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Recover from CPTSD and break the zombie witch doctor’s spell over you.

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the misdiagnosis of targeted individuals

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“Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex”

No Contact with psychopaths.

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Looks like I’m getting locked up again.  Isaac is applying to a three-month program; it’s just women and seemingly quite compassionate.  I sure wish God would come through with proof of the terrorization I experience and demonstration of my sanity.  It would be nice if he were not late and if he had some place for me to live.  I worry that when I stop the meds that I might not get smart again.  Then I give the thoughts to Jesus.  I’ll be exactly what he wants.  I choose much joy in that proclamation.  I know he’ll give me tremendous confidence as soon as I recognize how much he favors me.  I’m dissociative a lot of the time, as though I’m moving between realities.  I pledge to live in the Spirit seeing things as He does.  I pledge to dismiss every thought not conducive to accomplishing that.  I pray for joy, like Jesus promised.  His joy is our strength and we need much strength.  I asked him to take me lower and slower.  A mental hospital is pretty slow and  a chemically-lobotomized former activist is pretty low.  “Lord, have mercy on me and grant me and my family justice.  Thanks.  Please may I have a place to live that doesn’t involve psychiatrists and pharmaceuticals?  Thank you.  Amen.”


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Raising Awareness About the Tragic Assaults on Aaron Alexis, Myron May, and Miriam Carey: An Interview with Tyrone Dew

I personally feel that not knowing all aspects of what can cause effects of mental illness is malpractice, since Directed Energy Weaponry is documented for causing the effects of artificial auditory hearing, changing of emotions, visual perception, thinking etc. Shouldn’t someone who is articulating being a victim of Directed Energy Weaponry Terrorism be given a fair mental evaluation by being placed into a facility that is completely protected from Directed Energy Weaponry attacks, and if they aren’t exhibiting signs of a mental disorder, then a criminal report should be filed.

I understand the frustration of being a victim having your life ruined in all aspects, no one believes you and everywhere you turn for help it’s to no avail. Everyone is suggesting medication for what you know is technological abuse.

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