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Chicago illegally shortened their yellow lights by .1 second, which increased their ticket revenue $8 million over 6 months

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz480ajBoJC

NASA heliophysicist admits “chemtrails” are real,

Lithium being sprayed on populace

“NASA now saying that they are spraying the population with a “mood-stabilizing drug” via chemtrails, as a test”


(OK.  Now I feel better.  I’m not the only one being force-drugged.)

Targeted Individuals: Testimony of current government covert torture and control experiments

“I was hit with radiation pulses from covert weaponry within two weeks. Since November 2013, I have been, and continue to be the subject of continuous, 24/7 covert assault with Directed-Energy so-called “Non-Lethal” microwave/scalar/sonic weapons …”
You know, when you think about it, if I WASN’T TORTURED ELECTRONICALLY, as my sons believe,
isn’t it an amazing coincidence that my made-up story (published in 2011) turned out to be EXACTLY THE SAME AS ALL THE OTHER TIs’?  Don’t you think so?

4:40 pm

I can pray!  I am free to pray and I can hear.  This has been terrible.  More later.
7:27 am
A young friend is home after working in Florida for the winter.  When he was a teenager he had an interlude with a younger teenager.  He went to jail, because she was ‘below the age of consent’.  He shared a cell with another vile criminal who had ‘abused’ the VERY SAME ‘victim’.
 Coincidence, eh?  These problems won’t happen when remote neural monitoring is checking up on all the verdicts.  We will know if the charming trollop is behaving differently, now that she’s gotten her justice.  But, maybe she had a birthday yesterday so she’s no longer in DANGER.
No matter, my friend is a sex offender so when he returned to Michigan he presented himself to update the Sex Offender Registry so none of us would be in danger.   If he worked for a powerful group, like a church organization, then he’d have somebody to keep him out of trouble.  Just like the ABWE.  They keep rapists out of jail and let the girls SUFFER.  Baptists do that a lot.
At the sheriff’s office, my friend was asked for all of his contact information:  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…etc.  Then he was asked for his passwords.  He refused to divulge them and was nearly locked up again.  I don’t remember all the details of the encounter but the deputy didn’t even record the account  information, thereby retaining the appearance that the boy hadn’t even provided them.  I’d like to vomit on some people.  Usually I’ve only done it on friends and loved ones and that’s always accidental.
I’m ready to know how many thousands of hours I may have spent praying to a satellite instead of Jesus.  
This is a thing all spiritual beings will eventually know.  But, ALSO, this is a thing that many eavesdroppers already know.  The technology to reed thoughts and even memories is NOT RARE.  It’s not even unusual.  Mind
reading/influencing equipment is EVERYWHERE,
and even memory sucking/tampering  machines are no less unique than a Cadillac in your rear-view window.  We don’t think we see all that many because of all the cheap-ass Chevys and Toyotas which are ALSO clogging up the exit ramp and we’d REALLY LOVE TO PULL OVER.
 So, we stay in the lane and try to ignore the other cars without actually seeing them.  We know we won’t be hit.  Yeah.  But, the brain has no firewall and the 
guys are driving a titanium-hulled Bentley with a cow catcher.    At that point, it no longer matters what make of car you drive.  Even your physical body  becomes irrelevant, no?  And just when (I’m beginning to like mine. )   Traffic will slow as they scrape the asphalt.   All the other cars will honk and curse at the delay.  But, life goes on, no?  No?
(I can’t believe I believed my family was smart.)
When do I get to see my God and show him off to all those people listening to me pray?  God heard my prayers and my heart even if I was responding to messages of silicon and methane.  I can’t wait for the Baptists to meet Him.  “Lord, please claim me?”  “Soon.”  “You’re never late.”  “Prove it.”  “Sorry if that sounded snotty but you know what I mean.”  “SYS.”
Sunday School was so full of crap:  “satan can’t reed your thoughts”.  Hah.

“EXPLODING RIVERS & LAKES” Worldwide – Flames From Methane Coming From Nearby Fracking Sites

Hibernating Red-Haired Giants Awakened –

Anunnaki Nephilim in Stasis Chambers – 2015

I haven’t even gotten around to studying the HISTORY of the giants on Earth and
 I hope the EMP holds back long enough for me to learn all I’ll need to know before we lose the internet.
Wait.  No, I guess it doesn’t matter.  When I hear the Spirit in my own spirit, I’ll know everything I need to know.  “Blow, Gabriel Blow.”
Short video of a person found in ‘stasis’ storage.  Not a giant.  Just like the movies.  Kurdistan region of Iran, 2008.
I heard about that one in the cave in Afghanistan a few years ago but I didn’t even think about it possibly being reality.
Random comments, I like the term “binge-learning”:
Am I the only one here (awake), to whatever degree that I am; that wants soooooo much more right now. Most info here envokes that feeling in me. It’s kind of like movies. I want part 2 and 3 (to binge learn so to speak). I can’t say my head wont explode, but someone somewhere has a way to know my limit. Give me my limits worth. For some reason I’ve been feeling like I need to say this also… If everything you say isn’t the absolute truth, as I wan’t to be an intrical part in the awaking; I will be much more than that in opposition of you if this is the “cabal’s misinformation”. #yearning #letmein
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Karen Thompson

Oh, yes, many have the feelings you describe. However, if you think of how much we know compared to say, the next door neighbor, that in itself is quite astounding. I just keep digging, dicerning, and doing.
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Traci Wilson ·

Yes! I’m like a sponge, trying to learn everything I can! Trying to figure out what’s real and what’s disinfo. I think I’m making my family crazy…I can’t stop talking about it and it’s all a bit scary for them but I don’t feel any fear around it! I want to know my role (it “feels” big!) and I want to be involved. I want to meet my family, I’m always looking for signs (and I’ve had some big ones!). I totally feel you.
12:06 pm
I  had some more visions about the glass dome over the UP.  First I saw a huge double-bladed ax fall onto it and crack a big hole in it between Escanaba and Marquette.  (I was surprised there was much glass intact after seeing all those different tools breaking it up the other day.)  Anyway, from the hole started to seep some puss.  Then some pressure built up beneath the puss and through the center came a big-green-chunky-part.  Then more puss until it was all a sickening green mass that rolled over the coast into Lake Michigan and kept pumping filth all the way to Chicago and beyond until the Gulf of Mexico was the green of a surgeon’s gown.   Really yucky.  Isn’t that ‘anti-blood’ green?

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Arthur Conan Doyle

I understand why my sons wish for me to be unhinged.   If I am not unstable, they  have to DEAL WITH MY CLAIMS.  Tough spot.  I’m happy though.  I broke off a ‘spirit of unhappiness’ and forgave my son for cursing me with it.  Great day.   (“Mom, you’re the saddest I’ve ever seen you…”  Just crap like that.  Vote NO on flying monkeys!)
Innocent blood ‘cries out from the ground’. Blood has a signal, a frequency.   Everybody’s blood is different DNA and even the government can identify us that way.   Lesserly-mortal beings can identify us many additional ways.    “Fi-fi-fo-fum”:  I’ve been hearing that in the Spirit for two days.  Steve Quayle says the giants were cannibals with very few exceptions.
This is NOT hunger games.   This is not Reevers, from the edge of space where serenity never goes.   This is VERY MUCH worse.    This is Individual hunters for specific people.  Kinda like those guns, with bullets that never miss and never give up, only this way is bloodier and a lot more personal.  They’d like to weaponize the giants but I suspect those guys would rather run things themselves.  I don’t figure even a Rothschild has a better chance than any other man.  Unless he gets some of that giant DNA.  Then a guy with a few bucks could build an AWESOME defense weapon.  Or any other kind he wanted.
George is hooking up wires for the new trailer-hitch  on his car.  I made a pumpkin pie because he asked for it, and I’ve been baking bran muffins a lot because he’s cutting down on carbs.  I roasted some really nice Poblano chiles and peeled them but I don’t think I’ll make chiles rellenos until tomorrow.  We have leftover Chinese that George brought home yesterday and I’m augmenting it with some curry from leftover meat.  Last night George brought Hunan chicken, sweet/spicy, with broccoli, General’s chicken, sweet/spicy, with broccoli, and lo mein with different kinds of meat, heavy on the chicken.  As he ate his lo mein he commented that it would be better with broccoli.  I glanced at the boxes and tubs on the table and said, “You got two dishes right here with broccoli.  You got two different things with broccoli.”   He said, “Yeah, I wanted to mix it up.”   Living on the edge.  After all these years together, it’s amazing either of us is still sane.
I’ve been watching a lot of Indian cooking videos.  I like the ones in English best, with a heavy accent.  Street food, village food I could never accomplish because I could never squat that long, a chubby guy in a really nice kitchen; he looks like he’s twelve.  Shiny cheeks.  Egg-free baking among other things.  I’m learning a lot.  I should be studying I suppose but I just feel so free.  I went in the hot tub for a long time and even considered a swim.  Freeing Isaac has been really good for me.  He sent an email but I didn’t reed it.  He’s tried to call several times today but I couldn’t get to the phone.  I hope he’s well and I love him lots.  I can feel myself becoming myself and it’s about time.  Myself feels good.
Isn’t God great?  Look what he did for my mom:  He provided her a way to atone and prove her repentance for letting me be sexually abused by  Nana and others for my entire childhood–without intervening or providing solace.  Hard to imagine; here we are again:  same child, same offense.   Once again, my mom could help establish security and justice for a victim of sexual assault about which she has specific knowledge.  He is a very good god.  He’s God.  And He tests us a lot.  And when we pass, the world becomes better.  Like this time, when my mom helps me, it will help millions of victims of assaults far more intrusive and destructive than rape.  



7:04 pm


Indian widows colorfully break a 400-year-old taboo to celebrate the festival of Holi

Orthodox Hinduism demands that women renounce earthly pleasures after the death of their husbands and live out their days in worship. These women often are ostracised by the society and considered cursed. Typically, Holi—like most other festivals and auspicious ceremonies—is forbidden for Hindu widows, as it is believed that their involvement would bring bad luck for others. Widows are expected to dress only in white, and to stay away from the festival of colours.
“Times have changed for the good. People no longer look at us as a curse. When I see these young children having no inhibitions in sharing their joys with women like me, I feel very happy,” Rasia, who lost her husband at the age of 17 and is now 65, told The Times of India during the Holi celebrations in Vrindavan.”
Read more here:

What Happened Next

 It turns out that empathy doesn’t reserve its virtues for humans: rats, pigs, and primates reactempathically to another rat’s or pig’s or primate’s pain.  A monkey pulls a chain, it gets food but a nearby monkey get shocked; the first monkey, even if it’s hungry, refuses to pull the chain again. 
So I’ll tell you the positive effect and you know it already: empathy is pain’s best antidote.  It is, says Robert Burton in his astonishing Anatomy of  Melancholy, “as fire in Winter, shade in Summer, as sleep on the grass to them that are weary, meat and drink to him that is hungry or athirst.”  The pain doesn’t go away; but somehow or other, empathy gives the pain meaning and pain-with-meaning is bearable.  I don’t actually know how to say what the effect of empathy is, I can only say what it’s like.  Like magic.
Read here:   

Watch What Happens When Monkeys Get Different Rewards for Doing the Same Task

The Road to Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

All targets after having been abused and blamed for our abuse by the narcissist, have the leftover feelings of being ashamed and worthless. We wonder if we are the true narcissist as they told us so many times we were. We fear being selfish and careless, so we tip toe around taking good care of ourselves for fear that we are the ones that have NPD.


To counter these unrealistic fears, we must focus on knowing and loving ourselves authentically. Loving ourselves is not lip service love. It’s action oriented, it’s compassionate and it puts ourselves first sometimes because we deserve it. We become so afraid of saying we’re worth it, because we saw this statement on steroids in the narcissist’s disorder. We saw someone who was entitled and grandiose hurting others and we don’t want to be that person. We do not have to fear becoming the narcissist simply because we show genuine self love, care and put our wants and needs ahead of others.


It’s a tough reality to accept that we didn’t escape this abuse without substantial trauma. Add to this, the fact that our abusers escaped punishment and consequences and we’re left to deal with it as we watch them move on to the next victim without any consideration of the consequences of their actions. We must come to grips with the result of ongoing abuse: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We suffer through nightmares, crying spells, startle response, managing triggers, readjusting our worldviews, dealing with lack of hope and safety, looking over our shoulders, waiting for our predators to return and make good on their promises to do us in, the anger, the feeling of a shortened future, the list of symptoms goes on and on with PTSD. 

See more at:

3:22 pm

An Israeli man has petitioned a court for a restraining order against God because He hasn’t been too nice to him lately.

Where is God going to find a lawyer?!?

‘Sonic Nauseator’ ~ Electronic Harassment  (Retail catalogs listing them!)

(I threw up EVERY DAY FOR TWO YEARS!!!  It just stopped spontaneously in February, 2011 when Isaac prayed for me.  It’s in my first book.  I also recorded that it spontaneously stopped in a couple dozens of my messages begging my parents to help us.  And messages since.)  

the scum target innocent children too


+Spring James Animals as well. 😦


+Spring James  Innocent children my ass in my case.  I was more than 50 feet away from 3 brats being annoying across the street when I decided to try my High Pressure Acoustic Device by Shomer-Tec.  And it worked beautiful because all 3 of them started complaining, cursing and trying to get me to turn it off.  And I said I would when they stop annoying me.
I wonder how many warriors God has hidden all around me.  I’ll love learning who they are and getting to know them.   Elijah thought he was the only devoted prophet and God had to tell him there were thousands of others who had not bowed a knee to Baal.  Every single generation since Adam has struggled against satan.  UNTIL NOW!  Pretty soon we’re all gonna stand up like that enormous Japanese guy in the WWII pictures.  He must have been TWELVE FEET TALL and he was walking in a parade with all the regular Japanese people.  I wonder why we’ve never seen that footage before; it’s ASTONISHING.  God’s champions have been hidden. This is going to be the most incredible thing humanity has ever seen.  All Heaven is holding its breath because everybody has waited generations for the Bride of Christ to realize who she is.   Now that she’s wearing that ring on her finger, she’s no longer hesitant; she’s bold and cheeky.  She’s astonished at the strength she gains from knowing absolute acceptance and approval.  This is going to be wonderful and tragic.  At least I won’t be bored anymore.

Giant Japanese warrior – Nephilim, just like Goliath in the Bible.

WWII  film, and the guy’s MASSIVE.



Police are ‘secretly’ using priests, social workers and doctors to spy on us. 

SRC members, must sign confidentiality agreements, and can’t consult outside experts on treatment plans. Police are using “secret non-disclosure agreements” to spy on our cell phones and now this. Having ministers and doctors sign ‘secret’ agreements to spy on us, is this some sort of sick, perverted joke? 

But wait, it gets worse.

Law enforcement is also allowed to pose as clergy, social workers etc.

Read more at:

2:24 pm

‘Sonic Nauseator’ ~ Electronic Harassment  (Retail catalogs listing them!)

(I threw up EVERY DAY FOR TWO YEARS!!!  It just stopped spontaneously in February, 2011 when Isaac prayed for me.  It’s in my first book.  I also recorded that it spontaneously stopped in a couple dozens of my messages begging my parents to help us.  And messages since.)  

the scum target innocent children too


+Spring James Animals as well. 😦


+Spring James  Innocent children my ass in my case.  I was more than 50 feet away from 3 brats being annoying across the street when I decided to try my High Pressure Acoustic Device by Shomer-Tec.  And it worked beautiful because all 3 of them started complaining, cursing and trying to get me to turn it off.  And I said I would when they stop annoying me.

8:41 am

I can see that I need to set Isaac free;  I hope I do it right.  He is not responsible for his brother and dad and me, but I can see how our history makes him feel that way.  He still hasn’t spoken to me after hanging up on me when I refused to go to the ‘clinic’. (Sedona, Arizona has a VERY HEAVY occultic Catholic presence.  I wouldn’t want to be there anyway.  I mean unless God sent me there.)
The Truth is whatwith we are freed.  Truth can’t be passed around like sharing your lunch.  Truth is an ACTIVE PRESENCE within, and unless somebody has had a personal encounter with Him, they aren’t going to get it.  (But it’s not a waste to speak Truth because that plants seeds in others’ lives and God can use them whenever He wants.)  
Our point of conflict is my assertion that my dad has tried to destroy me.  So, Isaac is trying AGAIN to remove me from the house.  He couldn’t make that threat…if not for my father’s preparations to destroy me.  He’s got to get his head around this.
In what way could it be helpful to take a couple’s home?
What if the house is a family’s entire net worth, what if they had a terrible emergency?
Give a huge house to teenagers?   How could they pay the taxes?  What would happen if the taxes were not paid?
Teenagers are KNOWN TO ALWAYS OPPOSE THEIR PARENTS.  George and I have been VERY GRATEFUL for Isaac and Josh.
But, seeing as how  grandpa always sees the glass as half-empty and leaking at the bottom, do you suppose he might have considered that our children might have opposed our wishes for our home and our family? 
How could that have helped our marriage?  How could that have helped our parent-child relationships?  
How could it have helped…anything at all?
Dear Isaac,
You are serving as a flying monkey to a manipulative psychopath who gets off on playing BFF with young men so they become corrupted and ignore LIES AND THIEVERY AND TREACHERY.  That is his SPORT.  I’m the puck.  GET IT YET?
 If his esteemed young men do not question his deceit, they eventually go to hell, having chosen to reject Truth.  (There exists even a New Age Hell.  They just don’t like to talk about it because they’re LIVING IN IT and they have to keep pretending they are peaceful and focused in order to keep manifesting it.  Did I get that right?)  
I’m emancipating you.  Go for it.  Trust God with your family.  
Love, Mom
“Dear Lord, I do with my whole heart release Isaac from any responsibility for me and from all false-responsibility feelings.  I free him from condemnation and I remit his sins against me.  He’s been glued to my hip for years Lord; please give him great blessing and my gratitude…and free him?  Please free him from resentment against me because of his unusual childhood and what he believes are my indiscretions.  Please let us share an equal-adult relationship and destroy all the baggage from years past and all the torture we suffered.  I want him to trust and believe me, but I also free him from that.  I want him to love me but I free him from that desire too.  His life is not about me and I give him the joy of a new start.  I bless him with confidence and loads of fresh ideas.  I bless him with much contemplation of truth, and evaluation of all persons’ motives.  If it’s not too much trouble Lord, I’d like you to lay on him the notion that when his Grandpa asked us to sign away our home and entire net worth…his dad and I both did so willingly.  I guess you gave us some practice at giving away houses, right?  I love you Jesus and I know that when this is all settled, we will see your hand on every day of the past painful years and we will rejoice.  People will be set free.  In the name of Jesus, I start with Isaac.  Did I do OK?  Amen.”
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

“Medical Errors”: Going to the Hospital Ranks As Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S. (Updated)

Unfortunately, there’s no reason to believe that these numbers will fall in the near future. Between the proliferation of socialized medicine (which results in fewer doctors who are under more stress, and thus, make more mistakes), the rise of superbugs, and doctors who give out drugs like candy, someday soon going to the hospital may be just as hazardous for your health as it was before the 20th century.