8:42 pm

I’m eating chocolate, and desserts.  I’ve gone entire years without eating chocolate.  Now I’m really liking it.  I red that in Europe snorting cocoa is the new party drug.  Can you imagine?  I’m enjoying life so much that I sigh just standing in the sun or on the beach.  I KNEW I WAS A HAPPY PERSON!  I knew it all the time.  Under that FAKE MOOD CRAP I was happy.  A guy once told me, “If you weren’t so big I’d think you were an elf.”  I haven’t had a single flea bite all season and butterflies seem to follow me while mosquitoes do not.  It’s like I’m a Disney princess or something.  I’m being courted by the creator of the universe.  I imagine I’ll see a lot more amazing things.  I am enjoying things, fully and freely and it is such a relief.  For so long nothing was satisfying or fun.  Always a missing chunk.  Does everybody feel that way?  I never used to.  

8:20 pm

What’s going to have  to happen is a reduction of data.  Less personal stuff to remember.  Our minds and hearts will focus on relationship and emoting and not on documentation because the hive mind is reality either side of the conflict.  There’s a lovely better name for God’s version and obviously it’s employ is entirely subject to His whim and control but when He wants to send an announcement to us we will not be able to say we didn’t get the memo.  Savvy?
The more data we’re juggling the less energy available for creative endeavors and fulfilling activities.  We’ll become the things we love and we will join with others who love those things too.  We’ll all radiate from Jesus as His body and nobody will be out of position as we retake planet Earth.  This will be glorious battle and we will laugh and dance and love each darkened-soul we encounter until he either drops his sword or swizzles up into a spit of black snort.  It won’t smell nice.  We won’t mind and we’ll take the land for Jesus.  There will be horses. There will be no enemy in the camp.  I can’t wait. 

8:04 pm

OMG it’s TRUE.  We are really just batteries.  It’s the breath of God, I said it before.  I can’t wait to see it from outside the matrix.
I asked the kid about his favorite colors.  I told him I’m trying to choose a new favorite color and I can’t pick one out.  He suggested one of the greens from his bouquet of PERFECT SYMMETRICAL AND HUGE four-leaf clovers.  It was a lovely color.  I think the clovers at the Prophet’s are healthier because the compound has been cursed and his place was cleansed when he and George and I prayed around his property years ago.  He had a witch living there for a while.  Things grow very healthy there.  Clovers here are shrively and sometimes tattered.  But they are very prolific.

Vibrational State and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

(I can see this so clearly now!  The Truth has set me free and I recommend it.)  (Praying in tongues is WAY MORE POWERFUL than meditating.)  (The goons have been investigating altered consciousnesses using involuntary subjects.)  


7:52 pm

You know, I always agree with myself but I never know until I reed it.  I’m sure that makes sense to somebody scientific or super-spiritual.  I’m downloading yet and I was SO CAREFUL TO KEEP MYSELF UNSULLIED BY THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT…I preached against it with the same fervor I pitched Richard Nixon until my Catholic 7th-grade English teacher started keeping me after class to argue.  Man.  I am very much going to like being around people who are not thin-skinned and stupid. One or the other can work with a buzz. You can  torture it out of them but it’s a pity to go that route when it’s not necessary.  Look and live. But if you wanna do the dude ranch,  torture put my whole life into perspective and it can do the same for you.  Oh yeah, I told Henry Gruver in  early 2000’s that I was ‘channeling’ but he knew I was the real deal for Jesus and he told me to be careful with the term and I already was because I was anti-new-age.  But, there it be, the words kept coming.  MY HANDWRITING.  Very good miracle, I still enjoy it every day; I could NOT MAKE A LETTER THE SAME WAY TWICE.  I get compliments now.  I could get my act together and take it on the road.  If I had a gypsy wagon.  And if I only had a brain.

7:33 pm

So anyway, the ten-year old; we were sunning with the prophet, outstanding in his field.  The boy’s loving the clovers and he asked how much I could sell them for.  He said each one means six years good luck and when he saw my clover-montage-pages he was multiplying my luck upon luck.  He said he figured I might find a million dollars.  I told him I was going to be given 3.5 million.  I won’t sell the clovers probably.

7:30 pm

I have not had a single panic attack since Isaac went to Montreal and I was delivered of a spirit of condemnation.  I was having maybe twenty a day, if you count the nights.  The Prophet knows; he says sometimes they stand him right up on his feet out of a deep sleep.  I told him about things I’ve red about psychics and prayer-people being easily identified and monitored from a long time ago.  He figured as much; he’s been targeted forever.  I told him about Mandela Effect and how the Bible now says Jesus instructed His followers to kill His enemies.  The Prophet reminded me that Revelation told us this was coming; God pronounced a curse on anybody who adds or takes away from the book.  
‘Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.’  I gave Him my life and had I not done that I would have been dead many times over.  I do not fear death and I do not fear lack.  I’m beginning to not even fear lovelessness.  It’s a darn sight better than fraud and manipulation.  Now I will look into my torturers’ eyes.  “There is no justice without vengeance.”  I didn’t like the sound of that at first but vengeance belongs to Him.  And whatever He says goes.  
Mostly I’m looking forward to opportunity.  I should go to Toronto and my sons should put a lifetime lease on the compound for their father. That would be prudent in a number of ways.  Now that at least SOMEBODY is responding to me I’ll expect some answers.  Also some funds.  Thanks in advance.  WonderWoman.
(It’s not being proud to call myself ‘WonderWoman’.  My dad knows what I am and it always scared the crap out of him.  I expect I will become increasingly smarter and stronger from here on out.  That’s how I understand eternity.)

7:16 pm

I picked two more 4-leaf clovers after I got home.

JESUS SPEAKS about the coming Hell on Earth – Don’t take the RFID Chip

You, mankind, brought this forth.  You sided with evil.”

(You know what?  I don’t sense much urgency in the Spirit.  It’s been urgent for a long time.  We’re on the diving board of resignation here.  Eternity… I lost it right there.  I got nothin’.)

6:19 pm

I gave all of the clovers I found at the Prophet’s house to his grandson, age ten, who said, “I thought FOUR-LEAF clovers were a myth!”  That was a lot of fun.  Nobody’d ever found one there and I picked a bunch right in front of them.  I never used to let my sons say ‘luck’ because the root of the word is “lucifer” and I couldn’t  have them saying that.  (I believed love was controlling somebody.)   God really is not at all religious.  He’s not superstitious but that’s the best the NSA can do to imitate God.  They are so creepy!


6:08 pm

5:54 pm

When my kids were little, as I washed mountains of dishes, I listened to cassette tapes and dutifully copied them by the dozens to share with my cult-mates.  I heard Dr. Carl Sanders describe how he participated in the development of the chip.  Then he became a Christian.  Then he read Revelation.  Then he got shook.  THEN he got cancer.  This is a very serious time and consequences are not returnable under any circumstances.  This is the last stop coming up and if I didn’t know the city and I do not know the city I would make sure I got out under a streetlight!!!!!


I can’t wait to preach.

My sons know better than they’re behaving.  They’re alpha males and better than their thoughtless compatriots.  I’ll see that demonstrated shortly.



JESUS SPEAKS about the coming Hell on Earth – Don’t take the RFID Chip

You, mankind, brought this forth.  You sided with evil.”

(You know what?  I don’t sense much urgency in the Spirit.  It’s been urgent for a long time.  We’re on the diving board of resignation here.  Eternity… I lost it right there.  I got nothin’.)

5:23 pm

My Uncle Herb led a lot of people to Jesus, I never did it before even once until the psych ward.  She was a junkie/prostitute and I loved her but she just prayed on her own, I didn’t have to even issue an invitation.  Anyway, my Uncle Herb told me not to feel bad if I had no converts, as long as I obeyed the Lord.  He said souls were a VERY SPECIAL BLESSING.  So, here I am and I remember him saying  “First they get mad.  Then they get sad.  Then they get glad.”  We’re livid.  We’re on the way.

The young man called me crazy for my faith and he knows it.  He is not what he tells himself he is.  He’s lovable as heck.  But he is not a follower of Truth at all.

An RFID chip won’t let you die.  That’s the worst thing I’ve red.
OK, here’s what I figure.  I asked Jesus to keep me following TRUTH and not to turn aside for lies and I found this youtube channel and I almost always really feel Holy Ghost there.  This isn’t always the case. One channel even says it’s God’s channel but I didn’t feel him there.  This channel frequently quotes “jesus” regarding technology and synthetic humans and mind control.  He says they’re real.  I’m gonna go with that.
Isaac says he’s ‘livid’.  He went to the Mayor’s store and bought a bottle of Jaegermeister and a can of store-brand ‘Red Bull’.  He let me try it although it’s me with whom he stands livid.  He’s reading my emails!!! Glory, and hallelujah, and long live the King and you are my shining star and JESUS… you take my breath away.  I always knew it would be like this.  Isaac used to get real pissed at me after I’d spent time in the Spirit and returned with tales of swishy fabrics and heady spices and air so dense and sweet that the world can kiss you good-bye right on your A.  He is livid.  He thought my experiences extra-terrestrial and extra-Biblical were too ‘sexual’.  I’ve raised another prude.  We do reproduce after our kind, do we not?  And he blamed me of sexual impropriety and will not see that the extreme opposite has been the case.  ‘Dear Jesus, thank you that I was able to break through to someone. Have mercy on his dad and mine amen.’  The young man is livid and I caused it and it is sincerely about time.  He doesn’t agree with a single thing I’ve said except the part about burning the house down.  I begged to differ:  I NEVER said I wanted to burn it down.  I said I SAW IT BURNING DOWN and trust me, after all these years of house-arrest, I’m ready for anything.
The young man called me crazy for my faith and he knows it.  He is not what he tells himself he is.




11:28 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

Josh has pinkeye but he doesn’t want to go to the Dr.

I told him to wash his hands a lot and throw his used kleenexes into a bag instead of leaving them around.  Isaac’s on his third week coughing.

10:51 am

I took Connie outside and picked a four-leaf clover.

5:03 am

I went to bed at 7:30 again. I got up very early and made a pot of coffee. As usual, lights were on all over. The pie and cake were still uncovered but they have been used some. A loaf of bread hanging open; I saw one in the garbage the other day; I suppose it was too dried out to eat. Lazy people live here. There is a basket of clean socks I refused to match two months ago, maybe longer. I don’t wear socks much.

The house is absolutely horrifically dirty. My dad gave this house to children and ruined their motivations and sense of value. Josh filled out a questionnaire for jury duty yesterday; one of the questions was whether he was a property owner. He said, “Oddly enough, yes.” He knows it’s not right and it’s given him and his brother a sense of entitlement that extends to the control of their parents. Gee. I wonder if my dad thought of that when he stole my house and gave it to them?

He stole life. He stole faith. He stole love. He stole respect. He’s a very evil person. My sons will soon understand how very badly he treated their father. They will be VERY SORRY they blamed his digression on me. When they understand what went down here I can’t imagine what they’ll do. Hopefully, they’ll grow up; maybe they’ll even respect me?  Maybe I’ll respect them again?

Four adults live here. I live in my room now. I’m glad Josh told me to stay in here more. I can’t bear to look at the place and I’m done facilitating these pointless decadent lives. Isaac has assumed my spot on the deck, and also uses my spot at the dining room table. I’m grateful he lets me use one of his old computers in my bedroom.

I don’t have anything to say. The internet is out and I opened a word processor because, well, it’s three in the morning and this is what I do. I don’t have anything to say.

I no longer care much what my sons think of me. Their evaluations are sluggish and sullied by allegiance to a psychopath. They played video games and ran around Newberry while their dad dug the garden. I don’t know which to despise more, him or them. I think you can despise people’s behavior while still loving them. I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m at.

My sons just kept running me down! YEARS. I couldn’t stand up. Running me down, like Dad taught them. I’m no longer their slave. I hope they don’t get typhoid without my consistent application of sudsy water to their lives.

I’m ready for this house to burn. I never knew if the fulfillment of my vision would be physical or symbolic but I’m OK with it either way. This is the most beautiful spot on the lake. (That’s what my dad said too, just before he took the house.) God has LOTS of pretty places to take me.

I’m ready for the church to explode, I’ve been ready for that since before the turn of the century. This local Baptist brothel benefits liars and frauds and abusers of those who seek Jesus in their midst! BABY-RAPERS who don’t want to talk about it because they’re ‘retired’. CHRISTIANS DON’T GET TO RETIRE.

I’m so ready for Truth to come to Helmer. I’m also ready to leave; I don’t even need the single suitcase He told me I’d take; I’ll bring my passport, and I’d like to have comfortable shoes. I just need Him and distance from hypocrites who seek my head. Sons, otherworldly sons, who would rather see their mother dead or institutionalized than seek truth; do not ask them to defend the helpless, do not ever. It’s not in them. But they belong to God. He told me so in 2007. He can have them.

I bought a graduation card for my nephew, he’s going to the Marine Corps, and I asked George to sign it. He wrote: ‘Semper fi. Uncle George’. I didn’t say a word. He doesn’t learn and he doesn’t change. He’s not related to my nephew and the US military, well, he knows what they do and he knows it’s wrong. He still votes because it makes him feel better. That’s the only reason they encourage us to do it. Pacification. I’ve never seen a more pacified individual. He supports three other unemployed adults and his sons won’t help. It’s their house after all; we are their wards and servants. My dad is so screwed.


I can’t identify with most of the prophecies I reed. The speakers seem so carefree! Even as they encourage believers they don’t seem to recognize the intensities of pain some of us have been holding for others’ benefit. They want a comfortable life, and don’t appear to realize that life as we’ve known it is finished. We’re stepping onto new ground and we’d better be provisioned with that knowledge.

THIS IS THE BIG-TIME, this is the end of time, this is the only time. Once. Humanity has one time left. Individuals may have fewer even, as the goons are artificially manipulating more and more of our reality every day, and also even our private thought-life. It’s over and some will not go down with Spaceship Earth.

I can’t help but wonder what feel-good prophets are hoping to accomplish. I know they sell-out appearances but ‘what does it profit a man if gains the whole world and loses his own soul’? That’s what happens to sell-outs.


“And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.”  (Isaiah 3: 4-5)

I ate dinner in my bed with the computer; I always do.  I think the men ate outside.  I’ve been eating at this computer for three+ years. Isaac poked his head in the door and asked if there was anything he could do for me.  I didn’t plotz.  
“As of spring last year…we were almost ready.”
“We are like READY…SO ready.”

bride of christ almost ready

Posted March 31, 2016

P4CM Presents:  Ready or Not

by Featured RHETORIC Poets Ezekiel & Janette..ikz

“More than I want you to be beautiful, I need you to be mine.”

New Federal Rule Requires Doctors To Treat Trans Patients As Their Pretend Sex

“Sorry ma’am, I know you say your prostate’s swollen but I can’t find it anyway.”
Read at:  http://investmentwatchblog.com/new-federal-rule-requires-doctors-to-treat-trans-patients-as-their-pretend-sex/
Another spiritual-person abducted and incarcerated in a psych ward:


“Tim Rifat planned appearance on rense radio ( rense.com 14th of June ) never happened because the Police arrested him and he is yet not released. They also denies him legal defence at this moment trying to pin mental illness on him.”

“So you can actually see that the synergy between PsychicWarfare.com and PsychotronicGenerators.com gives Tim Rifat complete control over all aspects of Satanism and since he now controls the Satan thoughtform no demons can feed off of the sacrificed humans, therefore they’re getting hungry and if they wish to eat they have to become Tim Rifat’s bitches and attack the Satanists in order to get any food.”
(OK, I’m not on board with his ‘doctrine’ but he’s got a right to do his thing.)
Quoted from:  http://psychicwarfare.com/
Call to Tim in the hospital: