6:42 pm

You know what I like about Fukushima?  It puts things in perspective.  Priorities just stop complaining and take a number when the world is being CONTINUALLY, IRREPRESSIBLY irradiated by sources both intentional and obtuse.  If we still have TV pretty soon, they’ll do a daily tally, like when I was a little kid and every day the TV told me how many Viet Kong ‘we’ killed that day,  and how many of our own ‘boys’ died for us.  The ‘Kill Count’.  This one will be called the ‘Cancer Count’ and it will be history’s first international information series that makes it to number 1 on the Nelson Ratings.  (I didn’t know Prince’s last name was Nelson.  I figured Prince was a stage name.  What right-minded woman would name her son Prince?  Only somebody who saw something great in him.)  They’ll know how HAARP technology will provide equitable disbursement of the radiation and additional secret ingredients, animal, vegetable, mineral, vril, spirit, etc.  Probably have to figure out how much California already got , and how long it takes to float radioactive nano-bots around the world to China backwards so China can start getting their fair share.
The Apocalypse Show will thrill all viewers  “EXPERIENCERS” with graphics provided DIRECTLY INTO  BRAINS BY SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY; we’ll dance to their involuntary-behavior-mix-tape with corresponding emotional responses.  They’ll sell death to us, one last time.  The Cancer Count will begin by demonstrating the thyroid abnormalities which will increase first;  then true cancers will develop.  (BTW, last week the definition of thyroid cancer was amended:  Far fewer cancers.)  We’ll color-code the globe so we can visually observe extinction approaching.  Coming soon, to your neighborhood, as the colors change.  There’ll be a snappy segment with a female Generation4 clone, 34DD, I think.  She’ll describe vulnerability indices,  and age groups and genders and how they’ve all been affected and do we fear purple?  Or do we fear as high as indigo?  The show will run a single season but it’ll make broadcast history.  We’ll keep ’em on the edge of their seats;  and we’ll scare them right out of their dignity.  We’ll turn down the lights and we’ll raise the curtain and we’ll fleece them one last time.  Then, the robots inherit the earth.

4:36 pm

How to identify a narcissist gang stalking organizer: the narcissism test

Gangstalking and narcissistic abuse are essentially identical.
 Gangstalking targets MUST understand narcissistic abuse.
 “No difference, from the target’s perspective.”
“The effects of the abuse ON YOU will be totally irrelevant to the narcissist.  They will absolutely, utterly and completely destroy your life…one little bit at a time…until you are absolutely homeless and even suicide.  They will NOT CARE.

2:42 pm

The days are going really fast now.

The more you learn,  the less you KNOW that others you thought knew everything actually do know, especially of what they should be expected to know.  Science and math are pretty much finished; we won’t need to figure anything out, so what’s the point?  Except to those for whom science and math are personally nurturing I mean; I understand they sometimes are.  Words and music and dance and personal expression in new ways are now the media we value and trust.  Everybody will create.  It’s gonna be the best thing ever.  But not for those who do not love Truth.
I guess those are all necessary functions of learning how little our esteemed leaders and lovers actually know.   I got into the hot tub early this morning and scalded myself.  Nice to be out of the hot water.   I set there for a few minutes thinking I’d get used to the pain but it didn’t go away.  Kinda like microwave weapons,  but anyway somehow the temperature rose like twenty degrees overnight.  I took a coffee break on the deck and was surprised by big black shadows flashing all over the ceiling and walls.  I see lots of big birds fly over but they’re never low enough that their shadows startle me so I got up and ran to the lawn. Two enormous eagles, either juvenile or a different species, were circling the house!  They flew so low that Connie even ran after one although it was larger than she.  Then she chased it when it flew a different direction, they were here a long time. These eagles circled and circled, back and forth and even dropped low just in front of me as if to show off.  It looked like they were laughing.  They say dogs don’t look up.  This was a VERY BLESSED SPIRITUAL experience and I’m grateful.