hell but it will not ever change the fact that I AM VALUABLE.  Wow.  I REALLY LOVE Jesus.  I love Adam too.  I am becoming love.

7:36 PM

The Isaacs – Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)


7:16 PM



7:07 pm

The Isaacs – I Know Who Holds Tomorrow



6:56 pm

Isaac is designing a brochure.  It’s pretty old-world and I told him so.  He’s advertising HELMER and he sounds just like Lon Johnson.  I didn’t have to elaborate the reference; he knows what I’m talking about but he will not get on board.
“Wanna sleep in a yurt?  Wanna talk to an angel?  Linda did it.  So did Josh and Isaac.”
“Come to the single place on this troubled planet where such things are predictable and predicted!”
  Isaac is still designing a brochure….

6:38 pm

How might I protect Isaac, and if I did, towards whom would my efforts be responding?  He’s scared.  Isaac is VERY SCARED.  He needs his mama.  His mama needs INFORMATION and then she might be able to assist her scared, stupid offspring.

Or not.  I think I might go to Fort Lauderdale.  George will lend me his new tent and I could stay a dozen different places…unless I’m needed somewhere else?

6:21 pm

I think I might finally be ready to leave.  I know what Isaac is now, and I have no further obligations since Josh hates me.  I’m done.  I told the prophet a few years ago that since my sons kicked me out and my dad tried to kill me, my parenting was done.  But, now I’m really done.  I’m liking this.  It’s too bad they got my house, but I’m eager to be free of their bullshit.  I’m eager to be free of loveless children.  I’m eager to be free of George.  I preached and I lived the life and they did not see me as a valuable participant…because they were covering their asses.  I can’t respect them even a tiny bit.  They shouldn’t have to live with somebody who does not respect them, but that’s the fate of those who CHOOSE TO BE unworthy of respect.
I’d like to be smaller and I’d like to know I will stay that size for a period of time extending to when I will be able to purchase new clothes.  I don’t know what to pack.  I don’t have a clue what I’ll be or where I’ll go.
This is my house.  This piece of the lake is my piece of the lake and the river is my river.  My dad owns it all.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  It’s not right that I am forced to leave.  God will make what is wrong to be right.  I just have to survive until He does.  So does George.

6:15 pm

I picked another four-leaf clover.


6:03 pm

Ludwig The Illuminati Demon Robot for seniors with Alzheimer’s, Dementia EXPOSED

5:59 pm

Canal discovered beneath Mayan temple could be gateway to afterlife


5:24 pm

Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels

(She can’t reed.)

(My sons used to see angels.  They’d even pray for angels to take care of people and then they’d see angels join the people.)

5:18 pm

Dennis died.  He didn’t make it to Ann Arbor.  I’m trying to see the bigger picture and wondering how I could reach out to his family.  They weren’t really a related-family; he lived with a local woman and her daughters.
I talked to him about Jesus, just the other day.  I went to his house to show him the video of Elvis Presley singing with his son and Elvis’ son praising Jesus.  I said Elvis came back as a preacher and I told him Jesus is wonderful.  He agreed with me.  Five minutes of conversation about God…and now he’s dead.  Death really happens fast a lot of the time.
I’m not cooking today.  George cooked breakfast and scrubbed the kitchen.  I don’t feel like cooking for my sons anymore. They’ve been gone all day.  It’s nice that they found something to do.  I’m dissociative.  Actually, this time I’m kind of liking it.  I don’t know how much more rejection I could take.
 “Lord, please take me lower and slower.  Your will be done.  I can’t wait to be a preacher.  But you know best.”  “I’m needing you.  Please love me so it doesn’t hurt anymore to come back.  Amen.”

4:04 pm

I picked one four-leaf clover.

11:53 am

“Project Paperclip…was the selling of America’s collective soul.”


11:42 am

“What the nazis were capable of isn’t even public knowledge yet.  But what they have made their great-grandchildren capable of is astronomical.”

(Steve Quayle)

11:33 am

The underground citadels of the giants.

Hitler, in South America.


PART 2 — Steve Quayle Discusses Fantastic “Empire Beneath the Ice”

11:17 am

Isaac’s eyes do this.  He knows it too; he showed me on a video.  He needs Jesus.


11:13 am


Masonic Private Security Force Open Carrying at DNC Protest In Philly

11:01 am

AND AM I CAUSED TO BELIEVE…that my dad has not yet come to Isaac’s relief although he was carrying the ball for the satanic enterprise?  Ouch.


10:47 am

Isaac over-played his hand, right?  I can’t even add and I really cannot bluff.  Isaac lost through pride, right?

10:28 am


“You let one ant stand up to us and then they all might stand up to us.”


“It’s not about food.  It’s about keeping THOSE ANTS IN LINE.”

(My son bought this line.  To the abandonment of logic and brotherly love.)

10:19 am

OMG.  Tell me it isn’t true, please.  “Nevertheless, not my will but THINE be done.”  Isaac came home for my PROTECTION?

10:14 am

“My story’s much too sad to be told!  But practically everything leaves me totally cold.”
“I get a kick out of you”
Louis Armstrong

(This is what Adam was to me.  Where else did I find impulse or novelty?  Guys,  when it happens to you you’ll know a lot of things and you will love me and REALLY RESPECT ME.)

10:09 am



Linda Goldthorpe <>

9:28 AM (42 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George, Steve
They’re punishing me yet…for what Isaac did.  That’s not quite right, is it?
It’s starting to make sense.  It’s not exactly painful, because I really have been seeking these answers, but I’m still winded. It knocked the wind out of me to learn what Isaac did and what he has become as a result.  I haven’t yet considered Josh’s part but I’m sure I’ll learn some things that help me make sense of the behavior of that most beloved son.  Was Isaac jealous of Josh too?  –
A neighbor rolled one of those little souped-up golf-carts yesterday, out on the highway 1/4 mile away,  and I learned he was airlifted to Ann Arbor.  Nobody is awake yet here to ask for an update.  I drove by the accident and came home a bit shaken, because I hoped it wasn’t the weed fairy.  I’m praying for Dennis.  I just brought him chocolate cake yesterday.  Please join me?
So, I’m to go.  I ripped some of the drapery down from over my bed-slash-workstation.  Isaac has wanted my room for a long time and he won’t need the boudoir-swag.  I’d like to put my fabrics in a box, for when I have a home.  I did that four years ago, when they were before kicking me out.  I took my precious items from the cabinets and I put them in my mother’s old cedar chest in the basement.  Then I came back.  Then they kicked me out again.  Then I came back again.  I said to Isaac, “ALL ALONG I’VE BEEN TRYING TO COMPLY WITH YOUR EVACUATION NOTICE.  GOD JUST WON’T SEEM TO LET ME GO ANYWHERE.”  I can now imagine why that might have been.  Isaac HAD TO COME FACE TO FACE with his true serpent-phile nature.  I know what he is now; and he does too.  My work here is done.
I think that if God blessed me a lot, I could take a box of books and travel for a long time.  If I sold one at every gas station, I could buy some fuel and some coffee and I could make it to the next town.  I’d prefer to have an income, and I’d prefer to have a partner. But I think this could work.  I don’t need to sleep very much and politics taught me to bathe in a rest-area-washroom.  (In Michigan.  Other states’ facilities aren’t sufficient for a whole lot.)

Linda Goldthorpe <>

9:35 AM (34 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George, Steve
I’ve never been on a jet-ski.  Not even a single time.  I was always manning the grill.  I’ve never owned a speed-boat although I used to use my dad/uncle’s PBR Special when I was young and svelte so I could have a mooring on Round Lake.  I think I would like a piece of property on round lake, and an electrical hook-up, and a well, and also wi-fi.  I think this spot could be the spot formerly owned by the ANDERSON FAMILY until my dad assumed their blood and life by being superior.  I think I would like it if my cousins could stay on that piece of property any time they wanted to and maybe they should also have a cabin?  Just spit-balling.  We’ll get to the story of BRIAN on oxygen who hangs out at the coffee shop and my dad’s ‘special’ relationship with his late mother.  After-bit.

Linda Goldthorpe <>

9:35 AM (34 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George, Steve
*R   ound Lake

5:29 am

“You have seen how brutal people can be when they don’t approve of your faith:  the accusations without cause, without substance, without sense.”

“I don’t want to speak of the punishment here, of those who repress the faith of others.  But know it is severe.”

JESUS SAYS… Prayer & Repentance holds back Judgment & Elects Donald Trump – From July 23rd, 2016

“The Lord has said if prayer, fasting and repentance is on the schedule daily,  we can continue moving forward without everything around us being nuked.”

5:22 am

“I think sometimes of the people I have offended and.. sometimes intentionally, though it might not have looked that way.”

“I had one thing in mind at the time, will they forgive this, or even better, will they see it for what it is and grasp that they were valued enough for it to have been performed on them?”

“In no case yet has that happened, which was proof enough to me that it needed to be done. I have forgiven far worse injuries upon myself and never even thought about it. You can’t get much done here if you don’t offend someone.”

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

-(Les Visible)

5:14 am

“The idea is to distract you to the point that when you find out what you missed, you hate yourself.”

“It is a world of false advertising and it is a spiritual war. Sides are chosen and sometimes those on the wrong side have been chosen for the job by the one who orchestrates the conflict.”

“The point is not who appears to win from either side. The point is where you wind up in the process of figuring out what is going on.”

“Love of the almighty will carry you through every adventure of experience to the ultimate prize because love is magnetic and it unerringly draws you toward the object of your affection.”

See more at:

4:56 am

I planned to write a prayer, just now.  I meant to start with
“Dear Jesus.  What could I say that would soften Isaac’s heart toward me?”
But then I had the answer.
The times in which we live were predicted in the Bible.  We’re seeing a separation take place.  The sheep nations are being set apart from the goat nations.  Also, the tares are being piled up for burning, as the good grain is harvested.
If Isaac is not going to join me within Jesus’ Kingdom, then this breach between us is necessary.
God said Isaac belongs to Him, so I guess I have to trust that He knows best.
I feel like I got punched in the gut yesterday and I’m still out of wind.  Jesus will fix me again.  He will make me well and happy in spite of my sons’ latest betrayal.
They’re punishing me yet…for what Isaac did.  That’s not quite right, is it?
“No more shall you beg; no more shall you plead.  Neither shall you stumble anymore.  Behold, in that day you shall surely sing!  For the fire of My own Spirit shall be established within you and you shall burn bright.”
“Behold, I have given you authority over all who seek to do you harm, for you are My anointed.  You shall also shepherd and bless the flock of the slaughter, for this is My will.”

3:44 am

Healing Process from Narcissistic Abuse – Important Aspects to be Considered

“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”
“Narcissism survivors experience great difficulty having their feelings and ideas validated.”

3:36 am

I hope Isaac gets arrested.

3:32 am

George and I mowed grass yesterday.  I don’t know if my sons left the house.  They maybe have to stay here and guard it from me?  In case I relax and feel at home for a second?

Nice park in Gould City.  I met some nice people there with a big dog.

3:24 am

“Thank you, Lord.  Your Truth sets me free from panic.  Even terrible things soon-to-be are better to think about than this topsy-turvy twisted reality my sons and George inhabit.  They have no routine.  They have only intermittent responsibilities, except George who works several nights each week.  They sleep when they want and get up late.  They’re pointless!  I’ve been doing the same job for ten years and I only become more determined.  How could they rationally think their pointlessness is because of me? 
“Lord, have mercy on this cursed household.  I plead your blood over the compound and over us and Connie.  Please give us more TRUTH!  How can they survive like this?  How can they grasp what is happening, when they can’t even see what is?”
“In the name of JESUS I break every curse, vex, hex, spell, insult, lie, betrayal, attack, and delusion that has affected us.  I plead Your precious blood over us, and over the compound and over Connie.  I claim NO ILL EFFECTS from the years of lies and I claim your promised provision for us.  I claim your LOVE, Lord Jesus, my sons know no love.”
“Give them freedom, Give them TRUTH and send your angels to clean up the mess left over from the barren years.  Bring my sons to you, Lord.  Turn their heads.  Thank you, Amen.”

2:58 am

It’s been six months today since I spent my birthday in the psych ward to promote my sons’ cover-up bullshit scenario.
They don’t get to pretend any more that I am ANYTHING BUT A KIND, DEPENDABLE woman.

I haven’t even lost my temper one time this whole year.

Isaac grabbed me and twisted my collar around my neck and dragged me up to his face.
Do you suppose he’d kill me?
He sure has lied enough.
He said he’d help me find a place to live.
He lies a lot.

He wants me to become corrupted so he doesn’t feel so guilty.

Why else would a man send his mother into the street over and over?


2:43 am


“Trump is dangerous for this country.  So is Hillary Clinton.”



7:43 pm

My sons are playing their game again.  They gave me an eviction notice because I am not a worthwhile-enough person…but they play games and George loves it.  I am vindicated by reality, if not yet by history.  These men are NEUTER and USELESS and they love to call me names.  I don’t even care.  Because I pay attention to reality.

7:37 pm

I’m probably posting things that have been posted before.  My sons gave me an eviction notice and I’m not thinking too clearly.  This is what I got:

Paedophile who filmed sickening sex attacks on toddler and four-year-old is FINALLY jailed after top judge intervenes

  • Police found 5,000 indecent images and videos on John Long’s computer
  • Among them were some of Long abusing baby boy in a pram and toddler
  • Judge sentenced paedophile to two years in young offenders institution
  • Set him free next day using ‘Slip Rule’, allowing a review within 56 days 
  • Now the Court of Appeal have reinstated the original 32 month sentence  

Read more:
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7:33 pm

Paedophile who filmed sickening sex attacks on toddler and four-year-old is FINALLY jailed after top judge intervenes

  • Police found 5,000 indecent images and videos on John Long’s computer
  • Among them were some of Long abusing baby boy in a pram and toddler
  • Judge sentenced paedophile to two years in young offenders institution
  • Set him free next day using ‘Slip Rule’, allowing a review within 56 days 
  • Now the Court of Appeal have reinstated the original 32 month sentence  

Read more:
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7:19 pm

Is it seemly that the Royals are such a crass ad for Land Rover? Car-maker receives very favourable publicity from their special relationship with Royals 

See here:

7:17 pm

I’m so relaxed.  I never lied, not even once.  Also, I kept records of all the lies people told about me.  I could just sigh until I was relaxed enough to picture my LYING SON ISAAC in very different circumstances.  How could I care how he feels, when truth is feeling me up  so good?
If George had been my man, how would my life have unfolded?  If GEORGE’S values had superimposed themselves over my brittle and sun-scorched facimile, would they have enticed even a man who thought he had it all?  If he only followed the voice of the evil prophet?
Kim Kardashian.  Finally, I’m grateful to be merely me.
Isaac would call me all manner of evil names, but I’m LOVING BEING ME.  I’m loving being me, JUST NOW, and I’m loving being me just now as I KNOW that BEING ME IS GOING TO BE A MUCH  BIGGER THING.  I am me.  I never wanted to be me, and I BEGGED MY MEN-LOVERS TO keep me from having to be me, but NONE OF MY MEN-LOVERS were man enough to EVEN BE who they were themselves, much less to also be ME WHO WAS A PUNY WOMAN.  Isaac can say whatever he wishes to say.  He’s puny.  Yada, yada, yada.

7:13 pm

If George had been my man, how would my life unfold?  If GEORGE’S values had superimposed themselves over my brittle and sun-scorched facimile, would they have enticed even a man who thought he had it all?  If he only followed the voice of the evil prophet?
Kim Kardashian.  Finally, I’m grateful to be merely me.

7:41 pm

My sons are playing their game again.  They gave me an eviction notice because I am not a worthwhile-enough person…but they play games and George loves it.  I am vindicated by reality, if not yet by history.  These men are NEUTER and USELESS and they love to call me names.  I don’t even care.  Because I pay attention to reality.

7:37 pm

I’m probably posting things that have been posted before.  My sons gave me an eviction notice and I’m not thinking too clearly.  This is what I got:

Paedophile who filmed sickening sex attacks on toddler and four-year-old is FINALLY jailed after top judge intervenes

  • Police found 5,000 indecent images and videos on John Long’s computer
  • Among them were some of Long abusing baby boy in a pram and toddler
  • Judge sentenced paedophile to two years in young offenders institution
  • Set him free next day using ‘Slip Rule’, allowing a review within 56 days 
  • Now the Court of Appeal have reinstated the original 32 month sentence  

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7:33 pm

Paedophile who filmed sickening sex attacks on toddler and four-year-old is FINALLY jailed after top judge intervenes

  • Police found 5,000 indecent images and videos on John Long’s computer
  • Among them were some of Long abusing baby boy in a pram and toddler
  • Judge sentenced paedophile to two years in young offenders institution
  • Set him free next day using ‘Slip Rule’, allowing a review within 56 days 
  • Now the Court of Appeal have reinstated the original 32 month sentence  

Read more:
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7:19 pm

Is it seemly that the Royals are such a crass ad for Land Rover? Car-maker receives very favourable publicity from their special relationship with Royals 

See here:

7:17 pm

I’m so relaxed.  I never lied, not even once.  Also, I kept records of all the lies people told about me.  I could just sigh until I was relaxed enough to picture my LYING SON ISAAC in very different circumstances.  How could I care how he feels, when truth is feeling me up  so good?
If George had been my man, how would my life have unfolded?  If GEORGE’S values had superimposed themselves over my brittle and sun-scorched facimile, would they have enticed even a man who thought he had it all?  If he only followed the voice of the evil prophet?
Kim Kardashian.  Finally, I’m grateful to be merely me.
Isaac would call me all manner of evil names, but I’m LOVING BEING ME.  I’m loving being me, JUST NOW, and I’m loving being me just now as I KNOW that BEING ME IS GOING TO BE A MUCH  BIGGER THING.  I am me.  I never wanted to be me, and I BEGGED MY MEN-LOVERS TO keep me from having to be me, but NONE OF MY MEN-LOVERS were man enough to EVEN BE who they were themselves, much less to also be ME WHO WAS A PUNY WOMAN.  Isaac can say whatever he wishes to say.  He’s puny.  Yada, yada, yada.

7:13 pm

If George had been my man, how would my life unfold?  If GEORGE’S values had superimposed themselves over my brittle and sun-scorched facimile, would they have enticed even a man who thought he had it all?  If he only followed the voice of the evil prophet?
Kim Kardashian.  Finally, I’m grateful to be merely me.

7:05 pm

I’m so relaxed.  I never lied, not even once.  Also, I kept records of all the lies people told about me.  I could just sigh until I was relaxed enough to picture my LYING SON ISAAC in very different circumstances.  How could I care how he feels, when truth is feeling me up  so good.
Guys.  You waited too long.  Seriously, I don’t give a rip what you think.  Also, you can shanghai me anywhere you wish, I’m just fine.  You’re just wrong.  I don’t give a shit what you think because you are stupid.  I love you anyway, but I am not deluded.  You are wrong.  Tsk.

6:52 pm

My sons think I give a shit what they think.  Even SMART GUYS know better than that!

“Dear Isaac,
It seems to me that in order for a formerly ‘loving’ young man to kick his mother out of the only home she has,  then the world has changed,  and you have become an anomaly.  Please do not be evil, and also please recognize that a woman (your mother) who has been RAPED AND -DENIGRATED BY EVERYBODY requires some quiet peaceful space, to regain her health.
Please, also recognize that I HAVE DOCUMENTED YOUR EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THAT I AM NOT PEACEFUL, AND THAT I AM NOT HEALED.  God know what you did.  I’ll know soon.  You know that.  Let’s be real.  Stop being an asshole.  Love to you.  Jesus, the Christ.   MOM WITH LOTSA LOVE.  L”
Guys.  You waited too long.  Seriously, I don’t give a rip what you think.  Also, you can shanghai me anywhere you wish, I’m just fine.  You’re just wrong.  I don’t give a shit what you think because you are stupid.  I love you anyway, but I am not deluded.  You are wrong.  Tsk.


5:59 PM

Please Lord, can George die already?
You said he belonged to you.
What is he doing here now?
I saw him die, I saw it north of 28 in the middle of the night.
He tells my sons THAT I am evil.
He never evaluated a single thing that I know of, without me.
He is false and evil-doing.  He doesn’t love.  He wants his mama!

5:46 pm

It’s not George’s fault that he does not love; isn’t  that right?  If he could, and if he saw an angle in it, he might value ‘loving’.  BUT, he has not been shown that LOVE could promote his limited expectations.  Am I wrong?  I don’t wish to be wrong.  I also do not wish to speak to George ever again.  I dislike even the exercise.  I dislike his falseness.  I dislike his pretend-stupidity.  I dislike him.  I take his money.  I have nobody and nothing and my sons are reprobate scum.  BUT., other than that, I am a VERY HAPPY PERSON.
If my sons do not meet me in Heaven, then so what?  I’ll meet other people who delight my soul and maybe they’ll like me too.  ISAAC KNOCKED ME OUT COLD A COUPLE YEARS AGO AND LAST NIGHT HE ASSAULT/BATTERIED ME AGAIN.  HE IS NOT OK.  I don’t wanna die, but wtf?  ISAAC IS BORING EVEN WHEN HE’S HOMICIDAL.  Adam’s not.  Ouch.

5:39 pm

Hey, Isaac. I’m sorry you fucked up your life. I never fucked up mine.

Linda Goldthorpe <>

5:38 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Isaac

Hey, Isaac.

I’m sorry you fucked up your life.  I never fucked up mine.  What makes you think I should pretend I fucked up my life so people don’t know you fucked up yours?  Huh?  Mom


5:19 pm

I took copies of my sons’ eviction notice up to my parents’ home.  I wrote a separate envelope for each of them and I put:  “You will rot in hell” along with the bullshit that George was spouting and my sons’ threat.



I wish George would die.  Amen.

5:09 pm

I wish George would die.  I never actually said that before, but he is DEADLY to my sons’ momentum,  and he failed me,  and he just does not give a shit.

 I wish he would die and I do therefore pray, “Dear Lord Jesus.  You know how much I hated your word that George would die and you know I fought you.  Now, I see your wisdom.  Please KILL HIM before he kills himself and goes to hell.  Amen.  Yes, he made nice babies.  Amen”


4:54 pm

Hey, Isaac.

I’m sorry you fucked up your life.  I never fucked up mine.  What makes you think I should pretend I fucked up my life so people don’t know you fucked up yours?  Huh?  Mom

4:44 pm

George is sitting on one of his big plastic balls; he’s working on his computer.  My sons went to town.  Before they left they gave me a printed (George’s doing) eviction notice.  My dad will ROT IN HELL AND I’M ALMOST NOT FEELING TOO BAD ABOUT THAT.
 I have thirty days.  My sons face eternity in hell.  I don’t even care what George faces.  He’s a non-human, as far as I’m concerned.  His fate is not up to me and I don’t even care.
My sons are doomed unless they gain love.
Like my dad.  Doomed.

4:13 pm

Isaac is a liar and a fraud and a sell-out and yet he forces on me the nefarious result of his nefarious deeds.  Josh believes Isaac.  George isn’t capable of believing ANYTHING,  because if he were he’d be smarter.  ISAAC IS a very negative DEMON INFLUENCE in this family.  He got it from my dad.  Jesus is bigger.  I’ll be fine and I’ll be vindicated and Isaac will be embarrassed and I’ll love him just the same.  THIS IS HAPPENING.  Grab your seats.

4:11 pm

I mowed south of the house, not as far as the lake, and also the east lawn.  George and the boys are indoors.  I do not respect even one of them, not even a tiny bit.  It’s a good thing God loves them without me.  I ran into George’s cousin who wondered about George’s mom’s visit to our neighborhood.  I asked him to call his cousin.  I will be surprised if he does the smart thing.  I rarely get to be surprised, but I would be,  whenever, if.

3:35 pm

 My landlord-sons gave me thirty days to get out of their sight.  (I told them a homeless person must be given 30 days.)


They choose their father, who never, ever chose either of them.  I’m engaged.


3:01 PM

I sent this to the mayor.  May God give him joy:

Linda Goldthorpe <>

2:57 PM (3 minutes ago)

to Steve
c’mon.  It’s just getting interesting.  I’m not holding anything against you!  What do you have against me?  Let’s see what Jesus can do.  Do you think He dislikes you?  I beg to differ.  You are one of His [JESUS’] favorite people!  Can you and your partner come down here for dinner?  Is his name ‘Patrick’?  Please tell me what his name is if I’m wrong?  I like his expression.  I like yours.  I like Jude’s.  Etc.   ❤

2:37 pm

You wanna know what’s really cool and for which I am abjectly grateful?

When I posted notification of my new knowledge that ISAAC SOLD ME OUT,  my view-per-hour-stats went through the roof.  I always get confirmation from somewhere.  They can cook me a very nice meal and I’ll retire early and they can plot.  They lost big-time.  Liars.

2:35 pm

I learn something new every time Ron Paul opens his mouth.

2:18 pm

If ANY AMERICAN should know that elections are ABSOLUTE bogus-BULL-SHIT it should be George.
George has decided to vote for a candidate for Congressional Representative for Michigan’s First District.
He got a card in the mail and said (no shit), “Good.  He sent me a card.  Now I will vote for…[former Marine Corps Murdering Prostitute].”  
GEORGE LIVED THROUGH a very personal, ABSOLUTE disclosure that the ELECTIONS ARE BULLSHIT.  
He is incapable of learning.
“I see elections as so much of a charade.”  [He said it American.  “sha-RADE”.]
“So much deceit goes on.”  (Dr. Ron Paul, the nearly divine)
(George and I used to love Ron Paul.  Back before George got into body building.)
George has chosen to disregard every single thing I ever said to him,  and also all potential lessons from our forays into election-procedures.
That’s his business.
That doesn’t make him right.

Ron Paul: US Elections Are Rigged, Voting Used To Pacify Public

oxymoron:  emergency contraception.

Here are six laws of survival you won’t like but you’d better learn

Law 1: Wherever that crowd is running, do not join them.

This is not to say that they aren’t (initially) running in the right direction. But what of it? They are bound to be either captured en masse or worse (bombed, strafed, or shot). For the horror of the IHM (the Incredible Human Mob), look no further than “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise where he and his family are driving the passenger van…right up and into the mob. Look what happened there. You can’t defeat their numbers, and you will be captive to them…another steer in the herd.

Strike out on your own, you and your family, avoiding the main thoroughfares at all cost, and avoiding the IHM.

Law 2: You have to have a place (and places) to go…
“It’s interesting stuff, if you could just divorce yourself from the problems…”  (Dr. Ron Paul)
I’m not smart enough to be any kind of ‘theorist’.  Also, why would anybody smart even want to theorize?  Isn’t that looking backwards, when we theorize the conspiracies that have already born fruit?  I think I’d prefer to CREATE a FUTURE.  I have a WAY BETTER imagination than my cognitive skills might suggest.  If everybody did this instead of pointing fingers about past grievances, we’d have the KINGDOM OF GOD manifested in

2:07 pm

I went for a ride and prayed and went to a park.  When I got back, George was mowing grass and Josh and Isaac were playing their game at the [former] dining room table.

Isaac asked, “How are you today?  How are you feeling, Mom?”

I answered, “I’m having a great day.  God is giving me revelation about a number of things I I questioned.”

He said, “Good, real good.  What time is lunch?”

George said, “We’ll cook the bratwurst in an hour.”

All is well on the home-front.

I will be causing some changes here.

I expect they know that, now.


10:23 am

YAHUSHUA SAYS… Know that, which has been poured out – The SPIRIT OF GOD – TRUMPET CALL OF GOD

9:27 am

I picked one four-leaf clover.
God really is very smart.  I wanted answers,  but if I had known this part way-back-when it would have destroyed me.  Now I can thank God for the betrayal and know that it was meant BY GOD to make me more like Jesus.
 I’m thinking Isaac didn’t run into Trish Morris by chance.  I’m thinking lots of things, like how TERRIBLE it must have been for Isaac to hear me pray for the district, asking that God would reveal the corruption.  He HAD TO STOP BELIEVING in prayer, or he might have gone mad.
I’m also thinking about when  I said to my dad several years ago, “The people who watch us like me better than you.”   He said, “I suppose they would.”

8:46 am

Isaac sold me out, didn’t he?  The whole family knows it except me.  They hate me because I never sold out and they hate me because I’m a better man than their father. (‘Thanks be to God for His unmistakable gift.’)  They must submerge my head.  Family honor.  To cover betrayal.  Not this time.

8:15 am

Isaac laughed when I called myself a political prisoner.  He said that would be great for my story.  He is BLIND AS A BAT.

I think the polar bear is my dad and the cubs are Josh and Isaac and the light brown bear is George.  I wonder if I’ll dream about them again?


8:09 am

I did the dishes as quietly as I could.  I haven’t picked any clovers yet.

I figure Isaac’s insistence that I be made to be crazy has something to do with his guilty conscience.  If I were crazy, then the horrible things he did to me would [might]  be [wrongly] approved.  
I suspect Isaac’s insistence that I go to the funny farm for ‘thirty days’ has something to do with his guilty conscience.  He’s said it thirty different times!  Josh too.  “We only want you to go away for thirty days.”  Hmm?

7:26 am



6:07 am

I dreamed about my mom yesterday morning.  I got up very early, about 1.  I worked for some hours then went to sleep, and I was in a huge confusing place, with many people that I was unable to  talk to.  I had suitcases and I was trying to escape.  (Escape  is a very common theme in my dreams.)  I struggled and packed and restruggled and repacked.  Then my mom put out her hand towards me.  She gave me a card and some bank notes, they were New Hong Kong Dollars.  (Is that the Hong Kong currency?  I think it used to be?)   My mother does not talk to me, but my mother has a conscience.  My mother may not recognize lies anymore, but she still recognizes injustice.  I’m praying for her.

9:02 am
I took a nap and had another dream.  I was hanging out in my new home with Josh and I felt a pain in my right arm, the upper part.  My arm was was swollen terribly, and inflamed with a huge head on it, like a big round cyst. I pressed around the head and expected to see a bunch of puss come out but instead…OUT POPPED AN EYEBALL!  
 I was so shocked I looked around to show Josh (he’s my medic) and on the way I ran into other people and told them the story.  When we looked at my arm it was all swollen up again, so I pressed on it and it delivered another eyeball, less gruesome than the first, and a woman took it from me and popped it into her mouth!   I did it a few more times and the eyeballs began to resemble small boiled eggs, and people were eating them all.
Eventually I stopped pressing on the wound because it was getting really sore but I knew I had an endless supply of eyeball-eggs.  When Josh and I were leaving, I found a pair of brand new white sandals in a box.  I knew they were my mother’s but she’d never even tried them on.  They were too small for her anyway, I checked the size because I could really use some new sandals.  They were WAY too small for me.
I get to go to Marquette today to pick up Josh at the airport.
3:55 am
Rounding up Polar bears with Kid Rock
My heart is still pounding and I’ve been awake about twenty minutes.  I dreamed I was in a big house, rather like mine, but it wasn’t mine.  There was a big polar bear loose in the house and I was responsible for it.  Lots of people were around, but nobody seemed concerned about the bear but me.  It didn’t seem to be dangerous, but I knew it could be.
 The bear  just kind of lolled around from room to room, but I kept warning people how dangerous it was.  Then I saw a cub too!  I was trying to figure out how to round them up and every time they were in a portion of the house that could be closed off, I’d try to get people to close the doors, but nobody paid any attention.  Then I saw another cub, and a brown bear too.  (The brown bear wasn’t a bear of the brown bear species, it was lighter colored and very cuddly looking. All the bears looked really cuddly but I was plenty concerned.)
 Finally somebody paid attention to me and said, “Don’t worry.  Kid Rock knows all about animals and he’ll come round them up for us.”   When he got to the house, everybody was really excited, of course, but he didn’t seem to do much.  By then I had lost count of how many bears were around and stood off to the side talking with two sisters who were my friends in high school.  I apologized for not having seen them in a long time, and they were forgiving.  The younger said, “You go when and where you can go.”  I said, “I’ll be able to come see you now because I have a new car and it gets good mileage.”
 I noticed all the younger girls had gotten gussied up and were hanging around Kid Rock.  I started to feel jealous of their looks until I noticed they were all wearing red eye shadow and it wasn’t very flattering.  I turned to the older sister and asked, “Do you think red eye shadow looks nice?”  I don’t remember what she said because I was looking at her skin, and it was terribly pock-marked, and I was thinking that she never had acne in high school and wondering what had happened since.
I woke up in a panic, because I heard a loud crash, because Gaddafi (the cat)  had knocked down the barricade in the doorway to Josh’s bedroom.  The door has been closed while Josh’s been gone, but I wanted to get some heat in there because he’s coming home today, so I put two kitchen stools in the space, side-by-side, and laid a third on top so Connie couldn’t jump over it.  I covered the whole thing with a sheet so they wouldn’t know they could go through the bottom between the stool legs. I was panicked at the crash but George didn’t even budge from his room.  He can sleep through anything.
End dream sequence.
BACK TO 2016…
VISION.  Of me.

7:11 am

I see myself, tall and strong, I’m standing up in the goo.  My hands tear the membrane from my face and I take a deep breath.  Strands of goo hold me back as I make a mighty first stride; the goo is peppered with my small brethren, and my sons.  Their fingers stick the goo to my ankles and gooey arms encircle my waist.  The adhesion is torn from my shoulders as I MOVE PURPOSEFULLY FORWARD.  Some small brethren are clinging, hanging from my forearms; others’ feet are burrowed deep into the goo we just escaped, and their fingers slip from my clean skin, and they fall behind us.

6:46 am

My presence is expected today at a house-meeting where may be discussed my request to stay in my childhood home for the rest of the summer.
 Isaac said I’ve been begging for time for too long a time and he doesn’t believe I will really go.  He would like another opportunity to tell me his deluded notions of why I must.

So, I have been called to a meeting with THREE MEN WHO BELIEVE IT IS OK FOR A MAN TO PHYSICALLY ASSAULT  A WOMAN.  I think I don’t wish to attend.


I don’t wish to hear them ONCE AGAIN RECOUNT all the reasons that I AM THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THEIR PROBLEMS.  I am entering my destiny and I cannot be pulled off course.

Would it be smart for me to be there without an advocate?  or maybe pepper spray?    I don’t think so.  They can give me their decision in writing.

6:27 am

“Dear Lord, there’s so much I don’t understand about my sons’ blindness.  For one thing, even as they cry that I am defective, they seek to impress me with things. Isaac’s so proud of what he reeds; Josh shows me his projects, and they’re wonderful.  Why do they care?  I know that George doesn’t have much enthusiasm, but why seek it from me?”
“I don’t understand why they do not see my father’s manipulations.  I can’t imagine how it’s gone so long and they still believe their behavior is righteous.. and also not fully-imagined by my dad.  How can they be so stubborn and proud and unloving?  I must be those things too, and I repent.”
“HOW TO LOVE PEOPLE WHO WILL/CAN NOT HEAR YOU?  For years I gave my parents surprises, mostly baked goods and Isaac would say, “THAT JUST SCARES THEM.”  If they’re scared of a loaf of homemade sourdough, HOW IN THE WORLD COULD THAT BE MY FAULT?”
“They’re afraid of you, JESUS.  They’re afraid of TRUTH, and I know Isaac is.  Give him courage to face you Lord, even after the blasphemy.  Draw him to you.  Draw Josh, please.  GIVE JOSH SO MUCH LOVE!  Nobody ever holds any of us.  I bet Josh hasn’t been held since he was tiny.  Please HOLD US FOUR AND LOVE US TO HEALTH AND MUTUAL APPRECIATION.”
“Please change our hard, cold hearts for hearts of flesh that beat with your divine love.  ELIMINATE THOSE DEMONS FROM MY MENFOLK, please Lord?  If there’s something I haven’t said or done please tell me but it sure seems like I’m just waiting for the EVIL TO LIFT.  CLEAN OUT ISAAC’S EYES.  GIVE HIM PEACE.  GIVE JOSH PEACE AND OPPORTUNITY.  Please, may I have a home soon?  Thank you, Amen.”

6:13 am

Scientists Discover a Woman Whose Eyes Have a Whole New Type of Colour Receptor – She Can See What We Can’t

“After searching for more than 25 years, neuroscientists in the UK have come across a woman who has an extra type of cone cell — the receptor cells that detect colour — in her eyes. This means she can see a whopping 99 million more colours than the rest of us, and belongs to a very small group of people with super-vision called “tetrachromats.”

(And isn’t that just a metaphor for everything else?)

See more here:

6:09 am

THE LORD REVEALS A SECRET… The 144000 roaring Lions during the Tribulation


5:35 am




I grew up in this house with my parents, and I left when I was eighteen.
My dad threw a wrench into the development of my sons.  He likes to mess with me.
George is sucking up their ‘protection’ and the lower levels are filling up fast, with more and more junk.
God is never late.

I think maybe I prayed enough for God to purify my heart.  In order to get there you have to be rejected a lot.  I’m kind of tired of it.
 I do not wish to be physically manhandled and violently abducted and incarcerated anymore.
I don’t want to be falsely-accused.
 I don’t want to be treated like a PARIAH for having been victimized.
I don’t want to be around wimpy men who approve when other men do those things to me.  
I don’t want to take the blame for everybody else’s laziness.
The prophet told me that all of my sons’ ridiculous hijinks are satan’s diversions.  They’re so over-the-top horrible to me, to take my attention from the bigger picture:





And they DARE to question MY VALUES.


One man stripped down to have sex WITH THE ROAD.

(Sounds like psychotronic weapons to me.)

I think I should stop telling my sons how it makes me feel to live on the brink of being arrested if I do not repeatedly leave when they threaten me.  They’re liking it, right?


It started YEARS ago and they still won’t let me relax.  They’re punishing me.  But for what?



I sure am glad I’m not my dad because any two smart young men behaving this irrationally are going to be VERY PISSED when they see what they’ve done to their single family ally. 

You can tell who your allies are because they’re the ones who tell you the TRUTH.



11:05 pm

It’s funny how my sons can easily acknowledge that I was abused by my parents as a child.  They won’t even consider the possibility that the abuse never ended.  Aren’t they cute?

They also can’t get over the fact that I don’t give a rip how they feel.  I spent their whole lives subjugating myself in order for them to feel better.


AND THEY OFFERED ME NO SHELTER OR AFFIRMATION…I mean, honestly.  How many times can children KICK THEIR MOTHER OUT and yet expect her to CARE HOW THEY FEEL?  

After years of lies and abuse and punishment for things I never even did, well I just honestly do not care how they feel at all.  I care about Truth.  

Bump to the top, from the goon:



Linda Goldthorpe <>

Jul 14 (11 days ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

George know, even as he refuses to be recognized as a person who knows jack-shit.  He knows, and he uses what he knows against me.  Since I am useless, per Dad, then my sons gotta make the call.

My sons can’t make the call because they have continue ” Dear Lord, does my mom any longer have any voice?  You’da’boss.”  (I pity her now.  Marriage to a numbskull isn’t pleasant.)

10:49 pm

I said, “Did you ask yourself yet why Grandpa gave you this house?”
Isaac said, in the manner of YODA, “I’ve just stopped thinking about it…”
Josh said, “I don’t think I can live with you; your emails sound like you think we’re stupid.”


10:35 pm

“Lord.  I don’t even know what to say or to ask!   How in the world did my life become like this?  Isaac knocked me out one time and he’s getting violent again.  I went to Josh, who doesn’t care.  I went to George, who doesn’t care.  I have no options!  I know that if I were outside your will I would feel the correction of Holy Spirit but I honestly feel clean before you.  ‘If your heart condemn you not, you have peace with God.’  You and I are OK, right?  THEN WHAT IS GOING ON?”
“Please save Josh and Isaac.  They’ve been lied to so badly they can’t even put their faith anywhere.  They’re unkind people and I never would have thought that I could have unkind sons.  I’m abashed and I repent on their behalf with ashes over my head.  I am not worthy to be called your servant when I have so poorly handled my own offspring and their spiritual health.  They’re heathen.  They’re heathen who are PROUD of what faith they do not have.  God forgive me.  God forgive George.  God forgive them.  Thank you.  Amen.”

10:24 pm

George won’t stand up for a woman.  He won’t even look into it; you can do whatever you want to her.  Isaac knew that, from when instead of helping me pin down the electronic torture (demon), George offered me to Adam.  Are my sons recognizing that he is pretty pitiful?  Is that why they’re so mad at me?  I made him pretty presentable  for a while.  I was a bully, like them.

10:11 pm

Well, that WAS A CRIMINAL BATTERY but I’m not taking it personally, and I’m not taking it to the prosecutor.  My son does not have a problem with me.  He has a problem with JESUS whose I am becoming.  He’ll talk about Holy Spirit but he won’t talk about what JESUS is doing these days.  He’ll talk about Jesus’ sacrifice as an EXAMPLE but not as absolute atonement for every sin we’ve ever committed.  He’ll talk about Jesus, the teacher; he won’t talk about Jesus, my friend.
He’s trying to kill me because he cannot kill the voice of TRUTH who is JESUS.  I hope Isaac will get saved soon, and also Josh.  Personally, I don’t know what hope there is for George but Jesus said in February, 2007 that George belongs to Him.  I don’t know what to expect but I know I’m on the right side of history.  Because it’s HIS- story.  And I love Him.

9:52 pm

Hey, no way am I leaving now.  If my son kills me in my sleep I get to be a martyr for Jesus.


9:48 pm

Isaac put his hands on me again.  He grabbed my shirt around my throat and twisted it and pulled me into his face.

He is determined that I go to a funny farm.

I said, “George, Isaac put his hands on me again.  It’s not right.  They’ve been bullying me for years.”

He said,”You’ve been bullying them too.  I wasn’t there.”

I said, “Are you a man?”


He said, “I wasn’t there.”


8:21 pm

It’s been only over a week since the last time I was threatened with a police-conflict over my desire to live in the home my dad gave me.  I’m having flashbacks, almost every day.  Lots of panic.  I asked if I may stay here until September 24.  (Then I would be gone before Josh’s birthday and I could know I wouldn’t be getting kicked out so I could heal quicker..)  They couldn’t tell me.  I said I’d probably be gone before that, since obviously something is opening up for me. It would just be so wonderful to know I won’t have to leave at the spur of the moment.
They want to have another meeting and a big scene again tomorrow.
They are incapable of compassion or a straight answer.


They played games all day yesterday.  I mowed grass last night until I ran out of gas. They pushed the mower under the car port.  Today, they played games again.
I pointed out that what I’m doing is very important and they were offended that I thought it more important than playing games.  They think I am being proud and self-important to say my work is valuable.  Perhaps now that they’re reading it they may learn otherwise?
Josh can’t live with somebody who thinks as poorly of him as I do, according to my emails which they are now reading.

I’ve had to beg for every night in my own bed and they begrudge me yet, BECAUSE I WAS RAPED.

They are VERY troubled persons.

7:58 pm

You’re not a loser – Motivation

7:49 pm


6:28 pm


The episode, called ‘Electric Soldier Porygon’, featured a scene in which Pikachu uses his lightning powers to blow up missiles. The flashing pulses within this scene caused the children to experience the unusual seizures. As a result, the episode was banned from airing, even in edited form. The effects of the episode were so damning, the entire show was removed from the air for four months.

Read at:


6:08 pm

Beautiful Mobile Tiny House By Greenleaf Tiny Homes

6:01 pm

Gypsy Wagon/Tiny House Tour in Germany (Recycled/Dumpster Dived)

5:29 pm

I spent half the day lost in the woods south of Gould City.  Still, I did an amazing rendition of ginger-soy glazed mahi-mahi with wild rice combined with golden bell peppers and onions.  Bacon too.  REALLY great.

4:23 pm


4:15 pm

I took a bath in the lake and on the beach I found a four-inch piece of some animal protrusion…it looks like an alien tentacle.  It’s soft, fleshy, and one side is patterned in a reptile-relief like crocodile leather.  The flip side has little round suction cups or barnacles or something ocean-like.  I’ve pulled a lot of nasty stuff off that beach but I never saw anything like this.  George is out shooting.  Maybe when he gets back he’ll have some idea about what it is.  Josh just said he figured it musta died from a disease.  That’s presuming it’s dead.
I’d like my gypsy wagon to have a washer-dryer.  And a convection oven and a tiny nautical wood-stove.  Skylights and lots of windows.  Lots of MPG.

3:45 pm

Voted Best tiny-house in the WORLD!

Tiny House bus tour part 1

3:43 am

Awesome Double-Loft Tiny Cottage on Wheels with Floor Storage

3:41 pm

Amazing Fy Nyth Redux Tiny House

10:40 AM

ALSO, sons.

You owe ADAM DeAngeli a VERY GREAT APOLOGY and also your lifetime allegiance.  HE LOVED YOU MORE THAN YOUR OWN FATHER OR GRANDFATHER.  He is honorable.  He is truthful.  He is your better and you ‘d better realize it.


10:36 am



The Isaacs – If That Isn’t Love (Live)

Elvis Presley – If That Isn’t Love (with lyrics) – HD

10:34 am

Beach boys – Sloop John B

“…my grandfather, and me…”

“…let me go home…I wanna go home…I feel so broke up, I WANNA GO HOME…”



10:14 am

“‘Beloved, it is time for you to truly believe without seeing, and to heed my leading, whether subtle or plain.  It is time for you to follow your heartstrings and stop bowing to the demands of your mind,’ says the Lord.”
Negative blood type is alien?  (I should have paid attention in Chemistry.)  (Oh, wait.  They wouldn’t have told me the truth anyway, right?)
My father’s family has issues of negative blood type.
(Dear God, please don’t let me be a reptilian.  I mean, don’t let my body be reptilian?  Dear God, I claim your lineage; please give me wisdom and Truth.  I love you.  Amen.”)
I have heard-tell of generations of individual families being followed by specific curses specifically spiritual, and not identifiably physical.  I was delivered of a SCOTTISH MASONIC DEMON about fifteen years ago.  I had ideas,  but no clear understanding.
These demons will continue to follow those who were, as innocent children, SACRIFICED AT THE FOOT OF MOLECH and passed ‘through the fire’.  Like me.  I was offered.  “Many are called, few are chosen.”

9:45 am

My sons don’t understand continuity of ownership,  since they were stow-aways appearing only long after the ship was owned.  Many things they refer to as ‘ours’ were ‘mine’ long before I met them.  Isn’t it strange?  Their dad and I purchased items together, lots of them.  Now they belong to my sons?  “We have another of those” implies great liberty with others’ belongings.  When my dad gave them my home, he didn’t give them my chattels.

9:33 am

I picked two four-leaf clovers.

8:12 am

“TAKE ME LOWER AND SLOWER, LORD.”  I pray that every day.  I DO SO BECAUSE I no longer wish to be DRAGGED THROUGH THE MUD BY OTHERS and I will gladly relinquish my seat and expectations to spare them the effort of calling me a piece of trash. 
ANYWAY.  This morning, I find myself in the very unusual circumstance of encouraging a political prophet of Jesus, the Christ.  I told her I heard the anointing in her words,  and I said other politically-nefarious things that were true and real and recorded in the cloud along with my actual, Earthly name.  My words were VERY bizarre. What, me worry?
This is a very strange time.  Even Isaac, the temporarily-demented has figured this out:  He said, VERY WISELY AND I AM SO PROUD:
“You just put it all out there.  With all the surveillance and the judgment and the ex-post-facto-shame and community-guilt and the bigotry and the white-privilege that you’d love to buy somewhere if you ever saw any up for offer…and there’s only one way free of the mental torture:  YOU JUST LET IT ALL HANG OUT.”
I sighed.  That would be my one bedrock message to my beloved sons, based on the knowledge I’ve gained of remote mind-reading and its resulting trauma to the victim-mind.  He got the message.  I can leave a happy woman.  It would be nice if he loved me but wtf?  I did my best and I will see him in Heaven and we will love one another there with a passion of invested joy and eternal expectation of support and input of passion and joy and input.  (Adam petered out at that point maybe. I’ve grown very dependent on his mind.  Don’t you remember that his handwriting was identical to mine?  IDENTICAL.)
I love to write.  I don’t do it alone.  Tell everything you know; everybody is writing history just now.
“Be vigilant, my pen!  Be forthright, my expectation.  Be loving, my tongue.  Be happy, my species.  Amen.”

7:45 am

It might have been thirteen hundred dollars my dad gave me when I left.  It was in a white envelope and he passed it to me through his car window where he stopped on the road in front of my house.  He knew I never met the ‘paralyzed’ guy and he didn’t even care.

Even stupid people know you don’t take a job on Craigslist unless you want to end up in a dumpster in Detroit.  So I figure Dad knew.  He even gave me some cash-money to bait the lunatics.  Nice guy, right?  You can get the dogs to baby-sit your bastard if you rub bacon on his ass, right?


7:36 am

“And we know, there is no justice without vindication.”  

(Neville Johnson, from Jesus, by way of Youtube)


7:12 am

Being homeless is not as bad as being loveless.  Every single time one of my sons would say he wished I were gone it put wounds into my heart. I look like I’ve aged ten years since they abducted me and locked me up in January.  I was running from just that experience, ever since 2009, when Dad abducted them in order to set me up.
Blows to my inner self, over and over, from my sons (and everybody else) ever since my dad started killing me.  They’d say, “STAND UP. GET A JOB.  BE AS WE WISH.”  They’d denigrate my ideas, “You can’t go work doing toileting for a paralyzed guy!  YOU RAN FOR CONGRESS.”  But, they made me feel so useless I could barely believe even in that opportunity.
They have abused me continually for all that time.  No safety, no resource, no respect, no Christian shoulder to cry on.  JUST THREATS.

My sons have no idea what they did to me.  My dad knows what they did.  He’s a master of his dark craft.

(George knew?  Right?  God forgive him.  Just because he was jealous of a thing he never even valued?)

Tiny Drop – Off-grid Tiny House
(There is a silver trailer just like this for sale in Escanaba.  I saw it when I was driving home from Texas last week.  Looks like a lot of work though, to adapt it this way.)
The faulty worldview behind the Tiny House Movement.
“Number 19:  Tiny-house owners can be as worldly and covetous as mansion-owners!”
(I’m pretty sure I just want practical mobility and not too much housework.  I have places to go and other things to do.)

I can’t wait until my family loves me; I’m going to throw a party.  I’ll have money then, so I’ll buy some plants and lights and new linens since I sewed my tablecloths into clothes before I went to work for the paralyzed guy 

in 2013.  I got the job on Craigslist.  When i left, my dad gave me a thousand dollars and said I was a gutsy lady.  I was just getting warmed up.  (The 1000 will be deducted from the 3.5 million they will soon proffer with joy and gratitude.  I’ll accept, in similar mien.)
Amazing Tiny House on Wheels with Genius Loft Design



8:28 pm

‘Voice of God’ Weapon, ELF Technology & Mind Control : Dr. John Hall

More at:

8:24 pm

My TV is Speaking To Me. Electronic Harassment
Yon young gentlemen did not wish to dine at home, but George got up in time for the two of us to eat deep-fried calamari and breaded bay scallops and homemade tartar sauce and ‘Paul Newman’s Sockarooni Sauce All Profits Go To Charity’. My bridge card.  I have eaten more beef since becoming a ward of the state.  Also, I do not always purchase the least expensive example of a desired item, but only if I know for sure there is a difference.  I’ve splurged.  I almost feel not bound to George.  I never took vows with the state but I’m cheating just the same.  I was forced into this questionable allegiance.  
Only Believe by Pastor Bob Joyce
Published on Jul 24, 2016

6:02 pm

Oh, yeah.  I also showed the prophet that video clip of Hillary Clinton being hit by a psychotronic weapon with a cup of chai in her hand.  He remembers that too.  (no txt) 


4:59 pm

“LORD JESUS, your servant is stupid and proud.  Please, Lord, forgive my shallow perusal of creation as you are distraught by it.  It’s the REAVERS…my government created SLENDERMAN?  My government is not satisfied with gene-splicing demons to their own grandchildren but they must also suck from the vile content of the electronic-nightmares  they perpetrate on me and use it to create in real time the same monsters that GOOGLE, her bitchness-self,  has not yet even considered though they haunt her dreams?  –
(I wish (at times) to feel what my beloved Jesus feels when He sees us.  I think He kind of laughs at me when I think that.  I still expect humans to love one another!  He knows I’d die on the spot!)

4:56 pm


“We know that he’s not real, right?”


MYSTERIOUS Man in Black/Shadow Man Sightings Worldwide! (2016)

“The veil is lifting.  We’re seeing more of the spiritual enter this reality.”

Mahi-mahi wisdom.

An overcooked fish is a sad fish.

I’m still not getting to that fish.  I’m not feeling compelled to do anything except pick four-leaf clovers and monitor this frequency.


4:26 PM



“Over the years as I grew in discernment, I learned not to react to apparent contradictions unless It was glaringly clear that what i received was a lie.  then i had to go back to discern what door i left open and try to understand what the lord was saying to me.”
“Dear lord, teach me this stuff!  if i had had somebody like this to teach me!  i guess you know what you’re doing.  that is really fine advice and i thank you for sister clare and ask you to bless her and if it’s not too much trouble i’d like to meet her some day.  great day.  thanks for all the clovers.  thanks that my sons are doing dishes now.  this is the very first time ever.  thank you jesus.  amen. ” ❤️
JESUS SPEAKS about Brotherly Love ❤️ & A Word on President Putin – Message from July 22nd, 2016
The prophet has the BIGGEST CLOVERS I EVER SAW.  The largest, most perfectly-symmetrical clovers on my many pages are those I picked at the prophet’s place.  His grandson told me he finds clovers too.  A-hah!  But, he also told me he prays for me every single day and that I’m one of his very favorite people and if he could go back in time he would warn his mom about [insert newest baby-daddy’s-name] to which the prophet sagely shakes his head.  He knows that doesn’t work.
 Children used to like me.  BABIES used to reach out for me in gas station washrooms and I have witnesses of their esteem.  Dogs liked me best.  They would crawl into my arms even shortly after tasting human blood.  I WAS A GOD!   (“Sorry, Lord.”)  I was on my way to being very happy and popular.
Then my dad cursed me and my family and everything turned to shit and the ferns withered and reddened beneath my high-frequency wiring.  It could not be stopped.  BUT AND HOWEVER, it could be documented and sold to the highest bidder, but alas, that would be wrong.
 I had a REALLY great day at the Prophet’s house.  I found clovers and I chased off some of his friends; I always do that; I talk too much; they didn’t want to watch the video about Elvis the reincarnated preacher.  The prophet loved it.  He also loved the one about the BREACH, where Jesus is warning the fake-o-church.  The prophet has heard that same warning.  We both know what’s going down; we don’t even have to talk about it much.  I told him about the goon finally standing up for me so I figured it was almost time for the money to change hands.
Prophet said:  “I remember that.  I remember that.  How old is Adam now?”
His testimony will be 100 percent admissible in court, since he heard it directly from the mouth of a party to the action.  Also, of course, Adam’s journals are a sworn affidavit covering two years.  My own recollections are recorded on two different email accounts, several facebook accounts, two evernote accounts, personal hard-copy yet-to-be-discussed journals, and three years of daily blogging each and every incident in my very boring life.  Also, the NSA has tapes of all my prayers and I ‘pray without ceasing.’


I don’t care if my sons are surly.  THEY WEREN’T EVER LOCKED UP FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING.
I SAW A BICYCLE ON THE INTERSTATE IN MISSOURI AT TWO IN THE MORNING A YEAR AGO.  In the MIDDLE of my lane, with no reflectors or lights and dark as could be.  I missed it, thank God.  It SCARED ME SHITLESS.  IT DID NOT SCARE ME WITLESS.

10:55 am

I picked five four-leaf clovers.  One was stolen by the wind, almost like it was intentional.

10:17 am

“Therefore, thus says the Lord:    FALL!”

From Jesus, last week.  I musta missed it when I was being kicked out of my home again and I drove to Texas and all that:

“You rage against My covenants and My people  you do hate!

“My messengers are loathed in all the earth.”  

“The cause of the needy and the widow you have not known.  And from the fatherless, you withdraw your hand.” 

“You have forsaken and murdered the innocent.”

“Your feet stand in pools of their blood.” 


“Behold a fissure has formed beneath your feet, the gap widens quickly…”


9:13 am

I’M KINd of gradually switching to small spice-containers.  more variety in less space; also i’ve replaced a number of standards with smaller packages.

I remember the night I understood that my father intended to badger and crazify me until i was dead.

 i invited them for dinner at the ‘cantina’.  megan was there.  i made a great kind of chorizo/bean filling for some burritos,  and seafood enchiladas, in the style of veracruz.  arroz verde.  guacamole, bright lights and linens.  deliberate soundtrack; maybe reggae?
 my dad and i went for a walk; i was eager for the rare opportunity to ask questions about my many house-hold upkeep projects that had been neglected during the years i was 1) regularly raped, 2) knocked immobile, and 3) vomiting incessantly.  I wanted him to know how hard i was working…so he would stop with the ‘linda’s crazy’ bullshit.

it finally clicked:

you will not survive unless you stand him down.

i said, “dad.  I’d live in a tent with a man who would face the wolves with me.”

he said, “show me your bruises again…why don’t you take your shirt off?  here, like this, i’ll help you…”

we were in the driveway between the basketball court and the cantina.
I’d have to look up the date.

8:23 am

“The Revelation of st.John…THE DIVINE”  (APOCALYPSE, REVEALING)

New Obama Executive Order Permits Drone Strikes on Citizens on U.S. Soil

“What if I told you that on July 1, 2016, for the first time in U.S. history, President Obama signed an executive order that allows for the US military to use force against American citizens? Well, he did, and just so there’s no confusion or anyone whining about “conspiracy,” here’s a link to the executive order directly off the website. I’ll also go through some key points below for your convenience. Sad to say, that’s not all.”
Obama Has FBI Using 100 Secret Planes to Spy on Americans Without Warrants (Interview)
“At the bottom of this post you’ll find a listing of 100 aircraft registered to FBI shell companies that do not exist. The Federal Bureau of Investigation registered the aircraft in this way to hide the operation from US citizens. At the time of this posting, a number of these aircraft are most likely airborne over American cities, equipped with advanced, very high resolution imaging and video technology, StingRay the secretive bulk cellular phone tracking technology, and almost certainly infrared / nightvision or other hardware.”
“A denied FOIA is being appealed and more are being drafted and will be submitted so it is only a matter of time before a brighter light is shined upon these secretive operations.”


My fingers are numb!  This is the first time in many months and I didn’t even notice when it stopped HAPPENING.  They were numb for a very long time.  Numbness is a symptom of CPTSD.  This is improvement.

BIG MOTHER: Hillary Clinton Demanded Passwords to Every Social Media Account of Veep Candidates’ Family Members… Trump: Corruption Has Reached a Level Like Never Ever Before in Our Country

Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who used a secret unsecured private email server to conduct government business during her entire tenure as secretary of State–and deleted of those 30,000 emails before government investigators could review them, demanded the passwords to every social media account of every family member of her potential vice presidential candidates, according to a report in Politico published Saturday evening.

Inside the VP hunt: How Clinton picked Kaine

How tough was the vetting? Finalists had to turn over every password for every social media account for every member of their families.

They had to turn over every password for every social media account for every member of their families.

They had to list every piece of property they’d ever owned, and copies of every résumé that they’d put out for the past 10 years. Every business partner. Every gift they’d ever received, according to those familiar with the details of the vetting process.

For the finalists in the hunt to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, it was five weeks of questions and follow-up, and follow-up to the follow-up questions, starting from when they were summoned one-by-one to meet with campaign chairman John Podesta and lawyer Jim Hamilton and told to bring along just one trusted person who’d serve as the point of contact…


CAUGHT Red-handed!! Wikileaks email shows POLITICO reporter COLLUDING with Hillary camp!!

From the Business Insider:

An influential reporter at Politico made an apparent “agreement” with the Democratic National Committee to let it review a story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine before it was submitted to his editors, leaked emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday revealed.

Sen. Tim Kaine’s Wikipedia Page Has Been Edited More Than 200 Times Friday

“In 2008, after John McCain’s surprise announcement that he had selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, The Washington Post reported an intriguing coincidence: Leading up to the announcement, Palin’s Wikipedia page had seen more than 65 edits over the course of the day.”


Bow top Vardo

7:45 pm

Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in the ILLUMINATI? Conspiracy theorists are convinced the leaders are in secretive sect because of similar hand gestures

  • Theresa May dragged into conspiracy theory about a ‘secret EU society’
  • The ‘secret sign’ is a hand signal used by German leader Angela Merkel
  • Jean-Claude Juncker also used the sign meeting Belgian royalty this week 

Read more:
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Watch it go: The person filming the spectacular scene moved position to show that the object was speeding through the sky7:41 pm

Incoming! Airport workers’ disbelief as ‘UFO’ trailing blue smoke flies over the runway

  • Workers stopped what they were doing to crane their necks to the sky
  • Object spotted speeding through atmosphere, with plume of blue smoke
  • Commentators online believe it could be a rocket or missile launch 

See more at:

6:40 pm

When my sons consider factors that might influence our progress in a negative way, I would like to point out the fact that multiple rooms in our home are not usable due to the mountains of NEWLY PURCHASED JUNK.
We’d like to replace the broken bathroom, right?  Would we also like to use our furniture occasionally?  Not my business; I stay in my bedroom.
This house is an eyesore and I for one, have no reason for embarrassment and I am entirely grateful that I was permitted to spend the past few days on the compound, since I returned from Texas, where I went unexpectedly when I was threatened by reference to the STATE POLICE and I didn’t want to become a couple with the Prophet.
I believe the clubhouse was more functional when I had input into the maintenance of this building and property.  I DON’T REALLY CARE because JESUS has a great new place for me.  But, consider it please.

6:34 pm

I think Josh might like a weekend here.

“Each yurt has separate toilets.”

Stay at Yurt Retreat on your Eden Project Break

6:25 pm

I want my sons, even George if he’s interested, to have larger lives.  I want every day to be fresh and exotic and intoxicating and nutritional and encouraging.  I want those things so bad I’ll never stop challenging my sons,  and cooking new foods for them,  and telling them stories.
 By managing me down, my sons prohibited the elevation of us as a group, and of the others too. 

If we are to rise as a family, we cannot cause to be abducted and restrained any soul among us who actually does rise.  That’s not only counter-productive, but it is abusive to me. Also, managing me down  did not protect their father.

Managing me down denied my customary assistance to my sons’ father.  He was participating in my advancement, to the extent that he was interested in it.  We were good for one another in many ways that my sons fail yet to recognize.  They pulled a straw from the pixie-pile and it was a necessary support.  Managing me down did not just harm me.  It harmed all of us.  However, I’ll fly and when I do, I won’t forget them.
How wonderful when there is no enemy in the camp, no person who wishes for you to fail.  That’s what I imagined family could be.
I’ve never seen that to be so.

6:16 pm

I’d like to go here.  Do you suppose it will survive the coup[s]?

Official video of Museum Hotel Cappadocia – Turkey

6:09 pm


NSA Center is in Bluffdale

5:03 pm

This gardener at Graceland keeps touching his left ear just like Bob Joyce in the video with Mike Joyce where he sang ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ just like Elvis.

Elvis Aaron Presley LIVE .. miracle, back, album, and surprises by Michel skutnik

AA272Ted Cruz Pic with Obama, Valerie Jarrett & Hillary Clinton days before Republican Convention!

There are still billboards in Missouri and Wisconsin with his face promising to defend the Constitution.

See at:



4:30 pm

Shock Claim: World Will End On July 29 When Pole Shift Causes Megaquake





(I REMEMBER THE SCRIPTURE AT LEAST. I think they’re from the old Earth.)

Read more here:



Narrated by a computer-generated female voice, the video says: “The polar flip will make the stars race across the sky, and the vacuum from the reeling of the Earth will pull the atmosphere along the ground, trying to catch up, creating what is known as a roll cloud.

“For Jesus will only return on the day the poles reverse and a global earthquake reels the Earth, turning it upside down and leaving every city in the world in utter ruin and destruction.

“Now it is time to make your decision to accept Jesus as your saviour or reject him.”



3:38 pm

“Not for my vanity, but for humanity…”

 Perfect Isn’t Easy

3:31 pm

“Won’t it be nice to get  to America where there are NO CATS?”  There are NO CATS in America.”

An American Tail – There Are No Cats in America

3:28 pm

I’m gonna have a family!   And a home!

Just like this little Jewish mouse!

An American Tail – Never Say Never

3:22 pm

George put some fuel in my car, God bless him.  He also renewed my pay-as-you-go phone number.  I don’t use a phone anymore, but it’s nice to have the same number in case I want to.  He also checked the oil when I told him I hadn’t checked it all the way to Texas and back.  He asked me why I didn’t have a dentist appointment for my broken tooth.  I reminded him of my impromptu trip to Texas.  He doesn’t even blush.  I would love to have his confidence and assurance of all I know and my inherent goodness.  I’d love it for about a day and a half, I expect, but ain’t it grand?  He filled up the wiper-fluid.
My sons went to a graduation open-house at the county park.  I offered help with a gift and Josh requested food, not a cake, silly, but just a dip.  I showed Isaac and George the neat little black heart on one of my posts that the goon caused to disappear before turning red right before your eyes.  They were both a bit impressed.  Isaac, “WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO PROVE?”  I said, “Isn’t it just the cutest thing?”  He had to agree.  George liked it a lot.  It was gratifying to show him that trick and he even asked how I did it so I said my cyber-stalker made it do that.  (That’s when he took my car to fuel it up.)

I showed him the video of Hillary Clinton being hit by a microwave beam right between the lobes…he recognized it.

 I said, “George if they’re gonna do it to a podunk housewife who likes Ron Paul then you KNOW they’re zapping Hillary Clinton.  I’ve got it all documented.”

He didn’t say no.  He seemed thoughtful.  He DEFINITELY recognized the ‘symptoms’.

Such a great summer day.

  Time for Dylan:
Brownsville Girl
(This song makes me cry so much.  I relate it to the church.)
(Can’t find it.)

(I can’t wait to find out if Adam is a reptilian.)
(I challenged two atheists.   I gotta be outta my tree!)

3:02 pm

I keep thinking I’m getting to the end of our story.  That’s what I get for thinking.

I love summer.  I used to hate it; if the temperature rose over 74 I was miserable and behaved accordingly.  I was a sweaty bitch. I was afraid of becoming hot, first minutes in every new environment were spent testing the air and the threat level.  George was so patient, fixing thermostats in hotel rooms, or putting a hat over his knee to keep it warm as I drove.   Then, God healed me of that fear of overheating and excess moisture but by then He had made me thin, and I figured I didn’t dislike the heat because I wasn’t so fat and puffy.  BUT, now that He’s permitted me to become fat again I see a new miracle.  It is so hot and I’m just loving it here.  I was always uncomfortable with my body that except for a few times I didn’t wear sleeveless things.  Now, you know what?  My body was so damaged and abused and He’s giving me a new one anyway.  I sat for three years and drank and barely moved.  I knew that wasn’t good for my body but I had different priorities.   Anyway, I’m fat and happy and hot.  Not a bad combination.

11:14 am

You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You

Dean Martin 
“He began, ‘Do not concern yourself with the opinions of others who don’t want to hear what I have to say.  Rather, continue to be loyal to me Clare.  In time, every last thing I have said to you will come about. In the meantime, pick up the mission entrusted to you and move forward.'”
JESUS SAYS… ‘I am releasing New Anointings’
– Message from July 21st, 2016
“Do not waste any time building a lifestyle for yourselves.  Use that time to build up My Kingdom in every possible way–especially intercessory prayer for the world.”

10:31 am

Colonizing time-lines.  Maybe that’s a different description for introducing people to the Kingdom of God?

CERN is opening OUR TIMELINE-to influences (creatures) from OTHER TIMELINES too.
When I first learned about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project, I was VERY BAPTIST.  My children could not watch cartoons about ghosts, or witches.  This new information  was EXTREMELY unsettling, so I can understand how it feels for people who reed their first evidences of paranormal control of our world on this site.  I could not believe Al Bielek (Preston Nichol’s brother, apparently) and I could not believe vladimir terziski  who talked about Nazi bases in Antarctica and aliens so beautiful you’d fall in love with them immediately.  Strange powers.  “Here we go loop-ti-loo.”  –
My report as an observant disciple of Jesus and devoted child of the  Most High God is this:  We are entering a period of ‘time’ like none other; it is in fact the ‘end of time’, the ‘culmination of time’, the ‘fracturing of time’, and about time.  We’ve been dilly-dallying waiting for the final few of God’s people to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DESTINY.
 We don’t want to leave this time-line without you…but we can’t actually wait much longer.
Non-stop ‘supernatural’ from here on out.  But, I’ve been saying that for years so maybe I’m wrong.  BUT, it has been that way for me.   I picked over A HUNDRED FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS IN A SINGLE DAY ONE TIME.  (On the compound.)

9:57 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

9:36 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

Maybe I’ll ask the guys about the curse.  I know they don’t believe in the blood of Jesus, maybe George still might, but he doesn’t own the house either.

Maybe I’ll challenge them.  If they wanna try magic, or whatever they’re into lately (they reed a lot) then I’m willing.  (Maybe the prohibition has been removed from the Bible by the Mandela Effect.)

Deuteronomy 18:10-12

10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

Isaiah 8:19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?
20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
(I worried for a LONG TIME about the ‘familiar spirit’ prohibition.  Wasn’t that what I was doing by listening to  real and/or counterfeit  ‘Adam’?  God said, “He’s an angel.  Trust him.”)

9:21 am

I don’t know how George and my sons do not see that our family is under a curse.  We’re four friendly adults and the phone doesn’t ring for weeks and weeks.  I’ve pleaded the blood of Jesus over this place so many times, and over my family and my county and Michigan.

 I think the homeowners might have to break the curse.  

satan is very legalistic.


 “The Rothschild Banking Elite Are Manipulating The Weather & Profiting From It!”

James Perloff


9:13 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.


8:58 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

I can hear the video from the deck and still find them.

8:41 am

Apophasis is a rhetorical device wherein the speaker or writer brings up a subject by either denying it, or denying that it should be brought up. Accordingly, it can be seen as a rhetorical relative of irony.
I picked FIFTEEN 4 and 5-leaf clovers this morning.  Yesterday it was too hot for comfortable clovering.

8:00 am

“Are we big enough to shape our own reality?”


7:42 am

I haven’t gotten very far in understanding any of the reptilian stuff.  This video didn’t actually help much, but you can’t deny the anomalies:


7:35 am

Narcissists are Sexual Energy Demons

Narcissists drain your vital energy when they create hell for you.

Gaslight, manipulations, triangulations, and all form of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse is created by them to inflict on you the maximum amount of suffering possible.

By doing this, they extract from you all your positive, creative and constructive energy in exchange of their rotten, acid, and destructive energy.


Oh.  God will be fighting with previously dead humans as well as angels and corporeal humans, it’s in the Bible.  WHAT IF sATAN DOES THE SAME THING?  Of course!  We’ll see Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, Napoleon whose skull was found last year to contain a COMPUTER CHIP.  Oh, wow.  Genetic manipulation, cloning, ‘super-soldiers’.  Henry Gruver had a MAJOR vision about the war between the US and Russia and China.  He saw a Russian general in the sky give the order to attack and later identified the guy, I’ll remember his name, just not right now.  The general died a few years later.  Black hair, bushy mustache I think.
You really cannot ever pronounce a prophecy wrong, I think.  It ain’t over ’til it’s over and if you’re the CREATOR, it never gets over.

7:12 am

Armageddon Approaches

7:06 am

The Unavoidable Fall of the American Empire

First, I suppose it causes some to swell with pride to know that we can annihilate the entirety of humanity and all other beings save for cockroaches. This, of course, in order to preserve our government’s concept of government and an economic system, which are now one and the same. Since we cannot be patient for Doomsday to arrive and movies don’t satisfy our appetite for it, we engage in wars as a kind of appetizer for the much-awaited main course.

Third, supposing we resume being “great” once more since we evidently cannot find where the former “greatness” disappeared into, what shall we do with it? Let me hazard a guess: Raise taxes and spend it all on the military.

See more at:

6:51 am


THIS IS MY DESTINY.  I’m preaching all the time, aren’t I?  Somehow I figured when I got here I’d be happier about it.  I thought I’d have some more inner peace and maybe a Christian friend.  I thought SOMEBODY WOULD WANT ME TO PREACH.

I didn’t know I’d have to be so pushy.  One of my witnesses requested to leave the flock.  I gave him godspeed and lots of love.

I forget a lot, that His plan for my life is actually His plan for HIS life.  Josh mutters about how I ‘used the prophecies’ to set things up.

I’ve thought about that accusation a trio of ways,  and  to believe that I could POSSIBLY BE SMART ENOUGH to pre-plan all of the obscure visions and dreams in order to support an agenda that I would first have to make up?  Well, it’s utterly mad. THAT’s paranoia.  That’s delusional; when your beliefs require support of such magnitude that you must actually ascribe supernatural abilities to normal humans.?  That’s just pitiful!

6:39 am

The dark CIA experiments that inspired ‘Jason Bourne’

The CIA experimented extensively with brainwashing during the 1950s and 1960s, honing techniques that could force someone to kill, then have no recollection afterward.

“Code-named MKUltra, the program involved some 149 separate experiments — many on unwitting Americans, including a Kentucky mental patient who was dosed with LSD for 179 days straight.”

Reed more at:


6:25 am

It’s about Jesus, it’s not about us.  I have such a hard time remembering that.
The soothing knowledge flows through me all day long.  I grab Him in the morning, first thing.
I’m not panicked each time I awaken anymore, but I’m jittery and vigilant.  How can it be that I have not yet been granted assurance of shelter?
How can it be that my sons will not yet allow me to call my home home…but they cannot express a single change they’d like to see in my behavior?
How can it be that I performed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ITEMS ON THE LIST JOSH PREPARED FOR ME IN MAY, and they don’t care?
How can it be that my dad claimed to take my home FOR MY BENEFIT…and on repeated requests for my CONDO IN TORONTO he has responded, “you have a home” while very clearly I do not have any such thing?
And he intentionally made me homeless and off-balance, which fact being quite easily verifiable AS ARE ALL MY OTHER CONTENTIONS, and nobody will speak for me?
How is it possible that my brother owns the keys to hundreds of rooms and cubbyholes and he has not come to my aid even when I was sent off to stay at a man’s home by my puritanical sons?
How is this world maintaining its pretense of LOGIC?
I do not know.


7/22 16

7:25 pm

EXCLUSIVE – ‘I was forced to have my rapist’s baby’: Nigerian girl who escaped Boko Haram SIX TIMES reveals how she was rejected by her father when she got home because she had SHAMED him

Read more:
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7:11 pm

He Hideth My Soul by Bob Joyce

To all concerned. I am not Jon Cotner or certainly not Elvis. Thank you for the compliment though. I have been singing all my life, and I guess the influence of Elvis comes thru from time to time. ha  No matter what anyone says or thinks, I’m just me and no one else. I am not in cahoots with Cotner or anybody.  Anyone who says so are mistaken.

6:56 pm

Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity – A story of redemption

6:39 pm

His God Gifted Angel Voice will Shock You | MUST WATCH


6:33 pm

Worlds Best Guitarist – (Homeless) WORTH WATCHING!


5:59 pm

I begged the goons when I knew they were jerking me around.  (I thought it was Adam.)  I begged:  DO NOT ROMANCE ME!  I HAVE NEVER BEEN ROMANCED!  (They knew that.  The reed our thoughts.  They know what is lacking on everybody’s profile of universal-standard-brain-farts of intellect or emotion.)  You HAVE NO IDEA,  the depths of memory they can tweak… and the feelings and behaviors they can induce.  None whatsoever.  Neither do they; that’s why they practice so much on innocent housewives.  The hackers should be destroying this system pretty soon.  That’s all I got.

5:54 pm

I know I’m pulling ahead of the audience but the fourth wall is crumbling.  I red the following verse.  I knew Jesus.  Jesus said if I were tempted HE’D CREATE A WAY OUT OF IT.   I claimed the verse and despite ELECTRONIC AROUSAL WITH A FACE, he did in fact, make me a way to avoid sin.


(You ain’t NEVER BEEN TEMPTED until you’ve been tempted by a tax-sucking pervert with a security clearance that assures his death and eternity in Hell.)

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

5:39 pm


Crooked Hillary had a seizure on camera yesterday! WTF – Is this why she has been avoiding press conferences?

(It could be psychotronic weapons.  I’m sure she’s pretty used to that.  I’ve got to show this video to my sons, and to George.  They’ve certainly seen me do stuff like that enough.  And I’ve never had a seizure, and thanks be, for the State of Michigan by whose instruction and tax-funds  I learned… that in January I was the HEALTHIEST PERSON ON THE PSYCH WARD…including staff, many of whom recognized my hesitance to INGEST POISON and divulged that they, themselves, were on psychotropic drugs.)

1:50 pm

It is SO MUCH FUN to exchange secret messages with a smart man.  I first recognized Adam’s verbal skill and subtlety of phrase, when he wrote text for my campaign,  when I was running for Congress.  He would update my website, with words in my voice.  I sounded SMART!  I’d wake up and check to see what I’d written.  That’s pretty cool.  But, when I began to think on more levels, inside those messages from him… from me… to others,  I noticed additional messages.  These were intended for me personally, and made reference to recent conversations or conflicts.   He is VERY SMART.  Way smarter than the other goons.  Lots more fun, too.
I’ve told everybody this story and nobody believes it yet,  but pretty soon their jaws will drop.  I wanted so much more of Adam and it wasn’t proper or possible.  WE couldn’t have sex no matter what, and what else was there?   I asked God to create something new for me. (I even wrote to my parents about this when they were calling me crazy and refusing to assist Josh.  I’ve got a copy of the letter.  Such hypocritical heathens!)
I said, “Dear Jesus.  I love this man very much and it’s not right for me to be with him in any manner existing.  Please create for me a circumstance with Adam that is 1) intimate, and 2) passionate, so I might experience more of him without committing sexual immorality.  Thank you.  Amen.”  Soon I heard a little voice in my ear.  (These books will be STANDARD ISSUE and they will be adored by the continents.)  “Thank you, Jesus.”  “Also, it’s kinda cool that the NSA did the work for you.”  ❤️
But, it seems that the NSA et al thought our unique mind-meld to be interesting…  Such amazing stories I will tell when I’m groomed and presented.  We’ll laugh a lot.  (I mean those of use who survive; we’ll laugh.)

1:16 pm

Isaac asked me what I meant about furthering one’s destiny as threshold for eligibility to receive Jesus’ promises.  I think what I mean is, nobody can expect Jesus to fulfill His side of a deal, if the other guy is not  “seeking to obey Jesus’ will,  and expecting Him to provide you with the best possible future.”
There can be no halfway-commitments any longer.
(Isn’t that obvious?  To even the least spiritually  astute among us.)

One day our professor was talking about the biblical reasons for divorce. He mentioned two reasons: sexual immorality, which was chalked up to physical cheating; and abandonment by a non-Christian spouse, making it clear that the non-Christian spouse had to be the one who decided to leave. He spoke about how those were the only two ways out of the marriage other than death.

After class was over and all the other students left but one, I asked him about abuse. My mom was in an abusive relationship with my father and I always secretly wanted her to leave. It was something I felt considerable guilt about because of my Christian upbringing.

A True Account of How a Christian College is an Abuser Factory

“Now, I never asked what he meant by “fighting for her”… I still don’t know what he meant because he didn’t elaborate. But I got scared and wondered if he would object to holding someone against their will.”

1:02 pm

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes

None is crying out for justice

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes

None is crying out for justice

I don’t want no peace

I need equal rights and justice


– Peter Tosh, from his song “Equal Rights

“And we know, there is no justice without vindication.”  

(Neville Johnson, from Jesus, by way of Youtube)

12:47 pm

I fished around about a dinner invitation but nobody wanted to invite me to the VFW fish-fry tonight.  So, I’m making mashed potatoes and MY FAVORITE  (YES.  I just realized I had one.) Peaches and Cream cheesecake using several commercial products including artificial flavors and I don’t even care.  The potatoes will extend the leftovers which are very tasty and include half a meatloaf and curry and cajun beef and peppers and golden tomatoes/avocados and pork strips marinated in lime and orange and grilled very hot.  I suppose we’ll make do.

I’m the furry one.  Why would a guy do that?  Maybe the cat provides counter-weight or something…You’d think he could find somebody to drive the cat to the top so it could meet him when he got there; I mean, if I loved that cat so much that he had to come along on what is obviously a very unique adventure.  Carry the cat.  Maybe that’ll be the motto of the Random Resistance.  Kinda like ‘no man left behind’ but more compassionate and proactive.  Also more fun for the cats.

10:39 am

Covert mind-control leaves us facing the enemy without an ally.  That is where we will all wind up.  They have WEAPONIZED OUR OWN BRAINS so they’ve won by attrition, already and before, but they are sadistic and they feed their darkened appetites by watching us self-destruct or destroy others.
I only know of one way to counter the VOICE-TO-SKULL technology and its associated special effects.  I didn’t research any other possible ways.  They say meditation helps.  Certain homeopathic substances; ingested gold I think.  Faraday cages…tin-foil hats…  I don’t know about these because my first choice worked and you always stop looking for something when you find it. Obviously.
The only way to prepare for the eventual battle with a self we do not recognize and we do not trust is:
KNOW THE VOICE OF GOD BEFOREHAND.  If He’s in your head you have not only an ally, but the resources of the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND.
bon voyage.
“Fitness for particular purpose”.  That’s the only warranty Jesus gives.  His promises just do not apply to one who is outside his destiny.  And why would anybody wish to remain there,  when following Jesus offers not only protection from the brain-rapers but also, He has planned events for each of us that will thrill our souls?  He knows us that well; He loves us that much; He even died for this opportunity to demonstrate His love to us.
ALSO:  REMEMBER THE BLOOD OF JESUS.  This technology is FIRST AND FOREMOST demonic,  and nothing can stand against Jesus’ blood.  No demons, no scientists, no tyrants and no corrupt governments.
You know the technology is demonic for a whole bunch of reasons  but I recently thought of another:  I had a demon of rejection as a child, for example.  It affected me a number of ways including:  1) feeling rejected, 2) being rejected, 3) rejecting others, and 4) FOMENTING REJECTION ON THE WORLD AT LARGE.  The machines attack us with similarly varied aspects of a single EVIL.
Two sides.  Father of Light or the father of lies.  It’s really very simple but it must apply to every aspect of our lives, and following the TRUE FATHER is complicated.  Following the loser requires very little effort once you take a little sip of the kool-aid…

9:51 am

My sons know I’m always right and it pisses them off.  That’s a big factor in our estrangement and their subsequent finger-pointing.

It’s not my fault that I am always right, and also I’m just learning about it.  It just happened to me. Being right is a VERY NEW EXPERIENCE but I suppose it had to happen sometime, if I am to become a political prophet.  That’s what God called my destiny.  He called Adam an evangelist and he was an atheist.  “Then God said…”
Also, I consider the following verses and wonder if I am approved of God because I drink beer when I’m bored. Then I find another four-leaf clover.
I always ask him that I 1) not believe anything that is untrue, and 2) DO believe everything that is, even when it’s bizarre.  I ask him for perfect discernment and for Him to take me lower and slower in myself, and allow me to see from His position.
When I get zapped,  I thank Him.  I thank Him that I recognize it and that He’ll use my pain to free others who do not yet know Him.
(Don’t you just love praying?  Actual legwork of bringing  His Kingdom to Earth.  ‘Creating’.)
Isaiah 28:7
But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment.
Micah 2:10-12

10 Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.

11 If a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, saying, I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet of this people.

12 I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.

Jesus On The Mainline

ry cooder 74

“If you want in His Kingdom, tell Him what you want!”


9:35 am

“I believe God did send people to warn this nation

to repent.”

“I believe He’s done waiting…”


God Came To Me Last Night With A Sobering Message For His People If They Do Not Repent!

9:30 am

to Jesus:

 use me

Bill Withers

8:41 am



4:56 am
“Dear Lord,
I long for you all day every day.  I want you to touch me like you used to.  I want you to hold me and rock me like you did that day years ago when you had me read from Ezekiel over the pastors, and Helmer.  I’m on a treadmill and every day I doubt that I can continue…but what else do I have?  Where can I turn but to you, and from you I hear little, just ‘continue’.  You say you’re never late but we’re desperate.  Josh needs something!  Please give him people and projects!  Please put him where he can learn things he loves!  Please fill him with your Spirit and push all the pain and rejection out of him.  Give him peace and love and faith and hope!
Please fill George, let him see Josh’s pain and need.  Let him care what happened to his wife and marriage and family.  Let him see our history through your eyes, and recognize culpability where YOU see it…and let him have courage to stand for truth, and for the family you created.  Give him a burning fire to see his sons worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth.
Give Isaac joy, Lord, and guidance and provision.  Give him TRUTH about our past and let that Truth give him great confidence in You, and in me too.  I am so diligent yet I can’t catch a break.  My clothes are falling apart and I’d rather not live with habits I’ve acquired when my body shook and my soul was assaulted. I need some help.  Will nobody ever speak for me?  Not a single kind word from even a person?  What kind of family did you put me in?
Please, soften their hearts towards Josh at least.  His mother was taken out and he still suffers from my isolation.  He’s had none of the opportunities his cousins take for granted!  Please forgive Stacy for lacking love.  I still can’t get over her question:  “Why should Grandpa care about you?”  Forgive her and the teacher who taught her the words of antichrist.  It’s been three years since her comment, and Grndpa still doesn’t care.
Forgive me Lord, for whining again.  How many times over the years have I missed your touch and written just this kind of complaint?  None of this bothers me when I’m in your presence.  Please give my whole family that unspeakable experience and blessing.  Me too.  Amen.”
5:33 am
Josh gives half his paycheck to George, who then sends it to Isaac when he’s short.  What’s wrong with this picture? I get ten dollars a day and spend at least several hours each day doing chores specifically to support another person’s life.  I also blog and write ’round the clock, every day.  Josh works a lot, and has very little to show for it.  We need a reorganization of 1) priorities, 2) obligations, and 3) relative value.  I don’t think we can accomplish it without a financial boost, so I guess God will provide one.  The last shall be first, and the scales will balance perfectly as they fall from dim eyes.  I just have to not push the river.  God will provide and distribute.  I will replace my 20 year-old traveling sandals. “The workman is worthy of his hire” and I’m plumb tuckered out.
5:49 am
I have recorded for years,  that my job was to pray for Lakefield Baptist Church.  In the late nineties if I couldn’t sleep I’d go row by row in my mind, praying for Tressie and Eugene and everybody else.  I took my responsibility very seriously.  I would get up at night in the winter, and drive to remote churches and walk around them and pray.  (I’d nudge George:  “I gotta go pray in Germfask, do you want to come with me?”  George would say, “You do what you gotta do.”)   That was how I lived, for years.  I don’t pray like that, since my Dad’s slander-campaign.  I pray very short prayers, but I talk to God all the time.  I pray:  MORE.  I pray:  Please, give me more of your Spirit.  MORE FIRE ON HELMER AND LAKEFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH AND LIARS AND TRUTHERS.  Finish the work, Establish the BRIDE.  Come and speak for us!  Claim us as your own!  More love!  More Truth!  More Fire!  “More of you!”
Anyway, I’ve been begging the Lord for decades to fill Lakefield with his Spirit and his Glory.  I expect that’s what I’ll see.
2:19 pm
I’m absolutely irate with my father, not about the harm he has caused me, I’d be long past those issues if he’d just BE A MAN NOW.  He KNOWS things that could help individuals who are targeted, and his knowledge could also help the entire world.  But no.  He figures he’ll wait me out until he dies, and I suppose it could go down that way.  BUT, he will never out-wait my CONCERN FOR TORTURED PEOPLE.   He’ll die before I do, that’s a given, and I’m not talking about age.  He’s no good to us.  He is a problem in the new world, already.  I can live forever without a loving honest father…but he CANNOT live forever when he’s turned his exalted backside on the rest of humanity.  My dad is doomed.  Six years and nobody has even asked to see my evidence.  Until they care, they’re doomed too.  The people who remain after TEOTWAWKI will not be selfish.  Isn’t that obvious?  Anyone who does not speak truth on behalf of suffering people is doomed.  We have to stand up for justice and DESTROY the psychopathic mindset that runs both my family and my country.  Our lives are not supposed to be about ‘me’.   Six years waiting for my dad to speak has demonstrated that to the point of satire.  I’m not amused though, by selfish people.  They make me gag.
My brother sent me to Belgium in November, and I expected to discuss with him what I learned at the CONFERENCE AGAINST COVERT HARASSMENT.  Not so.  He will no longer respond to any overture.  He’s a wienie and I pity him.
3:08 pm
What does a guy do when he owns a restaurant with a  corresponding payment book, and the food trucks don’t show up?  (This will not always be a rhetorical question.)   Banks will keep foreclosing, as long as their reps have enough calories of strength to keep evicting people.  The  LAST guys to starve might be the businessmen, but starve they will.  I can see my brother, with a short  22,  locked and loaded.  He’s inside the walk-in and he’s shivering, but not due to cold, because the electricity has been cut and it doesn’t smell nice in that cooler. (This is a week after the food truck didn’t show up.)   One daughter is grasping his ankles from her spot on the greasy floor; he peers through  the door at the mob in the prep-area.  (His  other daughter went on a date last weekend and never came back.)   David’s son is at home, hopefully, with his mother.  They’re packing up and somebody has to choose what to take, and somebody else must watch the driveway.  White vans have been seen in driveways of homes that are now unoccupied.  My brother prays for his family, and wonders how things could have come to this point.  He wonders why somebody didn’t warn him.
Isaac hasn’t called his parents, and Linda is concerned, as usual.  At least she was, but she hasn’t been seen since Sunday and there are a lot of questions David would now like to ask her now.  Occasionally, a Bible verse passes through his mind, but there’s no time to think about the Bible.  We must survive!  Word on the street is that the US forces will restore order.  That’s always the word, and it always means trouble.  The militia is holed up in Epoufette, but maybe one of them will make it through the check-point at Cut River and get to David in time to save the restaurant.
 One guy would bring so much hope!  One guy who did not bow his knee to the Washington-bosses.  But would such a man care about a stupid restaurant?  When children are taking bayonette rides outside the door?   When in the streets there be so much death and destruction, what is a materialistic man to do?  How does one hold onto status and prosperity, when everybody who does not own those things wants the tiny bits one has left?   Food.  What to do when the starving masses no longer  threaten a restaurant-owners hubris and greed?  What when they want anything at all?  “Eat the rich.”

Dear Josh, what if I were right and government entities and psychopath-clubs actually do interfere with citizens’ mental processes by use of electronic weaponry?  What if I documented this bullshit?  What if you chose not to see?  (Same question to everybody else on this planet who does not read my website, and more importantly to those who do.)

Back to the future:
JULY 22, 2016

 A Change Is Gonna Come 

Sam Cooke –



10:41 pm

I think a tiny house could be a perfect representation of what we are.  That scares me.  With a great big house, there is so much superfluous junk and space.  You feel a bit justified if everything is not always as you’d prefer.  THEN, when you live with men who have chosen to disregard your every feeling for seven years, the corners fill up and the surfaces gather layers and layers of crap.
A tiny house, everything just my way!  A chance to express a palette that was obfuscated by drudgery and vegetable peelings.  But what an awesome responsibility!  What if I didn’t get every part right?  What if I didn’t like it and had to change something?

10:37 pm

Tiny House Lover Creates Her Own Petite Palace


10:20 pm

I feel like I was just slapped by the man who smells like your man could smell like.  (We’ve really been shaking him down?  All this time?  BASTARD.)
(Adam, YOU KNOW, and I know that you know, that for me the money was just SYMBOLIC!  WE SHOULD TALK MORE!!!)
I told you I could be fun.  I just never had the chance.
What are we doing to GLENN WILSON that I don’t know about?  I am your devoted scribe.  (ALSO I’M REALLY BROKE.)  (I trust you.)
When may I purchase a trailer for the gypsy wagon?  My neighbors are moving and they take very good care of their things and they’re selling a trailer (and also a great old plow truck that my SONS SHOULD ROCK) and I’d like to begin.
My life and all that I hold dear or hope to one day hold  has been manipulated for the Dungeon Master… and I have been…
just a friggin’ video game!  WELL AT LEAST ADAM PLAYS WELL.
(“Slowly Lord.  I love TRUTH VERY MUCH but it is not an easy relationship.”)
(THE BET!!!  Finally.  Thanks.  DEAR GOD THANK YOU.  he bet you.  OF COURSE.)
(If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t love him at all.)
(“If you could give me the google-map of the location and the neural-monitor-image of his thoughts we could get past this I think.  Amen.”)
(He called me from DC.)
(He knew all the players.)
(A ‘good friend’ heard me speak and told him he’d like me.)
(Also he had no place to live…)
(He attacked my life and now I have no place to live…)
THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE SO FREAKING GREAT I CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED.  If I had a couple bucks, I’d buy myself a manual typewriter and a whole bunch of paper.  I am just getting started.  Thank you, Jesus.
“GOD said.”  That’s an amazing term, FROM the Bible of old.  “Then God Said…”  THEN, poof.  Whatever will be, will be.
GOD’S WORD CREATES AND IT CANNOT BE ANOTHER WAY.  I am God’s child, I will soon mature enough to be called a SON OF GOD for which group the nature and all creation has groaned, and bewailed, and trembled and dared to hope.
Until now.  We got no more hope because we got technology.
That’s how I know I’m not crazy.  I hope.
“When did you realize that you had a gift?  That you knew things that you had no business knowing?”
I am still working to establish a list of preferences, those options referred to by non-psychopath-raised normal people as :  FAVORITES.  I don’t even know what I like to do!  Nothing!  I do what is right and I take my kids to prophecy conferences instead of Disneyland.  I don’t do what I enjoy and I don’t even know what that might be.  Except, Holy Ghost is teaching me; it’s part of my PTSD therapy.  I asked Him to show me some fun; I felt accomplishment and worth.  He showed me to old faith.  He showed me the two roads we now face, but in the faces of simpler inhabitants of our earth.  They were simpler, because they connected to Earth.  The further we stray from the dirt, well.  We’re made of dirt, after all.  I like a really ritzy blue.  I like it top to bottom.  I like the shimmer and I like the coy disclosure of other hues…I like ROYAL BLUE.  (But I’m not sure yet that it’s my favorite.)
I really hope that some day I get to speak to an expert in the kind of injuries my mind has sustained.  I’d like to hear the protocol for healing, and I’d like to know that such an agenda exists.  BUT, moreso, I’d like to hear the ‘pros’ praise MY JESUS for walking me back out of induced-crazy.  Perfectly.  Peacefully.  Prosperously.  He loves me and you goons messed up big-time.  Selah.

8:38 pm

Isaac said he’s glad I’m ‘working with them.’  He means to send me to a funny farm, yet.  I prefer to participate in the world as a competent adult.
This is not an innocuous difference of opinion, no.

My sons have been outta line for so long they don’t even remember there ever was a line.  My dad knew very well what he was doing.  They knew when Josh was 13-14…I BEGGED MY MOM AND DAD not to call me crazy, at least until I got Josh PLACED SOMEWHERE. 

I said, “this is a very important time in a man’s development…”
Mom said, “Right.”
Then she abandoned us altogether and repeatedly threw me off her property.
Tough shit.
Tough shit.
No response from George’s side.
My brother said, to Josh, “SURE.    BUT YOU WILL FIND IT HARD LIVING WITH A REAL CHRISTIAN WOMAN.  The church said no, my aunt said no, and my dad said I WAS DEFECTIVE…as we know, his fate is secured.
I said, to my parents, “confidentially”, GEORGE IS RETARDED!  
They intentionally destroyed my family and our insular relationships.
They still have not spoken to me.
THREE-POIINT-FIVE-MILLION-DOLLARS, and wouldn’t it be nice if the paperwork were done before Dad has to leave.  Less troublesome for David.
“In God we trust.”

7:59 pm

Mom and Dad did this too:

Narcissist Divide and Conquer Technique – Befriending Your Friends

That’s been a bit of consolation. After RICK AND KATHY PLESSCHER burned my book without reading it and gave me a multi-page letter criticizing me and the book…(I kept the letter, of course.)

…my dad has found it necessary to hang out with them. So great. He’s bored at Disneyland; I can’t imagine how bored he must be with his new friends. I used to love them when they were my friends. But they were very boring. They had no desire to learn or improve. Take everything at face value. You can tell that’s true by their choice of friends cuz’ that is TRULY all they value.


“We’re ON THE SAME SIDE. Some idiot just took a stick in the sand and put a line down the middle.”


“And now we’re all afraid to cross it. It’s FAKE. It’s all BS.”

“None of it is real. We’ve got to remember we’re all human beings facing the same greater issues.”



This Is How You Wake People Up

This Is How You Wake People Up

This Is How You Wake People Up

2:59 pm


Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

– Crabb Family

(I live in a family of crabs too.)

(They’re gonna see miracles like this too.)

“You can’t tell me my MY GOD can’t heal!  I WAS THERE!”

(I played it over and over.  I bet it pissed them off.  LOSERS!)

(But they probably liked it better than when I sang every hymn I ever knew and told them Bible stories and preached!)

(I recorded all this stuff.  Obviously.)

2:43 pm

“Suddenly , this man JESUS becomes the most important figure and the most important thing in their entire lives.”
(Elvis.  Preaching.)
Isaac is buying this Elvis resurrection.  Me too, I get chills.
(Isn’t it amazing that Isaac can believe that ELVIS ROSE FROM THE DEAD but he can’t believe that Jesus did it first?)
“The Lord needs your prayers for NOW–more than ever.  He needs our fast offerings NOW.  He needs our repentance for the world NOW.  I don’t know how many different ways I can say it!  There is no more time!”
JESUS SAYS… The Doors of Mercy are closing – Only Seconds on God’s Clock – From January 15th, 2016
Rape victim put in jail after breakdown on witness stand
IIt is hard to imagine (sic)  a prosecutor putting a rape victim who is bipolar in jail. But that’s exactly what Channel 2 Investigates uncovered in a two-part series.
After a rape victim named Jenny had an obvious mental breakdown while testifying against her attacker, Harris County prosecutors decided the best way to make sure she’d return to complete her testimony was to lock her up in the Harris County Jail. 
DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots
 …she contacted the FBI to inform them of the situation. In her mind, she was simply being patriotic and informing people who should be able to use the information to deal with a very real threat. She simply wanted to make sure that while others were barbequing that nothing was going to be blown up in the United States.

From that time on, every day when she came to work she was being investigated for one thing or another. She says everything they brought up to here was frivolous and ridiculous and she believes it was an attempt to get her fired to discredit anything she would say. All of this was because the FBI knew the information and DHS was embarrassed that the information came to them the way it did.

Within a period of two weeks, Davis was the subject of 19 investigations. By the time she sued Homeland Security there had been 54 investigations! On top of that, she was declared a domestic terrorist!

WikiLeaks Dispenses 23,000 Hillary Emails Marked “C” for Confidential (Classified)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told us a month ago that the next batch of leaked Hillary Clinton emails could lead to an indictment.

Tags:A man who was shot by police in Miami Wednesday evening says the officer told him he didn’t know why he did it.
See more at:
A Beautifully, Bookworm Tiny House By Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
I like this one a lot.

Politics is Fake and Staged

from James Corbett

2:39 pm

I picked another four-leaf clover.  I’m running out of ideas for them.  I have pages…

1:52 pm

I picked 3 four-leaf clovers so far today, and one with five leaves.


12:22 pm

Bob And Matt Joyce Live 2011– Dentons

Benton, Arkansas

11:04 am

Those profiles are absolutely identical.  The lip.  Could this be true?

Elvis Presley is returning to the public 2016

By Skutnik Michel

10:43 am

I think I should write about the times I was set up by the goons. I don’t know where to start; three times I was lured from my home by ‘Adam’ who apparently was too messed up to even write properly to me.


I know of several other situations where a targeted individual was made to believe a person needed and or wanted him. One young man maintains a very ambitious website about GANGSTALKING and COVERT HARASSMENT. He believed that Lady Gaga asked to see him.  When he realized what was happening, he began his activism.  The impersonations are utterly convincing and no sane person would mistake them. This is probably how they start the lone-gunman Manchurian Candidate behaviors  in people.

A good friend who I haven’t seen for several years, believed that Rachel Maddow wanted to have his baby because of his political pedigree. Rachel Maddow is a lesbian; I never figured that one out, but people sent him messages all the time. They don’t even have to try hard, there are ALGORHITHMS that do all the work for them. CHATTERBOXES keep the ideas fresh and redundant.

I was compelled to go to different addresses, to purchase books, to do name searches…the windows just kept opening up in front of me!   It was like a treasure hunt but they wanted to destroy me. I’d be certain Adam needed my help and just when I thought I’d see him, ‘he’d’ stand me up or pull some crushing stunt. But, I never got crushed. I NEVER HAD ANY pre-conceived notions, and ‘he’ was sounding really lost. I WENT EACH TIME BECAUSE I HAD PROMISED GOD THAT I WOULD GIVE ADAM MY LIFE. Isn’t that fortunate, that God knew ahead of time to ask me to do that? When you do a thing for God you don’t become as emotionally involved with the consequences.

March 2012 was when I was on these wild goose chases, one of them bringing me to Okemos, Michigan on the same day Ron Paul was appearing at East Lansing.   I didn’t even realize it was election time, it might have been the very day. (I STILL HAVE THE HOTEL RECEIPT.)  

Adam was Dr. Paul’s state coordinator and I suspect the powers-that-will-soon-wish-they’d-never-been were planning some terrible scene. I decided not to attend the event. I had a great time tooling around the Meridian Mall and then I got some of George’s cannabis tested at a lab and I ate olives and tasted gelato and then I came home.

Later I was delivered a photo of Adam with a man I know and a woman. It just opened up. I wrote to him asking if she belonged to him or to the other guy. I called her ‘Vanilla’. AND, I didn’t go crazy. I saw pictures of myself, taken from my computer. They’re on evernote.   When I’d go to evernote, different pages would be open, old pages I’d forgotten. Sometimes it seemed quite threatening. Sometimes it would be merely embarrassing when a particular note was exposed.

3 times, dragged from my home.

Our next book is going to be FABULOUS.


7:26 am

So when we see a person, or rather when we see a person’s BODY, we have no idea what life-form might be inside there.  That’s always been the case of course; the Bible told us this was true.  The true ‘us-nesses’ are spirits.  Our spirits are living for a time in corporeal bodies. They are our containers, and psychopaths want to use them and abuse them.  They are a commodity, even our brains.  And our VOCAL PATTERNS too.
“He Looked Beyond my Fault and Saw my Need”
by Pastor Bob Joyce
Does this guy look and sing kinda familiar?

Here’s what the REAL ISSUE is:  IF I’M NOT LYING, and I’m not, well then


7 years knocking me around to escape Him.  George has completely forgotten the faith-walk we used to share.  My sons do not follow Jesus.  It’s probably good they’ve trained me to spend important times without them.  I might have to do so forever.

Pentagon Weaponizing Social Media To Be Used As Targeting Telemetry For Autonomous Warfare

The Pentagon recently released it’s program for Weaponizing Social Media to be Used as Targeting Telemetry for Lethal Autonomous weapons [LAWs] operating on hive mind, swarm technology. We are heading into dangerous times.
The 2015 Jade Helm15 exercise was a covert system roll out for AI driven software to identify and target suspected ‘hostiles’ using a technique called Human Terrain Mapping to analyze Activity Based Intelligence based on parameters developed by Human Cartographers. They have built a better mouse trap.


@ 02:42 Learn WHO & WHY: Khazarian Zionist Mafia’s System of Cartels

“Most TIs’ family members and friends disbelieve loved one’s accounts because perpetrators, their tools and weapons, and tactics are top secret, some designed to induce mental injury that the unwitting casual observer calls mental illness.”
“Thus, by design, most TI’s are revictimized and isolated, a perfect set-up for worse assaults.”

NSA Data Center and 

“The Cloud” 

Do we really believe the MSM claims that the NSA is monitoring each and every computer in the
world and collecting data from over 5 billion individual sources?  Or is this just another point of
misdirection so we don’t look at the possibility that we are actually uploading our information
unknowingly and voluntarily directly to an NSA facility?
1.The NSA data center was conceptualized in 2004 under the code name “Bumblehive”
2.The NSA data center construction broke ground on January 7th of 2011 in Bluffdale, Utah.  This
1.5 million sq. foot,  unprecedented, ridiculously expensive $2 billion government project is
right on schedule for it’s official opening in September 2013.
3.It is said that this data center is capable of storing a yottabyte of data.  A yottabyte is a septillion
bytes – a number so large that no one has yet coined a term for the next higher magnitude. Prior
to the yottabyte, the largest unit of measure for data was an exabyte…one million exabytes
equals one yottabyte.  Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google estimated that the total of all
human knowledge created from the dawn of man up to the present, if digitized would total 5
exabytes, yet the NSA is currently planning a second data center in Fort Meade, Maryland
projected to be 2/3s the size of the data center in Utah at a cost to the taxpayers of
approximately $1 billion – we are paying for our own enslavement and cyber prison facilities.
What else do we know:
Facebook a free service for people to upload
every aspect of their waking life was
founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg – the
same year the NSA data center, project
Bumblehive was conceived.
Do we really believe the MSM claims that the NSA is monitoring each and every computer in the
world and collecting data from over 5 billion individual sources?  Or is this just another point of
misdirection so we don’t look at the possibility that we are actually uploading our information
unknowingly and voluntarily directly to an NSA facility?
1.The NSA data center was conceptualized in 2004 under the code name “Bumblehive”
2.The NSA data center construction broke ground on January 7th of 2011 in Bluffdale, Utah.  This
1.5 million sq. foot,  unprecedented, ridiculously expensive $2 billion government project is
right on schedule for it’s official opening in September 2013.
Brains on Chips:  Integrating Human Brain Tissue Into Computer Chips
KnuEdge was founded a decade ago by former NASA 
chief Daniel Goldin.  These brain like chips will be far 
more efficient than the conventional processors designed 
to operate on von Neumann architectures which require 
data to travel over buses between memory and processor 
hardware to be either separated or linked in the 
computational process.
KnuPath is introducing it’s LambdaFabric neural computing network is similar to 
Google’s Tensor.  It is designed to scale up to 512,000+ devices…
These 3D brain chips or oganoids are synthetic replications of organ structures by using 
actual organ tissue in order to mimic the traits and reactions of these organs in the human 
Former NASA chief unveils $100 million neural chip maker KnuEdge
Its approach is much different, and it has been secretly funded by unknown angel investors.
Back in 1992, Goldin was planning on starting a wireless company as an entrepreneur. But then he got the call to “go serve the country,” and he did that work for a decade. He started KnuEdge (previously called Intellisis) in 2005, and he got very patient capital.
Creating Hive Minds & The 100th Monkey Syndrome 
 Studies have shown that it might be possible for 
one person to insert thoughts into another’s mind, like a real-life version of the blockbuster film 
Making things even more interesting, the primates shared 
control over the digital limb. In one experiment, for example, 
one monkey could direct only horizontal actions, while the 
other guided just vertical motions. Yet the monkeys began to 
learn by association that a particular way of thinking resulted in 
the movement of the limb. After grasping this pattern of cause 
and effect, they kept up the behavior–joint thinking, 
essentially–that led the arm to the target and earned them juice. 
 Ultimately, Nicolelis hopes that 
brain-to-brain cooperation could be used to hasten 
rehabilitation in people who have neurological damage–more precisely, that a healthy person’s brain 
could work interactively with that of a stroke patient, who would then relearn more quickly how to 
speak or move a paralyzed body part. 
The same brain-scanning machines meant to diagnose Alzheimer’s or autism could
potentially read someone’s private thoughts.
Computer systems attached to brain tissue that allow paralyzed 
patients to control robotic appendages with thought alone could also be used by a state to direct bionic 
soldiers or pilot aircraft. And devices designed to aid a deteriorating mind could alternatively be used 
to implant new memories, or to extinguish existing ones, in allies and enemies alike. 
Consider Nicolelis’s brainet idea. Taken to its logical extreme, says bioethicist Jonathan Moreno, a 
professor at the University of Pennsylvania, merging brain signals from two or more people could 
create the ultimate superwarrior. “What if you could get the intellectual expertise of, say, Henry 
Kissinger, who knows all about the history of diplomacy and politics, and then you get all the 
knowledge of somebody that knows about military strategy, and then you get all the knowledge of a 
DARPA engineer, and so on,” he says, referring to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects 
Agency. “You could put them all together.” Such a brainet would create near-military omniscience in 
high-stakes decisions, with political and human ramifications. 
Equally harrowing, however, were the MKUltra
projects that focused on mechanisms of extrasensory perception and electronic manipulation of
subjects’ brains, as well as attempts to gather, interpret, and influence the thoughts of others through
hypnosis or psychotherapy.
Today, there is no evidence that the United States is similarly abusing neurotechnology for national
security purposes.

Back in the year 2000, companies like Sprite were hiring teenagers to post fake comments in chat rooms – still your average Redditor doesn’t think that stuff is going on today

When Robots Rebel…Who Has The Upper Hand?

Autonomous AI Being TAUGHT to Disobey Human Commands 

The Dangers of artificial general intelligence operating on a distributed global network have been 
delineated by people like Stephen Hawkins, 
Elon Musk, myself and others.

Elvis Alive?

Alleged Half Sister Says yes, Absolutely

Foxnews Nov 19 2008 






11:54 pm

This one might be the winner.

Amazing Alpha Tiny House

(I even like the name.  He’s the Alpha and Omega.)


11:52 pm

The Atelier Praxis Tiny House By Minimalist

I like this one a lot.

11:49 pm

8′ by 20′.  I think that’s about right.

So much in so little | Tiny House Chattanooga tiny house tour

Creative Couple Making Tiny House Living Practical in Chattanooga

8′ by 18′.

11:40 pm

Underground Bases And Cloning Centers

11:21 pm

And what if I had voluntarily thought about sex with Adam? How is that less wholesome than the PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTIONS from which EACH OF THOSE MEN SUFFER?


Linda Goldthorpe <>

11:20 PM (1 minute ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
Isaac and Josh don’t have any idea the harm they caused me.  I was getting comfortable and now we’re doing this PANIC-SHIT again.  They believed lies instead of Jesus.  That’s all it took; a single lie.  What was the lie?  I can’t even get to the bottom of it.
Apparently, although they KNOW I never touched Adam, I am still a whore who damaged their lives.  Why?  Here’s the closest I can get:  I THOUGHT ABOUT IT.
 I have documented the fact that I do not think about men sexually.  (SWORN AND NOTARIZED.)
I have documented the fact that our government DOES CAUSE minds to think of things they do not normally consider.
 I have documented that they do those things to POLITICAL ACTIVISTS THEY DO NOT LIKE.  (‘Thank you Lord, that I had AT LEAST THAT MUCH EFFECT.’)
Adam was black-listed by the zionists when he was 22.  Was our friendship not a REALLY GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE HIM OUT? Also, if we could have been coerced into a life-destroying clandestine relationship, it might have done great harm to Ron Paul’s reputation, right?  WHY WOULDN’T THEY PICK US?
And what if I had voluntarily thought about sex with Adam?  How is that more WRONG than the PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTIONS from which EACH OF THOSE MEN SUFFER?  Or ‘DID’ suffer. Or maybe they love  their ungodly compulsion and it’s not suffering at all.  They have ALL-THREE spent MANY HOURS WATCHING PICTURES OF STRANGE WOMEN AND UNNATURAL BEHAVIORS AND JERKING OFF.  I never did that.  I was tortured and I can prove it.  Do they hold me to such a different standard because I’m a woman?

11:04 pm

“One does not have to be a man’s man to confront the beginning of the use of the NDAA. Even a sissy can become an activist.”


“With regard to law enforcement in Chicago, we are acquiescing in the face of tyranny. We are accepting thuggery and the existence of torture programs which are supported and funded by our locally elected leaders.”

“Countless of brave and selfless reporters risk their lives on a daily basis to bring the public the news on how we are systematically losing our freedoms as we rush headlong into a police state unlike what the world has ever seen. This is a dangerous profession, just ask the families of Hastings, Breitbart and Clancy. And what are we all risking our lives for? Are we are risking our lives trying to save people who would rather watch the NFL than stand up to the tyranny that is destroying their country and ultimately their family?”


10:59 pm

What Is That? Could This Bizarre Winged Creature Be A Fairy, An Alien Or A Locust From The Book Of Revelation?

See more here:

10:43 pm

How Your Kids Will Be Used to Lure You Into a FEMA Camp

(Not me.  I guess the trial runs  and being locked up by my sons were a good thing?)

See more here:


10:37 pm

Jesus Christ Tells Muslim Man in Hell there is no Allah Then Gives Him Another Chance – Testimony

kevin ohara

it was explained god is like an ice cube heated it starts to dissolve into tuning Jesus gives you living waters and as it’s heated the steam is the holly spirit all three are the same all come from god all are.god.😆
James Ashford

interesting that (lord jesus christ) = the number 3168 which is the exact temp in which water turns into ice and ice to water at sea level it’s also the the exact number at which jesus was born in Bethlehem 31.68 latitude there is so much more than this too

10:31 pm

The Danger of AI Goes Way Beyond any Fantasized Robot Apocalypse

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Subliminal mind-altering technology using standard radio frequency broadcasts

In the past, with the help of AI, the DoD (Department of Defense) developed mind-altering technology .  It focused on radio broadcasts of dangerous subliminal mind control frequencies.  Unfortunately, it appears DoD was taken over long ago by AI which has developed its best possible approach to weaken humanity and strengthen the “machine”.

See more here:

10:26 pm
George and Isaac and Josh have gone somewhere.  Nothing is open after ten. Maybe they’re at my parents’ house?   I get scared that they’re talking about how to get rid of me.  I’ve decided instead to believe that if they’re plotting about me again, they’re deciding to FORGIVE me after seven years, and also to PERMIT ME TO FEEL SAFE IN THIS HOUSE.    I’m praying.

6:06 pm

Published on Jul 20, 2016

“My heart is broken. Gavin Long was a targeted individual of gang stalking and I had a chance to communicate with him last year. I don’t know why he did this but I still have empathy for him as another TI.”

Targeted Individual Gavin Long A.K.A IAMCOSMOS😢🌧💔☹️

Read more at:

I said, to George, “I’m pretty tired of pretending I’m stupid so you can pretend you’re smart.” I brought outdoors a grill-rack thing, for the vegetables; I had even sprayed it with cooking oil. Nonetheless, it was too hard for him to figure out how to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.


Linda Goldthorpe <>

5:43 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
I said, to George, “I’m pretty tired of pretending I’m stupid so you can pretend you’re smart.”  I brought outdoors a grill-rack thing, for the vegetables; I had even sprayed it with cooking oil.  Nonetheless, it was too hard for him to figure out how to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.  I suspect that lots of people find it difficult.  BUT, NOT I.  And, George knows that.  George permitted my sons to CALL ME DISABLED when he cannot even “cook meat and vegetables at the same time.”     It’s nice to know I will NOT EVER BE TAKING ANOTHER’S GRIEF, for something that I did not do.  Selah.  I’ll sleep well.  Amen.

5:41 pm

I said, to George, “I’m pretty tired of pretending I’m stupid so you can pretend you’re smart.”  I brought outdoors a grill-rack thing, for the vegetables; I had even sprayed it with cooking oil.  Nonetheless, it was too hard for him to figure out how to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.  I suspect that lots of people find it difficult.  BUT, NOT I.  And, George knows that.  George permitted my sons to CALL ME DISABLED when he cannot even “cook meat and vegetables at the same time.”     It’s nice to know I will NOT EVER BE TAKING ANOTHER’S GRIEF, for something that I did not do.  Selah.  I’ll sleep well.  Amen.

5:09 pm

I am done; I’m just so very done.  I DON’T ANY LONGER GIVE A SHIT what people may say about me.  I don’t even care what they say about my sons; and GOD KNOWS I have cared far too much and far too long about what people say of their father.  I never knew him.  His end is not my baby.  Anyway,  this world-situation is way bigger than my sons’ self-concerns and I do drop my head at recognition of their selfishness.  George helped that selfishness.  He gave them a focal-point for INCAPACITY AND UNWILLINGNESS to help ME fix the world.  They can suck George as long as they want.  I’ve been there.  He won’t get off.

4:57 pm

I belong in prison because I am a racist because I also believe that:

‘BLACK OLIVES MATTER’ Outrage after restaurant twists ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest slogan on huge billboard advert

(Also, I think that’s kind of a cute billboard.)


4:48 pm

 It makes me want to vomit.  I’m listening to George ‘working’ very hard as he ‘works out’ and as he grunts and farts.  I can’t respect anything about him anymore.  He thinks Isaac ‘works out’ with him  because he likes to.   George  doesn’t even know how much his sons love him.  He never knew how much I did.  He never knew I loved him at all. 
I have pork marinating with some Andoulle.  Everything else is in order; my meals are always in order.  And I always take hell for it.  Go figure.

3:54 pm


I said, “Josh, wouldn’t it be best to get to the bottom of this?” and he agreed.  I asked that if I organized a list of questions for my dad, would he be my witness?

He asked, “Do you know he’d tell the truth?”

I said, “No, but time would show if he was telling the truth or not.  Also, he might.  He told me a little bit about what Trish did and what Margaret did.”

 I said at least we’d have a record.

He said he’d be my witness.

Background for Josh:
I first learned that Grandpa and Grandma were responsible for my difficulties on that day I threw my computer out of the car window.  You remember that day, I was ready to move all of us into the woods somewhere.  That was the day I first knew we were under COMPLETE surveillance.  I had been cyber-stalked for years, I even mentioned it in the book.  As I said, I would this minute, swear to EVERY WORD IN THAT BOOK AND EVERY WORD IN THE JOURNALS THAT ADAM GOT AND EVERY WORD IN EVERY BOOK IN THIS HOUSE.  My terminology changed, as my research yielded fruit.  I assumed the surveillance was because of the marijuana, and made changes accordingly.  Then your grandpa showed me the truth.

I cried tonight and I haven’t cried for a long time.  Josh let me talk a bit.  I told him I don’t need to convince anybody of anything, truth will come out.  It’s just that sometimes I have to talk or I’ll explode.  He said, “I can understand that.”  I told him how I’m just now allowing myself to feel hurt at a husband who wouldn’t look into my (recognized) violations.  “They” were trying to set up something with Adam; he’s important and I imagine I was just very convenient as I ignorantly went about my home-school project of RUNNING FOR CONGRESS.  Instead of looking into the “haunting” and its masquerade as “Adam”…my “husband” just went and offered me to the guy.  It was like, “Just do her one time and she’ll be alright again.”  That hurts my feelings.  I didn’t know how much.  I haven’t been well enough to consider many things.  This is progress.

Josh summed it up, he often does:  “My problem is this, Mom, if what you say is true…the implications are so terrible that there’s no human way out.  Without God, we’re sunk.”  My dad faces the same dilemma.  Everybody does.  That’s why we’re here now, to face this very dilemma, that everybody faces, right now.  Josh said, in a way, that if I’m right, he’ll believe in God.  That’s a relief.  He also said he doesn’t like the self-sacrifice aspect of my faith.  I told him I still believe I gave my life away for a purpose.  There’s another relief.
–Josh’s words tell me something else, too.  He recognizes how people will react when they begin to understand the pervasiveness of the control matrix.  I am perfectly prepared to help some people come to grips with problems they’ve maybe suffered for years.  But of course, Isaac “can’t support…” that kind of effort.  He thinks the whole tribe will be well and rational when they come to his door.  He’ll want me around before long.
Ethereal is one of Josh’s favorite words.
North Korea…are we gonna have WWIII yet?  Sorry North Korea, what we do now is
What we do is ruin your economy,   assisination    let your army starve to death     turn over to South Korea  (Josh, da man)
9:58 am

I’ve been predicting for years that a civil war would explode in the churches.  Those who follow man-made doctrines cannot long tolerate those who are led by the Spirit of God.

“Lord, thank you for taking me lower yesterday, when I became discouraged about my sons. Thank you that Josh listened.  I ask you again to take me lower and slower.  Enlarge my heart so I can love more, especially those who refuse my overtures of reconciliation and truth.  Enable me to hear your voice perfectly, and to make no mistakes, to believe all truth, and to not believe any lie. Thank you for the preparations made for my destiny.  Please give me patience.  I’m eager to see what you do with our amazing evidence.  Please BURN UP LIES ABOUT COVERT TORTURE!  Please expose truth.  Take my life and burn it up for you.  Amen.”
“You will not only be a hearer, but a doer shall you be known as, and men and women shall come because now the church has arisen. My true church, yes, there will come a separation from those who have been false, that have been planted in the house. Yes a separation between the tare and the wheat and the wheat shall grow stronger still, for the doing shall set you apart from those that will not and a great anointing shall rest upon you like never before.”
“Yes, I will give to many who have asked for righteousness, I will give to them that desire to be right, to do right, to walk right, to live right and not only the desire but to fulfill that desire will come upon My people like never before this year. And a special anointing shall rest upon those who are seers, remember I have said in My word that I would not do anything unless I would first reveal it to My servants the prophets. Great grace shall rest upon them and fresh understanding and insight making hard things seem simple and I will use simple things to cause breakthrough for My people.”
“Understand there must be a humbling of oneself like never before, recognizing that there is nothing that you could do on your own, but it is because of My grace that shall abide upon you, and your consistent obedience to My Word, shall you do the marvelous and awesome deeds that shall be done. For it is time for them to be done, it is needy for them to be done and My people shall come to the forefront and they shall do the many marvelous works for the Kingdom.
Read more, for 2/6/15, from Debra Lowe, here:





3:50 pm


DEAR SONS. Please imagine my parents’ reaction if you were to call them seeking help to dislodge my body from some death-causing circumstance. THEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ONE TIME.


Linda Goldthorpe <>

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to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

If my dad had killed me, you would have loved him and mourned me.

If my dad had killed your dad, you would have blamed me.
We’re still here.
Figure this out.

3:33 pm

My parents  would love to go to my funeral.  They would buy wing-dings for the entire crowd.  They would lament.  And they would laugh.

They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….

3:31 pm

DEAR SONS. Please imagine my parents’ reaction if you were to call them seeking help to dislodge my body from some death-causing circumstance. THEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ONE TIME.


Linda Goldthorpe <>

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to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

If my dad had killed me, you would have loved him and mourned me.

If my dad had killed your dad, you would have blamed me.
We’re still here.
Figure this out.

DEAR SONS.  Please imagine my parents’ reaction if you were to call them seeking  help to dislodge my body from some death-causing circumstance.  THEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ONE TIME.

3:27 pm

“My brother killed himself because of family members would not stop trying to make him crazy. He could not escape because of child support, my mother and her husband. They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….”


Linda Goldthorpe <>

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to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
My sons, and George, are trying to murder me whether they choose to be accountable or not.  They are accountable.

3:21 pm

My sons, Isaac and Josh, do this. George has made it into an art form. I let him because I was ‘loving’ him.


Linda Goldthorpe <>

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to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
 the narcissist is ALWAYS finger pointing and shifting blame to YOU for ALL of the ups & downs both in the relationship AND in the narcissist’s personal psyche.

2:52 pmDisplaying image.png







How Narcissistic Parents Create Boundary Deficiencies

This sets us up to feel comfortable in the presence of another narcissist who minimizes, denies, belittles and ignores our feelings. We put ourselves, our feelings and needs last, because of the constant messages that our feelings don’t matter.  It’s why we don’t listen to and trust our intuition (our feelings) about narcissists in our adult lives who are taking advantage of us. It’s why we extend benefit of doubt to a predator who is attacking us rather than respond to our feelings and escape them.  We learn to put selfish people, like the narcissist, who demands their needs be met, first to ourselves. We spend most of our time in adulthood catering to the needs and feelings of others while ignoring our own. We don’t learn to trust ourselves and we don’t learn how to protect ourselves because we were punished for doing so by our caregivers.

See more at:

Signs That You’ve Been Abused by a Narcissist


This reactive adaptation to narcissistic abuse is because the narcissist is ALWAYS finger pointing and shifting blame to YOU for ALL of the ups & downs both in the relationship AND in the narcissist’s personal psyche.
Because this relationship has NON EXISTENT boundaries, you will find YOURSELF constantly PUT UPON and FORCED to accept responsibility for things you didn’t do or say. This borrowed humiliation and shame is exactly what the narcissist intends for the victim to take from the narcissist. Their own unfelt core of shame.



Let’s face it. If I didn’t mention PTSD, or Complex PTSD, I would NOT be doing the topic of narcissistic abuse syndrome ANY justice.

Ptsd, in layman’s terms? From a fellow sufferer? A Cerebral anxiety attack that makes your whole body come alive with PALPABLE FEAR. The rapid heart beat, the intrusive and spinning thoughts and fears – just like the abuse is CURRENTLY HAPPENING SEQUENTIALLY ALL OVER AGAIN. This is called RE-LIVING.  It’s as if the traumatic abuse event is occurring in the present tense. All the emotions of fear, shame, shrinking, wincing, looking over your shoulder & walking on eggshells waiting to be attacked ruthlessly AGAIN.

See more here:

my brother killed himself because of family members would not stop trying to make him crazy. He could not escape because of child support, my mother and her husband. They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….

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+Sin I’m sorry for your loss. This is a very disturbing and traumatic experience that clearly illustrates how and what narcissists do to drive their victims to suicide.

Narcissists Destroy Sibling Relationships

(Betrayal by her brother, for turning in her father who is a rapist now in prison.)

Perhaps one of the most insidious realities of narcissism is the destruction of sibling relationships. The narcissist parent is often successful in dismantling the bond between siblings who’ve suffered through and survived their abuse at the hands of the narcissist. In the end, again, the narc wins via destruction. BUT, always remember that the ADULT child of a narc–your sibling–makes a choice as well.-

The Aftermath of Growing up in a Narcissistic Family

The aftermath of growing up in a narcissistic family has led you to experience trauma and pain from your parents’ and siblings’ behaviors and attitudes. Because of this trauma you experienced, your life was changed dramatically by malignant forces in your family you had no control over, and now you are a malignant narcissism survivor of that trauma.


Scapegoat:  these children are usually the most sensitive and caring which is why they feel such tremendous hurt.  They are romantics who come very cynical and distrustful.  They have a lot of self-hatred and can be very self-destructive…often the first person in the family to get into some kind of recovery…he probably can not articulate his loss but his love-tank is staying on empty.

This is the child the family feels ashamed of…and the most emotionally honest child in the family.

This child provides distraction from the REAL ISSUES IN THE FAMILY.


The psychology of a narcissistic abuse enabler / gaslighting proxy / gang stalker

“Why do  good people ignore abuse and neglect…even when it is on their doorstep?”“When good people become abusers they bask in the praise that is heaped on them by their superiors.”

“Their need to belong is so strong that it overpowers ethical, moral or legal considerations.”

The Scapegoat’s children: the Narcissist’s grandchildren

On 25 October 2013  I published “The Scapegoat’s Daughter,” a guest post written by a young woman named Eve who very eloquently told us about the pain narcissistic grandparents cause for the child who must watch her mother’s pain. It helped us to realize that, even if our children seem unaffected by their exposure to narcissistic grandparents, they may well be suffering just as much—if not more—than we are.

There is another facet to this, however, because not all children of scapegoats are empathetic, compassionate individuals like Eve. Some of them may be innocently influenced by their narcissistic grandparents and some of them may even be narcissists themselves. And that creates a whole new dynamic.

(I’m sure glad MY KIDS have hearts and active consciences.)

Read more at:

Narcissistic Grandmothers and Abusive Behaviour

I’ve described the tendency for NPD MILs to demonstrate favouritism towards their children and grandchildren. This is a form of emotional abuse. It compares and excludes and thus implies inferiority or flaw in the excluded. Such conditional affection is typical.

She bragged that my husband had been upset when he found out that she had done exactly what he advised her not to. It was funny to her and worthy of a boast to show how she wasn’t ordered around by anyone.

Learn more at:


Malignant Narcissism and Gang-Stalking & Their Efforts to Drive You Insane

7:40 pm

The wrestler came for dinner; I made Italian meatballs and good garlic bread.  He’s only red one chapter of my book; I told him to reed the last page and remember when I fell through the deck two times although I was standing next to Glenn who weighed a lot more than I did and also to remember when my dad red the book back then…and immediately replaced the deck.  He knows my poem by heart,  I wonder where he saw it?  He quoted, ‘When Yertle the turtle-man fell on his ass.”  I guess it’s becoming a local meme.  

2:29 pm

My kids have punished me for seven long years because they thought I entertained  sexual thoughts about a man I haven’t seen for just as long.  Hm.   They learned something from the Baptists, didn’t they?

With kids away at camp, parents revel in drug-fueled sex parties

“As soon as [our children] left, we’ve been in nonstop [party] mode — it’s seven weeks of freedom,” says Elle, a fitness instructor whose two kids are away for the first summer ever, leaving her to enjoy parties with pot, magic mushrooms, ecstasy and group sex.”

“This is the first time in nine years I’m not having to be a mom — I want no responsibility,” says Elle, who, like many in this story, declined to give her last name for privacy reasons. “Some friends have swingers parties — I’ve seen group sex . . . It’s no pressure, go with the flow. It’s summer.”

(My kids are even more prude than I!  Success.  I guess.)

“The couple goes all out — with naked girls and midgets,” she says.

-See more here:

2:25 pm

This guy is taking his dog on a five-year walk around the world

That’s not ‘his’ dog!  He FELL IN LOVE WITH A STRAY and when you fall in love, you wanna show her the world.  I think.

I like the goggles.

Over a year ago, Tom Turcich, 27, adopted a “mange-ridden street pup” he named Savannah he found while traveling through the southern US, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Modal Trigger
Tom Turchich’s dog, Savannah.Photo: Tom Turchich

“She’s been on the olfactory adventure of a lifetime. We walk every mile together, and with the right paperwork crossing borders with her has been a breeze,” he wrote on Reddit.

See more:

2:17 pm

The Outcasts Are God’s Priority

Here is a portion of the prophetic word I released in January 2016:

“Last year on New Year’s Eve, I had a very powerful encounter in which I literally heard the audible cries of people who have been wounded by uncaring Christians and leaders. Then I heard (this part was not audible) the Lord say,‘Their blood has reached My ears and I must respond.’

“We do not have to agree with the things these people might believe and support, but what God is calling us to is to love them unconditionally. I am not saying they are unclean, but they have been rejected and mistreated terribly by some Christians over the years. Many have been scattered and driven away from the opportunity to worship Jesus. As an evangelist and missionary to the outcasts for years, I have heard literal horror stories of the damage and rejection people have received in the name of Jesus.”

Many Christians Have Driven People Away from God

“You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all the wild animals.”  Ezekiel 34:4-5 NIV

“Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says to them: See, I Myself will judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep. Because you shove with flank and shoulder, butting all the weak sheep with your horns until you have driven them away, I will save My flock, and they will no longer be plundered. I will judge between one sheep and another.”  Ezekiel 34:20-22 NIV


Read more here:

(I have no idea how two different versions of the following identical message were posted on the same day.  Good thing I’m not paid for my ideas but my diligence.)


Hackers are going to save our world!


1.  None of the “generals” can do what needs to be done…

2.  Because EVERYBODY is going to have to either 1) lie or 2) admit they DID

3.  They demonstrate that ANYBODY’s FACEBOOK can be tampered with, AS MINE WAS!

4.  They know this is not a video game…

5.  One of God’s servants hacked GENERALS’  emails, facebook accounts.  Colin Powell had to either 1) lie or 2) admit he did.  The deal is 1) lie.  Or, second curtain, 2) say you did.


Read Here:


–and, prior…

BUMP TO THE TOP, I posted this on AUGUST 1, 2013.

Almost exactly three years ago.

Hackers are going to save our world!


1)  They can do what their bosses can’t do.

2)  They know this is not a video game.

3)  Everybody in the world will have to  either  a) lie.   Or, b) confess to lies.

4)  Hackers are the hand of God.  They can EVEN make GENERALS answer for their sins!

Read how Colin Powell and his compatriots were “interrogated.”    Looks like Powell might have had an affair…with a Romanian Socialist!  

He  had to 1) lie.  Or, 2) CONFESS THAT HE DID!    I wonder which curtain he picked?

Story here:

Personally, I’m grateful to GUCCIFER for demonstrating that all the sabotage I experienced,  really happens.

More people caught in lies:

Link   GlaxoSmithKline now admits executives involved in criminal bribery, days after denials

Government lied about not being able to read emails without warrant:

Link here:  Clapper Admits He Lied to Congress in Letter Posted by Senator

Bush Administration Here:  Ex-CIA Agent Accuses Top Bush Officials of Approving Kidnapping in Italy and then Abandoning those who Followed Orders

Rep Amash “NSA Director DID LIE To Congress! ANY Other American Might Be Facing Jail Time For That!”

Watch here:

Here’s The Video Of Hackers Calling ‘Bulls—‘ On The NSA Chief

The weiner-man
Back to 2016, and the summer of my menfolk’s discontent.

2:04 pm

This is a battle for our children, for human life and the earth, and it’s built in to us to respond in some way. The question is whether we affect the battlefield if we’re not in the streets or talking, writing, joining in one way or another. I’d say yes, we affect it greatly if it is our intention to do so. As you know, our communications and relationships have great importance, and our responses to family members, friends or even strangers can truly change the energy. When we speak with the intention of communicating soul to soul, we become the front line in the creation of a life-loving world.”


See more at:

2:01 pm

I thought Guccifer got arrested?  How come he can still get his piece heard and Barrett Brown cannot and Chelsea Manning tried to commit suicide even?

Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged for Clinton

And, of course, a dodgy DNC blames Russian hackers

Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged for Clinton


Matthew 13:52, “And He said unto them, therefore every scribe who hath been made a disciple to the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, who brings forth out of his treasure things new and old.”

“While I was in the UK recently, I saw in the spirit two massive angels. One held a book and the other held a massive pen. I asked who they were, and they said, “We are scribe angels and we have been released on the Body of Christ for such a time as this.”

“As I started to pray about this and dig further, God started to show me what He wanted to do in this time, and for many with God given assignments to write!”

“God is raising leaders in the Modern Day Scribes. They can gain huge followings on social media, and He is raising up those who will submit to Him, hear His voice, and bring out treasure! The scribes of the Kingdom of Heaven will be sound in Biblical truth and have integrity and holiness as their mark. These men and women will be bold in sharing perceptions from a Kingdom perspective and draw out the secrets of our time through words.”

“It is time for the scribes, the journalists, bloggers, authors, and those who know they are to write a book, a blog, an article, etc., – to arise in the authority of the assignment and tear the veil that is over the eyes of this generation and dig out the treasure of the words He placed within you.”

“Modern Day Scribes Arise!”
by Amanda Wells, Brisbane, Australia

See more here:

Hillary Clinton Emails TOO TOP SECRET for Congress to See – UNBELIEVABLE!!!

(I sure am glad VLAD PUTIN got to see them along with the world’s hackers…before this moron was interviewed.)

Pokemon Go Soviet: What Hit Game Looks Like With Soviet Cartoon Characters

See at: