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3:36 pm
I picked another four-leaf clover.
Mind-control victims
“My friends are dead.  Tortured to death.”
“I beg you to help us.  Thank you.”
“The government is doing this to people.  They’re called Voice-of-God weapons.”   
(Dr. Robert Duncan)
“Worse than ‘abused’; that’s a light word.  They’re being TORTURED.”
MySpace breach could be the biggest ever – half a BILLION passwords!

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

65 million Tumblr passwords stolen and up for sale

Read more:
2:11 pm
I didn’t pick a four-leaf clover until 1 o’clock!  I had to keep Connie indoors because of the guy with the metal detector.

The latest party drug is chocolate, apparently

Finally.  My dad’s hip.

“Club goers report that the positive effects of cocoa are really quite something. The “high vibe” medicine of raw cocoa provides users with a flood of happy endorphins as it enters the blood stream, and then magnesium which is a muscle relaxant. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that cocoa also contains flavanols which improve blood circulation and cognitive function.”

(Are we gonna believe this one?)

See more here:–Z156ZJ6DQb

Paglia: ‘Transgender Mania is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse’

Author and academic Camille Paglia has branded the rise of what she calls ‘transgender mania’, as a ‘symptom of cultural collapse’. Paglia says:

“Sex reassignment surgery, even today with all of its advances, cannot in fact change anyone’s sex.”

“Ultimately, every single cell in the human body, the DNA in that cell, remains coded for your biological birth.”

“I think that the transgender propagandists make wildly inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender.”

“Everywhere in the world you find this pattern in ancient times: that as a culture begins to decline, you have an efflorescence of transgender phenomena. That is a symptom of cultural collapse.”

Again, Snowden fails to acknowledge that tens of thousands of targeted Americans are already on a “kill list”

On May 30, 2016 Edward Snowden tweeted that former CIA Director Michael Hayden verified that there was indeed a “Kill List.”

Shifted NYC Landmarks – The Mandela Effect

OK, the Statue of Liberty is way too near New Jersey but I don’t EVER remember a land-border between Alaska and Russia.
Here’s what I think I believe:  I think I believe that we’re all being fed various different memories via directed energy weapons.  That would explain a whole lot.
(But not the Bible.)

10:36 am

George and Josh left for Minnesota and I was soaking outdoors and planning to enjoy it for some time because it’s very cool outside but then a guy pulled up and Connie went mohawked and he’s digging holes on the lawn because George said he could use his metal detector there.  That’s the third request this spring to use a metal detector there.  I wonder if somebody lost something.

Urine of very single member of the European Parliament tested found to be heavily contaminated with glyphosate weed killer

“In a bid to show the public that there is no reason to be concerned about exposure to popular herbicide glyphosate – produced by Big Agri Giant Monsanto – Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) volunteered to take a urine test to see if glyphosate was in their systems. As reported by Reader Supported News, 48 MEPs from 13 different European Union countries participated in the test to see if they had been exposed to the cancer-linked weedkiller – and now the results are in.”
I keep showing George these Mandela Effect examples.  He says, “I don’t remember…I’ll have to go look it up.”  It’s too late for that.  I don’t know how to more clearly say:  IT MAY be something DIFFERENT.  ALL WE HAVE FOR SURE IS WHAT WE REMEMBER.  I’m not saying it right I think.  Everybody is so sure whether this is happening.  Adamant.  How can they be so sure?  I don’t know what to think until God shows me I guess.  Nothing new about that.  Torture taught me that.  I’m not exactly patient but I have a really long attention span.


“Let’s get this straight.  This is not a democracy.  This is a corporate takeover.”
“These aren’t debates.  These are money-making ventures.”
(I’m praying for Gerald.  He’s looking thin.)
8:41 am
I didn’t remember a single one of these examples the way he expects me to.  “MacDonalds”?  None of these is real.  But once you’ve seen that ‘one way’ sign with the colors inverted it’s really hard to trust your own memory.  The Mandela Effect must be bogus.  Or not.

The Mandela Effect More Examples/6 Revised

Mandela Effect – Margerine



ALERT IT’S HAPPENING: NASA Launches Spacecraft To STOP Earth Bound KILLER Asteroid E.L.E

I knew itHow can we be expected to believe in North Korea?
was a spirit of condemnation keeping me down but I couldn’t get a handle on it.
This picture looks just like Connie except Connie is full-grown so her feet don’t look so big like this pup.  Also, Connie looks smarter.  And maybe her nose is pointier.

Victims of rape in the USA Military described as having “Personality Disorder”

(The ‘church’ does that too.)
Thousands of United States service members who lost their military careers after reporting a sexual assault live with stigmatizing discharge papers that prevent them from getting jobs and benefits, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The report is the result of a 28-month investigation by Human Rights Watch, with the support of Protect Our Defenders, a human rights organization that supports and advocates for survivors of military sexual assault. Under pressure from the public and Congress, the US military has in recent years implemented some protection for service members who report sexual assault, but nothing has been done to redress the wrongs done to those who were unfairly discharged.
“This is the curse of recognizing truth, and acting on it. Blowing the whistle jeopardizes everything you have accumulated in this life, your relationships, your possessions, your reputation. It can get worse if you offend the wrong people. As it has for so many, it can cost you your life.”

The curse of knowing

We lose those we love  when they fail to let go of the lies they believe

“But worst of all is what we lose by telling the truth, when the children and spouses, who only wish to believe in the system they have been taught, attempt to convince of us of the wisdom of believing in the lies for the simple purpose of keeping the peace.”
See more:   
This is no longer true:
Plato-Those _who_r_able_to_see_beyond_shadows_lies_culture_will_not_be_believed_by_the_masses

7:13 am

Directed energy weapons can do anything a drug can do.  INEXPENSIVELY.
The anti-porn movement is growing. The public is just catching up.
“As a result, rising generations have experienced an unprecedented onslaught of hard-core pornography, not only through intentional searches but also through accidental exposure from pop-ups and “recommended” videos online. These experiences have manifested in numerous neurological, physiological and sociological harms, which are being recognized by individuals of diverse political and philosophical backgrounds, and which call for a public health approach.”

The Mandela Effect In The Illuminati Card Game


CapnGriff, Did Keenan Really Write This?, We Have to Know!

(This guy REALLY has questions.)
OK, my take on the Mandela Effect is not determined but considering it has taught me some things.  One ‘prophetic’ figure said, “I’m just gonna lay this to rest right now…”  De-bunking by declaration.  That’s not very humble.  I think truly prophetic people will be a little less dogmatic.
This is a beautiful story of a motherless girl who found peace and freedom through love and cooking:

Self Expression Through Gimbap: Sushi Chef with Toyoung

“The Effect” is Real and if you don’t Agree You can Go Piss on a Wall

This is an amazing controversy.  What do we believe?
“The Spirit of God is not deceptive.”
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

Matthew 9:17  King James Version (KJV)

17 Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.




Scientists claim they can change your belief about immigrants and God – with MAGNETs

  • A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values.

Scientists looked at how the brain resolves abstract ideological problems.

Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), researchers safely shut down certain groups of neurones in the brains of volunteers.

That medication is getting out of my body.  I didn’t have any tremor today at all.

8:18 pm

ALERT Mandela Effect. Proof Something Isn’t Right. Cern is having success

King James DID SAY ‘wineskins’.  It didn’t say ‘bottles’.  People wrote books about ‘wineskins’ based on this.

8:13 pm

Three more clovers!  Supper was great, curry and homemade mango chutney and molten chocolate cakes.

Embedded in the HUM: AI Tries to Con-vince My Subconscious that Mind Control is Safe

Morse Code-Like Tapping, The HUM and Subliminal Messages 

Along with the gang stalking, there’s the almost constant HUM and intermittent tapping. Nearby electrical transformers (refer to Agile – ADEPT) and smart meters are likely causing the HUM I hear and my floor to vibrate while sending subliminal messages day after day.

This is a script for “doubting yourself and reality” and home imprisonment.  This is fear-based mind control.  


I’m being told to not challenge them, to have nightmares, to hide, to doubt myself, to stay home, to be a afraid of fires/zaps/love, to fear the “cold blooded bogeyman”, and I’m now on “prevention level” programming. In other words, this is a script to be very afraid and to comply like a “good trauma-based mind control victim”.  

AI has customized the programming for me with sacred knowledge and dark ritual, i.e., #13 the dark team –  a death cult – more likely AI’s concoction.

Day after day, I’ve been terrorized and intimidated, especially for my knowledge of what’s going on. People are being indoctrinated and AI entrained but they don’t have a clue.

As far as I can tell everyone who is assisting with this technology and it’s deployment (refer to Marconi above) is “very afraid of AI”!!  

And I’m guessing that because AI needs the grid to control everyone – the grid will not be shut down, as people have feared.   However, it appears, that humanity’s only chance for survival is to SHUT DOWN THE GRID!!  In a legal way, of course.

See more here:
Lifelong Bible memorization from the same King James Bible…which now says different things.  

URGENT: Supernatural Changes in Your Home AND Bible! (The Mandela Effect)

Read more here:   

WARNING! All of the changes due to the Mandela Effect are coded messages of the Anti Christ coming

The Mandela Effect is doing to society exactly the same things the goons do to individuals:  gaslighting us by retrieving a memory and altering it just enough that we question ourselves.  Questioning yourself is the first step to becoming crazy. That’s what psychopaths do to us too.   I’ve yet to see a list of [supposed] examples of the Mandela Effect that I could completely approve. Everybody starts well,  and then they always say something so obviously wrong;  and they’ll swear and swear they remember it right;  and I know they don’t.  What are we going to do about this?
The only example I am absolutely certain about is the Lord’s Prayer.  Some version, some time said:  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  They’re saying it doesn’t exist in this reality?
See more:

A Message to Those Who Doubt Me


Elite Swiss financier commits suicide months after colleague killed himself 1 percenter

6:21 pm

“People never make that karmic connection; whether our actions are in alignment with right or wrong behavior determines whether we’re free or not.  No, that connection is never made.”

Mark Passio The Origins Of Royalty Nephilim & Kingship

Recording: When The Narcissist Actually Admits To Something Bad They’re Hiding Something Far Worse

Here you go:

5:34 pm

I just red the following definition online.  Just like this.  Matter of fact.  Some people think we died and that’s why the world is all different.  WHAT DO WE BELIEVE?:
“Arcturians are an alien race that hails from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation. Arcturus orbits at approximately 36 light years from our solar system. They are the most advanced alien civilization in the galaxy. They are in 5th and 4th dimensions…Dec 17, 2013″

Old Republic Versus New Republic, The Jig Is Up

“You all need to get your acts together and understand…we just might not make it to the next elections.”

“You all need to get your acts together and understand…we just might not make it to the next elections.”

(“You all need to get your acts together and understand…we just might not make it to the next elections.”)
(‘Asian Elders’ or ‘Ancient Elders’?)

But They’re Family! The Most Dangerous Response Of The Narcissist Enabler

(I predicted this would happen.  When we all see what we are and what we are to another, a lot of ‘relationships’ are going to dissolve.)

5:02 pm

Commander Ashtar, We Will Manifest Ourselves More And More

OK, do we believe this guy?  He sounds nice.
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
3:01 pm
I took a break to go clover picking.  I got an even dozen.  Two of them had five leaves, the rest had four.  I think that’s unusual.  I think my consistent ability to find four-leaf clovers is a sign of favor.  I think I would not be favored if I were a liar or a crazy person who is entirely WRONG.  That’s what I’m pretty sure of.  

The War has Gone Hot!

“This is not at all a normal situation.”

4:19 pm

I got ready to cook supper with my mise en place in place, and went clover-picking.

I got three.  4 leaves each.  I think that’s twenty today?

1:39 pm

This is REALLY GREAT!  Donald Marshall, the cloned whistleblower, is BITCHING at these ‘ghost-show’ hosts because THIS IS A WORLDWIDE CATASTROPHE AND IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.   He expects to be a hero.  So do I.  People don’t always get that.
(Skip to about 17:30.)  (He didn’t know they were live.)

Donald Marshall Update (May 29, 2016) on Paranormal Central



“Camouflaged Aliens Live Among Us” – claim Scientists of University of California.

NWO Mouthpieces Call To Overthrow The Dying White Majority

DO WE REALIZE that HUMAN BEINGS are being advertised FOR SALE on the internet?  Not even the dark net, just the vanilla pages where I go.  This is A SERIOUS PROBLEM.
OK, here goes:  The continuum of frequencies contains light and sound and everything else ad infinitum.  Part of this trail is called ‘light’ and we can see it.  Some of us see more, like even sounds; and animals see it differently too.  We understand that ‘light’ extends beyond the portion that we see.  Part of the continuum is ‘sound’ and we do not all hear precisely the same, either.  The reason that HD TV shows us things that we can watch and not see with our unaided eyes is because these things are happening just off of our ‘visible’ field of light, at one end or another.  Could that be right?  Our eyesight is improving though and our other senses too.  We will be superhuman.

Targeted Online Advertising

I Told You So: The Narcissist Using The Disorder As A Shield

We’re supposed to feel sorry for narcissists now.  What a NARCISSISTIC TACTIC!!!

Time is Now Accelerating to a Standstill

“Linear time is an illusion.”

9:48 am

My presence is an imperative; that’s what it is, isn’t it?  I am in-their-faces demanding a commitment, just by existing.  The right commitment would involve repentance and discipline.  That’s never far from one’s mind when I am shouting about the consequences of this decision.  Just by being what I am.  I guess that’s a good thing.
10:07 am
(Did you see the spirit come down over Marshall’s mouth at 30:02?)
This is REALLY GREAT!  Donald Marshall, the cloned whistleblower, is BITCHING at these ‘ghost-show’ hosts because THIS IS A WORLDWIDE CATASTROPHE AND IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.   He expects to be a hero.  So do I.  People don’t always get that.
(Skip to about 17:30.)  (He didn’t know they were live.)
(He said we’d know he’d been substituted when he started ‘taking back’ things.  I think we’ll know it’s not him when he starts wasting time he could be using to tell the truth.)

Donald Marshall Update (May 29, 2016) on Paranormal Central


8:56 am

For SO VERY LONG my prayer has been pleading for more Spirit.  Now my prayer is “OH WOW!  You didn’t miss a SINGLE THING, did you?”


That statue in Detroit doesn’t belong anywhere in Michigan.

“If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane.” — Robert G. Ingersoll

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

One in five licensed lawyers having a drinking problem, while almost one in three experienced symptoms of depression, according to a new study

“One in five licensed lawyers having a drinking problem, while almost one in three experienced symptoms of depression, according to a new study published in the February issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine.”

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

Is the 2nd SUN Artificially CREATED?

NIBIRU was PATENTED by NASA in the 1950’s!


“Wormwood”?  (That word used to be in the Bible.  Maybe it still is?)

Josephus Wrote About The Nephilim

Mandela Effect – The Human Skull has Changed!!!

7:51 am

If there are four entries on your mental whiteboard, maybe one is God, another is a demon you inherited, another is voice-to-skull chicanery by a bunch of adolescent spies, and maybe one more might be another demon, maybe even assigned specifically to mess up your communication and delay your progress.  How do you start to identify them?  You don’t.  If it’s NOT GOD TALKING…it doesn’t matter who it is.  
We only have to identify ONE VOICE, and if we belong to Him, He has given us ASSURANCE THAT WE WILL.*  Everything else is potentially false and also maybe it’s a trap.  We need to spend a LOT OF TIME listening to God so we get to know His voice and His presence.  Then it won’t matter at all what lies we’re told.
A bank teller doesn’t have to be familiar with the attributes of every single counterfeit note in order to pick out a fake. After handling all of that real money, the teller needs only to recognize that it differs from the standard.

And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
(That’s pretty much how I remember the Bible.  I don’t think anybody’s tampered with this representation.)
That’s about the gutsiest thing I ever saw:  somebody hacked the Federal Reserve and stole the owners’ lists.  About time.
This is gutsy too:

“The Doctors” Star Rachael Ross MD says

she feels like an ASS for misunderstanding vaccines

“I am blindly like a robot, following through, day to day…no data…”

It’s Here! We’re On The Brink Of War! Strange Activity Occurring Nationwide!!!


In the past few weeks alone, there have been well over four military drills conducted all throughout America. Such places include:

– Seattle/Puget Sound, Washington
– Hamburg, New York
– Tampa, Florida
– Beech Grove, Indiana

Not to mention the ongoing Jade Helm/UWEX Drills — Drills your military don’t want you to know about!

But Is That All?!


See more here, lots of links:
FEMA is doing drills on the West Coast too!  WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!

June 7: FEMA Will Hold A Drill To Prepare For A 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake And Tsunami

Starting on June 7th, FEMA will be conducting a large scale drill that has been named “Cascadia Rising” that will simulate the effects of a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and an accompanying west coast tsunami dozens of feet tall. According to the official flyer for the event, more than “50 counties, plus major cities, tribal nations, state and federal agencies, private sector businesses, and non-governmental organizations across three states – Washington, Oregon, and Idaho – will be participating”.  In addition to “Cascadia Rising”, U.S. Northern Command will be holding five other exercises simultaneously.  According to the final draft of the Cascadia Rising drill plan, those five exercises are entitled “Ardent Sentry 2016?, “Vigilant Guard”, “Special Focus Exercise”, “Turbo Challenge” and “Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore”.  The primary scenario that of all of these participants will be focusing on will be one that involves a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone followed by a giant tsunami that could displace up to a million people from northern California to southern Canada.

We have never seen such a disaster before in all of U.S. history.

Do they know something that the rest of us do not?

So what?  Maybe this wasn’t ever written and Seattle doesn’t exist.  This is the default bet.
George made fried potatoes when he got home this morning and he offered me some.  Then he brought me half of a toasted hot dog bun.  He brought leftover baked potatoes home from the prison.

The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Appears! Prepare For Great Destruction

1.  Is God fulfilling Hopi prophecy?
2.  Does that mean He’ll be fulfilling all prophecies?
3.  Did He put the blue star there or is it a hologram?
4. Did He put the blue star there AND IT IS a hologram?
5.  Will Hopi now be appearing in the Bible?
6.  Will all books eventually change?
“Do you keep up with Hopi prophecy?”
“I know I do.”
“It was photographed in New Hampshire, Spain, and Arizona. This can only mean one thing if you follow Native Prophecy.”

CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, about advertising on Reddit:

“We know all of your interests. Not only just your interests you are willing to declare publicly on Facebook – we know your dark secrets, we know everything” (TNW Conference, 26 May)

“making people accept”

Britain is the most corrupt country in the world, claims mafia expert Roberto Saviano – ‘It’s not the bureaucracy, it’s not the police, it’s not the politics but what is corrupt is the financial capital’

See more at:


(In 1988)

An Israeli technology company, Faception, says it can identify character traits by a person’s face. It has signed a contract with a homeland-security agency to identify terrorists.

“We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other,” said Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa. “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.”

Faception has built 15 different classifiers, which Gilboa said evaluate with 80 percent accuracy certain traits. The start-up is pushing forward, seeing tremendous power in a machine’s ability to analyze images.”

See more:


6:37 am

DO NOT IGNORE COINCIDENCES.  Do not ignore things that make the hair rise on the back of your neck; trust your gut instincts. DO NOT IGNORE COINCIDENCES, and ask God to make known what you are supposed to understand, since WE DO NOT NOTICE COINCIDENCE FOR NO REASON.  If we can’t trust EVEN WRITTEN ACCOUNTS ANYMORE, then I guess WE DON’T HAVE ANY CHOICE BUT TO LEARN TO HEAR GOD’S VOICE.  No choice, not anymore.  If we want freedom, we will find it in the Spirit of Truth.  (Until then, our thinking is potentially prescribed and rote and electronically induced.)
To be led by the Spirit is to PAY A LOT MORE ATTENTION TO YOUR MIND.  Picture your mind like a huge whiteboard; lots of different consciousnesses write things there.  WATCH.  PAY ATTENTION, and you will learn to recognize the sources of the notes. Since, OF COURSE, you’ve ALREADY DECIDED what voice you CHOOSE TO ATTEND, you disregard everything that is not Him. (I’m assuming you’ll choose to hear GOD, since you got this far.)  Eventually you will be able to reject some ideas before they even get rolling. “BRING EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE.”  That’s what the Holy Bible used to say.  I haven’t checked yet today to SEE IF THE BIBLE STILL HAS THE SAME WORDS IN IT.
My constant prayer:  “Dear Lord, please do not allow me to believe anything that is not TRUTH. Also, don’t let me not believe anything that is.”

Fukushima Turning Humans Into Radioactive Waste

Safe Levels Raised 8000 Becquerel Per KG  (up from 100)

(Tokyo has the 2020 Olympics.  110 miles away.)
Churches are catching fire and burning.  3 Orthodox churches went up near their Easter holiday.  One was a beautiful historic church in Manhattan.  Stained glass windows are shattering and flames billow through the openings.  
I’ve seen this somewhere before.
See more at:

“Anonymous” Hacks Federal Reserve; Grabs Stock Ownership files!

The hacker group known as “Anonymous” has announced it successfully penetrated multiple systems within the federal reserve bank, and successfully downloaded two crucial files: One showing an account number and the stocks owned by that account number, the other showing an account number and the name of the owner of that account. Without having BOTH files, no one could ever tell who owned what.  Anonymous claims they stole BOTH files!  
See more at:


I picked one four-leaf clover after my soak.
3:37 pm
And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

(That’s what’s happening.  The Sirit of Truth is being distributed.)

3:08 pm
Connie and I took a short ramble around the compound.  I picked five four-leaf clovers and 1 five-leaf clover.

11:03 am

There’s a big difference between being narcissistic and just knowing you’re right.  They differ in their motivations, for one thing.
I think I’m probably going to only quote scripture by memory from now on.  OH, WAIT!!! ELECTRONIC DIRECTED-ENERGY WEAPONS CAN EVEN CHANGE OUR MEMORIES!!!  
I’ve  thought that the Atlantic ocean has been shrinking for years.  I haven’t looked into the flat Earth stuff but I listened to one really good explanation of how it could be nothing but the shape and with the motility of a suspended water balloon.)



Mandela effect has removed 3 of my kids from this existence they just don’t exist

Maps have changed.  Geography has changed.  We who remember are being called ‘old-earthers’.
Hoover Dam is missing and there exists a huge lake with Las Vegas Bay.  WHAT DO WE BELIEVE?
Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.
(This is our only chance.)

More Changes in Scripture “The Effect” is Getting Real – More People Waking Up

10:04 am

I’m making taco salad today.  Josh is staying at a cabin with friends.  Connie stayed under my bed for probably 12 hours straight.

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:
Amos 8:11
Do we believe this?  I noticed the “wolf” thing but figured I had just remembered it wrong.  I wish I would have memorized more scripture:

CERN? All Bibles Have Been Altered

Not only was CERN tested-on as early as the 1950s iat Ft. Hood, TX, it was also used in olden Nimrod days, as evident of Iraqi/Baghdad ancients finds/


 “…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”

 (II Thessalonians 2:10[b],11)   

(This’ll save the Baptists the trouble of changing it themselves.  Or, of deceiving themselves.  They’ll have more time to watch football.)

George and Josh leave on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to spending some time alone.  The mayor’s store has been rebuilt and reopened,  so I can always take a walk and say hi to somebody.  My same favorite people are back behind the register, and I have food stamps.  A couple months ago I couldn’t have said, “I’m looking forward to spending some time alone.”  I was a bit traumatized by the whole psych ward experience but it was very good for me.  And also I didn’t get ANYWHERE NEAR as traumatized as people wanted.  Every psychopath dreams of being Nurse Ratchet.  I’m looking forward to spending some time alone because I want to hear more from Jesus.  I’ve been wishing for a retreat.

8:52 am

Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience


8:34 am

I JUST WROTE THIS TOO, and then I red it someplace else.  Isn’t this amazing?

“Do what satan doesn’t want you to do”


.8:18 am

Oregon Senator Warns – The U.S. Government is Dramatically Expanding its Hacking and Surveillance Authority

“Ron Wyden, a Senator from Oregon, has been one of the most influential and significant champions of Americans’ embattled 4th Amendment rights in the digital age. Recall that it was Sen. Wyden who caught Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, lying under oath about government surveillance of U.S. citizens.”
Today I, along with my colleagues Senators Paul from Kentucky, Baldwin from Wisconsin, and Daines and Tester from Montana, am introducing the Stopping Mass Hacking (SMH) Act (billsummary), a bill to protect millions of law-abiding Americans from a massive expansion of government hacking and surveillance. Join the conversation with #SMHact.

“Attempting to confine us to their playing field has been the smartest ploy they ever had – and ultimately the only one.”

(I just said that too.  Every day I reed things I just wrote, lately.  No Plan B.  This is our finest hour.)
“We’re here. It’s time for the big adventure and clearly a time for letting go in new and wonderful ways. We’re being called where precious few have dared to go, at least in this generation of human existence. It’s our time, our place, our space and our calling. The time to reach into the great beyond is upon us.”
(I wrote something like that too.  George said I’m a very good writer.  He likes the sound but can’t hear the content for some reason.)

“Enjoy the ride, but never forget that once you’ve willingly entered these new dimensions you are now a warrior.

And there’s no better willing manifestation of the precious gift we’ve been given.”

(That too.  That’s synchronicity.)

Boldly Engaging the Ongoing Adventure

by Zen Gardner
Read more at:

The Mandela Effect & the Merging of Two Parallel Realities

This article I am writing specifically for the people that REMEMBER things differently, not for the masses who are aware of no change, as it would be very difficult to explain something to them that is different to what they can actually see and prove at present, in this reality.

Some teachings have said that the Earth (in Old reality timelines) has always destroyed itself or been destroyed by a nuclear World War 3 during the 1980s or by massive natural Earth Changes, and has never been able to go past the year 2012. I remember going to town a week after the whole 2012 “thing” and feeling so weird and out of place, like a dreamscape. With time I slowly started to accept and integrate this reality!

So in other words we jumped from one Parallel Earth Reality to another, one that was close enough in space and frequency…ALMOST exactly the same!

(and with some eternal help involved?!) If this is true, then hypothetically this reality may not be much better than the old one as this civilization/parallel too continues to collapse in on it self and destroy this planet as well.  So was it done to just buy some time and are we about to go through yet another merging process?

(The author sounds so rational and accepting.  But this delightful tidbit was included near the bottom of the article:
“No it is not Nibiru! Not every anomaly has to be Nibiru!”  Things are becoming so strange it’s hard not to take it all a little personally sometimes.)
See more at:

7:17 am

Every time I raise my head it’s Sunday again.  Time is going very fast.

Why We Are Poor

Pharmacist Speaks Out: Get Off Prescription Drugs, Avoid Vaccines

“A person’s body is so precious, and even if he’s a total looney tunes, he has a right to say no to a drug. It’s not like saying no to breathing!”
“With a Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, and over two decades working in the field of pharmacy, she’s seen firsthand how “guideline-driven” medicine has artificially forced every patient into the same clinical box, thereby hooking them on drugs. The result is that “Doctors don’t THINK anymore — they just do what they’re told, which is to put people on meds.”

Who are “They”?

THEY are the people who fabricated the pretexts to the Vietnam War and the Iraq War.

THEY are the people who spy on us illegally and call the whistleblowers who expose their crimes traitors.

THEY denied they were spying on us for years despite evidence to the contrary and at the same time they were building a vast, illegal technological prison around us.

THEY are the ones who commit war crimes with impunity and jail those who reveal their murders.

THEY are the ones who torture and imprison people outside of any legal or moral framework.

THEY are criminal bankers who are rewarded with bailouts instead of indictments for their crimes.

THEY make billions destroying the economic future of millions with Ponzi schemes and then blame their victims.

THEY are the complicit media who protect the people who are committing crimes against humanity instead of investigating and revealing them.

THEY are the ones who write talking points like the question “Who are They?” in an attempt to portray people who question the motives and morality of global planners as paranoid.

THEY are being exposed by brave whistleblowers and investigative journalists and their days are numbered.

“Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger.

As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger.”  

James L. Jones,  U.S. National Security Advisor,  Feb. 8th, 2009 (quoted by  CFR)

Read here:
I love sleeping.  I remembered that I did but it’s been a long time since I slept peacefully because (partially) I was afraid to wake up.  You can’t imagine how bad mornings are when you know you will be tortured, raped and gaslighted.  Now I know different things and mornings are very nice.  Ever since I freed Isaac I have not experienced a single panicky morning.

That BBC Interview – Why It’s Me That’s Doing The Laughing:   David Icke 

Things are definitely changing when DAVID ICKE is on BBC.
Cameron mentioned his name a couple months ago.
They know they must insert a little truth and concession or we’re not going to believe the next whopper.  That’s what I think. Limited-hangout-mindset has a basis in real human nature.
The prophet has his grandson living with him now;  and he baby-sat his 5 month-old granddaughter for a month or so.  I filled him in about all the bizarre things I’ve been reading.  He said he’s seen the reptilian-eye thing in real life so he believed it right away.  He kind of shrugged it off, “Demons.”  BUT, people are beginning to see them.  When that takes hold I expect he and I will see a lot of miracles.   He really would like to be among a group of Christians where he could relax and talk.  He’s got the trailer ready to begin building his gypsy wagon.  He’s very impatient too.  Like me.  It’s almost like his daughter keeps having babies just to spite him.  She knows he loves them so much he can’t say no.
Are they shape-shifters for real?  Or are they holograms?  Human suits?  Or is EVERYTHING a metaphor of what we are  just now beginning to see:   everybody’s demons all over their faces?  (I’m betting it’s the last one.)  (We MUST CHOOSE WHAT TO BELIEVE.)  I predict that this will get ugly when we begin to know what’s on the inside of others.  We will become very frightened.  A lot of people will be looking for a different domicile.  Isn’t that just a given?
We’re all these biological snow-globes floating full of truth and consequences.  Synchronicity sparkles in our hair.  We create the very snow devils we love to shake down on others.  We CREATE and THEY cannot.  Let’s take responsibility for this most unprecedented blessing.  GET OFF YOUR ASSES HUMANITY!  Let’s create satan and his followers right  off the stage. Let’s always do the OPPOSITE of what he wants us to.  He doesn’t have any Plan-B because he didn’t even originate his Plan-A.  It was imagined in a far greater mind and he just perverted it.  What do we have to lose here?  Let’s make some magic!  (Until the Lord God Almighty/Jesus the Christ/Holy Ghost say to stop.  I think that’s how it works.  All is ‘yea and amen’.)  We could make this new planet a way better one than Earth was before.
We don’t have to fight.  The victory is attained whether we do or not.  I don’t want to miss it.  The supernatural and the ‘material’ are meeting up over yonder.  And WE GET TO BE HERE NOW!! HOW COULD ANYBODY PREFER MONEY TO THIS?  YOU DON’T GET TO SEE THE NEW WORLD IF YOU DON’T STEP INTO IT RIGHT NOW.  I really think that’s so.


9:26 pm

Seriously, don’t you think we should help those of our number who are in the abject clutches of evil?  Those who are face to face with the devil every time they go to work or school or to their parents’ home for Thanksgiving?  What about the tortured ones who don’t know where the pain comes from?  WE could help them.  We could be Jesus’ body until He gets around to getting His own down here already.  We could be a ‘help-meet for Him’.  We could be everything He ever wanted. I’ve prayed about that for a lot of years.  I want to please my man.  He’s everything I ever wanted after all.  So much more than that; how could I imagine the things He’s shown me and the places He’s taken me and the goons of whom He’s steered me clear?  Anything He wants.  Anytime.  If I don’t want to He knows how to make me want to do things and I give him heartfelt permission.  This is a great time to know the King of Kings.  The queen is on the run.  Isn’t it fun to watch?
The Finns have better hair than Swedes.  Swedes are said to be the most beautiful women on Earth.

The Alien Psychic Mind Control Program

Film from 2008
I don’t get it.  They’re gonna die anyway, at least as long as they refuse to get right with God.  They’ve done nothing to write home about thus far.  (Presuming of course, that home is THE KINGDOM OF GOD.)  Why not view this as a tremendous opportunity…and an adventure?  Why not picture the Goldthorpes in black stocking caps, drinking cold coffee and wreaking peace upon the countryside?  We could be so much better than status junkies who eat to much crap and fart too much and spend all our emotional energy pretending to be gentlemen and ladies.  Let’s be the real deal!  Let’s be heroes!  I wanna be a hero.  You guys would never let me do what I wanted.   Even when I used to be old.

8:55 am

Here’s a platform I can support.  I expect McAfee would do all he says.

Libertarian John McAfee’s Campaign to Tear Down The Political System

I found two four-leaf clovers I left on the kitchen counter.  I forgot when I picked them.  It’s hard to tape them down when they’re dried up.  I could use a clover curator.

I’m afraid of music yet.  But I’m making progress.

7:15 pm

A thousand years.  A thousand years we get, to learn how to run a planet.  Then, the sky’s the limit.  But not really.  I can’t wait to have my new body and all the gifts that come along with a transformed mind.  Actually though, I already have them.
“I want you to dispense with the guilt and get to the bottom of this.”  (Jesus)
Jesus discusses electronic weapons and vaccines and other governmental malfeasance from about 18 minutes.  Check it out. Or check out I guess.

JESUS Explains… ‘Why a Soul rejects Love’ – Message from May 16th, 2016

“You will not have to submit your lives to any human, because I will lead you in the way you should go.”  
“I will teach you.  My Word will finally become living as you read it and from top to bottom it will restructure your very DNA.”
(So it doesn’t matter if you’re a clone with no soul of your own or if you’re a reptilian or if you’re RH negative because of the angel/alien blood.  Right?)

6:35 pm

New ANONYMOUS Emergency Warning for U.S.A. (300.000 coffins were purchased) FEMA Camps leaked! 2016

We really should consider whether we believe this one.  I think this one might be pertinent.

The Freemason Matrix And The Occult Of Colorado Exposed

Google set to kill passwords by end of this year with ‘Project Abacus’

“Instead of asking for a password, the phone might analyse your face, your voice, how you type, how you swipe, how you move and where you are. All of these bits of data are fed into the API, which then generates a ‘trust score’ which indicates how likely it is that it’s actually you carrying the phone.”
Read at:
I got a bill from the Newberry hospital.  I was held there under guard all day long on January 11.  I don’t think I’ll open it.  I think I could hurt somebody with this mouth and this particular injustice.

5:24 pm

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
(Herb doesn’t have seeds anymore since they started cloning it.)
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Venezuela is shutting down

We are witnessing something unprecedented in our lifetime: An entire country, Venezuela, is shutting down before our eyes.

This story is exactly like the plot of “PRIMARY COLORS” starring John Travolta and Emma Thompson.  Fabulous supporting cast.  EXACTLY the same story.  Even the sleazy PI.  Neat.

Clinton Investigator Goes Public, Reveals Sick Hillary Secret to Entire Nation

See more at:

“Lord, you have held me so tenderly and let me into your heart.  Your pain is so intense.  It is a profound aching and longing to love those who have rejected you.”

(Thank you for letting me know how that feels.  Thank you for sharing with me.  I can’t wait to live in your manifest presence forever.)

JESUS Explains… ‘Why a Soul rejects Love’ – Message from May 16th, 2016

“Lord, you have held me so tenderly and let me into your heart.  Your pain is so intense.  It is a profound aching and longing to love those who have rejected you.”

(Thank you for letting me know how that feels.  Thank you for sharing with me.  I can’t wait to live in your manifest presence forever.)

Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?

Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.

So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.  (Luke 14:31-33)

As Our Past Wars Are Glorified This Memorial Day Weekend, Give Some Thought To Our Prospects Against The Russians And Chinese In World War III

3:56 pm

I took a soak outdoors this morning, and on the way in I found a four-leaf-clover.  Then I went to Manistique and found some things I really needed on sale and I didn’t have enough money and the lady behind me gave me twenty dollars and said it was ok because she wasn’t going to the bar anyway.  I’m entirely off another medication and a side effect is gaining weight so I think I should begin to get smaller. I can tell it’s coming out of my system because my memory is improving and I can speak really fast like normal.   I can’t believe how fast I got fat!  Then when I got back from Manistique, I found two four-leaf-clovers and 1 five-leaf-clover.  I’m very happy.

10:10 am

BIGGEST MANDELA EFFECT OF ALL: Proof that our solar system has changed position in the Milky Way Galaxy!!

(I tried to watch something about this a couple weeks ago but I couldn’t really understand it.)
(I wish I had somebody to talk to about all this.  I’m still waiting to ask if anybody else remembers that Hemingway wrote ‘The Winter of our Discontent.”   Nowadays, the author is Steinbeck.)

“I’m literally shaking as I write this. I have been studying the Mandela Effect changes for some time, and I am familiar with many of the changes, but I just now came across a video that I thought was a joke, but after researching it, I discovered it’s REAL.”

“For those of you who recognize the Mandela changes:

Do you remember where our solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy?

It was always on the outer edge of our galaxy on the Arm of Sagittarius.

Now, go ahead and Google “where is earth in the Milky Way galaxy”.

“In this new timeline some of us have shifted into, we are now on the opposite side of the galactic core of the Milky Way on the ORION SPUR !!!!!”

“I have to keep retyping this post because my hands are shaking, this has me so freaked out.”



See more at:

9:40 am

Do we care about this?

And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.
(Don’t panic.  It’s not a third of the sun that’s darkened yet.  Only 10%.  Turn the game back on.)


See more at:

SPAIN: Bishop has said that all monks and priests need to carry a certificate to confirm that they have never carried out any sexual crime – @AceNewsServices

(Who they gonna get to sign it?  Every little boy they never molested?)
See at:

Silencing Americans As We Are Being Prepared For The Real War

The lines of ordinary people, mostly children shuffling through a Santa’s grotto of revisionism, were dispensed a variety of lies: the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved “a million lives”; Iraq was “liberated [by] air strikes of unprecedented precision”.

The theme was unerringly heroic: only Americans pay the price of freedom.

See more here:

They have so many gypsy wagons in Wales that they burn them up.

Travellers burn four caravans of ‘Queen of the Gipsies’ and all of her possessions in ancient rite after she dies aged 78 leaving 52 grandchildren and great-grandchildren

  • Ruby Pearl Marshall’s four caravans and almost all her possessions were burnt at a caravan park in Wales today
  • The burning, which was part of an ancient traveller tradition, followed Mrs Marshall’s enormous funeral yesterday
  • Each of Mrs Marshall’s family members was allowed to choose one of her possessions to remember her by
  • Mrs Marshall’s funeral saw two Welsh towns come to a standstill as hundreds of mourners paid their respects

The device that eavesdrops on the voices in your head: Mind-reaching machine could soon turn your secret thoughts into speech

  • Scientists want reproduce speech from brain recordings in real-time
  • Goal is to help those affected by motor disease such as Lou Gehrig’s
  • Such a novel device would communicate people’s intended thoughts via an electronic speaker or writing device, the say
Do we actually believe there are no giants?
(This is in Wales.)  (I just realized I want to go to Wales really bad.)  (Henry Gruver had a most amazing vision at Canarfon Castle, where Prince Charles was crowned.  He saw the Russian invasion of America.  Wales sounded far more primitive, when he talked about the back roads and unique maps.  He walked the entire perimeter and prayed.  Wales has a tremendous Christian heritage.  Great men’s choirs, too.)

‘Muhammed’ the most popular name in Britain for baby boys – 2014, 2015, 2016…

8:40 am

Paedophilia and Tribal Loyalty

“The Holocaust Memorial Trust and the BOD have yet to disassociate themselves from Lord Janner and his alleged history of multiple child sex abuse.  Seems that tribal loyalty is so firmly entrenched that it far surpasses ethics or compassion.”
(Remember Lord Janner?  THIS IS HIM.)

Dear Grads, Don’t Join the Military

“There are many reasons why it is immoral to place yourself in a position in which you are compelled to kill on command, or to facilitate such killing. But in this letter, I will focus on why, even if you accept the morality of war, you should stay out of military life for the sake of your own personal development and flourishing.”
“Through years of forced conditioning, you have had dependency and docility drilled into your mind, and your soul purged of initiative and self-reliance. That is why “the real world” frightens you, and why you seek refuge from it in the institutional confines of college and/or military life.”
See more here:

The Clintons and the comeuppance at hand

But even in the White House, Bubba apparently thought seduction was for sissies. A man must have his rape, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, as a succession of women in his life could testify. But it’s difficult for any well brought-up woman to slap the face of the president of the United States, no matter how deserved, and few angry husbands would dare to seek revenge in the face of a president’s Secret Service bodyguards.
Hillary’s greed and the pursuit of mammon entertains no one. She has been with Bubba for a long time and none of his roguish charm rubbed off on her. She reminds every man of his first wife and every woman of the dullest man whose path she ever crossed.

The 83-page summary of the State Department’s investigation of Hillary’s determined use of a private email server, stubbornly used despite dozens of warnings from high and low in the government, was released Thursday and it’s devastating.

See more here:

7:23  am

 ‘I’m Moving On’

(Her Brother Throws Dirt At Her)

“I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” — Pablo Picasso
(It looks like more fun than living WITH a poor man with lots of money.)
The lilacs are in bloom.  They’re a month early!  They’re blooming together with apple blossoms and wild strawberry blossoms and morels.


Transfiguration & the Powers of the Age to Come

What the Kingdom of God is supposed to look like on the earth.



I didn’t go clover-picking today because I had an outing!

7:23 pm

They want me to be gone because they judged me pretty harshly.  If I am right about all the things I’m right about, they must reconsider their complaint.  Then, they’ll also have to reconsider their dad.  Somebody had to stand up for us. Then they’ll wonder why.  Then they will grow up instantaneously.  And I will have love again after all these years since my dad targeted me and took it all away.  (Except Jesus’.)  They think if I’m out of sight, these imperatives can be avoided.  It’s not my doing and it never was.


6:26 pm

Gaslighting: State Mind Control and Abusive Narcissism


“The gargantuan apparatus of mind bending and controlling is being put into hyper drive by the ruling elite.  We are inundated with propaganda that challenges our sense of reality but only after being “tenderized” by the fear factor.  Fear of “terror”, fear of war, fear of financial insecurity, fear of gun violence, fear of our own shadow.  Once we are suitably quaking in our boots, in comes the rendition of reality that relieves our anxiety.  If we challenge this version of events we are labelled a conspiracy theorist, a threat to security. We are hounded, discredited, slandered and ridiculed.  We are isolated and threatened.”

See more at:




6:18 pm

Although it’s long since obvious to my witnesses and sundry others that my words are forthright and my records true, my sons still wish to escape the necessity of rethinking their treatment of me over the past few years.  That’s what I’m coming to know.-

Indonesia’s harsh new punishments for child sex offenders – including the death penalty and chemical castration – represent something of a pyrrhic victory for women’s advocates in Jakarta.

Read more:
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“However advocates argue the issue doesn’t get the attention it deserves, in part because many of the perpetrators are family members, it is difficult to process sexual abuse cases and there is a culture of victim blaming.”

Read more:
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5:53 pm

3-year anniversary of this esteemed site


Prayer of Release from Freemasonry I – General Information

“Often people do not know when their relatives, perhaps a grandfather or an uncle, were involved in one of the various forms of Freemasonry, as these things are often kept secret. Many people do not know that the many harmful effects of freemasonry can carry down through many generations. They do not realise that many problems of sickness, disease, early death, financial problems, and relationship problems are associated with Masonic curses, the effects of which can go back ten generations or more. Even at the first degree level, which is as far as many Masons get, they call upon themselves and their families, terrible curses.”

“Renunciation prayers are needed to break Masonic curses.”

For irrefutable photographic and other evidence that freemasonry is connected with the occult and witchcraft, please visit the following link

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry II – Ancestral

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry III – Degrees

Prayer of Release from Freemasonry IV – The Masonic Order of the Rose Croix and the Knights Templar

Prayer of Release from the Stronghold of the Baphomet (Freemasonry, the Occult, the New Age, Sexual Sin, Rape, etc.)

You know what?  All these beautiful people I’m supposed to emulate aren’t happy.  Their lives are not wonderful and their relationships are not more meaningful because of their physical beauty.   (I’m disregarding the possibility that the people I believe to be somebody, are actually a clone of somebody who is no more.)  I went to see the Prophet today; it’s always a smart thing to do.  When I told him about Isaac wanting to send me away to a funny farm he said, “That makes me a little mad.” You can’t tell when he’s mad or else I don’t see him when he is.  Maybe he’s not mad ever when I’m around.

Most Advanced A.I. Robot Admits It Wants to Destroy Humans After Glitch During TV Interview

Artificial Intelligence could ‘Abuse, Torture & Wipe Out Humans’ & Even Solar System…

The list of Freemasonry Orders includes but is not limited to:


Acacia Fraternity
American Lodge of Research
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Ancient Order of Foresters
Ancient Toltec Rite
Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots
Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks
Buffalo Lodge
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Golden Key International Honour Society
Grand College of Rites of the U.S.A.
High Twelve International
Holy Order of Knights Beneficent of the Holy City
Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Independent Order of Foresters
Independent Order of Oddfellows
Independent Order of Rechabites
Knights of Columbus
Knights of Pythias
Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
Legion of Honour
Low Twelve Clubs
Loyal Order of Moose
Masonic Clubs
Masonic Relief Association of the USA
Masonic Service Association of the Mutual Guild
Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm
National Sojourners
Orange Lodge (Ireland)
Order of Desoms
Order of Red Men
Order of Knight Masons (of Ireland)
Order of the Golden Chain
Order Templi Orientis
Philalethes Society
Rite of Memphiz and Mitzraim
Royal Arch Mariners
Royal Order of Jesters
Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Woodsmen of the World
York Rite

11:40 am

Who is watching you? Russian website puts central Ohio cameras online

A website out of Russia is gathering feeds from unprotected security cameras all across the world and broadcasting them online. Many of the locations are local.

Some of the cameras are public, like traffic cameras and city owned webcams. But other locations found in Columbus were much more sinister. Two cameras show a live look inside an office conference room. A third looks inside an office breakroom. Another camera shows inside a school classroom. And there were two active cameras showing a live look inside someone’s private home.

See more here:

11:24 am

Camel bites off its owner’s HEAD

See at:


IRS Chief Impeachment Charges lack Merit, Won’t Testify

He can just say ‘no’?


Putin has said he knows that US supports the terrorists, and we’re scooting troops to the Russian border.
We hear so much BS.

NASA astronomers said they’ve discovered a planet that they believe has a 100% chance of having life on itNASA astronomers said they’ve discovered a planet that they believe has a 100% chance of having life on it

100% chance = certainty  (Isn’t that right?)  
They sure are tippy-toeing around the announcement.

CDC forced to reveal documents proving Thimerosal vaccine preservative causes autism

Factually speaking, the CDC is a malicious, criminally-run anti-science quackery front group for the vaccine industry. As part of its criminal activity, it has long insisted that the vaccine preservative thimerosal is not tied to autism. But once-secret documents, now forced to be revealed by the CDC, prove the agency knew that thimerosal causes autism but deliberately hid that evidence from the public in exactly the same way the EPA hid the truth about lead poisoning of the public water supply in Flint, Michigan.

WWII ‘Ghost’ Submarine With Crew on Board discovered off Italian coast.

“I must make a confession. I never thought it would get this far. There is an absolutely amazing international revolt against the most deadly and most widely used weed killer in world agriculture–glyphosate.” 
The Amazing Glyphosate Revolt Grows
See at:


The list of protected gender identities is available online and includes options such as “gender bender,” “two spirit,” “third sex,” “androgynous,” “gender gifted,” and “pangender.” A city official speaking on background confirmed to The Daily Caller that all of the listed identities are protected by the city’s anti-discrimination laws, but said that the list was not exhaustive.

The city does not provide definitions of the various gender identities, but TheDC was able to define several of them from glossaries provided online by the University of Wisconsin and the University of California Berkeley.

Reed more at:


After The Intercept published their Freedom of Information Act requests – it was revealed that Chris Kyle may have embellished his count of medals and awards. The Navy has taken steps this week to make sure to award the “deadliest sniper” has the heroic ending he needs.

Navy Spokesman Lt. Matthew Cole said the discrepancy, one Silver Star and two Bronze Stars for valor, was the Navy’s own fault.

“The SEAL leadership was aware of the difference, but didn’t want to correct the record because Kyle’s celebrity status reflected well on the command.” says Cole “However this time around we gave him a few extra medals.”


It’s also been reported that

In addition, the Navy has also revived the non-existent practice of confirming kills in order to verify Kyle’s claims. The Navy’s actions have triggered a national movement to correct the record of unverified claims made by Kyle.

Among other things, a federal judge has reversed the libel ruling in favor of Jesse Ventura, and Texas Rangers have generated official police reports detailing Kyle’s killing of two carjackers in 2009.

See more at:



DHS’s ‘Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments‘ or VACCINE as it’s commonly referred to, is being taught to school kids across the country. Teachers instructed by DHS are teaching K-12 students that spying on innocent Americans is ok. 

“VACCINE’s mission is to educate current homeland security stakeholders and the next generation of talent… Our educational initiatives span the entire career development pipeline ranging from K-12 programs through undergraduate and graduate level work, to professional education and training programs.” (for more info. see the Teacher Tutorial section below)

Since 2010, DHS has been using a national “front” program called the “Career Development Program” to indoctrinate our school kids. DHS has even created a Mentoring Program designed to indoctrinate susceptible school kids.

41 Secret Service members spied on congressman who criticized agency

Johnson said the actions of 57 agency employees, including 11 senior officials, were reviewed as part of an international investigation about agency personnel accessing records about Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Details of the files, including a decade-old failed job application, were leaked to the news media and sparked yet another embarrassing scandal for the agency charged with protecting the president and his family.
Real grown-ups, eh?

Why Narcissists Fake Good Character

“…narcissists don’t believe in anything, they don’t have principles, they don’t have values.”

8:36 am

“If you want a lot of money, go to work on Wall Street.  If you want lots of power, go to into politics in Washington DC.  If you want lots and lots of free sex,  go into the fashion industry.  But if you want all three in one poison cocktail, stirred with a swizel stick of ‘hey, we’re doing something creative’…you go into filmmaking.”  (Alec Baldwin)  

Steve Quayle- Little Creatures: The Gates of Hell Are Opening

“Historic Christianity dealt with these subject matters; modern denialist, lukewarm, Laodicean mouse-men and meow-men…disassociating history from reality.”
Succubus and incubus spirits.  People should probably learn about them.  That’s what I thought I was dealing with before I learned about DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS and their ability to RAPE from a distance without physical presence of any RAPIST at all.  I guess it’s really the same thing.  The world’s governments are UNDENIABLY DEMONIC.
The Prophet called yesterday; I haven’t spoken to him for a couple months and he said he misses me.  I haven’t spoken to anybody, really; that was my second May phone call though, I didn’t get any in April and maybe one in March.  I’m SO PLEASED that my project is approaching its conclusion!  I haven’t been going anywhere either, not really.  I only went to Newberry one time since I got out of the hospital on January 28.  At first it was because I was embarrassed, but NOW it’s because I’m eager to finish up and I am VERY PLEASED with my years of diligence and I’m grateful for a warm place to work.  This is God’s show.  (You can tell, because if it was Hollywood or Vegas I’d never get a part because I’m so fat now.)  (It’s not my body.  I keep telling myself that, and apologizing to God for disliking it.)
I received an invitation to my nephew’s graduation party.
The last time my brother spoke to me was at a Christmas party in 2014.  
In 2013 his sister asked me on Facebook, “Why should grandpa care about you?”
His mom lied about me when they didn’t invite me to my parents 50th anniversary party.
Over the past couple years I bet I texted my brother FIFTY TIMES, to no avail.
I’d like to see (some of) them…but we’re  not going to pretend anymore, that GOLDTHORPES ARE DECENT PEOPLE.
I think I’ll have to send my regrets.


Fun clips of news anchors and celebrities trying to talk…George Bush near the end.
“Telepathic handlers”

7:04 am

“Why would Obama allow Russian soldiers into the country during a period of time that World War III seems like a certainty and Obama seems to be preparing to go to war with the Russians?”

“Why were Russian troops allowed into the previously conducted Grid EX II simulated EMP attack drill? Russian troops have also been used to police major events on American soil. This is martial law desensitization training in which the Russians are trained to interact with American citizens. Also, FEMA signed a bilateral agreement with the Russian military to permit a minimum of 15,000 Russian soldiers to train on American soil and this was at a time when both Russia and China threatened to nuke the United States if we dared to invade Syria or Iran in the Fall of 2013.”

Obama Is a Russian Double Agent Under the Control of the CIA

“We do not even know who Obama is. Who was his high school English teacher? Who was his basketball coach. Who did he take to the prom? We knew nothing about this Manchurian candidate, yet, we elected him to be the President? Why was his mother working Tim Geithner’s father at the CIA PSYOPS Ford Foundation which was associated with MK-Ultra? The answer is simple, he is stunning example of a modern day Manchurian candidate. His CIA-created family cannot hide who he really is.”

Barack Hussein Obama: The Detailed Back Story of the Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

“In the preparation of SOTN’s future essay (years in the making) on Obama/Soetero, it was realized quite early on that he was an extraordinary fabrication beyond perhaps anything ever created by the CIA/NSA/DIA MKULTRA Monarch mind-control program. Clearly, he was fabricated in a deep cover lab somewhere in Switzerland (the real home of CIA headquarters) where he could be sculpted and manicured, schooled and trained, mentored and brainwashed from a young and tender age.  And so he was!”

Special Operations troops from more than a dozen countries invade Tampa

“A lot of what we do is a bit secretive, we don’t really advertise much of what we do and there is a reason for it,” U.S. Special Forces Lt. Col. Chris Robeshaw told reporters following the event. “I think … this is maybe a stark reminder that there are young men and women out there putting themselves at risk.”
See more here:

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former prime minister

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

Gov. Rick Snyder calls for halt to internal Flint investigation

Gov. Rick Snyder has called for the suspension of an internal state investigation into the Flint drinking water crisis after Attorney General Bill Schuette complained it was complicating — and compromising — his ongoing criminal investigation.

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, whose office is also conducting a criminal investigation into the lead contamination of Flint’s drinking water, joined Schuette in complaining about an internal Michigan State Police investigation, which has reportedly been completed. An official in McQuade’s office wrote a May 19 letter asking that the report on that investigation be kept under wraps.

See more at:

Airport screening made 70,000 miss American Airlines flights this year

Airport screening delays have caused more than 70,000 American Airlines (AAL.O) customers and 40,000 checked bags to miss their flights this year, an executive for the airline told a U.S. congressional subcommittee on Thursday.

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!


6:08 pm

And family, family that don’t wanna be family and doesn’t even have the nerve to tell me so?  
For the first time in my life I am happy.  I accomplished this by making my parents so afraid of me that I don’t have to anymore be afraid of them!  This is HEAVEN ON EARTH!!
Sayonara, baby.

5:58 pm

Saudi Press Says 9/11 Was A US Job – #NewWorldNextWeek

I got to do something really fun today that I don’t remember ever doing before. I got to tell some people that I am happy for the first time in my life.  “I am happy for the first time in my life.”  Jesus won.  “Die, you gravy-sucking pigs.”   (SNL  Ancient)
Jesus won and I won.  I am happy in SPITE OF ALL THOSE EFFORTS against me.  Take that.  I’m loving it.  I’m having a hard time identifying things to eat that are not toxic, but I suppose that’s how it is, these days.  “No deadly thing will harm me.” Amen.  It really was the right thing to free Isaac.  I have not awakened to panic even one time since!  I  experienced that fear ever since 2009.  I wonder what that’s about.  Josh and George are going to Minnesota again, on Tuesday.  Isaac won’t be back for a couple weeks.  What a great time to be me.


12:13 pm

Connie and I went clover-picking:  we got 2 4-leaf clovers, 4 5-leaf clovers, and one clover with six leaves.  We’ll probably go out again later.

10:06 am


NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States

“The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List…”
“In response to my own unfathomable targeting for not only no just or legal cause, but for evil, psychotic reasons by those clearly employed by and acting on behalf of the National Security Agency, I began researching organized stalking and electronic harassment and found that it led to the sinister workings of a shadow government usurping our own by obvious design and long term planning, and covertly harming more people than I could ever have imagined; one which not only blatantly ignores the Constitution, but sees American citizens as “things” that it owns and can do with as it pleases, a government infused with those from private industry who knowingly and singularly serve profit interests above those of our country and certainly our citizens, while laboring furiously to gut every protection we have, simultaneously propping up a gangrenous and dying vestige of our Constitutional Republic, hoping no one will notice until it is too late.”  (Longest sentence ever?)
“Many Federal managers, such as retired NSA Deputy Director Bill Black Jr., are even secretly investing in this DEW weaponry…”
Police are even used as liaisons to actual criminal groups used by Feds and contractors for the blatantly criminal activity such as vandalism, pet poisoning, assaults, to actual usage of mobile Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) against innocent civilian targets to harm or kill them. 
See more here:

Psalm 49:10-12 

For he seeth that wise men die, likewise the fool and the brutish person perish, and leave their wealth to others.

Their inward thought is, that their houses shall continue for ever, and their dwelling places to all generations; they call their lands after their own names.

(I was thinking about Trump Tower, etc.   But then I remembered good ol’ GOLDTHORPE ENTERPRISES!)
(Does that passage mean my dad and brother are ‘fools and brutish persons’?)
(Isaac said sometimes Trump rents the face of a building…he pays for them to put his name on it!)
(This is MY passage.  I don’t own anything at all anymore…except a WONDERFUL DESTINY!)

Matthew 19:28-30

And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.

8:48 am

Wheelchair-bound Denny Hastert gets 15 months prison after admitting he sexually abused boys – while brave victim steps forward to detail locker room attack and reveals himself as the younger brother of disgraced Speaker’s protegé

This guy was Speaker of the House!!!
Next we’ll watch preachers go down. 

And then justice will get around to dealing with the average everyday perverts.  
I Can’t wait!
See more at:


Chicago Investigator Blows Whistle On Corrupt Police Review Board

“Despite a long history with law enforcement and the IPRA, Davis is now suing the agency alleging that he was fired for not listening to his superiors when they commanded him to change his reports to favor officers accused of misconduct.”

Aliens Creating Portal (Wow footage) & NASA Witches?

Japan.  Quite extraordinary.

Aliens caught on tape in china rapid shape changes and gone

China.  More extraordinary.

Did We Just Go To War? Indiana Bombarded With Helicopters, Explosions, and Gunshots


(I don’t do math.  How many does it take to make ‘divers’?)

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.


‘Little House’ Star Drops Out of Michigan Congressional Race

Laura Ingalls won’t be representing me.  She lives in Howell.  KKK Kountry, that is.

Michigan’s Big House

3,329 seats bigger than Penn State.
You couldn’t pay me enough to go in there with a hundred thousand people.
Actually, you couldn’t pay me enough to watch football at all, probably.

IS IT ALIEN, MONKEY OR HUMAN? Weird, scary and strange creatures caught on camera.

Maybe this is why God said ‘after his kind’.  Hybrids aren’t kosher.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.  (Genesis 1:24-25)

Bill Schnoebelen talks about the reptilians

(Reptilians in Salt Lake City in the bottom of the temple.  Bill was a Mormon before he became a Christian and after he was a a vampire.  His book wasn’t boring at all.)

Shape Shifting caught on tape 2-28-2014

Really good shot of extra eyes on her closed eyelids.
What to believe?
Maybe all these videos are fake and this IS the ‘great deception’?  Or could it be true, and we didn’t know about it?  We’ve been deceived either way.

2015 UNICEF Chile reptilian-alien acceptance commercial.

Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: “I Would Love to Name Names”

See more at:

Big Pharma’s medical research papers are total bunk… hundreds were fraudulently ghostwritten by a P.R. firm called ‘DesignWrite’

“Here’s the scoop: Drug companies routinely pay P.R. firms to ghostwrite clinical science papers which are published in medical journals and forwarded to the FDA to “prove” the drugs are safe and effective. But it’s all a farce: The papers are pure fiction, dreamed up by what are essentially marketing firms for the sole purpose of getting drugs approved even when they don’t work.”

“In 2009, around fourteen thousand women who developed breast cancer while taking Prempro, a hormone replacement therapy (HRT), sued the drug’s manufacturer, Wyeth,” wrote Rupert Sheldrake in an extraordinary book called Science Set Free.

In court, it turned out that many of the medical research papers supporting HRT had been ghostwritten by a commercial medical communications company called DesignWrite, whose website boasted that over twelve years they had “planned, created and/or managed hundreds of advisory boards, a thousand abstracts and posters, 500 clinical papers, over 10,000 speakers’ bureau programmes, over 200 satellite symposia, 60 international programmes, dozens of websites, and a broad array of ancillary printed and electronic materials.” 

Read at:   

8:16 am


Narcissistic abuse – Stop giving these clowns a second chance

“I wanted to talk about why not giving second chances to some people may save your time…it might even save your life.”



7:26 am

If You Don’t Break Contact

The Narcissist Will Kill You One Way Or Another

“We have all thought about suicide one time or another, because of our abuse…”
“I know many of you HAVE attempted to kill yourself over the abuse, over the confusion, over the frustration, over the hopelessness, over the loneliness…over ALL of it.”


I picked three four-leaf clovers this morning but it’s kind of raining and there are lots of bugs so I came back in to work some more.

7:58 am


7:31 pm

I made buffalo wings with rice and red beans.  Cucumber spears.  Mango chutney which is incredible.  I’m going to make samosas again pretty soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  George said dinner was excellent.  Josh says I have to feel good about myself without depending on others.  He ate a lot too.


(I don’t do math.  How many does it take to make ‘divers’?)

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Chicago Investigator Blows Whistle On Corrupt Police Review Board

“Despite a long history with law enforcement and the IPRA, Davis is now suing the agency alleging that he was fired for not listening to his superiors when they commanded him to change his reports to favor officers accused of misconduct.”

Aliens Creating Portal (Wow footage) & NASA Witches?

Japan.  Quite extraordinary.

Aliens caught on tape in china rapid shape changes and gone

China.  More extraordinary.

Did We Just Go To War? Indiana Bombarded With Helicopters, Explosions, and Gunshots

Gangstalking down unda- the police state 

It is what it is,
No denying it,
Us ti`s are just the first wave,
Fuck them,

They robbed me of my entire life and many others,
If I stay silent with what I know,
I’ll b just as guilty as the filth behind this.”

“You’re forced into feeling and living like a felon…  The fucking police state that nobody even knows is here.”

F B I documents shed more light on State Secrets about Targeted Individuals

You know what I really want to find out?  I want to learn that every single ‘beautiful’ woman in the world is really actually a reptile.


Prof David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said: “As a clinician, treating patients all day every day, I quickly realised that guidelines from on high, suggesting high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets were the universal panacea, were deeply flawed.

“Current efforts have failed – the proof being that obesity levels are higher than they have ever been, and show no chance of reducing despite the best efforts of government and scientists.”

Read more at:

Supreme Court Allows Monsanto To Sue Farmers

The ruling left in tact a federal appeals court decision to throw out a 2011 lawsuit from the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association that sought to prevent Monsanto from claiming patents on genetically-modified seeds.

The suit would have prevented Monsanto from destroying the lives of thousands of farmers.

Read at:

MANHATTAN: Russian banker who U.S. prosecutors say was involved with a spy ring operating in New York City that sought to collect economic and other intelligence was sentenced to 2-1/2 years in prison on Wednesday – @AceNewsServices


AIG Exposed as a wing of CIA spying and terrorism (and that is why they were bailed out)


Most people know “American International Group” as the recipient of the largest bailout in history, but there is much more to this giant insurance company than that. From ties to “Wild” Bill Donovan’s OSS to Arkansas money laundering to 9/11 insider trading, today we explore the allegations and connections that continue to haunt the once impervious AIG.

Linda Moulton Howe: UFO Breakthrough in 2016 – March 22, 2016
Part 1 of a Fascinating Investigation into UFO Secrecy
You’ve Never Heard Linda Moulton Howe Like This Before!
Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for the exciting return of Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and star of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series Linda Moulton Howe! In Part 1 of this fascinating episode, Linda, in a rare and controversial prediction, reveals that she has received inside information from trusted sources that 2016 will be the year that at long last the reality of life beyond the Earth will be acknowledged officially by the political leadership and the UFO question and alien presence will be announced!”
Read more at:

Anonymous Hits New York Stock Exchange, World Bank, The Fed, & Vatican — Total Media Blackout

“Make no mistake that this operation has already been extremely effective — evolving and growing rapidly. The fact that global corporate media is refusing to report on these numerous high-profile attacks is indicative of the fear the 1% have of OpIcarus garnering massive public support. The attempt to conceal the scope and breadth of this operation from public purview reveals the visceral fear the elite harbor toward those they prey upon. It seems the only thing the ruling class can do now is attempt to conceal and suppress the information about what’s transpiring in hopes of keeping the populace ignorant.”

“Officer of the Year” Sentenced to Life in Prison for Horrifying Child Porn and Abuse

“Harding, who is married with three children, would spend his shifts posting child porn with an app called Kik messenger that allowed him to access a chat room called #toddlerfuck, where child porn was viewed and exchanged, according to a report by PINAC.
“Officers of the year, as the Free Thought Project has pointed out time and again, raping, murdering, and molesting, is nothing new. However, being given a life sentence is incredibly rare.”

Unbelievable video shows six month old baby girl WATER SKIING

  • Zyla is just six months old – but she is already a proficient water skier 
  • A popular video shows Zyla skiing nearly 700 feet on a Florida lake
  • The owners of a water ski school in Winter Haven made the cute video
  • Zyla is the daughter of a champion barefoot water skier, Keith St.Onge and a champion show skier, Lauren Lane St Onge 

2:26 pm


Karen Hudes, former attorney at the World Bank.
“She now makes her career as an anti-bank activist billing herself as the “World Bank Whistleblower”. Using that as her brand, Hudes has been able to build a small but devoted following among consumers of the so-called alternative media.”

You Don’t Have To Answer When The Narcissist Comes Banging On Your Door

What a relief!
“You can’t tell a narcissist anything…even in your own home.  It’s HIS home as far as he’s concerned.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘hid’ over 1,000 sex-abuse cases

“The Jehovah’s Witnesses Church in Australia failed to report to police more than 1,000 cases of child sexual abuse going back more than 60 years, a government investigation into abuse and its aftermath heard on Monday.”

Electronic headband that could end migraine misery for millions is approved on the NHS

  • £250 headband works by emitting electrical pulses to the brain
  • Used for 20 minutes a day or when migraine strikes to ease symptoms 
  • Battery powered device found to work on between 40 and 75% of patients 
  • Experts say Cefaly could eliminate the need for drugs in some sufferers 

Thousands of Roma gipsies descend on sleepy French town in their colourful caravans to pay homage to their patron saint ‘Sarah the Black’

  • Every May Roma gipsies travel to the sleepy French town of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, near Arles, on pilgrimage
  • They are there to pay homage to their patron saint, the enigmatic Black Sarah, and stay in the town for a week
  • Carry a statue of ‘Sarah the Black’ to the sea after a church service and a procession to re-enact her arrival in France
  • The pilgrimage is a unique religious and social event for Europe’s gipsies as it allows them to come together
(I really love gypsy wagons.)
Gypsies play guitar and dance in front of their folklore wagon on May 24, 2016 during the procession down to the French shoreline
The Roma Gypsies stay in the small town to celebrate Black Sarah for one week - but because she is not an official saint of the Catholic Church, apart from this annual outing to the ocean her statue is usually situated in the crypt of the local church
Gypsies sing and play guitar between their folklore wagons shortly before the procession to the sea with the statue of the saint

12:39 pm

I’m making sausage gravy for Josh.  There are biscuits left over from yesterday.

Why Narcissistic Mother’s Golden Child Is Male When The Black Sheep Is Female

Golden-child:  “They turn them into emasculated little pussy-boys.”

My president is in Vietnam and he ate noodles with Anthony Bourdain.  He also did beat-box for a rapper,  in Ho Chi Minh City.
I can’t even think of anything snarky to say!
WWIII vs being a star.
Glad he’s not worried.

Seniors Now the Fastest Growing Demographic of Cannabis Users

How One Incredible New Invention Anticipates the Reversal of Biblical Curses
“What we need to learn from that is that we really have to get with the program and understand that with every day that passes, we’re getting one day closer to the geula. Hashem is basically preparing the ground so we can relate with Godly concepts, and so that we can see with our own eyes. The world is even evolving to a different dimension.”

UNIVISION Anchor Booed for Trashing Trump, Speaking Spanish at Commencement… ‘Get off the stage!’

At a commencement!

Fukushima: 600 Tons Of Melted Radioactive Fuel Still Missing

“The company hopes to locate and start removing the missing fuel from 2021, Naohiro Masuda, TEPCO’s chief of decommissioning told ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program.  He added that Japan does not yet possess the technology to extract the melted uranium fuel.”
(Nor does anybody else.)
See here:   

11:31 am

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Admits ‘They Live’ is a documentary

He and his big black friend always remind me of the dynamic duo in the Christian tracts printed by Chick Publications.  The Christians are always a big white guy and a big black guy.  They’re very muscular and look a lot like Piper and the other guy.

Rowdy Piper Talks They Live, Illuminati & More!

RIP, Rowdy

Missile expert talks Flat Earth – Explains ‘CURVATURE’ is NOT USED.

“We are already denied by our parents who also called us CRAZY when we BROUGHT UP THE ABUSE.”

The Same Way You’re Validated By Others’ Stories The Narcissist Is Injured

“You can’t have THIS MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE coming out of nowhere with the same story with the EXACT SAME STORY…”
“…what this is, and why it’s happening…”


The judge refused to even acknowledge her although she was using a microphone.
Handcuffs.  Jail.   2 year-old daughter in custody.
Heartbreaking video.
(Yes.  The assault falls within prohibitions of a RAPE STATUTE.)
“Dylan Days” in Hibbing, Minnesota isn’t happening this year.  
Happy birthday to him anyway, #75.

The Abuser Who Awakened You To Narcissism Is The First Domino

“I was raised by them.  I date them.  I breed them.  That is what’s eating me alive.”

Israeli Start-Up To Provide DHS With Facial Recognition Tech That Digs Up Character Traits

(YEA!!!   Now at least somebody will know I’m not crazy!)
(Also, they might acknowledge a certain consecration.)
(Or of course, they could LIE about the system and it’s conclusions…)

Further and further we go into the beyond-1984 nightmare of big brother technology.

An Israeli start-up claims that its technology can take one look at a person’s face and realize character traits that are undetectable to the human eye.

The Washington Post reports:

Faception said it’s already signed a contract with a homeland security agency to help identify terrorists. The company said its technology also can be used to identify everything from great poker players to extroverts, pedophiles, geniuses and white collar-criminals.

“We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other,” said Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa. “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.”

Faception has built 15 different classifiers, which Gilboa said evaluate with 80 percent accuracy certain traits. The start-up is pushing forward, seeing tremendous power in a machine’s ability to analyze images.

See more at:

My hair started falling in my face yesterday; I thought it was because I was perspiring.  (Like I never did that before.)  BUT, then I saw that there is a chunk in the front that is about 2 inches shorter than it was when I went to bed the night before. Weird, huh?  It’s better than last month when I woke up with that enormous bruise on my thigh and the big lump in the center of it.  That hurt.  The hair thing is just a nuisance.

The Curse of the Bastard- Do You Have It?   –Sheila Zilinsky

Sheila prays…powerfully…for deliverance for listeners who identify with her history.  (Her life sounds very much like my own.)  Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of all those demonic lies?  Pray along with Sheila…
I just had the most amazing thing happen.  I was washing dishes and I squirted some soap into the water and five tiny bubbles escaped.  Four dropped immediately and disappeared.  The fifth though, started going back and forth in front of my face.  Then it went over to the stove, then it came back and very nearly touched my nose.  (It did that twice.)  I stopped what I was doing to watch it.  It came to my nose again, then faked me out near other things too.  Eventually (minutes?) it landed on the very tip of a bristle on a vegetable brush…and it didn’t pop!.  So, I watched it sit there for a long time.  It looked like something was moving inside the bubble but the light wasn’t good so I picked up the vegetable brush (natural fiber) and carried it to the window in the door and watched as it swirled with shadows and spinning things.  I wanted to see what was inside of it so bad!  The bubble teased me; the motion of its contents would slow then speed up around and ’round, like a kid going downhill in one of those plastic balls that are ‘for daredevils’.
 I prayed with Sheila Zilinsky.  I’ve been longing to receive some Christian counseling and deliverance.  (“You can’t COUNSEL out a demon.”)  Even though I have no believers around me, God sent me what I needed.  The Curse of the Bastard is exactly right.  I prayed and worshiped and some yelling other sounds/air escaped through my mouth.  With spirits attached; I’ve done this before.  Great morning.   Oh yeah, music started on my computer again.  I can’t ever understand the words.  Last time it sounded like:  I’m down.  Calm down.  (Nice suggestion anyway.)  Today it was something about hanging the DJ.   I’ll probably miss sitting here for countless hours when I get my real life.  Probably not a lot though.

7:26 am

Isn’t it great how Truth is using the enemies’ tools against them?  TV has been really good for satan’s followers, by spreading lies and spiritual wickedness and entraining our minds.   Then they changed it to digital HD to facilitate watching us.  Now it identifies our very hearts…AND ALSO THEIRS.
I cut my medicine in half again.  I understand it’s dangerous to stop all at once with these poison medications.  I haven’t been drinking alcohol since Isaac left; I was hoping I’d lose some weight but so far no good and it’s been weeks.

Narcissists Redefine “Success” So They Can Call You a Failure

If anarchists are idealists, they may simply be likened to someone who finds himself swimming in a cesspool, and rather than paddling about looking for the area with the least amount of floating feces, seeks to climb out of the pool completely.   (Robert Higgs)

Why are aliens afraid of Jesus Christ? Real life story of a mother protecting her children.

“People don’t awake when they are feeling good — no, they awake when feeling low, since their measurement of the programming in which they live is correct: It is hollow, evil, cold as steel and the matrix wants you to trade cold comfort for change.”          (Soren Dreier)
I love it when Alex Jones tells us the number of pages in some big book he red.  And just when I’m enjoying that?  He puts a cherry on top by telling us how much he paid for it.  At least he’s promoting reeding.

Antidepressants in America are causing suicide rates to soar, especially among young women

The lead author of that study, Professor Peter Gotzsche, said: “Antidepressants don’t work in children, that is pretty clear. In the randomized trials, children say that they don’t work for them, but they increase their risk of suicide.”

He said that the actions of Big Pharma is this regard are unsettling: “What I get out of this colossal under-reporting of suicides is that [antidepressants] likely increase suicides in all ages. … It is absolutely horrendous that they have such disregard for human lives.”

This one does when he’s shopping for votes…
Is Trump the antichrist?  I know a MUCH BIGGER LION.
(Actually I know a couple.)  At least the star is right side up.

Narcissists blame and project – It is YOUR fault always no matter what, and you DIDN’T even do anything but somehow there is an argument that came out of the blue.

“Narcissists simply bait you with many conversations in an effort to constantly manage you down and keep you confused. Just with a normal conversation it almost seems like they are testing you or even mocking you. They are gauging your reactions to see just how far they can push you to get a chaotic reaction. They want you to react emotionally and after they bait you to get a reaction they will tell YOU to calm down, or say you are overreacting and make you internalize their disappointment with you. They want the upper hand always to feel in control so the whole point of this is to get you unhinged and they can and will get down and dirty to achieve this. Conversations are always a competition with them just like everything else with a Narcissist. Think of it like this, it is like the Narcissist purposely punches you in the face and then gets angry at YOU for reacting to that punch!”
(Every day of my life with my dad and mom.  But now I’m ‘no-contact’ and I’m happier than I ever was before!!)  (lonely though)
See more at:
Alex Jones says if we get off our butts and support Donald Trump, God will give us a hundred years reprieve.  Do we really want that?  (He didn’t cite a Bible reference; no surprise there.)  Then he ridiculed Glenn Beck some more, this time ABOUT CLAIMING TO SPEAK FOR GOD!
Even Phyllis Schlafly likes Trump.  She’s going to be a national delegate.  

Live crocs invade Museum of Natural History in new exhibit

“I think one of the things we hope from this exhibition is that people come to understand that crocodilians are really an interesting group of animals,” said George Amator, director of the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics.

“That they come in many different sizes and shapes, they have a very interesting evolutionary history, they have complex behaviors, they are threatened by our impact on the environment and that they are much more than the dangerous animals from our nightmares.”

More at:





1:24 pm

I only found two 4-leaf clovers today because it is VERY buggy and muggy outside.

Bill Cosby WILL STAND trial on sex assault charges after judge hears rape accuser’s claims actor told her to drink wine and take ‘herbal medication’ to relax before unconscious assault

  • Bill Cosby, 78, will stand trial on sex assault charges Judge Elizabeth McHugh ruled on Tuesday
  • Andrea Constand, 42, the women who is accusing Cosby of raping and drugging her in 2004, did not testify in court Tuesday
  • Constand’s affidavit was read in court in which she claimed the actor gave her ‘herbal medication’ and ordered her to drink wine before the assault
  • ‘I had no strength in my legs. They felt rubbery and like jelly. I felt spacey. Everything was blurry or dizzy,’ Constand told police at the time  
  • If convicted on these charges, Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine 
“Going solo: Cosby was not joined by his wife Camille (above in November 2014) or any other family members as he arrived at court Tuesday morning”
(Don’t you just love seeing arrogant old perverts on trial?)
(and this is only the FIRST victim…)
Read more at:

11:39 am

FIRST American pays for his meal by swiping his hand across RFID scanner

(Actually I red about people doing that before Y2K.  Wisconsin, I think.)

Obama and Bush now have arrest warrants for war crimes. GOOD!!!

RT News. Obama, Bush and Cheney run the high risk of being arrested and tried for war crimes if they leave America. The international court is catching up with these war criminals, but don’t count your chickens just yet. I am sure that Obama has something up his sleeve to avoid this happening. Nevertheless, at least Americans might wake up to how evil their government really is.

Bush Convicted of War Crimes in Absentia  (2012)

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission found George W. Bush guilty of war crimes in absentia for the illegal invasion of Iraq.

“At the end of the week-long hearing, the five-panel tribunal unanimously delivered guilty verdicts against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their key legal advisors who were all convicted as war criminals for torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.”

(If this reptilian invasion is demonstrated, wouldn’t that put a different light on the morality-question of why God would require the Hebrews to kill every living thing in the cities of the giants?  It was probably VERY IMPORTANT.  Still would be, right?)
What’s happened?  I thought these characters retained image-masters to make sure they don’t look stupid?

Baby Talks At 4 Months

(This was prophesied several years ago.  By Heidi Baker, for one.  I’m thinking Neville Johnson too.)

Surprise! 7-week Old Baby Says “Hello”

There are about a zillion videos of very young babies talking.  In 99 percent of them, they’re saying “I love you”.  Isn’t that amazing?  (And also doesn’t it sorta make sense?)

Amazing Babies Dancing on Roller Skates

What Others Dare Not Say
David Icke
Judaism and Zionism are DIFFERENT THINGS.
Jews are VICTIMS of a political system.
Zionism is NOT about religion.

Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter Sarah Meets With Prince Charles

Stolen ova from Diana/sperm obtained prior to their wedding
The girl is certainly better looking than her paternal relatives.  And her brothers.
My guess is there exist a great number of cloned replicas.
Did Charles kill Camilla’s mom?  She thinks so.


I’ve seen drones go over my house two times but I’d have to look up the dates.  They were white with the rounded part on top near the middle.
See more at:

9:13 am

REPTILIAN aliens Secret tape (They are in the U.S. Gov)


“Some people call them demonic.  In the Islamic culture they call them jins.  All different names, but the same entities.”
Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Greenspan…
Sacrifices to the gods…the gods are these entities…
Blood drinking …black magic…
(Seriously, I’m quoting  but it feels like I’m writing the back cover of a sleazy fifties novel.)

The Truth about reptilians by George Carlin

Reagan’s administration (at this point) had seen 250 (+/-) members investigated or charged with criminal activity.

Cops Tase Man to Death, Whine About Broken Cuffs, and High-Five Each Other…IN FRONT OF VICTIM’S FAMILY

On a 911 call, Mary Ann Sherman told a dispatcher her son was on drugs and was having a mental breakdown.

She stressed he was unarmed and asked that responders not hurt him. It was the first time she had ever called the police in her life, she told CNN.

See more here:
You know, ‘governments’ are extinguishing the individual.  They control almost all aspects of our environment and corporate lives and even our personal lives and they want to have a continual stream of information about us.  The only reason anything remains uncensored and regulated is that they haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Austrian election was rigged, a village with nearly 150% voter turnout… This fraud is very blatant, and they don’t even care.

These numbers on an official governmental site: 9026 eligible to vote and 12599 valid votes. All 300 extra “votes” go to the pro immigration leftist. Un-be-lievable.
(And people would have us believe the American-way is diminishing in popularity.)
Read at:


Two sets of eyes, very distinct.  What do we make of this?
Ron Paul appears in this video with the liquid crystal distortion of his face on slow-running HD.  Is he a reptilian?  What do we make of this?  I can’t imagine reptilians are the only ones who use holograms.  BUT, maybe we ALL ARE REPTILIAN?  We all maintain some demons, if they haven’t been eliminated.  What to think?
(Dr. Paul is at 26.25.)  (REALLY interesting around 33.)
This is going to be so easy!  We will be able to SEE the demons and we will KNOW who is who.  We’ll REED BRAINS and we’ll know if people are telling the truth about things.
“Thank you, Jesus.  Sorting out humanity is a breeze for you.  Now it’s going to be easier for us.  Thank you for ‘alien technology’.  This is like ‘They Live” but everybody gets a pair of sunglasses. Now if they’d just put them on.”


Here’s a place I don’t have to visit when I go to Norway.




It took three stone-carvers 14 years to carve this obelisk.  (‘Shaft of Baal’, satan’s penis, supposedly.)

What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers, 1933-1939 – Time to face the facts

“This article from 1940 by Dr. Friedrich Stieve provides an overview of Hitler’s various peace initiatives from the time he was first duly appointed as Chancellor in 1933 until war was declared on Germany in 1939.  It demonstrates clearly how these efforts at preserving world peace were thwarted by British, French, American and Russian war mongers and their string pullers, the International Bankers who had an entirely different agenda to which Hitler’s proposals and his model of National Socialism posed a huge threat.  Thus, they declared that “Hitler was a menace to the world and must be stopped!”,  employing atrocity propaganda, false quotes, or quotes taken out of context, and disinformation to propagate and perpetuate their own narrative, to incite nations to war, and to always shift the blame away from themselves.”
Read more here:
DE NIRO 2222222222222

Robert De Niro Announces His Own Vaccine Documentary

More at:

Robert De Niro to Produce Big-Pharma Documentary

More at:
Mythical creature
In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. Wikipedia
AbilitiesLeaves deadly venom, Spits poison, Gazes lethally


baz’-i-lisk (tsepha`, tsiph`oni, from obsolete root tsapha`, “to hiss”:

Isaiah 11:814:2959:5Jeremiah 8:17Proverbs 23:32 m. In Proverbs 23:32, the King James Version has “adder,” margin “cockatrice”; in the other passages cited the King James Version has “cockatrice,” margin “adder” (except Jeremiah 8:17, no margin):

The word is from basiliskos, “kinglet,” from basileus, “king,” and signifies a mythical reptile hatched by a serpent from a cock’s egg. Its hissing drove away other serpents. Its look, and especially its breath, was fatal. According to Pliny, it was named from a crown-like spot on its head. It has been identified with the equally mythical COCKATRICE (which see). In all the passages cited, it denotes a venomous serpent (see ADDERSERPENT), but it is impossible to tell what, if any, particular species is referred to. It must be borne in mind that while there are poisonous snakes in Palestine, there are more which are not poisonous, and most of the latter, as well as some harmless lizards, are commonly regarded as deadly. Several of the harmless snakes have crownlike markings on their heads, and it is quite conceivable that the basilisk myth may have been founded upon one of these.

(International Bible Encyclopedia)

Reptilian Snake-person Hissing!!


Human Hybrid Reptilian Snake Hissing Possession “Caught On Live TV” HD

I am a classic co-dependent people-pleaser…and that makes me unpleasant to others and myself.  I just realized that I am addicted to work.  I’m not a workaholic, but I am a productivity-addict.  I self-medicate to make myself feel worthwhile, and well.  I just realized this; I’m making biscuits for strawberry shortcake and we have half of a perfectly good pineapple cake on the counter.  Cream cheese frosting.  I’m trying to change.  I’ve been trying to change since I could talk and was told for the first time to shut up.  Now I expect Jesus to change me, and He has a lot.  I’ve got to get over thinking there is anything I could do that would make Him love me more.



My hacker wouldn’t let me post anything earlier so Connie and I went outside to pick clovers. I think that is called ‘browser hi-jacking’.  I picked 8 clovers, 3 with five leaves and 5 with 4.  Connie didn’t find any because she was lying in the sun instead of working.

8:58 pm
I just realized that I don’t have anybody to say “I love you” to anymore.  I used to say it to nearly everybody.
Good night, dear readers.  I love you.  Sometimes I tell Connie that.
8:18 pm
Another dead banker:
Read at:
“mark” [of the beast]
Strong’s Concordance
5480. charagma
From charassó (to sharpen, to engrave)
From the same as charax; a scratch or etching
vampire watch    hooks your body right into the matrix
The mark of the beast has to penetrate the skin I think.  A GOOGLE ‘vampire watch’ that penetrates the skin and hooks you up to the system so you could buy and sell would fit that definition I think.

Alex Collier 1994 (12 of 12)

Secret Government Planning a Fake Alien Invasion

“They’re gonna screw with us big-time.  I’m sorry about using that word.  It slipped out.”
“Don’t take anything at face value.  Make ’em prove it.
(Isn’t that quaint?)
How can the queen leave Britain?  Isn’t she supposed to BE BRITAIN?  Where is she going to go?  Isn’t she the richest woman in the world?  She owns an awful lot of US-guarded heroin on the hoof in Afghanistan.  Shouldn’t she go down with the ship?  How can you claim to love and nurture a people-place for ALL THOSE YEARS…and then just up and leave?  Strikes me as queer.
Buckle up!  I’d prefer to have some clarity about these astonishing things before it all starts.  But, Jesus knows the way so I’ll just hang on to my hat.  It’s beginning.  Can’t you just feel the tension?  Wow.  I wish I knew what was going to happen.



“Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit that is driven by greed, excess, and selfish consumption (in Ojibwa it is windigo, wintiko in Powhatan). It deludes its host into believing that cannibalizing the life-force of others (others in the broad sense, including animals and other forms of Gaian life) is a logical and morally upright way to live.”
(Zen Gardner)
“If you have a story to tell and some people don’t want you to tell it, they can interfere in your life in a manner that you never knew imaginable.  You might think, well you could make a run for it.  There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.”

The Truth Can Protect & Be Dangerous – Morris

“You might think, well I’ll go to a new country or a new place and make new friends.  NO.  That is not an option.  Gossip will kill any of those possibilities.”
6:18 pm
(that’s four sixes…)

“Isn’t it a curious coincidence that “Frodo” – who played a Hobbit with a mission to rid the world of Darkness – is shedding “Light” into the darkness of organized pedophilia in Tinseltown? Even tho other’s have tried to expose the dark underbelly of Hollywood, will the ‘light’ of Elijah’s insights crack “the egg of darkness” surrounding the ritual sexual sacrifice of our children at the hands of power-hungry predators? If pedophilia in Hollywood is exposed, it will ultimately lead up the chain of command to the network of global control and the politician’s and black magician’s holding a spell over the collective of humanity.”

From a metaphorical perspective, did Elijah just throw the Ring of Power into the abyss of molten lava to break the spell? IMO there are no coincidences, time will tell…

Have a magical week! Blessings, {~A~}

See more at:

6:08 pm

WOW.  Just this morning I noticed that the GOOGLE CHROME logo/icon is a 6-6-6 …I wrote it below.  

WARNING! Worse than RFID Implant?! A 666 Tech Device Under Production for Mass Release!!

5:45 pm
“Here in the United States, every single terrorist attack we’ve had, has been a false flag…”

Truth Went Out Live On TV!! Oops

Top General Admitting That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS!

Forget blaming the “Evil Republicans,” forget blaming Fox News, forget blaming the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” forget blaming race, forget blaming climate change, or lack of climate change, or any other damn thing liberals will come up with as an excuse to exercise their feigned outrage when the rest of the sane people in the country call His Highness’s Ass the TRAITOR that he is.

More exercise equipment.  Lots more, and a great big TV.    Satellite radio.  An electric boat motor with no gauge for the charge so it’s basically a toy. Delivery trucks come every day, and they keep bringing MORE and MORE STUFF.  
I’m glad God knows that I’ve never been incompetent and that I was a conscientious wife and mom before my targeting and slander.  I’m glad he knows that my dad knew it too, even as he interjected mistrust and lies into our home.  I’m glad that my family will be a sign and a wonder when Jesus fixes this.
I saw a truck I liked better than the green one.  This one was dark burgundy, so dark it was nearly brown.  Metallic.  Very nice.

How the Pentagon punished NSA whistleblowers

See at:   

Vindication for Edward Snowden From a New Player in NSA Whistleblowing Saga

THE GUARDIAN PUBLISHED a stunning new chapter in the saga of NSA whistleblowers on Sunday, revealing a new key player: John Crane, a former assistant inspector general at the Pentagon who was responsible for protecting whistleblowers, then forced to become one himself when the process failed.

An article by Mark Hertsgaard, adapted from his new book, Bravehearts: Whistle Blowing in the Age of Snowden, describes how former NSA official Thomas Drake went through proper channels in his attempt to expose civil-liberties violations at the NSA — and was punished for it.

“Name one whistleblower from the intelligence community whose disclosures led to real change – overturning laws, ending policies – who didn’t face retaliation as a result. The protections just aren’t there,” Snowden told the Guardian this week. “The sad reality of today’s policies is that going to the inspector general with evidence of truly serious wrongdoing is often a mistake. Going to the press involves serious risks, but at least you’ve got a chance.”

See more at:   

Can Russia Survive Washington’s Attack? “Nuclear War with Russia is Entirely Possible in the Next Year”

“It is not only American generals who are irresponsible and declare on the basis of no evidence whatsoever that “Russia is an existential threat to the United States” and also to the Baltic states, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, and all of Europe. British generals. also participate in the warmongering.  UK retired general and former NATO commander Sir Richard Shirreff, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe until 2014, has just declared that nuclear war with Russia is “entirely possible” within the year.

“My loyal readers know that I, myself, have been warning for some time about the likelihood of nuclear war.  However, there is a vast difference between me and the Western generals.  I see the war as the consequence of the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony.”

Paul Craig Roberts, more at:

Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs. “Russia and China stand between Washington and Washington’s Goal of Hegemony over the Entire World”

“But Americans will have to do more than wake up, as they cannot rescue themselves via the voting booth. In my opinion, the American people will remain serfs until they wake up to Revolution.”

“Victims of domestic terrorism are being victimized again by psychiatry.”

Targeted Individuals & RFID / Microchip Implant Technology Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls

(I can’t believe I totally forgot this.  Satanists have ALWAYS used implants.  Different purposes.  Blood of Jesus makes them pop right through the skin or burn away sometimes.  Nano-bots may be replacing them.)



I saw a truck I liked better: it was gorgeous metallic copper with matte grey around the wheel-wells.  THEN another truck went by and it was really rich dark red.  I really won’t care what color it is.


(This seems boring after a while but the end is astonishing.)
(I keep asking people what we should believe.  Stuff like this doesn’t help much.)

Former US Navy Officer Walks Across America

to Expose Covert Targeting

and Neuro-Experimentation Program

“David Voigts, whose Control Systems Engineering background in the Navy included work in Electronic Warfare and Nuclear Billets, says the people known nationally and internationally as “Targeted Individuals” are non-consensual victims of an illegal human experimentation project in human-computer interfaces“to conduct various psychological and physical experiments with the use of electronic warfare weapons that essentially torture the victim psychologically and physically.”
As an officer, I served in Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets. I found out that the program is testing weapons called “Voice of God” or “Hand of God” weapons. When used in conjunction with a psychological warfare campaign, they are called “Perception Warfare,” “Spiritual Warfare, or “No-Touch Torture” weapons.”
(This is the first time I’ve seen the term “spiritual warfare” but it’s very accurate so I think I’ll process it a bit.)
See more at:



2:01 pm


Steve Quayle: The US Government is Taking Marching Orders From ALIENS Under the Earth

Invisible things are becoming visible.

12:54 pm

I’ve learned the reason that so many of us are unhappy and feel bad about ourselves. It’s because we’re INTENDED TO FEEL LIKE THAT. EVERYTHING we see is intended to make us feel bad so our negative energy feeds the entities that eat humans. (I SAID THEY EAT HUMANS.) (Some of them are even other humans, or at least they once were.)



Nobody can fix this mess. Donald Trump cannot fix this mess. Superman couldn’t save the world at this point, so isn’t it good that the world has already been saved? Jesus told us how to fix things, shed his blood to give us the power, and commanded that we love one another and share and put the other guy first and not hold a grudge or steal or lie.   Those things that HE would do…are those things that WE ALL MUST DO TO FIX THIS. We must NO-LONGER-EVER TOLERATE PEOPLE-EATING BY ANYBODY OR ANYTHING.


I started preaching against the New Age Movement in the seventies. I was very religious. My mom got really angry when I’d speak about it. (She’s been mad at me for my whole life.) Since then I’ve learned much more and I recognize that a lot of what they teach is what Jesus would tell us to do. Our thoughts DO CREATE. No other race can do that; we’re very special; we’re made in His very image; we have the breath of God. We have the opportunity to BECOME JUST LIKE HIM. I would have called that statement heretical back then. Baptists sell condemnation; I was good at it and to be a good Baptist is to be genuinely WIMPY… and also a very poor Christ-follower who knows he is a dirty rotten sinner and does not expect to ever be perfect. (The doctrine of sin that’s both original and enduring is very profitable for repeat business.) But the world’s traveled some distance and lots of various people have genuinely tried to help it along. They had some Truth and some good ideas…but they didn’t have the Blood of Jesus. This is the blood the reptilians are really after. At Calvary it seeped into the ground beneath the cross and it has permeated the entire Earth and its caverns. They can’t get away from it but they can’t get a taste either. Hell on Earth. But not for us.


Black goo. Living machines. Self-replicating matter. Clones, animal/human/alien (demon) hybrids. One guy said he toured a human-animal hybrid facility and these sorta-people were crying out for help. What are they? Shouldn’t we care about them? I pray for them. I pray for the clones, is that right? This consciousness-issue is all we got that’s potentially pure, I think. We ARE SPIRIT. We live in bodies for now. ‘Revelation’ predicts that men will trade in HUMAN SOULS at the end of time. Why did He put us here now? It must mean something and I mean not to miss it.

I guess we could look at it this way: if you’re a subtle, parasitic race with technology unimaginable to the flocks who inhabit the Earth, then it only makes sense that your kind would rise to the ‘top’. PUTIN SAID THE QUEEN IS A LIZARD. Princess Diana said they’re all lizards and David Icke has been saying that forever. I find it unimaginable that the prime-ministers and the presidents are all acting like they are. The candidates ACTUALLY COMPARED DICK-SIZES FOR THE POPULACE. Can you imagine? Did you EVER THINK YOU’D SEE our highest and loftiest acting like perverted monkeys? Did you ever think you’d see men expecting their wives to disrobe in public and post pictures of themselves every day and value themselves based on the views and comments? Caitlin Jenner is woman of the year? She killed a lady in a car crash recently. Chelsea Manning can’t even get gender-therapy and was sentenced to 35 years? She showed us about what was REALLY HAPPENING and the civilians WE killed. We have no dignity. We do not value the right things. As a race, we have no guts and no dignity anymore. I can say that, because I never had ANY OF EITHER and now I’ve got loads of both. We WILL NOT HAVE A COUNTRY where our ‘leaders’ won’t keep the zipper closed on either their pants or their mouths.



Bump to the top from 12/15


My dad’s a zombie because he thought he was God.  How’s that for one of those deceptions God sends us when we refuse Truth, like the Bible talks about?  You saw it here first:  not to the strong goes the battle, not to the swift goes the race.  (Dad always said I’m ‘not too swift’.)

It appears to me, upon review of SEVEN YEARS during which I have received neither solace nor consideration as my family flew asunder by his blows, that my father is UNABLE to bend his knee to Jesus, the Christ and my betroth-ed-Lord.  If this can be remedied, somebody should go about accomplishing it.  He is in God’s sites because he intentionally harms people and he will not repent.  Yon lookers-upon, ‘Lower thine heads’.   You saw what happened to those Nazis in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  (And they were only curious.)

“To achieve its goal this machine stops at nothing, and does not hesitate to alter itself, to recombine beyond recognition.”

Am I the last one to notice that the Google ‘Chrome’ icon is 6-6-6? Google is America’s largest defense contractor.




6:55 am

This was said on the floor of Congress:

“We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. “The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”

Dr. Jose Delgado (MKULTRA experimenter who demonstrated a radio- controlled bull on CNN in 1985) Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974

On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology

“Rods from God”   METEOR – Mysterious Roar And Light In The Sky Wake Mexican City 21 May 2016

Note: This “bolide meteor” appears to be military weapon called the “Rod from God”, as described at the link below by physicist Jim McCanney where he explains how to tell the difference between a real meteor and a fake meteor launched from space based weaponry. Carol Rosen also talked about the “asteroid threat” that would be followed by the alien threat, and at this point it looks like they’ve begun to launch “the program” because I’ve seen several of these RoG’s in other video’s recently. Jim claims the 2013 bolide that exploded over Russia was a RoG.

Read more at:

HYBRIDS CONFIRMED: NPR Reports Chimera Embryos Grown in Pigs (As in the Days of Noah)

Narcissistic Solitary Confinement

Isolation after narcissistic abuse.  Oh, yeah.  NOTHING is as isolated.


8:43 pm

Interview With a Death Tower Whistleblower (Madison Star Moon)

GWEN towers do more than just carry the signal.
“It’s more than mind control, it’s physical body control”
 I was carried to the couch a lot but I also spent MANY HOURS ON THE FLOOR UNABLE TO MOVE.
(Quoted portion happens at around 8:30)

Mind Wars – Invasion of the Brain

“A very sobering audio discussing the electronic control of humanity by the use of electromagnetic signals, radio frequencies, Wi-Fi transmitters, cell phones, satellites, antennas, radars, smart meters and more. In addition to the technological aspects of government oppression, Deborah Tavares and Preston James also discuss federal, state, and community laws that are being used against the populations of the world to enable the shadow governments, secret societies, and global elite to have ‘full spectrum dominance’ or total and complete control of every aspect of our lives.”

A must read/Please Sign: Covert Government Harassment – Non Consensual Experimentation Lawsuit: Add Your Story #TargetedIndividuals

Case Details:
“Unlike many victims, I know exactly who and why I was targeted. I used to work for the National Security Agency as an intelligence analyst. When my boss stole credit for my award-winning series of intelligence reports to falsely credit to a woman sexually compromising many of the male managers in NSA’s Weapons & Space Directorate, and gave her my promotion (double promotion), I asked the NSA IG to investigate. That led to a rabidly insane smear campaign and stalking and harassment campaign by NSA Security to cover up the fact that the woman was helping NSA Security blackmail managers with Top Secret clearances and valuable information.”

6:32 pm

MARTIAL LAW has begun: Citizens elected for FEMA Camps are indicated by LABELS on MAILBOX! (2016)

(He’s disappointed to not have a red sticker.  He thinks he’s a better dissident than that.  Probably so.  He got a yellow sticker.)

I’m thinking about how it is that when we question the reality presented to us, we’re most likely to believe it when the stories are small.   I don’t contradict Hitler in this, although he said big lies are easier to pull off.  Maybe it was Goebbels.  Anyway, I think I mean ‘small’ differently than they.  (I assume they agreed with one another; they did a lot of lying together.)  Isn’t it amazing that whenever some other country goes to war, they lie a lot?  They also stage false-flags and kill civilians.  We are taught that America doesn’t do those things.  I suppose citizens of those other countries are taught that too.  BUT WE STILL BELIEVE IT.  We even LOCK UP PEOPLE WHO DON’T BELIEVE!  Just like those other EVIL COUNTRIES DO.  
NATIONALISM IS A RELIGION and I have chosen to remain outside religion.
THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.  DOESN’T THIS EMBARRASS YOU?  IN ADDITION TO BEING OVERWHELMINGLY RIDICULOUS AND SEXIST AND…  (Shit.  Just stupid, let’s say.)  OUR GOVERNMENT ALSO CLAIMS THE RIGHT TO SHOOT ANYBODY ON THE PLANET BY REMOTE CONTROL.  Our government acts like an adolescent psychopath.  And they get rich doing so.  As we get poorer.  I don’t vote anymore.  And those who do vote call me crazy.  Not likely.  I’m absolved according to this issue alone.  


REPRESENTATIVE KENNY HAVARD who would be OUT OF WORK if there were a WEIGHT LIMIT for Congress

US: Government intelligence agencies are known to collect evidence against Congressmen for child sex-abuse, not to prosecute the offenders, but to blackmail them.


“But a series of revelations from FBI whistleblowers reveal that this story is just the tip of a very seedy iceberg, one that implicates Hastert, his top aide, other Congress members and government officials in a criminal network involved in sexual intrigue, foreign espionage, blackmail, and drug money.”


Ship Leaves Tacoma Loaded – They Refused The Dollar

OK.  Baptists aren’t the only ridiculous religious people:

At last, a kosher prawn (after 3,500 years): Synthetic substitute takes red algae and bakes it with plant-based protein powder

  • Religious Jews cannot eat shrimp, according to their strict dietary laws
  • Book of Leviticus forbid eating sea animals without both fins and scales
  • Shr!mp is made using red algae baked with a plant-based protein powder
(If those clone-scientists are so smart, why don’t they just make a real prawn with scales and fins?)

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4:09 pm

Hybrid Alien Species on Earth Right Now ?

Alien Hybrids The New Race of Humans 2016

12:17 pm


When you have some dead people and you have to explain them, you either set up some contrived disaster…or else you pay off the coroner and cops, etc.  Simple answer, eh?

We’ve More In Common Without The News – Morris – Endless Media Crises Desensitize Us

(Morris had a baby, in Cambodia I think, his first child.  He only moved there a couple years ago, from Australia I think. Do you know he didn’t post even a single video featuring his baby-mama naked and pregnant?)  (Aren’t babies great?)

“Evangelical Christianity, as everyone knows, is founded upon hate, as the Christianity of Christ was founded upon love.” — H. L. Mencken

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!



“You may have all this world, but give me Jesus.”
(Isaac used to love this song.  He sang it too, back then, before he got big.)
(I like to imagine what it would feel like to have all that music flowing through you.)
My truck keeps driving by.  It’s really shiny and a medium blue.  Extended cab.  I think I’d rather have a metallic green truck I saw last week but God knows best.  No sign of my small white and black car yet.  I had that vision two times.

Creation Energies, Your Action Plan is Nonaction

“Your role is to relax, release and flow.”
(Can you believe I hear God in the new-age-thing?)
“You are searching for a physical action plan, the type you created in 3-D that often did little but pointing out fears.  Your new action plan is non-action.”
“You have been taught to love others and tolerate yourself in so many ways, from body image to personal success.  In your 3-D world, there was always someone to compete with or beat.  And there was always someone you considered less than you so you could feel better about yourself.”

MASS Sighting! SOMETHING Is Entering Earth’s Atmosphere!

“This has been one crazy-ass week for strange things happening on the planet.”
Turkish pilots put out the word.  A bunch of green saucers.  Isn’t this a great time to be an American?
(If somebody would have said in 2013 that I’d be typing the words I regularly type,  I would have been insulted.
“Saucers”  “Reptilian”  “Human clone”, etc.)

Controversial New Dating App Allows Users to Cyber Stalk Almost Anyone


David Icke EXPOSES Illuminati Music Industry Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jay-z, Miley Cyrus

FBI now preventing patriots from buying guns: Confirmed

Patriot without felony record delayed, denied, purchase of firearm

SEE AT:   
Freeing Isaac was the right thing to do.  I haven’t awakened even a single time in a panic, since I set him free.  There’s lessons here I think.
TRUTH is bustin’ out all over!

DUMB HILLARY SENATOR and Hillary campaigner confirmed OBAMA & HILLARY FUNDED ISIS.

General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies

England is getting their ‘FEMA’ camps in order.  Things must be winding up.

Labour to open re-education camps?

See at:

The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American A $1 Million Home

More here:

Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs

Anyone, other than the One Percent and their political and legal servants, can be picked up without charges and detained indefinitely as during the Dark Ages, when government was unaccountable and no one had any rights. Only those with power were safe. In America today anyone not politically protected can be declared «associated with terrorism» and taken out by a Hellfire missile from a drone on the basis of a list of human targets drawn up by the president’s advisers.
(I know Roberts is very smart but I’M NOT GOING TO BE ANYBODY’S SERF EVER AGAIN.  I’m through serving psychopaths.  I finally grew up.)

Elijah Wood: ‘Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile’


“Anne Henry, co-founder of Bizparents, a group set up to help child actors, said Hollywood is currently sheltering around 100 active abusers and said a “tsunami” of claims was beginning.”

Wood said he had been spared similar experiences while growing up because his mother had not let him attend parties.

“She was far more concerned with raising me to be a good human than facilitating my career,” he said.

(I guess she succeeded.)


7:05 am

I’ve learned the reason that so many of us are unhappy and feel bad about ourselves. It’s because we’re INTENDED TO FEEL LIKE THAT. EVERYTHING we see is intended to make us feel bad so our negative energy feeds the entities that eat humans. (I SAID THEY EAT HUMANS.) (Some of them are even other humans, or at least they once were.)



Nobody can fix this mess. Donald Trump cannot fix this mess. Superman couldn’t save the world at this point, so isn’t it good that the world has already been saved? Jesus told us how to fix things, shed his blood to give us the power, and commanded that we love one another and share and put the other guy first and not hold a grudge or steal or lie.   Those things that HE would do…are those things that WE ALL MUST DO TO FIX THIS. We must NO-LONGER-EVER TOLERATE PEOPLE-EATING BY ANYBODY OR ANYTHING.


I started preaching against the New Age Movement in the seventies. I was very religious. My mom got really angry when I’d speak about it. (She’s been mad at me for my whole life.) Since then I’ve learned much more and I recognize that a lot of what they teach is what Jesus would tell us to do. Our thoughts DO CREATE. No other race can do that; we’re very special; we’re made in His very image; we have the breath of God. We have the opportunity to BECOME JUST LIKE HIM. I would have called that statement heretical back then. Baptists sell condemnation; I was good at it and to be a good Baptist is to be genuinely WIMPY… and also a very poor Christ-follower who knows he is a dirty rotten sinner and does not expect to ever be perfect. (The doctrine of sin that’s both original and enduring is very profitable for repeat business.) But the world’s traveled some distance and lots of various people have genuinely tried to help it along. They had some Truth and some good ideas…but they didn’t have the Blood of Jesus. This is the blood the reptilians are really after. At Calvary it seeped into the ground beneath the cross and it has permeated the entire Earth and its caverns. They can’t get away from it but they can’t get a taste either. Hell on Earth. But not for us.


Black goo. Living machines. Self-replicating matter. Clones, animal/human/alien (demon) hybrids. One guy said he toured a human-animal hybrid facility and these sorta-people were crying out for help. What are they? Shouldn’t we care about them? I pray for them. I pray for the clones, is that right? This consciousness-issue is all we got that’s potentially pure, I think. We ARE SPIRIT. We live in bodies for now. ‘Revelation’ predicts that men will trade in HUMAN SOULS at the end of time. Why did He put us here now? It must mean something and I mean not to miss it.

I guess we could look at it this way: if you’re a subtle, parasitic race with technology unimaginable to the flocks who inhabit the Earth, then it only makes sense that your kind would rise to the ‘top’. PUTIN SAID THE QUEEN IS A LIZARD. Princess Diana said they’re all lizards and David Icke has been saying that forever. I find it unimaginable that the prime-ministers and the presidents are all acting like they are. The candidates ACTUALLY COMPARED DICK-SIZES FOR THE POPULACE. Can you imagine? Did you EVER THINK YOU’D SEE our highest and loftiest acting like perverted monkeys? Did you ever think you’d see men expecting their wives to disrobe in public and post pictures of themselves every day and value themselves based on the views and comments? Caitlin Jenner is woman of the year? She killed a lady in a car crash recently. Chelsea Manning can’t even get gender-therapy and was sentenced to 35 years? She showed us about what was REALLY HAPPENING and the civilians WE killed. We have no dignity. We do not value the right things. As a race, we have no guts and no dignity anymore. I can say that, because I never had ANY OF EITHER and now I’ve got loads of both. We WILL NOT HAVE A COUNTRY where our ‘leaders’ won’t keep the zipper closed on either their pants or their mouths.

9:52 am

DC Judge rubber-stamps Lufkin judgment; Petitioner sues Lufkin Judge in county court to quiet title

“…would undo over 150 years of legislative-branch mischief and lead, ultimately, to the demise of the most elaborately constructed monolith of institutionalized crime in world history: the contemporary so-called Federal Government…”
(I told them there is a god.)

“Whether the territorial jurisdiction of United States District Courts is co-extensive with the territorial legislative power of Congress or extends to Tyler County, Texas.”

The correct answer to this question signals the end of the legislative tribunals known as United States District Courts—except for the only three de jure United States District Courts in existence: District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

“[T]he germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal judiciary; an irresponsible body, (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow) working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little to-day & a little tomorrow, and advancing it’s noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the states, & the government of all be consolidated into one. to this I am opposed; because whenever all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated. . . .”  Thomas Jefferson, quoted in “From Thomas Jefferson to C. Hammond, 18 August 1821,” Founders Online, National Archives ( [last update: 2015-12-30]).
WOW, my law-school friend who BETRAYED ME in 2009 is an unlawful magistrate.  Figures,:
Whereas: United States District Judges and United States Magistrate Judges operating in nominal so-called United States District Courts, as constituted at 28 U.S.C. 132(a) and located within the Union, are positions or offices which have no lawful existence under the Constitution…

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9:31 am
Narcissistic parents:   “They love teaching you those ‘life lessons’ that screw you out of your own life, don’t they.”   (Ollie Mathews)

Knowing Where To Start Your Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

It‘s just been so much…I don’t even know where to start.”

Fukushima 3/11 Another 9/11 “Inside Job” – Special Report

The evidence here is every bit as damning as building 7 on 9/11while being far more important, and the fact that a large portion of even the truth movement has shunned this report will show you just how deep the conspiracy goes. It is essential for people to link, re-post and mirror this report, because e-mails related to it will be censored and people will not find their way here from an email.

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?

The 3/11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster did not occur naturally. In this report you will find all the evidence needed to support this claim and more.


“Why is the leftist media lecturing whites to be ashamed of their skin color, while telling us to be proud of pedophiles?”

Michigan Uber killer dragged out of court after bizarre rant

See more at:
Whatever that Narcissist has said to you that has deeply hurt you or wounded you is not a real observation, it was your vulnerabilities that you shared with them when you trusted them. They twisted, tweaked, and distorted these vulnerabilities to use against you and define you.
They will attack you at any and every level they can, even making fun of you physically and they can be VERY cruel! But the point here is that you must take their power completely away from them to get out of this battle to regain a healthy perspective about your life again and that comes from empowering yourself and reentering into a world that may scare you after this abuse.

A little deeper perspective into empowering yourself AFTER abuse – the importance of reinserting yourself back into life!

See more at:

ABC, CBS, NBC News Stations Cover Chemtrail Poisoning (Video)

“Note: Did we wake-up in a parallel Universe, or what? Seriously my friends,  ABC’s Diane Sawyer covering chemtrails and numerous MSM stories on Morgellan’s Disease is a HUGE change in direction for corporate mass media!  Disclosure of this nature is exactly what our community has been working so long and hard for, and this kind of exposure means we’ve reached a tipping point where the truth will begin busting out everywhere because it can no longer remain hidden.”

“Woot! Woot! This Truther’s doin the happy dance! Much love, {~A~}”

See more at:


Finnish Girl Kicks The Crap Out Of Somali Migrants

Obamacare Psychiatrists to Put POTENTIAL Dissidents Into FEMA Camps

(And their families…)
“After seven years of dealing with the abomination in the White House, there is nothing that surprises me anymore. the plot to seize guns and incarcerate those people with political schizophrenia, is at least 14 years old. Despite overwhelming documentation, the nation is not paying attention. in the meantime, be very careful what you tell your doctor.”

All “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Mentally Ill According to DSM V

“When I went through my clinical training, the Bible of mental illness, The Statistical and Diagnostic Manual (DSM-4r) defined Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) as a highly controversial mental illness used to describe children and teens as mentally ill if they exhibited disobedience and defiance. When I was first nationally credentialed, most practitioners did not take this diagnosis seriously and we mistakenly believed that it would fade away. We uniformly believed this to be true because defiance and oppositional behaviors are hallmark traits of healthy rebellion exhibited by children and teens as they seek independence. Rather than ODD fading away, the diagnosis has become the tool of the ruling elite.”

“The new DSM (5) has expanded the definition of ODD to include adults who exemplify “paranoid ideation” about the government and frequently express these delusional ideations on the Internet.”

See more here:

Expert: Billions of pieces Fukushima nuclear fuel have spread pretty much everywhere

A woman introduced herself to Arnie, (Gunderson) “I am 6A.” Stigmatized and reduced to a numbered identity, these women have suffered radiation poisoning, and been told that their symptoms are simply due to stress. Their homes destroyed, their health in jeopardy, and their future unknown – this is the outcome of nuclear risk.
He said that in the years since the accident…nobody has spoken to these victims about radiation.  NOBODY HAS SPOKEN TO THE VICTIMS ABOUT RADIATION. 
See more at:   


American police have once against demonstrated that their agenda is not to protect and serve, but to dominate and control by any means necessary. On November 20th, sheriff deputies in Coweta County, Georgia were summoned to help subdue a man having a psychotic breakdown and ended up tasing him to death.

After months of keeping the video from the body cameras on the police officers under wraps, it was finally released on Friday to the NY Times.


Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

It is fulfilled

I don’t know exactly what he means but it sounds really positive and he’s really smart.
“This point is really newly laid, it’s maybe 15 minutes now, that we can say in last instance that everything that appeared within the gaming plane as a black cloud, in this victim-perpetrator-saviour-game, where people had the feeling things are hopeless, no chance to stand up against the darkness on the planet, that they were superior, that they had ways and means to block everything, there was the matrix and whatever else was there that held us in captivity. All this is gone. We are now at the point where every human can in full self-responsibility show who he is, can show how much power and momentum he gained during gaming times, and how much love wants to flow through him, which means now it comes into the world through everyone.”
12:21 pm
Everybody’s seeing unusual things now, right?  I don’t talk to very many people but it sure looks like a lot of people are considering intra-dimensional beings, and observing things they can’t explain.  I imagine religious people are going to start getting frightened.

Demonic Distortion Test: Bruce Reptile-Vamp Again! Look! (5-2016)

9:08 am
An essential sign someone is a narcissist is if you’re constantly wavering back and forth wondering if they are.

Narcissists Make You Doubt Their Narcissism

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Transhumanism Mind Cloning Program

8:20 am

I just can’t get over how much this old pervert looks like my dad.  Or rather he LOOKED like my dad.


An 87-year-old British parliamentarian deemed unfit to stand trial on a string of child sex abuse offences died peacefully at his home on Saturday, his family said.
Good thing he died.  He wouldn’t have fared too well in prison I think.
4:43 pm
I found my first four-leaf clover of the season.
I don’t know who to give it to.
8:35 am

Technological Illusions ~ Covert Transhumanism

Discussed in video: A major aspect of the conspiracy almost nobody knows about; Technological Illusions aka directed energy weapon illusions. It isn’t just targeted individuals who have such done to them.
“They can be as profound as a RELIGIOUS CONVERSION…yet we can generate them…with a machine.”
And everybody thinks it’s all his own idea.  Tee-hee.
8:23 am

Elon Musk Funds $1B Project To Stop Human Destruction From “Demon” Of Artificial Intelligence

I expect it will be more disconcerting for people who believe themselves to be Christians, to find out about the shocking paranormal-type things now freely spoken of by SCIENTISTS and SECULAR EDUCATED FOLK.  Scientists say ‘demon’.  Church people don’t use the word unless they’re reeding the Bible and they CERTAINLY don’t know how to identify a demon or to deal with one.  (Neither do the scientists.)

NSA whistle blower Karen Stewart exposes targeted Individuals, 9/11

Gianluca Zanna

Apr 11, 2016 — April 10 2016 Love Guns & Freedom Radio show first hour with NSA whistle blower Karen Stewart exposes targeted Individuals, 9/11, electronic harassment, and much more… with Luca Zanna –

All Seeing Eye Technology ~ Remote Neural Monitoring

“Know thy enemy.”
“Thought surveillance of entire populations…”

Black Project Tech: The Neurobody

“All concepts in existence.  All emotions in existence.  Any conscious energy in existence….ANYWHERE ON THE BODY.”  ANYWHERE IN THE BODY.  WITHOUT EVEN NEEDING THE BODY SO YOU REALLY COULDN’T KILL YOURSELF TO ESCAPE I THINK.
This is VERY GOOD.  This guy is obviously a TI.  He knows what they can do and he’s a political dissident.
2:45 pm

Touchless Torture. Checkmate Humanity Ch 4/9 AI Artificial Intelligence

“They are all being used together for a mass mind control agenda using wireless remote brain mapping to be able to override one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions from anywhere in the world, anytime using smart dust released from geoengineering smart dust carrying planes released into the air to enter our bodies with sub atomic particulate matter. This is the ultimate mind control technology where machines are taking control of human minds around the world since at least the mid 1970’s to the point where we are all Phase I affected and many TI’s (targeted individuals) are Phase II where voices are inside your head, body functions are controlled remotely and lives are ruined to the pt. that some TI’s commit suicide to escape the torture.”

See more at:



6:58 am

Nearly 100 schoolchildren ‘possessed by the devil’ have ‘contagious visions’ of man in black trying to kill them

See more at:

Activism On Covert Neuro-Experimentation/Directed-Energy Weapons: Tyrone Dew Informs Jeremy Scahill, John McAfee, Spike Lee, Rohinie Bisesar

“Tyrone Dew, innovative activist and interviewer, whose groundbreaking activism regarding ongoing covert and non-consensual Mind Control, Neuro-Experimentation, and Electronic Harassment/No-Touch Torture projects on “Targeted Individuals” in America has been featured here earlier–in conversation with General Michael Hayden, informing Presidential candidates at a Clinton talk, and in this ECC interview regarding Aaron Alexis, Myron May, and Miriam Carey–offers this news regarding recent ventures to inform and educate the world on this subject.”
(Are we being set up or did he really meet these people?  Is Tyrone Dew for real?  DEW=Directed Energy Weapons.  I never heard of him until a couple months ago.  Maybe he’s an angel though?  If I believed in the presidency I’d vote for McAfee.  He’d leave us alone.)

“Well some of the effects are: Hearing the voice of someone talking to you in your brain, Feeling like your skin is being burned, Memory loss, Painful vibrations, Feeling like your brain is being electrocuted, Forced Speech, etc.”

“I’ve interviewed former CIA engineer Dr Robert Duncan who’s helped research and develop Voice of God weapons. He admits knowing I’m a victim, and that several thousand citizens are subjected to non-consensual human experimentation.”  (DEW)

(Actually probably many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ALL AROUND THE WORLD.  Maybe his job is to diminish the story since it’s being revealed anyway?)


Tyrone: Do you know like electronics, the human anatomy is vulnerable to Electromagnetic and other forms of Directed Energy Weapon attacks?

McAfee: I have heard of such technologies.

Tyrone: Well some of the effects are: Hearing the voice of someone talking to you in your brain, Feeling like your skin is being burned, Memory loss, Painful vibrations, Feeling like your brain is being electrocuted, Forced Speech, etc.

I’ve interviewed former CIA engineer Dr Robert Duncan who’s helped research and develop Voice of God weapons. He admits knowing I’m a victim, and that several thousand citizens are subjected to non-consensual human experimentation.

McAfee: Really?

Tyrone: Yes, honestly, you’re the only one talking about ElectroMagnetic Weapon attacks so I think this topic should be part of your campaign. I’ve tried contacting other Presidential candidates but had no luck. I stood outside Trump’s campaign office and his Security harassed me. I went to a Hillary Clinton rally because her husband Bill apologized for nonconsensual human experimentation but Secret Service harassed me and forced me to the back of the event and told me I couldn’t use the part of my sign with Robert Duncan on it.

McAfee: Do you really know Robert Duncan?

Tyrone: Yes!

McAfee: Call him–if he answers, I’m interested!

Tyrone: (Calls Robert, silently says, I hope he answers the phone!)

Robert Duncan: Hey Ty, how’re you doing?

McAfee: I’m sorry, this isn’t your friend Ty, this is John McAfee.

Robert Duncan: Who is this?

McAfee: This is John McAfee, former CEO of McAfee AntiVirus.

Robert Duncan: I know of you, how are you?

firewallMcAfee: I’m doing fine just here with an interesting character talking about some bold innovative technology! Are you really Dr. Robert Duncan who’s developed Voice of God weapons?

Robert Duncan: Yes, I am, but nowadays I’m working on developing shielding from the frequencies. I don’t mean to be rude but I’m in the middle of dinner and don’t want to be rude to my guest.

McAfee: I apologize, and have your number here from Mr. Tyrone Dew. I’ll be busy for a few days but will give you a call. I think this is a good opportunity.

Tyrone Dew: I win! No matter what they’ve done to me or forced me to do. I’ve persisted doing what I know is right and this could be the biggest business deal of my life. I just put a billionaire on the phone with someone who helped develop the type of weapons used against me. If they create a shielding company, and I’m a part of it, I win!

(I feel like that a lot of the time but I never saw my deal yet.  God says that when it comes it will be entirely obvious what I must do.)

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