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Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children

“How can you tell if your child is gifted…or has a disorder?”

VICE documentary

Batcho has sent numerous letters to federal security agencies, including DARPA and the Department of Homeland Security, claiming that he has identified a “terrorist” threat from cellular towers “in central Florida, and Tampa St Petersburg.”

“I seem to have stumbled across an advanced technology that I would classify as synthetic telepathy,” he wrote in one such missive. “It clearly uses the cellular towers to transmit illegal signals. It sounds unbelievable but it is actual technology being used on civilians of the US.”

“My basic research does indicate that such technology can exist and dates back to the V2K (P300) mind wave technology of the 1970s. This does appear to be a much more advanced version that allows open communication of human mind to mind bridges.”

If Isaac ever gets caught up I’ll ask him to design a logo for me, to print on T-shirts.   I’d like it to reed:
I could sell them, I’m pretty sure.  For the New-Agers I’d make a version that says:  YOUR LIVES MATTERED
 I just want somebody to hug me and tell me I’m going to be OK  and then give me a cup of coffee and 3.5 million dollars.

A preacher raised from the dead

The United Nations is now without excuse if they persecute the Church

Reverend Lee Stoneking addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City. April 22nd, 2015.

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4:11 pm
Dear Dad, David, Mom, Chris and even bossy Megan,
None of you has spoken to me for a long time.
Many of you SPEAK ABOUT ME a lot.
What’s wrong with this picture?
I’d be so very nice, cookies, cakie-bites.
Hell is forever.
I love you all but you had
3:21 pm
It’s Spring now.  I don’t see the eagle every day but I see swans and geese and ducks.  No blue jays.  All winter long the prophet fed a gaggle of blue jays.  I painted a picture of blue jays when I was in the nuthouse.  The ‘authoritah’ took notes because MOST people usually ALWAYS paint that stencil with RED COLORS so it might look like a bunch of CARDINALS but since I PREFER BLUE-JAYS  it is supposed I must be mentally ill.  I also suppose:  The bored-out-of-their-prozac-‘authoritah’  may have been sorta-sorry to see me leave.  I was sorry to go.  Spring is better, though, in the the slums of Robert.   Also,  I am developing weighty gratitude for these days with my sons.  What a blessing it is to be with them 24/7 when they’re as old as they are.  Hardly nobody gets to know their adult children like this and since mine are not stupid, it is a fine experience.  They are very smart and very principled and even if they have not yet admitted that I am capable of logical thought, at least they treat me as though they might believe that to be so.  Also they’re fun.  This can’t possibly last very long.  We are four adults going different directions (or intentionally sitting still…) and our efforts (or our non-efforts)  aren’t really mutually conducive.  We have places to go.  What a blessing it has been to spend these months together.  What a blessing it will be when we are each where we belong,  and when we know that those we love are also appropriately situated.  DESTINY!
I feel that my prayers have protected my family.  I spent several years outdoors on the deck praying for all of them and for me and for Michigan and Baptists and liberty-people.  I couldn’t go into the house.  Now I can hardly leave my bedroom.  What does this mean?  I pray.  I pray in tongues mostly, but then I worship and thank God and try to be eloquent and appropriate.  (I think that’s a pretty pointless effort in the best of times.)  I’ve often taken comfort in the belief that to a being as SUPERIOR AND WONDERFUL AS JESUS…there’s not much difference between Beverly Sill’s voice and my own.  I’ve also desired that to be so.
I was asked, by the voice in the air, (not to be confused with V2K or any mental-illness-symptomatology)  what be the reason I sat outdoors for so many years since my targeting was identified.  For one thing, I couldn’t find ANY PEACE AT ALL in this house.  (I have my conjecture…one day I’ll know why I could not come indooors…)  But also, and this is the answer I gave the voice in my head whose records are most certainly superior to my own carbon-based-memories… I spent years on that deck even in sub-zero temperatures… because I was defending my family. Take it or leave it.  That’s what I thought and that’s what I think and soon I’ll know if I was right.  I serve In the pride of a lion who is the KING OF KINGS.  I can’t wait to find out if I was right about things.  I can’t wait to look into Jesus’ eyes; he told me I would soon.  Yeah, IN 2007.  That doesn’t seem very soon to me.

A Haven of Love Paul Keith Davis 4 15 16

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Next week marks the sixth anniversary of the “Great Gulf Coast Holocaust”. The media would have you believe it is over. It is not! Based upon the epidemiological evidence, the Gulf should immediately be evacuated. The poison is in the air, it is in the water, it is in the food, and it is in the people. Children growing up in the Gulf region, now, should expect a 20-30% lower lifespan than the rest of the country.

Dr. Wilma Subra, a MacAuthur (Genius) Award winning chemist.who investigated the effects of corexit on humans very early on, stated that the corexit was “in the air, the water, and the food we consume”. Dr. Subra test many people in the Gulf and found Benzine levels at 65 times the level that one would expect. This speaks to the genocide that is coming to the Gulf with regard to the contraction of various cancers and other related diseases… “the health impacts that were and are continuing to be caused by the BP crude and dispersants. We have a very, very large and very, very sick population.”

Corexit is banned in 17 countries. Because it is manufactured by NALCO, both BP and Goldman Sachs profit and the people suffer.

See at:   

A personal friend of Ammon Bundy posted the following on Facebook a short time ago:

Jacqueline Shults7 hrs – Westhoff, TX, United States

Can you help me spread something all over Facebook and in all the groups? >[?Ammon wants everyone to know that God is still mindful of each one of them and is there watching over them. He shared with us an experience he had. Upon being transferred to Nevada he was chained to a bench for 24 hours. They didn’t feed him all that day. He was cold and tired and they didn’t put him into his cell until the early hours of the next day. When he did get to a cell it was beyond dirty and they left him chained to the bed all day without checking on him or feeding him. By night time he was SO extremely hungry the pain in his stomach was unbearable. He knelt in his cell and cried as he prayed. That God would please hear him and please show even a small tender mercy. He was there for several more hours. This was the night before court.

And he decided to start banging his shackles together to try to get someone’s attention to help him. For a long time he keep banging his shackles together until finally the guy in the cell next to him asked him what was going on. Ammon told him he was starving. That they hadn’t fed him for 2 days. The guy said he would try to get a guards attention. He got a guards attention and the guard finally came over and Ammon told him that he was starving. That he hadn’t received any food for 2 days. The guard said to him that the kitchen was closed for he night. Ammon kept praying. A little while later in the late night hours a guard came to his door and said your coming with me. The guard took him to his brother’s cell. HE TOOK HIM TO MEL’S CELL. and they were able to be cell mates for that night. Ammon said he was just praying for a small tender mercy but this was a HUGE miracle.

They have restricted any contact with his brothers and that night they were able to hug and to spend a whole night together. They cried together and talked for hours. Mel gave Ammon all of his commissary and any extra food he had he gave to Ammon so that finally after 2 days he could be fed. The next day Ammon had court. When he left he hoped that Mel would still be here on his return but knew that would probably not happen. Court was long. Ammon got back late and again went a whole day without eating. He got back after dinner and was facing another day and night hungry. When he got to his cell Mel was gone and had been transferred but Mel left Ammon his whole dinner that he had placed under some things so it wasn’t in direct view. Ammon cried and wanted everyone to know that even though it was only for a night that he got to share with his brother, he said he knows that was a miracle sent directly from God. He knows that God is hearing all of our prayers. It was confirmed to him 100 fold during this time.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1561375057522605/permalink/1596823510644426/

Individu Ciblé (Targeted Individual) & Gang Stalking (Harcèlement en Réseaux) – France

(Real revealing.  Worth a listen-to.)  (If you don’t believe or understand any portion, give me a call.  906-586-4629)


8:31 am
I red that the first step to healing from abuse is VALIDATION.  I can’t wait to get started getting well as soon as somebody tells me I’m a decent person and not a liar.  Pretty soon somebody is going to be my friend.

Narcissists and Demons: Part I – Similarities and Characteristics

“… the mad  hatter…diabolical,  can’t break my swagger, continue coronicals…I startle with particles… world on my platter  part of the Big Bang…   can’t waste my swagger…”  (Isaac)

Vagavond Tiny House by Andrew Gielczyk of Wood & Saw (aka Itty Bitty House Co.)

Do you suppose antichrist might be Canadian?  that worries me because I have a political crush on a Canadian.  Oddly, very few of the reasons I’m crushing have much to do with him.  Mostly politics.  He has some VERY FINE HANDLERS.  I love him more than I can say.

Hunky Justin Trudeau shuts reporter down on quantum computing

Canadian writer Anakana Schofield tweeted about the reporter’s experience: “This is what teenagers call ‘getting owned,’” using a colloquial expression for utter defeat.

(I wonder if he knew what he might be asked?)

See more here:

PM Justin Trudeau Bringing Sexy Back To Politics

(OMG stripping!)  (Not too far or I couldn’t watch it of course.)

Justin Trudeau — Patrick Brazeau Charity Boxing Match — English Coverage of Complete Fight

“He’s wearing liberal-red of course, I call him the shiny pony, he looks like he’s in some sort of zen-yoga trance, all that DANCE TRAINING that BALLET TRAINING, it’s gonna come back tonight.”

Watch Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrate by performing ‘Bhangra’ dance

Bollywood.  Even the costume.  If only my president might dance.
I wonder how he is at curling?
“What’s the coolest thing Justin Trudeau did this week?   Today I searched that.  Didn’t his mom used to date Mick Jagger?
Lots of listings:
How is it EVEN POSSIBLE that Pierre’s Trudeau’s son became a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER?  Drama would make sense, but still…  Nothing is real.
(“He’s very handsome God.  Handsome people can lie and cheat and we don’t care or even NOTICE because we like looking at them.  Stupid, yeah I know.   I don’t suppose you might intend to eliminate the good-looking and falsely-seductive people among us?  It would really help us to be real and honest, if we didn’t have to think that good-looking people might actually be nice, and that they have any advantage over us. You know what I mean.”)

The Most Canadian Holiday Card ft. JUSTIN TRUDEAU

“Our most ambitious goal to date: get a photo for our holiday card with the new Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.”
(My great-grandpa worked on the Ottawa government buildings.  I wish I could see him watching the lights and purple dream-catchers!  He loved Trudeau’s dad because they looked sort of alike.  Why couldn’t we get a cool Canadian dictator, instead of Ted Cruz?)
Next week marks the sixth anniversary of the “Great Gulf Coast Holocaust”. The media would have you believe it is over. It is not! Based upon the epidemiological evidence, the Gulf should immediately be evacuated. The posion is in the air, it is in the water, it is in the food, and it is in the people. Children growing up in the Gulf region, now, should expect a 20-30% lower lifespan than the rest of the country.

Dr. Wilma Subra, a MacAuthur (Genius) Award winning chemist.who investigated the effects of corexit on humans very early on, stated that the corexit was “in the air, the water, and the food we consume”. Dr. Subra test many people in the Gulf and found Benzine levels at 65 times the level that one would expect. This speaks to the genocide that is coming to the Gulf with regard to the contraction of various cancers and other related diseases… “the health impacts that were and are continuing to be caused by the BP crude and dispersants. We have a very, very large and very, very sick population.”

Corexit is banned in 17 countries. Because it is manufactured by NALCO, both BP and Goldman Sachs profit and the people suffer.

See at:   

11:36 am
Mia Davies
Isaac showed me a video she posted.
(This chick is VERY WORTHWHILE.  I hope I can find her again since I won’t use FACEBOOK because it’s a dark and evil place and I published that opinion in 2011 and now everybody knows I was right.)
“I dealt with your stages, you’ll deal with mine.”  (Isaac’s mom to Isaac’s face)
Every day of my life I’ve prayed for one or another man to become what God made him to be.  I also prayed that God would make me what I should be but not as often.  It seems unnecessary.  If men DO NOT MAN-UP then God will have to use the female refuse of humanity.  Me.
Pray for the men.
George bought me a new phone; he always does that.  I think he’d still buy me a new phone even if he actually watched the spectacle of LINDASURE.ROCKS (…my new domain…we’ll see what comes of it…) THROWING a perfectly good toy-telephone at a concrete wall or into poison brush from a car window. (George is very generous but he really doesn’t get me.)   I always tell him when I throw technology away. (Seriously, I have NEVER ONE TIME LIED TO HIM.  I stole a few quarters when I smoked cigarettes.)   I first rejected his technology in Lansing, law school, pre-Isaac, FIRST LAPTOP EVER!!.  After he returned it…he bought another.  He always buys more.  He’s psychotic.  This time the destruction wasn’t even my fault and it wasn’t even (at least consciously)  my intention.  The coffee that destroyed my toy-phone jumped from the cup!  It nearly burned my arm off as it destroyed my connections to the hardware-matrix.  Don’t cry for me Argentina; I never had international-call-function anyway.  And then we couldn’t get the car to start, in Detroit.  We’re Yoopers so we kept trying and did, at last, make it home.  I find cities very interesting and their inhabitants eat well.  They’re also really scary and I much prefer the open road.  Sometimes I feel like Stephen King.  Except he writes good and also gets paid.  I suspect our world-views have much in common.
Isaac is quoting Woody Guthrie on his livestream concert.  “This machine kills fascists.”
8:00 pm
As it stands, continuity of Human Life on Earth is NOT FEASIBLE.
(Any precariously-surviving humans wanna get together and  pray about this?  906-586-4629)

I won’t

 So far, all I’ve found is a WHOLE BUNCH OF Goldthorpe-PSYCHOPATHS WHO DO NOT EVEN CARE WHEN the  OTHERS  WHO SUFFER are their own flesh and blood!!  “God forgive the selfish, prideful Goldthorpes.  Thank you.  Amen.”
I’ve been listening to a lot of people who know some things about the changes our world is experiencing and anticipating.  They all sound so very defensive.  Even those who begin with the most mundane-accepted versions of their original concept…still sound defensive.  We who love TRUTH are under attack and we who REALLY love truth are very well aware of that fact.  “Lord, please give us ALL TRUTH like you said!  Do not allow us to fear crooked humans and those who sound aware and mindful, but instead are led by demons.  Give us TREMENDOUS GRACE to know the difference and to DEMOLISH BOTH.  Amen.”  “Lord, why  would it matter for us to know the difference if they’re both enemies of the Truth?”  “Amen”
I’ve been studying a lot about narcissistic-abuse-syndrome and other documented troubles of troubled people.  Lots of terms recur, like “break-up”.  Even beautiful women with great, natural boobs look poor in skimpy clothes anymore.  Kate Hudson has no figure at all.  (Personally I think her smile should make up for any deficit of T & A, but who am I?)  My aunt from California says that when she goes for her mammogram,  the nurse asks “are your breasts real”?  (Fake boobs are very common in California and behave differently on x-ray.)  (I sincerely HOPE they’d show up differently or why does anybody pay for exams?)  My aunt says she can always recognize fake boobs by looking at the top of them:  do they  sag as flesh-sacks-in-gravity normally do, or do they bulge up like a jello-shot?
We DO NOT KNOW what the enemies of our souls are capable of.  WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WOULD DO TO US if we were not protected by God and his angels.  WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING TO CONFRONT ANYBODY WHO HARMS OUR FAMILIES OR FRIENDS but we will investigate those circumstances within our own hearts.

Dads get a lot of credit for their children.  What a CROCK OF ETERNAL BULLSHIT!

When I was 10 I learned my father had impregnated my 15-year-old adopted sister, Michelle. My mother, outraged that her husband had cheated on her, sent Michelle to live with another family; I never saw her again.

My father — a local pastor and elementary-school principal — terrorized us to keep his secret safe. The morning after my father spied me talking to our neighbor, I woke to find my four kittens dead in the barn, their necks snapped.

I had to destroy my dad to save my children

NO LINK.  It’s a redundant story so look it up wherever you wish.

Why more women are letting their husbands cheat

(I didn’t even reed the article.  They’re harming my world and I couldn’t care less about why they think a man should expect to sleep with lots of different women.  They’re mistaken, scared and probably RICH BECAUSE OF THE STINKIN’, CHEATIN’ MEN they  “MARRIED”.)  Tom Jones’ wife just died;  fifty-some years together.  He bragged that he SLEPT WITH 250 WOMEN IN A SINGLE YEAR.  RIP, to the female milquetoast destroyer of families, morality and my planet.)
I really miss sex.  I also miss other things I never even had!  Tough.  I can’t perform as a healthy-sexual-fiercely monogamous female-person in a world that recognizes no value in that status nor in any of those functions. Celibacy is way easier than I expected.  We’ve been mind-melded inadvertently and involuntarily.  At least we may (at least statutorily)  still choose who may touch our bodies.  I’ve always considered bodies as less sacred than minds but at this point in history we plant our flag where the ground yields.  Or that post just isn’t going to go in.
“Letting their husbands cheat.”  That’s a good one.  They  tolerate sharing a man who probably REALLY doesn’t have enough to go around anyway, thereby  maintaining their social status and keeping a roof over their heads and GIVING UP ON LOVE and ON EXPECTING TO FEEL ANY PERSONAL SENSE OF VALUE.  
Nobody ‘lets’ her husband cheat.  She may tolerate it.  That’s not even hardly the same thing.
I know something about myself that my significants don’t understand.  It’s not that I expect people to understand things they have never experienced, but one purpose of FAMILY is that among them we may behave most naturally for us, and expect that they will accept our requirements…even if they can’t understand or approve the premise supporting their necessities.  I need to be quiet.  I NEED to be quiet intermittently during each and every day.  It’s like needing to take a drink of water.  My family started criticizing this necessity when I was a tiny girl!   Nobody questions a thirsty man who seeks water.  If we could recognize other commodities as significantly necessary for our brethren, maybe we would be less judgmental?  My need for solitude did not begin recently.  As a small child I needed to be alone sometimes and my dad sure gave me grief.   Then he found ways to destroy peace for THE ENTIRE FAMILY… FOR MONTHS ON END.  We were offered no congratulations beyond his approving grunt,  and a sneer.  Although his family has done extraordinary things,hHe is NEVER PROUD OF HIS FAMILY FOR ANYTHING.   Except when he’s trying to impress somebody.  Then he uses my sister’s and my mother’s accomplishments.  Yeah.  I think it’s funny too.  He assumes the qualities of others he knows are respectable, always women who are SMARTER AND NICER THAN HIM…  Robert Goldthorpe expects his family (and employees and acquaintances…) to  RELINQUISH THEIR Moral Autonomy and responsibility.  OBEYING Robert, is akin to letting him carry your passport-to-eternity.  What if he makes you follow him up to the WRONG GATE? (That’s currently a VERY PERTINENT QUESTION.)   God has no obligation to assist any who were too scared or too lazy or too selfish or for whatever wimpy-ass reason,  chose to follow a HUMAN INSTEAD OF HIM.  (Or a reptilian instead of him.  That’s yet to be revealed.  Maybe he’s not my ‘dad’ after all!!!!)
We all need some things.  We need some things in common with other mammals but some requirements are individual and unusual.  They are NONETHELESS…REQUIREMENTS.  My dad stole LOTS OF mine.  He steals others’ dignity every single day with each pained thought of personal deficiency, and the value of others who WILL NOT BE MURDERED EVER.  “Nice try,  old man.  (906-586-4629).  Hey, guess what?  I can reed without glasses again! Remember last time I got that miracle?  I do…  I was in your kitchen and mom was screaming at me and you were screaming at me… (I can look up all the records for the family album, fake Christian sorta-man.  Real Christians LOVE MIRACLES and do not fear that their personal-control-matrix might be encroached due to a competitor-outfit that PROVIDES REAL LOVE AND MIRACLES– instead of the Big Boy’s dried-out-stupid-tasteless fried chicken. Dad, you could still become the man you’ve pretended to be.  You could even become the man I used to think you were.  (I’m not holding my breath on that one; I worshiped that man and I know better now.)
You could tell my kind brother exactly what you’ve done to his life and how and why.  (I expect that’s only a small portion of what Jesus will require.
-I’m a grown-up so I’ll wait my turn for an apology, until your soul is free from all your other thefts, lies,  and murders.)   Then when you become real, for a good time call  906-586-4629.  Amen.
PS to Dad- I’m not fighting to hold you to the 3.5 million you owe me.  Personally,  what I really need is to get someplace I can be with Christians and receive ministry to be healed from the MANY RAPES YOU KNEW ABOUT ALL THE TIME AND REFUSED TO ADDRESS. (Except of course, by your deviant LAUGHTER.)  So,  you addressed them certainly BEFORE THEY HAPPENED, but now you should help my family and me get into a therapeutic environment of JESUS.  Please don’t be stupid forever.  Wait.  No.  Stupid only until the FLAMES START LICKING YOUR BODY IN WAYS THOSE ASIAN WHORES COULDN’T EVEN IMAGINE.
DADDY.  If you be a Christian speak now or forever hold your peace.  (“Peace” is merely a figure of speech.  I’ve never seen you at peace for decades, and rarely before.)  WE NEED ASSISTANCE. WE NEED OPPORTUNITIES that your LIES have denied us.  Do right then you’ll be rewarded,  when you make amends;  perhaps maybe you’ll get even an IQ of maybe even three figures!  (I really hope so.  At least high nineties…)  You owe 3.5 million dollars to me and my sons.   (I won’t force it… but God might.)  Mom is fake and neutered by years living with your irrational mood-swings and deceit.  Don’t you think that maybe a smart woman like her MIGHT HAVE LIKED TO MAKE A DECISION FOR HERSELF NOW AND THEN?  (As for David, the juries out.  On each of the issues.)  How long do you actually feel she can hold out as your mindless flunky?   She will eventually reveal the selfish psychopath you have been ever since you knocked her up as a teenager.  Crimes.  So much crime, and I know so much.  Tootles.   906-586-4629.

% OBAMA !!! * has a cloned image that speaks ! obama is not obama * IM SERIOUS !

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I really don’t.   I love God but you know what?  I don’t want to do this anymore.  I try to be faithful as I can, show you guys what He shows me…I know that I’ll be hated…because anyone that hates this information, you’re attached to it.  If you hate the Truth, you’re part of it.”

Millions of Muslims turn to Jesus / Yeshua in just one night. You wont believe this is possible

Reinhardt Bonnke.  German man; he’s led half of Africa to Jesus.  I loved his book.  Watch until the camera pans from the platform towards the back.  I’ve probably never seen that many people in my whole life.  Now they’re all my brothers!!!   

Are you aware there are thousands of Americans currently—and thousands worldwide—who have been reporting DEW/EMF assaults and uber-surveillance, and organized group stalking as something they have experienced for years? (From before 9/11 apparently, although numbers have increased since 2001 and the Patriot Act.) We also know Intel agencies and the Department of Justice are working with Military groups, as per Memoranda of Understanding on joint development/use of these classified EMF “non-lethal” neuroweapons on innocent Americans (research from Dr. Nick Begich here)—without charge, without due process. Is NSA one of the groups doing this to civilians, do you think?

Karen Stewart: I first learned of “organized stalking” in 2009 when it was happening to me. For 2 ½ years NSA Security goons and contractors had stalked me, then suddenly it became my neighbors. I did not understand the transition until I found David Lawson’s book “Cause Stalking”. I was shocked at the lack of morality or common sense which that phenomenon showed was present in the general population. Then to learn this was happening across the world was a shock to my very core.

Neither I nor any of my NSA friends (to my knowledge) knew anything of “electronic harassment” while working for NSA and I really have just started learning about it with my becoming such a target. The number of people being so attacked and tortured is mind-boggling as well as heart-wrenching. It is like the walls of hell have come down and hell is invading earth.  

One frustrating aspect of confronting this criminality is the NSA/FBI is apparently using National Security Letters and FISA court warrants, and showing people false criminal and investigation records with fabricated information and lies, and in secret (imposing gag orders with threats of fine, jail time), as they defame and destroy individuals–how do we fight back, as law-abiding Americans who would like to see our Constitutional Republic and basic rule of law restored?   […]
“…she was terminated with a gag order. In 2015, she discovered that the man who broke into her house was a high-level NSA manager, and payback resumed with obvious 24/7 team surveillance, just like they do on TV. Her most alarming claim is that she is being targeted with Directed Energy Weapons beamed in from nearby homes, and fears that ongoing exposure will lead to cancer or seizures that could be fatal.

I wanted to mention neuro-experimentation before we close. You may be familiar with the John St. Clair Akwei lawsuit, which details invasive Signals Intelligence including Radiation Intelligence which the NSA collects—essentially, people’s brainwaves and EMFs. Magnus Olsson, the Swedish activist, has written about how the DoD/CIA/NSA have all been pursuing Neurological Research. Robert Duncan, ex-CIA scientist, has detailed CIA mind-hacking projects, brain-mapping, brain-computer link, and no-touch torture projects in his books, including Project Soulcatcher.

Then you have the President’s Bioethics Commission chaired by Amy Gutmann turning a deliberate blind eye even when people come forward to inform them of non-consensual experimentation on their bodies and brains.

Why do you think our Government is engaging in covert experimentation and research programs with such impunity?

Dr. John Hall “MKUltra Never Ended. Millions Suffering In Global Covert Mind Control Programme”!”

“Targeted Individuals…can pinpoint the day they noticed people stalking them.  They can pinpoint the day that all of a sudden they first heard voices talking to them.  These aren’t voices like angels or God, this is like someone BURNING YOUR CHEST WITH MICROWAVE energy  and at the same time saying ‘I’m burning your chest with microwave energy…'”  (NO KIDDING.  All true by me, and documented.  I’ve even written about how the burning hits 1) my forehead, and then 2)  my chest.)

Oh Lord, Won’t you buy me a Gypsy Caravan…

‘We’ve found each other by chance, my future caravan and I, while I was doing my daily browse through Pinterest. I was feeling a little restless in my desk chair when I stumbled upon a photo of this cozy lair.’
(I can’t post pictures anymore but these photos are really nice.)
” Greg’s a small Bristol-based company specialising in selling and hiring beautiful handmade car towable caravans made by, you guessed it, Greg. He started the business after the unprecedented interest he received in a towbow Wagon he had built for his own leisurely pursuits. A towbow wagon by the way is another word for his designs, which are also commonly known as ‘Bowtops’, ‘Gypsy Wagons’, ‘Whoopie Wagons’, ‘Towbows’, ‘Romany Caravans’ or ‘Vardo’ to name a few.”
See at:
7:39 pm
Seven years of captivity and counting.  I don’t feel good, I don’t look good, I don’t think good, I don’t cook good, I don’t sound smart– but neither does anybody around me.  I’m sleeping more than I have SINCE 2009,  WHEN THE MORON-INDUCED SLEEP DEPRIVATION established my (even yet maintained) celibacy.   Sleep deprivation altered a LOT OF TRADITION in this house and wrecked relationships.  I’m more comfortable than then.  I wake at least four times a night, sometimes as many as a dozen.  It happens the same way EVERY TIME and it has for years.  First.  I’m happy and sleeping comfortably.  Then consciousness intrudes with a start.  Panic pours over me.  In my sleepy-groggy state, I think as fast as I can about what it is I may have done that is SO VERY TERRIBLE.  I want to make things right!  The world cannot end because of me!  I’ve got to know, and I’ve got to stop the imminent destruction of all things good and holy.  It cannot be my fault…(You get the idea.) I am frantic…then… I begin to feel burning in my chest, between my boobs, and on my forehead and eventually other parts of my head.  By that time I’m enough awake that I recognize that the DRAMATIC FEAR I feel is FAKE and will soon leave.  I throw off the covers, maybe my clothes too if they’re wet.  I cool slowly and there’s lots of other discomforts at the same time.  Eventually, I’m soaking wet so I either change my nightgown or take it off and curl up in the blankets to sleep for another (?) hour.  This repeats over and over and over and over and over …since 2009.
(I had other experiences before then that I WILL SOMEDAY ASK ABOUT.)  I won’t
 So far, all I’ve found is a WHOLE BUNCH OF minimally effective Goldthorpe-PSYCHOPATHS WHO    PRETEND     TO    BE     CHRISTIANS BUT DO NOT EVEN CARE THAT OTHERS SUFFER.  “God forgive the selfish, prideful Goldthorpes.  Thank you.  Amen.”
11:16 am

“Under Socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not the character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner. . . .” — Fabian Socialist Bernard Shaw in his Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, 1928.

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz45oYArDcu

10:26 am
10:25 am
Message from my TI friend in Brussels who is STILL ALIVE, ‘Thank you, God’:
Dear Linda ,
i am with you , whatever try to come between you and me ,
it is for nothing . GOD AND LOVE  HAS ALWAYS THE LAST WORD !
I wish you to be your self with god .  I wish you all what you wish for  your self . I wish you to have the control and power about the demon who try to destroy your way with GOD . The Tibetan  Buddhists tell that all spiritual beings get attacked from demons  .
Since i grounded my Initiative for alleviation of human suffering  and since the HR organization was grounded , 2016  : ICATOR , i am the Vice president  , the continually frauds and crimes against my person and against HR Defender i am ,  escalated  ,  – for me and my work god send me for the Justice  many evidences about the fraud , blackmail and corruption –  and about the criminal institutions in Brussels ,mostly all get black mailed and pressured from the corrupt agents for the crimes against humanity and against me  .  I am not the first one , to public and to know about it  , but it seems ,  i am the first one with so many evidences and with the endless courage to bring the true in the Light ! Brussels is the centrum from satanist dictatur and no one , no big communities or church communities speak out about to the Justice or media. They all know about it , they all got pressured for crimes against me to destroy my work and my life  . They all as pathological egoists prefer to collaborate for satan than for GOD .   Perhaps they all need more suffer , to change ?   . In the case i ask god to let them all suffer , suffer to change –  and to collaborate for Jesus  and GOD’S WORK ! . I lost the trust in human beings , but i see many Engels in the human bodies – my assistance’s . God bless them !
In Love ,
9:49 am
My parents did a VERY BAD thing to my sons.  My parents lied to CHILDREN

about the MENTAL SUPERIORITY (“Forgive me Lord if is is prideful for me to say my brain is (‘was’ , now post-PHARMACEUTICAL…) superior to my mom’s.  [I don’t think I need to mention my dad’s over-extended spinal cord… ]  I wish to be humble and pure in your sight.  I love you and your decision is law” ) and SPIRITUAL PIETY  (“Forgive me Lord if I am not sufficiently pious.  Please destroy EVERY BIT OF ME that is unpleasing to you.  Fill me with your TRUTH and your divine, perfect love”)  of their female caregiver.  Tsk.    This is gonna be really helpful for a lot of ABUSED CHILDREN.  (Like public school students…)

I won  because of truthful brothers.  I won because of Truth and the losers lost because of lacking truth.

8:21 pm

(video) Robert De Niro speak candidly about “VAXXED” vaccine documentary, his son, autism – NBC Today Show 13-04-2016

(And he TELLS OFF THE NEWS PEOPLE FOR DROPPING THE BALL.  Then he lets a woman pick it up and opine about all the other valuable controversial films from Tribeca, and aren’t they wonderful for facing such controversial subjects?  They’re just not gonna touch this one…)
8:18 am

16.04.08– Is The Zodiac The Newest Mandela Effect?

“If you rectify the chart, you throw off the procession.  If you rectify the procession you throw off the year-cycle.  So then again, either I’m missing something very simple…or something is  very wrong.”
“I’m like double-checking myself…”
“I don’t know what I’m seeing here but I’m feeling really strange about it.”
“Spring equinox is between Pisces and Aquarius…   when everybody knows it happens between Pisces and Aries.”
12:17 pm
“Conscious un-gendering”
“If I could get people to believe me and be sincere when I pray, then  nothing would stand before the prayer.”

William Branham – Discernment of Secrets of People’s Hearts And Healing the Sick

William Branham – Discernment of Secrets of People’s Hearts And Healing the Sick

(Isaac shows me videos of new-age-prophets who speak wisely and help people.  I’d like to watch more enthusiastically but I really MUST ALWAYS HEAR reference to the life, body, soul, paternity and BLOOD of Jesus Christ, the Messiah  At least we’re still talking.  He asked me for an example of divine healing that I did not reject.  Heidi Baker raises the dead.  Lots of people do.  This example is pretty good.)
“Stand up and accept your healing.”  (William Branham)

Why Work is Easier Than Love

“The more dependent we become on someone the more alarmed we get at any  disappointment at their hands.”

4:58 pm
I made great split pea soup with barley and I  used a ham bone from last week.  I haven’t been motivated to cook or clean at all since I began ingesting the dark medications.  My friend from the psych ward says she misses me.  When I got to the hospital I was fun and open and talked a lot.  (I refused to take  meds until the CIVIL-RIGHTS-option had been investigated.)  But now yesterday, really good soup; I also baked some cheddar biscuits with garlic butter, kinda like Red Lobster.  I picked up my room and vacuumed it, straightened the bathroom.  Maybe finally I’m coming out of this?  God is in control and I know that one day I’ll just wake up and be superwoman again.  I can do a whole lot of things.  I just wasn’t interested or motivated.  I’d love to own a food truck.
Breading for crispy fried trout/chicken/avocado:
corn flakes
dried ancho chiles
sesame seeds
(mango slaw)
(ancho aioli)
3 step breading with flour and egg.
Serve w/cole slaw in a cone wrapped in a tortilla.  Actually the cone is outside the tortilla.  From Austin City Limits and now in Austin full-time.  Austin is the live-music-capitol.
Next time I think I’d rather go crazy like Caitlin Jenner.  And I’ll dress really nice.
Despite conscious-coiffing, Caitlin Jenner has been photographed with male pattern baldness.  Isn’t that ironic?  She says she isn’t ready for ‘gender-confirmation’ surgery. Snip, snip.  I guess that’s scary.  (If she’s serious about being a woman she should man-up.)  If her network made the right offer, I expect she would. They could air the surgery during sweeps-week.  Maybe we’ll cast a transgender anesthesiologist named Trevor (nee:  Tina).  The stunning plastic surgeon (Casting can choose the gender; it’s unimportant to the story-line with little potential for lucrative political advantage so no agent will pay enough to place his product. Besides, absent a DNA test how could you really know? False disclosures could mess up future plot elements.) anyway, he/she could comfort the Kardashians and their publicists and the TV crew.  He (she) might tell them how Caitlin squeezed her (his) hand and that he (she) is an amazingly brave soul.  In later episodes she (he) might marry him (her) and adopt multi-racial non-gendered children they’ll name Kechida and Kornelious.  Sheesh.  We’re ALL SOULS aren’t we?  Mine’s female.  I should be grateful because at least that tiny portion of my life has not been electronically-mind-controlled-Dear-Jesus-do-they-ACTUALLY-put-10-year-olds-at-the-console?  Being tortured by them is like detention in the library and trying to find ANYTHING (at all) OF VALUE TO READ…and getting pinged with spit-balls.  “ I still DISLIKE IT VERY MUCH AND KNOW YOU COULD STOP IT INSTANTANEOUSLY, but You’re God.”  
 “God bless the psychopaths and the queers and the NSA GOONS and the BAPTIST IDIOTS (‘Call no man fool’.  Please forgive me God.) and bless the hopeless ones and especially that tiny First Nation town in Canada,  where ELEVEN PEOPLE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE ON THE SAME DAY!
 Isn’t there ANY KIND OF non-fake KRISTIAN in that town to explain that they’re dealing with a nasty spirit? CANNOT ANYBODY TEACH ABOUT YOUR BLOOD?  (I include myself.)  And bless those who are even more mixed up, like me. 
 Remove those terrible suicide demons from the natives of Canada and the US and Mexico and South America.  Fix us all please, and make us all confident and happy and accepting and generous. Thank you.  Please have mercy on Bruce Jenner.  He’s got a hard decision to make.  (I can’t think of a pun.  Just as well.)   I love you and I wish you’d talk to me pretty soon.   Amen.”
-alien parasite hosts
(I’m not even talking about aliens or evil technology or a zillion other ways we’re being destroyed!  We will not all die. SOMEBODY call me please?  906-586-4629.)
What’s being done to us is a destruction of the family system of human propagation (and really fine experiences)… by multitudinous incidents of minor denigration.  We should really WAKE THE HELL UP AND SCREAM BLOODY MURDER.  This is NOT A TEST.
“All problems we face in the United States today can be traced back to unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indians.”  (Pat Paulson)
I can’t even say how grateful I am for my witnesses.  I send them moronic messages, copies of things I wish to communicate to my parents and others.  My sons will have truth or I’ll die trying to provide it.  (But I’m not going to die so pretty soon some whistleblower will rock my world and theirs.  Thank you, Lord.)  Thank you for reading my claims, even if NONE OF YOU IS WILLING TO TALK TO ME.  (When you finally decide you want to ask me a question you MIGHT HAVE TO BUY A TICKET.)
I don’t want my work to make you suffer more so I’m no longer  going to include you on the emails  that  I send to my witnesses and my deadbeat dad.  I love you so much.  You are two of the finest people ever.