5:24 am

The Constitution has been shredded, but it lives in your heart.

You know what freedom is and what freedom isn’t. Stand, because when you stand,

others will stand with you and God can’t stand with you if you don’t stand. Once you stand you can expect the hand of providence to be over you.

No matter how it ends, it matters how you stand.

Lavoy Finicum

I decided that when I get my gypsy wagon I’d like it to have a service window that I would use to pass out hamburgers or smoothies.  I figure I can just find people and start giving them free food.  I’ll always get a crowd… and then I’ll preach. The people will invite me to their homes to wash my laundry and I’ll pray for them and they will be healed.  I won’t get into trouble because I won’t charge for the food but my new friends will always be very generous.  Isaac says this this idea is pretty brilliant. If I can’t do it right away, I’d like to spend six months in Toronto and Josh and I can study languages.  Why is this not an OK idea? Shouldn’t his grandparents wish for him to learn Swedish when they actually took him to Sweden?  That’s a no-brainer after all this time.  I’d like my wagon to be 8 x 20 with maybe a small porch at one end.  I’ll also need something to tow it.  God told me a long time ago that I’d have a blue pick-up, extended cab.  Maybe this is why.
Pigeons are a form of dove. I prayed with a lot of people in the psych unit.  I red to the screaming lady in the wheelchair; she requested I Corinthians.  When I offered to reed the next day she called me a stupid bitch.
This woman stole my idea!  She has a SERVICE WINDOW on her vardo!  We were gonna be Java Gypsies years ago.  I can’t believe this.

Gypsy Tini House on Wheels Tour

The tiny home built from scratch for $11,000 by architect, 27, who wanted to avoid a mortgage

Wouldn’t it be fun if my dad built a gypsy-wagon with me?

Bow-Top Caravan time-lapse build HD

chris ward building a bowtop wagon

This is pretty good.

Vagavond Tiny House by Andrew Gielczyk of Wood & Saw (aka Itty Bitty House Co.)

Gypsy Wagon Correct one!

5:12 am
OK, the Prophet says he always wanted to go to the psych ward; he’s only been there visiting people and he thinks if he were locked up he would have interesting interactions.  I almost think he was jealous as I described praying for confused people.  I loved being there.  I was very paranoid when I got there and then I got braver.  Near the end of my incarceration I encountered a man freshly-admitted, just in front of my door, who told  me he heard somebody threatening to kill himself and his family.  He was sure he heard it from my room.  Yikes.  Then he asked what ‘happened to’ me…and you don’t really ask that in a psych ward…and he’s been to a number of psych wards.   He surprised me so much I told him that I had run for Congress and came away from it feeling pursued.  He knew I have a tattoo of Jesus on my chest.  He REMEMBERED a speech I gave in Hancock in 2010.  He tried to get me to talk about Tom Casperson and other political people I used to know.  He told other patients that I had ‘powers’ and he narced to the doctor. He said he was a Spirit-filled believer but that’s really hard to believe.  I was nice to him just the same.