6:55 pm

My ‘Luck by the Yard’ project will be worth a LOT OF MONEY when our story comes out.  


American womanhood.
Omg, this is SO much better than those modern plastic-chrome cruise ships…
royal clipper the largest full rigged sailing ship in the world (4)
“You might think she was an apparition from the grand age of sail, but Royal Clipper is as new as tomorrow, boasting state-of-the-art navigation systems and every comfort and luxury one could wish for. For connoisseurs of sail cruising, the 439 foot Royal Clipper offers the ultimate sea-going experience, balancing the grandeur, adventure and tradition of sailing with the superb service, amenities and accommodations of the finest modern yacht. Royal Clipper carries just 227 guests in luxurious style. A full 19,000 square feet of open deck and three swimming pools create a wonderfully spacious and expansive outdoor environment.”
(And I even like the color.)
royal clipper the largest full rigged sailing ship in the world (5)


“According to the report, the system actually contains about 411 million photos, only 30 million of those are “civil and criminal mugshots.” The overwhelming majority of images in the FBI database are of innocent people.”

Flat Earth: Stanford Graduate Finds Out Hubble Doesn’t Exist

Do we believe the Hubble telescope is really on a Boeing 757?
Oh, yeah.amphicarcaravan
BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Warrantless Forced Blood Draws for DUI Unconstitutional
Report Shows DEA Deliberately Blocked Beneficial Science to Perpetuate War on Cannabis
Though it probably comes as no surprise, a new report confirms the DEA systematically thwarted research into both cannabis and MDMA for medicinal use and potential rescheduling. Additionally, the Drug Policy Alliance and Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) found in their report, the federal government maintains an “unjustifiable monopoly” on research-grade cannabis — preventing independent producers from contributing to any scientific studies.
“THIS IS SO AWESOME!  How can nobody believe you exist, Lord?”
“When they come out of the clouds you can see their body and stuff.”
AMAZING VIDEO!!! Are These Angels Warning Us???
“I could stay here all day, y’all, I’m dead serious.”
“Father, you’re so amazing, God!”
The Characteristics of the Lord’s Army
Here are some of the characteristics of the end time army of the Lord.
They will be young and old – Joel 2:28
They will be men, women, boys, and girls – Joel 2:28
They will be of every nationality (all flesh) – Joel 2:28
They will be “yielded vessels” – John 3:30
They will be willing – Psalm 110:3
They will seek His face – Psalm 24:6
They will be a part of ushering in the glory of the Lord – Isaiah 60:1
The glory of the Lord will be seen upon them – Isaiah 60:2
They will be militant – Matthew 11:12
They will be mighty – Joel 2:7
They will be skillful – 1 Chronicles 5:18
They will be bold – Joel 2:7
They will be have great faith – Matthew 21:21
They will speak with power and authority – Luke 9:1
They will be fiery ministers – Psalm 104:4
They will do great exploits – Daniel 11:32
They will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom – Matthew 24:14
They will heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, and cast out devils – Matthew 10:8
Signs, wonders, and miracles will follow them – Mark 16:20
They will feed and clothe the poor and needy – Matthew 25:35-40
They will have such a love for their heavenly Father – Matthew 22:37
They will love all people, no matter who they are – Matthew 22:39
There will be unity and they will work together – Joel 2:7-8
The Lord’s army will be kingdom minded and have these objectives; loving and knowing Him, souls and destroying the work of Satan (1 John 3:8b). This unity will come from an understanding, that each one has a purpose and a grace from the Father. Everyone will walk in their anointing and calling, and they will not fight with one another out of envy and jealousy. The Lord will do away with competition, strife, and envy. This all will happen when we understand that we all have a place and a job to do.
From:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmj_RIp1mk4

6:22 pm

They’re eating dinner.  I picked another four-leaf clover.


6:05 pm

Chicken and baked potatoes.

I picked two more four-leaf clovers.

4:44 pm

I picked another 4-leaf clover.

2:46 pm

Nice ride.  Connie was quietly thrilled.  She had about thirty porcupine quills in her snout last night.  She’s perky now.  
When I got back I started a pot of coffee.
Then I went outside and picked 9 four-leaf clovers.
Now I’m sitting comfortably with the fan running and a cuppa joe.
I’m pretty sure I could choose a spot, park in a chair on the lawn and pick clovers at intervals all day. I’d have to have a good book though to sit still.  I’m almost nearly pain-free today; I even walked down the deck stairs without holding the rail.  I’ve had to put both feet on each step before I could proceed to the next one.  THOSE DRUGS ARE POISON.  I feel like a cheerleader now.

1:18 pm

I’m getting some chicken breasts out of the freezer.  They can figure it out.

I took a break and picked four four-leaf clovers.
George is digging in the dirt, I didn’t offer to help.
The garden should have been taken care of a month ago.
If I weren’t here to cook nobody would even harvest the produce.
I’m going for a ride to pray.
I wonder what Jesus will do now?

12:46 pm

Here’s one geek who isn’t wasting his time, right?
I mean, what could be more important than this?
How terrible is it that your enemies are people whose numbers you have on your phone?

This app auto sends ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers to your enemies


12:20 pm


“At one point I hated this man more than my rapists,” Tracy said, referring to Riley, according to USA Today. She described in graphic detail her gang rape, her thoughts of suicide, her long struggle to feel normal.

“You could literally see the whole room turn and look at Coach Riley,” she told reporters afterward. “It was intense. I saw them all look. I could feel it.”

“Like a piece of cattle I was branded, never to forget eight hands on me, inside me, their laughs as they high-fived each other in a congratulatory manner as they each took turns raping me. … Never to forget the next morning when I awoke to the smell of dried vomit in my hair, the stickiness of a condom stuck to my stomach, the food crumbs that left indentations on my skin as I lay face down on the apartment floor like a piece of garbage that someone forgot to pick up.”

(That’s my daddy-o.  He don’t care what anybody does to a girl.  He doesn’t even care when it’s his own daughter.  He will not listen to her complaints of nearly-continuous MULTIPLE RAPES; he just gaslights her and runs her down.)
  (I suppose that’s because HE INSTIGATED IT.)
(Then he takes her house and her reputation and her children and everything she ever had or thought she might.  Except Jesus,  who just asked, “Did you not think that I would avenge you”?  “Watch.”)

‘This is a coach who victimized me, and now I’m going to stand in front of his football team and tell them how I felt.’

 “Tracy was force-fed alcohol, vomited in the restroom, was violated with a flashlight and raped by at least two of the men as the others watched, she told investigators.”
Did you know they can accomplish all those things nowadays via satellite?
Daddy does.

Last week I heard in my spirit, “I’m ready”.  It kept resounding over and over. When Jesus has asked if I were ready I’ve always had to answer no.  Not anymore.  I’m going home.  Somebody will love me.  Even me.

I’ve spent the morning crying in the hot tub.


Powerful and Emotional Dream. The Bride is now ready and so is Jesus.

The Bride is ready!!!!!!


Jeremiah 29:11-14 “You will be in Babylon for seventy years. But then I will come and do for you all the good things I have promised, and I will bring you home again. For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you,” says the Lord. “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and will bring you home again to your own land.”



Simulated Reality: THIS is How They Fake Shootings & Terror Events Like Orlando

India lightning strikes leave 93 people dead

Opposition to Brexit is based on two powerful interests of Washington.

One is the interests of the New York banks and Wall Street to eliminate the UK as a financial center competitor. This blatant fact has escaped the notice of the City and the Bank of England.

The other powerful interest is the interest of Washington to prevent one country’s exit from leading to the exit of other countries. As CIA documents found in the US National Archives make clear, the EU was a CIA initiative, the purpose of which is to make it easy for Washington to exercise political control over Europe. 

See more here:   https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/06/paul-craig-roberts/brexit-really/




To discount Mateen’s potential use of anti-psychotic drugs would be grossly irresponsible.

Suicide, birth defects, heart problems, hostility, violence, aggression, hallucinations, self-harm, delusional thinking, homicidal ideation, and death are just a few of the side effects caused by the medication Mateen was researching.

There have been 150 studies in seventeen countries on antidepressant-induced side effects. There have been 134 drug regulatory agency warnings from eleven countries and the EU warning about the dangerous side effects of antidepressants.

Despite this deadly laundry list of potential reactions to these medications, the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed by 400% since 1988. 

Currently, 11 percent of all Americans 12 years of age and over take antidepressant medication, this is a higher rate than all other countries in the world.

However, the most worrisome aspect of Mateen’s ties to anti-psychotic medication is that the majority of mass shooters in recent U.S. history have links to these same meds.

See more at:  http://www.blacklistednews.com/Orlando_Shooter_Spent_Final_Days_Obsessing_Over_Psychotropic_Drugs_%E2%80%94_Feds_Suppressed_This_Info/52126/0/38/38/Y/M.html


More than 300 people across the nation – including 22 in the Houston area – have been charged with stealing more than $900 million in what federal investigators say is the “largest Medicare fraud takedown in history.”

The 301 people facing criminal and civil charges of health care fraud include 61 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, according to the Department of Justice.

Doctors indicted for $122 million Medicaid fraud scheme face prison

Dr Ataya richly deserves the sentence he received, if not more. In addition to the Medicare scam, he was responsible for injuring or killing a number of people ,including clients of ours.
Read here:   


‘Fear, American Style’ preschoolers practicing lockdowns

Congratulations, DHS and police. You’ve done what no parent could have dreamed of twenty years ago, you given kids new nightmares. Instead of kids being afraid of the dark or monsters under the bed, they’re now afraid of being killed in school. 

‘Fear, American Style’ isn’t a remake of the old ‘Love, American Style‘ TV show. Sadly, its about kids being afraid of getting killed.


The next Israel Independence Day, expect to see the letters of the Google logo featured on the company’s homepage shaped by Israeli air force personnel and framed by two F-16 jets. No, this is not a hoax and not from The Onion.  It was reported by Israel state radio (IBA) veteran military reporter, Carmella Menashe.

When Google CEO, Eric Schmidt came calling at the Hatzerim Airbase, the airmen there were ordered by their commanding officers to join in a formation which, from the air, spelled out the Google icon. The logo was framed by two Lavi fighter jets.  How absolutely picturesque.

This macabre commercial venture appears to have been organized by those innovative folks in the IAF public affairs unit.  Though what they could’ve been thinking when they devised this stunt, Lord only knows.

More at:   http://www.blacklistednews.com/Israeli_Air_Force_Personnel_Ordered_to_Form_Google_Logo_at_Airbase/52118/0/38/38/Y/M.html


A Saudi-born Palestinian, Zubaydah was subjected to 83 waterboarding sessions ‒ a torture technique akin to drowning – was placed in a coffin-sized box for a total of 266 hours (11 days, two hours) over a 20-day period, and forced to sit in another small confinement box 21 inches wide by 2.5 feet long for 29 hours.

Mitchell and Jessen have also partially admitted that Zubaydah, who spent nine years at Guantanamo without being charged, was stripped naked, confined and that his cell was lit by halogen lamps 24 hours a day for a period of time.

Months after the request to assist with Zubaydah, in November 2002 Jessen was asked to evaluate Rahman. The psychologist determined that the defendant was resistant and administered a facial slap to him.

(Psychiatrists get to mold persons’ minds in their own image and judge the validity of things they’ve not seen or experienced.  Kinda childish.)


Read more at:   http://www.blacklistednews.com/CIA_psychologists_admit_creating_post-911_%E2%80%98torture%E2%80%99_practice_for_%2481mn/52117/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Do people actually just play all the time?  I’m pretty sure my brother does.  That’s all I see, on the web and within the larger one.  Fooling around, adults and candidates and that demon-infested abortion doctor.  Everybody is screwing around when they should be paying attention to our planet’s self-destruct sequence that was initiated many years ago.

8:48 am

And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there.  

(1 Kings 17:4)

And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.  
(1 Kings 17:6)
“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”  (David Steele)
I went to bed at 7:30.
There are three other adults here.
This morning, the chocolate cake is on the counter uncovered and the strawberry-rhubarb pie wasn’t covered either.
I don’t care.  This happens all the time.
I don’t cook to be appreciated.
I don’t take it personally that they are spoiled brats.
I’ve been forgiven for facilitating their dependency and inertia.
Ever see fly-eggs in food?  They’re all neatly organized like the seeds in a melon.  It’s putrid.
The pie is sour anyway.  (Aesop)
“Is it possible to program somebody to kill without them realizing it?”
You know what’s really interesting?  My former friend who betrayed me, now a FEDERAL MAGISTRATE,  had an uncle who was an actor.  
He appeared in the original ‘Manchurian Candidate’.  
ALSO, her family was supposed to be some kind of royalty from Germany.  
ALSO, her mom was on the board of the law school I attended and ‘took me under her wing’.
ALSO, there are five other people WHO ATTENDED MY LAW SCHOOL who are members of the COVERT HARASSMENT SUPPORT GROUP in Michigan.
ALSO, several of my other ‘friends’ from law school have taught there, including the magistrate.
She hasn’t spoken to me since she threw me under the bus and I left a message on her phone saying I hope nobody ever does that to her.
She didn’t even say thank you when I sent some of her belongings back to her.  TWO times.
She married a judge from my Congressional district.
It really makes a mind-control-attempt-victim wonder…

7:55 am

I took Connie outdoors and picked one five-leaf clover.
It’s cold out so I came back to my bed/desk with a hot cup of coffee.  
I’m covering my icy toes with an afghan my maternal grandma crocheted.  
She never molested me.  
Dad’s mom did, ALL THE TIME.  
My folks knew it but didn’t intervene.
(They griped once when she poured Lysol full-strength over a scrape on David’s knee.)
(My dad’s own MOTHER was a chomo.  No wonder he’s so screwed up.-)
What she did to my GENITALS EVERY DAY was not important enough to risk altering their own lives should Grandma not wish to keep me anymore.
(She molested my girl-cousins too.  I don’t know if their father gave a hoot.)
So I’m thinking that maybe the reason we’re seeing so many ERRORS in the false-flag terrorist operations is because the perpetrators WANT US TO KNOW IT’S THEM.  We are meant to fear, absolutely.  At this late date, with so many of us waking up to our matrix-bondage, the fear of Islamic terrorism or racial violence isn’t sufficient.  (And also it doesn’t prepare us for the knock on the door at 3 am.)  When martial law happens, most will do exactly as they are told and they will KNOW there is no savior in even their beloved government.  FEAR feeds the beast.  FEAR feeds all beasts.  My dad sucked my fear dry and now I got none. Glory to God.
I really can’t stand it when authors/videographers do not mention in their titles the pertinent subject matter of the piece. “BIG STORY”  “MUST WATCH”   I don’t like being teased into increasing their page-views when so much is at stake and so much information is available that I can’t even get to. I don’t want to waste my time building wannabe’s media-empires.  I don’t like the bumper music they add and I don’t like the long stylish intros.  I want just the facts, Ma’am.  THIS IS THE FINAL GO-ROUND AND A PERSON’S GOT TO BE SERIOUS ABOUT MORE THAN THEIR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  They’re like hawkers on the midway, bright lights and free samples. I’ll take my TRUTH straight-up, as He gives me grace to assimilate it.  I had an incident of info-queasy yesterday when I red some horrible story…but Jesus set me back on track.  I couldn’t reed about a kitten stuck in a tree before I was tortured.  An apocalypse is not the time for tender sensibilities.  We’re at war.  Truth already won but we’re here to see Him take back what’s His.

Police: We Were Told to Allow Orlando Shooter to Kill

“Police officers who confronted the Orlando shooter have claimed that they were ordered to “stand down” for up to 30 minutes while Omar Mateen went on a killing spree.” 

“Six police officers arrived at the Pulse nightclub minutes after Omar Mateen opened fire on club goers, breaking through a large glass window and entering the club as the massacre was underway.”

Deception and Mind Control – Gangstalking

“Electronic mind control is actually old technology, much older than the non-lethal weapons technology you’ve heard about in the news.”

“It’s been known since the eighteenth century that electrical impulses can stimulate muscles and cause them to act.”

(Even involuntary muscles.)-


…feel artificial sensations…things that aren’t really happening…
I should be getting used to this by now.  Yesterday after I quoted ‘What About Bob’ and how he sailed by letting the boat do all the work…GEORGE QUOTED THE SAME PART.  This happens every day.  It almost makes me think they reed my work but he said he didn’t.

6:22 am

A Narcissist is a great actor that draws from his/her audience to create a reality that is believable or real enough that the audience becomes completely engaged with the story, emotions, beliefs, feelings or all of it.

“Their extreme manipulation ‘trained’ you to provide everything they needed.  After they drained you or were done they stepped up their game and tried to destroy the evidence or ‘you’ to cover up the abuse and avoid exposure.”
“It is a desperate love because you constantly tried to change YOURSELF to fix this doomed relationship and in doing so you lost so much of yourself.”
(AND…after growing up like that, you reflect that situation into EVERY RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR LIFE so when you marry a man with no opinions you STILL DEMAND YOURSELF TO CHANGE and eventually you end up as a smartish adult taking ORDERS FROM YOUR SON WHO WANTS TO BE A ROCK STAR LIKE GRANDPA!)
I sleep like a baby now.  
I wonder whose life-force my dad is draining these days.  
He uses it up fast and regularly returned to attack me again.
I was NEVER the problem.
I sleep like a baby now.
The TRUTH DOES set us free.
I hated myself with every breath of my life,
because I couldn’t please my dad.  
I please me now.  
Dad can’t stand to be in the same room with himself.  
(Others don’t really like being there either.)
See more here:   https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/a-narcissist-is-a-great-actor-that-draws-from-hisher-audience-to-create-a-reality-that-is-believable-or-real-enough-that-the-audience-becomes-completely-engaged-with-the-story-emotions-beliefs-fee/
Narcissists want us to feel 
Fear, Obligation, Guilt and Shame  
“They’re always trying to SHAME me into submission.”
Dark humor is like food.  Not everybody gets it.”  (Stalin)  (Or at least that’s what Josh says.)


“The company maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives, generally without input or authority from any outside advisory group, industry association or government agency. Google is not the only company suppressing content on the internet.”
My late Catholic friend discussed Jesus and discipleship a lot.  She often said, “It’s all about the body.”  That made sense to a blood-drinking Catholic; it was difficult for me to understand.  I don’t believe in transubstantiation.  But, once God has transformed our minds the body will naturally follow.  Doesn’t that follow?

Could Hunger Games become a reality? Hunting HUMANS may be a hobby for the rich in the next 100 years

  • By 2200 hunting humans could be televised, and an activity for stag dos
  • Changes is natural environment will drive a divide between rich and poor
  • Humans in the future will kill others in a ‘claimed aim to reduce population size’, although there will be a ‘perverse thrill and excitement’ to it


JESUS SAYS… The Day of the Lord is upon you 

Message from June 21st, 2016

“Now it is your time to hold me over your heart.  As I must look upon the faces of mothers and children that will be separated for eternity.  And yet, my provision in Heaven for such as these is total loss of memory.”


German MP spends 72 seconds addressing every possible gender while opposing diversity bill

This is really good.
We’re putting up with this nonsense.




5:32 pm
You don’t have to cover your ass if you’ve never committed a crime.  Except, as in my case, when people BELIEVE you are evil.  But that only lasts until you have enough TRUTH under your belt (and documented…) to enable you to confidently tell them to mind their own business. I did that today.  I’m a little hyper now,  but I told Isaac he would not run my life.  It was educational for me to see that in 2013 I was even then recognizing that I DID NOT FEEL THE NEED TO DEFEND MYSELF (as much) WHEN ISAAC WAS ABSENT.  Since he was in Montreal and the demon of condemnation left, I have not panicked even one time.  I will not submit to Isaac’s controlling nature and rejection of Truth.  He’s God’s business and so am I.  God gave him A SINGLE LIFE TO RUN.  It wasn’t mine.
I’m not sore today, only my neck is a bit stiff and my ankles too but not nearly as bad as it’s been.  My sons and Connie and I went for a ride around the nature drive at the wildlife refuge and it was a pleasant afternoon.  Josh cut me a couple wild roses; they smell very nice.  I hope I get to smell orange blossoms again; they’re the best.  George is buying pizza tonight and my sons downloaded a raunchy movie that interested George too.  I will continue my efforts toward utter and absolute revolution as orchestrated (and predicted…) by Jesus, the Christ.  I’ll go to bed early and I’ll get up early tomorrow and do it again.  They may roll their eyes at my efforts now.  This will not always be their response.
I can imagine not wanting to hear about your mom being repeatedly raped.  It was a very terrible time.
I cannot understand FORCING HER SILENCE AND SUBJECTION when she has told the same story and pleaded for assistance for SEVEN YEARS.  SAME STORY.  SAME DENIGRATION.  SAME INTENTIONAL IGNORANCE.
But then again, there are many things about Isaac that are hard to figure.
He rejects Jesus.
If he didn’t reject me I’d be doing it wrong.

1:51 pm


Jewish demonstrators shouted “We will tear down this abomination, you are evil. The Jewish people lives forever! King David lives forever! May the name of your so-called God be blotted out forever.

“It hurts me that they are letting these goyim come here. It hurts me that these evil men, who have oppressed the Jews throughout history, are being allowed to contaminate our holy sites. 

“The goyim got their way this time. But they won’t the next time. King David lives forever!  The people of Israel lives forever!”

Read more here:


Good thing he didn’t start praying or they might have shot him!
(Actually, “God bless America” is really a prayer.)
(So is ‘God damn’ I suppose.)
“Narcissists don’t have that many relationships.”
“Narcissists don’t really have any friends the way that you or I might think of them.”
George doesn’t have friends; just me and his girlfriend in Tennessee.
George has had no friends in all the time I’ve known him.
George is friendly.
George has always become friends with my friends.
Now I have no friends either.
What do I make of this?
His conversation-span is short, and he has usually left me with our guests,
to do something else.
I don’t know what goes on in his head.
He told God years ago that he would give me up.  (It’s in the book.  Good times.)
My sons believe him to be the ‘kindest most genuine’ person they know.  (Father’s Day card)  (I gave them forty dollars to spend and all they came up with was a card.  They’ve both been sick.)
I don’t have a clue whether George is genuine or not.
I’ve begged for his opinion since I realized he didn’t notice mine.
It’s amazing we procreated together.
I don’t think he’s a narcissist but he gets things his way.
He’s not intentionally unkind.
My sons would be more apt to consider my claims and not [repeatedly try to] THROW ME OUT if their father had some opinions.
Even if he did not AGREE with my opinions,  if he expressed preferences they would believe him able to hold his own, and they would not BLAME ME FOR HIS SITUATION.
My sons will appreciate the care I gave him
when my dad tells the truth.
I don’t know if George is genuine at all.
I don’t know him.
But he’s always been nice to me.
I’m grateful that he feeds me.
I’m grateful for my sons.

Gilgamesh NIMROD Tomb Found

– Intact NEPHILIM Giant Skeleton Retrieved for DNA GENOMES

Why does this seem like theatre?
War is obsolete, yet both NATO and Vlad use it to threaten us.
(He knows it too.)

100% Proof You Are Being Lied To By Your Government And The Media

It’s astonishing how many mistakes they’re making on these false-flags.  We’re decades after the WWII lies and they STILL are not common knowledge.  Shouldn’t the masters be better fakers now?  EXCEPT of course, this is a season of TRUTH-REVELATION. Some of these ‘terrorist attacks’ are so silly a kid in kindergarten could see through them.  (And that after only five years of TV’s predictive programming and demonstration of plot development mechanisms.)

If You Want to Find the True Church Today, Look for Christians Who Have Suffered Evil

Increasingly I am seeing that the church, the true church, is once again meeting in catacombs and baristas and now in online locations. Christ’s people hear His voice and follow Him, and a stranger they will not follow.

Their teaching is so contrary to what the Bible actually says, that I wonder if they actually read it. It’s like they put the Bible’s book cover on their own opinions. No, it’s like they are grooming victims to accept abuse.

How did Orlando victim Antonio Devon Brown die in Pulse Nightclub shooting, when he was killed in 2013 in West Virginia?

See it at:   https://matrixbob.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/how-did-orlando-victim-antonio-devon-brown-die-in-pulse-nightclub-shooting-when-he-was-killed-in-2013-in-west-virginia/

Larken Rose

What Is National Security?

(Alpha male by another name would smell as sweet.)
1:38 pm
We ate eggs benedict and we’re going for a ride around the refuge.  Josh is feeling better than yesterday but they’re both still croaky.

Why is the allowable limit of glyphosate in U.S. food 300 times higher than in Taiwan?

I’ve got an idea.  Maybe it’s so that they can scare us with FAKE ZIKA incidents.  BRAZIL says the malformed TINY HEADS come from MONSANTO.  And look what’s happened to Brazil.

Chewable, fruit-flavored ADHD medication ‘candy’ for young children receives FDA approval

So it’s illegal to SAVE CHILDREN’S LIVES with a plant…and it’s OK TO GIVE THEM CANDY-COATED METH!!  I know the temptation; I ate a bottle of baby aspirin one time.  It’s a good thing it was only orange flavored birch bark because nobody took me to the doctor and if it had been AMPHETAMINE GUMMY BEARS I could have died!
Willie Wonka breaking bad.

12:31 pm

I’m making hollandaise sauce for my sons when they come in from lying in the sun.


From 12/30/14


My dad squats over the crucible of self-awareness with the weight of past indulgence encouraging his emotional digestive tract.  He’s knees be a’quiver.  It’s shit or get off the pot.  (He always told me that one.)  I got flushed and I’m back to tell the tale.  His turn.  “Can we pray for dead people, God?  I know the Bible says they pray for us,  so maybe the Catholics are right?  What in the WORLD could a dead person need that my prayers could ameliorate?  Please release my dad from purgatory and walk him into life.  Amen.  If that’s OK.”




4:20 pm


Isaac is reading this book aloud, about how to be a worthwhile man.  I’m glad he’s studying. Heaven knows he’s had masculine role-models with differing opinions.  There’s a difference between nippy and bitter, but it’s still very cold. When Isaac and I are on the same page we’ll be a formidable team.  I only just realized I stopped defending myself when he left.  I haven’t picked it back up since he’s been here, very much.  I yam what I yam and for that I’m grateful.  A lesser yam couldn’t have done what I’ve done.  “Thank you Lord, for causing me to 1) survive torture, 2) record torture, 3) have enough stamina to stand-down my dad or any other aging pervert who refuses your “enhanced interrogation.  Amen.”

SAME DAY, 2014

As a formerly Baptist woman I intentionally embraced the relinquishment of my personal power.  I fought (you gotta believe, for me it was battle…) to submit to my men.  I thought this was OWED to THEM.  I was mistaken; all submission is OWED only to God, and by submitting to often-psychopathic behaviors, I was feeding the beast.  I wasn’t nourishing my men’s better angels, I was rewarding selfish manipulation.  I was casting pearls before swine.  Maybe God didn’t make a mistake when he gave brains to women.  Maybe that’s why he gave men two heads: their brains would rattle around too much in the big one.

How can there even be a 104 year-old neuroscientist?   For all physical purposes, I remain in the world my dad established for me, the world where nobody cares what I think.  Some people at sundry times have asked and/or paid me to do some of their thinking for them.  What’s a girl to do?  I recognize that my life is not my own, and God will use it as he sees fit.  He’s seen fit to demonstrate to me that he is always right.  He’ll be right about my life too. But, I’m really bored and lonely.  Also I’m disappointed in my compatriots; doesn’t anybody want an adventure? This is the final battle between good and evil and we get to choose our own country.  Also, I shouldn’t be adjudicating my own work-product.  I want somebody to argue with.


I was trying to think of a non-pejorative linguistic, a female-archetype for spiritual growth and/or positive aging. No smart woman is a good woman it seems, at least not in English.  Witch.  Crone.  There also is no language of archetypal female aspirations, no “hard-ons” no “limp dicks.”  No recognition of any universal influence of females, by passion or principle.  Expectations monitor female behavior, within various sub-groups.  Peer-pressure, criticism, one-ups-man-ship…yet no female-specific vernacular of the experience.  I’m tired of thinking about my Dad and the on-going effects of his lies and cowardice.  I hope God lets me free to think about some other things pretty soon.  I’d like to study languages.  I’d like to study the brain-scans taken while I was praying in tongues.  Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?  Maybe my dad knows where they are.

Were we ever middle class?  It seemed so, for a couple years between milk goats and politics.  We thought, for an instant, about “getting ahead” rather than “playing catch-up.”  We couldn’t afford this house and I told my dad so, at the time and ever since.


I have a friend who became a Christian because she felt sorry for Jesus.  Maybe someday I’ll be a feminist after all.





word for virtue means manliness strength or loyalty to the tribe while attacking or defending against enemies of Rome.      latin  virtus      vir=man   virile?

“There aren’t even power-words for woman to experience.  Chief, boss, jefe. Isaac understood my argument. He says being a man is being a gang-member.  (I’m pretty sure he said gang, and not mob.)  He is reading a book, a new one, not one of the musty volumes he prefers.  He says it’s premature to call a man courageous, until he’s faced enemies of his tribe.  (I might venture that more courage is required intra-tribaly.)   He wants to “give something back to the word”:  Courageous.  The Latin word for virtue means manliness.  Strength and loyalty to the tribe.  I have never been with a man who mobbed with even a single beer-buddy so it’s kind of hard to picture men sharing responsibility for the welfare of the many.  I expect I will soon see it.



Game-ness.  Men swagger.  Most men have been entirely untested their entire lives.  Most of these men would have been taken out, in earlier times.  Game-ness is a dogfighting term.  In humans it is used more subversively, but it manifests a willingness to fight.  Women do not normally present game-ness unless they’ve had an armed man behind them.  Except those few women who earned their confidence and don’t impersonate a gamer.



George just hollered:  “Cheeseheads of the world, unite!”  I don’t know where this stuff comes from.




Teenage boy arrested under “terrorism” for Tweeting


Teenage boy arrested under ‘terrorism’ for Tweeting


How about we just outlaw advertising our terrorist attacks on Twitter?  If it’s illegal, then we’ll know that if anybody schedules his attack on Twitter it’s not real because he’s breaking the law in the first place.  Something is more comfortable about a Twitter we KNOW cannot be trusted, over a Twitter trying really hard to be trusted despite the fact  that we KNOW Twitter cannot be trusted.  And can be hacked.


I can’t get alone.  My men are  everywhere.  George has seven days off and with the four of us in the house for a week I don’t know what to expect.  It’s a great time to be me.  I saw tiny sparkles in the air.  I kept the faith during torture!  (I never thought I could do that; that’s why I got a tattoo of “Jesus.”  I thought I’d deny him for sure so I prayed a lot that he wouldn’t permit that.)   I watched my sons and ex-husband lose faith because they couldn’t believe “God” would do those things to us.  He allowed them to happen to show his glory!  I’m thinking I’ll have a convert any day now.

“All safe and blessed, we shall meet at last.” (Sibelius)


10:20 am

I took Connie outdoors to greet the day’s first chemtrail fluffering against the blue-blue sky.
Then I picked three four-leaf clovers.  
And then I remembered how TOM CASPERSON approached my DAD immediately after I announced I was running for Congress.  
The issue of ELECTION-TAMPERING is so pertinent that US CITIZENS have even approached the UN for help in establishing fair elections.  (Oxymoron, that.)  God told me that if I loved the first district of Michigan enough…He would reveal the corruption.  I can HARDLY WAIT!  MUCH LOVE BRETHREN AND LOWER-PENINSULA PEOPLE TOO!  We will have the finest most dependable pure state in the country.  I even love my enemies.  (Actually I just let Jesus do it with my person.)
“I’M SAILING!!!  I’m really sailing.  I just let the boat do all the work.  That’s my secret.”  (Bill Murray.  ‘What About Bob’?)
Demons are real.  Everybody knows that.  Down deep.
Video by Trey Smith

Anyone notice the Rainbow Heart at the top of the YouTube.com page?

See more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/anyone-notice-the-rainbow-heart-at-the-top-of-the-youtube-com-page/

I Don’t Have to LEAVE!!
(Steve Martin on Johnny Carson)

Breaking– The MEDIA Is Bringing About Legalized pedophilia


Gangstalking down unda- electronic harassment

I saw the same screen this morning and I ALSO DID THINK for a while I was being jerked around.
Poor guy.   Youtube was down, I red.
THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE…the PARANOIA that comes from continual CYBER-STALKING makes every flaky computer-issue be interpreted as a personal attack!  
(Unless you develop full-blown Stockholm Syndrome.)

Oh, this is just great; they uncovered the body of NIMROD.  Makes sense, considering the lateness of the hour.
10:14 am

9:13 am


I Don’t Have to LEAVE!!

(But I can if I want to.)

(I hope my LANDLORDS-slash-sons  see this; it’s familiar.)

(They don’t hold my hand like Johnny Carson though.)


8:46 am


Judge with ‘blood on her hands:

Tragic Ellie given back to father AFTER court told she was in danger.

One year later, he killed her 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3600545/Family-court-judge-returned-Ellie-killer-father-despite-knowing-dishonest-violent.html#ixzz4CJO0FHPU
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Orlando Changes Everything
By Brother Nathanael Kapner  June 16, 2016 ©

WE’RE ALL A BUNCH of suckers now, and getting sucker punched by politicians itching to be president stings the unsuspecting.

Mourn for LGBTs today and tomorrow they’ll gag your mouth with their hate s##t.

They just stuffed their gag into the mouth of a Catholic priest in Spain who gave a homily denouncing homosexual sin, and now the virtuous priest has to defend himself in court vis-a-vis an LGBT lawsuit.

We can turn the other cheek and pretend it’s sympathy for the dead rather than the devil.

But boxers who lead with a left jab follow with a knockout punch.

If Christians don’t feel the left jab now, they’ll reel from the knockout punch tomorrow.

Trump has hitched his pitch to the homo bandwagon announcing his “solidarity” with the LGBT community and declaring that Orlando “strikes at the soul of who we are as a nation, and is an assault on the ability of people to love who they want and express their identity.”

The queers and perverts have a whole new champion in Donald Trump. (Not to mention that the Orlando carnage was apparently neither a “terrorist” act nor a “hate crime” but a ‘gay-motivated’ crime since the killer was a known homosexual.

Read more at:   http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1125
“Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.”
This video is VERY interesting.
I’ve been (trying) learning not to judge things, my appearance, even clovers.
Four-leaf clovers are mutants, after all, and they’re seldom symmetrical and whole.
When I find a shapely one I’m more pleased.
Are they really any luckier?

People (Over) Rating Themselves

Alert:  it’s a bit disturbing if you’re empathetic at all.


Mark Zuckerfuck covers his Mac’s camera and audio jack with tape!

I’m loving the assonance but it sounds like ‘truth or dare’
How does one zuck?
(With an ultimatum that could be important to know.)

After posting the photo online, several Internet users spotted and pointed out the tape covering his camera and audio jack on his Macbook at his desk.

It’s rumored that skilled hackers are able to take over the front facing cameras on laptops when they’re not covered up.


(I don’t even think one must be appreciably ‘skilled’.)

Hacked Twitter Account, Plans for Martial Law, Create Chaos, To Stop the ELECTIONS!

I love listening to Dahboo.  His videos are short and simple and his tone is always urgent.

Sly and the Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime – 1969

Gotta love a guy who can sing so butch wearing a satin bolero.
Survivors of the summer of love.

Did you know his band was his family?


(Dec 12, 2015 – Why Sly Stone still can’t collect royalties from his classic songs. … A judge has handed a legal setback to Sylvester “Sly” Stone, ruling that he won’t be able to collect $5 million in royalties because he previously had assigned those royalties to a production company.)
(Prince was WAY-smarter with his portfolio.  But of course, he’s dead.)
Mungo’s got Sly Stone’s sideburns!  
And his ‘summer’ schtick.
In the Summertime.
Mungo Jerry.

“Diplomats” Urge War

-51 State Dept Officials Call For US-Led War

Against Syrian Govt and Its Russian Ally

-Ron Paul

Child cruelty and neglect cases up 75%: More than 8,500 offences were reported to officers in 2014-15 compared with 4,800 in 2005-06

  • Parents or carers reported in connection with 8,506 offences in 2014-15
  • Adults contacted authorities with fears about children who were beaten
  • Others reported parents who were drunk or leaving children on their own

(I wonder if the number grew because more people are turning to the government about long-standing issues?  Child neglect was de rigueur when I was a kid.)


7:44 am

I bought an address book. I haven’t taken time to transfer my phone numbers into the book but that’s my plan. I think I will not have a phone anymore. I spilled coffee on my old one in the car when Josh and I went to pick up Isaac from the airport when he went to Costa Rica and everything turned blue. George bought a new one for me but I can’t turn it on. He transferred the numbers and pictures; there are about a dozen. He always replaces electronics; he’s been forcing them on me for years and I suppose it’s a good thing because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to document the revolution as I have but I do not think they’re healthy and I expect a very different life than what they promote. Also, they could become useless any day.

I’d really like to get my broken tooth fixed instead of seeing new printers and Sirius radios and phones and flat-screen TV’s and electric motors and weights of various styles and sizes and trailer hitches with no trailer … He’s a shopping fool lately. His belongings always billow out of the bedroom into the foyer and when the exercise equipment took over the living room I forced myself to stop looking at it. Now it’s seeping out onto the deck. I’ve only seen him use his 36” plastic balls one at a time. He has four. They’re stored on the couch. It seems out of control to me. I pray he’ll be well.

He doesn’t have any legal obligation to help me get my tooth fixed but he’s a decent guy so maybe he will anyway. He’s got lots of money to throw around. He even bought silver for his retirement. My years of service are not considered because I was raped and he did not believe me. At least we’re not in Asia; he might have thrown acid in my face. That would hurt more than a broken tooth.

7:05 am

IRS Just Admitted it Stole Millions From Innocent People — Here’s the Catch: They’re Giving it Back

By Justin Gardner

“It’s the stuff of libertarian dreams. The IRS admits that it wrongfully took money from innocent citizens, and it gives the money back.”

“This is actually happening to victims of a little-known form of civil asset forfeiture carried out by the IRS on the premise of “structuring” violations. In case you didn’t know, depositing or withdrawing just under $10,000 from your bank account multiple times is viewed as suspicious and possibly criminal activity…”


Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4CFJgsbut

Jun 21 10:19

Very Curious Craigslist Ad:

Arabic and Dari Role Players needed

to engage in military training scenarios

at McGuire AFB

“We are a language and cultural training company and we provide language Instructors and Role Players to participate in military training scenarios at McGuire AFB.”

Part-time job, usually one day per month on a Friday
Pays $24 per hour
No special skills needed, but MUST be a native speaker of Arabic, Dari or Pashto and be from the Middle East. Preferably Afghanistan or Iraq.
Basic English communication skills, including speaking and some reading
Must be able to email and be reachable by cell phone
Must have reliable transporation (sic) and be dependable

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4CFK84hH4

An incubus is a Lilindemon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon women in order to engage in sexual activitywith them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. Salacious tales of incubi and succubi have been told for many centuries in traditional societies, andGenesis 6:4 is a passage used to support the credibility of such stories. Some traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, or even death.[1]  Wikipedia

‘Those who will be destroyed for the most part will not be human with a soul, rather they will be synthetic soldiers, not of God’s origin, rather manufactured, just like dolls except with technology that is far superior and ties into the human make-up.”
“These will be inhabited by demons.  You see there is so much you do not understand about the early days of the Old Testament, when the order was given to destroy men, women and children.  The demonic infestation in even what looked like an innocent child was horrendous.  Even the animals were polluted and impure.”
“When you trace back the truly evil ones in history, you will find somewhere in there lineage, those who mated with demons.”

6:42 am

In the interview below, when asked by the host of The Financial Argument what he fears -most, Dr. Willie gives a rather alarming response.

He says, I fear the U.S. government and their murder squads,  I fear being gunned down or run over by a black SUV, or I fear being poisoned by my government like Catherine Austin Fitts was, at a recent event with a certain FBI official, who was trying to go public with certain information…”

See more here:   http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2016/06/dr-jim-willie-i-fear-the-u-s-government-murder-squad-or-being-poisoned-by-my-government-2817091.html


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