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Emotional Manipulators Who Minimize Us Its Always About Them!

Dr. John R. Hall, Do

Address: 5282 Medical Dr #200, San Antonio, TX 78229

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George is sending a valentine to Karen.  Why will he not go to her?
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When I get my own place I’ll make lots of things.  I’ll work on my projects all the time.  I won’t take very much stuff from here since the people here will need it more.  I’ll make a lot of things.  I’m thinking blue, electric blue, serious blue, sultry (Revlon).
“Going through this will put fire in your belly.  Once you’ve fought hard for what you believe, once you’ve walked through hell and back fifty times, you know what you know, and you’re not gonna let some knucklehead who’s not been through it dissuade you.  Right?”

10 Killer Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome Quotes!

“If you’ve been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to others, then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.”
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Narcissism: Manipulative mother and other stalkers

“…the discussion of whether or not I am afraid and intimidated by my narcissist mother and my narcissist sister and golden-child-brother and narcissist father…”
“I’m not a silly little girl anymore.”
“She’s very good at doing subtle shit like that.”

Schools Train Kids to Be Good Little Statists

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview

Paranoia is a result of neurotransmitter changes? 
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I miss the psych ward.  I miss Hilda and Umar and the little packets of ‘Mrs. Dash’ that I smuggled to new patients when they were scared and without joy.  I felt safer there.  I felt safer at the psych ward because my door opened every fifteen minutes.   I felt validation.  For the first time in my life I mattered… because  some  ‘sane’  person looked at me and ticked the box in front of my name on the government-slash-pharmaceutical-topia documents.  For sixteen days I was observed by another human being every fifteen minutes. I’ve never had that much attention in my whole life.
2:17 pm
This guy gets it.  I don’t know whether he’s right about everything, but I know he’s following Truth so eventually he WILL NECESSARILY BE RIGHT.  My brethren are those who love truth.  I’m not related to those who love rules.

A KEY – It OPENS an ORACLE upon Earth – Please consider with Open Mind- 14

(I think he’s right.  Actually, I mostly KNOW he’s right.)
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I’m doing exactly what my stripper-friend told me I was doing when we were incarcerated together.  I was planning to see her today but her phone has been disconnected.  She told me, in the joint, that every time I spoke about my faith I looked over my shoulder.  I’m alone in the house just now, and I’m worshipping Jesus and I keep looking toward the door.  I have been persecuted for my faith and the effects persist.  I prayed with probably twenty people during my incarceration.  I’m not even kidding, I was so afraid of being locked up.  I read about the gulag and the stasi and I was scared shitless all my life.  James Clavell and WWII.  Siberia and One flew over the cukoo’s nest.  I’ve always lived in fear of school.  God, school is a really horrible reality for a lot of people.  We must change these things.

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview