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When the scapegoat grows up… “made to feel invisible, valueless, frightened countless times…not a person…developing a general anxiety syndrome…”

Unveiling Narcissistic Families

8:49 am

Malignant Narcissism and Gang-Stalking & Their Efforts to Drive You Insane

7:25 am

The Aftermath of Growing up in a Narcissistic Family

“Children of narcissistic parents must adhere to the agenda of the narcissist parents for their lives to be stable.  Asserting their feelings, their rights or thoughts can lead to much bigger problems.  These children of narcissistic parents learn that their feelings are invalid, unimportant and inconsequential “
“Scapegoat:  these children are usually the most sensitive and caring which is why they feel such tremendous hurt.  They are romantics who have become cynical…”
“The scapegoat deserves to be punished for this mess.  This is the child that the family feels ashamed of…and the most emotionally honest child in the family.”
(They often get pregnant or addicted in high school.  They do poorly in school.  Do violence against themselves.  Guess I’m not exactly text-book-scapegoat.)
To recover from your narcissistic parents:
Begin working through the grieving process;  allow yourself to grieve for the parents you never had.
Acknowledge that you never had a personality reference other than dysfunctional people.
Work toward loving that little child inside in ways your narcissistic parent never did.
Stop hoping that your narcissistic parent will change.  
Remind yourself every day that you need to take care of yourself.
You do not need to harm yourself or hate yourself.  You’re a great person…
Learn more about self-injury
Learn more about self-loathing
Stop being afraid of narcissists.  You are an adult…

Narcissistic Abuse Victims and Personal Finance Problems

Healing Process from Narcissistic Abuse – Important Aspects to be Considered

“The moment I discovered that I was targeted, not because there is something wrong with me but because there are so many things right with me…that was the moment I finally began to truly heal.”
“Why did my brother and sister enable that abuse of me?”
11:21 am

The Narcissist DOO DOO Test


Why Can’t I Succeed? Internal Blocks To Success Installed By Emotionally Abusive Family Unit

8:29 am

Living with a Narcissist and the Stages of Realization

“Narcissists will kill you.  They don’t have any problem with that.”

Narcissists Don’t Believe in Emotional Abuse

7:19 am

Feds Anxious to “Make Example Arrests” To Purge Liberty Activists

Some of these people were active rebels, some were outspoken political opponents and journalists, others were merely average citizens wrongly accused by neighbors or personal enemies. The Cheka created a society of fear and suspicion in which no one could be trusted and little criticism was spoken above a whisper anywhere, even in one’s own home.

The most intelligent, effective and dangerous activists and rebels were slated for destruction first, as they represented a kind of leadership mechanism by which the rest of the population might be mobilized or inspired. More innocuous organizations (like Christian churches and rural farmers) were persecuted as background noise while the political mop-up was underway.

Isaac is a leader.

Emotional Abuse Recovery-Set Goals

“If that person doesn’t change, you can’t grow in that relationship and I suggest getting out of it.”

10:16 am
“My sheep hear my voice and another’s they will not follow.”  “My sheep hear my voice.”  “MY sheep hear my voice.”  “My sheep HEAR MY VOICE.”    I take a lot of comfort from scripture, when I can believe it’s real.  I would LOVE to exist in an environment of presumed-mutual-belief.  If you are around others who believe, it’s easier to believe.  “If you believe, you may.”  We have MUCH to gain by belief…and yet we pay taxes to schools that teach students to NOT BELIEVE.  We FORCE PEOPE TO UNDERGO MEDICATION AND INDOCTRINATION if they dare to ‘believe.’  Our government PROHIBITS belief.  I, for one, find that really frightening.  And I’m not normally AFRAID OF ANYTHING.  Normally, I am NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING. I am NOT AFRAID, when I am normal.   My government would rather that I not be normal. The government tried to make me not normal.   I sure hope somebody plans to pay for their attempts to make me not that way.  Actually, I don’t actually care.  They can’t make me pay.  You can’t get blood from a turnip.  Or whatever.  My God is WAY BIGGER than any federal reserve notes.  I forget that sometimes.
“Co-dependents are not crazy.  They’re very nice people who have been taught dysfunctional things.”  
“We’re made to feel crazy because we’re trying to understand crazy.”

How To Feel Emotions

“When you are someone who’s struggling to figure things out, and you want clarity, because you’re a kind empathetic person, and you care about people, when you live with people who lack empathy for your feelings, you feel crazy.”  
“You feel crazy because your mind-set is to understand where they’re coming from.  And so you do your best to do that.  But we don’t yet understand that there are people who exist, unfortunately, whose agenda it is to not hear us.”
…have a personality disorder…lack the ABILITY to hear us…”

7:38 am

Narcissists Cannot Tolerate Healthy Behavior

Why Narcissists Fake Good Character

“They’re supposed to be great characters.  They’re supposed to be rock solid people.  But they don’t have anything; they have no values they have nothing they believe in.”

February 24, 2016


Let there be light in your place of darkness and despair.  Let the light of My Spirit illuminate and eliminate shame and regret.  It is not My will that you live in sadness and lack of hope.  I have made a way of escape, says the Lord.  Look up and get up.  Arise from fear and failure.  Believe in Me and trust Me to extricate you from desperation. Isaiah 42:16 I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, and not forsake them.

From: http://ft111.com/

I spent yesterday with the Prophet; we went for a long ride and did some shopping.  He asked about my medication:  could I take less of it?  He recognized the difficulty I’m finding as I speak.  Also my energy level is WAY DOWN.  (Isaac said that’s kinda the point…)  The Prophet asked if I could take less medicine but I’m obliged to give blood samples to disclose the amount I take.  I am required under penalty of violence to take this lithium.  I am sluggish and very uncomfortable.  I am shaky and my balance is off. This is NOT good for me I think.  I don’t feel like a person.  I NEVER feel like a person and I’m learning about that.  Dissociation is a larger deal than I believed.  Also, I suffer not only from CPTSD but also PTSD.  I quit feeling things at a precise point in history. Time is wagered from that point.  I was gobsmacked and I still never got over it.  –

The Prophet seems to think I’m just taking one for the team and it’s gotta be done.  I guess that’s where I’m at too; we almost always agree.  BUT, we do not often see things the same way.  He said, “It will get better.  Just see it through.”   We reap what we sow, and the Prophet has sown to the Spirit and he knows that I have too.  He says, “Things ARE gonna change.”   Our friend was murdered, he says.  We talk about her often.

Heidi Baker’s Prophetic Vision Over America: ‘I Was Undone by What I Saw’

“I had a vision in your church and it wasn’t what I expected to see. … I saw bread lines, soup kitchens, and I saw people wearing beautiful clothing. Their clothing was not worn out. Now in my nation when people are hungry you can tell. I mean they are in shredded rags. They don’t have shoes or they have flip flops. Most of them [have] no shoes. They are hungry and they know they are hungry. They come for food, not because they are beggars, but because they are hungry,” Baker said.

“I have held starving children in my arms. I know what starvation is. I know what pain is. I know what suffering is. But in this vision that I had that was in your nation, my nation, which the Lord is helping me to say, I will identify with America as well as Mozambique,” Baker continued.

“They’re not being nice to you to be NICE to you…They’re being nice to you so THEY CAN BE MEAN TO YOU AGAIN!”

The Narcissist Mother Is A Cheerleader Sitting At The School Lunch Table

“This started by you googling ‘MY MOTHER IS CHILDISH.'”

The 3 Child Household Of Narcissistic Parents

“The mother and father would shit and piss with the door open…disgusting freaks…this is another trait of narcissists.”

Narcissists Lack Empathy Here’s How To Spot One

I think maybe my mom is the worst narcissist when I assumed it was my dad.  I guess you can’t quantify evil without quantifying evil.  Dad can connect emotionally, at times.  That’s the factor entirely that makes his psychopathy so frustrating:  you KNOW he could connect; you know he’s REFUSING to communicate.  I haven’t ever heard any depth-sounds from my mom.  She SEEMS much more empathic than my manipulative father, but I don’t think she’s ever actually heard me.
“…people whose agenda it is not to see me…”
7:30 am
“What will happen is, you as the codependent will raise an issue…discuss it…and …a couple things will happen:  the narcissist will get really angry, try to shut you down, and try to convince you that you’re crazy and your feelings don’t matter.  Or, if they think you’re really serious and you start to put your foot down,  the game they’ll play is, ‘Oh, I’m sorry…(syrup)…no REALLY.  I’m SORRY.  I heard you this time.  I really, really heard you this time.’  THEN the codependent will drop their guard…”
Life with Daddy.  He pulled that fake apology one time too many and he knows exactly when and where he refused to talk like a grown-up.   (It’s in my journal when I challenged his FAKE-ASS voice.)
Hey DADDY.  “Don’t tell me about the labor just show me the baby.”  If you’re man enough.

7:18 am

Codependent- Narcissist Abuse Survivors and Obsessive Thoughts

“In order for our agenda to be happy, we have to understand that we have a right to be happy.”
7:06 am

Narcissistic Mother’s Silent Treatment

A narcissistic mother often uses the silent treatment to control, punish, test boundaries and avoid issues and responsibilities. 

This video is an excerpt from the book, The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother, due out soon. The text of the video may be found athttp://scapegoatsofanarcissisticmothe…
3:49 pm

Cab Calloway – “Blues In The Night” – original CLEAR “video”

3:17 pm

Mind Control Targeted Individual South Korea

After a visit in a psychiatric clinic in Calgary, Canada, this student in computer science from South Korea heard voices in her skull and had other harassment feelings. She moved back to Korea, no change. She moved to Sweden, no change. Even during the intercontinental flights the same voice is torturing her. That suggests that the Mind Control technology is global, which suggests that the brains behind it are also global players.

The Reclaim the Brain campaign from http://whitetv.se/ tries to expose those criminals and set a stop to their horrific abuse of power.

from Henning Witte

“Bi-polar”…she took the pills but still heard the voices.

See at:

(I can no longer cut and paste links or pictures.  Sometimes the link is embedded in the text-and-colon.)

I have my mom’s confession to accessory to rape of a child. 3.5 million

My phone got ruined in the car when a coffee cup from Tim Horton’s lacked sufficient structural integrity and dumped coffee all over it. “Structural integrity” is just the tip of the iceberg.  I think a crazy woman can demand any amount of integrity imaginable. I have a diagnosis of mental illness… just like Mommy and Daddy always wanted for me.   NOBODY could possibly take me seriously when the psychiatrist says I’m psychotic.  Here’s what I say:  I believe that my mom has to make amends for lives she destroyed.  I think she has to make absolute restitution to her baby daughter who was raped and she (MOM) would not do a thing about it.  BUT, maybe I’m wrong?  Maybe I don’t know what GOD will require?  That’s very possible.  The psychiatrist who doesn’t know God says I’m psychotic.  Maybe I am psychotic and there is no God at all. My mama  probably hopes so because   in that case I guess my mama will go scot free.
(I reminded her that the rapist’s life might have been different too, if she had behaved as a Christian.  She knows that.  She pays for his psychotropic meds.  She should give him a home and come clean.)
(I sent a copy of my book to the psychiatrist.  I signed it ‘thanks for the memories’.  Maybe he’ll help us free those enslaved by electronic mind control?)
(He knew I wasn’t psychotic.)
(This would be a good time for David to get me that phone he owes me.)