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Somebody who knows a lot of people said that Putin is just about the most evil person he knows.  That’s worth thinking about.
AND WHAT ABOUT THIS GUY?  Do we believe this guy?  He’s got a sense of style, n’est-ce pas?  
Who do we believe?  I think the last guy I was really serious with was Aaron Russo and they killed him.
And no, I do not actually CARE who ‘THEY’ is because the term is very useful and no matter who ‘they’ is, they are going down.  I won’t need to identify them.  They carry their identification in their bloodline.
“Now is the Time to Put on Your True Identity”
Are you living under an identity that brings shame, distress, insecurity, self-hatred – anything short of amazing beauty? If so, then you are not living in His image or His design for your life.”
Believing lies will not only weaken a person but it will steal hope from them as well. It is common to see the lives of those who have taken on a false identity based on lies and accusation experiencing devastating attacks over and over. This creates a victim mentality, and they become tempted to accuse God of not being just or faithful to protect them.

From Generation to Generation

Can you imagine what happens when a person lives their entire life in an identity based on lies and shaming accusations? That person then has children and raises them in a false family identity.
When I first married my husband I often heard a member of his family make mention of “the Pelton Curse,”…

Occupy the Blessing of Your True Identity

When you come into the truth of who God created you to be through your identity as His son or daughter, it is important to begin living from that truth. When I began a journey of discovery, many years ago, that I was living a false identity fashioned from many shameful lies, I immediately began to take God at His word. God spoke to me about being deeply loved and pure of heart, and for the first time I stopped believing that all my actions were triggered by impure motives. (Photo by Jennifer Page “Redeemed” via elijahshopper.com)

When I broke agreement with that lying accusation, I began experiencing a changed heart and I could feel myself being immersed with His pure water that cleanses. As I agreed with the truth that I was deeply loved and not despised, I began to experience freedom from self-hatred and the love of God immersed me with tenderness and fiery passion that I had never dreamed possible.

(That’s my testimony.  Ahead of time.)

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President Eisenhower’s Great Granddaughter Speaks About His Meeting With Extraterrestrials

“[…] these deeper ET agendas that have been around for thousands of years. So when it presents itself to a world government, or to these power structures, you know, there’s been pieces put into place specifically on purpose in order to create this outer facade which we read in our history books that have nothing to do with the true history of what is actually going on…”   (Laura Eisenhower)
See more here:   
I had a vision yesterday, a couple times and I can still see it.  I have long seen a glass dome over the Upper Peninsula and part of the lower.  I first saw the dome years ago and it seemed to protect the region,  so It surprised me yesterday to see the dome intentionally shattered.   It was totally demolished by repeated blows.  I saw golf clubs hit it and baseball bats struck it and some weird native tool I didn’t recognize but it was really cool with rawhide and a short handle.  Not a blade, it was more like a mallet.  I saw rakes hit the dome and I thought they wouldn’t accomplish much but they shattered some glass pretty good. I was above the UP looking down as the dome fell apart.  I didn’t see what happened to the people inside.  I wonder what that all means?
I think this might be my favorite.  Other than those traditionalish gypsy wagons.  I’m thinking 8 x 20.  I’d like two axles.

Tiny House with Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals (Black Ops)

Mind Control Documentary: https://youtu.be/aOVu4miiwlY

The targeted individual reality is a very dark one. This is a very real happening on Earth right now. Black Ops relating to torture with advanced technology could be the biggest injustice going on in our world right now…. The groups behind the military’s and intelligence agencies have inherited a full evil agenda. They are not worthy of leading mankind. I hope this video can help some TIs out there that are looking for answers. I’m sure many of the gangstalked will reject what I say, but maybe someday they can reflect on things and see truth to my words…

My main website: http://www.omnisense.org
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ActivistEthos

The music that was made by me in this video can be found here: http://omnisense.bandcamp.com

The Illuminati & Gaslighting are the Same Thing-They Made the Movie

I keep waiting for my dad to show up; it won’t be long.  He drove by yesterday when I was outside playing with Connie.  You know how to tell when you’ve made progress toward healing from PTSD due to long-term narcissistic abuse?  Like when you see your abuser for the first time since the morning you were abducted to the psych ward which confrontation said abuser began to orchestrate in 2009 and lived to see?  You know how you know when his power is broken?  He drove by me and My heart didn’t skip a beat.  I didn’t hate myself for the clothes I wore or wonder if he thought I were working enough.  I didn’t hope he’d stop by and I didn’t then pray he wouldn’t.  This time when I saw the man who has undermined my life for decades and whose feet I literally washed in scented water?  You know what I did?
 Nothing.  I just looked away.  He even waved; I didn’t.   I don’t respect him enough to even hoist my hand.  I know what he is now.  He’ll be coming around pretty soon.  I’ll be kind.

8:27 am

I think this is the most extraordinary thing I’ve heard:

Dr. Steven Greer Announces “The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy”

“Our government has completely failed us on this and many other issues and is dysfunctional and corrupt.  Therefore it is incumbent on us, the people of the world, not just the United States, to come together to support this endeavor.”
“This is not an effort to ask anyone else to do it.  This is a campaign where we-the-people actually do it.”
(The government will have to counter this initiative but they can’t actively attack it so they will use it.  Maybe this ‘citizens’ initiative’ isn’t legit and just intended to flush out dissidents?   The enemy either initiated the initiative, or will attempt to co-op it, or will dilute it’s impact.   SO we will hear a number of different explanations of
strangetechnology/phenomenon.  We MUST DECIDE WHO TO BELIEVE.  We must decide while we still can.  This war is a SUPERNATURAL WAR and we must be led by the Spirit.  Then it will be fun.  We must learn to expect miracles.)
I just wrote last week that we’re being set up for revelations about the aliens and it’s starting already.  We will hear LOTS OF INCREDIBLE THINGS.  OMG, do we believe them or don’t we?  This is gonna be one of the last times where natural conscious humans may possibly FREELY choose their savior.  Time is ending.  People confuse that with the notion of the ‘end of the world’.  Time is just an overlay; we’re making a record; we’ve chosen to be here and we are the chosen to have arrived at this ‘time’.
Humanity however, is ending.  We will, all who remain, be manifest in new forms of either extreme depravation or utter light.  It’s going to be a sight to behold.  I can see it now.  
Personally, if I were an evil government wishing to hide my deeds,  when time had run out, I’d pull out all the stops.  What the hey; you can’t take those cases of toilet paper with you, you might as well TP somebody’s house.  If I KNEW that truth was dropping like mercy-bits all over the world, and I knew the guys with the pitchforks would soon know everything I never told them about aliens and everything else?  I’d pull a real showstopper.  I think this is a great time for Project Bluebeam or the Mecca Messiah or maybe unlock the cloneroom and fire everybody up at the same time.
THERE IS NO TELLING WHAT WE MIGHT SEE WHEN THE PSYCHOPATHS RUN FOR COVER BECAUSE THEY DON’T RUN LIKE THE REST OF US.  We recognize danger to OURSELVES OR OTHERS, and we try to get away from it.  When psychopaths are threatened, it’s just another day at the office.  They are ALWAYS feeling threatened about something and they are PRO-ACTIVE at harming others first so surely this is nothing different.  When psychopaths face the guns, they actually believe they can lie their way out. Machiavellian manipulative machinations make millions miss the mark.  After a point, the lies are silly.  They don’t know enough to run,  and with selfish egos like that, there’s nobody gonna be warning them.  Look how long I’ve tried to warn my dad.
Nausea of noise and death by drowning as all the squealing rats are sucked submerg-ed.  A giant gaping wound of air pressure follows this what will be the most titanic of all the sinkings, because we will watch our own voluntary shipwreck of civilization and soul, I see.   WE ARE NOT ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  THE PSYCHOPATHS WIll THROW YOUR BABIES OVERBOARD TO STEAL THEIR SPOT AND THEY’LL DROWN ANYWAY.  BE ON THE LOOK-OUT.  THEY DESTROY THEIR OWN LIVES AND ABANDON THEIR ETERNAL SOULS JUST TO MAKE A POINT!   TRUST AT YOUR PERIL, from here on out.  I’m not even kidding.
I sure am glad I told the nice New Age lady from the funny farm that I wouldn’t be going to camp.  New jobs are being created EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.  Pertinent, world-changing jobs!  I know God has a great one lined up for me.  So much Truth and it’s a lot more fun to work with than the law.  I don’t know about you ‘normal’ people but this ‘crazy’ lady SURE LIKES TRUTH MORE THAN YOUR FAKE RULES AND SUBSERVIENCE.  I’m getting free.  


6:12 pm


Narcissistic Parenting and the Confessional Role of the Scapegoat

Did you know my dad can quote Shakespeare?  I know a LOT OF THINGS that only the scapegoat could know.    He didn’t know anything about me.  

“PTSD is SEVERE in this situation.”

5:14 pm

Psalm 126:1-3King James Version (KJV)

126 When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Proverbs 28:1

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

I made white chili.

My sons are going to be so proud of me when they figure this out.

I can hardly wait.

Rohini Bisesar: Psychiatric Illness, or Long-Term Covert Neuro-Experimentation and a “Manchurian Candidate”?

“We must question however whether mental health is the primary issue here, or if a darker scenario is at play.”

“Described by former colleagues and classmates as “extremely gentle,” “brilliant,” and “calm,” she was also reported by some who encountered her closer to the time period of the fatal stabbing incident on Dec 11, 2015, as odd, according to reports. During this time she apparently exhibited what some called paranoia when she reported to friends on different occasions that her purse had been ransacked and her computer hacked into…”    (Yeah.  Good times.)

“The word “bizarre” in fact has been used so often to color her claims that the question of Cognitive Containment, a military mind-hacking term described in Dr. Robert Duncan’s Project Soulcatcher, denoting the deliberate containment of ideas within pre-set contexts to limit the dissemination of awareness across populations, comes to mind.”
“Citing recorded, scientifically-conducted scans of radio-frequency-emitting implants found in the brains of others reporting symptoms of external neural control of their brains, and pointing to reports of these scanning sessions conducted by theInternational Center Against Covert Technologies (ICAACT), they direct attention to a vast body of literature available online currently and in books and other media, detailing an ongoing worldwide occurrence of covert neuro-experimentation and covert micro-chipping, with many cases of reporting individuals surgically removing covertly-implanted microchips from their bodies.”
See more at:

Experiment Will See Clinically Dead Humans Brought Back To Life

 Consciousness transfer doesn’t need much experimenting;  they say Chairman Mao is still running China in a brand new body.  

CONFIRMED: Cancer is entirely a man-made disease

It may be hard to believe, but a recent study shows that cancer is 100 percent a man-made disease, and that it is caused by modern-day phenomena like pollution and dietary intake.

Researchers at the University of Manchester’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology in England, reached that conclusion in 2010, after reviewing remains and literature from ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as earlier periods, a study that also included the first historical diagnosis of cancer in an Egyptian mummy.

The study, published at the time in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer, noted that researchers found only one occurrence of cancer while investigating hundreds of Egyptian mummies. In addition, they found very few references to the disease in period literature, which indicates that cancer cases were extremely rare during the period.

Read more at:


Johnson & Johnson was ordered to compensate $127 million for causing CANCER

I wonder how heavily  fraud weighs on a person’s mind?  Even absent remorse, I can think of about a THOUSAND REASONS a fraud wouldn’t wish to be exposed.   How far would perps go to cover their tracks?  Would they frighten people who knew about their activities?  Would they destroy reputations of whistleblowers and discredit them?  Would they cause people to commit suicide? Would they commit murder?   I hope to tell you so.  They might even lie to children!!!

2:30 pm

“Don’t get even.  Get EVERYTHING.”

(Ivana Trump)



2:12 pm

Note to Isaac:

You can’t sell freedom until you have something to sell.   You’ve got to know your product line and its relative value.  Then you see that you certainly can’t sell a Top-of-the-line FREEDOM LIFESTYLE MOVEMENT to an entirely free community… when despite years of successful responsibility, your own mom hasn’t make enough payments for even your basic economy model.  

As a Freedom Provocateur, it is my sworn duty to correct erroneous definitions and tyrannical attitudes with fine grammar and extreme patience and Joshua’s help with history.


This is freedom; this is freedom, definitionally:

ISAAC doesn’t get to have ME be the way HE wants.  I get to be me.

I don’t get to have ISAAC be the way I want.  He gets to be him.

And of course, for the big money:


GRANDPA DOES NOT get to have ANYBODY be the way HE WANTS.                             We ALL get to be ourselves and somebody should have told him that a long time ago.


(Grandpa can be himself too if he wants to try.  I’m not holding my breath.)  



HeadsAflame International  Headquarters??

(I think it’s PERFECT but Isaac probably doesn’t want my opinion.  That’s OK.  I don’t care if I’m not allowed to be part of his dumb cult.)  (That’s not really true.)  (It’s probably not dumb.)

1:40 pm



9:47 am

On this day in 2014 my dad took me for dinner at Pizza Hut in Newberry and offered me bank stock.  He had wings and I had pasta with broccoli and chicken. He criticized the local coroner and I told him I didn’t think we should talk about things we do not know about other people.  He knows his duty and he will surpass it.  He’s my dad.    

9:39 am

What is it that people don’t get?  Everybody acts like nothing is happening!  THEY ARE ELIMINATING CURRENCY.  CURRENTLY. A significant percentage of the human population appears to be either hybrid nephilim stock or some kind of droid.  There are extra planets and really old satellites and NASA has broadcast fraudulent material for years.  We watched an end-of-the-world movie.   Everybody knew when the end was coming,  but this guy couldn’t get his housekeeper to stay away, she kept coming to work every day.  I don’t know if she couldn’t believe or if she just couldn’t conceive of a thing she’d rather do, at a place she’d rather be.  How can anybody POSSIBLY endorse a medical system that kills people intentionally and covers it up with lies facilitated by the swinging doors to the supervisory bodies.  Eric Schmidt just went to the DoD and that chick from Google is now at DARPA.  The corporation has us in the slaughter-chutes,  but no biggie because before we get to the swinging blades we will probably die from breathing air or drinking water or eating a salamander from the Pacific Ocean.
 They’ve GOT US.  Our entire race is not imperiled, that’s far too mild and lacks necessary URGENCY.    This being so, what manner of man should we be?  PRUDENT!!!  GOD-FEARING!!  FORGIVING AND SHARING AND FRIENDLY!  We do not have time to protect fortunes or reputations so get over yourselves!  Baptists & Brownshirts can’t wait to wrench the diamonds from your cold burnt fingers.  MOM AND DAD.  LET’S BE FRIENDS.  (Did that last part sound a little crazy?  It sounded a little crazy to me so I just thought I’d check with some normal people but since they don’t talk to me I’ll have to flip a coin.)

8:46 am

Thought for the day, from
8:30 am
Here’s what I know:  God is in control.  I belong to Him.  Everything that happened to me was necessary to make me more like Him.  My one goal in life, is to provide a dwelling place for the Most High and enjoy His presence as He does His will through  me.  As I listen to more victims of narcissistic abuse, I recognize that God’s presence and the Cloud of Witnesses have brought me past a number of difficult and necessary realizations on the road to healing and I didn’t even know it.  I am grateful.  Holy Spirit is the Comforter and I do with my whole heart forgive my father and his accessories.  I forgive Trish and Adam and George.  I don’t know why I had to write that again but for some reason I did.  I can’t approach my people any lower than I’ve tried.  The techies who rape and giggle for a living I forgive too.  Get free.  I forgive me sons who wish only for peace among their people.  They ARE FREE when they choose Truth.
 I’m praying for a Spirit of Repentance to move all over my family and Michigan.  It is EVIL for my sons to repeatedly remove my security and cause me to fear that I will be evicted or incarcerated.  It was EVIL for my father to organize this situation and it was EVIL for him to give a house to teenagers and break up a marriage and it was EVIL to manipulate me to obey his stupidity.  My sons even know how much fear it has caused me.  I have been afraid of incarceration,  and occasionally homeless since 2009 when my dad first set up his stunt with the state police and when he abducted my sons.  My sons better look ahead.  Even if you don’t believe your Christian mother…you don’t throw her under the bus again and again.  I didn’t model that behavior for them.  I always did WHATEVER my parents needed and baked for them and gave them gifts.  George didn’t model that either, he also does whatever his mother asks and he’s polite and generous. Where did my sons get like that?  God said they belong to Him (2007) so I guess that’s not my problem.

7:50 am

7:47 am
When I can think clearly, I”m seeing my situation differently.  People aren’t standoffish because they think I might be crazy, they think I’m brilliant and creepy.  They’re standoffish because they think MY DAD MIGHT BE CRAZY.  Holy shit.  His nasty demons have the whole neighborhood bound up.  Nobody dares to cross him except me!  I’m very cool.

6:45 am

I sent this to Isaac as my declaration of position.  Is it too harsh that I intend  to remain in the home I first entered in 1964 when even their potential  for existence was precarious?

ISAAC, wake up.  You’ve said  Grandpa refuses to talk to me because he is ‘afraid’ of me. 7 years.  He’s not usually afraid of very much;  he keeps well-hidden those things that he ACTUALLY  does fear.  So what is he so uncharacteristically afraid of this time, I wonder?

He’s a pretty tough guy with lots of resources… and he’s a faithful Baptist to boot!  How could he fear anything produced by a destitute crazy woman?  WHAT IS IT THAT SCARES HIM SO BADLY ABOUT ME?   I’ll give you the answer but you know it already:   My father-figure is AFRAID OF THE SLAPPING SOUNDS MADE  by the TATTERED  SHREDS OF his long-abandoned CONSCIENCE BEATING AGAINST HIS WITHERED HEART in the WINDS OF ALL ETERNITY.  You bet your ass, he’s scared


THINK, smart son:

Being on the right side of history is not just a macro concept.  It applies to every situation.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

6:27 AM (38 minutes ago)

to Isaac

Have you  been talking to Dad about me and that’s why you got so mad for no reason?   Did you promise him you could control me?  He hasn’t come around for a really long time and that’s not like him.  He needs to be poking at me to breathe.  Is he using you?  If not, forgive me for the suggestion but when my highly-evolved son behaves that way it is a surprise to me.-  When my dad isn’t INTENTIONALLY tormenting me, that’s surprising too.

This is my home.
I am an adult.
I am healing and it will be completed in God’s time.
I have a right to exist and it’s really hard to work on my self-esteem when my most beloved keep sneaking around behind my back discussing how to get rid of me.
I’ve never tried to control your life since I stopped being a Baptist.   You get to make your own choices and you are not criticized.  Except for selling the dildo-rocks but that’s a personal morality issue and I’m sorry for mentioning my puritan disapproval to you.  I sure didn’t try to change your activities though.   Don’t force things on me, maybe?  Maybe be honest with me?
I have decided  to accept that you guys do not believe me, and we’re getting along better.
You should actually learn to accept that I know some things you don’t wanna know.
I live here.
Until God tells me where to go, I live here.
Trust my dad at your peril.
I love you more than you could possibly know.
I RESPECT myself.




9:22 pm

You know, I started this project in 2006 and  I’ve got to see this thing through.  I’m really sorry about all that my sons and George have suffered… but their pain has not been my fault, and I will no longer be made to suffer as though I were responsible for it.   I have experienced much pain myself, and I’m dealing with it.  That will become easier when I am no longer VILIFIED FOR EXPERIENCING IT.   Also, I’m not going to hate myself anymore for having been victimized.  Josh said I shouldn’t depend on anything outside of myself for value.  I couldn’t value myself at all for all this time they didn’t believe in me.  (That’s pretty dumb;  I know some of the people they do believe.)  I am valuable, and I will come to believe that, and I will be changed with the knowledge.   People are being tortured and  I have work to do.  I hope one day they will care enough about others to respect it.  If that’s not their calling, they shouldn’t get in the way of mine.  I encourage them.  I encourage them even when I think they’re behaving poorly or not thinking clearly.    I hope they will learn the value of  encouragement without having NONE FOR YEARS, as I have.
It takes little effort to encourage such fine men; they’re so convinced of their notions that all they want from me is a listening ear and some respectful reflection.  Same here.  

6:58 pm

Sure am glad I never figured anything out about election fraud.

Indiana Voting-Fraud Activist Behind Rubio ‘Sex Party’ Leaks Found Dead

Blogger who exposed voter fraud died right before primary

My adult son hung up on me.  Real adult, eh?  I said I didn’t want to go to the New Age Funny Farm and that since I’ve done my state-authorized time, I thought I’d like to be an adult and live here.  I’ve never even wanted to go to Arizona in my life.   I even got a job.  That’s about when he hung up.  If I will not submit to his will, he hangs up on me.  Just like his grandpa.     I’ve treated my sons as adults since they were young and they still haven’t granted me that privilege yet.  They’re gonna have to face it.  I asked Josh and George, with varying success, to recognize that I have come to grips with the fact that they WILL NOT BELIEVE ME and I have chosen to live with it.  I asked whether they could not come to accept my eccentric beliefs in similar fashion, and allow me to CONTINUE TO LIVE IN THE HOUSE MY FATHER STOLE FROM ME and gave to my sons.   I am VERY BUSY with the daily exposure of some new threatening situation and I’d rather not leave just now.  The jury’s still out,  but George did agree that if they kicked me out I could choose  a Christian community and/or somebody who is familiar with directed energy weapons and gangstalking.  I have to be about my father’s business.  Wish everybody would get their noses out of mine.  I’m not their problem.  As a matter of fact, pretty soon people will have so many problems I’ll look kinda gentleish, and smart.  I could enjoy that, especially tonight when my sons tried again to remove me from my home.  My dad’s legacy will be rooted out.  I will be a lady and my sons will respect me and my dad’s family will call us ‘a sign and a wonder’.  Then Jesus’ bride will emerge from government (they don’t know who they are…) and a million people will come to Jesus and I might get to appoint the next Secretary of State.  It might happen that way.  Jesus is turning the entire world upside down!  
Isaac and Josh have to let me heal.  Every time I get up to a certain level of confidence…I am again castigated and rejected.  Then I go back down and start over.  I also suffer agonies of self-loathing for a period of time.  They should let me grow up and get well.  They need to look after their own wounded souls, and not throw stones at the rape victim in a burka.  They don’t like my blog; it’s my third anniversary this month.  Every day I am more amazed at the evil exposed in the world…and I record it.  I want to understand what happened to my family and me.  My work is not to avenge my own torture; I continue because of what I’ve learned about the time we’re living in and how many deceptions we depend on, so my sons will be prepared to learn from what they will soon see.  I continue so suffering people may be relieved.  I continue because I can’t stop recording the revolution.  I continue because writing is the only peaceful place when people dislike you.  I continue because God made me some amazing promises.  I made some too.  I can’t go to the Funny Farm unless He says so.  It’s hard to get that concept across to people who don’t believe He speaks.  I guess that brings us back to square one.  Do I hear from God or am I nuts?  God says He’s never late.  I’m feeling a bit of pressure just now.